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Salem Witch Trials

The Salem witch trials were a series of hearings and prosecutions of people accused of witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts, between February 1692 and May 1693. Despite being generally known as the Salem witch trials, the preliminary hearings in 1692 were conducted in a variety of towns across the province: Salem Village (now Danvers), Ipswich, Andover and Salem Town.

Red Scare Cotton Mather Arthur Miller Nathaniel Hawthorne

PBS got me feelin nostalgic about the Salem witch trials.
@ 8:00PM on PBS their is a show on Geneology, & they are going to be talking about the Salem Witch Trials.
We'll bring back the witch trials. Believe me. I'll get all the witches in Salem, Eastwick, Oz...
23.) Salem - This is a 2 season show which follows the Salem Witch Trials , this show is really good 😭
the salem witch trials books Kindle -
I guarantee that In my past life I was killed for being a witch by the salem's witch trials because the world isn't ready to hear the truth.
My riot grrrl Salem Witch Trials musical has seal of approval and I'm going to ride this high straight into ***
At Ilvermorny, is there any memorial to the Salem Witch Trials?
Everyone criticizes the Salem Witch Trials, but we haven't had a witch attack in over 200 years. — feeling confused
Y'all turning this into the Salem witch trials.
on 1675 Mary Walcott, American witness at the Salem witch trials (d. 1719)
Blackmore fresh from the Salem witch trials! 😂 Not a bad stab at Man on the Silver Mountain as well 👍
It must have been easy to pick up girls during the Salem witch trials because they were all on tinder. Boom roasted.
Born July 4, 1808 in Salem he was the great-great grandson of what Witch Trials judge? Impact on life? https…
📷 phynxrizng: KNOW YOUR HISTORY, SOME WITCH HISTORY, SALEM WITCH TRIALS… Each day this week I will post...
similar to your own dogmatic adherence to a restricted data set. Same as Salem Witch Trials. Who will you burn?
Today in In 1675 Mary Walcott born. One of the "afflicted" girls called as a witness at the Salem Witch Trials in 1692-93.
*travels back in time to hit on women at the Salem witch trials
1675: Birthdate of Mary Walcott, one of the witnesses at the Salem Witch Trials.
Plotters see themselves as the victims of Salem witch trials!!. “Loyalty, and our future” by
ppl bring up Salem witch trials as but like 15 people were killed ??
TEACHER: What was used to execute witches in the Salem Witch Trials?. CLASS: FIRE. TEACHER: Wrong, a noose. THIS IS FIR…
from what I was told they weren't, they tried protecting the town from outsiders. It was the same time as the Salem witch trials
*talking about the 1692 Salem witch trials*. *pauses*. "Wow, I'm really showing my age..". *continues*
//Ray bradbury's ancestor, Mary Bradbury, was sentenced to HaNg at the Salem Witch trials. Due to delays, she escaped punishment...
For the record, nobody was burned at the stake at the Salem witch trials. They were hanged. At least one of them was a man.
WHy do so many forms of media make the same mistake of having the accused burned at the stake during the Salem Witch Trials
They aren't liberals. They are the fringe Cruz supporters. Their ancestors were probably involved in Salem witch trials.
it was an ancestor of Nathaniel Hawthorne, a judge in the Salem witch trials, who provided the inspiration for Colonel Pyncheon?
I was going to try to give them a fair shake. You know, like they gave the women during the Salem witch trials.
Just like the Salem Witch trials. Some money and power, but no brains. So much for land of the free. .
History repeating itself. Yet another version of the prurient "Salem Witch Trials".
*** reminds me of the Salem Witch Trials.
Because theocracy always works out. Just look at the Salem Witch Trials.
On this day in 1692, Roger Toothaker dies in prison during the Salem Witch Trials
it reminds me of Salem Witch Trials and such
"You gone get dead". - about me going to Salem witch trials in Boston 😂
so America not got past the salem witch trials. so just political *** by her opponents which he whines about
My next book is on the Salem witch trials. As a small-town Massachuset...
Heard talking about Salem witch trials and moldy bread
It's Salem witch trials, only the venue has changed...
You don't have a problem. Its 100% FEAR MONGERING. A manufactured "Evil" like in Salem at the Witch Trials NON-ISSUE
Tmw you realize that THE WITCH is basically the Salem Witch Trials Version of THE MONSTERS DUE ON MAPLE STREET.
your new campaign is insulting to victims of the Salem witch trials
"If you think about it, the Salem Witch Trials were the first Gamergate.". "Sir, if you're not going to order anything, please…
Great Fear Mongering! You would've been a GREAT asset at the Salem Witch Trials! Ignorant & Loud today's version
I added a video to a playlist Town of Salem! SALEM WITCH TRIALS ON STEROIDS!
Finished "The Heretic's Daughter" by Kathleen Kent yesterday. It's about the Salem witch trials.
Just finished The Heretic's Daughter by Kathleen Kent. About the Salem witch trials.
[photo of long line to entire Salem Witch Trials Museum] caption: "more wait"
I got: You're accused! Confess to practicing the Devil's magic!! Quiz: Would You Have Survived the... via
Never said ANYTHING about salem witch trials, but again, u only prove my point that government can't decide what true religion is
Says the guy who "forgot" the Salem Witch Trials Happened. Go Away Child. Come back Schooled.
Have you heard of the Salem Witch Trials? Like are you for real? read a book ffs
must also accept magic at the Salem witch trials.
magic at the Salem witch trials. If u accept the "evidence for Jesus and the resurrection",
What did it take to finally stop the Salem witch trials an end? We must need something similar.
And apparently one of my ancestors was tried in the Salem Witch trials!!!
The when the Salem Witch trials ended
Those poor, demented conservatives want to bring back the Salem witch trials.
Why am I over here watching documentaries on the Salem witch trials.I'm such a nerd I need a life I could use this for a essay tho 🤔
I feel like the reason all those poor women got hanged in the Salem witch trials was cause of sarcasm..
The Salem Witch Trials are a prime example of people not going far enough.
-- events in Massachusetts. The Salem Witch Trials. [I added followed by a slight shrug. I was sure I would be more --
reminds of witch trials in Salem. If you drown you are innocent - if you live you are a witch and will be hung
Being a history educator means scarring children for life by explaining the Salem Witch Trials
Those who protest it are progressives - the same jerks who brought us prohibition and the Salem witch trials
last time something like this was said in 1670s in during the Salem witch trials. Very progressive KPK partners.
I just watched the episode about the warlock who was to blame for the Salem witch trials.
LOL! I'd have hated to have seen this sanctimonious *** at the Salem witch trials! *** fire and damnation! 👇👇👹
just like the people involved in the Salem witch trials, "Muslim" extremists are not representatives of their "faith"
Just hangin' around at the Salem Witch Trials 😂💀
Where is the Jenji Koham period drama about the Salem Witch Trials? Probably my most highly anticipated anything
on how Arthur Miller used the Salem Witch Trials as a symbol of the times →
I am related to John Proctor from the Salem Witch Trials.
War on drugs & war on terror will someday seem based upon as much sense and as barbaric as the Salem Witch Trials
One of the judges at the Salem Witch Trials
but denying people justice is ok? Salem witch trials.You would have loved it
Reminds me of the Salem witch trials, if you sink and drown you're not a witch...even when you win you lose. I;m lost:)
Just watched and LOVED it! Filmed in gorgeous Romania, it's meets Salem Witch trials & everybody dies 😝
The Witch wasn't nearly scary enough to warrant its legitimizing of the Salem witch trials.
As much as I don't like the verdict, I think I would like a justice system influenced by the Salem witch trials even less
Proctors Ledge was confirmed this year, but the Salem Witch Trials Memorial remains the best place to remember the trials.
Fun day in learning all about the witch trials (although the Reese's Peanut Butter latte I had in was the highlight 😋)
So you're saying because the public acted in a certain way, it makes it true? Salem witch trials come to mind.
Salem witch trials: the original 'Halloween witch' scare -
Psalm book dating back to Salem witch trials a rare find
Last time we listened to accusers only we got the salem witch trials. Due process exists for a reason.
I'm in Salem where the witch trials were and it's so creepy being right where they were hanged and buried 😳
Author to discuss Salem Witch Trials at Salisbury, Mass library April 1
So you want to go back to the Salem witch trials? Because God forbid wanting proof on one of the biggest criminal offenses?
The Salem Witch Trials, but for people who scrape their teeth on the fork after every bite.
No one has been punished in America by any Church since the end of the Salem witch trials,our gov doesn't allow it.
Salem witch Trials bro believe whatever they say
Trans people are the Salem Witches of our time. . witch trials were series of prosecutions of people accused of witchery
When accusations alone are enough to convict, you get disgusting atrocities like Salem Witch Trials and Jim Crow lynchings.
Anyone else really want them to talk about the Salem Witch Trials in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them?
But this is how we operate. See: Salem witch trials, McCarthyism, et al.
There are a lot of people on social media who would have loved to be living in Salem at the time of the witch trials
Witch Fact In 1692 in Salem Massachusetts a great number of witch trials were held.19 were hanged,1 pressed to dea…
It has been 324 years since the witch trials of Salem. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
OH: I seriously thought the Salem witch trials happened in Oregon
If the Salem witch trials were still a thing I would've died in like 2004
Dracula the HUMAN yeah he was real live eating people but vampires naw. Witches idk 🙄*Salem Witch trials*
Scholars confirm site of Salem witch trial hangings
J.K. Rowling Takes on the Salem Witch Trials: 'A Tragedy for the Wizarding Community' :
in 1692, three women are brought before local magistrates in Salem Village, beginning the Salem witch trials. https:…
aw, thanks! When you go to salem, will you post pictures about your trip? The witch trials always facinated me!
You wonder how things like the Salem witch trials happened...and then you look at in 2016 😢. .
to be fair the Salem Witch Trials took place 1692 - 1693
On this day in 1692, Rebecca Nurse is arrested on charges of witchcraft during the Salem. Witch Trials
Tea Party: go against our bizarre behavior and you are un-American. BLM: same but racist. No different from Salem Witch Trials
"Schiff lends cultural & historical context to the infamous Salem witch trials, which are still steeped in myth."
which do you think caused the Salem witch trials?? ( & if you wanna dm me why you think that, that'd be great)
What can we learn from the horror of the Salem Witch Trials?.
The Crusades, Spanish Inquisition, and Salem witch trials would like to have a word with you.
Im so in love with learning about salem witches and the trials and witch hunting that people actually call me a witch lol
the Salem witch trials, that is my fault.
TGN partner is back with another one of creepiest locations: The Salem Witch Trials:
Traced roots to my 10th g. grandfather w/ties to Royal Family,Nathaniel Hawthorne,Salem Witch Trials & more. Amazed:
Just found that my 10 times great grandmother, Mary Hale, was tried in Salem, MA in the Salem Witch Trials. She was thankfully acquitted.
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Breakfast with The Witches. Starting on Stacy Schiff's book about the Salem witch trials. Best morning ever!
we watched a Salem witch trials documentary in 1st
CLIP: NH Project Paranormal senses more than chills in the former house of a Salem Witch Trials minister.
The play is the Crucible which is about the Salem Witch trials
Meet the cop who brought down the murder rate in inner-city Glasgow
Watching the Salem witch trials doc, I see how mobs get whipped up by ignorance/irrational thoughts. And history proves it.
A game referencing the Salem Witch Trials. All is Dust
The Salem witch trials were a series of hearings and prosecutions of people accused of witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts
"violence crime as a disease & a public health issue": The cop who brought down murder rate in inner-city Glasgow
My sibling admitted to being a witch, smh. Let's start the Salem Witch Trials all over again.
The community don't like it when you accuse their stars of come the Salem Witch Trials!
I'm taking an entire class on the Salem witch trials this is right down my ally I'm obviously gonna get a 4.0 *mixes alcohol with life* oops
New round-toed polished black leather boots: friends saw as “gangsta”, not this young Canadian from Saudi Arabia
A friend opined today that Manitowac Co is just now going through the Salem Witch Trials in it's judiciary evolution.
author also appears to think that the Salem witch trials tried actual witches.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Note to self: no need to keep reading after you see the phrase "modern equivalent of the witch trials of Salem"
I liked a video from Fallout 4 Creepy Locations "The Salem Witch Trials"
.says two Massachusetts girls claiming they were bitten by invisible agents, led to Salem Witch Trials
Good at catching "the feckless and the stupid", not so good at says How it changed
Can anyone imagine if the Salem Witch Trials had happened on a beach? That’d be so many sandwitches.
"You have to lead & not follow" discussing innovative work of on .
starting to feel like we are choosing back in time to Salem witch trials
This the only time the Salem witch trials would be appropriate
I wonder if the history textbooks at hogwarts had the salem witch trials censored out
Witness the Salem Witch Trials, join up for the Civil War, watch the signing of the Magna Carta, & ride the Old West
The location of the last witch trials of Italy, known as "The Salem of Europe"
When I was in HS, McCarthyism was considered a BAD THING & our req'd reading was a Salem Witch Trials allegory 2 it.
xD I think it may be, but this Salem is all about them witch trials and sheet like that. Only seen the first ep. Looks interesting.
. If false reports are only 2% - 8% of reported crimes, how can Dr. Lisak explain the Salem Witch Trials or the Red Scare?
I need more History Channel specials about the Salem witch trials in my life
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Dr. Lisak in argues false reports occur in only 2% - 8% of crimes. How does he explain the Salem Witch Trials or Red Scare?
Well, now we know a tiny bit what those poor women felt like during the Salem Witch Trials mass hysteria.
I swear to God if the sixers lose rn someone needs to send me back to the Salem witch trials and have the townspeople hang me I'm livid
Association games are for the Colonial British and the Salem Witch Trials.
Hysteria akin to Salem witch trials.
social media in general has rotted individualism, it's the Salem Witch trials if you aren't down with the popular opinion.
how about "Salem witch trials" don't tell me. Christian science isn't Christian either. 😂
Pro-tip: when accused of being "racist" simply smile and say "yes, I am." Similar to the Salem Witch Trials they shrug and move on.
A topic that I love researching is the salem witch trials
Like slavery, the KKK, Anders Breivik, the Salem witch trials, the inquisition, monarchy, imperialism, Catholic …
When we see each other in another light, that's black magic, no Salem trials, no witch hunt.
Salem/Govn't started w/witch trials & moved up to denying our 1st Amend & persecution of Christians. Un-American.
I get the Salem witch trials, but most people dress up for stupid cartoon characters and such+
I've been there before, it really is! You & Michael should go to Salem Mass. & check out where they had the witch trials
I just heard someone compare the Salem Witch Trials to The terrorism scare of modern times. It's so accurate
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Why the Salem witch trials still haunt the American imagination
How did Massachusetts let the Salem witch trials get so badly out of hand?
College is reading a research article on the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 while simultaneously listening to 's Soundcloud …
Want to learn more about the album? Read lyrics & find research links on the Salem Witch Trials here:
In 1692, during the Salem Witch Trials, the malicious, superstitious Puritans in Salem, Massachusetts hanged 19 INNOCENT people as "WITCHES"
his *** would be the first one dead in the Salem Witch Trials.
When you learning bout the Salem Witch Trials in English and all you can think about are vines
Arthur Miller used the Salem Witch Trials as an allegory for the Red Scare and Senate hearings.
You didn't learn about the Salem Witch Trials?
Her ancestor was a assassin during the Salem Witch Trials.
So far this year my purchases were a BB8, Comic Con, Renaissance Faire, & a trip to learn about the Salem Witch Trials so yeah
When you talk about the Salem Witch Trials in class and you feel smart because Mrs. Straus was bae🙊
This book just SCREAMS 🍂🍁 I've always been fascinated by the Salem Witch Trials, so I'm…
Nurse one of the witches hung at the Salem Witch Trials! Good night Joe! Love ya! J
Judge Danforth made money off the Salem Witch Trials
Kinda fitting that there in Mass, where the Salem Witch Trials took place.
like for example the Salem Witch Trials, does it have to be of an event that happened in it? Or just a similar, seperate event?
"if we were alive during the Salem Witch Trials do you think we would be killed for witchcraft" "oh i really hope so"
WITCHCRAFT TRIALS IN OHIO. This past March 1st marked the 323rd anniversary of the Salem Witch Trials, where two...
History will judge the 21st C. mania for open concept homes alongside the McCarthy Hearings & the Salem Witch Trials.
Muslim fundamentalists kill more people everyday than were killed during the entire Salem Witch Trials.
What went wrong at the Salem Witch Trials?
323 years ago today: the Salem Witch Trials end. What a tragedy that wrongful convictions and lack of due process still exi…
People of the Salem Witch Trials, Japanese Internment, & Red Scare didn't kill. ISIS is at war and killing human beings
The Salem witch trials are suspected to have been due to hallucinates due to villagers eating moldy bread!
My god this rivals the Salem witch trials.
going to buy books on the Salem witch trials
Watching a show on the Salem witch trials... My sisters mirror falls and breaks and all the dogs are with me 😭😭😭😭
I am the granddaughter of Edward Bishop of Salem witch trials. Though Mary Bishop she married Robert Colborn I'm Angela Colborn so he is my direct grandfather.
it's bc I'm actually the reason for the hysteria of the Salem witch trials
"Jamestown was founded in 1607 we grew tobacco Paul revere said the British were coming Salem witch trials mayflower"
Not doing your job is NOT a religious Freedom, as Salem Witch trials and murders are NOT a religious Freedom TWISTEd Jihad-Janes ISIS ***
we realized how much heat the Salem Witch Trials method got for throwing people in water.
umm Salem witch trials in Massachusetts during 1600s
The Salem witch trials are just another reminder of how ignorant humans can be.
Inside the Salem Witch Trials. Turns out Cotton Mather was early proponent of inoculation as well as witch hanging
We can't wait to read the new Schiff book about the Salem witch trials. It should arrive in October.
Salem witch trials compared with European witch persecutions: Massachusetts has been a target for caustic comm...
Five. Religion was the basis of the Salem Witch Trials, The Crusades, Slavery, The Spanish Inquisition & the Holocaust. Bad company
probz knows a witch can't get sick, haven't you read the Salem trials?
love it there ! Check out the cemetery there, they have the people who were killed during the Salem witch trials there😍
Don't forget to include movie night in your weekend plans! Watch the video on Salem Witch Trials in online textbook for HW
FRI: US HISTORY: Continue reading discussing, and watching a documentary about Salem Witch Trials. HW: None.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: super-evocative account of the Salem witch trials
Friday Fright: The Joshua Ward House is the former home of Salem Witch Trials Sheriff and he isn’t resting well.
We were learning about the Salem Witch Trials... Then the Computer stopped working... It was actually interesting.
don't want to be "this guy" but i think its Salem witch trials
Half-Way Covenant: diluted church membership; Witch Trials: 1692; lynchings of "witches" in Salem
When religion gets in the way of justice remember the the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, and Mary Dyer hanged for being a Quaker.
Before the Salem witch trials, there was the witch of Hampton. The Mark of Goody Cole: a tragic and true tale of witchcraft persecution.
I'm really interested in the Salem witch trials. Idk why
me: hey liz do u know where the Salem witch trials happened . me: lol oh wait
Truly excellent read on the Salem witch trials in the
A look inside the Salem witch trials that haunted seventeenth-century New England:
So dogs were hung in the Salem witch trials. Don't know if I should laugh or cry
If ever adds the Scooby Doo Movies (especially the Salem Witch trials one and the ghoul school one) I will lose my mind.
true that I can show u Boston and Salem and where the witch trials happened
"innocent until proven guilty" is a new-world legal invention reacting to Salem Witch Trials.
If I were alive during the Salem witch trials I would absolutely be burned at the stake no question
nevermind you'll die moist bread comes from moist grain which has hallucinogenic MOLD! thats how the salem witch trials happened
modern day Salem Witch trials! Looked where unchecked hysteria got them!
Now they're upset bc guy sitting by his mailbox yesterday might be trouble. It's the Salem Witch Trials!
your theory on the Salem Witch Trials.
Bravo for empowering musical experience! Recounts forgotten HERstory of Caribbean slave Tituba, denounced in Salem witch trials.
2012: A strange illness appears at St. Joan's Academy, site of the infamous Salem Witch Trials. Conversion by
The Salem witch trials are a really weird time period in history. Calling each other witches and having them executed..? Lol whut
Ask me about the Salem Witch trials and I won't shut up for hours.
Just found out one of my ancestors was burned in the Salem witch trials.
Watching the Internet outrage cycle makes the Salem witch trials a lot more understandable.
*contentedly snuggles teddy bear whilst reading about the Salem witch trials*
Hicups suck, I'm wondering in ancient times what they thought it was, perhaps basis for Salem Witch trials or Salem TV show
I'm such a nerd when it comes to the Salem witch trials...
From Obeah Opera tells the forgotten history of Caribbean women during the Salem witch trials
my outfit got me lookin like I just participated in the spelling bee portion of the Salem witch trials
How about the Salem witch trials, favorite harping-point of liberals and mother of all metaphors? 19 people.
All purpose parts banner
It was basically the Salem witch trials, times 1000.
A Delusion of Satan : The Full Story of the Salem Witch Trials by Frances...
I want to learn everything there is to know about the Salem witch trials
Reading a book on the Salem witch trials - remembering how great THE CRUCIBLE was earlier this year!
So this is what the Salem witch trials were like. What fun.
Gonna start research on the Salem Witch Trials. I have a sudden interest.
I turn on the tv and it's a documentary about the Salem witch trials...I'm now terrified and finishing my book report
Girls from the Salem witch trials are so fake smh 😒
I'm pretty sure in an earlier life, Roger Goodell was a judge at the Salem witch trials.
The Salem Witch Trials : A Day-by-Day Chronicle of a Community under Siege by...
A revival of the Salem Witch trials? Wiccans draw power from nature, but they're not murderers. Satanists, however..
The Danvers State Hospital is in the town previously known as Salem, home of the famous Witch Trials!
No lol Salem Massachusetts. The place where they had the Salem Witch Trials in the 1600's. 😂😂
1) I feel kinda special that you're stalking me 2) no its this TV series about the Salem witch trials
The comments section of Gawker would be entirely comfortable at the Salem witch trials. I do not see how anyone can be surprised by this.
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Don't miss Obeah Opera, an all-female re-imagining of the Salem witch trials, starting tomorrow for
It's a sign re the new book then. I have another in verse novel dealing with the Salem Witch Trials. Gotta dig it up.
it's been going on since the Salem witch trials.
Brittanie just told me she wants to name her future child after the famous witch trials. Salem
the Protestant slave owners were having no parts of witchcraft as evidenced by the Salem witch trials et…
Calls out Tony Burke. Now, wants "Salem witch trials" to stop. Won't say if he'd flown HIS family business class on…
therefore we would have been turned into vampires during the Salem witch trials and live to see it all
Especially when that one reason is stupid--like that the Salem witch trials were caused by mold in the water or w/e th…
We can't wait to catch OBEAH OPERA, which features an incredible cast of 15 women incl. Aug4-8 ht…
What can one possibly say? Witch trials? Christopher Pyne issuing warnings about witch trials? Really?. The same...
This mentions the Salem Witch Trials... I pin it correctly, and it says Salem, Mass. is in Oregon. You may want to fix that.
Anything to do with the Salem Witch Trials? Making the indigenous tribe the Wampanoags of Massachusetts?
Liberals jonesing to return to the days of Salem Witch Trials, where accusations serve as evidence
Social Media: The Next Generation of the Salem Witch Trials: But, with social media keeping us mo...
Today in 1692, the Salem Witch Trials began after a woman demanded birth control, the right to vote and equal pay for equal…
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Abigail Williams started the Salem Witch Trials when she was 11. I'm almost 20 years old; what am I doing with my life?
Puritans, Salem Witch Trials,Quakers "Young Goodman Brown", what the *** were u doing in that forest 😩 I hate American Lit.
1663: Birth of Cotton Mather​, supporter of Salem Witch Trials. htt…
1663: Birth of Puritan minister Cotton Mather​, supporter of Salem Witch Trials.
Salem witch trials and the Red Scare? So in.
Imagine trying to explain Ghostbusters 3 to a woman who went through the Salem Witch trials.
reading about the salem witch trials pisses me off. Like people accused women of being witches bc they were different. ugh.
Somebody stole scantrons out of the library and now it's like the Salem witch trials lololol
Of course I would get excited when the professor mentions The Salem Witch Trials
It's no lie. Pure Lies only 99 cents today. Salem Witch Trials with a twist. …
Do Protestant Christians, especially those of us in Reformed branches, so quickly forget Servetus and the Salem witch trials?
I think the trials were wrong the so called wiccans are people even if they are different.
What if the girls at the Salem witch trials who accused the Puritans of witchcraft were actually the real witches?…
. shades of Salem witch trials! That's what crazy Pilgrims did if "witch" survived her dro…
Im so dumb I just answered Salem OR to the question Where were the Salem Witch Trials held?
naw I dont think your dead. I mean your character started the Salem Witch Trials no way your character is just gone.
. No, he's arrived just in time to advocate for the Salem Witch Trials.😂😂😂
agreed but I gotta be real with you John Green has not to my knowledge compared himself to a victim of the Salem Witch Trials
was the biggest witch hunt since the Salem With Trials
Same people who would have loved the Salem Witch trials...
Get? We never left. The Salem Witch Trials weren't based on scientific evidence, after all.
Reading my notes on this feminist book I read and the last one says 'mention the salem witch trials'
Who thought it would be so hard to come up with a 300 word theory on the Salem Witch Trials
I can't tell you how many papers I've written on the Salem Witch Trials and Arthur Miller and his book.
Islam started out as a secular religion; it lasted 300 years before going sour in 1100 AD. Salem witch trials were 300 years ago...
The Salem Witch trials? The Crusades? Hey, not every person of faith is perfect...
Oh you butchered the Salem Witch Trials and my family history. I'm so disappointed.
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