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Sadie Robertson

Sadie Robertson is the daughter of Willie Robertson who is CEO of Duck Commander and is featured on the hit reality TV show Duck Dynasty.

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Lauded Vocalist Partners with Feed the Children and MUSE Concerts for Tour Support Crabb Hunts Duck at Special Tour Appearance (Nashville, TN) April 4, 2014 – JASON CRABB - Grammy Award Winner and 21 time GMA Dove Award winner Β - kicked off his 2014 Love Is Stronger tour with a little help from his friends. Well, make that 20,000 friends! Crabb recently began his tour with a stop in Knoxville, TN at Thompson-Boling Arena as part of Winterfest weekend. Appearing alongside Duck Dynasty's Luke and Sadie Robertson and the band Planetshakers, Jason's soaring vocals, signature guitar skills and his amazing band filled the arena and had the crowd of over 20,000 teenagers on their feet with hands in the air! The theme of the night was one that Jason is very familiar with - camo! In honor of the Robertson appearance attendees were asked to wear camo and Jason was happy to ablige! "Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE to hunt," said Crabb. "So when they asked for everyone to wear camo, I was in!" Jason surprised Jo ...
This looks like Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty all grown up.
LOVE my dress by !! Thank you SO much to , Sherri Hill, and Sadie Robertson!
Skillet, and Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson and John Luke Robertson appearing May 17 at Beach Blast in
My women crush Wednesday is Sadie Robertson, she's gorgeous, God driven , and yet she's famous but…
Sadie Robertson is the definition of perfection 😍😍😍
I wonder if Sadie Robertson realizes that she's perfect?
*everyone complaining about being sick*. "Oh no everybody! Sadie Robertson is sick!!"-
PUT GOD FIRST For Sadie Robertson, faith is always more important than fame
Sadie Robertson is sick the same time as me so I guess thats kinda cool
pshh I was always good πŸ’ your just jealous cause Sadie Robertson wants to play soccer with me. 😍
How interesting! Sadie Robertson of Duck Dynasty started preaching when she was only 5 years old! See her YouTube show for teens The New Different:
Greyson gets to be the president of the Sadie Robertson fan club
*out shopping with Sadie Robertson, looking for stuff to wear & take for the upcoming cruise*
I can't wait to watch Sadie Robertson, I mean Duck Dynasty tomorrow...
Selfie with our besties John Luke and Sadie Robertson @ Thompson-Boling Arena
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β€˜Duck Dynasty’ Star: Show Was Started to β€˜Get the Message of God Out There’ Is β€œDuck Dynasty” just a big advertisement for the Almighty? At least one of the stars seems to think so. Sadie Robertson, the teenage daughter of Duck Commander boss Willie Robertson, tells Fox411 that her clan decided to do the A&E reality series in order to spread the word of the lord. Also read: β€˜Duck Dynasty’ Premiere Ratings Drop: Did the Phil Robertson Controversy Hurt the Show? β€œWhen we began β€˜Duck Dynasty,’ we weren't starting it for fame,” Robertson said. β€œWe started it to get the message of God out there.” The 16-year-old also lamented the lack of old-time religion on the small screen lately. See video: β€˜Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson: Marry 15 or 16 Year Old Girls β€œWe could have easily done a reality show like everyone else,” Robertson noted. β€œBut it's our faith that catches people's eyes because sadly, it's not something we're used to seeing [on TV] these days.” The series ha ...
. Sadie Robertson is the only girl for me
someone just texted me and said they were sadie robertson from Duck Dynasty and that i commented my number on her IG pic BUT I NEVER DID ?ΒΏ?
If I could look like Sadie Robertson I would never complain about myself
Girl at work today said I looked like Sadie Robertson πŸ˜„
I would love to meet Sadie Robertson so I can learn how to be perfect
Sadie Robertson is a 20 on a scale that only goes from 1-10
Okay. Sadie Robertson plays tennis. I like tennis now
Sadie robertson is so frekin pretty
if I could just be Sadie Robertson all my problems would be solved
How come Sadie Robertson can be so pretty😍
I'm not asking for much. Just that you look like, act like, and ARE Sadie Robertson.
Jep is my new favorite Robertson minus Sadie
currently 10 feet away from sadie and John Luke Robertson in telluride 😍😍😍
Would you rock Converses with your prom dress, like Sadie Robertson?
random dude just told me i look like sadie robertson?ΒΏ?
Sadie Robertson is the closest thing to perfect. She plays basketball, is beautiful, she's a Christian, and she has dimples.
Sadie robertson's accent is perfect πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜
I'm going to find the real Sadie Robertson
My love for Sadie Robertson never stops growing. All I'm saying is Sadie Cowan just rolls off my tongue.
2 facts:. Its almost midnight. I love ChloΓ« Grace Mortez and Sadie Robertson
People keep telling me I'm a mixture of Kolby Koloff and Sadie Robertson and I'm not sure how but thanksπŸ™ˆ
omg you kinda look like Sadie Robertson and Kolby Koloff mixed together! How cool is that?! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
Sadie Robertson is in Colorado skiing and I'm really hoping she's in Breckenridge because how cool would that be
this dude keeps calling me Sadie Robertson like psh I wishπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
What I would do to get 1 date with Sadie Robertson!! Hands down 11 out of 10
The Inzano Twins made me forget all about Sadie Robertson
I just wish I could be Sadie Robertson because she's perfect... 😞
Apparently I'm a mix between Selena Gomez, Lucy hale, and now Sadie Robertson.
yeah .. I'm pretty sure Sadie Robertson is perfect, just sayin πŸ‘Œ
Sadie Robertson, please be in breckenridge, Colorado.
i think I'd feel pretty cool if I met Sadie Robertson.
Can't decide if I would rather be Carrie Underwood, Sadie Robertson, or Kate Middleton.
When I grow up, I hope my wife is Sadie Robertson!.
If Sadie Robertson isn't the love of your life you're doing it all wrong people
Typical family dinner convo consisting of Duck Dynasty, SEC football, and how I should move to Louisiana in order to woo Sadie Robertson.
Love these two girls! . Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty and Kolby Koloff from Preachers' Daughters πŸ’š
that is Sadie Robertson she is exactly what I want in a women
Sadie Robertson you should follow this Canadian -->:) lol
Sadie Robertson is seriously the prettiest girl ever.
Sadie Robertson calls her brother "John Pookie" I'm just saying why don't I have a name like that for Tanner?
Just found out Sadie Robertson plays basketball. Pretty cool I'd say.
Just saw an Instagram video of Sadie Robertson bangin a three. WAIT WHHHAT?!?πŸ‘Œ
had a dream i danced with sadie robertson last night. Never woke up more disappointed
fangirling a bit, but SADIE ROBERTSON RESPONDED TO MY MESSAGE. s/o to for making my night πŸŒ»πŸ’•
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Sadie robertson, or Hayley herself are acceptable
Sadie Robertson sent 9,300 texts a month. When I was younger you had 500 texts free and every text after that was like .25 cents. πŸ˜‚
had never heard of Sadie Robertson until like two seconds ago.
Okay she is 16 but Sadie going to be really hawt when.she is 18 lol
Sadie Robertson plays basketball? Can she get any more perfect or what 😍
Yet again.. I'm going to say this one last time.. MY NAME'S NOT SADIE ROBERTSON . Thanks.
Sadie Robertson has the ugliest shot I've ever seen. Besides mine..
Just so everyone knows I have the same basketball number as Sadie Robertson.
I typed Sadie Robertson into google and this keeps coming up
The fact that Sadie Robertson balls up
"Sadie Robertson is in the wrong LA.". ~Justin Zubak
I wanna see Sadie Robertson play basketball πŸ€
Just found out Sadie Robertson plays basketball
Sadie Robertson is completely gorgeous, why can't I be her?
Sadie Robertson plays for a lady eagle basketball team in Louisiana
What does Sadie Robertson not do... geez
Sadie Robertson wears number 15, I wear number 15. Coincidence? I think not.
Sadie Robertson is seriously so gorgeous!!!
the fact that Sadie Robertson plays basketball makes me love her 20x moreπŸ€πŸ˜΅
So I've decided that I'm going to move to Louisiana and become best friends with Sadie Robertson and marry her brother. Solid plan.
I can't decide whether I'd rather be Sadie Robertson or date John Luke..
Sadie Robertson is the most beautiful girl alive. πŸ˜πŸ™Œ
Me and sadie robertson have the same basketball number. 😎😎 omg swag
Sadie Robertson also plays basketball. She just gets more and more perfect.
I know if Sadie Robertson ever met me she'd smash
Sadie Robertson is number 15 like me... She did that on purpose
that fact that Sadie Robertson is Sadie Robertson makes her more attractive
ew...sadie robertson all sweaty. Ew 😷😷😷
Come in and check out our new Sadie Robertson Dresses!!!
Sixteen-year-old Christian Sadie Robertson from A&E’s hit show β€œDuck Dynasty” is producing weekly video devotionals on Monday nights called β€œThe New Different.” The teenager is also designing a clothing line in an effort to encourage modesty in a culture where fashion trends are often contrary to th...
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Sadie Robertson jist seen yer wee post where you were feeling as though ye had upset everyone . Jist tae let ye know this is a grand wee site where we aw pull the gither n help each other oot . It's like huvvin another wee extended family and the love n compassion ah huv felt here has been awesome , gie us a chance and you to can feel and share in the love . Love is all around :) xxx
Really Grace Machen you are super sweet, and the best daughter could ever ask for but its time to go to bed!! I enjoyed viewing Sadie Robertson Insta gram page tonight. The Duck Commander princess its so cool she is following you back and is only follwing 80 people...hint hint baby your following 600 + um lets think about this :) Night Night beautiful Grace!!
Sadie Robertson is cute asf on Duck Dynasty(;
Sadie Robertson is so perfect, oh my gosh!
Sadie Robertson and Phil Robertson Duck would yaw please show Jep and Si. We really appreciate everything. Michael Harper
Sadie Robertson and John Luke are currently in West Virginia. β™‘
Now - Sadie Robertson Hits The Runway, how could you not be proud of her! Comment please...
Sadie is an amazing woman in the making, and is definitely one of the sweethearts of the Robertson family from Duck Dynasty! We are HUGE fans of Sadie Robertson, and wanted to start a page to share with other fans!
Sadie Robertson in her paintball outfit. :)' m
That moment when Sadie Robertson comments on Instagram! Yeah that's awesome!
Inspiring a new generation: Sadie Robertson (above) - One of the teen stars of 'Duck Dynasty' says that their show is leading students across the cou
If you haven't check out the New Different.. you should. Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson and her friend Kolby Kollof made Β series of youtube videos! Check them out here...
Sadie Robertson Collection by Sherri Hill available at Ashley Renee's. Come and see the latest styles and top designers for all your prom needs.
Ready for march 22 to get to go listen to Sadie Robertson and John Luke Robertson speak!!!
It's safe to say I know someone who looks like John Luke and Sadie Robertson
2014 Sherri Hill/ Sadie Robertson size 14 but fits 8-12 $200 only worn to try on and take pictures
I'm more of a Sadie Robertson kind of guy, but i would totally go to prom with Jimmy Fallon. Work your magic
Sadie Robertson. Straight up beautiful β™‘ I love Duck Dynasty. She's perfect.
I think Sadie Robertson is so pretty but anytime I see her face, all I see is John Luke with long hair...
Reality TV show "Duck Dynasty" is inspiring students to pray in schools across the country, according to 16-year-old "Dynasty" star Sadie Robertson. Sadie said students are now forming "Duck Dynasty Clubs" to pray before lunch at schools. She said it's an awesome thing for a TV show to be able to bring prayer into schools. The Montgomery Advertiser reports that Robertson made the comments at a recent fundraiser for Prattville Christian Academy.
Sadie Robertson is an angel. My lord.
Lord make me look like Sadie Robertson.
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If I had a girl that looked like Sadie Robertson but cooked like Miss Kay I'd be set.
Jennifer Lawrence or Sadie Robertson . Which one wants to switch?
Seeking a girlfriend. Qualifications are must look like Sadie Robertson and cook like Mrs. Kay and age like jennifer Aniston.
then can I get Ariana Grande and Sadie Robertson?
when Sadie Robertson was at my church !
The Montgomery Performing Arts Centre at Renaissance Montgomery has many acts coming to the center in 2014., they may seem like a good time to some but they will bring many souls to witness to. Consider joining us at these shown to speak of Christ. Jan. 10th - Black Jacket Symphony presents Houses of the Holy, Jan. 12th - Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson, Jan. 18th -Rick Springfield, Jan. 27th & 28th - Blue Man Group, Feb. 9th - Gov't Mule, Feb. 14th - Vince Gill & Amy Grant, Feb. 16th - Frank Caliendo, Feb. 18th - Celtic Women, Mar. 22nd - Ron White, Mar. 27th - Disney Live, April 25th - Nick Saban, May 31st - James Gregory, June 8th - Happy Together Tour,
my goal in life is to either be Sadie Robertson or marry John Luke. but not both bcuz that would be creepy & incest
John Luke Robertson is the eldest son of Willie and Korie Robertson, twin brother of Sadie,. Sadie Robertson twin sister of John Luke,
Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty is so hot😍
Just eating lunch with Korie, Willie Jr., and Sadie Robertson
Polka dots are all the rage w/ Sadie Robertson for Sherri Hill! These are hitting the floor so stop by after school!
Sadie Robertson and now Bella Thorne have a Sherri Hill collection! Look for both at your favorite...
I liked a video Sadie Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty', backstage before Sherri Hill Runway Show
Two weeks til Christmas and Sadie Robertson still isn't here it's gonna be a sad Christmas this year πŸ˜”πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­
In honor of the Christmas special on tonight, my goes to miss Sadie Robertson!
Who's ready to watch Sadie Robertson, I mean Duck Dynasty tonight?
Can I marry Sadie Robertson just so Si is my uncle or would that be wrong
Sadie Robertson is to beautiful like that should be illegal.
If someone wants to give me Sadie Robertson for Christmas it would be great
I'm gonna meet Sadie Robertson one day😍😍
Sadie Robertson is the definition of perfect😍
can we all reminisce on the day that Phil, Kay, and Sy Robertson told me I look like Sadie.yeah it happened
If I could look like one person other than myself it would be Sadie Robertson.
Sadie Robertson is a solid 29 out of 10
If Sadie Robertson could stop being so pretty that'd be great.
I wish I had dimples like Sadie Robertson
If I could look like anyone I would want to look like Sadie Robertson. Hands down.
β€œIm in love with Sadie Robertson, Selena Gomez and Carrie Underwood πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜β€ And Holly Sonders and Natelie Gulbis!πŸ‘Œ
It's November 27th of 2013 and Sadie Robertson is still my future wife 😍😍😍
Sadie Robertson and I have the same phone case...another reason why we're twins
"sadie robertson is the worst actor i swear" don't do Sadie -_-
Sadie Robertson is a definite babe 😍
just realized that I haven't done my today! Sadie Robertson is definitely my woman crush! so freaking gorgeous.
Sadie Robertson is looking fine as usual on Duck Dynasty reruns rn 😍😍😍
Today I was told that I look like Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty. I think not βœ‹
β€œBut as close of a tie it is Karina is a little better than Sadie Robertson πŸ‘πŸ˜˜β€
I just want Sadie Robertson for Christmas make it happen mom idk
Sadie robertson from Duck Dynasty is gorgeous
Apparently I look like Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty..
β€œCould Sadie Robertson be any more perfect”
Is it wrong to say that Sadie Robertson is gonna be a dime in 4 years
Could Sadie Robertson be any more perfect
you have to understand that I will leave you for Sadie Robertson one day.
I'd like to duck sadie robertson's walls. If ya know what i mean
So if I could marry Sadie Robertson that would be great.
why does Sadie Robertson have to be so cute? 😍
Sadie Robertson is litrally one of the prettiest people ever!!
That moment when you get told you look like Sadie Robertson 😬
I just saw Sadie Robertson at Walmart in Lake Charles
the wonderful and beautiful Sadie Robertson
Sadie Robertson is so freaking gorgeous
Robertson girls still making ink in south jersey papers πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Œ
Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty PERFECTION IN A PICTURE she is my idol a teenager with great faithπŸ’œ
If any do you Dixie Belles in NYC can get Sadie Robertson's Autograph for me, Yeah that'd be great.
Guys I would die to meet Sadie Robertson.
Am I the only one that thinks Sadie Robertson is just gorgeous? 😍 lol
Sadie robertson from Duck Dynasty is perfect
John Luke & Sadie Robertson are perfect, literally.
I think Sadie Robertson has got 2 be one of sweetest little girls ever! Great job Willie and Korie, u guys raised great kids
John Luke & Sadie Robertson are both just perf 😍😭
I hate the show Duck Dynasty but Sadie Robertson might be perfect
OMG John Luke and Sadie Robertson just walked right past me!
Headed to check out Camp Grace this am for "D-Now Road Trip" in March. Nine slots left for Winter Retreat w/ Duck Dynasty teens John Luke & Sadie Robertson in Tennessee!
Nashville, line dancing, Sadie Robertson, country music, cowboy hats, what's not to love
I had a dream that I met John Luke and Sadie Robertson & when I woke up I seriously thought it was real. But it wasn't 😰😐
Check out what Sadie Robertson wore to homecoming! A dress from her new line called Live Original by Sherri Hill!
so Sadie Robertson is going to have her own line of Sherri Hill 😍😍😍
I'll forever be in love with Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty.
*** Bindi Irwin and Sadie Robertson are both hella pretty
if Sadie Robertson come to Harding im cuffing
has anyone ever told you that you look like Sadie Robertson ? πŸ‘β€οΈ
is such a beautiful girl and such a great witness! I'm so jealous! You keep doing what you do, girl! ❀️ you Sadie Robertson!
122. Hoping Sadie Robertson comes to school at Harding 😘
So I find it creepy when Sadie Robertson posts a selfie and some 45 year old dude is all like,"You're so beautiful(:"
What do you think about the gown Sadie Robertson is wearing here? It's from the new Live Original collection that...
Can I take a moment to appreciate Sadie Robertson? That precious girl is beautiful.
Sadie Robertson is truly a lovely role model for girls. She embraces her imperfections and loves the Lord.
our goal is three thousand dollars!! help us end world hunger Logan Paul Sadie Robertson message me on FB...
Sadie Robertson's dad let me take a pic with him today so that means I have his blessing to marry her right
My shirt was just touched by Sadie Robertson
just got told I look like Sadie Robertson lol
So I just got mistaken as Sadie Robertson & then told that I look like her. Lol. But I'll take that compliment because she's a pretty girl!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Y'all Sadie Robertson is working in chick-fil-a
Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson says she's praying for Miley Cyrus
"Did you know Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty has a boyfriend? I am sort of depressesed and I have a girlfriend."- 8thgradeboy
I have a very serious obsession with Sadie Robertson
So I put a ring on it. Sadie Robertson
"I wish I was Sadie Robertson cause then guys would want to like kiss me"
I never said she wasn't, Sadie Robertson is just a better looking version of her
Why can't I be Sadie Robertson so I can have a rich Daddy & own a super nice horse?
Lol I have to tell you this... Sadie Robertson is a better looking version than your friend Casey
do u flw sadie robertson of duckdynasty ? She post wkly utube bible scripts &how they relate to life.older but u shld watch
So, Sadie Robertson should make more appearances on Duck Dynasty! Second best from Si! πŸ‘
Sadie Robertson and Sherri Hill walking the runway at Fashion Week! Sadie is wearing one of the Sherri Hill...
I got told I look like Sadie Robertson. Best compliment ever.
so looks exactly like Sadie Robertson now .
Vote me and Sadie Robertson for cutest couple for senior superlatives
Had a dream that my dad was Sadie Robertson's doctor and she started talking to me so that was pretty cool...
It's clear Sadie Robertson wants to be my girlfriend 😍
I'm honestly in love with Sadie Robertson lets be real
Oh my gosh, Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty is just gorgeous.
Sadie Robertson it's so hot it's ridiculous
So today I told my sister that Sadie Robertson and Kesha came to my school. They flipped out!.
1 thing that WILL happen before I die is that I will meet Sadie Robertson and I will get to kiss her dimples 😍😍
When do I wake up from this dream and become sadie Robertson in reality
NO NO NO Sadie Robertson is just way too sexy😘😘 those dimples I swear 😍😍
Sadie Robertson just give me a chance please.
What just because she's beautiful and famous Sadie Robertson gets to be friends with Scotty McCreery?! Oh wait she does.
Have you ever wanted to be with someone you never met? β€” Yeah. Sadie Robertson. 
uh why cant I look like Sadie Robertson??
Sadie Robertson has to be the prettiest girl I've ever seen..
I'd really give anything to look like Sadie Robertson
So out of touch with pop culture I did not know who Sadie Robertson was from Duck Dynasty. Oh well, no worries.
Sadie Robertson, from Duck Dynasty, launches her own fashion line -
I swear looks like Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty 😍
"Duck Dynasty" star Sadie Robertson traded in her casual Louisiana garb for a gown Monday night when she walked the runway at New York Fashion Week.
Sadie Robertson (Willie and Korie Robertson from Duck Dynasty) walked the for Sherri Hill runway show! Aw she looked SO cute!
If you were going to be stuck on an island with three celebri... β€” Sadie Robertson, Jase Robertson, Phil Robertsons
From Duck Dynasty, check out Sadie Robertson's devo! The first one is on our song Slow Fade
If you are a female under the age of 30, you need to read this .
Sadie Robertson and Kolby Koloff: devos for teens. Thank you
Sadie Robertson truly is an inspiration for girls everywhere.
We need more Sadie Robertson's and less Mylie Curus'...
Sadie Robertson is def my rolemodel
Sadie Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty' to make her own prom dress line
Sadie Robertson is my new role model.
Sadie Robertson is so freakin adorable
Breast Cancer Awareness
Using her fame to make a difference...That's what I'm talk bout, Jack!
Sadie Robertson should be a role model to all you young women out there
Sadie Robertson & Kolby Koloff first youtube show. Check it out every Monday night.
Sadie Robertson of Duck Dynasty is starting a new video devotional every Monday. Here's the introduction:...
or Luke. Can u help Makenzie get in touch w/ Sadie Robertson of Duck Dynasty, for a christian mom & daughter event n Mobile
wake me up when I look like sadie robertson
A Teen Alive for God, desires to live different than the world!
Why is Sadie Robertson attractive in every single way possible?
*** my brother saw John Luke and Sadie Robertson at the baseball game yesterday!? 😱
Looking for a good Christian role model for your teens? Sadie Robertson will be at Rupp Arena along with five...
Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson will soon be making Video Devotionals and a modest clothing line. Can I get a...
Sadie Robertson and friend using 1 Tim 4:12 in their kickoff YouTube channel
A young lady acting like a young mature lady..
Please share! Great to know that our young ladies have someone to look up to!
Love how Sadie Robertson is using her platform to bring glory to God! Our girls today need more of these kinds of...
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Check out the newest Duck Dynasty treat!!
WHAT A CONTRAST TO MILEY! Duck Dynasty on A&E. Sadie Robertson is designing a clothing line in an effort to...
The world definitely needs more Sadie Robertson's in it! I applaud her for standing by her beliefs!
Sadie Robertson has an online devotional and modest clothing line.
Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty and friend will be making a weekly devotion on Monday. Check out today's...
Girls, follow Sadie Robertson's for encouragement on living as unique daughters of the Most High.
I swear I just saw Sadie Robertson walking on campus
good for you every young girl should look up to Sadie!
Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson, 16, stands apart from other young women with fame at an early age.
Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson launches β€˜I Am Different’ video series with Kolby Koloff of Preachers’ Daughters
Why won't Sadie Robertson accept my instagram request?
I'd have sex with a Sadie look alike, if so put phone number.
I saw a nude picture of korie and want sex.
RFT! β€œSadie Robertson can get the pipe lol”
I would take a punch from Willie to suck her and her mothers.
Sadie Robertson can get the pipe lol
Some guy came up to me at Denny's today and asked to take a picture with me because he said I looked like Sadie Robertson. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜³
Sadie Robertson is my type of girl.
Wish people would realize its Sadie ROBERTSON not ROBINSON
Sadie Robertson will always be my love
doesn't think Sadie Robertson off of Duck Dynasty is attractive
I had 3 people tonight alone tell me I looked like Sadie Robertson
Dear God, can I please be Sadie Robertson just for one day?
Could sadie robertson get any hotter
Sadie Robertson is a beautiful person
Can Sadie robertson move to Hampton already
Im about to get SO much hate but Sadie Robertson isnt all that pretty
I wish I looked just like sadie robertson..she's gorgeous 😍
I'm marrying Sadie Robertson end of story
Sadie Robertson will be my wife someday 😍
You'll get used to it. Trust me. I did it with Sadie Robertson.
Is there a countdown for when Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty turns 18
Why does little Sadie Robertson have to be so young...and far away
I do kinda get what you girls mean about wanting somebody from the country, if I could be with Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty..
I think thinks Sadie Robertson is freaking Hot too
Holy *** Sadie Robertson is one good looking girl!
Sadie Robertson looks so different without makeup
Sadie Robertson was at point mallard and I missed it. What is my life ?
Sadie Robertson was at point mallard yesterday 😳
i seriously have a huge crush on Sadie Robertson!!!
Sadie Robertson is so fricken hot omg
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