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Sam Worthington

Samuel Henry J. Sam Worthington (born 2 August 1976) is an English-born Australian actor, best known for his starring roles in the feature films Avatar, Terminator Salvation, Clash of the Titans, and its sequel, Wrath of the Titans.

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it's in worthington! The hardest thing for you to find will be a good gluten free bread and ours is amazing
are you saying there's only enough room for 1 Sam Worthington??
The important difference: Starlord jokes. I don't know whose idea was it to give him these Sam Worthington roles.
Wow, that would have been cool! I think you should watch the 2006 adaptation of Macbeth with Sam Worthington. :D
Going to watch the movie despite Sam Worthington in it
Former PNE loan keeper Sam Johnstone has joined Aston Villa from Manchester United on loan for the rest of the season. https…
instead they got noted thespian Sam Worthington.
I don't remember the last time I saw Sam Worthington (the main dude from Avatar) in a film. Maybe like Wrath of the Titans (2012).
nah it's an Aussie crime film made a few years ago now. A great movie. Starring Guy Pearce & Sam Worthington amongst others.
In order to forgive, he must believe. Sam Worthington stars in
serious question, need answers ASAP: is sam worthington actually a pile of wood?
Chief Brody is Sam Worthington, Ellen is Emily Blunt, Hooper is Charlize Theron, Quint is Connery because a girl can dream.
Why is Sam Worthington still allowed to play Americans? His voice...not good
You spend five months filming in outer space and saving the world, ...
Big weekend up ahead... Friday vs Liberty at 8, Saturday vs Thomas Worthington at 8, and Sunday vs Tangy at 5. All games ar…
I like to play board games a lot with my girl, things like that. ...
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I loved the eye candy of Sam worthington but that's about it. I'm a sucker for him (and Sullivan Stapleton) story was lacking
. Sam Worthington needs to be in more movies 😍
A pre-fame Sam Worthington has also just shown up in Rogue. Hopefully he's an early candidate for the Jaws of Death…
See Sam Worthington, and Sumire Matsubara in - In theaters March 3.
There's a scene with Sam Worthington & the look on his face is that of Gomer Pyle attempting to solve a calculus problem lol
Everyone's in this. Keira Knightley. Jason Clarke. Sam Worthington. Josh Brolin. Emily...Emily.. *** she was in Equilibrium.
The Sum of All Fears, starring Daniel Dae Kim and Sam Worthington. Directed by Werner Herzog, music by Kelly Clarkson. Budget: $3m
Sam Worthington, Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy and Andrew Garfield were up for the that went to Ryan Reynorlds
Sam Worthington was living in his car when he auditioned for the part of Jake Sully in the Blockbuster hit film "Avatar."
First trailer for WW II film 'Hacksaw Ridge' - with Andrew Garfield and Sam Worthington.
Lara Bingle and Sam Worthington are expecting a sibling for son Rocket, 13 months, amid swirling rumours model is five months pregnant
Bran, the Sam Worthington of GoT, got Khaleesi looking like 90s Halle turning into late 90s Cynda Williams. .
There's nothing like a woman scorned and, for Sam Worthington, his journey to *** is just beginning... https…
I wonder if Sam Worthington is getting a *** as James Cameron announces all the movies
Sam Worthington to be in another film
Sam Worthington - took three minutes or so but I remembered his name finally!
Sam Worthington 2... makes you wander what dirt his agent has on everybody
Lara & Sam Worthington step out in matching black outfits with Rocket. via
After watching Clash of the Titans, I'm left wondering: What is Sam Worthington? Why is Sam Worthington?
If collection matters then Sam Worthington is the biggest movie star.
and husband step out for walk with son Rocket in
i'm thinking of interesting Avatar sequel ideas and: Sam Worthington experiences dysphoria after permanently transferring into a Na'vi body.
So Sam Worthington has an Australian accent in Wrath of The Titans. Wow such good acting wow.
Sam Worthington acts really well in this Titans thing.
Movie viewed 'Terminator Genisys'; Jai Courtney, the poor man's Taylor Kitsch, the poor man's Sam Worthington,the poor man's Jeremy Renner.
Interesting. I'd pick Sam Worthington. He can obviously handle the action,but also add new dynamic depth of character to Cable.
now that Jai Courtney is officially DOA, maybe give little Sam Worthington a second chance?
Sam Worthington Hollywood tried to force his hunkyness on us in 2008 but we said no thank you
would have been in that case. Sam Worthington is white, yes, but he's also Australian and Aus has a TERRIBLE history with erasing
Tbf, all these Avatar sequels will give Sam Worthington some work so I'm happy for him.
Hey, remember that time someone cast Sam Worthington as Macbeth? That sure happened.
When has Sam Worthington had time for training with all those movies he's not been in over the last few years?
somewhere, Sam Worthington is hoping the sequel comes out so he can get some money again.
I remember trying to defend Jai Courtney and realized halfway through I was talking about Sam Worthington.
Thai Worthington and Sam Kinnison! . See, I'm so up on pop culture. .wait.
To keep in character as The Joker, Jared Leto kept referring to co-star Jai Courtney as Sam Worthington.
Also is the center of his film universe still milquetoast *** Sam Worthington? I think we've seen he can't carry a franchise.
Sam Worthington, Joel Edgerton, and Mike Vogel stand around an hourglass, holding lit candles.
past players James McEvoy, Ed Norton, Sam Worthington. Be on the list !!!
Lara Bingle strolls with son Rocket and husband Sam Worthington in Gran Canaria
I liked a video Sam Worthington smitten by Lara Bingle
if you change your name to Sam Worthington right now I don’t think anyone will actually notice
So you're telling me Sam Worthington, Taylor Kitsch and Jai Courtney are different people?
That didn't stop Sam Worthington and he literally starred opposite Jessica Chastain.
Exclusive interview w/Sam Worthington of on humanitarian aid angst
@ Christian Bale played John Connor in that one. Sam Worthington played the new breed of Terminator.
better off writing this about Jai Courtney or Sam Worthington
ALERT: Worthington Schools are closed Tuesday, February 16, due to the weather.
Sam Hunt looks like Generic White Guy Hero. He's Jai Courtney and Sam Worthington crossed with Charlie Hunam.
Producer 1: Sam Worthington boring folks in our Terminator update. Producer 2: We won't make that mistake again! Get me Jai Courtney's agent
Sam Worthington, Jim Sturgess and Ryan Kwanten in one film. How come I only found out about this now?
Sam Worthington. They're trying to establish some Aussie continuity.
For this film, actor Sam Worthington performed all his own stunts -
great title. Great tag line. Wrong cable actor. Jon Hamm, Aaron Eckhart, Sam Worthington would be better
You all will know Lang from Avatar. He was the corrupt General who fought Sam Worthington's character in a Mech-Suit.
Danny. That was the first Jai Courtney, Sam Worthington. They're different people! Even if their families can't tell.
Guys, Sam Worthington's wiki still says Avatar is the highest grossing film. Did no one tell him?
It's still better than the Sam Worthington remake. LOL
Is it me or Aaron Gordon looks a bit like Sam Worthington??
Lmao so basically they made Sam worthington clash of the Titans but in Egypt. Ok
no, pero en serio. Tom Hardy, Sam Worthington, Charlie Hunnam, Liam Hemsworth o, wait for it, Norman Reedus.
They should have got Sam Worthington for Or even Jason Statham. They're just more masculine than Ryan Reynolds
Wrath Of The Titans 2012 I have never seen a good movie starring Sam Worthington.
Unscripted interview of Zoe and Sam Worthington for Avatar
I personally don't think Sam Worthington is that bad - stop the haters
he's the new Jai Courtney who was himself the new Sam Worthington at the time
He’s the next Sam Worthington or Jai Courtney. But he is A LOT better than them.
But it is fun to remember when Hollywood kept trying to make Sam Worthington happen.
Dakota Johnson and Sam Worthington for the blandest, most boring romcom of all time.
Literally no comparison. The fact that Sam Worthington's not in this automatically makes it more fun.
Excited to announce and be working with
Success on the development field hinges on local ownership and implementation of policy - Sam Worthington
Typical displaced people are displaced for 17 yrs -- Sam Worthington (InterAction).
Wrath of the Titans (2012) Sam Worthington looks weird with a lot of hair.
Sam Worthington was tested for James Bond before they went with Daniel Craig.
Lara Bingle and Sam Worthington's son Rocket Zot is zo adorable
What if Avatar 2's been delayed because they can't find Sam Worthington, not realizing he made it to level 45 and evol…
Christian Bale, Anton Yelchin, McG & Sam Worthington at the premiere for Salvation.
3.Avatar(2009)- Sam Worthington as Jake Sully or Avatar and Zoe Saldana Neytiri.
In Black Ops 2, Sam Worthington and his buddy Manuel Noriega fight the rebels; in the future, Sam Worthington's son and
with Suicide Squad and Sabotage, David Ayer has worked with Sam Worthington AND Jai Courtney.
Sam Worthington is a master of dialects. British, Scottish, Irish, Australian, American - he uses them all in Avatar.
I thought Sam Worthington did a fine job as the virus in Contagion.
Call of Duty: The Movie is a real thing? Can we PLEASE have a feature-length version of that CoD commercial w/& Sam Worthington?
THE BLUES: Sam Worthington became blue in this 2009 movie that made a buck or 2
like 2 pretend this about a reboot called "New Avatar" where u r the Sam Worthington character (dir. By Lucia)
Cinema Detroit gets a little EPIC with the premiere of the western THE KEEPING ROOM starring Sam Worthington on 11/6
missed a trick not to throw in a solitary Sam Worthington face in there...
Paper Planes movie review: Sam Worthington and Ed Oxenbould star in the highest grossing Australian children's film in history …
This looks very interesting and should be good when it comes out. Sam Worthington has been busy. Informative read.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
gets $790,000 grant for repairs to Sam Hill Road Bridge
The Shack movie is happening. Octavia Spencer is God and Sam Worthington is Mack. Hope it is good. hopefully.
Clive Owen, Tom Hardy or Eric Bana would make a good Bond, My outsider would be Sam Worthington.
Finally watched after wanting to watch it, as filmed with Sam Worthington on with n
But that doesn't work if you cast 2 similar actors (like Joel Edgerton and Sam Worthington) side-by-side.
more that someone like Lara Flynn Boyle ranks above someone like Sam Worthington
Sam Worthington chews on a pacifier during day out with the family
Sam Worthington spends quality time with Lara Bingle and son Rocket. {dailymail}
..just wish that instead of crediting Sam Worthington, they'd've credited Cal Worthington. I miss him. And his dog spot.
Did you know that Cate Blanchett, Mel Gibson and Sam Worthington studied at NIDA?
it's the definitive version for me. For a modern twist, watch the Australian version with Sam Worthington
Missed tonight to see shame Sam Worthington kept that jumper on!
Avatar wouldn't be half as interesting to watch if Sam Worthington wasn't in it.
Middle one here looks like a hotter Sam Worthington. Sunglasses dude has a trace of the RDJs.
Henry Cavill could be nice but maybe cause the character's name Sam, I can't help but picture Worthington xD
How far do paparazzi go to get pics of the famous, such as Aussie Sam Worthington?
I, for one, enjoyed the brand new The North Face campaign starring Sam Worthington, hidden throughout the movie
Never forget that fortunes can change on a dime. Actor Sam Worthington was living out of his car, when he...
"Stop video-camering me". - Lara Bingle. "These guys are stalkering us". - Sam Worthington. Their kids will be so clever...
Stalkering sam worthington learning to talk off Lara Bingle. You need to stop video camering them
is so, so good! Jane Fonda, Martin Sheen, Sam Worthington, Lily Tomlin.. It's like 4 great Sorkin characters in retirement.
I added a video to a playlist Wrath of the Titans (2012) POP-UP TRAILER - HD Sam Worthington Movie
I saw 7 movies this weekend and 2 of them had Sam Worthington. What is this, 2010?
That's what I said about Sam Worthington and now he doesn't seem to have a career :(
you could make a movie out of that - it's not Sam Worthington is it? Hope it all ends well tho!
I never knew actor Sam Worthington was born in Surrey England, came to Australia at 6 months old.
Rocket Zot bares a resemblance to Sam Worthington on stroll with Lara Bingle -
Álbum de fotos: mikkelsenmads: “Sam Worthington told everyone I was a ballet dancer! It was like giving...
oh God no, Sam Worthington is in it though.
no one is saying he's the best ever, he was ok in Everest... But someone tell me a good film Sam Worthington has done.
New drinking game: find a Sam Worthington movie, and take a shot for every time he yells
try watching the doco about long tan m8;its fkn excellent & narrated by Sam Worthington; he's Aussie not like Russell Crowe
Before working on Avatar, actor Sam Worthington was living in his car.
I really liked Emily Watson, Jason Clarke, Martin Henderson and Sam Worthington's characters.
Congrats to my writer Stuart Beattie, producing partners Sam Worthington, John & Michael Schwarz who won AWGIE Award for DEADLINE GALLIPOLI!
DID YOU KNOW? Joel Edgerton, Dominic West, Sam Worthington, Charlie Hunnam, and Gerard Butler were rumored for roles in
Sam Worthington and Ruth Wilson to star in sci-fi film
1 The entire cast of the Ghostbusters Reboot!!! 2 Jack Black in King Kong 3 anything with Sam Worthington!
small fact you guys didn't correct last Sam Worthington wasn't Kyle Reese in Terminator Salvation. :)
Now watching and remembering when people thought Sam Worthington was going to matter.
I just killed Robert Zemeckis and now I'm going to remake his time travel movie. Sam Worthington as Doc Brown.
The TERMINATOR series foreshadows the failure of many acting careers (Ed Furlong, Nick Stahl, Sam Worthington). Hoping for Jai Courtney too.
Lara Bingle shares photo of Sam Worthington and son Rocket Zot
Lara Bingle celebrates Sam Worthington's first Father's Day three months after couple welcomed Rocket Zot: Lar...
Tim McGraw to star with Octavia Spencer & Sam Worthington in ‘The Shack’
Tim McGraw has gotten 10th movie role, ‘The Shack,’ with Sam Worthington and Octavia Spencer. It’s based on the...
anyone else underwhelmed with Tom Hardy as the movie was brilliant, but think Jai Courtney or Sam Worthington would be better
Jim Sturgess, Sam Worthington, Ryan Kwanten and Anthony Hopkins star in Kidnapping Freddy Heineken new to US Netflix.
Restoring my phone from a backup and I basically feel like Sam Worthington hoping that Eywa can bring back Sigourney Weaver.
A profound remake of "The Boxer", starring Jessica Biel, Sam Worthington, and Ryan Hurst
It's official! Sam Worthington joins cast of based on best-selling novel by William Paul Young! Read more: …
Is it just me or does 'Sam Worthington' look a lot like Joel Edgerton?
From the movie LAST NIGHT (2010), starring Kiera Knightley, Sam Worthington, Guillaume Canet, and Eva Mendes.
Meet Rocket Zot Worthington, Lara Bingle's baby with Sam Worthington - exclusive photos only in WHO. At newsagents.
Sam Worthington and Lara Bingle's Son Is Named Rocket Zot: Reports: After giving birth to their first child to...
Omg. It just hit me: kinda looks like Sam Worthington.
Remake "Philomena" as an adventure miniseries starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Sam Worthington
Check out the US premiere of THE KEEPING ROOM starring Brit Marling, Sam Worthington & Hailee Steinfeld, this Thurs!
Well hello 80's-inspired Ryan Kwanten! We can dig it! Sam Worthington, Jim Sturgess, Anthony Hopkins, and the...
throw in Sam Worthington and you've got a Three Amigos reboot
Sam Worthington's ladylove Lara Bingle debuts her baby bump! See her gorgeous glow:
Sam Worthington's pregnant girlfriend Lara Bingle has debuted her baby bump!
I think so. Remember how long they shoved Sam Worthington and Barry Pepper at us even though we always said no?
CAKE takes us into the darkly funny world of Claire Bennett (Jennifer Aniston) who initiates a dubious relationship with a widower (Sam Worthington) while confronting fantastical hallucinations of his dead wife (Anna Kendrick).
Sam Worthington plus Cameron Diaz plus Jeffrey Tambor in a joyous group hug where CD looks like she's been goosed? LIFE!!
did you hear Emma Watson as Raven & Sam Worthington as Green Lantern Casting Rumors! ALSO Jason Clark as Doomsday.
Arnold Schwarzenegger leads an elite DEA team with Sam Worthington, Terrence Howard, Joe Manganiello, Josh Holloway and Mireille Enos from director ...
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