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Safe House

In the jargon of law enforcement and intelligence agencies, a safe house is a secure location, suitable for hiding witnesses, agents or other persons perceived as being in danger.

Marsha Thomason Paterson Joseph Christopher Eccleston

.Safe House is your one stop shop for beer, games, and good times. Grab a group of friends and ge…
Yay, ''s Nether has been reset! Made a make shift safe house with various potions, food and other supplies at the portal in D3
oh honey i am currently at work to pay of my house that i build! Do you need a safe space?
this doesn't just affect older ppl,I didn't buy my house as an investment! It's a home, a sa…
U do ur best to build a higher wall To keep love safe from every wrecking ball When the dust is cleared we'll See da house that love rebuilt
FOUND: This baby was found roaming around in Pointer Street, Garsfontein. He is safe at my house, please call me...
Family of 5 safe after Madison house fire
A safe-house - A secret place, usually where the authorities keep the witness of a crime for safety...
You ain't safe in the safe house. No one safe in the safe house
Put the guns in the safe house . Put the money in the safe house
I keep my feelings in a safe house. Better if I don't speak. The devil tryna temp me.
Are you going to wait until all of the characters release to make the new safe house to xbox or before the characters release?
Thank you Trump for keeping America safe. keep making friend around . world and keep draining the swamp in our White House.
Banon is safe at the house of alSaud .. he could be safer in Riyadh than in his own house in the US!
Helpful tips on how to make your house safe & secure..
Elena's parents are alcoholics. “When there's tension in my family, I run to my granny’s house". Help Elena feel safe…
By the way ,it's harmful effects in the USA ,which is dreadful ,Mr. President.Get back safely,to cleanse the house, for a better safe world.
I played very hard safe house raid . I don't even die . not even using any of my doctor bags lol .
Is he still just walking about in public? Shouldn't he be at a safe house somewhere?
Horrible! A 7-yr-old inside a house!! Where he should be safe. It's beyond sickening!
ok then that I safe,I thought voters are allowed to take them with house
Coast Guard kicks off safe boating week with open house, water safety advice
Off to my favorite couples house.. everyone have a very fun, safe safe, and sexy Saturday..😍😍😍
Naomi, now 23, sought refuge from at the Safe House in 2015 and stayed with us for one year, studying at our v…
Huge congratulations to Naomi on her wedding and thank you so much for inviting members of the Safe House to join…
Fighting discrimination&injustice against women must start in the home 4 if a woman cannot be safe in her house,she cannot feel safe outside
This just in: The safe house at Choukokuji IS NO LONGER SAFE.
Praying that Mia is safe and is warm in someone's house tonight
Confirmed marijuana grow house. Crews waiting for PG&E for electrical safe clearance.
The bottle of has now been returned to the cellar for safe keeping, awaiting the required!
I just put up some ISIS flags on my house, Now I'm safe...
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Heated by the stare of eyes. Without a trace of hatred. I will fall asleep nearby. Safe in the house of shared tea
Same here but at least it wont be sold from under me & at least £10 will be safe plus house can B rented out m…
Found dog safe with finder Lymm Warrington . Not a crime but found this dog loose in Lymm so it's at my house in... htt…
So I found this at a neighbor's house. Should I feel safe?
Better for me to leave than staying here. I want a place to be call home not just a safe house.
I often go for a run in this massive park near my house & very rarely do I see women there. I would feel so much safe &…
I swear. no where in my house is safe 😂😂😂
Saya suka video Ninja Assassin Fight scene in Safe House
watching Denzil Washington in Safe House, a good film so both eyes back on the TV now
Safe House to Make a Difference in Bothitong - [SAPS] The Vodacom Change the World Volunteer, Tessa Van Wyk and...
. "Magda..." she said gently, following the woman out of the safe house.
We caught the loose snake in the house. My stepdad almost killed him first and then i screamed and almost cried. But he's outside safe now
I remember the same kind of plume near my house during the Royal Gorge Fire in 2013, stay safe DR T from K1DDN
Dear Lord in Haven. Keep us safe until this HYPOCRISY LEAVES OUR WHITE HOUSE.
I can tell you bout the safe house nights out in Calabasas
She let me in her house...nobodies safe
My family, house, and dogs are all safe. Thank you for all the messages and support❤️
Hope you guys & all your family are safe, and your house in Calabasas too!
Wow I really feel the love from everyone reaching out to me from the south... My house is good and I am safe.. Thanks everyone!
I'm supposed to be house sitting but I'm too afraid to actually go in the house alone at night so I'll just watch it from a safe distance.
Stay safe tonight Brian. Feeling melancholy tonight. Did a lot of cleaning of my mom's house. 😔
So much for them safe house nights out in calabasas
If we want to safe our Nation and the future for our Children. WE NEED TRUMP IN OUR WHITE HOUSE. AMERICANS FIRST!!
Called cops cuz we thought someone broke into our neighbors house..False alarm Everyone's safe. But the police officers that showed up 🤓😍😍
Someone needs to have a kickback or a (safe) house party
not sure if I feel more safe because the 10+ officers around the house, or scared because there's a fugitive out here...
.I suggest you go to your your PIMP's house again. It's not safe for you to be at the mansion your worked so hard for.
Kylies Snapchat of the fire near her house. She is safe ❤️ 05/06/16
["Oh. Well, you should start believing me; because I don't even have a safe house here. And I'm on foot."
It's okay guys I'm still alive and I'm now safe in the safety of my house with all doors and windows locked 😂😂😂😂
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To the families traveling to our campuses tomorrow for our open house, we wish you safe travels. We look forward to getting to know you!
Fire in the hills behind my house. We are safe but many families are not. Hold safe & healthy thoughts
Dear God keep our Nation Safe until this wickedness leaves our White House!
When you hear someone trying to break into your house. 󾍇. Be Safe Everyone!.
My dads coworker has yellow fever esp filipino girls. I do not feel safe get this white devil out the house
Imagine a house that is a safe haven from witch hunters and werewolf or vampire slayers.
that *** noo, please stay safe :( our house has started leaking in places I didn't even know were possible ah
Calabasas Klubhouse Preschool building is safe. Damage to outlying areas and playground. Mason House at Headwaters Corner saved
Gas leak in the house, wow I feel so safe being just cleared to go in this house?
When its raining and your dog takes over the WHOLE HOUSE. My bed was the only safe space left. 😶
: Oh no! I hope you and your family keep safe and your house spared!
If Waiouru has any disused barracks, house them there, they have curfews etc and get put up by the State until they prove :safe"
Yep, never fun to leave the house & see this. We're safe for now but hope others are too.
Mark Gevisser's new book is Safe House, he reads the intro from Walking Girly in Nairobi
Supernatural episode Safe House in verse by Tracy Diane Miller
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Safe House: graphic novel about Tanzanian girls fleeing + child marriage https:…
I mean Safe House was okay but idk I just think Red Meat was beyond better
I think it's safe to say House Crawl will be insane this year.
Finally going to bed at 5:30 am. In 3 days I've had 5 hours of sleep but I still managed to get us all to the house safe😅
Domestic Violence Prayer Hotline Number is 678-837-FORT (3678). We have safe house and shelters now we have a prayer Line
08:47 & Hightown called to House fire, Park Gate, all persons safe
you were in the safe house in division saw your OG name and said this guy is cool then added you
To know&feel like "no; it'll never be your parents house" . It will never feel as safe and secure as theirs but it's yours. You earned it
we can co-share this Melbourne safe house situation.
I need to find a safe house. I can't put up with this any longer.
I can't clear out the safe house mission on kips Bay all missions are done but I can't get the xp for clearing it
He's been deployed 😥😥😥😥 . Hope he's safe. And may they never have to show up at his parents house .
Community women watching a video for Dr. Hala Hamad on how do you know whether you live in a safe house or not!?
in da house ytd,You're well & have a safe flight tomorrow.I hope will see you soon. Good-bye
Glad you at a Safe House using the Rest option and stockin up and using some dank Potions. Get well soon Jess 😊
Rev Elineide runs the Casa Noeli dos Santos safehouse in read what inspires her: https:…
I plan on building like a sorority/fraternity house for the LGBTQIA+ community. Where we can feel safe and help others.
In the safe house bout to K rellish
I'm the type of person that if someone leaves my house I can't sleep until I know they made it back home safe.
Really I don't even feel safe in my own house now 🙄😒
He will be living in the Bhutha khores safe house
im so sick of this house and its lack of areas where i can feel safe while im up at night aS I ALWAYS AM
Last night I finished all the side quests in an area and The Division didn't trigger the bonus back at the safe house. Was so sad I quit
Listen to Skippa Da Flippa ft. Migos & Rich The Kid - Safe House by Digital Trapstars on
Trump must establish a safe house where people in a domestic violence situation can go and get the correct treatment. Never must there be a
I think it is safe to say the house is now at the stage where I’m ready to slit my wrists.
Cause walking around your new house in the dark is safe 😂
brilliant interview. Every morning before I get up I say thank you for my warm bed and safe house a luxury denied to others
Btw I am safe in a house in Portage and I never want to be on a plane or drive a car ever again.
I’m glad that you are safe in your house. 😊
I don't feel safe in my house in my house or room
You don’t need an expert to install your home security. Just plug & play the wireless Eagle I Lite & keep your house safe
lol I wouldn't feel safe in my house anymore!😭
Been casually watching Safe House while writing this recap.. These *** be mixing the whole movie no words just fighting
I can't even feel safe in my own house.
I didn't even leave the house today. I sure hope we don't get a repeat tomorrow. stay safe!
safe travels! Headed to the house after buttoning up tomorrow's shows 💤
HEL NAH... I'm goin straight to Lilly house where it's safe
go to the safe house and run the mission. Walkthrough -
I heard that few terrorist were hide in the MQM safe house? . Is thr any thing black in the daal(MQM) or whole …
Q6: Where is the safe house where Yusuf Al Ahmadi is sent?. . (a) South Dakota (b) Georgia (c) Virginia
"I don't. But I do know that, I will make sure that you feel safe in this house."
Safe House was extremely mediocre. It wasn't trash like Colombiana but it was amazingly mediocre
on life, Safe House bored me inside man is the only DVD I still have in my crib
Check out this entry Safe House for Women
Agent OH-OH7 aka David Baldwin, a sneak peek for you, in the great Safe House in the sky...
.Steven Mackintosh and join 'Safe House' Season 2 cast -
The second season of thriller 'Safe House' has begun filming in the Lake District -
Christopher Eccleston, Marsha Thomason and Paterson Joseph all returning for new season of 'Safe House' -
Safe House is returning to for series 2 with Ashley Walters...
CS:GO tip: if you are playing the Safe House map in Arms Race then hide in the closet... i got so many sneak attack kills from that
We will be sharing the love of God tomorrow a a Safe House. . Cross Bridge Ministry Through 2015 via
Great, great win for at Northwestern. Have a safe flight & expect a packed house in College Park on Wednesday.
I wanna watch KHR but im still at my aunt's house for cousin's bday and im on the last few episodes and it has to be in a Safe place
Last week I broke the microwave and this week I broke the washing machine... I think it's safe to say I'm not meant to be a house wife.🙍🏼
we made a friend from Norway and we're going to his house for beers is this safe
"Make your own safe house." The boys 2016 initiative is a good idea because life on the street is brutal.
It's a coded safe and they older so we talked about gun safety and rules in and out the house. Also, why we have them
FrontDesk: "No, we don't have any of those". Happy Safe and Healthy 2016 White House
I feel like some of these new age men don't have the manners to know that you wait until someone gets in their house safe when dropped off.
BE SAFE THIS NEW YEAR, GUYS!! If you ever need a ride to a friends house or a party, use my uber code "adelainem" for a …
PHOTO OF THE WEEK: At a safe house in Peru for women with schizophrenia, a resident tends flowers.
How can I keep my house safe this season?
The appendix serves as a safe house, so if bad bacteria attack, good bacteria come to the rescue via the appendix.
New at 11: A man jumps into the Little Miami River after his brother's house catches fire. His family is pleading for his safe return.
Dog House - Attractive, safe, easy-to-assemble dwelling for your dog to call home Dogs, Dog Home
Nothing is safe in this world anymore.People are afraid of getting out of the house, walking alone in the streets...The world is gonna end.
More Safe Places for teens in thanks to and
In 2015, the TX House increased border patrol to keep our communities safe and protect Texans.
I've always thought of The God Complex as "Night Terrors, but with a sad ending", apparently it's The Eleventh Doctor's Safe House.
I'm watching an insane movie with Patrick Stewart in it called Safe House. He plays a deranged paranoid conspiracy theorist. Pretty great.
The Safe House was literally just "there's a house, and each room is a different person's fear" and WAIT A SEC THAT'S THE GOD COMPLEX
I got guns all through ma momma house , so I know she safe every time I'm not around
Heaven Sent reminded me of The Safe House too (Doctor trapped in a psychological prison where he must face his greatest fears), but this one featured in NBC s Science of Love
Most of the way through Psychodrome, and am absolutely tickled by how much it reminds me of my old fanfic The Safe House.
My mom don't give af about me anymore 😂 I leave the house and all she says is be safe lmao
you live in your momma house or by yourself I'm sure there's a standard for that home, I just want know you home safe.
Nothing from the white house can be GOOD OR SAFE FOR US. Only one more year of this crap
*unlocks door* here , welcome 2 my safe house. Its not much..but..since family...its all I have..
watchign safe house getting some action Denzel in
it is now SAFE to reply. Hope everyone is having a great weekend before the first Monday of the New Year!
.The Aust has become a safe house for senile journos, all delusional diatribes paid at full rates …
Opening the doors, making sure I made it home safe, make sure I'm in the house before you pull off... The difference betw…
& her dad died in that house when she was 4, safe to say I never asked to go to her house.
NY resolution: help Lustre GTFO that house, to live somewhere safe of emotional ambush
Thank god she got us to my house safe and sound
There's a piece of wood in my house and I'm almost certain that it is a Horcrux; Any tips on safe removal of the object? Thanks!
No one is safe in house. Did you miss the Dario & Bananas showdown? https…
Home after a long drive making sure My daughters are home safe. Strange to have a quiet house, but had a great...
Still my favourite place to be at. 👌🏼💤 (@ Safe House+💤)
. Strawberries..Red Wine..get Leila here safe. Then..leave the house. I do not want to hear another word. OUT!
as gutted as i am to be leaving this wonderfully unrealistic safe haven, we gatta house to be moving into AND I'M SO FRIKKIN'…
definitely. Chris had got a nice writing style and it's great knowing the places involved. Safe House is also a good read too
Safe to say UH is the best team in Texas! Whose house?.
A rainy/snowy day where I can be safe and cozy in my house
Safe Home has very few success stories. Majority of these alcoholics thrive as alcoholic for taxpayers forced to house "bar home"
yeah I will watch her soon new movie I love it and love her my girl 😗😚💖pls safe xo..
Reduce your number of cleaners and reduce risk of contaminating your family and the environment.
This house is safe and warm, but I was made to chase the storm
Thank God that I have all I need at my safe house... Don't have to go in this nasty weather at all 🤘🏾
Only reason I want money it's for cars and guns...I'll still have a small house but my safe and garage will be where it's at
Still, it's nice having a train station/bus stop on my doorstep, and a fairly cheap (£700/mo!), safe room in a shared house...
stuff like this happened to you when you lived at your parents house so I think the ghosts are following you 0_0 be safe♥♥
It is obvious. is blowing up women's house everywhere. Where are the safe spaces?
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We've had 4 house breaks across the neighbourhood over the last week. 2 due to insecurities and 2 by smashing windows. Be safe be secure.
But in order to steal his safe, they would have had to burglarize Biff's grandmother's house and risk going to jail.
Women voted him for his work to take them out from house to school safe without any fear.
Yo thanks fam, just be sure to cop my new mixtape, "i love material goods but I hate myself, i don't feel safe in my house or with my folks"
Safe little house, safe little friends, save little thoughts to keep you safe
Love the house decorations, !Looks great! Good choice!Have a happy and safe Diwali, take care of your shoulder!Big hug❤️you!
Going out of Make sure to have a or your while you’re gone!
Rainy days are great for cleaning the house. Does anyone have favorite pet- and people-safe cleaning products?
UK HGV Network News Man and child burnt in house fire Drive Safe All
sir, . Congrats for your great victory because every house of our state are feel safe in your hands.
It's good though me and my girl safe and sound at the house.
Stop what you're doing and listen to G105.7! BURNING HOUSE by is about to play!
can you do a video showing people how to play music on the data vault in the safe house in BO3 I think people should know
Break in yo safe house like Whitaker ..
Do you have a mommy safe zone in your house? A safe zone can help you regain control of yourself and your...
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HOW SAFE are you in the hallow corridors of the WHITE HOUSE? GET BOOK
No 1's safe in the safe house...Lil Uzi
Just got to my boarding house.. Thanks God for the safe trip.
In the week I'm out of the house from 6am till 8pm, yet my dad gets the electrician to come at 9am Sunday morning 👍yeah safe Paul!
I can tell ya bout them safe house nights out in Calabasas
There was a shooting near my house 😞 *** I don't feel safe
Best house party of my life just happened . Safe x
So, any safe *** out there want to meet up for open house?
Proud to announce the House passed a 6 year highway bill including my Safe Bridges Act
so the 3rd little pig says yes you can live with me just to be safe so the 2 little piggies Coke in to his house. The End
Got black ops three and paid off fall out four safe to say I'm in the house all month 😁😁😁
Zombie apocalypse going on outside . Maxis- "The children will be safe inside the house!". Someone please explain this logic to me...
Just arrived in Edmonton at our house. Sorry we couldn't call we hardly had cell service. But we are safe and sound. :)
Switching foxes does not a hen house make safe.
I'm at my house in my own bed safe and sound so I'm god
Safe house really my shxt keep doing your thing 😎
. She will be kept "safe" as a "guest" at the club house until we deem her fit.
If you have 100php as your money for school, leave 50php on your house and keep it. To make sure ur 50php is …
stay safe If they come for you run to my house
THE STRONG MAN When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his goods are safe; 22 but whe… via
Rochelle should be SAFE plss guys do vote for her she should be in the house when Keith returns
there's a bunch of sirens outside my house! I hope everyone is ok! pls be safe!
Some epic instrumental work from that you might hear in multiplayer and the Safe House:
When someone drives 20 minutes just to get you out of the house and make sure you're safe👌🏻
Might be heading to the safe house 🤔
If you drive off before I get in the house... Or don't call/text me to make sure I got home safe.. We aren't a match.
Dear Lord, please keep Mr. & his family safe all the way to the White House. In Jesus name, Amen.
WOOF Noise from fireworks causes many animals 2break out of th house or yard &run away. Secure pets,turn on TV/radio 2distra…
Safe house is the place to see your ex lmao
That house party scene ain't safe, I don't think it ever has been.
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Big props to Craig w/who made sure there wasn't a gas leak at my house today despite a strong odor. Thx for keeping us safe!
Safe to say I've become a cat lady. They've warmed up after 4 days. House sitting alone will drive you to do crazy things.
*** a black bear came by our house once when I was younger. We weren't allowed outside for like 2 days just to be safe.
Thought: me in 20 yrs in a dope house in the 🌄's drinking ☕ with my 👴🏼, out of debt, the 🐝's are safe & the presidential candidates are 🆒 🙌🏼
After what just went down, we're going to need a safe house.
The 1st 20 alerts on TV were plenty. Still safe in house thru the on & off rain, thx 4 ur concern but I'd rather drown at this point
that's a myth! Cellphones are 100% safe at all times, especially when driving and when drink at 2am
You guys be prepared and be safe as HURRICANE JOAQUIN is making a house call this weekend.
When chloe leaves mine I have to watch her cross the road to her house to make sure she's safe ❤😂
how am I supposed to know if a male2female tran is in the bathroom unless they tell me?via
Ive a tub on standby just to be safe~! :D
World buning down and concerned with this *** !?White House Promotes ‘Safe Place To Pee’ For Trans Community
Open House cancelled on October 3 and 4 due to the forecast of flooding rains and high winds thru the weekend. Stay safe!
After 40yrs of living w. dangerous sidewalks, Parkside Houses residents can feel safe again
Takin to his safe house in huyton so the police doesnt find him
I work in my moms office which is inside of our house as a financial advisor so is my house considered a safe zone?
Check it out, Safe Homes of Augusta new house! Make donations on our site.
Days like today make me scared to leave the house. I honestly hope everyone gets home safe tonight.
Have a safe flight. 2 days till the White House. Wow. 👏🏼
*Keeps trying to look up as you take me to your safe house*
-you're body slowly heals as I carry u to my safe house in dms so no more gore will be seen in public-
This is an interesting page that tells you all about the candidates, what the spent, what they stand for, etc.
promotes 'safe place to pee' for transgenders. Vets' healthcare not on WH radar, but trannies must pee! Insanity
"Wonder what the founding fathers would have thought? The world is burning and this is what Obama worries…" — RonB
Oh look, prisoners get a free ride home. making space to house & keep them safe 😄.
They could start by pissing on Obama . Jarrett Rice Harf Earnest Psaki .
When you have a child realize you will get peed, pooped and puked on. Nothing will ever be safe again..the house will get messy. 🎀🍼
Unknowingly, I walked into the aftermath of a massacre. Glad to know my house is kept safe from an attack by...
...*she closes her eyes for a moment* Go with the King. If my feeling is right...she is at Envy's safe house. I-
Best part of today? Your song BURNING HOUSE by is about to play on G105.7!
Every time I think I'm safe in my house..BAM, spider.
Heard the house across the street got broke into last night.. Lady came over and told me to never feel safe..
Bon voyage Timothy, stay safe and enjoy yourself! Here's my parting gift to ya. 😉
Great news for $393K will help fight crisis and support healthy families and safe communities.
Idk how someone can feel safe in a house without guns
Assistant principal tackled gunman in Harrisburg school shooting So a school shooting happened 5 miles from my house.
Special thanks to Samaritan House for being an advocate and safe haven for people experiencing…
me too! And Tamal is safe too. I'd like Nadiya to come first and Tamal second. And then they can both move into my house.
All jokes aside about the hurricane y'all, really, try to keep safe this weekend. When it starts to pour, don't leave the house. Don't drive
Girl, Im like a heavy rainstorm. Make u think ur warm and safe in ur house then sneak in through your basement. . -axe murderers, probably
ITV has confirmed that drama Safe House, starring Christopher Eccleston and Marsha Thomason will return for a second series in 2016.
ITV has commissioned a second series of Safe House. Christopher Eccleston, Marsha Thomason and Paterson Joseph will return as stars.
Time for some cinema. On the DVD player now... Safe House.
My day of White Collar binge followed by Safe House (which is didn't know you were in) was EPIC. You are amazing!!
watching Safe House on Scottish Television..keep waiting for someone to call you Diana lol
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. There's a creepiness & intensity to Safe House just like The Fall. . Similar beard also !
Only a few minutes in and loving Safe House already! Good to see too!!
Settling in with Safe House, keeping the WC connection going, looking forward to the next four Monday nights
Need a drama to fill that 9pm Monday night hole? says Safe House is a must
Catch Paterson Joseph on from 8.30am talking about new drama Safe House that starts on tonight at 9pm.
Check out this VIDEO of Paterson Joseph chatting about his friendship with Safe House co-star Christopher Eccleston
Paterson Joseph about his remarkable bond with his Safe House co-star Christopher Eccleston
Safe House was not that dope dawn…that movie wud b the same had it been Sam L. Jackson playin the role…FACTS!
Wait. Aren't they both in HBO's The Leftovers [blah]? Looking forward more and more to ITV's Safe House.
VIDEO: thriller Safe House stars Paterson Joseph & Chris Eccleston, who's like his 'brother from another mother'
Now, THIS is fun. And, for a good cause. Spend an Evening with Valerie Plame & Joe Wilson at their Safe House"
Safe House - a gripping and heart-wrenching story of love, freedom and survival » Jan 21 – Feb 8
I did. Only played a bit of it so far. Only got as far as switching the power at the safe house? Dragon Age any good? Sure I...
Well it's Safe to say AresMala's Game in the House is Now Over Thanks to Ylenia who is now taking a Selfie 😄👍👌
The house keys are in the mailbox. Drive safe, love you
my mom sent me pics of my house and it's safe to say we'll have snow until June😒
Here's to the next 250 years. The house and garden are in safe hands with such a hard working team.
Always allow your heater to cool down before moving it around the house. Keep safe and warm this winter.
Baird remembered for diplomatic response to wars, crises ... and vowing to keep Canada zombie-free:
Unvac kids should be made to stay in their house with no outside contact until they die of old age. Only safe way.
Thank you! :D Arrived safe and sound, and Aoife has already managed to wreak havoc in my parents' house.
Someone just crashed at exit 2 which I could walk to from my house but the roads are so safe right?
Nothing is safe from the crazy cartoon embellishments of for show…
Two choppas there is safe a the safe house
Please pray for some of my cousins. Total loss of everything due to house fire. All made it out safe, Praise God!
iIm the type to not be able to sleep till i know u in the house safe. Thats just me tho
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