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Saddleback Church

Saddleback Church is an evangelical Christian megachurch located in Lake Forest, California, situated in southern Orange County, affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.

Rick Warren Lake Forest Nick Vujicic Pastor Rick Warren Southern California Saddleback Church Worship Center Orange County Purpose Driven Life

We're celebrating 35 years as a church family. If you have a story to tell about your time here, we want to hear it!
“Great leaders draw great ideas out of others.” — Rick Warren, Senior Pastor Saddleback Church
Church begins NOW. Join us Online as we Welcome Home Watch here:
Find a Saddleback Church location near you:
On this day, February 14, 1971, while sitting in the back row of Trinity Baptist Church in Ukiah, CA,
would love you meet you! I'll be there from Saddleback Church!
The Daniel Plan includes world class doctors, food, exercise and nutrition advice from Saddleback Church.
Really looking forward to chatting with next Tuesday for her podcast and speaking at Saddleback Church Feb. 21-22!
Have you ever visited our church? Parking lots can get crazy here too!
Here's a great interview did with Saddleback Church regarding how they manage their social media.
to the original "Welcome Home" party. . Join us in celebrating our 35th Anniversary as a church…
Even at your worst, God gives you His grace and a second chance. ~Saddleback Church
I'm checking out ... Why God Made You! ... on Saddleback Church's iPhone app.
Barack Obama “deceived” Pastor Rick Warren in 2008 in an appearance at Warren’s Saddleback Church
...when he was seeking votes at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church, that Obama said, "I believe that marriage is the...
He didn't "hide his true feelings", he lied and did so on numerous occasions, including to Rick Warren at Saddleback Church.
It's a good day in the office when my baby girl stops by to see me. @ Saddleback Church
Book pic of the week: "Saddleback Church Business Directory" by business members - what a great...
We are so blessed to have Chris Reed as our Pastor of The Single Life Community at Saddleback Church!! He is one...
Serve your church ministries with tools, templates & trainings. via
I agree with the 2008 version of Obama's stand on marriageObama @ Saddleback Church -Defines Marriage
We sadly announce the Funeral for Jakes Dad, Garrett Breeland, on Friday February 20th from 12:30-3:00 at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest.
we've got 1 at Mike's old church in Aliso Viejo, 2 at Saddleback and 2 at Magnolia in Riverside.
A great takeaway from this week's podcast with of Saddleback Church.
Pres. Obama was lying when he told Rick Warren's Saddleback Church that he believed in traditional marriage.
Here is how Saddleback Church manages their social media presence with
Hi Rana. Great to connect. I visited Saddleback last year! Great church. Keep up the good work!
Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church & author. son on lead guitar.
Love Sunday nights with my hubby church! Such a great way to start off the week 🙏
2 Corinthians 8:5 It is God's will to make a commitment to Christ & to His church body.
"Church is not a service you attend it's a body you belong to." - / .
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announces Saturday March 21 as day of all-campuses Church 35th anniversary celebration at Ange…
Are u a member or attender? talking about our level of participation with the Church.
What is God's GREATEST command for us to do as members of the church? To LOVE one another! 1 Peter 2:17
Some of the ministries at Saddleback Church.Love this Church!Humble Pastor,sound doctrine,multi-ethnic congregation.
A Christian without a church family is an orphan. You were made to belong.
The church connects you to the power of Jesus.
Church a connection that will last "it is a choice n commitment" KayWarren1
Thks Church Ministry 4 & taking 17 Littles on our Wait List to
Just attended Saddleback Church in California for the first time. Amazing experience! Rick Warren is phenomenal.
A church is not a hotel for saints, it's a hospital for sinners.
I am loved and accepted in my church family
The church connects me to the power of Jesus
The church family offers me support and stability
The church connects me to God's eternal temple
Being connected as a church member connects me to God's eternal temple
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Getting our worship on Church (@ Saddleback Church Worship Center in Lake Forest, CA)
At Saddleback church with my son this morning. Have a blessed Sunday!
When the pastor at church says, "is the word 'butt' allowed at church?" 😎
Church isn't a place you go to. It's a family you join and belong with.
"Church is not a hotel for saints. It's a hospital for sinners."
Everyone. Everyone is needed in the body of Christ. Connections with people at church is so important.
"Church is not an event you attend, but a family you belong to!"
It was nice lining up for confession in a Protestant church today. Oh wait, that was just the choir apparently rehearsing for Saddleback.
I'm pretty sure saddleback church bookstore is hiring
Five bad nights of sleep will make anyone feel like an atheist. -- . Tom Holladay - teaching pastor at Saddleback Church.
We are One Church with Many Locations. Find a Saddleback Campus near you:
reading The Power of Habit. Saddleback Church...Montgomery Bus Boycott. May have been smarter then. Weak ties scare me.
Rick Warren of Saddleback Church made derogatory remarks of Asians. Highly anointed guest pastor at NCC midweek service boast
Poll Dance: What's easier to find: A parking spot at Cal State Fullerton, or an atheist at Saddleback Church?
Community Events! Friday, December 5 ***Stuff the Bus for the Food Bank @ Overwaitea Foods from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Accepting all non-perishable food items and unwrapped toys. *** Skate with Santa @ Nakusp Arena 3 to 5 p.m. Hot chocolate and goodies provided. *** Celebration of Light in Nakusp. Moonlight Madness sales all day, family activities after 4 p.m., and light up parade at 6 p.m. *** Games Night @ Nakusp Legion at 7 p.m. * **Local Band 23 North @ Leland. 9 to 1 a.m. Saturday, December 6 ***Christmas Craft fair and Lunch @ Burton Community Hall 11 to 3 p.m. ***2nd Annual Teddy Bear Toss @ Nakusp Arena. Atoms vs Boundary at 12 p.m. PeeWees vs Castlegar 2 at 1:45 p.m. Bring a new or gently used, unwrapped toy and toss it on the iceduring the Nakusp Pee Wee Falcons home game vs. Castlegar at 2pm (game intermission). Food hampers willalso be available for donations. All proceeds go to our localfood/toy bank. ***Community Choir practice @ Saddleback Church. 1 to 2:30 p.m. For ages 19 years and up. Cost is ...
There is a hardcore, full-court press happening right now to unify all Christian denominations under the banner of the Roman Catholic Church, and the charge is being led by none other than apostate pastor and Chrislam founder Rick Warren of Saddleback Church in California.
justice and trafficking ministry meeting @ (@ Saddleback Church) on
Jeff is alive . Yet my war against Timothy ray browns . Evil fraud will never end . saddleback church . Uganda = murder
We grew to more than 10,000 people before we built our first building. The building doesn't make the church.
Amen Pastor Rick! (My pastor at Saddleback church) 🙌🙌 Thank you to all the veterans who have served…
What's going on OC? Saddleback Church Parents of Kids with Food Allergies… Get Found ->
An interview with of Saddleback Church on World Mental Health Day from :
At Saddleback Church, we practice the “good enough” principle: It doesn’t have to be perfect for God to use and bless it.
OOPS! Guess I upset some men at Saddleback Church by speaking the truth! Men of God! Really?
Just left LDS Church earlier this year after 32 years. Really enjoying your sermons and feel drawn to Saddleback!
Who has been watching this series from Church?. Week 3: Fighting for Awesome
and Saddleback Church have 25K people at its campuses every Sunday. But they have over 40K people attending small groups weekly.
Gorge view from my seat at church this morning.
Sometimes I get homesick for Church, but I'm feeling thankful this morning for the faith community I'm building at Overlake
Saddleback Church on Different vibe.:) Hearing why you need awesome friends. 6 Golden Rules for friendship. …
Saddleback Church on We're camping out today.:)
'Bout to get some small groups started. @ Saddleback Church
Thrilled to be hosting services this weekend at Saddleback. Love my church! @ Saddleback Church
I guess no winter jam:( oh well going to Saddleback Church
had a great time leading worship in California at hosted so well by Saddleback Church
It was an awesome week at the Arc Conference at Saddleback Church in California. Had a great time with some great...
Such a great week at !! This facility is so gorgeous. Saddleback church did that!…
CBU Alumnus and Teaching Pastor from Saddleback Church, Tom Holladay is today's Chapel Speaker for Sections ABF&G
Check out this story that Saddleback Church put together on running and faith and friendships! via
"Kay! I love Kays!"😄. Such an honor to meet Pastor Rick Warren, senior pastor of Saddleback Church &…
Church Services are NOT biblical. This is why=>
A quick pick me up before my bipolar class church.
Our Business was featured by SaddlebackThe church of the Minister(Rich Warren) who wrote the "Purpose...
Dont do ministry alone! Lets connect at the Conference at Saddleback Church Nov 4-6 t,co/gqydjvY8b
Just another day in the Lord's Army with Pastor "Warman". Ha! @ Saddleback Church
"God cares more about your heart than your sin." pastorrickwarren @ Saddleback Church Lake…
Saddleback is the only church in America with more people in small groups than attend weekend services.
I thank God to have spoken at saddleback church for I caught rickwarren praying for some…
Check out what's happening this week at Saddleback Church: via
God is so good! What a great week at Love doing ministry with @ Saddleback Church
Someone took a photo of me and put it on a bag. @ Saddleback Church
Top 5 episodes on Social Media Church.. is Haley Veturis on Episode 85
Moved from SoCal. Should've stayed. However lived in sea of saddleback church. No Bueno
I had so much fun speaking session at Saddleback church. love the ARC movement! Tonight I get to hear my hero …
ARC Conf has been amazing thus far at Saddleback Church, CA. One thing my husband and I have…
Our team loved hearing from church planters today about their passion of sharing the gospel
Pastor Marty is at Saddleback Church in California helping train and equip pastors and church…
At ARC Conference at Saddleback Church with Dino Rizzo and Dan Ohlerking - great encouraging group of leaders
Live chat: Saddleback Church leader Kay Warren will discuss mental illness at noon Thursday
Mohney: A purposeless life always is empty: Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church, a Southern Baptist megachurch…
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Don’t worry about what you don’t have if you do have faith! . - Rick Warren, Pastor of Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, California
Efrem Smith Preaches 'Uncomfortable' Message on Christians Marginalizing the Marginalized, Wanting Success Without Suffering Exponential West Conference Speaker Asks Leaders to Rethink Evangelism Efrem Smith, preacher, author and urban ministry advocate, delivered a challenging, uncomfortable and anointed message about evangelism, according to some of the thousands who attended or tuned in via a live webcast to the Exponential West Conference at Saddleback Church on Tuesday. Smith, president and CEO of World Impact and author of The Post-Black and Post-White Church, preached a message titled "Rethinking Evangelism Through the Suffering," making the case that the atrocities and painful conditions people experience today require a refocused approached to doing outreach. He began by reading to the thousands in person and likely thousands more watching online, the description of the multi-ethnic and multi-lingual kingdom of God described in Revelation 7, specifically verses 9-17. "After this I looked, and the ...
Academy Award-winning actress Reese Witherspoon stars in the new film "The Good Lie," which opens in theaters Friday, and recently quoted Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church while promoting the film.
Spending time learning from THE worldwide guru on small groups - Steve Gladen - at Saddleback Church. This guy is a genius!
begins at in So. Cal two weeks from today! Don't miss this great two-day church comm experience!
There's nothing better than Sunday nights at @ Saddleback Church
Good to be home with my family at home and at church today. Now heading to in CA. Lots of travel in this last week.
Church, edits, and football. Who knew chilling in green room could turn out to be the perfect day. Next up, the mad napper.
Jazmin's band worship service at Saddleback church
Our online campus is live streaming the 11 am service in fifteen minutes! Join us online for church:
I love Pastor Rick Warren and the Saddleback Church. Happy happy Sunday to you also
I made it to the big time! I got my picture in the Saddleback church bulletin with my son grandson Matthew!
Good morning! Church is starting soon and you can watch the 9 am service live here:
can't wait to see and hear you in concert at Saddleback Church.
It was great meeting Pastor at Saddleback Church. Thanks for inviting us.
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The FKAC concert at saddleback church yesterday was the best night ever! Good job guys
Church is starting at 4 PM! Join the online campus and watch the service LIVE here:
"My Purpose Driven Life "is to stop abusers and Saddleback Church from turning a blind eye to domestic abuse!
Some photos from last Sunday's talk at Saddleback Church South Manila.
Not sure about Derek Jeter but Saddleback Church turns a blind eye to domestic abuse. They support abusers.
Love for Church Communicators. Oct 13-14 I hope you're coming! Use MACDONALD for $100 off
So I was feeling overwhelmed with matters of the heart and life itself when I took out my bible and some notes I had taken at Saddleback Church this past Sunday. God is so amazing. He always knows what's ahead and what u will need to get through it. Notes... It is ur job to ask, it is not ur job to worry about how God is going to do it! "U do not have, because u do not ask God." James 4:2b "Since God did not spare even his own Son but gave Him up for us all, won't He who gave us Christ, also give us everything else we need?" Romans 8:32 Notes... Stop comparing and enjoy what I have right now. My happiness should no be based on my happenings! "Obey God and be at peace with Him; this is the way to happiness." Job 22:21 Notes... Talk to God about everything. If it's not worth praying about, it's not worth worrying about. "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present ur requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will .. ...
Join us for our third annual Abiding Life Conference at Saddleback Church. http:…
communicators: check out the event coming to Oct. 13-14. Use code CMS to save $100:
In this picture are 12 out of the 50 crates of squash being donated to Saddleback Church tomorrow.
MAKE A DIFFERENCE Church by helping kids find freedom from their pain! Low time commitment. More Info johnnybaker
Let everything that has breath praise The Lord. -Psalm 150:6 @ Saddleback Church
A service for former linebacker Scott Ross will be held Oct. 25 at 11 a.m. at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif.
Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren, who visited earlier this month, said he hopes to expand his ministry to East Africa.
Such a gorgeous day at church today :) @ Saddleback Church…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Thank you and Church for your ministry! (at
We party, dance, and celebrate after church service, Praise The Lord!
Staff training with --Back to the basics on church leadership.
God doesn't need you to defend/protect Him, He needs you to love people. — listening to Saddleback Church Weekend Sermon
Sunday worship team, part 2. @ Saddleback Church at Rancho Capistrano
20 minutes into another church service and I already see why does worship the way it doth. Oh, excuse me—does.
Is your church looking for a way to handle secure online giving? Check out
Photo: So thankful for my amazing church. (at Saddleback Church)
We went 13-years as a church, with 10,000 attenders without a building but we didn't worry about it. We let God take care of it.
My friends at Saddleback Church are accepting interns. Check it out. photo
Saddleback church Pastor Rick says "stop flapping". The plane is not dependent on your flapping — at Newport...
It's a great day to check out online at @ Saddleback Church
Saddleback is the church equivalent to Disneyland
It's a great day to join us at Saddleback Church. Click here for a campus in SoCal nearest you:
Come join us tonight after the 6pm service for an after party on the main patio! @ saddleback church
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I'm checking out ... Proverbs - Chapter 18 ... on Saddleback Church's iPhone app.
Warren seeks to expand ministry in Africa: NAIROBI, Kenya – Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren, who visited...
We met at Saddleback Church years ago, but didn't get a picture with you:( It was still a very memorable night:) God Bless You!
Enjoying at for the men's study with
reading Limitless Life now,puchased church during your visit. So good!!
;) If your audience is your world, you'd know better than him, I imagine. Saddleback Church in SoCal seems to do a great job
I'm checking out ... How to Change the World (In One Easy Lesson) ... on Saddleback Church's iPhone app.
Photo: Channeling my inner flower power today. (at Saddleback Church Ministry Office 1)
. Saddleback Church/Pastor Rick Warren is in all 165 Nations, and will now focus on the African Continent!
Church on Sunday with my babes. I love this man so much. @ Saddleback Church Los Angeles
@ justice and trafficking ministry meeting!! (at Church in Lake Forest, CA)
Join us tonight for our Human Trafficking meeting on the Saddleback Church Lake Forest campus. We will meet in...
So excited this morning to get to know that I will be going to Saddleback Church, Orange County, California where...
This is the next series I am doing with Saddleback Church and it's powerful.
Watching a series on relationships that ties into my book I am reading. — watching Saddleback Church
It's a beautiful morning at Saddleback Church. Join us LIVE Online at
The church is not a fortress to keep us safe. It's a launch pad for our mission to show God's love to the world.
If this is the Rick Warren of the world famous Saddleback Church in South Orange County, CA... let me just say: cunning linguist he may be; be that as it may... :-) I think Warren is talking about A Culture (Fundamentalist Christians); not mine... seems like he has those ignorant bigots among them hopping mad...:-) "Just so you'll know...
You need to try reading some Freud or Voltaire. Cultural inferiority isn't holy!
My, my - it has been too long since I've posted here! I have just finished attending - still working on the processing and absorbing - the 2014 celebrate recovery summit at saddleback church. As always, there was some excellent teaching, excellent encouragement, excellent testimonies and plenty of new ideas for us. I've brought home some new tools for us to use and some great excitement about God's workings in the Mira Mesa area! Come join us this Thursday evening as we celebrate the recovery going on in and around our group - including a belated celebration with our worship leader!
How many guys does it take to teach to run the camera? ; ) @ Saddleback Church Lake Forest
Friday Night at Celebrate Recovery With a Few Thousand of My Favorite Kind of People's! — at Saddleback Church
Ever sat next to someone like this in class, in church, on a plane?!? 😳 @ Saddleback Church
Glimpse of my new film true story of Ashley Smith, shown to 3k leaders at @ Saddleback Church last night.
Brittney and the CR band is so amazing!!! @ Saddleback Church Lake Forest
Excited to be serving today Love our church!!
Join us in wishing Pastor a very Happy Birthday from the Saddleback Church family!
Only King Forever (feat. ) I love worshipping with my church on the weekends
2009, was awarded the Intern Peace Medal from Saddleback Church
A billion church leaders being serve by & team at @ Saddleback Church
Church is not a hotel for saints, its a hospital for sinners
Saddleback Church on Second chance grace place.
I spy My dad is 12ing it up in Saddleback church in Cali with a couple that are from Renton at a church...
Jr and Sr high worship team at Saddleback Church. Amazing!
"You can't love Jesus and not love His body.the church" Rick Warren @ Saddleback…
The church is the hospital for the spiritually sick. We get better together.
"To those of us with hurts, habits and hangups, you're not just welcome at Saddleback Church, you are wanted here!"
This is an awesome Bible series from Saddleback Church and Rick Warren. 40 Days in the Word will ins
Heart Abandoned...all I have is yours temree_miller @ Saddleback Church…
'you make all things work together for my good' @ Saddleback Church
Reppin' our Dodger blue at church today! @ Saddleback Church At the Hollywood Palladium
My office space for tonight! Excited to be back worshipping with the Saddleback Church family!! 6pm…
visited Irvine today! good to hear inspiring messages of God's love & music. a month w/out church is too long.
Awesome church service at this morning. Likely going to later today at 5 too.
Sunday. End one week and begin another here. (@ Saddleback Church Los Angeles)
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Join us at to learn what REAL FAITH looks like. @ Saddleback Church…
Taking this thing out for a stroll in Hollywood @ Saddlebck Church Hollywood Paladium
At Saddleback church in Newport Beach. With Cindy Vaughn and Brittney Kincannon and grandson Matthew Berry Kincannon!
Hanging with the 4th-6th graders today! The Edge is a crazy fun place at Saddleback Church
Great night of worship at saddleback church here in California rechardeged
Great message on faith :-) (@ Saddleback Church Worship Center w/
Watching Saddleback church online at our own in
thanks so much!!! I have a friend who works at the church and she was awesome and brought me. Thanks 👍
Love this. We SO need to bring the great artists / artisans back within church walls.
Blessed to be able to be in service at saddleback Church! Wow!
T-minus 15min. Come to church with me this weekend, k?!
How To Keep Your Heart Happy ... on Saddleback Church's iPhone app. You can too, here:
I'm checking out ... Let it Go! ... on Saddleback Church's iPhone app.
If U are a JH youth worker in OC and you want to talk some shop and eat food-join & I on July 18/11-1 at Saddleback Church!
Find out how you can help launch Saddleback Church in South Manila! Join our 6th Vision Gathering…
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August 6, 7, 8 Saddleback Church Lake Forest 2014 Summit for more Leadership training...See you all there!!!
One of the values at Saddleback is to give your job away. We're set up to enable church members to serve alongside us
Classic Papa Rick photo. You could say we are pretty tight. @ Saddleback Church - MO2
Good morning. Sharing with you a few photo highlights of the at the rancho — at Saddleback Church at...
So glad you're here and enjoying yourself. Can't wait to hear how this helps you and your church.
seaworthcoffee : unofficial official sponsor of the Saddleback Church Communication Summit.
The Communications Summit is going on right now in So Cal. Follow along at for lots of great church comm content!
Take the time to listen to this great message:
We are thrilled to have speaking at for MarCom Church Leaders.
The most desired gift of love is not diamonds or roses or chocolates. It is focused attention. - Rick Warren, Founder of Saddleback Church
The success of your church will be built around how well you understand your audience.
You know just putting up new stuff in the gallery @ Saddleback Church Lake Forest
This olive tree is 150 years old, and was transplanted from Israel to Saddleback Church. It was a…
Hobby Lobby's owner is a huge donor to Rick Warren of Saddleback Church.
The Daniel Plan team at Saddleback Resources is using Grace Family Church to help inspire other churches. Here is...
Yes, that's similar to the first sentence in the Book by Church here in California. Amen!
Great first session at Saddleback Church Communications Summit from !
Every member has a ministry inside of the church and a mission to give to the world.
The core are those who are serving in ministry, somewhere inside the church.
You never grow a church from the inside out... you grow a church from the outside in.
The church is made of sinners and exists to give the message of a Savior to those who need it most.
Saddleback Church is speaking on Let it Go! via
Come Join us for the 2014 Justice Rally @ Saddleback Church in the Plaza Room @ 6pm - 8pm. Please see photo for...
I went to a group at saddleback church
I added a video to a playlist Saddleback Church Worship - Doyle *** Communion Instrumental
I liked a video from Saddleback Church Worship - Doyle *** Communion Instrumental
Yes it will and we will add it to our Saddleback Church YouTube channel following the event!
25 years ago- we got to work at saddleback church. It was life-changing. Thanks pastorrickwarren for…
When you let go of the things in your life that weigh you down, God will bless you with a new family. Our new family is found in the church.
5 Thoughts on Student Leadership from of Saddleback Church. Read it here:
Leading at Saddleback Church was such a huge honor! The Spirit of God was thick in that place!
Also, it was so great to meet who served as worship Pastor at Saddleback Church for over…
This 98 minute interview that I did with Rick Warren was recorded on May 1, 2011, during the Desiring God Regional Conference at Saddleback Church. It's the fulfillment of a commitment we made when Rick was not able to come in person to the Desiring God National Conference in Minneapol...
Men's session with Pastor Rick Warren! — at Saddleback Church
Part II of our exclusive interview Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church in Southern California. Rick talks about the expansion of his ministry abroad, th...
There is coming a one world religion promises an end to war, and world peace because it will merge all the world’s religions. One of the tenets of the coming one world religion is that all religions and religious paths lead to God as long as you are sincere. Things are clearly headed towards a "unification" of all faiths as is outlined in the scriptures regarding the last days. And many who now (only) seek "peace on earth" at the expense of having a false peace with God will and are "joining" in this movement. These are from articles that show this effort to be a coming reality.                 "Last month at the Global Peace Forum at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California, which featured Rick Warren and special guest, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, Rick Warren spoke about his global P.E.A.C.E. Plan and Tony Blair spoke about the inter-faith Tony Blair Foundation. Tony Blair is preparing to launch a “faith offensive” across the United States over the next year, after building up ...
Help the Helpless by Rick Warren When you help the poor and the needy, the Bible says it's like loaning money to God. And God says, "I'm watching to see if you are a blessing to other people. If you are, I will bless you." Psalm 41 says this, "God blesses those who are kind to the poor and helpless. He helps them out of their own troubles. He protects them and keeps them alive; he publicly honors them and destroys the power of their enemies." (Psalm 41:1-2 TLB) If you want God's blessing in your life, start looking for other people less fortunate than you to help. God says if you do that he will pour out his blessing on you. This is a principle I learned a long time ago: the more I help people who are less fortunate, the more God blesses my life. We lived out this principle at Saddleback Church a few years ago when we decided the church would feed every homeless person in Orange County three meals a day for 40 days. I want to challenge you today - this is your action point - donate a bag of groceries to a ...
It was dubbed that by Dan Savage, in honor of Saddleback Church, headed by Rick Warren.
God Is Not Ashamed of You by Rick Warren “Jesus and the people he makes holy all belong to the same family. That is why he isn’t ashamed to call them his brothers and sisters.” (Hebrews 2:11 CEV) Did you know that Jesus calls you his sister or his brother? That’s a pretty amazing thing. Jesus isn’t ashamed to call you his brother or sister, no matter how messed up your life is, because you belong to God’s family. As a member of the family of God, your sin doesn’t define you anymore. It’s the difference between Alcoholics Anonymous and Celebrate Recovery. Alcoholics Anonymous is a very good program. But I think Celebrate Recovery, which was started at Saddleback Church, is a whole lot better for a number of reasons. Most importantly, it’s Christ-centered, so it stresses that your sin does not define you. If you were to go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, you would stand up and say, “Hi, my name is Rick, and I’m an alcoholic,” and you would say it for the rest of your life. You le ...
Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church and author of Purpose Driven Life. We are super excited to have him with...
Mom convinced me to attend a church service at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest. I've not been to a service in a good number of years so I kind of feel like Al Pacino in "The Devil's Advocate" lol What kills me is the number of people wearing flip flops, shorts and short sleeved shirts. I'm wearing a suit and Mom is wearing a dress (pictures to come). People said they feel under dressed around us. Our bad lol
Thank you all for the prayers, calls, texts, and posts! Jeff and the boys feel truly blessed by your care and support! Plans for a Memorial Service celebrating Lynn's life have been set for this Saturday, May 10th, at 10:00 a.m. The service will be at Saddleback Church located at 1 Saddleback Pkwy in Lake Forest, 92630 in Tent(the beige tent). A reception will follow immediately after the service on the Saddleback campus. In lieu of flowers a memorial fund is being set up at Wells Fargo Bank in the name of "The Pirtle Children."
As this weekend draws to a close, I just need to send a few shout outs to some friends who make my life so rich: To all the people of AKA Angels, especially Toni Tutt, thank you. Too many others to name and fear of leaving someone out so just know my heart is so full to have reconnected with all of you. All the photos only tell half the story of the paths we took to be where we are today. One message is clear - in the end, we are all one. Jill Wood, our dinner and conversation and surroundings could not have been more perfect. The commitment we share towards this friendship took several steps forward. Thank you. LOVE my GGW partner! And to my TLC family, we began the day sharing in communion. Then 7 of us went to Saddleback Church to hear Nick Vujicic speak and got our socks blessed off! To God goes the glory. Thank you everyone. I love you all so much!
How to Stand Against Popular Opinion In 1979 I was finishing up seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, and I felt like God was calling me to Southern California to start Saddleback Church. So I phoned a guy that I respected a lot and told him what I thought God wanted me to do. You know what he told me? “Rick, that’s the dumbest idea I ever heard. You go out to California, and you’ll never be heard from again. It’s not going to happen.” He poured cold water all over my dream! Any time you get serious about using your life the way God wants you to use it, there are going to be people who oppose it. You’re going to have friends and maybe even family members who oppose you, because Satan is going to throw everything he can at you to keep you from fulfilling your calling. One reason why so few people actually fulfill God’s calling is because they are unwilling to go against popular opinion. If you want to follow God’s calling on your life, you must be willing to reject negative advice, no matter who i ...
Over 200 Ministries and 11 Locations, Saddleback Church's Mission is to be a Place of Family, Community, and Hope. A Place to get Help, Healing and Hope.
Preview and download the podcast Saddleback Church: Thursday Men's Bible Study on iTunes. Read episode descriptions and customer reviews.
I'm checking out ... Stand Strong . . . Then Run! ... on Saddleback Church's iPhone app.
Blessed! The only word that can described today. In the east coast, but still managed to attend my church's online campus. (
Great message from Nick Vujicic at Saddleback Church. We were blessed in a major way.
I love Nick Vujicic . He is an amazing person 🙌. Just watched him speak at saddleback church ❤️
Saddleback Church's "Faith Outreach Pastor" Abraham Meulenberg, teaches the concept of "Kingdom Circles" that teaches that members of any religion can be saved without professing Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Wicked!
Beautiful and inspiring message from Nick Vujicic today. @ Saddleback Church
Couldn't be in Cali without going to Sunday Night service Church!
The Catholic Church alone was started by Jesus Christ in 33 A.D. and can trace her line of popes back 2000 years. History shows that all other churches were founded by different men throughout history who either broke away from the Catholic Church or just invented their own. The Coptic Church broke away from the Catholic Church in the 5th century while the Orthodox Church broke away in 1054AD. Martin Luther broke away in 1517AD. The Anglican church began in 1534 with King Henry VIII. The Presbyterian Church began in 1560 by John Knox. The Congregational church started in 1582 by Robert Brown. The Episcopalian church is an offshoot of the Anglican Church and was started by Samuel Seabury. The "Baptists" were started by John Smyth in 1606. The Methodist Church began in 1774 with John and Charles Wesley. Theophilus Lindley started the Unitarian Universalists 1774. "Mormons" (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), was invented by Joseph Smith in 1829. The Church of Christ, and its offshoots ...
A little bit of father-daughter bonding at the OC Photo Summit on site at Saddleback Church. The primary purpose was to hear Jasmine Star speak, but there were several breakout sessions for photographers. We had a great time.
It's been a great weekend with Nick Vujicic at Saddleback Church. Join us online every hour on the…
Wondering what I've been up to? I had the pleasure of hearing Jennifer Wu Photography and Jasmine Star speak at the where I took part in workshops with Andrew Abajian and Joe Barnet, got some free memory cards from SanDisk and was inspired! Thanks Saddleback Church for this FREE opportunity. (college students love free-- that's the same line that got me my sandisk memory cards ;) never hurts to ask )
Just heard an amazing message at Saddleback church from Nick Vujicic! Amazing inspirational! You can view it online at saddlebacks website. . Probably up tomorrow. .:)
This morning watched on-line Nick Vujicic at Saddleback Church. Very inspirational and spirit-filled speaker.
What an amazing sunday! Really so blessed with 's sermon at Saddleback Church. Really…
just preached the most emotionally riveting message I've ever heard church.
So excited as Saddleback Church Rancho Capistrano launches a new service today at 10 am at Dana Point Yacht Club!
Only in LA do you leave your kids in the Champagne Lounge during church. Saddleback LA — at The Hollywood Palladium
Sunday brunch after an amazing service at Saddleback Church Rancho Capistrano!
Packed house today. Love seeing church full.
Nick Vujicic México, a man who was born w/o arms and legs, is at Saddleback Church this weekend. You can watch the message online...check it out, and be reminded., once again, just how big our God is!
Visiting church for the first time today with and the lovely
This guy is at Saddleback Church today! So excited!!
The key to a Blessed life, at Saddleback church listening to Nick Vujicic. Amazing!!
Fantastic start to the day, worshiped with 1000's church for the first time ever!
It's important to download your week We can upgrade our by I choose 90 min of LA
Thank you Worship Center - Saddleback church- you never let me down. Today's service moved me. I laughed. I cried. My soul is full. The message was so amazing today.
watching saddleback church at The Port Theater
Would anybody like to go to the 11:00 service at saddleback church??
Hanging with Nick Vujicic in the Green Room. Pray for each service! @ Saddleback Church Lake Forest
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Nice set up for Saddleback Church LA at the Palladium. My grandpa Acusio "Gus" Bivona played here way back in the day
New semi permanent home of Saddleback Church Los Angeles. Hollywood Palladium on Sunset. Services at 9 & 11.
Grateful & Blessed! — feeling loved at Saddleback Church
Alright offially in love with this place. Saddleback church is setting up service in the yacht club. I went in for directions and they invited me to stay for service. IN MY BIKINI! they don't care... This is my kind of church!
The latest from Saddleback Church (This is the official account for Saddleback Church. We are a global church that is passionate about loving God & people. Find us on Instagram Lake Forest, CA
For all of our Star Wars fans out there... @ Saddleback Church
Nobody should miss Nick V at Saddleback Church this weekend ! Weather you are or not a believer . He will put your Mind and Heart were you would Love it to be
New insights that Rick Warren has with his wife now having cancer and him having "wealth" from the book sales. This is an absolutely incredible short interview with Rick Warren , "Purpose Driven Life " author and pastor of Saddleback Church in California. In the interview by Paul Bradshaw with Rick Warren, Rick said: "People ask me, What is the purpose of life?" And I respond: In a nutshell, life is preparation for eternity. We were made to last forever, and God wants us to be with Him in Heaven. One day my heart is going to stop, and that will be the end of my body--but not the end of me. I may live 60 to 100 years on earth, but I am going to spend trillions of years in eternity. This is the warm-up act - the dress rehearsal. God wants us to practice on earth what we will do forever in eternity. We were made by God and for God, and until you figure that out, life isn't going to make sense. Life is a series of problems: Either you are in one now, you're just coming out of one, or you're getting ready ...
Let me share you this. After the Kid's Conference that we attended last Saturday, May 03,2014 courtesy of the Saddleback Church Kid's Ministry. We felt God has mandated us the responsibility to continue equipping the leaders and teachers to shepherd those who have accepted Jesus. Please help us pray for more determined Teachers who will care and shepherd their flock. This I pray in Your Mighty Name, O Jesus. Amen.
Looking forward to speaking at Saddleback Church this weekends. Saturday 4pm and 6pm and Sunday 9am and 11am. Gonna be packed, get there early. Bring friends who don't really go to church, could be a cool opportunity to get them some encouragement.
Attending the 9 a.m. service at Saddleback Church Los Angeles tomorrow with Tim Vizzi. Want to come??
What a great experience today was. Spent it at Saddleback Church Campus with Denny Dreher, Janice Oura Carr & Christy Howell at an all day photo seminar/work shop/trade show. Learned so much and had a great time sharing information with photo friends. AWESOME!
Oh. The things you learn as a, A2 at Saddleback Church
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