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Sam Smith

Sam Smith (born on January 24, 1948, in Brooklyn, New York) is a NBA writer for the Chicago Bulls website [].

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that new Sam Smith song cuts a little too deep
In 50 yrs, we'll be seniors in hour homes listening to Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, The Script, Taylor Swift, Bieber, 1D and all of our favorites.
Sam Smith, Maroon5 & Chris Brown making my playlist rich with music vitamins
19. The Thrill Of It All by Sam Smith / A soulful, flawless work of art. This album hit me right where it hurts, in the best way. 😭❤
Sam Smith and poetry books have made my night better.
Staying up late because Sam Smith and Taylor Swift's new album's coming out in an hour. 😭
GOD I wanna be friends with Sam Smith so bad 😄😍 I fell in love with them all over again
Sam Smith tiene razón: every time you hurt me, the less that I cry.
Sam Smith tried to come out on his own terms and it backfired. But now he’s listening.
The Drop, Week 5: Sam Smith, Maroon 5, Shamir & More! - roundup of album releases that we are most excited about ...
Sam Smith gets the Fifth Harmony Carpool Karaoke he always wanted
you look like Sam Smith before he got you know a bum
if you loved Fifth Harmony on Carpool Karaoke with Sam Smith.
Sam Smith talking about his love for Fifth Harmony skdjdk a mood
Sam Smith's Carpool Karaoke with James Corden features Fifth Harmony! . Watch it here:
Only 24 and a half hours until the new Sam Smith album makes me cry all the way until 2020
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Dennis Smith certainly has god given talents
The second coming of Jesus is going to be at a Sam Smith concert
Sam Smith opens up about the downside of fame and his true mission
James Carpool Karaoke with Sam Smith is literally the best thing every
true in some ways we are not all Sam smith
Sam Smith when he said " I'm never gonna let you close to me even though you mean the most to me bc everytime I open up it…
That's a funny way to spell pray by Sam smith...
New Request Cover:. Too Good at Goodbyes by SAM SMITH. Guitar by Justin Roranes. https…
so we get Sam Smith and Maroon 5 on the same day. What a time to be alive 😭💕
I need Sam Smith’s new album to come out ASAP, it’s time for winter walks and wallowing in pathetic fallacy
TOO GOOD AT GOODBYES - SAM SMITH from the album Too Good at Goodbyes - Single - iTunes:
Little Mix or 5H could be making a guest appearance on Sam Smith’s Carpool Karaoke.
Imagine if Sam Smith and Adele made a song together.
Tori Kelly to calm a troubled soul,. Sam Smith to run your tears dry, . Adele to heal a wounded heart.
"Too Good At Goodbyes" by Sam Smith from the album Too Good at Goodbyes - Single.
A special guest female group consisting of four members makes an appearance in Sam Smith's tonight.…
Sam smith be having me in my feels 😭
I could listen to sam smith all day everyday on repeat
I swear all of Sam Smith’s songs sound the exact same but like ion even care.gimme some more of dat perfection hunnn…
I get chills all through my body every time I hear the song Too Good At Goodbyes because Sam Smith’s voice is just so beautiful ❤️😭
If you haven’t listened to Sam Smith’s new music do yourself a favor and go listen.
can't wait til Sam Smith's new album drops 😍
Me waiting for them to upload the Sam Smith Carpool Karaoke
andrea: The Tear-Stained Confessions of Sam Smith see more
while Googling the second image I saw “who sang it better—Judy or Sam Smith? which is maybe the most offensive thing I’ve read in my LIFE
I'm SO over dramatic that when it rains I only listen to Adele & Sam Smith
Me: *singing* “do I sound like Sam Smith?”. Jenna: “no, you sound like a monotone deaf person” . 😂😂😂
Do you know what I’m still not over? Danny from The Mindy Project cheating on Quinn from Glee in that Sam Smith video... 🤔
Omg and dancing to Sam Smith. Welcome to my life just constantly surrounded by dancers 😂
Saya suka video Too Good at Goodbyes - Sam Smith (Cover by Andrea Tabo)
My coworker is currently upset with her husband so she’s been blasting the Sam Smith station on Pandora all morning. My ❤️ is with you girl
It is now commonly agreed that Sam Smith was in fact the first *** man to win an Oscar, The Turner Prize & The Book…
Sam Smith on repeat cause his voice is good for my soul and is so soothing 💓
Sam Smith's love of ghosts is put to the test on The Ellen DeGeneres Show via Leah Collie
I added a video to a playlist Stay With Me - Sam Smith (VoicePlay Cover)
I added a video to a playlist Sam Smith - Too Good At Goodbyes Guitar Lesson (with and without capo)
Check out "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Sam Smith version" on
If utook a break with sam Smith like if u were hanging out with him like a break u would really be on a…
sam smith being gender fluid was NOT something i saw coming and neither was tyler the creator being *** but good on 'em
Let Putin have an hour with Sam Smith.
a bit weird that LGBT outlets are reporting that Sam Smith came out as "genderqueer" and "nonbinary" when he didn't use those…
I'm just as uninterested in Sam Smith as a woman as I am uninterested in Sam Smith as a man.
I love Sam Smith, but stop. Just stop. Talk to us women when you’ve sneezed and blood exploded out of…
Sam Smith talks sexuality and gender identity in new interview: "I feel just as much a woman as I am a man."
[latimes] Sam Smith doesn't bother with a gender title: 'I feel just as much woman as I am man'…
We need you in Hershey PA Sam Smith! You are a freakin' PHENOM! ♡
Sam Smith opened up about his gender identity, saying he “feels just as much woman as I am man”…
It's quite interesting how news of Sam Smith being "non-binary" comes out just mere days before his new album is supposed to drop. 🤔
Give me a break. You need therapy! Sam Smith is a prime example of the disease infecting the elitist.…
I hope that had the best weekend ever:
I did a short cover of Too Good at Goodbyes by Sam Smith on Great song! 👌
“In The Lonely Hour” one of my favorite albums ever Sam Smith can do no wrong
Ok, I'll ask a stupid question. Who is Sam Smith, and why should I care?
Sam Smith: I'm as much woman as I am man
Sam Smith: 'I feel as much woman as I am man' - Smith went through a period in his life when he didn't own any ma...
Sam Smith looks like that weird uptight middle-aged first-Craigslist-hookup you had when you were 16 who had the 3…
is it just me or is Sam Smith is sort of, becoming George Michael
What time for Sam Smith tickets I missed. It by 30 seconds with Shannon but your my favorite!!!
Sam Smith is the replacement of George Michael
This is Jim. Shire horse at the Sam Smith brewery in Tadcaster. @ Samuel Smith's Brewery
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Hmmm what?! I dreamt about Lorde visiting Sam Smith 😱 and Lorde is giving me Taylor Swift merches. Like whuuut?!😭
ok so after your collab with Christina can u pls collab w Sam Smith bc just imagine the vocals
Congrats to Heather in Abbotsford! She won a pair of tickets to Sam Smith! Your next chance to win is tomorrow at 7…
Sam Smith guitarist Lewie Allen got some shimmering 'Plexi' tones from the Marshall CODE:
I'm in the mood to be sad so I think I'm gonna listen to some Sam Smith lol
'Too good at goodbyes' by Sam Smith is way too relatable
Sam Smith - Too Good at Goodbyes (cover) so sorry for christina that she had to deal with that when she was sick :(
Listen to Eminem or Jay Z. But no,you'll be playing Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran. Why won't you be falling in love and catching feeli…
remixes on the way from Shawn Mendes, Liam Payne, Sam Smith & more with &
Why is it weird? There's Dua, Sam Smith, Adele, Harry, Bruno, Ed, Ariana, Demi, Tori etc. If you'll l…
ON SALE NOW! Sam Smith is coming to American Airlines Center on July 20, 2018!. Tickets:
Sam Smith is about to drop "The thrill of it all" on November 3rd then Taylor Swift with reputation on November 10t…
Liam Payne Is Excited for a ‘Good Night Out’ with Sam Smith on Jingle Ball Tour. You can officially add Liam Payne…
Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith & more playing iHeartRadio Jingle Ball: see the full 12-city lineup
Don't forget to to hear new single (produced by
God bless Sam Smith for appearing on my spotify rn.
"Stay With Me” by Sam Smith has reached 3 MILLION likes on YouTube. This is his second video to achieve this (first as a lead…
If you want to know a bit more about Sam Smith and Brandon Flynn's relationship, the writing's on the wall.
Big thanks to Sam Ruppersberger and Kirk Smith for their artwork and photography. And to Sam Nobles for his work mastering the track.
⚡️ “Sam Smith takes to the stage on SNL”.
"I'm not a saint.. I'm more of a sinner. I don't want to win but I fear for the winners"- Sam Smith
Sam Smith and boyfriend Brandon Flynn Celebrate at 'SNL' After-Party -
It’s finally here! Tonight I’m hosting with musical guest Sam Smith ! Make sure you tune in! 💃🏻 Photos by Mary Ellen…
Sam Smith is Otis Redding for people who would like to speak with the manager
The irony of an SNL open with Won't Back Down and Sam Smith as musical guest.
Okay but I am really excited about Justin from 13 Reasons Why and Sam Smith dating
106.5 The End presents :10 After Tickets to win tickets to see Sam Smith at Golden 1 Center!. Starts Monday! Listen…
What happened to Daniel Merriweather? His voice is so much more dynamic than Sam Smith
Too Good at Goodbyes by Sam Smith hits me harder than i think it should..
Jae Robi's new favorite: Sam Smith - Stay With Me (Nick Tunes Cover) by on
Ben Platt will be the new Sam Smith, a thread conspiracy theory:
Sam smith and Brandon Flynn??? Kissing? Well that’s fine, not really my place to hate someone irrelevant to me
Sam Smith doesn't need 13 reasons to show PDA with his new dude.
Brandon Flynn & Sam Smith are dating. That made my day.
Brandon Flynn (Justin from 13 reasons why) and Sam Smith spotted in New York City. (Kissing each other). . LOVE IS IN THE…
Sam Smith and Brandon Flynn are the real life ship that we deserved, im so happy
Sam Smith and Brandon Flynn just ruined my life, I didn’t want a boyfriend until now
Sam Smith and Brandon Flynn from 13 reasons why were spotted in NYC today kissing and I'm 100% here for it
Sam Smith and Brandon Flynn from '13 Reasons Why' spotted kissing today.
To Good At Goodbyes by Sam Smith really hits ya with the feels
I liked a video Sam Smith - Too Good at Goodbyes in the Live Lounge
Too good at Goodbyes - Sam Smith 🎧. Theme song since I messed up with you.
-Mario, define tu vida sentimental en dos canciones. -"Bad at love" by Halsey y "Too good at goodbyes" by Sam Smith 😂
I don't remember who, but someone heard the song Way Too Good at Goodbyes by Sam Smith and their first comment was... LOL y is this u Bri 🙃🙃
His voice is amazing, Sam Smith is an icon ☺️
Thanks to Danielle I can’t listen to Sam Smith- Too Good At Goodbyes with our crying 😊
Chente (and son), Marco Antonio Solis, Joan Sebastian, Cristian Castro..etc etc.. like sorry U only have Sam Smith and Elton john :/
Mommy: You and Zac break up awa?. Me: No why? 👀. Mommy: Your *** in the kitchen making sangria and playing Sam Smith so idk... *** what 😂😂😂
ARIA Chart prediction: "Too Good at Goodbyes" by Sam Smith remains at number 1. Post Malone/21 Savage debut at number 4
Sam Smith's "Too Good at Goodbyes" debuts at No. 1 on Digital Song Sales chart & No. 5 on ht…
Sam Smith has blessed us yet again with another masterpiece
you were supposed to return around this time , along with Sam Smith and Taylor Swift . Y'all 3 own…
Taylor Swift tops chart for third week, Sam Smith debuts at No. 5
Taylor, P!nk, Paloma Faith and Sam Smith releasing albums this year
'Uh. Alice are you listening to Sam Smith? Do you like Sam Smith too' oh man we were so cute
Sam Smith - Too good at goodbyes. Bruno Mars - Too good to say goodbye. Niall Horan - Too much to ask. me - TOO MUCH SCHOOL…
Who hurt Sam Smith this much I'm sad
Sam Smith never fails to make the best song for a broken soul
Is it possible Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and Calum Scott will colab for a massive number 1 hit?
Sam Smith reminded me... it was great seeing in the new Bake Off promo. October is going to be LIT.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Why does Sam Smith's interest in his own loneliness always seem to be accompanied by a rush of harmonized voices?
I swear Sam Smith's live performances sound EXACTLY like his studio recordings
"You don't see Sam Smith bouncing around"... WELL, Simon, actually if you hang around The Eagle long enough...
Saw Leona Lewis, Lana Del Ray, James Corbin, Adam Lambert and many more at Sam Smith's show in LA tonight!!! .
Sam Smith talking about Fifth Harmony in a recent interview! (video via
Me listening to Sam Smith as I get ready in the morning
Sam Smith is just as obsessed with Fifth Harmony as all of us
Sam Smith always gives me the feels.
Sam Smith is the definition of joy 😌
Sam Smith talking about 5H in a recent interview "I'm obsessed with Fifth Harmony; I know all their album tracks!" 🔥🙌htt…
Roller Coaster by Luke Bryan featuring Sam Smith by 2 Chainz featuring Chris Brown
Today's bit of joy: Sam Smith knocking Taylor Swift out of the spot in the UK.
Sam Smith too good at goodbyes is the song that the world needs rn
I hope you like this cover of Too Good At Goodbyes by Sam Smith
Sam Smith could sing the iTunes terms and conditions and still give me goosebumps.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Too good at goodbyes van Sam Smith is zo'n mooi nummer
My rendition of Sam Smith's Latch in Chaos Bar, City of Dreams Manila.
Check out my new cover of Sam Smith's Too Good at Goodbyes
Sam Smith's new song speaks to me on a spiritual level
And it was on this date that Sam Smith became a living meme. And there was much rejoicing sayeth the Ben. Aben. https:…
Learning from Sam Smith, I need to be good at goodbyes to survive. Only w/ less joy, sincerity, but still with love. For myself.
Every guy should have a goal to be like Ed Sheeran or Sam Smith because that would be such a plus in life
very slightly obsessed with Too Good at Goodbyes by Sam Smith ❤🎶
Sam Smith's 'Too Good at Goodbyes' Charging to No. 1 in U.K. via
Sam Smith's new song is amazing. 10/10 quality artist
I think I'm sad but it's 12:40 AM and I'm listening to Sam Smith so I'm probably fine
I had plans but then Jack Johnson, Phillip Phillips, and Sam Smith all released songs today. (Take time to appreciate their n…
Too good at goodbyes by sam smith is 👍👍👍
Adele said Hello and came back as Sam Smith to say goodbye
The new Song of Sam Smith really breaks my heart again.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Sam Smith's audio video on youtube just hits 2.6 Milllion views already!
Yo this new Sam Smith song is the mood right now
Can't tet over at Sam Smith's too good at goodbyes
Sam Smith says hello to new music with 'Too Good at Goodbyes.'
harry, lorde, kesha, sam smith... I'M DYING. this will be amazing! and it's for a great cause too 💓
If Sam Smith and Taylor Swift dated and then had a nasty break up we would never hear the end of it.
Drake supporting Sam Smith gives me life
This new Sam Smith song has me emotional about my non-existent long past relationship
Sam Smith // Too good at goodbyes. New song. Right on time for a heartbreak 👌
Why you listening to Sam Smith while lifting? You're weird
the new sam smith song is actually so gOOD WOAH W O A H
Good to have sam smith back, his new song is amazing 😢💞
That new Sam smith good for the soul
Sam Smith's "Drowning Shadows" sounds like a ballad from a contemporary pop musical. Not exactly an "I want" and not exactly an 11 o'clock..
Here’s a song for you… Too Good At Goodbyes by Sam Smith.
Hi please do a cover of Sam Smith's "Too Good at Goodbyes" pls pls pls 😊😭 .
Too good at goodbyes by Sam Smith is so 😭❤
"Good At Goodbye". LizQuen One-shot. Because Sam Smith just lit a fire in me.
09-09 Sam Smith dedicates first Oscar to LGBT community...
Sam smith sings about the things that hurt me the most and somehow makes them sound beautiful...idk what to feel??? Lol
Sam Smith It's been 3 years to long!
Sam Smith why you gotta put me in my feels
The new Sam Smith song is very gallavich in the most depressing way
Sam Smith talked about his new album and said he's "insanely single." Same, Sam, same.
Sam Smith just wrote a song about me 😭😭😭😭
Different mood but have you heard Sam Smith's new song?
Kelly Clarkson, Zayn & Sia and Demi all delivered today!!! Sam Smith please don't let me down tomorrow 😩😩😩
Buzzin' over new Sam Smith dropping tomorrow. Ready to have my heart ripped out of my chest.
I added a video to a playlist WEDDING MUSIC "Stay with Me" - Sam Smith (Cover) Bula Akamu
There are rumours that Cheryl, Zara Larsson, Sam Smith and Nile Rodgers will be guests at Judges Houses this year 😀😍
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Rumour has it that Nile Rodgers, Sam Smith, Zara Larsson and Cheryl will be the guests at this years Judges Houses!
I love Charlie Puth but don't disrespect Sam Smith like that.
Sam Smith confirms new music will be released next week:
Sam Smith possibly dropping tomorrow. The King is back. Prepare yourselves.
Checking every second for a post from the Sam Smith team 😁😁😍
Ready for Sam Smith's comeback? Your patience is about to pay off:
3 years ago Katy Perry asked Sam Smith "Who are they?" when Fifth Harmony won their first VMA and today they'll share th…
Sam Smith dedicates Oscar win to Katie Price and Lorraine
When the gorilla start singing Sam Smith stay with me can u say sold. Oh yeah I'm too into this cartoon lol
As open & honest, I'm one who tells it as it is! I'm not *** but I follow two AMAZING music artists who are, Tracy Chapman & Sam Smith! XXX
Day 15 - A song you like that's cover by another artist / Tracy Chapman - Fast Car (By Sam Smith)
Naughty Boy - La La La ft. Sam Smith listen, like, share at
The shirt. The glasses. Source close to singers confirms Sam Smith and Harry Styles are secretly engaged and plan on adopt…
"Lay Me Down" by Sam Smith, John Legend in Guest Pastor John Legend BURYING Sam on his song
Russell westbrook singing Sam Smith makes me so happy.
Russell Westbrook's Instagram story of him singing Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith gives me life.
3) Sam Smith-. -Harry has loved him since 2014 and I've wanted them to meet since 2014. -Grammy and golden globe winner . -I…
Ella and Sam Smith having a lil convo in the comments of her latest insta :)
Last time I was with he spent 25€ on a huge life size Sam Smith poster.
"Now I’ve got you in my space. I won’t let go of you. Got you shackled in my embrace. I’m latching onto you" . -Sam Smith
Report: Sam Smith stars as Royals almost stage sensational comeback in 3-2 defeat at Adams Park.
9 up 9 down for Tyler Smith through 2.5. We look for the game's first run.
There are Sam Smith's dray horses and then there are race horeses. 🍻🇬🇧
We were listening to Sam Smith last night. And Jacob said I don't understand how you enjoy this. It took all my strength to not stab him.
I swear every Sam Smith song makes me want to cry
Tyler Smith induces a first pitch groundout to start the game. For the final time this season, let's play ball.
Sam Smith recently followed on Instagram and also commented on one of her photos. 👀
It's Sunday night and me ellie and Tilly are blasting out a bit of sam smith having a good old sing along... LAVELY
We told the guy that we knew Sam Smith and he said we were in the wrong part of the lot an…
When I'm sad I listen to Sam smith and get sad X 10
You could start with, "I know this guy, Sam Smith." And once they've beaten you senseless with…
*Sam is quiet as he listens, letting Dean's hand go to watch him work along with the smith*
His attention is razor sharp, eyes firmly fixated on the smith in front of them. He squeezes Sam's hand in excitement.
I hope Sam Smith comes out of nowhere with an album. That'd be pretty cool
Singing Lay Me Down x Sam Smith w/o Nikko and my mom just doesn't feel right 😭
I added a video to a playlist Writing's On the Wall LYRICS - Sam Smith (James Bond Spectre)
Sam Smith (shows you how it's done in this week's most stylish:
Just a friendly reminder that Gerard Way, Patrick Stump, Sam Smith and Imagine dragons all follow Dan Howell. :)
IT DUDE, WILLIS CARRIER, INVENTOR OF TALK OF THE BODY I told me and the people who walk - Sam Smith untying Lebron's shoes]
Oh I hate Sam Smith as Mary. Amy I enjoyed; she could act. I loved Meg, but really disliked Megstiel. It was gross to me.
It's not my fault Sam Smith and Troy Sivanenakdno are bad tho
Or Mary Lambert or Superfruit or Sam Smith or Le1f or literally anybody who's actually LGBTQ+
Gaga and Diane's impact still lives on. Sam Smith could, and will, never relate.
Sam Smith - Stay With Me (Live) ft. Mary J. Blige For all hearts that are searched and have not yet been found ❤️
Sam Smith with Jared and Jensen is how I wanted Mary Winchester to be with her sons
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Sam Smith was absolutely incredible at Thetford Forest tonight!! My man crush has reached new levels! 🙊 Epic night!
Lianna LA Havas should be so much bigger than Adele and Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran,
I added a video to a playlist FREE "Hold me" Instrumental (Sam Smith x Beyonce x John Legend type
No complaints of narcissism against yt ppl like Taylor Swift and Sam Smith, two mediocre ppl who think they changed music?
John Legend, Sam Smith, and more celebs react to 'Formation'
BBC I want Jo Durie, Gigi Salmon to do commentary on Jo Ko v Venus... No Austin, no Evert... Navratilova is ok .. even Sam Smith
Wendy singing to Sam Smith . That's my kind of aesthetic.
Contracts, the 90s Bulls, Lebron James' Finals performance, and more. You ask questions, Sam Smith has answers. 📖👉 https…
CONGRATULATIONS Travis James Michael - you're the winner of my glitter art competition! A shiny Sam Smith (as per...
Rider of the day from Boraston goes to Sam Smith in the juniors absolutely brilliant days racing little man, huge well done 👍
That could still be 10 pints at a Sam Smith pub, which I also availed myself of many a time
That man Sam Smith just dropped banger after banger and then fell off the face of the earth i miss him where'd he go
Who will the take? Sam Smith shares his analysis along with snippets from other experts. Mock draft:
Good morning. Wanted to tell you guys James Blake is just Sam Smith if he listened to Radiohead.
Katy Perry, Harry, and Lorde just released new albums and Miley is working on hers. My question is "Where is Sam Smith's?! I demand to know
I know that GIF is payback for every time I played Katy Perry, Sam Smith, and/or Frozen in my office...
If you're ever at Martin's and hear a janitor singing along to Sam Smith and Michael Buble, that's me and your welcome.
Err... It's either you didn't listen to Wizkid's SuperStar or you expect a good voice to only sound like Sam Smith's own.…
Leave your lover by Sam Smith is a SuperCorp song , don't touch me. I think someone suggested me that but forgot who, my apol…
Had to listen to some Sam Smith, I've been missing his voice and the whole album is on being Mary Jane 😂
Where is Sam Smith? Is he ok? Is he making more music? When can we expect his sophomore album?. Asking on behalf of my ear…
I need Sam Smith, Hozier, and Jasmine Sullivan to release new music NOW
Not much of a fan of flavored beer, but the Sam Smith's Chocolate Stout is unbelievable.
When I had surgery yesterday (which I was awake for) my surgeon played music including Sam Smith and Ellie Goulding
You're right. There was also a book by Sam Smith on thi…
"He has the voice of Sam Smith, face of Alexander Rybak and hair like Mustafa" - Måns on Australia btw
Dave Ball is live now on BFBS Blandford with some great sounds from Rod Stewart, Justin Timberlake, Sam Smith and...
A candle lit bath, face mask, glass of merlot, and some Sam Smith / John Legend
Taylor Swift too "So no one has broken Sam Smith's heart yet?"
.Sam Smith & Mike Woods discuss the future of following Spaces' recent launch…
Creative writing 👏🏻 with a mix of Sam Smith, Anne Boleyn and some artwork
Tfw when you realize Johnny Greenwood could have an Oscar but they gave it to Sam Smith
The L in LGBT stands for "Lady Gaga, queen of pop, was robbed at the 2016 oscars. Sam Smith who? Gaga and Diane Warren did THAT."
BET *** sometimes, look at the fact that Sam Smith can win a BET award while Bryson Tiller will never British Music Awards
Only Jessie J and Sam Smith are doing it for love
if you need me, I'll be there. Safe With Me by Sam Smith ♫
"How will I know if your thinking of me". How Will I Know by Sam Smith ♫
Stepping out: Sam Smith, 24, was spotted soaking up the sun in New York's East Village on Frida…
Sam Smith making new work in Parachute Club, which exemplifies models of Positive Behaviour Support- fixing environmen…
Will u please do a Sam Smith cover tonight on ur guesting on ? PLEAZE!!!
Gavin Degraw, Ben Rector, John Mayer, and Sam Smith... thank you for making music ❤️
i want to go to a Sam Smith concert
Watch our reaction to Jason Dy singing Stay with me and See you again by Sam Smith,Charlie Puth and Wiz...
I really like both of them, but I prefer Sam Smith!
Ray Lamontagne, John Mayer, James Morrison, Ron Pope, Sam Smith, Erick Baker, Jack Johnson. If you dk any of these, you're missing out.
Sam Smith's Pandora station will have you wishing you knew love lol
I'm waiting on music from Fergie, Xtina, Katy, Brandy and Sam Smith.
4) I've got Auto's from J2, Rich, Julian, Mark S, Matt, Misha, Aliana, Sam Smith from my first Spn Con in TX
Like I seen Riri, Kanye, Calvin Harris, Sam Smith + more at one festival for the price of probably a 1.5 ticket of their individual tour.
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