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Sam Brownback

Samuel Dale Sam Brownback (born September 12, 1956) is an American politician who has been the 46th Governor of Kansas since January 2011. A member of the Republican Party, he served as a U.S.

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2/3 Kansas was ENTIRELY taken over by conservative Republicans. RAPIDLY, their schools & infrastructure FAILED:
Sam Brownback vetoed a Medicaid expansion in Kansas,
I wonder what Gov Sam Brownback said when Sen Jerry Moran came out against I'm surprised he didn't have a heart attack
Over dinner, Sam Brownback confesses to President Trump that environmental activists are on point. Chris Christie gets an extreme makeover.
An example of the rights solution is Sam Brownback in Kansas
Gov. Sam Brownback says Sheridan County irrigators are protecting the Ogallala Aquifer and still raising crops.
Every such news release should be appended with the results of the Kansas tax cut fiasco
In 2012, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback signed into law one of the largest tax cuts for the wealthy and large corporations in st…
Very Koch/MAGA friendly, His FB has pics with Margorie D (abortion activist), Sam…
Good job ignoring the fact that the two least popular governors are & Sam brownback. Also baker…
The wealthy just keep the $. It does not get spent or create jobs.
BREAKING: Sam Brownback ties for LOWEST approval rating for a governor in America.
2007 flashback: pres candidate Sam Brownback addresses the multitudes in New Hampshire:
States=labs of democracy, right? Kansas's big tea-party tax cut failed bigtime. GOP legislators override Brownback
Kansas Republicans learned that Rex's ideas don't work, when will Missouri's?
Kansas Republicans learned Rex's ideas don't work. When will Missouri's?
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Hopeful GOP doesn't follow KS down this path
Sam Brownback’s trickle down “experiment” has officially failed as they all do .
Missouri is following in the footprint of Kansas and Rex Sinquefield. We can change our ways!
A species of Republican identified by traits of principled leadership and pragmatism discovered in Kansas:.
Draconian tax cuts don't work in Kansas- won't work in Minnesota either. GOP wants to take state in wrong direction https…
State legislators in Kansas have finally called a halt to Gov. Sam Brownback’s experiment to create a red-state ...
Sam Brownback's grand tax experiment reaches the end of the line in Kansas.
Not to worry, I'm sure this will work splendidly in the other 49 states.
Sam Brownback promised an economic bonanza from gutting government programs & slashing taxes. It was a complete...
Gov. Sam Brownback slams lawmakers and refuses to take questions
When things got bad in used to joke "at least we're not KS." Can't say that now. MO, Rex's ideas don't work. h…
Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback and Christie are among the worst Gov's in a very long time. Next…
Looks like those magical Republican tax cuts don't pay for themselves after all.
This is Republican ideology in real life & it's not pretty: Brownback Tax Cuts Set Off Revolt by Kansas Republicans
All 4 making changes to improve situation but making this retro to 1/1 is going 2 crush small biz owners & farmers
Governor Brownback’s deeply conservative state has turned on him? Maybe there is hope for 'The Manipulated'.
Kansas abandons massive tax cuts that provided model for Trump's plan
The Kansas legislature has finally decided to nix Sam Brownback's nightmarish tax cuts.
Criminal bully though he is, Chris Christie isn't close to Sam Brownback in the competition for worst governor.
can only hope Trump hires loser Sam Brownback, the Governor who destroyed the state
Trump speech empty promises did not say how he will bring jobs back Lot of hot air see Kansas Governor Sam Brownback
Victims of Olathe bar attack to be honored by Gov. Sam Brownback, Kansas Legislature
Sam Brownback can destroy an entire state, how hard could a cabinet department or other independent federal agency…
Sam Brownback might be named an ambassador I can see why he might want to flee Kansas
I was going to ask if it was possible to be a worse governor than Sam Brownback, but then I remembered Bobby Jindal.
When one of Sam Brownback's dogmatic ideas fails, he reaches for another: this time, privatizing education.
Tax-raising liberal Jerry Brown and tax-slashing true believer Sam Brownback took office at the same time. How's it going?…
BREAKING: As KCI discussions stall, Sam Brownback explores the possibility of an airport in Johnson County.
I weep for my home state. Bruce Rauner, Scott Walker, Sam Brownback, & their ideological cohort are parasites, suck…
I mention you in passing. Sam Brownback asked about being the worst governor in the US. .
Clay County is in impoverished eastern Kentucky. Bevin is Republican governor who's trying outdo Sam Brownback's aw…
Kansas' very conservative governor, Sam Brownback, pushed for huge tax cuts that were supposed to stimulate the eco…
Now three possible finalist for AgSec ,Sam Brownback, Chuck Conor, Sid Miller, Sonny Perdue. Source Fox News. All would be solid choices.
Ryan will kiss Trump's a** to implement his conservative agenda. Together they will do 4 U.S. what Sam Brownback did 4 Kansas
Today, as we look back on the history of our nation and take note of h...
Kansas Brownback’s trickle-down econ experiment is so bad state stopped reporting on it via
.trying to pretend this election isn't about Brownback. Sorry, Sam and his have damaged KS more than ISIS has.
I'd like to hear your thoughts on Sam Brownback and KS economy perhaps in your podcast?
. Have you read about what Sam Brownback has done???
We must take proactive steps to promote democracy and human rights abr...
Retain all Kansas judges so Sam Brownback can't appoint any more of his own.
Brownback prays votes out Supreme Court judges. He'd get TONS of power. Tell Sam NO! Oust ALL his allies!
What if you ran an experiment to see if works? Sam is proving, yet again that it doesn't.
Do you believe Sam Brownback's tax plan is working? Did you vote to increase sales tax last year?
Sam Brownback trying to hide his destruction of Kansas. What's the matter with Kansas?! Vote to oust conservatives!.
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Gov. Sam Brownback, despite promising to measure the results of a “real life experiment” in cutting taxes, has...
Do Kansans want Sam Brownback picking even MORE Supreme Court justices? Yikes. Retain the justices on Nov. 8…
"What the campaign is about is giving Gov. Sam Brownback and his cohorts immediate control over the judicial...
Trailing in the polls, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback sinks to despicable new low
A local Kansas City paper has printed a Sam Brownback cut-out mask on the cover.
You can vote now in Kansas! See who we recommend, candidates who'll represent you, not Sam Brownback:
Poor Gov Sam Brownback had no $ in account so he fired accountant because he could not pay him! "What Happen…
Those nasty revenue reports? Brownback will discontinue them so the public can't see how bad Kansas is doing. https:…
I think Sam Brownback may be the worst governor in American history (if you exclude corrupt/criminal governors)
Sam Brownback's 'sunshine' on tax cuts vanishes behind a big, dark cloud
Dems just nominated a woman and now we should trust our rights to Greg Abbott, Sam Brownback, Scott Walker, et al? Concern troll
Watching this RNC I am beginning to think that Trent Lott, John Ashcroft and Sam Brownback were a bunch of lilly-livered liberals
Nixon resigned with a higher approval rating than Gov. Sam Brownback has in Kansas today:
4 Ex-Governors in Kansas Rebuke Brownback: Yael T. Abouhalkah, Kansas City Star: Gov. Sam Brownback and his e...
TheChat: Gov. Jay Nixon touts record of not raising taxes: And...Gov. Sam Brownback once again confronts lousy…
Have you ever seen a picture of Brownback where he doesn't look like he's currently/about to mansplain something?.
Gov. Sam Brownback of Kansas wanted to create a conservative utopia to be replicated across US. It didn’t work out.
Sam Brownback was at the same graduation party as me tonight. I really wanted to ask if he was actually supporting education or?
Sam brownback the worst Governor in Kansas History
I hope I run into sam brownback next year on the streets of topeka then it'll really go down
Raise your hand if you voted for Sam Brownback. Okay, with that hand, proceed to slapping your self in the face.
At this point I would rather have Sam Brownback for President than Donald Trump. And that's sayin something
Sam voted for Sebelius to be Obama's Sec of Health. just mad conservatives blasting Brownback too
Everybody has values. Now, you know it may be formed in a secular setting, ...
Has anyone asked if Gov Sam Brownback asked Rep Paul Ryan for fiscal advice?
Gov. Sam Brownback retains his title as 'America's most unpopular governor'
And then Gov. Sam Brownback signed a bill doubling the production capacity for microbreweries in Kansas. (Good news!!)
| | Gov. Sam Brownback, pizza magnate collide in bill controversy
Rep. Senator Sam Brownback & Opus Dei via Constantine Report. Running for President. He converted from what?
Trickle-down economics has ruined Kansas' economy—& it threatens to launch a civil war within the state's GOP party https:…
Someone please create a petition for Sam Brownback to hold a conference where he has to talk about his experiment. Politicians suck.
Sam Brownback gutted Kansas: How America’s worst governor and an ultra-conservative ideology...
Gov Sam Brownback is the worst of the worst governor I hope people think more wiser next time around
I've notified that KS is leaving refugee relocation program due to concerns for the safety of Kansans. h…
Republican Sen. Forrest Knox, a conservative extremist who calls Governor Sam Brownback a "hero" for his...
Sam Brownback needs to be on this list as well
Governor Sam Brownback signs five bills into law
A measure approved by Republican Gov. Sam Brownback reduces some penalties for possessing marijuana
He's using that math that Sam Brownback made popular in Kansas budgets
None of us takes amending the Constitution lightly. The plain fact is this ...
Sam Brownback "wins" again: Still America's most unpopular governor in new survey.
Governor Sam Brownback signs three bills into law
Gov. Sam Brownback retains his title as ‘America’s most unpopular governor’
Sam Brownback: Tax extortion or tax fairness?
The gang that helped Gov. Sam Brownback wreck Kansas
A survey says the least popular governor in the U.S. is Sam Brownback (Kansas). Gov. Bentley wasn't in the bottom 10
Poll: Malloy is the 2nd-least popular governor in the US. Who's No. 1? Yep, Gov. Sam Brownback
Gov. Sam Brownback is now addressing the crowd at Envision.
The Latest: Kansas Governor, Top Democrat Spar Over Taxes: Republican Gov. Sam Brownback says it would not be ...
Gov. Sam Brownback announces he will delay $93 million payment to public employee pension fund.
Kansas Delaying Contributions To Public Employee Pensions: Gov. Sam Brownback announced today that he will delay…
Kansas Supreme Court sets May 10 oral arguments in school finance case: Gov. Sam Brownback signed a bill this ...
New Southwest Kansas Wind Farm To Power KCK: A new wind energy project announced today by Gov. Sam Brownback is one…
Sam Brownback signs Kansas school finance legislation responding to court order
FOR SALE: Gov. Sam Brownback. Abilities: Ruining a state. Price: We will pay you to take him. Please help. Sincerely,. The Peo…
Gov. Sam Brownback addressing Rotary leaders @ PETS 2016 about the importance of servant leadership.
Yael T. Abouhalkah: Facts beat fiction spewed by Gov. Sam Brownback on Kansas economy
U.S. House of Representatives: Calling for the resignation/impeachment of Gov. Sam Brownback - Sign t... via
Kansans must take a stand to rebuild the state's future and nullify Gov. Sam Brownback https:/…
"To save Kansas, the destructive policies of Gov. Sam Brownback must be repealed. The course of action laid out...
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Latest: Kansas Governor Declares State of Disaster Amid Fire: Gov. Sam Brownback has declared a state of disaster…
Sam Brownback offers his endorsement to a bucket of milk. . Milk curdles. Bucket explodes into flame.
is more popular in Kansas than Republican Governor Sam Brownback or the Republican Legislature. Wow.
This is what happens when you support the job creators by tanking your budget and punishing the takers. You...
Sam Brownback: "Let's create a legal system that can work."
Gov. Sam Brownback is cutting aid to Kansas schools by $44.5 million
like when he joined Sam Brownback, Tom Coburn, & Jim Demint in their effort to cancel TARP money for GM & Chysler?
two words: Rick Santorum. Two more words: Sam Brownback. Getting the picture of KS?
He did win Kansas, which has predicted the Dem nominee correctly for the past 50 years...but they also elected Sam Brownback 2xs
I imagine Trump as president would do as great a job in office as Sam Brownback has as Governor of Kansas aka wreck every…
Sam Brownback kiss's KOCHs *** so much it shows on McConnell's face. VOTEBLUE h…
Sam fail again Ks growth in 2014 lagged region nation htt…
Don't let do to KY what Tea Party Republican Sam Brownback did to Kansas aka Brownbackistan https:…
Gov. Sam Brownback is doing to Kansas what George W. did to the USA...yet morons keep voting for
The way Sam Brownback and Bobby Jindal destroyed their states using conservative ideology should be taught in schools.…
What's an endorsement from Pat Roberts and Sam Brownback worth in a KS GOP caucus? Roughly 14% of the vote.
WOW! Sam Brownback -- one of the MOST HATED governor's in America -- endorsed Rubio! Marco's a shoo-in now!
Big win for Marco Rubio on getting the Sam Brownback endorsement. He's no longer the worst governor in America, thanks to Ri…
Does this board continue to endorse Sam Brownback?
TheChat: Hays Daily News uses the word `recall' about Gov. Sam Brownback
TheChat: Hays Daily News uses the word `recall’ about Gov. Sam Brownback: And...Missouri state auditor to check how…
Sir, I'd like you to meet our governor, Sam Brownback. He's well on his way.
why would anyone want to watch a documentary about Gov Sam Brownback?
"you know, I think that Sam Brownback is doing an ok job. I don't know why everybody hates him so much"
Wow, Sam Brownback is so despised that Republicans are endorsing the Democrat running against him
The executive director of Governor Sam Brownback's Council of Economic Advisors, Stanley Ahlerich, was arrested...
Someone tell Sam Brownback about the glorious '88 Italian synth-pop rarity "Topeka Surfin'"
Sam Brownback's KC Star op-ed blows his horn about KS economy coming back after Great recession. It's like taking credit for the sunrise.
'Governor Sam Brownback complained recently that the media don’t report how well his tax policies are...
Gov Sam Brownback speaking at the National Prayer Service for the unborn.
Looking forward to CPAC 2016. States will help fix what Washington has broken.
I'm not sure I want additional responsibilities being delegated to human wrecking balls like Sam Brownback and Greg Abbott.
TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Kansas collected $7 million less in taxes than expected in January, and a top aide to Republican Gov. Sam Brownback
Recall Sam Brownback Kansans we must unite to remove
Sam blames the media. He says the sun is shining.
Gov. Sam Brownback offers feckless mentoring for welfare recipients
And here's Gov. Sam Brownback in today: "Kansas is strong. Kansas is growing."
Gov. Sam Brownback The facts are clear on the Kansas economy
Gov. Sam Brownback Guest Editorial: The facts are clear on the Kansas economy
yeah, I mean what are the options? did FBI ever nail Brownback and Kensinger for kickbacks?
Maybe you & Hillary are right & Marco Rubio Bobby Jindal Tommy Thompson Sam Brownback and many others are wrong. But I doubt it
TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Republican Gov. Sam Brownback drew strong criticism Wednesday from Democrats and advocates over his …
What gets wrong about rural care in
Sam Brownback's Kansas IS the result of GOP Leadership Rick Snyder's Michigan IS the result of GOP Leadership No scope, no…
Hillary spent years participating in a secretive far right prayer group on Capitol Hill w/Santorum & Sam Brownback
Gov. Sam Brownback failed to appropriate money in 2014 and 2015 necessary to fully resolve equity requirements.
Gov. Sam Brownback spews fiction, not facts, about the Kansas economy
Gov. Sam Brownback on Jan. 21 signed a proclamation naming Feb. 1-5 as School Counseling Week in Kansas.
Sam Brownback started as state ag secretary that year; Kathleen Sebelius ran her first political race in Kansas, for the state House.
The State of the State will be given by Gov. Sam Brownback at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 12, from the Kansas House...
ICYMI: Gov. Sam Brownback still claims his tax cuts are creating lots of jobs. He's also still wrong.
Barbara Shelly: Kansas services are corroding on Gov. Sam Brownback's watch
CJOnline - Gov. Sam Brownback names interim department heads of KDADS and Corrections
Fourth night of Hanukkah celebrated at Kansas State Capitol: About 60 people, including Gov. Sam Brownback gathered…
Brownback supports DCF audit: Gov. Sam Brownback says he favors an audit of the foster care and adoption programs…
TheChat: Gov. Sam Brownback sees the Legislature moving away from him: And...Donald Trump’s plan to bar Muslims…
Brownback favors audit of child and families services agency: TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - Gov. Sam Brownback says he favors…
Gov. Sam Brownback in favor of audit of Department of Children and Families:
Gov. Sam Brownback objected Tuesday to claims that the Kansas Department for Children and Families has weighed...
Gov. Sam Brownback calls for an audit of Kansas foster care and adoption systems Start with the coroner's reports.
domain names
VIDEO: Brownback denies discrimination claims against DCF: Gov. Sam Brownback pushed back on claims that DCF weighs…
VIDEO: Brownback responds to Trump's Muslim proposal: Gov. Sam Brownback says he opposes Trump's idea and questions…
Latest News: Brownback knocks Trump plan to halt Muslim immigration: Gov. Sam Brownback said Tuesday he does n...
Good question. . What say you, Gov. Sam Brownback? Do you support or oppose Donald Trump's ban on Muslims?
Got an email encouraging me to apply to intern with Gov. Sam Brownback... Might have to pass on this one.
Gov. Sam Brownback is asking the public to help come up with a new "catchy" slogan for Kansas...
"Kansas: A Koch and a smile!" and other new, catchy Kansas slogans for Gov. Sam Brownback to use.
"Kansas, the Gunflower state," and other new catchy slogans from Star readers for Gov. Sam Brownback to use.
Keep 'em coming: More than 175 catchy slogans offered to Gov. Sam Brownback so far to promote Kansas
Gov. Sam Brownback wants a catchy new slogan to promote Kansas. What's your idea?
What I learned today: I went from one horrible Governor in Mary Fallin (OK) to *** Jay Nixon (MO) to bigot and fraud Sam Brownback (KS)
Paul Ryan, 25, on 1995 as aide to then-Rep. Sam Brownback:
Prez Barack Obama's poll numbers in KS.HIGHER than Gov. Sam Brownback's:
"Even some GOP allies of Gov. Sam Brownback predict he’ll be forced to cut spending before the Legislature...
Gov. Sam Brownback (R-Kansas) says that expanding Medicaid would be "morally reprehensible"
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Gloomy new revenue figures show Kansas in financial free-fall under Gov. Sam Brownback
Gov. Sam Brownback to Kansas: We're not raising taxes
Gov. Sam Brownback to Kansas: We’re not raising taxes: Even though the sales tax bump from last session isn’t…
Why Kansas Keeps Killing Itself: "Gov. Sam Brownback and Secretary of State Kris Kobach continue their assault on the Sunflower State."
Lawyers for Garden City resident Shona Banda have prepared a lawsuit against Gov. Sam Brownback and the state a... -
Gov. Sam Brownback of Kansas flunks again with school claims
Kris Kobach and Sam Brownback are an embarrassment. .
Paul Davis expected to speak at MOD squad event, Sam Brownback not...either at church or renewing Ashley Madison subscription
*casts Ron Livingston as Sam Brownback's Brother in the movie adaption*
Why does the definition of a sociopath sound an awful lot like Sam Brownback and Kris Kobach, among other GOP...
Sam Brownback had one job. KS was doing ok even through the Bush recession. New Gov. job was not to wreck it.
Texas! I heard was Kansas Govenor Sam Brownback’s idea when he was Senator. Just a rumor? Maybe. But you do what yo…
I use to think Nebraska's governor was dumb, and then I heard about Sam Brownback
I thought Sam Brownback had a strong showing
Scott Walker has just been compared to Sam Brownback when it comes to failed job growth. Not good.
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Hey Huckabee, ask Sam Brownback in Kansas how tax cuts work.
It served as a sample for Gov. Sam Brownback to call out a HS girl on social media ... and contact the school district ...
Sam Brownback wanted to be where Jeb Bush stands right now, except his cut, cut, cut experiment didn't work.
Hard-headed Sam Brownback sticks with $25 ATM limit for welfare recipients. That's our fearless leader!
"But comrade... It works in theory" - (shorter) Sam Brownback and allies. The Kansas Experiment
Gov Huckabee are you & Rick Santorum lovers? How did you still him from Sam Brownback?
Houses of Government; it have also happened by a STOLEN Republican Majority in the State of Kansas by Sam Brownback and that gang
Would you make Sam Brownback your Treasury Secy despite his inability to pass third-grade math?.
[[GOP austerity is a disaster of Greek proportions: Sam Brownback, Bobby Jindal & the economic scam of the century]]
That's why I say that all elections count. Thanks to Sam Brownback Kansas is back to the Middle Ages.
just in case anyone was wondering Sam Brownback is in Estes Park
if Sam Brownback sees that he'll jump into the race.
Readers react to gun regulation, Gov. Sam Brownback and clean power
Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback delivers his State of the State speech to an annual joint session of the H
Whenever I read about Sam Brownback, I see "Bareback." It's fitting, though, since he'll screw over his constituents with his risky views. featured in NBC s Science of Love
He's no Sam Brownback though. Once again, I need to thank my parents for getting us the *** out of Kansas lo those many years ago
The President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, appears to be the long-lost brother of Kansas Governor Sam Brownback.
Gov. Sam Brownback's (R) far-right experiment in Kansas has taken a severe toll on public schools. Many Kansas...
It's evil is what it is. Taking food right out of the mouths of the poor. Sam Brownback call your bishop.
Oops: Sam Brownback uses wrong figures for Kansas teachers’ salaries, damages his credibility
look at what Sam Brownback have done to Kansas; look at what Rick Scott have done to Florida; look at what Rick Perry have done to
Sam Brownback is a mistake. Not every Republican supports him.
how are tax cuts for rich working out in Kansas?
Gov. Sam Brownback in Kansas slashed the education budget and made it impossible for teachers to stay there.
Teabagger Governor Sam Brownback cut education funding and tenure, now can't find enough teachers. Well..d'uh!
How & why is Sam Brownback the governor of Kansas? He clearly doesn't care about education.
Sam Brownback (R) re-elected as governor of Maine - CBS News satellite truck in Ferguson, no injuries
Gov. Sam Brownback doesn’t plan to be present when his administration outlines $50 million in spending cuts to...
Kansas Governor won't be present for budget announcement: Gov. Sam Brownback doesn't plan to be present when his…
I could call taking your economy and tanking it a Scott Walker, a Sam Brownback or a George Bush. For now I’ll use Scott Walker
We may be stuck with Sam Brownback as our governor, but we in Kansas still have nice sunsets.
Kansas Governor’s case on teacher pay has faulty comparison: Gov. Sam Brownback has s...
Kansas Governor names attorney as administration secretary: Gov. Sam Brownback has promoted the Kansas Department
draft: Gov. Sam Brownback has promoted the Kansas Department of Administration's highest-ranking attorney ...
It's not hyperbole to say Bobby Jindal is the worst Governor in America, ok, maybe Sam Brownback has an argument, but that's it. Top 2.
Gov. Sam Brownback to be on hand for Statehouse blood drive Thursday; donors get Royals tickets: The Governor's…
Sam Brownback's Roadmap: . Where VOTERS need multiple forms of licensure to Vote and TEACHERS require no licensure to T…
Here's to you, Sam Brownback, Kansas Legislator, and Kansas State Board of Ed for continuing to ruin public education.
Hey Scott Walker, before you fully establish this libertarian utopia, why don't you ask Sam Brownback how it's working in Kansas?
Koch Bros.(KS),Sam Brownback (KS) & Scott Walker (Wisc.) make strange bedfellows but who'd get in bed w.any of them?
I only hope Scott Walker picks Sam Brownback as his VP. The team made in ***
How about Sam Brownback (now failed governor bankrupting Kansas)? As a Senator...
Senator outraged with Gov. Sam Brownback's budget opinion:
I see we’re hitting the part of the campaign where people are finding out Scott Walker is a lot like Sam Brownback.
Lucky for Christie, there's Sam Brownback or he'd be the worst Governor in America..!
Interesting story from Kansas: Apparently state Governor Sam Brownback is trying to blackmail the Kansas Supreme...
Supreme Court showdown in Kansas: To save the judiciary, the court needs to sue Governor Sam Brownback.
ha touché. Still playing baseball without a DH is like having Sam Brownback as your governor.
Sam Brownback guts Kansas even more: This is life under America’s worst Republican governor via
Governing Houses ON A RAIL. You have the insanity of Sam Brownback (Governor of Kansas, a State of our sovereign United States of
Just so you know, Rick Santorum has connections to Opus Dei and so does Sam Brownback.
Sam Brownback's then budget director sounded cocksure when I talked to him in 2011.
Love it that Sam Brownback, Pat Roberts, Jerry Moran & Kevin Yoder today are all speaking at NBAF groundbreaking: More big gov't spending!
Kansas Governor, Sam Brownback, says he’s not drawing clear lines on taxes:
Kansas Governor, Leaders Meet Amid Work On Tax Proposals: Republican Gov. Sam Brownback has met with top GOP…
Sam Brownback says using private email, cell is simpler
Maybe the Koch brothers will swoop in to save Sam Brownback...Not.
Gov. Sam Brownback announced today that he would not tolerate the shooting of unarmed blacks unless the shooter had a valid hunting license.
He refused to raise taxes and can't balance the budget. Gov. Sam Brownback or Rahm Emanuel?.
In Kansas, Gov. Sam Brownback struggles to balance budget after "experiment"
Um, Sam Brownback is the governor of Kansas, not Missouri. In Missouri our democratic gov. Carnahan might just veto the troll's bill.
GOP Gov. Sam Brownback signs law redefining an abortion procedure as "dismemberment."
Capitol Watch: Amid tense times in Kansas, Gov. Sam Brownback heads for friendlier turf in Missouri
Listening to a great pep talk by Gov. Sam Brownback @ the Seminole Co. GOP dinner. Great friends here.
Gov. Sam Brownback of Kansas just took the stage at
Chairman Al Schwarz introducing our guest of honor Gov. Sam Brownback
News from Topeka: "Daily Show again ridicules Gov. Sam Brownback, Kansas" Emphasis on "again." via
Jon Stewart slams KS Gov. Sam Brownback: ‘See how you like being treated like the welfare queens you are’
Tonight at The Church: *** - how big is too big? Special guest speaker, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback.
Sam Brownback does that name sound familiar (words especially well in Kansas) is he sane?
Gov. Sam Brownback not alone in attracting boo birds |
All the while, Sam Brownback is thinking, "Mike Pence, you may be the worst governor today, but there is always tomorrow."
"Sam Brownback just got booed but was recently reelected governor so WELP
Don't Forget our 2015 Reagan Lincoln Dinner is soon!!! April 10th with Gov. Sam Brownback of Kansas -
Sam Brownback (R) re-elected as governor of 'blue state' Massachusetts - Fox News projection
Decided I'm going to run for Governor of Kansas. My campaign slogan is just going to be "I'm not Sam Brownback"
People are really trying to argue that Sam Brownback is a good governor 😂😂😂
Sam Brownback was NOT booed for his shirt! He was booed because he is an incompetent governor who steals quality education from children.
Kansas Governor Sam Brownback wearing a yellow "Kings of Kansas" T-shirt in Wichita locker room. "This is my team," he…
Kansas Governor Sam Brownback is worse at bandwagon fandom than Drake:
Sam Brownback of Kansas stood in the middle of the gleeful locker room Sunday, a fresh
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