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Salem Witch Trials

The Salem witch trials were a series of hearings and prosecutions of people accused of witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts, between February 1692 and May 1693. Despite being generally known as the Salem witch trials, the preliminary hearings in 1692 were conducted in a variety of towns across the province: Salem Village (now Danvers), Ipswich, Andover and Salem Town.

Arthur Miller John Proctor

Think of all the ways “confirmation bias” and “the Salem witch trials” could be played together in cards against hu…
It funny (and sad) to see so many people believe their fellow Americans would commit treason with Russians. It…
TIL there is a statue of Samantha Stephens (Bewitched) in the town famous for witch trials: Salem, Massachusetts
The Salem witch trials involved people being possessed by Satan. 😒😒 Maybe kind of like you.
He didn't defend him. Now you on that feminists kick. It's like the Salem witch trials. Guilty unti…
It seems that society hasn't learned much from the Salem Witch Trials and McCarthyism. Nothing new under the sun.…
The Salem witch trials were done by a tiny sect of Puritans and the Dark Ages weren't…
I literally want to burn him at the stake like in the Salem Witch Trials
I got in trouble cause I read a Jeff Foxworthy book during free-time. The teacher said it was inappropr…
Abortion is evil. Odd that people who like abortion are people who were not aborted. Your parents let…
Mans law is not Gods law should we go back to Salem Witch Trials. Guilty in court or guilty by public…
I remember reading about the Salem Witch Trials and imagining how difficult it must have been to be a woman in those days…
This Salem Witch Trials tier whinging over drawn titties is just generallly stupid too . It affects literally nobo…
You see, here’s the thing: witches aren’t real, sexual harassers, rapists, and bullies are. Does that answer your –…
Between the Crusades, Salem Witch trials, persecution of Galileo for his…
Go read the scarlet letter and study up on the Sal…
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Running from the Paranormal with Tim Starnes:. Case The Salem Witch Trials. It's generally accepted that all...
It's about time we bring back the Salem Witch Trials.
So Japanese FateGO new story started with the Salem Witch Trials but seems to be quickly turning into The Dunwitch…
Joe Barton sending nude selfies is news I can do without. These sex allegations are turning into the Salem Witch Trials. I…
Some of these harassment allegations are taking on a Salem Witch Trials flavor. Like, you can just say it happened…
Reading the way u lot have already condemned trans defendant on Twit…
Full disclosure, I was a Never Trumper. But the left is totally unhinged. I doubt the Salem…
Everyone thinks of the Salem Witch Trials, but it was German lands that most Witch Hunts took place in. Switzerland alone executed 10,000
What better way to bring in October than reading a play based on the Salem Witch Trials?🎃
Brief reminder that the Salem Witch Trials is not an urban legend and real women lost their lives for nothing
"Witch Hunt" originated from the Salem Witch Trials where women AND men were killed for being witches. Try again.
It's weird since there were men killed in the Salem witch trials too crazy right?
Umm, you do know that men were also killed during the Salem witch trials.
Im a decedent of someone killed in the Salem witch trials. She was a female (can't remember name at the moment)
That'd be funny if a third of the people killed in the Salem Witch Trials weren't men.
Of the 20 deaths during the Salem witch trials, quite a few were men, and one of the most brutal executions was of…
I liked a video Salem Witch Trials - Q+A
That’s like saying the Salem witch trials were “flawed.”
9/22: (1692) Last people executed for witchcraft in American colonies in what came to be called the Salem Witch Trials.
We're going to see things like the Salem Witch Trials, except people will be deported by hear…
Six Women of Salem: The Untold Story of the Accused and Their Accusers in the Salem Witch Trials free ebook…
And about a third of the people executed in the Salem witch trials were men.
Pretty sure that was the whole plot to the Salem Witch Trials, at least in the movies
Yes having your whole community put on public trial of a quality of the Salem witch trials is perfectly OK.
Yikes and here is me thinking we live in 2017 not the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. Religious zealots confu…
I feel like my life is the Salem witch trials
I live for the Salem Witch Trials mess.
Your thinks the salem witch trials happened in Oregon.
The Salem Witch Trials inspired Alexander McQueen F/W 2007.An ancestor of his was executed as a witch. The models walke…
Salem witch trials, no one was burned at the stake. All were hanged except 1 and he was crushed to death. You're talking about Europe etc.5/
watch for new play on Salem Witch Trials "Saltonstall's Trial".
Doing some reading and research before heading back into Salem.
Bridget culture is knowing too much about the Salem witch trials, loving trophy eyes, hating her job and loving me
Who died and made him God? Are we going back to the Salem witch trials? Jesus taught love, he's fallin…
Akin only to the mass hysteria of the Salem Witch Trials.
2 day wedding celebration in my woods mr president start the Salem witch trials
I should go up to these white people and tell em that I read a book on the salem witch trials or how I bought one of those straw hats
Salem witch interest in truth.already way beyond scope unless you think you…
in 1692, the last of those convicted of witchcraft in the Salem witch trials were hanged. Photo: Salem in 2006 by…
i'm watching the salem witch trials one rn and even tho i know it was just a case of mass hysteria i'm Spooked
This crap makes me so unbelievably mad. It's like being forced to watch the Salem Witch Trials be endorsed by liberals everywhere.
The spooky show about the Salem witch trials
Perhaps compared to bible thumpers during the Sa…
This is not a democracy bamas (all haters,) nor the Salem witch trials! Save mob rule for grid down, or nah?
This was one brutal kingdom. Torture here makes the Salem Witch trials look pg-13. @ Castle…
📷 did-you-kno: Witches were never burned at the stake during the Salem Witch Trials. Out of all the...
Democrats on Trump, remind me of the Salem Witch Trials. Call someone a witch if you don't like them.
Remembering the Victims of the Salem Witch Executions via
It’s being used to advance an agenda. Just like the Salem Witch Trials.
325 years ago today, Sept 22 1692, the last executions in the Salem witch trials took the lives of 8 innocent victims ht…
Remembering the Victims of the Salem Witch Executions -
Margaret Scott was found guilty of witchcraft during the Salem witch trials and was executed by hanging on September 22,…
Giles Corey was pressed to death at Salem Witch Trials, 1692. Arthur Miller's The Crucible…
Well in their defense the market in torch making kinda fell off after the Salem Witch Trials and Fra…
I find it funny that apparently people have forgotten the Salem Witch trials.
This picture is both terrifying and genuinely sickening. The 1600's called, they're asking about the Salem Witch Tr…
Ever read The Crucible ? You know the book about the Salem Witch Trials. In the book it becomes a plot point about like public shaming.
Soon enough we will have the Salem witch trials again.
Modern Salem Witch Trials: see who can rip off a piece of Saran Wrap without it sticking to itself.
I thought we only went back like 50 years. Apparently we are back to the years of the Salem Witch Trials.…
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Irvine Welsh's new movie, Trainspotting v Salem Witch Trials - Begbie v Sarsour. 😀
My review of A Storm of Witchcraft: The Salem Trials and the American Experience
If you photoshopped period clothing onto them, these pics would look like the Salem Witch Trials, then Naz…
Nope, not the Salem witch trials in 1692.America, 2017. 325 years, no progress in some of these people.
Salem witch hunts lead to Salem witch trials lead to Salem shame.
Trump has turned back the hands of time so far we're in the Salem Witch Trials
The Blair Witch Project Crucible Trials in Salem official movie preview . catch it this summer in theatres
I'm reminded of the Salem witch trials of 1692 and 1693. Smh.
50 years from now, people will see Scott Pruitt the same way as we see the Salem witch trials today.
looks like the Salem witch trials, these people are mad
From The Witch Trials of Salem to McCarthyism to the leftist in-fighting following the French Revolution to the Soviet purges... 15/
Human beings haven't changed much since the Salem Witch Trials. . We like to think we have, but we haven't.
The year of Trump, Joy Reid , The year of The Salem Witch Trials!
The Salem Witch Trials were a lie, just an excuse to kill and demonize those practicing natural magic
How I am going to be famous "beating people up" ? You know about my family tree, 1692 Salem witch trials, Rebecca Town Nurse, mother...
1 more thing and I'll let ya be..An incredibly funny flick out there.."Love At Stake"..A parody of…
How did the league get stronger? Ur essentially making the case for the 2017 Salem Witch Trials. Scre…
Hey guys! Another friend of mine has a theory for the Salem Witch Trials, and wanted me…
"MA is a neo-puritanical society w/ the only new thing being Matchbox 20. Other than that, nothing has changed since the Salem Witch Trials"
Just remember a bunch of white Christians got together and thought the Salem witch trials were cool as well.
That's right I wrote a *** KaiSoo fanfic based on the Salem Witch Trials . Carpe Diem:.
Reading about the first witch ever hung in the Salem witch trials. Poor woman! So many women were accused of...
I'd say the Salem witch trials had to have been pretty stupid too. In retrospect
They weren't able to get out in front of the situation and do a full Salem witch trials program
If she wears them in public we are publicly burning her Salem witch trials-esque
And no doubt the right would prefer a return of the Salem witch trials :-(
Like I said you know nothing of the Crusades. You may be thinking of the Salem witch trials.
. Russian Investigation is about as fair as Salem Witch Trials. want to throw Trump in to see if he floats then burn him
NFL looking like the Salem Witch Trials out here.
When the *** did we re-enter the Dark Ages, the days of Salem Witch trials, Puritan era? Is this…
I can understand why Oregon is so sensitive about its legacy of mob violence, given the infamous Salem Witch Trials.
"Better safe than sorry" was a really popular argument at the Salem witch trials.
Global warming theories are proving to be ridiculous. See also Salem Witch Trials. Enlist in our patriot army at…
The Salem Witch Trials were probably caused by everyone being high on hallucinogenic mold...
Isn't "witch hunt" a reference to the Salem Witch Trials? Is this a widely used analogy in Israeli culture? 🤔
Tomorrow I'll be holding a production of the Salem Witch Trials where Hillary is burned at the stake
I think would have been the best to cover the Salem Witch Trials. . "Prosecutors PROVE Devil spoke THRU Girl! Burning…
CavCon's "The Crucible" is inspired by the Salem Witch Trials, and gets its name from the Arthur Miller play about the same thing.
RE: The Crucible. Great play, but only sexist Arthur Miller would take the injustice of the Salem Witch Trials & make it about a dude.
is this Salem Witch Trials but for *** people? Concentration camps like they put Jewish people and that tr…
Sorry, 324 yrs after Salem Witch Trials verdict in equally controversial Holborn Escalator Trial is in…
314 years after Salem Witch Trials, verdict in Holborn Escalator Trial is in works on short esc…
It was pretty cool to discover I'm related to John Proctor in a Salem Witch Trials documentary! :D My Ancestor was pressed to death :/
.has become a walking 21st century version of Salem witch trials. She points a finger and yells Russians.
Kid reading names on the Salem witch trials and was asked how we were supposed to tell boy or girl since we shouldn't assume gender.
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-The accused at the Salem witch trials were not burned at the stake; about 15 died in prison, 19 were hanged and one was pressed to death.-
Meanwhile, the Salem witch trials are progressing nicely
The Salem witch trials had more evidence.
This Day in History: the Salem Witch Trials began after Parson Ted witnessed a woman folding a fitted sheet.
Crazed leftists are attacking Richard Spencer's mom. It's like the Salem Witch Trials in Whitefish, Montana
I gotta stop staying up late and watching tv w my grandpa. We just watched a show about how the Salem witch trials were caused by LSD trips
You know the witches from a few year ago, the salem witch trials. Yep. They're going on over there, and I'm over here, hiding, bc I'm scared
Akin to the Salem witch trials, if you sank and drowned, you were proven to be innocent.
. A future generation will look back on this with the same eye we use to look back on Salem Witch Trials.
I find the best way to do this is using methods from the Salem witch trials. If they drown, not evil but also dead. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I really want to start a RPG based on the Salem Witch Trials.
Alexander McQueen F/W 2007 was inspired by the Salem Witch Trials. The models walked along a pentagram.
I don't know why the Salem witch trials fascinate me so much.
Oh yeah! I'm gonna work on a Salem Witch Trials LP and my Legacy Challenge.
In the next decade this sexual assault stuff on college campuses will become the new Salem witch trials.
Proctor’s Ledge - Named by Archaeology Magazine as 1 of the 10 most important archaeological discoveries of 2016 https:/…
Election 2016 and the Salem Witch Trials, about the same thinking if you think about it.
it looks like things are falling into place for another time right like the Salem Witch Trials time period.
it's very loosely based off the Salem Witch Trials. Like the main character's a descendant of John & Elizabeth Proctor
not only the Crusades. Heard of the IRA? Salem Witch Trials? The KKK? Colonial Genocide?Spanish Inquisition?List goes on ***
Kinda reminds me of the Salem Witch Trials where if you were accused, it was practically impossible to prove innocence.
.on discovering that a distant relative was hanged as a witch in the Salem Witch Trials
Say what you want about the Salem Witch Trials, but I haven't seen any witches flying around.
Fun to see the thing play out like the Salem Witch Trials. Careful what you wish for dudes.
It's the British version of the Salem Witch Trials...
. America has always had a fascist population..who the *** do we think did the Salem Witch Trials..or Manzanar?
"I remember the Salem Witch Trials" When was the last time a member of the press was burned at the stake?
Salem? hmm Witch trials ;) nice to meet you :) feel free to burn the Witch at the stake ;)
how Charles Manson compares to the Salem witch trials
Literally everyone here walks around with dogs and it has to be to sniff out vampires. This place looks like the *** Salem witch trials
Breast Cancer Awareness
so i gotta write a historical short story for AP and if you know me you *** well know it's going to be set during the Salem Witch Trials
BOY, the Salem Witch Trials may have been on to something cause how...
From the Salem witch trials to America's Communist witch hunt, one song unites these moments in time: htt…
Accurate portrayal of the Salem witch trials, 1692
I bought a book about the Witch Trials in 1692; seemed appropriate with the coming up!
you should have lived in the days of Salem witch trials. You'd burn people at the stake for anything you didn't like.
Get to work on the Salem Witch Trials pt. 2 prolly
If there was a musical made about the Salem witch trials I'd be all over that
For Hillary, it's been the 2016 version of the Salem witch trials. Instead of burning, it's been "lock her up".
OMG the Lock her up chants sound like what the salem witch trials must have been like! Its deplorable!
I feel like I'm living in 17th Century Salem Mass during the witch trials.
It's like the Salem witch trials. The FBI used software "Wizardry" and b/c they used magic they should just go ahead and burn her.
A Brief History of the Salem Witch Trials. One town's strange journey from paranoia to pardon. http…
Weller: Bradbury's great aunt 8x removed was sentenced to death (escaped) in Salem Witch Trials... FBI investigated him…
"FBI Director Comey" 21st century Salem witch trials and trump supporters are the ones saying...
As I said b4: Salem Witch Trials all over again. If it were up to Trump, he would have a public hanging.
lady, you sound like this election is Salem witch trials. That reflects more badly on you than Clinton do you know?🤔
My Sunday has been a day of ABBA and the Salem Witch Trials.
University of Virginia online Salem Witch Trials Documentary Archive shows how one witch-hunt ended. Timely reading.
more tax $ wasted on a witch hunt. Modern day salem witch trials on tax $. Thanks useless
the 2016 version of Salem Witch Trials is over time 2 take the country in a positive direction
Seriously UNBELIEVABLE that this is 2016 and that paranoid, ignorant, religious zealout B.S. STILL goes on. Salem w…
oh are you trying to look like you aren't the head inquisitor in the current Salem witch trials? No worry history will tell
We have been witness to one of the ugliest campaigns against a woman in American history since the Salem witch tria…
Remember when we had the famous Salem witch trials in America? We need to bring that back again anybody that dabbles in the Black Arts
Salem witch trials: seems to be the foundation of the Donald's election strategy & policies.
Trump supporters: Don't forget to set your clocks back to 1692 today. You don't want to miss any of those Salem witch trials. Do you?
Anyone else reminded of history ie. Salem Witch Hunt & Trials when folks chant "Lock her up"?
I'd stop the Salem Witch Trials and America would belong to us right now
Trump is a witch. Where are the Salem witch trials when you need them
actually the Salem witch trials are good now
Even if it didn't cause the Salem witch trials the thought of a bunch of Puritans having really bad trips is amusing
First the snp gets hysterical then they get historical. This is basically the Salem witch trials 😼
It was in reference to the Salem Witch Trials. Maybe try not inserting yourself in the middle
To celebrate the anniversary of the Salem Trials of 1692, a parade was held. I made a witch float and they burned it
This Halloween, take a trip to the site of the infamous Salem Witch Trials
A book on the Salem Witch Trials and a bottle of red, that's the rest of Sunday sorted.
Satanist? Cmon, you believe that garbage? It makes everyone who peddles it look like total morons. Salem witch trials!
The Salem witch trials were a series of hearings and prosecutions of people accused of witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts between February
Can we bring back the Salem Witch Trials exclusively for the *** . Or maybe like some modern day Spanish Inquisiti…
Hillary and the girls crying wolf against Trump reminds me of Abigail Williams and the Salem Witch Trials.
There were no "actual" witnesses in the Salem Witch Trials, either.
he is inciting this, he's like a preacher during Salem Witch Trials
Salem Witch Trials' Rev Sam Parris "to make differences between the clean & unclean" & innocent women were sacrificed. is very old
. Christians also haven't killed people en masse since the Salem Witch Trials, and they roundly condemn those actions today.
Not something to be proud about...take it from someone that knows. Ever hear of the Salem Witch Trials? 😞 Sad
K. I understand the Salem Witch Trials were awful, but zoom shots of demons & blood splatters is a BIT much. Watching Witches of East End!
did the victims from the salem witch trials have any students from Ivermorny?
PBS got me feelin nostalgic about the Salem witch trials.
@ 8:00PM on PBS their is a show on Geneology, & they are going to be talking about the Salem Witch Trials.
We'll bring back the witch trials. Believe me. I'll get all the witches in Salem, Eastwick, Oz...
23.) Salem - This is a 2 season show which follows the Salem Witch Trials , this show is really good 😭
the salem witch trials books Kindle -
I guarantee that In my past life I was killed for being a witch by the salem's witch trials because the world isn't ready to hear the truth.
My riot grrrl Salem Witch Trials musical has seal of approval and I'm going to ride this high straight into ***
At Ilvermorny, is there any memorial to the Salem Witch Trials?
Everyone criticizes the Salem Witch Trials, but we haven't had a witch attack in over 200 years. — feeling confused
Y'all turning this into the Salem witch trials.
on 1675 Mary Walcott, American witness at the Salem witch trials (d. 1719)
Blackmore fresh from the Salem witch trials! 😂 Not a bad stab at Man on the Silver Mountain as well 👍
It must have been easy to pick up girls during the Salem witch trials because they were all on tinder. Boom roasted.
Born July 4, 1808 in Salem he was the great-great grandson of what Witch Trials judge? Impact on life? https…
📷 phynxrizng: KNOW YOUR HISTORY, SOME WITCH HISTORY, SALEM WITCH TRIALS… Each day this week I will post...
similar to your own dogmatic adherence to a restricted data set. Same as Salem Witch Trials. Who will you burn?
Today in In 1675 Mary Walcott born. One of the "afflicted" girls called as a witness at the Salem Witch Trials in 1692-93.
*travels back in time to hit on women at the Salem witch trials
1675: Birthdate of Mary Walcott, one of the witnesses at the Salem Witch Trials.
Plotters see themselves as the victims of Salem witch trials!!. “Loyalty, and our future” by
ppl bring up Salem witch trials as but like 15 people were killed ??
TEACHER: What was used to execute witches in the Salem Witch Trials?. CLASS: FIRE. TEACHER: Wrong, a noose. THIS IS FIR…
from what I was told they weren't, they tried protecting the town from outsiders. It was the same time as the Salem witch trials
*talking about the 1692 Salem witch trials*. *pauses*. "Wow, I'm really showing my age..". *continues*
//Ray bradbury's ancestor, Mary Bradbury, was sentenced to HaNg at the Salem Witch trials. Due to delays, she escaped punishment...
For the record, nobody was burned at the stake at the Salem witch trials. They were hanged. At least one of them was a man.
They aren't liberals. They are the fringe Cruz supporters. Their ancestors were probably involved in Salem witch trials.
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it was an ancestor of Nathaniel Hawthorne, a judge in the Salem witch trials, who provided the inspiration for Colonel Pyncheon?
I was going to try to give them a fair shake. You know, like they gave the women during the Salem witch trials.
Just like the Salem Witch trials. Some money and power, but no brains. So much for land of the free. .
History repeating itself. Yet another version of the prurient "Salem Witch Trials".
*** reminds me of the Salem Witch Trials.
Because theocracy always works out. Just look at the Salem Witch Trials.
On this day in 1692, Roger Toothaker dies in prison during the Salem Witch Trials
it reminds me of Salem Witch Trials and such
"You gone get dead". - about me going to Salem witch trials in Boston 😂
so America not got past the salem witch trials. so just political *** by her opponents which he whines about
My next book is on the Salem witch trials. As a small-town Massachuset...
Heard talking about Salem witch trials and moldy bread
It's Salem witch trials, only the venue has changed...
You don't have a problem. Its 100% FEAR MONGERING. A manufactured "Evil" like in Salem at the Witch Trials NON-ISSUE
Tmw you realize that THE WITCH is basically the Salem Witch Trials Version of THE MONSTERS DUE ON MAPLE STREET.
your new campaign is insulting to victims of the Salem witch trials
"If you think about it, the Salem Witch Trials were the first Gamergate.". "Sir, if you're not going to order anything, please…
Great Fear Mongering! You would've been a GREAT asset at the Salem Witch Trials! Ignorant & Loud today's version
I added a video to a playlist Town of Salem! SALEM WITCH TRIALS ON STEROIDS!
Finished "The Heretic's Daughter" by Kathleen Kent yesterday. It's about the Salem witch trials.
Just finished The Heretic's Daughter by Kathleen Kent. About the Salem witch trials.
[photo of long line to entire Salem Witch Trials Museum] caption: "more wait"
I got: You're accused! Confess to practicing the Devil's magic!! Quiz: Would You Have Survived the... via
Never said ANYTHING about salem witch trials, but again, u only prove my point that government can't decide what true religion is
Says the guy who "forgot" the Salem Witch Trials Happened. Go Away Child. Come back Schooled.
Have you heard of the Salem Witch Trials? Like are you for real? read a book ffs
must also accept magic at the Salem witch trials.
magic at the Salem witch trials. If u accept the "evidence for Jesus and the resurrection",
What did it take to finally stop the Salem witch trials an end? We must need something similar.
And apparently one of my ancestors was tried in the Salem Witch trials!!!
The when the Salem Witch trials ended
Those poor, demented conservatives want to bring back the Salem witch trials.
Why am I over here watching documentaries on the Salem witch trials.I'm such a nerd I need a life I could use this for a essay tho 🤔
I feel like the reason all those poor women got hanged in the Salem witch trials was cause of sarcasm..
The Salem Witch Trials are a prime example of people not going far enough.
-- events in Massachusetts. The Salem Witch Trials. [I added followed by a slight shrug. I was sure I would be more --
reminds of witch trials in Salem. If you drown you are innocent - if you live you are a witch and will be hung
Being a history educator means scarring children for life by explaining the Salem Witch Trials
Those who protest it are progressives - the same jerks who brought us prohibition and the Salem witch trials
last time something like this was said in 1670s in during the Salem witch trials. Very progressive KPK partners.
I just watched the episode about the warlock who was to blame for the Salem witch trials.
LOL! I'd have hated to have seen this sanctimonious *** at the Salem witch trials! *** fire and damnation! 👇👇👹
just like the people involved in the Salem witch trials, "Muslim" extremists are not representatives of their "faith"
Just hangin' around at the Salem Witch Trials 😂💀
Where is the Jenji Koham period drama about the Salem Witch Trials? Probably my most highly anticipated anything
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
on how Arthur Miller used the Salem Witch Trials as a symbol of the times →
I am related to John Proctor from the Salem Witch Trials.
War on drugs & war on terror will someday seem based upon as much sense and as barbaric as the Salem Witch Trials
One of the judges at the Salem Witch Trials
but denying people justice is ok? Salem witch trials.You would have loved it
Reminds me of the Salem witch trials, if you sink and drown you're not a witch...even when you win you lose. I;m lost:)
Just watched and LOVED it! Filmed in gorgeous Romania, it's meets Salem Witch trials & everybody dies 😝
The Witch wasn't nearly scary enough to warrant its legitimizing of the Salem witch trials.
As much as I don't like the verdict, I think I would like a justice system influenced by the Salem witch trials even less
Proctors Ledge was confirmed this year, but the Salem Witch Trials Memorial remains the best place to remember the trials.
Fun day in learning all about the witch trials (although the Reese's Peanut Butter latte I had in was the highlight 😋)
So you're saying because the public acted in a certain way, it makes it true? Salem witch trials come to mind.
Salem witch trials: the original 'Halloween witch' scare -
Psalm book dating back to Salem witch trials a rare find
Last time we listened to accusers only we got the salem witch trials. Due process exists for a reason.
I'm in Salem where the witch trials were and it's so creepy being right where they were hanged and buried 😳
Author to discuss Salem Witch Trials at Salisbury, Mass library April 1
So you want to go back to the Salem witch trials? Because God forbid wanting proof on one of the biggest criminal offenses?
The Salem Witch Trials, but for people who scrape their teeth on the fork after every bite.
No one has been punished in America by any Church since the end of the Salem witch trials,our gov doesn't allow it.
Salem witch Trials bro believe whatever they say
Trans people are the Salem Witches of our time. . witch trials were series of prosecutions of people accused of witchery
When accusations alone are enough to convict, you get disgusting atrocities like Salem Witch Trials and Jim Crow lynchings.
Anyone else really want them to talk about the Salem Witch Trials in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them?
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