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Saddam Hussien

Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti (Arabic: '; 28 April 1937 – 30 December 2006) was the fifth President of Iraq, serving in this capacity from 16 July 1979 until 9 April 2003. A leading member of the revolutionary Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party, and later, the Baghdad-based Ba'ath Party and its regional organisation Ba'ath Party – Iraq Region, which espoused ba'athism, a mix of Arab nationalism and Arab socialism, Saddam played a key role in the 1968 coup, later referred to as the 17 July Revolution, that brought the party to long-term power of Iraq.

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U know that rumour that Thatcher had the SAS in Saddam Hussien's bedroom & she called off the hit, does Britain still have that capability?
Whatever you feel about Saddam Hussien,and yes gassing those Kurdish villages will forever stain his reputation,he…
This little Russian dictator does not realize that he is in the league of:-Moammer Qaddafi of Liby…
So that makes Putin an Ally then? Who supplied the WMD to Saddam Hussien? Who backed the Taliban against Russia?
Casteism is like Saddam hussien it keeps religious extremism at backfoot n thus keeps bigger evil away
How about CNN's agreement with Saddam Hussien during the gulf war from the inside? Nothing mortally wrong with that yo wretches
Bush has been another *** who had to have a reason to attack Saddam Hussien and used 9/11 (helped) as a RED FLAG. Saudi's run Bush Family
Would western nations be safer if Gadaffi&Saddam Hussien wereNpower?
born under this birth sign are:. Barrack Obama. Adolph Hitler. Napoleon. Malcolm X. Aristotle. Saddam Hussien. They are all formidable
This reminds me of when I interviewed and his compliment to me was that I wasn't Saddam Hussien or O…
Saddam Hussien look like mr Wilson from Dennis the menace
What do Saddam Hussien and General Custer have in common? They were wondering where all of those Tomahawks…
ISIS are ex Baath people you dumb dumb. Ex Saddam Hussien and ex Qaddafi, are you mentally retarded or what/?
One thing Saddam Hussien and Hafez Al Assad have in common is that they both killed off communists...
.Do some research on Saddam Hussien & his subhuman sons.
Our plumber/fix it dude calls my dad Saddam Hussien.😂😂😂😂
I will and it's not easy but it's true. I fled Saddam Hussien but I wouldn't say Saddam Hussein is same level as Isis
You know why the caught Saddam Hussien? Because he was Sa-ddam
isnt right , look what uss did to Saddam hussien ,the rule is (if u dont listen to our instructions we will take your throne)
they are fighting ISIS all formerly Saddam Hussien's soldiers
i agree but Saddam Hussien was no humanitarian either
from 1977-1997 saddam Hussien sent a huge influx of Arabs into Kirkuk and that is not a conspiracy but a fact.
im not taking anything back. Kirkuk was Arabized by saddam Hussien and he exiled Kurds so it would be a Arab majority
Zarqawi was brought international fame when the Bush Ad. painted him as the link between Saddam Hussien & al-Qaeda. This link did not exist.
All of this talk of 9/11. If Saddam Hussien was alive, there would be no Osama Bin Laden, then no 9/11
Every time Ted Cruz speaks all I can think of is Saddam Hussien on South Park, "come on Satan you know you love me"
He probably had a DEAL. going with Iraq to bring TRUMP GREATNESS TO SADDAM Hussien
yes they did find WMD's. Yes, Bin Laden had a man in Iraq. Yes, Saddam Hussien knew of it.
So Donald thinks we should have left Saddam Hussien in charge. And YES. He had WMDs.
put a million dollars in my hand i come saddam hussien did u know how far he went with a million.. Guess who funded him.. KGB
Goes to Russia's ministry of defence 👋🏻 "without welcome" . rest in peace Saddam Hussien❤️
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Saddam Hussien would have told you that. Actually Muhammar Gadaffi did. And Putin knows it to be true.
I asked but you did not deliver. endorsed the behavior of Saddam Hussien yesterday.
Remember when Saddam Hussien was on trial and legit tried to defend himself like he did nothing wrong? That'll be Hillary Clinton.
The lies' being spread by the Bushes and its agents! George went into Irqa because Saddam Hussien tried to kill his DAD
who financed Al Qaida and Saddam Hussien? Was it Uncle Sam and the CIA? Thanks for making my point.
Like the time Alexander Downer stepped down when embroiled in the Saddam Hussien bribery scandal. .
If only the Arab world had leaders like Saddam Hussien now... He was the man.
Guys, what's the title of this movie that depicted Saddam Hussien's reign?
alive at the time, and tow of Muzah's or Saddam Hussien's cats. One cougar and one black panther were put in the van with her.
that's the difference between this clown and a real leader like Saddam Hussien.
loved anders limpar though, nearly went unbeaten in 90-91 and said george graham was like Saddam Hussien. top banter
. Do u remember when Saddam Hussien forced Khomainy to fly to Paris ?!
lmao Raghad Saddam hussien is an old widow, she never got married again. Her daughter, Banan, +
I wonder why the U.S. hasn't reacted to ISIS the same way they reacted to Saddam Hussien
A near-perfect Actor,Triq Aziz,under Saddam Hussien,feigned exceptional loyalty and ownership of the regime's Soul.
What time does Saddam Hussien have his supper? . When Tariq Aziz.
Assad is indispensable, to his People. U said the same thing about Saddam Hussien& now where are we.
Saddam Hussien, Ellen Ripley, Bobby Ewing. All are part of the case in my blog for my return to Get Spy ;)...
Latest: I am sad to learns today that, government of south sudan is on process to buy Nerves Gas used by Saddam Hussien to kills the tribe of Kurtis in Iraq to sprays whitearmy. In December i posted about Uganda using chemical weapon "cluster Bombs" many of you stormed my inbox insulting me that i am preaching tribalism and promoting war. Well; two months later many of you keep cool after the world bodies alouded the uses of cluster bombs in south sudan. And the world is watching.
that would do our bidding and then their was this also, Saddam Hussien tried to kill my daddy, Bush said lol
The effete monarch. 23/3/2014. I think continually about those they call great men. Men like Adolph Hitler, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussien, Mammam Gaddafi and even our own Abacha. These men had the whole world to themselves, but never for one day think of their end. They displayed a great spirit of wantonness and what I call devilish bravado. At the end, they left this world almost in the same way, those they hunt, hunted them. Think about this and redirect your steps if you are such leader.
Don't matter what you make a laws to protect you and your family, you still need to be hanged like Saddam Hussien.
They can find saddam hussien in a hole but they dk who killed JFK MLK n tupac Nor can they find this missing plane after being caught spying
Like Saddam Hussien you get left tryna hang
They managed to find Saddam Hussien hiding in a hole but they still can't find this missing plane. This is some very suspicious stuff
Prosecutor asks that second anti-death penalty juror be excused. Defense asks him about Saddam Hussien. Objection. Sustained.
PUTIN has evolved into another dictator like SADDAM HUSSIEN AND KADDAFI - needs to united military response!
It's Sony after all, remember "reports" about Saddam Hussien using PS2s to guide missiles! HYPE!=SALES
How is it USA can locate Saddam Hussien & Osama Bin Laden but not 200+ People and a Plane ??
Saddams greatest quote that im aware of. In court He said "saddam hussien is too great to defended by even saddam hussien himself"
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If you remember before President Bush liberated Iraq. The Democrats told us if Saddam Hussien, was removed from power. The entire Middle East would be put into a power vacuum. Iran would become the power broker. After about a year it was learned Iran and Syria were biulding explosives, sent them into Iran and they were used against our Troops. President Bush went before Congress and told them what was happening and we were going to have to go to war with Iran. Hillary Clinton and other Democrats ran toward the press microphones to declare, they would not support war with Iran. Some call this action TREASON. Now Iraq is in a civil war. Obama and the Democrats do not want to fix the problem we started. They criticised President Bush for not doing things right, but now it is not any of our business. Reminds me of South East Asia. Remember the killing fields of Cambodia? Many good people were killed because the Communist backed by China and Russia were able to do so. China and Russia are backing Iran, who is ...
And the kicker!! January 2006 – present: South Carolina inmate Jonathan Lee Riches has become a celebrity of sorts by filing more than 1,000 frivolous lawsuits while in jail. Some highlights: August 2007: Sued baseball player Barry Bonds for $42 million for, amongst other things, selling steroids to nuns, giving mustard gas to Saddam Hussien and bench-pressing Riches “to show off in front of his ball park buddies.” Hank Aaron’s bat, which Riches claimed Bonds used to crack the Liberty Bell, was also named as a defendant in the suit. September 2007: Sued Elvis Presley for stealing his sideburns, selling him tainted poultry and being in cahoots with Osama Bin Laden. Riches also claims that rap producer Suge Knight hung him from a Econo Lodge balcony with Vanilla Ice and that Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch harbors Hitler’s army. September 2007: Claiming that he is a model and actor who’s starred in movies like The Karate Kid, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and the Paris Hilton sex tape, Riches su ...
If this scum is a great man, what about Timothy McVeigh, the 9/11 hi-jackers, Saddam Hussien, Pol Pot, Adolph Hitler, Charlie Manson, Carlos the Jackal, etc...I see by now you get my point
I can't believe the so called Christian people call Nelson Mandela a great man! If true, Timothy McVeigh, and Saddam Hussien should have been freed so they could run for president! If there really will be a so called anti Christ, gullible Christians will be the first to fall!
I just fixed Iron Man 3! I can't believe it took me until now...The fake "Mandarin" Tony finds is actually a fake of the real Mandarin we were actually seeing all along (Killian was also lying too at the end)...makes sense because Ben Kingsley is working on a secret project for Marvel, possibly clearing this up. Saddam Hussien had fake doubles, why not the Mandarin in IM3? I just fixed the movie. BOOM! Iron Man 3 fixed!
Jessica Alba, Kenjon Barner, Jay Leno, Saddam Hussien, and the guy who invented the Lambo
"All the people that go here look like pauly d and saddam hussien" -ClintHaddix
Exactly 15 yrs ago,nigeria lost her leader - Gen.Sani Abacha - a dark googled evil despot that had wickedest intentions.So evil minded! Yet,he had his good sides,achievements &was a hero to some,but evil to many others.He died 15yrs ago in d midst of prostitutes.May he rest in peace or rot in *** God judges.I rmr d great jubrilation by nigerians on lagos streets when we heard u were dead.Wherever u are,greet Saddam Hussien,Ghadaffi,ur friends.We pay our tributes here. RIP ( Be it Rest in Peace or Rot in Pieces )
So why was Saddam Hussien tried by an "iraqi" tribunal.. But this *** wasn't?! So much for retribution...
*Catherine* FANS! What is your favorite middle eastern name (doesn't have to be religiously affiliated :) ) Boy: Wisam Girl: Halima
Susan Rice for National Security Advisor? Isn't this the same woman who lied to us about the Libyan Attacks?
Celebrities and supporters of U.S. Army Pfc. Bradley Manning released a video Tuesday to show their solidarity as he faces court-martial over leaking classified information.
this would be "Baghdad" Jim McDermott.. whos unwavering support of Saddam Hussien earned him the nickname.. why do progressive liberals love dictators... I think its because they want that power..
Some Americans think Obama is a dictator and bad president but Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi and Assad are nice presidents... LOL.
Terry and Clois,What had your President done now?Top Security Adviser who lied about 4 men losing their lives in Bengazie? I guess lying and being humiliated for O'Bama has it perks.All I can say is God bless our military no telling what will happen now.
From top Chicago mobster Joseph “Joey the Clown” Lombardo to crooked Chicago cops who conspired to rob drug dealers of cash and drugs, Rick Halprin never took on a case that wasn’t a challenge, friends say. a Vietnam War veteran, a father, a sailor and an avid hockey fan. Halprin, 73, died Tuesday i...
Who in the Howard Govt took the responsibility for the AWB $290M bribe to Saddam Hussien? Nobody
lol ok I see u got a pic of ur self on ur wall. Saddam Hussien flow. Lol sike na 😁😋
Those who are asking for an evidence, that Hezbollah doesn't kill Syrian is just like those who ask for an evidence that the sun is coming from the east lol. No turkey, Saudi nor Iran lose. The casualties and injuries in Syrian wither against the regime or with it . I pray to Allah 2 make an urgent end for this miserable situation ,
How long after your S/O proposed did you have to plan your wedding? Hr proposed in Sept and we are getting married August so 11 months.. However, we just decided on the date in late Feb!!
"POTUS approves EO to further tighten US sanctions on the Iranian gov" Isolation =
Geraldo Rivera offered to take the vacated New Jersey US Senate seat. His journalism career is legendary. Ten years ago Geraldo was one of only four people asked by the US military to leave Iraq, the other three being Saddam Hussien and his two sons
A string of racist emails and controversial remarks have shaken up a school board in southeastern Virginia's Isle of Wight County, and now one of the people responsible is facing intense pressure to resign. On Thursday, board members voted 4 to 1 to officially call for their colleague Herb DeGroft t...
Agent Orange was then used during America's support of Saddam Hussien against the Iranians, this later was used as support to invade Iraq
Iraq under Saddam Hussien Shaheed was best than under America today.
50 years in jail for stealing a pack of ribs. I don't think Saddam Hussien gave 50 years to 'rib' thieves. Welcome to 'WACO' Texas.
Busy updating facts...from hitler to saddam hussien..ambot bwas sin o naman?
Ceol last nyt an now I'm abso hanging like saddam hussien . Allah is a teddy bear
BREAKING NEWS: Secretary of State John Kerry to divorce Heinz heiress Teresa Heinz, marry Bashar al-Assad: "There's just something I can't resist in his eyes," Kerry told reporters. "And I'm sure my alimony checks will be a significant help in bringing peace to his country. Our country, I guess I should say." Kerry plans to renounce his US citizenship and become a citizen of his husband's country. The wedding is planned for mid August, shortly after Eid al-Fitr, the Muslim Sugar Feast.
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David Rockefeller, founder of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission, discusses his meeting with Saddam Hussein. The meeting was held...
Is there a good reason why Sen. John McCain spent time with the Syrian rebels a few days ago? No good can come from a U.S. senator meeting with a radical Muslim group of rebels fighting to overthrow the existing Muslim regime, when the Muslim rebels are little better the existing Muslim regime. Why is this guy reelected every year, and why did the establishment Republicans show him down the throats of conservatives back in 2008? This guy is the reason many of us no longer give to the national and state Republican parties.
BEIRUT (Reuters) - Heavy fighting raged on Monday around the strategic border town of Qusair and the capital Damascus, amid renewed reports of chemical weapons attacks by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's
On the 27th May 1541, the elderly Margaret Pole, 8th Countess of Salisbury, godmother and former governess to Henry VIII's daughter Mary, was executed at the
...because the damned collective conditioning is working right on schedule.I'm outta here again.
The day Tipu Sultan beach became Saddam Hussien beach in Kerala, Talibanization was complete and dancing.
We got the "Terrorist" Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussien we made the world a better place to live for all of us, don't you feel Good!!
I remember not long after Nigel died I had a dream and in the dream I saw what I believe was scenery of Africa, flat topped trees and miles and milles of greenery. I thought it meant that my friend John Fairburn was being called back to kenya I had no idea it was me that God was calling. When I moved from Leicester to Southampton I heard the voice of the Lord saying that he was going to send me to the far corners of the earth. I wasn’t really sure what that would mean but I never thought in a million years that I would become friends with the Judge who sentenced Saddam Hussien and his family and I would visit  them in Iraq aswell as Canon Andrew White in St Georges Baghdad… then to Suna Migori. During this time George went to Asago Mountain with Heaven on Earth Ministries to fast and pray about my coming and he had a vision with me coming and many people behind me. Margeret his mum a prayer warrior unbeknown to me had a vision of my coming ten years previouse. When I arrived here I lived for a time i ...
This is chapter 3 of Melanie Phillips' book 'The World Turned Upside Down'.   p. 33   The Iraq War   Like the global warming issue, the war in Iraq changed the course of Western politics. Aganist the backdrop of Islamist terrorism, the ousting of Saddam Hussien crystallized a fundamental disagreement: was the West involved in a war of civilizations - which might be better termed a war over civilization - against an "axis of evil", or did it face merely a localized terrorist problem. And behind that argument lay a much more found set of disagreements over the role of America and Israel in world affiars; whether these countries were the front line of the West's defenses or the cause of its problems; and whether the right way to safguard peace and freedom was to topple tyrants through war of deal with them instead through law and diplomacy. The Iraq war became a lightning rod for all these passions, the strength and ferocity of which helped force Tony Blair out of the British prime minister's office early ...
YEP ! Happy B-Day to a Pres. who almost took us into a Depression,who was almost Impeached real big HERO !!!Huh???Anybody remember who came up threw the, 60`s,70`s,80`s the S&L-bail-out/Savings and Loans bail-out caused by the Reagan Administration-Republicans anybody remember that???Or the Iran-Contra affair which led to Saddam Hussien...Roy Blunt says Happy B-day to this guy sry but if this does`nt say what roy blunt is about your not reading or listening...
Stolen from Joel Davis : So, if the Rapture or the Apocalypse have both failed to occur as predicted times beyond count, the Communists haven't taken over the government, Elvis has stayed dead, Obama has a legal birth certificate, Wendy's hamburger meat is not made of ground worms, there are no mass outbreaks of razor blades in Halloween candy, neither Muammar Gaddafi or Saddam Hussien, Nostradamus was apparently wrong about the world ending in 1999, Jesus has refrained to comply with proclamations from the myriad, hubristic self-appointed prognosticators, most of those forwarded emails you get are wrong, the Moon landing wasn't faked, nobody has tattooed a bar code across your forehead, there is no One World Government, the U.N. doesn't have secret black helicopter bases in the U.S., Shakespeare wrote his *** plays, and the Earth really, truly is round, why, oh, why should that the current conspiracy theories really, positively, totally are true this time?
"I knew a man who where that mustache, and his name was Saddam Hussien. " Kudos to my *** Will Ferrell.
Here we go again-another new episode of the violence between the arrogant state of Isreal and the helpless pple of Palestine. This violence is nothing new as it has long been prophecised in the holy Quran and the Bible's Book of Revelation. One thing note worthy is that Isreal has always been a pest toward her neighbours. It is the only nation on earth that has succeeded in fighting at least one or two wars with her neighbours like Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq n Palestine. In fact, the only human being that Isreal ever 'respected' and feared was almighty Saddam Hussien who never wasted any time in firing his deadly ''Al-Sammoud II'' misiles into Tel Aviv (capital of Isreal) during 'Operation Desert Storm' in 1991.Even the failed United Nations cannot do anything to stop this senseless violence against women and children in Palestine. Why not a No fly Zone in and around Palestine like they did in Libya against Muamar Ghadafi? The Western powers on the other hand r busy playing their usual hypocrsy bcus ther ...
Rich Dubee as the Iraq Minister of Information under Saddam Hussien.
You know, I got to say that during the reenactmentson this documentary about Saddam Hussien, for some reason, Saddam looks a lot like former Mets first baseman, Keith Hernandez.
I know in all the speeches I listened to by POTUS Obama peak I didnt hear an apology as much as I heard we have made some mistakes in how we have dealt with other countries and their leadership. Consider this country or should I say certain military, national security,political and even corporate factions have supported or proped up some of the most vicious and ruthless dictators and despots in history as long as they let us have a military base or could exploit mineral or natural resources even drugs. Like Idi Amin, Manuel Noriega, *** Chi Min, Papa Doc & Baby Doc Duvalier, the Shah of Iran, Mubarek of Egypt,Castro of Cuba, Saddam Hussien of Iraq, and even Osama Bin Ladin . ( yes folks these men and many more were partners and friends before they became enemies) The same republicans that started these 2 wars in Afghanaistan and Iraq had no clue how to get out nor had a plan for the end of fighting yet they want to dictate what policies should be used now. The same folk who sdaid DEFICETS DONT MATTER( ...
This *** in the government class discussion boards saying Saddam Hussien was part of Al-Qaeda.
Just reposting for anyone who might have missed it. Racism needs to be stamped out. If anyone votes for Obama based on the belief "that he is black enough" as I have been told by many supporters of the very racist NAACP, then you yourself are only voting for Obama based on color. That is the VERY DEFINITION OF RACISM. Now the last I checked my history of dictators ffor example Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Edie Amin, Pol Pot, and Saddam Hussien all had followers of their own race. This is a fact. And it is also a fact that ALL of the above men murderd thousands and thousands, and in Stalin's case MILLIONS, of thier own people and RACE. Get the picture. My black friends, please make up your mind about voting against Obama based on his factual pathetic past 4 years. A vote for him only becuase the NAACP says that you are a good black only if you vote for Obama is the same thing as any white hate group telling whites to vote against Obama because he is black. It's racism. The NAACP is always yelling and screami ...
A Marine squad was marching north of Fallujah when they came upon an Iraqi insurgent who was badly injured and unconscious. On the oppisite side of the road was an American Marine in a similar but less serious state. The Marine was conscious and alert and as first aid was given to both men, the squad leader asked the injured Marine what had happen. The Marine reported, " I was heavily armed and moving north along the highway here, and coming south was the heavily armed insurgent. We saw each other and both took cover in the ditches along side of the highway. I yelled to him that Saddam Hussien was a miserable, low life scum bag who got what he deserved, and he yelled back that Barrack Obama is a lying, good for nothing, left wing commie who isn't even an American. So I said " Osama Bin Laden dresses, and acts like a frigid, mean sprited *** He retaliated by saying " Well so does Nancy Pelosi"! And there we were ,standing in the road, shaking hands, when the truck hit us.
I don't recall there being this much hate and discontent when the last president sent 4,300 troops to die based on a lie. No weapons of mass destruction were ever found in Iraq. When they found Saddam Hussien in a hole in the ground, he didn't even have a gun.
Wallmonkeys Peel and Stick Wall Decals - An Aerial View of Saddam Hussien's Great Mosque in Baghdad, Iraq. - 24"...
Obama brought us CHANGE alright , gun bans ,no due process , no right to peaceful assembly, decides who lives and dies by using a baseball card system. whats next you and me imprisoned because he doesn't like what we say . or will he be more like Saddam Hussien and simply make us dissapear !! Romney couldn't care less about the human condition and has been a 1 % er all his life.. he wouldn't know a Walmart if he was actually standing in one , and it is crazy to think he cares any more about the people of this country than Obama, FIRE them ALL .. we are in deep trouble here people it's time to WAKE UP.. OUR FOREFATHERS ARE TURNING IN THIER GRAVES , OUR CONSTITUTION IS BEING STRIPPED FROM US ONE LITTLE PIECE AT A TIME BY EXECUTIVE ORDER.. SOUNDS MORE AND MORE LIKE A DICTATORSHIP TO ME...
Guys among Adolph Hitler, Saddam Hussien, Osama Bin Laden and Gaddahfi, who performed the greatest in their earthly quest and why do u think hv fun.
Mufuliat Omokunmi Taiwo wrote: FUNNY BUT TRUE Books that will never be published 1- Ten beauty tips by Olusengun Obasanjo ... 2- World Peace by Osama Bin Laden 3- Comprehensive English made Easy by Patience Jonathan 4- Irag-A world class tourism by Saddam Hussien 5- Politics with Harmony by General Sani Abacha 6- A peaceful Nigeria by Boko Haram 7- Tips on growing tall by Akin & Pawpaw, Julius Agwu and ...
Book that will never exist... 1. 10 BEAUTY TIPS by olusegun obasanjo... 2. WORLD PEACE by Osama Bin Laden... 3. COMPREHENSIVE ENGLISH MADE EASY by Mrs Patience Jonathan... 4. POLITICS WITH HARMONY by General Sani Abacha... 5. A PEACEFUL NIGERIA by Boko Haram... 6. COMEDY EXTRAORDINARY by Pete Edochie 7. BENEFITS OF ONE NIGERIA by Dim Ojukwu... 8. PEACEFUL MIDDLE-EAST by President Benjamin Netannyahu (israel president)... 9. RUNNING A WORLD-CLASS AIRLINE by nigerian airways... 10. IRAQ-WORLD CLASS TOURISM ATTRACTION by Saddam Hussien... 11. HOW TO BECOME EPL HIGHEST GOAL SCORER by Yinka Ayefele. 12. TIPS ON GROWING TALL by Akin,pawpaw, Julius Agwu n MI. 13. STAYING SLIM by lepacious Bose 14. GOOD GOVERNANCE by James Ibori 15. SPEAKING SIMPLE ENGLISH by Chris Okotie...;-lwkmd letz d fun flow..u can add urz too benefits of koran, by pope john paul ii. how to be a good colony, by nnamdi azikiwe. how to obey Gods command, by uncle satan tips on how to be a good stripper by iya rainbow how to keep a steady fuel ...
I would rather support a team with Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussien, Robert Mugabe & Idi Amin in it than the Dirty Mancs
Excerpt from Total Onslaught with Dr. Walter Vieth (Dr. Veith discusses Freemasonry and the signs that point to the fact that Saddam Hussien (a 33 deg...
So me and thought Osama Bin Laden & Saddam Hussien were the same person . . . According to google, they're not .
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