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Sam Elliot

Samuel Pack Sam Elliott (born August 9, 1944) is an American actor.

Tom Selleck Nick Offerman Thursday Night Football Ben Gazzara Laura Prepon

For all the Sam Elliot fans I know...
and have Sam Elliot follow me around narrating my life.
.Billy Elliot took home a number of awards, including Best Musical, at this year's Cappies
my friend Sam Elliot found this beautiful rock at 82nd & Powell, Portland, OR!
I once overheard four guys at B&N who thought that James Spader, Nick Nolte, Sam Elliot…
"Your momma has lust for Sam Elliot" is by far the most uncomfortable thing my father has ever said to me.
Penultimate episode of Parks and Rec includes Sam Elliot, but NOT Sam Elliot's mustache. I didn't think that was possible.
wow... Sam Elliot!!! Still hot after all these years. Learned a lot a about him. ❤
Sam Elliot's the best person to say *** near anything.
Flathead Student Athlete, Sam Elliot receives his "Park Side Credit Union Athlete of the Week Award" from the...
reminds me of Sam Elliot for some reason. Calling out Sessions for his BS selective rules, great job!
This is the reason I just can not watch Forrest Gump or listen to Sam Elliot.
Laura Prepon and Sam Elliot in the Hero out now in select cities in the US 👌🏻
ours were Sam and Elliot. We have also had Madam Mao.
Lol.Tru.4 me that's where I draw th line.1st Sam 4got the luv of his lyf Mika…
Hi Elliot, please DM me your details if there is anything I can help with. Kind regards, Sam
Is there a time when Sam Elliot wasn't old? He was born with that mustache.
seems every interview gets better, thought was amazing and now Sam Elliot was great always look forward
Um, Jim? I believe Sam was referring to Sam Elliot as an icon, not you. Also John Mark Karr wants his shirt back.
your interview with Sam Elliot floored me. Most of them do! Sam 1 revealed & I would be fast friends with him & U!
Sam Elliot is such a bad *** dude. Great interview as always. My wife could not take her eyes off the TV.. ***
Just finished watching interview with Sam Elliot. Part 2 please? Great stuff
Who cares? it is the man behind the mustache and Sam Elliot wins by a land slide.
Sorry Sam Elliot but there is literally no comparison Tom Selleck holds up the universe with his mustache.
Well he's not hucking reverse mortgages so sam Elliot for sure
The herohero the movie very touching and sensitive. Great to see sam Elliot
Dear Lord, If you see fit to give me another husband I pray he looks, speaks and smells just like I imagine Sam Ell…
Amazing job with Sam Elliot. One of your best yet!
I will now wonder what tomfoolery Sam Elliot & Tom Selleck got into during the Fox days.That should be a movie! And no mustaches.
I haven't yet. But I will, because there's no man alive with a sexier voice than Sam Elliot.
I mean Sam Elliot is super cool sooo
That Sam Elliot voice.just one of the best. There are a lot of timeless voices but SE's tobacco&…
Any excuse to look at Sam Elliot is okay with me. Besides, the meme is so right.
I don't know if I could hand-pick a worse Aladdin. Sam Elliot maybe? Tim Allen?
If there is one thing that can rival Chuck Norris, it's Sam Elliot's mustache.…
Under big Sam best we had was Dan Potts & Elliot Lee. now these youngsters look the real deal & for me I…
Met the LEGENDARY Sam Elliot yesterday, also!!! Erika took me to see his amazing new film…
Sam Elliot is a Western icon in affecting drama The Hero. In theaters now, pre-order toda...
.I just found out Sam Elliot shops at the grocery store I work at so DREAM GONNA COME TRU
I was listening to an interview with Sam Elliot on and, my god, you can HEAR than man's mustache.
Sam Elliot was behind us at a stop light and I told Jennifer to break check him just so we could talk to him
I love living in LA - as we left the screening of "Wonder Woman" (which is amazing!) we passed Sam Elliot and Nick Offerman going in.
I wish I had Sam Elliot's voice. I bet I could make bras pop open with it.
Spotted: Nick Offerman and Sam Elliot at the landmark 👀
Laura Prepon with Sam Elliot and Ben Foster at 'The Hero' premiere in NY 😍
Man, Sam Elliot as the voice of Coors Banquet Beer. There’s a perfect match.
So far we've decided that Carl Weathers,Tom Selleck, & Sam Elliot have the best mustache's of all time. Am i missing anyone?
HAWT AF. i've been in love with Pacino, Sean Connery + Sam Elliot my whole lil life.
Today I rode in John Wayne and Sam Elliot's footprints. and yeah,…
John Facenda of NFL Films 1st inspired me for narration. Keith David & Sam Elliot as actors in VO. Currently, Jon Benjamin
Robert Redford, Shia LaBeouf, Anna Kendrick, Susan Sarandon, Terrence Howard, Sam Elliot, Chris Cooper. How do I not know about this movie?
It's booked to be 8 carriages, Elliot. JS
why is the 6:35 from Liverpool Street to Southend only 8 carriages?
Bout to walk up to this old man at the gym and ask how Colt and Jameson are cause he is a spitting image of Sam Elliot😂
Can you send us a DM please? I have response that goes over the word limit. ^Elliot
Sometimes Sam Elliot touches and man boobs.
Best reason to see Rock Dog? Sam Elliot's character name is Fleetwood Yak.
Katie said she would MAYBE hook up with Sam Elliot
Sam grows like another metre w his hair wow. . also *** yes both elliot and alex are tal
I feel like Daryl is channeling his inner Sam Elliot
My kind of guy too, handsome as well, as Sam Elliot 👍
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Is it even legal to feature a horse in a movie without Sam Elliot and his moustache somewhere onscreen?
Why does "Rock Dog" have so many big name actors in it?? Are Sam Elliot and Kenan Thompson THAT desperate for work??
Bannon makes me cringe, like looking like an old man pedophile. I wonder if he is an Sam Elliot's island visitor?
Zeke Elliot was in Columbia last night. You were right
On days like this I just want to curl up with some tea and listen to Sam Elliot speak the lyrics to "Bad Blood"
Either a motion picture has Sam Elliot in it or it *** well should! *** good thespian.
I've always been told Sam Elliot is my cousin. Does that make it true?
You can't use sam elliot in a liberal meme, sorry, it's against the rules
I could watch videos of Elliot Daly crossing the try line all day 🏉
Wife: I don't like mustaches on guys. Me: what about Sam Elliot?. Wife: [RECALCULATING]
Where's Sam Elliot when you need him?
Mel Gibson was excellent as Moore, but I think my favorite character was the CmdSgtMaj played by Sam Elliot, with no mustache...
Come support Preety, Sam, Rhys, Elliot, and Stacey for the last time on home court at Sr Night. Watch!
And also not having a powerful Ken Owens like hooker on the bench, Dacey, Ryan Elias, Elliot Dee, Sam Parry would be above Baldwin for me
Elliot Daly at 16 stone has cardio as good as any other athlete. Ridiculous
this is Rory, we think he looks like Sam Elliot.
Qalandars gained their first key wicket as Sam Billings clean bowled by Grant Elliot with full and straight delivery.
Sam Billings goes for the sweep shot but Elliot lits the stumps
Sam Billings bowled over by Elliot after quickfire 37! Utd lose their first wicket at 73. .
1st over 1st ball and a wicket. Sam Billings gone for 38. Nice try :)). Elliot you beauty. 👌. -Bismah
A quick S/O to Sam Elliot all my western influence comes from him. Salute my dude
Helena extends Flatheads losing streak to 5 games as the braves fall 66-51. England with 22, K. Johnson 13. Sam Elliot 17 points.
Sam Elliot is the original ghost rider from the first movie he was also in the quick and the dead.
how does someone get Ezekiel Elliot 95 and sam shields 94
In every movie Sam Elliot stars in, can we please bill him with his mustache.
Sure would like to see Sam Elliot and Mark Harmon team up for some kind of post cold war reunion.
Elliot is starting to sound like Sam Kinison
I know it's early, but I figured out my Halloween costume for 2017; I'm going as Sam Elliot's mustache
"Gentleman, prepare to defend yourselves". from "They Were Soldiers" (great line by Sam Elliot)
The episode of the Ranch where Sam Elliot tells about "his father" passing away is heartbreaking.
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Or you could aim really big and go for a Sam Elliot look!
.I wish I had a Sam Elliot mustache.
What did Meryl ever do to you, Sam Elliot?
Alot we both were born with silver spoons I know why. It was Paganism like in book & the movie the legacy with Katherine ross & Sam elliot.
Just want a mustache like Burt Reynolds or Sam Elliot from tombstone.
Woke up to Sam Elliot's voice speaking on my tablet bc I fell asleep watching YouTube
Elliot said he wants to play with Sam another day :)
mum said Elliot had loads of fun playing with Sam!
Just thought of Sam Elliot for some reason
Sam Elliot has the most expressive and opinionated brows.
how did they pass up bosa and Elliot and Thomas last year? Jackson is a garbage coach.
It's almost like Sam Elliot works in game dev.
While Sam Elliot has hands down the best voice ever, I'd rather not sound like him
I'm surprised he hasn't held Sam at gunpoint over Mia's accent.. xD
fairly certain I have morphed into a card carrying AARP member overnight. I was cheering for the sex scene btwn Jane Fonda/Sam Elliot.
Went from having an in-depth convo about ben sherman clothing with sam cooke to watching elliot metcalfe fill three pint glasses with chund
Look what I found in my comicbook shop yesterday.👍..and the Pinkerton guy looks like Sam Elliot 😉😉😉. Season 2?
🌹. 💫Good Morning Sam 💫. ⚜It's never too late to be what you might have been⚜. George Elliot
Chase and I binged watched the first season and finished it in a weekend. Sam Elliot kills me.
The more I watch The Ranch, the more I start to understand my mom's crush on Sam Elliot 😏
And we have a preorder setup on Amazon already! Thanks, Down & Out Books!
Sam Elliot's mustache better be extra luxiurious. I wanna drown in lip bristles.
After the success of Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Philip Pullman's...
Sam Elliot's narrating is on point so far.
Oh cool I love Sam Elliot thank you!
Sam Elliot is always awesome. It's the giant stache.
RX Or Gettysburg...Lil Medstudent and I are watching it again. Sam Elliot is awesome
Sam Elliot's character from a popular movie gets it, why doesn't ?!?!
Competitive & Entertaining game v this morning. PoM Abby, goal for Elliot S, super saves from Sam
You do the occasional pub quiz and present a show on local radio, yet you talk like some kind of music biz guru. Brilliant
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You'd think that considering you are an expert in absolutely everything, that you'd be a lot more successful
I like the comment from the guy in Leeds who collected every Carry On film like this. What a great scam.
"Tyrell and Elliot's relationship is strictly platonic!". Sam Esmail and fandom:
I think almost anyone can grow a mustache... but the question is can anyone look as cool as Sam Elliot?
I didn't think the Ranch was going to be any good, but Sam Elliot.. he makes everything better. I could listen to his voice all day. 😍
that one is on Gio and Elliot prolly shoulda had it to
Sam Elliot, it doesn't get much better than that.
Feeling the Sam Elliot! - Drinking a Coors Original by Coors Brewing Company @ City of Zanesville —
have to look at Sam Elliot as a character actor, supporting actor Clint Howard
Watching Tombstone. Yummy Kurt Russell and Sam Elliot, Powers Boothe chewing the scenery, and Val Kilmer breaking my heart. It's perfect
Fantastic to see fan Sam Elliot enjoying the matchday experience at our Amex Stadium
i couldnt give this my proper attention yesterday. Genius album title. Sam Elliot should have moustache of the week surely?
Sam Elliot - Another that knows the star quality of the Appaloosa. In nearly all his films that required a...
Their silence when asked for data signals me to not take them seriously. seriously.
classic. Another "intellectual" who comes on with no point and gets schooled.
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semi related how great is prancer with Sam Elliot and why is it lost in the shuffle?
There are only 60 results for Sam Elliot and most are uninteresting or don't even directly feature…
Love it!!! Could watch Sam Elliot read a book and love it!!
RoadHouse trolls..must be Ben Gazzara / Sam Elliot fanatics ???
Oh Sam Elliot, you will never not be wise and hot.
"I got my dot scranned, vassed up and poked tonight it was class" Sam Potter 2016
Sam Elliot and there needs no reason
I was 8 and watching tvshow the Mod Squad. . OMG that's a young Sam Elliot!. S5E8. wow everyone is so ... young
He's saying he needs someone to be his Sam Elliot, to help him face Ben Gazzara.
Not sure about Sam Elliot but the rest is definitely me….
Get some Sam Elliot in there if you don't already.
Either Sam Elliot or it would be a clean version and an explicit version ha ha
The Hero Sam Elliot leads his way into Sundance! Northern Lights Films
It has to be done at a depot I am afraid. RH
I can't see the number can't you just tell the driver to turn it on
why is the 7:19 from Rayleigh to Liverpool Street freezing cold. Do we not deserve heat
and he's a philosopher. Doctorate. NYU. So really it's Dr. Cooler. Also, Sam Elliot.
Two Ts seem way too uptown for Sam Elliot.
I hate the me who has to check if it's "Sam Eliot" or "Sam Elliot" every single time.
got to meet one of my idols today, Sam Elliot. such an awesome experience to be able to make sushi for such an inspirational person.
Elliot eating off your dinner plates
Great turn out in the cold weather, X rail champion was Sam and Boomer, 2-2'3 champion Serenity and Elliot , 2'6...
Elliot is so important especially when it comes to drawing the defense so big plays like that can happen
Sam Elliot has only gotten better with age 😍
we should have drafted Elliot and kept Sam
When you think someone will help Dean and Sam but thEY ACTUALLY END UP IN JAIL
Le'Veon Bell is close to passing Ezekiel Elliot in yards from scrimmage this year. . Bell missed the first 3 games this year.
A modern take on Murder on the Orient Express that's just Jon Hamm and Sam Elliot murdering absolutely ALL the *** o…
Sam Broussard & Caleb Elliot playing for brunch today@ the Blue Dog Cafe. Gonna be good. By the way, Sam just got nominated for a Grammy,yeh
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U15 Elliot Callow impressed today scoring a hat trick in the second half Sam Davies adding the extras! Result L 54…
if you guys never seen the movie mask the one with Cher and Sam Elliot you guys are missing out
I'm gonna carve "and Sam Elliot as Fleetwood Yak" on the wooden beam I hang myself from. No explanation needed.
1) Tom Selleck. 2) Sam Elliot. 3) Kurt Russell. Now that is just a list of Class-A, Top-Grade Mustaches we should all appreci…
NFL Red Zone, puppy in my lap, and time for a nap! — eating Sam Elliot's Vegetable Soup in Moore
JK Simmons doing a great Sam Elliot impression i actually thought it was vice versa!
Does that also mean Sam Elliot will have to shave his glorious mustache?? I mean sure it'll grow back the next day...
If your an American over 50, You've gotta love SAM ELLIOT !
Sam Muggleton & Elliot Johnson from Barnet FC helping out our after school football club!!
Shared a cab with one of your staff the other day as your services were cancelled so we both got the C2C.
We're being taken off the mainline so hopefully you'll move soon!
just outside Brentwood. Thanks for letting me know mr brightside! No suprise greater Anglia havent
Are you at Shenfield? My train is blocking you due to a train fault.
the delay is not 2-5 minutes and we are receiving no updates despite being stuck on the 5:35 from LS to Rayleigh
this is not true! The Southend Victoria train that left at 5:35 is delayed by almost 30 minutes
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"You mean you're a wage earner and you're voting Republican? You must be a special kind of stupid" ~Sam Elliot, Actor
This Sam Elliot voiceover for a Senate campaign breaks my heart.
They're not, like, great, but Sam Elliot rides a flaming horse in one of them, so...
I'm hoping future BAE doesn't have a dad that's as bad *** as Sam Elliot or I'm screwed.
Sam Elliot. Thanks. He is one of my favorites as well.
Great film. Sam Elliot great in Big Lebowski, too
Finally read Anna Krien's compelling 'Night Games'. Needless to say, Sam Newman, Matty Johns and John Elliot can go fu…
"November Christmas" with Sam Elliot will do that for you. Cried my eyeballs out two days ago that one.
Great defense towards these movies, but Sam Elliot was only in the first movie, and Idris Elba was not the villain in SoV.
Everyone needs to stop what they're doing and watch The Ranch on Netflix. It's hilarious. Plus Sam Elliot
Thanks to Michael Scott every time I eat steak I repeat "It's what's for dinner" in a terrible Sam Elliot impression until I'm done eating.
I mean. I just wanted a 3 way presidency of Nick Offerman, Sam Elliot, and Robert Duvall. Maybe my dad. Maybe add like a d…
Its reid and its wraggy and we're going to the bird to the bird
Ezekiel Elliot was caught at the wrong time during an interview 😂
Sam Elliott offers some direction. Still gorgeous . . .yesterday, today, tomorrow... love Sam Elliot
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Congratulations to all those who passed their Trailer Test in October: Dan, Elliot, Ollie, Abby, George, Sam and Charlie!
Is it me...or does Darrell Castle sound like Sam Elliot??
. You have got to be the best quality Sam Elliot grade stupid i have EVER seen
Actually feel really sorry for Elliot Lee, decent player who is never given a chance under Sam and injured till new year.
Matt was one of the coolest kids in a group of some cool skateboarder kids, including Michael, Sam, Trevor, Matt, and Stephen.
Sam Elliot is a boss. Watching him on is like watching my dad on tv. I'm growing a mustache.
I so miss Archibald Cox, William Ruckleshaus and Elliot Richardson as well as Sam Ervin
Sam Elliot would be amazing on the show, but the show is still amazing !
Thanks for our FIRST Encroachment submission! Neat move, replacing De Niro with Groucho Marx Sam Elliot!
Next year for Halloween I just want to dress up as Sam Elliot's moustache in a Cowboy hat. Like a Cousin It of the…
Kinda funny that Sam Elliot does the Coors commercials but drinks Budweiser in The Ranch
Sam Elliot's Mustache is the only love we ever need.
I've got a crush on Sam Elliot's voice/mustache combo.
I want an Elliot and a cinnamon sugar bagel and a smoothie from the grille 😢
How about you making fun if the Real Rocky Dennis story not long after making the movie Mask. Sam Elliot verified.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Note to A-B marketing dept.: Sam Elliot for Coors is the gold standard for advertising mediocre beer.
Sam Elliot in a freakin comedy. It's a hoot. You'll love it. Some pretty good writing. They know how to make Elliott funny
It would be fun having as deep of a voice as Sam Elliot
If it ain't a bad look, you only need one. - Sam Elliot
sam Elliot is the perfect actor for that show lol
I don't know how u control not busting out laughing while filming n how Sam Elliot stays so serious
It's a perfect weekend for . Sam Elliot is a legend. .
I'm going to check out The Ranch with and Sam Elliot
Any pic with Sam Elliot and a bottle of Jim Beam has my attention 👀
Just about done with season 2 of with and LOVE this series!!! Funny and smart! Sam Elliot rocks!
Sam Esmail says the Mr Robot book follows Elliot's time in jail and def connects to the show
Would you like a big ole cigar?- ED "Does Dolly Parton sleep on her back?"-Sam Elliot
Sam Elliot teaches her how to thumb wrestle? It's more plausible than i thought
Colt starts making out with Abby and Sam Elliot starts crying and it's only episode 1 .
I just want to be Sam Elliot when I'm old 🇺🇸
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Sam Elliot is a badass he doesn't cry.
Y'all. Sam Elliot is crying and I'm a blubberin mess.
I have a gift for all the Sam Elliot lovers on here. The Ranch, part II is now available on Netflix. You're...
a you know that if he could talk, he would sound like a mix of Clint Eastwood, Jack Palance and Sam Elliot
Part 2 of out today with and Sam Elliot!
LOL. No Gio or TJ. No Sam, Mathew or Troy. No Frolic or Elliot . You didn't see the 'A' team
You didn't like the intro by voiced by Sam Elliot ?
i'd like Sam Elliot to come back and tell me why I should keep watching this.
You have no idea how many people have said that to me. Sam Elliot…
Anyone else catch that Sam Elliot-narrated history lesson to open Thur Night Football? What and why the *** was that??
Sam Elliot's narration will surely lead the 49ers to win tonight, though that's the last team I'd associate with him.
So that's what Sam Elliot is up to these days.
Can we just have Sam Elliot continue his intro to TNF game and replace Phil Simms?
Sam Elliot would do a great job narrating my life, him calling me an *** multiple times would sound pretty great.
Sam Elliot doing the opening to was great.
Sam Elliot narrating the Thursday Night Football intro is pure gold.
Sam Elliot could make anything sound cool. Literally anything. He could read tax law and it would be awesome.
Sam Elliot has a better narrating voice than Morgan Freeman!
Sam Elliot or not, must win tonight. Go Cards!
Yo... Sam Elliot just murdered that introduction 🔥🔥🔥
Sam Elliot should narrate the opening of Thursday Night Football every week.
omfg are you hearing Sam Elliot narrating the opening of the Niners game right now?!? Ama…
Sam Elliot gonna narrate the failures of the York family too?
I'll listen to anything narrated by Sam Elliot!
Sam Elliot narrating this commercial makes me so happy
If ever got rid of Danny Masterson and Sam Elliot, It wouldn't be worth watching. They're the best actors on the show
Paul Beatty, The Sellout. It's FSG, so you know it's [sam elliot voice] high quality.
Mad Bum was Sam Elliot to Noah's Patrick Swayze last night
So I spoke to none other then Sam Elliot on the phone today. Apparently he's a customer of the donut factory that...
[Sam Elliot voice] back when folks in the movies used to work for a living
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Watching Roadhouse and I hope I'm like Sam Elliot 10 years from now.
Me: Elliot is taking back control! Good for him. Sam Esmail, playing with my emotions:
nah like billy Elliot is BY FAR my fav musical ever 😍😭😭, I'd go Matilda, it's supposed to be amaze !! Wicked amaze too
it said "eagerly expecting Elliot Elisabeth." But she's here, so, yeah.
Mr. Robot is an American drama–thriller television series created by Sam Esmail. It stars Rami Malek as Elliot Alde…
you're probably the worst here so thats a no. you can *** right back, out the way. Sam, in goal, elliot, CB
two. Tevin Elliot and Sam Ukuwachu. Elliot was convicted after he transferred to central Arkansas
Financial News Update BRIEF-Blake Capital and Potter Capital, affiliates of Elliot, send letter to board of Sam...
Vincent Price,Sam Elliot,James Earl Jones, best Hollywood voices of all time
My dad's favorite movies can be described as "having Sam Elliot in them"
So if I could grow a mustache and sound like Sam Elliot all the time they would be cool
he really wasn't. Darlow/Elliot were the stand out performers, everyone else(esp. Gini and Sissoko) was average
I want Dodge to get Sam Elliot to do the voice navigation for all their Ram trucks.
After the apocalypse, it's gonna be Sylvester Stallone, Sam Elliot, and all those cockroaches.
The efficient man is the man who thinks for himself and is capable of thinking long and hard *Charlse w Elliot*
Just got Mo home from the hospital. He's looking more and more like Sam Elliot now.
I could just break down emotionally sobbing on Sam and Josh's love story. Same goes for Elliot and Shayla.
I hope this theory stays a theory but knowing Sam Esmail he'll probably make it happen 😩
He's got a voice like Sam Elliot, sings like Josh Turner, has eyes that put the sky to shame, and a smile that'll kill.
not buying that one Adnan on the impression if they wanted Sam Elliot they could've asked Sam Elliot to do the role
Or, that old Sam Elliot movie Frogs, where the spider drops down the open throat of a person screaming in horror.
Sam Elliot, beyond awesome actor, starred with in Swayze blockbuster Roadhouse
Just found out you can study Ethical Hacking in Pretty sure Elliot Alderson would have done that.
28': Great ball from Sam Cox over the top but Elliot Benyon was caught offside
14': Off the line! Elliot Benyon is denied on the line by Weston. Great pass from Elliott Godfrey who was fed by Sam Cox
That sunbeam makes it look like Billy is wearing a fantastic overcoast - Like Sam Elliot on a sportbike.
Give a huge welcome to our new Rainbow 6 team!.
Wish I could pay someone to read me classics every night in a Sam Elliot voice
Is Sam Elliot aware that he is the face of rightwing meme culture?
I liked a video from Impressionist Jim Meskimen's Podcast: SAM ELLIOT & CHRISTOPHER
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Now I want a zeppelin piloted by Sam Elliot. Indifferent on the frozen taquito thing.
Have you considered a zeppelin piloted by Sam Elliot (and stocked with frozen taquitos)?
Sam Elliot in Road in an ice storm I tell ya
Guess what I've been reading for the past 2 hours? . (Sam & Josh - Until Dawn // Elliot - Mr. Robot // crossover)
Small but underrated performance from Sam Elliot.
Whenever I can't sleep, I pretend Sam Elliot is reading me a bedtime story.
Sam Allardyce is statistically England's best-ever manager, with a 100% win ratio https:/…
Today,fireman sam and co took a ride up to Burnthouses to see Elliot and friends.happy kids,mission accomplished!!
This is just a guess, but I'm thinking that Sam Elliot is probably more of a Republican, than a Hillary supporter.
To help the boys relax at full time Big Sam is gonna put on his "Best of Jethro" DVD & pass a bowl of Bombay mix around t…
Big Sam on the touchline dishing out sports bottles full of piping hot gravy to keep the lads refreshed
This could well be the most important halftime team-talk of Big Sam's international managerial career so far.
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