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Safety Net

A safety net is in most cases a net to protect people from injury after falling by limiting the distance they fall.

Joel Piper Social Security United States San Jose Affordable Care Act

GOP’s Plan to Shred the Safety Net in 2016 | Al Jazeera America
Stack it up thats my only safety net
True. I do have wonderful friends, but I sure wish my parents hadn't left their safety net in CA.
Check out this article about legislation goals to protect our safety net for struggling families.-
Ttwo ways to build a financial safety net for your employees
Project Safety Net seeks input on suicide:
I've said this a couple times and still believe our generation is being coaxed out of its safety net.
Don't try to use me as a safety net when another *** treat you.
Think about how many people took the risk of a lifetime with no safety net.
I mean he's probably ready but I would want a safety net back there if you give him the starting gig full time
my argument is that superdelegates are the safety net of the establishment. Stay with me!
of course! Superdelegates are the safety net of the establishment.
Have you seen his booking photo? Stanford public safety refused to release it til today.Why?
Therapists creativity allows a state shift into safety for the client. For the first time the painful affect us s…
Always fall into my Logic safety net
Pay attention ladies AND gents who work in questionable locations; what you read over the next few minutes COULD...
Sure, but the safety net in WCQ in format I suggested would also be greater for them (namely 6th place staying alive).
The current safety net does not discourage work, research shows: via
A look at evidence on how welfare reform has fared -- antidote to what we may hear tomorrow from House GOP leaders: htt…
Olympic athletes star in new United safety video -
Australia's Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety releases annual report
console control for WA coastal radio station
A U.S. teen’s turn to radicalism, and the safety net that failed
Interesting read. You learn something new every day. Pass it on.
Interesting read on how safety net policies can help boost new business creation by providing room to risk and fail htt…
Finally, the Stanford rapist's real mug shot. From the Stanford Dept. of Public Safety. h/t
He's been hurt before too. So when he removes the safety net, don't let him fall.
Students are using Google Docs for more than just writing assignments. https:/…
Lee wants MAB to replace all Miri Airport escalators: wrote: Staff of Department of Occupational Safety…
Umbrella policies may provide a safety net in many instances. Here's one example:
Pilot Testing Patient Reporting of Safety Events from the Patient and Family Perspective
judge Natasha Stewart knows what it takes to fly without a safety net. Read her story here:
One big thing you all state is that America has a safety net. However thin. Nigeria doesn't.
NAMA, NAF partner on airspace safety - The Nation Newspaper
Man. Stu just operates like there's a Safety Net as Big as Forever when he breaks news like Hue Jackson coaching
Social care / Safety Net / Caring for the Community, what is going in Ireland FG/LAB have you no shame, FF/GREENS...
"Mobile and Patient Engagement in the Safety Net: A Survey of Community Health Centers and Clinic".
£££fine or prison sentence if your fire precautions aren't up to scratch We help you stay compliant!.
Since When Is It a Crime to Be Poor? via How the safety net got Shredded--. Welfare…
Out of state :) I'm applying at NMSU because why not (safety net, basically), but I'm hoping for something east coast :)
• Completely healthy and safety product for living. • More than 80% fresh air and light source comes though the net
The best unsubscribe safety net I've seen this year is definitely this one by
This! All these people who've taken big risks & now write ebooks they want you to buy already have a following, a safety net.
New additions to the ToughBuilt Knee Pads range: To protect the health and safety of the wearer, ToughBuilt ha...
Register now! safety eSeminar Sept 22 & 24 for the latest methods from the experts
DriveSafe puts focus on child safety with 'The Conies' -
begins nationwide nuclear safety checks after Tianjin blast
Checklist thinking can only think about what's in the checklist. Time to develop a safety imagination by Robert long
With you can build your very own safety network. Get this app and feel safe.
Often 'beggars' have already been failed by safety net and charities that should have helped them. Henc…
Check out this latest opening: Patient Safety Officer (RN)
Congrats to for winning a Sax Institute Research Action Award for patient safety in eHealth
Passengers put personal items before safety
Health and Safety exemptions for certain self-employed workers will be effective from October 1st:
“We’ve shifted safety-net spending from the bottom fifth to basically the second fifth.”
Basic income week is here! Would for all be the good safety net 4 life & help http:/…
Cessna 152 (RP-C8691 ) suffered an accident, Plaridel Airport in Bulacan , Philippines, 1 dead
New paper: Making Them Pay: A Proposal to Expand Employer Responsibility for Occupational Safety and Health
A real entrepreneur is somebody who has no safety net underneath them
Mason County Central staff school safety training Friday, no school for students
(2/2) safety net to help people get back to work: if they were sick, it would help them get back. - Ross Kemp (Actor).
Business: Record half year for home safety products supplier Sprue Aegis: COVENTRY-based home safety...
'There was no safety net at the time when John was discharged from hospital' Una Butler
Pilot killed, student hurt as trainer aircraft crashes in Bulacan airport
NHS England:. A Patient Safety Alert has been issued by NHS England.
Great pics & info about our real 'slums' of the recent past. This is what it looks like when there's no safety net. htt…
Testimony on Work Incentives and the Safety Net - Olivia Golden. ED, Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP)
Olivia Golden Testifies on Work Incentives and the Safety Net (via
: Special Report: United Way Survey on Safety Net: How you can help - WBKO ; )
Video reveals the desperate scramble to safety for Mediterranean migrants
GOP, the party of hate & destruction: our transportation infrastructure (Trains>Amtrak); key Fed agencies & the social safety net.
this would be a brilliant safety net - suspect you couldn't send by 930am though? Am 5 mins from Gare Du Nord
reports on "Institutions with Poor Records of Care." What R U going to do about it, ???
The local Sacramento ABC station did a great story about state developmental centers I'm trying to shut down. The... http…
Report: Taiwan MD-82 overrun incident on wet runway in strong cross wind conditions
.Vaccine safety & efficacy not backed by history, or much of medical literature.
Immigration detention centers: where the US welcomes families seeking safety with incarceration.
Long weekends are the deadliest time on roads, so punishments are harsher for breaking rules, writes
Sex World is our safety net in the North Loop for many reasons. Cc:
I feel like the umpires are getting really lazy with the safety-net of replay.
says it's time 4 Aussies to have a go unless if they have a go & fail then the safety net is gone
Abuse couldn't happen again at new Children's Hospital, inquiry hears
[Buffalo News] - Graham could be safety net for Bills
"There's been a very specific ideological push not to make those investments" - POTUS on the stripping of education, safety…
It does--I think it’s mostly for funeral expenses now. But he’s likely to need help later. I hope it starts a safety net.
In Vic we have lost sight of the fact parole is a safety net to support people exit prison - Karenza Louis-Smith.
Child abuse royal commission: New hospital built with patient safety in mind, i...
Polar Airlines Antonov An-26 damaged by catering truck at Yakutsk, Russia
The worst part of me laid off this time, is that I have no safety net anymore.
Graham could be safety net for Bills
Press forward. Don't be afraid to make a mistake; that's where wisdom comes from. There's a safety net if you fall.
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The abuse of a 12yo girl at the Royal Children's Hospital in the 1980s could not be repeated, inquiry told. .
I'll admit I'm in the same boat caught between my adolescent safety net and where the world wants me to be.
New hospital built with patient safety in mind, inquiry told via
Testing the Eurozone’s Safety Net by Ashoka Mody via via
Please Share..Yes People, don't be fooled this election. Carl DeMaio is a Puppet that has no VOICE. He been bought and pay for. The voice you will hear are the voices from his Master Puppeteer (Koch Brother, Rove, Etc.). He say he not a Far Right/Far Far Right Tea Party Member. He want to help the People. Let’s not forget, they are liars and lie to us to many times, and what the Tea Party feel about President Obama, No President in U.S. history has faced the level of Hate and obstruction that Barack Obama has from the Tea Party. He wants to replace virtually all federal poverty programs with "opportunity grants" to the states. He proposes that we end food stamps, rental assistance and other vital programs an total of 11 programs is at risk. Which mean no Safety Net in place for the Poor. Whoever controls the food/water supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world. Now let me see, Oh it not “We the People”. Let me guest, is ...
God's Safety Net - by Pastor Greg Laurie . All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. —Romans...
Assemblyman Kevin Cahill now wants state to take over Safety Net welfare costs
House Budget Cnte Report Understates Effect of Safety Net for Children | & -
33 short Years ago the Raygun Admin.'s "Trickle-down" Tax Cuts for the Wealthy & Attacks on Labor Unions Devastated the Working Class. Then the "New Democrats" under Bill Clinton Doubled-down on Policies that Devastated the Working Poor with "Welfare to Work", etc. Next Came the Bush Admin.'s Triple-down with More Tax Cuts for the Wealthy, Two Unpaid Wars, the Largest, most Expensive & Intrusive Expansion of Federal Bureaucracy since the Creation of the "Defense" Dept., the Dept. of "Homeland Security" & an Unpaid Expansion of Medicaid Drug Benes that Crushed the Middle Class & Brought the Global Economy to Its Knees. And the Current Republican Congress Seeks to Quadruple Down by Eliminating Food Stamps, Medicare/Aid & the Whole of the "Safety Net" Leaving Only the 1% with Any Financial Stability. Where Are the Jobs Economists like Laffer Promised? Time to Put the Rightwing Experiment Out of the American People's Misery. It hasn't Worked for the Span of an Entire Generation. Yet They Keep Saying, " ...
We're playing with many of our friends tomorrow at Pub Yahoo in Carol Stream for our first hometown show in a while. Anyone up to come hear our new jam, Safety Net on Fire? The answer is YES. Come out early and support the whole show, its gonna pop off!
FYI-Please, it is Tuesday, January 7, 2014. Did you KNOW that Social Security is simply a FORCED Savings Account as those considered the Elderly were not saving for the years when RETIRED and no longer "WORKED". It was now deceased Mr. Lyndon B John , who became the United Sates President after JFK, the President then was sadly assassinated. This requirement ELEVATED many from the LEVEL of Poverty and being a financial DRAIN on the Social Net put in place after the Great Depression known as Black Tuesday, October 29, 1929, where many committed suicide as they were suddenly financially without money. Remember the Decade of the 1920s was known as the "Roaring Twenties". Interesting that TODAY, in this Year of 2014, there is ATTEMPT to DISMANTLE the "Safety Net" of the Social Programs to HELP with the Financial DIVISION of the "United States of America's" current Business Model of Capitalism. This means that the Economic Truth of Supply, Demand and Price being interdependent FACTORS of Economic Understan ...
Airliner accident fatalities for 2013 at record low via
will radically disrupt the safety net in Pennsylvania & not in a good way:
Safety-net ACO operates like big providers | Healthcare Payer News via
Peter Watson: Unions are now the only viable safety net for workers Published: 01 January 2014 in Yorkshire Post Peter Watson. IN the past year, we have learned how progress – in civic terms – can be reversed much quicker than it is made. As 2014 arrives, ordinary people face a future in which many of their legal rights have been stripped away and trades unions will emerge as the only viable safety net for the working public. These are the facts as they stand: reductions in public spending have resulted in the rolling back of hard fought legal rights and access to justice. Systems which have protected vulnerable citizens for generations have been swept away. An unhappy note on which to focus when growth has finally returned to the UK economy, but what is the price of prosperity when working people have to forfeit so much? My case for the prosecution begins with Government cuts to the Ministry of Justice after Whitehall sought to slash £2bn off the department’s bill early in 2013. Initially, this ma ...
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Scottish Fisherman increase their safety with life jackets & demonstrations. This can only be good news :-
What are some of the Issues your Safety Net Hospital is Facing Today?
But at some point, isn't that what safety-net programs are for?
Some good news at the start of a New Year - airliner accident fatalities in 2013 were at record low
You realize ACA is a moderate social safety net, right? Radical is not how it should be described. It's pragmatic.
Our systems are set-up to breed more inequality and poverty (a stronger social safety net is a joke)...
This is so because there is no safety net for most matrics. No trust fund. No family old money. You only get one shot.
a safety net for many. Forget that ***
The best "social safety net" & cure for homelessness/poverty is a job. Help grow in 2014 w/lower costs & no hike
The safety net for seniros: Healthcare reform, especially the expansion of Medicaid, will bring into focus the...
.for TPM Cafe: Expiring unemployment benefits are part of the GOP’s war on the social safety net:
I will never be homeless because I have a strong personal safety net, many who are exp homelessness do not
Yes, it takes proper application and work ethic to make it. One slip or mistake with no safety net and it can ruin you.
RTairliner accident fatalities at record low …
Opinion: - linchpin of health care safety net
Electronic Device Insurance
Bangladesh shipbuilder sets benchmark in health and safety standards | Ruth Evans: Banglad...
Network: airliner accident fatalities at record low
athletes worried about safety at the 2014 Sochi Games - While Olympic officials continue to insist...
Even FQHCs can make the transformation to ACOs
I'll always be your safety net. she's the tight rope you'll cling to til your strength gives out. by then my rope will be weathered and weak
If you can afford drugs for recreational use, there isn't any reason you are on welfare. It is a safety net, not...
I have a feeling Haslett was kept as a safety net on case they can't get their main choice.
A Citizen's Income would provide a safety net from which no citizen would be excluded, and create a platform on which all are free to build.
Server crashed during the night, and our safety net didn't restart it, We'll be tweaking it today.
Aviation Safety Network: airliner accident fatalities at record low
Blacks make up 22% of the poor but get 14% of govt benefits. Whites make up 42% of poor but get 69% of benefits
By establishing a saving habit, you can build a safety net to serve as a buffer when you are up against unexpected lifestyle changes or unforeseen circumstances. Understand why you should start saving:
yes tahnks its so bewilldering in hear it makes me realise that chanting and association is so powerful and its our safety net with the wrong association we are at danger of forgetting krishna almost lethal cos we loose faith and get weekened we can do a bit of tv media but still we should be careful at all times Krishna has by his grace put us in the association of devotees and we have and our receiving desire to serve or a least perpetuate our chanting by chanting we are acually asking for more service or more chanting they are the same thing a leat we get to do service actual physical service by serving prasadam taking potos of harinam or what ever it may be that we doing which can be a well wisher event for ourselves and for other devotees just i pray that for ourselves who are a little weaker and more susceptible to illurements of maya i pray to lord nasringa to give us bold strength and determination in warding of mayas perpetual bombardin in this i pray we can give up our material attachments compl ...
(Photo: Zoonabar/ cc via Flickr)Bankers on Wall Street rang in the final hours of 2013 with gains unseen in almost twenty years. However, for roughly half of America, these stock market highs mean nothing as they face a new year with little work and even less of a safety net.
Discover how Aflac can help provide a safety net for your family. Learn why Aflac supplemental insurance is a safety net and how it helps protect...
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Don’t keep your safety net fund in cash savings accounts. Odds are you’ll lose money due to inflation, and lose out on potential growth of your savings.
SNAP offers nutrition assistance to millions of eligible, low-income individuals and families and provides economic benefits to communities. SNAP is the largest program in the domestic hunger safety net. The Food and Nutrition Service works with State agencies, nutrition educators, and neighborhood…
The year is starting with a social safety net disappearing for 86,900 unemployed Pennsylvanians. Congress allowed the legislation authorizing emergency unemployment compensation, the federal extension of unemployment benefits, to expire as of Monday. That means that the unemployment compensation deb...
Well had another wonderful run today, and without the safety net, lol. The dogs did a bit better today and even spud recovered faster to munch on his bone! Tomorrow, a break since last day Tom Vincent home so busy getting him ready to go, plus topping up our water and so on. Back on the trail thursday and maybe a bit further then. Hope everyone has a safe and happy new year. Ours is nice and quiet, watching movies and nibbling on munchies. Cheers all, till next year!
There are always going to be those people we keep around because it’s convenient for us. Because it’s easy to put them on the back burner, to place them within arm’s reach, because we know they’ll stay there and be content with at least the hope that maybe one day, we can get a little closer, as long as they stick it out and pay their dues. There are always the people who we think would make a decent worst-case scenario, and who are reassured by the idea that even though they’re our safety net, we’re their first choice. There is comfort in ego and in knowing you’re wanted. There’s a freedom in the knowledge that somebody will still be there, even after all is said and done. They will want to reassure you, to comfort you, to be there. But instead of settling for them, you should let them go.
MK Safety Net is a resource and advocate for MKs and TCKs who have been hurt or damaged by their experiences within the missionary environment
Mikulski to Cosponsor Bipartisan Short-Term Unemployment Insurance Fix Providing Critical Safety Net for Marylanders who Need it Most
It really breaks my heart that people mistake the teaching of obedience with legalism and hatred. YHWH's Torah is our safety net. It keeps us from harm and preserves life. It is His perfect ways so that we will be blessed and have joyful, happy, spiritually healthy families and lives according to what HE wants for us. It is protection of the earth so that our harvests will be blessed and there will be no famine. It is our way to know Him like HE desires we know Him. When we walk according to the ways of Torah and right-rulings, He is revealed to us like never before and we are able to know Him in His full character and identity. PLEASE do not look at boundaries as bondage. They are there to save us from destruction and to know truth from falsehood so that we do not forsake Him when the time comes for the entire world to make a choice. I love you all and PRAY that you hear my words of LOVE.
The 14th Annual Forum will be held April 9-11, 2014 at the Sheraton Denver West in Lakewood, bringing together participants from all over Colorado and the surrounding states. The Forum serves as an essential educational, training, and networking conference for all safety net clinics and other intere...
Please pray for I am traveling alone for the first time...simple trip just weird because no safety net so to speak... Rio *** here I come
New year is coming, The Tories are getting fat Time to roast and baste them, The bloody evil *** They tried to take our dignity They tried to take our rights They took away our safety net They invested with our lives A loosing bet for ordinary people But a winner for the rich Some of us we fought them Whilst others still wont twitch Ye middle class workers think your safe But really it's time to bloody wake Because wont be long before your jobs And homes will be next to feel the stake They want fire fighters fighting fires Til their old and in their grave Not a penny pension will they get, Even though they're very brave They created a workfare nation Zero Contract hours too To be slaves for corporations that wont pay their taxes too. They try to destroy our communities Privatise the NHS As well Remove all our opportunities And send our hopes and dreams to *** Sitting in our freezing flats Energy companies we despise The homeless growing in desperation With foodbanks on the rise They want to gag campa ...
! ! ! *Pokemon Conspiracy Theory* Let me start off by saying this was not written by me. But I think this is one of the most well written articles on the internet and I just HAD to share it. ————— If you’re prepared to soil a part of your childhood, proceed. Did one ever know the reason why the pacing and story development change after Ash was hit by lightning in the beginning episodes? How Ash and his world were relatively normal until after the incident? I have a theory. The accident with the bike put Ash in a coma. Days later he was found and was hurried to the hospital and treated with heavy medications. This is why Team Rocket became less menacing. The medication took effect and stabilized his coma dreams, instead of being terrifying, they became idyllic, and he’s able to live out his Pokémon master fantasies. If one had noticed, the early episodes of Pokémon were of amazing quality. The rest of the series is just the results of his subconscious mind fulfilling his desires, as well as ...
Quick update on the Issue of Defining the Safety Net. Several wonderful emails were sent and cc'ed to me, to Jason Helgerson. These included from: Lillian Roberts, DC 37; Arthur Cheliotes, CWA 1180; Susan Scheer for Disabilities Network; and Maria Alvarez, StateWide Senior Action Council. A portion of the definition was submitted by Lara Kassel of Medicaid Matters New York. The new version of the state's proposed waiver is now up on the MRT waiver web site. Despite these efforts, the waiver proposal "punts" on defining the safety net. There was a webinar yesterday morning to explain what was proposed. I raised question about when and how safety net will be defined. I did not take down verbatim what Mr. Helgerson said in response, but believe that the gist was that the definition will be negotiated with CMS. The slides for the webinar can be found at: time to weigh in on this and other issues. Apparently comments are accepted until January 15th, even though the state expects approval of the waiver ...
Parents, Teachers and Coaches - When Do We Start Teaching "You Are On Your Own?" No one to rescue you. No one to make excuses to. No safety net. Maybe even no 2nd chances or "do overs." Start this lesson in the reality of young/middle/later life situations at what age? I guess we should start with is this a good lesson to teach our children? That at a certain stage in their life they will be accountable for their actions. That "if you do this, then that happens." Rather than "if you do this, then that happens but Mom will rescue you before you suffer the consequences." Is the lesson "if/then" an important lesson for becoming a mature young adult capable of taking care of themselves? Can children be rescued too much? Can children/athletes learn a possible bad lesson that no matter what they do they will be rescued? That concept really seems dangerous to me. If children rely on being rescued all of the time, will they take the time to make wise decisions? Do we do too much rescuing? Personally I think so. M ...
In Cambodian family is everything. Family is the only support/safety net. As best as I can tell a forth cousin ranks about the same as a sister. The first month I was here I found that Ds like in Dennis were next to impossible for the staff to say. After about a month my dear friend Amoon gifted me with the nickname ‘Oom’ or uncle. I assumed this was just easier on the staff. But I also noticed a couple of things; neither the long term or the beloved guess got to be relatives. Secondly the staff studied me. I was a very different barang. I lived like a monk. I showed respect and kindness and I never got angry when things didn’t work. (Like the internet was down or they were out of ice.) A really weird aside: My ex-wife posted a picture of us getting married. I showed the girls that I was, if not handsome, at least I was young once. Unbeknown to me Amoon and the day shift bartender at the time spent the better part of the day talking about how much I looked like the old king who’d just died. Becau ...
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A global retirement crisis is bearing down on workers of all ages. It will play out for decades, and its consequences will be far-reaching, experts predict. Many people will be forced to work well past the traditional retirement age of 65 — to 70 or even longer. Living standards will fall, and poverty rates will rise for the elderly in wealthy countries that built safety nets for seniors after World War II. Are you prepared for this crisis and how will it affect you?
KUTV 3,000 Utahns, who were receiving extended unemployment checks no longer have that safety net.C
It's time to start thinking about the safety net differently.
Some are out in deeper waters than others. If God ain't out there ... you drown. No safety nets. What a awesome place to be ... because in deeper waters ... you see the most marvelous miracles. God I pray for those that are 'out there ' that they truly experience your miracle working power.
looking for a used and affordable trampoline with a safety net. also looking for - CARS Toys -PLANES Toys (the pixar/disney movie) -Legos (normal legos...not the oversized ones) -bow and arrow set (like they use in the boy scouts)
The perils of blogging: One has no safety net of an editor or second set of eyes on copy before one hits the publish button. I've winced at typos in my blog posts once they have been published. Kathy just sent me a message about a typo in my most recent blog. Here's the breaking news buried in this message: I finally learned how to edit an already posted wordpress blog. And the corrected version is now up. Thanks, Kathy.
Is it not hypocritical to deny a social safety net and benefits to citizens when those in power receive a great number of said benefits themselves? I believe many would think it so, if asked to vote on this?
There is no "Easy Street!" There is no safety net! We are responsible for our, in most part, our own Health & Care ! We have to Do For Us & Our Neighbors, really Encourage & Help in these areas of Health. This is my Rant & is only addressing issues @ hand. I hope my 16 year old friends and 90 year old friends, realize these. Sensitive problems have to be delt with, better yet we all have to Do better with Health and Wellness!! We can Not wait! That's why we are where we are; We Waited To Long!
The American taxpayer isn't paying much for social safety net programs like food stamps and Medicare. But we are paying a lot for the billions of dollars the US government gives to corporate America each year.
The Equine Safety Net was established to assist those caring horse owners who have temporary financial setbacks (such as a job loss, disaster or medical incident within the past 6 months), and are having difficulties feeding their horses.
Trampoline 14ft. Only 2 yrears old, we have the fittings and extention bars to place a safety net around the tramp if you want them.(net not available with trampoline but u can pick one up off ebay cheap) Will help with dismantling.Mat and Frame in great condition Pick up Sale $120
Submitted by Doreen Smith on Sat, 12/28/2013 - 18:43 DECEMBER 28, 2013  The Creator Writings There are times when you have to have faith and experience things without your ‘safety net’. When you reach the point where you trust The Universe THAT MUCH, you will be willing to jump and KNOW there will a...
I thank God, because he engulfed us n his safety net. I began to pray for God's protection and to minimize any injuries may occur . I began to pray when the holy spirit told me I was thinking is this really happening to me?.But 4:00 Christmas God showed me HE'S still n control! I almost left this world 3:30 am Christmas morning. I would have left my 9 year old, my 14 year old 21year old! I thank God I'm here!
The day the Republican-led Congress skipped town for the holidays it left behind 1.3 million Americans who rely upon this assistance to survive as they continue to look for work. Nearly 5,000 Rhode Islanders who have already exhausted their state benefits are now without their last safety net. I'm not giving up this fight until we renew emergency unemployment benefits for people struggling to find work. We can't turn our back on more than a million Americans, especially in Rhode Island where our unemployment rate is the highest in the nation. I voted against the budget, which was the last vote Congress took before adjourning for the year because it failed to include an extension of these critical benefits. The minute Congress is back in session on January 7th I will introduce a bill to retro-actively extend these benefits and make sure it is paid for by eliminating unnecessary subsidies and closing corporate tax loopholes for companies that ship jobs overseas. I have written a letter to Speaker Boehner .. ...
“Anti-Sex Ed because kids might have sex. Anti-birth control because women are *** if they have sex without intending to get pregnant. Anti-abortion because women are too stupid to know what's right. Anti-day care because a mother should devote herself to her children. Anti-SNAP because they might buy cookies. Anti-welfare because anyone who applies is a worthless leech. Anti-any safety net whatsoever because recipients are always undeserving except for ME. Have I missed any of the multitudinous, hard-hearted, anti-family, anti-life positions?” -- Nancy Secaur, member of The Christian Left
The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows us the frugal reality of life on the social safety net.
A paid-for home is your safety net. What’s the best way to tap into your home equity?
Nearly 170,000 unemployed living in the tri-state area have suddenly lost their safety net as jobless aid extensions expired on Saturday. And the cuts are not over.
"Do you have a safety net — a group of fellow Christians you know you can count on in life’s toughest times? If not, go out today and begin building those friendships. The hard times in life are inevitable, and only a fool would go into them unprepared."-Rick Warren. Share TALK YOUR WALK with a friend.
Good morning Tennessee, This is a sad day in our nation, a sad day because today, 1.3 million Americans will lose their unemployment benefits and extension benefits, because congress chose to cut them off, congress decided to cut the safety net of many. My heart really goes to the single mother or father, and the household if hard working people who still need our government's help to make ends meet. I've called it a sad day because of the children that will lose meals, room and even life, also our elderly and the lest fortunates among us that rely on our great nation for assistance. This is a shame America and we shouldn't allow this to happened. You all have a good day, and God bless you all.
Unemployment benefits were originally designed to be a safety net if you lost your job. This was available for @ 9 months. Then the Nanny State Democrats pushed this for 99 weeks or @ 2 years, and then they pushed to have it renewed for another 2 years. That is almost 5 years of unemployment benefits. This is not a safety net. The one good thing that came out of Obamacare is that it weakened Obama's ratings to the point that they couldn't push to have these "benefits" renewed for another 2 years. So now in desperation they are going to try to extend these benefits another 3 months. The Democratic strategy here is to get into the middle of the 2014 campaigns and act like Big Bro looking out for Little Bro when they again push for another 2 year extension. Republicans won a major victory by not including an unemployment extension in the budget just passed. For the first time in 5 years we have been successful in pushing back against the growing Nanny State agenda. And secondly Democrats are on record as hav ...
Tomorrow 1.3 million people will lose their federal unemployment benefits and analysts say this will hurt the economy. The federal "emergency unemployment compensation" was designed as a safety net for those who didn't find a job before their state unemployment benefits expired, usually after 6 months. Read more:
What do you call a safety net for your safety net? Hint: Living Benefits.
Saturday will be a tough day for 1.3 million unemployed Americans as they lose their safety net.
Creating a Safety Net. "Those who trust their own insight are foolish, but anyone who walks in wisdom is safe...Without wise leadership, a nation falls; there is safety in having many advisers." -King Solomon WHO ARE YOUR ADVISORS? Today, choose at least 3 people who are doing what you want to do (self employed, management, ministry, marriage, etc) to serve as your advisory board to help accelerate your destiny. Dreams come from God, but wisdom and passion to pursue them is your job (duty and responsibility.) -EN
State Politics and the Fate of the Safety Net workers' compensation coverage, injured workers rely upon a safety net of Federally provided medical benefits. Under the Affordable Care Act that safety net is shrinking. Today's post was shared by WCBlog and comes from Only 2% of acute care hospitals nationwide are safety-net facilities, but they provide 20% of uncompensated care to the uninsured. Because most are in low-income communities, they typically generate scant revenue from privately insured patients. The Medicaid Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) program was established to help defray their costs for uncompensated care. Currently, Medicaid DSH disburses $11.5 billion annually to the states, which have considerable latitude in allocating these funds. Some states carefully target their DSH payments to hospitals providing large volumes of uncompensated care, but others, such as Ohio and Georgia, spread their payments broadly, transforming the program into a de facto subsidy of their ** ...
NNEDV's Safety Net project kicks off their inaugural Technology Summit in San Jose today. Follow along with...
AWAVA Chair is attending the Safety Net 1st Annual Technology Summit in San Jose. About to start. Wom…
Wonder what fishermen think o this Inventor's 'Safety Net' For Fishermen The depletion of fish stocks costs millions of pounds and threatens 40% of the world's population who rely on fish to eat. In the North Sea alone, the European Commission estimates that 50% of fish - often endangered species like cod - are thrown away or "discarded". In February 2013, the European Parliament voted for reforms aimed at vastly reducing the needless waste - but innovation is needed to help fishermen reduce discard from their trawlers. For our science and technology partnership with Yahoo!, The Lab, I met Dan Watson, winner of the prestigious James Dyson award and one of the new generation of inventors making their living trying to solve problems. Mr Watson has created the SafetyNet, a trawling system that aims to cut down on fishermen's catch and in turn minimise the discard of juvenile and endangered fish. I visited him at his studio, an unused school in Battersea, South London. He shares a classroom with an animator a ...
ONE WEEK FROM TODAY: BE THERE! Angiepalooza 2013epaloo and COLORPALOOZA SATURDAY, JUNE 15! A family friendly event celebrating the life of Angie Capps-Tinnin while raising funds to support The Safety Netety Event to be held at Cole County Fairgrounds. Colorpalooza Fun Run/Walk will start at 9am. Concerts: 2pm-11pm. For more information, details, and where to purchase tickets: click this link Madison’s - a proud supporter! Safety Net a not-for-profit organization, that comes to the aid of families of fallen law enforcement, firefighters, EMS/ambulance personnel and corrections officers who die in the line of duty. FOR MORE INFO!!!
still need 2 more players for Safety Net's football team on the 4th there anyone who would like to play?
usual probs, when giving free cash to help needy,scum latch on & ruin safety net,I have witnessed abuse4 yrs. Now with.
FRSC, Honeywell in road safety drive
Don't let FEAR become your safety net. Cut the net loose and be free to think, do, act, experience, progress & live...
Is IDS' mission to destroy the welfare safety-net, no matter the cost to the public purse? Or is he just an incompetent bell?
safety net will always be there. But safety nets are for the short term, not for life.
I'm not saying we should scrap the welfare state. But let's not make it more than a safety-net.
BBC are claiming 2day is the end of the welfare state & the NHS. Welfare: perhaps it'll become what it was intended 2 b, just a safety net
Win an onBoard 35 Air Infant Car Seat from Safety 1st & ($170 value)
for the vulnerable as part of efforts to support government in strengthening Nigeria’s social safety net system.
Should council houses be offered for life? They should be time ltd subsidised safety net to enable families to save for their own property.
The welfare state should return to what it is meant to be. A safety net for the most vulnerable, not a way of life.
Perspective book download John Phipps.(farm bill safety net to improve farmer's life): An article from: Top Pro
My grandad had a similar story. We all need a safety net. Those who don't understand that seem to be beyond reason.
Comedic Ignorance plays a big role in society.. some kind of safety net to depression aka reality overdose.   10% Off
you must keep working at it, at some stage people need to learn to stand on their own 2 feet. The state is a safety net only!
Did you know we also run anti-bullying and safety courses for children?
> Safety net I fully agree with. But Labour have slowly turned it into a lifestyle which isn't intelligent - its vote catching
And that's a bit scary: church not best safety net, historically. Prone to access problems when overloaded.
April Fools Day 2013 - It's no joke. The day that the Social Welfare safety net is sliced to ribbons. via
directly about 2000. Indirectly about 15,000. Consequences in NK much worse with 300,000 people affected and no safety net.
I'd be more angry, but I see no point. Some people believe they will never need the safety net. Fine. Good luck with that.
where is the safety net and the harness ??? Look after my wee brother gazzaaa
SEAsia News: Phuket introduces 'safety zones' to protect tourists
as ive always said, welfare is a SAFETY NET not a HAMMOCK!
if we don't provide a safety net people will die, Britain will become more unequal and almost everyone will suffer. Simple.
We don't need the entitlement state to survive and thrive - we need freedom. Entitlements are not a safety net, but a spider web.
"Charity should be a safety net..." *** right, how dare they paint it as Big Society.
Today millions of the very poorest, oldest, vulnerable, sick and unemployed will be left without a safety net.
Catch me at 3 am listening to Safety Net by Joel Piper and crying because I'm an ***
Joel Piper made the album Dying To Live just to make me cry. I swear. Bawling over Safety Net, Careful With You, and Can Anyone Hear Me. 😭
I tried going to sleep but listening to Safety Net by Joel Piper made me get so emotional. I don't think I'm even sleepy at all now.
Ronk said for the first time the GOP will support continued 3-yr takeover of Safety Net provided no increase in Ulster County budget
The beginning and the end, Ash Wednesday is upon us, and for better or worse the Praying for Children is done, with a few mistakes but done and out. Today I will be starting a series of short reflections by some of our authors and me, if you hit the Safety Net or my personal face book, I will attempt to respond the best I can to your thoughts, concerns, and ideas. Missing the Mark Praying for Children is about two things, challenging us to spend quality time with God in prayer and second, listening to God, as we focus on issues that are facing our youth and society. Tonight in your community, young people are attempting to navigate their way through our homes, schools, churches, community’s social and economic structures. During this time, they will experience love, opportunities and challenges, along with social, political, and economic upheavals. The attitudes they develop will either empower or handicap them moving them and society forward or backwards. Often the difference lays in the support stru . ...
Network News ~ Sector ~ 'Safety Net' for retail investors in Sai Silks IPO may be a trendsetter ~
'How Effective Is the Safety Net?': Robert Greenstein of the CBPP corrects Nicholas Kristof: How Effective Is t...
At the Stand Up for Social Security and Safety Net demonstration in Boulder.
Answer this question about Hayek's Safety Net vs social insurance.
Safety Net? Could this be a Todd Aiken moment for Obama? [VIDEO] daile take
A song from the black box set disc Without a Safety Net , this is one of the rarest and most amazing songs from The Doors ,so hope you enjoy it and don't for...
Sleazy Ed Rendell is on investment bank payroll & working with CEOs who want to reduce by shredding Safety Net
top: Congress Leaves Dairy Farmers without Safety Net - Dairy farmers lost a safety net when the 2008 farm bill...
Too many Americans are 1 job away from requiring Social Assistance/Safety Net
Welcome to the Georgia State University Police Web Site. As you navigate through our site, I am sure you will find a number of safety hints and useful information. We have our complete Safety Net on line that includes our crime statistics for the last three years. There is also useful safety tips an...
Please remember that a state or federal budget is a moral document. Where a country places its emphasis shows what it really cares about. Cutting the Safety Net programs goes against the Old Testament prophets, the teachings of Jesus Christ and John Wesley.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Alright. I'll play, too. Listening to " Safety Net" by Widespread Panic
Prior to the Affordable Care Act, the United States was the only major industrialized democracy without some form of national medical insurance that covers all or most of the population. More than 110 years after Germany pioneered national medical insurance under Bismarck, the United States lacked national health insurance and was spending a higher proportion of its gross domestic product on medical care than any other nation. The United States had 42 million people who were completely uninsured. (The Future of the Safety Net, Social Insurance and Employee Benefits, Friedman and Jacobs, 2001) I find it somewhat disturbing that all states require financial responsibility to operate a vehicle on the roadway through insurance, a bond or some other approved means that show you are able to pay if you cause damages to another person or property in an automobile accident. So what does this say about our society… that our cars are more important than our health? I come from a family where everyone works hard ...
February 2, 2012 - Mitt Romney, the Poor, the Safety Net, and Scrooge
Suffolk County is selling/contracting out all Health Services in Clinics, Jails, Nursing Facility, other programs!!! There will be no Safety Net for the Public.RICH or POOR...if this is allowed to happen. Call County Legislators today and stop the sale of Taxpayer property and programs. We paid for them.We want them!
Holes in the Safety Net of Skydiving - NBC Bay Area: Holes in the Safety Net of SkydivingN...
London to the Safety Net: Let Them Eat Sports By Ned Resnikoff - ED/COMMENTARY This week marks the beginning of the London Olympics, 2012's iteration of the largest sporting event on the planet. More than 10,000 athletes from 205 countries will compete in hundreds of events, sprawling across greater London and beyond. But there's more to these Olympics than just the games. (Full disclosure, NBC Universal, which owns MSNBC, has exclusive rights to broadcast the Olympics in the United States through 2020.) It starts with the swollen price of this year's preparations. In 2003, the then-Prime Minister Tony Blair's government estimated that the Olympics would cost British taxpayers a total of £2.5 billion (or, based on the exchange rate of the time, roughly $4 billion). Now that number has ballooned to £9.3 billion (or over $14 billion). In a country where public sector jobs, education, health insurance and social welfare are buckling under austerity measures, spending billions of dollars on a colossal, one ...
The Massachusetts State Police is the latest public safety agency to adopt the popular LoJack Safety Net system, a program that helps officials locate people with cognitive disorders who wander off from their caretakers, such as elderly residents with Alzheimer’s disease or children with aut...
Think about it, fellow Americans, I worked for 40 years putting part of my salary into my pension -- Social Security. When did this become THEFT FROM OUR SENIORS. Homeless old people will be embarrassing to the country, won't it? Of course, when we eliminate all Safety Net provisions, our streets will resemble the slums of Calcutter where Mother Theresa worked to give the poor a dignified death. Good thing we have her nuns working in our country.
Lots of advocating with elected officials will be once again ongoing. The People's Budget Coalition for Public Health has been very active and in the past few weeks met with City Council members. More meetings being set up. The Save our Safety Net-Campaign will be holding its next meeting on April 30th at Brooklyn Borough Hall. Our last meeting was very successful.
A very embarrassing moment. Last night I arrived at the Commission of Public's Health System's annual gala and as one of the photographers and member of CPHS I thought I would have wonderful photos. My camera didn't have the battery. I borrowed another and photos at a later date. Once again the gala was terrific starting with a DVD in memoriam of Marshall England and Gil Noble. Mr. Noble interviewed Mr. England. Mr. England was a health care advocate and past Co-Chair of CPHS. The Marshall Awards went to Moira Dolan, Yvonne Graham, eight members of the Medicaid Redesign Team Health Disparities Group and Save our Safety Net-Campaign, City Council Member Rosie Mendez and Health and Hospital Corporation Chair Dr. Michael Stocker. Enjoy weekend.
19th Annual Valentine for AIDS silent art auction kicks off this week on 1st Thursday. Proceeds benefit - Safety Net for AIDS Program
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