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Sadie Robertson

Sadie Robertson is the daughter of Willie Robertson who is CEO of Duck Commander and is featured on the hit reality TV show Duck Dynasty.

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I'm actually crying, Sadie Robertson and her bf broke up:((
Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty is such a good role model
Sadie Robertson is single so this is my chance.
Announcement! Sadie Robertson Live Original Tour 2016 set for Santa Ana Star Center on September 28! Tickets go...
Y'all can't tell me Sadie Robertson don't look like a younger Miley Cyrus
.star is launching a must-see conference tour. We have the 411.
Sadie Robertson comes to Cincy in October 😍😄 Someone go w/ me
"God made you in a unique way so you would have something great to offer the world around you."- Sadie Robertson
I came across this last night. I'm so glad, it's worth the watch. Thank you really needed to hear this 💞
CLICK BELOW to see how Sadie Robertson & others faired in tennis tourney on Thurs
Sadie Robertson & Blake broke up... How am I even supposed to believe in love now
Robertson... Will you go on a date with me? via
So excited for new Live Orignal tour! This girl is an INFLUENCER. Check her out!
. almost reminds me of a young Beautiful young woman with a strong message!
Sadie Robertson just stopped me to ask me where chic fil a was..It didnt click that it was her till right after I showed her where it was😅😭
Is just keeps getting better and better!
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Guess who's launching a live event for teens? of
All I want is to have a conversation with Sadie Robertson and my life will be complete 😭💔
My life hasn't been the same since I found out Sadie Robertson and her boo broke up :/
birthday to America's favorite uncle, Silas Robertson! 🎂
Sadie Robertson said it first .. Don't be bound in bitterness.
so excited that I will be going to see Sadie Robertson on tour, on October 15th!!! ah💗💗
The Sadie Robertson breakup video will change your life for the better.
This is amazing! 🙏🏼❤️. More girls in this world should look up to Sadie Robertson ❤️
Everyone should definitely check out Sadie Robertson's new video on breakups! It's very eye opening
You know Sadie Robertson is single again?
Sadie Robertson? Aggies wouldn't care if Trevor Knight was dating Mrs. Robinson, as long as he wins:
Sadie Robertson broke up with her guy. Now if Thomas Rhett and Jay Alvarez gon end it with their girls, who will be *** relationship goals
I'm still dumbfounded about how Sadie Robertson is biologically related to Willie Robertson
Sadie Robertson has been a fixture on her family’s reality show, Duck Dynasty, for years, but the fashion designer and reality star makes
RC interview w Sadie Robertson re:posted by Janet Thompson (-
Sadie Robertson relies support to help ease heartbreak over Blake Edward split The amazing platform is you using me
Joe Mantegna, Sadie Robertson to host Movieguide Awards for many celebrities...
Can't wait to watch Sadie Robertson and Joe Mantegna tonight.
I just wanna be Sadie Robertson that would be nice
News flash: Luke Thomas said Sadie Robertson's boyfriend is cute and also said he wanted to kiss me. He's not straight.
Joe is co-hosting the MovieGuide Awards again this year, be sure to set your DVRs!
WE'RE. READY. FOR. SOME. RACING. . Sadie Robertson is here to give the command to start engines! .
Proud to say that Sadie Robertson is my roll model
I want to reincarnate into Sadie Robertson
I think you should put that on your sadie Robertson folder
when people tell me I look like Sadie Robertson I die a little
Sadie Robertson is so pretty it's not fair
Sadie Robertson will always be my role model
Coaching dance at the same school the Robertson's go too, is pretty cool!! Kar was too happy to see Sadie!
if anyone wants to go with me and Kaitlyn to see Sadie Robertson in Charlotte in February let me know 😊
It makes sense they had Sadie Robertson last year I just stopped paying attention when they brought in Miz
Looking at Sadie Robertson in the mall right now
my table just told me I remind them of Sadie Robertson 😭😭😭😭 my day is made
I'm reading Derek Hough taking the lead book also nastia luikin and Sadie Robertson those are good
Remember winter jam when I didn't get to meet Sadie Robertson or Jamie Grace :(
Sadie Robertson might be the closest thing to Blake Lively.
Slightly distracted while reading Sadie Robertson's book because in my head I keep reading it with her accent.🙈
"Sadie Robertson was so moved by War Room she decided to create her own designated prayer room." Cool story:
Can I please have a relationship like Sadie Robertson and her boyfriend!?
Great and on top of it all Sadie Robertson has a bf 😐
Sadie Robertson - Duck Dynasty. Isn't she the cutest little thing, ever?
Sadie Robertson may or may not be perfect.
Is there any way that I could look like Sadie Robertson? Omg. She's perfect.
Sadie Robertson will always be the one for me
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Uhm hello where I can sign up to be Sadie Robertson 😍😅
if I looked like Sadie Robertson and had a relationship like hers, I swear I'd be fine with life
Just wanna be as perfect as Sadie Robertson then I'll be ight
When u find out Sadie Robertson will be in Chicago at my church and you can't go 😭
Sadie Robertson urges girls to 'find a man of th
The fact that Willie and Sadie Robertson are touring my college.
Sadie Robertson is gonna be in Portland tomorrow for winter jam and I can't go 😩
I feel like Sadie Robertson, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and I could be best friend goals
If I could switch lives with anyone it would be Sadie Robertson
Sadie Robertson and Blake Coward are seriously goals omgg
Drawing at 12:00 pm CST TODAY for a pair of rain boots! ENTER ->
If I could look like Sadie Robertson my life would be great
Derek Hough, Mark Ballas, Sadie Robertson, and BC Jean check out check o... via
Well, shattered my phone screen and broke my MacBook today but I got to play vball with John Luke and Sadie Robertson. They're nice people.
I mean it's pretty cool that John Luke Robertson goes to the same school as me, and Sadie Robertson is coming next year 😍
John Luke Robertson is in one of my classes and Sadie Robertson is speaking at Convocation today. LU >>>>>
"Has anyone ever told you you look like Sadie Robertson?"=the fastest way anyone has ever earned my friendship
The fact that this is Sadie Robertson's grandma and the fact that she looks better than me. Goals asf!!!
Everyone here thinks I look like Sadie Robertson. Like what lol
Honestly Sadie Robertson makes me feel like the most insecure person ever
Life goals: . Become HGTV super star sensation . Get put on Dancing with the Stars . Win DWTS . Meet 1D . Become besties with Sadie Robertson
Sadie is the better Person. then the evil spawn of the Muslim Terrorist n the WHITE HOUSE
.& collaboration raises money for Purchased -
Why can't I have dimples like Sadie Robertson???
Collin calls me Sadie Robertson and it makes my whole day ☺️
Sadie Robertson speaking all kinds of truth!!!
Why Sadie Robertson should be every girl's role model
I want red Hunters and Dark Green Romas by Sadie Robertson!! 💦☔️
All I want for Christmas is a Megan Rapinoe USAWNT soccer jersey and Sadie Robertson rain boots. Talk about all over the place 😅
Remember that time Sadie Robertson came to chapel but Scott McDowell talked the whole time...
Duggar Update from Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson: 'Sometimes It's Best to Just Run Away from the Si...
Live Original Southwest Mississippi, a prayer rally with John Luke and Sadie Robertson from the hit…
Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty posted these on Instagram a few days ago -L
Harry with Sadie Robertson and her friend backstage tonight at
Straight up got Sadie Robertson's digits and she texted me 😵😵😵 this is no joke ppl
My friends just met Sadie and Willie Robertson... 😭💔😫
Forever wanting a relationship like Sadie Robertson and her boyfriend Blake.
Super excited to start Live Original by Sadie Robertson😊
if it's been a week and I haven't ranted about that "Kylie Jenner vs Sadie Robertson" article then I'm probably in a coma
high key obsessed with Sadie Robertson
I just saw Sadie Robertson in the Atlanta airport?
Sadie Robertson coming up on bible news radio soon watched on Untitled
When your mom's para pro gets a picture with Sadie Robertson & you freak out for no reason :)😂
Sadie Robertson is such a good example of someone using their platform for God wow
Do you ever just look at Sadie Robertson's Instagram and hate yourself bc same
domain names
Amy Schumer, Sadie Robertson, Donald Trump and more react to Louisiana t.. Related Articles:
Sadie Robertson's boyfriend Blake Coward shares Christian faith on his own website
Sadie Robertson challenges people: 'Seek God to find peace and acceptance ... - ChristianToday
'Duck Dynasty' Stars Willie and Sadie Robertson Urge Prayers for Lafayette, Louisiana in Wake of Movie Theater Sho...
Honestly, if Sadie Robertson and Blake Coward don't get married I'm gonna be upset b/c they would have some beautiful children
Sadie Robertson and her boyfriend help me believe there's still hope for a loving Christian relationship
well i found that with the help of a couple of people and one of the things that really helped was a video that Sadie Robertson made
People tell me I look like Sadie Robertson. I don't see it lol
Barb. I'm only make for myself. No one else. I'm reborn . Double my powers by suckering . Sadie Robertson . Born first family female bikers😇😈
Legit started freaking out bc I thought I saw Sadie Robertson's cousin at the gas station, but she's in the Dominican Republic so.://
GOD'S NOT DEAD 2 will have Melissa Joan Hart and Jessie Metcalf and Sadie Robertson, David A.R. White an Paul Kwo.
Just saw Sadie Robertson at the Nike store but I'm really just wondering if John Luke is around anywhere 😍😍😍
I liked a video from Sadie Robertson & Mark Ballas - ALL DANCES - DWTS 19
Get your tickets for this back-to-school event with John Luke and Sadie Robertson at BA today. You…
Also met John Luke and Sadie Robertson last night so that's also cool👌🏼
Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson throws a strike on her ceremonial first pitch. Her brother John Luke's offering was a bit high.
Lineups for tonight at the Corn Crib! Gates 5:00 for John Luke & Sadie Robertson. 6:35 1st pitch!
Belters add 3 in 8th and retire the Crushers in 9th for a 9-0 win! See you Sat for Duck Dynasty Night with John Luke and Sadie Robertson!
: Sadie Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty' is a classy role model, but not perfect via
when Sadie Robertson wears a northland shirt on her insta
according to the people at work, I look like a combination of emma stone and sadie robertson. um okay😂😂
'Duck Dynasty' Stars Sadie, Luke and Rebecca Robertson to Appear in Upcoming Episode of ...: Other…
Sadie Robertson's boyfriend is so hot
'Duck Dynasty' Star Sadie Robertson and Family to Appear in Upcoming Episode of 'Family Feud'
Sadie Robertson and I have the same birthday so that's pretty cool
Health is what is going on inside of you - physically, emotionally and spiritually
I've been told I look like Sadie Robertson, Angelina Jolie, and Jessica Alba. I don't see any but, what I would do to look like them. 😍😩
happy birthday! PS: you share a birthday with Sadie Robertson
I was told I looked like Sadie Robertson today
Me and Sadie Robertson share the same birthday 😁😎
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One day Sadie Robertson will realize we were meant to be
Sadie Robertson is too pretty I'm jealous
I need a Sadie Robertson in my life...
Sadie Robertson finally 18 and I'm the only one thirstin? LIES
Meet Sadie Robertson and T-Swift! There favorite things to do are and
I've been told I look like Sadie Robertson 3 times this week
"All of us need to dream big, pray big, work hard, and trust God to bring our dreams to pass." -Sadie Robertson. ••South Africa 2017••
Me and Sadie Robertson have the same birthday
"Steve Harvey looks like a black male version of Sadie Robertson." -
Happy birthday to the amazing, smart, and inspirational Sadie Robertson
Sadie Robertson is 18 today, and she's literally already perfect..
I'm a day older than Sadie Robertson ✌🏼️
Sadie Robertson and her boyfriend are adorable.
I love myself and everything but if I could just look like Sadie Robertson. that'd be great
PS You share a bday with Sadie Robertson & that rocks
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Me and Sadie Robertson are a day apart in birthdays as if my love for her could grow anymore 💕💕
when u and Sadie Robertson have the same birthday and ur prom dress was the same as her dress at the CMT awards 💁🏼💁🏼
Omg sadie robertson is so pretty lol
My countdown was off, happy 18th birthday Sadie robertson
Sadie Robertson give me breathing problems.. she's so perfect 😩😳😍
a big happy birthday to Sadie Robertson! You book has inspired me and brought me closer to God. Thank You and Happy birthday I 💙 u
Get on Instagram to check notifications. End up on Sadie Robertson's boyfriends page... Like what is life
The fact that Sadie Robertson and I have the same birthday made my day
"Sadie Robertson may be young, but she can get it."
Sadie Robertson and Blake Coward are definitely the cutest couple I don't care what anyone else says
20% off Sadie's new line of cards today in honor of her birthday. Sadie Robertson
Kendall's dad just woke me up and told me it's Sadie Robertson's 18 bday and now it's legal for Kendall to go after her.😐
Sadie Robertson just completed her junior year, is a freaking icon, and is changing the world. . I don't even know what I'm doing with life.
happy birthday to Sadie carroway Robertson 💕
I would like to marry sadie robertson. Thank you.
Freaking out because I just saw John Luke and Sadie Robertson 😱😍😍
Pretty sure I just saw John Luke and Sadie Robertson
We need more Tim Tebow's and Sadie Robertson's than Bruce Jenner. Lol
Just got sat at a table at Pappasito's & got told Willie, Korie, and Sadie Robertson were sitting at the table right behind us 30 min ago...
Tyler ran into Sadie Robertson at NASCAR Saturday night! Are any of my students fans?
come to FT Worth in May & see Trevor, Sadie Robertson, Mark Ballas, Hayley Orrantia, Reagan James & more reality stars!
I don't normally watch this show but Sadie Robertson was really good I loved both of these routines. She is a...
Really want to bring Sadie Robertson to formal with me.. If yall can tag her to help.its hard to contact her because we'…
I wish I could meet Sadie Robertson, and Bob Goff, and Kate Middleton, and Katie Davis, and Amy Poehler, and the list goes on and on people
And why does Mark always get the youngsters? Willow Shields, Sadie Robertson, Shawn Johnson, Alexandra Raisman...
Sadie Robertson wore the Sherri Hill prom dress I bought last night to an awards ceremony. 🙈😻🔥
John Luke and Sadie Robertson share faith at Connect student conference
Just met Sadie Robertson at the DC Auto Show! She's totally in love with me. @ Washington…
Sadie Robertson just keeps getting hotter 😩
Duck Dynasty star and former Dancing with the Stars contestant Sadie Robertson will be one of the big names joining the Winter Jam 2015 Dome Spectacular that will be held at Atlanta on February 7. The Winter Jam, which will cover 47 cities during a period of three months, will cover 10 top artist
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Sadie Robertson has the cutest relationship hands down
if you were Sadie Robertson I'd already wife you up lmao
So on the real can I have Sadie Robertson's life.
man o man do i wish i was Sadie Robertson
Sadie Robertson knows how to complete an outfit! Take Sadie's style advice and shop our Sawyer Sneaker:...
"...God created me, He loves me, He is with me, and He is on my side." -Sadie Robertson.
Dream Big and allow God to make your Dreams reality! -Sadie Robertson 'Live Original'
Proud of my girl for choosing modesty/class/style and going with Sadie Robertson Live Original
CAY27: Clip of the Week: Video game becomes dance routine: Sadie Robertson and Mark Ballas do a freestyle danc...
Mark Ballas in Atlanta for 'DWTS' live tour, lauds Sadie Robertson, Derek Hough -
stars John Luke and Sadie Robertson are returning to The Corn Crib on Saturday, June 20!
WATCH - interview- While in Atlanta for ‘DWTS’ live tour, he lauds Sadie Robertson, Derek Hough Love Mark
interview in Atlanta Mark Ballas lauds Sadie Robertson after season 19…:
After multiple appearances on Duck Dynasty, 17-year old Sadie Robertson of Duck Dyansty has an even higher profile. She is a proud Christian, and is waiting to have relations with her boyfriend until they are married. And Duck Dynasty family patriarch Phil Robertson is making sure of that! Firearms…
Video: Sadie Robertson and Mark Ballas Freestyle dance to “Super Mario Bros” from Nintendo on Dancing with...
Sadie Robertson, one of the stars of A&E’s Duck Dynasty and the daughter of America’s favorite CEO, Willie Robertson and his wife Korie, seems to be taking America by storm. When many teen stars like Bieber and Miley are maintaining
Looks like Sadie Robertson’s dance partner Mark Ballas is spending the holidays with her whole family. And watching the whole crew bust into dance had me giggling myself into a quack-attack! Too cute.
No words... Should have gotten a poet. via
Asking my mom for Sadie Robertson's book for Christmas and I am not at all ashamed 💁
At an early age, Sadie Robertson star of Duck Dynasty and New York Times Best Selling author started sharing her faith. You will love this video!
Sadie Robertson has outlined the strict set of rules that she has laid down for herself and boyfriend Blake Coward in their relationship. The couple has de
Setting boundaries in your dating relationship is critical in pursuing sexual integrity before marriage.
Random, but every time I see a pic of Sadie Robertson, I always think it's Y'all look so much alike 😁
Couldn't get enough of her cuteness on - check out an excerpt of book
Sadie Robertson. She's the role model teen girls need these days 😍
"I’m just sitting there smiling at the TV because I know what it is. It’s God in her. That’s the light."
DWTS judges saw a “bright light” in — Her uncle reveals what he believes the source is:
I have nothing but respect for Proud of her for standing up for what she belives in. Takes a strong girl.
DWS Judges Saw a 'Bright Light' in Sadie Robertson -- and Her Uncle Reveals What He Believes the Source Is
Sadie Robertson's and Mark Ballas' Super Mario themed dance routine from Dancing With the Stars. -Vex.
Sadie Robertson heads to Dancing With The Stars finale with Super Mario Bros ... -
Congrats to our runner-up couple, Sadie Robertson & Mark Ballas, on a tremendous run on
that moment when Sadie Robertson's dog has more followers than you
if I see one more thing about how sadie robertson is the epitome of a perfect modest Christian girl&how more girls should look up to her😑
We need more girls like Sadie Robertson 😍😍😍
Sadie Robertson's dog has more followers than me
Sadie Robertson is so perfect I cry
so I have a book suggestion that I am reading that brought you to mind, it's Sadie Robertson's book"Live Original"
I think Sadie Robertson is great and I'm glad she stands behind her morals but man do I feel bad for her when she messes up.
Forever wanting a prom dress from Sadie Robertson's line. They're gorgeous and modest 😍😍
So I've been told I look like Sadie Robertson 😝
Congrats to runner-up Take a look back at her incredible journey here:
Where can I sign up to be Sadie Robertson?!
Sadie Robertson's dog has 36 thousand followers.
Sadie Robertson's dog has more followers than I do
Sadie Robertson Prom dress line that is 100% Daddy approved is also 100% TeamCona approved. Classy. Love it.
Sadie Robertson's dog has 35k insta followers 😳
LOL at Sadie Robertson's 'modest' line of prom dresses. The definition of modest is all over the place. The Duggar girls wouldn't wear these
I didn't watch DWTS but I just watched a video of Sadie Robertson and she is pretty awful
Sadie Robertson is definitely someone i look up to as a person
Sometimes I wish Laura had a private account for her school friends like Sadie Robertson but then I remember she's not good with tech stuff
I would not have guessed sadie robertson is the daughter to that Duck Dynasty guy.
Sadie Robertson's brand new puppy has more followers than all of us. Let that sink in.
Sadie Robertson's dog gets 32k Instagram followers in a matter of hours and I'm over here grinding for 200.
Sadie Robertson's puppy has more followers than you on Instagram. Just let that sink in.
Sadie Robertson's new dog has more followers than I'll ever have
this lady told me I looked like Sadie Robertson so my life is complete
Sadie Robertson made her new puppy an Instagram and it has 31k followers and I'm struggling to hit 800😶
BREAKING NEWS: Sadie Robertson, Duck Dynasty’s star, makes an important announcement for her future
Sadie Robertson is living my dream life
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Ladies, Sadie Robertson (Duck Dynasty) is starting her own line of modest prom dresses. Get excited.
Sadie Robertson's dog has 30,000+ followers in 24 hours on Instagram. Let that ignorance sink in. Absurd.
Sadie Robertson has the cutest dimples in America
Sadie Robertson's dog has more followers on Insta than me.
Sadie Robertson's dog has more followers than Id have in 576 years
Sadie Robertson and her bf made their new puppy an Instagram. It has 27 million followers. I'm struggling at 700 😅🔫
Sadie Robertson: Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible (Signature): The stars of the hit TV show Duck Dynasty are com
Everyone in the world is loving Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson right now. While Dancing with the Stars may have ended with The Carlton Dance taking home the
Sadie Robertson & Mark Ballas Perform Super Mario Bros , this video was Taken from 'Dancing With The Stars'
Sadie Robertson didn't win the mirror ball trophy on Dancing With The Stars, so can we start a riot about that?
I added a video to a playlist Sadie Robertson & Mark Ballas - Jazz
'Dancing With the Stars' runner-up Sadie Robertson takes comfort in being Mark Ballas' favorite
Sadie Robertson gives God all the glory after she and DWTS partner Mark Ballas earn a perfect score for…
Sadie Robertson, Alfonso Ribeiro, and Janel Parrish were the final three contestants on Dancing with the Stars season 19, and apparently it was the closest race ever! Last night, Alfonso took home ...
Week 11 - Finale, FINALLY! They had “24 Hours” to come up with a fusion number. Sadie Robertson with Mark Ballas. Dancing Samba/Quickstep Fusion. Not a bad number. She STILL has problems with her arms when she’s extending and there were times when they just were not in synch as a couple. Not her best, nor worst performance. Not perfect...9 Judges: 10-10-10-10 Um, *** Len pointed out it wasn’t perfect, and listening to the comments, that was NOT a 10 dance. So, is it going to be that the judges are going to give all 10s so that the scores (not all correct) last night and the voting is the decider??? If they aren’t going to actually judge the last dance, why have them dance at all? !Parrish with Val Chmerkovskiy. Dancing Foxtrot/Paso Doble Fusion. Outstanding performance! The choreography was challenging for a 24 hour routine. Their lines were beautiful and the dances were perfectly integrated. Again, outstanding—10. Judges: 10-10-10-10 (Side note, Witney is SO freaking cute) Alfonso Ribeiro ...
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Sadie Robertson of the hit TV show "Duck Dynasty" has successfully made it to the "Dancing With the Stars" finals.
See what inspired Sadie Robertson and Mark Ballas to transform into Princess Peach and Mario! Subscribe: Watch Dancing with the Stars Mo...
Sadie Robertson and Mark Ballas dance the Argentine Tango to "Problem" featuring Noah Guthrie on Dancing with the Stars' Plugged/Unplugged Semifinals Night! ...
Once again, Sadie Robertson brought the heat with Mark Ballas on Dancing With the Stars last night leading up to the finals. The pair received a perfect score of 40 for their freestyle Super Mario Bros-themed dance starring Robertson as
I was never a DWTS fan, however Sadie Robertson got me looking forward to seeing her routine each week.My highest...
Ok so lately I have been watching Sadie Robertson on dancing with the stars. Her and Mark Ballas are really doing really well!!! I hope they win the whole thing. :D
Will Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson win the mirrorball trophy on the Dancing With the Stars finale? Read on for the details.
Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson made into the Dancing with the Stars finals with her dance partner Mark Ballas last night. Ballas and Robertson danced to Arianna Grande’s hit song “Problem.” The Jud...
Sadie Robertson dishes on the comparison between her family and the Duggars, and reveals why it's an "honor"
Just moments before Sadie Robertson danced the Argentine tango on Monday night's "Dancing With the Stars," a video package aired featuring members of the her family sharing details about the "Duck Dynasty" star's Christian faith and praising the "well-rounded" woman she's becoming. "I have a huge fa…
What a classy performance by Sadie Robertson on Dancing with the Stars this week. I predict she will win the trophy.
"Duck Dynasty's" Sadie Robertson likes being compared to the Duggar family.
Sadie Robertson: It's an 'honor' to be compared to the Duggar family: "Duck Dynasty's" Sadie Robertson likes b...
I agree! Sadie Robertson is in a whole different class than Miley Cyrus. That is a good thing.
Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson: It's ''an Honor'' to Be Compared to the Duggars via
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
'Duck Dynasty' family proud of daughter's maturity, values on 'Dancing With the Stars': Sadie Robertson…
Sadie Robertson on dancing with the stars I think I'm in love
I want to be Emma Watson, Sadie Robertson, Carrie Underwood, and Jennifer Lawrence's best friends
Luke Bryan on why Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson made him cry on Dancing With the Stars
It's unfair how gorgeous Sadie Robertson is...
😍😍 Sadie Robertson is every mans dream
Sadie robertson is prettier than that other reality tv star kylie jenner!
Sadie Robertson with out you who will win dancing with the stars . Sadie you are the best hope you win😊
Sadie Robertson has been on a tv show&has her own prom dress line coming out w Sherri Hill & she's younger than me. What am I doing wrong? 😑
I am still watching DWTS and I really feel like an old lady. I have never watched it before but I can't get enough. Tommy Chong is the cutest thing ever! Cheech is in the audience most weeks. He is a hundred and six and can dance like no ones business. Mr. Sexy Pants! REALLY!!! Sadie Robertson has won me over too. I still want her to win. The internet girl Bethany... I don't know who she is... Is blossoming like a flower. Love her!!! Waiting for Mondays like an old lady for sure!
Sadie Robertson once again wowed the judges on “Dancing With the Stars” Monday night, nabbing a near-perfect score for her “Duck Dynasty” themed samba — and ...
🇺🇸. Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson wows her way into the Dancing With the Stars finals
At least Sadie Robertson and John Luke uploaded a picture of nana and I...😌💁
"Dancing with the Stars" and "Duck Dynasty" star Sadie Robertson recently took to social media to ask for prayer for 9 year old Haley, who has a brain tumor.
Sadie Robertson, daughter of Duck Dynasty star and cultural icon Willie Robertson...
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'Duck Dynasty' daughter Sadie Robertson sticks to Christian morals, refuses 'sexy' moves on...
Such a sweet sister! Find out how Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson reacted to John Luke's engagement:
Sadie Robertson is "so excited" that her brother John Luke is engaged to her "best friend":
(The Blaze) – “Duck Dynasty” star Sadie Robertson took to the dance floor Monday evening with partner Derek Hough for switch-up night on “Dancing With the Stars” — the one time during the weeks-long competition in which celebrities perform with new partners to test their skill level and resilience. But before she delivered a rip-roaring ...
Week 5 of Dancing With The Stars is now in the books and Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson is once again turning heads. While many believe this week's...
Sadie Robertson is back in town, practicing for her next appearance on Dancing With the Stars. We catch up with the Duck Dynasty star and her partner, Derek Hough, at 5! KNOE 8 News
Tune in next week to DWTS, where Bethany Mota is paired with Mark Ballas (Hip Hop) & Derek Hough with Sadie Robertson (Charleston). ✨
I really enjoy Sadie Robertson being on dancing with the stars. She's perfect!
.just killed it on Loved seeing the Robertson clan on stage for her performance! Go Sadie!
Only nine stars are left! Make sure to vote for your favorites tonight so they are safe from next Monday's elimination! Here is tonight's leader board. 1st. Alfonso Ribeiro with 40 points 2nd. Leah Thompson with 39 points 3rd. Sadie Robertson with 37 points 4th. Janel Parrish with 36 points 5th. Bethany Mota with 33 points 6th. Antonio Sabato Jr. with 29 points 7th. Tommy Chong with 28 points 8th. Michael Waltrip with 25 points 9th. Jonathan Bennett with 24 points
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