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Sally Struthers

Sally Ann Struthers (born July 28, 1948) is an American actress and spokeswoman, best known for her roles as Gloria Stivic on All in the Family, for which she won two Emmy awards, and as Babette on Gilmore Girls.

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*** did he ask you for holiday advice for?! Like asking Sally Struthers for a salad recipe.
This can be a comeback moment for Sally Struthers, too! Instead of Africa, she can go to Brownsville or Nogales.
All in the Family TV star Sally Struthers signed/autographed 5x7 glossy photo!
Which comedian was it that joked that Sally Struthers kept getting bigger while the impovrished kids kept getting skinnier? LMAO
Because all they know about Africa is what they saw in a Sally Struthers commercial?
In other news: I completely confused Sally Struthers for Suzanne Somers. I'm going to go eat now...
I just repaired a VCR. Where's my degree, Sally Struthers?
that I have a friend with whom I can make Sally Struthers references (CC: xo
They're gayer than Sally Struthers. I'll fight your database in the big titted.
That time I tried to eat Sally Struthers face...
Big ups for doing what and never did: something.
"Walker Vreeland. May angels surround you always.". -Sally Struthers
So excited to interview Sally Struthers again tomorrow so we can continue our love affair. Saw her last night in...
Today in Theatre History, 1985: The revival of "The Odd Couple," featuring Rita Moreno and Sally Struthers, opened.
When Dirty Harry met Sally Struthers for Brunch at Tiffany's and she said, "you've got male-pattern baldness" .
I’d suggest to call Sally Struthers. You have her number, right? .
Double save!!! Crawford should be the spokesperson for the Sally Struthers Thigh Master!
Brb, Sally Struthers is asking for me..
I heard Hillary has hired Sally Struthers to do fund-raising ads for her; to just send $ would mean so much. Nah, I'm kidding.
Sure do! Got to sit next to Sally Struthers at dinner once
Sally struthers selling bad cafeteria food to you to feed your personal East African child for a quarter a day
Side note: On the recent Bush League tour of Hello, Dolly!, Sally Struthers was billed BELOW the title!
I now have an indelible image of Sally Struthers hectoring me for just . Thanks
Sally Struthers called..she wants her certificates back.
Marveling at the Wikipedia article on Sally Struthers is where I'm at today. Get on my level.
Sally Struthers starving babies eat better than that. The illegals are eating better than that.
every time I see Taylor I expect Sally Struthers to come out and tell us we can feed him for only pennies a day.
if they mastered agriculture, why does Sally Struthers need to be there to solicit funds to feed them?
If Taylor Swift were any skinnier she would be in a Sally Struthers commercial
The sacrifices you make, you're a real Sally Struthers.
that's like Sally Struthers telling me to send money to feed all the kids in Africa that died last year
in my best Sally Struthers voice: "Please, won't you help find the and bring him home!"
We're number one...We're number one...We're number one...American exceptionalism shines through!Where's Sally Struthers?
The neighbor Babette, is Sally Struthers! And Max is an actor I know from Necessary Roughness, which I liked him in that, too.
current Sally struthers to show her normal speaking voice vs Babette:
Went to see 9 to 5 the musical yesterday Still can't get over Sally Struthers who plays Roz Keith she was hilarious😂
If only there was audio/video of Sally Struthers anywhere else in the world to hear her normal speaking voice...
"Someone sodomized Sally Struthers". I don't know who that is, but it's a good tongue-twister.
Sally Struthers penny a day poor doesn't even make this viable.
Sally Struthers wrote that one ironically
shutting Sally Struthers up for whole month
I think Id setle for some eye contact. Cause I couldnt feel alive if I was high on crack. Sally Struthers said that I was making her depressed
looking like one of Sally Struthers' kids. For only $.75 a dayyou can send a kid to a Knicks game
Top 25 Things to Do in Northern Virginia: It's almost 1 a.m. on a Thursday night in March and Sally Struthers ...
Hanging out with Sally Struthers' sweet rescue pup Bradford
Patrick Stewart and Sally Struthers? Wow. There's a combo I would have never guessed.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Aw, that's the picture sent us after we adopted him thru Sally Struthers!!
These other teams really deserve Sally Struthers informercials. Their lives are so hard.
Beach Boys, Sally Struthers and Human Nature are all coming to Lancaster (not together, unfortunately)
review of 9 TO 5, with Sally Struthers (The Sperm Bank Receptionist in .
A Sally Struthers telethon... but for adults that fight with strangers on the Internet.
Always expecting a sally struthers photo bomb in a big sean selfie
Sally Struthers beat me to stardom,
Sally Struthers is a believer. Are you? See Psychic Medium Kim Russo "The Happy Medium" at Sugar Loaf...
Most Americans got all our knowledge of Africa from "We Are the World" & Sally Struthers. Haven't learned a *** thing in 30 yrs.
Besides Sally Struthers has a Tiberian Junkett, and we really need your extra money.
Sonshinefest is resorting to the Sally Struthers method of raising funds. For less than an cup of coffee a day...
if this was the WWE you'd get a Sally Struthers chant right now lol
Remind me never to click YouTube analytics. I make less per day than it takes to feed starving children according to Sally Struthers
One of the funniest criers in all of television. Ever. Up there with Sally Struthers. ;)
With Sally Struthers commanding performance as Charlene why did they cancel 1991 tv series Dinosaurs? Why?!.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
The only thing missing from the commercial was Sally Struthers.
thanks i really needed to see that image your turning Sally Struthers
Straving At Levels that would make Sally Struthers cringe 😢
They should have had Sally Struthers as their spokesperson doing an infomercial. "For just $20 a month you can sponsor"...
No don't be silly, I didn't get my degree from Sally Struthers.
So a WIERDO shows up at my door looking for money to "feed the children on the Sally Struthers commercial" Dressed in a F*ing frog costume!
Internet withdrawal is real. I saw Sally Struthers in an ad early this morning asking for help
your gonna wind up like one or those kids in Africa that they show with Sally struthers then.
did you know Sally Struthers voiced the daughter on Dinosaurs? Mind blown.
That happens with me and my BF a lot (he's 2 yrs younger). Didn't know MTV's "Fanatic" or who Sally Struthers was.
Currently writing an "All in the Family" parody sketch where I play Archie, Edith, and current adaptations of Sally Struthers and Rob Reiner
"Sally Struthers other mother is her brother" -Linda Belcher
I'm going to let Sally Struthers know what's become of you people. Best of luck.
Oh and SALLY STRUTHERS is performing Dolly's part in it
.Dude, this isn't a Save the Children commercial, and you are not (as far as I can tell) Sally Struthers. Please answer my Q.
Interview on VIRGINIA THIS MORNING with Sally Struthers (The sperm bank receptionist in .
Thank-you card from Williams, complete with a little profile like I've adopted an elite college student from Bizarro Sally Struthers.
So much fun catching up with Sally Struthers last weekend when we were in Fredericksburg! She's in town performing in '9 to 5-The Musical'.
the rocket long under seat like Dikembe , Brown sensi. Styling Sally struthers since the 10th grade
Keep this up and Sally Struthers is going to do a PSA on Andrew's behalf.
Patrick A’Hearn, Tom Simpson and maybe even Sally Struthers will be on "Town Talk" 8 - 9 a.m. this morning...
Imagine a Sally Struthers ad "Won't you find a local bar *** & bang her, for the sake of these African children?"
free throw shooting is sadder than those Sally Struthers commercials with sick African children.
is doing to Carol Kane what did to Sally Struthers.
"Sally Struthers other brother's her mother." 😂😂
See it regularly among the people I associate with daily. Where's Sally Struthers when u need her? "Bush Dera...
Sally Struthers requested pics of everyone's pets in the hats given out as opening week gifts. Bruno was not happy.
Its not Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon or Jack Klugman and Tony Randall or even Rita Moreno and Sally Struthers...
"I'm Sally Struthers, and for just pennies a day you can help LMo stop being so *** filthy"
dear god. Peeps are an abomination before God, man and Sally Struthers.
The preposterous ostrich’s legs were monstrous. Sally Struthers’ other brother was her mother .
i have this theory that Sally Struthers is the third "OH" in the theme song, listen for it next time. "Oh, Oh, OH"
She begged un involvement Sally Struthers skyped from Africa (an Ethiopian childs foot stickin out of her mouth)
Sally Struthers was the original kickstarter.
I'll see what I can do. Sally Struthers has an opening.
We were all set to have Sally Struthers cry for them on a TV commercial, but then they ate her...
She's had her prime time . Sally Struthers should have a better chance of a comeback
Had a lovely chat with the wonderful Sally Struthers this past week. She's in through early May:
Sally Struthers returns to Riverside Dinner Theater in \'9 to 5-The Musical\' -
I bet they can even get Sally Struthers to come on board with that program. LOL
TIL Phily has a shoe museum home to "6-inch blue satin platform sandals worn by Sally Struthers on the popular TV sitcom All in the Family."
Better her than Sally Struthers. She likes pie too.
Whoops. I thought that was Sally Struthers. Time to see my optometrist.
“Defector: North Korean Troops Starving this disgusting fat pig is the Sally Struthers of NK!
Sally Struthers & a bit of 9to5 from the talented Victoria Mayo. via
Sally Struthers as Jaba The Hutt on South Park kills me 😭
Do you like drugs? Sure, we all do. *Sally Struthers rises from the grave. "I could use some drugs. I'm not even dead yet."
TV and film star Sally Struthers stars in Riverside Center Dinner Theater’s ‘9 to 5: The Musical’
Sally Struthers monologue re God and her chin dimple and her subsequent "tra la" after the refrain of that song is a masterpiece in itself
Awesome meeting actress Sally Struthers today. She's worked w/ some of the greats. Loved "All In The Family".
So giddy to meet Sally Struthers from 'All In The Family' . So cool.
Getting tickets for "9 to 5" at with Sally Struthers. Seats selling out.
Sally Struthers here with us on Virginia This Morning!
Sally Struthers ate all those poor little African kids that the Christian Children's Fund was trying to help.
. Sally Struthers says eating small ethiopian children helped give her body and soul that natural glow.
I should contact Sally Struthers and arrange to sponsor some of them.
Really enjoying 9 to 5 at the Riverside Dinner Theatre--stars Sally Struthers and other suberb actors. Mom is...
Sally Struthers is the funniest broad ever.
is it messed up, to make your 6 year old watch the old Sally Struthers commercials so they can see what REAL hunger and need looks like ?
Rap on brother?. More like strap-on mother. Plea from Sally Struthers. Not another!. It's Clap on clap awful. Rap like John Stossel. 1-bone fossil
Does your *** hurt when you go all Sally Struthers like that? . -
Starred Paul Michael Glaser (Starsky) as Houdini, Sally Struthers as his wife and Bill Bixby as psychic. ABC TV movie.
buy one of those Sally Struthers kids
These waitresses were so skinny I thought Sally Struthers was going to show up and start a telethon.
When Sally Struthers was organizing funds to help the starving tribe in Africa, she got co…
Sally Struthers other brother is her mother
not the worst iteration of TOC I've ever seen. I saw Sally Struthers & Rita Moreno.
Sally Struthers' other brother's her mother.
It amuses me that someone remembers the Sally Struthers starving children commercials.
*Strums opening chords of We Shall Overcome* *Inquires whether Sally Struthers is available for telethon*
Does anyone have an audio file of Sally Struthers saying "I'm so mad at that cat"? No reason.
Let me find out Sally Struthers was hooking folks up!
We should do "Sally Struthers" ad asking specialized not to sue people. For the price of one Cafe Roubaix lawsuit, you can feed a roadie.
I contacted Sally Struthers to help set up a food campaign for us struggling .Content creation costs $$! We need to eat too!
don't worry, the mayor has Sally Struthers on retainer.
Treat Sally Struthers as you'd want to be treated
Happy Valentines Day to you from me and Sally Struthers.
Do you want tapas? No. Sorry. I have an actual appetite and don't picture Sally Struthers when I look in the mirror.
yeah. Sure you do. I didn't know that Sally Struthers correspondence courses conferred degrees
Sally Struthers wants you to know that for just a dollar a month, you can help these...
Amanda: Two words- Sally. Struthers. What a nice lady, she made my day and very likely my dad's as well...
I saw it in VA @ a local dinner theater there and Sally Struthers played Dolly!!!
RIP David Carr I met him as a student reporter and he made me feel better about accidentally making Sally Struthers cry. Long story
If replaces on the daily show will practice catholicism and start donating to sally struthers
TBT...A pic I took in 1982 of Sally Struthers and Zsa Zsa Gabor.
about as weird as my attraction to Sally Struthers
that Sally Struthers gun repair cheddar.
Was that "Sure, we all do!" a reference to Sally Struthers infomercials or am I just showing how young I sort of am
Sting went to that computer school Sally Struthers was always yammering about back in the day Rikishi is the original RUMPSHAKER of WWF
Pull up Sally Struthers after nightfall/I done put a komodo dragon in my front yard
for 5cents a day, you can end the stupidity of SCC. Has Sally Struthers written all over it
How many pounds can you lose by contracting Ebola Asking for a friend, No, actually asking for Sally Struthers,
Back in the 90's The Hunger Games was just Sally Struthers making sad faces into the camera for half an hour.
OTHERS WHO DID that sally struthers starved etc. stupid *** world and country MAKE GYM A PRIORITY OR HOME WORKOUTS ON TV asia does
I'm waiting for the Sally Struthers spot to run!
At this point a Sally Struthers starving children commercial would be a pick me up.
At this rate, I am fully expecting the next commercial to feature a sad Sally Struthers for the Christian Children's Fund.
should hire Sally Struthers to liven up their ads
What uplifting commercial is going to be next? Pernell Whittaker/Sally Struthers for Feed the Children?
I keep waiting to see Sally Struthers & some starving kids to complete the depression-fest these commercials are.
Waiting for a Sally Struthers save the Superbowl Kids spot
What's with all of these Sally Struthers-esque commercials?
Sources have confirmed that a Sally Struthers commercial is in the works for the 2nd half
Hey Will Ferrell- that booger you picked? Sally Struthers wants to feed it to poor kids.
Next up a commercial with Sally Struthers and Sarah McLaughlin
We need a Sally Struthers commercial to lighten things up.
Nationwide needs Sally Struthers as a spokesperson
I just witnessed kids eating snacks like they were in a commercial with Sally Struthers.
I need Sally Struthers asking for aid to starving refugees to cheer me up after these ads.
Bud: Mom, I'm hungry. . Peg: Why tell me, who do I look like Sally Struthers?
Thanks for sharing, Sally, good to connect with you!
Huck Pac is worst than than the 75¢ of every donated dollar that fed Sally Struthers.
Ever seen this? US actor Sally Struthers' reaction to the word 'Logie'.
What's funny is Sally Struthers was happy I actually knew who she was. People were running up to her yelling "Stevie Nicks!"
I had a dream featuring both Sally Struthers and Sally Field a couple nights ago. Maybe I should look up the meaning of the name Sally.
A 1971 review of ALL IN THE FAMILY with Sally Struthers (The sperm bank receptionist in
Sam's Sally Struthers impersonation reminds me of this: http…
Sam's Sally Struthers impersonation reminds me of this:
why are you at Sally Struthers university?
Publicly called out for making the mistake of confusing Sally Struthers (Do you want to make more money?) for Suzanne Somers (Thighmaster).   10% Off
Jabba the Hut was loosely based on Sally Struthers getting kicked out of a Golden Corral.
like a Sally Struthers for trickle down
tone and cadence pure Sally Struthers: 4 pennies a day, ensure poor Iowa kids would have more than 1 pair of shoes.
it reminded me of those old Sally Struthers home correspondence school commercials: "Do you want more pipelines? Sure we all do..."
Was it just me or did the beginning of the Republican Response sound a Sally Struthers infomercial?
She made me want to sponsor a child, AND attend an evangelical convention. 🙉 --> Sally Struthers style 😂
Felt like I was watching an old Sally Struthers ad. "Do you wanna make more money? Sure, we all do!"
looks like a tooth-whitening sketch on Saturday Night Live, with a soupçon of Sally Struthers.
Sally Struthers just called. She wants her cadence back.
shouldn't do that again. Seriously. This was just.😐not as bad as Rubio, nor Jindal but just very Sally Struthers-esque
Sally Struthers just responded to Obamas sotu
A little too much Sally Struthers for my taste but I don't sleep with my cousin so what do I know.
I swear Joni Ernst looks like Sally Struthers doing those Christian Children's Fund commercials in the 90s.
She does sound like a struggle Sally Struthers tho "Is this a "Feed the Children" ad?"
Why has every republican response to sound like a Sally Struthers' "feed the children"?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Joni Ernst sounds like Sally Struthers from back in the day.
Now I didn't watch -- but the TV's on in the other room and it sounds like Sally Struthers is giving the GOP response. ?
I feel like I'm watching a Sally Struthers infomercial
Is it just me or does the Joni Ernst have a Sally Struthers save the children feel to it?
she sounds like Sally Struthers in those Correspondence School ads from the 80s:
She lost me at the bread bags. No way I'm gonna let a perfectly good loaf of home pride go stale. Get Sally Struthers off the stage.
Is it me or does Joni sound like Sally Struthers asking for help to feed the children? Why why?
OH: she sounds like sally struthers
So Ernst looks like Sally Struthers begging for 2 cents a day but has a catered meal waiting for her in the back room.
"I'm doing my best Sally Struthers. Except... the children need to feed themselves."
Ooh, she's also got a Sally Struthers thing going on.
Sally Struthers wannabe? I'm waiting for the pitch "for less than a dollar a day you can help get bread bags on everyone's feet."
Joni Earnst took speech lessons from Sally Struthers apparently. "Call now and donate to help a poor Republican."
Sally Struthers? Is that you? Where do I make my donation to help the children?
Why does the Republican Response to the sound like a Sally Struthers infomercial?
Is Sally Struthers on TV right now pleading with me to send financial aid to a starving Ethiopian?
This reminds me of the commercials in the 90s that Sally Struthers used to do to get a certificate in fridge repairs.
like a 21st century Sally Struthers.
Is this a skit... she sounds like a sally struthers feed the children commercial.
"All in the Family," with Carroll O'Connor, Jean Stapleton, Rob Reiner, & Sally Struthers, premiered today in 1971.
Thanx, might start a kickstarter acct for both. Is Sally Struthers busy? "Buy Andy a car so he can see Scott! Just .50 a day.
Hunger Games the story of Sally Struthers and the Games she plays with Feed The Children
He came to Feed the Children like Sally Struthers
. Going for the Sally Struthers diet huh?
Shut up dude I look like Sally Struthers.
I can spend $29.99 to hand out trophies here for 6 months or help feed the hungry kids on TV. I hope Sally Struthers shares her sandwich.
Sally Struthers came to at the tonight ) So funny and lovely!!!
"Less than a quarter of that time in bed is spent having someone bring them pancakes. Hi, I'm Sally Struthers..."
Now Waterloo Region residents can make that donation to Sally Struthers!
with all due respect to Sally Struthers think how much better it would be if we all treated each other like they were Mom.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
The woman in front of me on the subway is watching a movie starring Sally Struthers on her iPad. I am just full of questions...
sweet sally struthers. The nerd in me just fell over.
This looks like a charity event. Cue Sally Struthers imploring me to donate.
is the Sally Struthers of our time.
If they didnt have to pay Sally Struthers & Alyssa Milano, they cud afford to feed the children...
We buy that Sally Struthers is still likely Gloria in one commentator's mind.
sadly that's more meet than baby domino got from Sally struthers
What did Sally Struthers ever do to those odd balls from South Park?
I'm pulling for the Ducks, mostly because my nest best friend Sally Struthers is a Ducks fan.
Hey Kim watching you with Sally Struthers and all I can say is that you ROCK. Happy 2015 my friend! htt…
On this day in 1975, Mike and Gloria Stivic (Rob Reiner and Sally Struthers) had a baby on “All In the Family” on CBS-TV.
Before lunch: I felt like one of those starving kids in Africa. After lunch: I feel like Sally Struthers in that episode of South Park.
Everyone at is either picking their nose and/or looks like Sally Struthers.
Sally Struthers, and more directly based on Tales of the Golden Monkey
Teairra up there looking like Sally Struthers.
a course from Sally Struthers on VCR repair?
Nick Offerman, Sebastian Bach, AND Sally Struthers in one episode of Gilmore Girls?? This must be heaven.
I hope the Dawgs get into the Belk Bowl. Or like, the Sally Struthers TV/VCR Repair and Chicken Killing College Invitational.
Just saw Sally Struthers crying on TV begging me to donate to the African protesters bail fund.
We should get Sally Struthers to host a telethon.
Sally Struthers as Gloria Stivic was a big part of my childhood.
if Sally Struthers crying for your money was an integral part of your childhood.
Sally Struthers gives out the diplomas at graduation
Well done. Well stated. Where's Sally Struthers when you need her?
Day 3 of death continues.. In lieu of flowers, please adopt a child thru Sally Struthers. You can make…
makes sense. Jeff Driskel throws like Sally Struthers.
Hunger than them kids Sally Struthers used to hang with
Super Password from 1987 with Sally Struthers, -hosted by the late, great Bert Convy. Loved this show.
And these dudes LAUGHED so hard at me. Because of my ignorance. I had absorbed every Sally Struthers / UN conference talking point ever.
If you watched part of an epic Sally Struthers fitness video last night, you were likely at the Birthday Gala with
. LOL It was Michael Stivick. I know my Michael's! ;) What was Sally Struthers' character name?
saw at Good work. I'd like to thank Sally Struthers for making it all possible.
"Just the cost of two claps a day can save the life of a fairy." -- Sally Struthers as Peter Pan
Girl Scouts, homeless women's shelters, Sally Struthers, you make me sick!!!
I need a steady job otherwise you're gonna see me in those Sally Struthers commercials
I think I met Sally Struthers last night?
Simply curious... Why does every "Sally Struthers" type commercial never show white children? Don't give me
Sally Struthers' varying accent is the weak point in "Five Easy Pieces"
SALLY STRUTHERS SIGHTING. She has pink streaks in her hair.
But, but who will come to the aid of the down trodden white person…? Maybe Sally Struthers?
Every time Cam Newton throws an interception, Sally Struthers saves another child in Guatemala.
Creating an infomercial to sell generic versions of the Force I am. Sally Struthers I most definitely am not. Hrr Hrr Hrr.
I bet street harassment would stop pretty quickly if every man was followed and catcalled by a Sally Struthers look-a-like for a week.
*Sally Struthers narration* For only $61,850 a day you can help a struggling kickstarter.
Sally Struthers: Sally Struthers's Story: You can fill out an adoption application… Find this Dog&More-
South Park _ Sally Struthers South Park series page at Struthers hides snacks. (Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)
How long til Sally Struthers is collecting money for you on my late night TV commercials?
Sally Struthers in the 90s. Narrating video of starving kids in Africa? We needed a white person to explain black suffering for white people
Sally Struthers Net Worth: Sally Struthers is an American celebrity and spokeswoman with a net worth of $8 mil...
- Visions of Sally Struthers w/a crowd of pathetic, tighty-whitey clad men standing behind her as she pleads on their behalf.
I need Sally Struthers to host a benefit telethon to get my kids and I tickets to tonight's game. with Sara McLachlan singing dirges.
Slow Ya roll Sally Struthers I'm not who u think I am 🔫
Better than Sally Struthers' special, "Sally Collects Seychelles by the Seashore".
if only I were as thin as Sally Struthers.
Ok apparently they're up-and-coming twins who are hot. I can get bg info but it'll be $14.99 and Sally Struthers gets half
.You're far less compelling than even Sally Struthers.
A Sally Struthers commercial, begging the American People 'Please put an end to Michelle Obama school lunches.'
This will never get old: Norman Gunston interviews Sally Struthers.
Your PSA for tonight: Jessica Walter was the voice of the mom in Dinosaurs. Sally Struthers was the teen daughter. And Elmo was the baby.
My Sally Struthers costume is coming along nicely.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I need food but once again the bed is holding me hostage. I need to eat before Sally Struthers starts asking for donations on my behalf.
yo mama so fat she she called sally struthers to donate ¢5 a day to help feed honey boo boo!
The role of Nikki's drinking buddy would be well-played by Sally Struthers.
stick that in your fartpipe Sally Struthers, LOL
I know Sally Struthers is behind this ebola madness. She is laughing in her volcano lair right now. Don't doubt me.
Why is it OK for Starbucks to charge enough to feed a 3rd world family for a cup of coffee?. I can hear Sally Struthers crying now.
No I don't know that anybody knows what happened to Sally Struthers. However there's a big game coming up this Sunday you should probably be
Our lovely host Sally Struthers takes the stage at
If Sally Struthers really was feeding the children, then how come all the children disappeared and she gained 500 pounds when she left? 0_o
The best part of Gilmore Girls is Sally Struthers. Obsessed.
I want to be the Sally Struthers of alternative comedy
did Sally Struthers feed her too much rice?
Where is Sally struthers when u need her...
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