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Samantha Ponder

Samantha Ponder (born Samantha Steele on December 11, 1985) is an American sportscaster from Phoenix, Arizona who is currently a reporter/host for ESPN college football and basketball sideline reporter.

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might as well go ahead and spray paint Samantha Ponder carolina blue too
Next up, Samantha Ponder talks about her favorite iPhone apps and if Waze is better than Google Maps.
Samantha Ponder is the best sideline reporter
The things I want to do to samantha ponder
Oh Samantha Ponder the have had plenty of experience from behind! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Samantha Ponder in real life holy moley 😻😏
so has Samantha Ponder mooved ahead of you on the Liberty wall of fame yet?
Samantha Ponder is on my tv. Too bad we don't have rewind
Samantha Ponder is my new favorite part about espn
The only thing keeping me from turning this game off is Samantha Ponder is the sideline reporter.
Samantha Ponder says Duke is really cold. I mean, we all know they don't do well with winter weather...
It doesn't matter how bad Christian Ponder plays in the NFL that man will always be a winner! Samantha is beautiful lol!
Your girl Samantha Ponder is on the Duke-UNC sidelines, keeping your announcing spot warm.
Samantha Ponder is fine as *** Christian might not play qb good but at least he has a woman to go home and play with
Samantha Ponder is at the game tonight 😍 why didn't I go!!
Espn let's get Samantha Ponder more air time please
Samantha ponder is gorgeous oh my god
That implies they hired her and she's a Samantha Ponder type. She's not even close. It's false.
Please be in prayer for my niece Emma Ponder, daughter of Tyler Ponder and Samantha Ponder. They are life...
When you remember Samantha Ponder is on the sidelines
Why on earth wouldn't you profoundly ponder your own life?
here you go Samantha get ahead of your boys top 4 ala, ore, Florida State and miss st your terrific I enjoy watching the show
β€œCoach Saban talks with Samantha Ponder before their segment.
Samantha Ponder has the best job in the world
So can I be Samantha Ponder when I grow up?
If u r watching college game day here's the big question who is wearing higher heels Samantha ponder or nick saban?
Coach Saban talks with Samantha Ponder & George Whitfield before their segment.
Samantha Ponder: endlessly confused about how a top ranked team could be a Vegas underdog on the road in Tuscaloosa.
So since Christian Ponder is a no name at this point do I now have a shot with Samantha Ponder?
Faith Nonog Mishelle Pitts Samantha Ponder Jordan King Niki Hoover will u please post the pics yall took at the airport when u get a chance?
Samantha Ponder is in t town. I have to find her 😍
Samantha Ponder is in the same city as us right now
Gotta go see Samantha Ponder outside the stadium 😍
Just saw Samantha Ponder in person. I think I love her
Steady creeped Samantha Ponder's instagram for the last 28 minutes straight. Which was only 38w if you can believe that.
Samantha Ponder just walked away without dropping the mic.
sounds like espn just called Samantha Ponder a prude.
ESPN commentators trolling Samantha Ponder right now, so much life being given
Can we talk about how good looking Samantha Ponder is?
My stars did Samantha Ponder just lead off her interview with Hugh Freeze asking about raising daughters? Is this College G…
very true, so the real question then. Do you not like his wife? Samantha ponder ( works at espn sideline reporter)
Samantha best not be giving Ponder a *** thing tonight.
This is What happens ESPN when you let Samantha Ponder do stats for the Vikings game.
Well people are going to bash Christian Ponder after that game, and he's going to go home to Samantha Ponder...Vikings QB check and mate
hes married to Samantha Ponder so hes doin alright
'Samantha Ponder's hubby sux at American football' what David beckham mite say
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Keep in mind this is a contract year for Samantha Ponder. Signed a 4-year deal worth $5 million.
on his back a lot this game, must be how Samantha rolls in the bedroom.
Breaking News: Samantha Ponder has filed for divorce citing: Irreconcilable Interceptions
Might be back to Samantha Steele, Ponder stinks
Christian Ponder and Samantha Ponder named their first child...Bowden Ponder? Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.
Lolz been think that Christian Ponder is getting beat by his sister Samantha, the reporter but found out that she is actually his wife πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I think Samantha Ponder's consolation will make him feel better.
Christian Ponder didnt lose tonight, He's got Samantha waiting for him at home. never can lose with her
"Christian Ponder got that retirement plan on deck" - translation of CBS' comments on the Samantha Steele baby. .
Samantha Ponder's husband wears his ring during the game
If you have Christian Ponder in your fantasy league, you were better off starting Samantha.
Samantha Ponder will have a bigger outcome on NFL games this weekend than Christian will.
I don't care if Ponder *** He's married to Samantha Steele, so he's doing okay for himself.
Christian Pondee is not very good. However he does get to go home to Samantha Ponder.
Samantha Ponder gonna be grilling Christian with them reporter questions though...
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Vikes fans can hate on Ponder all they want but at the end of the night he still gets paid and gets to go home to Samantha...
Ponder is awesome... Samantha ponder that is.
Hey, Samantha Ponder, in case you are wondering, Aaron Rodgers really, REALLY likes women. Like really.
Better yet, let's just show photos of the Ponder we all want...hello Samantha!
Both Samantha and Christian Ponder belong on the sidelines.
Well at least Christian Ponder has Samantha to go home to
how many millions have you made? And are you married to Samantha ponder?
Christian Ponder still gets to go home to Samantha Steele 😍😍. NFL Wives & Girlfriends:
If Samantha Ponder puts out for Christian tonight she has no self respect!
At least Christian can hang his hat on being married to Samantha Ponder because he shouldn't mention he plays football!!
Samantha ponder proving once again he has no business playing quarterback in the nfl!!!
I think the Vikings would be better off with Samantha Ponder behind center than her husband
I think Samantha Ponder just left her husband
The Vikings would've been better off starting Samantha Ponder...
Samantha Ponder sure is a lucky lady.
All purpose parts banner
Samantha Ponder goes off about Jameis Winston on College GameDay
Samantha Ponder is so freaking beautiful. Lawd have mercyy
Just saw that Samantha ponder piece on jameis...
Sam Ponder's reporting of Jameis Winston was nauseating because she swore she was dropping knowledge
*** Samantha Ponder is good at her job. Just heard her take on Winston.
ESPN's Samantha Ponder summarized the Jameis Winston situation perfectly: 'He knows right from wrong' -
Samantha Ponder spoke the truth today πŸ‘
That Samantha Ponder is an angel. Heart hurts oww
Samantha ponder mad because she doesn't have as much attention as Jameis Winston does. .
Samantha Ponder putting Jameis on blast like he killed a family drunk driving or something.
ICYMI: On , Samantha Ponder said she isn't buying that expectations are too high for Jameis Winston.
Samantha Ponder is 10xs better than Erin Andrews. She's also extremely good looking.
Browns have an opportunity to trade for Samantha Ponder (do it!):
he's still a winner because he goes home to Samantha Steele Ponder.
Samantha Steele gotta leave that scrub Ponder once he out the league
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question is, why aren't we as humanoids doing the same.. Ponder that, Samantha.
Samantha ponder and Christian Ponder just walked by my store and yeah I waved at her and she waved back
I'm in a let's ponder life and look at the stars kinda moodπŸŒŸβœ¨πŸ’«
I sent people your way, and I'll take Christian Ponder. Samantha will pay for him.
Christian Ponder flirting with a pick-six all game. Samantha might be getting jealous.
Samantha ponder is gorgeous and love sports..
Is Samantha Ponder the one with the really-really beautiful eyes? I'd love to see those in person. I keep hearing about them.
dont count on it buddy. Hope for the Samantha Ponder look alike.
Studying the Titanic would be a lot more interesting if I could sit outside and ponder things on a different level!
Football Reporter Samantha Ponder went to Liberty University, She is beautiful
Rachel Nichols, Erin Andrews and Samantha Ponder are the hottest sports reporters.
I'm gonna go ahead and say Rachel Nichols is hotter than either Erin Andrews or Samantha Ponder.
when I met when she was still Samantha Steele
Samantha Ponder and Nikki Noto both married? Must have to get the sports broadcasting women early..
I have decided that Samantha Ponder is as close to perfection as a woman can get (Godly, good looking, etc.) . Christian better watch out.
Samantha Ponder is not as good as Erin Andrews is not as good as Alex Flanagan is not as good as Pam Oliver
Why is it that football has Erin Andrews, Samantha Ponder, Charissa Thompson, etc and basketball has Doris Burke
It's probably because other than her and Samantha Ponder there's only a few of them.
I would take Samantha Ponder over Erin Andrews any day.
The important part is, did you get I meet Samantha ponderπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Kaeperdick's tattoos and muscles make harder than Samantha Ponder's nipples in Minnesota
β€œBengals fans. Ponder for Dalton?” Samantha Ponder is the best part of that trade, no?
I hope Samantha Ponder is the reporter for tomorrow's game 😍
we got Erin Andrews on the sideline!!! Thank God we didn't get Pam Oliver only thing better would be Samantha Ponder
Watching the Saints Vs Eagles game with Kate Upton, Erin Andrews, Samantha Ponder and Julie Again.
the only time I've wanted the LHN was when Samantha Ponder was a host on the channel. But she left!
Am I the only one who thinks Samantha Ponder deserves a husband who can actually throw a complete pass..? Her and Tom Brady would be perfect
Just saw Christian and Samantha Ponder at the airport
must be mistaking her for Samantha Ponder... She was reporting from orange bowl.
Biggest Clemson victory of the night by far was my boy getting his picture taken with Samantha ponder. I'm so proud of him
maybe she was thinking of Samantha Ponder, but her hair looks great. Lol
Jay And Kristin Cavalarri go into a bar with Christian and Samantha Ponder... To watch the playoffs!
Where'd Samantha Ponder go? Hasn't done anything since her pre kickoff interview with Urban Meyer. Where'd you go
Samantha ponder get it right. Fox vs. ESPN
A little late but just an FYI but Samantha Ponder is workin the orange bowl.
busy week for you huh? Love your work Samantha, yr one of the highlights of any ESPN broadcast.
Ah Samantha Ponder. My night is already better ☺️
Samantha Ponder you are my everything
Samantha ponder has everything I look for in a woman: unbelievably good looks.
As my grandpa said he is cheering for Samantha Ponder πŸ˜‚
I want to be Samantha Ponder when I grow up
Samantha ponder is the reason I'm watching this game
*** Samantha ponder is a hottie.she's like the of college football since she left
Thank god Samantha Ponder is better at her job than Christian is at his...
Samantha Ponder starts her question to Urban Meyers with all the possible excuses for an Ohio State loss. The ESPN love for Meyer continues
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I swear, one of the ESPN reporters, Samantha Ponder, looks just like from the side!! πŸ˜³πŸ‘Œ lol
It'd take a lot of effort for me not to kiss Samantha Ponder during the pregame interview.
Someone please tell me what the *** Samantha ponder knows about sports
The orange bowl is only the side show, all eyes on Samantha Ponder
Its a shame Samantha Ponder is married to that scrub
Samantha Ponder one of the very few blondes I love
Can samantha ponder commentate the game? I could listen to her all night
Also I'm sorry but Samantha Ponder is my new ❀️
Samantha Ponder for reporter of the year 😍😍
Samantha Ponder the new ESPN woman might be hotter than Erin Andrews
we have Samantha ponder on our sidelines suck it clemson
Christian Ponder lucky to be with Samantha
I guess Samantha Ponder is okay but Erin Andrews will always be my favorite sideline reporter.
I expect a picture of with Samantha ponder or he better not show his face in Columbus again
Ohio State already won. Samantha Ponder is on their sidelines
Samantha Ponder, looking fine as usual. 😏😍
Samantha Ponder, that lady interviewing Urban Meyer, is hot af.
Notice which sideline Samantha Ponder went to 😏
I need a little Samantha ponder in my life 😍😍😍😍
*** Samantha Ponder is looking mighty fine.
I'm telling you, Urban hooks up with Samantha Ponder.
YES! We have Samantha Ponder on our sideline.
I would become a college football head coach just so that I could get interviewed by Samantha Ponder.
I hate Urban Meyer even more now because he just blew off Samantha Ponder
Did Samantha Ponder just plan some late night festivities with Urban Meyer?
Urban just blew off Samantha Ponder. Now, that's a focused man.
Man oh man Samantha Ponder is GOD looking!
Excited to watch the Sugar Bowl tonight and watch our potential new QB. If we draft AJ McCarron - we will soon be asking who is better? Webb Or Ponder? As in Katherine Webb and Samantha Ponder?
Rose Bowl was a good bowl game BUT Cick fil A bowl still best so far AND of course - Samantha Ponder is the best sideline reporter
ESPN sideline reporter and studio co-host Samantha Ponder used to be known as ESPN sideline reporter and studio co-host Samantha Steele. By marrying the Vikings' Christian Ponder, she also became known as a quarterback's wife.
Kevin Sumlin apologizes to Samantha Ponder for being short with her at halftime .. Christian apologizes for being short at bedtime .. ZING!!
Samantha Ponder... cutest girl in broadcasting EVER! :)
And what does Samantha Ponder really know about football except being married to an NFL player?? Just shows that sex sells!! Ughhh!!!
The Best part of games is seeing Samantha Ponder!
Samantha Ponder interviewing Johnny Football lol "Hey how's it feel to know you ain't getting past the 8 spot in the draft? Lol
Wonder how Samantha Ponder felt interviewing a qb that'll take her husband's job.
Samantha Ponder is the only good thing going for Christian Ponder
Johnny Football should tell Samantha Ponder to ditch the zero and get with the hero in his post game.
samantha ponder what's up? I'm partying, walk into a bar and Johnny football is getting spaked!!
Everything Samantha Ponder said is what u want to hear when u bet a team TT "we won't take out foot off the gas"
New rule: when Samantha Ponder is talking we must be able to see her face as well.
Can we have Samantha Ponder on the screen the whole time instead of watching the game?
Hey, Samantha Ponder. Did you know your husband is a horrible quarterback when you agreed to marry him?
Yo Samantha ponder we got the same bday lets hang out sometime
Samantha Ponder is working for two y'all
Why is ESPN using a crane shot for Samantha Ponder? She's pretty. Get up in there!
Samantha Ponder is the only thing making me feel a little bit better.
If Samantha Ponder interviews Johnny Manziel may be talking to the guy who takes her husband's job
Samantha ponder.more like samantha id-pound-her😏😏
Samantha Ponder just smiled and waved to us as she walked by I can die now
The only ponder anyone wants to see on the field is Samantha ponder
What A&M really needs is Samantha Ponder to get in the locker room to give them a pep talk. That'd get me a little more
I wish I was a head coach just so I could have the opportunity to be interviewed on the field by Samantha Ponder. 😍
How ironic Samantha ponder doing sidelines at Texas A&M game. Would love her to ask Jonny Football if hes taking her husbands job.
man. such a struggle to be Samantha ponder. really feel for her.
The absolute biggest disgrace in sports is that Samantha Steele is now Samantha Ponder. Thats the sickest, cruelest joke ever
Samantha Ponder lookin too fine right now
Samantha Ponder looks like she needs a New Years kiss and I have dibs so screw off
Saw my two boos Allie LaForce and Samantha Ponder today on tv.
I know yall saw samantha ponder interviewing the texas a&m coach just now. And i know what you're thinkin...Yes I have high-fived her.
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Samantha ponder is looking fine again tonight
Samantha Ponder should ask Kevin Sumlin: "How did that Anthony Boone guy throw the ball farther than my husband ever could?"
Were those pants Samantha Ponder was wearing?
Samantha ponder needs to ask Coach Sumlin if he wants to coach up her husband.
Samantha ponder makes me fall in love with white girls
Samantha Ponder is the only highlight of this game
Samantha Ponder is better than fireworks
Samantha Ponder, have you gotten my texts?
I figured that seema's relatives in india watch,but I dont ponder it much samantha
A little tidbit for those watching Chic-Fil-A Bowl: sideline reporter Samantha Ponder is wife of Minn. Viking QB Christian Ponder.
Manziel will have Samantha Ponder catered in after the game regardless of win or loss.
It just isn't fair how beautiful Samantha Ponder is
Samantha Ponder is right in front of me 😍😍
Cut her some slack. Compared to Erin Andrews, Samantha Ponder is on par with Edward R. Murrow.
Not sure what's better about Texas A&M vs Duke watching Johnny football or Samantha Ponder on the sideline
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Samantha Ponder at the hmm. Johnny football.
I vote more air time for Samantha Ponder!
lol ok. Samantha ponder is making him an offer?
Samantha Ponder was a good replacement for Erin Andrews😍
Samantha Ponder...newer younger version of Erin Andrews.
Samantha Ponder reporting on the guy the Vikings could potentially draft to replace her husband.
Who? RT"Samantha Ponder, have you gotten my texts?”
Samantha Ponder stepping up her game tonight after the Allie LaForce smoke show during the Sun Bowl SHAKE IT UP!
Samantha ponder walked right in front of me. *** she's hot
Joseph Wright, did you get a puppy from Samantha Ponder yesterday?? Please message me if you did.
Goal: To become a sideline reporter for ESPN just like Samantha Ponder although, I may need to work on the accent, just a little.
Samantha Ponder you need to know this. Don't let anyone make you think different
Bet Erin Andrews hates Samantha Ponder. Straight up stole all her limelight
u right, I claim her and Samantha Ponder LOL!
Text from a pal in Ohio: 'Matt Cassel is pretty bad. should start Samantha Ponder's husband.'
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The real question today is will Samantha Ponder be at PBS today?
Ya know, this sideline reporter is pretty cute. She's not Samantha Ponder, but she's better than Heather Cox, anyway.
Erin Andrews and Samantha ponder are the best looking women commentators
Best part of going to the Las Vegas Bowl was being in the same building as Samantha Ponder 😍
Samantha Ponder asking NFL bust David Carr...What does it take for a QB to transition and make it in the NFL? I'm sure her husband Christian hasn't been able to answer that question either...Lol...
Christian Ponder might not be the best QB. But he always wins, when he has a woman like Samantha Ponder.
Christian Ponder is a lucky, lucky man... Samantha, I'm available if you ever have second thoughts!
I wonder if Samantha Ponder asked David Carr how his NFL career is going
More Samantha Ponder. Less the guys in the booth.
Correction: I referred to Samantha Ponder as "Samantha Steele." Oops, my mistake!
I'd love to have Samantha Ponder's job, but I'd end up saying, "Well, this quarterback *** & he can't complete a pass."
Watching USC vs Fresno with my grandparents & Samantha Ponder came on for an announcer .. My grandpa goes "oh good thing she has a job." πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
The only real touchdown Christian Ponder has score is marrying Samantha Ponder.
Does Samantha ponder have a cold sore or is it just my backup eyeglasses
Samantha Ponder is the best part of this broadcast team.
Samantha Ponder is just the icing on the cake
Samantha Ponder is the only interesting thing about this Las Vegas Bowl.
Samantha Ponder is beautiful. Wonder why she went for a career backup πŸ˜‚
Samantha Ponder is overrated look wise IMO: I was arguing with my brother the other day..He says sh...
If Derek Carr isn't throwing the ball then the camera should just be on Samantha Ponder. Christian Ponder isn't good but he has a hot wife!
I bet Samantha ponder has a thing with Jesse Palmer and Christian Ponder don't know. They both were qb's and she's always on his tv crew...
If Derek Carr isn't on the field the camera should only be on Samantha Ponder or Jesse Palmer.
Never did figure out why I'm blocked by Samantha Ponder
1434.Samantha Ponder is working the side-lines at the Las Vegas Bowl,between Fresno St.(Bulldogs of the Mountain West) and USC(Trojans of the Pac-10).
Toriel aka the she elf aka Kate from lost is my new love.. She has now beaten out Samantha ponder aka Samantha Steele for this honor
Holy cow Samantha Ponder needs to be on the sideline for more games 😍
Samantha Ponder is incredibly hot. She's an on field reporter for ABC. Better than Erin Andrews.
Samantha Ponder went a little crazy with the eye liner today.
Samantha ponder, y u a sportscaster, I think being a model would be more suiting. Dang
Is Samantha the best qb in the ponder household?
but Samantha ponder on the sidelines πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
I think I like Samantha ponder better than Erin Andrews
Samantha Ponder looking like a dime today!
Why couldn't Samantha ponder be at liberty now and not have graduated?!
Thursday Night Huge for Samantha Ponder and Vikings QB Husband Christian: Football and, as it were, the Ponder...
All I want for Christmas is Samantha Ponder with a ribbon stuck to her
Think Ponder ever has issues 'closing out' with Samantha?
Ask her if her hubby has a job next year with the Vikings? RTSamantha Ponder will be the sideline reporter Saturday.
Samantha ponder is soo pretty and even prettier in person
Samantha Ponder will be the sideline reporter Saturday.
Maybe Rick Spielman has a crush on Samantha Ponder and wants her to stay around
Excited about today! Taking Jack and Bennett with Samantha Ponder Funderburg to see Santa. Going to do a little shopping. Then tonight going to have a girls night with Brooke Ratcliff Gamble.
Jameis Winston was interviewed by Samantha Ponder of ESPN after the awards last night. He must have called her "man" 12 times during a 1 minute Q and A.
Told my grandpa Samantha Ponder is married to Christian Ponder and he said oh really. I said she's pretty hot isn't she.he said what the *** does hot mean? Oh gramps.
I have the biggest crush on Samantha Ponder. Beautiful. Christian Ponder is a lucky man!
Lol Samantha Ponders Espn"s career is already 10x better than Christian Ponders nfl career
Samantha Ponder is so manly. She used to be way hotter
MN to start M. Cassell at QB. MR. Samantha Ponder will sit out.
Jameis I know you didn't talk about the allegations but let me ask you about it on national tv. This is why I hate women sports reporters.except for Samantha Ponder and Erin Andrews
MSU is underrated and OSU is very overrated. Winner: Samantha Steele-Ponder...EVERY.TIME.
Samantha Ponder can you get anymore beautiful
Not mad about Samantha Ponder anchoring college game day today
Samantha Ponder is sooo hot. She may take over Erin Andrews as hottest sports reporter.
Samantha Ponder your husband rides the bench
I just saw a sign on game day that said "I saw Samantha Ponder kissing Santa Clause". Is that true? I'm jealous.
Samantha Ponder is so hot, which makes me hate Christian Ponder so much more.
Samantha Ponder is hotter than Erin Andrews. I said it.
Oh my gosh Samantha Ponder. ENOUGH with the cake-crusted makeup & fake eye lashes!
Samantha Ponder was reporting for us, jokes on you Ohio State
Samantha Ponder is the MSU reporter for ESPN today.
Samantha Ponder looks like Cousin Eddie with that hat!
Samantha Ponder looks gorgeous as always, today.
Even with a huge scarf and trappers hat, Samantha Ponder is still a babe
Samantha Ponder looks gorgeous even when she probably feels miserable
So she's the talented on in the marriage then? "Samantha Ponder can host. Strong voice, good energy."
Samantha Ponder can host. Strong voice, good energy.
You can tell that Samantha Ponder has never dressed in winter clothes before.
Her name is Samantha and she is her own women who is as you say "ode bad" RTβ€œChristian Ponder's wife is ode bad.”
Samantha Ponder is right . There is way to much laughter in the court.
Same RTs y'all giving Samantha Ponder; would they be given to a Doug Gottlieb or Stephen A Smith?
Cause every time I awake I ponder my mistakes of - what I said, it is always my esteem that I sure lose.
Christian Ponder too with Samantha Steele oh gawd!!
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