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Samantha Cameron

Samantha Gwendoline Cameron (née Sheffield; born 18 April 1971) is a British business executive and wife of David Cameron, the current Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Downing Street David Cameron Michelle Obama Prime Minister

My dad calls Cameron my girlfriend lmao why
Super excited for the nap me and Cameron are about to take
. Here he is, relaxing with 17 metric tonnes of sandwiches and Samantha Cameron.
Cannot believe they did a Geordie Samantha Cameron accent joke and didn't do an 'oh noo! Daaavid!' Ruth archer style!
Samantha Cameron looks an ideal choice.
new shortlist includes Carol Thatcher, Samantha Cameron and the recorded voice of Michael Winner saying calm down dear
attended a special reception at 10 Downing Street hosted by Mrs Samantha Cameron.
I love it that her example of middle-class parents is David & Samantha Cameron. Also that "surely" in the last sentence.
Samantha Cameron and her family are connected to Derek Laud. A nonce.
I trod on a woman's toe earlier in Cos. Looked up to apologise. It was Samantha Cameron. Stone cold fox in real life.
Dark circus party theme? we have to check out these party scenes>
At WA Parliament House Committee to fight for NFP aged care
“cameron when tf will expelled come out” Dec. 10th (:
everyone has opinions right well then let Cameron say his opinions and don't hate on it common hes just saying what he thinks
guys, Cameron was simply saying that some people don't need school to have be successful, not to drop out of school, chill😂
Listen to 9am for CEO discuss the WA Government hitting not-for-profit aged care providers wi…
Facetime/call Shawn and have him sing you the Cameron Dallas song. . 52
lips went from like Cameron Diaz to Jay-Z
Id this the right Samantha Cameron. Are you related to David Cameron The Prime Minister of United Kingdom
Then am I talking to the wrong Samantha Cameron. I meant the First Lady of the United Kingdom
Supporters of visit Downing Street to meet Samantha Cameron
bloody *** Samantha has doesn't suit her either.
International Finance Mag would like to do a fun/lifestyle Q&A with Samantha Cameron; can you help?
- Sony's been rather quiet recently regarding Project Morpheus, but Assistant Editor Cameron Faulkner…
Cameron stays dming people from my account
Cameron’s father-in-law is making almost £350,000 a year from a publicly-subsidised wind farm on his country estate. htt…
Cameron Onken led CC with kills in first set. Mattie McGill had for Rossville, which got 3 each from Emily Martin and Samantha Brenneman.
Do you think Samantha Cameron gets thrown in a police van and detained for an hour giving David his morning kiss on the door step.
How does Samantha hold back the vomit when your lard *** body is wriggling around on top of her.
Samantha Cameron rocked a sari & David Cameron rocked the house, such a buzz in the room tonight to celebrate Diwali
Love the royal blue sari Samantha Cameron draped at the Diwali reception.
MT Delighted 2 attend our reception last night with Samantha & launch Encyclopedia of Hinduism
Delighted to attend our reception last night with Samantha - and help launch the Encyclopedia of Hinduism.
On the 11 March 2011, Samantha Cameron joined Save the Children as an ambassador- See more at:
5 Jun 2009 - David Cameron and his wife Samantha come from wealthy families . to benefit greatly from Lord Astor's estate
Is Samantha Cameron the most docile looking woman on the planet??? All that posh inbreeding I suspect...:-)
Miss Match. Nicola Yeager. Fab chick lit novel. 'Groovy! I must get someone to read it to me!!' - Samantha Cameron.
Samantha Cameron shines in a sari for Diwali: David Cameron and his wife Samantha were attending a bash ...
Was a lot of fun and I have a crush on Samantha Cameron
Sam Cameron joined Save the Children as an ambassador>
Samantha Cameron you would though, wouldn't you.
Normal day at the office. A reception with Samantha Cameron at Downing Street!
Had a tanktop on and Cameron made me put HIS jacket on
We're excited for our Dec 19th songwriter series:. Samantha Crain . Cameron Neal from . Jose Hernandez
Cameron is cute for coming to get me bc don't wanna be here 😊
tbh I love just laying around the house with Cameron all day, it warms my heart
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
I like Samantha Cameron because she 'dresses nice' NO HOPE
Imagine if Samantha Cameron did a 'Turnip For What' vine though.
Watch: Samantha Cameron close to tears as David Cameron describes how NHS cared for their dying son Ivan
You know the episode when Samantha frames naked pictures of herself? Here's why we should all do that:
Michelle Obama in a L'Wren Scott top and Samantha Cameron in a Roksanda Illinic top, Emilia Wickstea
I wander if Samantha Cameron should enter what do you reckon Dave
for a DM to Cameron. must be following me☺️
Being a Tory is not a choice. You think Cameron chose to be born into privilege & then chose to create policies to preserve tha…
Can't wait to see my Norman gals tonight!
Cameron & Becca are both claiming they're never drinking again. Can I not drink ever again with you guys?!
Me and Cameron are getting married, my team said so lol
David Cameron, Eton-educated, firstTory Prime Minister to send children to state schools
Cameron set to become1st Tory PM to send kids to state secondary Jackie Brown sets news agenda
Refreshing news that the Camerons R choosing a state
'If you pay your taxes you shouldn't have to pay all over again'. Cameron confirms state school plan for daughter.
Section 52: Samantha Cameron and her cheap and currently legal repro Arco lamp
i wanna go home right now lol. Cameron is warming the bench quite nicely though 😂
This article demonstrates your outstanding commitment to social equality. Well done
The Cameron's really do make me laugh. No different to bloody private schools.
Did you know that every dance WCD performs is choreographed by a student? Yesterday, adviser Samantha Cameron...
I can't stay mad at Cameron it's annoying
David Cameron set to become first Tory PM to send his children to a state school: The PM...
Cameron really thinks I like him rn HA
1000 points! Who is known by the media as A: Samantha Womack B: Samantha Fox C: Samantha Bond D: Samantha Cameron
David and Samantha Cameron look to send daughter Nancy to inner city comprehensive. Same one as Goves' daughter.
David and Samantha Cameron look to send daughter to inner city comp
David and Samantha Cameron consider sending daughter to a really good school;
David and Samantha Cameron are merely Looking to send daughter to inner city comp.
David Cameron stops off for a hamburger with wife Samantha at US chain Five ... - Daily Mail
Samantha Cameron arrives in Birmingham in time to ...
Samantha Cameron close to tears as Prime Minister describes how NHS cared for couple's dying son | via
Samantha Cameron moved to tears? Weren't we all doll? Absolute rubbish from her old man.
As PR experts the Camerons are good at crying to make a point. Don't be fooled. NHS not private care? yeah right!
"Cameron strode confidently towards the podium - accompanied by his wife Samantha - colour-co-ordinated in blue"
David Cameron and wife Samantha drop in Solihull burger joint after party conference speech
Samantha Cameron gets trotted out like a Stepford wife then put back in her dolls house when conference is over & not needed...
Samantha Cameron looks like Anjelica Huston did in The Witches.
Or, Samantha Cameron not wholly upset by her husband using their dead son as a political prop - again
Big similarity between Samantha Cameron & Duchess Kate...both turn up in expensive clothes, wave & don't do much else
bet it ain't the 1st time has forgot poor Samantha's name. Foo…
Cameron boost for Ruth D but did not mention her police appointment re postal votes!Also Samantha C sitting next to RD ignored her totally!
PM David Cameron and his wife Samantha grabbing a bite to eat at Five Guys in Solihull
Samantha moved to close to tears by Cameron’s NHS tribute | The Times (£)
The girl down the well in the basement in Silence Of The Lambs has the same look in her eyes as Samantha Cameron.
PM and wife Samantha have a burger after key speech
While Cameron hits back on Labour NHS lies, people at home will see the tears of Samantha Cameron
Hilarious line in Cameron's speech today: 'I once even forgot that I left Nancy down the pub. Samantha, I'm sorry, it won't happen again.'
Samantha Cameron is one 100 degree hottie.
Samantha Cameron close to tears as PM describes how the NHS cared for dying son Ivan
was Samantha s tears for because like me she can see him desending into madness
PM and wife Samantha have burger after speech Is this the best Brum has to offer? Baltis there are great!
Cameron offers £7bn tax giveaway and warns vote for Ukip would let Labour in: United front: David and Samantha...
Cameron moves Samantha to tears as he pays tribute to NHS care for tragic Ivan .
After his speech… David Cameron dines at burger joint with wife Samantha - but DOESN'T tip
Samantha Cameron close to tears, most of the UK has been close to tears since Cameron was the leader. Can't wait for …
Cameron's helmet got ran over after the game it was hilarious😂
Samantha Cameron's probably about to have the ride of her life
My fave part about Friday's is when Cameron comes out to my lunch 😍
mixed tag match him and Nicola Sturgeon vs David and Samantha Cameron
hi my name is Samantha and I love this guy named cameron Dallas
Cameron has announced that the “new” deal for Scotland will include a free U2 concert played in every house, whether th…
Samantha is going to get it tonight because David Cameron has got a major *** today.
I bet you were dancing around in your underpants when you heard the result with Samantha telling you to calm down,..
Is also going to congratulate Gordon Brown? Because without him the PM would be staring at victory for Yes
I wonder what Samantha Cameron thinks whenever she hears speaking on the phone saying "hello darling"
Love spending some of my after school time with Cameron
Just realised when chatting to the looks so much like Samantha Cameron! You go Dave!
Ha na man, Samantha is Cameron's wife's name, but she does look like the same person!
Samantha Cameron hopefully has a furled Union Flag in her handbag, ready for Salmond's next tennis visit.
Cameron knew I was hungry so he put French fries in our locker lol ilhsm 😍😍😍
good to see Samantha Cameron showing support(2nd left lady)
Unfortunately grounds for divorce but I am not that old the Mike Matheny called Sam Ryan knew Samantha Cameron they sang together in Danish
Samantha Cameron was sitting in the front row of the Burberry show in Want to reject this ostentatious privilege?
As if the big man's day couldn't get any worse, Samantha Cameron gave me the old sexy eyes in London a coupla' months back.
I'd hate to be Samantha cameron even more
I remember when iOS 7 came out it took mad long, but I can't get it till I get my 5 October 1st
yeah it takes a while 😑 I've been sitting here for like half an hour
I like the man who gave his address SWA1 2AA house no 10, surname Cameron - might go for similar approach (first name Samantha)
Yesterday Cameron offered his head, heart and soul to Scotland. . Today, he'll offer his right kidney, some toes and a go on Samantha.
It's weird whenever I go by your snapchat name I'm like OMG CAMERON DALLAS ADDED ME then remember nope that's everyone😂
Why is Michelle Obama on Jessie? If Samantha Cameron was on a CBBC show, kids would either not care or know who she was
she looks like Samantha cameron day by day is there horse breading we dont know about??
Samantha Cameron was at burberry ss15 um
Lovely article in featuring Samantha Cameron and Billy who is affected by Apert syndrome
All eyes were on Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss as they arrived at the catwalk show in Kensingt...
Samantha Cameron urges you to support and invites young Billy Mitchell to tea: h…
Cara Delevinge & Kate Moss step out for the Burberry show
Also have cameron grunting and grinding his teeth in his sleep. Not exactly the best nights sleep I've ever had.
“When are u going to post another youtube video?😬 tomorrow (:
If cameron ever tells me I'm beautiful or something or even stare at me i'd never ever be insecure about myself
If ya see a kid on the streets, he goes by the name 'Cameron Dallas' please bring him safely back to my bed. Thank you😄
pint of prosecco then over to the tattoo parlour. I heard Samantha Cameron gets in free with her dolphin tattoo.
OMG! Yes we HAVE to!! And you can do a dance class for an extra £5. Think I'm going to make it happen!
This place does them regularly, we'll just have to go to the next one:
Does look amazing but it's Katy's birthday that night :/
AMAZE MT "1920s bash in a secret London location"
Famous quotes: . "When you are left with an economic mess, you have to. Samantha, where are the Kids?" David Cameron.
💃 you and Cameron have the cutest relationship I'm jealous 😭 btw you're so pretty!
I used to follow Franklin, but she blocked me after I compared Samantha Allen to Kirk Cameron. (They get hate because they're *** )
I'm ordering a Cameron Dallas shirt and using it for picture day at school😂
how would Ivan feel, if u & Samantha were taken away from him & not allowed to see U? How would u & Samantha feel
“This was possibly the most badass weekend I've ever had.” 😈
Every year, David and Samantha Cameron love to go on a 'pointing at fish' holiday.
Samantha Cameron will be left a big chunk of Scotland in her dad's will. Instead, why don't you leave your children all of Scotland
All this started by Samantha's insistence building a Marble Mosque on Chipping Norton Green. Islam never looked back . David Cameron
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
I can't get over what Cameron said was so cute😭💖
It is utterly appauling Ashya Kings parents have been arrested for doing the best for their son.
Think Daily Mail have confused Samantha Cameron’s relatives with rats again.
Cameron was sat on his roof and someone called the police cause he climbed in the window. Had my name taken. Can we not???
but NO 'Neglect' in Ashya's Case . but & wife Samantha Cameron DID NEGLECT Daughter THEY left in a Pub.
No 'Neglect' in Ashya's Case but did NEGLECT Daughter he & Samantha left in Pub !
David and Samantha Cameron snapped on holiday in Cornwall
Cameron is gonna be on his death bed in like 3 days bc of my sickness😊
Lol someone just called me cameron & I said whatsup
So annoying when people text and drive aka Cameron
if Nash, Cameron, Shawn, and Jacob arent following you, turn on my notifs and stalk
David and Samantha Cameron are hosted by the ...
Cameron hates giving me kisses when I'm sick, but it's a written rule he has to.
She can do it on a pole but can she do it on me -Cameron
Remember when Cameron Diaz used to be in really good movies. But everything recent she's done has been awful
All these people getting noticed by cameron and I'm just like 😔
I'm looking for a boyfriend, I'm interested in men named cameron dallas, can you help me?
Imagine waking up next to Cameron every morning and he smiles at you and says "Good morning princess" and he kisses you
UK is now a Rogue State” – David Hawkins. Hello “Tricky” – “Samantha Cameron’s claims that she used to hang out...
I call Cameron annoying like 478373838 times a day
You are the best Cameron Dallas I know😉
My snapchat videos to Cameron are crackin me up
David Cameron: "I'm nervous" . Samantha probably come a tumble on his Midnight Antics, his far away places.
"Matt's password is probably like Africans and Watermelon or something.". -Samantha
. You'll be lucky.. always yacking to Samantha "What shall I do Dear !!" if not sniveling to Rebekah . David Cameron
AfME were also the same organisation that told me to shut up about the Samantha Cameron reception at No' 10.
So Samantha what first atracted you to the trustafarian millionaire David Macaroon?
I was mad at Cameron so he made me cookies awww😍
Cameron will beat me up if I wear this crop top
She attended a reception at 10 Downing Street, hosted by Samantha Cameron, for SUDEP Action. The night launched the charity’s appeal for research into a sleep monitoring device that could help prevent SUDEP.
Read all about mum Lady on why she couldn't be a stay at home
Those creators might just be Samantha and Cameron, but in the whole apathetic universe, that's still a net positive.
Me and Cameron are gonna go see If I stay idc idc
Cameron Dallas with that little baby. 😍😍😍
We just got done saying bed time prayers with cousin samantha_crosby. Now it's time for Cameron to go…
CAMERON DALLAS. ❤️. PLEASE. 💚. FACETIME ME. 💜. . 💙. It would mean so much more than you think💛. Love you💗
Me while Cameron calls and Facetimes other fans
Why the *** does Samantha Cameron always look so bored? C'wealth Games, Jubilees, state dinners, it's like she literally can't even.
No Camilla,Samantha Cameron is much funnier than David i can assure you ...believe me lol
THIS JUST IN: Cameron Maybin has been suspended for 25 games after testing positive for an amphetamine.
for a dm to Cameron Dallas. mbf me because I'm checking.
“Cameron come sit on the beach with me🌴” yes 👌😚
“So today and it's mean Cameron is not gonna FaceTime me yay!” 😳😛
why is Cam so perfect and why can't everyone in the world be like that. Cameron Dallas: Giving extremely high expectations
I know right? Not sure where Dalston is though... could be a trek but seems so cool!
wonder if we could squeeze this forest party into our weekend? Looks EPIC!
Cameron is following everyone and i'm like
Cameron demonstrated his "unbreakable" solidarity with Israel No Child Born to Die,>
Life goal: meet Cameron someday,and get Cam to follow me😘😍 I would die inside for a couple days if cam ever followed me
It's come to this. Just googled 'Samantha Cameron tattoo' for an article I'm editing. It's a dolphin, to save you the trouble.
Relationship status: watching a documentary about Samantha Cameron on Dave+1.
for a dm to Cameron. mbf me & . I'll spam ur user and send you proof
If cameron Dallas followed me...I'd faint! It would be the best day of my life!❤️ ilysm😚
“If cameron followed me I would probably pass out 😭🙌😔🙏 followed 😘
"Even the Prime Minister's wife Samantha Cameron, 43, has a tattoo", say the Daily Mail. "Even" her? Well, I never.
Go watch Cameron's new video with Nash Grier
So this happens when I try to watch Cameron's hate video. 😩🙅
It *** that I still won't see Cameron for another 3 weeks lol
Samantha Cameron A baronet's daughter who sports a tattoo on her ankle - and now a leader's wife.
"Who's this 'Daquan' that you sent nudes to Samantha?!". "He slid into my DMs mom, tf was I supposed to do?"
Good morning it's so weird I dream about Cameron Dallas and it never happen before but now it did 😱
All parents have days like David and Samantha Cameron
got to hang with Cameron today after not seeing him for awhile😊
hey Cameron so likeee you wanna turnup with u…
hey Cameron so likeee you wanna turnup with us today😈😏
Samantha died hoping for a cameron follow :(
Told Cameron I would wake up at 3:30 to wake him sleep😢
FaceTimes with Cameron make me so happy..didn't know I could miss a person so much😂
if you need a Cameron Dallas follow.
It would suck to be Samantha Cameron Little mix never mention her! Its all about that Michelle Obama
Cameron Diaz and Snoop Dogg used to go to the same high school and she bought weed from him.
I'm gonna shove a beer bottle up Madison beer's *** if she touches any of the 12 boys like first Cameron then carter and…
Cameron Dallas and his shirtless pics will be the death of me.
As if Cameron met me at the door at work all dressed up saying he was taking me for a meal. Aw man 😊
"me trying to get your attention Indirect to Cameron Dallas
umm ok she's a flirt she had Cameron then you then Hayes next it could be matt she use her beauty to get all boys magcon boys
Four cousins on the fourth. Ben Cameron Elijah Samantha.
Downing Street visit for Horsham mothers: Two campaigning mums met with Samantha Cameron at 10 Downing...
Ladies, you're 3D fiber lashes have arrived!! :) Tiffany Cameron Karley Deagle Samantha Jackson, welcome to the...
Samantha Cameron's £30k bonus and a peerage for Lord Leigh whose firm helped get it
Breaking News - as EU leaders abandon their alliances with hapless David Cameron, Samantha Cameron considers her position.
I don't even know who Cameron Dallas is but he's freaking hot
You should call me and this will probably never be seen but I lOvE u Cameron.
Samantha & Cameron's wedding was so much fun! Follow the link in the comments to view more photos from their...
auburn and Cameron are pretty names right?
Il est 21h 23m et 45s, Stop trying to make Michael happen! - The Guardian
Cameron stays changing the subject when I'm trying to talk to him😑
Rt“I feel like im *** for missing Cameron and it's only been 4 days”
I feel like its bad I miss Cameron and it's only been 4 days
How Samantha Cameron might have reacted to the comment by Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson that the
True.I have Cameron Dallas and you have Madison Beer
I'm sure it'll dry up soon don't worry😂
my basketball is wet so I can't play it's horriable👎
I had a dream I met Cameron nash and shawn and I woke up crying 😂😂
Samantha Cameron, wife of UK Prime Minister David Cameron, looking fab in at BFC Forum last night.
CAMERON Dallas will never follow me. And I've come to a place where I've accepted it already. Lol
If I see one more piece on Glastonbury chic or bumbags I'll literally EXPLODE How Samantha Cameron might have re...
P sure Cameron is already asleep lmao😭
does Samantha want to lose 2-4 pounds of body fat in just 3 weeks? Let me know and I'll fix you up with someone who can help
It's been like 2 days and I miss Cameron
This 3 hour time difference is poop, Cameron goes to bed at 8 our time
My coach is here, I'm wearing underwear and one of Cameron's shirts 😐
If Cameron wouldn't have called I probably would've slept through the night
I had a dream last night that I was performing an autopsy on Samantha Cameron with a rubber chicken, protractor and eyelash curlers.
So weird thinking the next time I see Cameron we will be in Portugal, buzzin 🐝🐝
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
The look on face when he got his birthday card from David & Samantha Cameron? Er, I'll say 'delight'?
AWESOME when you find vintage suitcases!
when Cameron's back lets all just hit dabs and go off-roading
What Samantha Cameron might have had to say about the Prime Minister's use of his free time:
Samantha if you see this you have to say you love me more than Cameron Dallas on the phone.
Here with Great Friends & Family waiting to see SAMANTHA FISH! — at Revolution Food and Music
Getting ready for The Samantha Fish show at the REV ROOM with Stephanie Phillips and Brian Cherry! Show starts...
*cameron calls* . Him: I just got in a car accident JUST KIDDING I LOVE YOU and hangs up okay
Someone look her up for me:. Samantha Cameron
Cameron needs to hurry up, he's so worried about what he's wearing to the airport😑
I'm gonna be a mess when Cameron comes to say bye this morning💔😔
Samantha Cameron has started keeping bees, she's three dozen or so, she could do with an expert handler to help with her 38 bees
Chelsea you seriously can't even spell Cameron's name
Good morning Mr Cameron. I'd love to make your wife Samantha a hat, they are very elegant.
Still trying to comprehend how my dad got me and Cameron out..his truck was in so deep😂
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
David Cameron off on his summer holidays with Samantha the Kids and his Nanny .
Cameron gave me like 8 shirts, I can make it through these 5 weeks I promise😭
she's one of the best role models next to Cameron Dallas or nash grier!!!1!!!
Literally have plans to kidnap Cameron Dallas. Oops.
Cameron: "back so thick you can see it from the front" Me: "Just like moms *** 😂😂😂😂
Last night, the team were invited to Number Ten Downing Street by Mrs. Samantha Cameron...
OW Andrew Samuel & his wife attended an event at No.10 for For more info:
Super sad Cameron leaves for a month next week😫
Currently missing Cameron and he went to bed😭
Cameron's 'beautiful boy' dies: David Cameron and his wife Samantha pass on their thank...
Beach day today with Samantha Zettel, Esteven Gamez, Chris Molessa, Chris Chambers, and Josiah Cameron! Playa Del Rey, California playas!
Would you rather . Meet Jc in the Hotel (RT) or Meet Cameron instead in his tour (favorite)
Happy Wedding Day to all of our lovely brides; Samantha, Cameron, Christina, and Brittany! You each have been such a pleasure to work wit...
Huw Edwards just referred to Samantha Cameron as Lady Cameron, remind us when was this honour bestowed?
While the conservative government are squeezing the middle classes. I see Samantha Cameron shopping on Bond Street today!!!
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
no but seriously tam mutu samantha dorsey and cameron blakely have been in the show since the first time I saw les mis sigh
Somebody tell Cameron to sing this to me lol
Well today is officially Madi's 12 th Birthday , Happy Birthday Honey , Hope u have a great day . Sorry we can't celebrate it with u , but we had fun last weekend . Thanks for all the joy u have given me over the yrs . Love u heaps , see u for show day and sports day . Clint Cameron, Maria Johnston, Ashley Cameron, Samantha Cameron,
Samantha Cameron hosted a reception for SUDEP Action at 10 Downing Street on 10 June 2014.
If only David Cameron had this view “The burden of student loan debt is too great. It's time to take action.
So today we read in the South China Morning Post that the "will I or won't I come to London next week" cat and mouse game with the Chinese is over, for now. The matter is settled it seems. So Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II will have to meet Li Keqiang, whether one likes it or not. The Chinese were concerned we hear to know what Samantha Cameron will wear at dinner on Monday, not wishing Madame Li to turn up hopelessly overdressed we suppose. We wonder if the Chinese have been pressing to know what sort of dress Her Majesty will wear for their audience ? Do they worry that Madame Li's outfit wont quite cut it on the diamonds front? One refreshingly remembers not long ago that Prince Charles refused to attend a dinner to host Jiang Zemin, because he thought Jiang was a nasty piece of work. Many people criticized the heir to the throne for that tough and principled personal decision, but Charles was right as time itself has proven by events. Why? Because the clique of Jiang Zemin's followers are now recently ...
▪ Another date night, Dave? The rest of us don't have time: As David Cameron and his wife Samantha...
David and Samantha Cameron were papped on Wednesday having a night out in central London, but what were they doing?
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