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Sam Harris

Sam Harris (born 1967) is an American author, philosopher, public intellectual, and neuroscientist, as well as the co-founder and CEO of Project Reason.

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Just starting my new sam harris book.lets delve into this thing
Check out Sam Harris's book on it for a neuroscientist perspective
LOL like when Cenk interviewed Sam Harris? Can you name one comparable instance w Ruben?
Sam Harris considers himself a philosopher. He just says that you can anchor morality to science;…
-Muslim I would forgive him because it's what Muhammad (PBUH) would do. Like keep my Prophet's name…
Waiting for Sam Harris to name, shame and challenge the extremist ideology that killed t…
Racism is bad and worrying about ethnic interests is…
LOL at Sam Harris getting kicked in the face by Simone de Beauvoir...
Reminder: Dave Rubin gave Tommy Robinson a platform on his show. Sam Harris praised that episode & promoted it.
Remember that it's trivial to condemn "terror". Why not condemn the despicable doctrines of Islamophobia Sam Harris produc…
Sam Harris promotes bigots and hate preachers.
I liked a video Sam Harris on the so called 'Golden Age' of Islam
The "regressive left" is a Sam Harris slur for insufficiently Isla…
This one is incredible: Some of Sam Harris' other stuff is good too. I also…
In one fell swoop you've managed to proclaim Sam Harris is gleeful at the…
Oh yuck! The majority of atheists find him Sam Harris an *** & a most disagreeable human.
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Why? Because that individual hasn't the slightest inkling of Sam Harris's views.
Just because you think polyamory is immoral doesn't mean it is. And Sam Harris is probably the most r…
Except for the fact that Dawkins defends polyamory and Sam Harris is only slightly more religiously intolerant than…
Yeah, like Dawkins, who says that pedophilia is simply unfashionable?. Or Sam Harris, who believes some religious b…
OPINION: In singling out Muslims for criticism, Sam Harris and other new atheists make ISIL’s work easier
(Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkin) theists should NOT watch these guys debate, the foundation of yo…
Not *super* relevant to this discussion, but this sounds like Sam Harris talking about religious people, generally.
Sam Harris is a fraud & a hack. He's no more a neuroscientist as Todd Bentley is a minster,
Just watch Dave Rubin's interview with him. He says Sam Harris doesn't kill because he's secretly Christian.
You're pathetic. Islam is cancer. Read the Quran it's filled with hate. Look into Sam Harris, Chris Hitchens on Islam.
I hope to one day inspire and debate ideas the way Chris Hitchens did and the way many others like Sam Harris still do
248 - Hunter Maats: Hunter has a beef with Sam Harris. In addition, he is an.. via
Your favorite meditation teacher(s)? via /r/Meditation. I love listening to Joseph Goldstein and Sam Harris, who are your favorite teachers?
annnd also Victor Davis Hanson, Dan Carlin, Lyndon Larouche, Jonathan Haidt, Sam Harris. i guess that'll do it for now.
I wanna see pope Francis get owned by Sam Harris for being illogical, while we're in this key
Sam Harris thinks using 'reason' works the same as Michael Scott thought declaring bankruptcy did.
I found it about it through Sam Harris' podcast with Joseph Goldstein.
I liked a video Sam Harris admits he is Jealous of Mike Cernovich on Joe Rogan Podcast
I highly recommend listening to the new Waking Up with Sam Harris podcast with science journalist Gary...
What a moronic statement, you've clearly never listened to a Sam Harris podcast about Trump or Christianity in your puff.
The Sam Harris position: one side thinks you're an Islamophobic bigot, and the other thinks you're an Islamic apologist cuck.
Sam Harris - "What are ISIS doing that Muhammad didn't do?".
This reminds me of your argument against Dawkins and Sam Harris
this is an excellent resource in and of itself. makes all of this BS. actually make sense. . Sam Harris+Anne App…
I am sure he would. Plus sam Harris has been very outspoken AGAINST Trump
Sam Harris criticises specific ideas and separates that from criticism of p…
still he completely destroyed Sam Harris in an email exchange a few years back. U r in the matrix now b…
Lol, but also how is Sam Harris to blame?
Ha,Leftist Hitchens and Sam Harris have had his number for a long time.Even Zizek called Chomsky the mo…
How does this have anything to do with Sam Harris? He hates Trump.
Sam Harris explains differences between Islam and Christianity via
Lol It's not like Sam Harris has said anything against Trump. Oh wait... PS…
Exactly. Sam Harris is always asking me to suck his Christian *** Enough!…
Sam Harris supported Hillary you utter moron.
Calm down girl, he's married. But seriously, you obviously don't know Sam Harris. Your statement is…
This abuse is vile. I'm sure Sam Harris would feel as repulsed as you are b…
The critic of Sam Harris identified as a woman of color.
Fatima amir & this moron have 2 things in common. They don't know Sam Harris nor have they read his books.
Does this moron even know who Sam Harris is? You think this *** has read a book?
“Atheism is nothing more than the noises reasonable people make when in the presence of religious dogma.” — Sam Harris.
“Atheism is not a philosophy; it is not even a view of the world; it is simply an admission of the obvious.” — Sam Harris.
Sam Harris talks about how Obama and other leftists are ignoring and defending the growing problem of radical Islam.
Remember, before Sam Harris, when these ppl didn't exist, & nobody would think to say "yet another U…
I think the right wing is mostly filled with shallow, tribal savages. People like Milo d…
Anybody that would say that Sam Harris would condone that behavior has NEVER listened to Sam Harris.
Amazing how ignorant and lost men like Sam Harris are of the Truth. Fully Incapable of Common Sense…
my God but Sam Harris has some terrible judgment.
you might be interested in listening to Jordaan talking to Sam Harris on Waking Up With Sam Harris on what is truth.
They don't want clear, concise, nuanced dialog like a podcast featuring Sam Harris for instance. It's ana…
On a similar note, I hope that you have checked out Sam Harris' recent nature paper on default mode network & partisan politics
Sam Harris apologized to Murray. When will you ideologues?
He was pretty much the Sam Harris of the Enlightenment Era.
we can at least agree you're not as wrong as Sam Harris. still not right, though
Recently, on Al Jezerra, Chomsky spoke at some length about Sam Harris. Chomsky has also written a…
When are you releasing Part 2 of the Sam Harris interview?
Art of Charm and like half of the episodes of Waking Up with Sam Harris
I liked a video Sam Harris & Yuval Harari on Technological Religions, Automation, and Universal Basic
Just wanna say that Destiny BraveQueen Harris and Raheim Harrell are the REAL power couple. They will be UBER...
Wow you actually said somethimg bad about maher!!! Is it the rapture? Is your daddy, sam harris finally next?
Such a fun night meeting event in Sydney last night. What an awesome lady.…
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I stand with Molly Norris, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Sam Harris and many more. Linda Cockroach does not deserve the parade we should have given them
.calls for Sessions to resign for bogus ‘recusal’
"When someone speaks you are hearing how they think". -Sam Harris . Trump…
We spend nearly every moment. of our lives lost in thought,. and hostage to the character. of those thoughts. ~ Sam Harris
I listen to Sam Harris and I listen to you. Big *** Bandit for life.
Prophet Mohammed 'was a warlord': Sam Harris - -
Sam Harris suppports Charles Murray, racist author of Bell Curve. Receipts. Hold that L.
Sam Harris is a racist POS who supports profiling & bigots like Bell Curve author Charles Murray.
along similar lines... did you listen to the Sam Harris interview with Charles Murray on 'The Bell Cur…
You forgot Sam Harris and the Bell Curve guy.
did you see that Sam Harris has become a Charles Murray fan?
Sam Harris' mask finally slips as he congratulates Charles Murray for The Bell Curve.
Idk i gotta look into that IQ bell curve thing. I kinda hope its wrong. Sam Harris into recently as well.
There's an episode of Waking Up with Sam Harris where he interviewed the author of the Bell Curve
The idea of alleged rapist PZ Myers trying to debate Sam Harris is fecking hilarious. PZ - You're a nobody.
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Mark my words: Someday we will speak of Sam Harris in the same hushed tones as that other g…
Man, that reddit thread on Sam Harris is a blast. As is often the case you feel Harris's fa…
I liked a video Joe Rogan Experience - Sam Harris
George Carlin, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, and Richard Dawkins are all timeless champions of critical thinking and reason
According to Sam Harris, Christian teachings are the most literal.
Sam Harris interviewed Lawrence Krauss on his podcast and I'm drooling. To have two astoundingly brilliant minds...
At river valley road (Singapore) eating and listening to Sam Harris interviewing Lawrence Krause.
I liked a video from What Does David Think About TYT, Dave Rubin, Sam Harris, and
Hard to transition from listening to Sam Harris, Dan Harris, Tim Ferris, and Jocko Willink to a Salesforce webinar... z
Still some tickets left to see my amazingly talented and wonderful friends Sam Harris & Todd Schroeder at...
That's radically unfair with respect to Maher & Sam Harris.
Peter Thiel is just a smarter Sam Harris.
He's a *** He has a same problem Sam Harris had when he…
She had Sam Harris for 3 hours. THREE HOURS. And all they talked about…
she never knew about the conditions in Saudi before coming to Canada. She told Sam Harris this on a podcast
I just listened to the Josh Zepp's interview with Andy Kindler about Sam Harris. Kindler is totally cringy with his stup…
I swear just listening to Sam Harris talk makes me smarter.
Safe Spaces — Sam Harris and Jonathan Haidt on the Disturbing Trend of V...
I liked a video Waking Up with Sam Harris — The Dark Side (with Paul Bloom)
Strongly recommend you listen to recent "Waking Up with Sam Harris" podcast with Anne Applebaum re "The Russia Connection."
Anne Applebaum: Dividing & demonizing the left is a Putin/Manafort tactic. Sam Harris: The left is now irredeemable. *promotes Dave Rubin*
Anne Applebaum: "Yeah, that's the Peter Thiel argument for Trump.". Sam Harris: "Oh.". Eric Weinstein: "Peter is an awesome guy, Sam."
Sam Harris speaks with Anne Applebaum about Russia's meddling and Trump . "The Russia Connection" .
This is very much the line that prominent atheists like Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and other…
You should listen to Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins etc. Open your mind and move away from your cult.
even Joe Rogan. These are the buffers we need to news from both sides. Sam Harris has never been more important.
Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris.they're all gods, if there existed any :-)
personally i learn more about ppls actual positions on Sam Harris or Joe organ podcast because they challenge in a smart way
you have been on twice, like Neil de Grasse Tyson and Sam Harris and Henry Rollins, not bad dude.
Invite to speak at InfoReset Australia 2018 Email me nashJohn Perkins, Nassim Haramein, Sam Harris
Three green 🐸 frogs the acedemic elitist Sam Harris is too smart to debate:.
Sam Harris is a kook that for some reason gets worshipped as a genius. Wants to criminalize religion last I heard.
That was comedy. I destroy Sam Harris here
David Frum: "Are you familiar with the Bob McDonnell scandal?". Sam Harris: "No.". Everyone should. It's pretty amazing. Very pertinent.
Peter Thiel... ...Eric R Weinstein manages Thiel Capital for Peter. And Eric has been on both Sam Harris and Dave Rubin lately.
via an Internet death spiral, I discovered that Sam Harris is the son of the creator of The Golden Girls, Susan Harris.
Maher is a New Atheist. Him, Joe Rogan, Sam Harris, Dave Rubin have been elevating Muslim hating white supremacists…
Bill Maher, Sam Harris and Dave Rubin don't get that b/c they are white men and mostly don't deal with discrimination
I like how these *** replying think Sam Harris is god's gift. Please stop. If Sam can talk to Dave Rubin>
This makes Sam Harris sound like Dave Rubin. They may be buddies, but there's at least a 50-point IQ differential.
Bill Maher, Dave Rubin, Sam Harris etc, are nothing but bigots who masquerade behind a false veneer of liberalism.
I liked a video from Sam Harris and Dave Rubin: Islam, Trump, Hillary, and Free Will
Sam Harris' book End of Faith was actually used as an example in how not to analyze a religion you weren't an adherent of
I imagine this is just gonna be him, Maher, and Sam Harris arguing about who hates Muslims the most until the show…
Quilliam, Sam Harris et al don't need to change Islam, young Muslims are doing it themselves by making the harram, halal.
Hanlons razor say no. I still find my self agreeing with Sam Harris while agr…
Sam Harris and Maajid Nawaz: "A Trump presidency will make Islamism much, much worse.". Dave Rubin: "I'm excited, this is…
Sam Harris has succumbed to the Dem/HRC/Soros fake news. Hopefully Dave Rubin/Eric Weinstein will set him straight on the next podcasts.
One is Sam Harris. The other is mass murdering white supremacist terrorist, Dylann Roof. Spot the difference or nah? h/t…
I know you Yanks have gone a bit weird lately, but are Stephen Fry and Sam Harris considered "conservative" now?! :D
Sam Harris is what happens when Dennis from It's Always Sunny reads the later works of Christopher Hitchens
What's the politically correct term folks use for fake intellectuals like Sam Harris who think non-white demographic trend…
More evidence - as if you needed it - that Sam Harris is a white supremacist media darling. Milo for "edgy" "progre…
The bit w/ Sam Harris was interesting. Don't like all his points, but the arguments in the show were solid. Tomi is awful.
It always intrigues me how people claim Sam Harris causes anti-Muslim hate but all the Hadith about murdering kafir don't…
Living in strange times when Sam Harris shares shares a article. Charlie's on the money with this tho…
I liked a video Sam Harris: Winning the War of Ideas | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
great interview as always. No one speaks more clearly on these topics than the one and only Sam Harris.
Agreed, though I usually just shorten it to "Sam Harris is an *** " He's the intellectual celebrity for the faux-…
I believe in God because I cannot abide a universe in which Sam Harris is right.
Sam Harris what's it like being an uglier, more punchable Chris Parnell
Feeling like if you put Alex Jones, Travis Scott, and Sam Harris in a blender to make one drink of man. .
"There's some level of bad taste that I find morally disqualifying.". - Sam Harris, in reference to L. Ron Hubbard and Donald Trump
.Sam Harris & Douglas Murray explain the human crisis
Sam Harris & Douglas Murray explain the Refugee crisis
this is your absolute intellectual chicken Sam Harris in action .
here you go *** your champion Sam Harris is a chicken like you
Bill Maher, Sam Harris & Richard Dawkins made islamophobia appealing to liberals long before Trump & his supporters did.
Great talk by Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins. I am relieved that Dawkins still exists.
you mean the same Sam Harris that was absolutely decimated on morality right from his book by dr William lane Craig ?
Watch "Ben Affleck, Sam Harris and Bill Maher Debate Radical Islam | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)" on YouTube -
sounds grand! Next up for me were William Lane Craig & then Sam Harris but perhaps I should re-jig the order?!
He is as far right as Sam Harris, just with a religious touch.
What the world doesn’t need now: Sam Harris and his unoriginal mainstream friendly commentary
Posting to remind myself that hanging out with Josiah Mannion to complain about Sam Harris is a life goal.
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Sam Harris is not a theologian and Jordan Peterson is not a sociologist. They pose as experts in fields of study that they aren't.
he's deep if you compare him to other rappers. But hes not exactly going to give you Sam Harris or Christopher Hitchens level monologues
4 of 5 stars to Waking Up by Sam Harris
It was as easy to identify who was right, used facts in that chat as the Sam Harris & Cenk one. Trevor was Cenk.
I added a video to a playlist Neil deGrasse Tyson tells Sam Harris how to deal with SJWs
I added a video to a playlist Sam Harris on why Clinton Lost the White House
Sam Harris really just called Hillary Clinton "honest" & "ethical". Please no one ever take this fraud seriously. htt…
It's amazing how many of these people are willing to believe Sam Harris causes radicalization but Hadith about killing apos…
I mean, how are they going to act when Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris and the other "new atheists" go after them?
Sam Harris is misappropriated a lot or at least he used to be. (Just felt like rubbing that fact in your face tim)
I liked a video Sam Harris discusses with Fareed Zakaria about his latest comments on Islam being
the digital apocalypse has been predicted by many eg Sam Harris and James Cameron. Don't ignore it. Adapt to survive.
I haven't listened to much of that one. I really enjoy Tim Ferriss, Sam Harris and Dan Carlin. Joe Rogan enters the mix too
Dave Rubin had on Infowars co-captain Paul Joseph Watson a few weeks after Sam Harris to talk black civil ri…
Stephen Hawkins, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Lawrence Krauss all very intellectual and they don't fit your description :)
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t was a self serving, headline grabbing statement. It's not true. Sam Harris, Michael Moore got him in one. Trump changed tone.
Gr8 😊 The Path and the Goal: A Conversation with Joseph Goldstein by Waking Up with Sam Harris on
Watch "Sam Harris - President Trump and the Failure of the Left" on YouTube
Where is the piece? Eiynah, it seemed you were hamstrung with Sam Harris in declaring your hate for Murray.
Douglas Murray and Sam Harris: "Beware, PC leftists, you're letting Trump take over the GOP.". That's probably exactly what they would want..
I'm Bertrand Russel, Sam Harris, Hitchens guy. Are you jerking off to RD?Obsessed
when Sam Harris causes you to become radicalized by making you feel alienated and unwelcome
love to see Sam Harris on your show, the guy Ben afleck attacked on Bill Maher's show. Sam is amazing, goes on rogan often
Nothing destroys conversation like speech-inhibiting laws, and as Sam Harris has remarked, when conversation breaks do…
Islamophobic author Sam Harris is funding Quilliam Foundation via
. It's a really balanced account by neuroscientist Sam Harris and conservative commentator Andrew Sullivan.
The new atheists, led by Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris, do not make moral arguments about...
It's just you're a smart guy, why can't you see people like Stephen Knight / Sam Harris are not racist?
the final hour of Sam Harris's newest podcast has Andy Sullivan making this point at length
Okay sire.. . You can download; . Waking Up by Sam Harris. The Rise by Sarah Lewis . The Art Of Asking by Amanda Palmer.
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Have you ever read any of Richard Dawkins or Sam Harris books? Dan Dennett or Christopher Hitchens maybe?
A spectrum of intelligence, from chicken to John von Neumann. Sam Harris's famous TED talk on AI.…
Sam Harris: Can we build AI without losing control over it? TED Talk | this one?
Sam Harris looks like Jeremy Kyle and Ben Stiller got smashed together
Listening to Sam Harris' Podcast with Maryam Namazie from a few months ago and it's a disaster. She seems very disingenuous.
I thoroughly enjoyed your talk with Sam Harris about AI. This may interest you:.
Wow listening to that podcast with Joe Rogan Sam Harris and Hannibal Burress made me lose a lot of respect for Hannibal
Re-listening to the highly embarrassing episode of Hannibal Burress highly intoxicated arguing with Sam Harris
Douglas Murray, like Sam Harris, did take the solipsistic and incurious stance that Trump can be blamed mostly on "the left".
. Ha, Hannibal Burress is clashing with Sam Harris? lol Truly a consilient moment
I am not coz I have watched many of of his videos and the contrary views of Sam Harris, David wood, ayan hirsi Ali and found out
Andrew Hill, any of them with Gad Saad, Gary Johnson, any of them with Duncan Trussell, Sam Harris & Graham Hancock
Yes but Sam Harris, Bill Maher, Dave Rubin will push back to extreme at any criticism of Israel bombing Palestinians
Sam Harris is their hero. And they love the terms Regressives and SJW (social justice warrior)
"New Atheists" are what Sam Harris et al call their movement. But thanks for admitting you're just trolling to troll
Listen to Sam Harris and Ben Affleck on Bill Maher before you comment.
Sam Harris is now unabashedly promoting ISIS propaganda to push his (and their) view of Islam.
Karen Armstrong on Sam Harris & Bill Maher: “this sort of talk led to the concentration camps” via
See & Sam Harris talk about their collaboration at
Sam Harris and Devon Tracey both support Hillary. As with any candidate, they have reservations.
Sam Harris is spiritually autistic, Jaden Smith is spiritually autistic, Alex Jones is spiritually autistic, Ray Kurzweil is spirit autistic
Sam Harris reminds me of Fred Leuchter. If it doesn't jump out at you, watch Errol Morris's "Mr Death," you'll see what I mean
Consciousness and Qualia are a good start. This features Thomas Nagel/Sam Harris as well.
As an atheist I can't understand why some ex-Muslims cozy up to Sam Harris while attacking Mona Eltahawy, for example.
Its easy to pick on you for Sam Harris, but thank you for not letting that moron Alex Jones get his sick laughs. Go TYT
"On one level, wisdom is nothing more than the ability to take your own advice" -Sam Harris
I couldn't care less about what Cenk, Dave Rubin and Sam Harris think. I care that they have excessive influence on the medium.
Dan Reynolds & Sam Harris might be the best collab ever😍
Sam Harris posits Free Will is an illusion; Dan Dennett disagrees. Both interesting reads.
This makes me uncomfortable. I blame Global Warming, the Crusades and Sam Harris.
Sam Harris: “the Vatican [...] a criminal organization, devoted [...] to the sexual enslavement of children.”.
A bunch of pseudo intellectuals who couldn't comprehend the theoretical nuance of Sam Harris have hijacked the movement.
One knock against Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris is their support of the Iraq invasion. Good men thought invasion meant victory.
The problem with Islam - Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris and Douglas Murray.
You, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, and others like you, have saved my life.
. Where would we be without Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins & Christopher Hitchens? Irreplaceable legends.
because Dworkin and Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens were white supremicists lol.
Congrats to Sam Harris, Joshua Lomas, Loic Ayoul who booked their place at SANSAN Finals. More qualifiers planned:
sounds like the Dave Rubin/Sam Harris grievance industry is working well for you.
I take Sam Harris's stance, though I recognize the moral stance Devon has taken on guns.
I disagree with Sam Harris on virtually everything. But this essay about gun control perfectly captures my feelings.
Why is it that mostly you, Dave Rubin and Sam Harris repeatedly thank your followers? Anyway, THANK YOU!
Another great article. Sam Harris is a great thinker & *very* logical.
"The Riddle of The Gun" - Sam Harris. Probably one of the more rational discussions on gun control I've heard.
You may well have already heard it, but would recommend listening to Sam Harris' 'The Riddle of the Gun'. Informative stuff.
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This article by Sam Harris is a good one on the subject
I'd recommend listening to or reading "The Riddle of the Gun" by Sam Harris. Guns are imperfect solutions in an imperfect world.
While I love Dawkins, Dennet, Sam Harris, and miss Christopher Hitchens. The 4 Horsemen are a thing of the...
My new sounds: AI Self Help Frenemies - Excerpt from Joe Rogan Exp 804 with Sam Harris on
Sam Harris's cancelled book "Letters to a Young Liberal" picked up by fellow New Atheist Peter Boghossian …
Sam Harris: Donald Trump would be our first atheist president
Either God can do nothing to stop this,or he doesn't care to,or he doesn't exists ..Sam Harris.
This conversation is very important & opened my eyes to a few points:
Sam Harris' The Middle of Somewhere has just won "AUSTRALIA PHOTOBOOK OF THE YEAR" Much congratulations Sam...
Listened to Thinking in Public: A Conversation... from Waking Up with Sam Harris
.on what their music is about - in emojis And a version of Unsteady we love
.​: Who was that man with the mustache who used to follow kids around in the 80's?. Me: Rolf Harris?. Sam: No, Professor Winston
Two years ago Sam Harris asked: "can liberalism be saved from itself?" Today, the answer seems to be no.
Did you listen to Sam Harris' podcast with Neil deGrasse Tyson? If so, what did ...
Nah,fact checking. Read work of atheist Sam Harris and you'll see how many muslims want sharia. How about your friends?
Two of my fav people and having a conversation! This is amazzzing!
please read my dialogue with Sam Harris
As argument over shot gorilla continues, Donald Trump claims if the gorilla had been carrying a gun it would never have h…
"There are fewer DNA differences between mice & rats than there are between humans & chimpanzees." Sam Harris
Sam Harris Chris French are experts . unicorns exist say a consensus of unicorn believers.
Sam Harris Chris French to name two easy ones. You don't read the brain experts but you do love the unqualified
Any conception of human well-being you could plausibly have, the Talib...
Don't you listen to what Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins have said about Islam? Listen to Sam Harris. It kills ppl
Sam Harris' soundbite contradicts the pic, which mentions *behavior*
Try and listen to Sam Harris - he'll make you think and question a thing or two.
Thx Sam for great show with Elliot Harris about & illegal trade. It MUST stop b4 it's too late!
Thx Sam & Asst Sec Gen Harris for bringing awareness of dire plight of etc
I liked a video from Caller: Sam Harris is Right and You're Wrong on Islam!
I think about this episode of podcast, w/ frequently
Ten days left. Be part of the magic!
You're a no one Tracey, go back to sucking at the teat of Sam Harris.
My concern with religion is that it allows us by the millions to belie...
I have so much love and admiration for all my student tutors. I wish I would have gotten to know Parker and Sam more tho…
Sam harris on Joe Rogan pod cast tomorrow!A must for us all.
There's no way to reconcile Islam with Christianity. This difference o...
. ah, i have only read small amounts of Sam Harris, so i am not sure what the context is here, "at man's side?
Holy crap 2 hours with Sam Harris and Neil deGrasse Tyson 😍
They haven't come far. Hitler's idea of where women should be (at a man's side) is the same as Sam Harris's.
[Pixies concert, 2008]. 🎶Where is my mind?🎶. Sam Harris: The way our mind is parcellated at the level of the brain, is not at all intuitive.
Neil deGrasse Tyson in his interview w Sam Harris said if he had to pick a label it would be agnostic.
I just saw a Sam Harris look a like ??
Love when Sam looks what I like on insta and asks why it's all makeup tutorials, Twenty one pilots, or baby animals😂
. Get personal! Childhood dreams, greatest fears, lost loves, your sex life. I want to know the real Sam Harris.
Great Podcast. This content comes from: . Waking Up with Sam Harris. URL: .
I'm going to be directing the filming of Sam Harris' live show in Los Angeles...if he raises enough $ to pay me. ht…
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til thoorin listens to Sam Harris. Are you a yudkowsky fan too? highly rec if not
Dawkins is great, but good old Christopher Hitchens, Carl Sagan, Sam Harris and helped free me from the shackles of belief. 😌
I added a video to a playlist Cult Integration - Sam Harris, Matthew Martin, Jeff Goldblum, and Billy
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