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Sam Champion

Samuel James Sam Champion (born August 13, 1961) is the weather anchor of ABC's Good Morning America and weather editor of ABC News.

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Yep. Also beat reigning champion Sandie's team on a tiebreaker ;)
World heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has been stripped of his IBF title:
Sam Noakes, Class C's under 64kg Champion, thanks for a great championship all at Westree
W-league champion on fair pay, and scoring at the World Cup.
What if there was a gov. position who's job was to champion the long-term? Meet Sweden's Minister of the Future:
'I've been a very good boy. I'm a world champion' . Laughing so much at this Sam 😂
Looking forward to attending the reunion and seeing my
Sam .. Did we come up with a name for your new show? I have a good one. Climate control with Sam champion ! Lol
clap clap clap champion. Go for the win bebe hehe.
to Sam who has won £100 vouchers for being our top retail
... good morning Jim, and all at TWC. I have been wondering if Sam Champion is still with TWC. Have not seen him lately.
Sam Concepcion really deserves the top spot!!! 3 times being a champion is already a strong evidence!!! 😎😎😎
Sam has lost another 8kg since taking the $20K?! Champion!
Mr Sam Crocker (taking black to the wolf on the ribs like an absolute champion.…
Using tech to transform sport. Sam Sills, wind surfing world champion and Olympic candidate - via
look what happened to Moyes he got sack and he did well in the champion league. Just not so well in the league.
In case Sam didn't forward you the email I should let you know I'm sending Venonat in a sweat band as my representative.
Sale out! . We have handsets as low as $2,750+TAX here at our Sam Sharpe Square Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. https:…
A celebration fit for a champ. 20,000 fill Albuquerque streets to honor
Juicy Drop Off results are in. Sam O'Neill is the champion. Official video will be posted soon.
how come lee never answers but you always answer every ? You know how Sam Champion was the top you will overtake that spot
tna wasted you could have been a world champion really enjoyed your work there great work loved your acting with Sam shaw
World Sailing Champion Sam Brearey to work with Ormiston Denes students. Head on over to our News items to read...
TWC@ ... wondering where Sam Champion is? Is he no longer with TWC?
Just to recap, I stick by anything I've said in the past, 10% being the heavyweight champion makes no difference to me, …
7 things you can do to champion women in 2016: . We're living in a feminist moment. Presidential ca...
As of now , my Grand Champion This Season of YFSF 2 is . Expected ko na kasama na sya sa Final 4.
Can't get over w/ Michael Pangilinan's performance as Sam Smith.You are an amazing artist. Clap3x Champion.
and the 5th conference champion, Stanford, has 2 losses. It's like these people can't rationalize how things are different
so Sam Bradford can beat 4x Super Bowl champion Tom Brady, but oomf can't text me back?
. Very desperate. . Maajid Nawaz - Champion of reform. It actual exemplifies how pathetic & uncredible Sam Harris's book is.
"Ahhh that fresh Christmas tree smell!!!. ❤. — with Rubem Robierb." (cc. taken from Sam Champion's Instagram)
Obituary: South Korea's former president Kim Young-sam, a champion of free speech
Aerial fitness all day with London! Performance from European pole champion Sam King at 5pm
Either KZ, Michael and Sam are my bet for Grand Champion!.
So good to see my favorite Sam Champion & Josh Elliott
Great to see Sam Champion , Josh Elliott so cool ! Just love you Guys !
Apparently GMA had a reunion today. 40 years. Josh Elliott and Sam Champion were there. I miss them.
So good to see Sam Champion & Josh Elliott again! But Sam looks ready to go hit the club for some dancing! LOL.
I cant believe Sam Champion and Josh Elliot actually showed their faces at GMA
Classy move by NBC Universal to allow Sam Champion and Josh Elliott to appear on Good Morning America for the 40th anniversary special.
Thank you for being a true champion for
Great pictures from the Champion vs Sam Houston game. Thank you
Great write up about our Champion Charger Football in there big win over Sam Houston. 🏈🏈🏈🏈
No better way to celebrate than BOGO 50% off on colorful sports bras:
So...Hayden is in PC to be Sam's champion. I thought that was Carly, Maxie, Alexis, Molly, Sonny, Michael, etc., job. Rme… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Yay!! My favorite women for morning show, if only we had Sam Champion back too :(
Congratulations Sam, champion of the world!
BREAKING: killer Off. Sam Hyde reportedly refers to himself as "one man holocaust" and "chimp choking champion"
I love this because Sam Champion is awesome
I love this because Sam Champion is showing the world that he cares
Sam Houston shots are up password is Champion. See y'all Friday at Alamo Stadium !
Ramen noodles is the meal of a champion.
Congratulations XB Gensan for winning the Dance2Dance in Switzerland! Proud of you boys! Clap clap clap! Champion!
Sam. I have to stay at a friend's place. I'll try to get back tomorrow morning.
Brian Williams already has a reputation for being a little "out there," but the question he asked Sam Champion...
because thats what you do in darts to win a leg- I can't be a world champion if I can't check out
It's like a game. Steven, Dad, Mom, Sam, Faust, you...
Historic performance from congrats to the new champion
Ronda has been an inspirational competitor & amazing champion. But more importantly she has been an incredible ambassador for …
A CHAMPION loses and the whole world seems to know the game inside out..the world only sees 10% of what it takes to st…
Sam Champion tried to leave Weather Channel, go back to ABC We wish no well to the scavengers who run AMHQ.
Kinda excited to see Sam Champion and Josh Elliot back on for the 40th anniversary next week
Sam was school boys river dance champion two years on the spin
Thanks Sam for training with Garrett at Champion Gymnastics. Your compassion and love for the sport shows through...
YOU'RE HEAT Champion. We feed off your energy! 🔥🔥🔥
Just saw you on with Sam Champion. Be careful out there, Alicia.
Congrats to winning Reserve Grand Champion in the Sam's National BBQ Tour Championship--1st Chicken/10th Brisket
A true sam champion fan wakes up. At 4am to watch.
Just heard the horrible news about Sam de Brito. I'm shattered. Such a top bloke. Rest in peace champion.
Thanks for writing this Elena. Rest in peace Sam de Brito. We've lost a vegan warrior and champion of animals. 🙏🏻😔
Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion. Muhammad Ali
Great to see former defender Sam Champion in action for Wednesday
Sam Champion to host prime-time, science interview show on the Weather Channel
WYCOPA Vocal Group Champion invites u to watch concert on Oct 30!
ICYMI Sam and Cole Podcast: Tampa a defining moment?. Thanks to Champion Cycling, Arlington, Jax Beach and Mandarin!I.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Sam Dastyari will if given the chance by the media.he's become the champion of hitting corporate tax thieves...
I'm the same. He'd be a great champion, wonder whether he'd still be as active. Would be fun to find out
The District 1-2A boys golf team champion, for the 1st time in program history, West Florida High
Please stop referring as an ex of one of the kardashian sisters. He's an NBA star/champion. Be respectful.
Waterloo Sam's Club is officially the market 39 Dodgeball champion.
Why do they have to refer Lamar Odom as "Khloe's Ex"? It should say "Former 2x NBA Champion & Sixth Man Of The Year"
Congratulations to Quitman's Dr. Sam Haley for winning Reserve Grand Champion and Arkansas Bred Champion in the...
Jesse Jackson says Lamar is recovering. Says, "The ground is no place for a champion"
Dear media, Lamar Odom is a 2 time NBA champion, and 6th man of the year. He is not just "Khloe kardashians ex husband" h…
These "news" outlets need to quit calling Lamar Odom "Khloes ex" he is a two time NBA Champion and a sixth man of year a…
KINDRED CHAMPION SPOTLIGHT Gameplay - League of Legends (new champion)
2015 Northwest Barista Champion Sam Schroeder is traveling in Huila & Cauca, Colombia this week as part of the...
as I passed the Champion I notice they're restoring the exterior as it happens. Always been a funny Sam Smith's, that one
How's this Champion last night sunset at Nyona lake Thanks for sharing all the picture sent you guys...
All the best mate, getting closer to that dream of world champion!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Seems to me it's time for SCN, The Sam Champion Network. Sensing TTLS (those that love Sam) aren't happy w/ 1x per wk.
weatherchannel: LIVE on Sam Champion takes your weather Q's behind the scenes at The Weather Channel
Next step has Stephanie Abrams moving back to ATL to helm Wx-focused while Sam Champion will move to a Primetime oversight role.
WCBS had a newer group of mets.. Lonnie Quinn, John Elliot, Elise Finch. I do know Mr. G and Sam Champion ..
The should replace Sam Champion with Stephanie Abrams as host of AMHQ! Also expand AMHQ earlier time.
Congrats to & who join and Elize Du Toit in qualifying for Champion of Champions!
Soliman to fight former world champ N'dam Australia's former IBF middleweight boxing world champion Sam Soliman wi…
Sam Smith and both very impressive. Always struck by the power of Will Champion on the drums. Hard hitting!
Sam Mitchell 10th time over 30 possessions in a final.2 more than anyone in the history of the game.
Shark fighter and surfer *** Fanning wins first competition after attack: The Australian surfer M...
this is... disheartening, smfh -- UFC champion Ronda Rousey takes a swing at the Matildas
Burgess makes RWC debut in England win: Code-hopper Sam Burgess has earned praise from England champion Jonny…
Do you have what it takes to be this year's Stein Hoisting champion? Join us tomorrow to find out!
Think it would have to be the parmo, given Borge's champion status!
champion You rang my chimes with that creme Brule raspberry crepe 😋😙
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
champion # Mike Bettis I see M B grinning at us from TWC promo pic He was at WLOS Asheville before you got him.
Tune in to The Weather Channel at 9:40 AM... I'll be chatting live from Greenville with Sam Champion!
Hey there Sam Champion coming to you from a 51° beautiful MILLS RIVER, NC. Can't get a pic for you yet but I can't yet
Dayman (ah-ah-ah) Fighter of the Nightman (ah-ah-ah) Champion of the Sun (ah-ah-ah) You're a Master of Karate And friendship.
Everyone always said Pimples Piazza was determined to be a Champion.
I'm a champion-level cuddler and not too shabby in the kitchen. I'm also good at giving foot and back rubs
Albany XC plank champion with a time of 8:26 :))
The Weather Channel says it is getting rid of its reality TV shows, along with morning shows led by Sam Champion and Al R…
a great Topic, feature be Kentucky basketball must be a Champion nothing less!
When Kanye said ”Went from most hated to the champion god flow, I guess that’s a feeling only me and Lebron know“
Weather ChannelChampion Good late AM to you SC. Warming up for a short this wkend so +++this morn. Big day for me Hope so for you2
HECK! I even named my Champion Standard Poodle after you SAM!
Full credit to Sam. What a champion. Well done
Sam's reaction "such a beautiful thing to hear you say" reminds me of the time I told a guy I loved him and he replied "you're a champion"
Congratulations to Sam Pearce - Forged Metal Artist - World Forging Champion at Ferro Battuto Stia 2015 with his... htt…
Sam Champion loses show in major Weather Channel shakeup
remember when Mike Piazza was boning Sam Champion?
Ahh man it didn't come out good, but this is the dj dmc 2005 Champion DJ Sam Smite, hungout at his…
Meek might need this beat for the knockout punch. Somebody tell him get at me..
Congratulations to DCI Open Class Champion Vanguard Cadets and their parent organization
World Cup champion head coach Jill Ellis has agreed to a new contract with & htt…
McDowell. Morning Sam champion and welcome back too. Guess what day it is?
SAMWU President Sam Molope emphasizing the importance of unity in the union to strengthen the union better champion members' interests
its just poll, i am sure last year Arsenal had won similar polls regarding PL champion!
where have you been?!? My wife and I are having Sam Champion amhq withdrawals lol
[ESPN]Reigning U.S. Open champion Marin Cilic and the man he beat in the final at New York las…
The defending state champion St. Mary's Springs Ledgers finishing up their first practice
It's weird to think that I will never get another opportunity to try and earn the title of a World Champion
Sam Dzata George, Champion abeg as I promised the last time, the posters are ready and I will be hitting your...
Robin's excessive woody for young Rahal blinds him to the fact that Sam Hornish was an "American hero" and RHR was a series/500 champion.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
We want to wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Miss Samantha Pichon!. Miss Sam has been our champion through it...
thanks for the lovely tribute to our Sam! Champion, made Perth what it is today! Our little jewel! 💎
A little snippet before I go to bed. Just getting started.. Samples
I'm watching With Sam Champion and earning great rewards from
Athletics champion swaps stadium for stage, starting his postgraduate course with us in September! .
Got a long way to go with this production life, but I'm making progress...
Mike Hessman is the affiliated MiLB all time HR champion!
How many of you wish you were Sam Champion right now? via
(5/5) For millions of people, Planned Parenthood is a trusted health care provider. It is also a champion for women and fa…
Hey , Your Diva's Champion is nominated for Award! my vote And For You ❤ …
Dillashaw wants McGregor fight: I don’t think he’s going to last and be champion forever
Errybody eats?? We've been saying it for 9 months! Now it's finally time to put up or shut up!! Step 1: practice like …
My Melanoma story was told by Sam Champion on Melanoma Monday and then on Fios News
Todd Oliver & Irving were featured on with and Sam Champion today!
Our intrepid Kayak EcoTour Guide, Paul Laurent, with Sam Champion and Jim Cantore from The Weather Channel.
 border= Gallery | Jim Cantore and Sam Champion broadcast "AMHQ" live from Myrtle Beach ... - Myrtle Beac... h…
My view yesterday morning of filming of AMHQ with Sam Champion on The Weather Channel from Myrtle Beach, SC.
*** is the Spanish hide and seek champion. A man has attempted to break his record but they can't find him…
Sam managed to take a couple of games off me - but I'm still the champion!
I feel like a champion when I rap lyrics correctly
Then & now: Troy Merritt. 2009: Q-School medalist honors. 2015: PGA TOUR champion. His family has been there for both.
no one knows ice better than sam edney, canada's first male luge world cup champion, so I've signed…
Sam Finfer is not only an NWCBL Champion, but the NWCBL Player of the Year and the NWCBL Tournament MVP
10-time NBA Champion Sam Jones played at before being drafted in 1st round by Celtics.
I would hate to look back at Ronda's reign as champion with the thought that she was good but didn't have the highest …
I totally identify with this! Can't believe someone is writing my heart out! He'll always be my champion.
34 seconds TKO 130 seconds last four matches combined still the champion and still undefeated ❤
Catch tonight on ...and tomorrow on . He's a champion!!
the women's UFC bantamweight champion of the world,
Thank you Sam for a great afternoon of catching up and hanging out!. You are a champion my friend! 󾟛. You've got...
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
champion Morning sam. How would u like waking up to this am
Cory Joseph's the only NBA Champion player on the Raptors
Yes!! Congrats One nation, one team, one champion! 🇺🇸
Group goal setting with the team! My goal: become a behaviour management champion!
just me and you and any other friends ! No family's just us young adults 😂 x
once i start driving me and you can go on a holiday to London or something! 😛🇬🇧
have fun on holiday!! Can't wait to hear all the stories when you get back!! I'll be looking forward to my present 😉👍🏼
Sam, sign for Hull FC and follow Luke all the way to being the world champion
Huge congratulations to Matt Gordon for being a finalist in the Social Enterprise Champion Category…
World heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali is scared by a bee while visiting a movie set 1966. taken by: Thomas Hoepker http:/…
Badminton news | Sam and Chloe Magee win the Russia White Knights competition see results in picture
Video: Groth blasts record serve in loss
Sam Groth, an Aussie champion unlike that other jerk!
Seven-time champion Roger Federer defeated Sam Groth in four sets to reach Wimbledon last 16
WATCH Cameras at the ready as seven-time champion enters Centre Court to face Sam Groth
Federer beats Groth to reach Wimbledon last 16: London, July 5 : Seven-time champion Roger Federer beat Sam Gr...
Sam Groth lost to Roger Federer at Wimbledon, but not before he entered the record books
Knights n' Gals won the mixed high school choir division & the grand overall champion at today!. ht…
Congratulations to the 2015 Color War Champion Pink Team. Honorable mention to the Red and Purple teams for second and …
Sam Rayburn HS art students make history, win Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion in HLSR's art competition:
@ Sam Champion GREAT show this AM! Fun & informative. Watch you every morning.
I think I just heard Sam Champion say he hasn't pitched a tent in over 30 years.
Yes! Dutch wakeboard champion Sam de Haan has joined the SinnervPro Team! . More info and tricks:...
Wheelchair women's singles No.2 d. dubs partner 6-0 6-2 to become our champion!
'Cause I am a champion and you're gonna hear me roar ♫ Roar (feat. Sam Tsui) by Alex Goot —
Hi please help me play undisputed champion by for
that's NCAA champion Sean May to you
How did Sam Tetteh get subbed off and the local champion played 90 mins?
Happy birthday, you champion. . Love you lots my friend. You're the definition of wonderful.
I've been up 39 1/2 hours with a two hour nap today. If that's not being a champion Idk what is
Got a photo with my man cheers mate
Update: have to finish the episode later.. there's no way Lily isn't gonna be champion.
The Champion of Champions award for the goes to & EL Morris!
don't follow Sam champion bc all he will do is BLOCK YOU
I have ps2 guitar hero controllers, use them to play battlefront and stuff somehow and be a champion
We chat to star, and former champion,
Proud champion of Campaign. We ain't started and yet some are saying wr already done ... lol
I seriously think that need to meet my rally driver dad ☺️ 🚘
.explores John Roberts's complicated relationship with the First Amendment.
John Roberts is the decider on free-speech cases. Only justice who has *never* been in the minority on one.
To be a great champion you must believe you are the best. If you're not, pretend you are
chief Roberts has taken over mantle on 1st Amednment issues, per
Is it bad that I ship Jim Cantore and Sam Champion?
Maastricht Weather - You've heard the sayings, now hear the facts. Sam Champion breaks down the science behind…
LIVE on Jim Cantore & Sam Champion take ur weather questions behind the scenes
3-time extreme kayak world champion Sam Sutton speaks about his experience at MRF 2015.
Dwight Howard is the champion of wearing giant foam hats and tank tops to games.
Couldn't even imagine being a national champion. Must be an amazing feeling
I also enjoy the fact that the first national champion under new commish was an LSU team
Congratulations to our newest state champion Sam shot par for course today at Edgewood to claim his individual golf title!
Congrats to Sam Hendricks of Davies, the 2015 State A Boys Golf Medalist. Also congrats to West Fargo, the 2015 Team Champion.
Sam Cooper has a show on 05/31/2015 at 09:30 PM @ Debi Champion's Writer's... in Nashville, TN
Adam Goodes is a champion. What he did last night was unique. As Sam Newman always said, "When (cont)
I'm gonna start saying that crap in any situation where I fail. "Sir, your card has been declined." "I'm still a champion."
Your fan Hurricane Sam~Champion this weekend.4 games 4 MVP's 4 goals & the title !. h…
Soph Sam Shaw jumps a huge PR in high jump. She is the CLASS A CHAMPION with jump of 5-1. Renee Williams's clears 5-0 and takes 3rd!. 1 - 3!
Becker's champion year in beef: IN one year, grazier Sam Becker’s understanding of the beef industry has broad...
Draymond Green on reacting to Dwight Howard's quote about still being a champion in his mind: "Cool. That's the …
Defending champion advances to the French Open fourth round with a 6-3, 6-4 win over Sam Stosur.
Sam Stosur you are a champion if you can get to shut the fup lose or win!
he is still easier to find than Sam Champion.
After becoming EuroBasket Champion for the first time in 2013, can France do it all over again at
I m waiting for your comeback in Team India colours..U r a champion.Regards, Samit, Kolkata
Our had a chat with this morning about Texas' heavy rains:
Did you realize that you are a champion
Meet Sam, our 2015 Barista Champion (and all round good egg)
Little Big Star brightest Star winning over Charice and Philpop 2013 Champion Interpreter Sam…
UNC is the 2015 College National Champion in the Men's Division!
Oregon is the 2015 National Champion in the Women's Division!
You have the defending women's champion and number 2 player playing a match and you're showing Sam Querrey. Ridiculous,
A champion fighting in memory of his Father Team Sanders get your tickets now
Defending champion of the game of counters, with my opponent
hello Sam my name is Christian if don't mind follow me back
In general, I Uncle Sam is more appreciative to the Boxing Champion Mr. Mohammad Ali than he is to Veteran Senator
Agreed, plus I miss Sam Champion, he was my local weather guy forever before he got the GMA gig.
Homie just got his own personal card. What a champion. Killing cancer a bit at a time.
Kevin Owens on joining WWE, being NXT Champion, making the main roster and more: Sam Roberts a...
Gutted for you, but proud. Whatever ur thoughts keep eyes on the prize ... World Champion 2015 ... keep a cool head :-)
."I'm a World Champion so I need to behave like one."
Sam twiston Davies champion jockey this year my *** he's a crap jockey who wouldn't do the name champion jockey justice
Congratulations to the state champion Pennsbury 3,200-meter relay team of Eric Kersten, Sam Webb, Matt Mulvaney and Alek Sauer.
Priorities :. Show Champion and M Countdown votes. Stream View on Melon. Watch the MV and official videos of the …
No bones were broken today your the real champion get back soon Champ, miss seeing u in the octagon, wish u the best God bless u
UFC light heavyweight champion of the world
Lookin at back at how Belfort literally destroyed Anthony Johnson and now he's potentially the next LHW champion
McGregor vs Khabib for the undisputed champion of my heart
the undisputed UFC middleweight champion of the world
Well done the new IBF super middle weight champion..
Jim and Sam got champion and are off to state!!!
Rugby question: Has there ever been a player to be a NRL champion and Premiership champion at the same time? Sam Burgess has that chance...
WE HAVE A NEW STATE CHAMPION! takes first in the 400 with a 48.3 with following in fifth with a 50.7…
James chunky degale got a big task on his hands tonight to become world champion if he does he'll become only 2nd guy to beat direll
A-W's Karissa Roman is your 1A high jump state champion for a second consecutive year
The lesson, if you want to raise a state champion at NBC, name her Sam
Sam Dirkschneider becomes the NBC girls' fourth individual state champion in history, joining Sam Renter, Sam Dolezal and Becky Kucera. 🏆🏆🏆🏆
Ty Hansen is Class A and All Class Champion in 800 m in a new school record of 1:52.63!
Friday morning at 7:40 am, I'll be on the Weather Channel AMHQ with Sam Champion to discuss the wildlife impacts...
Kyle Decker- 110 high hurdles champion and state qualifier.
Proud to say I am heading down to state again! 165'1" Sectional Discus Champion
Fancy becoming a Community Champion? Look at our new video and maybe you could be bringing broadband to your area. http…
Capitalism targets African Americans specifically since it is impossible for them to champion the murderer of their ances…
A real pathbreaker: Sam Ciccone, a Champion of *** Police Officers, Dies at 71
As much as I don't want Seth Rollins to be champion he will be
Live remote aired on Friday from our beach with Sam Champion on The Weather Channel and Janny Lavery, this past...
Danny needed help from the Champion today, Task Champion, Sam to be exact! Ms Wharton
Defending champion Sam Forgan makes 6 birdies on the front 9. Out in 32 (-4).
Jahongir Vahidov becomes the champion of Uzbekistan on rapid: Tashkent hosted the first championship of Uzbek...
The Weather Channel would be SOO much better if they dropped Sam Champion and all these other weather readers and...
I was watching The Stephanie Abrams Show with Sam Champion & AMHQ. Nice Job.
Once spotted Sam Allardyce shop in Tesco direct. He is the people's champion.
For once and for all, can someone please tell me if Mike Piazza and Sam Champion actually dated?
Bless Lonnie Quinn -- the poor man's Sam out, the snark's coming out.
The thought of JR Smith being in the NBA Finals would be hilarious. . JR Smith becoming an NBA Champion? Priceless.
I feel like... the parent who MAY AS WELL buy her kid "Sam's Club Brand," or "Champion" instead of paying for "Nike" & "Polo."
Buzzfeed had an article this week where somebody tried to figure out how far Frodo and Sam walked. It was interesting.
Sam Houston Futurity Champion Ivan James Honored as 2015 Horse of the Meet at Sam Houston Race Park American...
From t-ball to state champion, I'm so proud of you Congratulations to Wando!
Congrats to my roommate and my dude Sam Migdal for becoming UCM's first national champion in golf! 🏆⛳️
Sam! Diantha and last year...before I was with we...uh...we...
Sam Parks of Cedar Key is the Class 1A adaptive Shot Put champion!
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
One to watch - 8-time Scottish amateur champion Sam Ball makes pro debut in home town of Greenock on Friday.
Say hello to the new ping pong champion in the house
"SAM YOU BETTER WIN. I ONLY DATE CHAMPIONS." Then when Sam loses. "Don't worry about it Sam. You're still the champion of my heart."
Ever wonder what to do when a is approaching? Watch this:
Little 500 riders with 3-time Indy 500 champion and the Borg Warner Trophy
We welcome to Sam has her sights set on returning as trampoline champion to the Games.
yeah okay Sam ! And Taran is the next UK boxing champion
Great to catch up & Sharing my birthday in the best month of the year with this champion
Congrats on the career premiership player and another champion that's played for
Overall it's been a good day.became a kemps champion, beat kearsley 6-2, played don't touch the white with Sam, and went to Applebee's👍
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