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Samantha Ponder

Samantha Ponder (born Samantha Steele on December 11, 1985) is an American sportscaster from Phoenix, Arizona who is currently a reporter/host for ESPN college football and basketball sideline reporter.

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Hope Vikings fans don't boo Ponder at the game tonight. Dude was awful, but a great guy off the field. AND his wife is Samantha Ponder πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Samantha Ponder won't be on the sidelines this year for Games but she will still be working for ESPN
Words cannot describe how much I want to be Samantha Ponder
Sam Ponder Giving Up Sideline Reporting To Spend Time With Family: Samantha Ponder is stepping away from her r...
A guy who doesn't love Samantha Ponder as much as me is a guy wasted
What can Christian Ponder bring to no one else can match?? Samantha Ponder.
Christian Ponder has to be one of the luckiest men alive. Gets to be a backup QB and married to Samantha Ponder it don't get much better
Mr. Samantha Steele is still in the Something to about there.
Samantha Ponder's husband is in the game
My God she looks hideous! She obviously doesn't aspire 2 be the next Erin Andrews or Samantha Ponder. Kris Budden cld kick her ***
Samantha Ponder stepped down from sideline reporting. It's my big break. πŸ’πŸΌ
Samantha Ponder announces she will no longer be ESPN’s sideline reporter via
Samantha Ponder explains why she's leaving sideline via
Samantha Ponder giving up sideline reporting
I knew this day would come, but I didn’t think it would be so soon. Sad day for us all; sad day indeed.
ESPN's Samantha Ponder explains why she's leaving sideline via
Samantha Ponder Steps Down from ESPN Thursday Night Sideline Role: Says she’ll still be involved...
Aguero in contention for City vs. Chelsea:
ESPN's Samantha Ponder explains why she's leaving sideline
Sam Ponder explains why she's leaving sideline.
Rachel Nichols, Lisa Salters, Samantha Ponder do great to me. Erin Andrews used to be good.
I kinda like Samantha Ponder but not Stacy London.
where does Samantha Steele changing to Samantha Ponder fall on the Legend/Weinerman scale?
Samantha Ponder said Madonna is too old to dress the way she does & the bond girl is too old Is 50+ is over the hill to her?
I agree w/ Samantha Ponder, Bond woman is no move forward. And Nicole Wallace trying to silence her with 'watch your back' pffft
Samantha Ponder has been on The View all week and she's giving me Great Value Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Do. Not. Want.
Samantha Ponder is not just my Woman Crush Wednesday, she's my Woman Crush Everyday! 😍
Samantha Ponder is the epitome of good sports reporters.
If Christian Ponder accomplishes nothing else in his career… landing Samantha was enough.
Samantha Ponder is by far my favorite ESPN employee
Samantha Ponder will you please marry me 😍😍😍😍
Actually think I'm in love with Samantha Ponder
Annie you're cooler dude than Samantha Ponder
Samantha Ponder looking as dashing as ever. 😍😍
Nobody else heard Samantha Ponder say that Brandon Dawson only has 2 classes? Oh okay I must have been hearing things.
God *** Samantha Ponder, you just made me like college basketball.
Samantha Ponder really is the prettiest lady in the world, really 😍😌
Lmao Samantha ponder goin in on msuπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
your job tonight is to get on ESPN with Samantha Ponder.
Good to see that Samantha Ponder got her roots touched up.
Mike Tirico, Dan Dakich and Samantha Ponder will be on the call for Michigan-Michigan State tomorrow night (9 pm, ESPN)
Hoping that Samantha Ponder isn't too creeped out by the drawing I did of her, me, and Randy naked. We mailed it last week.
Certainly been an interesting night. Many things to ponder.
Big Max getting airtime with Samantha Ponder! Our boy has grown into a man!
Did Samantha ponder just say dude was like Latrell Sprewell without the strangling?! ha πŸ™Œ
Samantha Ponder is a pretty good looking woman...
Samantha Ponder is here and walked by me several times so honestly idk what basketball game everyone is complaining about
The only reason I watch college sports is for Samantha Ponder
Well if I knew Samantha ponder would be at the Michigan game tonight I would have claimed tickets
Samantha Ponder makes college basketball even better.
We'll he hasn't yelled at Samantha Ponder yet. But he's still the man.
Samantha Ponder for the game tonight? I'll allow it.
I'm emotionally attached to Samantha and Scout Ponder
Samantha Ponder is the baddest alive
I can't. Samantha Ponder's baby is just the cutest thing ever.
That’s not a photo of Shannon Spake. That’s Samantha Ponder.
I wonder if Samantha Ponder knows she missed out on me.
Samantha Ponder's baby is probably the cutest thing I have ever followed on instagram.
F Bobby Bowden and his fake, every-man shtick. I can't believe that Christian/Samantha Ponder named their kid after him.
hey Samantha it was nice talking to you after shootaround. Little disappointed you didn't mention what we talked about
Jr wants to thank sheena, saban, Kacie and Denzel for the gifts. But he's especially thankful for what Samantha ponder gave him
Trying to keep a many of you are blocked by the fantastic Samantha Ponder?
Yep and she sounds like a man. I hate female commentators, Erin Andrews and Samantha ponder are exceptions though
we get Marty Smith and they get Samantha Ponder?
Samantha Ponder asks Oregon WR Keanon Lowe twice about Darren Carrington and he side steps like a politician. β€œWe’re missing a lot of guys”
Samantha Ponder finished season 4 of the waking dead. I don't know what to think now..I'm wondering were Beth...
Let's be real people the real tragedy here is Oregon got Samantha Ponder, and we got Marty Smith...
And this is why I'll never be able to marry those big time hunnies like Carrie Underwood & Samantha Ponder πŸ˜•
OSU gets Marty Smith reporting on them and Oregon gets Samantha Ponder
Samantha Ponder is reporting from Oregon and Marty Smith is reporting from Ohio? Looks like ESPN is going against us this game too.
Someone tell Samantha Ponder to unblock me πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©
needs to have more Samantha Ponder and less Marty Smith covering college football
Just watched the ESPN update on the National Championship. Now I'm struggling with how I'm gonna ask Samantha Ponder to marry me
If Erin Andrews and Samantha ponder co anchored the national championshipπŸ™Œ
Samantha Ponder is the new Erin Andrews...ugh 😍
Samantha ponder is gorgeous. My god. Even though her husband *** at quarterback, hes still winning
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Sportscenter anchor Samantha Ponder has me feeling some type of way 😍😍😍
Samantha ponder, you can cover my sports any day 😏
Samantha Ponder might be the love of my life 😍
oh forsure her too. But I'll take Samantha Ponder over her still
I would do a lot of things for a lot of horny for just one date with Samantha Ponder.
Christian Ponder is one lucky man...his wife Samantha 😍😍
Samantha Ponder talks wayyy to slow.
Samantha ponder needs to be on tv more
Samantha ponder is on ESPN right now everybody.
9 Points to Ponder on the Paris Shooting and Charlie Hebdo | On Being via
Samantha Ponder and her family are perfect
PhillyFans couldn't care less about the fact that Mr. Innes wants to snuggle with Samantha Ponder. We want Sports Talk
Samantha Ponder could be reporting on how sesame seed buns are made and I would watch.
Samantha Ponder is there I saw this morning
Why does Oregon get Samantha Ponder and Ohio State gets some hillbilly Nascar analyst Marty Smith.
Have a great rest of your day, Samantha. Stay warm!!
not even close... Samantha Lawrence has a good ring to it!
I'd rather watch/listen to Samantha Ponder than Tom Rinaldi. Ponder covering Ducks not Bucks.
Why can't Samantha Ponder be coverin the Buckeyes 😍
Samantha Ponder is 75% of the reason why I watch College GameDay.
Coach, how do you plan to keep your team focused on Dallas with distractions like Samantha Ponder in town?
How many times is ESPN gonna have Samantha Ponder tell us this is a "regular away game week for Oregon" ??
Christian Ponder is a lucky man because Samantha Ponder is absolutely gorgeous!
Samantha Ponder(Steele) is like some kind of European sex goddess that I am willing to spend 50 years slaving for.
now get blocked by her like Samantha ponder did too me πŸ˜‚
In 2014, Christian Ponder was on TV for 60 minutes. Samantha Ponder was on TV for 103 minutes.
Samantha Ponder from ESPN is a goddess
Can I be Samantha ponder for like a day or so.
I hope Santa brings me Samantha Ponder or Erin Andrews
Elizabeth and Samantha, Daughters of MSG Trey Ponder (KIA during Operation Red Wings while serving with 160th SOAR)
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"I wish Samantha ponder was my mom so I could match with scout"
😳better looking than THE Samantha Ponder... Idk about that. But thank you πŸ˜‚. I hope it was. Hopefully she's not seeing this crap
Samantha Ponder is most definitely someone to look up to.
If the Browns get Christian Ponder next year, then Phase I of my secret Samantha plan would be complete.
THANK YOU Samantha! Someone that has read the reports and knows the facts!
H17BD Samantha Ponder! You're an awesome gal and I enjoy your presence in my life! HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!
Kinda want to be Samantha Ponder, kinda want to be Iggy Azalea
I stalk Samantha Ponder's Instagram as if I will magically turn into her if I like enough pics
Every time I see a picture of you I see a brunette Samantha Ponder! Maybe it's every time I see her I see a blonde Libby! Hmm
Go to Etch in Scottsdale. My wife goes there, see Samantha. She is the best. You'll see a few Coyotes there.
I often ponder whatever became of Samantha Taylor of Video Hits.
Samantha Ponder on motherhood and football
β™‘ this by Samantha Ponder .. A great reminder, and something i'm learning to be better at :)
December 17, 2014: ESPN’s College Football Day reporter Samantha Ponder and her little baby Scout joined the l...
Quarterback's wife Samantha Ponder is not a "wide receiver" but looks more like a "tight end". Just saying.
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Samantha Ponder and her baby on The View I can't handle it, too much perfection!!! 😍
I had a dream that me and Samantha Ponder fell in love. And now I'm really disappointed that I woke up.
Samantha Ponder gets my only goodnight text ❀️
Samantha, I enjoyed reading about your career/Mom/Wife juggling on God Bless to you and your family.
Exactly why she's my woman crush 😍 β€œSamantha Ponder continues to be awesome:
Funny story from about meeting her baby (& him wiping spit-up).
β€œSamantha Ponder continues to be awesome: don't tell Karen, but I find Sam very sexy.
Samantha Ponder continues to be awesome:
Awesome article on and baby Scout! It was great meeting you at the UNC Duke game.
Erin Andrews is just not as hot since the emergence of Samantha Ponder
β€œI just wish Samantha Ponder was single.” She's not pretty.
Free Followers TopTrendWW: 'Samantha Ponder' is now trending WorldWide, ranking ...
I say this EVERY TIME they show her on ESPN, but the biggest tragedy in sports is that Samantha Steele is now Samantha Ponder. Tragic.
'Samantha Ponder' is now trending WorldWide, ranking
β€œThink I'm in love with Samantha Ponder” okay enough
β€œI would love to have Samantha Ponder's job” my dream ❀️❀️
Whoever did Samantha Ponder's make-up today on the show should be fired.She is an attractive woman, why make her look like
I would love to have Samantha Ponder's job
I love Samantha Ponder, but girl your face is orange today!
Well hello Samantha Ponder on espn college football selection . I may watch the whole show to see her again
LOVE that Samantha Ponder is on the case!
Am I the only one that can't stop looking at Samantha Ponder's eyebrows waiting for a small animal to emerge?
Samantha ponder saying she saw "20 pizza's being brought in" at tcu. Wonders if it was for a watch party? No sweetie, that was for Gary P.
Samantha Ponder-Everett has a ring to it. Don't you think?
Atleast if TCU doesn't get in they sent Samantha Ponder thereπŸ˜‚
Moment of truth, and Samantha ponder has to be the sexiest reporter ever. That lip thing she does drives me nuts
I wouldn't mind milking this so much if they keep show Samantha Ponder, but they switched away.
My dad talks about Samantha Ponder like he actually knows her
TCU's only case for Top 4 is that Samantha Ponder is reporting their story
Primary observation while watching the selection show: Samantha Ponder is pretty talented.
Samantha Ponder's career is slowly becoming better than her husband Christian
Didn't realize how smoking hawt Samantha Ponder was...
Tom Rinaldi and Samantha Ponder on site reporters...geez...
Okay TCU is in solely bc of Samantha Ponder
TCU has Samantha Ponder. Baylor has Ton Rinaldi, aka The Weepmaster (crank up the treacly piano). Good sign. tOSU guy named Quint/5!
Did Samantha Ponder age 20 years over night?
the real question is why am I not Samantha Ponder
Samantha ponder should b a pro side line reporter too and then my weekends would made.
My sister got to meet Scout Ponder today.. The famous travelin' baby and her mom Samantha Ponder!
Christian and Samantha Ponder are the cutest couple holy wow
Keep Joe away from Samantha Ponder, we don't want Suzy Kolber to get jealous
More than anything I want to beat Auburn. But in a close second I want Namath to get drunk and try to kiss Samantha Ponder on Gameday
God Samantha Ponder looks good in that leather skirt.
You know Samantha Ponder doesn't prepare a lot when she asks Gus Malzahn three straight questions about defense.
*** Samantha ponder needs to eat some food
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Samantha Ponder. Can I put her on my Christmas list Santa?
Samantha Ponder really gets me ready for my day
Samantha Ponder needs to eat a cheeseburger!
Samantha ponder needs to put on about 25 lbs. Skinny *** lol
Samantha Ponder looks like a Sunday school stripper -
I really have to go pee but Samantha Ponder is on gameday
Fairly certain that my goal in life is to be interviewed by Samantha Ponder
Samantha Ponder just walked by, and the heels on her boots could classify as lethal weapons.
Joe Namath would be happier if Suzy Kobler & Samantha Ponder would be on stage with him picking games
Steve D Hoover Mishelle Pitts this guy is a friend of chuck's from when he lived in Mass. Samantha Ponder Jordan...
Just hope Joe Namath isn't drunk tomorrow when he picks on college gameday. Can't afford another Suzy kolber incident with Samantha ponder
rank in order of which you would want to date...Danica Patrick, Samantha Ponder, Ronda Rousey, Minnie Driver
Irrationally jealous of Scout Ponder,5month old daughter of Samantha Ponder, bc she gets to bop around College GameDays w her super cool mom
*** Joe Namath bout to come on GameDay set drunk as a skunk, feeling up Samantha Ponder n challenging Herbstreit to a throw-off
if you don't follow Samantha Ponder's baby on Instagram you aren't living life to its fullest
Samantha Ponder bumped into me on the way out of the stadium while she was on the phone so there's that β€οΈπŸ˜‚
Meeting Samantha Ponder was the highlight of my day
Les Miles met Samantha Ponder's child and the result is as cool as you'd expect
Who will appear in more big games in their career: Christian Ponder or Samantha Ponder?
Samantha Ponder is a great sideline reporter. Crisp Q&A and insightful contributions. Yes she's hot but that's secondary.
Christian Ponder named his daughter after Bobby Bowden via
YAS Samantha YAS. . "Anthony Jennings has got to throw the football better."
Im thankful for Samantha Ponder being on my television tonight on this thanksgiving
I'm thankful for Samantha ponder being the sideline reporter for the LSU-Texas A&M game 😍
They need to show Samantha Ponder more on tv 😍
Liberty alum Samantha Ponder should always feel right at home in College Station.
cause Samantha Ponder is way hotter
meh, I've never been a huge fan of her's. Now Samantha Ponder? Yeah she's a looker. At least in my opinion
Im thankful for Urban Meyer, Christmas Ale, the new Rick Ross Album, Josh Gordon off suspension, Carrie Underwoods legs, and Samantha Ponder
Hopefully I can meet Samantha Ponder tomorrow at the A&M gameπŸ‘πŸ˜
you haven't seen Samantha Ponder then
I will always love you Samantha. Never forget that
Samantha Ponder to Desmond Howard - "if you beat a team, are you better than them?"
might as well go ahead and spray paint Samantha Ponder carolina blue too
Next up, Samantha Ponder talks about her favorite iPhone apps and if Waze is better than Google Maps.
Samantha Ponder is the best sideline reporter
The things I want to do to samantha ponder
Oh Samantha Ponder the have had plenty of experience from behind! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Samantha Ponder in real life holy moley 😻😏
so has Samantha Ponder mooved ahead of you on the Liberty wall of fame yet?
Samantha Ponder is on my tv. Too bad we don't have rewind
Samantha Ponder is my new favorite part about espn
The only thing keeping me from turning this game off is Samantha Ponder is the sideline reporter.
Samantha Ponder says Duke is really cold. I mean, we all know they don't do well with winter weather...
It doesn't matter how bad Christian Ponder plays in the NFL that man will always be a winner! Samantha is beautiful lol!
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Your girl Samantha Ponder is on the Duke-UNC sidelines, keeping your announcing spot warm.
Samantha Ponder is fine as *** Christian might not play qb good but at least he has a woman to go home and play with
Samantha Ponder is at the game tonight 😍 why didn't I go!!
Espn let's get Samantha Ponder more air time please
Samantha ponder is gorgeous oh my god
That implies they hired her and she's a Samantha Ponder type. She's not even close. It's false.
Please be in prayer for my niece Emma Ponder, daughter of Tyler Ponder and Samantha Ponder. They are life...
When you remember Samantha Ponder is on the sidelines
Why on earth wouldn't you profoundly ponder your own life?
here you go Samantha get ahead of your boys top 4 ala, ore, Florida State and miss st your terrific I enjoy watching the show
β€œCoach Saban talks with Samantha Ponder before their segment.
Samantha Ponder has the best job in the world
So can I be Samantha Ponder when I grow up?
If u r watching college game day here's the big question who is wearing higher heels Samantha ponder or nick saban?
Coach Saban talks with Samantha Ponder & George Whitfield before their segment.
Samantha Ponder: endlessly confused about how a top ranked team could be a Vegas underdog on the road in Tuscaloosa.
So since Christian Ponder is a no name at this point do I now have a shot with Samantha Ponder?
Faith Nonog Mishelle Pitts Samantha Ponder Jordan King Niki Hoover will u please post the pics yall took at the airport when u get a chance?
Samantha Ponder is in t town. I have to find her 😍
Samantha Ponder is in the same city as us right now
Gotta go see Samantha Ponder outside the stadium 😍
Just saw Samantha Ponder in person. I think I love her
Steady creeped Samantha Ponder's instagram for the last 28 minutes straight. Which was only 38w if you can believe that.
Samantha Ponder just walked away without dropping the mic.
sounds like espn just called Samantha Ponder a prude.
ESPN commentators trolling Samantha Ponder right now, so much life being given
Can we talk about how good looking Samantha Ponder is?
My stars did Samantha Ponder just lead off her interview with Hugh Freeze asking about raising daughters? Is this College G…
very true, so the real question then. Do you not like his wife? Samantha ponder ( works at espn sideline reporter)
Samantha best not be giving Ponder a *** thing tonight.
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This is What happens ESPN when you let Samantha Ponder do stats for the Vikings game.
Well people are going to bash Christian Ponder after that game, and he's going to go home to Samantha Ponder...Vikings QB check and mate
hes married to Samantha Ponder so hes doin alright
'Samantha Ponder's hubby sux at American football' what David beckham mite say
Keep in mind this is a contract year for Samantha Ponder. Signed a 4-year deal worth $5 million.
on his back a lot this game, must be how Samantha rolls in the bedroom.
Breaking News: Samantha Ponder has filed for divorce citing: Irreconcilable Interceptions
Might be back to Samantha Steele, Ponder stinks
Christian Ponder and Samantha Ponder named their first child...Bowden Ponder? Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.
Lolz been think that Christian Ponder is getting beat by his sister Samantha, the reporter but found out that she is actually his wife πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I think Samantha Ponder's consolation will make him feel better.
Christian Ponder didnt lose tonight, He's got Samantha waiting for him at home. never can lose with her
"Christian Ponder got that retirement plan on deck" - translation of CBS' comments on the Samantha Steele baby. .
Samantha Ponder's husband wears his ring during the game
If you have Christian Ponder in your fantasy league, you were better off starting Samantha.
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Samantha Ponder will have a bigger outcome on NFL games this weekend than Christian will.
I don't care if Ponder *** He's married to Samantha Steele, so he's doing okay for himself.
Christian Pondee is not very good. However he does get to go home to Samantha Ponder.
Samantha Ponder gonna be grilling Christian with them reporter questions though...
Vikes fans can hate on Ponder all they want but at the end of the night he still gets paid and gets to go home to Samantha...
Ponder is awesome... Samantha ponder that is.
Hey, Samantha Ponder, in case you are wondering, Aaron Rodgers really, REALLY likes women. Like really.
Better yet, let's just show photos of the Ponder we all want...hello Samantha!
Both Samantha and Christian Ponder belong on the sidelines.
Well at least Christian Ponder has Samantha to go home to
how many millions have you made? And are you married to Samantha ponder?
Christian Ponder still gets to go home to Samantha Steele 😍😍. NFL Wives & Girlfriends:
If Samantha Ponder puts out for Christian tonight she has no self respect!
At least Christian can hang his hat on being married to Samantha Ponder because he shouldn't mention he plays football!!
Samantha ponder proving once again he has no business playing quarterback in the nfl!!!
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I think the Vikings would be better off with Samantha Ponder behind center than her husband
I think Samantha Ponder just left her husband
The Vikings would've been better off starting Samantha Ponder...
Samantha Ponder sure is a lucky lady.
Samantha Ponder goes off about Jameis Winston on College GameDay
Samantha Ponder is so freaking beautiful. Lawd have mercyy
Just saw that Samantha ponder piece on jameis...
Sam Ponder's reporting of Jameis Winston was nauseating because she swore she was dropping knowledge
*** Samantha Ponder is good at her job. Just heard her take on Winston.
ESPN's Samantha Ponder summarized the Jameis Winston situation perfectly: 'He knows right from wrong' -
Samantha Ponder spoke the truth today πŸ‘
That Samantha Ponder is an angel. Heart hurts oww
Samantha ponder mad because she doesn't have as much attention as Jameis Winston does. .
Samantha Ponder putting Jameis on blast like he killed a family drunk driving or something.
ICYMI: On , Samantha Ponder said she isn't buying that expectations are too high for Jameis Winston.
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Samantha Ponder is 10xs better than Erin Andrews. She's also extremely good looking.
Browns have an opportunity to trade for Samantha Ponder (do it!):
he's still a winner because he goes home to Samantha Steele Ponder.
Samantha Steele gotta leave that scrub Ponder once he out the league
question is, why aren't we as humanoids doing the same.. Ponder that, Samantha.
Samantha ponder and Christian Ponder just walked by my store and yeah I waved at her and she waved back
I'm in a let's ponder life and look at the stars kinda moodπŸŒŸβœ¨πŸ’«
I sent people your way, and I'll take Christian Ponder. Samantha will pay for him.
Christian Ponder flirting with a pick-six all game. Samantha might be getting jealous.
Samantha ponder is gorgeous and love sports..
Is Samantha Ponder the one with the really-really beautiful eyes? I'd love to see those in person. I keep hearing about them.
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