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Sahar Biniaz

Sahar Biniaz (born 1986) is an Iranian Canadian beauty pageant contestant and occasional actress. Biniaz was born in India and grew up in Iran.

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The gorgeous Roxy Louw and Sahar Biniaz attending the Laureus Polo Cup
Wow!! Sahar Biniaz, look forward to seeing this movie.
Ryk Neethling is getting married next year to his long-term Canadian fiancé Sahar Biniaz:
why didn't you include Sahar Biniaz as one of your BC raised celebrities ?
With Sahar Biniaz and Angie of at the Cocktail function at Grand Roche.
It was wonderful meeting you Sahar Biniaz. In absolute awe of your beauty.
Another amazing photo of Biniaz's winning evening by This gown looked
Hanging with last year's Canada, Sahar Biniaz - Can u believe they crowned the wrong winner this year?? http:…
Justin y Sahar Biniaz en la gala de amfAR hoy / Justin and Sahar Biniaz today at the amfAR Gala
Justin with Sahar Biniaz at the dinner organized by AMFAR in Antibes, France - May 22, 2014. (3)
Miss Universe Canada Sahar Biniaz is all set to make her bollywood debut. To know more watch this video.
Miss Universe Canada 2012 Sahar Biniaz showstopper for Swapnil Shinde at Signature International Fashion Weekend 2013 in Mumbai. Watch the video to ...
Sahar Biniaz (26) from Vancouver, B C has been crowned the 2012 Miss Universe Canada during the finale of the annual pageant held in Toronto on 19 May, ...
Models Nicole Faria, Rochelle Rao and Sahar Biniaz Calender of Kingfisher. Check out some pages of this Calender. Awesome calender with all hotttest model looks Great. Here are some pictures from this Calender. Slide Show of Kingfishers 2014 Hottest…
Sahar Biniaz, Actress: Watchmen. Born in India, Sahar grew up in Iran and is now a Canadian citizen living in Vancouver, British Columbia. She is a former beauty pageant contestant who represented Canada and now works as a professional actress in Film and Television. Sahar has studied at the Univers...
Miss Universe Canada 2012 Sahar Biniaz wears Sallazzo's after a long day in heels
Sahar Biniaz turned the Miss Universe Canada crown over to Riza Santos! I wonder if she shared her Sallazzo's too!
Sahar Biniaz, Miss Universe Canada 2012 is taking what little time she has left in the spotlight to bring an...
Miss Universe 2012 contestants light candles in honor of Amanda Todd. Canada’s Sahar Biniaz lit candles in Amanda...
Sahar Biniaz, the reigning Miss Universe Canada, told a photog that she once tried to get a picture with Bieber ... but he blew her off!!!
Peter Mensch said Bieber has 3 years left of a career at this rate.. I won't comment but do you have an...
Justin Bieber may be Canadian, but the reigning Miss Canada, SAHAR BINIAZ, is NOT a fan. In fact, she says he's, quote, "A BIT OF A ***
TMZ lol the guy is a *** but why would u wanna get a pic with him after all?!
How much did TMZ pay you Sahar Biniaz to say that ..huh ..inquiring minds wanna know!
Looks like Miss Canada is NOT a Justin Bieber fan! TMZ caught up with Sahar Biniaz who…
yeah, he's a douce for treating his girlfriends and fans like princesses, where's the logic in that? Give him a break.
Miss Universe Canada, Sahar Biniaz, called Justin Bieber a *** She's the woman that won the week.
Haaa Sisquo kicked security in the back on TMZ!
Sahar biniaz called Justin a *** because he declined a pic? Uh ok, I guess everyone is supposed to JUMP at the chance?
Miss Canada thinks is a *** You go girl! But we still like him... BUT YOU GO GIRL!
Sahar Biniaz, justin is not stupid at all the stupid one here is YOU
“[VIDEO] Miss Canada -- Justin Bieber Is a *** she's just mad he didn't want a picture with her ugly ***
Barbara Kay: Beauty queen becomes target of the pit bully lobby Barbara Kay | 12/09/06 There used to be a time when beauty contests were only about beauty. Fortunately that all changed, and beauty queens today hold and express confidently strong opinions on how to make the world a better place. Indeed, the motto of the Miss World competition is “beauty with a purpose.” Canada’s Nazanin Afshin-Jam is a Canadian treasure in that respect, because she has used her 2003 Miss World Canada title effectively, and to great public approval, to further women’s rights under the misogynistic regime in Iran. But another Canadian beauty queen, who also wants to use her title to contribute to the public good, is presently under attack. More than 2,300 people have signed a petition, demanding that Sahar Biniaz be stripped of her title of Miss Universe Canada 2012. What controversial and offensive opinion has Ms. Biniaz expressed to receive such condemnation? Merely this: Ms. Biniaz has called for Breed Specific Le ...
Can't wait to post the Persian New Year's teaser tomorrow and the interviews of Sahar Biniaz and for
I got all the FashionTV interviews clips fro NYE 2013 ready and it looks super HOT ! ay ay ay Ive watched them 2000 times already and cant wait to share it ... so plz tell me if I should put them up first or shall we wait for FashionTV to put it up first !!??? it will take around 10 days for them to put them on air and on all their platforms !!! help me out plz Liz Rosa Jahan Kotowski Sahar Biniaz Elishia Perosa Azura Cook Mona Lotfizadeh Eva Chen Amanda Silvera Zara Durrani
MUCanada2013- Sahar Biniaz "I am so happy to receive a full scholarship to New York Film Academy from the founder and president Jerry Sherlock"
On this episode of Xposed we have LasBar in the studio talking about their new miracle product! You can get that perfect looking thick mascara that will stay...
Miss Universe Canada, Sahar Biniaz was invited to Lyon, France for Bocuse D’or competition culinary olympics
Just picked up miss universe Canada Sahar Biniaz from airport. She's here to support alex and Jack. Yes we CANada
Pageant queen Sahar Biniaz takes her crown to the world
Most recent photo publication for AllumSki in Indulge Magazine in the US. Featuring Miss Universe Canada 2012 Sahar Biniaz.
Confession: I am still really bummed that the original Sahar Biniaz wasn't able to compete at She was stunning!
Miss Canada replaced at Miss Universe pageant: Miss Universe Canada 2012 Sahar Biniaz will not be a contestant at...
Miss Universe Canada bows out: Disappointed beauty queen Sahar Biniaz says she chose country over se...
Sahar Biniaz, Miss Universe Canada, bows out of Miss Universe following hiking injury.
what do you think of Sahar Biniaz withdrawal from Miss Universe??
Very sorry to hear that Miss Canada will not be able to represent us at the Miss Universe contest in Vegas, but...
Congrats 2 who will rep Canada in Miss Universe Dec 19th!! Biniaz Feel better ! org n I send lucky blessings!
With Sahar Biniaz out, will Adwoa Yamoah do better in Miss Universe 2012?
Message from Miss Canada Sahar Biniaz: "To everyone who has supported me thru my process over the last 6 months, via
- Officially spoke to MUCanada Sahar Biniaz and she clarified why she is not competing in Miss...
Miss Canada 2012, Sahar Biniaz will no longer be able to represent Canada at the pageant next month.
Sahar Biniaz, the reigning Canada 2012, will be substituted by Adwoa Yamoah
What's really the reason why Canada 2012 Sahar Biniaz is substituted? Find out inside!
BREAKING NEWS! Sahar Biniaz no longer able to represent Canada in Miss Universe. Statement released by Beauties via
Miss Universe Canada Sahar Biniaz was replaced due to SPRAINED CALCANEUS! 3 days to go & the ladies will be in Vegas!
Sahar Biniaz from Vancouver Canada will not compete in Miss Universe next month. I was rooting for my hometown girl:( I wonder what happened
Ring the alarm on this shemergency: Sahar Biniaz
So sad for Sahar Biniaz...Officical statement from Beauties of Canada
Canada - Sahar Biniaz can't compete, 1st Runner Up - Adwoa Yamoah takes over! The reason is still unkinown but...
Sahar Biniaz is replaced. Thanks God, kurang sikit competitor tahun ni, but i like her actually..hmmm..bye canada!
Miss Sahar Biniaz is Still but Adwoa Yamoah is the representative for Canada at
Canada, Sahar Biniaz replaced 3 days before the competition.
Hi Olivia! MU fans are very shocked to see Miss Universe Canada Sahar Biniaz was replaced by her 1st Runner-up. Any idea why?
Miss Universe Canada, Sahar Biniaz, replaced? Would be the second time the elected titleholder from Canada doesn't go to MU.*
Can someone please tell me why Adwoa Yamoah is representing Canada at and not Sahar Biniaz?! So confused!
Indian-born beauty already feels like Miss Universe. Vancouver’s Sahar Biniaz is gearing up for the...
PHOTOS: Vancouver’s Sahar Biniaz off to represent Canada at Miss Universe
Miss Universe Canadá 2012, Sahar Biniaz at function recently with Denis Davila Director of MUCanadá...
Authenticity is the key to success. -Sahar Biniaz(Miss Canada Universe 2012)-
I was with Sahar Biniaz in Panama last week and I want to thank everyone involved in making this a great experience for both of us. Thanks to Katty Pulido and her staff, Org. Miss Panama, Lenin Belloso, RIU Plaza Hotel, Revista MIA, Juan David Velez, Cesar D. Castro (Chino Canutillo) and Rodrigo Quiel. It was nice to see old friends and to meet new ones. Muchas gracias por hacer de nuestra estadia en su pais una experiencia placentera. Merci beaucoup, gracias and thank you very much.
Sahar Biniaz's anti Bullying speech prior to winning the Miss Universe Canada Title.
If Miss Universe happens today, it's a toss-up between Ecuador's Carolina Aguirre and Canada's Sahar Biniaz.
Sahar Biniaz, Miss Universe Canada 2012 with 3 of her new friends, Misses Puerto Rico, Ecuador and Panama lighting candles in Nicaragua in Amanda Todd's honor. 'As some of you may know, Bullying is something that I dealt with for many years and have absolutely zero tolerance for. I will be working as an ambassador for pink shirt day organization, promoting anti-bullying across Canada and the rest of the world'.
“Sahar Biniaz is beautiful. She will make Canada proud in the international competition
Just Vain - no Brain National Director of Miss Universe Canada: Strip Sahar Biniaz of her title! via
The FB page against Sahar Biniaz. Go like it and share please.
Sahar Biniaz - Miss Universe Canada 2012 will be in Nicaragua from October 17 to the 21 with Miss Universe Leila...
Ernest Dempsey — Some people never get over their fears and continue to suffer all their lives because of an accident that struck themat some time in their past. One such woman, who is now making it an agenda to perpetuate the fear and spread it to others, is Sahar Biniaz – the recently crowned Miss...
Sahar Biniaz, Miss Universe Canada has made a fear mongering statement about " pit bulls" and how she wants to ban/restrict/muzzle them. Well MY CANADA does not support this. Lets show her you don't ...804 members
Spotted: Miss Universe Canada 2012, Sahar Biniaz, on the red carpet photographed in the September 2012 issue
Sahar Biniaz – the recently crowned Miss Universe Canada who is going to contest on behalf of Canada in the coming Miss Universe pageant in December...
6,100 people signed a petition demanding Sahar Biniaz be stripped of her Miss Universe Canada 2012 title. Find out why:
Waking up from sparkling nite out at + with + Miss Canada Sahar Biniaz
Sahar Biniaz, Miss Universe Canada arriving at the Hello Canada party
Opponents of a pit bull ban in British Columbia are demanding Sahar Biniaz be stripped of her beauty queen title for her stance on banning the controversial dog breed.
On August 31, 2012, the Vancouver Sun published an article in which Miss Universe Canada, Sahar Biniaz, gives support to a Breed Specific Legislation in the pr
Plz sign - Miss Universe Canada wants ban on pit bulls! Strip Sahar Biniaz of her title! Plz Rt
Do you feel Canada's Sahar Biniaz, Miss Canada has violated the Miss Universe Code of Conduct? Consider sending a...
2012 Sahar Biniaz wants to kill your dog.
Sahar Biniaz was down in Columbia training with the big wigs.she coming with heat!
I'm here to stomp all over Sahar Biniaz - Show her who is Queen!
Sahar Biniaz MUCanada in NYC in May for all the people who criticize her be careful she might be moving in after...
Sahar Biniaz arrival and quote on Premiere of "AMBROSIA" (she has lead role) last night at Montreal World Film...
We had very good time on shooting with Miss Canada 2012 Sahar Biniaz.
hi sahar biniaz greetings from Colombia I love your fashion looks have a lot of energy so I think that'll be the next Miss Universe
Miss Universe Canada 2012 Sahar Biniaz will be at Quartier Latin theatre at 7PM to present the canadian movie
Here is the trailer for Ambrosia Movie Trailer: via Sahar Biniaz, Miss Universe Canada 2012
Beautiful People- Persian (Iranian) / Sahar Biniaz, of Vancouver, has been crowned Miss Universe Canada.
Sahar Biniaz (Miss Universe Canada 2012) on the cover of FASHION Magazine in Central America!
On the parade route with the gorgeous Sahar Biniaz
Olivia Culpo and Sahar Biniaz met in New York City this week •
Miss Universe Canada is a huge fan of Ash.She talks about her from 2:23
Miss Universe Canada talks about her recent win!
Great having Sahar Biniaz (winner of MissUniverse Canada 2012 back at for dinner.
Miss Universe Canada Sahar Biniaz-who was crowned in Tony Bowls-chats about her new title and journey to finding...
Today on Urban Rush, my mom met Sahar Biniaz who is the reigning Miss Universe Canada! Since I'm an Apprentice...
On w/ Sahar Biniaz who has met bravely asked to get a photo with her
Sahar Biniaz talks about Donal Trump on Urban Rush, watch the clip at
Born in India and raised in Iran and Richmond, Sahar Biniaz will now represent Canada at the 2012 Miss Universe competition.
Congratulations to our new Miss Universe Canada 2012 Sahar Biniaz. Well deserved & will represent us well at Miss Universe!
Take a Hike volunteer Sahar Biniaz will represent Canada in Miss Universe 2012 Pageant this December! Way to go!
There are two Iranian females competing at the Miss Universe Canada 2012. Both reside in Vancouver. Link to all contestants. Sahar Biniaz Nazanin Gheitasian
Big congrats to Trisko's Sahar Biniaz for being crowned Miss Universe Canada this weekend! -...
VIDEO: Miss Universe Canada winner Sahar Biniaz talks to about winning the title, responsibility of role
Canada has finally crowned the contestant to represent the Miss Universe 2012 on December. Sahar Biniaz was crowned Miss Universe Canada 2012 on Saturday in Toronto
Miss Universe Canada is Persian again! (Sahar Biniaz) What is this, the third? Fourth time? They should just give us the title from now on!!
Seems once again Miss Universe Canada is an Iranian-Canadian (this time, Sahar Biniaz). That settles it...I'm giving it a shot next year.
Miss Canada is a Vancouverite but not Jenna but Sahar Biniaz. We made international news because of both these lovely ladies for different reasons.
Sahar Biniaz was crowned Miss Universe Canada 2012 and will represent her country at Miss Universe 2012.
The beautiful Sahar Biniaz is off to compete for Miss Universe Canada 2012 title. Show her your support by Voting for her on
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Sahar Biniaz who played Kali on the show "Sanctuary" is competing in the Miss Canada Universe pageant against Jenna the transgender woman.
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