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Sally Jesse Raphael

Sally Lowenthal (born February 25, 1935), better known as Sally Jessy Raphael, is an American talk show host, known for the eponymous Sally talk show she hosted for two decades.

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WTH he is that did Sally Jesse Raphael and Rosie have a child together?
Where can I buy some red Sally Jesse Raphael glasses?
I wish it was the 90s where talk shows were on all the time you and Sally jesse raphael Ricky Lake
When I was 9, I was on the Sally Jesse Raphael Show to talk about OCD. She made fun of my haircut on national television.
Hey I 💗Jeanie's pink glasses! Sally Jesse Raphael is famous for her red ones. BAD marketing ploy, mocking the bold.
I remember watching an American talk show called Sally Jesse Raphael and it was about bullying, and one kid said every day after school...
Lol I almost lost it when Woo brought up Sally Jesse Raphael this morning 😂. I hope you're hav…
If I did, I would model it after Sally Jesse Raphael
Trolls, and the women who love them. On the next Sally Jesse Raphael
If Jerry Springer can be Mayor, surely Oprah can be President. Although I'd prefer Sally Jesse Raphael
This woman on the J train watching Sally Jesse Raphael full volume on her phone did not bring a big enough screen for the whole class.
"I would rather wear Sally Jesse Raphael's panties like a ski mask" than watch the Oscar's
So great to see Sally Jesse Raphael at the Independent Spirit Awards
Also, listening to 90's talk show theme music. Where the *** is Sally Jesse Raphael?!
People tell me they're busy as if I spend my days watching Sally Jesse Raphael on TV, polishing her eye wear.
Oh, I know Sally Jesse Raphael! Yep, especially with those glasses! 😂
The best gifts expand someone's collection of favorite items. -Sally Jesse Raphael
I title this one : Sally Jesse Raphael goes to bingo in her comfortable velvet sweats. Quickie 'poodle' pile up...
oh my god you were the cutest Sally Jesse Raphael EVER 😍😍😍
Dear everyone over 25 - why did no one tell me I look like Sally Jesse Raphael?
I'm so glad there are more style icons with red glasses, because my first pair were red, and I was "Sally Jesse Raphael" at 6yo.
A fresh faced sally jesse raphael emerges from her host body
Sally Jesse Raphael's niece just shrugged her shoulders at me admitting she misplaced the desk scissors 😑
The most awesome thing about is that he wears Sally Jesse Raphael's glasses.
It's funny when a person was just a person at one time, and now every time you see them it's like "there's sally Jesse Raphael's niece."
What's up with females bringing neck the worst things of the 80s...high waisted jeans and oversized eye glasses... Sally Jesse Raphael?
Wish they’d asked Phil Donahue or Sally Jesse Raphael to have moderated this debate. Or maybe Morton Downey Jr. .
Well... now I will never have to guess what would happen if Sally Jesse Raphael had slept with cookie monster.
I thought that Sally Jesse Raphael throwing that punch.
CNN reminds me of Jerry Springer now? Or Andrew Dice Clay maybe?Sally Jesse Raphael maybe??
That’s what you and way we sell them to slow it with such a vault deep when you're staring down, or sally jesse raphael.
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Sally Jesse Raphael is not faving that.
Okay, so the Sally Jesse Raphael show has changed A LOT since the 1980s
She was supposed to be on Sally Jesse Raphael at the time Flowers came out. But someone pulled the plug.
I don't think I've ever been as surprised as when I learned that Sally Jesse Raphael was one person.
Guys I was born to be a reporter. All those years watching Ricky Lake and sally Jesse Raphael ain't go to waste. Iol
are you the same Skylyn that was on Sally Jesse Raphael when you were a kid?
I hate to disagree with you Jerry, but I think last night’s debate was more Sally Jesse Raphael territory.
That hair and glasses.she's rocking throwback Sally Jesse Raphael.
Hillary will put out a TV commercial featuring clips from Sally Jesse Raphael and guests crying for votes.
Meanwhile Mary lookin like a brown Sally Jesse Raphael 😂😂😂 I'll be tuned in
Well bless her black hearted Christian soul (those ghastly quasi Sally Jesse Raphael red glasses: did she doodle those on?).
it's good to see that Sally Jesse Raphael has went into the magic tricks game
Fashionistas sporting mom jeans, Sally Jesse Raphael glasses and white tennis shoes deeply confuses me. Do the 80s really need a do-over?
Are you playing Sally Jesse Raphael soon or something?
u know life hasn't been the same since u left, Larry left, Oprah,Letterman,Donahue, Sally Jesse Raphael, Jenny Jones etc
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you sir, win the Internet for the Sally Jesse Raphael reference.
Why does the audience at every Hillary Clinton rally always look like a Sally Jesse Raphael show is about to begin?
St. Louis not the same since Sally Jesse Raphael left town.
God. I had to figure out my deal from Sally Jesse Raphael.
Sally Jesse Raphael called and wants her glasses back! But HAPPY BIRTHDAY anyway to my big sis
I died on January 6 and all I got was a two-second headshot memorial on Sally Jesse Raphael
40/76..Former Miss Arkansas Sally Perdue goes on the Sally Jesse Raphael Show and says she had an affair with Bill Clinton. ...
I have life questions: what happened to the Hardee's star?? And where is Sally Jesse Raphael?
Sally Jesse Raphael denied precious municipal airtime by virtue of Jasmine Huda's return
And now I want to get pentagram tattoos, jokes on you Sally Jesse Raphael!
Jannah beats down Montel just like Sally Jesse Raphael used to in the ratings. Triggered and cries 'RACIST'!
I have three words for you babe...Sally Jesse Raphael 😂 xx
Gotcha. When I was a kid it was Phil Donahue and Sally Jesse Raphael so I'm a little out of touch.
1 small joy of parenting, naming your kid's baby doll. We never leave the house w/out Sally Jesse Raphael or Hannah George Constanza
lol you guys just made me think of all the 90's talk shows that I used to watch.Jenny Jones, Ricki Lake, Sally Jesse Raphael!!!
I would have said Connie Chung...but Sally Jesse Raphael and Erin Andrews...funny.
Just saw Montel Williams at DCA. Kinda wanted to tell him he's no Sally Jesse Raphael, but I don't like being petty.
Did Don Mattingly steal his glasses from Sally Jesse Raphael?
I had Sally Jesse Raphael glasses as a pre-teen/early teenager. Be jealous.
My mom just told me she got my name off of a talk show called Sally Jesse Raphael. Cool.
I want Sally Jesse Raphael back on television!
My dad was wonderfully compassionate but didn't seem to grasp the inherent compassion of not letting me dress like Sally Jesse Raphael.
That's like Sally Jesse Raphael having a salt an pepper hairstyle back in the days
This is the same stuff we used to see on Jenny Jones & Sally Jesse Raphael...unbelievable,, no.
I am howling at Montel Williams coming for you. Have Jenny Jones and Sally Jesse Raphael chimed in yet?
First time I seen Freddy he was on Sally Jesse Raphael couch 😂😂😂 instantly thought he was real
Yet another victim of psychic alcoholics with astral projection skills. (Totally exists; saw it on Sally Jesse Raphael)
I can't wait until Sally Draper grows up, changes her name, and begins solving problems professionally as Sally Jesse Rap…
Love this video of Engelbert's life story! I'm even in a small clip from Sally Jesse Raphael Show. Exciting!
also, any Sally Jesse Raphael reference is perfection.
I'm pretty sure we are all dying to know, will there be a Sally Jesse Raphael reference by ? *big kitteh eyes*
This on television, or sally jesse raphael.
The Log Lady is all things to all Peaks people. She's a walking sight gag with those big Sally Jesse Raphael glasses, that humorless
My therapist was a guest panelist on a Sally Jesse Raphael episode from 91 and has a pic them in his practice lol
“that was Sally Jesse Raphael era too.ok maybe I am slick old lol” 😂😂😂 yeah you gave yourself away!
Kroger is keeping it 90's today. Fubu jerseys and Sally Jesse Raphael glasses abound
The star of this is Sally Jesse Raphael aka Will Wise @ Georgia Aquarium
On the same trip, a guy standing near a limo stopped us and asked if he could take us to a taping of Sally Jesse Raphael.
Hey, guys? Tom Cruise and Sally Jesse Raphael called. They want ALL their glasses and sunglasses back.
Apparently, telling your wife her glasses make her look like Sally Jesse Raphael is NOT a compliment.
who runs this boot camp? Maury Povich or Sally Jesse Raphael?
CBS cancels the Arsenio Hall Show. Plans to replace time slot with Sally Jesse Raphael.
Sally Jesse Raphael, TV talk show host (Sally) [or Feb 25], was born on this day May 25, 1943.
I always thought the stuff about food causing weird dreams was an old wives' tale...then I dreamed I was Sally Jesse Raphael, working with Neil Patrick Harris on busting Rowdy Roddy Piper for taking advantage of women while working as a bail bondsman but got side tracked by a demon possessed pinball machine after eating chinese food.
Because her superpower is making you think about eating at Chipotle w/ Sally Jesse Raphael... ("who?")~~>
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I've been doing a lot of reading about Velcade and steroids just in case I lose my hair during my treatment period should it come to that. (and I am pretty sure we are heading in that direction) I have decided that with prayer, I need to approach it with humor. I am depending upon my friends to help me with that.but please, I do not want to go to church one Sunday and have everyone in the congregation bald. I used to wear red glasses when I was teaching (aka Sally Jesse Raphael) and one day I walked into a room to teach a workshop and when I turned around - about half the room was wearing red glasses. I about died laughing. I love you all.
My dentist got a new tech since the last time I was in...she looks like Sally Jesse Raphael complete with big red framed glasses
Things end for a reason. I'm not your Sally Jesse Raphael. Figure it out. *** I'm too nice
That elevator looking like an episode from Sally Jesse Raphael.
Who needs Netflix when you have Sally Jesse Raphael? Gotta love Voicenote Sundays!
...I just gagged. Sally Jesse Raphael is Puerto Rican. Here I thought she was a white woman of privilege!
What a great night celebrating the opening night of A Raisin In The Sun! Congrats to Sue Wagner John Johnson and the entire team behind the show. Amazing to see Denzel Washington and such great attendees like Beyoncé's mom (Tina) , Sally Jesse Raphael, Billy Crystal, Spike Lee, Cedric the entertainer, and many more.
Happy birthday to joakim Noah, Jimmer fredette, Sally Jesse Raphael, George Harrison, ric flair, rashida jones, tea leoni, kaskade and Christian ponder. Oh and thank you all for the wonderful birthday messages!
What ever happen to Sally Jesse Raphael? She wore those big hipster glasses before it was cool
giggle giggle! was rockin the Sally Jesse Raphael eyeglasses on today. go ahead girl!
Also, what's up with the goofy, yellow Sally Jesse Raphael style glasses Tom Brokaw wears now when he comes to do his correspondent pieces?
Jenny Jones, Ricki Lake, Geraldo, Donahue & Sally Jesse Raphael want a piece too.
Stephanie Beatriz looks good even with clear "Sally Jesse Raphael" glasses on.
What is the deal with the Sally Jesse Raphael nerdy glasses and why do my pretty little girls demand to wear them?
The Sopranos holds up mostly. Exceptions being Tony referencing people on Sally Jesse Raphael and getting excited about a dvd player.
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My blow up doll has a big red mouth, like Sally Jesse Raphael's glasses.
Does anybody remember the talk show with Sally Jesse Raphael?
Channelling Sally Jesse Raphael, but still digging my new specs
Hey, I just noticed, you've got some Sally Jesse Raphael-type glasses!
Recommended for me on YouTube: Kool & The Gang Collection, Kenny G, and Sally Jesse Raphael "I'm not the daddy." Epic fail YouTube.
shocker, gun with a sunburn? Lol- Jer w/ the stashe- is he wearing his Sally Jesse Raphael glasses to boot?👓
When bad kids on Sally Jesse Raphael go to boot camp with Nelson mandela too funny
I was always more of a Sally Jesse Raphael fan myself.
Was very excited when I ordered by bright, new glasses. Picked them up and I'm having flashbacks to Sally Jesse Raphael.
I have new glasses and they are red. Why my hubby tell me I look like Sally Jesse Raphael. Who says that?!!!
Billy Jean King's glasses make me nostalgic for a time Sally Jesse Raphael ruled the airwaves.
I always hoped Rafael Palmeiro would marry Sally Jesse Raphael, then she would be Sally Jesse Raphael Palmeiro
Love this! It reminds me of when I used to sneak my horse and pony into the basement! They would stand in the kitchen area while I watched TV after school!!! I could sit on the couch and pet them while watching Sally Jesse Raphael! Sorry for that, mom!
same :( hipster glasses would be more like Sally Jesse Raphael's
omg with those glasses and that outfit you are screaming sally jesse raphael. I luv!
Me and my sister. I always had darker hair. notice my Sally Jesse Raphael glasses
Rivera said >million Satanists prey on kids in US. Sally Jesse Raphael ran shows on satanic abuse.2 victims now freed
with my out of control red frizzball and giant Sally Jesse Raphael glasses, I knew I could only be Mallory
HOT even in those Sally Jesse Raphael glasses.
Don't give Bryana Williams any numbers you'll be anticipating your number on her stat all night... And she won't post... You'll look up and she'll have a sally jesse Raphael quote posted. But not your nasty number 69 lol
let's not forget Sally Jesse Raphael and her sexy glasses.
What happened to the days of Donahue, Jenny Jones, Sally Jesse Raphael, Rickie Lake, Montell?! That was prime snow day tv!
OK a little shameful history but I thought of this today...who remembers J.B.Stoner and his horrid political commercials? They usually ran late because they were so racist. His headquarters were in Downtown marietta. I remember he was on Sally Jesse Raphael and she led him off her stage and was done with his horrible views.
Just heard someone say "Sally Jesse Raphael," in conversation. I'm pretty sure I have friends young enough to not even know who she is.
Go on Maury and get a paternity test and then go to Sally Jesse Raphael and get sent to boot camp and then go to Phil Donahue and let the audience boo you.
I swear some people really kill me with their miserable *** .. This fool just talked my ear off and it after 1am.. Ugh, I am not Dr. Phil, Oprah, Montell Williams, Tyra, Ricky Lake or Sally Jesse Raphael... GETCHOLIFE Trick... Lord I swear if one more person cry about something. I have met a few people lately who should just open their minds and close their mouths, *** they both empty anyways! And please Don't let your mind wander cause it's far too small to be let out on its own. Im smarter than you think clown
so i was watching a Haunting in Connecticut last night and decided to Google the real story. I found a Sally Jesse Raphael interview from the early 90's of the real family this happened too. THE WEIRDEST MOST ENTERTAINING THING IVE SEEN IN A WHILE. And the movie was based on real events, however the stories aren't very similar at all. So if you are up late and have nothing better to do this might give u a laugh :)
So I'm now looking for the footage or info of Sue Levine on Sally Jesse Raphael. Any help would be appreciated.
Watching lifestyles of the rich and famous I used to adore Robin Leach when I was little and oddly enough Sally Jesse Raphael her choice of eyewear was it, what ever happened to her?
- ladies and gentlemen, tonight at mass, I sat behind the one and only Sally Jesse Raphael. No joke. Power suit, strawberry blonde hair, red glasses and all!
Randall Schuckman just spilt his agave sake shot telling me I looked 5 years younger then Sally Jesse Raphael! I really have mo sympathy!
It's Christmas Eve Eve.this day would find one Carrie Paulk at her home on Park St with my Gamma and Poppy Browne as my American Idol audience practicing what was known as the run and slide.surprise...running from my bedroom to the tree and practicing my timing..yes tech brats we technology then I would whip out the hair brush and sing the Lawrence Welk version of Winter Wonderland while the grand parent audience clapped like I was Liza Minnelli..Clearly I was gifted at a young age...A shout out to Vila for trying to tame my Italian afro into a Dorothy Hamel and more.importantly allowing all my wisdom to.pick out tinted glasses that.made me look like Sally Jesse Raphael gone bad...A big shout out to Bobby and the Park St neighborhood for toting the red solo.cups before they were trend setters and didn't even know it...Many many Merry Christmas's in that house but memories are made for making and no matter where you are there is always new memories in the making...
The opening of an episode of the Sally Jesse Raphael show with hypnotist Paul McKenna.
I remember as a child being so excited to go to Rhode Island. I remember you like it was yesterday. Answering the front door. The way you would smile when we all poured into the house. Your cotton white hair waved to the side. Your Sally Jesse Raphael like glasses. I remember the smell of my favorite meal in the oven. I recall all the different times I hugged you as I walked in and how time went by I was reaching down, no longer up. YOU WERE Christmas to Me Grandma McCann. I miss you so much
A few weeks ago, it seems like everyone had a list of "things you didn't know about me." To even this out, I am now presenting a list of things that have never happened to me: 1. When I was ten years old, I won a spelling backwards bee. I was the Renniw! 2. I was part of the legal team to force mimes to speak using sign language 3. I used to be a motivational speaker for goldfish. After I was done with a fish, he or she had the confidence to come from behind the ceramic diver with the "No Fishing" sign and take on the world 4. I once lost an argument with a monk who took a vow of silence 5. Most of my teenage clothing style choices were based on the Sally Jesse Raphael show 6. I have re-created several of Monet's masterpieces with colored push pins 7. I set up the horse and donkey on the romantic date that created the first mule 8. I once tried out for the Oakland Raiders to be the third down marker
Her: So I was thinking we need to talk.. (Thinking to myself) If this girl doesn't stop watching re-runs of Sally Jesse Raphael and Dr Phil
I want to laugh cuz it's my nature to be disrespectful but when I look around I get upset. It's like I'm Joan Rivers AND Sally Jesse Raphael
At the Tullahoma DMV currently being stared at by 3 young children.. They're eyeing my Sally Jesse Raphael inspired sweater
Watching 1990s clips of Jenny Jones and Sally Jesse Raphael
Dinah Shore was on in 1974-1980. Sally Jesse Raphael did not come on until 1985.
I wonder what Sally Jesse Raphael is doing...
Vernon staying in fashion with Sally Jesse Raphael glasses
the women that came looked straight up like Sally Jesse Raphael 😂😂😂
Wonder what Sally Jesse Raphael is up to these days
Me with Sally Jesse Raphael... my first celebrity hair styling job in Seattle around 1990!
Oprah has made billions from starting a chat show. Sally Jesse Raphael must be kicking herself!
I really want to cosplay as the Log Lady but it's gonna require the perfect sweater. The Sally Jesse Raphael glasses I think I can find.
Why did Oprah receive the Medal of Freedom? Did Sally Jesse Raphael get one too? Did Ellen get one? Did the Mayor of Toronto get one?
She was always on Sally Jesse Raphael and Montel Williams' shows
Ok Troy Martinez 14 Things People may not know about me. 1) I've seen the movie Commando over 45 times and have loosely based my life on it. 2) I once got busy in a Burger King bathroom. 3) My life dream was to be on the Sally Jesse Raphael show and when it cancelled i was depressed for 4 months. 4) During said depression I did some things i am NOT proud of. 5) I often daydream about what it would be like to hang out with Sebastian Janikowski of the Oakland Raiders. 6) My first crime as a young adult was shoplifting Garbage Pail Kids from Winns. I have been chasing that dragon ever since. 7) I also got busy at the Old San Francisco Steakhouse bathroom. 8 ) I used to eat peanut butter with a spoon every day after school and am pretty sure that stunted my growth. 9) I dislike the color Magenta but love the word. 10) I used to think that a 'Landscaper' was one of those guys out in the construction field who look thru that little camera and survey the land. 11) That onetime we were at Spring Break, i was the ...
A comp of punk women (Ari Up; Poly Styrene) including Wendy O. Williams on Sally Jesse Raphael which is...
Morton Downey Jr. - The Godfather of "Trash TV"... without him there would have never been Jenny Jones, Rikki Lake, Gordon, Sally Jesse Raphael (the later shows), Richard Bay, and the later shows of Maury Povich and his "You are NOT the father" shows...
I'm shooting for the talk shows of all talk shows... Like Phil Donahue and Sally Jesse Raphael had a baby and it's our show!
Jesse Tyler Ferguson, RuPaul, Kate McKinnon, Joan Rivers, Sally Jesse Raphael, Fred Schneider and so many more...
"I'd like to introduce you to Sally Jesse Raphael and Phil Donahue" . *slowly lays a kiss on each fist
I wonder sometimes what happened to Sally Jesse Raphael
I pleasure myself to my Sally Jesse Raphael DVDs
Rich, the red glasses gotta go. Who do you think you are? Sally Jesse Raphael?
she's been doing this since the days of Sally Jesse Raphael. Sickening.
yep, to get in even deeper. Same cousin and same Porter(Roger), were on the Sally Jesse Raphael show 2 times! Lol
I wish Sally Jesse Raphael still had a daytime talk show.
Sign that you care no more: Refuse to do office work, and decide to Google Sally Jesse Raphael just to see what she’s up to these days.
Arson, bankruptcy, life threatening illness, finding your Dad on Sally Jesse Raphael... They don't make girlbands like that anymore
Sally Jesse Raphael ain't got nothing on me 
There was actually a time when TV talk shows entertained me (Maury, Sally Jesse Raphael, Richard Bay, etc) now they are all crap
Does Sally Jesse Raphael not have friends? parents? Cousins? Big sisters? People?
Yes.Lol.I loved them on Jenny Jones and Sally Jesse raphael too if you're old enough to seen those (some on youtube!!).
The issue with buying glasses online is I'm not sure if I'll look more like Sally Jesse Raphael or Harry Potter or normal.
I keep thinking it's Sally Jesse Raphael up at the front of the Texas legislature. But I think she'd get things moving.
It took me 3 years, but I finally ordered some try-ons. It's going to be hard to say goodbye to my Sally Jesse Raphael glasses.
If I didn't know better, I'd think you work for Sally Jesse Raphael
Sally Jesse Raphael is nearly 80 years old. Just wanted to point that out.
Just watched The Sopranos pilot (am new to the show). Terrific! Amused by 1990s references to laser discs, Sally Jesse Raphael and AOL.
"You're glasses are fantastic … They're like Sally Jesse Raphael for the 21st century." - to upon her arrival
Both in appearance and delivery, this ESPN reporter is a straight-up dead-ringer for Sally Jesse Raphael.
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How did Sally Jesse Raphael get the gig for NBA Finals reporting?
is that Sally Jesse Raphael interviewing on stage?
Sally Jesse Raphael is sitting at the table next to me. Your 1980s talk show watching self can be…
Robots, and the People Who Love Them, on today's Sally Jesse Raphael.
"Nowadays, everybody's gotta go to shrinks and counselors, and go on 'Sally Jesse Raphael' and talk…
Jokes that involve Sally Jesse Raphael glasses are never not funny
Sally Jesse Raphael will be sweating when she walks in 😥
Had a dream that HowCanBeMeow turned into a parrot and Sally Jesse Raphael wanted to adopt him. Then she kissed me on-air. Scandal.
This is also a weird Sally Jesse Raphael love triangle! Poor Marty. Meanwhile.. In the bushes.. Jessica is shooting up.
Lookalike work for Sarah Jessica Parker, Jemima? I see more of a Sally Jesse Raphael
Anyone else who watched tonight think Tamara Holder looked like a young Sally Jesse Raphael lol
i watched "sally jesse raphael" with my granny. Remember that show?
if Paula Deen and Sally Jesse Raphael had a baby it would be this lady at my pharmacy 👓💊
Sally Jesse Raphael: part woman. part man. part ninja turtle. all sexy.
On the set of Sally Jesse Raphael with harmarsuperstar and reputante
Lmfao that Sally Jesse Raphael comparison to Westbrook's glasses was my laugh of the day.
What in the name of Sally Jesse Raphael is going on around here.?
Every woman sees herself as either a Princess Di or Sally Jesse Raphael.
the WORST is that eyeglass manufactures are trying to bring them back along with Sally Jesse Raphael glasses. NOPE NOPE NOPE
Great. I look like Sally Jesse Raphael. How am I gonna land a man like this?
KB looks like a cuter version of Sally Jesse Raphael with those frames she’s wearing.
Can we impeach Fitz? I'll take Sally Jesse Raphael or whatever the VP name was.
Sally Jesse Raphael was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle with the best skills of all.
It's such an honor that Sally Jesse Raphael attended the
I think someone gave Sally Jesse Raphael a talk show years ago as a joke and it just got out of hand.
Peace to Milhouse Van Houten for rocking Sally Jesse Raphael glasses on the regular.
On my cell phone with sally jesse raphael
Sally Jesse is realy f'ing inspirational!!!
would it be better than sitting in at Sally Jesse Raphael ? :)
ha! That is exactly where I got my Sally Jesse Raphael red glasses in elementary school!
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Ok, I got way too excited about Sally Jesse Raphael being on the tv for .5 seconds
that is the best unknown secret on TVThink Jerry Springer w/english accent and Sally Jesse Raphael guests
Def not! She can't even carry her own show. I say dig up Jenny Jones or Sally Jesse Raphael
sally jesse raphael swag. I see you. Lol
Just catching up on The Sparkly Life and man do i LOVE a Sally Jesse Raphael reference!
Lol, I see someone got into it with Sally Jesse Raphael. Oh, Grizz fans.
Sally Jesse Raphael was my hero, so what?
I liked a video Drag Queens on Sally Jesse Raphael
Wake up In the morning and I feel like Sally Jesse Raphael after a gang
I would rather wear Sally Jesse Raphael's panties as a ski mask... while she was in them.
I swear they're ladies' frames. He almost has a Sally Jesse Raphael thing going.
I miss the Ricki Lake-Jenny Jones-Sally Jesse Raphael block of daytime cheese.
How long has been on?? 16 years?! When did that happen?? Lol all I knew growing up was Oprah and Sally Jesse Raphael..
The fact that Sally Jesse Raphael is always beefing with my followers about Lady Gaga
My dad = Willy Wonka... & that's me with the al la Sally Jesse Raphael glasses.
So random, but what happened to Sally Jesse Raphael and Jenny Jones?
You need to work some Sally Jesse Raphael references into your repertoire.
At least Sally Jesse Raphael bought up all the red-rimmed ones in that style.
I can't help but wonder how many people around you are saying "Isn't that Sally Jesse Raphael"?
Potential second free more fun frames. Amazing and fun or too Sally Jesse Raphael? Let me know!…
OMG, I didn't realize Sally Jesse Raphael played Phil Spector in this!
Yo is that Sally Jesse Raphael in that "forever young" TV show? She looks hideous!
Donahue shmonahue. Sally Jesse Raphael is the one they need.
You guys, honestly I think I just saw Sally Jesse Raphael on Diversey.
Some of these infomercials are produced better than the Sally Jesse Raphael show...
Back in the 90s there was: Ricky Lake, Maury Povich, Sally Jesse Raphael, Jenny Jones, Geraldo, Donahue, Oprah, Leeza, and Forgive or Forget.Nowadays there is: Trisha, Bill Cunningham, Katie, Jeff Probst, Bethenny Frankel, and Anderson Live smh daytime tv is trash!
Monday Morning Sports: * Today is Pistol Patent Day On this date in . . . 1836 - Samuel Colt received a patent for a "revolving gun". 1901 - The United States Steel Corp. was incorporated by J.P. Morgan. 1913 - The 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified. It authorized a graduated income tax. 1930 - The bank check photographing device was patented. 1940 - The New York Rangers and the Montreal Canadiens played in the first hockey game to be televised in the U.S. The game was aired on W2WBS in New York with one camera in a fixed position. The Rangers beat the Canadiens 6-2. Birthdays: 1851- Pierre Aguste Renoir, French Impressionist painter 1901- Zeppo Marx, youngest of Marx Brother comedians 1935- Sally Jesse Raphael, talk show host 1943- George Harrsion, one of the four "Beatles" 1971- Sean Astin, "Samwise" in mega-movies "Lord of the Rings" _ Girls Regional Tournament 1A DI Region 3 (at Tyler JC) Slocum 44, Martinsville 30 Martin’s Mill 53, Zavalla 46 1A DI Region 3 Championship Game : Ma ...
LOL. Thx. I was so proud when I picked out those glasses... until I realized Sally Jesse Raphael had the same ones.
I like it. It's kinda like Sally Jesse Raphael.
My mom (RIP) and me. (lol, those Sally Jesse Raphael glasses) 8th grade graduation. I think…
It's Mia & her new big sister Sally Jesse Raphael!!
Why was Sally Jesse Raphael's whole name needed to be said everytime to know it was her?!?
But I really used to love to watch Sally Jesse Raphael with my grandmom and eat my dry Cheerios
Sally Jesse Raphael is my fave ninja turtle
I want to befriend a girl named Sally so I can always call her Sally Jesse Raphael and she can get annoyed and i'll laugh and laugh.
Your appearance on Sally Jesse Raphael was a pivotal moment as well!... In addition to TLC on Making the Video & House Party
Didn't you used to host a daytime talk show? Sally Jesse Raphael was the name I think.
I share a birthday with Chelsea Handler and Sally Jesse Raphael. I wonder if I'm destined to be a talkshow host?
Judge Judy is the cheeky opinionated version of Sally Jesse Raphael lol
when did Sally Jesse Raphael glasses come back in style?
oh GAWD! Who is this sexy kid with the Sally Jesse Raphael glasses? Yup, that's me in the 3rd grade! - Nick Scott
*** yeah. Reality tv was Sally Jesse Raphael lol.
Sally, Jesse, Raphael Glasses?! YES! Hot Tub with Kurt and Kristen pre-Sale tickets are sold out for tonight, BUT...
Picture Keke Palmer on Sally Jesse Raphael finding her father like chilli did.
How long has it been since you've thought of sally Jesse Raphael?
This is what Recovery looks like .. Hurting today can you say Sally Jesse Raphael lol did I spell that right?! Lol
obviously Russell Westbrook..lest we not forget the red Sally Jesse Raphael glasses heard around the world
thanks, dear! And trust me, there are more where that came from...have you seen the ones with his Sally Jesse Raphael glasses?
Lol. My young elementary school behind used to watch Ricki Lake and Sally Jesse Raphael and all of their ratchetness with my older cousins.
Crazy to think Phil Donahue and Sally Jesse Raphael may have switched glasses for a week in the 80's and we'll probably never know.
Shoot, a friend would tell her to lose the crooked Sally Jesse Raphael glasses stat. Or get her a new nose piece.
Sally Jesse Raphael: "why are you so incredibly mean to ? Shaggy2Violent: i dunno Jesse...would you like a cheez-it?
Sally Jesse Raphael has left the Universe and it is 21-3 still. at the end of the first half.
cause you got that sally jesse Raphael look
“sally jesse raphael is my favorite ninja turtle”...huh, I took you for Donatello Versace kinda gal
Sally Jesse Raphael Kelly Warner muhhhfukaaa I'd have to air like really really late with my mouth LOL
There is a new Sally Jesse Raphael in town.
Ohh and I admire Sally Jesse Raphael ,Conrad from Weeds , anyone under 5 feet tall. Sidewalks in Brooklyn covered in black gum. And Gatorade
I just ordered big red glasses from Zenni Optical because I miss Sally Jesse Raphael.
Sally Jesse Raphael interviews Dr Burzinski -- Cancer Cure FDA tried to cover up and hide from you...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Check out the Sirius/XM interview I did w/ for - even though they spelled my name wrong. lol
Sally Jesse Raphael, please get back in my life.
I saw a man that looked like Sally Jesse Raphael...
BREAKING: Maury Povich to interview A-Rod regarding recent doping allegations. You're on the clock Sally Jesse Raphael.
Y'all wasn't gon tell me that Steve Harvey has a talk show? This is the best thing since Sally Jesse Raphael.
There was a huge soar in the amount of talk shows, including Oprah, Geraldo Rivera, Phil Donahue, Sally Jesse Raphael,
She kills me with those Sally Jesse Raphael glasses.
Uhh, I think Sally Jesse Raphael is narrating the Huell Howser discussion
reminds me of the Sally Jesse Raphael set-ups!
she looks like a fat version of Sally Jesse Raphael.
Oh my goodness, there goes another gal in Sally Jesse Raphael frames. I'm old, yes. And I still get smitten.
There's a lady that works in my office named Sally and who looks like Sally Jesse Raphael. I don't think she's aware of this.
Barbara Walters looks like Sally Jesse Raphael with those glasses.
BW think she Sally Jesse Raphael with those glasses lmao
All I could think of was she was channeling Sally Jesse Raphael.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
I've seen that. Waiting for them to bring back Sally Jesse Raphael! She had best guests in the late 80s/early 90s
Jenny Jones, Sally Jesse Raphael, Ricky Lake...those were all great talk shows, and now I feel so old!
it's all about Sally Jesse Raphael duhhh can't beat those red plastic glasses
Sally Jesse Raphael's profile pic kinda looks like my mom. (I mean my mom pre-2008, no shade today.)
Sally Jesse Raphael was my favorite. With her swagged out red glasses.
but at least you didn't embarrass a very nice looking old lady in Sally Jesse Raphael glasses.
Looks like these new glasses I have are actually a retired pair of Sally Jesse Raphael's
have been on a rollercoaster of ilness, fever and drugged delerium the last few days. a hot 7up and some Sally Jesse Raphael is what i need
I did the same... With Sally Jesse Raphael and Maury.
"What's Sally Jesse Raphael up to today?" - Ancient Chinese Proverb
Congrats on your conversion to a young Sally Jesse Raphael.
Coffee kid is right out of PDXdia. I want to knock those Sally Jesse Raphael glasses off his head to see if they’re prescription.
China on LA Hair looks like a black Sally Jesse Raphael
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