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Sam Bradford

Samuel Jacob Bradford (born November 8, 1987) is an American football quarterback for the St. Louis Rams of the National Football League (NFL).

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Vikings QB Sam Bradford seeking second opinion on knee from Dr. James Andrews, per Has pronounced pain in kn…
Fox analyst Chris Spielman on if brother Rick Spielman has given him any clues on Sam Bradford status. "He’s not going to tell me anything."
D.C. Mike Smith says his team will prepare for QB Sam Bradford to start for the Vikings Sunday.
Smith said going into the game we are preparing as if Sam Bradford will play. If not we saw Keenum last year.
STOP PLEASE BRO. Saints made Sam Bradford look like Aron Rodgers so this isn't impressive. Do it against a good tea…
I was expected to give up Odell Beckham for Sam Bradford this summer. I'm over superflex
Zulgad: Sorry, Mike, but questions about Sam Bradford are only getting starte..
Without QB Sam Bradford, Vikings overpowered in 26-9 loss at Pittsburgh
fall without Sam Bradford to Pittsburgh Steelers via
Sam Bradford injured after having the best game of his career is the most Vikings thing ever. These things happen all…
Guys, we'd be like this for 16 weeks if the didn't trade for Sam Bradford. So...yeah.
"Sam Bradford will sit out with a knee injury against Pittsburgh"
As you probably know by now, the lost today.
Vikings QB Sam Bradford is inactive, which mean Case Keenum starts and Kyle Sloter backs him up.
QB Case Keenum 'battled' for Vikings in relief of injured Sam Bradford
Steelers win home opener against Vikings, 26-9
QB Case Keenum ‘battled’ for Vikings in relief of injured Sam Bradford
No better cure for an aging QB than the dreadful Saints defense. Brady looking as perfect as Sam Bradford did last week.…
My attempt to translate the Mike Zimmer's "coach speak" about his QB Sam Bradford.
Sam Bradford is inactive. Life as a fan. Nothing ever goes as planned.
Sam Bradford plays his best game in a long time and then gets hurt. . Most Sam Bradford thing ever.
Sam Bradford needs to get healthy and fast!
Vikings should have gambled on Kaepernick as backup
I see Alex Smith as a little better than Sam Bradford.
"Sam is fine. He might play one game from now, he might play six weeks from now. Either way, he's fine." -Mike Zimmer on Bradf…
57/71, 793 yards, 6 TD's & no INT's. That's what the Saints pass defense has allowed in 2 games this season against Sam…
As QB Sam Bradford arrives today... a discussion about what to do with Teddy Bridgewater, who I'm told will be ready…
You're dumb, the Vikings literally already have sam Bradford and a soon to be healthy te…
Sam Bradford is day-to-day, for however many days it takes
After bold move for Sam Bradford, could have used Colin Kaepernick as backup Sunday, writes
The Vikings were doomed with Case Keenum. Colin Kaepernick would have given them a puncher’s chance: https…
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Cam Heyward sets the tone for Steelers in win
Now Trending: Case Keenum to start against Steelers with Sam Bradford out via
do you think Sam Bradford's knee concerns are something to worry about as a Kyle Rudolph owner ROS?
The Rams and Wade Phillips' defense are going to end up facing Sam Bradford or Case Keenum this year and 😬 I can't wait to watch Lamarcus.
Kyle Rudolph on Sam Bradford: The guy the world got to see on Monday is the guy we see everyday in practice.
Sam Bradford best QB in the league and clearly Dalvin Cook will be better since he broke AD's record.
"This might be the best throw you'll ever see." - Jon Gruden on random Sam Bradford pass
I'll tell you what, if Sam Bradford didn't have those knee injuries, bad passes, & different coaches he'd be a Hall of…
Sam Bradford and Alex Smith outplaying Drew Brees and Tom Brady is probably the most indisputable sign of climate change…
Sam Bradford looks like a bewildered Jeremy Piven
Patriots struggle against elite quarterbacks like Alex Smith, Brock Osweiller and Sam Bradford
By the time the official terms of this deal are released, Sam Bradford will no longer be an Eagle...
Orchestrated by Chip Kelly, who traded for Sam Bradford, signed Mark Sanchez and got rid of…
Let's ask Sam Bradford about Adrian Peterson... They played like two games together?
Vikings: Sam Bradford completes 17 of 21 passes for 134 yds vs. 49ers (ESPN)
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Sam Bradford and Chase Daniel shut them out last year
Eric Crouch, Johnny Manziel, Sam Bradford, and Tim Tebow won the Heisman. None of them were successful in the NFL.
Sam Bradford, Landry Jones, Trevor Knight, and Blake Bell are all currently on NFL Rosters...What a world we live in
Would have to be QB . Mark Sanchez or Sam Bradford prolly
Sam Bradford: 'No change' in contract talks.
So I can name 6 starters be is better than ... Can start with Mike Glennon, Josh McCown, Sam Bradford... They all s…
GOOD! Dont be like the *** buying Sam Bradford drinks in Norman like he hasnt made over 100mikl
Jason White, Sam Bradford, and Baker Mayfield were all 3 ⭐️ recruits at one point
And get Lonzo the rookie Sam Bradford contract
Sam Bradford & Ryan Tannehill are better QB's than Derek Carr? 😂 . Carr at ? How do you type this up & believe it? E…
Sam Bradford might have his best year in 2017. Rudolph, Diggs, Thielen, Floyd, Hodges, Treadwell, Adams, Murray, Cook, McKin…
Sam Bradford's agent should have his own wing in agent Hall of Fame
"Last year's trade for QB Sam Bradford meant GM Rick Spielman only had two picks in the first three rounds." Nate Davis USA Today
Bucky Hodges will add a new dimension to the Minnesota offense in the flex TE position. Will open up middle of the field for Sam Bradford.
So basically the Vikings traded Sam Bradford for Derek Barnett. Stop crowing, Philly fan.
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I hope no one complains about not getting Davis or Williams. We literally have this pick because of Sam Bradford. and Alshon is a beast
Sam Bradford was the No. 1 overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, and for good reason. . h…
. In 2010 NFL Draft, Oklahoma had THREE of the first 4 picks. Sam Bradford, Gerald McCoy & Trent Williams...
Vikings Vikings: Laquon Treadwell has much to prove after disappointing 2016; needs to improve chemistry with Sam Bradford -. Ben Goe…
.quarterback Sam Bradford throws it out wide... 🏈. Straight to the ball boy with a style one-handed catch!!.
Ben Utrecht, Sam Bradford, Rich Gannon also Uncommon sharing their lives with us.
Do you have a question for our Arise with the Guys Q&A? We'll hear from Rich Gannon, Sam Bradford and more!
yes he's a better QB than Jay Cutler, Blake Bortles, Sam Bradford, McCown, Brock Oisweiler, the list goes on
When you realize Sam Bradford is your Quarterback.
Sam Bradford, 2016 Super Bowl wins and TD passes as John Popper, you'll never completely cover his bulbousness from the sun
KFC is the Sam Bradford of chicken. Overrated, boring, bland. It's what you settle for only…
feels like wise strategy to trade NFL completion percentage record holder Sam Bradford for Browns or 49ers entire draft
Sam Bradford had the same amount of receptions as Laquon Treadwell last season
If Taylor Heinicke had not gotten hurt right before training camp, the Sam Bradford trade might likely have never o…
"Sam Bradford was terrific at USC... I meant San Darnold, he can stay healthy." 😂
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Vikings fans reaction to news that Teddy Bridgewater will miss 2017 season & they're stuck with Sam Bradford.
Amani toomer just said Alex Smith and Sam Bradford are better QB's than Kirk Cousins.
is here! Watch the video of former College QBs Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford
Sam Bradford looks like Tim Allen, circa '78
As we hit/approach the half across the league, your scoring leaders:. Titans D/ST. Sam Bradford. Corey Grant. Bilal Po…
The last non rookie to have a Yards per completion as low as Sam Bradford was Christian Ponder in '12. Before that, Brady Quinn in '09.
Sam Bradford recapped what went wrong and big day after today's game. . 📺:
Danielle Hunter, Xavier Rhodes, Harrison Smith, Eric Kendricks, Adam Thielen & Sam Bradford had their best season. The rest of you need help
QBs coach Scott Turner says that communication has been key for Sam Bradford's success in 2016. 📰: ht…
There is a yuge difference between Brady throwing short passes and guys like Sam Bradford doing it
Need to start a QB for this week. Thinking about Sam Bradford against Indy but I also have Eli and Russ. Who should I start?
would you say Jeff Fisher is the Sam Bradford of coaches?
Jeff Fisher is the Sam Bradford of coaching. . Dude just keeps getting paid.
Jeff Fisher and Sam Bradford. Bad at their job, but keep taking in huge piles of cash for it.
Fisher is the Sam Bradford of head coaches
Jeff Fisher is happy to get extended and continue to be able to coach guys like Stephen Jackson and Sam Bradford
Fisher is the Sam Bradford of coaches.
Jeff Fisher is basically the Sam Bradford of NFL coaching.
Jeff Fisher is the Sam Bradford of NFL coaches.
Jeff Fisher is the Sam Bradford of coaches
Jeff Fisher is the Sam Bradford of coaches.
Jeff Fisher is the Sam Bradford of coaching.
Jeff Fisher really is the Sam Bradford of coaching. Unbelievable.
Sam Bradford, Matt Flynn, Figgins, Juwan Howard just to name a few
When Jeff Fisher heard someone say Sam Bradford has stolen the most money from the Rams.
Jeff Fisher is the Sam Bradford of NFL head coaches
Sam Bradford and Jeff Fisher are the finesse Gods.
Fisher & Sam Bradford are the ultimate finessers.
Jeff Fisher is the Sam Bradford of coaches. Also living proof not to hustle.
Jeff Fisher and Sam Bradford finessed the league 🤔
do the Rams have a class that Jeff Fisher and Sam Bradford took called "How to Steal Money in the NFL"?
.you gave up a 1st AND a 4th for Sam Bradford. Even Herschel Walker thinks that's ridiculous.
Sam Bradford better than Alex Smith? Is Sam Bradford 8-3? Did Sam Bradford beat the "best defense in the NFL"? No
Sam Bradford threw the same pass Dwight Howard did the other night
Sam Bradford falls just short of his Alex Smith game tying TD & 2-point conversion impression.
Sam Bradford just did his own impersonation of Dwight Howard running the point
Sam Bradford injured against the Cowboys on ‘Thursday Night Football’
Sam Bradford took a shot to the ribs and exited the game
I am. My original starter is Tennessee Titans TE Delanie Walker and Kyle Rudolph is being heavily targeted by Sam Bradford.
More from Mitch Ewald: "Go ask Adrian Peterson if he's thankful for the way Kevin Wilson coached. Sam Bradford."
The only time Sam Bradford beat a cowboy it was Oklahoma State
Sam Bradford dealing with ankle injury, Stefon Diggs returns to practice via
Sam Bradford is dealing with an ankle injury.
welcome to the Rams in the Sam Bradford era.
Every week, Alex Smith and Sam Bradford have a private competition to see who can throw to their checkdowns faster
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sorry we got excited after dealing with Nick Foles, Mark Sanchez, Sam Bradford, Kevin Kolb, etc for the past few years
Last time a QB passed for 3 TD in a half? Week 12, 2010: Sam Bradford threw 3 first half TDs in a win vs. Broncos.
“All we can worry about is going out there and beating Dallas this week – taking it from there." - Sam Bradford. 📰:
Lions fans are thankful for Sam Bradford this Thanksgiving
Speights out here playin like a combo of Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez
He also gets burned sometimes. See his Mark Sanchez and Sam Bradford coverage this offseason
I would rather have just signed Mark Sanchez rather than trade a 1st for Sam Bradford.
Sam Bradford can't throw the ball pass 10 yards
Sam Bradford is the white version of Mark Sanchez but keeps getting starting jobs because he's not Mexican.
Howie Roseman: Let me be clear, Sam Bradford is our starting quarterback. The will not trade Bradford
Sam Bradford for a 1st round draft pick is a felony sexual assault by Howie Roseman
Thank You Howie Roseman for sending Sam Bradford out of Philadelphia for a 1st Round draft Pick for 2017 Draft
The trade for Sam Bradford by the Vikings just looks foolish. He's an overpaid QB that dumps off the football
When is Sam Bradford going to become the career leader for most third down passes thrown 2 yards short of the marker? This…
How has Sam Bradford got so much glory this season when he can't pass further than than the mark?
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I wonder who Steve Owens, Billy Sims, Jason White, and Sam Bradford are gonna vote for!
FOX has been cranking out pathetic Sam Bradford photoshops, so the Vikings made fun of them with one of their own:.
The Vikings made fun of all of Fox's bad Sam Bradford photoshops by making a Sam Bradford photoshop of their own:. htt…
Sam Bradford, Alex Smith, Blake Bortles, Trevor Siemian, Joe Flacco, Cam Newton is average right now, Carson Palmer
Eagles went to New England and beat the Patriots last year with Sam Bradford as our QB so don't tell me we have no cha…
Sam Bradford's 99.0 passer rating is the 7th-highest mark in the NFL in 2016. 📰:
29 years old today. Former pick. Minnesota Vikings QB. Happy birthday to Sam Bradford!.
>tfw Sam Bradford went to do great things in the NFL . >tfw neither Zac Robinson or Brandon Weedon haven't done anything. Why is it always
The Minnesota Vikings may have lost yesterday, but Sam Bradford and Stefon Diggs look back to their best after...
christomasson: Sam Bradford goes back to Charles Johnson and he draws a flag.
Is it me? Or does Sam Bradford look like Ben Afleck in that helmet?
Sam Bradford is now the most valuable player on the offense. Bradford is close with Schurmur. Turner was the obvious fall guy.
Norv Turner should've been concerned for his job security when they traded for Sam Bradford b/c of his relationship w/ TE coach Pat Schurmur
Let's check on Sam Bradford in wake of this news 😂😂😂
It’s impossible to imagine the Bears not fighting for the ball when Pernell McPhee stripped Sam Bradford with a...
The good news there is Pernell McPhee hit Sam Bradford. The bad news is the didn't know what to do with loose ball.
Sam Bradford consumed more grass than Josh Gordon last night.
Wikipedia page Sam Bradford has possibly been vandalized.
Exposed again, Vikings lose to last-place Bears: CHICAGO (AP) -- Sam Bradford and the Minnesota Vikings were rolling as the NF...
Packers always were going to win this division. Why would you trust Sam Bradford??
Sam Bradford. Lazy. No stamina. Mike Tice said nice things about me. I alone will make Vikings O-Line block again.
Sam Bradford hoists Vince Lombardi Trophy, is immediately beheaded by this man driving…
"Our focus so far this season has been one week at a time and that's how we're going to take it." Sam Bradford. 📺:
Like I'm not even a Sam Bradford fan. But come on.
Sam Bradford will never forget his return to Philly!!
I just watched Ronnie Hillman whiff a blitz pickup, Sam Bradford fumble, & Jake Long tackle someone. Did not see that coming back in August.
Eagles fans cheered for Sam Bradford as he entered the field. Nah just kidding. You know they booed his *** 😂
It's Gameday!! Eagles host Sam Bradford and the 5-0 Vikings kicking off at 1. Let's go birds!
Sam Bradford's sleeves are the baseball equivalent of tweeners
I hated Sam Bradford. Hated him!. Like I hated Chip Kelly. They will rot in my Pit of Torture one endless night
Currently within earshot of Carson Wentz and Sam Bradford. Nbd. @ Lincoln…
Eagles Carson Wentz and Vikings Sam Bradford hug before Sunday's NFL game.
.vinnieiyer likes the Vikings to win one today for Eagles outcast Sam Bradford.
Sam Bradford sleeves are extra extra today (via
Vikinigs' Sam Bradford looks forward to return to Philly
Like for an Eagles win against Sam Bradford and the Vikings!
It's early If Sam Bradford 109.7 passer rating holds up would be 17th best in NFL history/2nd best in history Culpepper 110.9 in 04
“Quote this with your FIRST reaction when the Eagles acquired Sam Bradford for Nick Foles”
Sam Bradford faces his former team today. Look back at the process that sent Bradford from Philly to Minnesota.
On September 3 Sam Bradford was starting QB in Philadelphia. Today he is again, albeit for Vikings. Wentz future plan ac…
Sam Bradford gets pregame peptalk from backup Shaun Hill and takes field at Linc . .
The Eagles and Vikings take us behind-the-scenes of the Sam Bradford trade that reshaped the NFL season.
Sam Bradford and why he works in Minnesota! (The Viking ship is behind me, wish it would swing)
bro your stats are bogus. He already lost to Kirk Cousins and Sam Bradford this year. Enough said
FOX ran a pic of Sam Bradford's head that was photoshopped onto Teddy Bridgewater's body. It was a promo for this Sunday's game
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I think the Sam Bradford photoshop disaster by FOX will eventually replace the crying Jordan face 😅😅😅
Fox has been using this photoshopped Teddy Bridgewater image to represent Sam Bradford for more than a month
Apparently they literally have replaced Teddy with Sam Bradford. ht…
Somebody get FOX a current photo of Sam Bradford. Putting his head on Teddy Bridgewater's body does not look right. https…
A look at the evolution of the Vikings' offense with Sam Bradford (and without Adrian Peterson) in the backfield: https:…
I thought the Northwestern QB playing for Denver was good? Broncos should have traded for Sam Bradford
Sam Bradford to Adam Thielen for a 36-yard TD!
Sam Bradford and Brian Hoyer are 2 and 3 in QB passer rating this season, what the *** is going on
Sam Bradford and Brian hoyer are top 3 in passer rating. What has happened to the NFL
Sam Bradford and Brian Hoyer BOTH got cut from their teams because they were doing bad and NOW they top 3. HUHH???
Coach Zimmer addressed how Sam Bradford has developed with the offense earlier today. 📺: htt…
Sam Bradford playing like a franchise QB in Minnesota Vikings' 5-0 start
Sam Bradford continued his hot start as a Viking with a 123.1 passer rating yesterday. 📰:
Sam Bradford is gonna be a super bowl champion and it's for the best that we all come to terms with this months in advance
Now that I look back on it I'm glad the Titans rejected the Eagles trade of 1st round pick, Fletch Cox, Sam Bradford for Marcus Mariota.
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Said on Undisputed Norv Turner would be PERFECT fit for Sam Bradford. Coachable good guy in need of "big brother" to r…
Turn off the AC and open up your small windows cause Sam Bradford is throwing footballs in them, man. I'll tell ya what, I…
So the and are undefeated? AND Matt Ryan is the best QB this year? Sam Bradford is elite? Well okay...
Sam Bradford potentially going to a Super Bowl before Matt Ryan 🙃🙃🙃
Vikings are undefeated. Eagles are undefeated. Rams are in first place. Every team that Sam Bradford touches is a winner. Ju…
Sam Bradford is the only former No. 1 overall pick QB with a winning record this season
The Vickings are so good I just picked up Sam Bradford in one of my fantasy leagues. What's going on!?!?
He did what Pat Shurmer was able to do and what Josh McDaniels couldn't: play up to Sam Bradford's strengths.
Still a long way away from trusting Sam Bradford but the defense gives us a chance To win every single game.
Get out of unhealthy relationships, just ask the Eagles and Sam Bradford what it did for them when they dumped Chip Kelly
America needs to mentally prepare for a Sam Bradford vs. Trevor Siemian Super Bowl.
Sam Bradford has always had the talent. Norv Turner has him thriving on quick decisions.
I think Sam Bradford found his new home 🙄😒
This can't be the same Sam Bradford who played for the eagles last year
Watching the Eagles do good this year and seeing Sam Bradford look better in Minn. than he ever has proves Chip Kelley *** ***   10% Off
Got a fantasy team and trying to figure out who to start. Alex Smith or Sam Bradford. And Jeremy Maclin or Sterling Shepard
Wow! The Eagles got a 1st Rounder for Sam Bradford. Maybe they can use that on a QB who is slightly less of a sure bust tha…
Check this, Vikings got Sam Bradford and he's led them to 3-0. Eagles starting Wentz and they're about to be 3-0. Solid…
Patiently waiting for 10/23 when Sam Bradford steps back on Philly field and takes home an eagle headdress!
Feel like I can finally support the Vikings and Sam Bradford and AD now that Bradford is no longer an Eagle 👌
Thomas Davis sacks Sam Bradford. Loss of 10, Vikings to punt.
Sam Bradford blinked exactly one time during that FOX interview. Dude's not normal don't trust him make him give his Heisman to Colt.
Why does Sam Bradford look like Ryan Renolds with downs!?
Minnesota Vikings edge Green Bay Packers behind big game from Sam Bradford
PHI [Fansided: Inside the Iggles] - Sam Bradford wins his first game with Minnesota Vikings
Sam Bradford just asked me:. “Do you think I should write a book about all this?”. I said:. “Three."
if we let Sam Bradford do that, can't even argue smh
Vikings quarterback Sam Bradford is 9-of-9 for 182 yards when targeting Stefon Diggs on Sunday. Diggs is the 3rd... http…
Don't mean to be rude on Sam Bradford but his post game interviews are pretty frightening to watch. The stare / glare he gives is scary
I thought I knew what pain and suffering was...and then Green Bay lost to Sam Bradford
beat Packers in new stadium opener - QB Sam Bradford dazzles in debut, Adrian Peterson suffers knee injury
I feel like people definitely forget that Sam Bradford won a Heisman.
Great game! Sam Bradford man what a game! Diggs is a stud, this team can do great things
Sam Bradford has an injured non throwing hand. Fortunately, he was born with two non throwing hands.
Sam Bradford lifts Vikings as Adrian Peterson is let down by injury vs. Packers: Inspired play by the Vikings...
I usually make Sam Bradford jokes. Not tonight. Wow. That was something.
This is a legitimately perfect throw from Sam Bradford under pressure RT
I bet Sam Bradford wears a bib when he eats.
LIVE on Sam Bradford postgame press conference.
When you see Aaron Rodgers being outplayed by Sam Bradford
When you get outplayed by Sam Bradford:. (pic via
Welcome to Minnesota, Sam Bradford. He threw for 286 yards and 2 TDs, as the Vikings defeated the Packers 17-14.
The Sam Bradford Redemption Tour by Pepsi! Check tour dates and times to see when the tour comes to a city near you!
Sam Bradford gives Vikings what they paid for in win over Packers
When you realize Sam Bradford just outplayed you...
Sam Bradford's passing chart from his impressive debut with the ⬇️ .
Aaron Rodgers getting outplayed by Sam Bradford on national TV
Study fall of Rome? Compare to fictional TV series and mediocre QB Sam Bradford trending while pipe bombs/IEDS found at…
Vikings fans looking at all the Sam Bradford haters like...
Vikings: Sam Bradford's ability to connect on deep passes "changed the game" in win vs. Packers - Ben Goessling (ESPN) …
.Hi guys, If I pick Sam Bradford for tomorrow's contest will I get the 19 points he scored today?
That Sam Bradford's so hot right now.
Sam Bradford delivers in win over Packers for memorable debut with Vikings
[Star Tribune] - Sam Bradford, Stefon Diggs and raucous fans carry Vikings to victory
Sam Bradford Era in Minnesota . 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Sam Bradford gets slandered when things go bad, so we gotta give him MAD props when he does this
Sam Bradford giving a postgame hug to an aspiring QB who hopes to one day be on his level...
Bradford under pressure? Not a problem. Delivers an ABSOLUTE dime to for 6. 👏.
When you to lose to Sam Bradford w/no Adrian Peterson in his 1st gm & people try to say you're one of the best ever https:…
"That's one of the best atmospheres I've probably ever played in." - Sam Bradford. WATCH:
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This is what losing to Sam Bradford feels like.
Sam Bradford is having a great first game with his new team, man. He's like the new kid at school getting to eat lunch wit…
Sam Bradford needs to quit the spoiled brat routine and play...
Sam Bradford got hurt.. even I could've predicted that happening
Sam Bradford back out at QB. For the draft picks the Vikings spent, they'd hire the surgeon who worked on Luke Skywalker's h…
"Sam Bradford looks like Ryan Gosling with his helmet on... when he takes it off, not so much" 😂😂
Sam Bradford is jogging back to the sideline.
Well 1st drive and Sam Bradford thinks that all his WRs are Manute Bol
The last two balls Sam Bradford threw would have been over Manute Bol's head.
Sam Bradford is reportedly expected to be named the starter for Week 2 vs. Packers
In my next life I want the job security of Jeff Fisher. Good god. He's the Sam Bradford of coaching.
Sam Bradford's agent is doing niccceee 😈😈 call me Young Sam Rothstein!
Sam Bradford looks like a pastor who wears new balance and rides his John Deere mower down to the neighbors house
Jeff Fisher, Sam Bradford has ALWAYS been a starting QB in the NFL. Case Keenum and Sean Mannion beat out your rookie QB. Stop.
With former united, Adrian Peterson believes in new QB Sam Bradford.
The have more than $22 million (over 14% of the cap) in dead money after trading Sam Bradford, Eric Rowe:
Paul Kuharsky: Mike Mularkey says he expects Sam Bradford to start Sunday for Vikings: Adrian Peterson is going to get fed
Sam Bradford trade, Carson Wentz news leave Eagles players with mixed emotions
Mark Sanchez is an accident waiting to happen. Kirk Cousins, Sam Bradford and Brock Osweiler are better choices.
for that player* if you're giving up the farm, don't get Sam Bradford. Couldn't get say Rivers for a 1/4?
Sam Bradford vs. Mark Sanchez the last two years. One netted a 1st & 4th. The other was released for nothing.
The best deal the Vikings give up for Sam Bradford in Madden 17 is two 4th round picks.
also released QB Brad Sorensen and Joel Stave which means the two active QBs are Shuan Hill and Sam Bradford.
Cowboys sign Mark Sanchez. Vikings sign Sam Bradford. Looks like this is the year teams just start giving up.
Sam Bradford and Adrian Peterson are reunited again, like they were at Oklahoma.
Eagles Trade Sam Bradford. Sammy B will now lead Vikings to Super Bow: via
.should the Vikings consider Sam Bradford? Why or why not?
If you told me someone would offer a 1st round draft pick for Sam Bradford yesterday...
Norv Turner after studying Sam Bradford: "instead of the predictable 67% run rate on 1st down we used last year, lets ra…
are Sam Bradford and Dwight Howard the same person?
The Vikings have traded for Sam Bradford. Teddy Bridgewater in a wheel chair gives them a better chance than Sam Bradford.
QB Sam Bradford didn't waste any time About 2 land in Minnesota getting ready to play w . Was told he's happy
Btw, Eagles got a helluva good deal on Sam Bradford for a 1st and 4th rnd picks, I personally did not believe he was worth that much.
I like the aggressive move by Vikings trading for Sam Bradford... Owners, GM, and HC believe this team can win now
Sam Bradford has made $78 million in his NFL career and he's thrown just 78 career TD passes. $1 million per TD pass? N…
Sam Bradford continues to get NFL jobs and Eagles have violated The Vikings. Teddy B's knee fell out but it will be repaired
What does the Sam Bradford trade mean for let's you know.
Carson Wentz reacts to the Sam Bradford trade.
The Vikings, by signing Sam Bradford, have decided that 7-9 is good enough!
Trading a 1st round pick for Sam Bradford is like giving an Academy Award to the movie "snakes on a plane"! Eagles ripp…
When you find out your team has signed Sam Bradford.
lmao at what the Vikings gave up to get Sam Bradford
Hey Lee, should the Vikings have traded a 1st round pick for Sam Bradford?
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