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Sacha Parkinson

Sacha Louise Parkinson (born 11 March 1992) is a British actress best known for playing Sian Powers in the ITV1 soap opera Coronation Street from 26 January 2009 to 30 December 2011. Her character left the show on 30 December 2011 when her and Sophie's wedding ends in tatters.

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Sacha Parkinson deffo needs to come back to Coronation Street sometime soonπŸ™ƒπŸ’€
You can find love at Carni just look at πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
If I had a brother going into year 7 I would take him to asda and buy him 12 lucozades and 5 packs of cookies to start an e…
I'm sure my invite for Beyonce's party got lost in the post
Can Rihanna break drakes heart already? That album is gonna be so phenomenal.
Corrie Hottest Babes Tournament...Round of 16. Winner of Match 4 with 68% of vote over Kate Ford... Sacha Parkinson
Update: I'm still in love with Sacha Parkinson
hi sacha Parkinson my name is John I was thinking since Coronation Street when you left I felt gutted by that
What do u call an ugly penguin. Uin. Cos no peng
Use my invite code, sachap25, and get a free ride up to Β£10. Redeem it at
3) people don't actually realise how in love with Sacha Parkinson I actually am, like shes not just a small obsession.
I think Sacha Parkinson was in one episode which I watched but apart from that me neither πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
what can I say, I'm cooler than you'll ever be πŸ˜”
I've genuinely been cold for a solid 3 weeks straight
Can finally appreciate the luxury of pay day 😍
Good news. A Prison Break return has now been officially announced!
You know who is an underrated beauty? Sacha Parkinson
Brooke Vincent posts jokey bed snap with Sacha Parkinson following Mark and Michelle's wedding View the complete a…
πŸ˜πŸ’ž This what Brooke Vincent posted on Instagram of her and Sacha Parkinson in bed together 😁❀️😍 I…
Then there is Brook Vincent and Sacha Parkinson together 😍
Sacha Parkinson and Brooke Vincent kissing (gir on girl)
These are the "celebs" Brooke Vincent, Antony Cotton Sacha Parkinson, James Argent, Lydia Bright & Kelvin Fletcher. who are these people?!
seriously need to catch up with Empire
I added a video to a playlist Sacha Parkinson - Survivors (Part 2 - Flipped)
just gotta get through the first exam tomorrow and then my baby J Cole πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
Counting down the hours I can't actually wait THANK YOU
Sacha Parkinson, once of Corrie and currently of Mr Selfridge, is really hot 😍
If anyone wants to watch something hilarious my dad is on eggheads at 6:30 tonight πŸ˜‚
Where do I even start with school work
British are 28.5x more likely to vote for Sacha Parkinson on our The Hottest Celebrities of All Time list. Vote
- dons bowler hat with 'ex-girlfriend' at Archie's Burgers and Shakes http:…
Following the success of this weeks Dance Camp, why not join us and the actress Sacha Parkinson on 12th/13th...
Sacha Parkinson cries at Coronation Street montage of Brooke Vincent romance via
This time last year, Ava met some very special people at centre parcs. Brooke Vincent, Sacha parkinson and will Mellor to name a few.
A quick catch up turned into nearly 2 hours πŸ˜‚πŸ‘­
I've also developed quite a crush on Sacha Parkinson (Miriam) too now, I must say... :')
Who's your favorite actor and what was his or her best ro... β€” Sacha Parkinson as Sian Powers in Coronation Street.
Back to back episodes of HIMYM and The Mentalist sounds pretty good though
Swear I'm not gonna know what to do with myself after tomorrow
Really wish I was going to Tomorrow Land
β€œThe spelling bee was super lit yesterday
Going V festival hope to see my 2 fav celebs Sacha Parkinson and Brooke Vincent
it was the best decision I ever made πŸ‘
actually same I'm gonna do that, post exam life COME AT ME
same I decided to re watch series 4 and 5 before I go to series 6!!
I have so many episodes to catch up on cos revision 😩😩😩
. We don't think so thicko, you need a minimum of a degree just to clean the toilets out love, try McDon…
maybe, but behind all that facial hair there's the nick I know and love πŸ’ž
Watching recent CSI Vegas', Nick's new beard moustache thing is making me feel some type of way
One exam left and I have no motivation to revise πŸ˜”
ahh its soo good! I love klaus man he's just such a good character!
ah don't worry I know! Lovee marcel too much πŸ’ž but haven't watched that much of it :(
Good! You need to watch The Originals, its even better than TVD!
I'm on it guys I'm on it! Gimme a couple of days I can easily do that! πŸ™Š
Why am I so tired I slept so well last night 😩
I've watch 5 episodes of revenge, 2 of gogglebox 1 made in Chelsea and 3 of the mentalist today has been a good day πŸ‘Œ
A nude Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson are seen in the duck together with a duck. The Coronation Street actresses enjoy each other thoroughly.
you love Karmt and Sacha Parkinson, we're gonna be so friends ! :p
Unbelievably screwed for f211 it's a joke
What do I do I can't even get half the marks on a past paper and my bloody biology exam is tomorrow 😢😢😢
do you collect them or something? Swear you have a photo of everyone's 😏 featured in NBC s Science of Love
Loving the fact has several earlobe piercings and helix piercings & Sacha Parkinson has helix piercings on both ears. πŸ’—
AyyOnline's videos are something else πŸ˜‚
If I used spell check, it would turn ” you & I ” into β€œus”.
don't worry I understand the feeling; my blog is pretty great
purlease I'm so not feeling being acrylic nail-less :((
desperate need of pampering I feel that πŸ’…June 2nd I come
β€œWhen a boy drops the same game on two friends and don't think they tell each other
And credit to all those who haven't had a mental breakdown after the geography papers πŸ‘πŸ‘
β€œRumour is ex Corrie star Sacha Parkinson is in talks for a role on London based soap este no es el caso,lo siento x
"Morrissey invited to take guest role in BBC Radio 4's The Archers
Awkward! Brooke Vincent shows off hot cleavage with 'ex' Sacha Parkinson and compares herself to Mil - SEE MORE:
Happy birthday you old plonka love you masses πŸ’ž
Biology f211 next week is some sort of sick joke
What is it with blondes ? . Heather Morris, Taylor schilling , A.j Cook, Jessica Capshaw, Sacha Parkinson ... My new one Rita…
Brooke Vincent: I’ll miss kissing Sacha Parkinson on Coronation Street via
Girlfriends reunited: Corrie's Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson hit the town
It seems like we just did this doesn’t it? Oh well, at least we are all caught back up and raring to go forward with the hottest fakes of the hottest stars and starlets from screens big and small from around the world. Hope you take the time to explore all that we have to offer, as it’s a lot. Here’s the newest bevy of beauties in nude fakes starring Hilary Duff, Sacha Parkinson, Danica Patrick, Georgia May-Foote, Kelly Rutherford, Cara Delevingne, Eden Sher, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Summer Glau, Galilea Montijo, Jessica Tovey, Kara Tointon, Celeb Art, Rachel Bright, Patsy Palmer, Rose Leslie, Elizabeth Henstridge, Jessica Hynes, Dulce Maria, Leslie Shaw, Emma Watson, Kristen Wiig, Natalie Portman, Brooke Vincent, Charlize Theron, Anthea Turner, Katy Perry, Kathryn Morris, Jessica Fox, Jessica Ennis, Selena Gomez, Lucy Pargeter, Amy Lee, Brittany Robertson, Halle Berry, Jodie Foster, Beyonce Knowles, Katie McGlynn, Fisting, Jessica Biel, Lyndsy Fonseca, Jessica Alba, Jessica Sula, Lacey Chabert, Caro . ...
Coronation Street actress Sacha Parkinson has spoken out about her pre-watershed *** sex scene which recently caused a storm of protest.
My attraction to Jason Segel is growing rapidly
Coronation Street couple reunite: Sacha Parkinson and Brooke Vincent night out
Brooke and Sacha enjoyed a night out together at a party in Manchester (Picture: Xposure) On-screen Coronation Street couple Sacha Parkinson and Brooke Vincent reunited on a night out. Sacha and Brooke played Corrie’s first *** couple Sian…
Shopping for cosmetics/cleansing products is the most satisfying type of shopping
"Sacha Parkinson and Lily Loveless though. ❀" Kathryn Prescott and Lily Loveless though.
The new paranormal activity looks horrific
I hate when fat people prepare my food. I just have visions of them licking it because they can't control themselves
My brother is the most vile creature
Remember that time Sacha Parkinson signed a picture "to my future wife" see ;)
Discover fun facts about Sacha Parkinson via
Don't know how I'm gonna stay up for new year tomorrow I'm so tired
Helicopter ride over manhattan was mad πŸ™ˆπŸ‘Œ
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
It's all about the free tea and coffee in hotel rooms
I've never been so drenched in my lifeee
Brooke Vincent & Sacha Parkinson first *** kiss as they begin the first ever *** Storyline" ever on Coronation Street.
Midday showers are what I love about school holidays
karrueche is too hot as well like I do kinda wanna be her
Wishing I had the courage just to waltz into Actife
dislike the beard tho... Especially from that angle ://
I actually quite like them together, you know Rihanna proper broke down after this
"discuss ways in which Yeats presents the sense of fatalism and destiny in "an Irish airman foresees his death"
screw this life is too short NOT to watch Jaime Murray suck sacha parkinson's blood
ahhh no worries, can you gimme the whole thing whenever you get back? This gives me an excuse to skip homework for the day
balls! It was 25 and something like (out so can't check) "discuss the ways Yeats presents the ideas of fatality and destiny"
Phoebe and Louise have ruined MIC. Get Millie and Cags back.
This is perfect weather to have a bath in 😍
cutest thing ever - that's such a coinky dinky too as I was just listening to breezy//excuse me miss TUNE
thought you might like to know chris brown has been arrested and trey has gone to court to support him REJOICE BONQUIQUI
an yes, don't wore I'm not motivated enough
well that's exciting - please don't let me down and get bbm for iPhone DUSS FROM THE BB HYPE YE
thank you for being concerned about my well being - I'm on board with that idea
ALSO i phone coming tomorrow morning so expect plenty of iMessages and whatever else you funky kids do
What's the point of bbm for iPhone when you've got iMessage
o good luck! okay I'll attempt at being patient...
upload a new video - Niche Nude Stars: Sacha Parkinson provides a fantastic video series of Nude...
Is texting a completely outrageous concept to you?
I've been kissed by Brooke Vincent, Heather Peace & Sacha Parkinson and winked at by Ashley Roberts! Be jealous.
Ugh For who ever hasn't watched or heard of Sacha Parkinson and Brooke Vincent you guys should google them! They are so cute I can't even!
I sent a pic to Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson each to sign. Got them both back with only sacha's :p. clearly they shar…
Spaghetti, chocolate milk and grapes at 3am πŸ‘Œ
Donna's favorite women of the folder? Olivia Munn, Sacha Parkinson, and JLaw.
Why haven't I watched truckers yet it's *** funny! Plus Sacha Parkinson is in it!
I actually did know that, that’s how I know Sacha Parkinson. Sophie/Sian
Sacha Parkinson now playing the role of a Jaime Murray fan girl. Completely mesmerized
Sacha Parkinson is such a cutie. CUTIE
Yay! Sacha Parkinson. Wait where’s your accent you bring that back this instant
Go behind the scenes of Sacha Parkinson's last day filming on Coronation Street as her character Sian makes an emotional departure and leaves Sophie behind.
Directed by Eduardo Rodriguez. With Will Payne, Jaime Murray, Sean Power, Sacha Parkinson. By day Gerri Dandridge is a sexy professor, but by night she transforms into a real-life vampire with an unquenchable thirst for human blood. So when a group of high school students travel abroad to study in R...
Sacha Parkinson talks to about filming The Mill & admits 'her dream role would be playing Lara Croft'
Hayden Panettiere you are lookin smokin'
Sacha parkinson and Brooke Vincent aka best tv couple ever ( apart from Naomily )
Getting a dm is so exciting they're so rare 😊
Been so unhealthy these past two weeks :(
I know a joke about pizza but its very cheesy
The new durex advert is so inappropriate πŸ™Š
Love it when someone unexpectedly texts me
This has to be the most uncomfortable car journey ever. I've needed to pee for about 2 hours now πŸ™ˆ
Sorry it's late but happy birthday ma fave bro 😊🎁
I love sacha parkinson she's just adorably perfect in her own little cute adorable perfect way awwwh xoxoxoxox
So tonight we was sat with Mario and Charlie from Towie. Sacha Parkinson and her mum and David Platt from corrieπŸ‘Œ
Who do you think is the most beautiful person in the World? β€” SACHA PARKINSON. She hawt!
At that stage where I can't really deal with my family for more than 2 days at a time
Been such a good summer so far and still got so much to do
is gonna be the priest at my 3 way wedding with Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson
CORRIE can sacha parkinson come back to corrie if she wanted to??? Coz it would boost views and I'm a massive siophie fan!!
Is it just me or does every *** in the UK wish Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson where together in real life?
.. still waiting for Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson to come out tho
So I sent Sacha Parkinson a letter a year ago & last week she dm'd me for my address & sends me 4 signed pics. What.
Who actually doesn't love sacha parkinson? Xoxoxoxoxox
U have 3 wishes what would they be? Xxx β€” 1. Sacha parkinson return to corrie . 2. To be in corrie . 3. Meet her ...
I dropped my bread in the fondue pot.
I wanna play a good, long game of risk
Order Miche Bag Online!
Just watching 'The Mill' with the beautiful Sacha Parkinson
I make sure every piece of cereal touches the milk before I eat it, don't judge me.
ikr :D her and sacha parkinson and jenna coleman and Brooke Vincent :D xoxoxo
That's a faked pic of Sacha Parkinson...
Enjoyed The Mill last night? Hear more from Kerrie Hayes, Katherine Rose Morley and Sacha Parkinson who appear as...
I am back tomorrow then off again on Friday :/ until the 15th. Eek
Sacha Parkinson: I didn’t wear make-up for two months for The Mill and loved every minute via
Sacha Parkinson, lately seen as Sophie Webster's girlfriend in talks about Channel 4 hit, The Mill.
I wore dirty clothes for two months: Sacha Parkinson.
Sacha Parkinson didn't change clothes for weeks for new role: . British actress Sacha Parkinson refused to c...
Sacha Parkinson in the Channel 4 drama The Mill was absolutely fantastic well done we are all so proud if you xxx
Watching and being like Sacha Parkinson... Girl crush ;o
Sacha Parkinson on my tv, don't mind if I do
Telling my parents not to disturb me when I watch sacha parkinson on the mill don't forget to watch it
Aaah Sacha Parkinson is on my telly tonight, contain your excitement Phoebe
This Holiday has been amazing so far
I'm gonna go tc soon and hope I suddenly bump into sacha parkinson bc she's perf
Make sure you watch our wonderful drama teacher Vicky Binns, and Moodswings supporter Sacha Parkinson, in upcoming...
Can I suddenly bump into sacha parkinson pls
Sacha parkinson lookalike, hello I'm following you m8
little mix,Ariana grande,the wanted , Brooke Vincent and Sacha parkinson x
Lily Loveless and Sacha Parkinson will forever be amongst my favourite actresses. They are flipping amazing . And
And now their fire alarm is going off :'( I'll be killing them soon if they're not careful
Gonna get through every series of heroes this summer becoming obsessed
Shopping for skincare and haircare stuff is much more satisfying than shopping for clothes
Nails done and new piercing sweet life
love you smellier I'll be back soon
Just saw the trailer for The Mill with sacha parkinson in it omfg
9 new items by Tuesday all ready for summer lovin
life would be great if I looked like Michelle Keegan
nah not gonna lie this skins is bare creepy man I wouldn't wish this pon no one
Skins is so good but nothing like adult life
'Try me' packs of cereal are the best thing since sliced bagels
I dream about Sacha Parkinson, corrie love
Will definitely be watching that new programme with Robert Sheehan 😍
Lazy Sundays are what it's all about
you look exactly like Sacha Parkinson from corronation street x
Swear everyone got their nails done today
Olivia Wilde, Brittany Snow, Sacha Parkinson, Michelle Keegan... The list really is endless!
Fused my whole house making a toastie
yes yes definitely I might look them up online and let ya know
what are we gonna do for the games on that year 7 day?! Pass the parcel never fails to amuse really
Lets pray the geography paper vague tomorrow feeling so underprepared
The things I do for procrastination
Forgetting how bad our school smells because I'm hardly ever in
do not be scared to try. It is your life after all... :)
Consumed unhealthy amounts of apple juice today
So jealous of the people who have finished their exams
Frozone is definitely my fave from the incredibles
Finding an episode of CSI or The Mentalist that I haven't seen is a real mission these days
Who is the most beautiful woman? β€” Michelle keegan or Brooke Vincent or sacha parkinson or beyonce or Mila kunis...
"Toned: Sacha Parkinson showed off her toned tummy in the sheer panelled dress" compliments from the Daily Fail 😊😘
I don't even use the double tap to reply on the new snapchat
If I don't finish the geography notes today I'm screwed
If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would you choose?... β€” Ashley Roberts or Sacha Parkinson
Sacha Parkinson aka world most pointless member of the corrie cast
tumblr has taken me hostage and I can't escape - it's a lost cause this geography revision
I'm feeling so lazy right now help me. I'm on my bed like a dead indian corpse this is not okay for my health.
I did the same thing like 3 weeks ago lol
celebrity crush? β€” ooh, this is fun urrrm, girls : Cher lloyd, Ashley Roberts, Sacha Parkinson, Lilly Loveless a...
lowest of the low I'm afraid to say
I hate when people pour my cereal. They don't know how much I want. They don't know my life. They don't know what I've…
hi Claire I'm Sacha Parkinson's mum collecting bits&bobs for an raffle any chance of signed.
hey it's Sacha Parkinson's mum any chance
I love refreshing my feed on snapchat just to watch the ghost dance
Like hi, my name is Sacha Parkinson I'm here to make you emotional and make you literally explode with feels
best get off fb as off to do more adrc work with Sally gee this morning
I miss when Sacha Parkinson was in Corrie
She's not beautiful shes alright if thats what you want
You guys seem very defensive over an average looking person
Oh my lord this new snapchat it creeping me out
The ghost has no face on the new snapchat logo :0
oh I will! This is gonna be a fun night ahead of me
probably... Completely humiliated for being revealed as a party pooper
I wander if Jennifer watches them...
just youtube him.. He's called djflula or something and he just questions life in his german accent
Can I please just go back to the day that I met Sacha Parkinson and Kaya Scodelario and Brooke Vincent
two words about this. Sacha Parkinson
Spent a whole day in the sun without sun cream why am I surprised that I got burnt?
Revision is so much easier in the sun
next time I see you I'm wearing flips flops. Just for that xox ;)
Just would like to say good try to the person who's just added me with the name Sacha Louise Parkinson and used the same picture as I have, grow up!!
I have been granted a travel grant to the Wpc. I am so excited. It is all happening...
Sacha L Parkinson added me on and I'm even more in love. 😍 She bad.
you are my idol and you are so beautiful corrie would not be the same with out you but we need Sacha Parkinson back!
I always feel so much more alive after excersise
Yes I watch Phineas and Ferb on YouTube and wot
Can't wait to see Macklemore gonna be a muad ting
Such a battle taking off sparkly nail polish
No worries :) she's okay, she was diagnosed with Parkinson's & is in a home to get herself sorted b4 going home it's hard :/
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Only just seen the full FHM list for this year. How are the likes of Sacha Parkinson not in it yet Britney Spears is?!
Beautiful weather for a bit of cricket
O cantor comemorou com festa no Hotel Copacaba Palace, no Rio
Exams officially start tomorrow... I should probably be more nervous but ah well
I've got an exam tomorrow and I have had 3 hours sleep oh great
Official video to 'Somebody Else' starring actress Sacha Parkinson. Download "Somebody Else" for free from Directed by Nick Lee-Shield...
But I wanna look like sacha parkinson cos she's just my type omg
in not saying he ugly he's just average ... Like there are much fitter celebs!
this guy from revenge however he was also in 'In Time'
yeah that hat is awful but I still wouldn't find him attractive without it...
is it the hat? Because I'm not a big fan of the hat but him as a whole is luscious
yeah I'm team rhi ... Not feeling it :/
sacha's annoyed because I don't think he's that hot!
Left my phone in another room so I would revise and ended up sleeping
YOU MY FAVOURITE have a brilliant birthday because we're obsessed with you
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
I love sacha parkinson she's an amazing actor xxx
Watching the voice with my bezzie peach
So basically happy birthday man we love you so much and ya know don't say serious coz it's your burfdai innit
My day was made when we met Blue I think I'm still shaking
There is. Her name is Sacha Parkinson. But she’s not on the list..
well I do love the adventurous life that your eyebrows lead!
very dark! I don't know if bad is the right word..
I don't think photoshop is advanced enough for it not to be. Since when is cody more of a spice than zack
Oh Heratio your one liners need sorting out bro
oh no! But It's amazing I think you should go 'pee'
I have nothing on my phone what what!
In that mood where all I wanna do is stuff my mouth with chocolate digestives..
I hate it when auto-correct changes my "omg" to "OMG" like, chill out, I'm not that surprised.
β€œMy friend Phillip had his lip removed today. We call him Phil now.”
Me and Ellie met over the fact we both loved Sacha Parkinson and now we spend our whole lives fighting over actresses
Swear I just spotted Sacha Parkinson from The Crash in Hustle
it definitely is I don't know what they would have done without it
Feel like summer sevens is going to be a success for the 'Hotshots'
That is the second time I've went onto someone's imdb and it's said they'll be in Fright Night 2...first Sacha Parkinson, now Jaime Murray
Why are people being rude about JLS? Leave it they're awesome
I actually dance the whole time when I'm home alone
Oh my god family tonight not in the mood arrrhhh
You need chemistry to be a bartender right ?
Do you have someone special you would like to meet? β€” Yusss, Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson would be pretty ...
That was a pathetic attempt at a punch Louise
Keep 'forgetting' to leave my phone downstairs to revise its so boring
everytime I hear this song (do it like a dude by Jessie J) I remember Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson dancing ..the're totally awesome :)
I want sacha parkinson back on my tv
Doing something on a Friday night makes the weekend so much longer
Banana milkshakes are actually the best things ever
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Actually having a pretty great weekend despite revision
Such nice weather, I assumed it was warm...rookie error it's still pretty chilly
Day five ad the cucumber is still up there
This is about the 5th time today I've had hiccups kill me
Why do I love chris brown so much omg
Sacha Parkinson is just perfect I don't even care
I like to thing that sitting at my desk with my books open staring at the wall counts as revision
Surely now they have invented a toaster that actually pops your bread out so I don't have to go through the constant fear of electrocution
My mum said dinner was ready and when I went to the kitchen, it wasn't even ready. I’m sick of all these lies, its tearing our family apart
some girl in school "sacha Parkinson's my cousin" me "where does she live?" Her "altrincham" YEP,COS THAT'S DEFO WHERE SHE LIVES
Oh goody! encounters with a former stalker are always pleasant
Eats alphabet spaghetti, choked on the D.
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