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Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti (Arabic: '; 28 April 1937 – 30 December 2006) was the fifth President of Iraq, serving in this capacity from 16 July 1979 until 9 April 2003. A leading member of the revolutionary Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party, and later, the Baghdad-based Ba'ath Party and its regional organisation Ba'ath Party – Iraq Region, which espoused ba'athism, a mix of Arab nationalism and Arab socialism, Saddam played a key role in the 1968 coup, later referred to as the 17 July Revolution, that brought the party to long-term power of Iraq.

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Yes. Remember when they hid all sorts of stuff about Saddam Hussein in order to get access?
TBF, I MMQB'd Bush Snr when we found out Saddam Hussein's claim of Kuwait diagonal drilling turned out to be true.
Excellent episode. I didn't realize that the "Saddam Hussein body-doubles" story was merely a myth
It's time to make the Big Fat Baby from North Korea roommates with Saddam Hussein in ***
No one was making this argument when people are tearing down statues of Saddam Hussein and Lenin.
At the same time, foundations were even getting in on the act...this one written by a 'health policy fellow'...
It didn't help matters when he blew that promo forgetting Saddam Hussein's name. This is just his a…
Just like in Gulf War! CNN was feeding Saddam Hussein Military Secrets!!
Saddam Hussein is gone but more work to do~ Make American Strong Again! Join today! drowning pool via
As a woman who has been compared to Saddam Hussein & Fidel Castro (& a weak leader) at work. We are 'damned if we do, damned if…
Like the Weapons of Mass Destruction they ALL said Saddam Hussein had? Oh... I…
Barzani owes his power & presence on political map today to Saddam Hussein, the most dangerous adversary of Kurds throughout history.
Masoud Barzani proudly invited Saddam Hussein in 1996 to drive PUK forces out of Erbil.He justified this by pointing out Iran support to PUK
For the entirely reasonable price of £800k you get to live in Saddam Hussein & Colonel Gaddafi's palatial wet dream http…
They both support this dictator who brought his family to the WH just like Saddam Husse…
Saddam Hussein 'spent last days listening to Mary J Blige' via
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You were really big on democracy when you toppled Saddam Hussein! Why the change?
After the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003, KRG (kurdish leaders w/ full force) helped rebuild Iraq on the basis of democracy, federalism >>
. Notice how many Christians are on this list. Also note the top two who total 100+ million
Personally, I hope we get the chance to pull him out of a hole like Saddam Hussein
Or apparently with the right outfit a young Saddam Hussein.
Saddam Hussein earned the endorsement from the patriarch of America's true church.
Alternatively, MBS' delusions of grandeur plus belief in Trump carte blanche support might result in him going down Saddam Hussein-like path
TIL Saddam Hussein wrote romance and fantasy novels which the CIA, M16, and Mossad read to psychoanalyze him.
Laura is the equivalent of Comical Ali to Two-Faced Theresa's Saddam Hussein.
Alistair Campbell also told us that Saddam Hussein had WMDs. He's still a professional liar and hypocrite.
HRC & O handed to partner of Saddam Hussein’s NUC MASTERMIND…
Saddam Hussein prepares to use chemical weapons on Kurds( 1988,colorized)
Idk Arabic but when this middle eastern channel shows a video of Donald Trump followed by Saddam Hussein it's probably not good
Saddam Hussein was killed unlawfully. They had 2 kill him 2 obtain the fruit or wealt…
I don't want what happened 2 Saddam Hussein to happen to president Assad! Saddam was…
(Daily Mail) 'spent last days listening to Mary J Blige' : A guard at Saddam Hussein's prison..
As did Saddam Hussein, Bashar and Hafez al Assad, Muammar Gaddafi, Mohamed Morsi...all…
Saddam Hussein was also nominated for Noble peace Prize. Doesn't say much for Obama.
PLS Tell King Sultan Bin Abdulaziz thanks 4 UAE ARMS he gave me '96 for Saddam Hussein treat…
King Fahd Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Ronald Reagan and Saddam Hussein meet in 1983 for the
This was really started because the US and most of the west was tired of the mad man that is Saddam Hussein. They knew there werent any WMDs
Only now do people realize what kind of *** this guy is. Yet the US doesn't topple Saddam Hussein. Why?
We toppled Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, now working to topple Bashar al-Assad, and wonder why North Korea wants NUKES??? DUH?? 🙄
Saddam Hussein was until then a good person in the eyes of the west, having "repelled" an Iranian invasion and ally to the West and all.
Unfortunately, being 'better than Corbyn' is like being 'the second most hated man by the Kuwaitis' after Saddam Hu…
Labour party are falling like the statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad Theresa May is more focused on hunting foxes than Terrorism threats
Was excited enough already because of later but now I've just discovered Saddam Hussein has left me a sha…
Saddam Hussein Khadafi and now Assad? Is this for real?
Aucioneer: We have a collection of Saddam Hussein family weapons for sale, would these be of Interest? . Us: Are yo……
well technically as the UKGov, they've funded Apartheid South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Pinochet, Saddam Hussein etc.
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Being Iraq's neighbor and being Persian, Saddam Hussein didn't like them. Especially not if they governed Arabs.
But back to Iraq. Saddam Hussein, who for a lot of Iraq's history was the main man was a member of the Iraqi Baath Party.
It's funny how people forget than Saddam Hussein was involved in starting the Iraq war, but blame it all on Bush. Leftie logic.
At this point I won't be satisfied until he's dragged out of the White House in a bath robe and handcuffs ala Sadda…
If I'm upset with Trump, it's because he isn't the re-incarnate of Saddam Hussein like I voted for, not for whiny Jew reasons.
A frightening raw insight into the war against Saddam Hussein his suppression of his ppl and the American destruction of his power
They always said Hitler and Starling had doubles and Saddam Hussein so why not Trump courtesy of Russian, just a thought.
Mass Graves Day in Iraq on May 16 commemorates the victims of Saddam Hussein's regime
Where did Saddam Hussein used to torture his victims? via /r/Jokes
This story brought to you by the same believable people who told you:. "Saddam Hussein has WMDs...". For the same reasons.…
This is fun. Be the Dane who ate Saddam Hussein..
Saddam Hussein is actually dead and was replaced by a lookalike, a conspiracy thread :
never believe what labour tells u, remember what blair said about saddam Hussein? we are still picking…
Let's not talk about Saddam Hussein being on the CIA payroll though eh?
Wow.pos .who made you Saddam Hussein? Cc:thought you'd enjoy this about you…
One of leading Erdoganist talking heads openly praises Saddam Hussein.. yes, we reached there .
16 May 2017 is Mass Graves Day in Iraq. Commemorates the 300,000 victims of Saddam Hussein's regime.
I'm think I want to grow a mustache, but all the worst people have had mustaches: Stalin, Saddam Hussein, Maduro.Tar…
Earlier, rice said that the true purpose of the United States invasion in Iraq was to overthrow Saddam Hus…
Literally studied Saddam Hussein for a solid 6 months and I can hardly remember one thing about him
(7) The Iraqis. All the highest-ranking commanders of the Islamic State are former Ba'athists who worked…
Also, is It just me or did this seem to magically appear after Saddam Hussein was killed?
President Trump, you are a businessman, not a political and war expert. Saddam Hussein, I encourage you to crack down on Iran.
Saddam Hussein at 80: Iraq without its ‘liberation’
welp. Move along Reince. This is over. And you are toast. Isn't your guy praising Saddam Hussein as we s…
Trump thinks he is king. He thinks he and his family are Saddam Hussein. We must impeached this unfit man. He must go.
And, like Buford T Justice, Saddam Hussein, Ebenezer Scrooge, Tony Clifton, Brother Theodore & Guldan the Invader might've taken over again.
In 1980, Detroit, the United States, gave Saddam Hussein a key to the city out of recognition of donations he made to l…
TIL Barack Hussein Obama was the mother of Saddam Hussein
and to think that in 1990 maybe Saddam Hussein was a lesser evil than Saudi Arabia. maybe they weren't worth prote…
by that logic, people shouldn't have torn down the Lenin, Marx & Saddam Hussein statues also in th…
Saddam Hussein and Colonel Gaddafi suffered the consequences of United Nations inept inability for peace and resolution conflicts.
Christopher Hitchens wanted to end Saddam Hussein's regime of crimes against humanity.…
Dave Chappelle had a joke: "How did George W. Bush know Saddam Hussein had CHEMICAL WEAPONS?". "He kept the RECEIPT."
I'm a Shia Arab Iraqi, Saddam Hussein bombed us again& again in 91 by artillery & Air planes, a…
. Give him the same funeral send off as Saddam Hussein. Just another murderous dictator.
What if a 🐙, who thought it was Sir Hugo Drax, identified with a 🐜 who thought it was Saddam Hussein?.
She told me it was Saddam Hussein at first and I googled it and put it in and I didn't work and she was…
14 years ago, President George Bush gave Saddam Hussein and his sons 48 hours to give up power and go into exile
Wait, hold on? It's almost March of 2017 & I'm just NOW finding out that people theorized that Saddam Hussein had control over a Star gate?
"I'm the guy that found Saddam Hussein" - Don't miss interview w/ Ret. Staff Sgt Eric Maddox on…
Leaked video reveals Zephyr Teachout in long-term affair with muslim demagogue Saddam Hussein
It doesn't matter the nazi republican Senate would vote in Putin, Fidel, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein and any and all despots
I mean, true. But when this photo was taken Saddam Hussein was president so I wouldn't say the Iraqi people were in a great place
Mr.POTUS you are letting the thugs & anarchists get away with everything. Crack down on them like Saddam Hussein would.
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2. they dont respect you and will one day take your oil ;) as with Saddam Hussein. Enjoy this. Bye.
birthday is the same as Saddam Hussein's. Coincidence? I wish.
more fear than ever since new president of US was defending Saddam Hussein on campaign🔞
Can someone tell me why this dude in my class thinks Saddam Hussein is still alive?
His mother is from (Iraqi) Kurdistan. Refugees from Saddam Hussein's Halabja massacre.
Javad was too polite to say it was CIA that backed Saddam Hussein to attack Iran, so I will say it ...
How dare you murder in the name of America! Live like Saddam Hussein you will die like Saddam Hussein!
What would he do, if he wasn't restrained? I'm thinking Saddam Hussein with gold toilets and diamonds in the floor,…
Blow up the spot like Saddam Hussein.
I wouldn't be a good writer for the Saddam Hussein bio-pic, because I'd have him say "Get these Kurds out of my way!"
The Republican Party supported bin Laden and Saddam Hussein who became world league terrorists. Expect anything
If instead of murdering Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden, and Muhammad, France had taken in more refugees, this wouldn't happen.
Today is a beautiful day because the worthless repulsive evil sub-animal filth that is Saddam Hussein was executed today, on…
I had a nap and had an awful nightmare no more reading about Saddam Hussein before bed. Everyone just stop talking about him altogether
didn;t we just kill Saddam Hussein for doing the same thing to his people? Put them in stadiums and shoot them.
How many Iraqi citizens were killed by Saddam Hussein?
vibrant is mankind's greatest blessing.- Saddam Hussein
I am thinking CNN should move back to Iraq and be the media outlet there. Just like they were for Saddam Hussein.
Well, Napoleon the 🕷 humiliated Hugo the 😸 by calling the manipulative and ruthless 😸 the Saddam Hussein of devising evil schemes
📷 sixpenceee: A drawing by a prisoner imprisoned by Saddam Hussein’s regime. 35 prisoners used to be...
Association:to fabricate a psycho & emotional association between to or more ideas, people, places, names, or actions. Ie Saddam Hussein/911
Not good. Washington plunged itself into two failed wars when Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi tried to drop th…
Hey man! Iran needs the kind of luvin' we gave Saddam Hussein. Can you say; " "Hellfire Missile Enema"!
Saddam Hussein was executed by the Iraqis for crimes against his people. He was elected, but justice required intervention.
Interesting history: Both Saddam Hussein & Mussolini appointed their son-in-laws to high posts, and both later had them…
oh yes Iran is the strongest in the region. As a Irac was during Saddam Hussein period... 21 days later. ..Out!!
data is more fossil fuel than oil. if by Saddam Hussein you mean strange boogeyman; new enemy is the collective other
We have known for many years that Saddam Hussein is seeking and d...
Ow, my pancreas! Saddam Hussein's skeleton has just started peeing. Looks like yesterday's breakfast contained the Scout
Toby Keith, the guy who photoshopped Natalie Maines next to Saddam Hussein because she criticized George W. Bush? Seems…
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"Saddam Hussein awards a medal to his son Uday" ;)
Iraqis betrayed Imam Ali (AS), Imam Hussein (AS) and they even betrayed Saddam Hussein (RA). Treacherous people lol https:/…
Donald Trump talking about his eldest son Don Jr: "He's a lion.". Saddam Hussein talking about his eldest son Uday: "He is a lion.".
Saddam Hussein's eldest son Uday often used a body double. Many people found it impossible to tell them apart.
Who was that other guy w/ 2 sons who ran around capital acting like they owned it? Oh yeah, Saddam Hussein. Start c…
Saddam Hussein avoids interest conflict by turning oil resources, Olympic team, zoo, and private Fedayeen militia over to so…
Wooow So, Perón was even worse than Saddam Hussein? That's was revealing to me. Do you have another braking news..?
Who else besides Trump has made their son-in-law a top deputy? Well, there's Castro, Saddam Hussein, and Mussolini http…
Saddam Hussein's death warrant signed 'on day one' after 9/11, former CIA analyst reveals..
What a new book about Saddam Hussein's interrogation tells us about the decision to go to war in Iraq
Former CIA agent John Nixon reveals what it was like to interrogate Saddam Hussein via
Saddam Hussein was into that self award thing, too. What is it with these sufferers of Little Man Syndrome, anyway?
This guy is a menace to turkey he acts like he wants to be Saddam Hussein rather than a democratically elected leader... Sad.
Dead ringer for Saddam Hussein to boot
PS Saddam Hussein traded oil in Euros when under sanctions How did that work out for him?>
Join John Nixon 1/8 5pm as he discusses interrogating Saddam Hussein in (
Intelligence told Blair that Saddam Hussein had nuclear weapons of mass destruction & means to deliver them. Blair went to war on this claim
The very same MI6 & CIA who said Saddam Hussein had WMD That led to War & 405,000 deaths attributable.. I don't trust anything they say
The same tragedies should be avoided. CIA agent who interrogated Saddam Hussein says no WMDs
CIA agent who interrogated Saddam Hussein says there were no WMDs
"The most dignified person in the room"
CIA has done things I find reprehensible. Like help overthrow govts, put Saddam Hussein on the payroll, but never against US sovereignty.
That's what 'Mission Accomplished' meant. We all got hoodwinked with patriotism and populism as a northstar.
Saddam Hussein hangs a man who raped a Kurdish girl and hangs him out as an example for 2 days in location of rape…
had nothing to do with 911! East a rough neighbourhood requiring a tough leader! Lessons learned ?
Yes! I have many Christian friends in Iraq that are going thru *** Sad that Saddam Hussein protected the Christia…
"These are the same peple that said Saddam Hussein had [WMD's]," - this 2003 piece explains the irrelevance:.
Podcast: Interrogator says Saddam Hussein was "witty and charming".
so basically keep Putin in power to prevent big war like we should've done w Saddam Hussein
Interesting account, with scathing quotes on George Bush - The ex-CIA agent who interrogated Saddam Hussein...
Trump's personality disorder is shared by Hitler, Mussolini Saddam Hussein and... Netanyahu. A psychiatrist explains
‘It would be bad for our interests’: why Thatcher ignored the murder of an Observer journalist
Interrogating Saddam - How Saddam Hussein was questioned after his capture
Saddam Hussein's death warrant was signed on day one after 9/11
The former President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, was executed 10 years ago today
On this day in 2006, former Iraqi president and dictator Saddam Hussein was executed on the eve of the Islamic sacrifice…
have an interview with John Nixon the CIA analyst who interrogated Saddam Hussein. You must hear it.
Former CIA analyst on his interrogations of Saddam Hussein and on him as a person. He briefly touches on Trump's pot…
Inside the interrogation of Saddam Hussein with & via
Inside the interrogation of Saddam Hussein via
News Update Inside the interrogation of Saddam Hussein - John Nixon, former CIA senior analyst and author, spea...
John Nixon was the first to interrogate Saddam Hussein after his capture. His convo with Saturday.
Former CIA analyst John Nixon: In interrogation, Saddam Hussein said "he thought 9/11 was going to bring the U.S. and Ira…
This outgoing Admin is starting to remind me of Saddam Hussein lighting oil wells on fire on his way out of Kuwait.
10 years without you 💔💔, there's no day I haven't remembered you, Allah yer7ham Saddam Hussein.
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Reminds me of Saddam Hussein setting oil wells on fire during Persian Gulf War. Saddam was losing, so retaliate! O is dangerous!
Remember when Muhammad Ali secured the release of 15 American hostages in Iraq after meeting with Saddam Hussein.
Well, since the ouster of Slobodan Milosevic and Saddam Hussein, the opportunities for field work have all but dried up.
as Saddam Hussein even Osama Bin Laden slobodan Milosevic Muammar Qaddafi making free world USA laughing stroke
how about that. You're gaining more support. She's sees in you what she saw in her dad.
Saddam Hussein's daughter on President-elect Trump: "This man has a high level of political sensibility" h…
If Iraqi & Russian tyrants love him so much, take him "Saddam Hussein's daughter: Trump has 'political sensibility'"
should have been left to run says CIA officer who interrogated him
Saddam's daughter praises Trump 🤔. Some good points are made in this most odd affirmation of
TRUMP NEWS LIVE: ‘He exposed the mistakes of the others’ Donald Trump endorsed by Saddam Hussein’s DAUGHTER –……
Don't tell me we invaded Iraq and didn't even recover the manuscript of Saddam Hussein's novel.
Trump has great supporters. Saddam Hussein's daughter, Putin, Duarte, North Korea. But can't get someone to sing at his inauguration.
Saddam Hussein's daughter used her first interview in a decade to praise Donald Trump
. And endorsements like this:. by via
Raghad Saddam Hussein. Trump is a good man. And he knows and feels what happened with my dad
'He exposed the mistakes of the others' Donald Trump endorsed by Saddam Hussein's DAUGHTER
Saddam Hussein's daughter says his end was "ugly and painful - but it's an honorable death"
Saddam Hussein’s daughter praises Trump for his ‘high level of political sensibility’ |
Saddam Hussein's daughter: Trump has 'political sensibility'
This more or less summarizes my view of American history post-2001. March 20, 2003--the day the US invaded...
Saddam Hussein's daughter: has 'political sensibility'
Endorsement from Saddam Hussein's daughter. Also wants more nukes. So, that's cool.
. Or how this endorsement would have played out for HRC...
Saddam Hussein's daughter praises Trump's 'political sensibility' What do you make of this?
Saddam's daughter praises Trump File this under
Why would Donald Trump support someone like Saddam Hussein? Because you don't like him?
CNN: 10 years after Saddam Hussein’s death, his daughter Raghad still refuses to watch footage of her father's execution… …
Other items on Sen. Manchin's 2017 to-do list include deposing Saddam Hussein and putting the first man on the moon. https:…
Stalin, Hitler, Putin, Lenin, Fidel Castro, Assad, Hugo Chavez, Saddam Hussein ... all were/are arrogant. (So is Trump, BTW.)
Fascinating article on the final interrogations of Saddam Hussein .
Saddam Hussein - what the intelligence services knew was entirely wrong
CIA - US got it all wrong on Saddam ... -
when Americans and the west need your resources ,they fabricate lies
The Independent: US 'got it so wrong' on Saddam Hussein, says CIA analyst who interrogated dictator.
in 2003, former dictator Saddam Hussein was captured by American forces after hiding for 9 months. http…
In particular, ex-CIA agent asks what would have happened if Saddam had remained in power and comes to the...
CIA analyst: Saddam Hussein 'seemed clueless,' was 'inattentive' leader via the App
Saddam Hussein was not doing any of the bad things he did in our name, Tony Blair was our elected Prime Minister therefore
Saddam Hussein warned the US it could not govern Iraq
If had remained in power, rise of 'improbable' – Hussein’s interrogator
Saddam: "We never thought about using WMDs... Is there anyone with full faculties who would do this?".
For those interested to know about the 'American Way'.
John Nixon, the CIA interrogator of Saddam Hussein writes on his Saddam's interrogation & debriefing to Bush. Read. https…
CIA agent who grilled Saddam Hussein says US was wrong about him via
If Saddam had remained in power, rise of ISIS ‘improbable’ – Hussein’s CIA interrogator
Looks like has unlocked the trolling for
Somebody tell Trumpov that John Bolton IS one of "the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass dest…
Every intelligence agency in the world believed that Saddam Hussein ha...
Saddam Hussein was fascinated by ancient Babylon and Assyria. He ...
News Flash Trump Transition Team. Saddam Hussein DID have weapons of mass destruction! (As provided to him by US)
Hey Dumbarse the manipulated n2 lying about IRAQ so your warmongering party could kill Saddam Hussein
The CIA is still looking for Saddam Hussein's (do not confuse with Barack Hussein) WMDs.
2- - Saddam Hussein, whatever he was, atleast had kept these radicals in check. So real blame lies with USA
your excellency he is still fighting former president saddam Hussein last please more respect and coordination's with a
Reagan befriended Saddam Hussein in 1979, Bush43 took him out in 2003(24yrs!). Trump's befriending Assad in 2017.
Remembering that time Donald Trump praised Kim Jong-un, Saddam Hussein, and Vladimir Putin; advocated waterboarding and…
The Washington Post and the CIA also told us that it was "quite clear" how Saddam Hussein had "weapons of mass destruction." htt…
Weapons of mass destruction that Saddam Hussein possessed: A big joke for Americans too!.
Aerial photo for Castle of Rawah which was built by the Ottoman governor Midhat Pasha, it taken by Saddam Hussein as a resort…
Trump dismisses claim of Russian hacks because it is from "the same people that [sic] said Saddam Hussein had WMD." htt…
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BRK: Trump team dismisses intelligence findings re: Russia & DNC hack. Calls the CIA, "the same people that said Sadda…
I for one believe everything the CIA leaks to the media. Remember when they slam dunked Saddam Hussein for eating too much yellow cake?
I'm not sure that it's wise for Mr. Trump to dismiss the work of the CIA because of bad info on Saddam Hussein
Wait. So Russia helped Trump win because the CIA said so? You mean the same CIA that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mas…
I don't know why but it sort of looks like Saddam Hussein
Trump's kitsch aesthetic uses more gold than palaces of Saddam Hussein, Kadaffi, Saudi Arabian royalty & Louis XlV…
The man who dropped Saddam Hussein statue, got imprisoned for 18 months, got 14 relatives killed, wants Saddam back. http…
BREAKING: Trump's transition team says claims of Russian involvement in election "made by same people who said Saddam Hu…
Frankly, America's "freedom" was never at risk from Saddam Hussein.
Trump transition team still won't accept Russian interference in election: 'These are the same people that said Saddam Hu…
Brutal dictators Trump has praised:. - Gaddafi . - Assad . - Kim Jong Un. - Putin. - Saddam Hussein. Forgive me if I skip his Castr…
I am an opponent of Saddam Hussein, but an opponent also, of the s...
For 10 years after the Persian Gulf War published about Saddam Hussein to cover up his crimes against humanity.
He suggested Saddam Hussein was behind Oklahoma City bombing.
And just for good measure Frank Gaffney (of course) believes Obama is a secret Muslim & Saddam Hussein was behind the Okla…
Following in the grand tradition of such leaders as Papa Doc Duvalier, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, Antonio Som…
.The tip of the iceberg. Trump is Kim Yong-un, Vladimir Putin, Saddam Hussein they all assassinated reporters & journalists w…
"He's even using children. It reminds me of Saddam Hussein when he used kids." –Texas Rep. Steve Stockman on President Obama's push for gun
Saddam Hussein has been in his pursuit of weapons of mass - Richard Shelby
Now we'll be able to say " ran and was torn down like a Saddam Hussein's statue.".
Donald Trump has been running parallel for 40yrs to what Saddam Hussein's sons did.
(Daily Mail) Hussein built torture dungeon and execution chamber in heart of
Saddam Hussein wrote a romantic novel titled "Zabiba and the King."
Saddam Hussein 'had secret torture chamber in New York where he killed prisoners then POSTED bodies to Iraq'
— What's the question are you said Saddam Hussein was a good guy should actually read the full statement
DARK SECRET REPORTED Saddam Hussein had torture chamber in NYC
Istri Kenikmatan Saddam Hussein kept secret torture chamber in the basement of Iraqi mission in New York
Saddam Hussein kept torture chamber in baof Iraqi mission in
meeting w/Iraq's UN ambassador, a man who lost 65 of his own family members to Saddam Hussein regime via
The USA created ISIS by removing Saddam Hussein in Iraq. It is now up to Russia to clean up the terrible mess that the…
But he was really good at killing terrorists.
Saddam Hussein had secret NYC torture chamber...
Saddam Hussein had a secret torture chamber in NYC via
Saddam Hussein kept torture chamber in basement of Iraqi mission in NYC via the App
reached and issued an ultimatum giving Saddam Hussein and his sons 48 hours to leave Iraq. 867. President Bush stated that the world had
When did praising Saddam Hussein's leadership for committing genocide become an admirable trait for US president
If Stop The War had it's way Osama Bin Laden would still be alive. Saddam Hussein would be president. Israel would be destroyed.
that was the route to deal with Saddam Hussein; “we should not deal with him by force, whatever the circumstances”. President
Donald Trump he is like the former Iraq president dictator (Saddam Hussein) they have same face & dangerous face everybody else can't care.
exert pressure on Saddam Hussein, President Chirac replied that the US on its own was “exerting all the pressure”; the British were
“refuse no solution, including war”. 710. Asked if his repeated vow to veto had strengthened and emboldened Saddam Hussein, President
When Papa Bush was President, he allowed Saddam Hussein to built a nuclear reactor!
…”217 635. Mr Brenton reported that President Bush was determined to remove Saddam Hussein and to stick to the US timetable for
decided whether Saddam Hussein had co-operated, not the inspectors. 527. President Chirac asked to speak to Mr Blair on 14 March. 528.
reckless behaviour by Saddam Hussein, to change the mind of France. 516. Mr Straw told the Inquiry that, before President Chirac’s
Worked out real well for them vs Saddam Hussein as I recall. Kinda like the Italian Army in WWII.
Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and British hostage Stuart Lockwood in 1990, they met again in 2004 while Hussein was on tr…
The US would issue a 48-hour ultimatum to Saddam Hussein to leave. 336. After the conversation between President Bush and Mr Blair, Mr
Russia bombs ISIS to protect President Assad in Syria. Why do Obama & Hillary treat Assad like he's Saddam Hussein?
Rare picture of former Iraqi President, Saddam Hussein, on the day he was executed.
Trivia question: What President sold arms to Saddam Hussein, the Ayatolla Khomeni and Osama Bin Laden?…
Must have hit the Saddam Hussein yard sale. Tacky, even Granny Clampett had better taste.
So I guess President Obama created a vacuum in Iraq when he overthrew Saddam Hussein.
statement”, which Mr Blair had “briefly described” to President Bush: • a public statement in Arabic by Saddam Hussein announcing
didn't fall in line behind Hussein then staged a coup d'etat on the Iraq government and installed Saddam Hussein as President.
Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, pictured after his capture during US military operation 'Red Dawn' in December 2003. http…
President Putin that resolution 1441 had given Saddam Hussein a final opportunity: “He had made some concessions with troops on his
David Brenner says Saddam Hussein resembles Mr. Potato Head. My God they're twins.
I think you mean Dear Leader Trump. He'd be another Obama, wanting to make himself king w/his Saddam Hussein-esq gold toilets.
I have met Saddam Hussein exactly the same number of times as Donald Rumsfeld met him. Th
Why Jim Carrey look like he bout to drop the hottest Saddam Hussein documentary of 2016?
CIA 'helped Saddam Hussein carry out chemical weapons attack on Iran' in 1988 under.(2013)
And Donald Trump should have known that praising Saddam Hussein and Vladimir Putin is wrong.
Saddam Hussein was not the only Baathist ruler Iraq had. Baath Party had power in Iraq since the monarchy overthrow in 1958.
The fate of Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi may have dictated North Korea's continued push for nuclear weapons, the BBC's Stephen Evans
Including the so-called US' led war on terror that was to follow, the capture and assassination of Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi etc.
Like Nawaz Sharif - Hosni Mubarak, Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Shah of Iran also used to believe they were untouchables
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