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Sally Wainwright

Sally Wainwright is a British BAFTA nominated television writer and playwright. She won 2009 Writer of the Year Award given by the RTS in 2009 for Unforgiven.

Happy Valley Last Tango Sarah Lancashire Suranne Jones Russell T Davies Adam Buxton Michael Mansfield

won’t be the same without you Good decision though as too talented to repeat yourself…
Did you know that Sally Wainwright built a replica of the parsonage on the Moors? thinking of Howarth…
I'd love this - hearing people talk about their work in a critical and reflective way is the best! And m…
I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. Even if Sally Wainwright can find…
"Last Tango in Halifax" scene with Anne Reid as Celia & Nicola Walker as Gillian. Series has been well received & v…
Hope to see you in a meaty drama series in the future like Line of Duty or something by Sally Wainwr…
Sally Wainwright AIUI but that was back in Russell's day.
Listen to these top writing tips and interview with one of our fantastic Patrons - Sally Wainwright via…
Download and listen to our free extensive interview with Sally Wainwright, winner of multiple…
FROM THE BAY RADIO NEWSROOM: An appeal's been launched to get two stolen dogs back to their owners in Cockerham. A mast…
SALLY WAINWRIGHT:. Waiting for the "next step" from you on more "Last Tango" for Celia & Alan🎭…
Both equally as good in different ways 😍 Both brilliantly written by Sally Wainwright 👍🏼
Or maybe a major role in Sally Wainwright's Anne Lister drama with Suranne Jones? The HBO connection means it's big enough.
SALLY WAINWRIGHT:The Gang's All Here waiting for a new dose of Last Tango.Is your pen ready?…
Yes!! Have you seen Sally Wainwright's other show that stars Sarah Lancashire, Last Tango in Halifa…
Have you seen any of Sally Wainwright's work? Happy Valley and Scott & Bai…
Hamilton Collection
Excited for Sally Wainwright's 'Gentleman Jack' about Halifax's Anne Lister at Shibden Hall, starring Suranne Jones
Sally Wainwright: the titan of genuine reality television | Observer profile
I figured out why I watch Sally Wainwright shows. Spent 2nd yr of my life in Manchester. That accent is soothing to me.
SALLY WAINWRIGHT: It would be a very Merry Christmas🎄to hear of new episodes of "Last Tango"!…
Obsessed with any Sally Wainwright has ever written ever. 😍
"Will someone please put Sally Wainwright in charge of everything for a while?" Yes please
So true... "Women don't get to be funny in shows written by men...particularly in cop dramas." Sally Wainwright
I got to interview Jane Campion & Sally Wainwright who both had smart stuff to say about female TV detectives
SALLY WAINWRIGHT: So many dedicated viewers waiting for more heartwarming scenes like this.👏…
the onlywriter in this country that can even share a sentence with your work is Sally Wainwright or Kay Mellor?
I love Sally Wainwright's writing, wonderful strong and witty female leads. Who are your favourite writers?
SALLY WAINWRIGHT:It's time to get serious about writing new episodes of "Last Tango"Please! 🤡…
SALLY WAINWRIGHT:You&your wonderful cast deserved that award&we viewers deserve more episodes htt…
Sally Wainwright: 'I don’t set out to instruct people. I want to entertain'
Sally Wainwright at the Little Theatre: her drama series about Anne Lister will screen in 2019 with Suranne Jones - ht…
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Hopefully end of next year! All being well, down to Sally Wainwright writing it!
This depiction of "Black Life" & differing Black Lives in season 2 episode 7 is disgusting. Sally Wainwright should be ashamed.
Sally Wainwright gave a talk at church hall up the hill from where I live. She's awesome. 'Happy' Val…
Plus I am there newest fan I love sally wainwright but I now have a soft spot for the william bros xxx
Sally Wainwright is GOALS. Created, wrote and directed Happy Valley, and it's SO good, so bloody well executed. Tot…
Women in TV aren't trusted as writers, claims Happy Valley creator Sally Wainwright
. Love Mrs Douubtfire. My favorite screenwriter is - Sally Wainwright!.
An otherwise sweet and empathetic BBC drama called Last Tango in Halifax by Sally Wainwright. Ugh
Sally Wainwright is such a lezzy.. Can't wait to watch that!!
And in related news didya know Suranne is playing Anne Lister soon, and it's written by Sally Wainwright? OMG
In the 'unlikely 2nd series' stakes, I think Sally Wainwright has the edge but was pushing its luck too IMO.
Just spent an hour and a half in the company of the fab Sally Wainwright Great advice - diolch/thanks. R…
Sally Wainwright & Jed Mercurio interviewed for new podcast series >
Sally Wainwright, when will we see more of "Last Tango in Halifax". Anxiously awaiting! 👍
ICYMI: Sally Wainwright was on the South Bank Show on last night discussing and
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Filming of the new BBC drama about Anne Lister appears to have begun in Halifax. It's penned by Sally Wainwright.
I assume it's to do with Sally Wainwright's new drama about Anne Lister.
Sally Wainwright to write show about diarist Anne Lister for BBC
this is ace and well worth a listen- Adam Buxton talking to Sally Wainwright 😍
Adam Buxton interviewing the great Sally Wainwright is a very interesting listen
On PBS, Sally Wainwright's (Happy Valley) one-off period drama shows a different side of Bronte sis! via
Happy Valley writer Sally Wainwright to tackle amazing life of this pioneering C19th *** landowner Anne Lister
Happy Valley series 3 delayed by writer Sally Wainwright - and here's why
Happy Valley series 3 delayed as Sally Wainwright announces exciting new TV project
Lovely! Going to a talk with Sally Wainwright & Ann Disdale about in April. Is Charlotte's dress downstairs?
Corrie was (still is?) finishing school for greatest TV writers - Jack Rosenthal, Paul Abbott, Sally Wainwright
Anna Maxwell Martin & Nicola Walker should have a Sally Wainwright series where they solve crimes but are happy, agreed?
Count Buckulies has a great podcast interview with its writer Sally Wainwright.
I thought it was fantastic but Sally Wainwright is my hero
I directed that. Sally Wainwright wrote it.
Am totally lost in Missing, Presumed. Thank you for a truly brilliant read! Dialogue reminds me of Queen Sally Wainwright:)
same here with the Bronte drama by Sally Wainwright. Loved it! Stayed with me for days.
has been going downhill since season 3. Can't they get s.o. else to write the scripts, like Sally Wainwright e.g.?
Absolutely loved To Walk Invisible. Bravo and the incredible Sally Wainwright. Intelligent and thoughtful writing.
Behind the scenes Interview with Sally Wainwright, writer of OU and BBC collaboration https:…
Hugely looking forward to the next year with Sally Wainwright as the Wellcome Screenwriting Fellow!
I really enjoyed . Sally Wainwright is just ace, eh.
It was one of the best things on telly over Christmas. Sally Wainwright's script was pure genius.
Yes! Stubborness and anger and tenderness. Casting perfection and, of course, Sally Wainwright is some kind of demigod.
Blown away by Sally Wainwright's on Gritty, powerful, moving & Northern!. The Brontes…
Hopeful now he's heading back we might see him in something well written. Sally Wainwright is 1/
ah thank you. Very tiny but a real pleasure to breathe the same Yorkshire air as Sally Wainwright.
Love this still from another wonderful drama from Sally Wainwright.
Just started 'To walk invisible'. Didn't realise it was written by Sally Wainwright. Nice.
Overheard at a party... Gatiss: We're thinking of killing off a main character. Julian Fellowes: Do it. Sally Wainwright: Do it. .
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I so enjoyed To Walk Invisible about the Brontë Sisters. Sally Wainwright is my kind of writer. She just gets it.
If either of us ever get nominated for anything - Sally Wainwright takes a gap year, say - then this is the jacket we wear.
You can always rely on some...Viewers slam To Walk Invisible over 'inaudible mumbling'
Broadchurch first series was a class apart. Scott & Bailey I missed..but it's Sally Wainwright isn't it? Am daft to have done!
I haven't got round to watching it yet but Sally Wainwright's writing is always quality.
Catching up on Oh my, Branwell is a bloody piece of work. Would like all tv to be by Sally Wainwright.
To Walk Invisible on the was the best piece of tv drama since 1848 . well done to the maker Sally Wainwright.
Bennett and the Brontes: the best programmes on TV this Christmas are from literary Yorkshire
I love Sally Wainwright as much as I love the Brontes. And this is a brilliant article ❤
Just caught up with on - superb and incredibly moving. Sally Wainwright is bloomin' good
Sally Wainwright never disappoints, but this was breathtaking. Also: what a fantastic cast!
To Walk Invisible was some of the best telly ovr the break or was it Last Tango in Halifax? In any case Sally Wainwright for the win!
@ spiceyw's Sally Wainwright's BBC written and directed play on the Bronte sisters magnificent. Not a northern cliche in sight. Loved it.
Last night, I enjoyed Sally Wainwright's, To Walk Invisible. Comforting to note that Branwell Brontë went to Halifax to get wazzocked.
'They had issues': Sally Wainwright and Tracy Chevalier discuss the Brontës
New Sally Wainwright Brontë drama is coming on 29 Dec goes behind the scenes https…
Can't stop thinking about Sally Wainwright, you rock. Brontës, you're not so bad yourselves...
just finished - so brilliant. Take it from someone who doesn't really like period drama. Sally Wainwright is superhuman
Give Amanda Abbington in the hands of Sally Wainwright pls. At least somebody would appreciate her
Give yourself a treat 'To Walk Invisible' ..about the Bronte Family.. ..Sally Wainwright is an absolute genius..
watched "To Walk Invisible". One word: stunning! Sally Wainwright: a genius and product of my home town too!
Kieran, did you see that Sally Wainwright show about the Brontës on BBC?
We loved it - a brilliant piece of work by Sally Wainwright. All the Bronte books are back on the reading list for 2017!
Loved Sally Wainwright's latest drama Uncover why she wanted to write about the Brontës in our vid ht…
Sally Wainwright +Tracy Chevalier discuss Brontës (May more wonderful TV programs be made for my Bronte…
Sally Wainwright's drama about the extraordinary Bronte sisters, gets excellent review on BBC Front…
Absolutely excellent. Sally Wainwright is a genius for writing & producing this. I shall be watching it again.
I enjoyed it, tormented, bleak, passionate, angry and beautiful in equal measure. Did Sally Wainwright proud.
How utterly beautiful is "to walk invisible" when I grow up I want to be Sally Wainwright
"To Walk Invisible" - the Bronte sisters' biopic by Sally Wainwright - is still on iPlayer and is just EXTRAORDINARY. Ful…
Caught up on the BBC's Bronte drama A staggering achievement. Could easily have been a series. Sally Wainwright is 👸
maybe Sally Wainwright was taking artistic licence.
Sally Wainwright (Brontes recently, Happy Valley) is a northern TV writer of genius. Her scripts are high art, in a diffe…
To Walk Invisible is stunning. Whatever you believe it was like in the Brontë house, Sally Wainwright's version is fantastically compelling.
Meet Grant Montgomery - the man who recreated the parsonage for Sally Wainwright's new drama
Happy Valley may be Sally Wainwright's masterpiece, but Last Tango in Halifax is as close to perfection as television can get.
📷 To Walk Invisible | shots on Haworth high street for Sally Wainwright’s upcoming drama on the Bronte...
Sally Wainwrigh talks about Happy Valley and her screenwriting career'
Dream of writing dramas? Watch the full writing masterclass from Sally Wainwright:…
Bronte fans! Join me next Thursday for a Q&A with Sally Wainwright and the cast of To Walk Invisible at
Grantchester has a Christmas special? A film about the Bronte Sisters written by Sally Wainwright? I will be watching British TV all holiday
Writer shares her top tips for aspiring writers at our 2016 Student Programme Masterclass, watch now at…
We're looking forward to this by our patron Sally wainwright 29 Dec, 9pm BBC 1
Sally wainwright's will air on Thursday 29 December, 9pm 1
Meet the Brontës - and read Q&As with the cast of new Sally Wainwright 's new drama -
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Happy Valley, & Last Tango in Halifax both written by Sally Wainwright
Love this pic of new Screenwriting Fellowship recipient Sally Wainwright with previous Fellows
So how do you like the writing of Sally Wainwright (Last Tango and Happy Valley)?
You have good taste. Amy Sherman Palladino is America's Heidi Thomas meets Sally Wainwright with a soupcon of Catherine Tate
Okay, if Sally Wainwright is the sort of person who gets the Wellcome Fellowship, maybe I won't apply!
Congratulations to Sally Wainwright for being awarded a Screenwriting Fellowship
"appy Valley” won’t return for its third season for at least a year, but Sally Wainwright, the show’s creator, is...
Sally Wainwright's Christmas drama To Walk Invisible about the Bronte sisters has an air date…
Sally Wainwright "I was in US last week. They said: 'We've got all the money here, but the best telly is coming out of B…
Anne Reid has spoken about the new series of Last Tango in Halifax...
The winner of the 2016 Screenwriting Fellowship is the brilliant Sally Wainwright.
Well at least we know there will be a S3 and that James will be in it! (Hopefully of course as nothing is written...
Sally Wainwright's putting series 3 on hold for now 😧
Love the Brontës, the & Sally Wainwright? Our next TV preview is right up your street... ❤️📺 ht…
Always write the PILOT as the THIRD EPISODE. Hit the ground running. - Sally Wainwright Sorry, I've not had my green tea yet!
Sally Wainwright can eat my entire ***
It's fab isn't it? Faves so far probably Kathy Burke, Iain Lee, Sally Wainwright and Sara Pascoe. All great though!
Free event in Leicester - Happy Valley writer talks about new Bronte show... (Lit Scene students ...?)
When is coming back? I've not forgiven Sally Wainwright for Kate, but still.
BAFTA award-winner Sally Wainwright will give a talk at Phoenix on Thurs 17 Nov.
its one of the best UK shows ever IMO. They are but Sally Wainwright had other projects so apparently its delayed
Here's the Q&A we held with Sally Wainwright...she was asked a Caroline question
Last Tango In Halifax series 4: Sally Wainwright teases 'big' story for Gillian and Robbie
We should probably just get Sally Wainwright to script everything from now on 👌🏼. Please. .
Happy Valley is coming back for a third series Sally Wainwright reveals
Sally Wainwright's writing on Happy Valley S2 is genius. Need more female writers writing real complex female characters like Claire Cawood
UK: BONUS: Sally Wainwright in conversation with Russell T Davies via
I've always loved west Yorkshire, and east Lancashire.. writer Sally Wainwright helps to explain why
Sally Wainwright's: Happy Valley, Scott & Bailey and specially Last Tango in Hallifax are the best I've seen on telly l…
"Don't demonise anyone. Present characters as they would present themselves. No one thinks of themself as evil." Sally Wain…
I've been watching Sally Wainwright stuff (esp rec Happy Valley Netflix) & it's all W Yorkshire - lots of new words incl that
There's some good news about Happy Valley series three
Of interest?There's another Bronte talk earlier in the day too.Sally Wainwright University of Leicester
Could a highwaywoman be the subject of Sally Wainwright's next drama?
Russell T Davies in conversation with Sally Wainwright in Edinburgh next week, having that!
Hi HF - the form referred to in the text isn't available on this page: Can you reinstate please
Happy Valley: Brilliant and brutal TV show. Written and directed by Sally Wainwright.
When sad times come... I have Sally Wainwright writing to remind me what excellent drama looks like!
i hope lesley sharp is ok and also sally wainwright I hope she's havin a bangin day
Sally Wainwright my new iPad video love.
Good job you're not a *** in a Sally Wainwright tv series or our thoughts would be with you.
Loved so now giving Scott & Bailey a go. Wainwright is a great writer. 2 eps has more drama than 1 series of other shows
Fascinating day yesterday with Sally Wainwright, hearing about her approach to new Brontes programme; will be worth watching out for.
It's a fantastic show. Sarah Lancashire is amazing in it. I love all Sally Wainwright'sd stuff. I went back and watched all of
Keep an eye out for a video interview we did with writer Sally Wainwright 2day after her ceremony
Delighted to award Huddersfield born Sally Wainwright an Honorary Doctorate from
NEWS: The woman behind Sally Wainwright, will get an honorary doctorate from today
'Women are more interesting and easier and fun to dramatise 'Sally Wainwright'
Congrats to on her honorary Doctorate from Huddersfield Uni. Don't forget to submit your ?s for An Evening with Sally Wainwright. RT
Sally Wainwright and Michael Mansfield honoured at uni
Sally Wainwright honoured at University of Huddersfield. Wonderful news 👏🏻 👍🏼
Oh hey its like when that bloke at the Guardian reviews a Sally Wainwright drama!
Congratulations to Sally Wainwright and others on their honorary doctorates!
If you have a question to put to Sally Wainwright when she comes to the Evening With Sally Wainwright on the 23... htt…
Had this in my head since we saw Sally Wainwright at Northern Lights last week... Can't think why ;) .
The film set for the new Bronte film by Sally Wainwright is soon to be demolished. So if you want to see it, get...
Add Rachel Talalay & Sally Wainwright (of the superb and this list is perfect
IMPORTANT NEWS - An Evening With Sally Wainwright will now be Sat 23 July. Tickets already purchased are transferable/refundable. Apologies
DRAMA.Snap-shot of by Sally Wainwright.we cannot wait to see this!...
Sally Ann by Rufus Wainwright from the album Rufus Wainwright. Listen at
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Cannot recommend Happy Valley enough! Sally Wainwright is one of our truly great contemporary dramatists.
was great. I love Sally Wainwright so much.
This is a Sally Wainwright fan account now ok thx bye
will Sally Wainwright be doing her event on her own?
if you like Happy Valley you should watch Scott & Bailey - also Sally Wainwright, also Northern, also full of female coppers
BBC Film set for Sally Wainwright's Bronte drama - all built above Haworth from hardboard...
I REALLY REALLY like it and I think I love Sally Wainwright and she/the programme have made me hate all men ever.
Welcome aboard! We got Happy Valley fever back in 2014. Sally Wainwright is a genius: characters, dialogue, storytelling
.I beseech you, Sally Wainwright, to pen the next super-spy movie with a woman as the hero instead of the sex kitten.
Been to see the fake Brontë parsonage the BBC’ve built up on Haworth moor for new Sally Wainwright drama - amazing!
I think it's Sally Wainwright's Bronte film that's filming for the Beeb at the moment.
the writer, Sally Wainwright, has written so many brilliant shows
BBC1: Last Tango is so nice and feel good and all demos love it, can we have another show like it please. Sally Wainwright: 😏
Rehearsals for new BBC drama about the Brontes adapted for TV by Sally Wainwright, more from the set
Mean & moody, on the dark set of new BBC drama 'To Walk Invisible by Sally Wainwright, more
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just a note. DF wasn't written by Sally Wainwright ❤️
Sally Wainwright: I regret killing off *** character
Silsden born megan parkinson to appear in sally wainwright drama to walk invisible about the life of the brontes
Yep, she's the one! Now that's a show I need to watch. I've heard so many good things & Sally Wainwright wrote it
This looks really interesting, and Sally Wainwright is such a fabulous writer. And it's the Brontes, people!
Now what makes Marcella so badly written. And Happy Valley so phenomenally written?. Sally Wainwright. That's all. .
Also, these first two scripts from creator Sally Wainwright are of a seriously high quality. Solid work.
Watching season 2 of Happy Valley was sheer pleasure. Thank you, Sally Wainwright (and Sarah Lancashire (
Keeley Hawes and Sally Wainwright would be a drama Dream Team! 🙌🏽
Justcaught up with the last episode of 'Happy Valley''. Brilliant writing from Sally Wainwright and astonishing acting from Sarah Lancashire
Sad Valley is so good I've forgiven Sally Wainwright for breaking my heart with Last Tango in Halifax.
God I love the women in Sally wainwright dramas
You can catch up with Sally Wainwright's stunning on now!
I need time to come up with Happy Valley 3, says writer Sally Wainwright
We asked writer a few of your questions, and she answered them!
Still can't stop thinking about Happy Valley - Sarah Lancashire brilliant, all cast brilliant & Sally Wainwright, I bow down to your genius!
good article...I think we all want the same outcome. I wonder how Sally Wainwright would have dealt with this storyline
Let's all keep trending because Sally Wainwright and everyone involved, actors and creative/technical team alike deserves it!
Taking a break from Rob/Helen tedium. Maybe Sally Wainwright could point the SWs in the direction of an exciting resolution…
PS There was a season of Scott & Bailey (another Sally Wainwright show, on Hulu in US) that featured Molesley!
Sally Wainwright is up for it, but nothing has been confirmed yet.
One of the best TV shows in recent memory. Sally Wainwright is an amazing script writer. Sarah Lancashire is an amazing actress.
Could you get Sally Wainwright and Sarah Lancashire on the programme? Please please please!
Sally Wainwright i have the latest high tech Tv & I'm telling u was a nightmare 2 hear through the mumbling 1st series was ok
Saw ep 6 of last night, BRILLIANT TELLY. Hope Sally Wainwright manages to come up with a 3rd series in the next few years.
Sally Wainwright said she wants to write another series but not immediately.
Happy Valley writer Sally Wainwright signs up for third series
I know - it was sublime. I love everything Sally Wainwright has done. Last Tango in Halifax, also with Sarah Lancashire, was a gem
Screenwriter Sally Wainwright says she is keen to write a third series of BBC One drama Happy Valley, but wants enough time to think of
Always worry about 2nd & 3rd series, but if anyone can do it, Sally Wainwright can.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
The legend that is Sally Wainwright will be helping to launch this new organisation. Truly worthy group to support
NEWS: Sally Wainwright the based writer of says there might be a third series - but there could be a w…
Watching the final episode of Happy Valley. Oh my GOD what a brilliant show. Sally Wainwright, bloody wow.
Happy Valley: Writer Sally Wainwright is on board to write a third series:
I enjoyed Happy Valley. A quiet sit-down dialogue written by Sally Wainwright has more menace and tension than most gun-toting car chases!
Finally watched Happy Valley finale. No spoilers, suffice to say Sarah Lancashire and Sally Wainwright are wonderful. Bril…
Now I'm watching Happy Valley season 2 and I couldn't be happier. Not sarcasm Happy Valley and Sally Wainwright and Sarah Lancashire rule.
The protagonist of the excellent show cries a lot & I do too. Sally Wainwright writes like a boss.
Sally Wainwright can just write ALL the shows, starring Sarah Lancashire, and that would be just fine.
Sally Wainwright wrote, directed and was an exec producer. Give control to the creative ones = quality
Anyone complaining about too many dudes or superheroes on TV would do themselves a favor and watch it. Plus: Sally Wainwright made it.
Basically, Sally Wainwright should just get that BAFTA posted to her now.
writer Sally Wainwright signs up for third series.
Loved how Sally Wainwright resolved the 2nd series of That scene between Sarah Lancashire & Shirley Henderson was exceptional.
Plans for filming To Walk Invisible: Keighley News has information on the filming of Sally Wainwright's To Wal...
HV is so great. The Desert Island Discs podcast with Sally Wainwright, who wrote the show, is really worth checking out.
yes, amazing writing and storylines. Full marks to Sarah Lancaster and Sally Wainwright
fans need a Valentine from Sally Wainwright. Here’s an idea.
- we’ve had support from Sally Wainwright, James Norton and Julie Hesmondhalgh. Can you?
Just started Last Tango In Halifax for my love of Sarah Lancashire and Sally Wainwright (Happy Valley creator). So good.
Enjoy today's rich, funny Midweek with Sally Wainwright, Erwin James & our author Angela Kiss
Sally Wainwright to write & direct a short piece of theatre for Sun 28 Feb
Ep 1 of Happy Valley series 2 absolutely lives up to the first and confirms the genius of Sally Wainwright. Tue, Feb 9, BBC…
this may be of interest- Sally Wainwright writing & directing a short play for George Costigan
Sally Wainwright's smash hit returns! Charity Premiere next Friday in Halifax - go go go!
We are really looking forward to drama. Great interview in
With Added Grit: The Yorkshire Post interviews Sally Wainwright, who has penned the script of (and who will al...
A specially commissioned piece by Sally Wainwright for Costigan & Pigott-Smith
Sex, lies and literary masterpieces - Sally Wainwright on her new Brontë TV drama
Excited about 2? Find out more about the phenomenal Sally Wainwright and her star lead Sarah Lancashire
hi Jill. What national press? I'm in touch with Sally Wainwright & George Costigan if that's of interest to you? Can you DM pls?
Catch up with scripts for the complete Series 1 by Sally Wainwright
Fabulous first episode of new Sally Wainwright is so clever & Sarah Lancashire so magnificent.
Just watched the first new episode of just fantastic. I never doubted Sally Wainwright. Just superb
Cool flood fundraiser- meet Sally Wainwright and Sarah Lancashire
A great resource. have Series 1 "Happy Valley" scripts available now via Sally Wainwright
If you are going to mention that Sally Wainwright ended 'one of the most normalised *** relationships ever...
Want to see the video from our Sally Wainwright event? Sign up to our mailing list & we'll let you know when it's up
oh no, sally wainwright (writer) is busy with other shows. NW is in broadway til feb 2016
is easily the best thing the BBC have done since Happy Valley. Abi Morgan should write all the TV shows (that Sally Wainwright isn't)
Sally Wainwright, BAFTA-winning writer shares advice with up-and-coming Matthew Barry
Happy Valley one of the best pieces of tv I've seen in years. Sarah Lancashire electric and written by fab Sally Wainwrigh…
According to heteronormative narrative discourse my *** marriage should have been over before it began.
Come to with Sally Wainwright, Ashley Jackson & ht…
Consoling hungover self by re-reading Happy Valley scripts & feeling worthless as writer because will never be as good as Sally Wainwright
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Christine Talbot recently interviewed the British BAFTA winning television writer and playwright Sally...
I'm ride or die for Sally Wainwright's dramas with a strong female lead.
Sally Wainwright. You are a genius Goddess with the keys to the Universal Mystery, and I love you.
Last day to enter our competition to win 2 x Sally Wainwright in Conversation tickets enter at
Extended version of chat with award winning writer Sally Wainwright
Sally Wainwright is back in her Happy Valley
just seen the amazing Sally Wainwright on Calander news,can't wait for the new series of Happy Valley,when is it back?
2 is the work of Sally Wainwright and she's been talking to for tonight
Lovely to meet Sally Wainwright to chat about her career and her next exciting project at 6
A lovely interview today with Sally Wainwright for finds out what she's working on! htt…
Happy Valley, also Sally Wainwright, greatest female cop TV show, you must watch it !
Filming's underway for new series of Happy Valley in Yorkshire. Award-winning writer Sally Wainwright's been talking about it to Calendar
There’s been a huge backlash. Sally Wainwright said she might have made the wrong decision.
one of my favourites. And written by Sally Wainwright too!
Where I love and, even better, live.
Update your maps at Navteq
Happy Valley and Last Tango in Halifax creator Sally Wainwright on how to create TV gold
Official partners to the Square Chapel in Conversation event. Pre-theatre dining offer available... h…
'Happy Valley' & 'Last Tango' writer Sally Wainwright on her love of Calderdale
Yorkshire screenwriter Sally Wainwright reveals all about her new Bronte drama
Sally Wainwright is one of the best writer's I've ever come across, Outstanding story lines,👍👌👏🙌
Absolutely love watching can't get enough of it. Love Sally Wainwright's writing in general to be honest.
Sometimes, when reading Sally Wainwright’s work, I catch what it must feel like to watch the best played game as a benched athlete.
Sally Wainwright had Kate die to reconcile Caroline and Celia. There would have been other better ways to do this. …
The Bronte life story by Sally Wainwright will be filmed in the new year (allegedly!).
r u going to see Sally wainwright in sept in Halifax?I'm hoping Sarah will make an appearance as she'll be filming hv then👍🏻
Sally Wainwright is with us for this sold out event. We are taking names for our waiting list though
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