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Sam Champion

Samuel James Sam Champion (born August 13, 1961) is the weather anchor of ABC's Good Morning America and weather editor of ABC News.

Weather Channel

Up, circle, circle, down, triangle, right, up, triangle; Legendary Sam-A is the new Thailand Featherweight Champion
donated for Sam and in memory of Andy Whitfield
"For me giving up's way harder than trying". Currently Listening to:. Champion- Kanye West.
Forever in love... Champion by from their debut album Borderland via
We have ourselves a winner! Do yoga, run better! Here's the proof. 10k champion and Hot Sam!
oh I heard bout u and Sam if that's it
All Roger Federer's Titles : a Champion !!! How Many likes for our King ?
Sam looks like a champion cuddler! We made this for the cutest best friend around:
Nov26.2005. 23 year old def. Matt Thorpe by Split Decision,. to become the CWFC Welterweight Champion htt…
Do you know what it means to be a REAL champion? Sam is gonna teach us how in this next video clip, only watch the first 2 minutes
Eat Yourself Warm: Sam Champion tells us how eating helps bodies to regulate temperature.
A mini mirror ball shaker for new baby! Great gift for the new champion.
Its our afterparty. Four finalists are live including the champion
Your a champion Sam, I won't forget & you have my continued respect, - JC
Sam Zurier is and always has been a true cosmopolitan AND a champion of the people.
No way the committee puts a nonchampion over a champion to whom they just lost H2H w/ same # of total losses.
A true winner on & off the field. Thank you for everything, Tim.
Today I feel like Muhammad Ali. I'm a champion. - Sam Nzima on winning the ImpACT lifetime achievement award for visual art
The best thing would be to send a written letter to your local stores Community Champion to see what they can do to help. Sam
Congratulations to our final 3! Who will be crowned the Season 19 champion TONIGHT?
1 Sam 17:4. And there went out a champion out of the camp of the Philistines, named Goliath, of Gath, whose height was six cubits and a span.
Thoughts are with my little mate Hughsy and his family. He is a fighter and a champion and he will get through this. Pra…
BREAKING FOOTAGE: Small bombs being thrown directly into crowd by officers; injuries reported.
It’s possible the NFC South division champion could finish with a 5-11 record. Remember: That team would HOST a playoff …
Sam didn't know there was a champion in a the Elite Four.
Sad to see people of all colors paint MLK as a docile nonthreatening respectability champion just to suit their arguments
Boxing Champion Sam King Soliman LIVE on Talking Australia With Nick and Nath this Thursday at 9am on 90.7FM
A champion isn't made of muscle, they're made of heart.
Sam Champion: N.Y. gov wrong to blame forecasters
Excellent job at the ulster sam & cormac ; 3 medals sam and cormac champion first place yous both deserved it 💪
USA is still sick though. ive got lots of champion game highlights coming up. 🔻SONG: One republic -counting...
u hv shown ur champion qualities by out qualify MS & LH in multiple seasons! Commiserations n thx 4 givin us a thrillin season
I wonder if Sam Champion and Shepard Smith are friends.
Sam simon saving another life, in the face of his own death this man is a champion among men. I hope he's spared...
I lost some of the only dude in this world that stood by my side no matter what .. Why they let the good die young ... sam champion- frank silva ... when the lights out on my life lamp i pray you two pull me out the dark. .. life came and went to fast i love my brother's. .. Forever my left and right wings
Gary Bettenhausen would have been 73 years old today
Sam Gordon is a... & Based in Is the National Poetry Slam as a…
let's just leave it now. We all know Sam's a top jockey and will be future champion. People know my opinions
What are you doing for lunch today? Why not read about Sam Kendricks' BGS on UM News.
Check out story on pole vault champion and student, Sam Kendricks!
“A new word champion has been crowned:
"KAPITAL SUG'URTA introduces a new "Champion" insurance product: Nowadays sports in our country is becoming i...
We Sponsor Sam Delahay, a National Judo Champion. Here are the results from his most recent competition in Austria..…
just as they gave the name THE CLOSER, nobody believed hed be a champion , now im giving my th sam name
Was hoping you'd chime in with reporting. I might quibble with the rare thing: Josh Elliot & Sam Champion make them a trio
Very happy to see appoint true champion for affordable a UC Regent!
you are such a champion. there are no words to express how proud I am of you. you are on your way. congratulations 🎉🎉🎉
.legend + NCAA champion Anthony Robles has joined as an analyst: htt…
Blade-Tech Pro Shooter and World Champion Nils Jonasson and his buddy Sam Travis in route to the Surefire World...
Look out weatherman Al Roker, Sam Champion they have a replacement in the wings.
follow me pls Sam, you're the true X factor champion in my eyes. X
Who at decided to let Jon Champion & Peter Drury go and hire Sam Matterface? As it was the worst decision ever!
It is almost a year since Sam Bailey was named X-Factor champion last De. Now,…
did Sam Champion just disappear into some sort of Weather Channel vortex or something?
I wonder whatever happened to Sam Peter. He was cool!
Is the Weather Channel's Sam Champion morning show too costly?
We're live at Copper Mountain, Colorado on AMHQ with Sam Champion!! Weather Underground station at the top of the...
outta nowhere, my husband asked, "I wonder how that Sam Champion is doing?" GMA isn't the same.
Jay is a friend and champion for our cause! Love that guy
The Glenn Hall is an absolute champion! How many pro athletes would do this to help htt…
THINK like a champion. ACT like a champion. BE a champion.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
WC is not so far but poor show is continue by four time champion team. Will they turn back with bang
Full story on team managed by and home to junior World Champion -
dear CHESTER EVERYONES!!! I'm doing a project that will hopefully champion the City's forward thinking and...
So far so good... Happy with the results cup
Great to see British Under 13 champion Sam Todd wearing for his final!
3 years ago today I was a part of a undefeated, 3x national champion team and I still think about it all the time 😔😘
Tayo & Sam talking about 9ja celebs,Wizkid,D'banj & co,Macky2's expression is one of awe,local champion
This is the song for the Champion .
The champion Gideon Drotschie steps up on the scale at 92.6kg!
Defending champion Cue Card heads 20 entries for Chase
VICE PRESIDENT SAM NANKANI becomes Grand Unified World Champion winning silver in MMA and gold in submission wrestling and gold in k1.
Sam Ponder is a much higher-profile media person. I mentioned "Cari Champion" in the SI newsroom and got mostly "who?"'s
My little racer in yellow on the gate with all the pros including World Champion Sam Willoughby.
Artie Lange has appeared on many times, if he said this about Sam Ponder, ESPN make a statement, Cari..Silence
I caught up with Olympic Champion and really nice guy to talk for
18 years ago, today, 5-time Champion, 16-time all-star & top 10 player of all-time Kobe Bryant made his NBA debut!
I used to really rate Sam Twiston-Davies and had him down as a future champion. This Nicholls job so soon has killed him.
Mark Selby makes an excellent clearance in frame five to beat Steve Davis 4-1 at the Champion of Champions.
If you really wanna be a Champion listen to this song
Female disABILITY class Champion Sam Watson with her JGFitness winners tracksuit. Class…
Even Sam Morgan would make a better HKW Champion.
On this date 18 years ago, 16-time all-star and 5-time champion made his debut for the
Sam Cooper has a show on 10/26/2014 at 07:00 PM @ Debi Champion's Writer's... in Nashville, TN
It's a shame Sam isn't not gonna be on past today because the champion is just killin it right now
And now, our resident Halo champion (Sam) takes on Mike on Halo 2.
Badminton winner Sam Griffiths and double Olympic champion Mark Todd expected at Aldon
Me n the champ... Sam Champion that is... ;) TGIF
I wanna be cool like my sis. Famous people like Sam Champion say hi to her on a normal Friday a.m. in NY Penn. (Forever stuck in the 'burbs)
"A Belt Too Big for His Waist, but Well Worth Defending " by SAM BORDEN via NYT
no Weather Channel is still there, it's 214, looking at sam champion now, I just found it.
Funny how yesterday I was talking about sam champion and today I see him on the street lol
It all going on this weekend with king of the Mat :). Other news . Future Champion Sam Pearce is back on the...
Dress up day at my Frankie's nursery he is a little champion
you're talking to a defending champion Diego, show some respect!
Champion Team - Cambodia Cisco NetRiders 2014. Please congratulate to Mr. Sam Chinda and Mr. Hy Ratha for...
The football team takes on defending super bowl champion Central Catholic for the MVC championship tomorrow in the stadium …
here's Samantha Jago - Champion of Justice. At Well done Sam!
Tomorrow night, dont miss your chance to become the Sam Adams Stein Hoisting Champion of The Island!! We have...
Track. Kendricks Wears Two Uniforms: In one world, Sam Kendricks is a national champion and a recently turned ...
It's the little victories that have got me feeling like a champion.
cared for his Dad who lost his battle with in 2007. Sam was only 17 and is a great champion for the cause!
"The Machine" Sam Shields takes on NYWC Heavyweight Champion "Flawless" Blake Morris at "Burn it Down" on...
This year marks the 75th Anniversary of the 1939 undefeated national champion Aggies who wore these uniforms:
Honor the past. Own the future. A tribute to the 1939 National Champion Aggies. 11/1/14.
Sam Boy - the new basket Bally champion of the world. 🏀🏆👍 "people's champion"
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
My segment on AMHQ with Sam Champion this morning on packing a healthy school lunch!
Who's still let Obama hiding White House? He should going take care Iraq. Why Sam Champion in DC he should work at
Snackin' titties and hittin' dingers like a champion with these cheese dogs.
No journalist has stayed up for all 24 hours of so this year, I am. Good chats w Gore, Mark Ruffalo & Sam Champion already.
Elvis Presley giving Muhammad Ali a $10K robe with "People's Champion" inscribed on it. (February 14, 1973)
Happy 61st birthday to the Champion, This Charming man, Manuel Pellegrini!!
Dr. Pepper is the champion of all soft drinks
The reigning defending heavyweight champion of the world !
The latest on Tropical Storm Odile and a look at your local weather on AMHQ with Sam Champion starting at 7amET.
I'm really mad that I'm going to miss Liverpool's first game back in the Champion's League
Had a great time talking healthy kids lunches on The Weather Channel with Sam Champion
Congrats to AR Champion Sam Hamer for being elected a captain of the PHS Boys Freshman Soccer team!.
Nova Scotian boxer Sam Langford was known as the "greatest champion that never was." In what year was he inducted...
Caris giving Tommy Cuddy the Caris champion of the year belt ,,, with Carol Holt FORMER WORLD CHAMPION Colin...
"Weather reports to Americans is ONLY way to raise awareness of changing climate"-htt…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Sam Harris is a CHAMPION of women and men's equal rights. Love him.
CMON don't be like that sam, "what about us what about everything we've been through" as Troy would say
Just arrived in Cranbrook,BC for Tuesday night's Champion Workshop hosted by our very own Sam Camper Cyndie...
"There are things we can do together to deal with climate issues" - answers Qs LIVE:
Shout out to season 3 wk 3 Champion "SAM R.I."
UK Female Karaoke Champion Sam Frith in the news again.
Big up sam eggington welter wait champion !
Another Champion who did not want to be named is John Murphy he gave us £400 POUND FOR a pair of signed Gloves...
Still can't get over he fact we made Aaron gray, beau champion and Cameron mcinnes hold up sam masks for that comp 😂
Congratulations to the 2014 Granite Games powered by Progenex Women's Elite Champion Sam Briggs!
Imma call myself Sam champion like dude from the news after last night, lmao
BREAKING NEWS: Billy Horschel wins the Tour Championship and is the 2014 Fedex Cup champion, winning $11.44 million! h…
DID YOU KNOW ???. Former WWF Wrestler Sam Houston is the half-brother and former WWF Women´s Champion Rockin...
Sam Smith's Money on my mind is deff one of my top songs after Kanye's Champion of course
Listen to Be Strong if you really wanna be a champion on via
Your FIBA world champion: Team USA. is in Madrid and offers instant analysis:
World Champion Colin Dunne steps in to help caris homeless boxers
I can't think of another reply to that so I declare you the champion of hashtaging
B flight singles Champion Sam Leeman and Finalist Aaron Mevorach with Coach Nielsen.
"Aim for a perfect pendulum swing": Pre-putting with former champion Sam Torrance
World champion Sensei Sam Macdonald great performance at PerfectTheatre Bray open day demonstrations
Watermelon Eating champion... Received it at Church today...Thanks Sam...
And there it is on 9 mins 50 secs, we're kickin a blue. . Champion ***
hey remember when Sam Champion had a career, when he was in the public eye. Now he's on some channel somewhere. Get and Maintain Attention
US on with josh elliott and sam champion.
I quit watching when they brought in Sam Champion .. They have become weather propagandists.
enjoying sams preach on Acts chapter 3 to 4 seeing growing passion in Christ never stop Sam
Yesterday was a good day: 3rd at the Parkrun, watched the go by, 40K ride with then became champion.
Ang aking top 3. 2nd runner up: JCo. 1st runner up: Sam Milby. Champion: Yakisoba. Commercials, you the real mvp
The Weather Channel's three most recognizable names, Sam Champion, Jim Cantore and Stephanie Abrams, are feat...
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
IBF Middleweight champion Sam Soliman will be defending his belt against former undisputed…
Sam James and Olympic champion Sara Carrigan right now at our first TLC Tri training session.
Who will win the club champion award? ht…
Who will win the club champion award?
Final Four in Omaha like three months ago. SEC Championship in basketball 2013. NCAA 2013 Pole Vault Champion Sam Kendricks
Journey for back-to-back fantasy league champion starts tonight. Team name; Last Year's Champ. Owner: Sam Griffin
Look who showed up in the studios today! Reese Waters Sam Champion Maria_LaRosa Anaridis Rodriguez
Lucky USA pro rider and 3 x world champion Kota Schuetz - credit Sam Cooper
O'Kane: I would love a shot at IBF World Champion Sam Soliman -
Think about it Thursday:. A winner is someone who works to become a champion all the time, even when no one is watching.
we get to see the footy show at 11.30pm in Melb. interview with you certainly worth waiting up for
The Rock Returns & interrupts CM Punk and vows to become WWE Champion - ...: via heres the TRUTH!
If someone was like hey would you like to meet Sam Champion I'd be like no not really.
What a great interview. Great career cut short but things happen for a reason. Champion bloke!
Brilliant piece on on Champion bloke. Well done
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
- Ginger Zee would be awesome, so would Sam Champion
Talia the Blight Medal tip but Sauce is a danger
IBF welterweight champion Kell Brook is in hospital after he was stabbed in the leg on holiday in Tenerife
Sam Griffiths, the reigning Badminton champion, goes into the lead with Happy Times at on prov score of 40.2
Do you want to help promote the LBT whilst getting free tickets for some of our shows? Become a Brochure Champion!
It's now Sam at Amherst House's turn to make her nomination for the Home Champion Award
Happy Birthday to The World and two-time European Champion turns 29.
Geelong remains on the radar of world champion Sam Soliman in ...
.to defend his world title in the US, but an Australian Day bout in Geelong is on the agenda
punching the heavy bag with IBF middleweight world champion Sam Soliman: via
from the brilliant Sam Nokes and Ron Champion.
Congratulations to Sam Becker - Rising Champion, very generous of WA to let the trophy out of the state!
Congratulations to Sam Neutz on his Reserve champion Duroc gilt at the Open Class Show!!! Way to go!!!
"As just a sophomore, Brooklynn Snodgrass became only the second NCAA Champion in IU women’s swimming history..." |
Sam, Chris see energy world through a fundamental insight into oil Sam is passionate EV & solar champion & reformer.
domain names
also world junior 1500 champion and European Champ 100/400/800m
World champion Christoph Kramer with a 20 yard nutmeg in training.
not Aga's day today.if wins she'll demonstrate to be a Champion if not, just the same awesome player she is.go win Agnieszka!
Curt Cavin: Sam Hornish Jr. should get another chance via
Uzbek boxer became the champion of the Youth Olympic games in Nanjing: Bektemir Melikuziev and Sulaymon Latipo...
Petus is the true champion. Sam is dead
(2/2) Because everyone knows the WBO Middleweight Champion. It's why Sam Soliman does so many Apple commercials
The SAM putter analysis was an eye opener and something every golfer at every level should do!!! Sta
Congrats to the winner of the 2014 Cattle Council Rising Champion - Sam Becker
Sam, 8yrs & already a champion! Unfortunately he slipped and hit his head. Luckily for him, his was at a Smart School http…
Seniors' champion Hossein Ensan plays the rush to lead Barcelona Main Event final table:
British No1 out in under an hour 6-1, 61 2011 champion Sam Stosur through in straight setsHeath
Thank you Wayne Cleverdon Sam Champion Joe Weeks for the ALS ice bucket nomination. i nominate Sam Andrews...
Shooting reported at Arkansas home of former professional boxing champion Jermain Taylor:
Congratulations once again,well deserved achievement.Now onto another one,being an NWSL Champion!
random thought,. Sam Hazewinkel is a beast. US open national champion and second in the world trials in BOTH...
MDMA got you feelin' like a champion. The city never sleeps, better slip you an Ambien.
"If I could do it all again right now I would" Mongol Derby 2014 champion Sam Jones
Brill We're so proud to watch you grow into European champion! It seems a short time since your junior days
European Champion & GB star on the new sprint generation
OMG! Kuya Sam got 5 medals in his event, and overall champion 🏊 Good job! And I'm so inggit! Huhuhu 😭😭😭
of course I'm already looking forward to rightfully being crowned champion
My baby is a champion. Working and sick. Baas life. hustle hard my baby
Very sad to hear of Sam Galbraith's death! He was a great champion of the Arts in Scotland.
Olympic champion Sergei Kirdyapkin says there is a conspiracy against Russia's walkers
Congratulations, Sam, for finishing your Invisalign Teen orthodontic treatment. You've been a champion at...
Genie advances to 2nd round in after a brilliant win over Jovanovski. Will face 2011 US Open champion Sam Stosur.
“Celebrity housemate six is boxing champion AUDLEY HARRISON
your name is Holloway though, change it to Senna and you'll be hailed as the next champion
I want to be at Sam Houston so bad.
I'll never forget Ryor and that ugly *** mohawk he got for sectionals. True champion.
Oh Sam Champion is *** I don't care. I've already booked the venue and bought the dress. We're getting married.
Sad to hear of the passing of Sam Galbraith. A champion of the NHS and devolution.
Part-Timer or not I don't care is the NEW World Heavyweight champion deal with it!
"Sam was a wonderful man. A great doctor, an inspiring colleague and dedicated family man. Champion of the NHS" -
MTFormer Labour minister+ top neurosurgeon Sam Galbraith dies Sad news- a great champion of the Environment
The community already knew what the autopsy shows the rest of the world u think we'd act like this over a normal shooting?
I can't wait for tonight!! To see the new World Heavyweight Champion !!
Elie Tahari to debut new collection on Champion’s ‘- Sam...
Sam Champion shares moving story about coming out to his father
Our afternoon guest speaker, multiple time NCAA Champion, Sam Chalenga (and his son).
5-Time CRA Champion Jimmy Oskie in the restored Bromme at Perris Auto Speedway, September 2007. Doug Allen Photo.
2011 US Open champion Sam Stosur's match versus Monica Puig is about to begin. If you like big forehands, Court 9 is the place to be!
Craft beer champion Sam had taken up the pedals and is gunning for it!
A storm in the Atlantic, hurricanes in the Pacific on AMHQ with Sam Champion at 7amET
Former European champion Jamie Moore is recovering in hospital after being shot twice in Marbella:
A visit of a champion the Pride of a Star that's what King Sam Music Institute is all about.
. childhood best friend, former 1980's video game champion Sam Brenner (Adam Sandler), who is now a home theater installer
Matt absolutely loves to watch Sam in the morning on AMHQ with Sam Champion...
Tune in this Sunday at 9 PM for Oprah: Where Are They Now? with a segment on Danielle Staub from the Real...
Sam Hinkie runs the sixers exactly how I played sports video games...acquire all young players and build a champion. Hope the AB rumors true
Tune into The Weather Channel's AMHQ with Sam Champion on Wednesday morning 8/6/14 at 9:30 am for Media News...
Spice Zee go back to where you came from. Every time u come on GMA I turn to Sam Champion ⚡⚡
determined to honour idol and late BMX legend Kyle Bennett by equalling record three world titles.
hey he is a 4x MVP and a two time champion so zip it
1 day, 3 hours, 25mins to go! Here are your 16 teams. Who do YOU think will be the champion?
Some of the students that work in the offices at Sam be rude as *** Like *** you hate your job? I'll take it!
even 'gets in on - Hits Los Angeles. Josh Elliott gives his bud Sam Champion an exclusive tour of...
Check out and Sam Champion with the matching school bus yellow ties!
World BMX champion Sam Willoughby is heading home to to launch a new initiative to get teens on bikes.
Here's to the 132 new followers of Christ from Lake Champion this past week. "Lean into the rock and trust the rope." http…
Sam Spencer of has a 3.10 in 29 IP with the North Division champion this summer.
Would just like to say I beat tonight at bowling. It was the best feeling ever! ✌️🎳
3x world champion Australian downhill mountain biker Sam Hill took gold in round 5 of the downhill World Cup yesterday.
I didn't go to a party last night, and it turns out Jennifer Coolidge was there so I'm a world champion dummy
[Comic Sans] Everyone reads on iPads and phones, while fiddling with 11 other apps.
Please vote 10 stars for me and help me become Female Active Champion.
Morning All update on Sam portrait,hope to have it finished for Day of Champion
We ARE THE MAGPIES! Great win boys all heart!!!. Farewell to our champion Captain Maxy!
Patty and Sam thrilled to see heroes live
Big win for Sam Hill and the team. The Worlds are around the corner and I think has the potential to be the 2014 World Champion.
In our new feature 'Fan File', we profile World BMX Champion and lifelong Crows fan Sam Willoughby …
[BMX champion Sam Willoughby and NBA champion Patty Mills, both Crows ambassadors were acknowledged by the crowd ...
How you celebrate when you are the joust champion at practice.
Sam Champion from the Weather Channel talks to Philippe and Ashlan Cousteau about the Southern resident orca and... htt…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Australian 3 x world champion downhill mountain bike racer Sam Hill just won the 5th round of the downhill World Cup in Canada.
I added a video to a playlist Champion - Sam Gozo
👍“HISTORY MADE.And is the javelin Commonwealth champion. This is the most important gold meda…
: There you have it. Stand up for the champion Julius Yego Gold in Javelin.
well, my guitar is with Sam. I don't know where my drums are. I can't hit those high notes.
If anything GGG will more than likely face IBF Middleweight Champion Sam Soliman for an unification bout
I did it I made history again. I'm the worlds 1st Commonwealth Games champion.Thank you ... ht…
The fight is stopped, the fight is stopped! The new heavyweight champion of the world, the Italian Stallion, Rocky Balboa!!
Sam Champion says Tony Dungy is dead wrong on Michael Sam
WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao to face undefeated Chris Algieri in Macau in November
thanks for taking part in the tournament lads. I'm proud to be champion!!
With you I don't stand a chance, I lost one,,, story of a champion!!!
stops Sam Couzens in Round 4 to become the new Super-Middleweight Southern Area champion
Two time NASCAR Busch Series champion Sam Ard takes to the outside... News Photo 84296409 | Getty Images
Around The World is crazy fam, u been in my top 5 since 03. Hardhood Classics. I'm ready for the new tape..
UKIPT champion is the guest bounty at tonight. Eliminate him & you get your buy-in back.
i know i used to watch GMA all the how funny Sam Champion is and real he is
this morning *** no AMHQ and Sam Champion on my Weather Channel.
So... uh... Sam Champion doesn't know the difference between NH and MA?
Sam is like the ultimate champion, where u at ty lol?
Thanks for all you have done for our great club Champ, you will never be forgotten. All the best!.
*hugs Sam* He needs a champion in the writers' room. His knight in writing armour.
shut up Buckley...before I start a rumor you're dating Sam champion...oh...wait...that's chirlins boy PiazzzA
same music Pizzia would let Sam Champion blow him too
My champion little Frankie at his first sports day many moor to come my Baby xx
A champion shows who he when he's tested. When a person gets up & says. "I can still do it," He's a CHAMPION. ...
Sam Hanley jumped a huge 5m 26 to ensure he was crowned county champion!
love it whenever Sam is playing Mario on the wii and needs help, I always find the inner Red Viper in me... "I will be your champion"
Who will be crowned Blaster Champion? Tune in to watch me & battle it out the night of
Weather Channel cutting back costs on Sam Champion:
Congrats on your 200th Game Champion, the one and only!
makes watching AMHQ With Sam Champion more rewarding. I'm earning great rewards and playing along with Viggle games.
.a true champion. Sam Cranage said it when I first met you. The next Robert Harvey he said.
Under the Dome - Force Majuere episode - Horrible writing, stupid story. I bet Sam Champion would love the power to stop rain.
What does a major champion eat for breakfast ahead of Golf's biggest tournament?
Thanks Sam - you are a champion (now, back to exploring the wild and wonderful places for you!)
Weather Channel invested HEAVILY in Sam Champion. He hasn't delivered. Now, the whole network is gonna pay the price.
Congratulations to ... an absolute champion and more importantly a very good bloke!
Awesome Sam, Congratulations on 200 games Champion hopefully a Bronco for life 🐴 Power 2014! Giddy Up!
Congratulations goes out to for being the true champion tonight!
The Home Run Derby Final is set! Reigning champion Yoenis Céspedes will square off against Todd Frazier for the title.
I am one of the viewers turning to AMHQ with Sam Champion & turning off Morning Joe bashing PBO every day. It's negative & old.
EVERYBODY ♥ Sam Champion !! All mornings are better when Sam is on the teevee
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