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Sam Giancana

Salvatore Giancana (born Salvatore Giangana; June 15, 1908 – June 19, 1975), better known as Sam Giancana, was a Sicilian American mobster and boss of the Chicago Outfit from 1957–1966. Among his other nicknames were, Momo , Mooney, Sam the Cigar, and Sammy.

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The Kennedy Clan were then partying at Sinatra's Tahoe Cal-Neva. Frank would lose it because of Sam Giancana.…
I added a video to a playlist Why Sam Giancana Killed JFK
Hey guess who Sam Giancana is standing in for?
Reading the mafia boss Sam Giancana biography,the author implies Sam and FBI killed JFK
Yup, Sam Moony Giancana did that for old man Kennedy.
DT is a Sociopath. Of course he'd take the meeting. He's led a mobster life & deal style…
Many mob figures confessed to having a hand…
No clueless. Sam 'Momo' Giancana working with Richard Dailey to have 100,000 dead people vote in Cook County in 1960 IS.
Comey is the most corrupt, compromised FBI Director since J. Edgar was shown the pictures Sam Giancana…
Remembering robber barons like Carnegie or Rockefeller for philanthropy is like remembering Sam Giancana for thick envelopes at weddings.
Richard Cain started his career as a dirty cop on Day One. His job was to pay off dirty cops for Sam Giancana. He...
yes.. might as well have been Sam Giancana.. cept Sam was not a traitor to 🇺🇸
Sam Giancana allegedly said "La Cosa Nostra and the CIA are 2 sides of the same coin"
Sam Giancana Chicago Mafia Boss of the 1960's he was so powerful that. The CIA contracted him to kill Fidel Castro
It is Jack. Jimmy Hoffa and Sam Giancana have been under surveillance for some time now.
I added a video to a playlist Mobsters - Sam Giancana
No one stabs Sam Giancana in the back. No one.
I added a video to a playlist Mafia´s Greatest Hits Sam Giancana
Lee Harvey Oswald/J Edgar Hoover/Sam Giancana, where are you now that your country needs you?
...yeah but she had no problem with Sam Giancana using hear father..
Maybe the CIA can resurrect Sam Giancana and he can take care of the like he did Kennedy
Las Vegas mob museum. This is Sam Giancana, who ran the "Outfit", the Chicago mob.
Sam Giancana: The Rise and Fall of a Chicago Mobster by Susan McNicoll
Who also was tight with Sam Giancana
Watching JFK. Good movie so far. Lot of big name actors. No mention of Carlos Marcelo or Sam Giancana so far, though.
I recall mob boss Sam giancana got immunity before testifying because once you get immunity you can't plead 5th
Murders in Chicago, land of Al Capone, Sam Giancana, John Daley, Jimmy Hoffa, killings in near south side gangs
What's new about murder in Chicago? In the mid 1960's it was the turf of Sam Giancana & south side gangs!
He wouldn't have had a prayer without TV. Or Sam Giancana to finish the job TV couldn't.
On 1933: The 'ultimate Godfather' and Mafia man Sam Giancana marries:
they got Sam giancana like that gave him immunity then he had to talk.
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well, it pales compared to the JFK/Sam Giancana/Marilyn Monroe trifecta, but I still like and respect JFK
And Sam Giancana etc. wanted favors returned, not his brother RFK prosecuting the mob.
Chicago had murderers prior to 2016. Sam Giancana, Tony Accordo, Gacy, Speck, Nitti, Moran.
Momo: The Sam Giancana Story- re the nexus of the Chicago Mob, Kennedy Family, Unions, and DC in Cuba, Vegas, Hollywood and Dallas!
Where is your credibility Donna?? All over Trump for BS, now even AG backing off this.Would she chat with Sam Giancana's wife?
Salvatore "Mooney Sam" Giancana was notable for being boss of the Chicago Mafia.
My buddy ... Larry Middleton ... Barber to the mob (Sam Giancana, et al).
. Looks like Sam Giancana,as a blond, at a congressional hearing.
Sam Giancana was one of the most famous Chicago Outfit murders.
just a thunderstorm, and a smoki Treat. It was Sam Giancana. Momo made it happen. Trafficante had little. Marcello owned it
I am the Sam Giancana to your JFK. are voting
Because Sam Giancana was responsible for getting JFK elected he got whacked when JFK did not do as Joe Kennedy promised
Sam Giancana got whacked because he helped throw the election in favor of JFK because Joe Kennedy promised they would help the Mob
Sam Giancana whacked JFK. It why Sam was whacked.
"We nevah had it so good under them fuggin' Kennedy's".. Signed, Sam Giancana & Jimmy Hoffa...
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Wait till Marton Freeman finds out Sam Giancana wants his glasses back
What about JFK & the mob? Teamsters led by Hoffa helped JFK get elected. Sam Giancana gave him his squeeze, Judy Exner 2 have sex. U go JFK!
And JFK doesn't know Sam Giancana! Gimme a break! Yahoo News lining their pockets with GOP grease money to do a hit piece!
Sam Giancana and the chicago unions won that election
Does getting snowballed with Sam Giancana's spooge really count as a deep, continuing association?
What was it back when? Sam Giancana promised Joe Kennedy that the Mob would bring in votes for JFK in exchange for control? NY WH...
Sam Giancana was a cat torturer as a young man. Kuklinski loved torturing & killing animals as well.
Frank Costello , Albert Anastasia, Sam Giancana & other big time mobsters from every part of US met in Dec. 1946 at the Nacional.
Mob was mad bc pres didn't send them 2 kill Castro.Sam Giancana use to go with Judith Campbell and was jealous
Maybe even more. I think Sam Giancana had a part in it, then the big mob I think, just my feeling,
no surprise. Whether home's in Mitchells or Nkandla its a com mafia brotherhood that binds them like Sam Giancana & Lefty Gambino
Sam Giancana.and JFK...and SInatra...and the CIA
Supposedly Frank Sinatra got Mob Boss "Mad" Sam Giancana to help JFK win the Presidency. . htt…
I think Sam Giancana was the owner of that place at one no surprise.
According to Sam Giancana deceased boss of the Chicago Outfit in its heyday Mr. Hoover was paid by the Mob to play blind.
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His soul wants peace, he is confessing, look at him, see his secrets
did Sheree just walk in like she was Sam Giancana???
Maybe?...I'd say definitely, and she was certainly used by JFK, Robert Kennedy, possibly the dad, Sinatra and Sam Giancana.
CHEAT SHEET - Patriarca Papers heat up - the connections to Sam Giancana and Meyer Lansky.
This is Tony "the Ant" Spilotro's house on Harvard St. in Oak Park. only a few blocks from Sam Giancana's house. ht…
On in 1933, mafia man Sam Giancana got married. Read more:
On in 1933, the ultimate mafia man Sam Giancana married. Read more:
[nude in a West Wing utility closet with Sam Giancana's receptionist] we're going to replace his cigars w sticks of dynamite
Mobster Sam Giancana, thought to be financier for Frank Sinatra's Cal-Neva Casino, was killed Jun 19, 1975 in IL. http:/…
Antoinette Giancana (Sam's daughter, now 80) coming from Chicago for grand opening; wants to stay one more time!
Starts slow but when it hits 60s (JFK election, Sam Giancana, Sinatra nearly buying Verve) it becomes rivetting. I guess fact...
closer than JFK? Pushed him over in Chicago in 1960, shared a mistress with Sam Giancana
21: Chicago Mob boss Sam Giancana meets with Nixon in Dallas to.. ht…
Mafia hitman Sam Giancana once described the CIA and Mafia as 'two sides of the same coin'.
Vegas. -- Sam Giancana, when asked what he did for a living (2/2)
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while I was thinking more like, say, Sam Giancana, your way was better! Much better.
On June 15, 1908, Mob boss Sam Giancana was born in Chicago, Illinois.
Happy birthday to Chicago's boss of bosses Sam Giancana
'People give their lives just so a few fat cats can make a killing.' Sam Giancana He's talking about and others of their ilk.
Also on the blog today: Sam Giancana features in 'Mafia Style' -
Lightning storm, going 2 read a book, Double Cross by Sam & Chuck Giancana"The Explosive Inside Story of the mobster who controlled America"
"Double Cross" by Sam & Chuck Giancana is to understand Mob in American politics!
Mafia Don Sam Giancana walking into the federal building in Chicago, 1965.
Megyn, Sam Giancana, the famous Chicago gangster circa 1960's, is a dead ringer for Harry Reid with the shades. Check it out! Hilarious.
Can't say enough good stuff about . So well done. As I suspected, Sam Giancana came off better than the Kennedys.
I added a video to a playlist the Biography Sam Giancana (crime stories)
it wasn't me! Imagine how much money I could make if I knew that one? Sam Giancana said he did it but how to know?
Holy Sam Giancana! This Sinatra documentary on HBO is wonderful - and sickeningly revealing about the Kennedys :-O
Sam Giancana the Mafia boss said this:
Too much Sam Giancana and Jon Gotti, not enough Tony Accardo and Carlo Gambino.
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Marilyn Monroe 'spent her last night with mafia boss Sam Giancana at Frank Sinatra's lodge' via
History is a nice subject. We are all nothing but part of an evolving historical event. Some will be recorded for the negative while others the positive. Ever heard of the JF Kennedy connection with Frank Sinatra and Sam Giancana? Then came the CIA conspiracies against Fidel Castro where they involved characters like Sam Giancana, Santo Traficante and Carlos Marcello. I am always thrilled by that history and mystery.
Shouda neva messed wit Hoffa when he was AG for Jack. Screwing Sam Giancana's GF didn't help either
Frank Sinatra, Sam Giancana and a round of golf to discuss a favor for JFK's dad:
1975 Jun 19 Sam Giancana (b.1908), Italian-American mob boss, was murdered at his home in Oak Park, Ill. He had a romance with Phillis McGuire, of the McGuire Sisters vocal group, and was credited with assisting John F. Kennedy in efforts to win the presidential election. A movie was made in 1995 that depicts the Giancana-McGuire romance. Links: USA, Chicago, Murder, Mafia Click to see the source(s) for this event
he was a little slow, but Sam Giancana seemed to like him fine.
Can create psychopath with Mobster Sam Giancana got worse than "Double Cross"
before the mob and Sam Giancana arranged for him to play the President, what was Ray Gun's legal name? . .
To make a Mobster Sam Giancana got worse than see "Double Cross"
I disagree... . Ray Gun did everything Sam Giancana told him to do.
Sam Giancana inherited the Chicago Outfit, the mafia syndicate built by Capone and Nitti. Closely as
When the CIA turn to Sam Giancana and the Mafia for help in plotting to remove the newly installed Fidel Castro in Cuba they didn't fully realize what the
if you DON'T think JFK was killed by the mob, google his name with Judy Campbell and Sam Giancana
On this date in history:. 1908 - birth of Chicago Outfit boss Sam Giancana (some accounts differ on Giancana's...
My readings tell me Sam Giancana put Harry Truman in office. (His money) illegally gained. What has changed?
THE SHORT UNHAPPY LIFE OF Marilyn Monroe I wrote this play in Slovak in 2010 – 2013 after three more years of reading books and recently declassified documents on Marilyn Monroe, her psychiatrist, the Kennedys and the failed investigations into MM’s mysterious death. Here just a short extract from a scene in which MM and JFK talk after the night they spent together in Palm Springs in May 1962. . 2nd scene, II. act Marilyn: You mean the fiasco in the Bay of Pigs last year? Jack: A Fiasco! Fiasco! Baby girl, you sound like a people’s judge somewhere in Havana. Marilyn: I am so-sorry. I didn’t mean it like that. Jack: Our attempt to introduce democracy in Cuba didn’t work out and the whole world knows about it. We tried to pretend that it was the work of the Cuban immigrants and that we, the government, had no way of stopping them… and that… Marilyn: ... that you had nothing to do with it. Jack: Yes, something along those lines. But then the CIA, which was very much involved in the operation, m ...
Did you know mob boss Sam Giancana was from Oak Park? Soon he'll be featured in a play —
I steal. -- Sam Giancana, explaining his livelihood to his draft board. Easy. I own Chicago. I o...
Frank Sinatra, Cal Neva Resort, Spa & Casino, Lake Tahoe The Star: Owner of this Lake Tahoe retreat from 1960 to 1963, Frank Sinatra worked tirelessly to bring the resort up to the standards of his Rat Pack posse. But he lost Cal Neva in 1963, when authorities became aware of the presence of mobster Sam Giancana on the property and the state subsequently revoked his gaming license. The Haunting: There have been reports of Sinatra’s ghost in Lakeview Cabin a modest structure overlooking Lake Tahoe that Sinatra once called home. Bonus Haunt: Having been a frequent visitor to Cal Neva during Sinatra’s ownership, Marilyn Monroe’s ghost has been spotted in the resort’s swimming pool and in Lakeview Cabin where she used to stay. Source:
Totally OT: But thought some might enjoy this short moment of cultyuh. The Day After Sinatra Married Mia Farrow So the coffee would stay hot all morning Edna, the large-boned Dutch waitress, her face and throat flushed from the heat would first fill my thermos with boiling water in the Circle Diner on Kutztown Road, this July morning steamy and loud with a highway crew at the counter, two grizzled mailmen in the side booth and us from the nearby construction site, a job I loved for its noise and fresh air, screwing big lag bolts into the sills of Caloric Stove's new factory warehouse, the whirr of the countersink drilling the wood, clean white hemlock or spruce and when one of the mailmen heads for the door Edna calls out to him Hey Jack how you think Frank's feeling this morning? Smoke from the grill and the cook's cigar clouding the wide glass window: Frank, 20 years her senior, stepping from Sam Giancana's limo or else whispering One For My Baby into the spotlight: his death in his voice with its flawl ...
According to the book, The Life Story of Sam Giancana, written by his son and brother, after orders from Washington, Sam ordered the hit on Marilyn, because she going to spill the beans on her affairs with John and Bobby Kennedy. Two hit men came to her room that night, held her down and placed a poisonous suppository in her *** and held her down until it took effect. By doing that, there was nothing in her stomach as evidence that she had been murdered.
JFK's enemies Although he has become a legend, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was hardly the most popular president in history when he was gunned down in November, 1963. In the previous six months alone, the Secret Service had reviewed over 400 threats to his life. Three of these were serious enough to entail changes in his security routine. He was loathed by anti-Castro exiles, other rightwingers, the Mafia and even some of his own government agencies. In attempting to figure out who murdered him, it is important to understand who hated him, and why. The stolen election The seeds of that hatred were planted in the 1960 election that brought Kennedy to the presidency. The Democrats stole that election from Republican candidate Richard Nixon by tampering with the vote in two states. In Illinois, Mafia boss Sam Giancana arranged for 10,000 votes to be cast for John F. Kennedy "from the graveyard." In Texas, the political machine of Kennedy's running mate, Lyndon Johnson, arbitrarily disqualified about 100,000 vote ...
-a-friend posted a dismissal of Jack Ruby's mob connections. I won't be drawn into a specious argument, so I'll just quote Wikipedia: In 1964, the Warren Commission provided a detailed biography of Ruby's life and activities to help ascertain whether he was involved in a conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy.[10] The Commission indicated that there was not a "significant link between Ruby and Organized Crime"[11] and said he acted independently in killing Oswald.[12] Fifteen years later, the House Select Committee on Assassinations undertook a similar investigation of Ruby and said that he "had a significant number of associations and direct and indirect contacts with underworld figures" and "the Dallas criminal element" but that he was not a "member" of Organized Crime.[13] Ruby was known to have been acquainted with both the police and the Mafia. The HSCA said that Ruby had known Chicago mobster Sam Giancana (1908-1975) and Joseph Campisi (1918–1990) since 1947, and had been seen with them on many occasio ...
“The Trafficante Legacy” The Wikipedia Jimmy Hoffa, president of the Teamsters Union, and mobsters Carlos Marcello, Sam Giancana, Johnny Roselli, Charles Nicoletti, and Santo Trafficante Jr.—all of whom say Hoffa worked with the CIA on the Castro assassination plots—top the list of House Select Committee on Assassinations Mafia suspects.[5] It is also alleged that Mafia criminals may have wished to retaliate against John F. Kennedy in response to the increasing pressure put on them by Robert Kennedy, who had increased by 12 times the number of prosecutions conducted under the administration of President Dwight Eisenhower. Carlos Marcello allegedly threatened to assassinate the President to short-circuit Robert Kennedy, who was serving as US Attorney General and leading the administration's anti-Mafia crusade. 1. o The committee believes, on the basis of the evidence available to it, that the national syndicate of Organized Crime, as a group, was not involved in the assassination of Kennedy, but th ...
One of the assassins was Charles Nicoletti, hit man for the mob, who was located n the Dal-Tex Building in Dealey Plaza: CHARLES NICOLETTI, March 28, 1977 Charles Nicoletti was a “hit-man” and enforcer for Chicago Mob chieftain Sam Giancana. When Giancana was murdered in May of 1975, just days prior to his scheduled appearance to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee on mob activities in the attempted assassination of Fidel Castro, Charles Nicoletti broke off relations with the Mob and gave as his reason that “the CIA was taking over the operation.” Giancana’s murder by .22 caliber bullets was very suggestive of a CIA “hit.” In a death bed confession made by CIA agent Chauncey Holt, who claimed that he was a CIA operative both before and at the time of JFK’s death, Holt alleged that Charles Nicoletti was one of the gunmen in Dealey Plaza and that Nicoletti had been driven to Dealey Plaza from Arizona by Holt. Holt confessed that he and Nicoletti began their journey the day b ...
Did any of you see (hear) Geraldo segment about the mob and the JFK assassination? That was terrific. I am personally convinced the mob was involved in JFK assassination. Carlos Marcello, Santos Traficante, Sam Giancana. Johnny Rosseli found dead in a drum in Biscayne Bay. Jack Ruby mob ties. Books have been written. Rogue CIA agents involved. Sophisticated. Never solved.
Official trailer for the riveting documentary on iconic mobster, Sam Giancana.
If you have a curiosity about JFK's assassination and how our government hired Organized Crime back then, watch my client on Geraldo Rivera tonight on Fox News 9pm EST. Subject: Chicago Mob Boss Sam Giancana.
As I put the article together for the next issue about the theories of the JFK assassination about the possible involvement of Carlos Marcello, Sam Giancana, and Santo Trafficante Jr. I just had to put on The Stones, Sympathy for the Devil, I think it's appropriate.
18 Mysterious deaths JFK's assassination witnesses- *bodies left with no hope of the cause of death being determined by the most complete autopsy and chemical examinations *bodies left in such circumstances as to simulate accidental death *bodies left in such circumstances as to simulate suicidal death *bodies left with residue that simulate those caused by natural diseases. List of Deaths Date Name Connection with case Cause of death 11/63 Karyn Kupicinet Tv host's daughter who was overheard telling of JFK's death prior to 11/22/63 Murdered 12/63 Jack Zangretti Expressed foreknowledge of Ruby shooting Oswald Gunshot Victim 2/64 Eddy Benavides Lookalike brother to Tippit shooting witness, Domingo Benavides Gunshot to head 2/64 Betty MacDonald* Former Ruby employee who alibied Warren Reynolds shooting suspect. Suicide byhanging in Dallas Jail 3/64 Bill Chesher Thought to have information linking Oswald and Ruby Heart attack 3/64 Hank Killam* Husband of Ruby employee, knew Oswald acquaintance Throat cut 4/6 ...
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A black Sam Giancana that would be perfect. He can't die before me tho.
In one month it will be 50 years since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy Jr. So I will probably be posting quite a bit on that tragic event. I think Sam Giancana told the truth in the book Double Cross by his brother as to shooters and the Mafia & CIA collusion. But there's also the Texas angle and the personal power motive of one Lyndon Baines Johnson who went on to become a mass murdering war criminal.
An author (new book out perchance?) claims Bobby Kennedy stole JFK's brain. I think it was Sam Giancana acting alone.
I am getting excited about the release of my book but more excited that my film Momo: The Sam Giancana Story is being released Nationally Nov 19th on Video on Demand and available on DVD ... my producers just did a segment on CNN about our award winning film :-) Our film was picked up not only in Australia and France etc but more oversea countries will be showing our film in theaters etc ... Feeling very thankful and blessed!! Thank you to everyone who believed in me! We are on our way to getting more of our projects developed and done!!!
Chapter 5 of Killing Kennedy by Bill O/Reilly Just a few short weeks after being named attorney general, Bobby Kennedy received a special file from J. Edgar Hoover, the pug-nosed and Machiavellian head of the FBI. In the file was evidence about the extramarital affairs JFK was having. In fact, Hoover was keeping special files on all politicians in DC and elsewhere. This was job security for Hoover. He wants everybody to know the FBI will never be diminished – and that there is nothing illicit going on in America that is beyond his purview. In early 1962 JFK planned to visit Frank Sinatra in Palm Springs while Jackie was on a trip to India and Pakistan. . On hearing this, the FBI informed Bobby that Frank Sinatra was deeply involved with the Mafia. Not only that, but that JFK was having sex with a consort of Sam Giancana, the top of the list of Mafia kingpins that Bobby was trying to bring down. Her name was Judith Campbell. The FBI had been keeping files on Sinatra since the late 1940s, chronicling his ...
As a teen in our restaurant I would see guys like Sam Giancana and Tony Accardo. Neighborhood people treated them like royalty
In the Godfather movie series the character Moe Greene is loosely based on what real life mobster ? a) mickey cohen, b) bugsy siegel, c) dutch Schultz, d) sam giancana
15 Oktober 2013 THE MURDER OF JFK 10 REASONS WHY A RESPONSIBLE CONCLUSION Since November 22, 1963, there have been over 2,000 books, dozens of television programs and countless movies filled with theory, conjecture and myth as to why John F. Kennedy was gunned down in broad daylight on a downtown Dallas street. Until now, no one has been able to prove anything other than the fact that the FBI and the CIA did little to help the Warren Commission, a select group of bureaucrats with an agenda of lies. Denials, false sponsors, and government cover-ups continue to reign supreme, the latest attempt being the Assassination Records Review Board, five scholars appointed by President Bill Clinton. The Review Board, while powerless from a judicial standpoint, appears credible, yet "controlled." Their mission, to quote Chairman John Tunheim, is to "convince the American people that the government is not withholding any documents from the public." Professional assassins don't take notes or leave documents behind.(1) T ...
JFK ASSASSINATION, Part 16. QUOTATIONS: JIM MARRS (author and assassination researcher): "In reviewing the experiences of the people in Dealey Plaza the day Kennedy died, it is apparent that not one single person saw the assassination as it was described by the Warren Commission." CHERYL McKINNON (Reporter for the San Diego Star News): I am sorry to say that the only thing I am absolutely sure of today is that at least two of the shots fired that day in Dealey Plaza came from behind where I stood on the Knoll, not from the Book Depository." SAM HOLLAND (railroad signal supervisor): "There was definitely a shot fired from behind that picket fence and there's no doubt in my mind and never will be because I was on the spot and saw the smoke." STARVIS ELLIS (Dallas motorcycle patrolman) "There was a hole in the left front could put a pencil through it." EVALIA GLANGES (2nd year student at Southwestern Medical University): "It was very clear, a through and through bullet hole thro ...
The Road to Dallas: The Assassination of John. F. Kennedy Assassination of President John F. Kennedy is an awkwatd topic for professional historians. Despite the obvious importance of this event, no one has conclusively established who was behind the assassination and why. On the one hand, the Watren Commission's conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald acred alone, without accomplices, is widely viewed as a whitewash. On the other hand, the numerous conspiracy theories disseminated on the Internet and elsewhere seem sensationalist, careless, and (in many cases) embarrassing to read. It is thus a welcome development that David Kaiser - a respecred historian at the U.S. Naval Wat College - has waded into the proverbial minefield, and produced a sober and objective analysis. The Road to Dallas relies heavily on investigative files that have been declassified in recent years, following the passage of the 1992 Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act. In essence, Kaiser argues that Oswald was directed by an orga ...
OPEN LETTER TO NIGERIANS GEJ PRESIDENCY WAS CONCIEVED ON FALSEHOOD AND BUILD ON CRIMINAL IDEALOGY A generation raised in the shadows of the dictatorial military regimes assumed new responsibilities in a world warmed by democracy but still threatened by corruption and indiscipline. Raised in unrivaled prosperity, we inherit a fertile nation that is still the world most resourceful, but weakened by insecurity, power failure, increasing inequality and indiscipline among our people. Profound and powerful forces are shaking and remaking our world and the urgent question of our time is whether we the young generation can make change our friend and not our enemy. This new world has already enriched the lives of very few Nigerians with millions and billions of stolen wealth who are now demi-gods in their domains and celebrants of break through. But when most people are working harder for less; when others cannot work at all; when the cost of health care devastate families and threatens to bankrupt many of our ent ...
HOLY SMOKE AND MIRRORS By David Guyatt Albert Vincent Carone is one of those people who spent his life dancing between raindrops and turning invisible wherever a shadow lingered. He existed and also didn’t exist. Al Carone - unlike his near namesake, Al Capone – truly was a paradox wrapped in a mystery concealed behind an enigma. Carone was a detective in the New York Police Department, but this didn’t stop him from becoming a “made” man in the Genovese crime family. He knew all the leading Mafiosa of his day, including Vito Genovese, Sam Giancana, Santos Trafficante, Joe Colombo and Pauley Castellano amongst others. To Carone’s daughter, Dee, they were all known as “Uncle.” When she got married, her father arranged two different reception rooms to separate the “mob” guests, from the NYPD guests. But this was more window-dressing than anything else. One of Carone’s principal functions in the NYPD was to act as the “bagman” in protecting shipments of CIA drugs to the vario ...
Jordan Lage as mobster Sam Giancana in William Mastrosimone's RIDE THE TIGER, at the Long Wharf Thea
Saw part of Guelzo's talk on C Span. Now Joe Glatthaar is speaking wearing shades. What's with that? Looks like Sam Giancana at a senate hearing. I expect him to invoke the 5th Amendment any moment now.
My stepdad says I look like Sam Giancana with my sunglasses on
big deal nothing will come in this. Too many Republicans as well as Democrats just want this to go away. And I'm not so sure that most elected Republicans really care that much about the right wing conservative base.
Nah - Lee Harvey Abbott was just the fall guy. Sam Giancana Shorten, and Jimmy Hoffa Shorten, are more likely suspects.
When his Sam Giancana photo gray lenses won't change back indoors.
Next week will have an action packed show with more exciting, interesting, and informative information than you can shake a Momo at. So make sure to tune in next week!
Giancana.he wasn't anywhere near as bad *** as Tony Soprano. MAFIA'S GREATEST HITS Monday 24th June at 11.35 pm (70 minutes) Channel: One Sam Giancana. This episode looks at Sam Mooney Giancana who in 1961 was the boss of the Chicago organised crime outfit and the heir of Al Capone. Cons.Advice: Some Coarse Language, Some Violence Additional Info: M Repeat - (Classification) Links: Wikipedia | Australia | IMDb | Rotten Tomatoes
2 great Italian gangsters died on this date. Sam Giancana and Tony Soprano. Hope Tony went easier than Sam (of course he had a few in the back of the head while cooking sausage and peppers).
In retrospect: On this day in history the following passed away. Sam Giancana-1975, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg-1953, Jean Arthur-1991, Manute Bol-2010
Sam Giancana, mobster boss and part-time CIA employee during the Kennedy administration, died on this date in 1975. Beginning as a getaway driver and moving up the gangster totem to become "Sammy the Cigar", Giancana experienced skull ventilation while cooking sausage and peppers. Mama Mia, thatsa spicy meatball there.
June 19, 1846---The first recorded baseball game is played on the Elysian Fields in Hoboken, NJ. 1862, Slavery is outlawed in all United States territories. 1865, All slaves in Texas are freed. 1926, Twenty thousand Native Americans commemorate the 50th anniversary of the battle at Little Bighorn in which Colonel George Custer and his entire party were killed. 1935, President Franklin Roosevelt suggests overhauling the U.S. tax code to prevent the accumulation of great wealth in the hands of the few, proposing an inheritance tax and higher levies on big fortunes. 1936, Heavyweight champion Joe Louis suffers the first defeat of his boxing career, losing to German fighter Max Schmeling. 1948, The U.S. Congress enacts peacetime selective service for the first time, requiring all men between the ages of 19 and 23 to register for the draft. BORN ON THIS DAY: Duchess of Windsor Wallis Simpson (1896), Three Stooges actor Moe Howard (1897), Bandleader Guy Lombardo (1902), Baseball Hall of Famer Lou Gehrig ...
On July 19, 1975, the night before he was going to be questioned by the Senate committee, Sam Giancana was preparing supper. Some person he trusted was let in for a discussion, which ended with bullets pumped into Giancana's head (the back), then his throat and mouth - to signify not to talk. He was murdered there at the scene and never did get to testify.
Sam Giancana's brother and I think a nephew, wrote Double Cross. They made it plain they were no fans of the Kennedys, and said they had written it mostly to try to prod an investigation into the murder of Chicago crime boss Sam Giancana. Sam was murdered about the time he was supposed to testify before Congress about JFK. Isn't it "odd" that that type of thing just sort of kept happening? It just doesn't pay to have first hand information about that murder as over 100 (I'm not exaggerating) people found out to their horror when they were "eliminated." I have lots of information. None of it is first hand, none is admissible in court ... and no, in a court of law, I could not prove that anyone did it (not even Lew Harvey Oswald, the designated patsy).
Years ago in Dallas, I purchased two books about Organized Crime: Double Cross (the story of Sam Giancana); and Mob Lawyer (the story of attorney Frank Ragano). Both of those books put the assassination of JFK at the hands of Organized Crime.
Just curious: how much of the general population today has any idea who Jimmy Hoffa was?
DETROIT -- Digging is resuming Tuesday off a dirt road in Oakland Township by FBI agents looking for the body of missing Teamster Jimmy Hoffa.
Naturally, with the first ever real emphasis on Organized Crime coming under Bobby Kennedy, Organized Crime was not singing their praises. For many decades, chief among the suspects have been Organized Crime Chieftains like Carlos Marcello, Santos Trafficante, and Sam Giancana. Giancana's brother even wrote a book with another family member in which he steadfastly maintained that Sam told him that Organized Crime killed Jack Kennedy (because of the war on crime organized by Bobby Kennedy) and killed Marilyn Monroe, hoping to frame Bobby Kennedy (who allegedly was having an affair with her).
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Hoffa remains: An FBI spokesman said that the agency was executing a search or Jimmy Hoffa's remains in Oakland Township, about 25 miles north of Detroit.
Words of wisdom from a radical right-wing lunatic: “The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. …there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment.” Oh, yeah, his name: John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Let's see. Joe made his fortune bootlegging during prohibition. John was in bed with mafia kingpin Sam Giancana - which is how he was elected president. Not to mention, he and his brother Robert were screwing Marilyn Monroe. Ted "accidentally" killed Mary Jo Kopecne - which just may have had something to do with his wife, Joan's lifelong bout with alcohol, causing her children to take control of her affairs when she was still in her 60s. And don't even get me started on the 3rd generation; David's drug addiction, Joe II's jeep accident that left a girl paralyzed. William's rape trial. You're right. The Kennedys are much worse.
1965: Chicago Outfit boss Sam Giancana incarcerated for contempt for refusing to testify before a Federal grand jury probing Organized Crime
Have you ever heard the name "George de Mohrenschildt?" He was a key figure in the JFK assassination. He was a semi-wealthy Russian oil man who lived in Texas and befriended Lee Harvey Oswald. When Idaho Senator Frank Church's House Select Committee on Assassinations ordered him to appear before them to answer questions in 1977 about his relationship with Oswald, Mohrenschildt was found dead from a shotgun blast to his mouth before he could testify. Local coroner ruled it a suicide. In fact, a number of key people who were ordered to appear before the committee were killed before they could testify, including Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana, and mobster Johnny Roselli. Anyway, in searching the Russian's briefcase, a Senate investigator found de Mohrenschildt's personal address book. Inside was an entry for "Bush, George H. W. (Poppy), 1412 W. Ohio also Zapata Petroleum, Midland, Texas." So Oswald's buddy had Papa Bush's name and address in his little black book. Correspondence between the two would late ...
If only Gore had Sam Giancana to help him.
Just learned about Sam Giancana in history lol.that's my great great grandpa
I liked a video from Gangster Gallery - Sam Giancana - GERMAN DOKU deutsch
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Even a Boss needs his rest. Mob Attraction is the only place in the world where you can see Sam Giancana's...
Dou Ze-cheng is a bit of a dude - 16 years old, dresses like Sam Giancana, shoots two-under-par 70 on his ET debut.
Inward-bound 1963, racketeer sam giancana had visited sinatra's calneva implant swish Lake Tahoe, and the consen:
I wish Michael Bublé & Frank Sinatra were contemporaries. I would love to see Frank ordering Sam Giancana to,"kick that kid's *** will ya?"
Sam Giancana, would you buy a weekend break from this man? Arm or leg? What happens in Vegas…
Chicago crime boss Sam Giancana leaves court after appearing before a federal grand jury in New York
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So slow *** JFK recruited Sam Giancana to take out Castro. It's also been reported Giancana was with M. Monroe her last breathing night?
If not for RFK, Sam Giancana would have re-taken
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That caifano traded inner self not perfect into the godfather as regards the chicago black hand, sam giancana, s:
Indeed. A lot of mystery about her death. The Kennedys, Sam Giancana, etc..
Nathaniel Thomas Wilson (born July 20, 1968), better known by his stage names Kool G Rap (or simply G Rap, and originally Kool Genius of Rap) is an American rapper. He hails from the Corona neighborhood of Queens, New York City. He began his career in the mid-1980s as one half of the group Kool G Rap & DJ Polo and as a member of the Juice Crew. He is often cited as one of the most influential and skilled MCs of all time as he is a pioneer of mafioso rap/street/hardcore content and multisyllabic rhyming. On his album The Giancana Story, he stated that the "G" in his name stands for "Giancana" (after the mobster Sam Giancana), but on other occasions he's stated that it stands for "Genius". He has also been cited as a major influence to some of hip-hop's most critically acclaimed figures such as - Eminem, NAS, Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G., Big Pun, RZA, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah Necro, Action Bronson, Homeboy Sandman, and more.
Wonderful two hours last night at the Arcada Theatre in St. Charles, with Shirley MacLaine showing us photos, movie clips, and other items on a big screen, the answering questions. The photos and clips were accompanied by great stories of the times, one laugh after another. Shirley is a great actress with Oscars to prove it, she was an excellent dancer, and she is the last living member of the Rat Pack. Two of her stories: In THE APARTMENT, her character plays gin rummy, because Billy Wilder started the shoot with only 29 pages of script, writing more as they went along and bringing in things the actors were doing. Shirley was learning gin rummy from Sam Giancana at the time. In THE CHILDREN'S HOUR, her character is confessing that she has feelings for her teaching partner, Audrey Hupburn, a difficult subject in 1961. As she acted the sensitive scene to perfection, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin were off camera throwing spitballs at her. She noted that the duo knew the right angle to toss them so th ...
Publisher's Review of Sinatra and Me: The Very Good Years February 7, 2013 Sinatra and Me: The Very Good Years Tony Consiglio, as told to Franz Douskey. Tantor Media, Inc., $19.95 (303p) ISBN 978-0-9883494-2-1 Consiglio, a friend from Frank Sinatra's New Jersey boyhood, was present during the star's formative years in his career. Before his death in 2008, he shared with Douskey intimate details of Sinatra's rise to fame, during which he accompanied the performer to nightclubs, Las Vegas casinos, and meanderings through the Hollywood scene. Although many of these accounts were previously the subject of rumor rather than verifiable anecdote, from hard times to success and excess, Consiglio reports on the women, the shady characters, and the foibles and generosity for which Sinatra was known. It is believed that in Sinatra's lifetime, "he raised more than a billion dollars for his charity work," while once he performed for free to help out a club owner in hock to the mobster Sam Giancana. Thanks to Sinatra's ...
watching Sugartime (1995 movie about Sam Giancana)..not the best gangster film but i like John Turturro as sam giancana.
Just finished Bill O'Reilly's book, 'Killing Kennedy', and what a great read for anybody, especially those baby boomers, who can remember 'Camelot'. By simply stating facts, he makes it a cornucopia for conspiracy theorists. You learn how he became hated by Allen Dulles, the CIA director, Hoover, the FBI director, Sam Giancana, the Mafia godfather, and Lyndon Johnson, his own vice president. But he also gives you a telling portrait of Lee Harvey Oswald, and how he could come to kill the most powerful man in the free world. And in the end, the profile of Oswald can be matched with that of a lot of our modern day shooters. O'Reilly draws no conclusions, but gives you all the info for you to make your own. Myself, I started the book with serious doubts as to the lone gunman theory, due to all the research info that's out there. And in the end, I saw how Oswald could come to do what he did, but most importantly, I now think I know why.
Prime Suspects - over the years many men have been suspects in the Kennedy assassination - they are as follows...please make comments on these men...Lyndon B. Johnson, Cord Meyer, William Pawley, William King Harvey, David Atlee-Phillips, E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, Alan Dulles, Sam Giancana, Johnny Roselli, Santos Trafficante, Carlos Marcello...
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Nicholas Celozzi has produced or written 20 films, but his new project about his great-uncle Sam Giancana, Chicago's former Organized Crime boss of The Outfit, might be his most personal.
Did you know...? Lee Harvey Oswald before going to Dallas and shooting President Kennedy spent the summer in New Orleans participating in Anti-Castro rallies. There is news footage of him handing out flyers in the streets. The flyers return mail address was for the residence of an ex-FBI agent named "McBannister". McBannister had served for decades as the go-between for Joe Kennedy (JFK's Father) and the Chicago mafia's Sam Giancana. He also worked with the CIA in coordinagting the Bay of Pigs invasion with the Chicago mobs assistence. He ALSO brokered the deal during JFK's election in 1960 that Sam Giancana agreed to deliver the City of Chicago vote via the labor unions the mob controlled. This GAVE JFK the Presidency. The House Congressional Panel that re-examined JFK's assisination from '76-'79 reported that there WAS significant eveidence of a conspiracy that FULL investigation was ordered. However Democrats in control did NOT fund the investigationa nd it was allowed to die off. ALL documents from th ...
Was it really Bobby Kennedy & Sam Giancana who had Marilyn Monroe murdered 50 yrs ago? And when Bobby turned on Sam...
Investigative reporter known as "The Ultimate JFK Historian," Lamar Waldron, discussed new information and documents that link the murders of Jimmy Hoffa, mob boss Sam Giancana, and Mafia don Johnny Rosselli to the Watergate scandal. These men, he revealed, all had ties to Richard Nixon as well as to JFK's assassination. Waldron dispelled what he considered myths about Watergate-- one of which was the idea that the cover-up was worse than the crime. There were actually four burglary attempts at the Watergate, and the same crew burglarized the Chilean embassy in Washington. According to Waldron, the Watergate burglaries were Nixon's attempt to retrieve files that revealed how he orchestrated the CIA and E. Howard Hunt to use the Mafia to try to kill Fidel Castro, before the 1960 election. As well as how he got a $500,000 bribe from some of those same mobsters. The mobsters the CIA was secretly using in 1963 to attempt to kill Castro--Rosselli, Trafficante, and Carlos Marcello-- later confessed they were in ...
QI FACT: In 1975, mobster & boss of the Chicago Outfit from 1957–1966, Sam Giancana, was killed. Born to Sicilian immigrants in Little Italy, Chicago, his father, owned an Italian ice shop, which was later firebombed by gangland rivals of his son. He joined a juvenile street gang & was an excellent getaway driver, a high earner, & a vicious killer which gained him the notice of Cosa Nostra higher-ups like Frank "The Enforcer" Nitti. In 1933, he married the daughter of Italian immigrants & had 3 daughters. In 1942, he allegedly forced jazz musician Tommy Dorsey into letting singer Frank Sinatra out of his contract early, so that Sinatra could expand his career, by making Dorsey an offer he couldn't refuse. This story was famously referenced in "The Godfather". He was present at the Mafia's 1957 Appalachian Meeting at the Upstate New York estate of Joseph Barbara. It is widely reputed, and partially corroborated by the Church Committee Hearings, that during the Kennedy administration, the Central Intellig ...
FILM FACT. The 1995 TV film "Sugartime", based on a true story that depicts mobster Sam Giancana's relationship with singer Phyllis McGuire, the youngest of "The McGuire Sisters". Giancana was played by actor John Turturro, and Phyllis was played by actress Mary Louise Parker. The demise of the singing group is often contributed to her long-standing personal relationship with Giancana, which all but blacklisted the group. During one of his 1960s court appearances for which Phyllis was subpoenaed, Giancana told reporters outside the courthouse that "Phyllis knows everything" about the rumored, unethical behaviors of President Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy. Phyllis has resided in a famously showcased mansion in Las Vegas for decades, boasting its own beauty parlor, a swan mote, and a replica of the Eiffel Tower which actually rises through the home's roof. When asked by Barbara Walters during a 1980s ABC-TV "20/20" interview from within the mansion, if any of the money to build the lavish home came ...
According to a biography of Sam Giancana written by his family, Giancana told his younger brother that it was Cain and Charles Nicoletti, not Lee Harvey Oswald, who were in the Texas Book Depository on November 22, 1963.[13] This claimed was never proved. In 1996, based on information from Brazilian journalist Claudia Furiati, author Eric Hamburg claimed that Cain had been involved with Dave Yaras and Lenny Patrick during the assassination.[citation needed] Since his death, other researchers, including Larry Hancock[citation needed] and Cain's half brother Michael J. Cain,[14] have investigated his rumored ties to the JFK assassination. Neither has obtained any conclusive evidence to support his involvement in any aspect of the assassination. Michael J. Cain discovered through a witness his half brother was waiting to testify before a grand jury in Chicago on November 22, 1963 when the news was announced John Kennedy had been shot. Michael Cain said that the grand jury files were destroyed.[15]
Mafia's Greatest Hits. Hooked already after the first episode about Sam Giancana. "Lucky" Luciano next.
The actress is said to have spent the evening with mobster Sam Giancana after taking the singer's private jet to Cal-Neva Lodge in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.
Sugartime [VHS]: Based on the true story of the life and times and love affair of mobster Sam Giancana and Ameri...
Sinatra garnered considerable attention due to his alleged personal and professional links with Organized Crime,[49] including figures such as Carlo Gambino,[50] Sam Giancana,[50] Lucky Luciano,[50] and Joseph Fischetti.[50] The Federal Bureau of Investigation kept records amounting to 2,403 pages on Sinatra. With his alleged Mafia ties, his ardent New Deal politics and his friendship with John F. Kennedy, he was a natural target for J. Edgar Hoover's FBI.[51] The FBI kept Sinatra under surveillance for almost five decades beginning in the 1940s. The documents include accounts of Sinatra as the target of death threats and extortion schemes. They also portray rampant paranoia and strange obsessions at the FBI and reveal nearly every celebrated Sinatra foible and peccadillo.[52]
My godmom's maiden name is Giancana" in relation to Sam Giancana, sicilian crime boss of the Chicago outfi- late 50s. I wonder if she fux with these Chicago mob wives.. Lol I'll prolly watch the 1st few episodes
The FBI Files Sam Giancana (Paperback): From movie stars to the president of the United States, Sam Giancana, en...
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