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Sam Nujoma

Samuel Daniel Shafiishuna Nujoma (born 12 May 1929) is a Namibian politician who was the first President of Namibia from 1990 to 2005. He led the South-West Africa People's Organisation (SWAPO) in its long struggle against South African rule and took office as President when Namibia obtained independence on 21 March 1990. He was subsequently re-elected in 1994 and 1999, remaining in office until March 2005. He was President of SWAPO from its founding in 1960 until 2007.

Sam Nujoma Stadium Dr Sam Nujoma Black Africa Orlando Pirates Nelson Mandela South Africa African Stars Founding President Robert Mugabe Walvis Bay Blue Waters Super Falcons Independence Ave Samora MacHel Julius Nyerere Independence Stadium

Sam Nujoma describes Gerson Hitjevi Veii as one of the spearheads of Namibia's struggle against colonial rule. .
Namibians are not proud of Sam Nujoma because the west did not praise/recognized him...
off to soccer practice — feeling determined at Sam Nujoma Stadium, Katutura
I liked a video Interview with Sam Nujoma
“In fact, Namibia does not just belong to Namibians but to the whole Afrikan continent.” Watching an old video where Sam Nujoma is slaying!
Corner of Sam Nujoma & Dr Stein Str no 26, Klein Windhoek...opposite that Nandos there.
HARARE FOURTH STREET & BULAWAYO MAIN STREET TO BE RENAMED SIMON VENGAI MUZENDA & JOSHUA MQABUKO NYONGOLO NKOMO Zimbabwe's Government has gazetted the changing of two major streets in Harare and Bulawayo to honour two former Vice Presidents and national heroes Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nyongolo Nkomo and Dr Simon Vengai Muzenda. According to a notice gazetted yesterday, Fourth Street in Harare has been renamed Simon Vengai Muzenda Street, while Main Street in Bulawayo will now be called Joshua Mqabuko Nyongolo Nkomo Street. The names were altered to honour the country's two foremost nationalists Dr Muzenda who was also called Soul of Nation and Dr Nkomo, who was Father Zimbabwe. The changes were made in terms of section 4 (1) of the Names (Alteration) Act (Chapter 10:14). Veteran nationalist Dr Nkomo died on July 4, 1999, while Dr Muzenda died on September 20 2003 and were both declared national heroes and were buried at the National Heroes Acre in Harare. "It is hereby notified that the Minister of Local Governme ...
People found Sam Nujoma referring to boers and imperialists offensive? *opens history text book*
Piet Visser, alleged to have likened Sam Nujoma to a hairy primate, has no intention of moving anywhere:
News Feed:. A section of the open pavilion at the Sam Nujoma Stadium in Katutura is on the brink of collapse,...
My render of infrastructure grid- Sam Nujoma, Samora MacHel and Enterprise Roads shown
Nampower Senior employee Piet Visser Quits & over babooning Sam Nujoma , special assistant to Nujoma asked him to leave the country.
Local football galore as NPL returns with Tigers taking Black Africa at Sam Nujoma Stadium at 20:00.
SWAPO/Sam Nujoma must just give Gwen whatever they promised her. Maybe she will start seeing things differently...
It is likely that more insults were said but the "hepele" decided that the mention of Sam Nujoma will add weight.
Sam Nujoma or a cleaner... Our GRN always condemned it. Look at the guy that was beaten in Gobabis.
I think that story is lacking basics. How did Sam Nujoma end up being mentioned at NamPower business?
So you saying we naming everything Sam Nujoma, just for some Visser guy to come insult the founding Father...aaye!!
Guys, let's be logical here... There is a difference between Sam Nujoma and a normal citizen. In all honesty
How do you want respect Abraham Linchon, Nelson Mandela but not OUR FOUNDING FATHER Dr Sam Nujoma ? You people are lost.
How do you insult Sam Nujoma? And claim its a joke, and you're white nogal? This is how people die.
After Piet Visser allegedly called Sam Nujoma a baboon, the senior NamPower employee quit his job on Friday:
Don't hope for things to change! Work so things will change..Nujoma and Robert Mugabe#
Jan Japan motors.. The Sam Nujoma of the motor vehicle industry
Truth is Truth book launch at Sam Nujoma Multipurpose center in Ongwediva, Tuesday 23 December 2014, 18h00. Come all!
We will meet on Tuesday 23 December 2014 at Sam Nujoma Multipurpose Center in ONGWEDIVA where we will launch TRUTH IS TRUTH!
In this song Gazza said, I took off the shoe that Sam Nujoma left in the mud, and give a hand to Hage!!! And got 2.5mill .
'If I die today, It will be a holiday'- Sam Nujoma
Get a pen and paper, one person must tell the history of Samuel Maharero and the other the history of Sam Nujoma.
My history book only had 10 pages of Namibian history, 8 pages were about Sam Nujoma. 😷
They only teach us about bloody Sam Nujoma/SWAPO in our history books. 😷
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Just saw 2 accidents in sam nujoma...please drive carefully dont drink and drives...our lives are precious,let u…
Countdown to 22 November is happening at the Sam Nujoma Stadium, the whole Windhoek will be Blue, Red and Green this Saturday. FINAL SWAPO PARTY STAR RALLY. Come One Come ALL.
The Swapo Legacy Continues, Consolidating Peace, Stability and Prosperity. All the Swapo Members, Supporters, Sympathizers and Peace Loving Namibians are all invited to attend the final and mother of all Swapo Party Election Campaign Rallies on Saturday 22nd November at the Sam Nujoma Stadium. Yours truly Comrade Hage Geingob leading his people into an all inclusive independent Namibia. The tailgate will start from 8:00am from the Swapo Headquarters to Sam Nujoma Stadium.
Whoz going to Sam Nujoma Stadium tomoro for that swapo thingy
Whch time is the rally starting hano the one that is been held at sam nujoma? quick answer
We will be dancing for you tomorrow in Windhoek...Sam Nujoma Stadium.
All the main streets in Namibian towns are either Independence Ave or Sam Nujoma Drive
There is a lot of water gushing out at Cnr Kwame Nkrumah(Union Ave) and Sam Nujoma (2nd Street).Are you aware of this ??
Fellow namibians join us at the swapo party rally tomorrow at the Sam Nujoma Stadium, and put on your party colours
Current Situation: at Sam Nujoma Stadium preparing for the 22 November 2014 SWAPO Party Star Rally
Isn't it on Sam Nujoma in KW?? "Sardinha on Independence Ave. 👌RT A nice restaurant or eatery or whatever?
Do you think that Sam Nujoma pulls out a N $10.00 note when they ask him for I.D?
All roads lead to Sam Nujoma Stadium on Saturday.
Biggest STAR RALLY in Khomas Coming up this Saturday, Sam Nujoma Stadium is where we'll be
Collapsed wall at the block of flats corner of Herbert Chitepo/Sam Nujoma. What happened?
People refuse to see positive changes - Nujoma -
People refuse to see positive changes - Nujoma. REHOBOTH – Founding President Dr Sam Nujoma says Namibia under the...
President of Namibia, Dr. Sam Nujoma, ruled Namibia for 15-years.
Fessy left you to fight his battles! Sam Nujoma!
Look beyond the challenges of today and cast them on the hopes of tomorrow-Dr Sam Nujoma
Head of AU elections observer mission Sam Nujoma has declared the elections free & fair. I need to go back to school.
Retracing the footsteps of a liberation struggle icon: “Where Others Wavered, the Autobiography of Sam Nujoma.”
Gave full scholarships to two underprivileged young Namibian women through the Sam Nujoma Foundation…
Sam Nujoma went back to school at 75
Former President Sam Nujoma given a honorary doctorate at a university of Kinshasa, DRC. He is now "Dr. Dr. Nujoma". 😃
Former president of 75 yrs old Sam has enrolled at the University of Namibia as a masters student http:…
Say anything about anyone but don't disrespect or insult Dr Sam Nujoma
My Grand father told me great stories about him. I met Cde Sam Nujoma for the first time in 2000. He had come to my home village.
When I was growing up I used to look up to H.E Sam Nujoma as a super hero, I admired the way he made his entrance at a rally,
The Crowbar In the early months of 1980 rumours of a death squad began to circulate in Ovamboland. The SA’s, it was said, had trained a group of thugs to assassinate prominent Ovambos. Then in May 1980, Levi Kamangwa, an official of the Ovambo administration, was injured in a motor accident and died soon afterwards in the Oshakati State Hospital. At first the corpse was mistakenly thought to be that of a guerrilla leader. Then, in his pocket was found a list of names of prominent northern Namibian personalities, religious leaders, businessmen, teachers, Ovambo administration officials and tribal politicians. A nurse handed the list to the church authorities, so that soon afterwards the news, though not the names, appeared in Omukwetu, the Lutheran newspaper published in the Ndonga language. With the security police on his tracks, the editor, Ambrosius Amutenja fled to Angola. From there, Sam Nujoma publicized the allegations on a Radio Luanda broadcast beamed to Namibia, while the Windhoek Observer name ...
Naija Super Falcons don enter semi final for Africa Women Championship (AWC) as dem beat Namibia wey be host 2-0 for Sam Nujoma Stadium on Friday afternoon.
Nigeria defeated hosts Namibia 2-0 to remain unbeaten at the ongoing Africa Women’s Championships at the Sam Nujoma Stadium in Windhoek.
My country is the host of the 9th edition African Caf Championship women football,,i saw how the Nigerans and the Ghanaians playing today at the Sam Nujoma Stadium,
Falcons Seal 100% AWC Wins -Silence Hosts, Namibia 2-0 Nigeria’s female national team, Super Falcons on Friday ensured they took a 100% winning mark into the semi-finals of this year’s African Women’s Championship (AWC), following a 2-0 spanking of host nation, Namibia in their last group match. The Falcons had already booked their spot in the semi-finals with earlier victories over Cote d’Ivoire (4-3) and Zambia (6-0), which made Friday’s match a mere formality for Coach Edwin Okon’s lasses, but they kept their foot on the throttle to dump Namibia at Sam Nujoma Stadium. The six-time winners and fourth placed at the last edition in South Africa took the lead in the 36th minute, thanks to Gloria Ofoegbu's wonderful free-kick from the edge of the area. Okon's side doubled their advantage a minute, as Francisca Ordega showed good composure to round the goalkeeper and finish from a tight angle. Nkwocha had another chance to get her name on the score sheet just before the halftime, but she failed t ...
I would love to interview Sam Nujoma to share his view on the African Women Championship.
It was a tough game. We lost but im proud of our @ Sam Nujoma Stadium
LOL @ us "Final score at the Sam Nujoma Stadium Namibia 0-2 Nigeria."
We are in added-on time at the Sam Nujoma Stadium, still Namibia 0-2 Nigeria
Second half underway at Independence Stadium and Sam Nujoma Stadium
The score between the Brave Gladiators and Nigeria remain 0-0 after 30 minutes of play at the Sam Nujoma Stadium.
Kick off from the Sam Nujoma Stadium. The Falcons want to cement top spot, Namibia need to win
L' Game underway at the . Sam Nujoma Stadium, Windhoek. 0-0
Today's fixtures at 5pm: Namibia vs Nigeria at the Sam Nujoma Stadium & Zambia vs Ivory Coast at the Independence Stadium.
Let's all make our way to Sam Nujoma Stadium!
I must say, Sam Nujoma Stadium doesn't look shabby at all!
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Here's the line up of Namibia vs Nigeri at the Sam Nujoma Stadium
Day Five of the TN Mobile 9th African Women Championship and it's the ultimate matches of Group A. Namibia vs Nigeria @ Sam Nujoma Stadium
Also support my friend at Sam Nujoma this weekend
Catch us live @ Sam Nujoma Stadium for the big match "Brave Gladiators VS Nigeria" we'l deliver you an explosive...
Super Falcons warm up now at the Sam Nujoma Stadium
Sam Nujoma Stadium with tonight. See you all there.
All roads lead to Sam Nujoma Stadium today!
Lets go support the girls today people! they need us morethan ever today. Nigerian gals are not a joke.
Let's go fill up the Sam Nujoma Stadium to full capacity once again today at 17h00...We face or die!
Hi there, the game will be at Sam Nujoma Stadium - kick off is at 17:00, hope to see you there!
All roads lead to Oshikuku tomorrow for a SWAPO Party Rally to be addressed by Leader of the Namibian Revolution H.E. Dr Sam Nujoma!
Brave Gladiators vs Nigeria . Sam Nujoma Stadium. Tonight!. If you were the coach of the Brave Gladiators, what...
When 4 games need to be played at the same time? We have sam nujoma and Independence Stadium.
When Namibia is free, it's riches will be distributed for the good of all citizens. – Former President Sam Nujoma said in 19…
The way Namibians have rallied around the I have no doubt we gonna fill the Sam Nujoma Stadium again tomorrow!
Musically I'm jay-z all of u can't catch me, politically I'm sam nujoma and Nelson Mandela the real fighters - The Dogg
Some action photos from last night's match between Namibia and Ivory Coast at the Sam Nujoma Stadium.
I can see more than 17 leptops in Sam Nujoma. . . Where are the yashe's?
We lost but I am proud to have been part of a packed Sam Nujoma Stadium witnessing our girls display their talents
Full time score at the Sam Nujoma Stadium. Namibia 1-3 Ivory Coast.
Exciting stuff at the Sam Nujoma Stadium with the scores level at 1-1... If the score remains this way Namibia...
There r many foreign ladies here in case u need one. — at Sam Nujoma Stadium
It's happening at Sam Nujoma Stadium. So excited. The Brave Gladiator make us proud.
It's halftime at the Sam Nujoma Stadium and the score is still Namibia 1-1 Ivory Coast.more live updates coming in the 2nd half...
Sam Nujoma Stadium full, wow the support is overwhelming.
If you ain't at Sam Nujoma you are missing the beauty of Namibian football
Cote d'Ivoire vs Namibia underway at the Sam Nujoma Stadium in Windhoek. Group A
Sam Nujoma Stadium so full, it will be a good night for business.
Keep us updated "The Sam Nujoma Stadium is packed.. Go Namibia!!!
The attendance at Sam Nujoma is so promising. I hope they are not selling dreams to NPL
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Black African aims for Super Cup Black Africa aim to win their first major cup competition when they take on eternal rivals African Stars on Saturday, 27 September at the Sam Nujoma in the 2014 Standard Bank Super Cup. Black Africa are the reigning Namibia Premier league winners, making it four times in a row, and will take on African Stars, back to back winners of the Bidvest Namibia Cup, in the inaugural edition of the Standard Bank Super Cup. According to Black Africa coach Brain Isaacs, the fact that his side has not won any cup competition for the few past seasons gives them extra motivation to stake a claim to the Super Cup. “We have won the league four times now but we have done terrible in cup competition over the past few years. Come 27 September, it will be an opportunity for us to reclaim our status as cup kings of local football and it doesn’t come better than beating Stars”, stated Isaacs. Isaacs believes the match will be very special as it pits the league winners against the NFA Cup w ...
We had 3 shots on target over a 90 minutes Sam Nujoma Stadium ohela, with only 1 goal. Oscar had 4 shot, all on target in 3 minutes...!!!?
Let me take this opportunity to thank the Brave Warriors for good well done last night at Sam Nujoma Stadium
I'm glad I didn't go to Sam Nujoma Stadium. FOK!
Halftime at the Sam Nujoma Stadium. The Brave Warriors came close to scoring late in the first half, but Lazarus...
NFA should Introduced free wifi at Sam Nujoma Stadium otherwise i'm not going.
Brave Warriors starting eleven for tonight's international friendly match against Swaziland at the Sam Nujoma Stadium. Kick off is at 20:00
Are we going to fill Sam Nujoma Stadium to capacity tonight?.
Sam Nujoma Stadium tomorrow county my pride...Brave Warriors
The Brave Warriors players ready to face Swaziland- Wednesday night @ Sam Nujoma Stadium. Kick off time - 20h00.
Swaziland national Football team hard at work fine tuning their skills at the Sam Nujoma Stadium ahead of their...
when I become the president of Namibia I will remove Sam Nujoma off the bank notes and Hendrik Witbooi back on, and melt all the N$10 coins
The President arriving for the launch of SWAPO party Manifesto @ Sam Nujoma Stadium, Katutura
Gazza and the Dogg entertaining the crowd at the Swapo manifesto launch at Sam Nujoma Stadium earlier today.
So are there free food and drinks at Sam Nujoma Stadium?!?
So ya'll went to the Sam Nujoma Stadium and Eros?!?
A scene from the Swapo Party election manifesto launch at the Sam Nujoma Stadium in Katutura.
If you are not at the Sam Nujoma Stadium for the 2014 SWAPO PARTY MANIFESTO AND ELECTION CAMPAIGN, then you just...
Swapo Party manifesto launch at Sam Nujoma Stadium. more people arriving, seats are filling up as Dogg and...
Know your leaders in SWAPO Party and SWAPO Party led government in post independence: Cde. Dr. Sam Nujoma, President Of SWAPO Party and that of Republic. .Cde. Hendrick Witbooi, SWAPO Party Vice President and Deputy Prime Minister.Cde. Dr. Hage Geingob, Prime Minister of the Republic of Namibia. .Dr. Dr. Moses Tjitendero, Speaker of the National Assembly. .Cde. Moses Garoeb, Secretary General Of SWAPO Party. What a rainbow leadership that we have been having since then to date.
100 greatest Africans of all time 1. Nelson Mandela A living legend. The symbol of Africa. Freedom fighter. The most recognisable face in the world. 2. Kwame Nkrumah Former president of Ghana. He envisaged the African Union long before it became a reality. His foot-prints are still blueprint for us to follow. 3. Robert Mugabe President of Zimbabwe. Fearless pan- Africanist of recent times who is fighting for the land which belonged to his ancestors. 4. Julius Nyerere Former president of Tanzania. A great leader who refused to allow the trappings of power to corrupt him. He was respected by his country, Africa and the rest of the world. 5. Marcus Garvey A visionary pan-African leader and thinker. A practical man, he could have united all blacks if he had not been jailed. 6. Patrice Lumumba A pan African hero and symbol of African nationalism. A martyr of the African cause. 7. Martin Luther King African-American religious and political leader who changed the course of life for all African-Americans. His spe ...
“The British want to be beaten up. Anyone find an Englishman, do so, beat him up,” – Sam Nujoma,ex Namibian president.
Banyana Banyana set to play Namibia in a friendly in Windhoek this Saturday at the Sam Nujoma Stadium
National GBV 2 day conference starts on Wednesday. President Pohamba and founding father Sam Nujoma to attend.
As you enter Windhoek from the airport, you'll be in Sam Nujoma Drive, you can either turn off in to Nelson Mandela Ave or Robert Mugabe Drv
I wonder if there is a Dr Sam Nujoma street in Angola
Agenda 21 is a non-binding, voluntarily implemented action plan of the United Nations with regard to sustainable development.[1] It is a product of the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992. It is an action agenda for the UN, other multilateral organizations, and individual governments around the world that can be executed at local, national, and global levels. The "21" in Agenda 21 refers to the 21st Century. It has been affirmed and modified at subsequent UN conferences. Contents [hide] 1 Structure and contents 2 Development and evolution 2.1 Rio+5 (1997) 2.2 Rio+10 (2002) 2.3 Agenda 21 for culture (2002) 2.4 Rio+20 (2012) 3 Implementation 3.1 Local level 4 National level 4.1 Specific countries 4.1.1 United States Support Opposition 5 See also 6 References 7 Further reading 8 External links Structure and contents[edit] Agenda 21 is a 300-page document divided into 40 chapters that have been grouped into 4 sections: Section I: Social ...
My top 3 for Paramount Chief 1. Mchenry Venaani 2. Kazenambo Kazenambo 3. Dr Hoze Riruako And im wondering y th Founding President Sam Nujoma neva turned up at our Cheifs funeral since day 1? Its really strange. Thanx Hon. Pohamba and Hon. Hage for evrythng.
So Dr. Sam Nujoma was apparently in New York those years. Hy was moet net in Brooklyn.
at Sam Nujoma Stadium best believe u will need a ''Cooling break'' that place is hot AF
What are the struggle kids still doin in Eenhana? Sam Nujoma isnt from there!
Retracing the Footsteps of a Liberation Struggle Icon - "Where Others Wavered, the Autobiography of Sam Nujoma...
Last time I had a bae, Sam Nujoma was still president so lemme SHUT UP.
Hano who should I talk to for a Dr.Sam Nujoma type of PhD..Yes the one obtained in like 3weeks!!
Why do African leaders hang on to power so selfish and have that dictatorial rule ? Eduardo Jose Dos Santos, Paul Biya, Robert Gabriel Mugabe, Joseph Kabila, Denis Sasounguso and Paul kagame are all names of Presidents who had overstayed too long and don't want to leave office for the new blood ? . It is so undemocratic and other yesteryear Presidents failed in their bid to amend constitution to suit their stay in power like Sam Nujoma, late Bakili Muluzi and Chiluba. Its a shame of people's subvertion and infringement of their political rights.
Hage killed 3 birds with 1 stone last nite @ Sam Nujoma Stadium when he got hereros, vambos damaras to celebrate as one.
News Feed:. Hundreds of people thronged the Sam Nujoma Stadium in the capital on Saturday to celebrate the life...
Boys having fun..we at Sam Nujoma Stadium.
The march from Swapo HQ to Sam Nujoma Stadium is about to commence. Come join the
im loyal to Sam Nujoma Stadium coz thats where African Stars & Sundowns game will be!
Don't forget Blue Waters will be facing Orlando Pirates today at 14h00, Sam Nujoma Stadium...
Today is Saturday, May 17, 2014 May 17, 1998 Michael goes to Namibia with Don Barden. He met with Namibian President Sam Nujoma in Windhoek. He announced his plans to build a leisure complex and shopping centers in the impoverished country. He pleads for children’s cause during the opening statement of the World Economic Forum Summit
Good luck to Brave Warrios... All the way to Sam Nujoma, everyone
4 to 6: Sam Nujoma Stadium, 6 to 8: watch Barca - A Madrid, 8 to 9: watch Bayern vs Dortmund second half.
Let's go out in numbers today,and support our Brave Warriors at Sam Nujoma Stadium:)
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Fellow Namibians let's heed Manneti's plea by making Sam Nujoma Stadium *** for the visting red devils ..I trust the boys will redeem themselves today...turn it on brave warriors
MVA Fund Donates Paint to Southern School The MVA Fund donated 20 drums of paint valued at N$31 000 to Minna Sachs Primary school of Keetmanshoop today, to paint the school structure which consists of 2 blocks with 7 classrooms, school hall and 2 storerooms. The 52 year old primary school has not been painted since its establishment in 1961 and has a total of 1021 students from previously disadvantaged communities around Keetmanshoop, of which over 500 are orphans and vulnerable children. Handing over the donation, MVA Fund Board Chairperson, Dr.Zandile Erkana stated that in addition to effectively and sustainably carrying out its mandate, the Fund has the added responsibility to create social value for its stakeholders by contributing towards the socio-economic development of the communities it serves. This is line with supporting the national developmental goals outlined in NDP 4. “I hope that our small donation will enable the school to get a new fresh look which will create a vibrant learning enviro ...
Its a jam packed weekend as the Brave Warriors takes on Congo Brazzaville at the Sam Nujoma Stadium, at the...
some of the first graduates of the new UNAM, "Sam Nujoma" campus
TO ALL ATLETES WHO WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN BODYBUILDING AND FITNESS OUTSIDE ZIMBABWE The above subject matter refers. All persons who wish to participate in competitions that are hosted outside of Zimbabwe are advised to adhere to the following procedure to avoid being cautioned by the National Executive and SRC. All those who have been competing outside due to lack of knowledge are therefore advised to follow proper procedures as per SRC ACT. It is a statutory requirement and NFZBBF would like to take the blame because it neither educated nor reminded its members. However, it is imperative to appreciate rules and regulations that governs your discipline. The two most important tools for a bodybuilding and fitness athlete is the SRC ACT and NFZBBF Constitution which is being amended. For those who want to compete in other federations you must Google constitutions of those affiliates. The procedure is as follows: Apply to NFZBBF stating the competition name, federation, competition date/s, your departure da ...
Sports Stadia Are Symbols of Nationhood: [Namibian]SO THIS is how the Sam Nujoma Stadium in Katutura overall l...
Namibia vs Congo (Brazzaville) tomorrow. AFCON 2015 qualifier. Kick off is at 16:00 at the Sam Nujoma Stadium
Where to get the tickets and how much? "tomorrow 4pm...Namibia vs Congo Sam Nujoma Stadium!!"
Warriors need Tactical Discipline Brave Warriors Coach Ricardo Mannetti says it is vital for Namibia to have versatile players on the bench who would come into the game later on and unsettle the visiting Congo, if the host team is to come out of Saturday's match with a good result. Namibia plays Congo Brazzaville on Saturday 17 May as part of a two-legged encounter in the preliminary round of matches of the AFCON 2015 qualifiers, with the second leg scheduled to place in Congo in a fortnight's time. The National Team Coach indicates that the focus at training has been the first eleven players who will start the match as they have to do a startling job for Namibia on the day, while those on the bench are expected to torment the visitors once brought on as substitutes. Mannetti stressed that he has already decided on players who will do duty on Saturday, adding that the team has already worked on a number of tactical play such as how to defend corners and shooting. He says since the Warriors will be playing ...
VIVA 12 May Movement.Sam Nujoma Stadium will be full on the 24th May 2014.:-)))
He is in the league of his own...H.E. Sam Nujoma
AU Head of election observer Mission is former President of Namibia Dr Sam Nujoma
Got my swagg on,bettry charge,mums nmbr on speed dail,,and alot of sam nujoma's in my hala at me my nggers*
Herman Toivo ja Toivo and Eliazar Tuhandeleni, armed with six Russian 7,62 PPsH sub-machineguns and six Russian 7.62 Tokarev pistols (with the required ammunition) arrived in Lusaka on 16 May 1965, where Sam Nujoma wished them a good journey and promised that others would follow to start a full scale war...
He remains My President.That was deliberate.U will never u/stand.Correction..Former President Sam Nujoma"
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The match takes place at the Sam Nujoma Stadium on Saturday with kick-off time set for 16h00...
Good night to you all and may the dreams be pleasant and blessed. We salute the commitment, hard work and comradely dedication of the 12 May Movement Preparatory Committee. Viva the Legacy of H.E. Dr. Sam Nujoma!
On the other Side of the Road . Dar es salaam ~ sam nujoma Road
President Sam Nujoma has arrived in for elections observation.
Sam Nujoma welcomed the first SWAPO terrorists in Lusaka on 15 May 1965...
Sms "Blue Waters" to 5002, to witness Blue Waters FC play against PSL Champions Mamelodi Sundowns FC from S.A in the Dr. Hage Geingob Cup at Sam Nujoma Stadium on the 25th of May. Sms charge at N$ 2.00, you can sms as many times as possible and thanks in advance
I added a video to a playlist Sam Nujoma lashes out on white farmers regarding education
Sam Nujoma Stadium "I don't even know how to get to Dolam"
& Sam Nujoma convey to Malawians multitude solidarity & support as they go to the polls on 20 May
Brave Warriors on Saturday 17 May take on Congo's Red Devils at the Sam Nujoma Stadium in the first leg of the Afcon2015 qualifiers.
Shenges are running riot on campus,Sam Nujoma please come back.
I added a video to a playlist Founding Father, Dr. Sam Nujoma gives the nation a word of hope on his
Truck collides with motorbike on Sam Nujoma Avenue in Walvis Bay
CAPO Namibia wishes to congratulate His Excellency Dr.Sam Nujoma,The Founding Father of Namibia on his 85th birthday
At House of Democracy launch, Theo-Ben Gurirab pays tribute to Sam Nujoma, 85 today, as "the man who made us believe in ourselves".
Happy Birthday to our Founding Father Dr Sam Shafaishuna Daniel Nujoma.. May God bless you..
Guess who just turned 85? no1 else but our founding father Dr Sam Nujoma.. we love you always
It's even Sam Nujoma's birthday, how could you?!
Happy birthday to the founding father of Namibia Dr Sam Nujoma. God bless you
Whether born or unborn, we all believe in what birthday man, Dr Sam Shafiishuna Nujoma and many others founded.
On this day in 1929, Sam Nujoma was born. Happy Birthday Sir.
Today in 1929: 1929 - Sam Shaffishuna Nujoma, first president of Namibia, is born in Ongandjera, South West Africa.
Happy birthday Sam Nujoma. You've done much for Namibia... Cant thank you for independence though. I owe that to the dead fighters.
Our Founding Father, Dr. Sam Nujoma is celebrating 8 and a half decades today..
Wishing our founding father Dr Sam Shafiishuna Nujoma a happy birthday n my he stay blessed! Namibia is lucky to have him n
HBD to our Sam Shafa'ishuna Nujoma! May the grant you strength and many more years to come!
Today we celebrate the life of one of my fav people - Happy birthday Dr Sam Nujoma, 1st president of an independent I salute you!
A many more great years, health and prosperity to our Founding Father Sam Nujoma.
Today is a Legendary day, cos a Legend was born. Dr. Sam Nujoma, The Father of the Namibian nation, Our Founding Father, My Hero:)
Sam Nujoma's birthday is going to be a public holiday soon
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S/O to Dr Sam Nujoma on his 85th birthday celebration, I salute you.
Happy 85th birthday to former President Dr Sam Nujoma
POWER MUST CHANGE HANDS: It was not easy for power to change hands during the time of Sam Nujoma in Namibia, neither was it easy to change hands in the time of Oliver Tambo, Nelson Mandela during the apartheid regime of South Africa, we do not expect power to change hands so easy in our society, but with perseverance we shall triumph over the enemies of change.
Hope the Helicopter ride to Sam Nujoma Stadium will be on time to witness the Black Africa vs Orlando Pirates match !!!
President attends Tanzania’s 50th Union Anniversary President Yoweri Museveni today joined the people of Tanzania to mark that country’s golden jubilee celebrations when the union between the then Tanganyika and Zanzibar, two sovereign countries, merged leading to the formation of the United Republic of Tanzania led by Mwalimu Julius Nyerere. The celebrations took place at the Uhuru Stadium in Tanzania’s Port City of Dar-es-Salaam. President Museveni was one of the African Presidents who graced the celebrations. Other leaders included Presidents Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya, Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi, Joyce Banda of Malawi, King Mswati of Swaziland, Lesotho Monarch, former Tanzania President Benjamin Mkapa, former President of Zambia, Rupiah Banda, former President of Kenya Mwai Kibaki, former President of Namibia, Sam Nujoma, and Vice-Presidents of Zambia and Nigeria, among others. Welcoming his guests, President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete of Tanzania, saluted all Heads of State and Government for joining ...
Getting ready for the game; . Tigers vs Pirates. Sam Nujoma Stadium@ 17h00. Ingwenyama#
United stars knocked out NPL league leaders tigers after an emphatic 2-0 win at the Sam Nujoma Stadium this...
Pohamba vs Dr.Sam Nujoma. Who was/is the best president Namibia ever had?
Where were you on that day? Former UN Secretary General, Javier de Cuéllar, then President of the newly formed Republic of Namibia, Sam Nujoma, and then President of South Africa, FW de Klerk, are pictured here at the Independence Stadium in Windhoek on 21 March 1990. (Photo:
Critical Analysis by P. ya Nangoloh* I have promised in Part 19 to tell you how and when SA security forces finally attacked the Ongulumbashe base on August 26 1966. In Part 19, I have also demonstrated to you, by means of inter alia excerpts obtained from a book written by former South African Republican Intelligence (RI) operative Lieutenant Piet Cornelius Swanepoel, how the CIA and apartheid SA Government apparently invited still exiled SWAPO leader Mr. Sam Nujoma to come on a top-secret visit to Namibia on March 20 1966. This was ostensibly in order to reveal the military and other secret plans of SWAPO. Despite the secrecy surrounding that clearly treacherous visit, it is now becoming abundantly clear to me that during that visit Mr. Nujoma had been accorded full red carpet treatment. This is how anyone would treat his or her VIP guest! All the information at my disposal shows that the attack on Ongulumbashe base on August 26 1966 had its origins in that VIP arrival and that very warm reception that ...
Massive game underway: Orlando Pirates vs Mamelodi Sundowns. But there is another interesting one on now: The CAF Champions League game between Kaizer Chiefs (South Africa) and Black Africa (Namibia). Will BA be clobbered by the Mighty Amakhosi (Chiefs) or will they put up a brave fight? Can't wait. Its Nelson Mandela vs Sam Nujoma. But who is the revered statesman and international icon? Definitely not Sam Nujoma. *** no!
Collecting first three points in their first 2014 official match against Blue Waters, our Civilians have one more match in NPL 2013/14 first round fixture to round off NPL round 11 matches. And that is against Orlando Pirates the coming weekend on 1 Feb at Sam Nujoma. Sitting 6th mid table with a eye to close on the top five, it will be a interesting encounter. Wishing you all a happy Sunday! "Victory is duty"
Do you still remember this letter? The full text of a controversial letter former president Thabo Mbeki addressed to ANC President Jacob Zuma. Comrade President, I imagine that these must be especially trying times for you as president of our movement, the ANC, as they are for many of us as ordinary members of our beloved movement, which we have strived to serve loyally for many decades. I say this to apologise that I impose an additional burden on you by sending you this long letter. I decided to write this letter after I was informed that two days ago, on October 7, the president of the ANC Youth League and you the following day, October 8, told the country, through the media, that you would require me to campaign for the ANC during the 2009 election campaign. As you know, neither of you had discussed this with me prior to your announcements. Nobody in the ANC leadership – including you, the presidents of the ANC and ANCYL – has raised this matter with me since then. To avoid controversy, I have dec ...
"I want to be on the cover of Namibia Today Newspaper, smilling next to Cde Sam Nujoma and |Cde Lukas Pohamba"
New year - same hustle at the corner of Tongogara & Sam Nujoma
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We can't even win at home.. Feels like I'm at Sam Nujoma Stadium
H.E. Sam Nujoma, the Founding President of Namibia (1990-2005), discusses his background leading up to his presidency, his career as a head of state, and ...
HEY!!.theres Sam Nujoma former president of
Might as well find Keri Hilson & pimp her through to Sam Nujoma in exchange for a construction tender.
Africa was blessed with prolific leaders in the past who were great thinkers, i remember: kwame nkruma, patrice lummumba, augostinoh neto, juluis nyerere, kenneth kaunda, Nelson Mandela, Samora MacHel and sam nujoma. I salute you, your spirit may live long
looking All serious in the front line at the Sam Nujoma Stadium.
Please tell us the score at Sam Nujoma Stadia
Enroute to the Sam Nujoma Stadium Ghana vs Namibia friendly. Lets go out and support our boys
Think a trip to Sam Nujoma Stadium to watch the give the a soccer lesson may lighten my mood...
Looking forward to the match brave warriors vs the black stars, live at Sam Nujoma Stadium. Saka Kavaka Kariaho I ve a free ticket for u.
President Hifikepunye Pohamba, I salute!President Sam Nujoma I salute!People of the democratic Republic of Namibia thank you for your hospitality.Good bye Namibia - we had a fabulous time!
Those people also, why take the game far from people who love it? Sam Nujoma Stadium had had proper crowds of late...
The original 'SANTIAGO!' himself.from the humble Tank Park, to the Sam Nujoma National Stadium...from the most underrated, to the most revered player in the league.. The Peoples Striker Choice!... Bubblez Nekundi is finally selected for the final Brave Warriors squad to play Ghana tomorrow night.. Mannetti better play my bro if he wants to win that match! Goodluck Namibia!
Match is on Saturday,Sam Nujoma Stadium at 16H00.get your ticket now!!!
Breaking news: Namibia is to be renamed Sam Nujoma Republic! Happy New 2014 :) :) :)
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My good comrades, I wish you a successful 2014!! The great warm wishes definitely go to the leaders of this mother land, particularly the Founding President and father of the Namibian nation Dr Sam Nujoma, the current president Dr H. Pohamba and all Cde(s)
hre. Dude was sitting alongside sam nujoma, opp tht24/7 vet fishin in the pothole
In 2013 I was the Vice Chair of the organising committee for the 84th birthday of our Founding President, HE Dr Sam Nujoma held successfully at Onawa ya Kiliana villave near Okatana in Oshana region.
Sam Nujoma Stadium "Are there fireworks in the zoo park 2nyt?"
2013 was a great football year! Fellow football lovers, what has been ur greatest football moment of 2013? Here is my top4! 1. Seein my beloved Arsenal top of th table fr th 1st time in more than 4 yrs. 2. Mesut Ozil to Arsenal! 3. Bayern Munich raping Barcelona 7-0, hme nd away! 4. Deon Hotto scoring against at Nigeria at Sam Nujoma Stadium!
Tmrw new years bash at Sam Nujoma Soccer Stadium Windhoek,ou Brickzo will be in full dancing action till late Wednesday 2014.i cant wait for The legend itself Gazza Karandu Shiimi
City of Windhoek.Stupid.Ive been playing with Fire *** since i was six.You are the one creating problems for your self...why did u sell of the OK Parking.That was a save open area with no residential alotments...But now u wanna have a Bash Next to Hilton Hotel...I hope u informed Mr Tilahun.What is Wrong with Dr. Sam Nujoma Staduim.
Robbie Mzenda H-metro friday 1 feb. An unidentified policeman was yesterday attacked by a taxi drive who was resisting arrest prompting members of the public to retaliate by smashing his car along sam nujoma street. After identifying the cop he was fleeing from, the taxi driver pulled an empty beer bottle and hit the policeman on his forehead leading to his arrest. Citizens quicly apprehended him ( robbie) suspecting that he was a car-jacke with the help of a soldier and he was taken to Harare Centaral Police Station.
"we must commit ourselves towards BUILDING a Namibia where EVERYONE may enjoy a better QUALITY of life in freedom and independence" - Sam Nujoma
The only way Africa can develop practically from the yoke of neocolonialism is to multiply militant and fearless leaders such as Kwame Nkrumah, Augustino Neto, Nasser, Nyerere, Samora MacHel, Robert Mugabe and our beloved Dr Sam Nujoma: True or False?
People let us be honest here, our leaders have failed the majority and have shamelessly enriched themselves and their keen. We are partly to be blamed for this because we simply watch them squander our harf earned monies. When we do speak out against their inhumane activities we are attacked by their dogs on leashes. How do we claim to have a democracy when if you point out a wrong doings of our leaders it is regarded as blasfemie and you called unpatriotic to the sacrifices that they made for the "freedoms" we now enjoy. Is a true hero one that rubs their sacrifices in your face each time they cannot justify their actions. Is this really what many died for? And the funny thing is that it seems that only a select few are considered to be hero's in this country, as if they and only they alone fought for this country. I predict that someone will say that we all choose our heroes. True that as it maybe, let us not be so biased with our praises and reward all or none. Let us as the "youth" find ways to ...
We at 435Investments are seeking to temporarily employ a part-time salesperson at one of our wings, The Skype Call Center to start 15 January 2014, should stay in town, should be computer literate and a fast learner. To work 07h50 to 15h30, weekdays and 07h50_to_12h00 during weekends. A basic salary and reasonable sales commission will be offered with potential for the candidate to grow with the Company's operations and also enough opportunities for personal development and learning. e-mail CV and applications to 435or drop them of at 523 Sam Nujoma avenue, Walvis Bay on or before 10 January 2014, Tel 064209435 Fax 064 207 435
The "Ek is 'n Suidwester" FB page is interesting to read. A certain white aasked whether the government will put Hendrik Witbooi on a donkie kar there or the huge Mandela like statue of our founding father Sam Nujoma. I've been one of the Black's that sympathized with them, but now I call on the government to burn the horse man down.
SPYL got the nerves,how do u disrespect the world's humble icon like that: "Madiba is a sell out".controversial Dr Sam Nujoma is what?! U can never put a good man down..!
Sam Nujoma “Our efforts to promote continental integration must place education of our people at the top of our priorities, as key elements in addressing development challenges”
*** and *** I want the next president to oust that evil.its like throwing a fortune in the drain. Sam Nujoma and Pohamba fail in stopping that evil...perhaps Hage will.
Socle without the statue... Horse and equestrian have been lifted yesterday evening (Christmas day 19h30) by a crane over the roof into the yard of the Alte Feste. According to eyewitnesses the police blocked Robert Mugabe Avenue between Sam Nujoma Drive and Christuskirche. Journalists were not allowed to take pictures.
The government is Slick man Lol and it's funny.. while everybody was out celebrating Christmas they removed the Reiterdenthel statue.. now erbody's like hey something looks different here.. Get ready for another Sam Nujoma statue
We are incharge and not vise-versa,the masses wants to see the statue of sam nujoma in the streets of windhoek,and not viceversa,let those crying foul swallow blade,we will demise all re-actionary statues countrywide just watch and replace them with our top four nujoma,pohamba,ya toivo and geingob.
OMUGULUGWOMBASHE - Founding President Sam Nujoma on Monday said embarking on an armed struggle 47 years ago in efforts to liberate Namibia from ...
An exclusive interview with Sam Nujoma, Founding President of the Republic of Namibia (1990 - 2005), who speaks about his experience and his insights on gend...
There is this building across Karigamombe Center but have forgotten zita rayo but yakavakwa nezvidinha zvitsvuku iyo. I remember though that it used to house the Mirror yaIbbotson Mandaza. I was walking along Julius Nyerere towards Sam Nujoma street or what you know as Second street and yours truly, man of the moment, Muchechetere grounder, our Honorable Minister Prof Jonathan Moyo came out of this building walking to his official V8 vehicle that was waiting for him facing the Angwa City direction. Then just a few steps from the car these guys who love spending their day doing nothing in the streets of Harare flock him shouting and singing "Professor, professor,professor.huh mudhara tioneiwo mbichana, professor professor." Talk of singing for your supper,lol. The learned minister started smiling and you could see that air around him that said, "I am the man here at this present moment." He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out some notes but could not see their value and gave them to these guys wh ...
(by Simon Kapenda) Family legacies such as those of Nelson Mandela, Sam Nujoma, Martin Luther King Jr, JF Kennedy, Barack Obama, Aupa Indongo, Bill Gates, etc., are created by not everyone in the family, but just one in the family who stands up to do something different and be so persistent until that someone realizes his or her dream. And that dream eventually becomes the legacy of the whole family. I hope you're pursuing your dream. I hope you're the one in your family that will one day make your family to be remembered for hundreds of years to come. I hope you're the one with a dream and you refuse to let your current circumstances kill your dream. I hope you can stand up and face the struggle now so you can make your dream come true and then enjoy the best fruit of your dream later. Don't give up on your dream, no matter who says what, no matter how difficult the situation may be, keep on doing what you believe is right for you, your family and your community. If you don't stand up and do it, no one e ...
It was nice to see Dr. Kenneth Kaunda running to the podium. It says a lot about his diet, for those who don't know, he's vegetarian! But the outstanding remark for me was when he told Cyril Ramaphosa: this young man is trying to stop the old man who fought the boers and his persistence of using the word at every instance. Had they given him enough time, you would've seen his tears. Great leaders of our times. Not forgetting Oliver Tambo, Walter Sisulu, Thomas Sankara, Kwame Nkurumah, Mwalimu Nyerere, Bantu Biko, Brendan Simbwaye, Robert Mugabe, Sam Nujoma, Toivo ya Toivo, Andrew Mhlangeni, Chris Hani, Mama Winnie, Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther king jr., Govan Mbeki. Be reminded they did theirs, power now is within me and you. What can we use this power for? Find the answer to that question within yourself. God bless Africa.
Ability Vs Age African history shows ability is more important than age. We have a history of young leader 1) Tanzania. Julius Nyerere become liberation movement leader at 31yrs assumed power at 39 prime minister and prsdnt for 25 2) Uganda. Yoweri mseveni 42 president for 26 years (on going) 3) Namibia. Sam Nujoma president of swapo at 31 yrs 4) Mozambique. Samora MacHel. Liberation movement leader at 38 president at 42 for 11 yrs 5) DRC. Joseph Kabila become president at 29 remain in power 11 yrs( on going) 6) Angola.Eduado Dos santos prsdnt at 37 remain in power for 33 7) Gabon .Omar Bongo prsdnt at 32 remain for 41 yrs 8) Benin. Matthieu kerekoe 39 prsdnt for 9 yrs 9) Burkina Faso. Blaise Compaore prsdnt at 36 in power for 24 yrs 10) Moussa Traore head of state at 32 yrs and remained for 23yrs Dr Salum Ahmad Salim become Ambassador to the Arab of Egypt at the age of only 21 yrs. That an example of youth leader in Africa It can be done my fellow young.
I strayed on my Social Studies reader for my primary education, which was way back in the late 80s. The book is quite old, but it brought fresh memories, especially after reading the statement ".Nelson Mandela was imprisoned in 1963 for life at Robben Island .". I just reflected on how some people can sacrifice their lives for the freedom of many. So sad Madiba is gone. The day b4 his death, I was even saying Southern Africa is left with 5 prominent surviving freedom fighters - Kenneth Kaunda, Robert Mugabe, Sam Nujoma, Edwardo Do Santos & himself. The book made me remember the following, and am sure Africa thinks the same: Julius Kambarage Nyerere TANGANYIKA (Tanzania) Jomo Kenyatta KENYA Milton Obote UGANDA Kwame Nkhrumah GOLD COAST (Ghana) Sir Seretse Khama BECHUANALAND (Botswana) Samora MacHel Portuguese East Africa (Mozambique) Haille Selassie Ethiopia Hastings Kamuzu Banda Nyasaland (Malawi) Oliver Tambo South Africa Steven Biko South Africa Walter Sisulu South Africa Patrice Lumumba BELGIAN CONGO . ...
Kuisebmund is wer I officiate my best matches of all stadiums bt Sam Nujoma Stadium comes 1st!
Not going to allow the rain to stop my mission. Headed to Sam Nujoma Stadium to support Eleven Arrows.
Where should I go hano tonight? boxing at country club or soccer at Sam Nujoma Stadium...thinking!
Tigers vs Black Africa 2mrw nyt at Sam Nujoma Stadium, who wants 2 come support Ingwe with me?!
I better go Sam Nujoma Stadium to go watch soccer
The weekend is on on as City Boys takes on Jugasa 15H00 at khomasdal stadium Saturday and Sunday against Java Java FC 11H00 at Sam Nujoma Stadium. Don't miss out the great entertainment,see you there!
ATTENTION ALL Herero and Khoisan of Namibia!!! Let us March! Swapo wishes to remove the Reiterdenkmal and replace it with a statue of Sam Nujoma at the same place where Herero and Khoisan people were kept in concentration camps and exterminated. This statue is part of our national historical landscape. Is this right? This is total disrespect, dishonour and disregard for our peoples which is provoking and sadenning. Swapo wishes to destroy the history of the Herero and Khoisan of Namibia and fears for our empowerment by means of reparations. Shall we continue to tolerate this? The Reiterdenkmal is much more than a German statue for us Khoisan and Herero. It is also a great favour the Germans did for us since the Swapo government refuses to erect a German Genocide monument in Namibia for our people. It is a symbolic reminder of the German Genocide in Namibia to all. The statue reminds the Germans that they have a moral and legal responsibility towards the Khoisan of Namibia and the Herero, to compensate us ...
two guys talking in poly. tah mwaeme u came in poly when Sam Nujoma was the president ,are u aware that u going to shake Hage's hand?
MTC NPL ROUND 3 Tura Magic vs Orlando Pirates, just kicked off. Pirates are on 3 points, Magic on 4 in two games. whats your prediction for this one? The venue is Sam Nujoma Stadium and you are not late to show up.
Win yourself a ticket to go and watch Ingweinyama vs Civilians on Friday night at Sam Nujoma Stadium at...
The crash of the titanic this Friday, when two top teams on the NPL Log table will going to lock their horns against each other at the Sam Nujoma Stadium... Tigers vs Civics at Sam Nujoma Stadium at 20h00..Good lucky to the boys...Go Ingweinyama Go.
ELCIN DISPUTE COULD HEAD TO COURT Our Church is being torn further apart by the seemingly irreconcilable disagreements between ELCIN’s two incumbent bishops, namely the Most Reverend Dr. SVV Nambala and Most Reverend Mr. Josaphat Shanghala! Bishop Shanghala heads the Western Episcopate based in Outapi, while Bishop Nambala leads the Eastern Diocese from his headquarters at Oniipa. Omukwanekamba resides in the Eastern Diocese. Deputized by Bishop Shanghala, Bishop Nambala chairs ELCIN as a whole. However, both men have equal authority over their respective dioceses and areas of territorial jurisdiction. Bishop Nambala is in charge of all ELCIN members who reside east of the B1 motorway (meaning starting from the eastern part of the Noordoewer border post to the eastern part of the Oshikango border post) while Bishop Shanghala controls the western part, starting from the western part of Noordoewer border post in southern Namibia to the western part of Oshikango border post in northern-western Namibia! In ...
any one plz 2 hlp me out , transer ths in english PRESIDENT SAM NUJOMA OKWALI OMU PRESIDENT OMUTINGAPI ?
But Dr Sam Nujoma's office has a top top security, it's like they're manufacturing weapons of mass destruction in there.
This was a report before the Under 20 left for Namibia and the players included... Namibia will fall say U-20 players October 23, 2013 By ELIZABETH CHATUVELA THE Zambia under-20 women national team players are upbeat of overcoming Namibia in Saturday’s 2014 Canada World Cup preliminary round first leg at Sam Nujoma Stadium in Windhoek. In separate interviews before departure for Windhoek yesterday, the players said Namibia will be taught a football lesson. Team skipper Anita Mulenga said the team will play for nothing short of victory. “We are going for a win and every one of us has that confidence,” Mulenga said. Striker Emelda Musonda said the hard work they have put in will yield results. Musonda, who was part of the under-17 team that won a gold medal during the 2012 Supreme Council for Sport in Africa Zone-Six Games in Lusaka, said the junior She-polopolo will aim to win big in Windhoek and make the return leg a formality. Misozi Chisha said the team will not disappoint the country. Football As ...
HENDRIK WITBOOK Hendrik Witbooi (c. 1830 – 29 October 1905) was a king of the Namaqua people, a sub-tribe of the Khoikhoi. He lived in present day Namibia. Witbooi is regarded as one of the national heroes of Namibia. His face is portrayed on the obverse of all N$50, N$100 and N$200 Namibian dollar banknotes. Witbooi was born circa 1830 in Pella, Northern Cape, in the Cape Colony, today part of South Africa. He was educated as a Lutheran by German missionary Johannes Olp, and was well-versed in many languages, including his native Nama. He was a member of the Nama people, also known as the Khoikhoi. Witbooi was educated at Rhenish Missionary and Wesleyan Methodist Schools in Namibia as well as at the Wilberforce Institute in Evaton, South Africa. First he took up employment as teacher in 1856 at Keetmanshoop, transferred in 1859 to Maltahöhe, and returned in 1865 to Gibeon at the request of the community and the Church to build on the foundations laid by his aging father. On 3 October 1904, after servi ...
The News NOTICE TO LOAN APPLICANTS TO CORRECT NECESSARY INFORMATION IN THEIR APPLICATION FORMS Written by Administrator Wednesday, 23 October 2013 18:53 During the exercise of processing 2013/2014 loan application forms, the Higher Education Students’ Loans Board came across 6,364 loan applications which were missing some vital information for further loans processing. Six problems were identified as follows: • No Applicant’s Signature, • No Birth Certificate, • No Guarantor’s Photo, • No Guarantor’s Signature • Not Signed by Local Authority • Not Signed by the Magistrate For that reason, the Board informed concerned Loan applicants that such incomplete applications would have not been considered until the missing information was provided. However, until the deadline only 3,151 loan applicants had corrected their forms in time. The Board is hereby once again giving a second chance to the 1,107 first year students loan applicants who have been admitted to priority programmes in various ...
The ZANU(PF) government and politicians have been making a lot of noise about the issue of the so called sanctions against themselves. The first lie pedaled by this noise is that sanctions are against Zimbabwe and yet those who drafted the economic restrictions did so targeted at certain individuals and companies connected to them and those individuals are/were Zimbabweans but members of ZANU(PF). The latest census puts the population of Zimbabwe to about 13million. The highest number of Zimbabweans included on the sanctions list by USA, EU and Australia is 200 and a couple of farms and private companies owned these individuals. Simple arithmetic shows that 200 as a percentage of the population is a minute 0.0015%. So the effect of the targeted sanctions to the population is negligible. But ZANU(PF)'s argument is not about numbers of people but the effect on the economy. For the record countries like the US were angered by the conduct of the 2000 General elections. These elections were conducted in an at ...
MZHOLHAH hath dream,sam nujoma had a dream,mandela had a dream,steve biko had a dream,martin luther had a dream,i have a dream,if i tel ths niggaz thy wont blv me,thy would jz look at me,and say im craze,ist me lost or u,cummon man out of my way...dream!
Update your maps at Navteq
Namibian bad men wast they energy on overlooking European soccer, European hear Namibia killing each other over the European loser or winner. Can't u just go to Sam nujoma st.
That pic of Dr Sam Nujoma shall never be used by me.
Its live today at Sam Nujoma Stadium Young Gladiators ( U/20 ) vs Zambia Time : 16:00 Damage : free Lets go in numbers to support the girls please. Tigers Queen
Date: 01-2. 11.2013 TSANDI HOMEBOYS will open the stage at Uukwaludhi community hall on frinday, the hall wll be opend oficial by Dr Sam Nujoma, Artists:.GAZZA ,EXIT,DINAFF,TEQULA,OBUKU,LAS SHEEHAMA,YASHE TATI PII,NAMUTENYA TOKOLOS AMA QUAITO CHEAF and many more, TICKETs are available at Namib a empire N$ 20.00
Shotng a soccer match at Sam Nujoma Stadium. Not an easy job- focusing th Camera on th ball jo! (Tura Magic vs Stars). Half-time Nil-0.
Fra guys, an one at sam nujoma stadiuw to update me tura magic vs african star result plz
MTC Premiership 2013/14 round 2 Tonight, at the Sam Nujoma Stadium @ 20h00 Tura Magic vs African Stars Tickets goes for N$30 at the gate.. The only two times they met in the league, Stars won once with the other ending in a draw. A 1-1 draw in round 7 last season was the first of the two meetings in the league in November 2012. The second match ended 4-2, played during round 18 in April this year. Who will come out victorious tonight and whats your prediction?
With my friends Simon n Samuel Ramosoeu going to Sam Nujoma Stadium to watch football.
Now imagine Sam Nujoma on a track with Dogg and Gazza
:""D.RT"LOL! "Sam Nujoma is a great ventriloquist though!""
“LOL! "Sam Nujoma is a great ventriloquist though!"”
LOL! "Sam Nujoma is a great ventriloquist though!"
Lets be honest, Sam Nujoma was for the country's development and young people's education... Things would have been different!…
Sam Nujoma is a great ventriloquist though!
Loan applicants and/or guarantors who have not signed their documents are required to come physically at HESLB offices on Plot No. 8, Block No. 46 Sam Nujoma Road, Mwenge- Dar es Salaam for corrections of their loan applications. Applicants who have not attached (to their application forms) birth certificates, guarantor’s particulars such as photocopy of Passport or voter’s registration cards or passport size photographs should send the missing particulars to the Board with a covering letter indicating their Full Names and Form Four Index Numbers through the following address: The Executive Director, Higher Education Students’ Loans Board, P. O. Box 76068, DAR ES SALAAM. The deadline for corrections of the shortcomings is 6th November 2013. All attachments must be certified by a Commissioner of Oaths.
Odjodi yange okulukilwa okapale dafa sam nujoma, julle kan my , omushinge moz to bed
The MTC Premiership round 2 match between Orlando Pirates and Eleven Arrows which was scheduled for Independence Stadium at 16h00 on Saturday 26 October is moved to the Sam Nujoma Stadium, kick off is 20h00. Exactly two hours after the U/20 Womens World Cup qualifier between Namibia and Zambia at the same venue..
Mbare robbers appear in court: Four suspected robbers, who were arrested at a friend's funeral in Mbare on Monday this week, appeared before provincial magistrate Elijah Makomo charged with robbery. Rodney Akende (37), Rodwell Keith Undi (33), Bernard Kaitano (31) and Mugove Chikukwa, all resident in Mbare, were remanded in custody to the 6th of November this year. Prosecutor Tungamirai Chakurira told the court that the four men hijacked the complainant Solomon Munjaranji whom they offered transport to Hatcliffe on July 26 this year. It is alleged that on the day in question, Munjaranji stopped a black Toyota Raum, but without registration plates. When the vehicle got to Josiah Tongogara Avenue, it turned left at which time Munjaranji was grabbed by the neck and robbed of his valuable property and cash. Munjaranji was dumped at the corner of Sam Nujoma Street and Mazoe Street before the four sped off and disappeared from the scene. On Monday this week, police received information to the effect that the fo ...
I vividly recall President Sam Nujoma referring to the then leading tertiary institution in Namibia, shortly after his arrival back into the country, as a "deceptive exercise". Gleaning the SA Sunday papers here the other week, I read about the vice-chancellor of Wits University, Adam Habib's intention to topple UCT (University of Cape Town) as the number one tertiary institution in Africa. This begs the question: what are Professors Lazarus Hangula and Tjama Tjivikua's vision and mission for those institutions and how did the then Chancellor, President Sam Nujoma and Education Minister, Nahas Angula, helped shape the character thereof? UCT, which used to be in the top 100 in the world, fell to 126 with Wits trailing at 226. This means Namibia's tertiary institutions are not amongst the top 200 or 300 or even 500-1 000 in the world. Reports some time back that Polytechnic of Namibia students could not differentiate between "police" and "policy" were worrying as well as the recent "sex for marks" claims. R ...
He should be pushed...kicking and screaming to an address off Sam Nujoma and George Silundika, ha,ha,ha,!!
An extract of a comment of one of our Computer Engineering lecturers."I just don't understand the Polytechnic of Namibia's obsession with the breaking of records. On the POLYNEWS page of the Namibian Newspaper of Friday, 18th October, 2013, it was reported that Poly has produced the first ever locally trained Mining Engineers. This is after eight students received their Bachelor degrees in Mining Engineering last week. If I recall well, in our first batch of graduates, we had mining engineers. Apart from President Hifikepunye Pohamba, that graduation ceremony was attended by the Founding President and founding chancellor of Unam, Dr Sam Nujoma, Minister of Education Dr David Namwandi and Unam council chairperson, Professor Filemon Amaambo. The editors of the Namibian newspaper should not have allowed such a blatant lie from Poly to be published in their paper, especially when one considers the fact that UNAM's engineering graduation took place less than 6 months ago." What is the comment from the editors ...
SPYL STATEMENT ON AFRICAN LEADERS STANCE ON THE KANGAROO COURT, THE ICC 24 October 2013 The SWAPO Party Youth League (SPYL) has keenly followed discussions and debates around the issue of the International Criminal Court (ICC). The rank and file of the SPYL is heartened by the recent developments on the ICC. The SPYL expresses its support to the AU on its concern regarding the politicization and misuse of indictments against African leaders by ICC as well as at the unprecedented indictments of and proceedings against the sitting President and Deputy President of Kenya in light of the recent developments in that country. The SPYL also supports the decision of the Extraordinary Session of the Assembly of the African Union that no charges shall be commenced or continued before any International Court or Tribunal against any serving African Head of State or Government or anybody acting or entitled to act in such capacity during their term of office. In that respect, the SPYL is elated that the AU has put prac ...
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