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Sam Simon

Samuel Sam Simon (born June 6, 1955) is an American director, producer, writer, boxing manager and philanthropist.

Bob Barker Sea Shepherd Shetland Islands Faroe Islands James L Brooks

In his latest ExcelZone tutorial, Simon Hurst aims to make it quicker and easier for users to enter correct data. http…
I'm supporting the charities that I supported during my lifetime, and I...
Thanks for reading Dueling Neurosurgeons, Simon! I hope the book club enjoys it...
So you'd castrate your own brother? Gosh. I'll bet Simon Deng)ex-slave - feels really cosy about his captivity!
Today is So grab a cuppa and watch as he learns how to pick the perfect tea... ☕
Cold enough for Sam Simon to only break a mild sweat in ***
Sam Simon arrives in Mexico for Operation Milagro III: via
I just asked Simon Mignolet if he was nervous for tonight. He said No, why? I said Well, you should be. There's a lot of…
According to rumours, Jürgen Klopp will drop Loris Karius and bring back Simon Mignolet tonight.
Boxing should probably be banned. But until then, I'm a big fan.
I know but... Look I'm a massive fan of Sam but Simon did never want to work with her, Ben or Matt. That's y he got rid.
Sam wouldn't get on it - Simon dumped her like he did Ben Haenow.
I agree! Love hearing about Sam Simon and his eyeliner burning in ***
gn i love bryce, simon, 99GS and sam.
Dalrymple, the man who moulded Mitchell
I was just an animal lover. Everything that the Sam Simon Foundation d...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Dalrymple, the man who moulded Mitchell via He is a dirty player. Check his on field antics with Tex!
Dalrymple, the man who moulded Mitchell via
Simon Dalrymple, the man who moulded Sam Mitchell (News)
: Simon Dalrymple, the man who moulded Sam Mitchell Having been singled out by Sam Mitchell as the man w…
Simon Dalrymple, the man who moulded Sam Mitchell
Since Gary shandling and sam Simon died, all comedy seems dead to me
I am ecstatic to announce I have been Signed by SYCO, Simon Cowells record label and will be releasing my first single on…
LISTEN | recruiter Simon Dalrymple was chuffed after Sam Mitchell paid tribute to him yesterday
NEXT | recruiter Simon Dalrymple joins us after Sam Mitchell paid tribute to him yesterday. Listen:
Thanks to 1st team player Sam Dickinson for coaching the u18 forwards tonight
- look forward to seeing our community evolve together. Thanks Sarah, Sam & Michael
Congrats to our author The Coaching Habit is in 5 business books to learn from! . https…
You're absolutely right, thank you Simon, have a great day
Thanks so much and hope the presentation goes well! :-)
.& I wondered if you would keep an eye out for Jessica and say Hi if you have time? ;-)
Oh excellent! Alas I can't make it but one of my team is coming to present on behalf of Helen...
I am (co-presenting with my wife believe it or not, although it's really her gig). Are you there? I know Helen can't make it now.
Until we adopt a NZ type system and simon Stevens stops thinking pts have to be able to sue their doctor, then we will get nowh…
T-resias Felicite Simon Sam, can you please design this nice house for me?
Shocking statistics Simon, absolutely heartbreaking. My own son falls in that age range.
The Simpson's co-creator Sam Simon died of terminal cancer and left most of his fortune to animal charities and feeding the hungry.
👏 thank you & the crew of the M/V Sam Simon for the grueling work of pulling up the Thunder's n…
Sam Lavery says Simon Cowell's gone soft after having his son 💞
I still have to make a edit of Simon and Jonas and Justin and Sam
Simon Cowell: ''I really love working with winners''. Sam Bailey: .
V. cool to see the Sam Simon, a Sea Shepherd ship I'd read about in "Outlaw Oceans" piece, in Ortigia
TBT 2011 Sam Simon at the Sea Shepherd 35th Anniversary event. John Paul DeJoria hosted the event at his Malibu...
Sea Shepherd's Sam Simon. Wish I was back living on this ship. Some days I want to run off and go back to ship life.
was an amazing man and great friend to the animals, but he didn't care for That... htt…
VA, home to PETA's headquarters, made the 'Best Place to Live' list! Apply to work at the Sam Simon Center
The Simon pencil case will be flying off the shelves after that performance!! Well done Sam! :-)
you've gotta have an opinion on this. Spill the beans. Myself I generally support Sam, but ...
I need my Simon and Meg fix and puppy Sam and the namids killing all humans because who cares about them tbh
Sam is SAM. Simon and Sean are SIMON and SEAN.
"Jesus never said anything about *** people.That's a fact" "Well maybe he wanted to but he didn't want to hurt Simon's fee…
we are coming to your concert tonight My b/f is a huge fan any chance u could say hello to him his name is Simon else
On this one year anniversary of his passing, we remember Sam Simon. We miss you, Sam!
It's been one year and we miss you Sam
Humanism and the Simpsons, a thank you to Sam Simon by Jonny Ward (
I think you're good. Don't see Raps in LBJ's plans nor vise versa. ☺
stop it! If Lebron would join the i would take a break cheering until he's gone again...
Okay so his name is Sam and not Simon, I still hate him! See what happened? But we got some comicbook accuracy in that scene
Someone tell Sam Simon happy birthday from me
"Jensen and Misha did a kind of Simon and Garfunkle-esque pose on it." Rich talking about YANA and contest.
Sam Davies was excellent Simon,best player on didpay in Muzzer this evening
My new goal in life is to be co-assistant while Simon is still his assistant... Do you need another assistant, James?! ☺️
Happy Birthtime to star trekking SIMON PEGG! 70 today! Happy Birthtime Peggy! Can You Feel the Force?!
our biggest goal threat is Simon Mignolet
Sam has got me playing The Mesh Cool free arithmetic game - play in zen mode for no time pressure
Get used to it Sam! Simon tells me he's still very fond of you. X x
RIP, sam Simon.we miss you . BUT, your words still have the POWER to change hearts and minds!!!
I'm waiting to see if simon saves Sam or not 😱
New home for a few days!l with uncle Simon and Sam! Missing my daddies who are currently enjoying a long weekend in…
'Who shot Simon Cowell?!' Was it Find out on Feb 20th when is back with https:/…
so angelica was playing Simon says with my little sister & her friend & this is what happened..
Sam Rodia, creator of the who was born on this day in 1879
I need to trim my beard this weekend.
Archive March 2015: VOTO Remembers The Great Sam Simon *** .. it's fun to think like …
Emmanuel Eboué is training with Sunderland. Here's why Big Sam should sign him...
OMG I WATCHED EPISODE 5 of SHADOWHUNTERS AND IT WASNT AWFUL!!! Alec and Isabelle and Simon are pretty good actually.
Congratulations to Simon and Sam on Passing their driving test this week
Sam is from Scotland, she has no say in this... Simon is from North East, his argument is invalid 💃🏼
Simon is looking into this now Rick. [Sam]
When are Simon Russell Beale and Sam Mendes gonna take their decades long collaboration to the screen?! LEAR LEAR PLEEEASE.
Morning all, happy Friday and we're back again to handle all your parcel enquiries :-) [Llewellyn, Simon, Sam]
The continuing weird saga of how the woman in charge of the Sam Simon estate shockingly cut off funds to Sam's dog. http…
I really don't know anything else about it except Sam is in it & Simon West is directing it, other than that it's been secretive
I'll never understand why a turtleneck sweater with holes in it will sell for like $3,000.
i know what you mean but with LVG it feels different. Never really feel confident. I think a change in manag…
Wrote on Brian Allen Simon's latest title as Anenon and Monument, a series he's curating at MOCA, in the new Wire.
Simon's hashtag on Instagram is related to Sam Pepper - dear god. 😂
If Sam Simon didn't want to get out of cartoons, he wouldn't have gone to Taxi and met James L Brooks.
you know who else was involved in Filmation? Sam Simon.
Rescued alongside Simon who died – see how brave moon bear Sam is living for two (pics):
Simon Vigar: Why won't you tell us how much you earn?. Google's UK boss: [No reply]. Simon Vigar: Can you Google it?.
Thank you Sam & Glenn .. Harassed mother for the day 😋
Sam McGuinness of Dublin Simon responds to number of people waiting on housing in via
So sad, so much still to give, yet Simon Binner has shown that assisted suicide is valid &,for some,necessary Remarkable…
There are certain times you realize you've got too much money. One was when...
Lest we forget (as so many have over the years) that a TV show is a joint effort. Were it not for James L. Brooks and Sam Simon (Simpsons),
I’m with my boys Harry and Sam and their friends ruby, Emily, Ava and Tom
🆕 You've all been asking for the full version of cover, enjoy! 👉 https:/…
Fantastic story! Thank you to and the crews of the Bob Barker and Sam Simon!
Sam, please let me know your parcel number so I can get this looked into for you. [Simon]
this is the man who proposed to Sam whilst watching the film 'Mean Streets'!.
Gotta love dealing with you're drunk *** mom and wanting to slam your head in the wall
My cousin was almost hit by Simon Cowell on a jetski the other day...
You know you've made it when Sam Mendes calls you a *** ..😎
in your avi you and Sam look like Simon and Garfunkel
Bunch of carol singers came the door. Sam let them know exactly what he thought. Simon Cowell has kinder criticisms.
Went caroling through the school with Mark, Simon, Sean, Sam, and Heather
😂😂 I didn't even know b4 such day exist
.I have never liked world hijab day. I, unlike maajid just don't degrade wome…
We hope you have a Merry Christmas too, Simon! ^Sam
honestly how did I put up with a year of this I live in halls usually and they're not as noisy as sam and simon are
Beautiful we know you so please back the NHS Choir to beat Simon Cowell to Xmas No 1
could be worth a couple of quid. Saw Simon's bet earlier... Looked good for btts in all
we admire your work at The Sam Simon Foundation. What inspires you? Please share your story:
Dr. Sam Sharar explains how Paul Simon ended up in the Virtual Reality distraction game:
thanks [Simon] but already in DM'd your colleague [Sam]
to keep it funky, I'd love Minus Simon's Corny Thieving *** a Good 1am run at The Pink Monkey.Having to wipe my shoes clean
A huge thank you to DJ Sam Divine, Simon Dunmore and Defected Records for featuring me in their most rated tracks...
We're sorry to hear this Simon, is there anything we can do to help? Sam
So glad I saw barman Simon last night, my hero👌🏻
Watching The Simpsons. I almost forgot that *** Sam Simon developed the show.
Just want to say thanks to my brothers and sister and Simon for an amazing birthday, but…
Playing some jazzy tunes with Simon,Daniel and sam
Gigi x Selena? And Who you want x Lottie,Sam,Simon and Lauren?🙏
not a bad result! Finger nails are gone... But what about the Toure goal... 😱🙌🏽
Sam and I are very excited about Christmas!. - Simon's Cat (Christmas Special!)
Sam Simon was a hero for animals big & small. MFA mourns the passing of our dear friend.
Just had a chat with barman Simon from last night and it's made my day
Simon Moyer, Steven Forney and Sam Conway ready to test!
Listen to Paul Simon in New York at least once before you die.
Simon has a lot of blood on his hands.
if Simon Cowell made a mistake dumping Sam let's c, she dont need him, The Girl will do just fine, look at Jayne McDonald
your views on my team SAFC Stan. Whats going on and will Sam sort it? Thanks!
I know it's all for the show but Simon is being brutal tonight
I'm beginning to see why it took Simon so long to settle on one woman!
it isn't just about the singing simon. Sam Bailey, Joe McEldry&leon Jackson could all sing but where are they now?!
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Simon drop on sam being a devil he's not A like.the queen wont like it
Simon showing there its not about actually singing you have to be a walking butlins rep, because you know Sam Smith is a human firework 😒
"Are teachers suffering from a crisis of motivation" by Dr Sam Carr h/t
Rachel, I need to urgently get in contact with you and Simon. Can you call or email me please. Sam
"Michigan State didn't deserve to win"
when Sam Simon dougies at the bar it was a good night
*insert game of thrones meme about Michigan fan excuses coming here*
Sam, Tony, Simon, Luka (in the later seasons). Mainly them. Especially Tony and Sam.
I agree Craig you made a big mistake letting Sam go Simon but you're loss is gain :-)
YES!. it was a mistake for Simon. and it was a great opportunity for Sam
Totally Agree Craig.. I think Simon should Sign Sam and let her make her own choice of what music she produces
No goalkeeper has kept more clean sheets in the Premier League in 2015 than Simon Mignolet (13).
Yet again 'Sam Simon u will b missed by all species -is wonderful way 2 explain loss of
Colorado's Tyson Barrie has been suspended three games for charging/interference on Anaheim's Simon Despres. Video: ht…
how many simon could u give me for 1 sam smith . Ihave sam.
Gball upstairs bouncing with me and Simon, come and say hello :)
Message to the Crews of the Bob Barker & the Sam Simon By Captains Sid Chakravarty & Peter Hamm…
I'm convinced and are brothers birthed from the fine arts gods.
. Evening fellas. . That January window could be crucial. . As Gaz says if anyone can Sam can.
optimism is always good and while there is hope there is a chance. If anyone can Sam can but it's a big ask.
I have to disagree on this one. I think even Big Sam's bitten off more than he can chew with this job. Sinking ship
Playing tunes upstairs in Glitterball with my good friend Simon tonight... Who's coming
Got free tickets to Defected Records WeAreWhse show tonight. Simon Dunmore, Sam Divine, DJ SKT and more. Who wants to go?
How can mega-rich animal lover Sam Simon die and leave no $$ for the in his living room?Here's what happened
Every school kid is taught to get goal side, Wootton closed the ball down and Sam let Zamora get goal side. Simple defending
what? So Sam wasn't carrying a knock it owt?
Pizzy channeling her inner pirate at The Sam Simon Foundation Halloween party years ago
I mean who would've doubted Simon's scoring ability
wootton is the fourth choice centre back. Sam, a RB, has been given no chance to display his defensive abilities this season.
If there is one thing I hate the most it's a god *** Walmart wolverine
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
The Mrs can't come, anyone wanna come to Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode's film review this Friday 1-4 at Leic Sq empire with Sam Mendez?
TOM JONES for in a bid to save ratings?!
Simon Cowell consoles Grimmy after X Factor backlash from fans who want Louis Walsh back.
Very proud moment for me as son Sam played his first game for Badshot Lea Flames.Well done Sam
You're not the boss of me, Sam Sexy Pizza Ratner!
VERY interesting podcast with the great Sam Simon Died & left his Beloved Dog Behind..What’s The Problem? …
In our interview with Simon, he said it was Sam's birthday, and Hugh Munro sung happ…
Sad article about people fighting over the estate of the late, wonderful Sam Simon.
My butterfly collage of Sam Simon and Jennifer Tilly. We will never forget him ❤️.
The MV Brigitte Bardot, The MV Sam Simon and The MV Bob Barker standing strong in the Faroe Islands for Operation...
SIBC news: 2nd Sam Simon rigid inflatable seized, 1 in 7 people in Shetland take their own lives, 5.4% operations cancelled at Gilbert Bain.
Pop culture icons who died this year RIP: Sir Christopher Lee, Leonard Nimoy, James Horner, Sam Simon, Satoru Iwata and now Wes Craven. :(
The MV Sam Simon arrived in the en route to Operation
The MV Sam Simon arrived in the Shetland Islands, en route to Operation Sleppid Grindini.
Stick Linda McCartney, Davy Jones, Robin Gibb, Michael Clarke Duncan, and Sam Simon in there, too. (Robin Quivers, almost.)
Sam Simon, stops in the Shetland Islands, en route to the Faroes!
Update!. - Sam Simon has arrived to Shetland and is on his way to Faroe Islands. - Bob Barker remains…
SIBC news: Road collision investigation Cunningsburgh, Sea Shepherd vessel Sam Simon for Lerwick stopover, Heart of Community at £500,000.
.The late Sam Simon on why Kshamenk is the most abused orca in the world
- sanctuary ETA less than an hour. A better life awaits Sam & Simon like Mama & Moggy here:
agree about Simon & Sam & not sure what to make of Marc other than he smart & cringey. Interesting character!
The first Simple Simon's Strikeout of the game for Sam Show!
At least she is honest and not disingenuous like that cretin Simon and his sidekick Sam.
Caught up with 2 days of BB. Too much for 140 characters but basically Simon is a joke, Marc is a tosser and Sam has about 17 faces.
The house certainly needs another twist. 2 housemates who left last friday to take their places back and replace Simon and Sam.
I hate Eileen she's disgusting. Only person I dislike more is Simon. 😷
sounds sick. thanks mate! Think he's going to speak to me and simon about it but I've been keeping a note of the hours
Yep me too..and I think Eileen is much more not Sam and Simon...she copped right out yesterday
Can Sam please leave... and take Simon too.
Simon and Sam are such weak housemates if BB's intention was to shake up the house they should have put in more housemates like Marc.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Harry potter is more realistic than Simon's crying
Does Simon actually think he's convincing? 😂
They're all going on about Simon being a snake yet the real snake Sam has slipped under the radar
HBD 😊🎈I hope it's great!! && hopefully you're finally satisfied with the post 😉
do not understand the task, all of the housemates guessed that it was crybaby Simon and sam- so why are they not up for nomination?!!
Big Brother's Sam and Simon decided to nominate Eileen for the public eviction vote for the third time in as many weeks. It was then
I think Sam needs his own bowl. Simon is your cat shaped dog.
Hey! Spider! I'm trying to film Simon, Sam and Allan. BEAT IT!!
Did not say that if the housemates worked out who was nominating that they'd be up themselves?! Get Simon and Sam OUT.
The housemates seem to forget that Simon and Sam didn't have a choice.. they had to nominate despite not knowing the housemates yet
whats ur latest thoughts on the BB housemates. I'm beginning to like Harry but still not sure about Sam. Simon is fake & Marc
catching up on 5* i like Simon and Sam. It was mean but a good twist making them nominate
My colleague Simon has emailed you. [Sam]
Simon and Sam are to blame for noms. Simon was just such a hypocrite when it comes to age and being a "contributing factor"
were all blaming Simon (he deserves it) but not Sam or Marc, this is interesting, also interesting Harry stayed away from it
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Yadda yadda - Simon its so frustrating when u preach & don't follow thru what happened 2 the dolphin project? "…
Remember Benjy the *** bull who was saved from slaughter by campaigners? He's not ***
I think need to drop another Timebomb & say that Sam & Simon are also up for eviction!!
The housemates guessed right Simon & Sam, which I thought if they guessed right & found out, the new housemates would be up?
Just catching up on is it me or is Sam throwing Simon under a bus
I'm definitely giving this one a go.
Just noticed Sam Simon sported the same bracelet I wear everyday. ☺ Great man he was!
everyone blaming Simon for the noms and Sam gets away Scott free. She Defo thrown him under the bus 😁
Simon AND Sam were asked to nominate. She can't put it all on him because she has no backbone!
Every time I say my name at work people hear Simon. Do I say 'Sam' weirdly?
I mean to be fair... at least Sam and Simon are trying to play tactically with their nominations.
I guess so, but Sam was happy to go along with it until the housemates confronted her. She was determined to blame Simon. Argh
Qusntium's data - will clarify further with Sam Stark & come back to you. Thanks Simon
Sam is putting all this on Simon which I think is hilarious, at the moment, but I hope she gets caught.
In a few weaks the Bob Barker, Sam Simon and Brigitte Bardot started from Bremen, Germany to stop this bloddy shame!
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
They need to chill out it's not Simon and Sam's fault that they were given the power to nominate, so relax Jack.
absolutely do not like Sam, Marc, or Simon. Bring back Sarah, Harriett and Kieran!
Sam playing up to everyone and throwing Simon under the bus. Didn't know she had it in her.
- UK RSS Feed: Benjy the *** bull, saved from the slaughterhouse by late Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon, is not g
in 4 days my hero Sam Simon would have his birthday :(
Simon is human garbage. Sam and Harry are lost at sea. Marc is growing on me very awkwardly
"Stop crying and keep fighting." ~ Sam Simon - I will never forget this advice. Thanks, Sam.
Simon and Wendy eating with Sam who doesn't eat. I hope!
The 4 new housemates deserve to be up for eviction. Simply because EVERYBODY knew Sam and Simon did the nomination.
Yes, they've nominated Eileen for her age.. AGAIN
Ferch took down Simon Hoehn of The Giovanni Family but Sam took the picture.
Simon and Sam have nominated 3 of my favourite housemates and therefore must be destroyed.
BB Couch Potatoes: 2015 - Episode 22: Tonight, Sam and Simon reveal who the newbies have nominated...
Designer Sam Simon is sharing some of the most wild and amazing finds from ICFF!
Been off poker tournament 3 years now. Personalities I played with and went ahead. Jerry Buzz, Sam Simon, Devil fish Elliot😔
Sea Shepherd Founder, Capt. P. Watson visits the crew of the Sam Simon @ La Rochelle. Photo: Jeff Wirth
upcoming: exhibition of new work by Simon Comminos & Sam Becker! opening Friday May 1st
Katie and I photographed the wedding of Sam & Simon on Easter weekend at Wynyard Hall. Even though Sam & Simon...
Sam Northeast was so befuddled and twisted around by Simon Kerrigan he changed his name to Southwest.
Had to laugh about Simon blocking Sam…wouldn’t have guessed he’d take her so personally. Did he ever unblock her?!
Just had lunch with Simon who says that the film Capricorn One is about a man trying to kill OJ Simpson and Sam Wollaston.
Our Bars Manager Simon Cole had some fun with Sam Newman today, to create the – ‘Foss Shake’
1. Sam McTrusty. 2. Ewan McGregor. 3. Ryan Gosling. 4. David Tennant. 5. Simon Neil . 4/5 of my top celeb loves are Scottish.
James & Sam from are ready to chat to Simon Logan about on
I don't think there's anything to worry about!
maximum love reaching out to Chris Vibration Simon Milly Millward Samuel Sam-Fi Tan Finbarr Carter Cecil Reuben...
Off to Nepal with best map tube and briefing pack ever, thanks to
delighted to offer a years free membership of the club for these GR8 causes
A message from David Simon, the creator of “The Wire,” to the people of
David Simon weighs in on the Baltimore riots:
Listening to Simon & Garfunkel... Thank you Sam Messler, for making sixth grade way more than European...
Still waiting for Sam to institute a dead week.
why did I just find out that sam Simon died I'm a dumb ***
'Sam Grant - men will want to be him and women will want to meet him' - great new review of Remember to Breathe
Fordy, Sam and Simon all going for social
Listen Simon, Bournemouth's a great club. Triffic club. Great fans. But Eddie's the manager and it wouldn't be right for …
I wouldn't do the bet for a start but £5 stakes don't interest me
The Sam Simon, one of 's vessels, was originally a Japanese whaling ship...
Only reason why I'm still warriors hard.👌🏾
Thank you, Sam Simon!! You were a wonderful friend to the Seals & all animals. R.I.P.
Hi, I can see that my colleague Simon spoke with you previously and we're awaiting an investigation being raised. [Sam]
For those asking about documentary link: ❤️
If there’s an afterlife, Sam Simon has everyone laughing via Nice!
missing you. Sam holds the plane and says your name. Pretty cool.
The works were reported stolen last Friday from the Sam Simon Foundation
'Simpsons' cocreator Sam Simon dies at 59; donated $100 million fortune to charity.
Sam Smith and i'll give you Simon cowell or The 1975
Sam tried to throw a Simon and Garfunkle CD away along with Chuck Barry's greatest hits? TF? He acting like I don't have a 5 disc stereo.
Great to finally meet and his friend all the way from Switzerland! Diehard fans!
Sam Morrow and Simon just before the Masters Challenge!
Also, worth noting, the late, great Sam Simon directed a bunch of episodes of The Drew Carey Show.
Zayn Malik solo material 'will be released through Simon Cowell's ...
Zayn's Syco new direction: Simon Cowell bags rights to ex-1D star's ...
Horrible comments by katie hopkins about depressed pilot &people. She loves just being worse that Simon Cowell, revels in it
Nine-time Emmy winner Sam Simon, who wrote episodes of “Taxi,” “Cheers” and “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show” before co-creat…
Sam Simon, Simpsons producer and philanthropist, dies at 59 - CNN
Sam Simon was hilarious & compassionate. When we got together, as we did often during his battle, we always had fun. I will …
Sam Simon, the co-creator of the simpsons has been cranking up for the past 3 hours
Aron Sam and Moses Simon have been lively from the wings- 0-0
'Simpsons' co-creator Sam Simon dead at 59, donates his $100 million fortune to charity
RIP Sam Simon, essential architect of The Simpsons and one of the finest minds in television. He will be missed. http:…
Sam Omatseye is a classless can't even equate him with likes of Simon Kolawole.
1st team win 19-6 in tricky match where both teams played their best rugby up hill against the wind! Onl…
Sam Simon's passes away. He saved so many lives while fighting for his own. May he rest in peace.
This week we've got Sam the Chemist & Simon taking over the Airwayvs!! Tune in now 94.5fm!!
Had the mind of Sam Simon not paved the way for all of us in primetime animation, I wouldn't have a job. He will be so…
Sam Simon, co-creator of The Simpsons dies at 59 - BBC News
Simon Buettner gets the win with an early stop against Sam Horowitz
If you've ever been any type of fan of Sam Simon, I highly recommend his interview with .
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