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Ali Amin Gandapur gave interview to Salim Safi on Geo News when party has offical boycotted all form…
Both Ali Amin and Dawar from DIK should be thrown out of PTI why have they came on GEO and Salim Safi show and fighting
Salim safi well defined your objective today in his column.
Why two PTI members kundi and Ganda pur giving interview to the enemy of PTI salim Safi
This is the Ideology of some stupid people about kpk:. Imran Khan:- 150,000 kids moved…
Here is this full program of salim safi with Ahsan Iqbal. :this statement starts at 30:07 time .
Proud Moments with Salim Safi in organized by
Not possible for & & Closet Taliban Salim Safi to mend their ways when it comes to
Sharam tum ko magar nahi aati. Salim Safi Najam Sethi and you are shameless persons. Don't know how do you see mirr…
You and salim safi and eyesha gulalai has mental issues.
Salim Safi or any body else has nothing to do about KPK.Imran&Parvez khatam are enough&Capable to discredit.
We want to record the comments of Hamid Mr and Salim safi over the behaviour of Nawaz sharif family over the decisions of our worthy Courts
wrong decision of parvez khatak. Salim safi don't deserve it to interview any pti member..
Detail Interview of the Honourable Dr.Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzi,President of Afghanistan with Salim Safi, GEO.
Watching Ashraf Ghani provide a list of excuses to hide his own failures in interview with Salim Safi.
Best interview of President Ghani with Geo New Salim Safi, discussing relations with Pakistan, peace and the region.
Pakistan is responsible for all problems of Afghanistanof Afghan President Ashraf Ghani's interview with Salim SafiSirtruth.
watching Jirga with salim safi on GEO Newa
you are very great malik sahib --i like your intervew with salim safi --i like very very much -GOD BLESS YOU
S. Khurshid Shah makes an impression as a capable and sober opposition leader his interview in Salim Safi's program Jirga.
. Salim safi's analysis is most accurate about this joker.
Interview with Salim Safi in Jirga on Geo TV vl b on air on Saturday 18-6-16 at 10pm
If Salim Safi could be a journalist, why not
Molana Tariq Jamil in Salim Safi's program Jirga we take him serious ? What's the effect of tableegh on our society ?
Al-Qaeda media cell with latest technology. “They regularly watch and like Hamid Mir and Salim Safi.”. Ali Gilani. Hamid and S…
Read this news report from Haroon Rashid, compare it with Rahmeem-ulllah-Yousafzai and then listen to Salim Safi & you will know what are
Reham talking to Salim Safi about her marriage with IK n Dr Ejaz with Mubashar Lucman talking about his marriage with Reham. Lol
Ch Shujat Hussain . So Sweet and So cute. watch on Geo News with Salim Safi
After wooing with gold necklace Taliban fighter Salim Safi seen with in Coffee Republic. deal with
Tariq Jameel sb is too innocent to give interview to dirty man like Salim Safi.
It seems that being anti-Afghan is a prerequisite for being a Pashtun journalist in Islamabad? Salim Safi, Hasan Khan type?
True picture of the eyewash apc watch last 2 shows of jirga. Good job salim safi
I didn't know that Salim Safi participated in Afghan "Jihad" along with Siraj-ul-Haq. They were together in Jammiat.
SirajulHaq JI chief live in "Jirgah" with Salim Safi today at 10 pm on Geo News.
Siraj sb in Jirga with salim safi tonight pm,repeat tomorrow,7am and monday at
“I like him Rare to see Salim Safi non-plussed.”
Salim Safi is putting silly questions to Aitezaz Ahsan in his show "Jirga" # Trying to undermine consensus against terrorism he pro TTP?
"My new fav picture of jack and jack 😍🎩
Is chocolate before bed a bad thing ?
Salim Safi asking Pervaiz Rasheed awkward Q: is Hafiz Saeed included in those spreading hate? Is he also banned for changin…
Hamid Mir,Salim Safi ,Talat Hussain remain in contact with TTP to promote their market value,Govt Should Investigate.
. Kamran Khan already joined Bol so who is the second one from Najam Sethi or Salim Safi?.
we r bleveving Geo, Salim Safi, Hamid Mir and Ansar Abbasi not Military. Thanx
Jang's Salim Safi blasts NS & his on-payroll columnist Ata Qasmi out of water today! Must read!!.
I think Shaukat Yusufzai spent a complete day dictating the article to Salim Safi.
Some points in Salim Safi's article are so valid. should answer this and stop bashing him. Like why did they change SY's portfolio?
why not publically? did u read Salim Safi article in Jang on genetically modifies seed bill now withdrawn from assembly?
Salim Safi in Quetta talking to legislators on Jirga now
uff how you know i am watching BIG BACHAN ON KAPIL SHOW salim safi showing reality of balochistan which i witness daily at QTA
Imtiaz Shahid dept Speaker of Fwd Bloc denies Salim Safi's allegations that IK is hijacked by JT. Says we trust & follow IK .
. Y should he mention Kala billa ?. he is not PTI . Salim safi has a mission . => malign PTI. He wont go against QWP .
showing Salim safi . Which PTI minister worked great is simple . Sack him & next moment. Safi wL Start praising him. as the best Minister
have u read . salim safi column . he spit so much venom . against PTI
Salim Safi starts with criticising GM crops & leads us 2 nepotism & incompetence in KPK.Quite normal isn't it
Salim Safi takes on Jahaz wali sarkar. PTI has been hijaacked!
How JKT "benefitting" his party. The candid Salim Safi on the "jahaaz waala" leader .
salim safi is just like u rau'f.i m from kpk n k know every thing well.f u don,t do like this then wat will b ur JR
Once a Failed Suicidal Bomber was caught and interviewed by Salim Safi. He'd clearly mentioned such things..
JUI-F Sen Talha Mahmood Salim safi and other prominent we're present at launch of new think tank
Where is change ? Pakistan again struggling on chasing -- salim safi
2 factors responsible for the unrest in Baluchistan. too much involvement by outsiders. Lack of interest from Pak govt. Salim Safi.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Salim Safi was brilliant in show. Completely knocked out Oreo Maqbool, Ansar Abasi & Munawar Hassan.
There are at least 40 active security agencies. If these agencies can instantly find if a common man fire on road crossing or tiny office suspicious, then how are they not aware of such large-scale terrorist organization, attacks, BB murder, daily bomb blast? And yet, everyone wonder how the blame for daily bomb blast is so easily attributed to some Waziristan cavemen due to mysterious calls received by Salim Safi, Rahimullah Yousafzai, Hamid Mir, CNN, BBC, Fox etc. The government, media and its functionaries know exactly who are behind daily bomb blast and terrorist attacks. And yet, they seem to be doing nothing. Because they are hiding and protecting those involved. Waziristan genocide and mass killings have been going on for over 10 years, and law enforcement agencies have not controlled it. This genocide for more than 10 years can not carry on without daily bomb blast and active governmental or media or civil society involvement. There are multi-layered, international cause at the crux of this genoci ...
should read Salim Safi in daily Jang and see if situation can be improved. The Quaid-i-Azam was for discipline.
What is the story about Ayesha Siddiqa ? Salim Safi cursing her.. Any details?
MANARAKIA MONO GIA ESAS ;) DOULEVI 100% 1)Copy the email list,and past into the invite friends tool. don't forget to write your email so i can update the list sasi.assiawahbi.halim
WHO WAS MUHAMMAD(SAW), ignored by those who say they followed him and abused by the mushriks, WHO WAS HE? AND WHO WILL HE BE ON THE DAY OF RESURRECTION? As a verse of the Qur'an reveals, "... Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah and the Seal of the Prophets." (Surat al-Ahzab: 40), the Prophet Muhammad (saw) was sent to mankind as the last prophet. He was a living example of the sublime morality of Allah's last revelation. He was a friend of Allah and inspired humanity by his nearness to Him. He was His representative, noble in His sight, and a friend to all believers. As Allah has revealed in another verse, "We will impose a weighty Word upon you..." (Surat al-Muzammil: 5), he charged His last prophet, Muhammad (saw) with a heavy responsibility. Due to the Prophet (saw)'s strong faith in Allah, he fulfilled that responsibility in the best possible way, called mankind to the path of Allah and Islam, and illuminated the way for all believers. Who could do greater wrong than someone who is reminded of the Sign ...
2007.. Imran Khan was my hero because he stood up against MQM.. But later he shaked hands with Altaf Hussain.. Shame on Imran Khan for fooling me.. 2013, Imran Khan again stood against MQM but for what? for NA250 seat & for blackmailing MQM to support him as opposition leader post in national assembly, if he is still my hero than shame on me.. Fool me Once, Shame on You Fool me Twice, Shame on me..
Saleem Safi Breaking: Ishtiaq Ahmad, Secretary ECP is secretly linked to through his son who is Chief Accountant of Hamza Shehbaz. PM - 24 May 2013
Annual Report 2013 The state of the world's human rights Armed militias continued to commit serious human rights abuses with impunity, including arbitrary arrests, arbitrary detention, torture and unlawful killings. Thousands of people suspected of formerly supporting or fighting for Mu’ammar al-Gaddafi’s government, overthrown in 2011, remained detained without charge or trial and with no means of remedy. Most were beaten or otherwise ill-treated in custody; tens died after torture. Tens of thousands of people who were forced to leave their homes in areas perceived to have supported Mu’ammar al-Gaddafi in 2011 remained internally displaced and were at risk of revenge attacks and other abuses. Undocumented foreign nationals faced arbitrary arrest, indefinite detention, exploitation and torture or other ill-treatment. Sporadic armed confrontations between militias across the country caused hundreds of deaths; the victims included children and other civilians not involved in the fighting. Impunity rem ...
I am very much thankful to my favorite journalist and columnist Mr. Ansar abbasi on writting a column against "SOOD" on my special request. I hope Talat Hussain will also write about this issue inn sha Allah.
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Salim Safi as always brilliant and clear in his thoughts
Mr Salim safi / Great patriotic pakistani , How , he watchs coming days of PMLN govt and national security of pakistan.
During it's first week the PPP gov promised never to use greater than 1600 CC cars including the PM. How did that turn out?
"I'm addicted to coke. I drink 5 cans a day!"
My Message to PTI,please.Please do not try to make Government in KPK ,Sit in Opposition let the Nation see the Real Develish face of Moulana Fazal ur Rehman and his Son Salim Safi.
Friends. Trying to write a column for tomorrow (Sunday). I cant believe my eyes and ears after many politicians who won on independent seats, have now become part of ruling party. Why no one is ready to sit on opposition benches to play more productive role? Decision of some of those whom I know personally like...Jamshaid Dasti, Awais Leghari, Jamal Khan Leghari, Raza Hayat Hiraj, Sheikh Waqas Akram (joined PML-N before elections) and Sheerazi Brothers of Thatta and others has surprised me. I know how they dislike their new masters. Perhaps they all love power more than their prejudices and dislikes ! Ideology and politics of principles have committed suicide in this country, long ago.
It was on friday 18th May 2007 when i was a mere form 1 student HIGH SCHOOL wen i witnessed my first strike at high school named 'KIMYA KIMYA MOVEMENT'...pple were hurt,some brok their hands,some lost their money,some slept in the jungle,some in police cells,argh...i jst than God i made it dat was a terriffyin adventure...its six years now since it happened...kwale high mko?
| Acc to Salim Safi, the videos of rigging that are being aired are mostly from 2008GE during Mush's Tenure. Propaganda Busted!!
FAFEN Press Conference at 5pm, Islamabad Club: Many of you who think that FAFEN Report of 50 Polling Stations voting in excess of 100% was deliberately flawed need to understand what happened. FAFEN workers, from all over Pakistan, only collected the voting figures that were confirmed and signed by Presiding Officers from Polling Stations. However in many instances the figures now with Election Commission don't tally with the figures initially provided by the Presiding Officers. Why? What happened to the figures en-route to ECP? Were Statements of Count revised after the end of Polls? Where are the actual Statements of Count? Why ECP not putting those actual "Statements of Count (Form: 14)" on its website? This is potentially a huge scandal and Election Commission needs to explain its position instead of Punjab Police issuing FIR's and Arrest Warrants against FAFEN...Election Commission is answerable to FAFEN (which is an Election Monitor) and to the Peoples of Pakistan; ECP should not try to hide itself ...
My pick of two talkshows, yesterday. 1-Among the TV journalists on Pakistani media, Malick is my man. Not necessarily for his conclusions but his questions. The angle in his presentation comes from a perspective I share with him. Here he is talking of the political expediencies and of the farce the democratic process in essence is; especially when coalition forming makes accountability of political parties impossible. Off The Record: Salim Safi, On PTI’s choice of Pervaiz Khattak as the CM of KPK … What do we have with Pervaizes of this country! :D Matters of personal integrity and political expediency again.
Lodhran 154 where Jahangir Khan Tareen "lost", is being recounted today by ECP. fingers crossed.
Patriot Ayesha Zarnab wrote to us : URGENT FOR PAKISTANI CITIZENS: The only real evidence of whether rigging has or has not taken place in the 2013 General Elections is in the polling station-wise vote counts (along with copies of Form XIV) for every constituency. These are public documents and you have the right to access them. We must ask the ECP to release this information to the public BEFORE results are officially notified - which means it needs to be done immediately, as the ECP will have to notify winners 10 days after Election Day (and no later than 15 days after Election Day). The ECP did release the polling station results after the last General Elections in 2008 - but not until more than six months later, when it was too late to file complaints. Write to secretarywith the subject line "Public Release of Polling Station-wise Results on ECP Website Immediately". You can write your message any way you choose but this is how I wrote mine - feel free to copy/paste: "Dear Sir, I am writing to request ...
May be after reading these column PTI supporters could think and behave logically and could adopt mature behaviour. Allah in Ko air in Kay leaders Ko disillusion say bahar nikalay.
Another slap on the PTI Face by Javed Ch. LOKI
2 ambassadors Mr muhammad Sadiq and Mr Umar Daudzai Interviews is going onair in CRSS live Show though FM 101 .Salim Safi and Mujib Angar will comment on it .
My Name is Khan, and i am real Hero..
11th may 2013 will be remember as a sad day in the history of pakistan when corrupt and terrorist politicial parties like pmln and mqm with the help of agencies and election commision tried to steal people's voice by unprecedented rigging and fraud voting these elections are really becoming a circus around the world that hasn't been witnessed in recent history The most important thing is the widespread rigging by pmln and MQM exposed by trusted name in Pakistan journalism like Talat Hussain , Hamid Mir, Salim safi etc Shame on these parties, agencies who were a part of that and election commission They have pushed Pakistan to the brink of collapse unfortunately
Only in a Hitler like Fascist organisation followers can be treated like this
Salim Safi: told that more than 500,000 supporters are expected to join protests against rigging in Punjab throughout & Karachi tomorrow
congratulations pakistanis for selecting a yellow Mehran Taxi for your children after they Graduate,a stupid laptop in exchange for third class educati0n,a 20 minute Metro ride on 0.0001% roads of Pakistan in exchange for 18hours load shedding and yes 5 more years of Mental Slavery under the worst criminals who does not even care if 22 people die in LDA plaza fire.. ..^.. Abdul Salam Anjum, Abeer Ahmad, Ahsan Bukhari, KiNg Aftab Wazir, Moiz Chaudhary, Muhammad Nadeem, Waqas Sharif, Awais Qureshi, Ammara Musarrat, Rashid Hussain..
Can anyone see beneath the surface? watching all these rigging videos ,election commission unmoved,army refusing to supervise polling stations ,media keeping its cool and calm ,while the same media highlights even the petty issues .channels celebrating sharif's victory ahead of time with the rigging going on and reports of mqm's goons doing ghunda gerdi ,doesn't it show that everybody is jut hand in glove ?Elections were pre planned and fixed ,Pakistanis fate had been decided way before.the rigging was planned. Even salim safi and many other said that on their social accounts.its true in Pakistan governments are not made by Pakistani people but are rather decided by mutual groups in light of their own vested interests. If they were not so sure about Imran Khan's victory they wouldn't have attempted for rigging , but they knew by the massive jalsas and public support that IK is going to clean sweep. i don't accept the election results and nor do I hope for any change in moroosi siaset until people make it ...
If any leader, supporter of PML-N, at any level, has "GAYRUT" then come out and say the elections were rigged. How come you can get the "MANDATE" that even you were not expecting.
I sincerely wish that if NS needs to show his old ugly side of 90's. he show this to the media gang (ISI tout anchors like Salim Safi, Hamid Mir etc) and judges mafia... it won't be any harm if he teaches them a good lesson.
May be Salim Safi account is fake but rest are real!
Salim safi It's the insult of our nation, where millions of votes gone? So the int'l folks have got the man they wanted, NRO 2 is implemented."
Salim safi Asif Zardari is probably the happiest man right now. He has NS as his PM, who will provide him a safe passage for escape.
Salim safi It looks in NRO 2, Imran Khan willn't be entitled even for the office of Opposition Leader. wants 'friendly' opposition leader.
Ghulam Bilour said this on his defeat in NA 1 as quoted by Salim Safi (a friend has told me) "We and P thought IK will wipeout the Nawaz Sherif but us nay to hamaray he bayra gharak ker dai"
This is is interesting! It seems the most mature voters are Pathans- "Governments in KP in the past 20 years: '93 - PPP, '97 - PMLN, 2002 - MMA, 2008 - ANP and PTI in 2013" So if a government hasn't delivered they kick them out...Unlike Punjab and Sind we don't repeat the process expecting the same party to deliver when they haven't before!
Dear Imran Khan and PTIers: being Pakhtun and a mild inactive supporter of yours, the following are my hopes and worries associated with your landslide victory in my province KPK. The Pakhtuns have voted KPK against the national trend wherein every province and ethnicity voted for a party of its nearest proximity. Though I am sure that no body in KPK is pretty sure and clear about the concrete meaning of your CHANGE, they have jumped into this and have blindly trusted your slogans. My worries are that your elected ones are new and inexperienced. They are just like the MMAers elected in 2002. Secondly, Imran Khan has charged them with a rhetoric of anti-Americanism and somewhat sympathies for the Taliban. The challenge for Imran Khana nd PTI are twofold now: 1. make KPK a model province and concretize your abstract notions of change; please do not leave us alone now. Try your level best to apply your reform agenda and improve the situation of folk living here; 2. diffuse the highly charged feelings of the ...
This is what I afraid off, print n electronic media was flashing specially Geo News that N lague will won. In one of show GEO anchor Salim Safi gave exactly the same figures. According to him N league 100 seats, PTI 40 seats and PPP 30 seats.
people of KPK will reject Nationalyan, Mallagann, and Dallagaan
Friends 2 Geo News anchors Hamid Mir and Salim safi are anti Imran Khan. The way they ask questions from participants in different talk shows about Imran Khan and Pti clearly shows it
Reuters: There were 35,000 ppl at D-chowk last night :) lol...:) featured in NBC s Science of Love
ppp, anp, mqm, ji, pakistani citizens and those who are pakistani, fighting againt the state have all sacrifice for their cause. What we want post 11th May is a patients, united, progressive and better nation. Lets get together put our differences aside, negotiate our way to prosperity for our future generations. Niya Pakistan, roshan pakistan, mutahida pakistan, peoples pakistan, aik pakistan
To All those people who think I m a PMLN supporter.just like all others I was moved by Ik 's Lahore speech and aimed to Change Pakistan. But its PTI's Unjust hatred towards PMLN and mysterious amicablity towards other Parties, that made me Change my mind. I do not support PMLN but I fight against biased PTI supporters.Its only about 'INSAF'
Wonder if supporters of PTI think that they are on right cause, why do they need to spell lies to convince people. Fake profiles, fake edited pictures etc.
KARACHI: Geo TV Thursday launched its live transmission from Election Headquarters set up with a prime objective to bring comprehensive coverage of Pakistan’s historic and largest elections to the viewers, as the nation heads to make a democratic transition for the very first time in its 65-year long history. The Headquarter was inaugurated with Allama Iqbal’s famous Dua (Lab Pe Aati hai Dua Ban Kay Tamanna Meri) with Pakistan’s top journalists Kamran Khan, Hamir Mir, Salim Khan Safi, Iftikhar Ahmed, Sohail Waraich and others attending the colorful ceremony. Kamran Khan told viewers that Geo would provide them with impartial analysis during the election process. Hamid Mir introduced the core team of the Geo Election Headquarters. The programs aired from Geo TV’s Election Headquarters will provide 360-degree coverage of events as Pakistan decides on May 11. From basics of election process to providing in-depth analysis on district and city-wise position of individual candidates, party manifestos an ...
Yesterday's column of Salim Safi worth reading & spread it all over
Taliban Spokesman always accept the responsibility. Taliban from Waziristan telephones/cells have been programed for calling only BBC, CNN, Hamid Mir, Salim Safi & Rahimullah Yousafzai. Rahman Malik (Pak Interior Minster) always commit to reveal all the names on appropriate occasions.
Hailing from an area, which is on less than 1 hour drive from Waziristan, I have never seen anyone as Osama Bin Laden or Al-Qaeda or any of its member, I did not know till 9/11 any such thing exist. It was only through main stream CNN, Express Tribune, BBC and Fox News, Salim Safi, Hamid Mir, Kamran Khan and Rahimullah Yousafzai I came to know about OBL and Al-Qaeda. OBL death just like his life, daily bomb blasts, 9/11 are all mysteries and unanswered questions ? So called experts on tribal affairs manipulate opinions according to their financiers’ agendas more efficiently/effectively than Nazi Germany in order to make the pot boiling. Masses assume that they are getting all the needed information. Myths are created by so called tribal/WOT/Waziristan experts and misconception fed by media prevents masses from even looking at the truth. These ruling elite and war/drone profiting mafia can not listen or understand nobodies from Waziristan. Because such stories and ideas of Waziristan genocide, plight,car ...
SLAMABAD: The Awami National Party (ANP) leader, Asfandyar Wali , says an electoral alliance with Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) in the upcoming polls is out of question, Geo News reported. "We will contest the general elections solo. ANP will not join forces with PPP or any other political party for the same as it did in the last vote", said he talking to Salim Safi in Geo News program "Jirga." To a question, he said ANP allied with PPP so that the democracy could endure. "The only reason behind our going into a coalition with PPP was the survival of democracy and nothing more", said he.
The Game of Asma Sherazi, Hamid Mir, Talat Hussain, Salim Safi, Iftikhar Hussain, Najam Sethi is over... May I ask you Talat Hussain and all his blind followers to answer that why Talat & his Israeli Media are against of article 62 & 63??
Watching the disgraceful Aslam Beg on Salim Safi's Jirga (Geo) right now. Lying thru' his teeth. Ayub Khan made Pol Cell in ISI ...
Video Shame on Salim Safi, Sana Bucha, and other Munafiqeen - Watch what Americans and others r doing?
Some of the media personalities are busy in propaganda against Khan and trying to harass his workers and supporters saying that their leader would be safe during the rally but they won’t. Alongside Pakistan’s civil government Saleem Saafi, Arshad Sharif and Sana Bucha are among those who are not ready to give space to Imran Khan and are busy in maligning him. Salim Safi seems angry over Khan for the dirty language used against him by the PTI workers, although he knows well Imran Khan is not guilty for those abuses as he always asks his workers to refrain from abusing. But the journalist doesn’t seem to forgive and is consistently criticizing Khan for not going to North Waziristan on the security reasons. It seems Saleem Saafi wants to be taken as an unbiased journalist through his columns and talkshows, although he had failed in creating such impression. He came forward to support N-League, PPP, ANP and other political parties, whose leadership don’t dare to take out rallies in Balochistan and Khy ...
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