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Sadie Robertson

Sadie Robertson is the daughter of Willie Robertson who is CEO of Duck Commander and is featured on the hit reality TV show Duck Dynasty.

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Sadie is gods best creation ever made an makes me wanna marry her
Sadie Robertson is flawless like she could marry me anytime
Everytime I see a picture of Sadie Robertson I realize how truly ugly I am
Just saw a girl who is a perfect mix of Kate Upton and Sadie Robertson.
I have the BIGGEST girl crushes on sadie robertson& kolby kolof
lol @ stalking Sadie Robertson all night. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Met Sadie Robertson(from Duck Dynasty)'s boyfriend at my youth's church camp tonight!!!…
If you look like Sadie Robertson... Keep doing what your doing πŸ‘πŸ˜‰πŸ˜
Why can't i just look like Sadie Robertson?😍 She's too perf.😐
I would do anything to look like Sadie Robertson
If I could be any celebrity I would probably be Sadie Robertson πŸ’­
I love how everybody obsesses over Sadie Robertson's bf and I'm like "I've been going to school with him for 3 years, he's not a big deal"
In RL, I ship him and Sadie Robertson so hard
*smiles, shaking your hand* Nice to meet you, Sadie Robertson. I'm Kellan, Kellan Lutz.
πŸ³πŸ˜‹ Sadie Robertson 😏 ha jk well you're really pretty, and sweet, and funny, and we have the same bday so that's just bonusπŸ˜‰ woo pigπŸ—
Sadie Robertson off Duck Dynasty just followed me on insta! πŸ˜†πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
no longer friends. Done. Last straw Jacob! That is bae AKA Sadie Robertson
Does it make me pathetic that the highlight of my week is watching Duck Dynasty to see Sadie Robertson?
Life goal is to be pretty as Sadie Robertson 🌞
" If I could just speak to Sadie Robertson!"
Dream is to be as pretty as Sadie Robertson 😩
Sadie Robertson can have whatever she wants bro 😍
I just want a wife like Korie Robertson. On second thought, I think Sadie would suffice. 😍
If you don't think Sadie Robertson is the cutest human being to ever walk this earth, your wrong.
Sadie Robertson and her brother the
How many likes can I get for the beautiful Sadie Robertson!?! And don't forget about uncle Si!!
Check out highlights from the USSSA World Series feat. Sadie Robertson from
So I'm cool enough that I saw Sadie Robertson's bf today.
I'm a Sadie Robertson fake who is looking for a fake of Blake Coward and the rest of her Duck Dynasty family. RT?
I think it's safe to say that Sadie Robertson has the hottest boyfriend ever.
Forever wishing I had Sadie Robertson's life.and boyfriend😍
There is a girl here who looks almost exactly like Sadie Robertson. very jealous
Sadie Robertson's boyfriend is at verge... Hey bae 😍😍😍😍
Hey everyone Sadie Robertson is at my house come say hi!
β€œsitting by Sadie Robertson's boyfriend in service.. um what. He's gorgeous.
sitting by Sadie Robertson's boyfriend in service..
Scotty McCreery, John-Luke and Sadie Robertson are all on the cruise ship I just got off of 😐
I want Sadie Robertson to have my children. 😩😭
*** I missed Duck Dynasty today and the amazing Sadie Robertson
I'm just a Cole Robertson kinda girl tbh
Sadie Robertson has to be the best looking teenager on television
Sadie Robertson is truly a beautiful person in side and out!! A women that loves The Lord 😍😍
Forget this..I'll just marry a Robertson..
me and Katie just saw Sadie Robertson at target πŸ˜…
Me and just seen Sadie Robertson in Kinnucans πŸ™Š
I wish I was Sadie Robertson and had her hottie bf 😍
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I want a relationship like Sadie Robertson's 😩
Yeah Sadie Robertson is perfect and all but let's talk about her even perfecter boyf
I got random strangers coming up & telling me I look like Sadie Robertson umm
Sadie Robertson's boyfriend is the perfect guy 😍
why can't I just be as perfect as Sadie Robertson?
Sadie Robertson Hope you are feeling better Sadie, you are such a sweet girl, God bless you πŸ’žπŸ’—πŸ’ž
sometimes I get mad bc I'm not Sadie Robertson
Can I please be Sadie Robertson like now. πŸ™
Hoping Sadie Robertson accepts my Insta requests one day πŸ˜‚
Can I look like Sadie Robertson and also have her boyfriend pls
he's Bo & he goes to school w Sadie robertson's boyfriend
There is a girl here that looks exactly like Sadie Robertson
I don't know how many times I get told I look like Sadie Robertson..
Sadie Robertson will always be my true love
β€œBlack people will get you hype even if you lookin stupid lmfao.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Is this Sadie Robertson!? πŸ˜‚
god blessed Sadie Robertson with good looks😍😍
everyone at the beach party thought I was Sadie Robertson so that was fun
I'm like really jealous of Sadie Robertson's relationship with her bfπŸ˜‚
I need Sadie Robertson's life and boyfriend
Relationship Goals: Sadie Robertson & that ugly dude
Sadie Robertson swinging a golf club (even if it was a bad swing) is the most beautiful thing ive ever seen in my life.
Sadie Robertson's boyfriend is a wacky looking dude
It actually makes me mad how perfect Sadie Robertson and her boyfriend are 😭😍
We met Sadie Robertson at Bridge Street today!! Apparently we have the same taste in jewelry lol.…
Just saw Sadie Robertson and her boyfriend at Bridgestreet πŸ˜‚
Literally just said Hi to Sadie Robertson in person.
Sadie Robertson is even more gorgeous in person 😍😍
Throwback to the day we met Sadie Robertson like two weeks ago ❀️
Just saw Sadie Robertson like her own pic, like she don't already get enough
has anyone ever told you that you look like Sadie Robertson? So gorgeous. I'm jealous lol
β€œcan I just look like Sadie Robertson.”
can I just look like Sadie Robertson.
Someone told me i looked exactly like Sadie Robertson and it was probably the best compliment I've ever gottenπŸ‘Œ
Sadie Robertson is too cute. Like, ridiculously, on another level of anyone, ever.
Let's all admit it, Sadie Robertson and Blake are the cutest ever. 😍
Seriously Sadie Robertson and her boyfriend are perfect
Sadie Robertson hot but her dad look like the type to not let her date minorities
If Katie says this girl looks like Sadie robertson one more flippin time I'm going to karate chop her in the neck
So many people in panama keep saying I look exactly like Sadie Robertson πŸ˜‚
Sadie Robertson's boyfriend is one lucky guy... πŸ˜’
Guys this girl compared me to Sadie robertson yesterday at guard camp
Why can't Sadie Robertson just admit she loves me already.
Sadie Robertson is my girl but I guess you're pretty too
My grandma thinks I need to go to West Monroe, Louisiana and see if people mistake me for Sadie Robertson πŸ˜‚πŸ’
"I love life" ur so beautiful I've always wanted to ask u out will u go out with me sadie Robertson
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mad that we missed Ansel Elgort at the Eiffel Tower by 24 hours, and Sadie Robertson in Italy by less than 12 😠😀
Sadie Robertson is on my plane to Monroe... Should I feel cool or...?
Dad just saw Sadie Robertson in the airportπŸ˜πŸ”«
this boy at camp is convinced that i am Sadie Robertson
We saw Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty on the streets of Rome and I told billy to ask her on a date and he didn't so we aren't famous yet
Today at VBS a little girl told me I looked like Sadie Robertson! πŸ˜‚
We missed Sadie Robertson by like 5 days in Rome 😩
it's not even cool that Sadie Robertson is in the same spot I was 2 weeks ago πŸ˜’
This adorable Sadie Robertson for Sherri Hill short dress would be a great homecoming dress! 40% off this weekend...
Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty, not that anyone really cares
The new guy at church knows Sadie Robertson. Aka my look alike. I'm obsessed. 😍
Got a pic with my girl Sadie Robertson tonight 😍 @ new camp day 53
Sadie Robertson stopped by the blue hole in Georgetown the other day and took pictures.
The other day an 11 year old girl told me I looked like Sadie Robertson 😍 My day was made!
Sadie Robertson is the prettiest person I cry
β€œhave y'all played Sadie Robertson yet?” We played her team but she's in Italy 😐
have y'all played Sadie Robertson yet?
Jennifer Anniston, Sadie Robertson, and Kate Upton are so sexy πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ‘…πŸ’¦
"Elva G Felknor '69 was arrested 6/23/2014 looks like Sadie Robertson in 10 years
I aspire to be more like Sadie Robertson yet she's younger than me.😳
I'm always told I look like Sadie Robertson but I honestly don't see it
Someone told me I looked like Sadie Robertson today. Bless your heart but you're so wrong
Assuming she marries a male from the United States, there's a 138,100,000 chance that I'll marry Sadie Robertson. I'll take those odds.
Sadie Robertson isn't that cute. I don't see the big fuss about her.
I'm not even bothered, I feel the same way about Sadie Robertson
I'm admitting right now that I constantly stalk Sadie Robertson and her boyfriend πŸ’
Got told I looked like Sadie Robertson like 3 times last week. That's probably the greatest compliment I've ever received 😍
I just watched Duck Dynasty for the first time in a while. I forgot how hot Sadie Robertson was. 😍😍
Sadie Robertson is half the reason I watch Duck Dynasty.
Sadie Robertson is the only girl that gives me hope for my future. The thing is the looks have nothing to do with it.
Is this real life?? Me and Sadie Robertson are getting married... Its official
Wish I had a dollar every time someone told me Kinsy looked like Sadie Robertson 😐
I was told all week that I look like Sadie Robertson. I'll take it.
And she looks just like Sadie Robertson 😍😍
Can I be as cute as Sadie Robertson please??
why cant a Sadie Robertson be at Stanton
"You should hang with us". "okay, when?". "Now". It's 12:30 in the morning. Unless Sadie Robertson is gonna be there I'm staying home
Keeping hearing that I look like Sadie Robertson.. Wut who how
Why does Sadie Robertson have a boyfriend who is not me?
Apparently my uncle told my grandpa that he thinks I look like Sadie Robertson…
I saw Sadie Robertson at Disneyland today and it made my day...
Sadie Robertson because she's basically the definition of perfect 😘❀ sadierob
Sadie Robertson and I are perfect for each other! She just doesn't know it yet.
Sadie Robertson and her boyfriend are so cute! 😍
but it's okay we win bc we have Sadie Robertson ❀️
Photo: Lord, can you please help Victor find a wife like Sadie Robertson someday? Thanks =) (How awesome...
I just saw Korie, John Luke, and Sadie Robertson at Disneyland. This was actually worth the trip
My life would be perfect if I looked like Sadie Robertson
β€œdude she looks like sadie Robertson”
dude she looks like sadie Robertson
We had Duck Dynasty in the house this past week, managed to snap a photo of Andrew and Sadie Robertson Fanpage, she was a very nice young lady.
to last CMA Fest when Conner was desperately trying to get Sadie Robertson's (Duck Dynasty) attention! It worked!
You ever been told you look like Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty?
I want to meet Sadie Robertson so bad and try, jus try to melt her heart
My brother named my dog Sadie cause of Sadie Robertson btw
β€œSadie Robertson is the cutest thing ever”
Sadie Robertson & her boyfriend are the cutest thing ever
I have to admit it. Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty is pretty hot
is claiming this is Sadie Robertson, and he couldn't be more wrong..
So.. I just saw the Robertson family. AND they were on both of my flights!!
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My dad saw Korie, John Luke and Sadie Robertson at the Dallas airport 😱
Just saw Sadie and John Luke Robertson at the airport
Sadie Robertson's bf is so cute like πŸ˜©πŸ™Œ
Happy to announce the final ticket count for the show Saturday was 5340!! Thanks to each and every one of those 5340 for coming out. Scotty McCreery, Eric Paslay, Sadie Robertson, John Luke Robertson, Korie Robertson, Blake Kearney Band, 947 QDR
I wonder if Sadie Robertson gonna turn out looking like her mother.. Cause Id like a piece of that.
Unless Sadie Robertson wants to be my girlfriend 😍
For everyone who forgot about Sadie Robertson.😍
Sadie Robertson is a great Idea for a celeb crush but her accent is an immediate push in the opposite direction.
Sadie Robertson is te perfect white girl 😍
5th person to tell me I look like Sadie Robertson... Ain't complaining!!
I've posted 3 ever, there all Sadie Robertson...I got a thing for Sadie
Totally didn't know that Sadie was older than John Luke Robertson on Duck Dynasty 😳
β€œI wish I could go hunting with the Robertson family” I wish I could have sex with Sadie πŸ’πŸ‘Œ
The world needs more Sadie Robertson's and less Kendall Jenner's
i want a relationship like Sadie Robertson's. Oh & her boyfriend
Does anyone know how to connect to Sadie Robertson?
If I could I would ask Sadie Robertson out on a date
My computer wont load google smh. really halting my efforts to search "Sadie Robertson 2014"
Sadie Robertson has a boyfriend... Needless to say I'm pretty salty
Me: "Too bad Sadie Robertson has a boyfriend...". August: "Just because there's a goalie doesn't mean you can't score!" πŸ˜‚.
I'm still just waiting for the day that Sadie Robertson notices me 😍😍😍
Got to see some of Duck Dynasty crew last night too.
Had such a good day/night with these two seeing Scotty McCreery, John Luke and Sadie Robertson, Eric…
My cousin just met John Luke and Sadie Robertson πŸ˜©πŸ˜­πŸ™€πŸ˜»
Our family was honored to meet John Luke Robertson and Sadie Robertson of Duck Dynasty (A&E reality show) at...
I'll be at Springhill Outfitters from 12 to 2 today. John Luke and Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty will be...
Heading to North Carolina to see John Luke and Sadie Robertson.
Unbelievable concert! You can say what ya want about skillet but he ushered in the spirit tonight! I stood there in the rain with tears flowing down my face! It was a incredible concert! Broke my fav shoes in process lol! Psht and also got to see John Luke and Sadie Robertson! Whoa!
Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty, will you marry me? ❀️
FOX NEWS INSIDER - USO partnered up with β€œDuck Dynasty” star Sadie Robertson and fashion designer Sherri Hill to donate more than 400 prom dresses to military teens.
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Lauded Vocalist Partners with Feed the Children and MUSE Concerts for Tour Support Crabb Hunts Duck at Special Tour Appearance (Nashville, TN) April 4, 2014 – JASON CRABB - Grammy Award Winner and 21 time GMA Dove Award winner Β - kicked off his 2014 Love Is Stronger tour with a little help from his friends. Well, make that 20,000 friends! Crabb recently began his tour with a stop in Knoxville, TN at Thompson-Boling Arena as part of Winterfest weekend. Appearing alongside Duck Dynasty's Luke and Sadie Robertson and the band Planetshakers, Jason's soaring vocals, signature guitar skills and his amazing band filled the arena and had the crowd of over 20,000 teenagers on their feet with hands in the air! The theme of the night was one that Jason is very familiar with - camo! In honor of the Robertson appearance attendees were asked to wear camo and Jason was happy to ablige! "Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE to hunt," said Crabb. "So when they asked for everyone to wear camo, I was in!" Jason surprised Jo ...
This looks like Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty all grown up.
LOVE my dress by !! Thank you SO much to , Sherri Hill, and Sadie Robertson!
Skillet, and Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson and John Luke Robertson appearing May 17 at Beach Blast in
My women crush Wednesday is Sadie Robertson, she's gorgeous, God driven , and yet she's famous but…
Sadie Robertson is the definition of perfection 😍😍😍
I wonder if Sadie Robertson realizes that she's perfect?
*everyone complaining about being sick*. "Oh no everybody! Sadie Robertson is sick!!"-
PUT GOD FIRST For Sadie Robertson, faith is always more important than fame
Sadie Robertson is sick the same time as me so I guess thats kinda cool
pshh I was always good πŸ’ your just jealous cause Sadie Robertson wants to play soccer with me. 😍
How interesting! Sadie Robertson of Duck Dynasty started preaching when she was only 5 years old! See her YouTube show for teens The New Different:
Greyson gets to be the president of the Sadie Robertson fan club
*out shopping with Sadie Robertson, looking for stuff to wear & take for the upcoming cruise*
I can't wait to watch Sadie Robertson, I mean Duck Dynasty tomorrow...
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Selfie with our besties John Luke and Sadie Robertson @ Thompson-Boling Arena
β€˜Duck Dynasty’ Star: Show Was Started to β€˜Get the Message of God Out There’ Is β€œDuck Dynasty” just a big advertisement for the Almighty? At least one of the stars seems to think so. Sadie Robertson, the teenage daughter of Duck Commander boss Willie Robertson, tells Fox411 that her clan decided to do the A&E reality series in order to spread the word of the lord. Also read: β€˜Duck Dynasty’ Premiere Ratings Drop: Did the Phil Robertson Controversy Hurt the Show? β€œWhen we began β€˜Duck Dynasty,’ we weren't starting it for fame,” Robertson said. β€œWe started it to get the message of God out there.” The 16-year-old also lamented the lack of old-time religion on the small screen lately. See video: β€˜Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson: Marry 15 or 16 Year Old Girls β€œWe could have easily done a reality show like everyone else,” Robertson noted. β€œBut it's our faith that catches people's eyes because sadly, it's not something we're used to seeing [on TV] these days.” The series ha ...
. Sadie Robertson is the only girl for me
someone just texted me and said they were sadie robertson from Duck Dynasty and that i commented my number on her IG pic BUT I NEVER DID ?ΒΏ?
If I could look like Sadie Robertson I would never complain about myself
Girl at work today said I looked like Sadie Robertson πŸ˜„
I would love to meet Sadie Robertson so I can learn how to be perfect
Sadie Robertson is a 20 on a scale that only goes from 1-10
Okay. Sadie Robertson plays tennis. I like tennis now
Sadie robertson is so frekin pretty
if I could just be Sadie Robertson all my problems would be solved
How come Sadie Robertson can be so pretty😍
I'm not asking for much. Just that you look like, act like, and ARE Sadie Robertson.
Jep is my new favorite Robertson minus Sadie
currently 10 feet away from sadie and John Luke Robertson in telluride 😍😍😍
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Would you rock Converses with your prom dress, like Sadie Robertson?
random dude just told me i look like sadie robertson?ΒΏ?
Sadie Robertson is the closest thing to perfect. She plays basketball, is beautiful, she's a Christian, and she has dimples.
Sadie robertson's accent is perfect πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜
I'm going to find the real Sadie Robertson
My love for Sadie Robertson never stops growing. All I'm saying is Sadie Cowan just rolls off my tongue.
2 facts:. Its almost midnight. I love ChloΓ« Grace Mortez and Sadie Robertson
People keep telling me I'm a mixture of Kolby Koloff and Sadie Robertson and I'm not sure how but thanksπŸ™ˆ
omg you kinda look like Sadie Robertson and Kolby Koloff mixed together! How cool is that?! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
Sadie Robertson is in Colorado skiing and I'm really hoping she's in Breckenridge because how cool would that be
this dude keeps calling me Sadie Robertson like psh I wishπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
What I would do to get 1 date with Sadie Robertson!! Hands down 11 out of 10
The Inzano Twins made me forget all about Sadie Robertson
I just wish I could be Sadie Robertson because she's perfect... 😞
Apparently I'm a mix between Selena Gomez, Lucy hale, and now Sadie Robertson.
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yeah .. I'm pretty sure Sadie Robertson is perfect, just sayin πŸ‘Œ
Sadie Robertson, please be in breckenridge, Colorado.
i think I'd feel pretty cool if I met Sadie Robertson.
Can't decide if I would rather be Carrie Underwood, Sadie Robertson, or Kate Middleton.
When I grow up, I hope my wife is Sadie Robertson!.
If Sadie Robertson isn't the love of your life you're doing it all wrong people
Typical family dinner convo consisting of Duck Dynasty, SEC football, and how I should move to Louisiana in order to woo Sadie Robertson.
Love these two girls! . Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty and Kolby Koloff from Preachers' Daughters πŸ’š
that is Sadie Robertson she is exactly what I want in a women
Sadie Robertson you should follow this Canadian -->:) lol
Sadie Robertson is seriously the prettiest girl ever.
Sadie Robertson calls her brother "John Pookie" I'm just saying why don't I have a name like that for Tanner?
Just found out Sadie Robertson plays basketball. Pretty cool I'd say.
Just saw an Instagram video of Sadie Robertson bangin a three. WAIT WHHHAT?!?πŸ‘Œ
had a dream i danced with sadie robertson last night. Never woke up more disappointed
fangirling a bit, but SADIE ROBERTSON RESPONDED TO MY MESSAGE. s/o to for making my night πŸŒ»πŸ’•
Sadie robertson, or Hayley herself are acceptable
Sadie Robertson sent 9,300 texts a month. When I was younger you had 500 texts free and every text after that was like .25 cents. πŸ˜‚
had never heard of Sadie Robertson until like two seconds ago.
Okay she is 16 but Sadie going to be really hawt when.she is 18 lol
Sadie Robertson plays basketball? Can she get any more perfect or what 😍
Yet again.. I'm going to say this one last time.. MY NAME'S NOT SADIE ROBERTSON . Thanks.
Sadie Robertson has the ugliest shot I've ever seen. Besides mine..
Just so everyone knows I have the same basketball number as Sadie Robertson.
I typed Sadie Robertson into google and this keeps coming up
The fact that Sadie Robertson balls up
"Sadie Robertson is in the wrong LA.". ~Justin Zubak
I wanna see Sadie Robertson play basketball πŸ€
Just found out Sadie Robertson plays basketball
Sadie Robertson is completely gorgeous, why can't I be her?
Sadie Robertson plays for a lady eagle basketball team in Louisiana
What does Sadie Robertson not do... geez
Sadie Robertson wears number 15, I wear number 15. Coincidence? I think not.
Sadie Robertson is seriously so gorgeous!!!
the fact that Sadie Robertson plays basketball makes me love her 20x moreπŸ€πŸ˜΅
So I've decided that I'm going to move to Louisiana and become best friends with Sadie Robertson and marry her brother. Solid plan.
I can't decide whether I'd rather be Sadie Robertson or date John Luke..
Sadie Robertson is the most beautiful girl alive. πŸ˜πŸ™Œ
Me and sadie robertson have the same basketball number. 😎😎 omg swag
Sadie Robertson also plays basketball. She just gets more and more perfect.
I know if Sadie Robertson ever met me she'd smash
Sadie Robertson is number 15 like me... She did that on purpose
that fact that Sadie Robertson is Sadie Robertson makes her more attractive
ew...sadie robertson all sweaty. Ew 😷😷😷
Come in and check out our new Sadie Robertson Dresses!!!
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Sixteen-year-old Christian Sadie Robertson from A&E’s hit show β€œDuck Dynasty” is producing weekly video devotionals on Monday nights called β€œThe New Different.” The teenager is also designing a clothing line in an effort to encourage modesty in a culture where fashion trends are often contrary to th...
Sadie Robertson jist seen yer wee post where you were feeling as though ye had upset everyone . Jist tae let ye know this is a grand wee site where we aw pull the gither n help each other oot . It's like huvvin another wee extended family and the love n compassion ah huv felt here has been awesome , gie us a chance and you to can feel and share in the love . Love is all around :) xxx
Really Grace Machen you are super sweet, and the best daughter could ever ask for but its time to go to bed!! I enjoyed viewing Sadie Robertson Insta gram page tonight. The Duck Commander princess its so cool she is following you back and is only follwing 80 people...hint hint baby your following 600 + um lets think about this :) Night Night beautiful Grace!!
Sadie Robertson is cute asf on Duck Dynasty(;
Sadie Robertson is so perfect, oh my gosh!
Sadie Robertson and Phil Robertson Duck would yaw please show Jep and Si. We really appreciate everything. Michael Harper
Sadie Robertson and John Luke are currently in West Virginia. β™‘
Now - Sadie Robertson Hits The Runway, how could you not be proud of her! Comment please...
Sadie is an amazing woman in the making, and is definitely one of the sweethearts of the Robertson family from Duck Dynasty! We are HUGE fans of Sadie Robertson, and wanted to start a page to share with other fans!
Sadie Robertson in her paintball outfit. :)' m
That moment when Sadie Robertson comments on Instagram! Yeah that's awesome!
Inspiring a new generation: Sadie Robertson (above) - One of the teen stars of 'Duck Dynasty' says that their show is leading students across the cou
If you haven't check out the New Different.. you should. Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson and her friend Kolby Kollof made Β series of youtube videos! Check them out here...
Sadie Robertson Collection by Sherri Hill available at Ashley Renee's. Come and see the latest styles and top designers for all your prom needs.
Ready for march 22 to get to go listen to Sadie Robertson and John Luke Robertson speak!!!
It's safe to say I know someone who looks like John Luke and Sadie Robertson
2014 Sherri Hill/ Sadie Robertson size 14 but fits 8-12 $200 only worn to try on and take pictures
I'm more of a Sadie Robertson kind of guy, but i would totally go to prom with Jimmy Fallon. Work your magic
Sadie Robertson. Straight up beautiful β™‘ I love Duck Dynasty. She's perfect.
I think Sadie Robertson is so pretty but anytime I see her face, all I see is John Luke with long hair...
Reality TV show "Duck Dynasty" is inspiring students to pray in schools across the country, according to 16-year-old "Dynasty" star Sadie Robertson. Sadie said students are now forming "Duck Dynasty Clubs" to pray before lunch at schools. She said it's an awesome thing for a TV show to be able to bring prayer into schools. The Montgomery Advertiser reports that Robertson made the comments at a recent fundraiser for Prattville Christian Academy.
Sadie Robertson is an angel. My lord.
Lord make me look like Sadie Robertson.
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If I had a girl that looked like Sadie Robertson but cooked like Miss Kay I'd be set.
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