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Sam Shepard

Sam Shepard (born Samuel Shepard Rogers IV; November 5, 1943) is an American playwright, actor, and television and film director.

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🎥 WATCH: The official new trailer for 'Never Here' directed by starring Mireille Enos, Sam Shepard a…
Music and theater communities coming together to honor Sam Shepard in Kansas City. "Music notes written ... -
How did I not know Bob Dylan and Sam Shepard collab'd on a 4 hour experimental film with Joan Baez, HDS, Allen Ginsberg, and Jack Elliott?
Happens every year. No mention of Sam Shepard, *** Gregory, or Erin Moran. No love for Joanie ?.
"And the eagle's being torn apart in midair...and the cat won't let go." -- 'Curse of the Starving Class' by Sam Shepard
So sorry to hear of the death of Sam Shepard. He was one of the actors originally considered to play William Adama ... ht…
Blackthorn, 2011 movie.Sam Shepard as an ageing Butch Cassidy.Beautifully shot in Bolivia. 'I've been my own man, nothing richer than that'
Patti Smith and Sam Shepard in her apartment in the early ’70s – Photo: Judy Linn
I'm with you, and this year it could also serve as a Sam Shepard tribute. He's so good as the reward boyfriend (a N…
Tribute to Sam Shepard. Lucky to see him with Patti Smith & talking of True West
I hope, somewhere, a picture exists of Sam Shepard, Sam Elliott, and Sam Waterston.
Sam Shepard enjoyed quiet life in Midway, Kentucky | Lexington Herald Leader
Inspired by Sam Shepard's Motel Chronicles Wim Wenders scouted locations in 1983 4 his next film Paris Texas…
Sam Shepard and Wim Wenders on the set of "Don't Come Knocking".
Cracked cry . Of longing to be out there . Moving . With the sea green sea . - Sam Shepard (1943-2017)
Sam Shepard, Lee May, Ara Parseghian, Darren Daulton, Don Baylor, Barbara Cook, Glen Campbell. Rough 10 days & is all over it
Peter is Kurt Russell and Sam Shepard wrapped in a prettier package. What you have Rachel is a long-term boyfriend
Sam Shepard (1943-2017) remembered by Stephen Rea: "He was the kindest man, utterly truthful, witty and generous". https:…
I had the honor of playing Sam Shepard's son in one of my first films. He was a class act whose work profoundly influenced…
Matthew McConaughey holds back tears as he learns of Sam Shepard's death in red carpet interview
Patti Smith pays poetic tribute to Sam Shepard: "We didn’t have to talk then, and that is real friendship"
Sam Shepard is great in Thunderheart and Out of the Furnace.
Sam Shepard, drummer for the Holy Modal Rounders, suggesting to his g.f., the poet Patti Smith, that she might try singing…
Patti Smith wrote a farewell to Sam Shepard, and it'll shake you up
"He liked packing up and leaving just like that, going west.". The perfect tribute to Sam Shepard by Patti Smith
I liked a video Matthew McConaughey reacts to the news that Sam Shepard passed away
I loved Sam Shepard in Notebook! He was Ryan Gosling loving father! So amazed he was Pulitzer Prize winner in…
A truly gifted man. We'll always have the work to remember and inspire us. Sam Shepard had the right stuff & the wo…
Sam Shepard and Dallas Roberts during a play 'A Number' Off Broadway, at NYTW in 2004
Sam Shepard. Christian Bale. Casey Affleck. Woody Harrelson. Forest Whitaker. Willem Dafoe. They are the reasons I love Out of the Furnace.
Sam Shepard, star of Bloodline and Black Hawk Down, has died aged 73 You were a phenomenal talent
My favorite Sam Shepard movie was The Right Stuff followed by Black Hawk Down.
RIP Sam Shepard. You will be missed for sure. Fantastic in Out of the Furnace, August: Osage County, Cold In...
Actor, playwright Sam Shepard dies after battle with Lou Gehrig's disease
That shot of Sam Shepard desperately trying to wipe away the blood of a dead soldier he led in Black Hawk Down, spoke volum…
Sam Shepard was a remarkable talent I was lucky enough to get to know and spend time with on Black Hawk Down. His loss…
Sam Shepard died from complications of Lou Gehrig's disease
R.I.P.dear Sam Shepard, one of most talented writers that there ever was,...will be sorely missed, a prolific gifte…
Sad day, losing the outstanding award-winning playwright and actor Sam Shepard. Suffered from very tough "Lou Gehrig's disease."
Today is a great day to watch Paris, Texas - directed by Wim Wenders & written by Sam Shepard, streaming free on w your library card
The work of Sam Shepard, who died last week, charted the confusions and illuminated the longing of a generation.
Sam Shepard, Actor and Pulitzer-Winning Playwright, 73, passed away from complications of Lou Gehrig’s disease
Entertainment Weekly News: Jessica Lange spoke about ex Sam Shepard in recent interview.
Sam Shepard passed away due to complications from Lou Gehrig's disease.
Director, actor and playwright Sam Shepard died Thursday of complications from Lou Gehrig's disease.…
RIP Sam Shepard the cool guy who won both an Oscar and a Pulitzer. Just saw him in Out of the Furnace this...
Sam Shepard died of Lou Gehrig's Disease; let us pray for his family; for all afflicted by this illness; and for a cure for ALS!
Playwright/actor, Sam Shepard, has died at age 73 from ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, "Lou Gehrig's disease").
Sam Shepard, the actor and playwright, died Thursday due to complications from Lou Gehrig’s disease
"When you hit a wall — of your own imagined limitations — just kick it in." Sam Shepard was a brilliant artist who gave us all…
Incredibly gifted man. I met him n SF at Tosca,'87. Sam Shepard asked me if I'd like 2 play a game v pool. Almost passed out!
I wake up everyday to chicanery and loss. The double-punch of Sam Shepard and Jeanne Moreau is another Romero/Landa…
RIP Sam Shepard, a man who gifted the world with his talents. He will always be my cowboy hero.
Sam Shepard chronicled the darker sides of American family life in “Buried Child,” which won the Pulitzer Prize
BREAKING: Sam Shepard, the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, Oscar-nominated actor dead at 73
Sam Shepard: US actor and playwright dies aged 73 - He won a Pulitzer Prize for his writing and was nominated f...
Sam Shepard, Esteemed Playwright and Actor, Dies at 73 - He won the Pulitzer Prize for his play, 'Buried Child,...
RIP 😢. Oscar-nominee and Pulitzer Prize-winner, Sam Shepard has died at 73.
Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and Oscar nominated actor, Sam Shepard, has died at 73 years old. http…
Oscar-nominated actor and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Sam Shepard is dead at age 73
Sad to hear about the passing of Sam Shepard. When I was 9 or 10 my dad took me to see The Tooth of Crime at the Be…
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Sam Shepard. What a gifted man. What a loss.
Sam Shepard was great in the underseen Cold in July. RIYL Hap and Leonard, Blue Ruin, Green Room.
RIP Jeanne Moreau and Sam Shepard. They're going in pairs this year.
This is a very sad day for film. RIP Sam Shepard & Jeanne Moreau,2 of the really great ones.💔 Triste nouvelle ce matin, 2…
Sam Shepard... an unflinching force on the page and on the screen. Dammit.
Sam Shepard. Whenever he came on-screen, you knew you were in good hands. A frame from "Days of Heaven." May he rest in love. http…
RIP Sam Shepard. We understand this ugly world a little bit better because of you.
Sam Shepard, actor and playwright, is dead at 73
They say justice and love are blind, but death has horrible aim. RIP Sam Shepard.
Shocked. Goodbye Mr. Shepard. You were such a huge influence on my career. Thank you for your words...
RIP Sam Shepard :(. Prayers for your family and loveed ones. 🙏🌸
Breaking News: Sam Shepard, a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and acclaimed actor, has died at 73 ht…
R.I.P. Sam Shepard, renowned playwright and actor has died at 73 from complications related to ALS.
RIP Sam Shepard.Watching Paris, Texas - possibly for favourite film ever - for the 1st time with him at was a forma…
A legend. One of our countries most original and distinct voices. RIP Sam Shepard.
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RIP Sam Shepard. So honored to get to drink and talk with you in Austin. Thank you for giving me the time of day. God B…
Sam Shepard; He showed us how to tap into the hurt for creative achievement.
RIP Sam Shepard. Incredible writer. Great actor. Your daily reminder that The Right Stuff is one of the greatest movies o…
Actor. Playwright. Pulitzer Winner. Hair Icon. Sam Shepard passed away today at age 73. He was the epitome of having 't…
Sam Shepard has long been a hero of mine. A versatile artist with an unflinching style entirely his own. A renegade re…
Due to my older brother's influence Sam Shepard was the 1st playwright's name I knew after Shakespeare. Goodbye sir. ht…
Playwright and actor Sam Shepard dies at 73
I love Jack Nicholson but Sam Shepard deserved that Oscar for "The Right Stuff" and I'd shout it while bouncing on Jack'…
R.I.P Sam Shepard, amongst his many accolades he starred brilliantly as in film 'The Right Stuff' https…
Sad news to start the week, unfortunately: we've lost both legendary actress Jeanne Moreau and legendary playwright/actor S…
The theatre world has lost another giant. Rest in Peace.
Actor + playwright Sam Shepard has died from complications of ALS, his agent said. Shepard, 73, won a Pulitzer in 1979 for "Buried…
Sam Shepard was a towering figure in American theater and film. He indeed had "the right stuff." His voice will truly be m…
Sam Shepard, one of the greatest actors of all time has passed away. Watching his art was a honor. Thoughts & prayers f…
Sam Shepard is one of the greats. These eyes saw so much, and he wrote of what he saw with fearless, timeless honesty. R…
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US actor and author Sam Shepard dies at 73, US media report
RIP Sam Shepard. Read this great profile of him in the New Yorker from 2010:
Literally bumped into Sam Shepard many years ago, both of us on our way to see Pillow Man on Broadway. We had a great chat/…
Jeanne Moreau, Sam Shepard thank you for enlighten us at 24 frames per second. RIP
I don't know anything about his plays, but he was so good as Chuck Yeager in "The Right Stuff" --
JUST IN: Playwright, director, and actor Sam Shepard dies at 73
Sam Shepard dead at 73 . Sam Shepard and Patti Smith in London by Gerard Malanga [1972]
RIP Sam Shepard. “The most authentic endings are the ones which are already revolving towards another beginning.”
RIP Sam Shepard. His greatest film role, Chuck Yeager, still alive and kicking.
In honor of Sam Shepard, I say we all watch The Right Stuff this week.
Sam Shepard on America, writing, human nature & how his work evolved. . My 1984 interview with the great playwright: ht…
The passing of Sam Shepard also represents a passing of a type of American masculinity that many white actors today can no longer embody
Farewell, Sam Shepard. Photo taken by Bruce Weber for Vanity Fair in 1984.
In the movie 'The Right Stuff': Ed Harris is John Glenn, Scott Glenn is Alan Shepard, Sam Shepard is Chuck Yeager.
Sam Shepard's A Lie of the Mind is coming to
In 2000 I was an acting student in NYC & I got standing room only tickets to see Sam Shepard's True West en round w/ John C Reilly & Hoffman
Not out until April 11, but my Sam Shepard biography is listed. Therefore, it exists.
JEREMY IRVINE is in Buried Child by Sam Shepard at With Ed Harris and Amy Madigan
Christopher Lloyd, one of our great actors, is 78. Sean Connery is 86. Kirk Douglas, 100. Sam Shepard and Fred Ward, 73. So much greatness.
No schmaltzy loved-up story this by Sam Shepard has gritty performances by Lydia Wilson & Adam Rothenberg (e…
Really gravitated towards Sam Shepard's portrayal of Chuck Yeager. Great movie. Which brings me back to Ed Harris and Westworld.
We are so excited to begin work on HIR by Taylor Mac. It is a cross between Christopher Durang and Sam Shepard...
"I feel like it's every actor's dream job. It doesn't get much better than doing Sam Shepard with actors such as Ed…
"A Particle of Dread"(OEDIPUS VARIATIONS): Field Day Theatre Company & Sam Shepard. Had the pleasure of seeing this.
I know the feeling. It's almost as if I've spent my life circling around Sam Shepard.
"It's almost as if Sam Shepard has spent his life circling around Samuel Beckett." Sam Shepard | interview
I feel like I've never had a home, you know? I feel related to the count...
To sing a song is quite different than to write a poem. I'm not and neve...
If you feel yourself going through "Yeager" withdrawal, just follow actor Sam Shepard who played him in "The Right Stuff" lol
btw: Fool For Love is a good movie too. Sam Shepard 🙌🏻
Personality is everything that's false in a human: everything that's bee...
Writing for theatre is certainly different to writing an essay or any ot...
Tonight join us for "Tombstone" starring Kurt Russell, Sam Shepard and Val Kilmer. Starts at 7 p.m. Turkey Creek...
Fool For Love seethes with the intensity of emotions Sam Shepard was going through when he wrote it but never totally absorbs (cont)
You sometimes use the excuse, 'I'm a writer, dammit, I can do anything I...
THE BASICS: TRUE WEST, a play (1983 Pulitzer Prize in Drama Finalist) by Sam Shepard, directed by Scott Behrend,...
FoolForLove : - ★★★★. An exceptional cast bring Sam Shepard’s award-winning play back to life.
I've been so spoiled in the theater, writing plays where I can just do e...
Ages of The Moon at Presentation House Theatre North Vancouver. til Sunday Nov 6th. Written by Sam Shepard. Directed...
After the falling out with my father, I worked on a couple of ranches - ...
I see Sam Shepard playing Dr Gray in the biopic.
I've come to feel that if I can't make something happen in under an hour...
James Franco, Robert Duvall, Ed Harris and Sam Shepard? How soon can we buy tickets?!?
There's something new on The Cinema Show! UK Edition with news on theaters, music and arts. We hope you enjoy!
feat. Sam Shepard in the line up at 1 point (but not on this track) Any Al in there, ?
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I feel like the writers that I'm drawn to, the writers that I really cling to, are the writer
David Harbour's performance in Stranger Things reminds me of John Malkovich in Sam Shepard's True West.
was the best acting I saw anybody do. -Brownsville Girl (Bob Dylan/Sam Shepard)
Oh I remember him as funny in that. Been awhile. He's really smart, did his Sam Shepard play routine I imagine.
Superb Sam Shepard play comes 2 London with BOOK for NOW:
Sooner football won't be the same without Shepard this year. The boys still gonna kill it tho💪🏼🏈
Actor Ed Harris is expected to make his West End stage debut year in a revival of Sam Shepard's play “Buried Child”:
Sam Shepard’s Pulitzer Prize winning play, was last staged in the UK 12 years ago.Get ur tickets now
US actor Ed Harris is to make his West End stage debut alongside wife Amy Madigan in Sam Shepard's Buried Child. https…
Sam Shepard's unsettling masterpiece Buried Child is coming to the Traf. If you haven't read this play or any other Shepard…
Ed Harris stars in Sam Shepard's Buried Child at Trafalgar Studios -
The funny thing about having all this so-called success is that behind it is a certain horrib
Watched Chris Wallace on Sam Shepard today. Sounds like he will likely side with Hillary Clinton. Sam seemed to be bewildered as well
Chris Wallace on Fox Sam Shepard today. Chris says clearly, He is in favor of Hillary Clinton.
Chris Wallace on Sam Shepard today.He's already made himself clear he sides w/Hillary Clinton!!!
Nick Farco is on stage and in the classroom this fall. Don't miss him in True West by Sam Shepard (Sept 8-30)!...
Ed Harris to make West End debut in Sam Shepard play
Ed Harris to make West End debut with wife in Sam Shepard play: US acto...
Cast it well (I love Joe Morton and Sam Shepard, too)
Did they film the Right Stuff at Edwards? Sam Shepard was divine as Chuck Yeager.
BTW...If anyone has the tool free number for Richard Gere, Andy Garcia, Sam Shepard or Esai Morales in-person-...
I loved Cold in July! It had the feel of a Cormac McCarthy novel + you can never go wrong w/ Sam Shepard or Michael C. Hall!
IChing. I'm a fearless man but I'm scared to death of you. - Sam Shepard. Oh no you're not. But you oughta be. - Barbara Hershey
We this Friday come on out!!! . True West. by Sam Shepard. Produced by special arrangements with Samuel French,...
Days of Heaven is a wonderful film. Sam Shepard and Richard Gere are both fantastic. Malick filmed this one beautifully. Absolutely stunning
Ages Of The Moon by Sam Shepard. The Playgoers Society of Dartington Hall . Sam Shepard may be a great American...
Watching Pars, Texas, with Nastassja Kinski, a film by Sam Shepard (story) and Wim Wenders (director) and Ry Cooder (music).
Great birthday present: off to see Ed Harris & Taissa Farmiga in a Sam Shepard play. Thank you
What were you doing in Cleveland? I'm in Philly now but grew up in Bay Village. Home of Sam Shepard n Patricia Heaton.
Excerpt: ‘Buried ChildEd Harris and Paul Sparks in a scene from the New Group’s revival of the Sam Shepard play.
Ed Harris, Sam Shepard, Dennis Quaid & Barbara Hershey star in the 1983 film "The Right Stuff." Tonight at 10pm on
Sam Shepard's The Buried Child w/ Ed Harris was phenomenal. "Eddie" from Boardwalk Empire puts on yet another under the radar performance.
Edward Parone, theater director, writer and mentor to Edward Albee, LeRoi Jones, Sam Shepard, John Guare, more.
Sam Shepard seems to be channeling Samuel Beckett in this image
I'm Jack Bensinger & I'll be doing a monologue from Fool for Love by Sam Shepard, and yes I'm covered in vomit.
hi Rachel... Yes really really good movie. Sam Shepard played Yeager.
Im seeing an experimental piece of theatre this evening by man thats described as "the Sam Shepard of Japan"
Tickets are now on sale to see Ed Harris, Amy Madigan & more in Sam Shepard’s Buried Child:
“The best actors show you the flaws in the writing.” —Sam Shepard
In the news: Midcoast Actor’s Studio announces cast for Sam Shepard’s, A Lie of the Mind
Theater Review: Go West, then go further: All the strengths and limitations of Sam Shepard’s True West… |
I returned to the station and was looking at the tape. Someone said, "Hey, why'd you interview Sam Shepard?"
To retell Sam Shepard story: I was doing at story for WVIR-TV about smoking bans in restaurants and bars.
Now that's funny. I just told the Sam Shepard story recently. That was an embarrassing episode.
yes that's Bailey my Basset she's my little girl and I have Sam the German Shepard he's my lap dog🐶
My next theater prod will open March 11th, Sam Shepard's The God of *** at the Lounge Theater. More info to c…
Played a little Force Unleashed today and still weirds me out that Starkiller just IS Sam Witwer in that.
Huskers head to halftime with 45-34 lead at Penn State. 24 pts, 6 3FG for Natalie Romeo. 13 pts, 8 reb for Jess Shepard.
sounds good I enjoyed Blackthorn recently feat. Sam Shepard
His favorite film is Ordinary People and he wanted to put on a Sam Shepard play for the armed forces (USO rejected that).
- the "I see it" is a bit much now. He's cast an entire Sam Shepard play at this point.
Playwright, actor, author, screenwriter, and director, Sam Shepard, joins us onstage Jan 25!
Sam Shepard and The Aesthetics of Performance a serious academic analysis of the playwright's work
Imagine not feeling heartbroken when Commander Shepard leaves Earth in the midst of the Reaper assault, you cold hearted ***
Sam Shepard still holding his us navy uniform and "access" rank
German Shepard puppies🐺🐺 selling them all though so if you know anyone that's interested let me know!!
Killing Them Softly from an editing standpoint is a mess. I'm sure there is a lot of Sam Shepard on the cutting room floor.
S/o to Shepard's class for making the final seem way too easy
Sam Shepard's True West coming to Digital Theatre on 20 January. Read more:
Watched 'Cold in July' last night: Sam Shepard; Don Johnson and Michael Wall were excellent - a good film
"I feel very lucky and privileged to be a writer… you're literally not dependent on anybody.". ~Sam Shepard
Sam Shepard’s will be released on on 20th January. Here’s a trailer:
If Dax Shepard and Sam Rockwell kissed, would their faces meld together into the same face?
ever see cold in July? With Don Johnson, Sam Shepard, Michael C. Hall?
Reading list for next week's trip to Thailand includes 3 books of plays by Sam Shepard, Neil Simon and Athol Fugard
and deliver the goods in the new Broadway revival of Sam Shepard's 1983 play
Sam Shepard's Fool for Love opens on Broadway tonight, here's why you shouldn't miss it:
Opening tonight. Fool for Love by Sam Shepard w/ Sam Rockwell,Nina Arianda.
Tonight: Sam Shepard's "Fool for Love," with Sam Rockwell and Nina Arianda, via
If that's not Sam Shepard though you can pick another winner if I happen to get lucky. Haven't got lucky in 15 yrs so, n/m.
Also in "The Right Stuff," Sam Shepard (who played legendary pilot Chuck Yeager) actually has an acute fear of flying.
So basically we would just sit there & watch people go up to them & fawn over Jessica Lange & usually not recognize Sam Shepard :-/
Philip Seymour Hoffman and John C. Reilly in Sam Shepard's Broadway production of "True West" -- pretty cool.
Great piece about a great American writer
Thanks for the message hope your students get a chance to see by Sam Shepard this September.
Look forward to seeing lots of fans at by Sam Shepard Tkts on sale. for more info!
Sam Shepard: 'America is on its way out as a culture'
Swear think Sam is prego might have german Shepard mixed with husky puppies
Come check out this very early writings found by a shepard in a cave.
Double Sams on Broadway: Rockwell to appear with Nina Arianda in Shepard's Fool for Love.
"God Emmanuel, lion of Judah, wings of peace, the good Shepard, the living waters, the messiah, the rock of ages,...
Tom Hanks and Sam Shepard are starring in Meg Ryan's directorial debut, meaning Hanks and Shepard will share scenes together. I am excited.
What kind of pet would you like to have in the future? — I already have a Chihuahua and a German Shepard and now I …
dude. I had this vivid dream that you and I were doing an off Broadway version of True West by Sam Shepard.
it's a good mistake. I actually had to pause for a moment and think. is it sam shepard? cause it could be.
I haven’t seen it yet, but my mom loved it. Or maybe she just loves Sam Shepard!
Regarding Katrina I remember a short story by Sam Shepard called 'Saving Fats'. It couldn't be better
On 14 Sept we have a post show Q&A Prof Stephen Bottoms of talking about Sam Shepard's writing
Sam Shepard fans - have you got your tickets for yet? I'm going 8 September, panel discussion afterwards ...
Is it just me, or does anyone else ALWAYS mix up Sam Shepard and Craig T. Nelson?
SWORDFISH is on and what a waste of Sam Shepard.
Hope to see lots of fans by Sam Shepard this sept.
.SPOILER ALERT:. And of course, as I start episode 5, Sam Shepard dies. But he did great work for four episodes.
I know I'm late to the party, but Bloodline is truly fantastic. Sam Shepard is out of this world, & Ben Mendelsohn matches him step for step
On page 133 of 336 of Seven Plays, by Sam Shepard
Tkts now on sale for by Sam Shepard look forward to seeing lots of followers there
The stage play of by Sam Shepard is on during Sept if any followers would like to come!
Guru adalah teman terbaik, pak Indra, Yulius, Fali, Shepard, Howard, Hoque, Sam, I won't forget everything you've done to me. Thank you all.
I have a 140 LBS German Shepard police Dog, bring that little *** on! Wont have to feed Sam for a week! LOL
how'd you see it? also, for a coda, read Sam Shepard's Rolling Thunder Logbook.
Sam Smith always makes me feel better omg
Love is the only disease that makes you feel better. ~ Sam Shepard
“Beginnings are definitely the most exciting, middles are perplexing and endings are a disaster.” —Sam Shepard
Except for Sam Shepard, Scott Glenn and Ed Harris in "The Right Stuff." Trustable shirt-tuckers.
...on the other hand, later seasons had more developed characters, more Wynn Duffy & a terrifying Sam Shepard. It's all good.
Fool for Love and Other Plays by Sam Shepard. April 17, 2011 at 8:00 am Leave a comment. Cowboy Mouth. “Slim: Cut...
If you loved Patti Smith's JUST KIDS go see Cowboy Mouth at the Chelsea Hotel, based off her play w Sam Shepard:
Sam Shepard arrested for drunken driving -
Linda see's Sam Smith on TV and exclaims "Sam Shepard!!"
my mom just referred to Sam Smith as "that Sam Shepard guy"
Randy Quaid: Fool for Love: Sam Shepard and Kim Basinger ignite a sexual bonfire whose embers will haunt you (People)
Join my young Sam Shepard = time traveling Dennis Leary conspiracy truther movement.
Cold in July, great thriller with Michael C. Hall, Sam Shepard and Don Johnson. Very good Movie.
Patti Smith & Sam Shepard at the Chelsea Hotel, 1971. Photo by David Gahr
"Sam Shepard writes with the skill of an artist and the soul of a survivor" - Neil LaBute
“True West,” an American classic by Sam Shepard, one of the country’s most celebrated actors, directors and...
How was it working with Val Kilmer and Sam Shepard?
Hey, western fans: I can strongly recommend Blackthorn on Netflix: Sam Shepard as an aging Butch Cassidy in Bolivia.
Kyle chandler, Sissy Spacek, Sam! Enjoy...I'm now looking for a new show!
*** The footage of Mew-Tork rampaging as a vampire didn't properly record. Unsure why. Sam Shepard shooting up the Citadel DID, though.
Just watched Mud. Beautiful little movie. Another gem and Sam Shepard stealing the show.
Hey Nenshi, is performing Tongues by Sam Shepard on April 29th & May 1st. We'd love for you to come see us perform!
My dad just asked if we r gonna see Sam Shepard and Adam leven in concert. You mean Sam Smith and Adam Levine?¿ 😂😂
said beards ain't cool no more so it's gone !!! Then I got attacked by a German Shepard 😆😆
I would remove Olive Kitteridge and add with Sissy Spacek,Sam Shepard on
Dr. Sam Shepard explaining why mothers and fathers matter
Dr Sam Shepard glossing over his unwavering attachment to religiously inspired sexual teaching.
Sam Shepard, an ecologist, says he's worried about undermining "timeless idea" of "kids having mother&father"
Cold in July wants to be like 7 different movies at once, and as a result fails at being even one. Even Sam Shepard can't save it.
I always thought it would be super dreamy to have Sam Shepard & Sissy Spacek as parents until Yikes!
Sam Shepard is a national disgrace.
It seems like a slow burn but Sam Shepard is always good!
Owen is on the hunt for Amelia, but she can be his Shepard.
Not enough Sam Shepard in Bloodline. But I say that about everything.
the winning play by Sam Shepherd, is on stage at Buy tix today:
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
In this week's I make the bold claim that play-write Sam Shepard Stars in Road House. Plus comics drone:
One can enjoy a wood fire worthily only when he warms his thoughts by it as well as his hands and feet. ~Odell Shepard
"I get sick when you're here and I get sick when you leave! you're like a disease to me" - Sam Shepard, Fool for Love
The old-guy hair of Bloodline is just plain glorious
Sam Shepard is amazing, too. Texas is so dark.
And the ever so great Sam Shepard whom I've visited with during my years in NYC theater.
Sam Shepard, Sissy Spacek, Ben Mendelsohn.. & its dark take on family can't really go wrong.
mom: I love that Sam Shepard song.. me: no mom it's Sam Smith
Guess I'll just watch Bloodline & try not to think about Sam Shepard's relationship with Patti Smith...
Friday: Robert Altman directs Sam Shepard in the film adaptation of his play "Fool for Love." h…
Sam Shepard at Jessica Lange Honored by the Film Society of Lincoln Center - Green Room
Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter split?? 😩 I'm still getting over the Susan Sarandon/Tim Robbins and Jessica Lange/Sam Shepard break ups!
"Never stay more than thirty seconds after you realize you don't want to be there." -Sam Shepard
Correction *by Sam Shepard starring Stephen Rea and his left foot
The Lord is my Shepard I shall not want...
Having a Sam Shepard ideal in a Paul Giamotti body is bound to lead to some self image conflicts.
Sam is a Husky Shepard Mix. Rusty is an Aussie Shepard Mix. Both run like *** all day, and this pup is faster.
Finally found time 2 watch movies, Cold in July x The Guest makes for a great double feature. Sam Shepard killed it +of course Don Johnson >
or a Saturnalia hymn... or something. Love Henry Died, and I am a huge Sam Shepard fan.
Meet Stephen Rea and the cast of actors from both sides of the Atlantic featured in Sam Shepard’s A...
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