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Sam Seaborn

Samuel Norman Sam Seaborn is a fictional character portrayed by Rob Lowe on the television serial drama The West Wing.

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Brings to mind Sam Seaborn ripping apart that guys draft.
Sam Seaborn and Toby Ziegler just had a stroke
The Leslie Knope-Ann Perkins friendship is my favorite TV friendship since Josh Lyman and Sam Seaborn. Leslie and Ann are better tho.
In other TV-from-10-years-ago news, watching Parks & Rec before watching The West Wing does make it hard to take Sam Seaborn seriously.
Just like Sam Seaborn when he lies to the Mallory’s students in the Roosevelt room in the West Wing pilot...…
Feel like Sam Seaborn would be very disappointed in 2017 Rob Lowe.
I started watching the West Wing and I now have such a big crush on Sam Seaborn. Not Rob Lowe, Sam Seaborn
Watching the West Wing and Sam Seaborn just said the most Chris Traeger line ever
Sam Seaborn is dreamy enough to be a fan of anyone he wants.
no doubt you’ve heard this a 100 times, but Sam Seaborn is my favourite character on The West Wing, and there’s tough competition.
Every time I hear "Bad Moon Rising" I think of Sam Seaborn & I'd like to thank Aaron Sorkin for the permanent correlation b/t CCR & Rob Lowe
I downloaded dream daddy and I made my character like an au sam seaborn and it's gr9
Where is Sam Seaborn's supposed presidency when you need it?
Forgot the hooker that Sam Seaborn slept with was actually hired by the Russians to pee on the President.
We can talk about it at PAX Unplugged! Or I can just swing by and quiz you on Sam Seaborn trivia.
This is like that episode of THE West Wing where Leo McGarry & Sam Seaborn got into that fight, & then C. J. Cregg curb-stomped Will Bailey.
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Still can't believe Sam Seaborn is GM of the Lakers but I guess that's 2017 for ya
Rob Lowe trending in 2017 is not something I would have ever imagined but glad to know I'm not the only one keeping…
As that 'West Wing' character told Sam Seaborn: "If we ever get a chance to screw you... expect to get screwed!"
Half expected to see Sam Seaborn in the back of the shot letting out a little cheer.
Wouldn't it be nice if all communications directors were a bit more like Sam Seaborn?
I'm praying for a redux with a President Sam Seaborn being mentored by a former President Jed Bartlet.
Guess what. Bob Rumson wins. Ritchie wins. Vinick doesn't even win his primary. Sam Seaborn is laughed out of the room. Welcome to reality.
Sam Seaborn(Rob Lowe) was in the first scene of the West Wing. .He left after season 4 though
There is just in the WH. Nice mouth communication director... I miss Sam Seaborn. #
I was searching for a Sam Seaborn joke but this is better than whatever I would have come up with tbh
This sort of puts Sam Seaborn losing his pager in perspective.
how about WH communications director sam seaborn to play the new WH communications director "the mooch" ?
if ever you need a Josh Lyman to your sam seaborn...I'm right here 🤣
Sam Seaborn had something in common with Angelica Schuyler.
We need a Jed Bartlet, Leo McGarry, Josh Lyman, CJ Cregg, and Sam Seaborn in the White House, stat.
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Sam Seaborn said it best, particularly the "I just haven't figured out how to do it yet" part:
NOBODY expected the Mooch to be like Sam Seaborn..
His name is Sam Seaborn, and who actually thought that?
Sam Seaborn was the weak link in that admin
Director of Comm was Toby Ziegler, the esteemed was Sam Seaborn, the deputy comm
Why would someone drag Sam Seaborn through the mud like that
"Before I look for anything, I look for a mind at work." - Sam Seaborn . I see you
Sam Seaborn has to staff the President via
happy 4 . Sam has always been called to fight for those of faith.Glad he has been given an opportunity…
To quote Sam Seaborn: "I don't think it's such a good idea to be casual about the truth.".
I'm becoming Sam Seaborn at work and IT IS AMAZING.
Who wore casual statesman better, Justin Trudeau or Sam Seaborn ?
Sam Seaborn becoming the Canadian Prime Minister is the spin-off dream.
I think I found the Sam Seaborn to my Josh Lyman tonight, and it's
I'd love a twist for the hypothetical reboot: Ainsley Hayes as President; Sam Seaborn…
Want to be manufacturers' Sam Seaborn? Join the speechwriting team at
Pretty soon only Sam Seaborn and Donna will be left.
Still bitter that left the 15 years after the fact I'm having dreams of walking conversations with Sam Seaborn.
wants to be Sam Seaborn from West Wing, but comes off like a late night infomercial host plugging Trump
Wonder did he get the idea from Sam Seaborn's speech to Mallory's class in t…
Rob Lowe is better as Sam Seaborn on The West Wing
sam seaborn just met this blonde vanity fair writer and i feel like.yEAH
As Sam Seaborn would say...there are times when we are absolutely nowhere.
He reminds me of an exacerbated Sam Seaborn & won't be far from a Josh Lyman during briefings
Which ever one Sam Seaborn gives me?
Or like Rob Lowe as Sam Seaborn in The West Wing. Miss that show--great writing and an amazing cast
How about bringing back West Wing with Sam Seaborn as prez with ? We could use some inspiration.
Hey I liked Will Bailey just as much as I liked Sam Seaborn. I hope you see some variation of this message 80 times a day.
Happy birthday to the person who's the Sam Seaborn to my Josh Lyman,
Sam Seaborn is now shilling for KFC and the world is inexplicably a little more awful.
OMG. I just realized is the newest Colonel on the KFC ads. I wonder what Sam Seaborn would say?
Certainly appropriate. Gotta love Sam. We could use a Bartlet while we're at it. Or President Seaborn. ^..^
I'm excited to see what West Wing is like without Sam Seaborn cause he is an obnoxious turd.
Where is the ten episode West Wing reboot with President Sam Seaborn? I feel like we've been kept waiting long enough
What's happening in Manchester now reminds me of this Sam Seaborn quote from The West Wing
and I's love for Sam Seaborn and Josh Lyman knows no bounds.
"I can't unleash my full potential in a two-page summary!" Sam Seaborn wing
What! Sam Seaborn is also in Such a great cast in this movie.
okay, if we are not going to do all of them, can we have an ep on how dreamy Sam Seaborn is?
Where are Sam Seaborn & CJ Cregg when the world needs them?
How has no one brought Sam Seaborn back as a President in another development of The West Wing...
I'm down with but if we're gonna do it let's go with President Bartlett or one of his staff. Maybe Sam Seaborn
Sam Seaborn always with the positive reinforcements
Bartlet's wife has probably had two failed election attempts so far, Sam Seaborn dropped out the primaries only four weeks in
I can't pick a favourite character, but top three are Sam Seaborn, CJ Cregg, and Charlie Young.
Except that we (some of us, of course) always hope we can make it this way:
sam seaborn interrupting his dad as he’s about to get laid is. Classic.
Looking at as Sam Seaborn in the West Wing and as Chris Trager in Parks and Rec. There are so many lines d…
WANTED:"The West Wing" reunion series starring where Sam Seaborn runs for POTUS! Get on it and
I want this to happen. Maybe with a GOP President and the Dems trying to find their way back. Sam Seaborn for President?
Aaron Sorkin needs to write a spin off of West Wing where Sam Seaborn is president.
Sam Seaborn, please think twice before you try to mansplain to Nancy McNally.
The best main characters on the West Wing are CJ Cregg, Charlie Young, Sam Seaborn, and Abbey Bartlet. NO ONE ELSE MATTERS.
Talking about my and professional journey, and quoting
I'm fairly certain Betsy DeVos wouldn't have been confirmed if Josh Lyman and Sam Seaborn had been working the phones.
If you’re curious the previous thought was “what if Chris Traeger is Sam Seaborn?”
This is excellent listening for any fellow Sam Seaborn wannabes out there. Behind the scenes with Obama's speechwri…
here's 25 mins of kellyanne getting her *** kicked on CNN. Would've never happened to Sam Seaborn
OK, so even Sam Seaborn thinks we're all aboard the crazy train. I'm not the only one. Except, there's still the ma…
Is Spicer really the 'Sam Seaborn' for Trump? If so, wouldn't that explain some of the things coming out of Trump's mouth?
"Is it possible there's a Sam Seaborn out there for us all" she said, sitting in her robe and staring out the window at the endless drizzle.
Reboot ! prez sam seaborn chief of staff Josh Lyman bring CJ Cregg out of retirement for press sec.. I need hope!
JUST NOW REALIZED:. "I'm looking for a mind at work" is a Sam Seaborn line. . you beautiful, crazy superfan, you.
And Sam Seaborn is a smug, entitled berk. I don't like his embroidered shirts, or his patronising tone to CJ.
Somewhere in our Multiverse, Sam Seaborn is telling Bartlett that Josephine McGarry is the new Secretary of education.
"Education is the silver bullet... Schools should be palaces." ~Sam Seaborn
Dr. Wills, Sam Seaborn, and Nick Andros best characters played by Looking forward to Code Black tomorrow!
supplemental reading for the Sam Seaborn/Winifred Hooper scene in "The Stackhouse Filibuster"
From Sam Seaborn's mouth to god's ears
Sam Seaborn always had the answer...America needs Sam Seaborn
President Sam Seaborn... Jed predicted it over a game of chess...
West Wing reboot plot: Sam Seaborn decides to run for Preisdent because a Trump like figure is in office and he feels it's his duty
"Unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity." Fellow members of the Bar, PLEASE take a lesson from Sam Seaborn. Or, bet…
To quote Sam Seaborn, “Well this is bad on so many levels.”
I like to thing that Sam Seaborn had issues along the way, entered Witness Protection, & emerged as Chris Traeger in Indiana.   10% Off
Sam Seaborn hasn't fallen in line just yet but Josh is publicly shaming him, so...
and his performance isn’t as nuanced as say - bradley whitford or allison janney, but sam seaborn just has no purpose as a Character
Do not mess with Sam Seaborn, or Tom Brady.
Season finale: Donna weeps over the radio as Sam Seaborn crashes the space shuttle into the Lincoln Memorial to delay the rogue AI, BARTLET.
Rob Lowe's mom lived in Santa Monica (where my wife lived) and dad was from Dayton, OH (where I'm from). Our son = Sam Seaborn confirmed.
I wish he were more like Sam Seaborn IRL :(
Oh okay she was an intern at the GAO and she yelled at Sam Seaborn. Dare I say this is... SO WEIRD
On this national holiday of football, make sure you watch the clip of as Sam Seaborn, overthinking football picks. Gets you ready!
Aaron Sorkin should bring back the West Wing with Sam Seaborn as President.
Sam Manson, Sam Seaborn, and Sam Vimes aren't too shabby either. Who's your favorite supporting Sam?. (Andrew)
Remember when Pres Bartlett and Sam Seaborn lectured staffers on clear writing? Ah the good old days...
Who monogrammed these shirts??? Sam Seaborn...shouldn't it be an S in the middle??
what would sam seaborn's stance be on the UC Berkeley situation?
Sam Seaborn for me, in looks and personality
God love you, Sam Seaborn. This public school teacher does. 😘
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Someone please send CJ Cregg and Sam Seaborn and Leo McGarry in to the WH to save us all. Pres. Bartlett too, if he's available.
I'm watching disillusioned Sam Seaborn right now...and looking at what's going on here and now, I agree and feel his pain.
I used to think I was a Sam Seaborn girl but really Josh Lyman has always had my heart. And always will.
You had me until the Toby gif...I mean, where's the Sam Seaborn dreamboat?
Where's Sam seaborn when we need him
Sam Seaborn: You might be asked first thing tomorrow if you're endorsing me. . President Josiah Bartlet: Am I?...
We could all use a little Sam Seaborn right now https:…
Incredible. Toby Ziegler and Sam Seaborn would be screaming 😱
Matt laughed at me cause I really wanted to nail it a la Sam Seaborn and the birthday message from season 1.
A ship I would go down with. Sam Seaborn & Josh Lyman. Up until Amy Gardner they were so *** and I loved every mome…
Here's a GIF of a Josh Lyman and a Sam Seaborn to make your better.
We need Chegorin's aides and Sam Seaborn to meet STAT.
Oh man Kendrick is absolutely Sam Seaborn. Feels like a revelation just seeing that.
Sam Seaborn drives the same car as me. I guess you could say I'm pretty cool.
Off for Christmas. Watching on Josh Lyman is bringing Sam Seaborn into Matt Santos' administration. Better times.
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So I started The West Wing on Netflix. I'm gonna have to do a tribute to how shady Sam Seaborn is.
Same. I’d love to watch the continuing adventures of Sam Seaborn as a politician taking the national stage.
Sam Seaborn just dissed public affairs.
TWW reboot with Sam Seaborn Presidency? TWW prequel of young Bartlet?
"Hope Hicks is the new Sam Seaborn" was never a sentence I ever thought I would need to type out.
spoilers: it was Josh Lyman & Sam Seaborn's fault. they were cold.
.suggests Tom Hardy as an alternate Sam Seaborn. Nothing about a dog.
When you see the Orange Co numbers you realize California is gone for a least a generation of GOPers. Sam Seaborn would have won there now.
Love but I'll never quite get over missing Sam Seaborn
Sam Seaborn at the gym is the most unrealistic part of the West Wing.
Anything with is good so I'm sure she'll make a great Sam Seaborn
Sam Seaborn uttered the phrase "a mind at work" and now I'm humming Hamilton. thank you!
Dear : please bring West Wing back to help us lefties through the Trump years. Seems like Sam Seaborn is ready to be pres!
Also this is, as Sam Seaborn would say, "very bad writing"
oh without a doubt it's Sam Seaborn, followed closely by Toby. It's very hard not to like any of the characters though
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
right?! Masterfully written characters. Who's your fave? Mine is Sam Seaborn.
Origin story: Chris Traeger was born the moment Sam Seaborn said, "I'm NUTS about dental hygiene!". Brilliant convergence,
My name is Sam Seaborn and I feel entitled to be mad at this woman for being a call girl.
So. West Wing. I need to know if Angelica's "Im looking for a mind at work" line is a Sam Seaborn ref. Its been haunting me.
We all could use a little Sam Seaborn idealism and Toby Ziegler fight today.
My wife tells me I am Toby Ziegler all the time. My friends are always the more handsome Sam Seaborn. I'm okay with…
I really wish Mallory would have become a more regular character on The West Wing. She was the PERFECT match for Sam Seaborn.
Watched "Hartsfield's Landing" (Bartlett tells Sam he's going to run for Pres 1 day) reboot w/ Seaborn!
Sam Seaborn just uncovered a 50’s White House Russian spy. Amazing how relevant the really is.
I love Jed Bartlett. I'd have given anything to be in his administration. I picture myself as a better-looking Sam Seaborn
just re-watched "Somebody's Going to Emergency, Somebody's Going to Jail". One of the top 3 Sam Seaborn episodes!.
Season 4 of the West Wing is nice bc I like Will Bailey but like I know Sam Seaborn is on the way out and that's sad.
The more I (re)watch the more I realize that Sam Seaborn is just a young Chris Traeger
Things Sam Seaborn and I have in common: an inability to fold up maps and... Well, that's it.
I think it's time for the to make a return to Television. Sam Seaborn runs for President, inspire us again Aaron Sorkin.
Josh Lyman, Sam Seaborn, and CJ Cregg would've never let this happen.
.My motto is Sam Seaborn's: Let's forget you showed up late to the party and celebrate the fact I showed up at all.
Where's Sam Seaborn when we need him?.
Sam Seaborn and Ronald Reagan - My favorite fictional White House staffer and one of my favorite Presidents
It's actually a TERRIBLE piece of prose. At least he can spell, to paraphrase Sam Seaborn.
...But how it made me long for Sam Seaborn!
Perhaps it's time to start the search for Sam Seaborn.
I quite possibly love Sam Seaborn from The West Wing. That characters script is fantastic, and delivers it wonderfully.
Doesn't seem like the code noir is ending anytime soon, Sam Seaborn
can someone talk to someone and bring back the TV show about Sam Seaborn running for President?
Sam Seaborn will still always be my favorite on West Wing
Any chance you guys could get a message to Aaron Sorkin? The message is: We're ready for President Sam Seaborn.
A goal so have is to take my Comm degree and policy experience and be Sam Seaborn.
Sam Seaborn to run in special election to replace him
omg just heard Sam Seaborn tell Ainsley that he "looks for a mind at work" and it's been the most solace I've felt all day
Take it easy on Sam Seaborn. Its not his fault that he's smarter when scripted
Now might be a good time for some telegenic left-wing escapism in the form of a new West Wing series. President Sam Seaborn anyone?
I think it's pretty awesome that is saying the opposite of what Sam Seaborn would be saying.
Is anyone else concerned that Sam Seaborn *didn't* go outside, turn around three times and spit?
Hmm... all day marathon on tv, or on netflix? Sam seaborn, hold me in your arms and tell me i'll be okay.
Too late to elect Sam Seaborn as their Congressman.
One day, and I've gone from Sam Seaborn to Toby Ziegler.
I do the same but with Sam Seaborn instead. I do love Ainsley though. Maybe House of Cards would be more appropriate today
It is. Next time, we'll have to get Sam Seaborn to run for POTUS
We had The West Wing and Bartlet to carry us through the Bush years. Bring back The West Wing! President Sam Seaborn!
Hey Aaron, now would be a good time for that West Wing spinoff following Sam Seaborn's presidential campaign.
I got my political news from Sam Seaborn.
.Sam Seaborn said it well: terrorism is 100% ineffective in long run. That's why we're still here.
Only Josiah Bartlet, Sam Seaborn, Leo McGary, Toby Ziegler and Josh Lyman can save America now.
Hey, - I knew it. Sam Seaborn tempted the wrath from high atop the thing.
Thats because they don't have Sam Seaborn writing for them.
Just for fun walk us thru Sam Seaborn's feelings right now. One as if he was working for Sec Clinton and one for Mr Trump.
Watching this and West Wing at the same time makes me really wish Sam Seaborn would just run for president already!
Are we sure that Sam Seaborn meant 'cure' not 'elect'?
Sam Seaborn weighing in on the election coverage.
Sam Seaborn needs to work some magic
This FEMINIST just voted to keep a misogynistic, racist,xenophobe out of office. As Sam Seaborn…
Why aren't we voting for Sam Seaborn?
aye .. On plus I have cited Sam Seaborn 😂
If only Sam Seaborn was running for President.
I'd rest easier if I knew Sam Seaborn was in the trenches fighting the good fight.
Wolf Blitzer said "very unique." Sam Seaborn taught me that was bad.
*insert Sam Seaborn speech about how America IS great* or something
Decided not to sit up. Too tense, too much work to do tomorrow. Off to dream of President Sam Seaborn.
West Wing S3:E15 - President Bartlett tells Sam Seaborn that he is going to run for President someday. Why has that reboot not been made?
You can get the Leo McGarry job...or Sam Seaborn. Not Josh Lyman. Maybe Flamingo.
Can't wait to hear the beautiful lines Sam Seaborn & Toby Ziegler, post-Bartlet era, must be finalizing for HRC to…
Surely it's time for Sam Seaborn to be President? Anyone got his number?
Today would be such a good day to be Josh Lyman, Sam Seaborn, or Tony Ziegler and not have to find a livestream for results
I first read that as Sam Seaborn and now I think the Star Trek/West Wing mashup might get green lit.
While it's cute to joke about voting for Frank Underwood, Sam Seaborn, or ur mom, a Trump presidency would be ugly so now, joke later.
Everyone should write in Sam Seaborn ( ) . Which FYI The West Wing should start again with him as President. Just saying.
Seaborn/Lyman...Sam writes his own speeches and is politically correct, while Josh handles the dirty work.…
Wondering if creator named Sam Seaborn as a nod to Samuel Seabury...
I can't trust early voting stats because (in Sam Seaborn's voice): "democrats and die hards vote early."
Still clinging to my dream that one day Sam Seaborn will be President.
"You're gonna lose, and you're gonna lose huge. They're gonna throw rocks at you next week." . Toby Zeigler to Sam Seaborn, West Wing
Sam seaborn: democrats and diehards vote early . My alarm: set for 6:30 . Me: this tea
theme song gives me all the feels. So does Sam Seaborn.
and this one. Sam Seaborn, Education is everything
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aww, man. Sam Seaborn would never misuse an apostrophe like that...
Every time I need to write a posh drinks party, the nibbles available always include crab puffs as a tiny shout-out to Sam Seaborn.
I want in. I'd fancy myself as a modern day Sam Seaborn.
It's Rob Lowe's memoir - he was in the Brat Pack in the 80s and then was Sam Seaborn in The West Wing.
This podcast is what I imagine a podcast hosted by Josh Lyman, Sam Seaborn, & Toby Ziegler would be like. Tis a good thing!
Whenever I write anything serious, I imagine I'm Sam Seaborn frowning at my keyboard and think, "Would he be satisfied with this?"
S01E03, where I was really hoping they were going to pull Sam Seaborn from the rubble. Now that'd be a story!
This is the closest I get to Sam "Schools Should be Palaces" Seaborn...I mean Chris Traeger...I mean Rob Lowe. Brus…
Great interview with I like the Sam Seaborn comparison.
S3Ep15 Hartsfield Landing. “Sam you’re gonna run for President one day.”. West Wing 2.0 President Seaborn. When’s that happening?
All I want is for Aaron Sorkin to do a reboot of The West Wing with Sam Seaborn in the Oval Office (as predicted by Jed Bartlet)
all time fave. Sam Seaborn is my husband.
Only issue with this piece on is that Sam Seaborn is no 'staffer brat'
my new thing is replaying The West Wing in my head BUT WITH JOHN CHO AS SAM SEABORN. IT'S BETTER. TRY IT.
Oh my god Sam Seaborn is back on The West Wing I am cryING
Sounds like this came straight from Sam Seaborn's mouth: Each boat loaded with debt + encumbered w/huge payments to…
help I accidentally got really into the West Wing again and can't possibly be with anyone except Sam Seaborn, the most perfect fictional man
Hey What's your favorite Sam Seaborn moment/scene??
Never watched, The West Wing. Actually had to Google to find out who Sam Seaborn is. :-)
So why hasn't revived West Wing with Sam Seaborn as POTUS to lead us through these trying times?
Sam Seaborn has a lesson for Trump on paying taxes. Wealth does not always = greed.
Does Rob Lowe have a picture in the attic? He looks like Sam Seaborn's grungy younger brother from the mid-90s
I've been threatening to vote for Jed Bartlet, but perhaps I'll go with Sam Seaborn instead.
.Pt2 of "In the shadow of two gunmen" was the episode when I decided I wanted to be Sam Seaborn.
not at all. Using the Voyager missions and Sagan always has emotional impact. Like Sam Seaborn talking about space travel.
Someone on MSNBC had a "Seaborn for America" sign & I don't know whether to write-in Sam's name or scream about the Californa 47
Just realised Sam Seaborn is the only one who does it left handed
The West Wing: exactly the same except Rob Lowe isn't Sam Seaborn he is Chris Traeger
When they said Pitch was like TWW, I think they meant "we're cribbing Sam Seaborn's origin story."
I'm finally watching the season premiere of "Code Black." It took me 15 minutes of the show before I recognized Rob "Sam Seaborn" Lowe. Wow!
Obviously would be Sam Seaborn, would be Leo. I see as a VERY different take on Josh Lyman.
Currently: channeling in Sam Seaborn and thinking of opening zingers to feed to group members for presentation in 2 weeks
What do u think Sam Seaborn's Starbucks order is?
I love the oratory. If I could wish for one talent, it would be to write as well as Sam Seaborn.
No one thought that (Sam) Seaborn would be a terrible President:
"A probable impossibility is preferable to an improbable possibility." Aristotle via Sam Seaborn
Um, was Sam Seaborn the original Schuyler sister in 's first draft?
I'd like to think that Chris Traeger is Sam Seaborn needing to unwind after his work in the White House.
Zoe Bartlet. Also, Lisa Sherborn (Seaborn) held her own against Sam who was a complete jerk to her in 100,000 Airplanes
West Wing confessional: I like the character of Will Bailey more than Sam Seaborn.
Growing up I wanted to be Sam Seaborn. actually became Sam Seaborn. That's why I hate him. (I don't actually hate him).
Is that my boyfriend Sam Seaborn on now?! YES!
I can't be the only one constantly calling Sam Sanders 'Sam Seaborn', right? Sorry, Sam.
Mood: Sam SEABORN me casse les pieds
He’s no Sam Seaborn. (I can’t imagine how horrified Sam would be by Trump’s candidacy.)
Oh hey, look...there's Sam Seaborn in a helicopter. Welcome to
That Sam Seaborn moment was too quick to be earned!
was it Sam Seaborn who made you give up a career in law and go back to get your medical degree ?
I'm having such a Sam Seaborn moment with a project at work. I keep finalizing text then coming back to it cause I really want to nail it.
Hey did you play Sam Seaborn as having Aspergers? Seems so.
Sam Seaborn just introduced himself (first name last name) and I wanted to burst out: MY NAME IS SAMUAL SEABURY
Sam Seaborn has become a tough as *** military doctor and I am in heaven!
This is the best Rob Lowe has looked since Sam Seaborn rode off to run for congress. He looks like himself again.…
Thought I would see Sam Seaborn playing doctor. Instead I see a doctor I want in my corner. Great job! 👏🏻 Want to see more! 👍🏻😃
oh yes Sam Seaborn has a special place in my tv heart.
Rob Lowe is mild mannered Sam Seaborn by day and superhero when the world needs saving
We officially say goodbye to Sam Seaborn.
Sam Seaborn's line to Leo McGarry comes to mind: There are times where we are absolutely nowhere...".
Sam Seaborn thinks schools should be palaces. I agree. via
and working at makes one as happy as Sam Seaborn here...
do you even realize you were in Big Sur at the same *** time as Sam Seaborn?
.Destined to be friends. I want to drop out of school and be Ainsley Hayes and/or marry Sam Seaborn.
should tap Aaron Sorkin to bring back The with Sam Seaborn as POTUS. . The day it premieres could be a national holiday
Angelica Schuyler and Sam Seaborn are both "looking for a mind at work."
I can't find the quote, but Sam Seaborn talks about politically engaged people reacting to the news-- straight to emotional
lmao you're not even good at trolling. Stick to rubbing one out and sobbing during Sam Seaborn monologues
I also forgot how much Sam Seaborn irritated me.
I think Sam Seaborn's idea for a Pilgrim Detectives show is fantastic
In my own private universe, Sam Seaborn simply grew up to be Chris Traeger
"wondering what Michael Vartan has been up to" . ps Josh Lyman > Sam Seaborn
Oh no! It's the consequence of no speechwriting instead. Serves as advertisement: "Hire Sam Seaborn or fail like Trump!" :)
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