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Sam Kinison

Samuel Burl Sam Kinison (December 8, 1953 – April 10, 1992) was an American stand-up comedian and actor.

Alex Jones Andrew Dice Clay Eddie Murphy Rodney Dangerfield George Carlin Redd Foxx Wild Thing Richard Pryor Bill Hicks Chris Farley

Sam Kinison's son is a chip off the old block!!
and Alex Jones - Conspiracy within Realness with Fandom Falseness of Humanity is Laughter
and looks like within Coy Irony to Seek Kiss the Branches on Same Soul Tree
Sam Kinison Scream via Re: The state of our country!
It's like the inverse of the great Sam Kinison line about moving to where the food is. Why live where rent is too *** high?
! talks making docs, Sam Kinison, and watching his mother's business get fictionalized on
Was that your Sam Kinison or more Arnold Horshack?
People have called me laid back my entire life. But compared to Eli I️ am Sam Kinison.
Hilarious pod w/ talking about his days touring w/ Sam Kinison and doing shows for the US Military-
It but the monster is a screaming Sam Kinison.
Hasn't he bursted a vein yet?. Makes me think of a less-stable, CIA version of Sam Kinison, without the humor.
MILO on track to be the coquettish Sam Kinison of the right. Dude will mop floor with Noah,Fallon, Kimm…
I added a video to a playlist Sam Kinison LIVE (very) in 1986 - stereo HQ
New post (Sam Kinison First Appearance on Letterman) has been published on Today's Pets -
As Sam Kinison observed, it's a *** of a thing when it's more acceptable to * another guy…
The producer of this tried to cast comedian Sam Kinison in the title role -
Remember the kid who killed Sam Kinison, thought he was a celebrity because of it? I think Page is like that.
Boston Comedy Festival Podcast: Comedian Eddie Brill talks about Letterman, Sam Kinison,Comedy Store and much more
As Sam Kinison said, move where the food is
I hear Sam Kinison's voice saying to China--"Maybe, if you had helped us block NPRK's nuclear program...…
TIL John Candy, John Belushi, Chris Farley, and Sam Kinison were each attached to the same three roles when they d…
He got his first blowie on horseback. It was from Dr. Ruth. The late great Sam Kinison told me so.
Definitely one of the greatest. I don’t know what comedy would have been without him and Sam kinison
Great to see Sam kinison back on the show.
A joke predicated on the idea that only good kind of something is love ❤️ - We are Sam Kinison reborn
We're in LA! Comedy powerhouse talks about performing at US Military bases and touring w/ Sam Kinison…
Sam Kinison - Have You Seen Me Lately was my first exposure to comedy. I was 9.
Why are you worried about someone who isn't president anymore? Why do you assume Sam Kinison would be a conservative?
You don't remember the iconic comic Sam Kinison ??
I'm deceased 80s comedian Sam Kinison, I was in the film Back to School 😉
Imagine Sam Kinison just finishing his sixth cup of coffee and second line of coke. . That's my anxiety level.
Could have used a bit more Sam Kinison.
now I have to watch some Sam kinison clips!
Great artie clip! hafner - "im tripping" looks like heff enjoyed it as much as the sam…
[Grandpa Joe voice] "Charlie, remember you once asked me what it looks like when a nun silently screams like Sam Ki…
Unlike the telegraphed plans from Obama, you really don't know. I wish Sam Kinison were in your face yelling "SAY IT! SAY IT!"
The Denis Leary/Bill Hicks/Sam Kinison era of stand-up comedy is truly a fascinating hiccup from last century.
Goodluck on that. Sam Kinison would want him to do it.
Ana will go down in history as the Sam Kinison of our era...
Wow! A real-life "SNL Church Lady"! Sounds like a certain someone needs a man who knows how to do th…
Al Bundy and Sam Kinison in the Christmas episode of Married With Children.
mad respect for dropping Sam kinison on & these momo's don't know 💩
I'm wasting away watching all of Sam kinison
Sam Kinison George Carlin Johnny Carson Richard Pryor the true kings of comady all dead the world is at a loss
Anyone who has tried to get a pack of Marlboro's at 7-11, knows what he meant. Can't speak English, how did you get this job? -Sam Kinison
Seems these snowflakes never listened to Sam Kinison, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy(back in the day)…
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
please play call into telethon and Doug Beattie with Sam Kinison re: Jerry Lewis
Every year! Hoping Howard plays the call and the Doug Beattie first appearance with Sam Kinison "Neve…
The pay-per-view on Joan v. Jerry would be through the roof. Sam Kinison would blush.
Sam Kinison is waiting at the gates to greet him! lol
Got into a brief argument with a woman that insisted Sam Kinison was born in Peoria. I tried to tell her he was born in Washington.
We know it's you, Sam Kinison - you faked your own death and are playing a sociopathic radio host as…
I may look calm but in reality my brain is Sam Kinison 24/7
THIS IS EASILY one of the DUMBEST THINGS I'VE EVER READ. 1 WORD--MOVE!. It's like the late Sam Kinison said...
Reminds me of Oldie but Goodie, Sam Kinison on journos not giving starving kid…
Can't help but think of Sam Kinison's Rock Against Drugs
Alex Jones is the Sam Kinison/professional wrestler of talk show hosts.
Sam Kinison had a great bit about that.
Steve Bannon is what Sam Kinison would be like if he went into politics.
Patton, I usually do that with your pics. Or I grab an old Sam Kinison tape.
Sam Kinison would have been perfect.
It's a shame Sam Kinison left us so soon. I could use some more deranged, screaming humor.
Alex Jones is like a bad Sam Kinison without any jokes.
Sam Kinison, Andrew Dice Clay, Eddie Murphy, George Carlin. Non would have been famous without free speech.
Meg Griffin vs Sam Kinison. Great radio. lol. Love you Meg : )
Some say Sam Kinison never really died. Do that hot coffee routine again, you may just…
He reminds me of the evil version of the late Sam Kinison.
He looks so much like Sam Kinison that I can't shake it.
It all stems from the vernacular of a five year old mind which quickly evolves into Sam Kinison preaching the virtues of *** ☎️
Yes, I concur. Sam Kinison was a rage machine, he would be very proud.
I think the great Sam Kinison would have been mightily impressed as well.
Wish you could put a Sam Kinison track to these.
Sam Kinison. The legend. Never get tired of watching his old shows.
I have a visual of Sam Kinison yelling 'say it!'
articles like this makes me turn into Sam Kinison because TRUMP'S FAULTS WERE BLINDLINGLY OBVIOUS YOU *** AHHH
Angry comedy worked for Sam Kinison, Roseanne Barr, and to some extent George Carlin (he just smiled more). No offense but I'd rather be me.
"Why are you letting Sam Kinison and the Indian *** ruin your wedding?" Classic.
That's for sure.Look at Artie Lange or Sam Kinison or Ralphie May!!! But don't mean anything!
Tom Leykis?? Didn't he die in a fiery car crash with Sam Kinison?
Everyone knows that Alex Jones stole his entire act from Sam Kinison, right? Or is it just Texas comedy fans?
Pryor, Carlin, Sam Kinison, Andy Kauffman, Letterman. Letterman, like Rodney, enabled the risk takers like them and Robin Williams
Ask a minor a snuck in to see Sam Kinison at a casino in Atlantic City. I passed for older and just walked in lol
listening to Alex Jones voice it sounds as if the late comedians Bill Hicks and Sam Kinison were joined
It's not like I put "Starship" or Sam Kinison covering Wild Thing!
Sam Kinison as Jesus's wife talking about the apostles: "THEY'RE LOSERS"
Sam Kinison made up all his girlfriends 😂
Watching Breaking The Rules on Netflix really makes me wish Sam Kinison made it past '92. Would love to hear his take on Earth 2017.
Tried to watch Sam Kinison the other day - loved him back in the day. Now unwatchable. Amazing how much…
Are you being sarcastic? I would say Sam Kinison, Joey Diaz, early Joe Rogan were/are "Blue" and would rank as successful.
"He was gonna teach me how to preach. He was going to call me 'Lightning Boy.’” - remembers Sam Kinison:…
"I began to play the guy who was free from concern." - tells Howard how he developed his onstage persona…
To quote the late Sam Kinison to all the people flipping out about 120 this coming week: . "You live in a f**king desert!!!"
Sam Kinison Jesus didn't have a wife
...the list goes on and on. And when you've had your fill of the new stuff, pull out some classic Richard Pryor or Sam Kinison.
Father was telling me about Sam Kinison. Looked him up in youtube. Dude is funny. Definitely not PC. Doubt he would work today.
What a comedy genius. Let's hope he goes the same way as Lenny Bruce, Sam Kinison, Mitch Hedberg...
Get the Sam Kinison Audio Book for this. It really adds some pop.
In my day, we put Truly Tasteless Jokes on the NYT bestsell…
Sam Kinison is responsible for the migrant problems, al…
Jim Carrey on His Friendship With Sam Kinison, How He Failed as a 15-Year-Old Comic, and Why He’s the Happiest...
, Knew Sam Kinison. Also, Bill Kinison Told me a Story about Sam threatening Barris, to back off...
Jim Carrey on Howard Stern today telling old stories about Sam Kinison that no one has ever heard.
I need silence or Sam Kinison to prepare
They wouldn't hear a thing even if you stood next to them screaming like Sam Kinison in their ear.
Miller. Norm Macdonald and Sam Kinison more radical. Something. Well. Dave Chapele is a Muslim. Kevin Hart who knows. Eddie Murphy. My
loud phone calls. One would think Sam Kinison was working today, talking Thomas Edison later in life or maybe Vincent Van Go…
My son doesn't know who Sam Kinison was, I'm like YouTube him!! Generation gap 🙄🙄🙄
I wish Sam Kinison was alive to play Alex Jones on SNL.
Draymond Green is to Dennis Rodman what Dane Cook is to Sam Kinison
Elliot is starting to sound like Sam Kinison
Man that Sam Kinison story had me laughing so hard. Can't wait for the Let There Be Talk audience to hear it.…
"Wanna hear my Sam Kinison impression?" - me, trying to flirt.
I guess they're tough jokes. But there's lots of things you either l...
Sam Kinison has gotta be the most overrated comedian of all time. Bad!
Watching a Sam Kinison video and I am shocked at the similarities to a Trump performance including the response...
Smith's best journalistic offering, but it's the late Sam Kinison's cameo that steals the show.
listening to Sam Kinison tonight... God I miss him.
better yet scream til you get throat nodes, it worked for Sam Kinison
Jus discovered Sam Kinison why is he so DOPE
AH yes...I remember it well. Sam Kinison was on the bill!! XOX
Need to listen to Sam kinison's line about driving home drunk. We do it everryyy fucckiing night!
And Sam Kinison telling it like it is. Hard to belive it's been 25 years since he died.
Sam Kinison's Stand-Up on is making being sick a bit more tolerable.
How on earth did you let this happen? So, Sam Kinison finally stopped screaming and started stabbing.
So Sam Kinison peaked just before Reagan left office in 1989.
I don't need a 1997 article from Entertainment Weekly to remind me of Sam Kinison's last words.
Again, before Sam Kinison's walk with the wild side, he was a preacher.
Sam Kinison died in a car crash in 1992 near Needles, CA. . I remember his death shook me up for days. (And it was forgive. Ooops)
. I thought Sam Kinison made this call in the 80's?. Anybody?
Somehow that led to a popular remake of 'Wild Thing' and a rocker video by former preacher turned comedian Sam Kini…
It'd be great if I could listen to a Sam Kinison cover of the Isley Brothers' "Shout" right now, but, wouldn't you…
Cool old picture. Austin, Tx. Sometime in the 1980's. Bill With Sam Kinison.
I just realized sounded like Sam Kinison screaming from the shark cage.
Sam Kinison was the 1st ever comedian that I got into. I miss Sam. Sam Kinison - Wild Thing HD
Don't forget Sam Kinison. Jesus Christ, would he hate 2016.
Where's Sam Kinison when you need him?
When you're standing in line at the bank & for a brief minute you think it's Sam Kinison .
Rodney Dangerfield Vs Sam Kinison. Who you with? Don't just like the post, choose 1!…
The Sam Kinison look went out with Sam.
You look like a retarded sam kinison
audio : The Howard Stern Show : Pat Cooper ranting and raving about Sam Kinison and Joan Rivers ...
Doc Severinsen but no Sam Kinison? Weird. Maybe he wasn't very charitable.
One of my childhood heroes, Along with Audie Murphy, John Wayne, and Sam Kinison, and Stevie Ray Vaughn. RIP and...
Sam Kinison, explaining to Southern Californians why secession is stupid..
This is awesome & educational! Sort of schoolhouse rocks meets Sam Kinison, but with Samantha Bee style! Watch…
Hey Yakov! Dice claims he taught Sam Kinison about scream delivery and you were a witness to it. True or not?
I just keep picturing Sam Kinison yelling at Rodney Dangerfield in Back to School.
How is "Sam Kinison didn't actually die and he now lives out his days as a guy named Alex Jones" not an actual conspiracy…
What ever happened to the Sam Kinison movie?
So many of these comics are just frustrated singers or actors - they want to get a gig doing...
I'm so tired of men who are afraid to hurt women's feelings.
Sam Kinison time. I am in need of some funny.
I'd rather entertain people than offend them.
Yo *** I'm watching this Sam Kinison special, hes talkin about killing rappers. is in the crowd, then Sam shouts him out.
Anyone can go out on stage and start beating people over the head with rubber chickens. That...
Sam Kinison reminds me of Donald trump ...just in the way he speaks and talks and thinks and yells
I just got done watching an old Sam Kinison special on Netflix and thought it was crazy how much he looked and sounded like John Travolta
I've never been against women. That anti-feminist rap is bogus. I think men should be nice t...
He just recited the entire works of Sam Kinison and keeps requesting chimichangas - Fitz
They have some Sam Kinison too by the way. He's the Originator
I liked a video Touching Last Moments of Sam Kinison
Sam Kinison had HUGE problems with women. And that makes his stuff uncomfortable to listen to nowadays...
Wild Thing, I think you move me. But I wanna know for sure. Everytime I kiss you. I taste what other men had for lunch~Sam Kinison
Should be u. Your George Carlin raised, John Stewart taught with the vocal capacity of Sam Kinison& with an Andy Kaufman feel
I wonder what the late Sam Kinison would say about all this.
Hey that photo OF you and the late Great Sam Kinison is priceless. RESPECT
How has Dan fogler not been cast to play Sam kinison in a bio movie he is the spitting image of Sam if ever saw one
Sam Kinison (RIP) could have been emperor of the world
Sam Kinison is on Netflix, you should all go to your Netflix's and watch Sam Kinison
Hate to be the bearer of bad (and late) tidings, but Sam Kinison has in fact been dead for a quarter of a century.
to quote Sam Kinison, "is that the most disgusting thing you've ever heard? Wrong! I can top it"
If I get married again, I want a guy there with a drum to do rimshots during the vows.
Real comedy doesn't just make people laugh and think, but makes them laugh and change.
I also got to see Sam Kinison live where he wiped his *** with a fan's Andrew Dice Clay shirt.
Relaxing and settling down for bed by watching some sam kinison stand up.
I missed seeing Sam Kinison by a few weeks in San Antonio back in the '92. Then he was killed ☹️
Beverly Hills Cop, Lethal Weapon, Bill Hicks, Sam Kinison. is 80s AF right now!
Society needs a couple of vents that say what you're not supposed to say.
The long coat, cap, stringy long hair. You squint the hobo looks like Sam Kinison. How much better would that casting have been?
Where is Sam Kinison when you really need him? View site & enlist at Join other patriots. https…
in on this comedians walls is weird polaroid pictures of Sam Kinison and Eddie Murphy and Andrew Dice Clay
Wild Thing - Sam kinison. How I feel about my ex.
I want to show people that there's a side of myself other than just the outrageous comedian.
In the 1990s, it's OK to do comedy about the Chernobyl disaster or the Space Shuttle blowing...
is the Sam Kinison of pro wrestling podcasts
Peace at home: Here's why Tulsa is Sam Kinison's final resting place via
so did PTL, Jimmy Swaggart, Sam Kinison. We're all sinners...
I miss u so much as Kelly Bundy...i'm currently watching the dvd right now LOL. Found out Sam Kinison d
Redd Foxx, Sam Kinison, R. Pryor, and J Seinfeld are my top four
If there was ever a Sam Kinison biopic Dean Norris (Hank from Breaking Bad) could pull it off.
Craig Gass does the best Gene Simmons and Sam Kinison on the planet
If this is what he's like in public w/people watching, what's he like behind closed doors--the love child of George Wallace & Sam Kinison.
A foot of snow for the first snow of the year is like having your first stand up comedian experience be Sam Kinison
I am the future of comedy, I look like Chris Farley and Jack Black, sound like Sam Kinison and Redd Foxx,...
Cue Sam Kinison talking to Rodney Dangerfield in Back to School:. “Good Answer.."
I can't help but wonder what Sam Kinison would be saying now. I don't think he would be PC.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
YES, you can't fix a problem if you can't admit you have one. Just realized that's Sam Kinison .
If Sam Kinison impregnated a goat and their love child vomited into a microphone, it would sound exactly like Brian Johnson.
-- Earliest known on YouTube, 1987 Sam Kinison "Breaking the Rules"
in the words of the late great Sam Kinison, "ooo ooo They see right through me, ro!"
how Philly fans feel about their sports team via
One of two things would have happened if Sam Kinison were still alive. Obama would have never made office or jobless
Do miss Sam Kinison and his special brand of comedy see this youtube performance
Sam Kinison was one very funny character! I can picture him screaming at Obama! LAUGHING!
If I didn't know better, I'd say Sam Kinison reincarnated as an ISIS gunner.
probably this best Rodney Dangerfield impression now do Sam Kinison
Great cartoon for those who remember Sam Kinison:
A distraction? I would think they would be the ENEMY. I can hear Sam Kinison screaming say it...say...SAY IT!
.. Generally, I don't approve of Punching out a Co-Worker. (insert Sam Kinison's voice). but I UNDERSTAND IT!.
I liked a video Tony Winner Dan Fogler's Screen Test as Sam Kinison
A house overlooking the Sunset Strip played host to a generation of comics like Sam Kinison, Andrew Dice Clay,...
Wild Thing by Sam Kinison goes hard
"If you’re going to miss Heaven, why miss it by two inches?" - Sam Kinison
On my way to work this morning, I heard a Sam Kinison version of "Wild Thing" on the radio. It was amazing.
The kid at the end of this row sounds like a reincarnated Sam Kinison.
This just in: Lamar woke out of his coma missing his genetalia, greeted by Caitlyn Jenner. To quote Sam Kinison-it never ends!
Baby Luis Gonzalez, Baby Sam Kinison, Baby Guy Who First Thought of Insurance...the list goes on.
Adele gets 3M views 4 new vid in 24 hrs on YT. Amazing. I could hv footage of Jesus & Sam Kinison playing bocci & it wouldn't do as well.
Rob should go as Sam Kinison the angry screaming comic.
Today's Dialog is about the cocaine-fueled house Sam Kinison, Andrew Clay & Robin Williams started their careers in:
Frankie Boyle is up there with "vulgar" comedy greats Louis C.K., George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Sam Kinison, etc.
Watching on Kids In The Hall as Buddy ripping hate mongering comedians such as Sam Kinison & Dice Clay to shreds...awesome!
Sam Kinison model does a fine job of waking me up on the morning commute. A little dicey on way home, though.
Watching Jim Tomsula sound bites on He reminds me of a medicated Sam Kinison
This is definitely set your lineup music , especially for Sam Kinison - Wild Thing HD via
"It's hip to be square? Where is that, in the same town it's hip to be called Huey?" Sam Kinison
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Cuckoo Bird:(In middle of 12th unbelievable story) And the ghosts hated Sam Kinison!. Dana:(after a beat) ... But they loved Murray Langston.
among the residents: Sam Kinison, Andrew Dice Clay, the guy who played Biff
Ralphie May Cuba Diving When he was 17 he won a contest to open for comedian Sam Kinison whom he considered his idol
could you imagine the late greats comics of Sam Kinison or Rodney Dangerfield playing dark brown especially back in 1885
Women never let you know if you're doing it wrong? 'Sam Kinison'
The wx center TV I have no control over is showing an episode of Married...With Children that had Sam Kinison as a guest. Holy 80s Batman!
I shall hump your leg, scream "Wilson" at the top of my lungs, and reincarnate Sam Kinison.
.After reading that, I couldn't help but think of Sam Kinison in "Back to School". --->
Sam Kinison as the Eskimo chick in Northern Exposure
Guy behind me claiming sam kinison won last comic standing
Sam Kinison. Seen them all, he's the best live.
my high school also produced the kid that killed Sam Kinison in the drunk driving crash. Poor Troy. Long story
As a ex-priest Sam Kinison feared nothing! That's why he was so damned funny. Too bad his life ended so tragically. Miss him.
I don't like to boast but I'm pretty sure Sam Kinison was my school bus driver.
Very funny but Sam Kinison is...well...Sam Kinison.
Little Giant Ladders
Because when I think of rational, calm discussion, Sam Kinison is the first person that comes to mind.
Sam Kinison - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia note two heads in pic.
and in the immortal words of Sam Kinison, "Lick the alphabet."
I liked a video Sam Kinison Leader of the Banned
Once upon a.. I laughed at Sam Kinison's routine. Now it plays out in real time.
I'm sure this was a fun day for all involved. Sam Kinison - Wild Thing
well- as the great Sam Kinison once said, "if you're going to miss heaven, don't miss it by an inch"
Good thing Sam Kinison checked out early, huh?
Redd Foxx has been one of my idols since I was a kid- been a student of standup comedy since Eddie Murphy, Robin Harris, Sam Kinison, etc.
this has me on edge like the Howard Sam Kinison wars
11 hours of fireball, gaming and in the wee hours of the morning, watching Sam kinison and playing quiplash. Join us.
- the "joke" was cliched, and unoriginal. As I said before, you emulated Sam Kinison.
Patriots cheating to kick off the season, so great. Why not pipe in Sam Kinison screaming instead of the radio call? At least be original.
that banner is awesome! Reminds me of Sam Kinison saying we ought to have a guy doing rim shots during wedding vows; ba dum tss
Can't go wrong with Iggy Pop, Sam Kinison, and Katie Sagal.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
What I would give to see Sam Kinison face down this garbage…
Now say that in Sam Kinison's voice.
better be Sam Kinison walking on stage or its a violation.
as far as energy go he makes Jeb seem like Sam Kinison. Sometimes I wanna check him for a pulse 1st date w my now ex-wife was 2 see Sam Kinison Live in GR.. Sam was awesome, the marriage!!..
The more I read the more I think of Sam Kinison. "how did they get that from this" (Jesus looking at the bible)
I miss Sam Kinison. Why can't he run for president?
Go read about how Sam Kinison would go from town to town & prey on religious people of faith before doing standup. You'll get the idea.
That line sounds even better delivered in Sam Kinison's voice.
“I don’t worry about terrorism. I was married for two years” – Sam Kinison
The ghost of Sam Kinison laughs and laughs.
"Why didn't you tell me you were a demon from *** -Sam Kinison
Dear ppl offended by "fat-shaming" bit.You've never heard of George Carlin? Richard Pryor? Sam Kinison?.
Whenever a CW asks a stupid question I ask myself, 'how would Sam Kinison respond?' and then unleash the beast.
Libya by Sam Kinison. Still wanna help out
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
If Sam Kinison was hot and funny.IJS. Remember Roseanne in the beginning? I hope they throw loads of money at you!!
tfw Sam Kinison pulls a gun on you.
I liked a video Sam Kinison Have you seen me lately
Sam Kinison and teenage on TV. Did I wake up in the past on in Heaven?
Oh, if only those millennial wusses heard the one time Sam Kinison called a woman a *** two dozen times in a single minute.
Found this hilarious Sam Kinison routine: "Women are all *** and *** people belong in prison."
Yo was that a woman who played the mother of the Fratelli's in "The Goonies"? Looked like Sam Kinison with a wig,LMAO
I liked a video from Jim Carrey Stand-Up ~ Tribute to Sam Kinison.
I liked a video Sam Kinison- The Story of the Resurrection of Jesus
well maybe you're more like the Sam Kinison of infosec.
H/T to - my theater 1980. Opening day, Sam Kinison came and screamed the Great Spoiler to the crowd
Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with? — Sam Kinison... I'd like to try and shout louder than him
Doesn't have to be, but a lot of it is. Carlin, Pryor, Lewis CK, Andrew Dice Clay, Sam Kinison, Mel Brooks, etc
Sam Kinison would have made their heads explode.
Since you love Sam Kinison, 4 Psychics & Bill Kinison did an analysis of his Soul
Chasen the Shreve was Pauly Shore's line in Encino Man until Sam Kinison suggested Wheezing the Juice.
Today's Random Fact:. The roles of Al and Peg Bundy on "Married With Children" were based on Sam Kinison and...
Dennis Miller will become funny again while using his "magic wand" to resurrect Sam Kinison.
Donald Trump has been possessed by the spirit of Sam Kinison.
On a toxicology scale from Amy Winehouse to Sam Kinison, you're at about Whitney Houston right now.
Don't forget to get some Sam Kinison stories going bro.
pretty sure I get Sam Kinison. But at least I'm warm and my friends are all here. 😈
True Comedians like Sam Kinison, John Candy, Louie Anderson have been replaced by Key and Peele, and that's a sad state of affairs
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