Sam Kinison & Wild Thing

Samuel Burl Sam Kinison (December 8, 1953 – April 10, 1992) was an American stand-up comedian and actor. Wild Thing is a song written by New York City-born songwriter Chip Taylor. Originally recorded by The Wild Ones in 1965, Wild Thing is best known for its 1966 cover by the English band The Troggs, which reached No. 3.3/5

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It's not like I put "Starship" or Sam Kinison covering Wild Thing!
Somehow that led to a popular remake of 'Wild Thing' and a rocker video by former preacher turned comedian Sam Kini…
On my way to work this morning, I heard a Sam Kinison version of "Wild Thing" on the radio. It was amazing.
I'm sure this was a fun day for all involved. Sam Kinison - Wild Thing
Wild Thing by Sam Kinison, found with Listen now:
To be 20 and in L.A!! This is the trip where Sam Kinison sang "Wild Thing" to me and my girlfriend.
Of course Sam Kinison's Wild Thing is possibly the most offensive music video in history.
you make my heart took everything.oooh wild thing ♫ Wild Thing by Sam Kinison —
Lotsa weekend to come...but...for now...adieu :) ♫ Wild Thing – Sam Kinison
Sam Kinison - Wild Thing: Let's RocK & have a great time while you're doing it!! Turn it uP!!
Sam Kinison's "Wild Thing" still makes me laugh. He left us too soon.
Sam Kinison - Wild Thing (1988). How many 1980s rockers can you recognize?
I'm listening to Wild Thing by Sam Kinison on Hair Nation at via
lol...only could pull this off. Sam Kinison - Wild Thing: via
And Sam Kinison was previously a preacher. If you watch 'Wild Thing' (1988), very disrespectful to women.
Until this weekend, had completely forgotten about the Sam Kinison/Jessica Hahn video 'Wild Thing'.
Listening to a little Wild Thing by Sam Kinison. on my way to get a Rockstar!!
'Wacky Wednesday', wack-a-doos!!! And without further fanfare, here's the late comedian Sam Kinison with his take on the classic 'Wild Thing' along with a 'who's who' of rockers so get ready to blast it... and there's Rodney Dangerfield too??? Or do we have the opening line of a classic bar joke, 'One day Rodney Dangerfield, Sam Kinison and Jon Bon Jovi were in a bar drinking together and...' :D
Heard (the late great) Sam Kinison's Wild Thing today. Video for that song rocked, really was era of gr8 hair bands.
If you hear Wild Thing& sing it Sam Kinison style: "everytime I kiss you I can taste what other men had for lunch..." We could hang out.
Heard Sam Kinison's version of Wild Thing on my way to Lebanon tonight.
Sam Kinison's Wild Thing is classic! Have to see the video though.
Cheeseburger pizza, Wild Thing by sam Kinison and watercolors. Sounds like a date to me.
Nothing says The 80s better than Sam Kinison's cover of "Wild Thing"
LOVE Jessica Hahn in Sam Kinison's "Wild Thing" video. Not even her body; it's her hair. Come on, ladies. Bring big hair back? PLEASE?
The Sam Kinison version of Wild Thing is a timeless classic.
Greatest 80's Video of all time: Sam Kinison - Wild Thing: via
Sam Kinison - Wild Thing: via 'MyTheme Song' my love juices is n full overload n th mood for sum KRAZIEENESS
This was 1 of my fav. videos from the 80's - It's Sam Kinison's 'Wild Thing' feat Tommy Lee, Billy Idol & others:
I added a video to a playlist Sam Kinison - Wild Thing
Sam Kinison's song "Wild Thing" features stars like Joe Perry, Richie Sambora, Billy Idol, etc. in the music video.
my timeline curiosity is tweeked. Havent heard in 25 yrs, Im guessing Sam Kinison's Wild Thing.
Sam was awesome!!! Hard believe he started as a minister. Wild Thing by Sam Kinison on for Android.
I translated this into "I was given a *** by watching Jessica Hahn cavort in Sam Kinison's 'Wild Thing' music video".
Or this one... I like it better, personally. Sam Kinison - Wild Thing: via
Hey Candy Crowley if your gonna wear a Sam Kinison mask...Maybe you should sing Wild Thing after the debate...Say it!Say it!
I got a belly full of cheeseburger, a trailer full of feed, and a ear full of Sam Kinison's Wild Thing. It's Gonna be a good day, tater!!
Sam Kinison's "Wild Thing"...still funny after all these years. "Why didn't you tell me you were a demon from *** !"
Just watched Wild Thing by Sam Kinison on you tube--I love that video. Hadn't seen it in 25 years.
on WAPL 105.9 Wild Thing by Sam Kinison. Haven't heard this in a while Lol
I just cranked my car radio louder than I thought it would go when they played Sam Kinison's "Wild Thing". Day. Made.
Samuel Burl Sam Kinison (December 8, 1953 -- April 10, 1992) Sam Kinison with his hit & a great video/song from the 80's Wild Thing. A molten pot of some great rock stars of the 80's w/ a dash of Jessica Hahn make for an epic video for the 80's! Buy it from iTunes -
If you were not at alley's last night you missed my version of Sam Kinison's Wild Thing.
You've made my day again Rockin' Apple...Sam Kinison "Wild Thing"..awesome.
I dont own the rights to this song, I'm a huge Sam Kinison fan.
I'm earwormed by Sam Kinison's version of "Wild Thing." ***
I have Sam Kinison's Wild Thing on audio cassette somewhere. Ha!
Col. Angus is now playing Sam Kinison - Wild Thing
Sam Kinison's music video from the 80's "Wild Thing". Great video & song with a bunch of Rock Greats & also featuring Jessica Hahn! Buy the album from Amazon...
The late Sam Kinison's re-make of "Wild Thing" featuring Jessica Hahn and a bunch of some of rock and roll greats!
You are making me rethink marriage again. Do you mind walking down the aisle to Sam Kinison's version of Wild Thing?
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