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Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral, formally known as the Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is an Anglican cathedral in Salisbury, England, and is considered one of the leading examples of Early English architecture.

Magna Carta John Constable British Museum United Kingdom Winchester Cathedral Old Sarum

Equal status in Salisbury Cathedral. First in England. But started by the progressive St Mary's cathe…
Merry Christmas to one and all! Warmest of wishes to you and your loved ones this Christmas, from all at Salisbury…
The Font in Salisbury Cathedral, just prior to Festal Evensong
Carols from Kings. Always evocative. Reminds me, especially, of singing the solo for Once in Royal David’s City in…
Well if you’re going to church at Christmas, make it a proper church... @ Salisbury Cathedral
I used to be a chorister at Salisbury cathedral and I remember in practice you had to put up your hand briefly if y…
Tomorrow:"Putin foe slips and accidentally falls backwards on to the spire of S…
From Darkness to Light. Advent candles sweep through the 800 year old medieval arches of Salisbury Cathedral.…
Star of Wonder service at Salisbury Cathedral. (Adam has to take credit for picture four!) 😂 🙊
🎨Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows (exhibited 1831). 👨‍🎨John Constable, RA (11 Jun 1776–31 Mar 1837) was an British…
XMAS SERVICE: There's a real family affair to today's events at - from the visitors to the donkeys (…
We went to Salisbury Cathedral last night for the Carol Service and it was so beautiful. I've…
XMAS EVE: For the first time, the family service will be live streamed for those who can't get a sea…
The former Dean of Salisbury Cathedral has told BBC Wiltshire she's "thrilled" at the appointment of…
XMAS SERVICE: This one's likely to be very busy this afternoon
Salisbury Cathedral Series. Erich Mendell Blaine. Etching and aquatint from a portfolio of 76 mixed media stains
Breast Cancer Awareness
Carols by Candlelight reflected in the font at Salisbury Cathedral
Such an amazing place, day or night.
In the beautiful Salisbury Cathedral for Carols by Candlelight
Some amazing historic facts about Salisbury Cathedral
Dec 22, 2017 - Salisbury, United Kingdom - The Choristers of the Salisbury Cathedral School at rehearsals. © David…
wonderful Tree of Remembrances at Salisbury Cathedral Very moving, very beautiful
The heavenly host has arrived in Cathedral, they looks stunning
Join us on Xmas Eve 5pm or Xmas Day at 9am for the BBC Wiltshire Carol Concert recorded live in Salisbury Cathedral…
Don't miss the craft activities for kids today at Salisbury Cathedral
John Constable earned little success during his lifetime but his works are now held in great esteem. h…
In 2008: 550 flower arrangers helped w/ a 5-day festival for the 750th anniversary of Salisbury Cathedral. Photo by…
This is Salisbury cathedral Wiltshire.taken on my iPhone.
We wish Mr and Mrs Wicks the best of luck up at Durham Cathedral school, they were given a big Salisbury...
Delighted at appointment of Sarah Mullally as next Bishop of London - a thoughtful & gifted leader who will bring wisdom &…
Behind door 20 you'll find Described as the 'City in the Countryside', we're excited to be creating new…
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These Medieval Statues need captions, go nuts... @ Salisbury Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral across the water meadows
A Great day with my family visiting Salisbury Cathedral today such an unbelievable place! The…
Beautiful service at Salisbury cathedral this morning.
Salisbury Cathedral, where one of the Magna Carta copies is kept . •. •. •. •. •.
As I read through Rutherfurd's I'm fascinated by the family trees. I look it up when I start a new chapter.…
And on the inside of the Salisbury Cathedral... @ Salisbury Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral from the Bishop's Grounds by John Constable ht…
"Clearly, there are disassembled clock parts in there, but Salisbury Cathedral offered no more explanation than tha…
I think he'd have been chuffed. The only UK cathedral he never warmed to was Salisbury! Then he'd do…
The Salisbury Cathedral clock has been telling time for 711 years and my iPhone is two years old…
Salisbury Cathedral looking down from spire scaffold 1988
on : Festive time at Salisbury Cathedral... by pepati2009 https:…
Festive time at Salisbury Cathedral... by pepati2009
This photo was originally published on 500px. Festive time at Salisbury Cathedral... by pepati2009. Make sure to fo…
on : Festive time at Salisbury Cathedral... by pepati2009
Addendum: Salisbury Cathedral to add on the list of my travels, has interesting historical objects w…
Look into renting a car in the UK.usually really cheap, get to drive an manual on right side. So much…
I always thought the Tricorn was Pompey’s Salisbury Cathedral.
To judge by the way Bristol's being trounced in that pole...clearly not THAT many! (Besides, any proper South Weste…
Ah... True, but they're not actually IN the Cathedral are they? If you want to see Mag…
Perhaps the WHO could put out a release telling people not to jump out of a plane and land *** first…
Another date for your diary is the BBC Wiltshire Carols at The Salisbury Cathedral on 16 December!…
"The Gumption Junction" - Feeling inspired by those generations of architects, builders and creators that had the a…
I rather think that Durham Cathedral is rather ugly. Give me Ely, Salisbury or Köln any day.
I visited Salisbury cathedral (one of the templates for Follett's imaginings of Kingsbridge…
I want to vote for Salisbury cathedral but cant find where to vote
Choristers at Salisbury Cathedral practise ahead of their Christmas performance last year
short walk from Salisbury town centre to the Salisbury Cathedral
…and the mind-blowing framing inside the Salisbury Cathedral Spire.
Went on the Salisbury Cathedral Tower tour to see the nave roof…
Popped along to Salisbury Cathedral the other day - glorious in the late afternoon sunshine.
At salisbury cathedral they have lots of gorgeous souvinirs of foxes and badgers mugs coasters tea towels etc very beautiful. 🦊❤
Don't be square, be Pointy! Please vote for Salisbury Cathedral.
Great short film about the excellent show we participated in at Salisbury Cathedral earlier this year.
Salisbury Cathedral has the tallest spire in Britain http…
Wood chopping through rhythmic tree pattern, window at Christ Church Derry Hill, Calne, made in 2000 by Salisbury C…
wakey, wakey good people of Support your Cathedral, don't let York and Salisbury run away…
Bob has a long-standing relationship with Salisbury Cathedral and was the obvious choice to implement the re-brand:…
Traded a view of Salisbury Cathedral for a view of Chepstow Castle. Oldest post-Roman castle in GB. Started just a year af…
Marvelous and scenic landscape of the iconic building of southwestern England, View of Salisbury Cathedral,…
Having Monday catch up. Utterly magical Salisbury Cathedral peregrine falcon film with organ/c…
Salisbury Cathedral offers a prayer for Manchester
Beautiful weekend at Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral, and Bournemouth beach :)
Fact of the day: Norwich Cathedral has the second-tallest spire in England, exceeded only by Salisbury Cathedral!…
Senior Choir have made it to the top of the tower at Salisbury Cathedral! Next stop choral evensong at Bath Abbey.
by Hubert de Burgh, 1st Earl of Kent. William was later buried at Salisbury Cathedral.
Thank you for the tip off Lovely to see Salisbury Cathedral feature in the
Wow! What a truly stunning photo of our Cathedral in the mist!
Things to do in England: Salisbury Cathedral In the above video Kwai Chi explores the
Salisbury Cathedral from book 3 walk 67 of https:/…
A pleasant drive to Salisbury Sunday afternoon to celebrate friend Christine’s birthday. We went to a delightful Evensong at the Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral from book 3 walk 67 of
Filming at Salisbury cathedral today. Looks beautiful in the morning sun 😍
Salisbury Cathedral : great to see one original of the Magna Carta in the Chapter of this magnificent church.
So need to still visit Salisbury cathedral
A painting from the Romanticism time period. Salisbury Cathedral from the Bishop's Grounds, John Constable Date: ca…
Salisbury Cathedral isn't far away and well worth visiting on your next stay at the Grasmere ht…
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I'm willing to bet he doesn't know many without gardens full stop? I don't know many & I don't live in Salisbury cathedral grounds
Sobbed like a child at age 20 inside my 1st Gothic cathedral, Salisbury, when I was a university student.
Peterborough Cathedral: the C14 tower as restored in the 1880s, and a proposal to build a Salisbury-esque spire.
I love the British artist John Constable (1776-1837). This is "Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows" (1831)
Photographer captures the Salisbury Cathedral Choir's final practice ahead of Christmas. See more here:…
Glad Wiltshire police are human. This must relate to a certain ex-PM who lived next to Salisbury Cathedral.
One of the photos I took of the Christmas tree in Salisbury Cathedral
Join the Friends of Salisbury Cathedral for their ‘Winter Warmer’ concert on 21 January:
So beautiful..Salisbury Cathedral in the evening mist
The world's oldest clock has been ticking since 1386.
Salisbury Cathedral was built in 1220 and has the tallest church spire in the UK, 123m ⛪️ .
Low winter sun falling on Salisbury Cathedral
A picture I took of Salisbury Cathedral in December of 2015.
The oldest working clock in the world has been tick-tocking in the Clock Tower of Salisbury Cathedral since 1386…
Ballerina Emily Harper dances during the dress rehearsal of A Winter's Trail, a new promenade drama being held...
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In 1898 Wiltshire Freemasons filled Salisbury Cathedral. In 2017 we will return with
"We have no information that Salisbury Cathedral claimed it was a bomb."
Water feature with a reflection of the stained glass window Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral is mysterious though, and the place name defies etymology
A day out in Salisbury, of course with mulled wine and mince pie😋beautiful cathedral with the famous magma carry.
do the bus trip out to Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, and Salisbury Cathedral. Fantastic day.
Another foggy night at makes it seem like part of a mysterious, evocative film
The interior of Salisbury Cathedral is illuminated by trails of candles carried by choristers during the annual...
John Constable, RA , 1776 -1837, English painter. Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows
One view of Salisbury Cathedral has inspired countless artists, including the celebrated Romantic John Constable,...
📷 Strong colours in the ancient stained glass at Salisbury Cathedral in Wiltshire, UK
📷 Window above the altar in the chapel on the north side of Salisbury Cathedral in Wiltshire, UK
📷 Window over the altar in one of the side chapels at Salisbury Cathedral in Wiltshire, UK
📷 The burial of Christ depicted in stained glass at Salisbury Cathedral in Wiltshire, UK
📷 Stained glass window at Salisbury Cathedral in Wiltshire
This morning's first stop was Salisbury Cathedral--the Rev. Tim Cole shared about experiencing God during quiet...
Celebrate John 240th birthday 11 June. See his Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows
4 yrs ago today at Salisbury Cathedral.
We recently took a Tower Tour of Salisbury Cathedral complete with GoPro attached to our head. Here's a little...
Salisbury Cathedral and the River Avon. 16" x 12" Acrylic, Pen and Ink.
Salisbury Cathedral sculpture moved because texters kept walking into it - Premier Christian Radio
"Salisbury Cathedral insisted the device was a clock."
The Salisbury Cathedral is one of the most beautiful structures in England. This picture does not do it justice.
Salisbury Cathedral is a great Building of gothic architecture!!
I once saw the Wells clock which is 1392 working Also the Salisbury cathedral clock which is 1386.
Loving this shot of Salisbury Cathedral by carmengodwin. Don't forget to keep tagging…
Spire FM - News - Leap Year Day proposal at the top of Salisbury Cathedral's spire!
Congratulations to Louise and Simon, Salisbury Cathedral's first proposal!
Salisbury Cathedral School wooden plaque shield coat of arms
Year 4 had a great time at the Cathedral and Salisbury Museum
Hilltop view from the site of the great tower overlooking The original site of Salisbury Cathedral
Distracted texters bump heads, cause Salisbury Cathedral sculpture to be moved.
Brother-in-law found a scraperboard by my late FiL of Salisbury Cathedral in 1970. At car boot in Southampton. What are the chances of that?
Spotted in the Cathedral Close, Salisbury last week 'Dancing Ladies' by Sophie Ryder
a fun morning at Salisbury Cathedral linking with
A 1673 memorandum was recently discovered in the Archive at Salisbury Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral taken with an 8mm fish-eye lens looking straight up immediately under the…
Salisbury cathedral - 160km. 65 to go. this is the answer, home time now
Some beautiful graffiti in Salisbury cathedral
We have just added company RAMRIDGE HOUSE LIMITED. You can look at it on
SCS Chairman of Governors, Robert Key, gave interview to Spire FM today. Full recording here -
A weekend in Salisbury in beautiful Wiltshire, starting with evensong in the great cathedral.
"Salisbury Cathedral would simply only tell us that it was a clock."
"Harnham gate".A new painting from the Cathedral close in Salisbury, best wishes. https:/…
Very glad to be back in England today! Visiting the amazing Salisbury Cathedral, home of the Magna Carta 📝✏️📋. htt…
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Smashing the Church Patriarchy One Mitre at a Time: Today at the cathedral in Salisbury, England, Maddie Lyles...
NEWS: First ever girl bishop for gets ready to deliver her sermon - & says her robes are a bit heavy!
Dignity in death, they said. Salisbury Cathedral.
NEWS: 12 year old Maddie says she's 'excited but nervous' about being first ever girl bishop:
Cathedrals of - Salisbury Cathedral in Wiltshire is not only the one with the tallest…
Spire FM - News - First ever Girl Bishop takes up her robes at Salisbury Cathedral
NEWS: has its first ever girl bishop taking up her robes later today:
This light installation was in Salisbury Cathedral in the summer!
Saw many wonders in Salisbury Cathedral's library and archive today. 10th century bound manuscript was beautiful.
Hello, a painting of your cathedral will be featuring in The Painted Parish Exhibition. .
Beautiful! I was taken to Salisbury Cathedral, UK by - Where will it take you when you step through?
Not everybody gets to party in such a elaborate venue, but I did last night.
The most Senior Girl Chorister in Salisbury Cathedral Choir will make history as bishop tomorrow!
invites you to Be Brave and join our 4.03.16 at Salisbury Cathedral. Bacon butties for breakie!
Girl Chorister makes history as Bishop | Salisbury Cathedral: Finding her place on the early
You can contribute to the masterpiece that is Salisbury Cathedral by sponsoring a stone. Make your mark today here:
I knew it! Salisbury Cathedral wouldn't be the same without a light filigree of scaffolding 😲
Salisbury Cathedral in the winter sunshine.
The music playing on our Advent Calander are sung by the Salisbury Cathedral Choir!!
Check out Classic Religous Landscape Art Print: Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows via
Yesterday set up a photoshoot for Gus the alpaca right here at Salisbury Cathedral!
See Salisbury from a different angle... Salisbury Cathedral are running Twilight Christmas Tower Tours at 3.15pm... htt…
"Please do not throw the mortar board for photographs" 🎓 @ Salisbury Cathedral, England
Salisbury Cathedral on a gorgeous day in the UK!!
Winkles's architectural and picturesque illustrations of the cathedral churches of England and Wales. Salisbury.
Attend an evening talk on Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows. £6 per person,includes a drink. Book on 01473 433691
"Do we take Salisbury Cathedral into custody?"
Additional clarinettists needed for Wednesday 4th November 10am-1pm playing in Salisbury Cathedral.
Salisbury Cathedral, UK. A beautiful and peaceful meeting place for a coffee!
Women with Melanie Phillips articles stuck to the fridge with a Salisbury cathedral fridge magnet
I added a video to a playlist Salisbury Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral A3 size print of watercolour by by johnmenage1 via
The Salisbury Cathedral clock, built in 1386, is considered to be the world's oldest surviving mechanical clock that strikes the hours.
I liked a video from Salisbury Cathedral
Oak Tree. Watching Salisbury Cathedral. Such an amazing building. So lucky to be so close and see it in all its glory. 😊
The BIG Sleep - Salisbury Cathedral March 2016 .Have you signed up
The font in Chichester Cathedral is almost as beautiful as the one in Salisbury!
I was a student in Salisbury Cathedral Close. Left in 1967. Still miss it.
artist, Ros has created a fantastic acetate sculpture of Salisbury Cathedral. Amazing three-dimensional skills
Salisbury Cathedral School Harvest donations - thanks to all pupils & parents for their generosity! http…
The sight and sound of the font in Salisbury Cathedral - beautiful!
From the ridiculous to the sublime - Salisbury Cathedral
Review. Heidi King visits The Cathedral Hotel, Salisbury. See her review at
Salisbury Cathedral in all its 750 yr old glory last eve
Some of the timbers in the 13th-Century-built Cathedral have been dated to trees felled in Spring 1222. HT
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Off to Fluke Productions to record new track 'Salisbury Cathedral' 'it's a bit medieval, you really inSPIRE' etc etc
Constable's "Salisbury Cathedral". Stunning painting - now on show in Ipswich and on the telly tonight...
But can you really go back to Salisbury and not take a picture of the cathedral? 🙏🏻
I liked a video Buried Bishops and Belfries: Salisbury Cathedral
Talk on Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows: 15 Oct, Christchurch Mansion as part of Aspire programme
Feel like a trip to to see the cathedral. Any recommendations for
Photo opportunity won't come again! What an incredible photo of Salisbury Cathedral. Photo Credit: Donald Capewell.
I just farted and it kinda sounded like Alan Rickman screaming "No" in the Salisbury Cathedral.
"Salisbury Cathedral was handcuffed for its safety, and for the safety of the officers."
Join us at Christchurch Mansion 15 Oct for interpreted talk
Finally going through the images from the Salisbury Cathedral Magna Flora event - such incredible displays of...
A special - somehow magic - place very dear to my heart. Salisbury Cathedral -...
Salisbury is buzzing at the moment...the Art Trail and The Fringe Festival all happening. And I have 4 photographs in t…
I always wanted to *** on Edward Heath's grave when he died. I was furious when I learned he was buried in Salisbury Cathedral.
"Salisbury Cathedral - we saw the Magna Carta which is older than the Cathedral" -
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Happy birthday Constable! Celebrate by visiting 'Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows' on tour
Coming to in 2016: John Constable’s Salisbury Cathedral "one of the greatest masterpieces of British art"
I think Salisbury Cathedral went up quicker than the time it's taking them to refurbish New Cross Gate station.
Stephen was first commissioned when he was 8 to Salisbury Cathedral by late Prime Minister Ted Heath
Painter John Constable died in 1837. Here is his famous 'Salisbury Cathedral from the meadows' (1831)
Just took my 8 year old to see the Magna Carta at Salisbury Cathedral. She was thrilled… :)
Looking for something to do in visit Christchurch Mansion to see Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows
Take the family to Christchurch Mansion, see Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows set in 70 acre Christchurch Park.
Just been here, Christchurch Mansion, Ipswich, to see Constable's astonishing Salisbury Cathedral
The ceiling of the beautiful Chapter House in Salisbury Cathedral
New fake window installed view of Salisbury Cathedral
true I think the highest is Salisbury Cathedral and we now carry out all the works to!
Beneath the Cross of Jesus - Contributor: Agnus_Dei, organ: Salisbury Cathedral Father Willis
Lovely weekend in Salisbury watching Posh. This was the Cathedral today
Salisbury Cathedral, high on my list of the most beautiful places on earth! Love the water sculpture,…
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yes! And Pillars of the Earth was based on the building of Salisbury Cathedral, which is like 40 mins drive from us. Beautiful.
Salisbury in the Had a beautiful day down there 🌞
Just been to cathedral and saw the Magna carter ☺
Salisbury cathedral from the meadows, John Constable.
Safely in the UK. Today in historic Salisbury with its 800 yr old cathedral. business from tomorrow.
Salisbury Cathedral has been a place of worship for over 750 years. One of the finest Cathedrals I've ever visited.
Honestly, I want to smash anyone who pretends to be social anxious in the face with a model of Salisbury cathedral.
Words of wisdom adorn the walls at Salisbury Cathedral
check out on the side of Salisbury cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral looks divine at night & the blossom is the icing on the cake
Best-preserved Magna Carta goes on public display for
I'm so bummed I was sick on Friday I wanted to see Salisbury cathedral so bad but the National Gallery & British Museum today made up for it
Don't agree with his business practices so much but God really hires top architects. Salisbury Cathedral
Buzzing for a massive Chafyn Grove & Salisbury Cathedral reunion with everyone tonight starting with the Rugby!
Breakfast at Salisbury Cathedral first thing this morning
Very uplifting and spectacular United Guilds Service in St.Pauls Cathedral today.Cracking sermon by Bishop of Salisbury.
Returning to for first time in 6 months. I hear there is now. I hope it hasn't replaced the Cathedral or Stonehenge.
Found this carved into stone in the Cloisters. Think it's a @ Salisbury…
true, but long term we need to consider how we protect Stonehenge, Avebury, Salisbury Cathedral from fanatic alien tide
Salisbury is a beautiful cathedral city in Wiltshire.
My faith looks up to Thee - Contributor: Agnus_Dei, organ: Salisbury Cathedral Father Willis
Steve Baxter is in town discussing how we can destroy Salisbury Cathedral in book IV.
Yes it has indeed. Right now it would be pretty big. I am thinking of visiting Runnymede and Salisbury Cathedral.
(She was later reburied in the Seymour family tomb in Salisbury Cathedral by her grandson).
That sounds like a great start to a splendid Saturday. And Salisbury Cathedral is spectacular. Enjoy!
See one of the Magna Cartas (that's the plural in Latin, apparently!) at Salisbury Cathedral.
Salisbury Cathedral Gargoyle. Scary. Gargoyles were used on so many churches as a way to scare off e
Mm! Magna Carta cake on display at Salisbury Cathedral
The unreal nave of Salisbury cathedral
Magna Carta cake on display at Salisbury Cathedral -
Visited amazing Salisbury Cathedral today, followed by Boscombe Aviation Centre - sat in lots of bombers/fighter jets
Magna Carta Lecture this evening in Salisbury Cathedral cancelled. Check for details of rescheduled date/time.
/. lunch break. 'Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows' by John Constable - project with theps
NEWS: Want to know what is planning for Watch the video here:
VIDEO: Magna Carta cake on display at Salisbury Cathedral
New profile pic. My two boys at Salisbury Cathedral.
Save me a piece please...Magna Carta cake on display at Salisbury Cathedral
I'm giving away: Salisbury cathedral unused two postcard lot. Check it out -
I'm giving away: Salisbury cathedral unused postcard. Check it out -
Lord Jesus, think on me - Contributor: Agnus_Dei, organ: Salisbury Cathedral Father Willis
In loving memory of my wife, Cathy. Salisbury Cathedral, England - where we first met, worshipped together, where...
BBC News - Magna Carta cake on display at Salisbury Cathedral
KMC Floristry students to contribute to a celebration the Magna Carta at Salisbury Cathedral!
will have to arrange it - are you living in Salisbury now? Which side of the cathedral can you see?!
Salisbury Cathedral last evening. It's very beautifully lit at twilight.
Stephen Langton circle on new ideas at Salisbury Cathedral should be great!. Here's the new idea of where he was born.
Magna Carta cake at Salisbury Cathedral. Written in a confectioners hand on a flour, egg and sugar substrate! htt…
Seen so far in Salisbury Cathedral shop: toys, jam, chutney, dreamcatchers, yoga fridge magnets. And three bibles in a co…
Magna Carta cake on display at Salisbury Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral at twilight. They've really done a great job on the lighting.
A masterpiece of British art, Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows at Christchurch Mansion, Ipswich
Bidders battle for John Constable's "Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows," which soars to $5.2M
This is John Constable's 'Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows'. Sold for $5.2m weeks back
All this history and effort over the last 1000 years, just so Christine can creat a grand floral display in Salisbury Cathedral for the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta in September. I'm astonished they could predict that . 😃 If you're interested in a few facts, read on . The first Salisbury Cathedral was completed at Old Sarum in 1092 under Osmund, the first Bishop of Salisbury. The Domesday Book is thought to have been presented to William the Conqueror at Old Sarum a few years earlier, in 1086. Disputes with the military and scarce water supplies led to an alternative location being sought and in 1220 a new site for the Cathedral was consecrated at New Sarum. The main Cathedral was built in just 38 years using 60,000 tons of Chilmark Stone and 10,000 tons of Purbeck Stone, 2,641 tons of oak and 420 tons of lead. When the spire was added in the early/mid 1300s it added a further 6,500 tons.
Just arrived at the Library of Congress. People are rushing in, because it is the last day that the Magna Carta will be on exhibit. It is one of 4 original copies. It is the Lincoln Cathedral Copy, sent to the Arch Bishop of Lincoln soon after June 15th, 1215, where it remained stored until the 19th century, when Librarians realized it was one of the 4 originals. The other 3 are at : 1. Salisbury Cathedral; 2. the other 2 are at the British Library. The Lincoln copy is the only one that travels internationally. The document is approx. 54 lines, 3,500 words. The folds in the document are originals from 1215. The document has no signatures. The Barons are listed at the top, and King John sealed the document. It was not the custom of the day to sign the document. The seal is missing, no one knows what happened to it. The document was scribed horizontally, sealed, folded, and sent to the Lincoln Cathedral. I hope you have gotten a chance to see it while it was here. Judea USA
Photoset: The interior of Salisbury Cathedral is illuminated by candles during the annual ‘darkness to...
On the Unlimited: centuriespast:. CONSTABLE, John. Salisbury Cathedral from the Bishop’s ... http:/…
. On topic though, I grew up at school next to Salisbury Cathedral. I saw first hand the "antics" of Ted Heath. .
Pretty awesome day today. Short mileage.36 miles, but long on history and fun. Cycled up tp Old Sarum Castle, which is a ruins of a hilltop castle that pre-dates Salisbury. Spectacular 360 degree view of rhe rolling Salisbury Plains. Then cycled along the Avon River enroute to Stonehenge.the Stone Age stone circle built supposedly as a ceremonial solstice site. Back to Salisbury to find the Old Mill Brewery.found it on the Good Pub Guides list as "must visit". Worth the ride. Then heading back into town, stopped by the Salisbury Cathedral, which also houses the Magna Carta...the document used as the foundation of our own Declaration of Independence.
Filling up for the memorial concert for Sir John Tavener @ Salisbury Cathedral
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HIGHLIGHT: In Memoriam Sir John begins in 1 hour at Salisbury Cathedral with the South Iceland Chamber Choir
Marathon Walk!!! From Winchester Cathedral to Salisbury Cathedral Bimmy would like to raise lots of money by walking the 26 miles from Winchester Cathedral to Salisbury Cathedral on Sunday 1st June 2014, for two of her preferred Charities - Naomi House Children’s Hospice and Guru Nanak Home for Handicapped Children founded by Nippy’s Grandfather in 1965 in Ranchi, India that treats severely handicapped Children with Polio, by carrying out complex surgery and providing Prosthetic arms and legs, FREE OF CHARGE. The money raised will be equally divided amongst the two charities - if paying by a cheque please make it payable to - Mrs Rabinder Kaur PLEASE PLEDGE / DONATE GENEROUSLY
CLARENCE HOUSE: The Prince of Wales, Colonel-in-Chief, The Royal Dragoon Guards, was represented by Major General Patrick Cordingley (formerly Colonel of the Regiment) at the Service of Thanksgiving for the Life of Major General Patrick Brooking (formerly Colonel of the Regiment) which was held in Salisbury Cathedral this afternoon. KENSINGTON PALACE: The Duke of Cambridge, on behalf of The Queen, held an Investiture at Government House, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia, this morning. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge later attended an ANZAC Day National Ceremony at the Australian War Memorial, Treloar Crescent, Campbell. Their Royal Highnesses this afternoon departed from Defence Establishment Fairbairn (Canberra International Airport) for the United Kingdom. BUCKINGHAM PALACE: The Earl and Countess of Wessex this morning attended a Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration of Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust in Dorchester Abbey and were received by Her Majesty's Lord-Lieutenant of Oxfordshire ...
THIS DAY IN CHRISTIAN HISTORY: April 28 Looking back on the history of Christianity and the Church, we notice that it is sometimes violent, sometimes inspiring, shocking, tragic, comic, or just plain bizarre. It is certainly never dull. Our Christian heritage was passed down to us through blood, sweat and tears, but mostly by the faith of our fathers. The church age as we know it is coming to an end very soon. Be very blessed and informed as you read these brief notations on the successes and failures of Christianity throughout the ages. April 28, 1192: Assassination of Conrad of Montferrat (Conrad I), King of Jerusalem, in Tyre, two days after his title to the throne is confirmed by election. The killing is carried out by Hashshashin. April 28, 1220: Work on Salisbury Cathedral begins under the auspices of Bishop Richard Poore. April 28, 1429: The young Joan of Arc, who has experienced mystical visions and voices since childhood, arrives at Orleans with a relief army to recapture the city from the Englis ...
Salisbury Cathedral, in common with many other Cathedrals in the UK, is running a thoughtful programme of World War One commemoration events for the local community, diocese and the Cathedral’s many visitors. There’s a historic trail, a Roll of Honour, special services, reflective events, a Field o…
Cheering crowds lined the streets of Salisbury to welcome home 4th Battalion The Rifles after their recent deployment to Afghanistan. Leaving the iconic location of Salisbury Cathedral the troops marched through the city and received their medals at a special parade in the historic market square.
Soldiers gather at Salisbury Cathedral for today's 1 Mechanized Brigade Thanksgiving Service.
We're live from Salisbury Cathedral today as 1 Mechanized Brigade hold their Thanksgiving Service.
Hear the band & bugles of The Rifles & Salisbury Plain Military Wives' Choir at Salisbury Cathedral
Planning a cheeky drive out to Salisbury the day I leave the UK. Old Sarum - an Iron Age fort, the sight of William I receiving the Domesday Book, Salisbury Cathedral, home of the oldest Magna Carta and the oldest clock in Europe. The history in a 2km radius!!!
Year's Spring Break, March 2014 Trip To England: 9 Days visiting London, Plymouth, Bath, Salisbury, Avebury: Tower of London, Roman Baths, Salisbury Cathedral, Mayflower Steps, Stonehenge, British Museum, Royal Observatory, Eden Project (Biomes), POSS Jack the Ripper Tour.Plan is at the End of the 9 days in England to head to France for a couple of days and Visit Paris and Disneyland Paris. Let me know if you are interested. EF has extended the 200$ discount until NOV 30th. It's a GREAT deal!
Going for a country walk, The Silver Plough is on the beautiful Clarendon Way, Winchester Cathedral to Salisbury Cathedral pop in and see us
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