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Salt Lake Comic Con

Salt Lake Comic Con is a Comic Con convention held in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. It was produced by Dan Farr Productions in partnership with MediaOne of Utah.

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Can we hang out together after Salt Lake City's Comic Con in April, please? :)
Can we hang out after Comic Con in Salt Lake City in April
Wow ! Salt Lake Comic Con-got me so Excited when i checked my HOTMAIL their was like 15 emails from them and i was so so excited cause i thought they were trying to get a hold of me to tell me that i won a VIP PASS
It's official: we've reserved a booth at the April "FanX" from Salt Lake Comic Con! A couple of volunteer slots are already taken. Let me know right away if you're interested in helping out. We'll be there all three days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) plus setup on Wednesday and teardown late Saturday night. -- Brian
Tickets for the 2014 FanX are available today on the Salt Lake Comic Con Website. For the first time, Military personnel, First Responders and Senior Citizens will receive discounts on all tickets.
and , you guys should round Jensen up and all come to Salt Lake Comic Con in April!
It would be so cool to see Matt Smith, and Arthur Darvill at Salt Lake City Comic Con in April or maybe at another SL Con =].
I just won tickets to Salt Lake City Comic Con in April. Would be great to see you there #
Watch for more guest announcements for FanX. Over 100 celebrities and guests will arrive in Salt Lake City April 17-19, 2014 at the Salt Palace Convention Center. Lake Comic Con FanXperience Tickets. First Responders and Senior Citizens get another 15% OFF.
Will you be coming back to Salt Lake for Comic-Con this year?
So Salt Lake Comic Con is scheduled for the same weekend as Any comment?
Manu Bennett of The Hobbit trilogy vacations in Moab with show organizers after the inaugural Salt Lake City event. (Photo courtesy of Salt Lake Comic Con) Imagine the perfect blend of gaming, TV, movies, comics, technology and pop culture to span the generations, appealing to geeks and non-geeks al...
I just one tickets to this years Salt Lake Comic Con! So excited I can't wait!
Mythica von Griffyn will be painting at our booth at Salt Lake Comic Con April 17 - 19. Come get painted by the...
Carl!! Are you excited to come to Salt Lake Comic Con??!?
The Stylist Nest has a contest for multi-day passes. Check it out:
I am very excited to announce that I will be at Salt Lake Comic Con Fan Ex this April!
Alrighty!! Making Magic Productions is proud to announce that we will be gearing up and kicking off preproduction for 2014 Salt Lake Comic Con's Fan Experience, featuring the cast of the Walking Dead, Boondock Saints, Star Trek, Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (James Marsters), Jane from Firefly (Adam Baldwin), and Tommy from the Power Rangers (Jason David Frank)!!!
I have two cons on the table: Salt Lake Comic Con and Emerald City Comic Con. Opinions? Do both?
State lawmakers will again be asked to decide whether to put money toward building a mega-hotel next to the Salt Palace. The idea of a convention center hotel is getting support from the producer of Salt Lake Comic Con, who brought tens of thousands to downtown Salt Lake City last year. you think it's worth funding?
On Tuesday, December 10, 2013 the United States Marine Corps Reserve, ABC 4 Utah and Salt Lake Comic Con are hosting a Toys for Tots drive at the Valley Fair Mall in West Valley City. As part of the drive, Toys for Tots organizers are encouraging Utah CosPlayers to donate a toy of the character they're dressed as. For example, if you're dressed as Darth Vader, you would bring a Darth Vader toy. The mission of the U. S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program is to collect new, unwrapped toys during October, November and December each year, and distribute those toys as Christmas gifts to less fortunate children in the community in which the campaign is conducted. ABC 4 will broadcast live from the Valley Fair Mall for a number of shows, including Good Things Utah, Mid-day and its 4:00 pm newscast.
I want to go to the Salt Lake Comic Con for my birthday but a small part of me feels like I will be cheating on San Diego.
Way to go Salt Lake Comic Con! Scored Norman Reedus, Chandler Riggs, and now Jon Bernthal from The Walking Dead? I am SO there and then some!
Photo: dtjam: Gomez Addams and Morticia Addams - Salt Lake Comic Con 2013 They do what they wanna do, say...
OK, Adam Baldwin may be all-y'all's Firefly favorite, but for me, he'll forever be my link to CHUCK!! Oh please, please, please Salt Lake Comic Con, please. Please. Seriously. Please.
LISTEN: talks differences between the two 2014 events on the Celebrating Women Show:
Yooo. Won a Multi-Pass to Salt Lake Comic Con, being upgraded to VIP. Now I just need FanXperience tickets and I'm set WAY in advance.
I hear Adam Baldwin is going to be at the Salt Lake Comic Con. Welcome Adam.
well I submitted your name for the Salt Lake City Comic Con I really hope they invite you !!
I wanted to say I was really happy to meet you at Salt Lake Comic Con You are a really cool guy. I hope you have a great nite
My promotion/raise came at the ideal time, as this weekend I am getting tickets to Salt Lake Comic Con to see
Fan Experience on with host April 17-19 '14 Listen to interview
Salt Lake City Comic-Con with the best girlfriend in the world? I think yes. April, come quickly please.
pls come to Salt Lake Comic Con. I'd give my arm to take a photo with you and and have you sign my Buy More shirt.
Salt Lake Comic Con is making it very difficult for me to decide if I want to go to the one in April or the one in September...don't they know I'm a poor college student?
Hi You should consider attending one of the Salt Lake Comic Con events in 2014. It'd be great to meet you!
how about coming to salt lake Comic Con in April?
You should definitely come to Salt Lake Comic Con. eventually. There is a large box of Chocolate in it for you... :)
is gonna be at Salt Lake Comic Con in 2014? Well, my life has been made.
Look who is coming to town. LOVE the Salt lake Salt Lake Comic Con group!
Salt Lake Comic Con introduces FAN XPERIENCE, to be headlined by 'The Walking Dead's' Norman Reedus...
Salt Lake Comic-Con 1.5 April, are you setting up a booth?
I'm so excited for Salt Lake Comic Con!. It's this April I better get my cosplays together As soon as possible!...
Just talked to a good friend (Tekkie for the win!) who got me reserved at Salt Lake Comic Con in April. Looking forward to hanging out with good friends, selling all the things!
Comics genius Stan Lee was recently in Salt Lake City at Comic Con. ProGenealogists researchers Paul K. Graham,...
Salt Lake City -- Salt Lake Comic Con organizer Dan Farr announced there will be two events in 2014, including the new "FanXperience" in April. “Fans in and around Utah have spoken and made it clea...
Norman Reedus | Salt Lake Comic Con | GEEX . I get to finally meet the man!.
come to Salt Lake City Comic Con!! I promise were not full of Mormons
Fact: We've added the Kid Con Pavilion for families!
are you coming to Salt Lake Comic Con in April? Our first one last year broke opening attendance records.
Salt Lake Comic Con announces that Norman Reedus will be here & all the girls go crazy, but I'm the only one going "Meh."
I can't wait to meet you at Salt Lake Comic Con! :)
Woman cosplayed as Sharknado at the Salt Lake Comic-Con -
Salt Lake Comic Con to return in 2014 with ‘The Walking Dead’ star
Salt Lake City is putting on not just one, but two Comic Con shows in 2014.
Fact: There will be expanded VIP experiences and benefits: Buy your VIP pass today:
Whoaaa so apparently they're planning on having basically 2 salt lake Comic Con things next year since this year's was so huge. 8O
Fact: There will be MORE Contests, photo areas, and special events!
Dear Salt Lake Comic Con, I am sharing this not because I think it's clever, but because I love you so much. I dropped almost $1000 at your event, and I hope this time you'll invite me to partake in the three-day extravaganza for free. That way... I can spend money on cool and nerdy photo ops and autographs! (P.S., an apostrophe makes things possessive, such as "Skywalker's mom" and "Kirk's dad." I know this isn't your fault, SLCC, but somewhere there's a meme-maker who's not doing himself or herself any Internet favors.)
Salt Lake Comic Con is back after an amazing inaugural year. This time with two events, expanded space, and a few new guests. And that is just what we know about today. I just came out of the press conference, and I am fairly excited. The idea of two conventions is invigorating and exhausting. …
Salt Lake Comic Con is back with a brand new event in April! They're estimating over 100,000 attendees. Tickets are on sale now!
I'm so excited! I won a multipass to the 2014 Salt Lake Comic Con! Best birthday surprise ever!!
I need someone who is thinking of heading to Salt Lake Comic Con next year to do some photography for Circuit 42. Anyone interested?
Salt Lake Comic Con announces big plans for 2014.
Salt Lake Comic Con organizers announced Thursday that they?ll host a second 2014 event ?
Today they announced a separate Salt Lake Comic Con for April 17-19. Among the first guests named were Norman Reedus (Walking Dead, Boondock Saints), Adam Baldwin (Firefly, Chuck) and Kelly Hu (X-Men 2). This one plans to have more stars from each show like Brent Spinner and Marina Sirtis both from STNG who were also announced
With Salt Lake Comic Con adding the FanXperience next April, 2014 is gonna be a fun year!
well.the salt lake Comic Con is in April and this time im buyin my tickets on X-mas bonus so we wont get ripped off like last time so let me know whos going with, and let me know asap cuz im gettin them early .
Who would like to host me and maybe a few friends next September while we attend the Salt Lake Comic Con?? This of course would also be a trip to see you folks and introduce you to the baby!!
NOTE: FanXperience is different than Salt Lake Comic Con, which will be in September like the first year.
Just to pass this one to all my geek friends (we should really think up a new term for this). Salt Lake Comic Con is coming TWICE to Utah next year! Twice the geek, twice the fun, twice the Party! April and September, bring it on!
For all you "nerds": Salt lake Comic Con has announce that the con next year will have a kids pavilion!!! We had a blast at last years con and hopefully we will have more fun next year.
Carl Grimes and Daryl Dixon coming to the Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience Apr. 17-19, 2014!
Special announcement coming from Salt Lake Comic Con today at 11am! Stay tuned...
Salt Lake Comic Con announcement in 2 minutes, when I heard about one of the guests I almost ripped my shirt off. Any guesses?
Hey Comic Con fans! Tune in to Radio From *** just after 9:00am today for some HUGE news from Salt Lake Comic Con! You're going to love this!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Thinking I'm going to need to add Salt Lake Comic Con to my con list. :-)
And so it begins. Come on down to Leonardo at 11am for the Salt Lake Comic Con press conference. We're announcing our 2014 schedule and preliminary guest list.
We are gathering guest requests in the Salt Lake Comic Con Group. We announce the first guests tomorrow at the press conference. You speak. We listen.
It seems that every time I go on the Salt Lake Comic Con page I always see Lexi Phantomhive and Aaron Howey in the comments xD
14 Things people may not know about me. 1) I'm secretly a soccer fan. 2) I have hyperthyroidism. 3) I love playing Left 4 Dead on Xbox. 4) I like playing baseball on Xbox 5) I still talk in my sleep. 6) I have a crush on Skylar Astin from Pitch Perfect. 7) I enjoy watching kid shows with my daughter. 8) I want to dye my hair black. 9) I hated the movie Dark Shadows. 10) I want to be a Slumber Party Consultant. 11) I LOVE playing fantasy football. 12) I'm getting my self-confidence back. (the hubby helps a lot with that) 13) I love the TV show Vampire Diaries. 14) I lost my wallet at Salt Lake Comic Con. (Hubby did find it) LMS for a number
I was able to meet Brian Krause last week at the Salt Lake Comic Con. He was incredibly nice! Hope you have fun!
William Shatner and Adam West make history together at Salt Lake Comic Con | The Salt Lake Tribune via
. . . So apparently Dean Cain is at the Salt Lake Comic Con. I AM SO THERE TOMORROW.
I'm so glad you came to Salt Lake Comic Con. Your panel to day with Adam West was brilliant. I've never laughed so hard
so if William Shatner is at Salt Lake Comic Con why isn't Nathan Fillion?
2nd day Salt Lake Comic Con. Panels, meh. Tables on floor, can't be seen. Maybe Dean Cain will entertain.
Upset that I can't go see John De Lancie at Salt Lake Comic Con. :S
What would convince me to go to the Salt Lake Comic Con? Apparently Dean Cain is the answer. I learn new things about myself everyday.
Adam West and Burt Ward are coming to Salt Lake Comic Con.are you?? :-)
Te hago copypaste de algo que puso Jessica Nigri xD Hey guys!! I'll be at Salt Lake Comic Con!! I was just announced!!' !!!
Come one, come all and hear the tale of the man in the shadows, the man behind the camera here at Kutgoi, Mr. James Brown! Name: James Brown Alias: Futureshock Affiliation: Exit 338 Films/KUTGOI Utah Special Skills: Cinematographer, Photographer, SCUBA Certified (in progress) How did you become involved with KUTGOI? "I met Craig (Yin/Young Lee) at work and he found out I make films and we had a brief discussion about it and immediately started throwing ideas at each other, and the ball has been rolling since." What should the people expect from you and Exit 338? "Well, we are currently working on a short documentary on Yin & Strange, as well as a music video for their original track "SPELL". We also are polishing up a Star Wars fan film called Magic Darth to be shown at the 1st annual Salt Lake Comic Con. Be on the look out! Great things coming! We are still submitting our short film Dangerous Mimes to festivals as well." With that, have a beautiful Sunday and love from the Kutgou fam! Peace!
Wahhooo! I won! I'd like to thank the Academy (Salt Lake Comic Con), and all the little people who made it possible! I can't wait to hang out at SLCCC!
Oh my gosh, I just bought my ticket to Salt Lake Comic Con! :D
To all my nerd friends, who is planning on Salt Lake Comic Con? Which days?
The Original Batman and Robin, Adam West and Burt Ward just announced for The Salt Lake Comic Con...This convention keeps getting Better and Better!
Salt Lake City, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Dan Farr, Salt Lake Comic Con producer talks about the city's first Comic Convention.
Must meet Capt. Kirk! Salt Lake Comic Con this is where you give me the 3-day pass and photo op with Shatner! :D
William Shatner is going to be at Salt Lake Comic Con as well as Hercules and Commander Riker? Yeah, pretty sure I'm going to fangirl all over that.
2013 Salt Lake Comic Con costumes for our family = Adventure Time characters!
Just found out about Salt Lake Comic Con! So excited!! How can I be a part of this? I'd love to help!
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