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Sam Newman

John Noel William Sam Newman (born 22 December 1945) is a retired Australian rules football player and current television personality.

Eddie McGuire Adam Goodes Caroline Wilson Shane Warne Shane Crawford Andrew Bolt Alan Jones Dan Andrews Miranda Devine Caro Wilson Garry Lyon

Caroline Wilson hits back at Sam Newman, Eddie McGuire controversy - The West Australian via
Gee you're giving the thumbs up to a Sam Newman comment. Good luck to you, can't get much lower.
The question needs to be asked, has Duck had some work done, sam Newman style?
I love Charlie Puth but don't disrespect Sam Smith like that.
That's like asking why isn't Sam Newman playing! Lol 😂😂
Classic street talk with the one and only Sam Newman.I think this will be what he ' ll be remembered…
This has certainly come quite a way from Wednesday night in Ch 9 witoh Russel Gilbert and Sam Newman etc..
Glad 9 have nothing to do with this and Sam Newman nowhere to be seen.
I love Sam Newman like Kin but Sammy time to hang up the boots watched footy show last night horrible
SAM NEWMAN: "Jobe Watson, to me, will always be a Brownlow medallist."
Herald Sun clickbait heaven would be Dusty Martin on The Footy Show talking with Sam Newman about Princ…
Sam Newman is pretty rancid himself.
The InfoQ Podcast: Security Considerations and the State of Microservices with Sam Newman
How funny was it to hear Sam Newman on the footy show that is an unhygienic and rancid man with a distinctive body odour
Waited for Sam Newman to have a go at Dusty for stealing all the attention from his Richmond teammates during the year.
The footy show Sam Newman and Shane Warne you two are so full of it
Sam Newman describes Mark Robinson as "an unhygenic rancid man" Best thing out of Sam's mouth past 20 years.
*** Sam Newman has morphed into a grinning inconsequential flog...can't even ask a rational question 😳
Really enjoyed this podcast from and Security Considerations and the State of Microservices
My wife just goes Oh yeah we are in Melbourne that's why Sam Newman is on TV
Agree with you., Sam Newman. Fans travel miles to watch games & the team gave nothing. They should have been in bootcamp
But anyone who would watch that jerk Sam Newman voluntarily ...
Warney and Sam Newman both didn't know who is 😂😂😂
Can we just acknowledge how much pasta sauce is around Sam Newman's mouth.
Everyone chortling at and dismissing Sam Newman for saying Melbourne should have banned players for a month from "celebrating" Mad Monday.
*** is going on with Sam Newman, looks severely demented...
Sam Newman just summed up Slobbo perfectly
"I know mark, he's an unhygienic rancid man" Sam Newman on Robbo lel 😂
Sam Newman looks like he is tripping balls in this interview with 🐯
Never watch footy show while the redneck dinosaur Newman is on
Sam Newman hair is from the Ralph Carr collection..
apparently Sam Newman & Warnie are going to be watching the other football shows & commenting about them on The Footy Show...
Sam Newman will cream his pants now
How does Latham still get a platform anywhere? Or Sam Newman? If not a paddock with lots…
2. New audio ASAP but not sure when. We are super keen to pod for you though and will as soon and as m…
Listening to Mark Latham tell Neil Mitchell, Sam Newman should replace Dan Andrews as Premier because gender fluidity is destroying Victoria
Mark Latham on 3AW saying Dan Andrews is part of the social-engineering PC brigade and Sam Newman should be Premier
Paul Newman, Tom Hanks, Jude Law, Daniel Craig and Stanley Tuchi directed by Sam Mendes... too *** good
Bob Murphy says he was left feeling embarrassed following Sam Newman’s personal attack on last week’s Footy Show.
Love these guys. Sam Best at S.B Roofing and and Keith Newman Both brilliant at what they do 😎
Sam Newman famously said "Ricky you are about to find out who your true friends are true friends stick by you thru…
Considerations and the State of with Sam Newman |
first time listener mate, thoroughly enjoyed the chat with Sam Newman, am hooked on now!
54 years ago today.Joan Fontaine, Phyllis Newman, Frankie Laine & Sam Levenson play daytime 'To Tell the Truth' with Bud Collyer on
in return gets Sam Newman as senior political reporter
Yep. Everything after that is gibberish. Probably written by Sam Newman.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
You don't understand expression 'deploying subtext'? Hmm. How to explain. Jonathan…
A shame not to punt dinosaur Sam Newman as part of this Footy Show reshuffle - never waste a crisis Peter Costello
Speaking of men who should retire...bye bye noxious Sam Newman. Time to act for Nine chairman Peter Costello.
Sam Newman kept his job after wearing blackface on telly impersonating a bloke (Nicky Winmar) who had taken a strong stand against racism.
A 1000 Leftie calls to axe Sam Newman. Any Lefties calling on Fairfax to axe Clementine Ford for repeatedly calling ano…
Sam Newman's face is made of the reconstructed *** of Joe Bjelke Peterson, what do you expect?
Sam Newman sparks outrage with comments about Caitlyn Jenner
I can curr with Sam Newman's displeasure with the talk of banning the bounce.
I was on the AFL Footy Show today on Chanel 9. With Sam Newman.😀😬😁🤣
Sam Newman just said women don't play AFL. What year is he living in?
(Sam newman makes his entrance on the footy show) me: he's not dead yet? Dad: unfortunately
Check the Footy Show out tonight as Sam Newman was in looking for a new pet !
Sam Newman is a perfect example of going through a mid life crisis
Least surprising thing I've learned today: Sam Newman is a fan of Donald Trump...
VA farmer Chris Newman's viral post on race
Sam Newman joins us about the search for Footy's greatest brain on tonight at 9pm
Saddened to hear that Big Sam has left Family must come first though. Feel for for the owners. Start all over ag…
Attend Sam Newman's Designing Microservices workshop at NDC Sydney. Get your tickets now.
can't wait to see Sam Newman eat that guernsey next week on the show.
Sam Newman as tough as a leather boot? And that's just his face!
ACMA is a complete joke eg Sam Newman
The Sam Newman quotes about how footballers can get better looking women than Kelli Stevens is pretty eye opening...
Many thanks Dave and Sam for advice and check. great advice and polite courteous officers.
Found out today that sam Newman used to coach dad at rucking which is cool
how old are you again? Your face looks as plastic as Sam Newman's tonight. That forehead doesn't move!
Sam Newman was a fabulous footballer...but as a misogynistic *** ..he's world class...
Just heard about Mzuri (rip). Remember how in the 80s if you were hairy you were called Mzuri? We were all as funny as Sam Newman then.
I'd give Bomber Blitz a whirl if I had an old video recorder! Loved Hird in 93 ,…
Yeh... tell me Murphy's holding the ball when he kicks it didn't cost us a goal... agree with Sam Newman, umpires are crap
And I don't follow either team. Home ground advantage is giving a big push by poor umpiring. Sam Newman says,…
“We’re nursing our sickest patients in really inappropriate places”. Intensive care nurse Sam Newman says there is a bed…
Is Sam Newman transitioning? What is inside. One who lives while others lie. I close my eyes and walk a bit bent..
Turned on the Footy Show, heard Sam Newman spouting his uninformed views, switched off!
Show us how un educated we are when Sam Newman thinks a religious sledge is racism? Try prejudicial mate. Christians/Muslims are not a race.
ATTN: Tonight Sam Newman stated he has the top 4 teams in order at the moment. Incorrect. See photo.…
Finally Sam Newman said something sensible in 22 years re sledging definition.
Hutchy, were u listening to Sam Newman?, or are you coherent?
Sam Newman just said there are no women playing in the AFL... Wanker. 100% ***
Sam Newman spot on on Now done for the year
Can't believe what Sam Newman just said - "no women playing AFL". What a joke. More women have played AFL games overall than he ever did.
It's time for Sam Newman to retire.
Surely Sam Newman will make it into say that again next Monday, he couldn't say Gillion McLachlan!
This is for Sam Newman as he gets scared very easily! 😂 
did the Fossil Sam Newman just take a cheapshot on the recent coke scandal
Sam Newman (settling the case on feature branches and toggles.
Lol. How to describe Sam Newman.Think of a lesser Hugh Hefner.and even less classy.
I'm still googling stories about them. I'm learning about "Sam" Newman rn. Do you have a copy of…
"be an activist, find out about what your local plans are" thank you Sam Newman
Sam Newman always saves the best for last
NEXT | Sam Newman joins us to discuss all things footy! . LISTEN | 882AM
Sam Newman speaks negatively about most people and issues but he always speaks positively about Farmer…
Sam Newman's response to the buyout of is going to be something else 😂😂😂
AFL announce Sam Newman to sing at Grand Final. 'At least he can hold a tune' says Big Dill McLachlan
Congratulations to Tanner Goshert, Sam Perito, Daniel Vincentino, Josh Mackie, Ashton Newman and Chris Matlashewski for making All Region
Tracey is from Goolwa. She'd think Sam Newman was a gentleman!
3 of 5 stars to Building Microservices by Sam Newman
Every Logies I recall the year when our kids' PSchool teacher was Sam Newman's 'unknown blonde' date for the night.
Mind you, I don't think he is malicious about it like Sam Newman would be be.
I liked a video Principles Of Microservices by Sam Newman
New awesome ukulele mashup from of and 💯💯💯. and .
Sam Newman weirdly didn't do too bad at that...
I had Newman in SC & AF plus i was forced to trade Sam Mitchell in SC. Less worries in RDT thankfully
1st time I have watched it this year +Sam Newman said he wante…
Building Microservices is now on sale for £6.99 at Amazon. Product page:
Is the use of a message broker aligned with Sam Newman's Building Microservices?
Sam Newman on the looking dapper in . Woodstock Menswear , and Three Chiefs 👔😱
is a great sport...Sam Newman just being his usual harmless self
Putting the seriousness of his latest misstep aside Sam Newman should be sacked for being average tv talent w consistently terrible judgment
Let's see if Packer sacks Sam Newman after he says on air he will punch Rebecca Madden just like Murdoch sacked Bill O'Reilly?
I don't follow footy as closely as I used to, so I'm assuming an thing is Sam Newman saying he'll punch his female cohost?
Feels as if Sam Newman just put the nail in the coffin of the Meanwhile *** Molloy and co are killing it over on 7.
Sam Newman just said to Rebecca that he will punch her. Can see this /as a violence against women headline tomorrow?!
Biggest laugh I've had tonight asking Sam Newman to 'step down'!! Without him, there is NO 😂😂😂😂
There's phoning it in and then there's Sam Newman on The Footy Show.
Sam Newman got the Anzac acronym wrong Crawford was correct
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Cringeworthy watching watching Sam Newman justify horrible ratings for a hollow shell of a show. 💩
Awesome to see Sam Newman's is one of the favorite Sporting moments.
Sam Newman looks like Jeff Kennet tonight - short hair and the "green" jacket
Sam Newman is a geriatric dinosaur. Good onya Ton!
It's sad that Malcolm is going to deport Wayne Carey, Sam Newman and Eddie McGuire but ultimately it is for the bes…
PLAYER SELECTED: Only the second player in history to be picked as Captain on back-to-back Tours, your 2017 Captain Sam…
New books, new things to learn! All referenced from the inspiring Microservices book by Sam Newman.
True to his word! Sam Newman has just paid us a visit, purchasing 10 Memberships on behalf of the
How is Sam Newman coping after being told that The Footy Show is doing a podcast & he now joins t…
Back to school Billy? Brownless poses with Sam Newman and a ... Garry Lyon ♥➡️
Finally read Anna Krien's compelling 'Night Games'. Needless to say, Sam Newman, Matty Johns and John Elliot can go fu…
I sleep in my Fitzroy jersey & pay homage to the great Sam Newman when I wake 😀
My column in Wednesday's on miserable outrage enthusiasts & their unhealthy obsession with Sam Newman. https:…
From the outer sanctum: what it's like to be called 'excrement' by Sam Newman | Nicole Hayes
Eddie McGuire on Adam Goodes slur, denies 'bone' in Jessica Rowe saga and defends Sam Newman
Shove over Andrew Bolt, Pauline Hanson, Eddie McGuire, Alan Jones, Miranda Devine & Sam Newman, is now being added to the list
Lol.. I think Eddie McGuire or Sam Newman would make a great first President..
Whoops, he did it again: ACMA may probe Sam Newman over Caroline Wilson comments (News)
Sam Newman calls Caroline Wilson an embarrassment. Well, if that isn't your classic pot calling a kettle black then I don't know…
too sad to be on TV, wants sympathy. Meanwhile are letting that meathead Sam Newman victim blame…
I feel Sam Newman has genuine hatred for Caroline Wilson,; including in 1999 which I witnessed first hand. . He must s…
Sam Newman defends McGuire and brands Caroline Wilson 'an embarrassment'
Sam Newman defends Eddie McGuire and brands Caroline Wilson 'an embarrassment'
Words matter. Having heard Sam Newman's bile all I can say is thank goodness for Wendy Steendam
It should be about respect ? The complete lack of respect shown not only by Eddie M but now Sam Newman & Miranda Devine is beyond reproach .
after Sam Newman groped a mannequin with Caro Wilson's face on it a few years back, her next article said the NRL was worse
Sam Newman called South Australians Bogans does that mean he's from SA
Don’t miss your chance to see the Footy Show’s Sam Newman and Shane Crawford at the next Coterie Lunch on June 17th
Steve Price and Sam Newman. My favourite weekly Radio Podcast, telling it like it is and making Politically Correct people look like ***
Micro services must be Indepdently deployable - this is what lets you go fast, Sam Newman
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Is the next or Here's his cover of "Can't Stop The Feeling" by
Check out this new cover version by of One Dance feat. &
Falmouth High shortstop Sam Newman is one of the reasons that the Clippers are headed to the…
Hey! Can I drop you a DM about my fundraiser and raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust. I'd love your help!
I'd pay anything for a Thomas Rhett or Sam Hunt concert
Can't believe Susie O'Brien has written an article about someone other than Sam Newman.
Why doesn't Sam Newman wear a fake *** that spurts out milk live on national television and ask Crawf for a suckle.
My dad hates doing PR, so I volunteered to do this for him.
Graham Cornes is the SA Sam Newman. Fossil. No idea. Yesterday's hero. .
Sam is sleep talking... And he said he was gonna expose a pair of pants 😂
Standard GEELONG and I quote "Always lose the games they shouldn't" Sam Newman
What a photo from old Sun News-Pic days late 80s. i believe that's you in the shadow of Sam Newman!
That Sam Newman up the back near the Pepsi sign?
I look forward to the fat war mongering guy's death. I hope it is half as entertaining as Newman's in the original.
Our lab’s new urban grey squirrel project kicks off with student & assistant Sam Taylor.
Never thought for 1 moment I'd ever feel sorry for Sam Newman,last night's sure bullied him over butterflies
ISC member Sam Newman is off to Canada this summer on a full basketball scholarship with the…
What the had to say about Sam Newman's appearance in The Weekly Review...
Classic burlesque show, except in drag performed by Sam Newman and Warwick Capper.
Trolls with swearwords as usernames are disrespectful tools. They need 5 minutes with sam newman
So very good to run into Sam, Tina and Wes Newman over lunch! Love that family...
Sam Newman goes peak sexist on Bec Madden in clickbait relevance desperation
I was wondering how long it would be before Sam Newman would accept Bec as one of them. Turns out 6 weeks is the answer.
I hope Sam Newman is tanning this host
Did you miss Sam Newman's Melbourne secret this week? The team didn't! More:
Goddard is actually a *** .. Sam Newman their only public supporter and he has a dip at him out the gate.
Mark Maclure is jus about as clueless Sam Newman when it comes to footy he is terrible for
LMAO Sam Newman just said Shane Crawford looks like triplets with one head cuz he's so fat 😂😂😂
The tyro's of the 60's turn 70. Sam Newman, Peter Hudson and Barry Richardson join Mike. It's an antique on
"The only difference between me now, and me in first year, is a 1000 litres of gin and vodka." (Sam Newman, 2016)
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
fill in the blank, Malik Newman should _ next season.
Lindsey Newman & Sam Blake setting the groundwork for our future San Diego Gavel Club! We are very proud of you both
Evan DeBlanc, Sam Moses score early to advance Newman to Division IV championship
Sam just looked straight at me and said "I don't think the world spends enough time talking about the fact that parrots talk" I…
Just got a message from Monday a new video !
I would like to submit for your consideration: John Newman, Rationale, Shakka, Alex Clare, James Morrison, even Sam Smith shame
Good Luck Red Devils Wrestlers still alive in the Sam Dietz & Tristen Newman
"Building Microservices" by Sam Newman made me a better architect - I highly recommend it!
And apparently the scariest thing in melb is the escalator at parliament station! Not snakes or Sam Newman after all!
How Cambridge CC’s learning disability team changed the way they delivered their services
140 years between them! Happy 70th birthday to Peter Hitchener and to Sam Newman who turned 70…
Foss, AKA Sam Newman & Dicko enjoying some 99 not outs on ice!
Our latest blog: How Cambridge CC's learning disability team improved services for people
Our blog: West Berkshire: a new way of delivering adult social care
How many people did their cash, betting on Sam Newman to be the bloke to root one of his co-presenters wives first
About 90% sure it's Sam Newman. He is a little wannabe funny guy. Terribly unfunny in my opinoin
I made one but not two, and I never even knew Jay to care enough besides hating Sam Newman who is probably making them
Cambridgeshire continuing to transform lives.
Friend: I thought John Newman was *** . Me: No... You might be thinking of Sam Smith?. Friend: Oh, but-. Me: Ssssh now. Listen to silence...
I got a bad feeling about that Newman guy.
James Bond - awesome 🙆. Lives in the shadows. Thanks to Daniel Craig, Thomas Newman and Adele. Also Sam smith.
"How CCC learning disability team used the three conversation model - and some advice from Costa!" on
When the only good k-cup coffee company is Newman's Own but you can only buy it via Sam's Club so you just scream :)
Sam Newman says Footy Show will survive Garry Lyon and Brownless saga
Our latest blog: How Cambridge Council’s learning disability team help to improve services
says it's a ‘given’ that the will survive and return with ALL co-hosts
There's a book called 'Building Microservices' that just mentioned at ... here's the link
Sam Newman via got one thing correct...he is a dill bit Brayshaw being competent.hmmm
Quarterfinal buys soccer match at Newman bs Opeloussas. 1-0 7 minutes in. Newman. Great serve from Sam Moses to Arthur Lemann
Victor Newman = Sam McCall . Never has to answer for the mess they create. And propped beyond belief. IMO
Was the selection panel Ricky Nixon, Sam Newman and the St Kilda leadership team?
Great post by Sam Newman, Director, Partners for Change, regarding financial austerity in Read more:
people probably think that a lot with people and their nick-names. John and Sam Newman etc?
The great Sam Newman is completely right, political correctness has gone completely mad
Sam Newman calls our Political Correctness & it's followers for the garbage they actually are!
Sam Newman lashes out at political correctness 'gone mad'
Sam Newman's blast for political correctness and his critics: “If I said my...
Sam Mendes made Road to Perdition with Tom Hanks, Jude Law, Paul Newman. When you see that film, you are not anywhere else but in the film.
Composed by Thomas Newman 👏 ♫ Writing's on the Wall by Sam Smith —
Listen to BonerJamz '16 by Samuel Joseph Newman on
John Newman on his new album 'Revolve', difficult childhood, and ...
"I'm saucin, I'm saucin, I'm saucin, on you." - Rachel Newman
I rather have Mark Sanchez play than Sam Bradturd
So far we have 3 Devils returning for 2016, Kyle Newman, Todd Kurtz and Sam Simota. Looking good for next year so far!
They’ve started to make me feel uncomfortable in the same way Sam Newman does
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Please check out the latest cover by ~> Jess Glynne - Take Me Home (Sam Newman Cover) via
Very well Sam. You have a lot of potential
My office today shooting at Huntingdale golf club for the masters. Mixing it with Shane Warne, Sam Newman, Todd...
Shane Warne and Sam Newman tee off at the 17th pro-am ☀️ @ Huntingdale…
Still waiting for Sam "Lil" Newman to show for sentencing as mayor waits in 110'ers case. Snafu with the jail. He was in court yesterday.
I have seen this same story on GH where Sam had dream of her baby Brussels Sprouts ain't no Sam McCall nor a Sharon Newman
Big shout out to whose book on I totally stole from for my talk at
Somehow, I've found myself at this 1995 Sam Newman ad for the Dandenong Plaza.
It's & we've got loads of great new music on our playlist for you to listen to! h…
My cover of Take Me Home has is now on YouTube :-).
Wondering about Newman's grade for MN. Is that the best grade for a defensive player that age? Wondering if that is tracked.
Justin Houston was close, and Terence Newman deserves a mention too, tougher for CBs to grade that high, but nope.
this could be condensed to 'because Sam Ballin and took the *** out of me constantly.' Mug
I added a video to a playlist Open Mike - Sam Newman (2012)
AFL Footy Show stars Sam Newman and Bill Brownless will have to go back to the …
Sam Newman humiliating Caro Wilson & making fun of disadvantaged people in street
Visiting nan and I took a pic of her friend in the home with my son. Noticed she looks like Sam Newman.
The only ones I'd question are the blokes who stayed around long enough to make 300 like *** Martyn and Sam Newman.
- 5:36pm, Sam Newman. Speed camera on the Reid highway in between Alexander and Mirabooka drive
thankyou Sam Newman for standing up james hird your a smart man
brilliant and instantly reminded me of Sam Newman and Eddie Hamster McGuire
Gary Stanton & Sam Newman are back!!! Almost Somethin' Sweet tonight!! First 400 people get a Miller Lite T.
I liked a video from Shane Crawford's spot on impression of Sam Newman
Shane Crawford's spot on impression of Sam Newman
Latest ad with Sam Newman from for Saturday's game v https:…
to be fair I don't think female athletes care if they have Sam Newman's respect or not.
Sam Newman on Adam Goodes acting like a jerk
Your song is coming up on CANT't WAIT!
Im so proud of you ! That tune is going down in history!
Special day for 3 Bruins.Sam Newman,Will Pucek,Tyler Hite at Old Trafford, Manchester United with
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
RE , Sam Newman, and their spiritual mentor, Andrew Bolt.
Sam Newman didn't surprise me but the tacit acceptance of Lyon and Brayshaw - a club president - was appalling in my view.
“Sam, this is Paul Newman. You must get this all the time, but you’re a great beer - are u an amber or just a
Obviously only Shane Warne, Sam Newman or Jason Akermanis could restore the respect and dignity the position previously enjoyed
Really Joe? Sam Newman has a history of racial vilification. He has no knowledge nor respect; re: indigenous history & culture.
had to laugh opinion radio jock Faine ABC giving his advice, then blasting Sam Newman for giving his advice. Left worry me.
Just spent 2 hours arguing sam smiths case to find out John newman was Sam Smith and everyone here loves John newam
Contriversal take on the Adam Goodes booing by Sam Newman!
Re and - not forgetting Sam Newman of course but the others should know better.
A sensible response from sam newman who would have thought, well said sam. Footy is not all about u adam
new Jason with sam Morgan together on I Miss old Billy Abbott with Victoria newman on
enough about goodes. 18 umpires booed every game. No one says stop. AFL and media beat this up. Sam Newman was right.
another disgraceful moment in AFL history - these charming men
why do you need to ask us when you have 'blackface' Sam Newman to guide you on the issue?
My acoustic cover of 's 'La La La' Enjoy!   10% Off
If you're not rooting for Eric Berry, you don't have a soul.
Go have a cry to Sam Newman. So much for the news you can rely on when a presenter is showing her bias..
Wondering if jo hall is auditioning to take over the role of sam newman on the footy show at
To be honest I thought the only person on channel 9 that behaved like this was Sam Newman.
Oops! was reading Sam Newman's autocue by mistake
Sam Newman progress' from misogyny to latent racism on & Jo must make very proud
Well said Sam,100% correct . Commented on: Newman slams Goodes over booing saga:
Funny how all the people criticising are boofheads. . Alan Jones, Andrew Bolt, Sam Newman, Paul Murray, Eddie McGui…
Listening to Sam Newman and Shane Warne discussing and race issue is like having to listen to Ivan Milat promote tourism
Sam Newman, who donned black face on air & once likened a Malaysian man to a monkey, lectures Adam Goodes on issues of…
I raise you a Sam Newman or Alan Jones opinion on the Goodes matter. Take your pick.
WATCH: Perhaps the most touching tribute for comes from another legend, Sam Newman - http…
Sam Newman never takes things too seriously.
he brings it upon himself. Sam Newman was 100 percent right. Nothing to do with being aboriginal
If hang on here this will be bigger than the night dacked Sam Newman and exposed him on live TV on the
Watching for the first time tonite. Man, its only an hr in and I love it! I spy Sam Jackson.. Newman.. and my boo,JGoldblum.
Sam Newman, so perturbed by Adam Goodes' war dance should consider the internationally accepted Maori Haka, and toughen up.
Sam Smith and John Newman tear my heart to shreds tbh.
Everytime Sam Newman talks up a team and say they won't lose, they lose. First hawthorn, now freo
please make a comment about Sam Newman. It was disgusting with what he said on the footy show and no I don't watch it!
Great night sportsman night with Sam Newman and Terry Daniher
You bet I agree with Sam Newman's comments!.
What Sam Newman said about Adam Goodes last night was spot on
Google, is there a cheap and legal way to shoot Sam Newman out of a cannon into the sun?
Couldn't agree more with Sam Newman,Adam Goodes ppl aren't booing you because your aboriginal,it's because you act like a tool!
Until I heard pontificating on the Sam Newman dig at Goodes, I assumed he was dead. I guess its just his career
Sam Newman, such a unifying force in race relations...
The Foss, aka - Sam Newman struggling on tour after 1 day left!
Being criticised by Sam Newman is gods way of telling you you're doing the right thing.
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