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Samantha Cameron

Samantha Gwendoline Cameron (née Sheffield; born 18 April 1971) is a British business executive and wife of David Cameron, the current Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

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Kim Kardashian doesn’t know who Samantha Cameron is, despite being related
All the way from Catherine Walpole to Samantha Cameron so I have loads of ladies (and one man) to get through.
"It's more than just doing A write-up on the beautiful work of the wonderful Samantha Cameron: via
wife Samantha braves rain as PM attends Queens of...
David Cameron tried and failed to make small talk with Jeremy Corbyn.
The rain wasn't enough to dampen Samantha Cameron's spirits as she stepped out with her bare legs on show tod...
Wish you were there? Samantha Cameron braves the wet weather as her husband attends the Queen's opulent State...
Images from shooting for at Samantha Cameron steps out in the wet being processed now...
Boris Johnson and Samantha Cameron's affair didn't cause a fallout. Why should this?
Why would ANYONE pretend to enjoy Cameron's company except Samantha, of course.
Let's spending more time to watch DVDs and looking the store on books like Samantha Cameron
The politics of envy from Samantha Cameron wants 2 get hers out but its in 4 a service
Who paid the room where Boris Johnson panted over Samantha Cameron? How about cover up?
If Cameron promises a Stargate in Surrey and Samantha Carter on tap, I'll switch from
Samantha Cameron's daddy's EU 200m land subsidy is reason enough for most, probably not him though.
Where did Boris meet Samantha Cameron for their steamy moments? Did he claims for that room.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
On that basis you'd never vote for that Samantha Cameron, even if you could!
Sophie should ask Samantha Cameron how to demand & receive even more. . .
Time for Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau's detractors to read this and STFU. .
Write Samantha an encouraging note by using & we will deliver your message by the end of the month. http…
Samantha Cameron's father rakes in millions from EU
"I need to do it Samantha, it's for the sake of our country. I'm sure you understand". *Sings Rule Britannia*.
Do you think Cameron asked for Samantha's permission first?
Express: Samantha Cameron’s family & other wealthy landowners rake in MILLIONS from the EU >>
Hope David Cameron has to have everlasting egg n chips for tea because Samantha's favourite BBC recipes are lost forever
*** Cameron really just came in my room and took my pillow 😠
Shrew MP's beaking off re Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau should read this & beak the *** up.
Samantha Cameron's family get paid millions by the EU-behind every pro EU person or group there is EU funding
Cameron Maybin has played 2 innings and he has 10% of the Tigers’ stolen bases this season
- Samantha Cameron looks effortlessly cool on the school run, Samantha, 45, wrapped up against the spring...
You looked down's a photo to cheer you up. (Samantha permitting)
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Samantha Camerons dad receiving millions from eu .
Mum on the go! Samantha Cameron looks effortlessly cool as she leaves 10 Downing Street to take her children on th…
Meanwhile ... Stop moaning about Samantha Cameron’s ‘special adviser’ – you try being the PM’s wife for the day
Peter Bennett-Jones: Save The Children, remove Samantha Cameron as Ambassador of the charity Save T... via
If it is true that Samantha Cameron and Boris Johnson are the two who have had an affair that is pure comedy genius.
Dear Tax payer,. You have been paying £53k a yr for Samantha Cameron to have someone help her dress. Shes worth £20mil. Your…
Samantha Cameron pays £53k a year of YOUR money to her Fashion Adviser! You couldn't make it up. You don't need to. It'…
It isn't advice on fashion Samantha Cameron needs- it's advice on morality.
Samantha Cameron has her Taxpayer paid fashion adviser design attire her hubby believes suitable for poor people https:…
For £53k she "helps Samantha Cameron with her social diary and fashion style". Google calendar, style blogs. Done. https:/…
Samantha Cameron 'employs £50,000 fashion adviser' on salary paid by taxpayer
The luxury leather goods company that employs Samantha Cameron is based in a tax haven
watching documentaries on UK poverty should hang his head in shame and should marie antoinette i mean Samantha Cameron
am I alone in thinking that 2 of the puppets in the Travel lodge adverts look like David & Samantha Cameron?
Victoria Beckham - along with Samantha Cameron - has been selected to join the esteemed panel judging the winner of this y…
Marie Antoinette said "Let them eat cake!" Samantha Cameron went one further and actually baked it for them.
Samantha Cameron reminds me of Debbie from Addams Family Values??? I'm so sorry I don't know why???
Samantha Cameron to take on Ed Balls -. Great British Bake Off: Samantha Cameron set for charity special
Samantha Cameron and Ed Balls to mix it up in Great British Bake Off special
Samantha Cameron and Ed Balls line up for Bake Off charity special: Samantha Cameron will be putting her bakin...
David and Samantha Cameron watch son amid Lord Ashcroft's biography bombshell - Daily Mail
David and Samantha Cameron enjoy a curry ahead of his speech. via so who ordered my fave sag panner ?
Dad was an MP. Went to same school as John Betjeman, Chris de Burgh, James Mason, Mark Reckless, Samantha Cameron.
"I've just heard Samantha Cameron is thinking about divorcing David.". "On what grounds?". "Pigamy."
Good luck to Dean Reilly (as he visits 10 Downing Street tomorrow for a reception with and Samantha Cameron.
via "When Osborne seeks to pacify him, Huhne comes back at him,...
David Cameron and wife Samantha 'may have ingested raw sewage' while surfing in
.I'm sure your wife Samantha wants to volunteer & be part of The Big Society. Now she can!
David and Samantha Cameron posed for official pictures from their second holiday of the summer, a 'staycation' in popular…
Flogging the wife for votes. Politics not Dallas! johnson
Samantha Cameron says she will take refugees into her home on Mon/Wed/Fri on zero hour contracts.
Does anyone else out there get the impression that Samantha Cameron has too much influence on government policy? I didn't vote for her.
Chillaxing? "faces claims he left Northern Ireland talks to attend Ibiza rave for wife Samantha's birthday"
Listen to our interview with Megan, a who
David Cameron's wife Samantha convinced him to ...
Just In>> ". 'He can't lie in front of Samantha': Why Cameron blurted out plan to resign during BBC interview . …
David Cameron's wife Samantha convinced him to accept more Syrian refugee
David Cameron blows £300,000 of YOUR cash on phone mast for his favourite holiday resort
And David Cameron's wife, Samantha, is a patron/ambassador of Save the Children as well!
"That Samantha needs a good talking-to," said Mother. "Letting him go on the telly looking like that."
When did Boris the whiny crybaby start being a thing? | Catherine Bennett: How Samantha Cameron might have wel...
She's visiting a school as part of campaign for girls education. She's also meeting David & Samantha Cameron & Prince Harry
Michelle Obama arrives in Britain with daughters to promote her charity work: Michelle Obama has landed in the...
to win Cameron Dallas Shirt. Must be following me+turn my notifications on +be super active always in order to win htt…
Mrs Obama will meet be hosted for tea at Downing Street by David and Samantha Cameron and will meet with Prince Harry
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
David and Samantha Cameron will host Mrs Obama and her daughters for tea at Number 10 Downing Street
is due to meet Prince Harry and have tea at Downing Street with David and Samantha Cameron during her stay in London.
I hate when adults ask who Nash or Cameron are when I wear their merch and I have to explain why they're famous and what vi…
Happy Sunday from Cameron Macfarlane Photography model: samantha_marie28
I'm excited for the outfield movie! Nash, Cameron and Joey will slay everything
you DO have to come back permanently, you didn't do Fat Lookalikes last night! I look like a fat Samantha Cameron!
lol just watched a Samantha introduce herself to a Cameron😋
Anyone else noticed David & Samantha Cameron on the new adverts?!
Saw brilliant & ceremonial @ Trooping the Colour as guest of Samantha &
Foto: Lucette Romy photographed by Cameron Mackie for Yume. Mua: Samantha Lee. See more at 
When Cameron Dallas follows all these people then theres me😑
My wife would like to know who made/sold Samantha Cameron's Trooping the Colour dress!
Prince Harry along with David and Samantha Cameron will meet Michelle Obama and her Daughters on Tuesday June 16th
Charles Kennedy's funeral "The Country has lost an extraordinary talent whose character & courage inspired us all" David & Samantha Cameron
Samantha Kerr gets obliterated by an elbow from Nigeria’s Cecilia Nku
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Samantha and David Cameron turn out to be illegitimate descendants of Charles II and William IV. A Right Royal Pair!
Michelle Obama will have tea at No.10 with David and Samantha Cameron on Tuesday. She's also due to meet Prince Harry during London trip.
So we now have Betty Cameron instead of Samantha. It could catch on
Why is Cameron making life so hard for me and my disabled child when he knows what it's like?
if Cameron Dallas doesn't follow you 🔥. I'll dm him to follow you 💖. Turn on my notifications for help😇
if you need these follows:. Cameron. Nash. Shawn. Hayes. Jack and Jack. Taylor. Aaron. Carter. Jacob. Turn on my notifs for he…
. Osborne: "but David, you said you'd tell Samantha after the election!". Cameron "oh not now George"
Cameron Muir talks Foreign buyers NOT driving up home prices in on w/
Follow & Enter to WIN Bikini as seen on Samantha Cameron!
Just realised that front page yesterday was Samantha Cameron in her bikini. Feeling more disgusted than usual.
Publishing huge photo and para of text about Samantha Cameron's bikini body is not acceptable "a perfect No.10" - this is not ok.
Samantha Cameron had her first child when she was 31.
Wow. Cameron Maybin with perhaps the outfield catch of the year here at AT&T to rob Duffy of an RBI double.
How I made it through a year living with Cameron I don't know..
Daily Mail accuses Amanda Holden of 'flaunting it', but on Sunday was happy to swoon over Samantha Cameron. Weird.
my name is Cameron Holden and Shawn Mendes officially proved me wrong.
Wife of recently spotted in hot wears ; see pics here;
Daily Mail is like "how did Samantha Cameron get her beach body" & I'm like that's what happens when u shed ur exoskeleton every lunar cycle
the first thing Samantha Cameron will do on emerging from the bunker is try and sell a moleskin covered water bottle
Samantha wife of shows off Hot No 10 Body!.
Wish so hard at this photo of Samantha Cameron (right) and thinking a lot
Samantha Cameron had her children at 31, 33, 35 and 37
Bye-bye curvy shift dress, hello shirt dress – so flattering, so modern, so 2015
Samantha Cameron helps paint the country Tory blue on Yorkshire visit
.front page story - a truly appalling breach of Samantha Cameron's privacy. Simply don't think paper should get away with that.
David Cameron's Wife Shows Off Hot Bikini Bod in Ibiza: Samantha Cameron is 44 years old and mum of 4 kids. Ch...
Mail on Sunday in well creepy form today with its leery bikini pix of Samantha Cameron.
Will there be a time we'll make fun of Samantha Cameron's bangs?
Sturgeon is as bad as Mugabe says Samantha Cameron's stepfather, Lord Astor. Not sort of publicity that Cameron wants - even after election!
Simon Pegg is wrong – comics aren’t an escape from reality, they help us deal with it | Samantha Langsdale
The tie Prime Minister has his aged four and
Congratulations to Samantha Newman and Cameron Smith. Dispatch scholar athletes of the year.
The album Samantha Cameron doesn't want you to hear. Get your copy now… or soon… or later. .
Truely shocking story: Samantha Cameron's step-father could be forced to sell some of his 20,000 hectare estate
His stepdaughter from his wife's first marriage, Samantha, is married to Prime Minister David Cameron
mst get his father-in-law Lord Astor to apologise to for comparing her to
Samantha stepfather compares to Mugabe grotesque unbelievable bizarre+un…
Samantha Cameron’s stepfather has raised fears that Nicola Sturgeon is attempting a “Mugabe-style land grab”...
David Cameron is trying to scrap the Human Rights Act yet it's Nicola Sturgeon who is like Robert Mugabe? Really?
Top story: Samantha Cameron's stepfather Lord Astor compares Nicola Sturgeon to… see more
Tory integrity: Smythson, leather goods and luxury stationery company employs Samantha Cameron, is based in tax haven
Sturgeon is like Mugabe, claims Sam’s stepfather: Samantha Cameron’s stepfather has raised fears that ... (Times)
Holly Willoughby, Katherine Jenkins and Samantha Cameron are all fans and high street spring/summer collections are awash with different
David and Samantha Cameron visit Sikh temple - and are seperated
David and Samantha Cameron visit Sikh temple and a scuffle takes place.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Samantha Cameron said husband David gets up at 5.30 every morning to do work so the family can have breakfast together, be…
Cameron and Samantha are smart, and passed their genes on. In your case, though...
Samantha Cameron just gave birth by cesarean section. I take it this was David's decision not to allow her to go into Labour then
NEWS: David & Samantha Cameron are sending daughter Nancy to a state secondary school in Westminster from September.
David Cameron's daughter will go to top state secondary Grey Coat Hospital: David Cameron and wife Samantha have decided to send daug...
I hate to lower the tone, but poor Samantha Cameron. Dave huffing away on top, and red and sweaty with his little lizard mouth and no spine.
Breaking: Broadcasters to 'go ahead' with general election debates with or without Cameron
Wow found some awesome pics of my kids Cameron and CJ, my child from another mother TJ and my neice Samantha.
David Cameron criticised over failure to declare wife Samantha’s business stake
yes, probably. Because it makes politicians sound normal
Samantha cameron because she has more backbone than
What's a good ship name for cameron and samantha?
Samantha Cameron: "David, why are you taking so long in the bathroom?"
Samantha Cameron, how she puts up with that husband of hers.
Just had an email from David Cameron about Barry and Samantha's 'problem'. I know who Samantha is - but who's Barry?
Samantha Cameron glamorous in green at Vogue's Fashion Night Out
Messy, funny and a little bit irritating: Samantha Cameron on 'the Dave I fell in love with'
Samantha Cameron pictures of her best style moments via
David Cameron... Samantha is leader by the looks of it :-)
Cameron ‘can only have sex once before election’: Samantha Cameron has accused the Prime Minister o...
David Cameron said to Samantha: 'I feel like Chicken Tonight' while flapping his arms...
Samantha Cameron's kitchen. How to get her interior style ...
All about Sam Cam's interiors choices - our latest piece for
My latest piece for Primelocation. Dissecting the kitchen of style queen Sam Cam ...
Cameron would be better off staying home to cook for Samantha and the children
Probably not the best time to tell Dave that I don't pay tax either...
Samantha Cameron to bring plans to ask husband, David, for a threesome forward.
Samantha Cameron to put plans to ask husband, David, for a threesome on hold.
Bad news for Samantha... MT Mr Cameron couldn't come, so he sent his deputy.
. Clegg is Cameron's surrogate wife in govt. Why not summon Samantha Cameron instead? Cameron-Clegg-Miliband are 3 stooges.
Even Samantha Cameron has a copy, which I gave to her at 10 Downing St when and I visited with
is Cameron should do a follow spree
International Women'a Day hosted by Samantha Cameron at 10 Downing Street was great
We are grateful to Samantha Cameron for supporting 2015 with a reception last night
"Samantha Bearden and Cameron Inlow would make a cute couple" -Anon
clearly don't understand sarcasm Samantha
I dont think samantha has much clue aboyt anything :/
and what are Samantha's views on your inhumane welfare policy?
Well done Samantha for hosting this dignify event. A lovely delightful photography. in advance.
Samantha Cameron has said that her favourite Dave is not her PM hubby but David Walliams. Who's your favourite Dave?
I can proudly say that the UK Prime Minister's wife, Samantha Cameron, now has a copy of my book!
Great time at No 10 Downing St Met and gave Samantha Cameron a copy of my book!
Great night at 10 Downing St with Enjoyed meeting Samantha Cameron,
News feature: Nigella Lawson and Samantha Cameron reveal secrets in the kitchen: KITCHENS are for eat...
‘It is exactly like a great big tampon shop on wheels’ Network Front | The Guardian How Samantha Cameron might hav…
“Quote this with a selfie my beautiful followers 😍”
. Cameron releases new manifesto with his lovely wife Samantha. Complete denial of photo shopped picture
Now Niall Horan's being linked to another girl on the OTRA Tour. *rolls eyes*
Ive never ever voted but this time im gonna , David Cameron has got on my *** that much
Just done a Ghost writer piece which is a bit of a scoop on Samantha Cameron and the Leek connection. A gift to a journalism student
are you talking about Cameron staubs or Cameron Freidman or Cameron staubs Freidman?
*Cameron singing* . "I wish that I could be like the cool kids... Oh Samantha, you know about that life"
Emilia Wickstead's trademark polish gets a bit of an edge: The Duchess of Cambridge and Samantha Cameron are r...
I really miss Cameron's YouTube videos. The fact that he's going to start again on April makes me so happy
The Duchess of Cambridge and Samantha Cameron are regular clients of fashion designer Emilia Wickstead. They would…
David Cameron stated in Parliament that Child Poverty had fallen. Here are findings of the Child Poverty Commission
seeing Cameron in magazines makes me emotional af because I realize he is so famous now.
(did I ever tell you about the time when Cameron shoved me off the wall because I was shouting 5sos lyrics?)
At least you went at a respectable time for once
When you go on a chipotle date with your mom because your sisters not home
When I have a kid someday, I already have their names picked out!. Boy: Cameron Mitchell Forsyth. Girl: Samantha...
So Tory donor Sir John Ritblat & Samantha Cameron's pal Harold Tillman don't think it would be good if Ed Miliband wins. …
message from Ghost Ninja Blasted this year I don't have a group to go with to Project Dance etc
Cha cha chilled Chavo.cameron it's an emergency turn Samantha in to a baby cot and answer my questions when did curch -chilled gotten ?
for a DM to.. Cameron. Nash. Jack G . Matt. Jack J . Aaron . Jacob . Taylor . Carter . Shawn. Hayes. ((must be active with notif…
Do you reckon Samantha Cameron, curious about her husband’s escapades on that day, says “question number one”?
Breaking news: Sam Cameron calls off divorce from Dave after realising she'd lose £200 tax break-
Dorothy, Ian (& attending a reception by Samantha Cameron last week.
Cameron admits he only wants to renew Trident because Samantha wish he had one that shape and size.
Find out what I was doing with Samantha Cameron on 3 Feb with local community champions.
I heard on that your wife, Samantha, votes true?
How Samantha Cameron might have responded to a request from Lynton Crosby to keep out of sight or
Samantha is my Cameron to my dallas
"Who's sucking off Cameron? Major?" I would guess Samantha... But, the jury is out.
I've heard Samantha Cameron is quite adept at this
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Just found out that Samantha Cameron's maiden name was 'Sheffield'. Oh the shame.
I just had to share this pic that Collette Cameron posted
Cameron Diaz has perfect boobs as well just so yall know
PMQs sketch: Samantha Cameron orders the PM to get out there ...:
V posh. V rich. 'Samantha Cameron's roots are starting to show. And it ain't pretty'
An unauthorized history of Smythson's - The Gardian >
When it comes to avoidance, Big Business and the always find common ground Now is at it.
.Just HOW can Samantha Cameron sleep at night ! She KNOWS it's all TRUE !
Bolton Hospice bosses meet Samantha Cameron: BOLTON Hospice bosses were welcomed to Downing Street by the Prim...
Firm which employs Samantha Cameron uses tax havens - Prime Minister David Cameron was left red-faced after it eme...
John Street’s Diary February 6: Embarrassment for David Cameron as his wife Samantha’s business links puncture...
Five big questions for Samantha Cameron and 'tax-dodgers' Smythson.
A case of hanbags at dawn? Fnar fnar..."Smythson, Samantha Cameron and the tax haven"
Samantha Cameron and the tax haven: bags of trouble for the PM? £39mill bonus! No wonder he's out of touch!
Great to thank 2 amazing charities with Samantha Cameron
Electronic Device Insurance
Samantha Cameron helps charities that deal with children with disabilities and my cousin went with her family to meet her
So proud of my baby cuz Stevie Rae, breakfast at Samantha Cameron's posted in the Daily Mail!
So inspired by support from Samantha Cameron & celebs for UK’s 200K at our event
Love that just referred to Samantha Cameron as SamCam.
ooops, I think she meant Samantha Cameron
White girls don't close their mouth when they say "Oh My God" Cameron Dallas 😂
Big kitchen table. The Camerons live there now No 10 flat much smaller.
Pride of place for Samantha's breakfast in Good stuff!
Love how Hello mag coverage of Sam Cam launching focuses on her kitchen furnishings! Er, not the point!
Samantha Cameron joins Charlotte Hawkins and Kirstie Allsopp at cancer charity launch
On the train and man next to me is reading the metro w our lovely photo of Samantha Cameron w Philip & Stevie on p.5 looks ace
Ever wondered what Samantha and David Cameron's kitchen looked like? Well here it is!
A challenge to David Cameron. Ask Samantha to live with the children on benefits. Lets see how long she lasts.
Samantha Cameron opened up the kitchen at Downing Street for charity. Find out more:
Samantha, 43, hosted the breakfast in support of the charity, Contact A Family, which offers support and advice...
Miss Match by Nicola Yeager. Doused with the contents of Samantha Cameron's hot water bottle!
I just love the Daily Mail's break down of Samantha Cameron's choice in kitchen decor
Great to have Samantha Cameron join our celebration of family life this morning
Congrats love Cameron finally followed you! You really deserve it. I hope my account made you smile☺️💗
Lichfield schoolgirl Madison Wynn meets Samantha Cameron and other stars at Downing Street
Photo du Jour: Samantha Cameron hosts breakfast for disabled children in her Downing St home. By Stefan Rousseau/PA
As part of celebration of families with disabled kids Sam Cameron invited two families to breakfast
Samantha Cameron helped us launch Pictures from Home today
SamCam invites two special guests for breakfast at Downing Street
Samantha Cameron joins our celebration of family life.
I miss Cameron tbh I wonder what she's doing in my garage. Probably getting rustier.
fundraising manager Elaine Miller praised by Samantha Cameron at 10 Downing Street reception!
Rio's photo with Samantha Cameron at No.10 reception is in this fab film!
Would it be harsh to barge into Cameron's room when he has his headset on?
Samantha Cameron announced our new campaign to beat childhood cancers. More here:
Liberal Democrats angered after Samantha Cameron hosts reception for Tory election hopefuls at Downing Street
I joined Samantha Cameron at Downing Street to launch
As well as Boris Johnson sleeping rough for Homeless Veterans, unsung Samantha Cameron quietly cooking for homeless on…
I knew there was someone I was missing out here. Dakota Johnson. Cover of Vogue. 50 Shades of Samantha Cameron.
Tried to hug my brother and got my *** kicked instead. How's your night going?
“When you meet cameron your life goals bc he is so amazing person eu te amo!!!” Hah…
Cameron, don't cry,'re an amazing person and Caroline loves u so much😔👼
Say hello to our newest CAs - Simone, Olivia, Samantha, Han Tae, Fiona, Cameron and Abbey!
Looking forward to my visit to number 10 Downing Street next week with following my invitation from Samantha Cameron
"I've accepted President Hollande's invitation to join the Unity Rally in Paris this Sunday" SAMANTHA WILL BE PLEASED.
Today's edition of The Spasmodica, in which Samantha Cameron tells us that her husband is a very naughty boy indeed.
I feel like I'm never going to get followed by Carter Nash Cameron Matthew Taylor Aaron Hayes Jack or Jack 😭😭😭😭
Samantha Cameron was a Green voter until she took up with him.
the sign of a quality calendar is Brown Trout. I wonder if the do a Samantha Cameron one.
Reminder that ancestors of both Samantha and David Cameron *received* reparations for losing their 'property' with abolit…
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
David Cameron says Samantha helps him make decisions about 'rescuing hostages'
Check out the Christmas card (I am pretending) David and Samantha Cameron sent me.
Cameron how do you feel about Tennessee 😉😂
oh many worse...many... Samantha Cameron was a particularly traumatic one.
I hope Cameron follows you, don't give up because he will follow you when you least expect
Yet another reason we need out of the EU and tomorrow will do Mr Cameron ask Samantha if this is right
Everyone here knows PMurrell is married to NSbut he does not run the country. Never said anything about Samantha Cameron.
Samantha Cameron doesn't run the conservatives. It's not common knowledge that Scotland is ran by a husband and wife
First Alex James spends NYE grinding on Samantha Cameron and now this: (via
no it's my day off and there calling me in cuz I live close like no ✋👊
Multi-tasking Sam Cam gets into the festive spirit. via
I don't know why but Samantha is right Cameron does seem very toasty
Samantha Cameron dons Christmas jumper with kids ...
Samantha Cameron, wife of children from the Save the Children Jumper Day in
Samantha hosts a Jumper Jumble at 10 Downing Street in
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Samantha Cameron, wife of Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron, stands with children from the Save the Children...
"Out here just tryna have a relationship like Sam and Cameron" wow you're so sweet
White British Children have been ethnically cleansed from London via
Thrilled that Samantha Cameron hosted our Charity Reception at 10 Downing Street this evening
Fab reception at No. 10 this eve, hosted by Samantha Cameron for supporters of . htt…
What a wonderful night we had at a no 10 Downing Street reception hosted by Samantha Cameron for
Today I mistook Claudia Winkleman for Samantha Cameron. *Really* need to brush up on my celeb knowledge
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