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Sahara Desert

The Sahara (Aṣ-Ṣaḥrā´ al-Kubrā, The Great Desert ) is the world's largest hot desert and second largest desert, after Antarctica.

United States Western Sahara

Phone drier than the Sahara desert 🌵
it's that time of the year where my room is the Sahara desert
The town of Siwa in the Sahara Desert in western is one of the most fascinating places I've visited.…
(British accent) "My throat is as dry as the Sahara desert." -MW
Sand Dunes of the Sahara Desert at the Sunrise! Nadir Alvarez Gracia has posted this fabulous photo on the Google+.
In Arabic the word for desert is pronounced "sahra" so the Sahara Desert is translated to "Desert Desert"
And some sauce,this looks dryer that Sahara desert
I traveled 4,800 kilometers with my Fitbit !. That's more than the length of the Sahara Desert !…
Someone please remind me why I feel the need to check my phone every 5 seconds even though it's consistently dryer than the Sahara Desert
The only thing wet is my nose leaking from hayfever. Everything else dry like sahara desert.
I haven't put cream on my face in like a week and I'm transforming from sahra into sahara desert
From the coast of to the Nile delta in Sahara is the 3rd largest desert in the
The Sahara Desert used to be green and lush. Then humans showed up.
I bet you get women real wet with this line. They definitely don't turn to the Sahara desert around you.
The temperature in classrooms are so minute I'm in Antarctica then next thing I know I'm in the Sahara dese…
my room feels like the Sahara desert 😪
In the Sahara Desert of Egypt, there is an oasis called Siwa where you will find a place called Adrere Amellal Dese…
I spent the weekend camping in the Sahara desert and the most surprising part of that is the fact I went camping
This is what a reflection looks like at an oasis in the Sahara Desert - how amazing is this.
Sahara desert appreciation post because wow how is this my life 🐪
Could you run 250km across the Sahara Desert over 5 days? Hats off to this young man who is doing it.
Huw Lewis and Brian Edwards are preparing to run 156 miles across the Sahara Desert for charity - find out more ton…
Please explain how the Sahara Desert, Arabia's Empty Quarter, and Xinjiang are as bad as Beijing and Delhi!
Timbuktu in Mali is located at the precise point where the Niger River flows northward into the southern edge of the Sahara Desert.
No I live in Sahara Desert in my call center. Shukran
my mouth is currently dryer than the Sahara Desert but i'm way too lazy to go all the way downstairs and get a glas…
Tamikrest, The Sahara Desert as a Place of Freedom - World Music Central
What do you call a snowman in the Sahara Desert? Lost
looking like an animal in the Sahara Desert needing to be tamed ! 😍
Old well in the Sahara desert by Zouhair...…
why is my phone dryer than the Sahara desert
Breast Cancer Awareness
my phone is wet while I'm at work but AS SOON AS I GET OFF.SAHARA DESERT.
Sahara desert: the result of global warming! Lol!
sauna is not even the word for it 🙄🙄🙄 i feel like I live in the Sahara desert
I would walk through the Sahara desert for two days straight without water just to be those jeans
Convos went from the ocean to the Sahara desert 😕
When you've been wearing your contacts for 16+ hours and your eyeballs feel like the Sahara desert 😩
Have you ever seen millions of star on the bright clear sky?. ***.
Desert art in the Sahara. Nature is astonishing!
My phone is dryer than the Sahara desert😐
My phone is legit dryer than the Sahara desert 🤒
World Heritage Site, Ounianga, an oasis in the Ennedi region of the Sahara Desert. Image by Jean Labuschagne
In 1960,Dr. Kwame Nkrumah froze Ghana's assets of French companies in protest of France's atomic test in the Sahara Desert.
Sahara Desert gets first snowfall in almost 40 years, but the fake news media told me global warming is real!.
Cue the Sahara Desert joke? The government lost money on every penny it made in 2016
A little fell in the Sahara Desert today. First time in 37 years. In other news: is still chasing…
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Yes my lips are as dry as the Sahara desert without it
Harmattan is a dry and dusty northeasterly trade wind which blows from the Sahara desert over the West African...
Who else just lays down and scrolls down their TL because their phone is dryer then the Sahara desert 😊
Why your DM's look like the Sahara desert — 🤔
Breathtaking photos show first snow in Sahara Desert in decades
Snow on the edge of the Sahara Desert in Africa is rare, yet on Dec. 19, snow fell & was seen by our satellites:
Unbelievable! Snow falls in the Sahara Desert in an incredibly rare occurrence
It just snowed in the Sahara Desert for the first time since 1979:
Snowfall hits desert for first time in nearly 40 years
Surprise as snow falls in the Sahara desert for first time in over 37 years (photos) via
Today in 1960 France completes a third nuclear test in the Sahara desert in Africa
feck me a sex drought... My sex life's dryer than the Sahara desert...its even dryer than dot cottons granny pants
First Sahara desert snow in 40 years
This harmattan is like someone is using long broom to sweep Sahara desert. 😶
Whys my mum acting like it's 60 degrees in the Sahara desert, we're in England Carol, pls put the heating back on
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5,000 Y.O. Nativity: Ancient cave art in Egyptian Sahara desert depicts 2 parents, a baby and a star in the east.
Photos capture snow in Sahara Desert for first time in 37 years
na u cant touch a 4 unless u lost a bet or ur in a 6 month odyssey in the Sahara desert
He is right in the same may “The Sahara Desert is a social construct” is true.
Snow falls in the Sahara Desert for the second time in living memory
Algeria: Palm Trees under the Historical Snowfall in the Sahara Desert December 2016
Snowed in the Sahara desert last week! 😳
These pictures capture snow scattered across the Sahara desert in Algeria. 😍
Freak snow in Sahara desert (Ain Sefra, Algeria) can be traced to intense upper level impulse that cycled through: http…
If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there'd be a shortage of sand.- M.Friedman. Tão…
Why isn't the Sahara desert, the Mojabi desert, chokka with solar panels? Oil companies muscling governments...? You be…
Snow in the Sahara Desert! . It only lasted for a day, but it was amazing looking while it was there!...
being this single is annoying, my phone is like the Sahara desert
I hate when i wake up in the middle of the night & my mouth is as dry as the Sahara desert. My only option is to chug a bottle of water
Satellite photo shows snow in Sahara desert for the first time in 40 years
Snow Falls on the Sahara Desert for First Time in 40 Yearsl
"Yeah, and I'm gonna impregnate Danika Patrick while getting drunk in the Sahara Desert on a dune buggy!"
How to make the Sahara Desert back n2 green land: bury Panama under sea level. When it rose above sea level, climate change
The hottest desert of the world is?. 1: Sahara Desert. 2: Arabian Desert. 3: Cholistan Desert. 4: A…
If Fed govt. was put in control of the Sahara Desert -within 5 years there would be a shortage of sand M. Friedman
Even in the Sahara Desert's wettest areas, it may rain twice in one week and not rain again for years.
Another Wider ebony and oak wooden ring completed today -- this one has sand from the Sahara Desert inset into it
One stupid comment and suddenly I'm drier than the Sahara Desert
Calgary to the Bavarian Alps to the god *** Sahara Desert.
MT If you put the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT in charge of the Sahara Desert...
See Photo! Still planning to cross over to Europe via Sahara Desert, North Africa & cross the sea? Think again!
"Think Terry Riley's Poppy No-good...getting hijacked by Glenn Branca in the Sahara Desert with Group Doueh." digs
ha- ha... tag a mate that doesn't want to see the gas bill. God is great. @ Sahara Desert,…
P.S.A everyone if yo lips bout dry as the Sahara Desert please don't post a selfie on Instagram 🙏🏾.Thank you and may God be with ya lips🙌🏾
. covers more ground than the Sahara Desert.
"What is the largest desert in the world? . A. Antarctic Desert. B. Gobi Desert. C. Sahara Desert. D. Death Valley"
This is what a Sand Cat from the Sahara Desert looks like.
Sahara Desert in El Gouna, Egypt, “Desert Breath” is a massive land art installation created in 1997.
I'm raising money for the Alzheimers Society by trekking across the Sahara Desert plz can u help?xx
Girl, of course you can trust me. *disappears for 2 wks, finally found in the Sahara Desert, clutching a whiskey bottle…
One a scale of 1-Sahara Desert, the heat in my dorm room is off the charts🔥😪
Robbie Maddison with a MAD jump at the Red Bull X-Fighters in the Sahara Desert!
is a village in the Sahara Desert in on the edge of Erg Chebbi
A group of camels cross Erg Chebbi, located in the Moroccan territory of the mighty Sahara Desert.
Beware the Sahara Desert! Sand blown by the driving wind can strip paint off a car like a giant sheet of sandpaper.
Even a dusty outpost at the edge of the Sahara Desert has taken in Syrian refugees
surfEXPLORE Western Sahara for Surf Trip Journal Japan, North Atlantic lines in the Sahara Desert . 📷…
My backpack has survived my Peace Corps adventures in the Sahara Desert!
When you walk that long Sahara Desert walk from Queens Hall to Library to print something and the printers are down
Welcome to OHS where our classroom temperatures range from Arctic Ocean to Sahara Desert
someone did post a picture of that. Put it this way it wasnt bigger that the Sahara Desert in Africa
After walking through Narnia, around the Horn of Africa, past the Sahara Desert & through Neverland I have finally arrived at class.
Different color sands of the Sahara Desert 😍
Different color sands of the Sahara Desert
The Amazon rain forest has its soil nutrients replenished by the Sahara Desert.
If the Sahara Desert ever becomes a communist state, there will be a shortage of sand. -Yuri Bezmenov
I'd run a marathon through the Sahara Desert dragging my nuts across barbed wire just to hear Rachel Carroll fart thru…
Africa's Sahara Desert is as large as the contiguous United States.
TIL the Sahara Desert is larger than the contiguous United States via
Handmade traditional Moroccan Dancer Canvas sourced from the Sahara Desert.
Hear about the blonde explorer? She bought a piece of sandpaper thinking it was a map of the Sahara Desert. no
Sending RBC love all the way from the Sahara Desert!
Dynamics of Image and Image Negotiation in desert tourism. A PhD just defended by…
My mouth is drier than the Sahara desert omg
Sunset camel ride through the Sahara to our campsite in the middle of the desert! 🐪🌅 then 8 course…
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Design for a vertical city in the Sahara desert -
I left my feet in the Sahara Desert this is not good someone send help quick time I am feeling very confused
my mouth feels like the Sahara desert rn and I'm not enjoying it
*** is wrong with ppl, she isn't thirsty. She's riding a camel in the Sahara desert. 😐
My love like is like the Sahara desert. DRY AF
It feels like the Sahara desert up in here
What's dryer than the Sahara desert?. My phone
Phone is dryer than the Sahara desert
dry as the sahara desert Mark leaves me that way 98% of the time
My mouth is dryer than the Sahara desert but im still gonna eat this peanut butter toast.
Dust from Sahara desert covers sections of the Caribbean
.What about all those who died while crossing the Sahara desert? ... (long silence)
Monumental land art in the sahara desert | ScienceDump via
snapchat drier than the Sahara desert rn
Windows does not have any bugs . Can I sell you a bridge in the Sahara desert? :)
My contacts are so dry. It's like the Sahara desert in my eye balls.
to sizzle, seeth, simmer, swelter at 44 degree Celsius :( no less than Sahara desert type.
"I'm going to sleep. My eyes feel like the Sahara desert"
I can't sleep when my room feels like the Sahara Desert
Old well in the Sahara desert by Zouhair Majzoub.
wow I'm in the Sahara desert Rn someone save me
This is what city living would look like in the Sahara desert:
When you're notifications are drier than the Sahara Desert
it is hotter than the Sahara desert in my house right now
Why is everyone concerned about May's weather?? Like "April showers bring May flowers"???
God my phones dryer than the Sahara desert
In 1979, it snowed in the Sahara Desert
The "SAHARA" Desert is the largest desert in the World. [Invite Your Friends to Follow
My phone dryer than the Sahara Desert ☀💀🌵
From the Coast to forest, from High Atlas to the Sahara Desert. by
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The away stand at the KC stadium looks like the Sahara Desert.
Blending in with its environment, OXO architects unveil a conceptual project for a vertical city in the Sahara Desert htt…
A hot wind blows from the Sahara Desert across West Africa each winter
Did You Know? Ottoman Empire’ s farthest region was Fezzan. Fezzan is located in the Libya, east of Sahara Desert. http…
and I talk in a group message when we literally live right next door.
Everybody wanna call & text me while I'm tryna study. If I was bored with nothing to do my phone would be dry as the Sahara desert.😒
“that's the Sahara desert mob mask lmao” Glo man Taliban
that's the Sahara desert mob mask lmao
NASA video shows Sahara Desert fertilizing Amazon Rainforest with dust
Fun Fact: there are more PS2 games then there are grains of sand in the Sahara desert
You know it! Kids have weird "Onstar": can find the very thing U R hiding in middle of Sahara Desert.
My throat feels like the Sahara desert
It feels like sahara desert in my room rn 😞
Discover the Whales Hidden For Centuries In the Middle of the Desert: Hidden at the heart of the Sahara…
Dust storm above the Sahara Desert seen from ISS. Awesome! (HiDef) via ImGabbar
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Sahara means "desert" in Arabic so basically you are calling it Desert Desert...
on weekdays its oc lookin like mrs. Sahara desert
If it's not my babies, Toy, my siblings, or something in the line of family my phone is Sahara Desert DRY
"it's like the Sahara desert but completely the opposite!!" - Becka
House temperature is either Antarctica or Sahara Desert no in between
“Now everyone's texting me 😴😴”you lucky my phone dryer then the Sahara desert
10,000 year-old rock engravings of giraffes in the Sahara Desert in Niger
Quote of the night from "my lips feel like the Sahara desert" - mid game
I Waited 1 hr for the hot water to warm up in my shower and when I got in there, it was Sahara desert to Antarctica in a split second.
When one of your nostrils is like the Sahara desert and the other is the Amazon forest 👃😩😪
they milked Guitar Hero dryer than the Sahara Desert and now CoD is meeting the same fate.
Man DMX killing everybody fans , he got the crowd looking like a patch of sand in the Sahara Desert 😂
The only time in history it snowed in the Sahara. Read about it:
My phone's drier than the Sahara desert yo
-. The Biggest desert in the World is "Sahara Desert".
Little Giant Ladders
my phone so dry it's dryer then the Sahara desert🌄😅
A guide rests on a dune in the Tadrart region of the Sahara desert
My face is drier than the Sahara desert right now
If you put the Libertarian Party in charge of the Sahara Desert then they'd worship the wind that moves the sand like markets.
How the desert keeps the rainforest going.
My phones like the Sahara desert. Dry af
My nose is drier than the Sahara Desert rn
That dehydrated my throat feels like the Sahara desert 💦💦💦💦
The Sahara desert is in my mouth right now. I can't believe I put my body through this every weekend
Eyes on Morocco Photo of Moroccan Sahara ( Moroccan Desert) Life is beautiful enjoy every Moment at yo...
Imagine what's under all that sand in the Sahara. Humans lived there long before it was a desert. Gotta be some crazy discoveries waiting.
My lips look like the Sahara Desert. Help? via /r/MakeupAddiction
you the only *** I know that can turn the Pacific Ocean to the Sahara desert 😂😂
Q6 Romance is in the air in this remote Sahara Desert oasis in a small "hotel" with no electricity.
well don't live in the middle of the Sahara desert
My face is dry like the Sahara desert
lmao she untagged coz her drags dry as the Sahara desert
my skin is seriously like the Sahara desert rn 😩
Difference between my Phone and the Sahara Desert is nothing😂😂
Turned off my AC and my fan. Now it fees like the Sahara desert. Seriously wth. How do I achieve a perfect temperature
My throat feels like I have swallowed the entire Sahara desert.
You wake being able to see normally. But then you try to blink and your eyes are like the Sahara desert.
So, what caused the drought 1000s yrs ago? Ancient "Climate Shift" caused Sahara Desert.
Cross an item off your & join on his expedition to the edge of the desert
"you're jokes remind of the Sahara desert but Ai love ya Slates"
they all thought it was gonna be a panty dropper and now their draws look like the Sahara Desert...😂
I added a video to a playlist Dub Kadabre_-_Solitude In the Sahara Desert (NEW TRACK)2011 NOV.dubstep
The cold has got my lips feeling like the Sahara desert. On a bad day.🌌🙊
Moroccan Sahara desert retreat is out.
I am walking in the desert of sahara. The sun is burning my face . And it so hot it so hot it so hot
Day-3 before Live on 36 teams in Sahara's desert to follow on
3 wks today, start my 84km trek across Sahara Desert, raising money for
Yo frodel so dry, sahara desert got so jealous.
Woke up with mouth dry as the Sahara desert. I need apple juice asap
Sand from the Sahara desert is blown by the wind all the way to the Amazon and fertilizes the rainforest by recharging it…
This bus is so hot it literally feels like I'm sitting in the middle of the Sahara desert
I dont like the cold, i like really hot temperatures. i wanna live in the sahara desert
That skull in the middle really reminds me of a pharaoh! also, the colors instantly made me think of the sahara desert.
God business heaven creating sex gods everything is accounted for I know how many grains of sand there are the Sahara Desert
And i thought them *** in Sahara Desert were thirsty.. I see i didnt have my facts Straight 😂😂😂
My professors personality drier than a camels *** in the Sahara desert
Omds my house is either like the Arctic or like the Sahara desert never in between
If it were the Sahara desert they'd own a single grain of sand in it.
Without fail every time I tell a class I'm from Wisconsin I get weird looks like they think it's in the Sahara desert or something
Movement to ban fracking is growing everywhere – including the Sahara Desert
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Even in the Sahara Desert, the movement to ban is growing! Via
just like the Sahara shrugged a little to the South...the Mojave desert has shifted to Los Angeles...what to do?
so dirty it makes the Sahara desert moist
I'd rather walk the Sahara Desert for a month with no water than sit in my comp class for 75 minutes.
probably would never happen. Her libido was lost the day the wheel was invented. *** is more dry than the Sahar…
"A beautiful view of the Sahara Desert, taken by NASA. Find more here:
yah but your waist o_o!! Ahhhmaaagawd amazing you must do this sahara desert tour when u go
This is a tour of EcolCamp Adounia in the Sahara Desert our new camp which can be combined with a stay at...
If all the salmon caught in Canada in one year were laid end to end across the Sahara Desert, the smell would be absolutely awful.
TONIGHT York Seminar: "Refuges in the Desert: Cultural Heritage and Conflict in Western Sahara" by Nick Brooks. htt…
My contacts are as dry as the Sahara desert
We named this SAHARA cos' it's hotter than the desert 🔥. >>
"In the Sahara Desert seriously? The only tree in the desert. And you manage to hit it?
Protests Against Fracking in the Sahara Desert Are Spreading in Algeria via
I look like I just walked threw the Sahara desert and then took a picture in front of Abraham Lincoln the yo…
Congrats to Tom Welsh, winner of the Geography Photo Competition, correctly identified as the Sahara Desert!
This one time my ex referred to himself as daddy and I got as dry as the Sahara desert
Ever woke up and felt so dehydrated that you can actually feel the sahara desert ?
Photo: allcreatures: Baby fennec foxes outside their den in the Sahara Desert, for consistency with list of things I care about.
I just woke up my mouth feels like the Sahara Desert.
not bad for the middle of the Western Sahara desert! :)
Not sure what it is about this London place but my skin is as dry as the Sahara desert!! . Emergency moisturiser shop required!
"If Sahara desert ever becomes a communist state, there will be shortage of sand". -William F. Buckley Jr.
Camels aren't original natives of the Sahara desert. The Arabs had introduced them to Sahara about a millenium ago
Ugh sex life like the Sahara desert ofn
in 1979, snow fell in the Sahara Desert.
Shannon Smith prepares to walk across the Sahara Desert
Debate over 7,000-year-old rock art in barren Sahara Desert that may depict people swimming: About 7,000 year...
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that Florida sun Looking like Lion King Sahara desert sun
My room is either the Sahara Desert or a frozen tundra... There's no in between.
Photo by - A caravan of camels and trekkers cross the Desert in via
My lips are dryer than the Sahara desert. G ***
My brother rat's story is inspiring. He ran a 250 mile race across the Sahara desert to prove to his disabled son that nothing is impossibl
“Fresh cut gonna look like the Sahara desert after weekend 2
"I'll take u bk when ur sister is done". Another 2 hours of the Sahara desert then
The meaning of my life is pretty different from what society deems normal, or even acceptable in some cases. I get a lot of crap all the time from family, friends, and even strangers. This can be depressing sometimes, and make me feel like I'm not accomplishing the things that I should have by now, things that most my friends and family have accomplished in their lives.and then I remember that's their life, and I don't want those things. So they can keep their 9-5 cubicle jobs that are the result of 8 years of college and $60,000 in student loans that will take them 30 years to pay off. Get married, have your babies and your houses with white picket fences. If that's what makes you happy, do it. I'll keep my life, and although it may get me some criticism and some head shakes when I leave a room, I'll take comfort in the fact that these people will never see the sun rise over the vast Sahara desert, they will never ride a camel up to the base of the Pyramids, or know the dangers of a black cow in the midd ...
The American Political Landscape is a desert, a greater expanse than the Sahara; more barren than the Antarctic...
But why is it that when I'm in a relationship I have guys tryin to get at me but as soon as I'm single it's dryer than the Sahara Desert!?
"You are like a grain of sand in the Sahara Desert... AND I AM THE ENTIRE DESERT!"
"Sahara" - Desert Ironwood and African Blackwood with Axis Deer Antler inlay Speck Call.
I'm hungrier than a lion in the Sahara desert
Every class is a different temperature varying between an arctic tundra to the Sahara desert. You never know what you're gonna get
First time I've woken up without the Sahara desert on my face all winter thanks to too bad my bank account isn't as in love
You'd think this school is the Sahara desert 😅🔥
“that's that Sahara desert thirst. Lol” YAASSS 😂😂😂
that's that Sahara desert thirst. Lol
My job drier than the Sahara desert.
Can rain get a train to Sahara Desert...
why is my face drier then the Sahara desert
To show support for France the UK has built an exact replica of Paris in the Sahara Desert near Preston
Hello there, you're still not following "Lmao... from Sahra Witherfork to Sahara Desert..."
Tashan and Brodie's crib like the Sahara Desert 😓😓😓😓 HOT boi..
This school is either the North Pole or the Sahara Desert
GM Cindy! I was thinking the might be nice about now.
you hug like an Indian in the Sahara desert on a Wednesday afternoon looking for coconuts saving their last bottle of water
right then meet me in the middle of the Sahara Desert, first one to die of dehydration loses
Touareg guide resting in the Tadrat region of the desert in southern
Look down, look up: Sahara desert with a camel licking your box
It's always either the Sahara desert or Antarctica in school, never in between
this school is either hotter than the Sahara desert or colder than Antarctica no in between
So the heaters started working again last night so I woke up to sahara desert levels of heat, then decided to do yoga
So dehydrated from having the heating on - sinuses feel like the Sahara Desert.
The Sahara Desert stretches farther than the distance from California to New York.
Find out why a Cornish man is motorcycling from Budapest to Mali across the Sahara Desert on the Mid-Morning Show with Pam Spriggs at 1115
Our Great leaders¡. If you put the federal gvrnment of pak in charge of sahara desert,, in 5 years enshallah dere wuld b a shortage of SAND.
My sleep problems stem for night terrors and my room CONSTANTLY BRING THEN TEMPERATURE OF THE SAHARA DESERT
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