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Sahara Desert

The Sahara (Aṣ-Ṣaḥrā´ al-Kubrā, The Great Desert ) is the world's largest hot desert and second largest desert, after Antarctica.

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The Sahara desert is in my mouth right now. I can't believe I put my body through this every weekend
Eyes on Morocco Photo of Moroccan Sahara ( Moroccan Desert) Life is beautiful enjoy every Moment at yo...
Imagine what's under all that sand in the Sahara. Humans lived there long before it was a desert. Gotta be some crazy discoveries waiting.
My lips look like the Sahara Desert. Help? via /r/MakeupAddiction
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Q6 Romance is in the air in this remote Sahara Desert oasis in a small "hotel" with no electricity.
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So, what caused the drought 1000s yrs ago? Ancient "Climate Shift" caused Sahara Desert.
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Moroccan Sahara desert retreat is out.
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Day-3 before Live on 36 teams in Sahara's desert to follow on
3 wks today, start my 84km trek across Sahara Desert, raising money for
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Sand from the Sahara desert is blown by the wind all the way to the Amazon and fertilizes the rainforest by recharging it…
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This bus is so hot it literally feels like I'm sitting in the middle of the Sahara desert
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That skull in the middle really reminds me of a pharaoh! also, the colors instantly made me think of the sahara desert.
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Movement to ban fracking is growing everywhere – including the Sahara Desert
Even in the Sahara Desert, the movement to ban is growing! Via
just like the Sahara shrugged a little to the South...the Mojave desert has shifted to Los Angeles...what to do?
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I'd rather walk the Sahara Desert for a month with no water than sit in my comp class for 75 minutes.
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"A beautiful view of the Sahara Desert, taken by NASA. Find more here:
yah but your waist o_o!! Ahhhmaaagawd amazing you must do this sahara desert tour when u go
This is a tour of EcolCamp Adounia in the Sahara Desert our new camp which can be combined with a stay at...
If all the salmon caught in Canada in one year were laid end to end across the Sahara Desert, the smell would be absolutely awful.
TONIGHT York Seminar: "Refuges in the Desert: Cultural Heritage and Conflict in Western Sahara" by Nick Brooks. htt…
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We named this SAHARA cos' it's hotter than the desert 🔥. >>
"In the Sahara Desert seriously? The only tree in the desert. And you manage to hit it?
Protests Against Fracking in the Sahara Desert Are Spreading in Algeria via
I look like I just walked threw the Sahara desert and then took a picture in front of Abraham Lincoln the yo…
Congrats to Tom Welsh, winner of the Geography Photo Competition, correctly identified as the Sahara Desert!
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Photo: allcreatures: Baby fennec foxes outside their den in the Sahara Desert, for consistency with list of things I care about.
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"If Sahara desert ever becomes a communist state, there will be shortage of sand". -William F. Buckley Jr.
Camels aren't original natives of the Sahara desert. The Arabs had introduced them to Sahara about a millenium ago
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in 1979, snow fell in the Sahara Desert.
Shannon Smith prepares to walk across the Sahara Desert
Debate over 7,000-year-old rock art in barren Sahara Desert that may depict people swimming: About 7,000 year...
Holiday inspiration 2015...How about Tunisia? Discover this hospitable land of colours and contrasts, spices and scents and enjoy its natural beauty. An eclectic blend of people and scenery. Tunisia is situated on the northernmost point of Africa. Within the subtropical zone of the Mediterranean, Tunisia’s climate is a mixture of Mediterranean and African. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches in Tunisia. Including Lar Marsa, Raf Raf Beach, Hammanmet Beach, Monastir Beach, Nabuel Beach and Boujaffar Beach to name just a few! White sand and clear waters await so get packing! Many of the beaches offer a variety of watersports, from jetskiing, parasailing, windsurfing, scuba diving to the more relaxed pedaloe! Horse and camel riding can be done on many beaches too. Tunisia manages to balance traditional Islamic culture with modernity. The age old traditions and customs of Tunisian life are still very much present for those who wish to seek them out. You can find your fill of blue sky, sand ...
that Florida sun Looking like Lion King Sahara desert sun
My room is either the Sahara Desert or a frozen tundra... There's no in between.
Photo by - A caravan of camels and trekkers cross the Desert in via
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My brother rat's story is inspiring. He ran a 250 mile race across the Sahara desert to prove to his disabled son that nothing is impossibl
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The meaning of my life is pretty different from what society deems normal, or even acceptable in some cases. I get a lot of crap all the time from family, friends, and even strangers. This can be depressing sometimes, and make me feel like I'm not accomplishing the things that I should have by now, things that most my friends and family have accomplished in their lives.and then I remember that's their life, and I don't want those things. So they can keep their 9-5 cubicle jobs that are the result of 8 years of college and $60,000 in student loans that will take them 30 years to pay off. Get married, have your babies and your houses with white picket fences. If that's what makes you happy, do it. I'll keep my life, and although it may get me some criticism and some head shakes when I leave a room, I'll take comfort in the fact that these people will never see the sun rise over the vast Sahara desert, they will never ride a camel up to the base of the Pyramids, or know the dangers of a black cow in the midd ...
The American Political Landscape is a desert, a greater expanse than the Sahara; more barren than the Antarctic...
But why is it that when I'm in a relationship I have guys tryin to get at me but as soon as I'm single it's dryer than the Sahara Desert!?
"You are like a grain of sand in the Sahara Desert... AND I AM THE ENTIRE DESERT!"
"Sahara" - Desert Ironwood and African Blackwood with Axis Deer Antler inlay Speck Call.
I'm hungrier than a lion in the Sahara desert
Every class is a different temperature varying between an arctic tundra to the Sahara desert. You never know what you're gonna get
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To show support for France the UK has built an exact replica of Paris in the Sahara Desert near Preston
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This school is either the North Pole or the Sahara Desert
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you hug like an Indian in the Sahara desert on a Wednesday afternoon looking for coconuts saving their last bottle of water
right then meet me in the middle of the Sahara Desert, first one to die of dehydration loses
Touareg guide resting in the Tadrat region of the desert in southern
Look down, look up: Sahara desert with a camel licking your box
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this school is either hotter than the Sahara desert or colder than Antarctica no in between
So the heaters started working again last night so I woke up to sahara desert levels of heat, then decided to do yoga
So dehydrated from having the heating on - sinuses feel like the Sahara Desert.
The Sahara Desert stretches farther than the distance from California to New York.
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Find out why a Cornish man is motorcycling from Budapest to Mali across the Sahara Desert on the Mid-Morning Show with Pam Spriggs at 1115
Our Great leaders¡. If you put the federal gvrnment of pak in charge of sahara desert,, in 5 years enshallah dere wuld b a shortage of SAND.
My sleep problems stem for night terrors and my room CONSTANTLY BRING THEN TEMPERATURE OF THE SAHARA DESERT
BBC News - Who, What, Why: Is it harder to run in the Sahara Desert or the North Pole? Hyperthermia vs Hypothermia
TUNISIA: North Africa, on the Mediterranean Sea and extending south into the Sahara Desert; 10,486,300 ; capital, Tunis; Arabic!
Hey fave in R1 Bala 2day.By Desert Sun so suggest pronounce 'Tanjeer Sun' after place in Africa near Sahara etc. not like tangy.
The Alchemist follows the journey of an Andalusian shepherd boy named Santiago. Believing a recurring dream to be prophetic, Santiago decides to travel to a Romani fortune-teller in a nearby town to discover its meaning. A gypsy woman tells him that there is a treasure in the Pyramids in Egypt. Early into his journey, he meets an old king, Melchizedek, who tells him to sell his sheep to travel to Egypt and introduces the idea of a Personal Legend (which is always capitalized in the book). Your Personal Legend "is what you have always wanted to accomplish. Everyone, when they are young, knows what their Personal Legend is".[3] He adds that "when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it". This is the core theme of the book. The Pyramids of Giza Along the way, Santiago meets an Englishman and continues his travel with him. They travel through the Sahara desert and during his journey, Santiago meets and falls in love with a beautiful Arabian woman named Fatima. He asks Fatim ...
My lips are swollen and chapped like I made out with the Sahara desert or something >_>
Director Niobe Thompson follows in footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia into the Sahara. More: Feb 12
I swear, Oscar could go on a trip to the Sahara Desert and still wear all black.
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If u put mahama in charge of sahara desert there wud be shortage of sand
Thrilled to have raised over £2200 for on desert trek. Thank you to all who donated.
I miss my squad...we haven't been together since the summer 😕 time for us to remedy that. Everybody pull out your calendars so we can get to work! Email lookin like the Sahara Desert smh.
let's go fishing at the Sahara desert.
Sahara desert trek for with complete. Thanks to for this piece.
3 intrepid explorers braved the PSPA Sahara Desert Trek to raise funds.
"My forehead looks like the sahara desert" -
Just kinda realised I'm camping in the Sahara desert this weekend
Today in 1979, snow fell in the Sahara Desert.
The Re- Discovery of the GREEN-GOLD 1964 Africa the GREEN-GOLD was re-discovered by Jean Leonard a Belgian Botanist who was part of a surveying party crossing the Sahara Desert. When the party reached Lake Chad , Leonard noticed that the local people of the Kanembu tribe waited for winds to push the blue-green algae toward the shore which became concentrated into a thick mesh. Using hand-made nets of straw, the women scooped the blue-green algae from the lake and dried them into porous dough cakes called "dihe" which were a favorite food and trade item in the local marketplace in Chad and Niger. These algae caught his interest and made a total research of its properties. The Blue-green algae is like a tiny petal under the microscope, He would later call “Spirulina” due to its spiral shape. The re-discovery of Spirulina by Jean Leonard brought out a new interest in the scientific community. Further research proved that Spirulina contains the most remarkable concentration of nutrients known in any foo . ...
Mama feeding her goats on the edge of the Sahara Desert in Morocco, captured while filming for
Pls RT. Ur invited to my Xmas Fayre to support my 84km trek across Sahara Desert for
Wisbech youth worker set for Sahara Desert trek to raise funds for Marie Curie Cancer Care who looked after la...
"Tragedy in Sahara Desert as Refugees Aim for European Union - SPIEGEL ONLINE" good read
97TH BG - THE "ALL AMERICAN" MAKES IT HOME ON A WING AND A PRAYER A mid-air collision on February 1, 1943 between a B-17 and a German fighter over the Tunis dock area became the subject of one of the most famous photographs of World War II. Assigned to the 97th Bombardment Group, 414th Squadron, U.S. Eighth Air Force, the "All American" had been named by pilot Kendrick (Kenny) Bragg, who played football for Duke University before the war. Flying from a base near Biskra, an oasis city in the Sahara Desert in north-central Algeria, the 414th’s missions in early 1943 targeted Mediterranean seaports at Bizerte and Tunis, Tunisia. That Feb. 1, German Messerschmitts again attempted to fight off approaching American bombers, including the "All-American". Closer to the target, these B-17s flew through “very frightening” anti-aircraft fire. After dropping their payload and turning back, enemy fighters renewed their pursuit of the American planes before ending the chase as they neared maximum range. But long ...
In case you missed it, shrinking ancient sea may have spawned Sahara Desert
The northern edge of Lake Chad fades into the Sahara Desert. This Landsat 8 image...
Only in Phoenix will you have both Hurricane Katrina and Sahara Desert weather conditions in one day😐
I don't know where Sahara Desert and Arctic Circle are!
My office has two temperatures, Sahara Desert and Arctic Circle.
Second funniest thing i heard all day. John Chamness: I need a *** drink. My mouth is dry'r than the Sahara Desert.
Which is the largest desert the Simpson Desert the Sahara Desert the Gobi Desert...? We found the answer!
Topic 10: West Africa and the Sea Some West African countries border the sea, but a few do not. It'll be easier if I start by talking about the countries that do not border the ocean. Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso do not border the sea. Some people also say that Mauritania is part of West Africa, but others say it's in North Africa, so I won't talk about it right now. Mali and Niger are both very big countries. The northern parts of these two countries are in the Sahara Desert. That means, of course, that it's very hot and dry. There aren't a lot of people in the north. The southern parts of these countries are not so dry. They have a little bit more rain and also more farms. Timbuktu is a famous city in Mali. It is very old. For hundreds and hundreds of years, it has been important for the economy and education of West Africa. About half of all the people in West Africa live in just one country, and it is a country that borders the sea. Do you know what country that is? It's Nigeria! It has the biggest a ...
BRIEF HISTORY OF EWE PEOPLE The Anlos are part of the Ewes of Togo, Benin and the South Western part of Nigeria. They have now settled in the South-Eastern coastal plains of Togo and Volta Region. The ancestors of the Ewes left under their leader called Gu and settled at the delta of the Nile River in the present-day Egypt. As time went on, they were joined by new migrants from other parts of the region. When the Egyptian Empire fell, the Ewes like the Jews also migrated under the leadership of Mi to Sudan. They were overwhelmed by the vast sea of sand of the Sahara Desert and called the place Ketu. The name Ketu means grinding sand which perhaps signifies the abrasion of the sand during the sandstorms. The name Ketume and Khartoum give credence to the assumption that the two names could be the same settlement. Ketume means inside the grinding sand. After staying awhile in Sudan, the Ewes were forced again by drought, famine and slave raids by Arabs to migrate under their leader, So into Abyssinia or Ethi ...
For those wondering what's up with all the haze in the atmosphere the past few days, it's dust...all the way from Africa! It's known as the Saharan Air Layer (SAL) and originates guessed it...the Sahara Desert which makes up a large portion of North Africa. Frequent dust storms over this…
The Moorish Empire: In less than a hundred years, the Black Arabs had pushed their way completely across North Africa in the seventh century. At this time the Arabs were Black; they had not mixed much with other people. The Arabs did penetrate into the interior of the Sahara Desert, but only in small numbers so that the territory remained basically African. At this time, in the land of Spain, the Black Israelites were persecuted and many had fled to Morocco for refuge. As a result of this persecution, the Israelites of Morocco and the Moors planned to invade Spain with the assistance of Spanish Israelites. In the meantime, the plot was uncovered and the Israelites of Spain suffered for their intentions. Early in the eighth century, the Mohammedans from Morocco, united with the Black Israelites, made what we call an amphibious landing at Gibraltar. This invasion was successful. Nahun Slouschz says that: “The first one to set foot on the soil of Spain was General Tarif (a Israelite of the tribe of Simeon) ...
Its a city in Mali situated 20 km north of the River Niger on the southern edge of the Sahara Desert. Google kro yar!
Of the 215 people groups on the south edge of the Sahara Desert, more than 80% have not heard of Jesus Christ.
There is something to be said about making a statement and then following through with it. 24 has been a good year for me. 6 months deployed in the Sahara Desert with the French Foreign Legion and now graduating from Commercial Dive School. The world is my playground. 25 will be epic.
Yes fellow travellers I have returned from the land of the Pharaohs. We flew into Cairo for a few days then decided to drive a six hour-return journey on the desert road through the Sahara Desert to the Nile Delta and the Port of Alexandria. This is the great city built by Alexander the Great and on his death ruled by the Bartolomy Pharohs. We then flew out of Cairo after a day on the Plateau of Giza viewing the great Pyramids and the Sphinx then onwards to the Coptic Church, the oldest Mosque in the world and a Jewish Synagogue (note there is no Jews in Eygpt.). In the afternoon we visited the Egyptian Nation Gallery where there is an entire floor given over to all the unspoiled contents of Tutankhamun,s Tomb. This was discovered by Howard Carter in 1922. Alone the young Kings Death mask is made up of 12 kilo,s of solid gold! We flew into Heathrow then a domestic flight up to Edinburgh.
AMAZING BUT TRUE ... There is so much sand in Northern Africa that if it were spread out it. would completely cover the Sahara Desert.
THE NORTH: A COW HELD DOWN TO MILK ANOTHER. All through The North from the fringes of the two extremes of the Sahara Desert and River Niger, you found very hardworking and industrious Commoners eking out living in two major areas; the market and farms. We tilled the soil and attended regular weekly market days in nearby towns and villages to sell our produce and do other commercial transactions. The system encouraged self sufficiency to the level that begging was a shameful act. Even the Almajiri system of Islamic education was respectable as pupils had the farms of their Teacher/Mallam to grow their own food and needed not beg to eat. The political class gave us leadership and harnessed our potentials in the market and farms. Most taxes in the North were on these to the extent that even cows and goats were taxed. Produce merchants were the money men of yore and a sizeable source of income to local authorities through taxes. Because we paid taxes, we held our leaders accountable and politics was essential ...
What does Sub Saharan Africa really mean? It appears increasingly fashionable in the West for a number of broadcasters, websites, news agencies, newspapers and magazines, the United Nations/allied agencies and some governments, writers and academics to use the term ‘sub-Sahara Africa’ to refer to all of Africa except the five predominantly Arab states of North Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt) and the Sudan, a north-central African country. Even though its territory is mostly located south of the Sahara Desert, the Sudan is excluded from the ‘sub-Sahara Africa’ tagging by those who promote the use of the epithet because the regime in power in Khartoum describes the country as ‘Arab’ despite its majority African population. But the concept ‘sub-Sahara Africa’ is absurd and misleading, if not a meaningless classificatory schema. Its use defies the science of the fundamentals of geography but prioritises hackneyed and stereotypical racist labelling. It is not obvious, on the fa ...
Moroccan Dreaming. On Sunday we arrived in the amazing world that is Morocco. After a couple of days enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of Marrakech's Medina we are now happily ensconced in the town of Imlil, in the High Atlas Mountains. The town is at 1700m and there are trails and roads heading off in all directions. After a couple of easier days while in Marrakech I was keen to get out on the trails for a big day in the Mountains. The pass at Tizi n' Ouagane looked the part and at 3850m with 4080+m peaks on both sides (the third and fourth highest peaks in Africa for those that are interested). Following a well used trekking path I steadily climbed throughout the day, reaching the final refuge at 3200m. From here it was a long hard push to the pass, which opened up views all the way down into the Sahara Desert. I climbed up to the right reaching 4000m but decided not to attempt the peak due to some technical rock sections. It is a long time since I have been up this high, last time I was higher was ...
Here is a question, Are there deserts in Korea? and the answer is YES. Gigantic sand dunes can be seen across the world, from the Sahara Desert of Northern Africa to the Arabian Desert of southwestern Asia. On the Korean Peninsula, too, it is also possible to see exotic sand dunes along the coast. According to the Ministry of Environment, there are 133 coastal dunes along the eastern, western and southern shores of the Korean Peninsula, as well as on Jeju Island. More info, visit this link. Copyright ©All rights reserved.
Sub-Saharan Africa is, geographically, the area of the continent of Africa that lies south of the Sahara Desert. Politically, it consists of all African countries that are fully or partially located south of the Sahara (excluding Sudan).[2] It contrasts with North Africa, which is considered a part…
'Borno state Nigeria is one of the poorest, most neglected parts of the planet. Until recently I would have said the only surplus in that part of Nigeria was its long-suffering. Now that has turned to anger. And this remote, dry, dusty corner of Nigeria, a place you would only visit on your way to the Sahara Desert, has become the new battleground between militant Islam and the Western world. The U.S. had, he said repeatedly offered help to Nigeria but it was ignored. Ignored. That is exactly what the Nigerian government's attitude has been to the northeast for decades -- and to the Boko Haram terrorists until they hit Abuja, the capital. Then there was an attempt to clamp down but the security extended there never reached Maidugri, the capital of Bornu state in the northeast and some 500 miles away from Abuja, the capital, and another 320 miles from Lagos, the commercial megacity of West Africa'. Richard Dowden.
My lips are drier than the Sahara Desert good lord ang hapdi
if i was stranded in the sahara desert, it'd be okay because I have you, get it? Cause youre so fkin shady 😀
Photo of the day: A container crossing the Sahara desert. Photo by Juanma Herrera.
Morocco and Algeria are using the Western Sahara as a place to play out a proxy war:
Siwa Oasis A lake deep inside the Sahara Desert is one of the most isolated settlements in Egypt. A place miles away from the bustle of the heavily populated cities of Cairo or Alexandria where you can relax under the desert sun or go skinny dipping in the natural lake. There’s also a lot of history here. It used to be home to an oracle of Amon (an ancient Egyptian deity).
But this life sha. I dey Lagos and Internet na problem. Shekau dey Sahara Desert, yet e get bandwidth take upload 59 minute video.
I don't think GHS knows what air conditioning is 😅 . Sahara desert in here ☀️
Please, always check the email address you are sending to: A man checked in to a SAHARA DESERT HOTEL. He opened his laptop to send an e-mail to his wife, but he accidentally typed the wrong e-mail address. The message was sent to a widow who just returned from her husband's burial. The widow checked her e-mail, expecting condolence message. Afterreading the first message, she fainted. Her son rushed into the room, saw his mother on the floor with the following computer screen message: "TO MY LOVING WIFE: I know you surprised to hear from me so soon. I've just checked-in. How are you? I am lonely here and is really very, very hot. I have made necessary arrangements for your arrival. I am expecting you tomorrow, darling, but please be prepared, as it is burning hot here. I can't wait to see you, Till then.
If you put the Federal Government of Nigeria in charge of d Sahara desert, Am definitely sure dat in 5 years there will be shortage of sand
Migrants in the Trapped in the desert as sex workers, dreaming of escape
A recently discovered spider in the Sahara Desert does flips as a defense mechanism but if it does it too much it could die from exhaustion but it looks hilarious when it flips and rolls. :D
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People can spend so much money on bottles.. but bank accounts and gas tanks be looking like the sahara desert
The library is either Iceland or the Sahara Desert, there is no in between
Why is in Podgorica so hot,like we live in Sahara desert?!
"Migrant dreams turn into Sahara Poor headline for why it's hard to cross desert- nothing to do with sex http:/…
The items are kept in the office of the London dagarguli wallet 11000 , 10500 credit card , 15000 umbrella hat 13000 , 11000 Mobile phone ... etc. Equatorial and southern Africa live in the breasts mtsovrebi pangolinebi who have stomach teeth Khirosimasa atomic bombs dropped on Nagasaki and called skeluna and patsatsuna Living organisms on earth - 70% of the population of bacteria .. Snails have teeth around 25000 .. Snow in the Sahara desert on February 18, 1979, she moved .. Peacocks egg mosakharshad needed 4 hours .. Miguel Cervantes and Shakespeare died on the same day is set on April 23, 1616 ... The elephant is the only animal that Article 4 a .. Ask your doctor if a patient is dying of ancient Rome achridnen hands ... Tkhilisgn dynamite to prepare land . Scholars suggest that women were becoming more and more tandablebi be . Scientists suggest that some time after the birth of women will no longer be If the new EU constitution siitsaa How To Use The animal intestines , bladder and kidneys Hungarian ...
Raining News, Dark Clouds over Vastrapur and rest of West Ahmedabad. It's like Monsoon in Sahara Desert.
You know life is tough when Libya is your destination, you have cross the Sahara desert to get there and prostitution is your only means to pay the smuggler.
One Xperia Z Ultra for sale which was uncovered in the ancient remains of the phone mecca somewhere in the Sahara Desert. The phone remains in an immaculate sexy condition and said to be once used by Ershad to woo Bidisha. This phone is also said to have been used by Jalil and Borsha in the film Nisshartho Bhalobasha where the phone’s touch stopped working after Jalil took a selfie (everything else is fine though). The phone has an attractive box which is lined with the remains of Aladdin’s flying carpet. It is said that rubbing the phone in an anti clockwise movement will gift you the power of the Greek god of Phones, Airtelopoilos Grameenious. All this for an affordable price of Tk. 18000. A bargain if you ask me.
Non greater than mysteries than sahara desert, the hottest place in the planet, a deadly waste land time had got or so scientist believed until they revealed...
Two christians were lost in the sahara desert on their way to Libya. One is David and the other is Christian. They were terribly dying of hunger and thirst when they suddenly came upon an oasis with what looked like an emirate with a mosque in the middle. David said to Christian “Let’s pretend as if we are muslims otherwise we wil not get food or drink. I am going to call myself Muhammad Gambo” Christian refused to change his name “My name is Christian and I wil not pretend to be what I am not. When they got there, the Imam of d Mosque received both of them well and asked for their names. David said “My name is Muhammad Gambo” Christian said “My name is Christian” The Imam turns to the helpers of the Mosque and said “Pls bring some food and water for Christian only. Then he turned to the other and said “Well Muhammad Gambo, I hope you are aware that we are still in the month of Ramadan? The guy fainted...
Raining today lol. The sand from sahara desert created the cloudy weather yesterday and it will leave from the sky and sun will shine again hope soon.
Morning all! The Sahara desert, airport toilets, ancient ruins – what's the weirdest place you've ever learned a language?
Am like lipstick cause am always on your girlfriends lips/ Am soo hot mum's labour ward was sahara desert/ Am the head of this rap game tho I aint into being given blow j*bs/ Goodmorning Familly!!!
Akpors, John and Rukewe were stranded in the Sahara desert, when they saw a bottle of Wine. They were so happy because they hadn't taken a drink in days. They decided to share the drink equally among themselves. John would take the top One-third, Rukewe would take the second, and Akpors would take the last. Since it was evening, they decided to keep it till the next morning, before drinking. Then they made themselves swear not to steal the wine. The next morning, the bottle of wine was empty. After cross examination, Akpors admitted he drank it. They asked him why and he said, "I woke up in the middle of the night, and was thirsty. But since my portion was at the bottom of the bottle, I had to drink through yours to get to it" Please is Akpors at fault?
If yu put the federal goverment to be incharge of sahara desert, in five yrs there had been shortage of sand.
One moment we're like the Sahara desert, next moment we're sea world. What weather is this.
Many Nigerian folks were convinced and saying blah blah blah about the sucking news of this abducted teen girls, Chad, Sahara desert is a place of many hides out. She'du Allah the vampire leader of the group Boko haram mades it very clear that he is responsible for the missing girls and he included a visual video that those girls were sold out by circumstances that warrant to believe it or not. He is a moron with America Army tank that's behind him. I know many of Nigerians detest president Jonathan regime, this idea could be a strategy from America government to knock him out. — EBT
Smh this kid is elbow deep in a bag of salty, buttery popcorn with no bev in sight. Pray for his dry Sahara desert throat.
So, for fans of 24, Jack Bower is back! OK. I admit to being a fan of 24. But how long can Jack get shot up, still beat the crap out of bad guys and never stop to use the bathroom? Further, I've NEVER seen an episode wherein Jack has a "dead batt" a "low batt" a dropped call or no cell phone signal. Jack can be in the Sahara Desert, miles from a cell tower yet amazingly, he can place a call anywhere. I can't make a call in my driveway without going into a dead zone! Jack always gets schematics to any building instantaneously, but when I dealt with postal facilities, schematics were still in dusty, rolled up blueprint rolls. God help you trying to unearth them. But I digress... Jack, though by now, rather long in the tooth, can pretty much hack into ANY computer, hot wire any car, take down multiple muscular young thugs in a single bound, survive explosions, chemical attacks, and disable bombs and thwart nuclear threats that could destroy the Earth. Hey, he just jump started Chloe! She's back too! I think ...
Torturing myself with a cup of decaf.feels like the Sahara Desert in my lungs! *** cold coming on!!
My phone dryer than the Sahara desert..
The Sahara Desert – its name alone conjures up images of sand, extreme heat and a quest for survival. It’s the world’s third largest desert and the largest desert that will kill you with heat rather than cold. It’s something you can’t miss when you go to Morocco and if you haven’t already added it,…
There were two men by name Pual and Moses who were travelling in sahara desert of North Africa,they were too thirsty n hunger so the moved to a nearby village so when they approached the saw a the begun to hv compersation. Moses:wat can we do paul bse we r thirsty n hungery? Paul:let go to that nearby village. Moses: but it for muslim bse there is a mosque. Paul:let go Moses:let change our name to muslim's name so that we can fit in the society. Paul: no Moses:i will be called Musa. when the reached they found alots pple but muslim,they were welcome n made 2 introduced themselves,so one said Musa n other one Paul after that food was prepared 4 them n given to Paul n told Musa that it's a fasting period so muslim don't eat during the frnds learned from this story that only truth and reality will save from difficulties as Bible said.
Phone dryer than the sahara desert.
Tomorrow, I'll be dressed Arabic style ready for a trek across the Sahara desert on camel back to catch the African sunrise. I bloody love it here
Peep my boy Harrison. Trying to bite into that salty chicken and spicy broccoli pizza without a bev. Shame that the lack of liquid to his throat made it as dry as the Sahara desert. Shame he didn't make it to the nearest bev. Rip
May God be with these two individuals. They had no bevs ; their throats were dryer than the Sahara desert. Their throats were feeling like cacti. 1 like 1 prayer .
Never went home so early this whole semester. Place is drier than the Sahara desert
Did you know... The Sahara desert is expanding half a mile south every year.
This was shot during my camel trip in Sahara desert. Silence and sunset light make that such an incredible experience! For other works, please follow Marco Barbieri Photography
Hamilton Collection
The heat here is like the sahara desert
Trying to fulfill your dream or destiny, just like try to fight adversity, is like trying to walk through the Sahara desert with the winds blowing against you. You can either turn back, go home and spend the rest of your life wondering what could have been or you can fight the current and get to the treasure in the Pyramids of Egypt, and achieve true happiness.
My lips feel like the Sahara desert. It's annoying.
So a man was drinking a soda and found out it was 89 cents to refill it. He decides he doesn't want to pay that and steals the refill. Needless to say he got caught. Not only did he get caught but was fined $525 dollars! Over a refill man?? Ain't no soda worth 525 bucks, boo!! I don't care if I'm in the middle of the Sahara Desert and every time I swallow the saliva sizzles!!! You got me messed up! What y'all think?
A visit to the Sahara desert is definitely an experience everyone should have at least once in their lifetime. It is a journey well worth the effort and you will have fond memories to last you forever. Imagine yourself on top a camel, trekking through the Sahara desert. There is nothing around you and all you can hear are the footsteps of the camel on the soft sand. The sky is vast and clear in the day and filled with millions of bright stars at night. It is a very peaceful experience, one raley known to most of the Western World Easy Tours Morocco can hepl you to organize your tour .
In Sahara desert for a jog. Need to reduce weight!
U can b handsome as zuma rock, n ur pocket could b dry as sahara desert. |st.timmie|
I feel like I'm in the Sahara Desert, everyone around me is thirsty af.
Did anyone else enjoy Beachworld? I had visions of Star Wars, Stargate etc. It also reminded me of the French dude Antoine de Saint-Exupéry who in 1935 famously crash landed and survived way out in the boonies of the Sahara desert for 3 days with very little food and water. Great short story.
I feel like I'm cleaning out the Sahara desert out of my ears for atleast a week after every beach trip.
If you don't like Capitalism, by all means go live under some rock in the Sahara desert, Oh wait, even animals practice it, Go live on the moon instead, away from everything.
5 Things to do this year 1. Roller blade the sahara desert from one side to the other 2. Make a snowball land on the sun 3. Win an oscar 4. Swim to Australia non stop from Portsmouth 5. Find an honest women Holy moly ive just realised only 4 ticks are possible
Someone recently said..."If u put d federal govt in charge of d Sahara desert, in 5 years there'll be shortage of sand".
Finally Get all comfy and cozy in bed and then I have this unbelievable thirst for some water like I jut spent 5 days in the Sahara desert
My mouth is dry as the Sahara Desert rite now omg!
An Air Algérie Boeing 737 crashes after take off from Tamanrasset, Algeria. A total of 96 passengers and 6 crew were killed, while 1 passenger survived. Its matching with MH 370 the Year Date and Day so for sure it was on saturday and it seems like as its in SAHARA DESERT 100%
May 4,2014.Didn't relize we were in the middle of the "Sahara Desert".Now I know how it feels to be sandblasted!
Someone talk to me. Phones been dryer than the Sahara Desert for like four point two years. Not really but really. Hmu. Practically, unnecessarily splurging my loot keeping the service on for nothing. Lol
Tell me why Hawaiian' s don't believe in A/C and I got to feel like I'm in the Sahara desert in my house.
Someone answer me this, If the sahara desert is so empty, why not fill it with solar panels?
I would travel across the Sahara desert wearing nothing but a parka and only a handful of saltines to eat just to be able to throw my name in a hat with a million other names, hopefully to win a drawing to have the opportunity to hold the door open for you and the chance that you might notice me.
Somebody fwm my phone on Sahara desert Lms 4 d #
Mansa Musa of Mali – The richest man ever was a devout Muslim from Mali Mansa Musa caused a sensation when he and his large retinue spent three months in Cairo in 1324. The Emperor of the Mali had crossed the Sahara desert on a pilgrimage to Mecca. Muslim Mali was rich in culture, agriculture, trade, and above all gold. Such was Mansa Musa's generosity, that during his visit to Cairo his gifts triggered the collapse of the price of gold and the Egyptian economy took ten years to recover. The River Niger and the Muslim trading world helped to connect Mansa Musa with European culture. He was pictured at the heart of Africa in a Spanish map, the Catalan Atlas, in 1375.
I live in the sahara desert while Sara n Andrew live in Antarctica. Really???
My phone drier than the Sahara
If we put all of the Federal Government, including tax affiliates in the Sahara Desert, we could reduce the debt by 87 percent. Like if you agree.
It's HOTTER then two fat people standing in the middle of the Sahara Desert. Lime St.on a Sunday is like trying to cross the Sahara Desert, stopping at South Parkway to get a coach to Lime St :-P
I, (me) feels like a 500 pounds Sumo wrestler in a hot *** sauna (New Orleans) that is in the Sahara Desert trying to reach to an oasis full of water which is impossible. Got my tongue hanging out. All I can see is the sun's ultra rays and I am literally dragging my *** like an animal scratching its *** on the ground.
The transferred sand from the Sahara desert makes the atmosphere colorful in a way. Happening now!
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
My phone is as dry as a sahara desert!
The weather feels like summer season at Sahara Desert, North Africa no sounds bad:|
25/4/2014 Do you guys know who sent in confessions? Cause some things are kindda private _ Admin Spring: Yep, we have a high tech IP address tracker that can track down who you are in 3 seconds even if you live in an igloo in the Sahara Desert. Ps. No. We can't. Just like how there can't be an igloo in the Sahara Desert.
Bear Grylls heads to the Sahara Desert to explore survival stories in this hostile, unforgiving terrain, Wed at 10/9c h…
Look closely - the famous Giza Pyramids stand all lonely and isolated in the middle of the Sahara Desert - NOT !!!
“We want to come back and play Sahara Desert blues group Tinariwen returns April 22
Who cares that The NY Times loves What’s more important is that the Sahara Desert blues group loves
So colleges have begun recruiting female gymnasts a bit young, in the same sense that the Sahara Desert is “a bit” dry, or the New York Jets are “a bit” dysfunctional. It used to be normal for a gymnast to be recruited as a junior in high school after a successful sophomore year. Now many girls are verbally committing to schools the summer after eighth grade. (No punch line: college recruiters were in our daughter’s gym last week looking exclusively at middle schoolers.)   So although (in the non-gymnastics world) our daughter’s verbal commitment to the University of Washington as a sophomore in high school seems rather early, it is now the gym-world equivalent of doing your taxes at 10:00 PM April 14th. It’s hard to tell where this trend will end. For all I know, the really proactive gym moms will soon be verbally committing their daughters in-utero, pending ultrasound confirmation of the baby’s gender.   So as a gym mom, you need to get started with the recruiting process early. Begin ...
FiSahara, or the Western Sahara International Film Festival, is a unique human rights film and culture festival celebrated in the Sahrawi refugee camps in the heart of the Sahara Desert, in Southwestern Algeria. We use film to empower and entertain ...
What these movies actually deserve is to have their film reels ripped to shreds and buried in an unmarked patch of the Sahara Desert where no innocent cinemagoer will accidentally chance upon it! 1. BODYGUARD 2. READY 3. AGENT VINOD 4. HOUSEFULL SERIES 5. JAI *** 6. CHENNAI EXPRESS ( SANS DEEPIKA OF COURSE) 7. SON OF SARDAR. 8. JISM 2 9. SATYA 2 10. RAM GOPAL VARMA KI AAG These r my top ten for the last decade
The South Pole is actually a desert environment, averaging about the same amount of monthly rainfall as the Sahara Desert.
WARNING : The smog currently in London and South East England is coming from the Sahara Desert. It is polluted and toxic. People with Asthma, please take precautions. Keep kids away from this killer smog. Cover your face if you spot smog in normal temperature.
running the Marathon des Sables next week in Sahara Desert raising money for Hope for Children. RT?
FUN FACT: if you spread out all the sand in North Africa, it would cover the Sahara Desert.
Adeyinka grandson wrote this _ _ _ _ We write, with particular pain, to you the youths of our Yoruba nation. We know that you are being ground down by the economic and political chaos in Nigeria, that most of you have to spend many more years than necessary to complete your school studies, that after struggling through schools, colleges and universities, you roam the streets jobless for years – incapable of supporting your parents, unable to plan your lives, to marry, or to begin to raise families of your own. It is painful to watch countless thousands of you desperately trying to flee to other lands to escape the hopelessness in Nigeria. We even know that some of you, in total desperation, try to reach the outside world by walking across the Sahara Desert to North Africa – many never making it through the dangerous desert.
27 This post is to the attention of Geography Students at the University Cramming for their finals__slHiadzi "During the Ice Age, according to the evolutionary theory, humans were grunting savages. “The Gloreanus map (1510) shows not only the exact line of the Atlantic coast of America from Canada to Tierra del Fuego, but also the whole length of the Pacific coast. “The King Jaime World Chart (1502) shows the Sahara Desert as a fertile land with large lakes, rivers and cities (which, at a remote period, it was). “Then there’s this Dulcert map of 1339, tracing from Ireland to the Don River of Eastern Europe; I tell you, this map shows precision beyond understanding. “But there’s one more. Its a beauty.” With a teasing twinkle, Corderoy eyed us each in turn, arose from his chair and ambled over to the window. He stood there gazing over the harbor toward Victoria Peak with its skirt of skyscrapers. He just stood there and said nothing. It was as though we were no longer with him. “Come on, Ph ...
Juliette Binoche Movie Night The English Patient (1996) In love, there are no boundaries. Storyline Beginning in the 1930's, "The English Patient" tells the story of Count Almásy who is a Hungarian map maker employed by the Royal Geographical Society to chart the vast expanses of the Sahara Desert along with several other prominent explorers. As World War II unfolds, Almásy enters into a world of love, betrayal, and politics that is later revealed in a series of flashbacks while Almásy is on his death bed after being horribly burned in a plane crash. Director: Anthony Minghella Writers: Michael Ondaatje (novel), Anthony Minghella (screenplay) Stars: Ralph Fiennes, Juliette Binoche, Willem Dafoe
Ethiopia, Yesterday and Today Ethiopia has a significant history reaching over 3,000 years into the past. The word "Ethiopia" has become a term for the idea of African solidarity and freedom, not just the name of a nation or a region. The ancient Greek historian Herodotus noted the region of Ethiopia as home to "people with burnt faces." During the Greek and Roman eras, everything south of the Sahara Desert in Africa was generally referred to as Ethiopia or Abysinnia. Biblical references also label Ethiopia as Cush, Kesh, Ekosh and Shewa (Sheba) in the Hebrew language. These were the names used in Solomon's courts when he received a visit from the Ethiopian Queen of Sheba. The biblical "Song of Solomon" praises her physical beauty. In modern times, especially since the battle of Adwa, Ethiopia has been seen as a de facto model of freedom for all black cultures sand societies world-wide. This held true up until the time the current political regime came to power. At least this is a homegrown terror and not ...
The loin is found in parts of Africa, south of the Sahara Desert.
On this day in 1930, after studying pictures taken a month prior, Pluto is discovered.. In 1955 the first of 14 tests in Operation Teapot is detonated in Nevada yielding 1.2 kilotons.. In 1977 the space shuttle Enterprise is taken for its first flight, piggybacked on a Boeing 747.. In 1979 snow falls in the Sahara Desert for the only time in recorded history... In 2001 Dale Earnhardt dies in an accident at the Daytona 500.. Oh, and in 1957 a child is born who would go on to make her living clapping, smiling, walking short distances and revealing letters, Vanna White... And that's February 18th
You think this New York weather is weird? 35 years ago today, it snowed in the Sahara Desert. Happy Tuesday!
Free French led by Philippe Leclerc advance on the Italian base at Kufra oasis in the Sahara Desert
"My mouth is like the Sahara Desert.". "Mine is more like the Gobi."
RIP Jean Howard Cole. A very special woman who was my surrogate mom. Back in the 80s she opened her home to take in both me and my very large Afghan Hound after her son and I had gone our separate ways. She had an acerbic wit and fiercely loved a great debate. She was intelligent, not only passing the bar at a time when women lawyers were almost unknown, but also graduating top of her class. She was literate and had thoroughly digested all the great modern authors. She was cool and forward-thinking and loved Tom Waits, Sylvia Plath and the Beat Generation. She was an awesome Mom and adored her two boys, Frank and Pete. She was courageous in dealing with what no mother should have had to endure when her son Frank, a documentary filmmaker, was brutally murdered on a solo journey to cross the Sahara Desert. She was a loving and loyal wife who left her career and country to follow her former professor and husband Charles on diplomatic missions around the world, sometimes even into danger as when she c ...
The Environmental Protection Agency. Another unconstitutional cabinet sucking up money like a camel in the Sahara Desert after a long trek. The EPA is not only unconstitutional, but totally unnecessary. It will eat up over $8 BILLION dollars this year - $8 BILLION dollars that doesn't exist with the people's purse empty as counterfeit Senator Patty Murray's head. Abolish the Department of Homeland Security because it isn't necessary, it's nothing but a duplicate of a Soviet style operation headed up by an evil man named Michael Chertoff, who cares nothing for the U.S. Constitution. This year the Department of Fatherland Security will blow $35.6 BILLION dollars that don't exist - it will have to be borrowed; that interest will be slapped on the back of your children and grand babies. Do you care?
A friend referred me to a certain latitude and longitude on Google Maps not long ago. The coordinates were somewhere in the middle of the Sahara Desert. At first I thought I was sent on a wild goose chase, but when I zoomed in, my mind was blown... (read more)
How effective is the "Ground Cover" concept MOPD is introducing people to in Mali, West Africa? This was the first Man Of Peace Development ground cover test garden. Keep in mind this region received almost no rain for 9 months each year. This soil has seen one little sprinkle of rain in five months and we are still 4 months way from rains. We are south of the Sahara Desert, in the Sahel, after all. There are two halves to this drip irrigated garden. Six women on one side, and six women with drip irrigation lines running perpendicular (Because of the hills slope). Which half of the garden is healthiest? The first pictures with ground cover from the beginning. The last few pictures without ground cover for the first three weeks after seeding. Any difference? Within the first ten days the women were remarking. the ground cover side is growing 30% faster. Although ground cover was eventually put down after three weeks of comparison, this uncovered side of the drip irrigated garden never did catch up. As you ...
A Gold Mine in the Desert – The Story of Mali Sep. 20 African History, Math and Science no comments Today, Mali is known as one of the poorest countries on earth. Life expectancy and literacy rates are dangerously low. A violent rebellion by the ethnic Tauregs in the North of the country that is threatening to split the country in half has been one of the few things that brought Mali to the news lately. But life in Mali has not always been this negative and depressing. Once, Mali was the shining example of a successful Muslim state. It was the envy of people around the world. It truly was a gold mine in the desert. Geography The region known as Mali is located in the southern extremities of the Sahara Desert. Here there is a transitional region between the arid and barren deserts to the North and the rain forests along the coast to the south. This is known as the Sahel. Map of Africa showing the trade routes that brought Islam to the region What Mali lacks in fertile land, it more than made up for with ...
Flooding in the UK, freezing in North America and tropical cyclones and flooding in Somalia: Natural hazards: Global warming and erratic climatic changes are on the grip. Is it due to man-made factors or the world has entered into an episode of erratic climatic changes. We know that where the Sahara Desert is today, 7000 - 10,000 years ago it was lush tropical grassland rich in animals and pastures.
HISTORICAL BACKGROUND OF NIGERIA Several dominant themes in Nigerian history are essential for understanding contemporary Nigerian politics and society. First, the spread of Islam, predominantly in the north but later in southwestern Nigeria as well, began a millennium ago. The creation of the Sokoto Caliphate in the jihad (holy war) of 1804–8 brought most of the northern region and adjacent parts of Niger and Cameroon under a single Islamic government. The great extension of Islam within the area of present-day Nigeria dates from the nineteenth century and the consolidation of the caliphate. This history helps account for the dichotomy between north and south and the divisions within the north that have been so pronounced during the colonial and postcolonial eras. Second, the slave trade across both the Sahara Desert and the Atlantic Ocean had a profound influence on virtually all parts of Nigeria. The transatlantic trade in particular accounted for the forced migration of perhaps 3.5 million people be ...
Do you know that the Sahara Desert used to be green? Rivers flowed from it into Lake Chad. But the desert saw it's last wet period in about 9000 to 3000 B.C.
The Touareg inhabit the Saharan regions of North Africa. ‘Touareg’ is an Arabic term meaning ‘abandoned by God’. They call themselves ‘Imohag’, translated as ‘free men'. No one knows the true origin of the Touareg, where they came from or when they arrived in the Sahara. Reputedly of Berber descent, the language of the Tuareg is Tamachek, with their own script known as Tifinagh, thought to have ancient Libyan roots. Their numbers are unclear, but estimates run between 300,000 and 1 million. The Touareg were recorded by the Greek historian Herodotus in the 5th Century BC. The Touareg are best known for the men's practice of veiling their faces with a blue cloth dyed with indigo (that's why the banner of our league is in blue color lol). Early travelers' accounts often referred to them as the "Blue Men" of the Sahara Desert, the region where many Touareg live. It is believed that the Touareg are descendants of the North African Berbers.
"If a government were put in charge of the Sahara Desert, within five years they’d have a shortage of sand." -- Dr. Milton Friedman
Prehistoric and Berber Libya[edit] Main article: Prehistoric North Africa Prehistoric Libyan rock paintings in Tadrart Acacus reveal a Sahara once lush in vegetation and wildlife. Tens of thousands of years ago, the Sahara Desert, which now covers roughly 90% of Libya, was lush with green vegetation. It was home to lakes, forests, diverse wildlife and a temperate Mediterranean climate. Archaeological evidence indicates that the coastal plain of was inhabited by Neolithic peoples from as early as 8000 BC. These peoples were perhaps drawn by the climate, which enabled their culture to grow, subsisting on the domestication of cattle and the cultivation of crops.[1] Rock paintings and carvings at Wadi Mathendous and the mountainous region of Jebel Acacus are the best sources of information about prehistoric Libya, and the pastoralist culture that settled there. The paintings reveal that the Libyan Sahara contained rivers, grassy plateaus and an abundance of wildlife such as giraffes, elephants and crocodiles. ...
HISTORY OF THE HAUSA OR HAUSAWA( PART 1) The Hausa (autonyms for singular : Bahaushe (m), Bahaushiya (f); plural Hausawa and general: Hausa/Haoussa; exonyms being Ausa, Mgbakpa, Kado, Al-Takari and Abakwariga) are the largest ethnic group in West Africa and one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa. They live primarily in the Sahelian and Sudanian areas of northern Nigeria and southeastern Niger, with significant numbers also living in parts of Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Chad, Togo, Ghana,[2] and Sudan. The largest population of Hausa are concentrated in Nigeria and Niger, where they constitute the majority. Predominantly Hausa communities are scattered throughout West Africa and on the traditional Hajj route across the Sahara Desert, especially around the town of Agadez. A few Hausa have also moved to large coastal cities in the region such as Lagos and Cotonou, as well as to parts of North Africa such as Libya. Most Hausa, however, live in small villages or towns in West Africa, where they grow crops, r ...
I spoke to some Agents that I know. They tell me the apparatus mysteriously vanished from the parking lot one cold night. It was seen last year in the Sahara Desert near the B 24 Lady Be Good !
There's more sand on the roads right now than sand in the Sahara Desert and more salt than the Dead Sea.
I am aiming to raise over £2000 for Marie Curie by walking for 5 days across the "Sahara Desert" !!! Why not donate £1 a month by text message ? All you have to do is just text - TWSD99 £1 (or any amount after the pound sign) to 70070
*** were u partyin in the sahara desert?!! U mustve been
my hair is now as dry as the Sahara Desert fsss
Sahara’s Wildlife Disappearing Rapidly, Researchers Say: Sahara- the world's largest tropical desert- might no...
Row of people riding camels through the desert, Sahara Desert, Morocco Poster Print by Panoramic Images (36 x 12)
Lmfao I'm reading the Grapes of Wrath... It explains how Stevins Ancestors traveled through the Sahara Desert.!
GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS. A camel trader is walking across the Sahara Desert. The party pitches a tent for the night. And the slaves drive pegs into the ground and tie the camels to the pegs. Then they come in to say to the master, “There are only nineteen pegs and we’ve got twenty camels. How do we tie the twentieth camel?” And the master said, “These camels are stupid animals. Just go through the motions of tying the camel and he’ll stay put all night,” which is what they did, and the camel stood there, convincing everybody. And the next morning they lifted the tent and continued on their journey, the slaves came to complain that all the camels were following except this one. This one refused to budge. And the master said,“ You forgot to untie him.” They said, “Oh, yes,” so they went through the motions of untying him. This is an image of the human condition. We’re scared about things that are not. We’re tied to things that don’t exist. They’re illusions. They’re falsehood ...
Happy happy birthday Viller!! Balu ku ali ka matula keng pamagpost kung ini pero buri kung abalu mu na kaluguran dka at proud ku keka. Keep going anak and just take your time. Enjoy ka mu ken nukarin ka mn keng africa. May you find inner peace in your hoilday there in the Mountains of Atlas and in Sahara Desert. Mimingat ka. Atsu kmi mu keni. Love you and god bless.
WILD BILL on CYPRUS TV*Tuesday PM on the Strip before Britney arrived, A TV camera crew from Cyprus at The Fountains asked if they could video my Musical Madness honking horns! They kept wanting me to yell PAPARAZZI as I played? Promised to send me a copy to share on FB. But so did TV crews before from Norway, Mexico City, Iran, France, Jordan and a dozen other foreign TV crews. Oh, well! Maybe one day I*ll be wandering thru the Sahara Desert and a guy on a camel will yell HEY! I KNOW YOU! YOU*RE THAT CRAZY GUY HONKING BIKE HORNS AND RINGING BELLS IN VEGAS! Take whatever happens in life as a Blessing.and...Watch Your Garden Grow!!!
/Sahara desert deaths: 92 migrants perish in Niger after vehicle breakdowns
Mongabay ‘86% of big animals in the Sahara Desert are extinct or endangered’
I was not aware that my room was the Sahara desert
The epitome of Texas weather. Sahara desert one day, arctic tundra the next.
Large elder Tree wooden pendant. elder tree is considered a magical tree and used by pagans and wticheswyrd wizard Fine Handcrafted Magical Tools STUFF FOR SALE VIEW YOUR CART Welcome! magical properties of wood itrim.jpg This is a brief description of the magical properties of woods, for this subject is vast! All the folklore, Magical uses, Gods & Goddesses, cultures, religions and characteristics of any one tree would fill a small library. Almost all cultures have myths or folklore about a tree or trees, making it clear that these ancient beings have been a friend of man for a very long time. But, I’m not sure that they see us in the same light. It is my opinion that one should not read too much into the properties of a wood, for any witch or wizard can wield any wood to do her or his bidding, though it might change the manner in which it is done. For example, if using a wand made of Apple wood – a tree of love – you might want to send forth your magic from your heart to take advantage of the pro ...
phone stay drier than a Sahara desert 😒
I hate when you wake up with a mouth like the Sahara Desert
The heating system in Linden Plaza is hotter than peak hours in the Sahara desert my goodness!!! I'm sweating a new ocean trying to sleep!😩😭
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