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Sam Elliott

Samuel Pack Sam Elliott (born August 9, 1944) is an American actor.

Debra Winger Ashton Kutcher Danny Masterson Tom Selleck Blythe Danner Morgan Freeman Ang Lee Katharine Ross Nick Offerman Black Dynamite Wade Garrett Patrick Swayze Beau Bennett Eric Stoltz

Congratulations England captain Sam Elliott of and the rest of the England team. Winners of the Home…
Now you and Sam Elliott have something in common. Play the audio clip at the end of this blog post.…
Me and Elliott did it for Sam. They're sassing hard
Wrong Sam. Image is of Sam Elliott, and he is still working.
When I rolled a 5 or 8, on ANYTHING, Black Dynamite came out and Sam Elliott was trapped in the ring,…
I dunno if you've seen Black Dynamite, but I played Sam Elliott wearing a cursed ring with Black Dynamite trapped inside.
lol No worries. I was already there. Couldn't remember Sam Elliott's name.
Sam Elliott is great as the dad, on The Ranch. Strong, silent and funny as *** type.
I still prefer "The Incredible Hulk" to Ang Lee's "Hulk" because except for Sam Elliott absolutely nothing works.
Sam Elliott always had a cool voice, even when he was younger.
Here are the 10 best male film performances of 2017 so far, including the remarkable Sam Elliott in
Sam Elliott leads cast of Hitler-Bigfoot movie to film in Turners Falls via
I think anytime you can affect people in general, in a positive way, then you’re a lucky individual. - Sam Elliott
Sam Elliott of has been named England U16 captain for 2 internationals tomorrow again…
Fun fact Scott Wilson does not do social media. Neither do a lot of other actors of a certain age (Sam Elliott being another)
If I could grow a mustache like Sam Elliott, Tom Selleck, or Teddy Roosevelt, I'd never shave.
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There's only 2 days left to see American drama THE HERO starring Sam Elliott and Get ur tickets here:…
pretty sure I just got off the phone with Sam Elliott... that voice
Good luck to Sam Elliott of who is training with the England Development Squad this week ahead of two int'ls v Ire…
"Mask" is one of my fave movies! Cher, Sam Elliott, Eric Stoltz and Laura Dern were wonderful & Bo…
Yeah, it's like Mary Tyler Moore Show, everyone did other work of note. Sam Elliott? Barb Anderson? Lesley Warren? Nimoy!
Watch this clip: The inimitable Sam Elliott talks weed with in “The Hero” - now in theaters
Sam Elliott chats with about his new film, “The Hero.”
Exclusive: Sam Elliott and Nick Offerman toke up in dank drama "The Hero" via
Watch: Sam Elliott and Nick Offerman smoke Platinum Cookies in “The Hero” via
is a poetic drama with an emotionally strong performance from Sam Elliott by
Tons of Serious Man parallels! But is Ray Wise the bowling alley devil to Sam Elliott's tumbleweed god?
Sam Elliott as Sergeant Plumley in WE WERE SOLDIERS is basically George Patton as an enlisted man.
Sam Elliott is ‘The Hero’. His wife Katharine Ross joins him on the big screen again. Can't wait to see it.
Wait... Sam Elliott *and* Douglas Trumbull working on the same film?! With that title?!?!
"Amy, why didn't you get that grant written like you said you would?" "well, you see...Sam Elliott..."
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Well I figured for you it was Timothy Murphy. For me, it's a toss-up between Alan Dale and Sam Elliott.
brand new viewer of the show and Sam Elliott is outstanding as Bo Bennett. He is hysterically funny
I thought that was James Garner. Love Sam Elliott's voice though.
Sergeant Major Basil Plumley by Sam Elliott. There os just one Human to Survive Vietname-War with just a Pistol... M…
that is Kathrine Ross, actress married to that sexy man Sam Elliott...what a face he has.yummy
Premiere of Oscar nominated Screenplay Castoffs and Misfits starring Sam Elliott as Bruce Bochy and Rya…
Do you think Sam Elliott's wife ever says "Oh Ben, the cow from barnyard, kiss me on the mouth" when she is kissing his moustache mouth?
James Brolin? At first glance, I thought that was awesome Sam Elliott. Brolin is awesome too. Loved 'Hotel'.
If I got to have a Dale Jr. tree house party my invitees would be Billy Bob Thornton, Clint Eastwood, and Sam Elliott
Sam Elliott is a million billion times more manly than Martin Mull. Good to see Mull, though.
Sam Elliott offers some direction. Still gorgeous . . .yesterday, today, tomorrow... love Sam Elliot
I think to Sam Elliott is the best and the last cowboy of all the west. A great actor. One of the good actors!
I am so in love with The Ranch on Sam Elliott and Debra Winger own my heart.
Sam Elliott is a legend and why I drink Coors banquet proudly
REVIEW: Season 2 of was great. Sam Elliott is laugh out loud funny in his delivery. &…
My new second favorite activity: Standing around the set with Sam Elliott, talking Westerns.
Sam Elliott must be snorting a load of heroin to try and numb. his conscience before uttering such literary gems...
Hope you're ok Mr Elliott, Sam etc. I can't see or bare to read the whole conversation. Just... sigh. Hope you're all ok.
People wanna talk about Ezekiel Elliott winning ROTY.. But Carson's got 3 ROTW and 1 ROTM. . Zek's got zero total awards.
Sam & I are coming back Nationals 2k17... tor you in?
Yes I love Johnny Blaze. I love Sam Elliott the most, whatever he was. Ghost Rider or satanic killer, Robbie Reyes is still cool as ***
Loving part 2 of The Ranch. So funny, and thank God for Sam Elliott, still HOT.
hyde&kelsoing is always welcome on muh tv. Sam Elliott catching them doing the "touchin yer buUuUtt" thing. 😙👌. Loved it.
Sam Elliott & Debra Winger are perfect. So love this show, more please!
Great day at Brean Down today with Sue and elliott_csuk making progress on the 8b project.…
How is it that people like Sam Elliott get more attractive as they age instead of less?
I love this show! As soon as I saw Sam Elliott and Debra Winger were on the cast I was sold.
Red State Americans are 16.4x more likely to vote for Sam Elliott on The Greatest Western Movie Stars
Sam Elliott's character reminds me of
The opportunity, number one, to work with Ang Lee is an amazing thing fo...
I will pay money to have a Sam Elliott voice recording at my funeral.
at least we're getting some badass Sam Elliott Coors beer commercials
Sam Elliott in on is an interesting combo.
Aww, I think is making me luv Ashton Kutcher just a little bit. But not more than Sam Elliott. 😉
Country boy Kelso and Hyde w/ Sam Elliott as a Southern Red Forman... what's not to love
Every time I watch a commercial w/ Sam Elliott voiceover, I never want to buy the product. I just want to narrate everything as Sam Elliott
A scary voice for Halloween, a Movie Guy voice for fun, the perfect Santa voice, a Sam Elliott style voice & more!
shocking. You're part of the media who whiffed on all the Baylor assaults. Oakman, Elliott, Sam U. How did u miss?
It's never going to get better than working opposite an actor like Jeff ...
Sam Elliott in Prancer and The Ranch is exactly like my dad.
: Kathy Baker onscreen with Sam Elliott is delightful. The dialogue, the sentiments, the body language... all superb 👌🏻
Said it before and I'll say it again Trump you ain't no Sam Elliott Brad Pitt George Clooney Clint Eastwood need I go on?
Brooklyn had some choices to make as Trump seemed heading toward a meltdown. takes us inside HQ
: "I'll visit Mount Rushmore when they put Reagan on it." ~Sam Elliott, on
Brian Elliott and Fredrik Andersen both experienced rude awakenings in their first games with their new, weaker teams.
Listening to Sam Hunt and making a grocery list. I must be missing
Sam Elliot in a freakin comedy. It's a hoot. You'll love it. Some pretty good writing. They know how to make Elliott funny
Netflix original called "the ranch" starring Sam Elliott, Ashton Kutcher, Debra Winger. I think you'd really like it ryno
Has Sam Elliott ever aged?? The dude looks the same as he did in the 90's beer commercials
"you can't milk an almond... Show me the *** on an almond" - Sam Elliott
For Diane...because I know . she is such a smitten kitten . over Sam Elliott :)
he could be the Sam Elliott of his generation. mercy on…
I just got a spontaneous hug from Sam Elliott. I had no idea I was *** until now.
Who would you cast in the Gawker movie? I'm thinking James Franco as Daulerio, Mark Strong as Denton, and Sam Elliott as Hulk Hogan.
[Sam Elliott voice] "You think you got what it takes to pull the pin on one of these here oat sodas?"
Some people have distinctive voices, like Morgan Freeman and Sam Elliott. Oh, and James Earl Ray. Said Judy this morning. lol
Wilford Brimley and Sam Elliott set the bar, let's meet em there, America.
Just realized that I share my 8/9 b-day with Sam Elliott and Gillian Anderson.
Happy Birthday to The Stranger! Actor Sam Elliott was born this day in 1944. Terrific in "The Contender" & others |
08/09 Born on this day: 1927: The great Robert Shaw 1968: X Files Star Gillian Anderson 1947: Sam Elliott
I just wanna set up Sam Elliott and
class act is big Sam, showed with Bolton he ain't all just about relegation battles, gets a team organised and 1/2
When you read my status I hope your inner voice makes me sound like Sam Elliott
Has Sam Elliott slagged Hearts for thst kit yet?
Elliott wave analysis of EUR/JPY for July 13 – 2016: Wave summary: We were focused on the bearish corrective ... https…
What about Sam Elliott for the GOP nomination? Just throwing that out there ...
The best thing about Big Sam for England? So many good GIFs.
they'll probably focus on Sam Elliott's mustache
Big Sam for England 😂😂😂 i swear West Ham let him go because they wanted to start playing football. Countries becoming a…
I do love that Sam Elliott is General Ross though.
I don't trust anything a man with a mustache says unless he's Sam Elliott.
listen to Elliott Smith (between the bars, miss misery, waltz 2, son of sam) get back to me in 15
The only improvement Penny Dreadful needs is adding Sam Elliott to the cast.
A6: "Beef" because I get to think of Sam Elliott saying it. Now I want a steak.
Breaking news: Sam Elliott's character from ROAD HOUSE is in the NL dugout tonight
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
I want one in Sam Elliott's voice too.
No mention of Peter Weller or Sam Elliott. Come on, people. Credit where credit is due.
Casting suggestion: the old guy is as Sam Elliott.
Watching with Sam Elliott on Netflix. This show is great lol
. I can totally see you as a Sam Elliott's stunt double.. ;)
Sam Elliott without his moustache is the stuff of nightmares. His hairless lip will haunt my dreams for days
Sam Elliott is only man alive allowed to...
Missy Elliott dedicated her award to Aaliyah!
Hey listen of XXI Century. Now playing Elliott Smith - Son Of Sam on.
The title of my autobiography on audio book, and narrated by Sam Elliott.
That time Sam Elliott showed up for movie trivia
I'll do anything. I'll shave my head for the right job. I'm partial to my facial hair, I gue...
Missy Elliott is one of the G.O.A.T's.
Boy it's great to see Sam Elliott still getting work
Wasn't really feeling a series...but I've had a lifelong crush on Sam Elliott so I'm strongly reconsidering.
Can I get Sam Elliott's voice on my voicemail?
I was single-minded on what I wanted to do since I was like nine or ten.
Sam Elliott's voice makes me swoon every time 😍 *;
Sam Elliott would be a good voice for my wife lol
At my memorial service I want a life size cut out of Sam Elliott in the room
when cops taunted Elliott Williams as he lay dying on a jailhouse floor.
I assume this is like the 57th issue of Cowboys & Indians magazine Sam Elliott has graced the cover of.
With the greatest stache since Sam Elliott.
How long has Sam Elliott been a 75 year old man?
Alex is a jock so yea nekkid scene. Elliott is cool writer. Harvey is precious. Sam is k. Seb is k. [[people waiting for Shane]]
Cabel could now be in its final bearish wave; area around 1.2600 and 1.2650 could offer support -->
up coming season I wanna see Vanessa Williams, Debbie Allen or Phylica Rashard, Danny Glover, Sam Elliott and Kevin Bacon
"Mask" Stars Cher, Sam Elliott & Eric Stoltz. True story of the life & early death of Roy L."Rocky" Dennis of lionitis. $48M.
Screw all that, give me Sam Elliott on narration and Stevie Ray Vaughan on the soundtrack.
I liked Sam Elliott in the TV Series "Yellow Rose" with Cybill Shepard.
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Because one of the rapists was named Tevin Elliott and another was Sam Ukwuachu, Sam Elliott is trending…
The great 1979 two-part Western epic with the incredible cast: Tom Selleck, Sam Elliott, Ben Johnson, Glenn Ford,...
The final season of JUSTIFIED is one of the great TV swan songs but I will never forgive them for shaving Sam Elliott's mustache.
You gotta see the M:I where Peter Graves & Sam Elliott turn him into a black guy
It supposedly gets kinda good a few episodes in as they shift the focus more on Debra Winger and Sam Elliott.
Don't know if I'm more in love with Sam Elliott, Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, or Debra Winger! Homerun Netflix!
Steven Adams looks like a guy someone hired to take out Patrick Swayze and Sam Elliott.
It's good to know I'm not the only one who thinks so. Debra Winger and Sam Elliott deserve so much better.
I gave it a shot. I love Sam Elliott and Debra Winger. 3 eps was all I could take. Sooo bad.
Sam Elliott may even be cooler than Swayze in that film, total bad *** character's name Wade Garrett! 'Nuff said!!
Watching from beginning. Love this show. Sam Elliott and Debra Winger for the win.
Oh and also it features JK Simmons doing his best Sam Elliott impression playing a dude named Randall Zipper
.are the Bosco and Mr. Whiskers voices in 'The Voices' based on and Sam Elliott? great film, btw
If I can grow a stache like Sam Elliott my life would be complete.
Soon as Sam Elliott dies, will be the voiceover behind Dodge Ram commercials. I'm too woke
When you want to help someone you don't offer, you just do it - Beau Bennett (played by Sam Elliott) from
Ashton Kutcher, Sam Elliott and Danny Masterson tell us about their new show “The Ranch” -
Guys! Are you looking for a show to watch? Sam Elliott, Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson. This freaking show is...
Find out what shows Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson and Sam Elliott binge-watch!
Just started watching The Ranch. Ashton Kutcher,Danny Masterson & Sam Elliott. Very funny,I think you would enjoy.
On this new Netflix series actor Sam Elliott plays a character named Beau Bennett.
Just finished watching all 10 episodes. Hilarious. Great cast. Sam Elliott & Debra Winger are awesome.
Sorry, but I'm still trying to "process" that Debra Winger is in a sitcom playing Sam Elliott's wife.
This super candid Debra Winger/Sam Elliott chat about "The Ranch" is one of my favorite interviews I've ever done
Ashton Kutcher also Sam Elliott and Debra Winger is hilarious. You should check it out on
it's genuinely unbelievable to me that Netflix made a multi-cam, laugh-track sitcom with Sam Elliott, Ashton Kutcher, and Debra Winger
It was fun seeing Debra Winger again and Sam Elliott doing comedy.
Loving the new show Sam Elliott and Debra Winger are hilarious!are great together!
Sam Elliott: "Hugh Grant is the main man. He's the number one romantic comedy man in the world."
I've been watching that new show on Netflix called The Ranch with Ashton Kutcher, Debra Winger and Sam Elliott.
hard call, the energy between that 70's show kid and kutcher is cute but Debra Winger and Sam Elliott just made me sad.
Watching love me some Sam Elliott! and are awesome. Been missing Debra Winger. Happy for show 💗💗
Loving The chemistry between Sam Elliott & Debra Winger is just another reason to keep watching.
Sam Elliott in The Ranch on 'Tom Brady gets away with a lot of s&*t'
There should be a Final Four of mustaches:. On one side, Sam Elliott vs Tom Selleck and on the other, John Oates vs Hulk Hogan.
Guys! What if there was a Face/Off type movie where Sam Elliott and Tom Selleck traded mustaches? It would make tens of dollars!
I don't know how this happened, but I've been dragged into a game of FMK by Melany. Right now: Tom Selleck, Sam Elliott, and Nick Offerman.
Sam Elliott joins the 2 kill club, making Sarah Ross and Caroline Trupp his victims-- in the same spot!
nothing else to say so you call me a moron? Nice👍🏼
(In Sam Elliott's voice) . "How about a good sarsaparilla Kahuna?" .
I liked a video from Sam Elliott On Being the Hollywood Embodiment of the Old West
📹 Ashton Kutcher Wants Sam Elliott to Narrate Everything Published on Mar 29, 2016 Ashton talks about...
Cat wait for The ranch. Looks funny as *** Sam Elliott I want his voice lol. 🇯🇵
I added a video to a playlist Ashton Kutcher Wants Sam Elliott to Narrate Everything
I've spent my entire career on horseback or on a motorcycle. It boxes you i...
I liked The Good Dinosaur, but I give it an extra point just for Sam Elliott as a T-Rex cattle herder.
looking forward to it!! You had me at Sam Elliott and Aston Kutcher is an extra added bonus!!
with Sam Elliott, & Debra Winger looks hilarious! Book marked in Netflix for April 1st.
On FB I asked if U had a party could invite 3 guests alive or passed who would u invite. Me? Corey! Stanton and Sam Elliott 😊
love your profile picture, Sam Elliott, he's Hot!
True. Let's be open to the surprise, shall we? I was rather hot for Sam Elliott ...
I want to kill Ashton Kutcher's character on No, scratch that, i want to kill everybody besides Sam Elliott's character.
yeah, news flash, there is a sports writer named Elliott who is obsessed with the narrative that Eagles r somehow committed 2 sam
worth it. .. must be awesome working with Sam Elliott. Legendary status.
Sam Elliott as scoresby was so great!!
One of these days I'll get around to drawing Sam Elliott & that's all the excuse I'll need to draw a mullet.
So apparently actor Sam Elliott escaped from prison in nelsonville and has family ties to Washington county
Goal 2-0 Sumas Elliott Rushforth after Jake Wheeler with a pull back but the 40 yard pass from Sam Whiting was superb
Can't wait for this! and Sam Elliott ,this is gonna be great!
I dreamt of a world where we had an MGS film series with Hugh Jackman as Snake, Sam Elliott as Ocelot, Harrison Ford as Old Snake. Dreamt.
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Sunday's | We’re sending Sam Elliott to Edgar Street for the big semi-final – v
live long island medium. I think Sam Elliott, Char just a couple that would be intresting to read
The ep where April & Billy Eichner try to become sommeliers is a late classic. (Also with Sam Elliott & Leslie's pregnancy)
Sam Elliott or Richard Gere as Cable? Tall, grey-haired. Good actors.
Wade Garrett's hair goes back in a pony-bodies about to hit tha floor!. (Sam Elliott in Road House )
Nothing is cooler than Sam Elliott in MASK. Nothing (unless it's Sam Elliott in something else).
Sam Elliott, I’ll See You in My Dreams and Grandma via
Fallout 4 is on the agenda today. ...kinda want to start over with my Sam Elliott character. Gunslinger.
updates Sam Elliott for rank 867 to 714
pick for 2/4/16: Sam Elliott Vs.Robert Culp. What more could you want? .
Sunderland in the mix & I thought this might be the year Big Sam fails in his hero act but I think they might just stay above water
Elliott Smith, "Figure 8". 2000. 1. Son of sam. 2. Somebody that i used to know. 3. Junk bond trainer. 4.
Danny Espinosa's still got his Sam Elliott-in-Gettysburg mustache in his bio.
(2) Then everything is just a plot twist of you imagine Sam Elliott is narrating your life.
If something bad happens maybe a good way to deal is to imagine Sam Elliott is narrating you're life. "He's got himself in a real pickle"(1)
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Little too young for me how about Sam Elliott
Plus my love affair with Sam Elliott! His voice, I mean...
Primo Sam Elliott mustaches at this conference
be_healthful: I spread this on everything!
On response to sexual assault on campus: "Their football team is their priority."
ugly buffoon dude in red dressed .. awesome cast from G&F
Don't compare your behind the scenes with everyone else's highlight reel. > from Sam Elliott
A Tribute to Vietnam Veterans Featuring the Voice of Mr. Sam Elliott - YouTube
Sam Elliott and his wife Katharine Ross and her daughter: via
Get in touch with Sam Elliott for more information on these positions! Great opportunity with a major project this y…
I can't believe Elliott and Will are barred for 6 months 👀😂
The biggest banner I've ever seen hanging from Levi's Stadium. Sam Mills is up there smiling big.
I've loved Sam Elliott since I was 9. The older he gets the sexier he is. I swear I'd make him read me the dictionary just to hear him.
COLORADO has Mountains over there, Kurt Russell lives here, Sam Elliott lives down there, Dog the bounty Hunter lives up there Oh & Cannabis
I have a visual of Mason Callahan as actor Sam Elliott minus the mustache (plus the voice). Love Callahan and McLane!
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Sam Elliott, better as... . General Thunderbolt Ross in Ang Lee's or. Caretaker in
Sleeper hit I'LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS, starring Blythe Danner and Sam Elliott, is now streaming on Amazon Prime:
Sam Elliot on Stealing Scenes in ‘Grandma’: At 71, Sam Elliott is busier than ever. He’s got four films this y...
Sam Elliott's character from the Big Lebowski is the conservative Condescending Wonka I guess
FYC Alexander Skarsgard "Diary of a Teenage Girl", Michael Shannon "99 Homes", Sam Elliott in anything this year
My spirit animal is a combination of Sam Elliott, Sam Rockwell, and that dead raccoon
I hate siri's voices for both sexes. I would LOVE to have it with Sam Elliott or James Earl Jones! Someone help!!
NT had a 3-wkt win over South Aust in practice match at Park 25 ahead of CA U19 champs. Vic import Sam Elliott, son of Matthew, took 4 wkts.
Attention Grace & Frankie fans! Jane Fonda confirmed on S. Colbert's show that she'll be rolling around in bed w/ Sam Elliott in season 2 🙌
"To the memories we'll never remember and the friends we'll never forget" - Sam Elliott
yep, she's is rumored to be cast as the older grizzled bouncer portrayed by Sam Elliott in the original
Best voice: Sam Elliott or Trace Adkins?: Who has the best voice for ads or voice overs?
Watching Road House with the kiddo and love how Sam Elliott and Patrick Swayze are hot as holy *** 😏
Death by Camu Tao, There is a Light That Never Goes Out by the Smiths, Son of Sam by Elliott Smith
Him doing Sam Elliott as the dog owner killed me.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Missy Elliott's Yorkies always hear her new music first: If you ever see Pharell on the street, be...
NO EFF YOU! I saw this earlier and it broke me so badly that hearing Sam Elliott's voice on the radio made me sob.
Love for Northwest Native and University of Oregon alum Sam Elliott and congratulations on his Andy McGlaglen...
All of Sam Elliott's movies have used voice doubles for him by Bea Arthur.
Is there anything Zeke Elliott can't do?.
"Sam Elliott from is here at the premiere!
So good to see my favorite Sam Champion & Josh Elliott
Hey, Blythe Danner, Sam Elliott, and deserve your consideration:
Read this in the voice of Sam Elliott: the 2015 Ram 1500 on the
Great to see Sam Champion , Josh Elliott so cool ! Just love you Guys !
Sam Elliott is such a phenomenal casting choice for Pixar's - The reference, his seasoned Southern drawl = 💰
My brother told me that in 20 years I'll look like Sam Elliott in I humbly accept this…
Apparently GMA had a reunion today. 40 years. Josh Elliott and Sam Champion were there. I miss them.
So good to see Sam Champion & Josh Elliott again! But Sam looks ready to go hit the club for some dancing! LOL.
Classy move by NBC Universal to allow Sam Champion and Josh Elliott to appear on Good Morning America for the 40th anniversary special.
ty for bringing Josh Elliott back for your 40th bday. Hi Sam! thanks for coming back. I've missed you.
Like a ray of sunshine, I am reminded of how much I miss josh Elliott and Sam champion
OMG love and miss josh Elliott and Sam champion
Sam Elliott in "Mask" besides everything EP did of course! 😀👍
Winter just round the corner so I've prepared for it! Had my winter tyres fitted yesterday by Sam Elliott of...
I half-expect Nic Cage and Sam Elliott to cruise by in the other direction on flaming horsocycles in this shot.
thank you for finally using aliases! Hearing Sam say "Elliott and Savage" made my night!
The Sam Elliott and MGH scenes stick with me as nothing else does.
Absolutely and I also love me some Sam Elliott too!!!
. Val Kilmer played a role of a lifetime in that movie, Sam Elliott is great in ALL
Our is the glorious Blythe Danner, one of Hollywood's most undersung acting treasures:
As we lurch toward year-end awards, Grandma is another movie that keeps lingering in my head. The Sam Elliott scene. That last shot.
Sam Elliott from is here at the premiere!
Don't sleep on Blythe Danner's performance in 'I'll See You In My Dreams.'
Blythe Danner gave us one of 2015's best star turns. Oscar voters, wise up:
Rob Ryan looks like Sam Elliott gave up.
didn't love Dana Delany casting, but Kilmer was perfect, Boothe and Biehn also solid. Sam Elliott is great in everything.
Debate voice over is not Sam Elliott. It should always be Sam Elliot. Except when it’s Morgan Freeman.
Going to be having dinner with Sam Elliott and his wife Katharine Ross 😊😍
IDK Bern. Sam Elliott may give you a run for the money.
The dinner scene between Sam Elliott & Blythe Danner so raw, moving, alive in the moment. No acting, mirror 2 life.
First Friday Film tonight at 6pm has it all: comedy, drama, and an amazing performance by Blythe Danner. Oh, and Sam Elliott & Martin Starr.
Easily Sam Elliott's best film, as well.
Mask is one of my all-time favs. I fell in love with Sam Elliott in this movie and Cher is SO good!
"This place has a sign hangin' over the urinal that says, 'Don't eat the big white mint.'" -Sam Elliott 'Roadhouse'
Still of Cher and Sam Elliott in Mask (1985) -
my dog has been missing for almost 48 hours pls help me find him! Signal Butte and Elliott area.. His name is Max
I don't know who I'd want to narrate my life; J.K. Simmons, Morgan Freeman, Sam Elliott, or Samuel L. Jackson.
Check out the new INTL trailer for Ft. Jeffrey Wright​, Sam Elliott​ & Frances McDormand​!
Always respected Sam Elliott, say's it the way it is,
The role of Elle must have been written with in mind. A joy to watch. Sam Elliott superb.
I don't think she's ever said that. But look at the lineup. Ted Danson. Frank Langella. Freaking Sam Elliott. . SAM ELLIOTT.
Check out I'll See You in My Dreams 2015 DVD Sam Elliott - Only Viewed Once! via
Sam Elliott dishes on working with Lily Tomlin on "Grandma" via
I am really excited for Pixar's The Good Dinosaur! Sam Elliott as a T.rex?! That's perfect! .
Sam Elliott. Check out the recent NY Times article on him.
"I'll get all the sleep I need when I'm dead." -Sam Elliott 'Road House'
Ever wonder if Sam Elliott thinks the memes of him saying "blah blah blah, you're a special kind of stupid" are actually stupid?
Grandma puts Lily Tomlin Sam Elliott on the road to Oscar gold
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