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Sally Struthers

Sally Ann Struthers (born July 28, 1948) is an American actress and spokeswoman, best known for her roles as Gloria Stivic on All in the Family, for which she won two Emmy awards, and as Babette on Gilmore Girls.

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South Park is an hour from me. I'll check it out tomorrow. I will hide if I see Sally Struthers.
is that one of those kids Sally Struthers says"u can feed a child for 30 cent a day"? lil *** spending money on squares?
Armchair activists: go to a Sally Struthers country & actually do something, then you can talk. Meanwhile, stick to being drunkards.
I think she was talking about Sally Struthers.
Time for a Sally Struthers telethon to send Liberian kids with Ebola to Syria and Iraq for a little vacation.
Everytime I get used to an opening song goes and changes it. The new one sounds like a Sally Struthers commercial.
Jenny McCarthy: A Gun in the House: An affluent neighborhood has been besieged with violence. Emily (Sally Struthers)
watching Houdini too it better than the one with Starsky and Sally Struthers?
ah i saw Houdini with Sally Struthers and Starskey from back in the day
TNT did one a few years back does anyone remember the one with Paul michael glaser and Sally struthers
The flies are so bad. I feel like a Sally Struthers baby.
On a bus to Ogunquit, Maine to teach Sally Struthers to vomit magically for the stage musical of The Witches of Eastwick. Life's weird.
more likely I'll see sally struthers
Sally Struthers commercial for the 29 teams who don't tbh.
Sally Struthers definitely convinced someone to study VCR/gun repair via mail with this ad in the 90s.
See Sally Struthers like never before at our B2B Forum this fall! >
The UnInfomercial: In which channels his best Sally Struthers:
So enjoyed "Always Patsy Cline" last night - El Portal Theater in NOHO. Sally Struthers and Carter Calvert deliver big…
Sally Struthers would eat her. Wait, that didn't come out right
I wish to make her enchiladas till Sally Struthers can find her a more permanent home.
Sounds like a7 year old Sally Struthers with a cold and a pineapple up his ***
Prolly is... I need some *** meat. I don't wanna end up in a Sally Struthers infomercial...
Sally Struthers Achievements, Sally Struthers picture, Age of Sally Struthers , Contact details of...
Pretty sure Sally Struthers ate one too many of everything. And then ate 12 more.
Did Sally Struthers eat one too many ad scripts?
Wow... Someone just made a Sally Struthers reference!
"Did you know that for just 50 cents a day you can provide an upper-middle-class liberal elitist with his own tiny pig?" -Sally Struthers
Can you hear Sally Struthers saying "For just the price of 2 lattés and a honey stick you can make this happen!"
Pretty soon we'll see all that pink NFL gear on the impoverished children in those late night Sally Struthers commercial…
it looks like the Isis cockwashers need soap and NAIR. Where is that slim Sally struthers
Every time I see Shelley Smith on ESPN I think it’s Sally Struthers. Maybe it’s just me.
I smell another greenscreen propaganda video showing how ISIS cares for the youth of tomorrow in true Sally Struthers fashion
She'd be perfect for all the roles that Sally Struthers has aged out of.
What does lousy IT management really mean? Find out in this hilarious video!.
Carroll O'Connor, Jean Stapleton, and Sally Struthers wins for All in the Family
I do not usually talk of this life-experience of mine but with all the HATE SPEECHES and anti-Latina/o bigotry in the U.S. Media right now, I feel that I must share. As a teenager I worked part time at Disneyland most weekends, all breaks and all summer long. In 1983, after WATCHING Sally Struthers & Bonnie Franklin pitch it on TV, I signed up for "Save the Children" as a sponsor. I checked the box "where needed most" and I could have had a child in Nepal, Romania, Central African Republic, Papua New Guinea etc. I RECEIVED A CHILD ABOUT 150 miles from me in the Nation of Mexico. She lived in the Mountains between Mexicali and Tecate along the U.S-Mexico border. Her name is Jessica Ybarrez. It is now Jessica Azevedo. She is married and has a daughter of her own and now lives in Queretaro near Mexico City! I visited her many, many times. Here I am age 16 pictured with my "BORDER CHILD!"
I love seeing reruns of tailspin cartoon, but now I can't stand sally struthers voice on the show,how did i like it as a kid? If I did.
yea, and the fat people in the commercial should not eat, and share their food. Sally Struthers looks like she ate 1 kid
Sally Struthers got pinched for DUI over the weekend.Cops say they found 6 cases of rum raisin in her trunk.Bec…
Remember when Sally Struthers peddled study-at-home degrees for TV/VCR repair? Someone should be doing that for "remote control literacy."
No, I have a hot date tonight with Sally Struthers.
SSDD: "IF only we had MORE MONEY. sob sob sniff sniff." Good grief. Just add Sally Struthers and a slide show.
That is either Hobbes or Not Hobbes. Either can be yours for 27¢ per day! Sally Struthers approves.
Sally Struthers--more people saw her during the entire run of all in the family then saw Avatar
Sally Struthers did the voice of Pebbles as a teenager
Southpark just informed me that Sally Struthers from full house is now fat. Im upset now
"Here's to Vargas soon being in the background when Sally Struthers is making a pitch for your coffee…" — Order66
. "When you see their 'little faces'".It's these "Sally Struthers" comments that are frustrating and not balanced reporting.
I've got & following me. Between that & Sally Struthers phone number, I'm doing OK for a dude who can't get laid.
bring Sally Struthers back from Africa and send her to the kids at the lol
You will know it’s bad if Sally Struthers is hired to narrate anything to do with the
I'm taking my talents to the Sally Struthers school of Technology. . VCR repair. . Phew! That's a load off.
did you mean a Sally Struthers commercial? 😄
Wow Lawler is sounding like Sally Struthers, really begging people to "just subscribe" It's getting kinda sad.
Then they should seek private funding from Sally Struthers!
I wouldn't even know who Sally Struthers was if it weren't for
"Yall can hook up with Sally Struthers and help out when they get back to wherever they came from"-me
I just saw a bench advertisement for "Love, Patsy Cline" starring SALLY STRUTHERS. WHAT. someone direct me to ticket purchase services ASAP
Every time they zoom in on a South American child soccer fan crying I feel like it's a recycled Sally Struthers clip.
I just watched three apprentices eat ramen out of one bowl. Where's Sally Struthers?
That Brazilian kid from the world feed...I've adopted him through Sally Struthers.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Oy! Should I start a Kickstarter campaign? Get Sally Struthers to do an infomercial? How can I help???
Sally Struthers was a riot. (@ Always...Patsy Cline at El Portal Theatre) on
Sally offered her help to avoid all of this. . But you mocked. Sally Struthers CCF Commercial (1987) via…
Gawd that Sally Struthers still cute as a button. May go on hunger strike so she can "save" me.
Met one of my tonight . . . Miss Sally Struthers!
Went to see Sally Struthers & Carter Calvert in "Always... Patsy Cline" at the El Portal. WOW! These two ladies are great talents!
feed the children where is Sally Struthers All in the family tyellow stepsisters are really sick sick sick
"I'm Sally Struthers. This is Brianna. She's never known an iPod."
Sally Struthers faces federal charges after it's discovered she wasn't actually helping the children she was in fact eating them
There goes my theory that it's Roseanne as Jennifer Smith, hidden behind Tony Geary and Sally Struthers masks...
Sally Struthers voice: "For just pennies a day, you can help provide these young men with belts & pants that fit..."
Review of the new Sally Struthers documentary
Watching golf & when I see Charles Howell I wait for Sally Struthers to pop on my screen & ask to support or adopt him
Somali Lemonade? What, did Sally Struthers' horse already steal the "Boco Haram" name? Christ.
Same reason I turn off any ad involving Sally Struthers or Sarah McLachlan.
Sally Struthers did a commercial years ago with Reggie Jackson in it eating oatmeal
What fewd should I get in SP im starving like Sally Struthers
Mercifully, Sally Struthers ate all of those children and we no longer have to see the commercials.
You're worse off than an Ethiopian in a Sally Struthers' infomercial.
Is that Sally Struthers, blacks feared her too.
it was fun! Plz feel free to share em all... Heck send em to Sally Struthers!
still better than being Sally Struthers
I need to put in a Sally Struthers type note with the socks. "For a quarter a day you can help these poor pieces of cotton find a real home"
much better than mine! Sally Struthers from the tv show Gloria, I think I was like 6, lol
if I were any more hungry Sally Struthers would be making a commercial about me!
I liked a video Norman Gunston interviews Sally Struthers
Melissa McCarthy is a dead ringer for Sally Struthers.
can I adopt 1for less than a dollar a day Ms Sally Struthers?
"If you won't feed the trolls, then who will?". Hi, this is Sally Struthers and I'm hear to talk to you about these poor malnourished trolls
Randomly pay for a kid's dental treatments or glasses or books. It's the "Sally Struthers" structure
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
don't forget to wish a happy Sally Struthers day to your local Sally Struthers
Sally Struthers wants to see Tyrone go to a something CU and you want to lock his little *** up in school instead of admitting you're wrong.
Sally struthers was the best female character
Top 10 Signs Your Presidential Candidate is Under-Qualified 10. Promises to improve foreign relations with Hawaii. 9. Runs a series of attack ads against Martin Sheen's character on "The West Wing". 8. His choice to work on his cabinet is "That Bob Vila guy". 7. Outstanding record as Governor of Rhode Island nullified by the fact that no one really cares. 6. Got his degree in Political Economics by bribing Sally Struthers with a chocolate donut. 5. Anybody mentions Washington, he asks, "The state or the DC thingie?" 4. At the debates, answers every question with a snarled, "You wanna wrestle?" 3. Vows to put an end to the war in Pokemon and free the Pikachu refugees once and for all. 2. Says the Pledge of Allegiance as quickly as possible, then shouts, "I win!" 1. On the very first question of the debate, he attempts to use a lifeline.
I shook hands with three politicians, five preachers, Sally Struthers and Sarah McLaughlin today. Didn't mean to. I was reaching for my wallet and intercepted them.
it's getting bad. Sally Struthers just offered to do a "Feed Moncrief" commercial.
This is Sally Struthers. For just $5, you can feed a starving campaign, foo.
Don't let Sally Struthers ruin your perception of Ethiopian cuisine.
I always wondered why Sally Struthers and her camera crews couldn't spare a sandwich for those starving African kids surrounding them..
My mom sold a lampshade to Sally Struthers yesterday.
You guys Sally struthers is holding food from us
it's going to Sally Struthers. She's been eating off of African struggle for years
If sally struthers was the smothers brothers mother would she be sally struthers-smothers?
*sally struthers sits in hut cradling starving child* Your faves ARE appreciated...but plz...what we need more than ANYTHING …
Just stop writing "impact" where you mean "effect." Don't make me hire Sally Struthers for a "think of the children" semantics spot.
Update your maps at Navteq
I feel like Sally Struthers should do a commercial raising awareness for Cubs fans who have to watch Crosstown Cup games called by Hawk.
We're with the American government! Sally Struthers told us where we'd find Marvin's parents!
A few years from now Sally Struthers will be the only one trying to save the internet because apparently nobody cares
.Canada is America's hat. Nigeria is a bunch of AIDS-infested savages who depend on Sally Struthers for food.
we need a celebrity spokesperson. Sally Struthers?
Tonight on Sally Struthers... and a perm that escaped from a petting zoo.
Sally Struthers, Suzanne Sommers, both 80s babes, now they're grandmothers!
Hey JJ, Bakersfield did try to donate food.I just got there first-Sally Struthers
according to the Sally Struthers infomercial, you can sponsor an NBC sitcom for the price of a cup of coffee
Meryl really does need to eat something. Where's Sally Struthers to plead for us to donate to the starving celebrities fund?
I'd love to see Donna Pescow, Sally Struthers & maybe Pia Zadora as guest judges on
*In a Sally Struthers voice* If you donate just $8, you can help this man get another Gentleman Jack on the rocks
Really really skinny girls in yoga pants.stop! Sally Struthers wants to help
I wrote "Sally Struthers" as a card for charades, and 1 person in the entire room knew who she was. What has this world come to?
Hamilton Collection
She looks like a tranny version of Sally Struthers
You've made a new Sally Struthers, congrats. Did you put enough hungry kids in there?
Sally Struthers will send you a bio and periodic updates/ready-to-wear and handbags
I have an idea - pet rock adoption. Sort of a Sally Struthers operation. I'd even kickstart your rock project.
Marc Anthony has big news . He will be appearing in the Sally Struthers commercials for mal nutrition . Marc doesn't like flies in his face
Not sure what's funnier, being gear editor for Walking Mag, or reviewing Sally Struthers walking exercise video
Some of the great people who came out to see Sally Struthers in "Hello, Dolly!" Broadway show earlier this month!
Just in case any of you are sitting there today with an urge to write to you US Senator, and you can't think of an issue, and especialy if you live in California (or Alaska or Lousiana): As some of you know, I have, as much to my own surprise as anyone's, become very involved in the issue of missing adults. To put it simply, when a child goes missing, depending on Race, classs, cuteness etc .. there's a reasonable chance some effort may be made to find the child. when an adult goes missing, there is a very good chance that law enforcement will do nada, or even obstruct the search. There is however a piece of legislation that would at least improve this situation in some small measure: The Good Samaritan Search and Recovery Act HR 2166 (already passed house, stalled in senate). especially californians, if you want to express a little outrage, write to Boxer and Feinstein, and don't forget to mention the deplorable treatement of the Marquez family in Inyo County. A few emails about this would do wonder ...
And Sally Struthers quietly turned & cursed George Lucas for calling her in to read, not for Leia, but for the role of a young Jabba.
"You waste a top pick on THAT guy? He's so undersized Sally Struthers does infomercials to feed him." "You drafted THAT wide receiver? Alligator Arms??? He's couldn't catch leprosy in a Bible Movie." "That pick? You know why he's the free safety? Cause that's what he's worth." "This next pick was a stay at home linebacker. His coach saw him tryout and said, 'Stay at home.'" THe NY JETS MOCK DRAFT
the tv show Roundhouse had a char called "Sally Blubbers" to satirize the fact that Sally Struthers was sad about children starving to death
I can't deal with Sally Struthers sorry. Ducktales is the one true 80s Disney tv show anyway
can we finally have a Sally struthers commercial now?
Sally Struthers save, the children CORN FED , can't put a bandaid on it amazing
Save Bry - a more touching plea for help has not been seen since the days of Sally Struthers -
one of the best movies ever "The Getaway" Ali McGraw Steve McQueen Sally Struthers
Is it true that Sally Struthers is opening for her with some spoken-word guilt-trippin'?
Sigh. The gig is up. It was all a ruse! My degree was really from Sally Struthers in Telephone Repair. Please forgive me.
dead! Plus you only need to know the foreign countries that Sally Struthers wants you to know.
Yeah he changed alright. He's a changed man. Maybe he can be the next Sally Struthers. He can raise money for little kids.
I think Sally Struthers is available for this promotion.
Simon Pegg, the Sally Struthers of lion nuts
She’s not some starving child in a Sally Struthers ad. She’s a perfectly normal-looking healthy woman.
Hopefully this next administration will appoint Sally Struthers as Tsar of Education.
it's like a sally Struthers commercial - to think what just .45 cents a day could have saved you.
I feel like if they'd bought you that Sally Struthers correspondence course, you'd be a disgruntled TV/VCR repairman now.
Gr8 B/W pic! Miss the gang from show I grew up with! Hi to Rob& also Sally Struthers was :D
Yes Sally struthers I know with just a dollar a day I could feed little hebob but sometimes idk wat I want to eat so I have my own troubles
So I don't need to mail out my private part selfies to Sally Struthers for homeless sexy African people now? *** ..
He came to feed the troopers like Sally Struthers
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Visiting my parents for the weekend. Trying to figure out whether I’m Meathead or Sally Struthers to my dad’s Archie Bunker.
For just pennies a day, Sally Struthers will mow your lawn
Ushering this afternoon for Hello Dolly musical. Sally Struthers plays Dolly. Barbra Streisand she ain't.
Just back from seeing Sally Struthers onstage at the McCallum in "Hello Dolly!" She was fabulous and funny, too! Great production. I would go back and see it tomorrow! Thank you Henry!
"Hello Dolly" starring Sally Struthers at the McCallum in Palm Desert
Hello Dolly, with Sally Struthers. Gonna be an interesting evening
Put these stars with the t.v. show or shows that they were on. 1. Russell Johnson. 2. Frank Fontaine 3. All the shows Bob denver starred in. 4. Donny Most. 5. The two show Sally Struthers was on.
Why is the Today Show showing an interview with Sally Struthers about Ice Skating? Oops, my bad, it's Tonya Harding.
Just saw Sally Struthers in a commercial with some sad-eyed reporters in a Sochi hotel room.
February 3, 1978 ... * News today from both the TV and film worlds. "All In The Family" ... one of our favorite shows for seven years now ... will be losing co-stars Rob Reiner and Sally Struthers at the end of this season ... but Carroll O'Connor and Jean Stapleton ... who star as Archie and Edith Bunker ... say they may be back in the fall for another go-around... * Film director Roman Polanski ... who fled to France from California to avoid sentencing on his conviction for having sex with a 13-year-old girl ... says in an interview, "I have been tortured for one year and I thought that it was enough. So now I'm back in France"... * We've got the top tennis stars in Richmond right now for the United Virginia Bank Tennis Classic at the Coliseum ... but today ... top-seeded Bjorn Borg defaults because of a pulled stomach muscle in the middle of his quarterfinal match with John Newcombe... * If tennis is not your love ... get it? ... love? ... there's a sneak preview of a new movie called "Coma" with Genev ...
Does anyone remember that movie with Ed Asner and Sally Struthers where their plane crashed in the snowy wilderness and they had to survive by eating tooth paste? I wonder if it was Crest or Colgate?
Went to see "Hello Dolly" starring Sally Struthers. She did a GREAT job! Enjoyed the show with Joyce, Pat, & Susie.
Sally Struthers, you were the best Hello Dolly ever 💕
Oscar nominee, Barkhad Abdi of Captain Phillips will next work with Sally Struthers for a late night commercial.
Went to see Hello Dolly and Sally Struthers was fantastic.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Sally Struthers just did an encore for Hello,Dolly. The entire song. I have an all new kind of respect for her.
oh good lord Tonya Harding looks like Sally Struthers ate a cow
At the 50th anniversary of the opening night of "Hello Dolly". Sally Struthers is killin' it!
She looks like how the South Park guys made Sally Struthers look
Wish we could be in NYC with you...but we're hosting Sally Struthers and company that day!
Figured y'all would want to know Sally Struthers is appearing in Hello, Dolly! about 3 hours away from in Springfield, Ill. :)
AKRON, Ohio Sally Struthers says the iconic role of matchmaker Dolly Levi is actress-proof in "Hello, Dolly!," having been played by stars as diverse as Carol Channing, Ethel Merman, Mary Martin , Pearl Bailey, Betty Grable, Ginger Rogers , Phyllis Diller , and now, her.
Hello Dolly! Starring Sally Struthers is coming to Hammons Hall Tomorrow and Saturday! Wanna win tickets??!! Click...
Forty years of doing comedy has given Sally Struthers surefire comic timing that she struts, along with a lot of other stuff, in Big League Productions Inc.’s touring version of Hello, Dolly!, which opened Tuesday night at Little Rock’s Robinson Center Music Hall.
How am I celebrating Dolly Day? I'm taking my family to see Sally Struthers in in Little Rock!
Went to Robinson Auditorium last night and saw Hello Dolly starring Sally Struthers. Overall it was a pretty good show. Hair will be here in February. After Hair, Robinson will close for renovations. Can't wait to see the new Robinson.
I’m going to get a little theatre geeky right now, but indulge me… Fifty years ago today, January 16, 1964, my favorite show of all-time opened on Broadway. Doing and/or seeing it with Victoria Clark, Tovah Feldshuh (even she couldn’t kill my love for it), Beth Leavel, Klea Blackhurst, Sally Struthers, as well as one lousy girl from Upper St Clair High School circa 2000 who came down in magenta (WFT!), I witnessed how each brought her own sparkle to the part and yet, come whoever may, no one can completely equal the original, Carol Channing. How could they? Part cartoon, part Iron (wo)Man, a simple, complex phenomenon/perfect storm. I got to see on this force of nature in her last pre-Broadway tour when it came through Pittsburgh in 1994. It was a rainy Saturday afternoon at the Benedum; my mom took me. I remember where we parked, I remember where we sat. I remember that we got there late during “It Takes A Woman.” Even then, at age 2 1/2 (**cough**), I knew that I was lucky to see an original s ...
Can we get a Kickstarter poppin for Laurel to get a sammich on ? Call Sally Struthers damnit!!!
Jack and I just saw 'Hello Dolly' at the Robinson Center. It got better and better with cute and funny Sally Struthers, and by the end, the audience was standing and cheering at wonderful Dolly. I could just hear my mother telling the story to my brothers and me years ago after seeing it with Carol Channing on Broadway with Aunt Jean and Uncle Buck Remmel. Nobody could tell a story like mom. :)
Bridal Expo this coming Sunday, TheatreWorks USA school matinee this coming Wednesday, Hello Dolly starring Sally Struthers this coming Thursday & The Nureyev State Ballet of Russia brings in Sleeping Beauty this coming Friday. Whew! Next week will be busy.
All purpose parts banner
Thanks to Sally Struthers I'll always have my degree in VCR Repair to fall back on.
Winner of ten Tony Awards including Best Musical, Hello, Dolly! is one of the most enduring Broadway classics. Emmy- award winning Sally Struthers (All In th...
Sally Struthers evolution on South Park. normal and fat to Jabba the Hut 😂
"More people die of obesity every year worldwide than hunger." - Oh yeah? Tell that to Sally Struthers . . . . .
Sally Struthers is starring a revival of "Hello Dolly".Think about it.Now think about nails down a chalkboard. I will not be attending.
Do you remember Goriddle meeting Sally Struthers? Frannie was my favorite!
Sally Struthers struts comic timing in Dolly
Sally Struthers struts comic timing in Dolly!
BRB being Sally Struthers to all of the animals in my backyard
Thank you Sally Struthers for wrapping it up in time for me to catch overtime
I hope Sally Struthers was good in Hello Dolly tonight. I kind of wanted to see her and the show.
If Sally Struthers comes in on my day off tomorrow, Imma be MAD. not as mad as when Stevie Nicks came in during my lunch break, but STILL.
Admiring Sally Struthers for asking you for money to feed kids you think should have been aborted.
They want someone to send money like they do for those Sally Struthers kids. "For just 10 cents a day..."
Hello Dolly! returns to the Robinson Center Music Hall tonight! Don't miss Sally Struthers as the incomparable...
Here is your chance to win a pair of tickets to HELLO, DOLLY On Tour - Starring Sally Struthers from KOAA 5. Just follow the link below to enter!
Any Hello, Dolly! fans out there? and I will talk to Sally Struthers on at 5. What would you like us to ask her?
Tickets are NOW ON SALE to see Sally Struthers in HELLO, DOLLY at in May:
The Broadway Tour production of Hello, Dolly!, starring Sally Struthers, will be Feb. 5.
Just got off the phone with the one and only Sally Struthers! Read the full interview in the next issue of...
I absolutely cannot stand to see nor hear Sally Struthers.
I'm sorry, did the news just mention Sally Struthers in Hello Dolly? Am I awake right now?
OK, I have to say it: Sally Struthers in Hello Dolly? That is just not right.
Lemme see that Man Card, Sally Struthers! Something isn't adding up! I just saw my great, great grandpa for cryin out loud
Looking for a late Christmas Gift/birthday present for someone special? Get tickets for Hello Dolly w/Sally Struthers
Sally Struthers is coming to town! Don't miss her in the lead role in Hello Dolly here at the Pioneer Center in Feb. Tickets on sale now!!
Hello, Dolly! makes a Little Rock stop at Robinson Center Music Hall this week:
The Weather Channel welcomes new senior meteorologist Sally Struthers
In the back woods with Sally Struthers
w/Sally Struthers will be in the Brick on Feb 4th. For those counting, that's 3 weeks from tomorrow!
Little Giant Ladders
Sally Struthers and Hello, Dolly! keep getting rave reviews as she and the show travel across the country. This one is from Akron, Ohio:
Oklahoma! 1997. So Love this show, love Agnes De Mille and everything she did and stood for. Just saw the tour of Hello Dolly! with Sally Struthers here in Akron, brought back memories of performing. Love Hello Dolly! too, love the traditional musicals. I think my husband and I were the youngest in the audience too, ha.
Just got home from being out with my beautiful mother and wonderful husband from evansville. We got my mother tickets for her and us two to go see Sally Struthers as Hello Dolly she was amazing we were very surprised how well she did she put her own spin on it and made it hers. We alslo enjoyed eat our dinner at the Chinese Bistro , it was so good. Then topped off the night at the casino. No big winnings but we really enjoyed it.Already looking for our next adventure.goodnight.
Sally Struthers was marvelous!!! So glad I got to share it with Jeff & my mom!! We had a blast!!! :)
Doesn't have another showday til March (Hello Dolly with Sally Struthers, and the yearly trip to OSF) Thank goodness I work in a Theatre.
Just got back from seeing Hello Dolly with Sally Struthers. Thought it couldn't be to great as she was kind of old. She played the part so excellent and was histerical!The back ground stuff was great! I know it does not sound like anything great but anyone gets a chance to see it, do, because it was amazingly great!
"Hello Dolly" was a breath of fresh air...good ole American Musical Comedy. Sally Struthers was wonderful. This has been a good day. Good night.
Cant help but think,if I hadn't donated that 69c sally struthers in 80 ww never would have tom hanks as ct Phillips
Today in 1971 The groundbreaking CBS sitcom – All in the Family –starring Carroll O’Connor, Jean Stapleton, Rob Reiner and Sally Struthers.
1971 " All In The Family " premieres on CBS featuring 1st toilet flush on TV . I saw Sally Struthers at LAX in the late 80's . I just thought I cussed like a sailor !
Wake me when Sally Struthers wins a Golden Globe.
Turns out Alyssa Milano is the new Sally Struthers. Which draws some squiggly equals sign between "Who's the...
If I had my Struthers, I'd name them all "Sally."
Hello Dolly! staring Sally Struthers runs Tuesday-Thursday at the Robinson Center Music Hall!
today in 1971 - All In the Family debuted on CBS-TV. Carroll O’Connor starred as Archie Bunker, Rob Reiner as Meathead, Sally Struthers as Gloria and Jean Stapleton as Edith, ‘The Dingbat’. “Stifle yourself!” Originally, ABC had plans to broadcast the series under the title, Those Were the Days.
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Good morning, It is January 12, 2014. On this date in 1971 the American sitcom All in the Family debuted on the CBS television network. Inspired by the British show Till Death Us Do Part, Carroll O'Connor starred as working class bigot Archie Bunker with Jean Stapleton playing wife Edith, Sally Struthers co-starring as daughter Gloria and Rob Reiner as son-in-law Mike. All In The Family broke new ground on US television for tackling such issues as racism, homosexuality, the generation gap, women's liberation, miscarriage, breast cancer, the Vietnam War, menopause, and impotence. Through depicting these controversial issues, the series became arguably one of television's most influential comedic programmes, as it injected the sitcom format with real-life conflicts. The show ran until September 1979 when a new series, Archie Bunker's Place, picked up where All in the Family ended. That sitcom lasted another four years, ending its run in 1983.
My knee has enough water in it right now to take Sally struthers out of commercials for a decade
Sally Struthers Emma Nightingale... this will be me :-)
Enjoying date nite in evansville...Sally Struthers was dining at the table right behind us and now we are watching the Buckinghams!
Just bought Hello Dolly tickets! Yippee. Sally Struthers playing Dolly. Ive seen Carol Channing at the PAC years ago. She was awesome and of course I've watched Barbara Streisand a million times play her on film.
starving status. Sally Struthers please save me!
I have found my calling - raising funds to get abandoned umbrellas off the streets of Manhattan and into good homes! For just 6 cents a day you can make a difference. Where is Sally Struthers when I need her?!?
I admit to not watching much TV.but really...50 cents a day for Sally Struthers to feed a third world kid.but a John Stamos look-a-like wants 60 cents a day to feed a dog!?.cbd
"It must be Saturday morning, all the sad animal and cancer children commercials are out in full force." Love sally struthers
Save these poor creatures...or else! *shot of a cat piercing the jugular of Sally Struthers*
I made it public that I was having brunch & it was enough food to feed one of Sally Struthers' "Human eating flies" Countries, sooo
Flies buzz around your beer belly, and Sally Struthers serves you pretzels?
Just saw an ad from Sally Struthers asking me to sponsor a child in Charleston...
Dear God!!! what is this world coming to??? Sally Struthers (Gloria, on All In The Family) is playing the lead in Hello Dolly on Broadway.(as Angry Patrick would say, ARE YOU FRECKING KIDDING ME???)
sad but true.Take that sally Struthers
I have 3 tickets for Hello Dolly starring Sally Struthers in the orchestra section for January 16th. I think they're $50 each. They're on the aisle. If you're interested, please let me know.
I think I am going to do one of those Sally Struthers commercials she did for African children, for 25 cents a day you could feed a child for a month. My video goes like this, it will have a bunch of military people in it and I will come on the screen and tell our congress that for a 5% pay cut from all of you, you could save 25,000 Airmans jobs, so they don't have to worry about their families and what will come next
One of the most enduring Broadway classics of all time, HELLO, DOLLY! starring Sally Struthers, launches its National Tour in October 2013 in New Jersey before visiting over 70 cities. Two-time Emmy and Golden Globe Award winner Sally Struthers stars as the beloved matchmaker Dolly who travels to Yo...
Oh great! What am I supposed to do now with that VCR repair degree Sally Struthers talked me into getting way back when? ;)
Happy New Year, Everyone! Well - with all our goals for this project checked off the list (record music, sell one copy to someone we don't know, radio air play), we have to re-focus, and come up with more goals. That got us thinking about what makes us the the most satisfied about 6th and Callow. As it turns out, its actually the wide audience we've reached. Yes - sales are cool, but the really cool part is having people around the world hear our music. So far, we've reached the UK, Denmark, Australia, Canada, Germany and Latvia...ya, freaking Latvia for God's sakes! Counting the U.S., that 7 countries! We like this so much, we're about to have ourselves a little contest aimed at adding pins to the map - so start thinking about people you know around the world who you could "share" us with. Every international sale in a new country due to a reference from you, will win a prize (probably a CD...probably signed...we're working on the details). In the meantime, here's something easy you can do to help ...
Hello Dolly!! Lets see how Sally Struthers is these days!!
HELLO, DOLLY On Tour - Starring Sally Struthers is crossing the country on its way to the Saroyan Theatre. View highlights from this 50th Anniversary Tour below and don't miss this classic when it comes to Fresno Feb 18-19th.
OMGosh -- Wendy Hendricks Moyer went to Miller Auditorium last night to see Sally Struthers in Hello Dolly !!! I thought of you.Sally did a great job playing to the audience. Great Memories from OHS Choral Dept in 72. And you would never guess that I ran in to Mr and Mrs Hintz at Finley's before we went to the appros.I still think you Shimmered the Best !!!
The colors, the dancing, the costumes, the laughter and tears. Hello Dolly was superbly performed. The music was exquisite. Sally Struthers was so sincere and personal and connected with the audience like no other. Thank you Miller Auditorium for bringing high quality shows to Kalamazoo. I love living here. Now off to love a nice morning workout at West Hills.
GrantHigh Generals FYI ., Tickets to Hello Dolly staring Sally Struthers in March in Eugene are on sale for 50% off today only! Must call and order by 5:00pm today!
If anyone who say Sally Struthers eating and eating on stage during the Harmonia Garden scene, she was eating apple slices (representing the dumplings). Just got word from Big League Productions, Inc. that is promoting the tour of "Hello, Dolly!"
Almost show time! We're happy to welcome Sally Struthers to Kalamazoo for HELLO, DOLLY On Tour - Starring Sally Struthers tonight at 7:30 p.m. (269) 387-2300 for tickets and check out a show preview below!
The African version of Man Vs. Food is probably just Sally Struthers arm wrestling some skinny black kid for a fun-size bag of Funyuns.
Starring Sally Sally Struthers will be at the Rialto Square Theatre on Thursday, January 23, at 7:30p.m. Get your tickets today!
Don't come to me with that Sally Struthers bleeding from the heart crap!!! I'm not Oprah or Dr Phil! And if I were I'd call security to remove your whinny *** ! But hey, hope it all works out for u!
just seen a picture of Tanya Harding and I think she may be related to Sally Struthers. the resemblance is there. I must go now and set by the fire to keep warm.
Straight from NY, check out these Broadway touring shows in Joliet: Hello Dolly ( jan 23 only, starring Sally Struthers) , Sweet Charity ( March 4) and American *** ( April 23) . Call 312.423.6612 to book these shows today!
Sally Struthers will be in Hello Dolly at the Brick on February 4th! Tickets are still available at, 994-2287, Bobcat Ticket Office, Rosauers and the Ask Us Desk at the SUB.
We are excited to have tonight Broadways "Hello Dolly!" Showtime is 7:30 pm starring Sally Struthers! Hope to see you there ~
Sally struthers and Kirstie alley are still working out together.
Shut up Alyssa Milano. Sally Struthers didn't get my 50 cents a day, you and your tactics can lick my butt. I'm tired of you and Sarah McLachlan making everyone sad
On Saturday afternoon I made a promise to report on my evening with "Sally Struthers on Ice", so I will try to do that evening as much justice as I can with my meager writing skills, So Here I go! Saturday evening, Sally Struthers put on the most remarkable show that I have ever seen, and I would like to let you know that I have seen the Beatles twice, The Rolling Stones numerous times, and I have seen Michael Jackson do the moon walk in person, BUT, nothing compares to "Sally Struthers on Ice". When Mrs. S entered the rink with her short bobbie cut gray hair and her extra large size, she didn't look much like a skater, and all of the people in the rink mildly Boo'd her. Than as she was about 5 minutes into her skating, everyone in the rink was on their feet cheering, and all of the kids ran down to the guard rails to get a better look, and in another few minutes most of the little kids were crying and reaching out their hands to try to touch their new idol, that only a few minutes ago they had Boo'd. T . ...
“Hello, Dolly!” arrived Friday for a brief, two-day run at the Milwaukee Theatre, with Sally Struthers in the title role.
Dolly's new Horace thrilled to share stage with Sally Struthers...
For only 50 cents a day you can help Sally Struthers beat her DUI rap.
So...I've noticed recently that the Sally Struthers, children in Africa, children in poverty commercials etc. are now replaced by the latest lost puppy, pound puppy, abused dog. Wondering what this says about us as a society? Have our priorities changed?
Ms. Johndrow, a New York cabaret performer/mustical theatre actress, will perform her one-woman hit show: Mixtape Confessions: The Diary of a Teenage Optimist as well as an eclectic selection of songs with her trademark vocals and intimate, heart-wrenching delivery. Featuring standards, top 40 hits, and fresh material from Broadway's up-and-coming composers, Ms. Johndrow helps audiences rediscover timeless beloved songs, and introduces them to new favorites. She will be accompanied by her musical director and co-writer, Warren Freeman. Ms. Johndrow made her solo New York cabaret debut with Mixtape Confessions: The Diary of a Teenage Optimist. She was last seen on the Birdland stage premiering several new songs for the composer Scott Evan Davis, one of which was written specifically for her cabaret two years ago at the Village Life Arts Series in Warwick, New York, where she is a recurring guest. For two years Nicole was a featured performer at the Nancy LaMott Room at the Bradstan Country Hotel in White L ...
When did Sally Struthers start working for ESPN?
Is it me or does this female commentator look a little too much like Sally Struthers when she was on All In The Family?? I feel like Edith Bunker is about to start hollering for Gloria!
Ya know what gets me, when washed up "celebrities" ( Sarah McLaughlin, Sally Struthers, Alyssa Milano ) do these commercials for some cause, that ya money can help some deprived kid or animal live a few days longer!?!? Now if these celebrities really "believed" in this cause, don't ya think they would ( OR should ) donate the millions that I ( or we ) don't have!?!?!? K, I'm done venting, go back to ya Duck Dynasty! 󾌪
I'm gonna adopt one of those kids that Sally Struthers has on TV.
Happy New Year! Lots to look forward to in January at Miller: HELLO, DOLLY On Tour - Starring Sally Struthers on Jan. 8, Moscow Festival Ballet: Cinderella (and the pre-show Princess Tea) on Jan. 12, Jim Belushi & The Board of Comedy on Jan. 18 and the return of Rock of Ages on Jan. 23! We're open--stop by the Ticket Office or call (269) 387-2300.
Headed to a buffet somewhere. I'm so hungry Sally Struthers is gonna put my picture in her next commercial cuz I ain't ate since last year!
I'd like to put in a plug for Many years ago when it was called Christian Childrens Fund (Sally Struthers was a spokesperson for them)- I sponsored a little girl in Thailand. Small donations helped make her life better and provided things that she needed. She grew up to be a fine young woman and we managed to keep in touch after she outgrew the program. (I don't think it's common to be able to reach the kids after they leave the program- I just got lucky.) 83% of donations go to the kids programs. There are charities with higher percentages out there but I found this one very rewarding.
Thank you Sally Struthers and Roy for a fantastic evening with lovely friends last night.great way to say hello to 2014 󾌰
I will vomit in the mouth of a stranger and call sally struthers for life support
Well, I go into the new year of 2014 starving like Marvin in Africa. It seems Sally Struthers stole my food too! Happy New Year to you all!!
Ended up spending way too much very early morning time watching 'Five Easy Pieces' on TCM. I had totally forgotten the small role played by Sally Struthers & the larger one by Ralph Waite as Jack Nicholson's violinist brother. Nothing could have been further from his role as John Walton.
Ali MacGraw, Sally Struthers, Steve McQueen and Al Lettieri on the set of The Getaway, 1972
Enough with the Sarah McLachlan commercials! Show me some Sally Struthers!
Watching Super Password and hearing Sally Struthers guess "Noah" followed by "Orgy" and then "Pope" makes me feel dirty.
Sally Struthers, best known for "All in the Family," portrays the feisty matchmaker in the 50th anniversary tour coming Jan. 7 to The Dow Event Center in Saginaw.
Growing up, the Sally Struthers tv commercials use to be the best at guilting people out of money, she'd have you crying and feeling bad for eating and having ice cubes, but the modern day actors, pouring on the guilt, make Sally look like she was hosting MTV's Spring Break.
How can Sarah Mclachan ask for more money to adopt a pet than Sally Struthers asks for to feed a child in Africa?? Weird!!
This day in Broadway history: 1970 Hello, Dolly closes its original Broadway run having played 2,844 performances in six years! Catch this history-making show in Abilene this season with Sally Struthers in the title role!
Remember "All in the Family?" It was one of my favorite shows. The main character was one loveable bigot named Archie Bunker (Carroll O' Conner), supported by his wife Edith (Jean Stapleton) and aggravated constantly by his liberal daughter (Sally Struthers) and son-in-law Mike (Rob Reiner). It was a great show. Archie hated everybody. lol. But it got to some real deep issues and introduced his equally bigoted anti-nemesis George Jefferson (Shermon Hemsley) who moved on up to the East Side and his own show, "The Jeffersons." Neither of these great shows could be made today, and I really think that's a shame because over the years, each show showed the main characters' tolerance and understanding growing. Yes, it was offensive, but it was a good offensive. It brought real issues to the fore and into American households. Again, I think we have become too thin-skinned.
You Know Your Broke When... American Express calls and says, "Leave home without it!" Your idea of a 7-course meal is taking a deep breath outside a restaurant. You're formulating a plan to rob the food bank. You've rolled so many pennies, you've formed a psychic bond with Abe Lincoln. Long distance companies don't call you to switch anymore. You look at your roommate and see a large fried chicken in tennis shoes. You finally clean your house, hoping to find change. You think of a lottery ticket as an investment. Your bologna has no first name. You give blood everyday... just for the orange juice. Sally Struthers sends you food. McDonald's supplies you with all your kitchen condiments. On Thanksgiving your dad would bring home a picture of a thanksgiving meal. At communion you go back for seconds. You wash your toilet paper. You have to save up to be poor. You're in college. You are sterilizing your urine for reconsumption. Your imaginary friend has more money than you. You owe yourself money
Oh good, Jesse Jackson found his way into the news again, but i am going to withhold judgement until I hear what Sally Struthers and Ricki Lake have to say on the issue.
That makes you Sally Struthers and me Rita Moreno in "The Female Odd Couple" so I accept it.
Ok Guys, it's been a good year and I want to help others. Should I give my money to Alyssa Milano with UNICEF, Sarah McLachlan with the sad dog commercials, Sally Struthers with the sad kids, Alec Baldwin with PETA... Your opinions are greatly appreciated.
Today's Laugh : Mike (Rob Reiner): What is this "F" for ? I didn't know that Archie saved his GRADES ! Gloria (Sally Struthers ) " That stands for "FLUSHING"..." Mike : "So THAT's what he MAJORED in ! " "Archie Is Missing" All In The Family Season 5 Episode 9 (119/74) F.A.
Daisy Fuentes and the new "Bachelor"? Um, were Andy *** and Sally Struthers not available to present?
I just liked a picture of a retarded kid with a cleft palate. I'm pretty sure I'm going straight to heaven, or to lunch with Sally Struthers at the Golden Corral.
I'm about to see Hello Dolly with Sally Struthers!
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