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Samantha Cameron

Samantha Gwendoline Cameron (née Sheffield; born 18 April 1971) is a British business executive and wife of David Cameron, the current Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

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Samantha Cameron: "I listen to Radio 1 as I drive home and I just heard this really good session with a little guy called Only Real." :'(
The Prime Minister, his wife Samantha Cameron and their children have run the Sport Relief Mile.
Today In 2012: First Lady Michelle Obama waits for PM David Cameron and Samantha Cameron to arrive for a State Dinner
Samantha Cameron meets Tesco winners at International reception
It's safe to say we all relived our freshman year last night
Samantha Cameron, the wife of the Prime Minister, was involved in the family’s foreign-born nanny securing British citizenship while she was working at 10 Downing Street
Downing Street has been forced to check how a foreign-born nanny employed by David and Samantha Cameron came to be a British citizen
My wifes an accountant & cld easily be a high-rate taxpayer. Waiting for a Visa. Should work for Cameron maybe?
"The school where everyone wants to party but no one throws the party. THROW THR *** PARTY!" -Cameron Heights C.I.
The I. W.D. good reason to look back to; woman behind politician working for husband carrier. Lyudmila Putina Michelle Obama Samantha Cameron I just wonder what chance would be for knowing them in the world, if they do work only on they own careers...
Samantha Cameron is on Vogue's 100 inspirational women...I'd much rather have on there instead...a true female inspiration!
No 10 forced to check how David and Samantha Cameron's Nepalese-born nanny gained British citizenship
Samantha Cameron named on citizenship form for nanny
Samantha Cameron met Tesco winners last night. "The work they do is incredible." http…
Samantha Cameron met the Tesco winners at International reception
Meantime "Confirmed" Cameron has . Nepalese Nanny. Also understood Samantha has a Nanny for the Children!
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Woman who named Samantha Cameron as her employer succeeded in getting British citizenship. front page with added innuendo.
And THAT is the bottom line.We should wear Nepalese colours in honour of Cameron's nanny.
Samantha Cameron's role in Nepalese nanny's passport -
Samantha Cameron named on citizenship form for nanny Cameron is a hypocrite!
They don't scapegoat the migrants that wipe their kids *** via
Samantha Cameron's role in Nepalese nanny's passport - via And this is Headline NEWS? As her employer!
"After some delay, Downing Street confirmed that Samantha Cameron had been named on (the nanny's) application form.
metropolitan elite in action - Samantha Cameron's role in Nepalese nanny's passport - via
That's all right then, it's only the Cams, Samantha Cameron's role in Nepalese nanny's passport - via
Samantha Cameron named on citizenship form for nanny.
Samantha Cameron's role in Nepalese nanny's passport | via tough on immigration but hires 2 Foriegn nanny
A fab day yesterday celebrating inspirational women. Nice pic with and Samantha Cameron. http:…
S. Cameron named on citizenship form for nanny. What a nasty little story, as if this person is a despised object
Samantha Cameron named on citizenship form for nanny |
Lima came to Britain as part of a scheme to help victims of domestic slavery, (in this case, to help Samantha Cameron)
Downing Street admitted that Samantha Cameron helped the Prime Minister’s Nepalese nanny get British citizenship - same article
Sam Cam named on citizenship form for nanny. Tut sending gurkhas home but letting rich avoid nappy changing duties.
Dave's heifer named on nanny's citizenship form, which made no difference whatever to her application
journalism news Samantha Cameron's role in Nepalese nanny's passport -
Need to look slightly passed the article's headline here and read the other nuisances of the article.
Samantha Cameron's role in Nepalese nanny's passport
Samantha Cameron's role in Nepalese nanny's passport | via Now then whats this all about. We want to know
Is Samantha Cameron the reason he is a *** He is clearly under the thumb.
Samantha Cameron named on citizenship form for nanny via
Samantha Cameron named on citizenship form for nanny | Politics | The Guardian
Samantha Cameron helped Nepalese nanny get British passport
Revealed: The obscure song which set David and Samantha Cameron on the road to an 18-year marriage Cameron names Perfect Circle by R.E.M as the track they fell in love to Hails his wife's musical tastes ahead of 18th wedding anniversary in June Pop-picking PM last week he tipped Tom Odell to win a Brit Award Recently revealed he and SamCam 'sneaked' into First Aid Kit gig By MATT CHORLEY, MAILONLINE POLITICAL EDITOR PUBLISHED: 16:13, 6 February 2014 | UPDATED: 17:15, 6 February 2014 35View comments Music, it seems, really is the food of love… at least for David Cameron and wife Samantha. The Prime Minister has revealed the song which soundtracked the couple’s early courtship, and how an eclectic love of music has sustained 18 years of marriage. Mr Cameron named Perfect Circle, an album track with obscure lyrics by American alternative rock group R.E.M., as the song which they listened to as they fell in love. Scroll down for video +4 Favourite: Perfect Circle, an obscure album track by US band R.E.M. ...
I didn't have any feelings about Norma Major, or Cherie Blair. Quite liked Sarah Brown. But I really DETEST Samantha Cameron. Why?
Cameron Diaz shares anti-aging weight loss and diet tips in 'The Body Book'
the Chancellor's excellence on top. Yours sincerely, Samantha Bain
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Photo: Michelle regal as always in a navy blue dress for a State Dinner. Her gown even has a train!
I had a dream last night that I was married to Samantha Cameron and she cheated on me with the Pope.
David Cameron 8.a.m. State pensions will rise by £20 a week in 2020, 3 pledges, 2 vows. and Samantha on a far.
Cameron Dallas is going to fall in love with me. He just has to follow me first.
“If you were a cookie, you'd be a whoreo.” literally cameron
this little girl with Cameron is so cute 😍☺
The question is Cameron Diaz in bad teacher or Samantha in cbb?
I like Nash better than cameron tbh
Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas are not attractive whatsoever
Salmond needs to provoke Cameron to get that debate. Pull a Rick Rude & wear wrestling tights with Samantha Cameron's face printed on them.
. Unaware that Islam does not accept women 'as such ??" . Mere fact Samantha rules the roost.. David Cameron
David Cameron endlessly Vows, Pledges and Promises, even Samantha is fed up with that line. . She Got a Gypsy Gardener. . Bingo.
Paedo Derek Laud is a long standing family friend of Samantha Cameron’s family and a personal friend of David Cameron
I can't every time I see a picture of Cameron and a girl I literally cry so much I HATE him so much because I can't havehim
Samantha Cameron dresses nicer than Ed Miliband's wife
if Cameron ever did a follow spree id kill myself
if i was walking and saw Cam and Nash I'd probably run up to Nash first even though I like Cam more because I'm afraid of Ca…
It's the wealthy that exploit the system, not the poor. Look at Samantha Cameron's dad, for example…£350k in subsidy
Samantha Cameron honours Suzy Menkes 'respected & loved by all'
Samantha Cameron's father plans more wind turbines across one of Britain's glorious landscape... via
you mean because Samantha Cameron-Levita always has that mouth open/vacant grin, even at the Thatcher funeral?
Cameron's little love letters are the best things ever ilhsm😭
launch in 20mins. Pippa, Samantha Cameron & Princess Beatrice are all going in. To be fair, they need th…
Home sweet home it's been amazing! Huge thank you to everyone who made our holiday so amazing Bonar Klaus Kuil,Drew Coleman, Samantha Cameron, Luke Ryder, Geordie and Caroline Witters, Mary Coleman, Matt Empyre Fogarty, Sebastian Grodd! To many too name THANK YOU!
Had a lovely family day at Cotswold Wildlife Park but very surprised to bump into Samantha Cameron and family
The four body shapes that hold they key to a woman's weight loss, according to celebrity personal trainer. You've eaten too many mince pies, drunk more than enough mulled wine and may have turned your thoughts towards working off the Christmas pounds. But before signing up for a gym membership, perhaps you should decide which of these body shapes you are. As this is the key to successfully achieving your goals, according to celebrity personal trainer Matt Roberts. Matt Roberts, whose clients include David and Samantha Cameron, said women’s bodies fall into four categories – apple, pear, hourglass and tubular. And as he gave his New Year’s fitness tips, which include swearing off alcohol for at least a month and cutting out all dairy except for milk in tea, Mr Roberts said it was ‘crucial’ to work with your shape. Hourglass shapes – embodied by Myleene Klass, Kate Winslet or Nigella Lawson – should focus on their abdominals and go for long jogs or bike rides to help make themselves appear lea ...
"We heard, on Friday, that the animals at Valhalla Park did not have any food after the fire on Monday 23 December 2013 that destroyed everything there. Many cats and dogs died in the fire as well. Three of us went out there yesterday with 719kg of food which turned out to be woefully inadequate. We have now decided to "get our ducks in a row" properly, and go out to Valhalla Park again on Sunday 5 January 2014 to co-ordinate more and immediate and much needed relief. We would like to have a huge team to help so that we can give more personalised attention and help more animals and do a proper needs assessment. We need donations for food, deworming, collars (some dogs are walking around with thick heavy chains around their necks and are chaffed raw) food bowls (the owners lost EVERYTHING) or clean ice cream containers to serve as food and water bowls, and smaller ones for the cats puppies and kittens. Samantha Cameron-Harris said they have a bath set-up and dips for mange, fleas and ticks. We would also l ...
15 facts (: 1. I'm very independent, I love doing things on my own, I normally don't ever need help. 2. Jeremy S. Butler is probably the only guy i trust with everything I have. 󾌬 3. I've cheered for about 7 years. 4. I have the worlds worst attitude.󾌣 5. i can be super fun and crazy 6. Samantha Cameron is my bestest friend in the whole entire world 7. I'm addicted to vine lmao.. 8. I am singlee 9. I've never been cheated on... well that I know of. 10. I'm 5"4 11. I hate when somebody's clothes are wrinkled󾌮 12. I wish I had blonde straight hair 13. I've been on a plane more than i can remember 14. I trust too easily, but nobody has ever showed me not to. 15. I'm petrified of Ferris wheels.
Been one of those days. So glad that me, Kaylee and the young man that hit us today did not get hurt. I still have a headache but we are fine. Thank you Jody Crutchfield Stephen Crutchfield Samantha Cameron, Allen Cummins, and Philip for coming to help us out today. So glad to have such great friends. Love you all.
Merry Christmas! Au Pairs spend the holidays away from their family and sometimes that can be difficult. Thinking of all of you today and hoping you have a great day! ... Lola Carthy Rachel Rivera Steph Triana Di Zhang Ktrine Sosa Tatiana Sitnova Ophelia He Angie Cruz Jessica Clayton Bree Ramirez Samantha Cameron Dandan Cai Monica Vivas Ordoñez Juanita Cruz García Tina Ma Cécile Artaud Lauren Prince Elena Bautista Jinjin Du and everyone else too!
Even though I hate Christmas. I still love all my family. And most of all my sister Sam. Getting me the best gift I have. Ever received. I love you Samantha Cameron
Merry Christmas to all my beautiful family and friends...wish i could be there to celebrate with you all love you millions x Becca B Mc D Carolyn Brentnall Hannah Malpas Samantha Cameron Jackie Malpas Jo El
Samantha Cameron watches on disapprovingly as David struggles to carve the turkey and keep his composure. Memories of their wedding night
Samantha and Cameron were so excited when they got their iPads I love it 😍
... And Samantha Cameron is the great x7 granddaughter of Charles II's mistress Nell Gwyn
When Cameron starts to fall asleep he can't speak English
One contrived shot after another. Who was taking these 'holiday' photos? Clegg?
Six armed bodyguards & the family pig trough overflowing with caviare stuffed vol-au-vents just out of shot.
Not content with destroying the country he has to leak his awful fake holiday snaps to the press too. Joy!
ૐ Britain's Prime Minister and his wife celebrated Diwali(2013). More Diwali Videos . Samantha Cameron looks stunning in a sari for Diwali festival. Britain's Prime Minister and his wife Samantha Cameron celebrated Diwali at BAPS Sri Swaminarayn Temple in Neasdon,London. A new devotee for the Lord at London's iconic Neasden Temple, the Prime Minister offered prayers and fruits to the gods. David Cameron was accompanied by his wife, who was dressed in a saree. Other British MPs too were present.
Samantha Cameron pictured carrying three bags | ELLE UK via
oh then yeah it was basically the same on Cameron's then
would it be the same one that was on Cameron's channel? Cause I saw that one like wow
on Skype to Samantha Cameron getting excited for Christmas xxx
In my mom's family, my name is Savannah and Cameron. Samantha does not exist.
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We would like to point out that there is no suggestion the body guards were there to make sure she didn't forget...
Mrs camoron Christmas shopping at store with £70 cream 4 sale with body guards paid 4 by u whilst elderly freeze.
Off to pick up my beautiful sister Samantha Cameron from the train station. Whole family together for the next 4 days!! So excited :)
For those of you who are struggling to get into the Xmas spirit, pretend you're Samantha Cameron, wife of our sacred leader. Much like Xmas, David only comes once a year so might as well enjoy it! :D
Dear mufti saheb who giving fatwa to Samantha Cameron that menses can lasting for 7 months, please to refrain.
Across plans! More like ..."What a shame they have no power at this festive time ...another sherry for you Samantha darling?"
Kinda developing an obsession with Cameron Dallas.. 😍
Well .. we all have priorities .. right?
The same week the Tories laugh at stories of suffering Samantha Cameron shops with 2 security guards at shop with £70 face cream
Samantha Cameron get Courtney Edgar to check out the kiwilites page. I have pimped his car lol
Bereaved parents need more support says nurse - A mental health nurse from Northamptonshire has been thanked by Samantha Cameron for her work supporting parents who have experienced stillbirth and neonatal death.
What were Samantha Cameron and Hillary Clinton doing in NEW YORK on September 10th 2001? here's a clue:
I hate how mean Samantha is to Cameron 😡
One of my highlights of 2013 was attending a reception at Downing St hosted by Samantha Cameron celebrating Mencap's work
Mariam Babangida, Samantha Cameron, Michelle Obama are examples of how a First Lady shld carry herself.
Smythson in the red after expansion
The card Cameron's mom have me said "welcome to our family" I'm crying omg😭💕
at least it's better than hers is dirty Sam 😂
News Update Samantha Cameron firm Smythson in the red after expansion
Congrats to my cousin Cameron and his new wife Samantha 💍 The wedding was perfect & so is she.…
Ok so it's settled. Going to Michigan to watch the season premier for Jared's bday. Easy enough
Birthday Party to watch the season premier?!?
I've done all mine on Christmas Eve for years.
starting today too. Fingers crossed
Find out what Samantha Cameron would like for Christmas in our santa special
David Cameron: "Samantha and I were so very sorry to hear about the tragic death...Abbas' death is a sickening and appalling tragedy."
What a surprise? NOT! The Camerons due to make money from the .
Samantha Cameron, the building firm, and a £20m planning bid | via
Cameron told me I couldn't go to sleep but he can..ok
Now Samantha Cameron and Sandra Howard have them, I'm so glad I've never got a tattoo. You wouldn't want to be in that club, would you?
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Congratulations to Samantha Cameron on the birth of her son brackston
Biggest congrats to Samantha Cameron & Brodie Widderick on your little man, happiest if days to the 3 of you xx
Me and Samantha Cameron would like to announce the birth of our baby boy Brackston. Was born at 2.08pm weighing 6 pound 12 oz and about 46cm long. So happy right now that I'm finally a dad :))
Cameron Mackintosh announcing that he's bringing Oliver the musical to Broadway, and that Samantha Barks will play Nancy. :D
What do you think of this idea Louise Rogers, Laura Cameron, Samantha Cameron? xx
. Merry Christmas David and Samantha and Happy New Year, I hope the New Year will be a positive year for the party.
Nurse from Northamptonshire visits Samantha Cameron at 10 Downing Street - Northampton Chronicle and Echo:
Source: adelaidenow SOUTH Australian police want to ban visible tattoos on their officers, presumably because the force believes they're offensive, intimidating and threatening. That might have been the case 20 years ago - when they were the sole armour of choice for bikies and prisoners - but these days tattoos are as common as flies. Whether you like them or not, tattoos are not the taboo they once were. Australia's sporting heroes sport them, and lots of them. Think Hawthorn's Lance "Buddy" Franklin. Think Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke. While tattooing the initials of an ex, Lara Bingle, on his shoulder may not have been a great idea, no one would suggest that he or Buddy weren't doing their job because they chose to ink their skin. On the international stage, soccer superstar David Beckham probably has more ink than bare skin and he'll go down in history as one of the highest-profile players ever. Then there's Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Angelina Jolie and Rhianna to name just a few from an endl ...
Maria Candela Gaglio was retained by her cover son Joe Pennechio Black as Guardianship stronghold to Samantha Cameron & during first part of this kidnapping arranged by David Cameron with ties to Mary Koulermos through baseball when Cameron was Prince Fielder, at Long Island Jewish Hospital I was taken to the hallway of the Herpes ER where Maria Gaglio was offering as sacrifices to herself Samantha Cameron with yellow stained teeth. I told them that I would divert the attention of Madonna Henderson & 5 ran out in their hospital gowns. The alarms went off bUT LISA LAMPANELLI who signed on to be cover for Donald Trump said she'd take away Linda from Lisa if the guards caught up with them. I didn't change the course of history written by Maria Gaglio Neuterbrain but I gave those women some extra life time.
Last post before we are off to Thailand!!! Woohoo! Super amped! May the magic begin... in a mere 24 hours. Special thanks to Darren Croxford, Megan McLaren and Samantha Cameron-Harris & Myrna Cameron-Harris for taking care of our stupid cat...
The secret covered up by Samantha Cameron aka Pennechio was who Jackon was & it turned out that he be the child of Mario LaPuma Anders & Mary herself thru artificial ensemination because she heard that 12 former Jean Papa's were true mom's & wanted a piece of that legacy.
SamCam's relatives at war over their 1,000-acre estate: Judge begs for end to court battle that's 'haemorrhaging money' John Sheffield, 50, took his family to court over missed earnings He had been given 25 per cent of a Hampshire estate in 1983 but received no money from it He was given the property by John Vincent Sheffield, Samantha Cameron's great-uncle, but did not known he was entitled to an income High Court Judge found in his favour, but urged the family to settle the matter outside the courts By KIERAN CORCORAN PUBLISHED: 18:00, 16 December 2013 | UPDATED: 01:20, 17 December 2013 11 shares 50 View comments Samantha Cameron’s aristocratic relatives have been urged to end a bitter family legal feud that is ‘haemorrhaging money’. John Sheffield, the Prime Minister’s wife’s second cousin, had sued his 74-year-old father in the High Court over land given to him by his grandfather. Judge Mark Pelling QC found in favour of Old Etonian Mr Sheffield but urged the warring family ‘whether it mig ...
Please contact Samantha Cameron to adopt this Beautiful girl!!
iven the evidence (since the Leveson enquiry) of a totally unhealthy mix between Rebeka Brookes, Any Coulson, David Cameron and of course Clarence Mitchel, the Sun, Murdoch, Samantha Cameron's/ Astor family background, is it not very strange indeed that Philip Green, (who is seen mixing it with Simon Cowell with the ‘masonic symbol/jet ski’ who put money up for Jonathan King re paedophilia) should have lent his own private jet to two previously unknown and rather mediocre doctors who neglected their child, who have escaped the interest of Social Services, and who went to see the pope who symbolizes the covering up of some of the worst paedophilic crimes on a global scale. At a time when the politicians above (and our dear Gerry through the interestingly funded 'hacked off campaign') have been seeking to contrive ‘control of the press’ to keep their squalid abuse of the electorate under-wraps we have allegations from members of the public that our most senior justice representatives are themselves ...
Samantha Cameron, the Prime Minister's wife, has an ancestor who received millions of pounds as compensation from the government when the slave trade was abolished.
Thanks to Sam Samantha Cameron and Karen Karen Budd for a lovely mother and toddler party. Here's to the unsung heroes x
But the excitement didn't end back in London - Rio has had another very momentous week! On Monday evening, 9th December, he was invited by the charity Steps (, have supported us and Rio since he was a baby, to a VIP Reception for the Latin American Ambassadors before the Serenata Latina Concert at The Queen Elizabeth Hall in London where the Orion Orchestra played a wonderful fusion of classical/jazz with a latin twist, with the incredible voice of tenor Jesus Leon and some amazing dancers doing the tango! Then on Tuesday evening, 10th December, Rio had the great honour of being a special guest at a reception hosted by Samantha Cameron at No. 10 Downing Street in support of the charity Demand (, who have designed and made some ingenious bespoke equipment for Rio for use at home and at school. He was totally star struck when he met Mrs Cameron, who came over to shake his hand, and Esther Rantzen also came to introduce herself to him - Rio even got a mention in The ...
If Andy Murray doesn't win SPOTY tonight I'll eat sushi off Samantha Cameron's back. She's been at me to do it for ages, this seems like as good an opportunity as ever.
The best picture of Nelson Mandela, David and Samantha Cameron you'll ever see via Us Vs Them
our daughter has up staged us on received Christmas cards she has had one of david and Samantha Cameron ...bloody show off lol
Happy 16th birthday to my beautiful twin sisters! I'm so happy to be spending time with you on your big day!! I love you guys so much! Samantha Cameron Sarah Cameron
Just met the good old PM and Samantha Cameron on the stall! Splashed out on a £5 coin purse : )
Just helped a little girl off a ride at Winter Wonderland. Turned round to pass her to her parents...who were David and Samantha Cameron!
This suck I'm going to miss my he and she friends at delvista like my homies Andy Jose Arturo anthem Jr Saavedra Alexis Joel Abel Castro Luis Eddie Alexandrea Samantha Cameron Rios and everybody in the class
What was Samantha Cameron, and Hilary Clinton doing in NEW YORK on 10th SEPTEMBER 2001? CLUE - They were NOT buying handbags.
Breaking news... Samantha Cameron has forgiven Mr David Cameron for his selfie flirt with Denmark's PM, Helle Thorning but the fire still burning in the White House, by English media, the Sun! Lol
HitFull : Colourful Diwali celebrations in London with David Cameron and Samantha Cameron:
The disturbing thing is that, whilst most people hated Thatcher, these people, her acolytes, really loved her. They really did! Samantha Cameron seems less upset than the other two.
I told you guys they hit a wall . Samantha Cameron and Rik Cameron
Woho! Just hosted a charity reception at Downing Street with Samantha Cameron for my charity! It was amazing!
David and Samantha Cameron choose a black and white portrait of the couple and their youngest daughter Florence for their 2013 Christmas card.
Samantha Cameron dashes through London in towering heels and faux fur stole
By Daily Mail Reporter | Samantha Cameron may have been rushed off her feet as she dashed around London, but fashion still came first for the busy mother, as she carried out her errands wearing a towering pair of heels. … Continue reading… [ 468 more words. ]
A Christmas sweater as Samantha Cameron. The traditional Christmas sweater ignites fashion world, but also increases its popularity onto the back of the figures. Ambassador of the Save The Children, Samantha Cameron donned his playful-chic model at the opening pop-up store Save The Wooly Children s…
Myleene Klass and Samantha Cameron have launched Save The Children’s Woolly Wonderland campaign.
Today’s Sun featured Samantha Cameron and Myleene Klass at yesterday’s Westfield, Stratford, pop up launch -
Politics aside, there's something really likable about David and Samantha Cameron.
I will be setting off for Downing Street shorty, for a reception help by Samantha Cameron and Main Sands. It is...
Samantha Cameron is a dead ringer for a non-ginger Lois Griffin.
Samantha Cameron, left, wife of British Prime Minister David Cameron, and Rena Amin, a leading women's volunteer,...
British Prime Minister David Cameron with his wife Samantha Cameron celebrating Diwali.: via
Current Affairs Questions 2013 Quiz for XAT/IIFT/NMAT/SNAP/etc.. (Answers to be posted by 9pm today) 31 Which Indian private sector bank launched its ‘Branch on Wheels’ to offer basic banking services in remote areas which have so far been devoid of banking facilities in Sep 2013? 1) Yes Bank 2) Axis Bank 3) HDFC Bank 4) ICICI Bank 32 The International Olympic Committee ( IOC) has decided to keep India Olympic Association (IOA) suspended from the international Olympic events as the later failed to remove corruption from its governing body. Who is IOA’s secretary-general? 1) Suresh Kalmadi 2) Lalit Bhanot 3) Ajay Maken 4) Sharad Pawar 33 India’s Index of Industrial Production (IIP) growth stood at _ in July 2013 (Announced in Sep 2013). 1) 2% 2) 2.6% 3) 1.6% 4) 3.5% 34 Which bollywood actor was the guest of honour at a reception hosted by British Prime Minister David Cameron’s wife, Samantha Cameron at their official residence in Sep 2013 for a charity initiative for diabetes? 1) Anupam Kher 2) S ...
The Prime Minister Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP and his wife Samantha Cameron joined thousands of devotees and visitors at BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir on Monday 4 November 2013 to celebrate the Hindu New Year.
Samantha Cameron glitters in a spectacular autumnal sari as she celebrates Diwali on visit to Hindu temple Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron, second right, Vinu Bhattessa, a trustee of the temple, right, Samantha Cameron, second left, and Rena Amin, a leading women's volunteer, walk past the Hindu temple.
The wife of the Prime Minister, Samantha Cameron, borrowed a sari from a friend for a visit to Neasden Temple with David Cameron. While her husband stuck to ...
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With few exceptions (the Argentinian ambassador and Sally Bercow both stayed away), there is no malice in that verdict. But it gave a melancholy edge to the proceedings that the gentle beauty of the service – its music less parochially English than Lady Thatcher's detractors predicted – could not erase. "Simple" it was not, but Britain still does a lovely funeral. It does not pay the rent. The politicians currently charged with meeting the bills arrived early, merely audience members in this particular drama, albeit with some of the best seats. There was a lot of air-kissing (both cheeks) between assorted Cleggs, Blairs, Browns and Milibands. The Labour leader wore tails, his predecessor did not. Ken Clarke had clearly forgotten he had a funeral to attend (or had he?). When David and Samantha Cameron arrived at 10.18 the process began again. No air-kissing between Cameron and Gordon Brown; they merely shook hands. But Brown and Cherie Blair chinwagged for what might have been 30 minutes. Was Gordon tr ...
Samantha Cameron so glam as she turns up :
JoWood published GALLERY: David and Samantha Cameron at Polzeath in Cornwall: Gallery created by Jo_Wood
God. Owen Jones. He's about as classy as Samantha Cameron's ankle tattoos. Pfft.
In job centre and they've just shouted for 'Samantha Cameron'??!!
Just thought, seeing as Samantha Cameron's dad owns Lincolnshire, couldn't he cough up to save the libraries there.
.claiming he's now related to samantha Cameron.this guy needs help very twisted
Hiya, he also claims to be the cousin of Samantha Cameron
Wikipedia never fails to educate me... Had no idea Samantha Cameron went to Camberwell College of Arts
Samantha Cameron is cousin of mine.
I just saw Samantha Cameron wearing a Burka. well I think it was Sam Cam I couldn't really tell because she was wearing a burka.
I remember when David Cameron texted Rebekah Brooks "Lol". And he said he thought it meant lots of love. How do you feel Samantha Cameron?
I am sure Samantha Cameron must've come up with that one.
Team Jessie May & guests have just left 10 Downing Street after meeting Samantha Cameron & showing her the vital work we do!
Samantha Cameron, the disability charity and PwC. Disability is big money except 4 disabled people
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Samantha Cameron is now the patron of a charity which provides services the government is currently cutting. Huh?
is big money except for disabled pple See via …
all in bed together?. Disability is big business for some …
SamCam, disability charity & PwC: "Small world we have here. We do keep seeing the same faces"
Imagine the uproar if Samantha Cameron was pregnant, and that baby was inevitably going to become Prime Minis…
I urge all men of this nation to have a *** at 5pm whilst thinking about Samantha Cameron on all fours & buttplugged up …
Samantha Cameron is the new Patron of Revitalise who has plastered all over it
Please ask why they think Samantha Cameron is a good patron for their disability charity
Somewhere Samantha Cameron is weeping as her only sexual excitement in life is being taken away from her by the PM
Is Samantha Cameron trying to fill Diana's shoes? I hope so
Given the unprecedented loss disabled people's quality of life under this govt is Samantha Cameron a wise choice of patron?
The sycophantic BBC is pushing the posh Samantha Cameron in a way it failed to do with the wonderful Sarah Brown - the Beeb is just so Tory.
Samantha Cameron's handbag brand will show at London Fashion Week. But will we see Sam Cam on the Frow?
- Randy Orton has got divorced, he quietly finalised his split from his wife of 5 years, Samantha Speno last month after she filed for divorce in March, claiming thier marriage had been 'irretrievably broken' The couple who have a 4 year old daugher Alanna - married in 2007 but separated last year. According to court papers, they have amicably agreed a separation of thier marital assets as well as custody of thier daughter. Samantha will get sole legal and physical custody of Alanna, but Randy will have visitation rights and has agreed to pay $4, 500 per month in child support. Randy will walk away from the marriage with total rights to all his sizeable WWE earnings, as well as one of the couple's homes in St. Louis, Missouri, several six-figure bank accounts, 2 luxury cars, a luxury Harley Davidson motorcycle and his gun collection. Meanwhile his ex-wife has been granted a bank account worth $654,317, a luxury Infiniti car, a house of her own, and all of her jewellery, including a $99,000 engagement ring ...
Photos and video, taken with my old Canon A620, during our visit to the Minack Theatre. The music is a track called Duende, by Swartz. Post-processing on Cor...
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hey guys i'm gonna be busking at The Banana Lounge West End tomorrow night from 6.30pm so feel free to drop in and discard your shrapnel! Zoe Freisberg Jesre Stenson Magnus Moore Josh Needham Jeremy Waters Tessa Waters Brett Yang Brett Connell Brett Farmer
Rupert Murdoch is to give evidence to MPs over revelations in a recording broadcast by Channel 4 News, as it emerges police are to investigate what he knew about payments to police and officials.
Does anyone know of a good but fairly cheap family photographer??
Aand THIS is what happens when you tell me to prank text someone. Out of the 5 victims, this one was the best. Garrett L. Fitzgerald Kayla Tate Justin Caudle Steven Adams Andrew King Samantha Royle
This new actor given to me by Danielle Maggiore Actor: Channing Tatum Movie I love: The Vow Movie I like: Dear John Movie I hate: War of the Worlds Like the status and I will give you an actor/actress
congratulations to Samantha and Cameron on buying their first home. Its is a lovely home and please dont get rid of the fruit trees lol x
Early morning sex is more effective than coffee. Facts that will blow your mind
Peter Hitchens from the Mail on Sunday claimed British "people are thick" in a debate about the possible outcome of a series of elections in May as he predicted a massacre for the Liberal Democrats.
Adding game . 1.) comment your name . 2.) who ever likes your comment thinks your cute . Add who ever likes it .
swear i love my cousins more than anything..they're more like my brothers and sisters... Thomasena Beecher *** Martin Jerome Martin Chanelle Perrier-Telemaque Jamil J Emz Martin Nica Richards 'Shan Ran Jimmy Randall Najii Alli (there's more :-) )
We’re starting to welcome guests at our Downing Street reception hosted by Samantha Cameron. Hurrah for 40 years of Home-Start!
Guests are starting to arrive at our Downing St reception, hosted by Samantha Cameron to celebrate 40 years of
MISSING : This is a Photo of the man we believe Cameron Taylor is with , his name is Wayne Taylor , his is the boy's father BUT he is NOT aloud to have access to him . We have been told he was seen shouting for Cameron after school (Pewsey Vale) yesterday and he also is believed to have send the Taxi Cameron was ment to go home in away , also they were seen in pewsey CO-OP around 4pm yesterday and on the high street with a man . Please Can you all repost this out like you did the last photo and lets see if we can find him before bed time tonight as his mother is in real shock along with his brothers and sisters . If you have any info Please call wiltshire police on 101 or if seen 999 he is now officially a missing person now and he's only 12 too . Last of all the family would like to thank every one so far for all your help they are touched by the amound of support and help you have all given and from me a family friend thank you x
Cori, Brandon, Bethanie, Gavin, Kaydence, Kahne, Timothy, Malaki, Michael, Mikeala Jolene, Daniel, Hunter, Bryan, Michaela,Samantha ,Cameron ,Katie. And that counts GREATS also... Harley, Maddy, Tayah, Yanni, and Kaleb. Wheather you all know it yu are precious in my eyes.!!!
DID YOU KNOW that on this day in On this date in 1893, Dr. Daniel Hale Williams performed the first successful open heart surgery at Provident Hospital on the South Side. The patient was James Cornish, who had stabbed in the chest during a barroom brawl. Without Williams' actions, Cornish would most likely have bled to death. Instead he walked out the hospital fully recovered 51 days later. Medical textbooks of the time said that operating on a human heart was too dangerous, and there was no precedent for opening the chest. But "Dr. Dan," despite having no X-rays, antibiotics, adequate anesthesia and other tools of modern surgery, stepped into that medical no-man's-land Williams founded Provident in 1891 as Chicago's first interracial hospital, and he is considered America's first African-American cardiologist. His accomplishments here are widely recognized as being integral to the emergence of scientific medicine and to establishing Chicago as a medical mecca AND Date of Birth 9 July 1956, Concord, Calif ...
I love my family. Barry Bechard, Blake Bechard, Cameron Bechard, and Samantha.
Cameron had a nightmare at 4am, and Samantha had one at 4:55. At least they were close together. Hopefully we all get to go back to sleep. And I hope they sleep in!
The opening of Smythson's first Hong Kong boutique brought the British Prime Minister's wife Samantha Cameron to town
Best joke of the week: sequel to the man with 10stone *** Samantha Cameron in a show called my 15stone cCourtesy of
has been awesome I always talk about riding in japan. So I made this video so you can take a ride with me for the last time this tour. Thanks to Samantha Perez-Gonzalez and Kyle Zachary for helping me make this video. Sean Ahern Walter Hoffman Ian Tanaka Aaron Poehling Zach Bachmann Cameron Kawika Ursua Jesse Galvez Justin Jordan
...If your signed up tell me ...if you haven't then get signed up ... lets get the colchester/marks tey DNA family all over this ... aroo!!! Sarah Barber , Kirstie Enefer , Alan Cochram , Sarah Conway , Sarah Garrard , Sue Foley , Sam Hughes , Sam Samantha Tadman , Russell Measor , Leighton Bloss , Liam Clayton , Jennifer Howard-Taylor, Jill Moore Riley, Penny Tolman ...if i have missed anyone please pass on and bang the drum ...going to be massive attack!!!
Comment with your babies names and BIRTHDAY... ;) ALEX -02/13 SOPHIA -07/16 ISABELLA -04/18
Thank You to Amber Cameron, Maxime Cameron, Andrew Cameron, Nikita Tavlet, Renee Risi Woods, Catherine Sidyiyo, Sharon Clare Sweeney, Francois Vermeulen, Tyrone James Evans, Samantha Schalkwyk and everyone else for such an amazing birthday. And especially Walter Bester! God really blessed me by having you come into my love! LOVE YOU ALL LONG TIME
Well, I've had my laugh for tonight!
Please say a prayer for the Vicker's family who lost their two year old Cameron today. There are not enough words or tears.I Love you Daniel Vickers and Samantha Vickers with all my heart. We are heartbroken..Luv Uncle Doug and Aunt Renee~
S names? Don't forget to post first or last names that begin with S and I'll draw for a FREE BOOK in the morning!
Where is Samantha Cameron? Didn't she want to go to the men's final? ?Be at the reception today? Cameron took his mother instead
I had a blast swimming with Samantha Powers and Cameron
Conversations with Cameron - September 27th 2013 Ticket information has now been sent off to those who have emailed wanting to attend my first live event at The Summit. Be quick to purchase tickets as we are predicting selling out by the end of today. WoW !!! Please check your spam/junk mail folders for the email from cwcif you are unable to locate it in your inbox. I am already getting excited. :) Cam xxx
I guess it depends on the day, but there are times I prefer a Byron DeWitt (Holding the Dream) hero and times I prefer a *** Fury (Finding the Dream). How about you? ~Laura
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I think Samantha Cameron conducts herself really well in public. Met her once. Very decent and kind lady.
"Who were the lovers at Number 10 Downing Street?": It is Boris Johnson and Samantha Cameron. DAVE YOUR TRANNY WIFE & BOZZA??
Assigned Actor: Cameron Diaz Movie I Love: The Sweetest Thing Movie I Like: Bad Teacher Movie I Hate: The Mask Movie I Hate to Admit I Love: The Holiday "Like" this and I'll assign you an actor too!
Battersea powers up: a brief history By Samantha McClary | 04-07-2013 | Estates Gazette “Many thought it would never happen but today is a triumphant moment in Battersea Power Station ’s rebirth as well as a glowing testimony to London’s attractiveness for global investors,” London mayor Boris Johnson told a VIP audience at the groundbreaking of Battersea Power Station this afternoon. “Once the generator of megawatts, this iconic building’s revamp is now sparking the wider rejuvenation of a once neglected part of London into a vibrant new quarter. Thanks to a multi-billion pound public and private investment, which will include a brand new extension to the northern line, the transformation of this area is set to support tens of thousands of jobs and homes for the capital.” It was 1983 when the first development brief for Battersea Power Station was issued. A year later developer John Broome announced plans to turn the south London site into an amusement park. Four years later those plan ...
After they finished playing, Smith, who won silver and bronze medals at London 2012 and a gold at the Beijing Games, said: “She was good. “I thought she got into the game quickly and seemed to enjoy it.” The 24-year-old added: “It’s great to come here and…
If you wake up and find that you have been deleted from my page,it's because you have supported the choices that my ex has made in the past are on my page because you mean something to me but if you have supported his choice to move in and marry a trick that has blocked his children and destroyed the delicate relationship they already had i won't tolerate that..i have 3 hysterical babies tonight and he is off in Hawaii planning a don't have to give a *** about me but you should at least have consideration for my babies.smh...
Comment who id be cute with and ill return the favor all say soul.
wow Samantha Cameron is looking old nowadays?!
wide awake...up with Cameron and Samantha there watchin Forrest Gump...classic
Ok peeps I need to know if you are still wanting to play mud valley ball which is July 20th and have to be there @ 630 for check in ... if we pay by the 15th them it's $300 a team which will be $38 a person. I need to know ASAP if your still in im not going to pay until I know for sure because I won't get my money back so I'm making sure I have enough thanks.please forward to the ones I don't have on here thank you...gibby(Cameron), ashley(April),
Actor assigned by Joshua Willingham: James Franco Movie that I loved: Milk Movie that I liked: Springbreakers Movie that I hated: Your Highness Movie that I hate that I like: Pineapple Express Like my status and I'll assign you an actor.
Hi guys, please post this annonymously. Im a prison officer in a Cat B establishment. Last monday night I was working a usual night shift. At the start of the shift we got a call to a prisoner fitting, healthcare staff dealt with it and we went back to our usual duties. Next came a man who asked for a plaster but was believed to have self harmed, he refused treatment saying bad things would happen if we entered the cell. We then had to go into a cell for a prisoner on cellular confinement who had covered his observation panel. As we entered the cell he threw a chair at me me and my manager and threw a punch at me. I managed to move out of the way and we had to restrain him. After that another prisoner set his cell on fire so the officer on the wing had to put it out using the hose through the inundation point and we had to enter and remove all items from his cell. To top if off at 0500hours, we recieved a message over the radio asking for a medical response. We arrived to find a prisoner hung from his lad ...
Happy Anniversary, to Samantha and Cameron. one year is a good start lovingly ... Grandma
I can't believe Samantha has never seen Ferris bueller's day off :P
You're in a mental hospital...use the first 7 on your chat list to fill in. No cheating!! Your roommate- Timothy Lee Canup Person licking the window - Tiffany Winters Person helping you escape- Taylor Burgess Your doctor- Kristen Brooke Lamb Person running around naked - Cameron Hannu Person yelling about clowns or being Asian- Katie Walden Person you went crazy with- Samantha Zapata *Repost the sentences and fill in the names and see what it says***
If humans developed into babies outside of the womb, in a laboratory, and the containment was also responsible for nursing and the staff provided stimulation and "babysitting" after the last "trimester", when would the "thing" become a "person"? Heart beats at 5 weeks. Pain can be felt after 28 weeks-ish, within the 3rd "trimester". I couldn't find when signs of a survival instinct begin. No issues of being part of someone else's body, and real independence doesn't occur at least until crawling is possible to find food (in a "perfect world"). Everyone has a right to personal belief, but please leave God/dess(s/es) out of any argument for what other people should/should not do or believe until you can prove beyond any shadow of a doubt, through some observable method, as to the nature and will of God/dess(s/es). To continue the deconstruction, are humans even "people" or are we simply animals with greater confusion, broader education and more advanced technology? Is there any universal moral code for huma ...
Samantha Cameron hasn't aged well, has she?
Are you thinking of creating a new team to participate in Relay for the 1st time ? Drop us a note of your name and come along to the Dalgety Bay church halls on Wednesday 10th July from 1900 to get more information. If you are an existing team and are going to get involved in 2014 please let us know the Team Captain and Team Name. While formal registration doesn't happen until November we want to kick off now and start fundraising and sharing ideas and opportunities.
Aunty di is a very bad influance I am so drunk it is unreal lmao
Samantha Cameron was looking a bit rough.
Nice day at the Nairn beach with Charlotte-anne Cameron Laura Gillies Martin Cameron and Samantha Mackinnon
It's every public speaker's worst nightmare: when nerves take over, your brain freezes and you totally lose it. Listen at 04.58 as Elizabeth Tsvangirai - wif...
The tension of this final has caused Samantha Cameron to age rapidly.
Dear David Cameron, today, more than any other day, you look like a massive bell end. Feel free to claim some new sunnies on expenses x
Looking at his round,shiny face I'd imagine Samantha Cameron has to inject heroin into her eyes before any shenanigans commence.
Only a matter of time before Inverdale says anything about Samantha Cameron?.
Samantha Cameron has aged loads since last time I saw her
Dayum, Samantha has let herself go a little
Is it just me or does Samantha Cameron look a bit different?
Samantha Cameron is looking older than usual.
Had a weird dream where I bitterly disappointed & embarrassed David & Samantha Cameron by not giving a travel health speech to big wigs.
The first person to like this status will always be able to look back and say "hey man i was the first person to like this status"! Sooo LIKE IT UP!!
Had a great day at the car show and drag race with Dayanera Anderson Briana Hill Samantha Williams and Cameron Becker did win anything but it was fun as *** thought I did pretty good for my first car show and drag race
Today was a blast hanging out with Samantha Dayanera Josh Katie and Cameron idk what I'd do with out you guys!
Major awards selected by the adjudicators. Ken Charker Memorial Awards for most outstanding tap dancers for 2013 were; Junior Mikayla Brady and Senior Cameron Billy George May. Wollongong Eisteddfod Ballet Shields for the most promising Ballet dancers for 2013 were; Junior Isobel Kinnear and Senior Gabrielle Carter. Berisse Trophy for District competitor showing most promise and potential to Lucy Angel. Dance World Scholarships; Junior to Kiarni Martignago and Senior to Samantha Turpin.
I feel like I'm moving on and I'm trying. I really honestly feel better than I did yesterday cause I feel like if those people don't want me in their lives that deleted me for whatever reason that I'm better off without them and that way I don't have to wonder how they really feel about me anymore. The song keeps coming into my head by Clint Brown called Winner. I'm a winner, I'm a winner. So either way I'm a winner cause God's has always been on my side and He forever will always have my back and be on my side.
Fireworks in brevard with my loves! Tyler Edenfield Cameron Edenfield Alexis Edenfield Tj Tj Gordon Samantha Brothers
Samantha cameron thinks shes sly all over your ask — Aha watchya mean
Gonna spend some time at the haskin house w Jesse Haskin Samantha McDevitt Cameron Haskin mom abd pops.. im EXCITED
can someone confirm if Samantha Cameron was in Manchester yesterday because no one believes me that i saw her wandering round
Samantha Cameron just got on my metro at Four Lane Ends. Maybe.
Samantha Cameron Pops up as Daughter of "Viscountess" Astor. . In 1938 Astor's had a Roller with Rubies for Rear lights, . Which is "Class"
Watch our new Patron Samantha Cameron playing Boccia at Vitalise! Pls RT
Samantha Cameron joins in game of boccia with Paralympic athletes via
And his many summer activities are in full swing :) I've already went to 2 C's games with great friends Cameron McClean, Colby Harris, Mish Bourbon, Melanie Hilborn and Samantha Tomicki. More good times comin
Home from a great weekend at Caney! Now, going to spend some time in the pool with Dylan May, Jessica Gajeski, Lana May Sanders Samantha Beggs, Nick Rushing, Cameron, Kayla, Bentlee, and Andrew!
Ad day status! Post all ur advertisements under here :-)
Feeling much better today. Cameron and Charlie are off to church, while Samantha and I clean house. And maybe go grocery shopping. It's a beautiful day out!
Yay! It's Sheila Kinney Birthday today :) Samantha, Cameron, and I can't wait.
"UK's first lady stuns at Hong Kong event
Smythson has the Queen of England as a customer.
Oh and here’s picture of Samantha Cameron looking like The Grand High Witch.
(Sunday 06-30-13 at 12:05 AM) Updated from earlier post-NTSB investigators are looking into the cause of the fiery plane crash Saturday afternoon in a field not far from Oxnard Airport that claimed the lives of the two people on board. FAA spokesman Ian Gregor said in an email that the single engine home built Less Drag Special had just taken off from the airport when it went down in the field just west of Victoria Avenue and north of Wooley Road. Oxnard fire officials told KVTA News from the scene that witnesses said the plane's engine sputtered, then rev'd up, and then it appeared the plane went out of control and smashed into the field, exploding into flames. The two people on board were pronounced dead at the scene. No one on the ground was injured. The incident happened around 12:10 PM Saturday. The names of the victims have not been released yet. We'll update in the comments section.
Hi Samantha Cameron; welcome to Souls Delight. thank you for your Like; please feel free to contribute to the content here. :)
Comment yur name whoever likes it likes yu!(:
I want to thank every one for the birthday wishes had a blast with Alexis Cameron at 6 flags and loved all the gifts and cards from Samantha Cameron and Christian ODonnell and the phone calls I got from my parents,sisters and my son Charles Michael Shy thanks again for everything they do for me love them all very much
Been meaning to share this. The comp I've been prepping for, for months and currently 6 weeks out from. One of the hardest things I've done in my life yet. I know a lot of you are already coming along, bring a friend, the more supporters the better! Tom Kiwiboy Andrew Laurence Kiri Cameron Christos Merentitis Chloé Williams Amber Lynette Mallinson Nicole James Samantha Neal Ken Yep Cathy Nutsford Rebekah Stewart
Thank You All for my Birthday Wishes!!! Y'all have Made 29 Start Amazing!! Love All of You and Blessed to Have You in my Life!! I have had a Great Day with my Lil Man he is doing Great and that's the Best Gift Ever!!
Tonight was okay accept from the end, hope some people are okay love use all❤ James Thomson Jaye Mcconville Samantha Horan Howard Paige Forrester. Iona Burns. Megan Maclean. Scott Anderson. Declan Drummond. Euan Scott. Cameron Scott. Sorry if I forgot anyone x jaye text me ASAP x
Ah!!! Rumours are hot that Beyonce might be coming in October according to the paper today - Our petition might have bloody worked! EVERYONE CROSS FINGERS!!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Just seen High Society professional production at wycombe swan. Fab cast. Brought back fond memories of when I played - Tracey, samantha Lord. The best part I have ever played by far :-)
Today was a good mail day for Miss Samantha. Thank you Auntie Jenn, Jennifer Massaro, Karen Huntoon, and K. Cameron Yates. We love being spoiled.
Happy,happy,happy! My 2 oldest daughters just called and that really helped me a ton!!! I made sure i told them that everything that i do is because of them and i tell them i love them EVERY chance i get... So happy right now and nothing puts a smile on my face more than my daughters can!!! Love you guys Cameron, Brittany,Holly,Samantha and Maddie!
Her sleeves are amazing! Inspired. "UK's first lady stuns at Hong Kong event
This one goes out to Samantha Cameron...I'm sure she was dancing around her kitchen to this joint!
"UK's first lady stuns at Hong Kong event Er Sorry we don't have a '1st lady'.
UK's first lady stuns at Hong Kong event:
Went to hairdressers, she did me a quiff. It was a really really big one. Came home, Jason laughed at quiff. Said I looked like Cameron Diaz gone wrong. Went upstairs, brushed quiff out. It was nice while it lasted.
Counting down the days til Mexico with Sarah Cameron, Samantha Cameron ,Robyn Cameron, Lindsey and Ashley
We're helping East Texas kids prepare for the future in a creative and positive environment.
Helping Samantha Cameron take two kittens to foster today after o drop jay off at work, she has pics of them posted they are beautiful cat lovers should check them out
Oh, what a glorious Winter's day it was yesterday. Sat eating ice cream beneath a billion stars on a cliff overlooking a bay filled with a myriad yachts on water as smooth as a mill pond. It was like Summer had arrived. I even had on a dress. Delish!
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