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to be would only be an upgrade for Matt...And he's FROM Sacramento!
oo I hear you but to think "hey let's periscope this bad boy" that's the IDGAF trade me attitude
Hennessey tastes like that dirty rag bartenders are using to wipe up spills.
This is the behavior of the leaders of a losing team. Especially inappropriate when your starting PG is a recovering alcoholic.
these two would be the perfect candidates to start the NBA's version of the N.W.O.
Think they receive some form of punishment from team?
Great guys. Incredibly easy to root for.
Dwight Howard has chosen the Rockets, reports
"Efficient as ever, KD on pace for historic season"
I laughed out loud while listening to that. Klay was probably high af
i have a Hard Time believing the rumors because I remember how much Jerry west was against trading him couple years back
A fascinating shoe deal context on the Warriors for sure
Whenever I see news about Klay and his shoe deal, I think of Kerr's story on pod…
He is, with the deal going through 2019. Things can always change though.
... the aforementioned shoe deal renegotiation was never signed. Klay is still surveying the landscape on that front & Wasserman will handle
Two quick clarifications on the Klay Thompson front: he is signing with the Team Sports division at Wasserman, not Action Sports. And...
2 much I guess we can talk when a deal. Happens
I think you look for a 1st Rnd pick and young player in return.
Exprirings are attractive to alot of teams.
Rudy is expiring you won't get a lot for him .
Wasserman has had troubles since Arn Tellem left. Lost a lot of clients. Interesting news
false, my sources say they are featuring him to up his trade value. Reality they can't keep him and curry. Pick 1.
BDA retains Klay's basketball business while Wasserman will try to take his off-court biz to a new level. Warriors deal is through 2018-19
But Klay's view of his shoe deal, which was renegotiated last summer, appears to have played a big part.Context here
BDA brokered quite a few lucrative off-court deals for Klay, 16 in all that ranged from cars to chocolate milk & everything in between.
Agent tidbit: Klay Thompson, a longtime BDA Sports Management client, will now have Wasserman's Action Sports division handle his marketing
Really good listen: and on how we make power rankings.
This is why i said KD will have his best season to date with the Warriors via
Efficient as ever, Golden State Warriors Kevin Durant on pace for historic season
Efficient as ever, KD is rivaling his MVP numbers:
I don't see him being moved far ahead of the deadline, I think it happens right around it...waiting game.
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That means Rudy *** to whoever offers most in return. At some point, the right deal happens, Kings aren't desparate
NBA is great/ fun. Unfortunately nothing matters until the Warriors/Cavs finals. Little "REAL" drama till then
Should I go with the hashtag next time?
It would be criminal to give MVP to a wuss who signed on to a 73 win team to gravy train a ring! Inexcusable!
hmmm... he lost the game and I thought getting the W was the best stat. So much for team game
Great point, Sam. Totally validates the regular season. So much going on beyond the Warriors.
But yet Andre Iguodala thinks he hasn't even scratched the surface. --
because of course Shaq did it three times. Of course.
Efficient as ever, Kevin Durant on pace for historic season - USA TODAY
It will be difficult to get equal value for *** but they need to get another viable scorer. We'll see.
Don't look now, but Kevin Durant is playing at a historic pace with the Warriors. MVP-caliber play, by this measure
It was in reference to Sam Amick's Q&A where he talked about wanting Elfrid Payton last month:
Unless it's Sam Amick, Frank Isola, Howard Beck, Marc Stein or Woj can fall asleep
Sam Amick lives in SAC & Stein had Wallace quotes but yeah Wallace didn't promise Jarell Martin either
a nitpick but Bogut missed the Clipper game on Saturday Blazers was on Friday where he rolled ankle
Anderson Varejao agrees to contract with Warriors via
Might as well go live. Awful basketball by the Thunder. Getting ran out the court.
Kyrie out.. MO Williams still hasn't seen the court. What am I missing?
in an ironic twist, maybe Vivek never learned how to use the technology to call, text or email.
The following floater was more my speed
I fear that's going to be as good as it gets for the Thunder today sadly
A few minutes behind in OKC-Cavs on the DVR and..Holy Westbrook, Batman.
Why are people genuinely sad over this Sam Pepper thing?
like I said sorry ur comprehensible skills don't allow u 2 understand what I wroten
ezeli is a valuable aspect to this team but being injured has left a void. Speights is a liability on defense & opponents feast.
AV isn't being signed to replace Festus and he knows that. He's on the shelf. Dubs need a quality backup C speights not it.
good piece, Sam, on an amazingly bizarre organization. Needs total restructure/de…
Adam Silver joins and on the NBA A to Z podcast:
curry alert to score 60 when Blazers enter oracle in March
He's fine. Just letting him know Jahlil gets his just due in the interview
he's a delusional Sixers homer...don't mind him
140 characters and KAT v. KP faceoff game means they're the conversation. Feel free to listen to the interview
jahlil ROY isn't a popular narrative so feel free to ignore his existence
Why the Sacramento Kings are in chaos via
ICYMI, T-Wolves' Karl-Anthony Towns discusses his rookie campaign, his hoops influences & the ROY race w/ Kristaps
Great story here by A lot of different layers in here:
If Porzingis was in Minny and KAT was in NY, it never would have been close to begin with. NY always overhypes.
Karl-Anthony Towns, Kristaps Porzingis face off in rookie of the year battle via
agreed, I'm definitely disappointed Vivek has never talked to Malone, though. Too reminiscent of Adelman canning.
yeah exactly I think it's strong in theory and flawed in practice - either way towns is incredible
RPM is measuring something very different than BPM, strangely. RPM has a lot more to do with who your backups are.
Probably more of a sign him to keep him away from SA/OKC move
I tend to trust bb ref - I assume the ESPN rpm edge for porzingis is mostly sss noise?
true. Too much distance to make up the time he missed with the broken wrist. Be interesting to watch their 2nd halves
I love Myles' potential, but those are some very long heels in this race.
Myles Turner has slowly climbed the ladder and is on their heels
Towns was the rookie of the year from opening day lol. Don't let Knicks fan hear you 😂😂😂😂
Crazy how much distance Towns has put on Porzingis in 2.5 months:
Well this is an interesting nugget from
I did. Dame had quite the statement to make.
Interesting piece from this morning. . “Why the Sacramento Kings are in chaos” .
This kid is so good, & so likable: story & audio from Karl-Anthony Towns' NBA A to Z podcast visit, Porzingis etc.
Minny-NY primer: with Porzingis in town, a chat w/ ROY frontrunner Karl-Anthony Towns about his nonexistent ceiling
🔥🔥🔥 from Nothing coming from our local writers close to this cc
You know we can always find something to smile about Sam! 😀👑🏀
Since Kings fans need to something to smile about, this is great. Cousins on Malone's defense: "Pretty easy"
got my fingers crossed that this is the vs matchup in the West. Would be a fun 4, 5 or 6 games.
Stotts is Coach of the year. The job he has done besides the backcourt: Crabbe, Harkless, Plumee, and even Davis. fun to watch
thank you for your insight and no nonsense article about the Kings. Your objectivity is welcome
Wondered that myself .Will look into it.
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Then there'll be a lot more evidence ahead. Lol
It's broke like a mofo if people really watch their games.
is varejo really a better option thanThompson . Man what happened to Thompson ?
Wait til the second half. All doubt removed.
Stotts has to be the favorite for Coach of the Year at least.
to be honest, why isn't he a strong contender for it? Blazers lost 4 starters & weren't supposed to sniff playoffs. Dame = MVP
ha, not that you care, I meant I disagree with you for once. I almost always agree with you!
Man we need to trade Deandre Jordan n a pick or 2 or sumthin to Sac for Cousins!!! He aint happy n we need a ft shooter
And lastly, Happy New Year to 3 who read my stuff and helped me out before anyone did and
pete set this franchise back by at least two years by letting IT go for basically nothing and firing malone
I think if he could do all over again he would of listen to Divac at the time who said not to fire him
not saying your wrong but how the *** could someone be influenced into doing something like that? Crazy
I wonder who owns an NBA team in a decade: Chris Hansen in Seattle or Vivek? (Or both, but that's far less dramatic)
the owner didn't fire Malone, it was his dumb GM decision at the time.
do you think the kings have quit on GK?
They really are the Cleveland Browns of the NBA. Led by utterly clueless and toxic owners.
great write up, Sam. Do you think the market for Cousins would be good, if the Kings decided to trade him right now?
And ICYMI, the All-Disappointment team: 10 squads in all that have underwhelmed & need a turnaround in the New Year
just deal him to the already for a boat load of picks!!! make it happen Danny!
A new low in Sacto on Wednesday night, when boos rained & the DeMarcus Cousins question reared its ugly head - again
On latest A to Z, chats with about what's up with subscribe
last one. If Boogie is to blame with no fault for coaches which former coach is working? Malone is the exception, obvious reason
show me a coach that everyone thought would work in the NBA that Boogie has had. Maybe it's the front office.
a coach with little résumé seemed to be working until a man who now isn't allowed in NBA games fired him for reasons known to him
did u people really think..Koufus..belinelli. Butler.casspi..And whoever else they picked up were gonna change anything
cousins isbth slowest guy down the court and was being out played by Andrew bogut.. Cousins is garbage player/person
From top 10 most disappointing teams
...really...its George Karl? Get the f outta here...the kings suck. The team is filled with nobody's and has been s
if is having any say on basketball strategy Adam Silver needs to set the guy down and force him to stop.
the only coaching issue is, is stupid enough to be forcing the pace issue? Jesus I hope not.
wow, I actually agree with you for once. The team was working and playing defense for Malone. One issue is clear: bad coaching.
good read. 1 thing no one says is that dmc r down because of his play and shots at hipost. Refs make this necessary
I love Cousins but we need to move on. He doesn't hustle back on defense, he cusses the coach, & is coddled by the FO. It's time!
he's seen enough yet he fired Malone who helped keep boogie on a short leash. I'm tired of this toxic team.
Column includes candid insight from Kings coach George Karl, who called his team out & is clearly at his wit's end
I'd like to say this topic isn't what expected to write about going into today's game, but then again.
good work, Sam. Great seeing you tonight
Tomorrow and will be reporting the firing of Coach Karl
Post-Philly loss, a look at the Kings & the DeMarcus Cousins question that, year after year, keeps coming back
someone thought the Kings would be good?
if Warriors makes a historical run in regular season and get beat in the second round, they will be the most dissapointing team!
every one was saying the Kings were going to be a circus to watch. So how are they disappointing.
this was expected from the Kings. So can't really be disappointed. Jazz on the other hand.
salt in the wound Sam... it's hard enough watching this in person, don't need to be kicked when we're down.
The Kings & Bulls were both on All-Disappointment team: only one looks worthy of getting off that list tonight
As the New Year nears, a look at the squads that better get their resolutions in order: the All-Disappointment team
Im just tired of commenting lol. They look like they could be very good. Maybe more time...the changes made need more processing.
yah they blew up my 7 team parlay too. Smh
I didn’t watch the game but how can Howard have stats like that and end with +- of -20?
if he's taking a loss hard he wouldn't snapchat it. LOL
what are they going to do with Harden, his leadership skills are horrible, he kills ball movement he takes at least 5 seconds!
white meat too for the health conscious Californians
a stretch that includes losses to brooklyn, denver, detroit, sacramento, NO, and Orlando depending on your view of them. Sure.
Capitols still almost got the job done in '48-49: lost 4-2 in Finals against Minneapolis Lakers. A 24-year-old Mikan (27 ppg) was too much.
Finished as the 2 seed in the West behind Seattle.
Very relevant for this year's Warriors.
Washington Capitols were in NBA. The Capitals are the NHL team. Good trivia question
Interesting note re: '48-49 Wash. Capitals team that has NBA best start of 15-0 (w/ 93-94 Rockets): they went 23-22 the rest of the season.
I'd imagine they'll let Kerr do it if he's up to it.
they'll come back to us once they meet the Ws
they did this in 2011. Veteran exp and depth
So long as they played NBA teams every time out, it's impressive stuff regardless.
Rick Carlisle remains one of best, & they buy in: NINE of those players average between 13 pts per (Deron, 13.8) & 7 pts per. Dirk at 18.6.
might want to check that. Don't think they have.
good enough team to make the playoffs. But I see them declining after all-star break
How about the 10th ranked defense, at under 100 points per 100 possessions? . Or RAYMOND FELTON?! .
So Mavs are on 6-game winning streak that I certainly didn't see coming, & how about this? TEN players averaging at least 7 points per game.
[Sam Amick via BBallBreakdown] Although Steve Kerr has not coached the Warriors he gets credited fo…
At Pre-game reading w/ Warriors looking to tie record for NBA's best start tonight in Denver
Just shows the fluidity of "coaching" at the NBA level. Some things are under your control. Others are not.
just wait til we beat Sac State in bball at their place then here at home
No doubt and especially in that 14 point 4th quarter by Sac.
He should have had SO many more. Guys kept blowing it at the rim.
Accurate distinction. He had to clarify after the Rondo ire came quick.
He didn't say "Boston prime" - that's what made it so funny. He added the Boston after Rondo called him on it.
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Funny moment w/ Rajon Rondo in Orlando: notes how Kings didn't see him in his Boston prime "My prime?" I'm in my prime now"
Wow! No matter what team you follow - the are making history, doing something special. Steph Curry is amazing.
UnUnriL people realize the way to beat that lineup is intentionally fouling iggy whose getting worse and worse at the stripe.
that's y I don't understand that term."small ball"They can all handle the ball and shoot, it's a great advantage
Freddy, I’d say small-ball doesn’t refer necessarily to the height of the players as much as skill set.
Unbeaten Warriors get closer to NBA record: 'It's a goal that's right here and right now' via
small in what way? They are probably the tallest team from the 1 to 5 position that can handle the ball.
I think comparing the Warriors small-ball lineup to "five velociraptors” is pretty right on:.
If Goodell were the NBA commissioner I am sure he would suspend that line-up for violating the code of conduct
.I'm not familiar with these new fangled analytics and such. Is that good?
.the Warriors built a team that is really skilled from 1-12...any combination is better than the other team on the floor.
What are the numbers for their small ball lineup from last season?
Send that death squad in to end it. Absolutely lethal
Sonya bout to have an extra Merry Christmas.
Warriors finally admit they want the record; revenge factor & tallying Steph Curry's turnover tab owed to his mother
Another night in the NBA. LOSE and WIN! Will the win b4 lose?
From last night in Oakland: Warriors takeaways as they near history. First up? The velociraptor lineup is unreal
Hi just wanted to see if you were HAVING A GREAT DAY see you soon
what else could he say that hasn't already been said about the Warriors? He's paid to coach not bloviate on the obvious
"Having the most points at the end of the game means Victory!"
need your sports opinion. 72-10 bulls vs 15-16 GS. Who wins in 7 game series playing under the rules of the 90s.
He's absolutely right about that. It's refreshing to see it from such a young team.
.from on now to talk some hoops. Listen on or here
JJ Redick talks about the Big Three and Clippers-Warriors rivalry with Sam Amick.
I don't know what a "Kurt Helin" is, but unless it is a pseudonym for then I'll assume BS
The and are women's empowerment in action. Join the movement. Pass the torch and h…
I'm curious to see what date this month the will most likely release the 2015-2016 Schedule.
In Q&A with Nancy Lieberman, she credits David Stern for advice & lists several coaches who helped her reach NBA:
Kings to hire Nancy Lieberman as second female NBA coach, reports .
Can you settle a bet for me? Who is the second most important player to the Warriors? I say Green, he says…
Sam Amick says NBA experts have been saying the Spurs won't win the West & the Warriors are favorites to win it all
Is Chris Bosh still being considered for the Olympic team?
I vote for and . Definitely not Woj
Remember on Harrison Barnes working w/ Jerry West? Here’s what it looks like (h/t
why matched Enes Kanter contract offer via
the Kings are getting the band back together. Soon enough, Webber will back as well as Adelman as coach.
This needs to be arranged next year. I am in NorCal from time to time but in Vallejo.
Sammy did Garth Brooks. I did two songs. Radiohead, followed by Foo Fighters. Rest of night a blur
Things that must change next year. Although, you should have seen and I at Ellis Island in Vegas
. Team USA is one more Paul George type injury away from the NBA banning its players from being allowed to play.
The list of commendable ntl writers on the kings is slim:. 1.U. 2.3.. 4.. 5.
In reaching deal to trade Brendan Haywood and Mike Miller to Blazers, Cavs acquire valuable trade exceptions:
In this Miller-Haywood Blazers trade, Cavs also sending 2019 and 2020 second-rounders to Blazers, per person with info on…
Trade exceptions the gained in the Haywood-Miller trade to Blazers are separate: one for $10.5M and one for $2.85M.
Well Love can come by and visit, say what's up etc. But the window for him to actually play is closed shut.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Really? Well, a visit is a long way from committing.
getting rid of guys that can't play very well. Napier isn't good and need roster spot
You have to send something the other way. This just fulfills that requirement.
so they are basically getting nothing in return. Riley still getting rid of LBJs "guys"
That 2016 second-round pick the Magic will send to the Heat for Shabazz Napier is protected 31-55, per person with knowle…
The OKC star is still recovering from the foot surgery that ended his season, but he clearly wants to be part of program for '16 Olympics.
On Team USA front, I'm told Kevin Durant - who pulled out last summer before the FIBA World Cup - will visit Vegas minicamp next month.
NBA A to Z podcast: Kyrie Irving's injury: The NBA A to Z guys Sam Amick and Jeff Zillgitt discuss the de...
Had to mute Sam Amick. Got tired of seeing him post that Harrison/Jerry West story 50 times in the last day.
Hall of Fame class includes controversial selection: USA TODAY Sports' Sam Amick talks about those who were se...
I can tell u this, in Spain last summer, all the guys: Marc Stein, Sam Amick, Sekou Smith wanted to talk Canadian hoops w me.
Five things to know (lose at Phx, 1 gm out of 8th; Sam Amick, Monty, Elliot Williams on
Join & as they fill in for Damon Bruce. They will be joined by Tony Sparano, Trent Baalke & Sam Amick.
Sam Amick (USA Today).says the Mavs aren't interested. Marc Stein (ESPN) says the Mavs ARE interested. We'll see in two days.
I was against Josh to Sac but maybe a shot blocker is what Kings need.
Now that is more than house cleaning.a Quincy Acy update late Friday afternoon..impressive Sam!
Housekeeping note on Knicks-Kings trade from few days back: I'm told NY is guaranteeing Quincy Acy's deal today for next season ($912k)
Cousins may be best Big on Team USA. Would be a terrible loss.
DeMarcus Cousins helped off at USA Basketball practice on scene for
. If I'm in town, I'll be there. Looking forward to the conversation.
Aug. 26: How to succeed in social media w/o really trying, with ->
Story on Clippers sale to Steve Ballmer being finalized has been updated with a statement to USAT from the -
Greg Monroe has informed Pistons he will sign qualifying offer and Eric Bledsoe is considering doing same with Suns: http…
Both of yall said Harden Defense is awful..Harden had 115 Steals & Lebron had 121, Kwahi had 114.
Jamal Crawford talked with about his new boss and longtime basketball friend Steve Ballmer:
With Steve Ballmer in, writes that Chris Paul and the Clippers finally can move past Donald Sterling:
But the wife with the same record is there as fan.
Steve Ballmer's can move past Donald Sterling quick column from via
Steve Ballmer is the new owner of the Los Angeles Clippers:
As we grapple with the death of remember safe reporting, saves lives:
RIP Robin Williams. Such sad news the day before Gia's one year mark to hear that another person has taken their life.
Did you hear that sermon by Nolan Richardson at the HOF ceremonies? Pure comedy.
My father-in-law/former Sheriff's Deputy who dealt w/ Robin Williams during courtroom filming of Mrs. Doubtfire: "He was gregarious & cool."
Actor Robin Williams has died at 63. Coronor suspects death was "a suicide due to asphyxia"
All over my feed. Huge talent. So sad RT"I've gotta go see about a girl..." Robin Williams. What a sad loss
by far, my favorite role of his. Sad, sad news.
My favourite movie. A gem of a performance
I just saw Good Will Hunting this past weekend. Haven't seen it in years...
"I've gotta go see about a girl..." Just watched one of Robin Williams' many great performances again not too long ago. What a sad loss.
BREAKING: Police say actor Robin Williams, 63, has been found dead in his home.
but he is not nearly as good as Pek. You should just clarify with your lesser knowing fans.
knew it was rather high but wow. What is Morey end game here
To be even more clear, talking solely about the first NBA contract after a player was taken in the second round.
Minny's Nikola Pekovic (also 2nd rounder) was given $4.1 mil on 1st year of his deal in 2010. To be clear, talking solely 1st year of deal.
why did Morey structure it like that? Big expiring to play with?
Belated note on Rockets' newest addition, Kostas Papanikolaou. 1st yr on his deal ($4.8 mil) believed to be highest ever for any 2nd rounder
NO doubt. He wants people to beg for him. Not going to happen when there is a line to stand in for Cavs.
If he's THIS indecisive at this point of season' he NOT that into it for any team. WHy force it? He should retire.
Ray likes the media attention is all.
In email, Ray Allen's agent said, "As Ray has previously stated, he is taking this time to make a decision whether or not…
Acy said 10%. Too bad Acy ain't in charge no more.
After the break on talks all things Kevin Love vs Klay Thompson w/
Thrilled to be home, LeBron James says he's here to stay, loves idea of playing w/Love & watched a lot of Blatt vid: http…
it's good that we can add another 'role player', said Harden from the booth in the back
He was 48th pick of 2012 draft. Deal is $4.8 mil 1st year, nonguaranteed team option for $4.6 in 2nd.
Slow to relay intel here (rare getaway in progress), but can confirm Rockets signing SF Kostas Papanikolaou (Greece, Barcelona) to 2-yr deal
Luol Deng may prefer Dallas Mavericks over Miami Heat according to Sam Amick. "Luol Deng to Miami is definitely...
According to USA TODAY's Jeff Zilgitt and Sam Amick, Pat Riley is confident that LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade will return to the Miami Heat.
Updates from Friday, July 4 Sam Amick of USA Today reveals who the Knicks view as the biggest threat to keeping Carmelo Anthony in New York: According to ...
Free-agent-to-be Kyle Lowry is bound to garner interest in free agency after a career season with the Toronto Raptors, and both the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers will make a push for him if they aren't able to land LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony, according to Sam Amick of USA Today Sports Reports.
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Updates from Wednesday, May 7 USA Today's Sam Amick has the latest reports on Stan Van Gundy and other potential candidates for the Warriors' head coaching job: ...
Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat, San Antonio Spurs, Houston Rockets, and the NY Knicks have shown interest in Shannon Brown. (Source: Sam Amick)
—When Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook went down with a knee injury during Game 2 of the first round of last season’s playoffs against Houston, the Thunder’s hopes for a Finals run left, too. Although OKC managed to oust the Rockets in the first round, they were defeated in the West semifinals by Memphis. Before Westbrook’s injury, though, many in the media had criticized Westbrook for his (pick one or many) shot selection, turnovers, refusal to cede control to Kevin Durant and more. In a great interview with Sam Amick of USA Today, Westbrook explains how neither that criticism nor the praise he’s getting now as many see how valuable to OKC, has affected him: For Russell Westbrook to admit he likes being appreciated by the basketball world that once simultaneously loved and loathed him, the Oklahoma City Thunder point guard would have to confess to caring about all the endless criticism that used to come his way. … Post-injury, after the long-overdue realization that his str ...
A pair of players widely considered to be among the five best draft picks for 2015 made their college choices today, with Jahlil Okafor headed to Duke and Cliff Alexander bound for Kansas. Longtime recruiting analyst Tom Konchalski told Adam Zagoria of that if Okafor picked Duke, it might influence Jabari Parker, the top 2014 prospect, to stay an extra year in school so he can play with his AAU teammate. That would be quite a surprise, but there’s plenty of time left before Wiggins and other potential 2014 early entrants have to decide whether to declare for the draft, so a lot can happen. Here’s the latest on the 2014 class: Tuesday’s talent showcase at the Champions Classic was quite a spectacle, but it didn’t help at least one GM draw any conclusions, according to USA Today’s Sam Amick. “To be honest, I think (Tuesday) night muddied the waters even more,” the unnamed GM said. Another GM gave Amick his top five prospects: Wiggins, Jabari Parker, Dante Exum, Aaron Gordon and Julius R ...
Marco Belinelli has agreed to terms with the San Antonio Spurs on a two-year contract worth about $6 million, a person close to the situation tells Sam Amick of USA TODAY Sports. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the deal is not yet official. The move for the seventh-year guard from Italy gives the defending Western Conference champions extra backcourt depth and outside shooting. With the Chicago Bulls this past season, Belinelli had had worst shooting percentage since his rookie year, at 39.5% from the field and 35.7% from three-point range. Still, he played 25 minutes a game and was a major factor for the Bulls in the playoffs, with Derrick Rose missing the entire season. The Bulls opted to sign former Milwaukee Bucks guard Mike Dunleavy, Jr. to a similar two-year, $6 million deal rather than bring back Belinelli. For the Spurs, the signing of Belinelli is their third major move of the summer. The team agreed to re-sign center Tiago Splitter for $36 million over four years on Tuesday, a ...
Sam Amick is reporting that the Portland Trailblazers and Earl Watson have agreed to a one-year, $1.4 million dollar deal.
BREAKING: USA Today's Sam Amick is reporting Dwight Howard has agreed to join Houston Rockets.
Warriors sign Andre Iguodala after trading Richard Jefferson and Andris Biedrins to Jazz The Warriors have either put themselves in prime position to get Dwight Howard or completely eliminated themselves from the race. David Aldridge of Source says the Warriors are sending Andris Biedrins, Richard Jefferson to the Jazz. Checking on what they're getting back.— David Aldridge (July 05, 2013 Ken Berger of Brandon Rush is the third player going to Utah in the Jefferson-Biedrins salary dump, league source says.— Ken Berger (July 05, 2013 Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports: Andre Igoudala has reached agreement with Golden State on a four year, $48 million deal with the Warriors, league source tells Y! Sports.— Adrian Wojnarowski (July 05, 2013 Golden State is sending multiple draft picks to Utah to unload the $24 million, including 2014 first-rounder, sources tell Y!— Adrian Wojnarowski (July 05, 2013 Sam Amick of USA Today: The Warriors get Kevin Murphy in the deal from Utah, I ...
The New Orleans Pelicans are serious about improving this season. They have already agreed to a deal that will bring Jrue Holiday to NOLA and have now offered restricted free agent Tyreke Evans a four-year, $44 million deal, per David Aldridge of The Sacramento Kings have the right to match it, but they haven't officially said they will. The team did have dinner with Evans to express their desire to keep him, per Sam Amick of USA Today:
Got confirmation from a league source that Mitch Kupchak met with Dwight Howard on Saturday as well, as Sam Amick reported -MPlay
The offer to Tyreke Evans was reportedly 4 years. David Aldridge heard $44M, Sam Amick heard $48M. Either way, Amick doesn't expect that the will match it.-Brandon
My name first appeared in The Sacramento Bee 10 years ago today. It was a tagline (along with fellow intern Kim Minugh) on a story by Sam Amick on the Volleyball Festival moving to Reno. Tomorrow marks the 10 year anniversary of my first byline in The Bee. From sports to education to now covering politics, what a wild ride.
Pau Gasol happy for brother Marc: by Sam Amick, USA TODAY Sports MEMPHIS — Pau Gasol was hoping Satur...
Do you speak of the most popular sport... in one of the most populous countries? Yes, the NBA wants in
Miss the party on Show today?Heres some late night listening talking future
Lakers beat Hornets to move into eighth playoff spot: by Sam Amick, USA TODAY Sports LOS ANGELES – Me...
My wife calls me that, because I have no chin.
Personally Sam, I thought of you more as a "Crank Yanker" myself
hi , looks like you had a good day today... Trying to get caught up. Ruffled some feathers today I see, good work!
Congrats Sam, ur a muppet. Which one, Beaker?
Is is possible that Stern already has asked Hansen to back off? Honest Question
Sounds like a guarantee before they move to me!
GP was passed his prime. GP in his prime would shut Parker down.
Ken Berger, Marc Stein and Sam Amick all say SAC/SEA very close, but lean with SAC for advantage.
5 yrs ago you blogged that Francisco Garcia had a partial guarantee in his final contract year. Do you know how much it was?
your quote via JKR950 “The other side definitely disputing that” (matching offer from Sac).Ur saying some BOGs r disputing right?
but he is biased for the Kings because he used to work in SAC. Homer!
SKF, C-Dave said the Sac offer was $30 million less because $30M Maloofs already got makes overall same to M's
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