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Samantha Barks

Samantha Barks (born 2 October 1990, Laxey) is a Manx professional singer and actress who came third in the BBC talent show-themed television series I'd Do Anything in 2008. On Tuesday 31 January 2012, Cameron Mackintosh appeared during the curtain call of the Oliver!

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Happy birthday Take a look at what the stars have in store for you...
Celebrity birthdays: Samantha Barks turns 24 - Happy birthday, Samantha Barks! As the stage and film actress and m...
Samantha Barks: Samantha Jane Barks is an English actress and singer who has notably performed both on the sta...
Good morning and happy birthday to singers Don McLean (69), Sting (63) and Tiffany (43). “Les Miserables” star Samantha Barks is 24.
It's Samantha Barks' birthday today. I'm not going to listen to anything but her playlist today in honor.
on my own pretending he's beside me👫🙍 ♫ On My Own by Samantha Barks (with —
Hey Samantha Barks fans in honor of Sam's b-day (Oct 2) let's use the hashtag
Hey guys!! Rachel Mclemore has come up with a FANTASTIC hashtag to honour Samantha Barks birthday! So let's try and get her
Ramin Karimloo, Sierra Boggess, Lea Salonga, Samantha Barks,John Owen-Jones all on Love on 42nd Street on now
"He was never mine to… ♫ In My Life / A Heart Full of Love by Amanda Seyfried, Eddie Redmayne & Samantha Barks —
Ramin Karimloo, Sierra Boggess, Samantha Barks, Lea Salonga, JOJ, Simon Bowman on Love on 42nd Street on iTunes now. ht…
New songs by Ramin Karimloo, Samantha Barks, Sierra Boggess,& Lea Salonga, on the new Love on 42nd Street CD. Available on itunes/Amazon.
'Les Miz': Samantha Barks, Eddie Redmayne on intense auditions - For aspiring actors growing up in Great Britain,...
I saw Norm Lewis and Samantha Barks and Ramin Karimloo in Les Mis in London this is so important I do not talk about that enough
Watching The Tony Awards. I'm out of breath just watching Hugh Jackman jump around like a kangarou, lol! Ramin Karimloo introduced by POTO's Emmy Rossum (he was her dad in the movie, no singing and no talking part) just brought me to tears as Jean Valjean and that cast of Les Miz is incredible but not found of Fantine. I prefer Samantha Barks' voice.
Samantha Barks as Nancy via Brilliant!! But how much longer do I have to wait till Cameron Mackintosh
New songs by Samantha Barks, Lea Salonga, Ramin Karimloo, Sierra Boggess, JOJ on Love on 42nd Street out on iTunes http…
{TAGGED} Samantha Barks attends the Miss Saigon press night in London. "I am so excited about tonight. I’ …
Eddie Redmayne looks super handsome while attending the press night performance of the new production of Miss Saigon on Wednesday (May 21) at the Prince Edward Theatre in London, England. Also seen attending the show that evening was Samantha Barks, who starred alongside Eddie in the movie musical L
“ Samantha Barks voices on 'Robot Chicken' (small disclaimer for language!) ”
Laura Whitmore led the chic arrivals at the St Regis International Polo Cup in a patterned minidress while Samantha Barks also opted for a thigh-skimming number.
Les Misérables is the motion-picture adaptation of the beloved global stage sensation seen by more than 60 million people in 42 countries and in 21 languages around the globe and still breaking box-office records everywhere in its 27th year. Helmed by The King’s Speech’s Academy Award®-winning director, Tom Hooper, the Working Title/Cameron Mackintosh production stars Hugh Jackman, Oscar® winner Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Eddie Redmayne, Aaron Tveit, Samantha Barks, with Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen. Set against the backdrop of 19th-century France, Les Misérables tells an enthralling story of broken dreams and unrequited love, passion, sacrifice and redemption—a timeless testament to the survival of the human spirit. Jackman plays ex-prisoner Jean Valjean, hunted for decades by the ruthless policeman Javert (Crowe) after he breaks parole. When Valjean agrees to care for factory worker Fantine’s (Hathaway) young daughter, Cosette, their lives change forever. .. ...
So my mate Paul Smith rang me the other day, and said, 'I just heard a John Owen Jones song called 'Tell Me What Makes A Man', on the radio, and as it was getting near the end, I thought... Hang on, that sounds like me on drums!' I informed him that it was from the Dan-Laura Curtis album Love On 42nd St. and indeed it was him on drums, and also the Samantha Barks song 'You Fixed My Broken Wings' had also been on Radio 2 on Sunday. To which he replied... 'Oh, I heard that... was that me?' Just to save you calling me again Paul... you also played on 'What Love Is For', sung by Katy Elizabeth Treharne, and Why Am I Falling, by Ramin Karimloo. You have also have a number one album in the UK and the US. I will call you next week for the next round of sessions mate!
Still support Samantha Barks as Elphaba, Gina Beck for Glinda and Aaron Tveit for Fiyero for the film!
[PHOTO] Ellie Goulding with Samantha Barks at the Milan Fashion Week (Roberto Cavalli show) - 22/02/14
Julian Macdonald LFW14 loved by SIGN. Certainly the best of British MR Macdonald puts on a glittering show to remember! The dramatic finale received a standing Ovation from front row celebrities Eliza Doolittle,Samantha Barks,Coco Rocha,Abbey Clancy and Nina Nesbit. SIGN will be posting a few more of their fashion highlights from this weeks shows!
Best dressed apart from Amy Adams? Naomie Harris and Samantha Barks... stunning
Naomie Harris and Lily Allen are doing a lot for me tonight in shocking pink. Samantha Barks looking fine in pastel too. Mmm mmm mmm.
Samantha Barks is stunning in a strapless gown while arriving at the 2014 British Academy Film Awards held at The Royal Opera House on Sunday (February 16) in London, England. The 23-year-old English actress was joined on the red carpet by her former Les Miserables co-star Eddie Redmayne, who brough
Samantha Barks, Lea Salonga, Simon Bowman, Sierra Boggess and John Owen Jones Love on 42nd Street Charity Album for Children in Need
I wish I was on that boat in my header right now. And that Samantha Barks, Aaron Tveit, Colm Wilkinson, Alfie Boe, Ramin Karimloo, and Lea
EPIC MOMENT! I just watched Les Miserables. Now thats a picture of perfection in the world of film and art. Well done Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfriend, Eddie Redmayne, Aaron Tviet, Samantha Barks and Director Tom Copper, the production team, Musicians and all the the crew, to you i say hats off. I have never been so moved from watching a motion picture of this unmatchable calibre. Moved and inspired!
What was the happiest moment of your life? — When I saw Samantha Barks play Nancy in Bristol. Still the best day...
In the rain the pavement shines like silver. All the lights are… ♫ On My Own by Samantha Barks (at Kamar Kosan) —
Samantha Barks is just too perfect. It makes me sad that I'm not her tbh
//Nope, weak lungs...also..Samantha Barks...while youngish would also have worked as a FC
Photoset: favorite celebrity appearances of 2013 - samantha barks
Samantha Barks is stunning, dazzling, and amazing in this picture. ( As usual )!
Last more than a few moments. When I looked at that once in a generation fantastic presence that is Samantha Barks,
I think that the WHOLE FANDOM wants Samantha Barks face!!! Hehe!
Judge you?? For wanting to be the amazing, stunning, warm hearted, incredible, super talented Samantha Barks!! NEVER!! : )
I wish I was Samantha Barks... Don't judge me she's perfect!
I hate when I'm home alone and my dog barks 🙈
I added a video to a playlist Les Misérables Movie- 'On my Own' scene - Samantha Barks
Samantha Barks and her waist brb as I cry bc want
Remember the time when Samantha Barks went to the Oscars. Hopefully she can attend again in the future, as a nominee though.
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It's GOT, GOT to happen!! And soon! ( Doors need to be BANGED on, agents need to be called)! Samantha Barks for Velma Kelly!!
Our design team would like to see Chicago again with Samantha Barks
Simple & undeniably sexy, Samantha Barks in Valentino
Whenever I see or here about Samantha barks I instantly get distracted and go into another universe bc of her tiny waist
I found a version of Chicago with Samantha Barks 😍😍😍
I want to be best friends with Samantha Barks but I also would go *** for her you feel me
Samantha Barks, I forgot how talented you are. ***
I'm happy again now I looked at a picture of Samantha Barks on google!
Gina Beck and Samantha Barks in the same video! :')
I would love a voice like Samantha Barks or Lea Michele's
Samantha barks seems to be the only one who understands.
The lyrics to Should’ve Got To Know Me, sung by Samantha Barks (transcribed, not official! I’m fuzzy in a...
Did anyone go to Russell Crowe's 'Indoor Garden' over the weekend? Here he is with 'Noah' star Samantha Barks in... http…
play version is definitely better! I mean the movie was good too. Samantha Barks (Eponine) is my favorite actress ever other-
This girl on Instagram told me I look like Samantha barks ***
Frozen on Broadway! Samantha Barks, Aaron Tveit and Gina Beck has to be in it!
I cannot express how amazing Samantha Barks played eponine
Russell Crowe, Samantha Barks and others at Russell's recent Indoor Garden Party in Coffs Harbor, Australia. (yes, there are probably repeats. I don't care) Dear God, he looks GOOD!
“ Samantha Barks, Russell Crowe and Alan Doyle with the “Indoor Garden Party” company at the Jetty Memorial Theatre- 1-10-14 (LQ) ”
Two of my first followers are Aaron Tveit and Samantha Barks. Day = made.
Samantha Barks you are literally the definition of perfect.
Watching Les Miserable while on the elliptical. Why on earth hasn't anyone cast Samantha Barks in anything else?
Subscribe for the latest showbiz news from PA: Samantha Barks won Breakthrough Performance Award at the Elle Style Awards. The event ...
Lonneke has given me the letter 'H' Something I like: (the) Hobbit(s), Something I dislike: haters, herring Somewhere I've been: Hartland Abbey Somewhere I want to go: Henneth Annûn, Hobbiton Someone I know: Helen Ralph Best Film: The Hobbit (it starts with an H...dammit), Harry Potter Best Song: Home - Mumford and sons, a Heart full of love - Les Miserables (Amanda Seyfried, Eddie Redmayne, Samantha Barks)
I love the song "On My Own" in Les Miserables. It perfectly describes my life and Samantha Barks has the most amazing voice. 🎶🎶🎶
Photoset: Samantha Barks at the IGP last night [x]
Samantha Barks is the perfect Eponine though😍
and the Indoor Garden Party company performing last night …
You either love Samantha Barks or haven't seen her. And if you just opened this well you don't have an option.
Ratchet: I'm not crying all On My Own. Me: We both have significant others and yet our hearts are breaking for Eponine. Ratchet: It's just. I have that feel. Me: Plus it's Samantha Barks. Ratchet: Well yeah.
Amanda Seyfried and Samantha Barks' voices are angelic 😇🎶
But okay I will never understand how Samantha Barks waist is so tiny.
Samantha Barks is perfect. I just. I can't.
Why Can't a musical be made about Samantha Barks? How she started off in the reality show IDA, her Roles in Cabaret, Aladdin, and then
if you've ever called Samantha Barks fat you're obviously very very confused
In have just been on the Samantha Barks Daily blog. I don't go on there everyday, I like to go on it once evry 2 weeks. That way, it's like
(Unofficial Title) Deadly new song written by Russell Crowe and Alan Doyle especially for Samantha Barks. This could be a chart-topper! Debuted here, with Al...
You should totally do one of your amazing drawings of Samantha Barks. :)
Samantha Barks & Russell Crowe: ‘Indoor Garden Party’ Opening Samantha Barks and her Les Miserables co-star Russell Crowe pose for pictures outside of the opening night of their show The Indoor Garden Party held at the Jetty…
Samantha, you look absolutely STUNNING! You ALWAYS look stunning! You are an amazing, kind, warmhearted, and
Like as much as I do? Join me in nominating Samantha barks for a Shorty Award
Hey sprouts! Here's the video I made for our inspiration, miss Samantha Barks! I hope you like it! X Samantha saw it and cried :')
Taking over until 10pm on is playing you all her favourite artists and talking Les Mis!
Vienna with "Everytime I find a new line in this which fills my head with inspiration"…
Sat in awe of the mighty voices of and last night as they out sang each other right here h…
Last night, alumni took to to share a playlist of her favourite tracks! Listen here: http…
Samantha Barks singing 'Another Suitcase in Another Hall' from the renowned musical Evita. This was performed on a special one off in dedication to Andrew Ll...
From the 2012 Les Miserables Motion Picture Soundtrack - On My Own - Samantha Barks Be sure to check out my other videos! Hope you enjoy!! Look Down ...
Samantha Barks, who played Eponine in the film of Les Miserables, picks the music!
Watch in 1080P HQ performance of Samantha Barks singing Another Suitcase from Another Hall from Evita for Andrew Lloyd Webber's 40 Years Musicals ITV Special...
Photoset: briarthenardier: Samantha Barks and Alfie Boe at the Classic Brit Awards 2011 and 2013.
On BBC 1 is Samantha Barks right now talking about Les Mis! Javert
JC Players' production of Les Misérables-- -Comments: For an Off-Broadway theater production, it wasn't bad. In fact, it's quite excellent. But even the best shows have their share of problems, no matter how few and far between they may be. I was very fond of the characters Jean Valjean, Inspector Javert, Cosette, Fantine, Marius, and even Thénardier--who sucked in the movie, by the way. Oh and I'd like to say that Marius and Cosette were better in this than they were in the 2012 film adaptation. Some of these unsung actors really belong in film and on stage. The show was easy to follow, the costumes and makeup were adequate, and the stage effects--again, few and far between--were great. I didn't care much for Enjolras or Eponine, and during Eponine's song, my mind wandered off until it came across Samantha Barks. Young Cosette, I wanted to adopt her. Ironic, I liked Eponine better than Cosette in the movie, but I liked Cosette better in this play. And I know I may sound a little biased for saying this, ...
When it comes to favorite Eponines, everybody's like "Samantha Barks! Lea Salonga! Frances Ruffelle! Rosalind James! Celia Keenan-Bolger" and I'm just like " Chloe Santos? Shanti Okawa?"
"On My Own", movie clip version sung by Samantha Barks
Russell Crowe has a new girlfriend! According to a new report, the actor, 48, is dating 22-year-old actress Samantha Barks. Australian magazine New Idea
Photoset: Les Miserables stars Samantha Barks and Aaron Tveit seen showing up at the 85th Annual Academy...
This is a video I made for the amazing leyend Samantha Barks! :D Hope you like it!!
2014 Action Movies By Rebecca Murray 'Into the Storm' Starring: Richard Armitage, Sarah Wayne Callies, Matt Walsh, Alycia Debnam-Carey, and Arlen Escarpeta The Plot: In the span of a single day, the town of Silverton is ravaged by an unprecedented onslaught of tornadoes. The entire town is at the mercy of the erratic and deadly cyclones, even as storm trackers predict the worst is yet to come. Most people seek shelter, while others run towards the vortex, testing how far a storm chaser will go for that once-in-a-lifetime shot. Told through the eyes and lenses of professional storm chasers, thrill-seeking amateurs, and courageous townspeople, Into the Storm throws you directly into the eye of the storm to experience Mother Nature at her most extreme. Release Date: August 8, 2014 'Lucy' Starring: Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman The Plot: Johannson stars as a young woman who is forced into working as a drug mule and as a result develops super powers. Release Date: August 8, 2014 'Teenage Mutant Ninja . ...
I'm just going to it out there, Samantha Barks was really average (and actually annoying) in the film version of Les Miserables. Totally overrated actress. I don't know why anyone praised her performance. Best performance was - hands down - was Anne Hathaway, followed by Hugh Jackman.
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The year is 2032 It is the 20th anniversary of the 2012 “Les Miserables” movie, and the barricade boys are back. The cast has reunited. Eddie Redmayne is Jean Valjean, Aaron Tveit is the infamous Javert, George Blagden is Bishop Myriel, Samantha Barks and Killian Donnelly are the Thenaudiers, and Daniel Huttlestone is Marius - Enjolras
Here is a fan made Music Video I made of the Les Miserables song "On My Own" featuring Samantha Barks who portrayed Eponine in the musical and the ...
I want to be like Samantha Barks skinny THAT'S SO FETCH!
I have a serious crush on Samantha Barks who played Eponine in the Les Miserables movie
Anne Hathaway is not in it for long enough. Lucky Samantha Barks is in it too.
At the first of two-sold out shows for the evening, Samantha Barks, accompanied by Alan Doyle and Roberta Duchak, performs a stirring version of Adele's "Don.
Why do I lower my self esteem by watching Samantha Barks and Sierra Boggess?
The wait is over! Check out this exclusive, never-before seen clip about fan favorite, Samantha Barks, and her amazing journey to landing the role of a lifetime as Eponine in Les Misérables!
wow i am a new page of Samantha Barks i am so happy for that
Attention everyone please...Walt Disney will not allow us to play the movie FROZEN on Dec. 27 We will in place of it be showing a special holiday film newly released called "The Christmas Candle" (PG) 1hr. 45min. Synopsis: Deep in the heart of the English countryside lies the enchanting village of Gladbury. Legend has it every 25 years an angel visits the village candlemaker and touches a single candle. Whoever lights this candle receives a miracle on Christmas Eve. But in 1890, at the dawn of the electric age, this centuries old legend may come to an end. When David Richmond (Hans Matheson), a progressive young minister, arrives in Gladbury, the villagers discover a new formula for miracles: good deeds and acts of kindness. While David's quest to modernize Gladbury sets him at odds with the old world candlemaker, he finds an unlikely ally in the lovely skeptic, Emily Barstow (Samantha Barks). Now, the fiery candlemaker must fight to preserve the legacy of the Christmas Candle. But when the candle goes m ...
Samantha Barks Cute and Funny Moments. From 2008-2013, this is a compilation of videos of Samantha Barks.
Samantha Barks and Sierra Boggess are my musical goddesses.
All I want for christmas is Kerry Ellis' voice, Samantha Barks' waist, Kristin Chenoweth's humour, and an Aaron Tveit all to myself :3 hehe
Samantha Barks was in a movie distributed by Rick Santorum. Everything hurts.
There's an angel. Samantha Barks as Eponine in Les Miserables
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Okay I think Anne Hathaway nailed the part of Fantine and I think he is a great actress but shee id in the movie literally 30 minutes out of 2 hours and 30 minutes and she is on every poster Samantha Barks is In hardly any *** Enjolras
Cameron Mackintosh announcing that he's bringing Oliver the musical to Broadway, and that Samantha Barks will play Nancy. :D
im so sorry lol - Samantha Barks and Richard Fleeshman spark romance rumours
no!!! Samantha Barks and Richard Fleeshman spark romance r
not so sure. I'll get back to you on this. If I wanted to see samantha barks i'd just google her name :/
missed out againSamantha Barks and Richard Fleeshman spark romance rumours via
Samantha Barks and Richard Fleeshman spark romance rumours with affectionate display at Nutcracker Christmas party
And I know it's only in my mind . 'On my Own' scene - Samantha Barks: via
with Samantha Barks as Eponine and Rob Houchen as Marius.
Theatre fans is taking over the My Playlist show I make soon. Tomorrow night you can get in questions for her v…
of as Eponine, Drawn by Letizia Leo, age 18 from Italy: RT!
Had the best time shooting this beauty today - with a great team too!
Lovely working with this fabulous lot yesterday !!
Get your questions in now for as she's doing my show on soon
On repeat. Chillin' like a villain. 😌 ♫ "On My Own" by Samantha Barks (@ Zapote, Las Piñas, Philippines)
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Samantha Barks is actually a good Eponine
I love being told I look like Samantha Barks even though I see no resemblance 😊😍💁
I just have to interrupt, because I was justing thinking about how much I wish I could be Samantha Barks 😍
I wanted to listen to Miley's song On My Own but I accidentally clicked on the one by Samantha Barks from Les Mis and was really confused
oo,I changed my icon to Samantha Barks because I'm really in love with her
I get to watch Samantha Barks in Cabaret, Les Miserable, Oliver, and Chicago.
Samantha Barks voice is so beautiful
But she loved Samantha Barks and Eddie Redmayne so I guess I can forgive her.
I find it really hard to care about the first hour of Les Mis that Eddie Redmayne, Samantha Barks and Aaron Tveit aren't in.
I know the feeling, coz every time I listen to Samantha barks sing ANYTHING, I get butterflies in my stomach too!
My love for Samantha Barks is indescribable ♥
Samantha Barks is drop dead gorgeous. How can anyone be that skinny
-- I whisper softly in your ears, as I place my head on your shoulder for a while] You're special, Samantha Barks.
Samantha Barks is the epitome of perfection in every single way.
Realizing I listen to Samantha Barks' "On My Own" literally every day... Oops
. Samantha Barks, you are a great christmas cheerleader! WHO needs christmas presents
Nope no its not. Just look out for Samantha barks. shes beautiful.
Samantha Barks, however, could turn me back again
Samantha Barks is actually incredible in all her musicals.
Well it's true, but Ramin have the most beautiful voi... — I am in love with Ramin!! :) And Samantha Barks is my...
Without me, his world will go on turning. The world is full of happiness that i… ♫ On My Own by Samantha Barks —
I love him, but everyday I'm learning that I only be pretending him. ♫ On My Own by Samantha Barks —
Gosh you know who would look good together. Dave Franco and Samantha Barks. hehe :)
// I want to do a character with Samantha Barks as a FC so badly. Gah.
blown face. It's cool, Samantha Barks is still out there
Samantha Barks and Eddie Redmayne's duet in Little Fall of Rain is the definite epitome of true talent and incredible acting.
If someone wants to make me and Avi, my FC is Samantha Barks.
Les Miserables beauty, Samantha Barks, tells us how you can impress her:
FILM:The Christmas Candle GENRE:drama CAST: Hans Matheson, Samantha Barks, Lesley Manville PLOT:Deep in the heart of…
My once again has to be the most beautiful girl ever
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basically the 1st verse of "A Little Fall of Rain". Samantha Barks never even attempts those low notes.
she's Samantha Barks, she can do whatever she wants
Samantha Barks with Aspinal Manhattan clutch at Tory Burch evening
Keep in mind that when I apologize for my Samantha Barks snapchats, I am in no way actually sorry.
Samantha Barks is so perfect I can't breathe
Oh shut up! Samantha Barks and Richard Fleeshman?! I am so done awwwrrr☺️
I really hate rumors that go around. I will believe things that Samantha barks confirms and that's it.
I read somewhere that Samantha Barks had been in a workshop for it!! It would be so great!
that's not random at all lol Sam barks all the time!
ugh, the Samantha Barks movie is the one by Rick Santorum's production company. It looks terrible ANYWAY but then!
One of my goals when I'm rich and famous is to at least meet Samantha Barks...then court her furiously.
Sometimes my dog barks in her sleep it is the cutest thing ever
"What is your dream role?". "Anything that samantha barks, or Sierra Boggess has played"
If Samantha Barks plays Elphaba in the film adaptation of Wicked, I'll sob with joy. If Aaron Tveit reprises his role as Fiyero, I'll die.
I agree!! 🙌 Anne Hathaway is my only exception, she was flawless!!! . And of course you can't beat Samantha barks
Is this really you? I am obsessed with Les Miserable. Your performance Rocked!
:') ATM, I have him as my phone lock Screen, tab home Screen, computer home and lock Screen along with Samantha Barks...
I did the same with Samantha Barks Les Mis and Wicked
Samantha Barks is my wife, that is a fact
First cook of the day – who better to do it than No idea, but it’s early. Sweet potato empanadas. http:…
that chick who sung for Russia kinda look like Samantha Barks
But when I met samantha barks I forgot what I was gonna say, froze up, got a hug and flew away
Ok, it's 2: 45am; I'm going to bed. I just want to say: thank you Samantha Barks, for just being. :):)
"I like a dry sense of humour:" Samantha Barks tells us how to impress her
I'm not saying my whole life revolves around Idina Menzel and Samantha Barks but um well yes actually it does
Gemma Arterton and Samantha Barks look demure and fashion dinner via AND Tess Daly
Misérables lovely Samantha Barks look sophisticated and stylish at fashion dinner - Daily Mail
Richard Fleeshman debuts romance with Les Miserables star Samantha Barks at War Horse premiere
There's a great new Christmas movie premiering November 22 based on a book by Max Lucado. The setting is Victorian England, and it's about a Pastor who has lost his faith in God's ability to move supernaturally. Susan Boyle of American Idol fame will be among the stars as well as Samantha Barks from Les Miserables.
Max Irons is currently shooting The Devil’s Harvest, in production in the Ukraine. The epic love story and family drama is set in 1930s Ukraine, when an artist born to Cossack warriors struggles to win the approval of his family and the love of his life. George Mendeluk directs and also produces with Jay Gazeley. Ian Ihnatowycz and Richard Bachynsky Hoover serve as executive producers. Richard Bachynsky Hoover and George Mendeluk wrote the screenplay, based on Hoover’s story. The cast also includes Samantha Barks, Tamer Hassan, Aneurin Barnard and Tom Austen. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Reggie Yates, Lauren Laverne, Samantha Barks and others attend Coach presents Skate at Somerset House. Subs only:
my role models are Kate Shindle, Sheridan Smith, Samantha Barks and you :-)
same here! I also loved Samantha Barks and Katie Hall from then on too. Just basically the entire cast!:)
Just saw a tv spot for The Christmas Candle. Samantha Barks is in it!!! I want to see it!
Samantha Barks and Katie Hall thrill with their mezzo soprano and soprano. Nick taints their artistry.
goes out to Samantha Barks. I would just like to be you in every way possible. If thats not too much to ask
the book 1400 pages long, I have a copy and haven't started it yet. Samantha Barks was a highlight for me ;)
in addition to Hathaway, Samantha Barks & the boys got me. Even the ending. I wanna read the book now tho
Whenever it rains I have the urge to channel my inner Samantha Barks and sing On My Own. Thanks a lot
Cause of heart attack: George Blagden Fra Fee Aaron Tveit Samantha Barks and Eddie Redmayne
Samantha Barks singing "On My Own" from Les Miserables A river is just a river!
It's been five years and I'm still bitter that Samantha Barks didn't win I'd Do Anything
Tiff is an uglier version of Samantha barks
Not havin this Tiff girl on Like a poor man's (ironic I know) Samantha Barks
This taff girl is hideous, she like samantha barks just hideous.
I know but still, it's Sam! You don't just unfollow Samantha Barks!!
everyone's like 'OMG Eddie Redmayne IS SO HOT' and I'm just like 'HOLY CRAP SAMANTHA BARKS IS SO HOT'
"Nick Jonas was playing guitar while talking to Samantha Barks.” aaw . [
Samantha Barks is literally such an idol to me omg aw I just love her
I really want to see this, Samantha Barks is so cute in it aw
Hate RS, I mean why should I write about something if I don't believe in it. Why can't I just write about Samantha Barks or Les Mis
Fotoset: Samantha Barks and Amanda Seyfried arriving at the Vanity Fair party 2013.
Les Miserables is such a good movie, Samantha Barks and Hugh Jackman are especially amazing
3:09am. I'm enjoying the beauty that is Les Miz and Samantha Barks
I really want Samantha Barks to play Elphaba if Wicked comes out as a movie
they got Samantha Barks to sign on for the Dracula adaptation!
Sad to see Rachel Riley leave Strictly - she is one stylish lady
Samantha Barks praises Les Mis: Samantha Barks says Les Misérables "eased" her into the acting world. RT
I promise I won't yell about Samantha Barks again so here is a picture
Anne Hathaway got all the (well-deserved) attention for Les Miserables, but Samantha Barks was pretty amazing, too:
Samantha Barks you are amazing and how the *** were you only 21 when this was made
I've got the biggest crush on Samantha Barks in Les Mis it's actually pathetic.
Can you believe it's been nearly 9 months since I met the amazing Samantha Barks!!
I could listen to Samantha Barks sing On My Own all day, everyday
"Samantha Barks is actually amazeballs in this! She's like the best!
Aneurin Barnard and Samantha Barks are working together i think i just shed a tear
Samantha Barks singing "On my own" as Éponine in Les Miserables just stirs emotions every time. Wow.
Samantha barks is singing everyone shhh
Samantha Barks singing A little fall of rain speaks to me on an extreme emotional level
"watching Le Mis Samantha Barks, marry me please
Sorry, Chicago, I can't leave the house until winds around to Samantha Barks and "On My Own." You're going to have to wait.
My said Samantha Barks is not cute and has a big head SHE NEEDS TO LEAVE
samantha barks though. The highlight of the film for me.
I just want Samantha Barks' voice. And face. And body. And life.
I'm sure you must get this a lot but every photo I see of you I think you look like a younger Samantha Barks :)
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"On My Own by Samantha Barks." Boublil and Schonberg, you uncultured swine.
One day Samantha Barks will come to New York and be on broadway and I will finally get to see her perform live and it will the best day ever
I table told me I looked like Samantha barks today. I was flattered.😊
sorry but Samantha Barks is musical
yeah well lucky for your mum she now knows my burning desire to be with Samantha barks. Thank goodness I said nothing sexual
Just a casual reminder that a video of Samantha Barks singing to a banana is a thing.
(For the Les Mis fans, Samantha Barks is in this one and does an excellent job. Otherwise, think Hallmark Hall of Fame.)
Sometimes I just cry because I don't look like Samantha Barks
Samantha Barks is in the new Hunger Games film
Can Samantha Barks, Laura Osnes, and Sierra Boggess all be in a show together?? Please???
ah Samantha Barks thinks my tshirts are cool :)
I genuinely don't think it's possible for me to listen to Samantha Barks singing 'On My Own' without straight up weeping. I'm so manly.
When I grow up I want to be Samantha Barks
'A fancast of my favourite versions of songs from the musical, featuring Samantha Barks as Eponine and Aaron Tveit as Enjolras.'
In love with 'On my own' by Eponine/Samantha Barks
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Have you ever loved someone you have not met? — Samantha Barks, Misha Collins, Eddie Redmayne, and so many more.
I've said it before, and I'll say it again. No one does it for me like Samantha Barks does.
where's the love for Samantha Barks and Aaron Tveit...they're my faves
yea Samantha barks is my favourite :)
first time for me, lotta love for hathaway, bit long and boring at times, samantha barks I would be *** for. 8/10
LOOL yeah samantha barks is really pretty and one helluva singer dont you think little cosette was so cute??:3
I think if I could have Samantha Barks' waist everything would be A okay. 👌
She's just finished filming a movie called the Christmas Candle over here with Samantha Barks ...oh
Every time I watch Les Mis, I despair at the fact I don't have a waist like Samantha Barks.
Samantha Barks is so pretty. why. can't. i. be. her.
Watching Samantha Barks in Les Mis makes me like girls...
I really want to know how Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen had Samantha Barks? 😜
Samantha Barks is hot, even in Les Mis
Samantha Barks' "On My Own" is in my opinion the most beautiful performance throughout the entirety of Les Mis.
Samantha Barks (Eponine) has the smallest waist I've ever seen 😳⏳
Looks like Samantha barks has been a busy bee working. Hope she will be at the Christmas Candle premiere. :)
I need to get some stagey relatives, I need to prove I am related to Samantha Barks
Samantha Barks makes my life better. She sings to my heart.
Placido Domingo, Samantha Barks, and Channing Tatum are going to be voice actors in a movie next year. I can already see the audience diversity.
Confession 4) Les Miserables is one of my favorite shows but I absolutely HATED the movie BUT I noted they're are some good things about it (notably Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman's acting, Eddie Redymanne, Amanda Siegfried, Aaron Tveit, Samantha Barks, Colm Wilkinson, and some of the cinematography ). However I didn't like most of the casting (Russell Crowe, Helena Carter, Sacha Cohen), the pacing, the camera work and of course SINGING live! Who does that!
If you don't know who Aaron Tveit, Eddie Redmayne, George Blagden, Fra Fee, Samantha Barks, and Hadley Fraser are we can't be friends...
you can't just sing on my own unless you are the one and only Samantha Barks.
Samantha Barks from Les Mis is my new celebrity crush...
And bless your heart Miss Georgia but you are no Samantha can't compete with her girl
She sang my song from Les Mis..guurl back up. Only me and Samantha barks can sing that.
Miss Georgia... You have disappointed me in your song choice, you are not Samantha Barks. No you hurt Les Mis.
As a big Les Mis fan, I was under-whelmed by that performance... Try watching Samantha Barks!
This women on just gave the WORST pregrmance of On My Own I have EVER seen. It was a disgrace to Samantha Barks!
no one will top Samantha barks performance of on my own and you know that
I really don't know why people who aren't Samantha Barks or Lea Michele choose to sing that song in public...😒
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I got really excited and then really disappointed. I think I expected Samantha Barks or something...
Les Miserables is not supposed to be country sweetheart. Only Samantha Barks please.
Why would Miss Georgia even try to compete with Samantha Barks singing Les Mis.
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