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Saddleback Church

Saddleback Church is an evangelical Christian megachurch located in Lake Forest, California, situated in southern Orange County, affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.

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Listening to Taylor who grew up at Saddleback and is now the Christ Church, Plano Director of Student Ministries...
I'm at saddleback church for a service call and this place is bigger than the 2 colleges I went to combined.
Tonight's shout into the void: does anyone out there remember going to "the 3" at saddleback church in middle school?
Join me at Saddleback this October 11-14 for the PD Essentials conference. Learn more:
7:00pm TOMORROW! The Museum of the Bible is coming to Saddleback Church for a...
Looking for travel accommodations for We've done the work for you:
I love my church! honored teachers at every campus in this weekend for…
Thank you church for this message-I haven't learned it until I do it.
Worship Service SEE spirit filled church video LOVE IT
Grab your friends and grab a seat. It's Sunday and it's almost time for church! . Join us a…
Can't get to Take 48 min & enjoy a powerful message from last week
***TEACHERS APPRECIATION WEEKEND***. On behalf of my Saddleback Church Anaheim family, I…
Listening to tell stories of early Saddleback Church and name came up. Hugh...who knew!
For those close to Studio City or are interested in attending the 101 class (determining your SHAPE-Skills,...
See how our Church is growing in China!
Crazy part is we just moved to California and was actually gonna pay Saddleback Church a visit. ...not.
A church closes down a ride at Knotts for being "insensitive".Saddleback Church, Halloween isn't for you, we get it, dont ruin it for others
The HIV&AIDS Initiative is contributing to our Saddleback Church Daring Faith Goals, including T - Train our...
We're never going to stop celebrating what God is doing through the lives of his church. Here's a sweet moment from…
Saddleback Church is speaking on Don't Say No When God Says Go via
The Refinery and Grill,Saddleback Church-Lake Forest. . Follow beyondbullsh1t on Instagram to…
I'm truly thankful for Saddleback Church for inviting chance.scoggins all the way from Nashville…
Saddleback Church is offering an 8-month interactive training process to learn & implement a healthy church strategy
Satan’s Tools Include Shopping Catalogs, Says… Click for details Click for details
At this writing,nearly 7,000 people r using their abilities in ministry at Saddleback Church,providing every kind of service u could imagine
There's nothing my God cannot do - can you imagine if the church actually believed that?
Do you want more FREE time and less CHORE time - Call Mint Housecleaning Today!
Rick Warren, DMin - Pastor, Founder of Saddleback Church is speaking on How Much You Matter To God via
Saddleback Church just welcomed their newest ministry leader—a prisoner of 30 years.
I live 5 miles from Saddleback Church and there are more Ds in my neighborhood than there are in
Southeast Christian ranked 7th largest in nation: It's right behind Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif., ...
Hope to see you tonight at our SSM night of worship!!! @ Saddleback Church Irvine South
Can't wait to see you tonight in the HSM room for our SSM night of worship! @ Saddleback Church…
The colors of spring in California . @ Saddleback Church
Hi Pr Rick. We would like to know how we can participate in Saddleback´s Budget, we are building a church so we need some help
A website I built got put alongside the likes of Hillsong, Willowcreek, Newspring, Saddleback, and Church on the Move. Thanks
Rick Warren describes how Saddleback helps to transform their people to an extreme commitment for Christ.
Spent the morning at Church. Beautiful campus & friendly people. Inspired by Pastor work.
Thrilled to be celebrating with as they release 6 songs of hope for the Church!
Home with a sick boy. :-( Watching Church on Roku. Church, right were we are.
Back in the swing. Church with the family! @ Saddleback Church
Saddleback Church is speaking on God Has A Better Plan via
Today Bridges viewed, read and prayed the Journey with Jesus at Saddleback Church's Rancho Capistrano location.
P A L M S U N D A Y (on Saturday) — thinking about a lot of things at Saddleback Church
Enjoyed the day at Saddleback Church - great time of observing and learning. @ Saddleback Church
Go to church this weekend. We all need it. Saddleback church release weekend.…
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You are known. You are accepted. And you are loved by God. Join us at Saddleback Church for Easter this year.
Be faithful and watch Him work through you!
Pastor Rick invites you to at Church. This Easter invite someone to your or watch live.
I'm checking out-A Skeptic’s Surprise-on Saddleback Church's iPhone app. Lee Strobel's Story a real case for finding Christ. Watch or listen
Everyone wants to use the businesses of Saddleback Church, but sometimes the first spot they go when needing a...
Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church says he's preparing for the most "important and life-changing" series he's ever taught, which will f
Watching some church video's and so in love with them 💓
Saddleback Church is gearing up to send teams of people into the community. We'd love for you to join us in...
Merged invites you to attend a FREE "Stepfamily Life Weekend Class" hosted by Saddleback Church Rancho...
This afternoon is the Kids Ministry Fair at Saddleback Church!. Please pray for us this afternoon as we have been...
Thank you to all OCG parents, students & supporters for attending Japan Night at Saddleback Church on Friday.
OCG Choir sang at Japan Night 2016 at Saddleback Church Irvine on March 11th.
Rick Warren reflects on son's suicide as he prepares for the "most important,life-changing series I've ever taught!"
LOL! I used to work with a member of the Church CULT that told me all the time she had to pray for me.
Love worshipping with our church family!
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Great having 2 friends this AN: & Meredith & I got our start church. She sang, I spoke.
I'm probably going to *** for all the pens I've accidentally stolen from saddleback church.
Saddleback Church is speaking on The Entitlement Cure via
I just started following Saddleback Church on
Thank you Pastor Steve Yu from Saddleback Church for serving Hillside today with the amazing small group seminar!...
Sound check with is sounding so good. Wow. 🙌 Don't miss church tonight Lake Forest! 4 and 6!
can't help but feel Saddleback church would be a better place for something like that than a park in a predominantly Latino neighborhood
Awesome concert tonight at Recovery Church Lake Forest on Friday. It touched so many people! Thanks!
Saddleback Church, we are in for an amazing weekend together! Meredith Andrews is leading us at all services, so co…
Rick Warren says the most giving people are those who are most appreciated: Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church is encouraging Ch...
We just finished a 30 day study on The video series was by Kay Warren from Saddleback Church. . My amazing...
NEWS: Saddleback Church Opens its 16th Location with an L-Acoustics ARCS WiFo/SB18 System
"Be an evangelical church, but don't leave them there." - has more people in small groups than attend on a weekend.
A little with the new pastors on staff & Pete Sung! @ Saddleback Church
Audio Coverage Details at Saddleback Church’s 16th Multisite Campus: AVL designer-specifier turns to ARCS WiFo...
Underway with the Church Media Summit with the Global Tech Director from Saddleback, Greg Baker.
Hi Guys, I will be Preaching the services at Saddleback Church This Weekend! Join us on Feb. 27 at 4pm and 6pm...
because the shelves at Saddleback's in-church bookstore don't fill themselves!
For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword
Guess who is our guest for our next show? She is the manager for Saddleback Church
We have a great show prepared for you, with special guest: SMM for Saddleback Church.
If you think that this church is just about what man can do, then you don't understand how God works - this could not happen without God.
Goodbye Orange County... It was such a fantastic weekend at Saddleback Church... Truly thankful…
And I shall walk in a wide place, for I have sought your precepts.
Growing up, I thought Church on The Way was a big church... but then I went to Saddleback today.. and my whole world has changed
An incredible weekend at and getting to hang out with my friend - love this church!!!
"You focus on building people, I'll focus on building my church" -God (to early 80's)
If you want to go with me, you'll have to grow with me. We're a church on the grow!
Well best out of two lol super catch on super Sunday at cool church or what !
Learn to the has called you to with Church
Up and out and headed to church with the little homies!!
This was me in band last weekend, Saddleback Church Irvine South. Praise the Lord. (Vertical)
"Anchor" COS original. Lead by at Saddleback Church and lead by Janae on the COS…
It sounds like the pastor of Saddleback Church might be crossing the Tiber in the near future, God willing.
Fascinating. . Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church and author of famous-selling book "The Purpose Driven...
"Rick Warren is the pastor of Saddleback Church, one of the largest and most influential evangelical Protestant...
One our favorites Pastor Rick Warren offers us advice on finding happiness. Something to ponder on this weekend.
It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not.
this book I'm reading for class talks about my pastor and church lol
I mean, this is the same man who said, during the Forum on Faith at the Saddleback Church,
Watching Midsomer Murders on +1 ... I know that church with double saddleback roof - it's Fingest!
W E L C O M E ! We are glad you are here! The Stepfamily Life Ministry is a ministry of Saddleback Church. The...
I'm checking out ... Living A Significant Life ... on Saddleback Church's iPhone app.
One of the many reasons why we love Super CLASS Sunday - We get to invite new members into our church family a! .
Our Saddleback Worship family spans 4 continents and 16 campuses. We are ONE church at many locations!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Wished I had an umbrella while walking up to saddleback church, got handed a free one
So many of my fave verses mentioned in church today, including this one :) @ Saddleback Church…
Why is it that you notice certain problems or things that aren't working? Maybe God wants 2 use YOU as part of the solution. via
I was meant to attend service at Saddleback Church a while back &…
No better place to be on a weekend than worshipping with our church family!
Listening to track some vocals. Brotha can sang. Stoked about these songs that have been birthed out of church!
PRAYER REQUEST:. Please pray for our Saddleback Church Human Trafficking Awareness Symposium today! Please pray...
Saddleback Church hosting anti-trafficking seminar: Lake Forest - For the past few years, Ann's home has serve...
🎤 Saddleback Worship in the studio... Laying down some songs we've been singing at church!
Excited to attend another service at my old church, when I visit CA for a week
Saddleback Church hosting anti-trafficking seminar - - Members of the Saddleback Church and the Orange …
I'm checking out ... Ignoring The Naysayers ... on Saddleback Church's iPhone app.
Jordan Smith, season 9 winner of NBC's The Voice, is interviewed by Pastor Rick Warren at Saddleback Church...
Looking forward to singing this Sunday in Irvine at Saddleback Church. Come worship w us 9 & 11a
Find this &More Receptionist - Saddleback Church - Lake Forest, CA: Primary duties for this role consist ...
"Mental health could be the Civil Rights Movement of the next decade," said Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church. When it comes to
Simple and easy to understand! Always learning and sharing what we know...that's the Saddleback Church HIV/AIDS...
"Hands down, the best book on dating that I've ever read!" Chris Reed (Saddleback Church) Get your copy HERE!
Don’t miss this with of Saddleback Church!
Clergy friends and churches attend The Gathering on Mental Health and The Church
Check out what's happening at Saddleback's Church. The Event Calendar Keeps you up to Date on Various Events...
Back home after an amazing 3 days at Saddleback church. God brought an amazing group of people into my life from Yuma.
Rick Warren's advice to people seeking more fulfilling life: Stop being selfish: Pastor Rick Warren from Saddleback Church is encoura...
David Upton LIVE and UNRAVELED on Labor Day at Saddleback Church Rancho Capistrano 7 pm
Oh you know ... Playing sports in heels ... So close!! @ Saddleback church: Refinery
This weekend I will be leading worship with Saddleback Church Rancho Capistrano! Hope to see you there!!. Sat 5pm...
An attitude of radical gratitude is God’s will for you because it develops your faith! ~ Saddleback Church
Live streaming can be easy. Learn from Westside Family, Potter's House, Community Bible, & Saddleback
Just a little video of tonight . scubahomie @ Worship Center - Saddleback church
you guys were awesome at Saddleback church this week for the CR Conference. Thanks for all you do.
Staying cool by the baptism pool ❤ Saddleback Church Sunday nights is where it's at!
People are asking what are the dates of the hope-filled events coming at Saddleback Church! October: How to...
Jesus always elevated the status of women. church
Saddleback Online ❤️󾬏󾬒 while I have no church here. I still can be at Saddleback. Sweet, sweet home 󾌵
speaking the truth . Thank you Jesus @ Worship Center - Saddleback church
Sunday service at Saddleback Church South Manila. With one of our new guest Richard Thomas.
Wife and I enjoying a Saturday sermon from Rick Warren at the Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA
This girl has me wrapped around her tiny little finger. @ Saddleback Church Main Campus
Here at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest it is so hot that most people attending are inside the sanctuary and not on the patio.
Saddleback Church is speaking on The Word Of Love via
Sonny Herr, congratulations on your generous boat donation to Saddleback Church !
the party is not ovet yet. Its time for Cr Glory to God @ Saddleback Church Main Campus
I love your podcast - interview suggestion - Rick pastor of saddleback church and best selling author...
Nail your burdens to the cross. Saddleback Church, California.
Office clean up day is going smashingly. @ Saddleback Church   10% Off
I added a video to a playlist Saddleback Church Worship featuring Phil Wickham - Cannons
awesome! At Saddleback church now shooting video! 😀👍
A Giant Among Men:. Dr. Rick Warren, Pastor of the Saddleback Church and author of the "Purpose Driven" book series.
The Gathering on Mental Health and the Church via
Be a part of breaking the silence and stigma! Join us for Saddleback Church's Gathering on Mental Health & The Church
Beautiful day. Kids going to visit uncle, and if I feel better going to Saddleback Church.
Vertical Church Band. I so needed this tonight. @ Saddleback Church Irvine
Lunch break. Ever wonder what Saddleback church campus is like? I always wondered and am so excited to be here.
We are heading to Church tonight for dinner, come join us!
and then while campaigning, during a debate at the Forum on Faith at the Saddleback Church,
Leadership plain and simple. Thanks to Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church.
Sharing Purpose Driven Paradigm at Saddleback Church with 15 Korean pastors from Presbyterian…
Saddleback Church to open satellite location in Long Beach this Sunday
August 12-14, 2015 Celebrate Recovery takes over the Saddleback Church campus for three days of training,...
Doyle's interview with Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church, sharing his story of "White Rose for Heidi." If...
Saddleback Church raises $71 million for its largest expansion yet - The Orange County Register
FOR KING & COUNTRY ON JIMMY KIMMEL Tonight. Here they are at Saddleback church...via
Exactly! I have no idea what their church is named. Although I think Rick's might be Saddleback or something.
20,000 people attended Saddleback Church's 35th anniversary; Rick Warren says 'we dared to dream big.'
Church is 35 yrs old🎉 "We will succeed because we will dare to dream great dreams for God" .
what areas of our church are organized with the foundation??? I would like to help!
Great short video on celebrating Saddleback Church 35 years!
Another awesome picture of me being baptized! @ Saddleback Church Irvine
Our brother Mark did a great job leading worship for Pastor Rick Warren's Saddleback Church Anniversary, the...
Former legal editor for the Chicago Tribune: Lee Strobel visits Saddleback Church.
Congratulations to on 35 years at Saddleback Church. I'm grateful for your public witness for Christ.
Saddleback Church meets in Angel Stadium for 35th anniversary -// Me? I'm setting up extra chairs for Easter.
Essential advice for any church. MT "Care about the next generation."
Saddleback Church takes over Angel Stadium for 35th anniversary | OCRegister celebration
As a church, as a community and as followers of Christ, we dare to love unconditionally.
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God is more interested in building people vs. building buildings ... the church is not a building, the church = PEOPLE
Saddleback Church is speaking on What Happens When You Have Faith via
Rick & Kay Warren celebrate 35 years of ministry with Saddleback Church.
Saddleback Church celebrates 35 years: Saddleback Church celebrated its 35th anniversary on Saturday with a sp...
More on church websites. This time it's Saddleback.
Rick Warren's Saddleback Church at 35: Brooke Staggs, OC RegisterChloe Dopp gave her life to Jesus Christ at 1...
The church must have a daring faith. -Pastor Rick
Saddleback Church starts as a small group and now holds 27,000 weekly spectators: Obama contributed to the growth.
I'm checking out ... Strong Faith ... on Saddleback Church's iPhone app.
Congratulations to Rick and Kay Warren for 35 years of global Gospel impact through Saddleback Church
Leaders from & Saddleback Church join. the Action Alliance to combat
BTW - Has Obama gone back to see Rev. Rick Warren at Saddleback church since he took office?
Church takes over Angel Stadium for 35th anniversary celebration via (author, Brooke Edwards Staggs)
Saddleback Church Celebrates 35 Years of Ministry: Rick Warren Preaches ‘Sermon on the Mound’ at Angel Stadium
I've laid eyes on Saddleback Church. For him to give all that up to be a Catholic layman would be staggering -- and unlikely.
Keep those ministry volunteers disgruntled & frustrated! Find out here from of Saddleback Church:
I'm checking out ... How to Lead the Most Difficult Person You Know ... on Saddleback Church's iPhone app. Great Message!
TRUCK is headed to Saddleback Church 530p-9p. 1 Saddleback Pkwy. KITCHEN OPEN TILL…
Fun to hear the speaker describe our soul as our operating system. :) (@ Saddleback Church) on
Sundays at are underway. Join us at @ Saddleback Church
Hanging with Pastor Rick this morning. meganklurie @ Saddleback Church San Clemente
God is good, always! Good morning with our church family
I'll be there march25 for son's wedding . Do you know Saddleback Church?
Women Who Inspire: Kay Warren, the Saddleback Church co-founder. She lost her 27 year old son to suicide and...
Kay Warren, Christian author and co-founder - with her husband, Rick - of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest,...
A church family moves you out of self-centered isolation.
I checked in at Saddleback Church on Yelp
You're invited to Pastor Rick's vision night TONIGHT at the Saddleback Church Lake Forest Worship Center! Food...
Parent Summit = valuable resources for parents about mental health for teenagers from church
The lighting was perfect, we just had to... 😝 @ Saddleback Church
Some of our Staff at Saddleback Church being trained & blessed by Pastor Rick Warren & Team | Pastor Appreciation Day
'Daring Faith - "These guys are the best we've got... unfortunately."' (Saddleback Church) - All locations are in…
I love how much pastorrickwarren and loves our local Churches, Pastors, & Church Leaders.…
As you probably are aware, Rick Warren (Saddleback Church) is a strong proponent of Chrislam. IMO Heresy!
Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA is looking for a Accounts Payable Supervisor - Search at
Anyone going to the pastor gathering @ Saddleback Church tomorrow?
Interview with Ben Farr from Saddleback Church about user experience and why it is important
Checkout the article Saddleback Church published about our church on
I'm checking out ... Seizing Spiritual Opportunities ... on Saddleback Church's iPhone app.
Ron Keck from Saddleback Church saddleback in Lake Forest, CA sharing about their 4…
I've mentioned compass bible church to my friend and she says "of course I know compass!it's like saddleback,compass and then the rest" 😂
Did you know offers church planting internships? Check out for tons of op…
I'm checking out ... Easter Week 1 Day 1 ... on Saddleback Church's iPhone app. Come listen with me to prepare for Easter!
So thankful for a church that values creativity and celebrates the artists among us
Welcomeback home Eric Munyemana after ur absence in Rwanda while in mission @ Church.W'l learn a lot fm U
We're celebrating 35 years as a church family. If you have a story to tell about your time here, we want to hear it!
“Great leaders draw great ideas out of others.” — Rick Warren, Senior Pastor Saddleback Church
Church begins NOW. Join us Online as we Welcome Home Watch here:
Find a Saddleback Church location near you:
On this day, February 14, 1971, while sitting in the back row of Trinity Baptist Church in Ukiah, CA,
would love you meet you! I'll be there from Saddleback Church!
The Daniel Plan includes world class doctors, food, exercise and nutrition advice from Saddleback Church.
Really looking forward to chatting with next Tuesday for her podcast and speaking at Saddleback Church Feb. 21-22!
Have you ever visited our church? Parking lots can get crazy here too!
Here's a great interview did with Saddleback Church regarding how they manage their social media.
to the original "Welcome Home" party. . Join us in celebrating our 35th Anniversary as a church…
Even at your worst, God gives you His grace and a second chance. ~Saddleback Church
I'm checking out ... Why God Made You! ... on Saddleback Church's iPhone app.
Barack Obama “deceived” Pastor Rick Warren in 2008 in an appearance at Warren’s Saddleback Church
...when he was seeking votes at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church, that Obama said, "I believe that marriage is the...
He didn't "hide his true feelings", he lied and did so on numerous occasions, including to Rick Warren at Saddleback Church.
It's a good day in the office when my baby girl stops by to see me. @ Saddleback Church
Book pic of the week: "Saddleback Church Business Directory" by business members - what a great...
We are so blessed to have Chris Reed as our Pastor of The Single Life Community at Saddleback Church!! He is one...
Serve your church ministries with tools, templates & trainings. via
I agree with the 2008 version of Obama's stand on marriageObama @ Saddleback Church -Defines Marriage
We sadly announce the Funeral for Jakes Dad, Garrett Breeland, on Friday February 20th from 12:30-3:00 at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest.
we've got 1 at Mike's old church in Aliso Viejo, 2 at Saddleback and 2 at Magnolia in Riverside.
A great takeaway from this week's podcast with of Saddleback Church.
Pres. Obama was lying when he told Rick Warren's Saddleback Church that he believed in traditional marriage.
Here is how Saddleback Church manages their social media presence with
Hi Rana. Great to connect. I visited Saddleback last year! Great church. Keep up the good work!
Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church & author. son on lead guitar.
Love Sunday nights with my hubby church! Such a great way to start off the week 🙏
2 Corinthians 8:5 It is God's will to make a commitment to Christ & to His church body.
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"Church is not a service you attend it's a body you belong to." - / .
announces Saturday March 21 as day of all-campuses Church 35th anniversary celebration at Ange…
Are u a member or attender? talking about our level of participation with the Church.
What is God's GREATEST command for us to do as members of the church? To LOVE one another! 1 Peter 2:17
Some of the ministries at Saddleback Church.Love this Church!Humble Pastor,sound doctrine,multi-ethnic congregation.
A Christian without a church family is an orphan. You were made to belong.
The church connects you to the power of Jesus.
Church a connection that will last "it is a choice n commitment" KayWarren1
Thks Church Ministry 4 & taking 17 Littles on our Wait List to
Just attended Saddleback Church in California for the first time. Amazing experience! Rick Warren is phenomenal.
A church is not a hotel for saints, it's a hospital for sinners.
I am loved and accepted in my church family
The church connects me to the power of Jesus
The church family offers me support and stability
The church connects me to God's eternal temple
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Being connected as a church member connects me to God's eternal temple
Getting our worship on Church (@ Saddleback Church Worship Center in Lake Forest, CA)
At Saddleback church with my son this morning. Have a blessed Sunday!
When the pastor at church says, "is the word 'butt' allowed at church?" 😎
Church isn't a place you go to. It's a family you join and belong with.
"Church is not a hotel for saints. It's a hospital for sinners."
Everyone. Everyone is needed in the body of Christ. Connections with people at church is so important.
"Church is not an event you attend, but a family you belong to!"
It was nice lining up for confession in a Protestant church today. Oh wait, that was just the choir apparently rehearsing for Saddleback.
I'm pretty sure saddleback church bookstore is hiring
Five bad nights of sleep will make anyone feel like an atheist. -- . Tom Holladay - teaching pastor at Saddleback Church.
We are One Church with Many Locations. Find a Saddleback Campus near you:
reading The Power of Habit. Saddleback Church...Montgomery Bus Boycott. May have been smarter then. Weak ties scare me.
Rick Warren of Saddleback Church made derogatory remarks of Asians. Highly anointed guest pastor at NCC midweek service boast
Poll Dance: What's easier to find: A parking spot at Cal State Fullerton, or an atheist at Saddleback Church?
Hamilton Collection
Community Events! Friday, December 5 ***Stuff the Bus for the Food Bank @ Overwaitea Foods from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Accepting all non-perishable food items and unwrapped toys. *** Skate with Santa @ Nakusp Arena 3 to 5 p.m. Hot chocolate and goodies provided. *** Celebration of Light in Nakusp. Moonlight Madness sales all day, family activities after 4 p.m., and light up parade at 6 p.m. *** Games Night @ Nakusp Legion at 7 p.m. * **Local Band 23 North @ Leland. 9 to 1 a.m. Saturday, December 6 ***Christmas Craft fair and Lunch @ Burton Community Hall 11 to 3 p.m. ***2nd Annual Teddy Bear Toss @ Nakusp Arena. Atoms vs Boundary at 12 p.m. PeeWees vs Castlegar 2 at 1:45 p.m. Bring a new or gently used, unwrapped toy and toss it on the iceduring the Nakusp Pee Wee Falcons home game vs. Castlegar at 2pm (game intermission). Food hampers willalso be available for donations. All proceeds go to our localfood/toy bank. ***Community Choir practice @ Saddleback Church. 1 to 2:30 p.m. For ages 19 years and up. Cost is ...
There is a hardcore, full-court press happening right now to unify all Christian denominations under the banner of the Roman Catholic Church, and the charge is being led by none other than apostate pastor and Chrislam founder Rick Warren of Saddleback Church in California.
justice and trafficking ministry meeting @ (@ Saddleback Church) on
Jeff is alive . Yet my war against Timothy ray browns . Evil fraud will never end . saddleback church . Uganda = murder
We grew to more than 10,000 people before we built our first building. The building doesn't make the church.
Amen Pastor Rick! (My pastor at Saddleback church) 🙌🙌 Thank you to all the veterans who have served…
What's going on OC? Saddleback Church Parents of Kids with Food Allergies… Get Found ->
An interview with of Saddleback Church on World Mental Health Day from :
At Saddleback Church, we practice the “good enough” principle: It doesn’t have to be perfect for God to use and bless it.
OOPS! Guess I upset some men at Saddleback Church by speaking the truth! Men of God! Really?
Just left LDS Church earlier this year after 32 years. Really enjoying your sermons and feel drawn to Saddleback!
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