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Sam Neill

Nigel John Dermot Sam Neill, DCNZM, OBE (born 14 September 1947) is a New Zealand actor. He is well known for his starring role as paleontologist Dr.

Jurassic Park Event Horizon Laura Dern Russell Crowe Jeff Goldblum Matt Damon Peaky Blinders Miranda Richardson Rhys Darby Billy Zane Isabelle Adjani Tim Kaine Lucy Lawless Bryan Brown Lawrence Fishburne Tom Hardy Cillian Murphy

I mean, Sam Neill was also epic, but Matt just keeps showing up
sam: dean, can I borrow your phone for a moment?. dean: yeah sure, hold on a sec
And Father Loomis spoke Latin so fluently that Sam Neill had to cover himself in crosses out of shock
And then Crowded House. Sam Neill, John Clarke, Russell Crowe and on and on 😀 even Barnaby Joyce
there's def the dirtbag fear now. Thankfully, Sam Neill has a clean bill of health.
21 years later, I️ finally get what and Jeremy Woolery were talking about when they said “Sam Neill is the d…
I knew the sequels were garbage when Sam Neill and Laura Dern weren’t together in them. Also, the stories weren’t a…
Sam Neill will always be Dr. Alan Grant to me, but he plays a villain so well.
Ah...I would’ve been there but i had to shift it to a different day so I could get my Sam Neill on!
Officially starting the “bois who were sad Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum didn’t share a scene in Thor Ragnarok” club
I just realized that is the first time Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum were in a movie together since Jurassic Park
Sam Neill was the Odin Actor in the play within a play. Karen recognized one of the werewolves from Sh…
And best of all, Sam Neill finally stops trying to scare fat kids.
If Sam Neill comes up, I'm just gonna hurl myself into a volcano.
Sam Neill proves how difficult the Northern Irish accent is when he's still pretty dodgy with proper northern help.…
Pausing for a moment to appreciate how Sam Neill of all people is becoming a latter-day folk hero by being the mirt…
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Immigrant Song is played twice. It's epic both times. Keep an eye out for a Matt Damon and Sam Neill cameo…
This is the worst Sam Neill weed pipe I’ve ever seen
Did you spot Sam Neill and Matt Damon too?
I recognized Matt Damon. But totally did not recognize Sam Neill in Ragnarok. Just had to look it up 😲
Oh thank god. I wouldn't be able to handle that, same for Sam Neill.
In this film Sam Neill portrays an illiterate character. But in real life Sam Neill has a BA in English Literature.
Yeah, also got Lawrence Fishbourne and Sam Neill in it
Yeah they clearly wanted a C-list Hollywood name to be able to sell it the US and Sam Neill was that…
Yes, I'm following Sam Neill (v amusing). I look forward to seeing it at some point. Like I look forward to…
I'll have to watch "Thor: Ragnarok" again if only to catch Sam Neill as Odin, and Matt Damon as Loki.
Think I’ll watch The Descent tonight, I’m just about finished the patreon such a weir…
Now they would be bridges far too far wouldn't they. I love Steve Martin's banjo music,…
Sam says dean really loves cowboys and then cas says yes he does
Is no one talking about the fact that even though he still had Sam dean was fine with staying dead with no goodbye to Sam bc cas and Mary
Bandits, starring Sam Neill and Wayne Brady. Directed by Jonathan Frakes, music by Karen O. Budget: $140m   10% Off
This is controversial but: Sam Neill vs. Sam Waterston
Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum were both in the new THOR movie. Can we get them in the new Jurassic Park movie also.
The dish is outstanding, as is the wilder people, sam Neill is a kiwi legend, but I really enjoyed you…
I think might be my favorite Jeff Goldblum and Sam Neill movie. Jurassic Park is a close second.
Sam Neill does a Question time almost daily interacting w/ fans. Fun sense of humor. Down to Earth af.
Sam Neill’s pig needs to be my BFF. We have the same nose 🐷
On the basis of a slight acquaintance, Sam Neill sent me a signed magnum of his pinot noir for me to auc…
I really didn’t there would ever be another movie that would make me appreciate Sam Neill more than
having just finished a Halloween double feature of An Evening With Sam Neill (In the Mouth of Madness…
I'm always shouting at people to watch Hunt for the Wilderpeople. That's my favorite film of…
Finally watching HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE. Sam Neill is an international delight.
Dear Sam (tonight when I saw you in Thor Ragnarok I hit my friend, yelped, and hissed "THAT'S SAM NE…
In New Zealand, they do the Haka, then sing Crowded House’s “Something So Strong”, and finally unfurl a tifo of Sam Neill. .
Admittedly, I did spend a bit of time wondering if that was Matt Damon. . And yes, it was. And of course, Sam Neill.
I spotted Matt Damon in Thor: Ragnarok, and I suspected that was another Hemsworth with him, but I totally missed Sam Neill.
*Professor Frink voice*. “Brace yourselves gentlemen. According to the gas chromatograph, Michael McElhatton’s top-s…
Too long have the legions of Those Who Find Jeff Goldblum Attractive lived in silence. OUR…
Sam Neill stuck between the two logs screaming while the T-rex and the Spinosaurus fight is me most days.
Germaine Greer reviewing the BBC's misguided doc 'Space with Sam Neill': "I never doubted the Big Ba…
. Day20: Event Horizon . (Enjoy how wonderful Laurence Fishburne and Sam Neill are here. Pay no mind…
Watch Hamilton Morris, Sam Neill and Bryan Brown in the Sweet Country trailer
Wait, Sam Neill wasn't in that movie. Nvm, just imagine this is some extremely subtle ref to Event Horizon.
Their knowledge of Byzantium begins and ends with that Sam Neill horror movie.
What question would Sam Neill ask about himself on this thread. Also - which question would he absolutely not ask
For the past two weeks my boss has had NCIS on in the background and I just now realized that the main guy is Mark Harmon & not Sam Neill
SPORTSWOMEN. Scottish World Champion wheelchair racer is on from 11.30am.
Why does Sam Neill have two first names?
That was Sam Neill as a Russian submarine guy.
That didn't sound anything like Sam Neill
What was Sam Neill's secret in the TV show Happy Town?
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Happy Birthday to the extraordinary actor Sam Neill (70) in "Jurassic Park - Grant" 🎂🍨🎈
Years ago I had this dream about Sam Neill bringing a message of love and courage from outer space. It's still comf…
Celebrating the 10th anniversary of our Fan Community with Sam Neill's wine. It tastes
A propos nothing in particular, I highly recommend you follow Sam Neill, and not only cos he's always great; he's v…
Sam Neill and Hamilton Morris star in Warwick Thornton's latest masterpiece 'Sweet Country' Check it out at…
I want a sequel to Jurassic Park where Sam Neill's character just tries to ...sorta... farm the dinosaurs, while also ru…
Sam Neill replying to everybody but me. 😞😔😥
Best Sam Neill movie? Jurassic Park or Hunt for the Wilderpeople?
Always gotta reblog that Sam Neill sass
Sam Neill is an actor not a councillor please get some professional assistance. Best of luck
Sam Neill's character in Hunt for Red October not getting to go to Montana is still upsetting to me and I think about it…
Hunt for the Wilderpeople. The kid will steal your heart because he totally steals the movie from Sam Neill.
I know it's Sam Neill who technically kills Billy Zane but I LOVE DEAD CALM SO MUCH
If I wish really hard, will Sam Neill's "Merlin" come to my birthday party?
As a general rule, I find it best not to trust people whose name sounds like two first names. Can we trust in Sam Neill?
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does not get the hype it deserves. Cillian Murphy is brilliant and Sam Neill nails the tough Northern Ireland accent.
Have you seen him in Possession? If so, do you agree that it needs to be mentioned in more conversatio…
What does Sam Neill think about mouth noises in audio recordings?
I'm not sure showing Sam Neill in John Carpenter's In the Mouth of Madness is the best way to support this argument…
Yeah, Sam Neill was also in In The Mouth Of Madness, a great John…
Today is ask Sam Neill anything day, so if you have any questions for this almost annoyingly pleasant man, now is the t…
Which Sam Neill would you least like to be stuck in a lift with? a) Event Horizon b) Peaky Blinders c) Wilderpeople d) Dr. Grant
Should Sam Neill be giving out advice?
On gender and the economics profession by my colleague Homa Zarghamee, Sam Bowl…
movie pitch: Sam Neill hunts crypts, who (plot twist) are all played by
What 3 films would you suggest to start with when getting into Sam Neill
Do you think Sam Neill would be amazing at improv?
How much crushed up glass could Sam Neill be force fed before he croaks?
was it scary for Sam Neill to be on set with Dinosaurs? What about Laura Dern?
Sam Neill is friend to all mythological beasts and/or cryptids.
I dressed up as Sam Neill's character from The Piano in college
If Sam Neill were to name a farm animal after Paul F Tompkins, what type of animal would it be?
So I'm thinking about Jurassic Park because of this but also because of Sam Neill
While Sam Neill is answering advice questions, I will answer any & all Sam Neill questions. Go.
Do you think Sam Neill kept the pope outfit from the Tudors?
Is this just an elaborate ploy to get Sam Neill to be your best friend?
Have you seen 1981's "Possession" and if so what do you think Sam Neill's profession was in that film? Spy?
Thus inspiring the name of a much later band. Sam Neill has impressive cultural reach.
What does Sam Neill's wine taste like?
Am I the only one who thinks Sam Neill looks like Frank Sinatra?
If a Fox, a Chicken, & Sam Neill are on one side of the river and SN will eat the fox, the fox will eat…
'Wine-o-saur' is definitely a pun that should be used between one and fifty times in the Sam Neill dinosaur vineyar…
adding up all those Oscar nominations for Harry Dean Stanton, Sam Neill, Donald Sutherland, Jeanne Moreau, John Goo…
Let me play you. I'm half Sam Neill, half William Devane. I'm waiting for William to call any day now,…
"Oh my god if this cat gets loose it's going to be like Jurassic Park and I am not Sam Neill. I am not Sam Neill at all."
If there's a better example of somebody living their best life than Sam Neill drinking wine in a field with a pig I ha…
Hey!! Joyce is as Australian as Russell Crowe, Sam Neill and Split Enz!
Proud to claim Kiwi's such as Russell Crowe, Sam Neill,Crowded House as Aussies. But Barnaby Joyce? Sorry New Zealand... he's yours to keep
We'll take Sam Neill and you can have Russell Crowe back
Dear NZ: I know we've taken Russell Crowe, Keith Urban, Sam Neill, etc. You take back and we'll call it even huh?
We'll keep Sam Neill and Keith Urban, and Russell Crowe when he's behaving himself.
So this Scarramucci guy? Wasn't he played by Sam Neill in 'The Final Conflict'?
Still need to know who Sam Neill is playing in Thor Ragnarok
North by Northwest with G.Clooney,S.Johansson and Sam Neill. Eve Marie Saint would play a small rol
Has anyone ever seen Peter Gabriel and Sam Neill in the same place?
SERIOUS QUESTION I'VE BEEN WONDERING FOR OVER 20 YEARS: are Sam Neill and Laura Dern supposed to be a couple in Jurassic Park or what?
Sam Neill is excellent as Sidney Reilly, and the direction and supporting cast likewise.
"There was a kindness about him that a lot of people really didn't deserve": Sam Neill on satirist John Clarke |
Now picturing you in the Sam Neill role in 'Event Horizon' (I'm Jason Isaacs, obvs :-P )
I watched Hector and Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Both great! Can't go wrong with Peter Mullan and Sam Neill
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Sam Neill enlisted the help of Northern Irish actors James Nesbitt and Liam Neeson to help him perfect a Northern Irish accent
Steven Spielberg, Joseph Mazzello, Sam Neill & Ariana Richards on the set of (1993).
Q&A: Director Andrew Goth on Working with Sam Neill & Tom Payne for MINDGAMERS :-]...
Those commercials that had Sam Neill peeping at us through phone lines for MCI were creepier, I think
Bryan Brown and Sam Neill and Jenny Morris and Leah Churchill Brown and Tom Churchill Brown and Fotti Fireworks...
its good, very 'steam-punky'.. Check out a shoe called "Peaky Blinders" with Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy and Sam Neill too 😊👍
. Some of our favorite performances of 2016:. Sam Neill. Jimmy Jean-Louis. Glen Powell. Alice Lowe…
"Sam Neill and Hugo Weaving should get together and do a comedy series." Wise words by in the office.…
I wish Sam Neill and Hugo Weaving would get together and decide which one of them is which so I can get on with things.
Two great kiwis neil finn and Sam Neill
Sam Neill, Joe Johnston, and an animatronic Velociraptor on the set of https…
Clancy Brown, John C. McGinley or maybe Sam Neill might fit the bill, too.
Watching Hunt for the Wilderpeople for the first time and it's glorious watching Sam Neill lay just ice cold burns on this kid.
48. The two-table, tension-pulsating negotiations/argument between Isabelle Adjani and Sam Neill at the restaurant…
Tommy Lee Jones as Magnus, David Tennant as Skids, Rhys Darby or Taika Waititi as Getaway, Sam Neill as Riptide
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Max Irons thought Sam Neill hated him at first via
Director Mel Gibson and the cast of (+ Sam Neill) introduce the film at its Australian premiere. Brilliant group…
Sam Neill names calf after Graham Norton during brilliant appearance on chat show via
Sam Neill reenacts the Brachiosaurus scene from on the Graham Norton show! We love it http…
Sam Neill's modified Aussie flag patch in Event Horizon (1997). Nice detail, can't believe it's still not real. 19…
Hunt for the Wilderpeople star Same Neill tells us what he's learned:
Front Row, Sam Neill, Sharon Bolton and Stephanie Merritt and how best to teach art history
Sam Neill English Mother Kiwi Father and born in Ireland that's some mixture nice that you still call New Zealand home.
Nüs - reveal more cast members. The latest:
I'm fairly sure that's who Sam Neill will playing. One of the Elders anyway
Anyone else think Tim Kaine looks just like Sam Neill?
Tim Kaine really looks like a love child of Robin Williams and Sam Neill. Nothing wrong with this.
Adjani is so great she nearly overshadows Sam Neill, who is downright excellent here.
O'Neill is strategizing. Sam is daydreaming.
other than Sam Neill I'm not sure I've seen Satan convincingly portrayed on screen.
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It's been confirmed that Jurassic Park's Sam Neill will have a role in Thor: Ragnarok
Hey, Tim Kaine! Sam Neill called. He wants his eyebrows back.
I am starting to appreciate Sam Neill more and more - his crazy face might just be my spirit animal.
Jurassic World numero dos is gonna be epic. I hope they bring back some of the originals...Jeff Goldblum, Sam Neill and/or Laura Dern.
More cast members announced for The latest:
I don't know if anybody has said it, but In the Mouth of Madness is an under appreciated Carpenter movie. Crazy Sam Neill!
I like Gérard Depardieu, Sam Neill and the World Cup
watch my favourite Sam Neill film again? if you insist,i've not seen any Argento film,a fact my friend won't let me live down
Just watched Hunt for the Wilderpeople. It's awesome and Sam Neill deserves all the awards.
I was SO excited to see that movie and it didn't disappoint. Really love Sam Neill, and Taika Waititi (sp?).
AP Reports: Sam Neill has been cast as superhero "Dionysus the Wise" in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok.
Kaine is the comically distressed Sam Neill, Pence is the egg wearing a human mask
If you get a chance, this is an excellent movie. You also of course can't go wrong when Sam Neill's in it.
if Sam Neill ye see, Jurassic Park it be,. if Vince Vaughn was on screen, it's The Lost Word you've seen
GIF tyme birthday cake, the orchard, sam neill, hunt for the wilderpeople, getting old
Huge thanks to Sam Neill from for dropping in today to take us through his spectacular range of Pinot Noir.
I think Pixar made a film about Sam Neill's Wall-Eye
I think they could have done more to hide Sam Neill's wall eye too.
Phar Lap was one of our greatest Split Enz, Russell Crowe and Sam Neill...
I "know" Sam Neill, John Fugelsang. Morgan Fairchild, and many celebrities. I have screenshots to prove it! ;-)
Here's my review of Hunt For The Wilderpeople, in which Sam Neill goes in search of Billy, Gene and Joan
Wow... DEAD CALM (1989) with Nicole Kidman, Sam Neill and Billy Zane holds up incredibly well.
What I like most about rivers is you can’t step in the same river twice. The waters always changing, always flowing. ~ Sam Neill
Lethal Weapon 2, starring Sam Neill and Dean Stockwell. Directed by Roberto Benigni, music by Stereo MCs. Budget: $500m
As always, Lawrence Fishburne is killing it in this movie. Sam Neill looks like he'd rather be in Jurassic Park instead
parrapark . ・・・. George Miller AO and Sam Neill interviewed by Angela Bishop in front of…
I though the premise was great & I love Sam Neill & Lawrence Fishburne. But at some point it just became gross not scary IMHO
George Miller and Sam Neill celebrate with as heads west.
New series starting this Autumn - Sam Neill as Lord Carnarvon (who owned Highclere Castle aka Downton Abbey) and...
Sam Neill's friend and mentor, James Mason, was influential in him getting his first Hollywood starring role in this
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Lucy Lawless and Sam Neill battle it out in a bake-off.
Sam Neill, Miranda Richardson, Helena bonham Carter & Lena Headey all in one series, Anjelica Houston in other series.
I saw Bicentennial Man where Sam Neill bought something to this effect. But it also did chores around his house. Maybe that's next.
it's among my top 5 favorite shows ever. Stars Cillian Murphy, Sam Neill and Tom Hardy. In season 3 now.
Screening this week is The Daughter, an adaptation of Ibsen's 'The Wild Duck' starring Geoffrey Rush and Sam Neill.
I love Sam Neill but he's bringing less Alan Grant to this than he is first-act William Weir.
I think Sam Neill is possibly one of the best Irish actors of all time. He has an amazing ability to sound like...
The Tudors was really a vastly underrated show. Sam Neill, Natalie Dormer, Jeremy Northam, Henry Cavill and James Frain were amazing in it.
Sam Neill is sorely missed but wow, Paddy Considine is seriously an amazing upgrade.
Watch a movie trailer for "Hunt for the Wilderpeople," starring Julian Dennison, Sam Neill, and Rhys Darby. Photo: …
Just ran into this Hollywood legend - been a Sam Neill fan since The Piano. And he watches
I love Sam Neill but who doesn't want to see Harley off E Street win a Logie for playing Ivan Milat?
Hunt for the Wilderpeople US Release Trailer (2016) - Sam Neill, Rhys Darby Movie HD -
That's great! I want to see Jeff Goldblum, Laura Dern and Sam Neill return in Jurassic Park 5.
I used to be super into Billy Zane. Now it's clear Sam Neill is where it's at. .
Imagine an Expendables type movie but about adventure, starring Harrison Ford, Sam Neill, Brendan Fraser, Michael J Fox and Richard Dreyfuss
trailer for is out! Jason Scott Lee, Cary Elwes, Sam Neill, & John Cleese.
Lawrence Fishburne and Sam Neill (Jurassic Park) head up a strong cast as the reluctant leaders of a rescue...
Aiden Turner, Burn Gorman, Sam Neill, Miranda Richardson and Toby Stephens are in the cast. I've been waiting for this.
"hey commissioner gordon, you look different. Like someone fired your old look & replaced you with Sam Neill."
Chevy Chase in Zoom plays the worst Dr. Grant ever. Sam Neill in Jurassic Park is a much better Dr. Grant
I liked a video Hunt for the Wilderpeople Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Sam Neill, Rhys Darby Movie HD
Richie McCaw, Dan Carter, Sam Neill, Eleanor Catton, Lucy Lawless, Piri Weepu, all have the same right to say opinions, no need to be rude.
Peaky Blinders is boss. You're in for a treat. Best thing Sam Neill's done without John Carpenter or dinosaurs.
I'm sure she will. If only to see Charles Dance and Sam Neill again ;-).
sam neill was great in Jurassic Park
Sam Neill and Max Irons starring in ITV’s...
Sam Neill's accent comes through so many times in Jurassic Park. The movie is still a timeless treasure.
Sam Neill has always been a favourite actor of mine.
Sam Neill is great at looking like pure evil wrapped up in civilized clothing
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Sam Neill read my article on his unhinged POSSESSION performance and says I "get it." It's over, folks. I've peaked.
cuz Sam neill from Jurassic Park has like 2-3 rapist/abuser roles and I love him but I'm like hm
same place we're a old man in all white was about to open up expensive wine that Laura Dern and Sam Neill was about to save
Sam Neill is in 12 movies where he is either the devil or destroys the world for the devil somehow and then he is in a dinosaur movie.
Anyway you should watch the BBC version, it has Tywin flipping Lannister in it + Sam Neill, Miranda Richardson, Toby Stephens, Noah Taylor!
Sam Neill enjoying dinner and making a murderer, can't wait to get a big birthday kiss.
it is excellent and good and Sam Neill
That El Chapo flick wasn't going to star Tim Roth, Gérard Depardieu, and Sam Neill by any chance, was it?
Event Horizon (1997): a ghost story in space. More "Hellraiser" than "Alien". A disturbing horrorshow with Sam Neill
For the record, I never thought I could envision anyone but Sam Neill as Maxwell Lord. and proved me wrong.
yeah that made my stomach turn. Sam Neill’s accent and even acting is bad but the show kind of takes off in season 2.
Talk his wife, Sam Carter-O'Neill, into getting a second dog. 🐶 😛
& Sam Neill bae, does he play a pillock in this aswell?¿
Charles Dallas: Professor, British, father of a gargoyle, looks like Sam Neill.
Looks good. With Sam Neill from Jurassic Park and Oliver Stark from
I added a video to a playlist Lisa meets her crush Sam Neill
I will never be able to look at Sam Neill again without seeing the monster he plays in
Sam Neill has never been the same for me since that movie. He's always creepy.
I wonder did Frodo and Sam do it in Minas Tirith on the road to Mordor
Winemaker & beekeeper Mr Sam Neill in charge of the selfies pop-up on htt…
Actor & vineyard owner Sam Neill takes his wine on the road for a Pop-up Cellar Door | 3 News Video:
Sam is an *** Neill is just being cautious because he's on tv! With his family and employers and neighbors and friends watching
Great afternoon with great Pinot and Sam Neill. But which film to mention first? Death in Brunswick or Dead Calm?
Brendan O'Neill: Chris Gayle case an unhealthy flirtation with authoritarianism.
So cool in Jurassic Park when Sam Neill gets so excited about there being a T Rex that he tries to suck his own *** h…
These are two absolutely CLASSIC Burn Gorman and Sam Neill roles. This show is *** well cast.
jeez, you got deep in too. He was never gonna win it anyway and he's as irish as Sam Neill
Your Ulster accent - check out Sam Neill in Peaky Blinders for the most amazing example!!
Yes Charles not sure who Sam Neill is ... There was Anna Maxwell Martin who's a brill actress and the guy who played Poldark
If I ever meet Sam Neill or Isabelle Adjani, I'm going to tell them I need answers.
Possession on TCM Underground 2:00am Isabelle Adjani and Sam Neill. It looks...unusual.
John Glover, Sam Neill, and David Warner, in the first 10 minutes. If this movie isn't good (I don't remember) it's not because of the cast.
doesn't Chuck Jones look very like a today's Sam Neill!
An effective thriller with good turns from Sam Neill, Nicole Kidman & Billy Zane under the sharp direction of Philip Noyce :) 8/10
Been watching The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior (1992.) The strong cast includes Sam Neill, Jon Voight, Kerry Fox and Lucy Lawless.
Mason Williams - Classical Gas - ORIGINAL STEREO VERSION via from a fantastic movie The Dish for Sam Neill.
Was Joely Richardson cast opposite Sam Neill in Event Horizon because she looks exactly like Laura Dern?
I’m in. Pierce Brosnan, Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas, Jeff Goldblum, Sam Neill, and a mutated Vincent D’Onofrio. Let’s do it.
my favourite was the one with Sam Neill as the Devil
Me and my boy Sam O'Neill wearing the team colours watching the all blacks v Newcastle
When you grow up to be a paleontologist, & cosplay as Dr. Alan Grant for a Smithsonian pic💅🏻
Buzzin with Big Sam he's been the man for me since O'Neill left. Lets see how much i know!! Very happy he's 'Manager' not Head coach
.Sam Neill knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you're awake, he knows if you're getting his name right so be good..
A short story:. I was SO into the made for tv Merlin mini series with Sam Neill. His feather cloak thing, oh god.
IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS: for some reason Sam Neill's Brosnan-esque Irish swagger made even funnier by the fact he's wearing cowboy boots
Sam Neill is so incredibly accomplished at playing Sam Neill. He is like the Hugh Grant of the festival circuit.
Once again back to b/c a certain roommate is obsessed w/ the film. Sam Neill always playing someone demonic.
yeah! I was into it! Plus, I am a huge fan of Sam Neill
Sam Neill read to me for 3 hours today.
31 Days of Halloween, day 8. "Event Horizon"- Lawrence Fishbourne and Sam Neill star in this sci-fi/horror film...
Adrian Brodey's ability to look upset is unparalleled! I'm tentatively excited for this movie
ooh, that sounds pretty ugly. Is Sam Neill there?
Sam Neill is terrific in the highly underrated Clever, strange, fun horror. An annual Oct "must watch".
Is Sam Neill in the house, can we get a picture of him?
With the wonderful Sam Neill in Ivanhoe!Loving him in PeakyBlinders on Netflix!
Sam Neill calls on pals Liam Neeson, James Nesbitt for help with accent – Belfast Telegraph
Just watched "Sleeping Dogs" with Sam Neill His films/shows have definitely gotten better!
Authorities suspect actor Sam Neill (has been secretly cloning dinosaurs in his New Zealand vineyard.
maybe? I don't remember much of the other two other than Sam Neill being in one.
I will back this kickstarter (esp if played by Sam Neill in Event Horizon mode)
Just remembered big Sam Neill is in it with a dodgy accent effort. I like him, though. Will stick it on this week I think.
Why did it take so long? Don't forget the sequels. I especially liked The Final Conflict. Sam Neill rocked it. 👹
Event Horizon (1997). Epic levels of bizarreness! Visually, it's a win! Plus Sam Neill! So it gets 8 out of 10 black holes... into ***
Sam Basil calls for removal of Peter O'Neill
Every time I watch a film or a programme with Sam Neill in it, I always get disappointed when the bad guys aren't raptors in disguise.
In tomorrow's podcast we're also looking at 'Landfall', starring a very young pre-Sleeping Dogs Sam Neill!
Checking out Peaky Blinders this evening. Late to this. Oh Hai Sam Neill!
I love so much! And I love Sam Carter so much! And I love Jack O'Neill so much! And I love Tel'c and Daniel Jackson!
Aye he does a bit of a Fagin character. Best is Sam Neill's Paisley-ite accent. "Feeny-yans"
Whenever I get crazy at work, I feel like Sam Neill from In The Mouth Of Madness.
Sam Neill (stars in the epic gangster drama tomorrow 9.20pm.
I think Sam Rayburn or Tip O'Neill probably takes it...
As for 's latest debacle - I said Martin O'Neill could replace Wenger months ago, and got ridiculed for it. Who'…
Sam Neill too I think. Redeemed himself with Peaky Blinders.
When I find myself in times of trouble comes to me speaking words of wisdom.Sam Neill
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Sam Neill's wine website is the only good website on the Internet
I fully get that Sam Neill is not Australian BUT he's in lots of our films so why have we only watched ONE Sam Neill film in this course huh
I will suffer through a great many things for Michael Ironside or Sam Neill.
Bernie Casey and Sam Neill unaware of the approaching axe man. - In The Mouth Of Madness.
.make triumphant UK return at Milton Keynes show - in photos Photo: Sam Neill
Sam Neill and Bruce Greenwood always confuse me.
Individuals to survive Jurrassic Park at least twice:. Sam Neill. Ian Malcolm. And on the Paul Pierce.
Am re-watching because it's bloody hilarious. Sam Neill and Bryan Brown together are gold. Wish ABC would make a second series
Aidan Turner, Sam Neill and Miranda Richardson to star in Agatha Christie’s ‘And Then There Were None’ for -
Sam Neill and Cillian Murphy alone are top tier, but Tom Hardy, hnnngh
There are lots of fun things in Anjelica Huston's autobio, but so far my favorite is that she and Sam Neill attended a kd Lang concert.
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