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Sam Champion

Samuel James Sam Champion (born August 13, 1961) is the weather anchor of ABC's Good Morning America and weather editor of ABC News.

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You will just keep going Sam till your a champion that's just how it will be, good luck xx
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yes, but the school itself shouldn't champion one faith over another by being 'Catholic' or 'Islamic'; that's why we have RE
It's about time the new big shots at the Weather Channel woke up. Dave Schwartz is the best there is not Al Roker or Sam Champion
got you and Sam out for 1st and 2nd. Got get our State Champion accolades!!
this Skywarn stormspotter wants a Sam Champion coffee cup!
See this - This is how Virat Kohli started his game of cricket … …
hits the road with stops in and beginning April 23
Tbt to our 2013 CIF Champion relay squad...and Sam :]
This weather is the worst . Making me hate . Accu weather... Don't let me catch . Sam champion out here in theses...
Council has not pushed rapid ready plan effectively to province - no champion, no leader
Sam Champion is a baffoon and detracts from the friendly nature and persona of TWC! He is sinister looking!
she wouldn't have been the best champion! Look who else was wrestling at the time! Lita, Trish, Jackie, Ivory just to name a few
Missing Sam Champion on GMA so I turned to the Weather Channel to much news but Sam still looks good!
Want Sam Champion to read your hometown's forecast on Post your town's name in the comments below and tune in!
Who will be crowned Lurking champion of 2014,will it be the offspring or the king himself
For the record: Ginger Zee is MUCH better looking then Sam Champion.
I used to enjoy watching the Weather Channel but it is totally disgusting now. Sam champion is probably one of the worse hosts I have ever seen on TWC.
golfer signs with South Atlantic Conference champion
On April 16, The Weather Channel revealed its plans to cover tornado season 2014. Sam Champion, who recently moved from a prime ABC position on "Good Morning Am
actually I'm encouraging it. I will always champion sincerity and the Hudson brothers
Sam Cooper has a show on 04/23/2014 at 08:30 PM @ Debi Champion's... in Nashville, TN
Sam.. someone in the audience is asking u to their prom
I wanna say thank y'all for all the love y'all showing the Union checking our music. On behalf of me
A fish story Champion Sam Garcia, who is 25 yrs old, fell in love with fishing, and...
she has no idea what she's doing! Madison Rayne is champion?! No! Velvet should be but I'm glad the BP Are heels now!
Give New York transplant and soon-to-be HRC honoree Sam Champion a cocktail and a kiki and Atlanta's new *** weather daddy gets Southern. Real Southern.
The vision of a champion is someone who is bent over, drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion when no one is watching.
Registered for BIA/Kelsey Leading in Local Conf in ATL? CRO Curt Hecht to keynote & TWC tour w/Sam Champion!
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She was interviewed w/ Bangtan during last week's Show Champion - here's her performance from that episode
I didn't think anyone could replace Sam Champion, but I have to say Ginger Zee is just great and a joy to watch. Love her.
just saying I can see sam champion being a art teacher the kids would love him
The real 'Champion' great to see you on WC. Sam.
So glad The Weather Channel is back on DIRECTV and glad to be able to see Sam Champion! Thx DIRECTV!
Former “Good Morning America” weather man Sam Champion, who left ABC’s top-rated morning show for The Weather Channel — partly owned by NBC — says he was taken aback by…
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Is Sam Champion his real name or did he win some award I didn't know about?
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Suffer now and live the rest of your life like a champion! - Muhammad Ali
i hated seein ppl champion sam as some Feminist Progressive character when she was obviously designed to be a Straw Feminist.
In junior finals, reigning champion won gold in 200m IM with 6th in same final.
i thought you landed a new gig on the Weather Channel but it was some guy named Sam champion.
thank you for hosting such a fun luncheon with Sam Champion!
PATTY JACKSON'S 4-1-1 WEEK ENDING: April 4th, 2014 A GMA shake up means Josh Elliott is out and Michael Strahan is in! Elliott wanted more money, an $8 million raise, but he was told no. Elliott felt he was a big factor in the show being number one, so he wanted to make money like Robin Roberts. ABC execs didn’t agree, and now Elliott has moved on to NBC Sports. He'll do Sunday Night Football and Olympics coverage. Meanwhile, Michael Strahan stays winning. The former NFL Superbowl champ and current talk show host has joined Good Morning America, and he will appear 3-4 times a week. Strahan will continue co-hosting his hit morning talker Live With Kelly & Michael and doing his Football analyst on FOX during football season. The top rated GMA has been in a behind the scenes battle ever since Robin Roberts signed a $14 million- a year deal to stay with the show. The other GMA members wanted more money too, and that’s when everything hit the fan. Sam Champion, the longtime weather guy, wanted more money, ...
missing Josh Elliott and Sam Champion . Bring them back
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Oh...first Sam Champion leaves GMA and Now Josh Elliott is leaving. guess I will be watching Channel 3
I hate most changes. I am a creature of habit! I have new work hours, new work schedule, new boss I didn't sign up for. I miss Sam Champion and Josh Elliott on GMA. But there are changes I love - not sleeping alone and not being the only girl in the house!!
Having accepted NBC’s offer, Josh Elliott is out at Good Morning America and, unlike Sam Champion, won’t be seen on the show again to say so long to colleagues on-air. But the GMA gang this morning sent Elliott off with a we’ll-miss-you…
So why didnt yall tell me that Sam Champion left GMA for The Weather Channel. And Josh Elliott is leaving for "Today". And Michael Strahan is going to GMA.
Michael Strahan is going to be on GMA part time! YAY! GMA was getting very boring…first without Sam Champion, and then Josh's departure. :( Strahan is a great host and personality, and will breathe life back into GMA!!
my disgust for Matt Lauer is higher than my disgust for Lara. But if it keeps up, I may have to watch Sam Champion on Weather Ch.
Sam Champion gone. Josh Elliot gone. GMA can officially suck it!
No more Sam Champion and now no Josh Elliot, whats going on Good Morning America?!
Josh Elliot quit GMA. Too bad. He wanted $8 million. He was making $1 million and they offered $4 million. Spoiled. George needs a buddy. Need at least two guys. Sam Champion and Josh were a good team.
"I wear an SPF 50 sunscreen and reapply it liberally every day." ––Weather Anchor, Sam Champion via
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found it. I am a champion. I have no need for goals in life now.
The last day of the Olympics should be all the gold medalist playing The Hunger Games until we have an ultimate champio…
Dayman *ah-ah-ah*. Fighter of the nightman *ah-ah-ah*. Champion of the night *ah-ah-ah*. You're a master of karate. And friendship. For everyone
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First Sam Champion left ~ now Josh...they better get some handsome men on there to sit w/ George!
While wearing a & dunking over becomes your Dunk Champion!
Another one bites the dust: Josh Elliott leaves four months after Sam Champion. What went wrong?
part of NBC breaking up GMA- 1st Sam Champion to NBC owned Weather Channel now Elliott to NBC Sports. Can't beat em hire em
Sam Champion: ‘NBC Sports is a Great Opportunity for Josh’s Heart’ - TVNewser
And you guys are the best of the best. I don't deserve you, but I'm glad I have you. Thank u.
Another disappointing exit first Sam Champion and Chris Como and now Josh . Three of the top personalities on the show they will be missed
Another disappointing exit, first with Sam Champion,Chris co. and now Jachelli Elliott
Philip Alpers from is perhaps not a champion of democratic process?
Mom, your round-the-clock voting has paid off! As a reward, I'll let u out of the basement 4 some air in the morning. htt…
if sam champion comes to host the Today Show. I will not watch the show at all.
And I'll wait the 6 months to see Sam Champion and Josh Elliott on the Today show. 120 days and counting!
I tell you if Sam Champion and Josh Elliott are on a morning show together, I'll be watching it!
I'm so annoyed right now. It seems that nbc/sports has poached two of GMA 's best guys! That would be Sam Champion and now Josh Elliot! How ever I do like the young lady taking over Josh's place and fortunately I really like Ginger Zee! Wake up management at abc. We like our abc team just the way it is!
The battle is about to begin! Chef Michelle V. Chef Sam Who will become Fire on the Rock Champion??
Jack, Arnie, Gary, Gene, Ben, Jimmy, Phil, Tiger or Sam? 'Who was the best Masters Champion?
Blessings!🙏 has not been the same since Sam Champion left😪.💜
In mourning. No Sam Champion, now no Josh Elliott. Now no more GMA for us.# disappointed
w/Sam Champion Well now I will miss you and Josh. I'm in a conundrum I won't watch Today. But I will watch AMHQ
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1st Sam Champion & now Josh Elliott, is NBC poaching Good Morning America talent to end its domination over Today?
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Went to breakfast and ran into 2010 Champion Sam Stosur
First Sam Champion and now Josh Elliot! : you have to start doing what you can to hang onto these good people!!
Celebs and news Sam Champion on Josh Elliott's ABC Departure: 'I Know That Fans of 'GMA' Are ... - TheWrap: Th...
I am so depressed that my man Josh Elliot suddenly up and left Good Morning America. My fave morning news show already had Sam Champion leave for the Weather Channel. Those guys were so funny together. Now there are way too many women they arent as funny as the guys. :-(
When I tune in to Good Morning America, I do not want a morning session of The View. What were you thinking letting both Sam Champion and Josh Elliott jump ship? I think you are heading in the wrong direction. Congratulations to TWC and NBC!
Sam Champion wished fond farewell to Josh Elliot on
Josh Elliott is leaving ABC’s “Good Morning America” for NBC Sports, the second defection from TV’s number-one morning program in recent months. Longtime meteorologist Sam Champion left the program in early December. In a memo to staffers, ABC News President Ben Sherwood said Amy Robach would succee...
Rather stark, unceremonious exit for Josh Elliott this morning on Good Morning America. Don't really have an opinion about him, but that's the second major anchor to leave GMA for NBC in the last few weeks. (Sam Champion made the leap to The Weather Channel.)
I am in mourning for those who have left GMA. It was the best morning show! Had a difficult time getting over Sam Champion defecting but, now Josh Elliot. Broken Heart!
I'm kind of sad that two of my favorite guys on Good Morning America are now gone, Sam Champion and now Josh Elliot. I wish them well, but miss them at the beginning of my morning.
What's going on with Good Morning America.Sam Champion gone now Josh Elliott.that's my morning show.
Dear Weather Channel, Why would you think we would want the Fluff and Stuff of Sam Champion over the intelligent meteorologist like Mike Bettes, Jen Carfagno, Maria LaRosa, Stephanie Abrams, Jim Cantore and all the weather experts that we have all grown to know and love like family. Great if you just want to add him to the lineup, but to put him in the top spot over those who worked so hard and long for you is just WRONG! Most of these others have been out in the storms putting their very lives on the line to help us all stay safe. Then you dump them into the shadows for a "morning show". WE WANT OUR WEATHER TEAM BACK!
I love the Weather Channel, but I am not happy with the new AM format. If I wanted to watch a talk show, I'd tune in elsewhere. And if I wanted Sam Champion to be my weather guy, I'd have watched GMA! Nothing against Sam Champion, just more upset that Mike Bettes is being pushed aside. :(
Huge favor for my SoCal peeps: Can someone DVR "AMHQ with Sam Champion" on The Weather Channel between 4-6AM Pacific Standard Time? My a capella group is singing on national TV and I wanna see it! Anyone in LA IE or OC?!?!?
In case you didn't get the news yesterday, Tomorrow Will Be Televised opens March this Monday LIVE from the studios of Brooklyn Independent TV, the local Emmy-nominated service carried there on Cablevision Systems, RCN, Time Warner Cable and Verizon Fios TV. We'll have Matt Williams, the acclaimed Roseanne creator/Home Improvement co-creator now doing George Lopez's new comedy Saint George on FX, and Scott Warren, executive producer of AMHQ, The Weather Channel's new morning program co-anchored by Sam Champion. And yes, we'll be televised, as in simulcast on TV. Catch this special edition live at 3 p.m. Eastern time/noon Pacific on both BlogTalk Radio and Brooklyn Independent TV. See or hear you then!
Just made up Super Nanny Jo Frost and weatherman Sam Champion,. for Dr Oz.
I know Sam Champion isn't coming back but...I still don't trust Ginger Zee with the weather. She doesn't seem believable.
After Al Roker rode the 2 man luge sled down the hill under Matt Laur I hope he doesn't start doing the weather like Sam Champion too.
I saw Sam Champion on the Today Show this morning and now I'm feeling all kinds of betrayed.
If you combined Amy Freeze, Ginger Zee, Sam Champion and Lonnie Quinn together they wouldn't be as good a weather girl as I am. Although it would be a hot Frankenstein, but *** I'm cute too!
Ginger Zee, weather person on Good Morning America, said someone wrote her that all the horrible weather was her fault since it started right after she took over for Sam Champion. Really?!?!?! Are people THAT stupid?!?!?!
Every morning I watch the beginning of Good Morning America!! I honestly miss Sam Champion! There is no chemistry with Ginger Zee!! Pay Sam what he wants!! Please!!
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OK so global climate change: did any one notice that when Sam Champion was on Good Morning America weather was normal - BUT THE MINUTE Ginger Zee took is place the North East has been on ICE event after another - I think Gaia had a thing for our boy Sam and is giving Ginger Zee the cold shoulder in hopes to get Sam back - like if you agree :-)
Robin Roberts didn't come out until Sam Champion left GMA. 1 *** celebrity at a time.
Video: Sam Warburton compares his golf swing to US Masters champion Adam Scott
Olympic canoe champion Baillie quits: Tim Baillie, who won Olympic canoe slalom gold with Etienne Stott at Lon...
I wish Sam Champion could do something about the dolphin slaughter going on NOW in Taiji, Japan! Maybe SEAWORLD could STOP the dolphin & whale shows! They were NOT born to PERFORM for people. They were born to LIVE FREE, & swim where they want. "SEA RESCUE" always shows the people from SeaWorld always helping the dolphins who are injured. Why can't they help the dolphins DYING right now in TAIJI??
Sam Hoffman is the Undisputed Just Dance Champion of the World
If I turn on the news and hear Sam Champion say more snow I'm taking that medal back and changing his name to Sam AlsoRan.
PRO Open World Champion, Sam Harvey running at the front of the pack in 2008 at the IJSBA World Finals on...
“tbt to when Sam sent me nudes” Yeah lets tell the world , gonna kill you 😁
I'm so happy that you've replaced Sam Champion. You are doing a great job. Much success to you.
lmaoo them 2 and Sam champion had a 3sum In lake farms
Does ANYONE know where my SAM CHAMPION went!!!? I miss him!
What "they" don't realize is that not only do we control the weather but Sam Champion is our King!
“ESPN giving the 2014 National Champion Kentucky Wildcat cheerleaders some love during the break.
I'd mostly tuned out twc but am a big Sam champion fan, so I watched his storm coverage the other day. He's a great hire.
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Why 2014 is the year to champion women authors
Sam Champion is great, no question...but STORM FIELD?!
i'm not sure how it gets better than Sam Champion
Weatherman job qualifications: have slick blond hair, look like Sam Champion . Lastly, always make yourself available for Mike Francesa
Congratulations to Yr 7 Kenan Wilkes who was awarded Wakefield Express champion child by Clare Frisby! ht…
my answer is still no. The hiring of Sam Champion just shows that the channel is no longer a "weather" channel.
we had in 97 adrian as T.D & jacques as champion. then in 98 sam as T.D (williams mecachrome) dismal! NEVER REGAINED THE MOJO!
It was a pleasure training alongside the most fittest world in the world, Crossfit Games Champion Sam…
They just hired Sam Champion as their guy. He doesn't even have a degree in meteorology. That's all you need …
I'm not playing. that champion trainer finds me I will not lose I will fight for my freedom fight for the truth fight for humanity
18 year old bowls woman champion from Ipswich
Enjoying watching GMA on snow day. Josh Elliott most of all. Missing Sam Champion though.
I love Good Morning America but I Mia Sam Champion and his laughter
We're delighted to welcome to the PDC - exclusive reaction from the Lakeside Champion here:
I will miss Sam Champion in the mornings on channel 7 , GOOD LUCK SAM
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Sam Champion, the hunky *** weatherman, warmed up the airwaves in Atlanta this morning when he made his debut on The Weather Channel.
Timing is everything. I'm glad Sam Champion left ABC right before this last month of frigid weather. Ginger Zee in the morning, Ginger Zee in the evening.
Per Sam Champion there is one model that shows a storm like yesterday's during the Super Bowl. LOL. Only one model showing it currently.
Is that our Sam Champion? Cranston-Calvert school, Newport, 6th grade.72-73, Mrs. Estes homeroom. The same? The weatherman formerly on ABC, now on NBC and the Weatherchannel? He's got the same eyes, same laugh...only 40 years older, blonder and slimmer. Anyone?
Seems odd seeing Sam Champion with Al Roker on the TODAY Show. He's doing location shots for The Weather Channel.
Why is Sam Champion on the Today show?
Sam Champion reporting from Atlanta on The Weather Channel! He's flaming so hard, you barely notice it's only 17 degrees outside...
Woo hoo. Seen my man Sam Champion this morning on the Weather Channel
Ok peeps. i'm confused. Are Sam Champion and Carson Daly now apart of the TODAY news team???
Welcome to the NBC Today Show family. Al Roker to Sam Champion: "Sam, those rosy cheeks and nose I don't think has anything to do with rouge."
Wait, did I just see Al Roker talking to Sam Champion on about the weather??? and what is this madness?
With a name like Sam Champion, you have no other choice but to be involved with the news somehow.
Wow! Sam Champion on the Today show. Folks at ABC are probably cringing
Kathie from NC - so glad to see Sam back on TV. Good luck Sam!- Sam Champion's Debut
Who has seen Sam Champion on air?! I'm on air again with Sam at 5:40, 6:40, and 7:40p eastern to talk about the propane shortage affecting the country. But I'm here in-between... so.. let's chat! How's everyone doing today?!
Decided to step up my game. Here is video of a moving sunset. So cool to see! Yes, that is the Mike Seidel, Jim Cantore & Sam Champion on in the background. ;)
Sam Champion makes his The Weather Channel debut on Weather Center Live!
Does anyone know why Sam Champion is no longer on Good Morning America? Just wondering.
It's nice seeing Sam Champion, from ABC news down here in Atlanta on the Weather Channel! Glad to see him locally!
Im soo loving this evening.curled up with a blanket and enjoying a glass of Chardonnay and a 3-Musketeer bar and watching Sam Champion on The Weather Channel.
Que up the weather man with rolled up sleeves and crazy sideways snow. Oh no. NYC is getting snow! Sam Champion might break a sweat soon...
It feels good to be off the roads although I was having fun blasting my music while in a snowy daze. But, it does seem weird to see Sam Champion on the Weather Channel anchor desk. I miss him at Good Morning America. :( sad face.
First time I have noticed Sam Champion on The Weather Channel since he left ABC. He's been on the air for hours with this winter storm and is doing a great job.
Just watched Sam Champion on the Weather Channel. Hope his friends from GMA are also watching. Good to see him again.
I am in meteorology bliss! I came home early today to be with TJ who was home sick, and fell asleep because I am still not feeling great. Well I woke up to see Sam Champion on The Weather Channel. His first day, and he is doing an awesome job!!! Great rapport with the team, and his years with Eyewitness News have prepared him well. So happy for him. A loss for NY, but yea for my home state of GA. Great seeing my favorite meteorologists in one place!!
Wierd to see Sam Champion on the Weather Channel. Good Move..
And what heck is Sam Champion doing on the Weather Channel?
Well nothing like an early day at work and the prospective of a closed office tomorrow! Another rum please bartender! OH! I am home, no bartender. Rog does the 6P Proper Planning Prevents *** Poor Performance... Stopped at the L store on the way home 1- Sailor, 2- red wine. Jeez I forgot bread, milk, oj, eggs, $ 00.00, I have ice priceless. Will be in the garage watching the snow & enjoying a cigar a little later. Sam Champion on Weather Channel, debut appearance. Did Sam plan this? Plow drivers FYI have rum if you want to stop by! Another rum please.. Jeeze I hate having to get my own drink! Stay safe my friends! MOHALO!
I wish that I had known that it was going to snow today. I guess that I should sign on to FB more often than I do since everybody pretends to play Sam Champion when bad weather is coming into the area!
Sam Champion is back - he is on The Weather Channel!!! I can't find it in HD and he is not looking as good as he did on Channel 7.
Sam Champion is on the Weather Channel! Love it!
Oh my GMA flashback-watching Sam Champion on the Weather Channel!
Great to see Sam Champion at the desk on the Weather Channel. Not used to seeing him sitting down at a desk.
Wahoo!!! The planet's two coolest meteorologists are now both on the Weather Channel...Jim Cantore and Sam Champion. Guess I'll be watching Channel 7 more now!!! Today is Sam's first day since he left GMA. Again I say Wahoo!!!
Margaret Walton, you are not missing much with the Weather Channel dilemma. Stupid sam champion has now joined the team.
Sorry ya, but I prefer Sam Champion over Al Roker!
So cool to see Sam Champion from ABC now on the Weather Channel
Sam Champion is on The Weather Channel broadcasting today!!
Sam Champion s on the Weather Channel...looking good.
I'm watching Sam Champion on The Weather Channel ~ it's coming down hard ...
Today is the 1st day I'm seeing Sam Champion on The Weather Channel. 33 cheers for Sam ! !
Sam Champion is now on the Weather Channel. Sure miss him on GMA every morning.
Watching Sam Champion on Weather Channel - missed him.
Sam Champion his first day on the Weather Channel since he left Good Morning America
Getting ready to watch my former student Shawn Reynolds produce his newest Weather Channel anchor, Sam Champion, at 4:00 pm. Shawn, see what you can do about these frigid temps, will you?!!
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Former 'Good Morning America' weatherman Sam Champion makes his Weather Channel debut today:
Join us from 4-8pm as Sam Champion debuts with Maria LaRosa! They will take good care of you!!
Fans who miss Sam Champion on Good Morning America can catch his Weather Channel debut from 4 to 8 p.m. today. Champion will be in the Atlanta studios to cover Winter Storm Janus. He will be working with Jim Cantore … Continue reading → [ 27 more words. ]
It's raining cats and dogs at the Weather Channel. Just weeks after snagging high-profile “Good Morning America” weatherman Sam Champion, the NBC-co-owned weather station has been tossed off of DirectTV in a contract dispute over carriage…
Are you stuck on the roads, trapped at an airport or train station? Sam Champion wants to hear from you! Send us your story that we will share on Weather Center Live today starting today at 4pmET. Submit your photos and videos using
Sam Champion set to debut on the Weather Channel today at 4 p.m. Details here:
Sam Champion will make his debut on The Weather Channel at 4pm ET today. He’ll be anchoring our continuing live coverage of Winter Storm from Atlanta, with reports from Stephanie Abrams, Jim Cantore and Mike Seidel in the field.
I don't mean to sound like Sam Champion or the traffic copter on Eyewitness News but it is getting bad out there. It took me an hour and fifteen minutes to get home and it usually takes me 20-25. If you can leave work early, do so and take your time and be safe.
Thanks to my friend Jeff Weber and his Accu-Weber page for giving me NJ snowfall totals without the TV weather frou-frou and bad jokes. In other news, did you know that Sam Champion is actually Sam Champion's real name?
*sigh* just isn't the same without Sam Champion.
Based on Expert Analysis!!! With a "tinge in the air" in conjunction with slightly crawling and unpredictable downward and slitherlike upward ascendance,: The weather tomorrow is a toss up! Whose the Natzi NJ Politico thats telling Sam Champion that hes got to let his hair grow out his natural color to gray or else! In the Mean time, is he paying the freight for the Top Hat hes gotta wear in transiton! Listen to Morano 970 am 6-9! 4am Snday Nights! What the fch? Skiwa 12-3 During the week 770! The jerk Lawyer that hes forced to work with for his the cusines sustenence doesnt necessarily represent a Percy Sutton Philosohy, so hes there to pass the basket on one of those long poles! Not uncommon to swipe a token or two! Ignore! Apedto!
Now that the 3 day weekend is over we're getting a special welcome back to work present tomorrow: 6" of snow! I hope you're wrong Sam Champion
I do not recognize Weather Channel names for winter storms. Sorry Sam Champion. I shall call this one winter snafu Chuck. Make it so.
I am so proud to add TV Presenter Sam Champion & Acclaimed Artist Rubem Robierb to WHISPERING ANGELS impressive HONORARY BOARD. Thank you both so much for helping raise our profile.
Dear Weather Channel, where is my Sam Champion?
Sam Champion I got coupons for Bucca location Sam Francisco lol
Is it true that Mr Smith used to be a cross country champion or is that a bit of artistic license in your mock exam response?
the best we can do now is get rid of Sam and start bedding on one or two of the kids for next season in the champion
Am I the last one to find out about Sam Champion having a show in which he rescues sea creatures??
Sea Rescue with Sam Champion is such a great program!
“Is Al Roker's 'Today' job in peril? Definitely .. Very awkward when Sam champion walked on set.
Just read that NBC might be looking to dump Al Roker. Seems that since Sam Champion is now on the Weather Channel (which they own) they would put him in Al's spot. Sam is great,but Roker IS the Today Show. Some Dunce in a suit refuses to see that the problem at the Today Show is Matt Lauer. He was nice and cute when he started and has become mean and pompous as time has gone by.
Beautiful. Beautiful man smart kind trustworthy loyal teamplayer god fearing good manners
Sam died tonight, threw up multiple times, then came back and crushed Dominos with us.
We shall continue to tirelessly champion for the rights of the downtrodden in Kenya.
Diff btw champion & underachiever; 1 recognises 2 get best from latter yrs hires ex-champion, other hires no-name coach; Fed v.Sam
One of The Weather Channel newest employee, Sam Champion chats with Al and Stephanie about his new show coming in March.
You're a great champion for the MFC Sam, one of my favourite fighters to watch. Represent the sport well too.
Shelbycounty dog show finally over. Sam and daisy took 2nd place in agility division and reserve grand champion. Way to g…
hey hun it's sam my other love is this band ... Check it The Chevin - Champion via
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Am there tomorrow Sam, no chance at Cheltenham if you are thinking Champion Hurdle though, IMO
I sure will! I wake up to you all every day. Though I'm already sad Sam Champion won't be there too!
By Sam Weinman Muhammad Ali, heavyweight champion, activist, improvisational poet, will never add "
I know that you are a champion for many good things, I wanted to tell you about Sam's Race
L to R: Spelling Bee Champion Sam Hansen and Geography Bee Champion Cole Cothron. Way to go boys!
Here are the top 35 finishers in today's Spelling Bee. Congratulations to champion Sam Hansen!
Parallel parked all by my self & didn't kill or maim anyone-- nor did I damage any property. AND did it in 1 try! Feeling like a champion.
Look who's joining We're happy to welcome to our team of weather rock stars!
if you want to see Sam Champion on direct tv, you better pay up!
3- Number of consecutive wins against on FIFA. Champion.
Some people assume and say for so long that Robin Roberts is *** OR Whatever name we call it, Sam Champion and all the Rest Millionaires and so forth, BUT" we hug them and promote their life and their work that they do because they are Celebrities and have a house hold name. Why In God's world A POOR MAN OR WOMAN FROM THE GHETTO. That is *** We cannot love that man or woman Enough to let them live and let God be their Judge and Juror. I am not saying You have to live or eat with them but Let them live because those same people is YOUR BOSS, CO-WORKERS, SISTERS AND BROTHERS But they are Afraid to tell you because They already heard your past remarks on Others. I GUESS That is why we have so many IN CLOSET Men and WOMEN TODAY. People. it is time to Stop playing God and learn to Dream, Love and Build a Unified Community. am gone be good and let us love one another regardless of Sex, color or Creed.
Good Morning America weatherman Sam Champion, who has been with ABC's morning program since 2006,  is leaving the network to join the Weather Channel as t
I was standing next to Sam Champion at the airport and kept saying to myself it was him..and it was. Girl crush on the weather man 😍
Not real sold on Ginger Zee on gma. Missing my Sam champion
NOTICE Al Roker & sam Champion are NEVER around when it gets serious? why? Because THEY are not serioius
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Hiring Al Roker & Sam Champion to present weather ?PLEASE shut up. You guys are a joke
Early 90's. Sam'Tu-Dang instructors (from left to right). Branch Master and 1992 world champion Jeffrey Alexander...
I miss Sam Champion on There, I said it.
For the second day in a row Sam Champion invades Al Roker's turf.
I like to watch GMA in the morning before I take my kids to school and I miss Sam Champion on there I love his energy sorry Ginger Zee you are good just miss Sam
Sam FIGHTING! Let's take the champion for the futsal game!
Video on Today: Weatherman Sam Champion, who recently joined The Weather Channel as managing editor, talks about his friendship with Al Roker and what to expect for a new three-hour morning show that he will anchor.
Didn't realize Weather Channel was part of NBC… It makes me sad to see Sam Champion competing against GMA :-(
OMG, I cant believe Sam Champion is off GMA,Ugh!
Former GMA Sam Champion dropped into the ‘Today’ show yesterday- Says Al Roker was 1st friend in NYC--Awww!
Naww,poor Sam,was still great effort from a champion player.
not saying she won't test Serena and love Ana but a champion to describe here beating Sam in Australia is a bit much
Look on the face of boy who was given Stosur's racquet was priceless. Well done Sam - always a champion.
That's what makes Sam a giving her racquet to a fan
Feeling sorry for Sam. Really wanted to do well at her home slam. But Ana is just a champion. Expect her to test Williams
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Sam Champion visits 'Today' show: Former 'GMA' weatherman sets off new
Virginia Wade really took no longer being the last British Wimbledon singles champion to heart, huh
Anyone would be afraid of Sam Stosur with those legs for arms! I'll bet she packs a punch.
Come on Sam you can do this, you are a champion and we are proud of you. One point at a time Sam, all you h…
Sam Champion goes on Today to plug his new Weather Channel show via
Here's our lil champion, Sam the Valley Bulldog! Growing strong and weighing in at 8.8lbs! Love you…
VIDEO: See what happened when Sam Champion stopped by the Today show to talk to Al Roker:
Sam!!! Sam champion I MISS my BABY GMA is not the same Sam my man!!! MISS YOU!
Sam Champion made his first appearance on the "Today" show Thursday morning. Champion left ABC News' "Good Morning America" in December after seven years to take on a new gig as host and managing editor at the Weather Channel, a network part owned by NBC Universal.
wonderin g why Sam Champion was on the Today show this morning
Sam Champion is on the Today Show today. I hope that won't become a normal thing. I just do not care for him.
Sam Champion stopped by TODAY Thursday for the first time since he joined The Weather Channel.
Wow. Sam Champion is on the Today Show now! Awesome.
WOW stole Sam Champion from and - he really must not have been happy to make that jump! WOW! I love tv contract deals!!!
Where is Sam Champion? Hasn't been on GMA for past 3 days. Hope he is just on vacay...
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Proof that the Today Show is a million times better than Good Morning America, even Sam Champion switched sides!
You will recognize New Weather person for NBC. The mystery resolved. Sam Champion moved to NBC. Wow.
Sam Champion has joined The Today Show!!! I am in weather heaven!
Very weird seeing Sam Champion on the Today show. They were all laughing and taking selfies with him on air. The transformation to GMA is almost complete. I am a Today show fan that is NOT happy with the direction they are going.
NBC welcomes Sam Champion to the family. FABULOUS.
First the Weather Channel goes off of Direct TV now Sam Champion is on NBC a month after he left GMA to go to The Weather Channel?
Sam Champion has switched to NBC and was on the Today show! Love
Sam Champion is now on the Today Show!! My mornings just got better! :)
Did Sam Champion get cheek implants? He looks different...
Met Sam Champion in the streets of NYC, score!!! :)
Look who is the newest member of the NBC Universal family! Welcome aboard Sam Champion!
I thought Sam Champion was going to the Weather Channel. Now he's on The Today Show. What's up with that?
The sudden appearance of Sam Champion on The Today Show is disturbing. Al Roker better watch his back! Ann Curry is just a blip on their cold hearted radar.
sam champion just announced joining NBC family via Weather Channel and was welcomed by Al Roker and the rest of the today show. i can't tell you how excited i was since loved sam champion when he was the weather guy on channel 7... then i realized what a dork i was for being so excited...
To all of you GMA fans, Sam Champion just showed up on The Today Show this a.m.
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U know I'm vacation when I'm saying Good Morning America let Sam Champion (The Weather Guy) get away to NBC.
Strange to see Sam Champion on the Today Show!
Sam Champion joins Today show. Now I'm interested in the weather ;)
The TODAY show cast welcomed Sam Champion go the Weather Channel & NBC family this morning in a blatant display of self-promotion.
Al Roker and Sam Champion on the same morning show!? Madness!
Sam Champion is now on the Weather Channel and NBC alright
Sam Champion is now a member of the NBC family??!! Whoa! Wow
Wo agh oh SAM CHAMPION is joining the Today's show Weather Channel .. (ok) who the heck is Sam champion ??? Lol. **note to self . Pretty blue eyes .lol
weird seeing Sam Champion on channel 4!!!
O DEAR Matt Lauer you are not the prettiest gurl any more. Sam Champion is at the table!!!
Back to watching Today...Sam Champion joined the cast!
Sam Champion is back!! On the Weather Channel but making a cameo on the Today Show just now.
EKU grads, Sam Champion is on The Today show this morning.
More information on Sam Champion joining The Weather Channel has emerged. The former "Good Morning America" weather anchor left the top-rated ABC news program t
Sam Champion "I'm not a meteorologist, but I play one on TV". Nice one. Stay Firm,
Sam champion I think just joined their staff.
Hiring Sam Champion as their new morning show host starting in March doesn't speak to an emphasis on weather science.
Sam Champion goes to The Weather Channel... and now DirecTV has dropped them from their lineup. Coincidence?? Hm...
It better not air on And do not bring back and Sam Champion as hosts
DirecTV may stop carrying The Weather Channel. As a DirecTV subscriber, I'm not really concerned. I have to say that there are so many better resources for Weather now, including EPAWA and Severe NJ Weather, as well as apps (and I do look at Weather Channel's app), that I really haven't looked at The Weather Channel on TV in more than a year - pre Hurricane Sandy. There are too many commercials, so it really isn't on demand. I did watch a Hurricane Sandy show after that on Weather Channel once and that's before we moved to DirecTV. Sorry Sam Champion and Jim Cantore.
as of MIdnight Tonight {Tuesday 4th January 2014 } AJ Lee will become the New Longest Reigning WWE Divas Champion
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