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Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Noam Baron Cohen (born 13 October 1971) is an English stand-up comedian, writer, actor, and voice artist.

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Are we 100% sure this isn't a Sacha Baron Cohen character?
Sacha Baron Cohen and Gordon Ramsay's evil genius offspring: why Nathan For You is the greatest TV prank show ever…
Poor Sacha Baron Cohen. Did you like the film?
At one point, Sacha Baron Cohen was considered for a key role in this -
I hope one day Liam Gallagher turns out to have been Sacha Baron Cohen's greatest ever character.
Simon Jordon looks like a Sacha Baron Cohen character"l like football its niiicce"
Have Levant & Fatah ever been seen together by anyone? My theory: Tarek is one of Ezra's meat puppets, like Sacha B…
Because of backlash from Sacha Baron Cohen, the SU have banned Bagpuss.
The Brits have it down too to be fair. Sacha Baron Cohen is a very rich man
No one ever saw Sacha Baron Cohen and the Donald in the same room is all I’m saying
Remember Sacha Baron Cohen (as Borat) trying to hipnotise Jewish cockroaches with US dollar notes?
Melania Trumps anti-bullying speech at the UN is my favorite Sacha Baron Cohen character yet!
Donald Trump is definitely the latest Sacha Baron Cohen film.
can Sacha Baron Cohen come out and admit he's been playing trump for the past few years and it's all just a film and everything's fine now
In the Sacha Baron Cohen film 'Grimsby' he manages to prevent a rocket attack by putting the rocket into his ***
In the movie about this, the part of Cobb will be played by Sacha Baron Cohen.
I think sacha baron Cohen is proper funny
New Regency casting Rami Malek in the lead for Queen biopic? Okay! I still wish Sacha Baron Cohen had still taken the lead. Let's see, Rami!
Can we kick start a fund for Sacha Baron Cohen to move to Lexington, KY, & run for Senate as Snitch McSchlongle?
Sacha Baron Cohen is a massive legend.
Jacob Rees-Mogg is real, and not Sacha Baron Cohen.
So just had a fight with corey because he SWORE Sacha Baron Cohen played Zohan and I was definitely wrong about it being Adam Sandler 😂
Please tell me Sacha Baron Cohen is getting "Best Election to President" for the last year or two and HRC is in the WH right now.
Doesn't the guy on the left look like Sacha Baron Cohen ?! Is he gonna make this his next movie ??!
Remember when Sacha Baron Cohen poured Kim Jong Il's ashes on Seacrest (the real one) on the Oscar red carpet? That was lit.
After hearing Triple G talk, I think Sacha Baron Cohen did a fantastic job of the Kazakh accent in the movie Borat.
Actual president of the real USA.. this is not a spoof. It's like we're living in a Sacha Baron Cohen movie 🤔
Still waiting for this to be announced as a Sacha Baron Cohen character.
Sacha baron cohen should walk out with GGG next fight, just for good luck.
I'm trying to picture a guy writing this passage, all I can come up with is possibly Sacha Baron Cohen or Will Ferr…
they should have got sacha baron cohen to walk out with GGG as his Borat character though
Speaking of Kazakhstan, could Sacha Baron Cohen get away with Borat in 2017?
Getting ready for the Kazakh national anthem before the fight. (No, it will not be performed by Sacha Baron Cohen)
Sacha Baron Cohen to record Ali G material for first time ...
Still wish this was Sacha Baron Cohen tho...
Are we getting close the part where Trump pulls off his mask and it's been Sacha Baron Cohen this whole time
It looks like a Sacha Baron Cohen character.
Sacha Baron Cohen doing brilliantly at getting people to make *** of themselves.
If Sacha Baron Cohen can't play Freddie Mercury, Rami Malek is the only other plausible choice. I'm happy with this casting.
You have to watch a couple press conferences to really appreciate just how on point Sacha Baron Cohen's Kazakh accent for Borat was 🇰🇿
Ali G would do a world of good in snowflakia. Where are you Sacha Baron-Cohen?
"The road to Auschwitz was paved with indifference." Quote from Sacha Baron Cohen's Imdb-page. Wonder why ...
The Holywood couple, Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher have donated $1million (£670,000) to two charities helping
How did Sacha Baron Cohen survive the filming of Bruno
*whispers* I think this is perhaps the most sweetest Sacha Baron Cohen role I've ever seen ;-;
I don't usually like Sacha Baron Cohen movies but The Dictator has my sides in orbit
Ali G is by far one of Sacha Baron Cohen's best characters xD
TIL the FBI's file on Sacha Baron Cohen had a secret appendix discussion Bernie's campaign chances in a run off ag…
Is this guy just Sacha Baron Cohen's latest character? He cannot be real. A living, breathing work of fiction.
I still wonder how Sacha Baron Cohen would have been in this role, but Rami Malek is a fantastic actor. I'm...
The FBI started compiling a file on Sacha Baron Cohen while he was filming 'Borat' after receiving numerous complaints a…
She must be pulling some Sacha Baron Cohen like character. It's my only explanation.…
BAFTAs 2016: Rebel Wilson and Sacha Baron Cohen's presenter speeches take on
The Dictator, by Sacha Baron Cohen, is a marvellously funny film. Anarchic, satirical, outrageous, witty. Don’t know ***
He'd have been good, Sacha Baron Cohen might have looked similar but I think he'd have made…
Starting 5 of people that share my birthday:. PG: Chris Carter. SG: Kelly Preston. SF: Paul Simon . PF: Sacha Baron Cohen. C: Lenny Bruce
BREAKING: Sacha Baron Cohen who has been playing Boris Johnson for years, promises to retire character in spectacular fash…
I just realized how much Sacha Baron Cohen resembles Freddie Mercury!!
This is the only time I've ever seen Sacha Baron Cohen close to breaking
Oscars 2016: Sacha Baron Cohen makes breastfeeding joke at...
Sacha Baron Cohen recalls the Ali G - interview. "I was the first to find out he was a *** "
Nutty Professor, starring Sacha Baron Cohen and Mark Wahlberg. Directed by Ed Wood, music by New Kids on the Block. Budget: $150m
You listen to Sacha Baron Cohen in interviews and wonder how tf this guy pulled off Ali G, Borat, Aladdin, Bruno and Nobby. Mental
Sacha Baron Cohen can catch dis almighty suCC
Dave Chappelle, Larry David and Sacha Baron Cohen have made me laugh harder than any other humans. Needless to say, today is big for me
Funny. Was thinking about "Sacha Baron Cohen" b/c as Borat, he had defecated on the grounds of Trump tower.
My reaction to this can only be described by a Sacha Baron Cohen performance:
What's it to do with Sacha Baron Cohen? Tell him to butt out or I'll come & punch him on the nose for you
you are Sacha Baron Cohen of India .high time you come out of anybody's shadows
Is it as bad as most Sacha Baron Cohen gross out jokes?
Sacha Baron Cohen from Spider-Man stars in Weeds about a dependent Law clerk named Hyatt
Milo Yiannopoulos is Sacha Baron Cohen's best character so far.
A Sacha Baron Cohen parody of Trump couldn't even imagine something this maybe it's real?
Odds that Sacha Baron Cohen has ALREADY filmed a movie at Mar-a-Lago feat. Trump?
that is F'd up...I thought it was a skit from Mike Myers or Sacha Baron Cohen...what is wrong with t…
I liked a video Sacha Baron Cohen and the *** Matt Damon LIVE from the Governor's Ball
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... only a matter of time before Kazakhstan hires Sacha Baron Cohen to make a parody of Borat called Bob. I'd watch it.
Sacha Baron Cohen & Helena Bonham Carter as the Thenardiers in Les Miserables
Movie recommendation of the day:. The Brothers Grimsby (2016). A hilarious comedy starring the ever reliable Sacha Baron Cohen and Mark Strong
Casey Affleck, Jason Bateman, Sacha Baron Cohen, De Niro, Melissa McCarthy, C Walken all have multiple movies in the bottom 50.
The last reasonable hope for Trump is that he's an elaborate Sacha Baron Cohen project.
Sacha Baron Cohen stars as President Donald Trump in the New West Wing, says Aaron Sorkin.
I keep waiting to learn that Milo Yiannopoulos is the latest Sacha Baron Cohen gag
Sacha Baron Cohen at the Baftas 2016: 'I don't think the Oscars are racist'
Sacha Baron Cohen is such an incredible person
Love this.. Sacha Baron Cohen really wow'd me.. I already knew Helena Bonham Carter was bad
Sacha Baron Cohen tells us why Grimsby is a real action movie
Borat Calls for Boycott of Sacha Baron Cohen’s New Film on...
Throw in Borat (Sacha Baron Cohen ), and we have a hit comedy show right there...
and Isla Fisher get into the Christmas spirit, give £670
Sacha Baron Cohen is the Peter Sellers of our age
I understand this. I was sure in early 2011 that Scott Walker had to be a new Sacha Baron Cohen character.
1 episode palang napapanood ko sa A Series of Unfortunate Events but why do I feel like Sacha Baron Cohen could've mad…
Sacha Baron Cohen method acting: &Fisher made love to Borat and Bruno&
Dictators are ludicrous characters, and, you know, in my career...
Crowder movin up. Got Sacha Baron Cohen to come on as Ali G.
Sacha Baron Cohen explains why he couldn't play Freddie Mercury in Queen biopic
It's all a cheap equivalent of Will Ferrell and Sacha Baron Cohen.
The only films featuring Sacha Baron Cohen that I enjoy are Sweeney Todd & Talladega Nights.
John Prescott takes swipe at Sacha Baron Cohen and film Grimsby
I see the makings of a Sacha Baron Cohen mockumentary in our future.
Biggest movie flops: Sacha Baron Cohen and Tina Fey top 2016 list
Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher donate £670k to help Syria...
Sacha Baron Cohen's Grimsby named one of Forbes's biggest box office turkeys of 2016
Sacha Baron Cohen's Grimsby film: Mariners' secretary won't be spotted at the
Had a great dream where Trump was actually just Sacha Baron Cohen doing a character of the worst American ever.
Steven Gaywood: Milo Yiannopolis would be the perfect character to be played by Sacha Baron Cohen. Me: It's just a shame he actually exists.
Sacha Baron Cohen, Rebel Wilson and Mark Strong. Meet the stars of
Isla Fisher shares hilarious details of life with Sacha Baron Cohen
Guys like Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, Sacha Baron Cohen, they do things you love to watch. I
If Trump is faking to throw the election for Hillary, Sacha Baron Cohen and Andy Kaufman's ghost should offer him a beej…
Jim Carrey, Hugh Grant, Sacha Baron Cohen, Philip S. Hoffman and Colin Firth were first considered for this film
Is Honey G an altar ego of Ali G and Sacha Baron Cohen rips off a prosthetic mask as he sings in the finals
If the cast of was John C. Reilly, Will Ferrell, Steve Carrell, and Sacha Baron Cohen, I still would think it's a bad idea.
Ricky Gervais would have you believe otherwise, but Sacha Baron Cohen is the most successful
Sacha Baron Cohen on when he met Liam Gallagher 😂
Sacha Baron Cohen as Admiral General Aladeen from "The Dictator" endorsing Trump is something that needs to happen.
I love Sacha Baron Cohen. He introduced me to MY WIFE.
I added a video to a playlist Aussie Bogan & Sacha Baron Cohen
When you look at someone like Sacha Baron Cohen, you have to really respect the boundaries he i
You sure this isn't a Sacha Baron Cohen type staged video? Certainly SOP in political smearing.
The 26-year-old actress stars in the sequel alongside Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, and Sacha Baron Cohen.
Apple product events mocked by Sacha Baron Cohen...
Sacha Baron Cohen. He's an actor, he was joking 😂
Spent all of THE BFG thinking that Sacha Baron Cohen was doing good voiceover work, only to discover that it was Jemaine Clement.
The Brothers Grimsby was one of those *** did I just watch?" films. Sacha Baron Cohen constantly trying to go over the top.
Sacha Baron Cohen modelled Madagascar character on top lawyer...
Sacha Baron Cohen on Trump: 'I was the first person actually to realize that he’s a d---' via
Kerry's tenure as secretary of state has been like a 4-year Sacha Baron Cohen gag:
Sacha Baron Cohen kinda butchered Master Of the House. Jun-Jun in the village pantry can beat that!
phew! I was worried you meant the Sacha Baron Cohen character!
I can't believe that Mark Strong would sink so low to let Sacha Baron Cohen talk him into Grimsby!!
Not a very good one it seems. Sacha Baron Cohen and Mark Strong in The Brothers Grimsby, 2016.
One of the newest characters of Alice is Time, played by Sacha Baron Cohen
A good being had by all... Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher stop off on the carpet
Sacha Baron Cohen is my new idol, what a man
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Kanye West is my favourite Sacha Baron Cohen character.
Variety picks up the Mail story – the one that was supposed to be about Crinoline ! Bri
And, if you're asking, Sacha Baron Cohen's character is destined to be one of my favourites of the year. Yep. ⏳
Was the rapper from San Marino a Sacha Baron Cohen character?
Sacha Baron Cohen on Marc Maron's podcast, telling the story of how they set up the final scene of Bruno. So funny. Loo…
Nice for Sacha Baron Cohen to give in the jiry points for Ukraine. I assume that was Isla Fisher with him
Isla Fisher looked stunning in blue as she stepped out on the red carpet with husband, Sacha Baron Cohen, for the Alice Through The
Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher give £671000 to help victims...
Sacha Baron Cohen promotes The Dictator in Cannes with help from Elisabetta Canalis and Sasha Volkova: Gareth Cattermole/…
We interview Sacha Baron Cohen about The Brothers Grimsby and more!
…of course, there is the Sacha Baron Cohen reference, as he played both Jean Girard and Monsieur Thénardier.
Rumor: The real Donald Trump is really Sacha Baron Cohen. It's all publicity for the movie "Borat III"
Sacha Baron Cohen pranking the *** out of the 2019 Oscars by presenting the award for best lighting in character as the Brothers Grimsby
Honestly, If people can find Sacha Baron Cohen funny in "Borat" & "Brüno", nothing should be off limits!
Sacha Baron Cohen is a god *** genius. Borat and Ali G FOREVER! I wish I could watch it for the first time again. So good.
Queen guitarist hits out at Sacha Baron Cohen over Freddie Mercury biopic feud
Follow the top Sacha Baron Cohen stories for Apr 29 on our topical page:
I think we should follow Bono's advice and send that fat pig over to fight Isis. Also S. Rogen, W. Ferrell and Sacha Baron Cohen.
Donald Trump on how to deal with security threats like Sacha Baron Cohen - YouTube
Listening to Sacha Baron Cohen on *** Highly recommend! Glad he's done more interviews as himself recently. Genius.
Top marks to for getting this earnest statement from Gucci. Could well have been concocted by Sacha Baron Cohen.
What if has actually been a Sacha Baron Cohen character all along? And in 2016 the movie, "Trump" will come out?
Sacha Baron Cohen & Isla Fisher have the strangest red carpet date in history:
He is similar to Sacha Baron Cohen one act comedians why he has brought back David Brent this year in
Nobby aka Sacha Baron Cohen attending World Premiere of Grimsby in Leicester Square
Coming soon : Sacha Baron Cohen in reboot of The Revenant?
I went long on how Brizé, Audiard, Gomes, and, er...Matthew Vaughn and Sacha Baron Cohen are addressing austerity.
I hope I dint write Sacha Baron Cohen on this psychology exam instead of Simon Baron Cohen
Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen opt for an unusual name for their baby daughter
Sacha Baron Cohen from Drake & Josh stars in Burn After Reading about a caustic Process engineer named Nathan
Just had a thought...I think it would be cool to see Sacha Baron Cohen play Groucho Marx in a movie about his life.
Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher have a date night at ArcLight Theatre in Hollywood: via
So when is Sacha Baron Cohen gonna pop out of this Trump costume so we can carry on with the election?
Sacha Baron Cohen reprising his role as Ali G was a last-minute addition and a suggestion by his fri….
Look Who's Back - Sacha Baron Cohen like movie but with Hitler in Germany. Hilarious 8/10
What if Donald Trump is just Sacha Baron Cohen under cover
Sacha Baron Cohen previews new movie, Apple product launch style via memeburn
Sorry, Sacha Baron Cohen, AIDS is no joke even when it's...
Sacha Baron Cohen thinks American sports fans should be more like British hooligans
I think we just found the French counterpart to Sacha Baron Cohen
Ali G Indahouse is easily Sacha Baron Cohen's best film/character. When are you gonna return to him? Your last few films have been ***
I hope that one day, Sacha Baron Cohen makes a new Ali G movie. 😭
I'm sure that's Sacha Baron Cohen researching a new role.
this new Sacha Baron Cohen movie looks awful.
I prefer Sacha Baron Cohen for every comedy movie ✌
Sacha Baron Cohen reveals some of the secrets behind his sneaky brand of comedy
Four Brothers, starring Sacha Baron Cohen and Dominic Monaghan. Directed by Spike Lee, music by The Tremeloes. Budget: $5
The elusive BORAT resurfaces after ten years to boycott Sacha Baron Cohen's new movie
funny, from the great Sacha Baron Cohen
The guy who stitched himself back together looks like he's being played by Sacha Baron Cohen
The Weiner doc looks like a Sacha Baron Cohen production the way its cut & the music
Is the guy Sacha Baron Cohen's new character?
The guy looks suspiciously like Sacha Baron-Cohen.
Headline of the weekend goes to ... "Pagenaud Wins (Again), But Still Looks like Sacha Baron Cohen"
I liked a video from Sacha Baron Cohen Banned From Station!
Today is Sacha Baron Cohen day on Great talk. Do it!
Excited!! This is Ali G creator Sacha Baron Cohen's follow-up to which he is filming now!!! Top secret & cool
Bono wants Sacha Baron Cohen and Amy Schumer to help fight...
Property tycoons David and Simon Reuben top Sunday Times rich list: Lewis Hamilton and Sacha Baron-Cohen among...
New Doctor Who companion's face reminds me of Sacha Baron Cohen...
Bono wants to send Sacha Baron Cohen, Amy Schumer and Chris...
Here's how Sacha Baron Cohen's rude film clip cracked up...
My favorite pastime is reminding Ilona that she cares about Sacha Baron Cohen now.
Sacha Baron Cohen (Ali G, Borat & Brüno) Leave Hotel Grand Secret discounts when you book luxury rooms at CitizenM
I iz rich! Ali G creator Sacha Baron Cohen joins Britain's rich list for the first time
Sacha Baron 'Private educated' Cohen as an unemployed bloke from Grimsby for instance...
Stasher Sacha "Borat" Baron Cohen racks up £106m fortune with wife Isla Fisher.
Sacha Baron Cohen (OH) is worth £103 million according to the Sunday Times:
Sacha Baron Cohen is new on the list of the super-rich.
Sacha Baron Cohen has joined Britain's rich list for the first time
Sacha Baron Cohen and Lewis Hamilton are among the new names on the Sunday Times Rich List.
Reeespect! Ali G creator Sacha Baron Cohen makes it onto the rich list after amassing a "massif" fortune
Bono recommends sending Amy Schumer & Sacha Baron Cohen to confront ISIS. For once I agree with him.
.Bono says comedy one way to combat violent extremism: "Send in & & Sacha Baron Cohen https:…
Love Bono's idea of sending Sacha Baron Cohen to sort out Isis
Update your maps at Navteq
Following to see what useless crap he has to say. Still convinced he's secretly Sacha Baron Cohen.
"Well, at least an *** is among friends when visiting congress." — ADNpress
HEY BONO‼️. When I was 20 I remember thinking he's a great singer but kind of an *** . https…
it sounds like the name of made up country in a Sacha Baron Cohen movie
Have , & Sacha Baron Cohen, walk into a bar in Syria...? thank you, Bono
I liked a video from Top 10 Sacha Baron Cohen Moments
Bono suggests using comedians Amy Schumer and Sacha Baron Cohen to fight extremism
"When I buy my wife, at the start she was uh, cook good, her vazhïn work well, and she strong on plow." -Sacha Baron Cohen 'Borat'
letting you know that Donald Trump is a Sacha Baron Cohen prank.
Quote of the Day: “I am suggesting that the Senate send in Amy Schumer and Chris Rock and Sacha Baron Cohen, thank you” - Bono.
I liked a video from Sacha Baron Cohen most awkward interview ever
I liked a video from SACHA BARON COHEN - Before They Were Famous
Bono suggests sending Sacha Baron Cohen and Amy Schumer to combat ISIS: U2 frontman Bono spoke to...
is either a genius or nuts for thinking that and Sacha Baron Cohen are the key to defeating
Check out MAIL ON SUNDAY'S exclusive offer..Full interview with here . http…
I'm curious how Amy Schumer feels about being drafted to make ISIS laugh?
This piece on Iran might as well have been written by a Sacha Baron Cohen character: via
Bono’s plan to send Amy Schumer, Chris Rock, and Sacha Baron Cohen to fight ISIS:
This is the moment when I finally accepted that the whole Trump campaign was a Sacha Baron Cohen bit.
Sacha Baron Cohen is a 12th century poet who inadvertently causes a holy war when his work is translated into Arabic inco…
Get your Bruno Mars names by combining the last name of your favourite Sacha Baron Cohen film and a planet. Mines Borat Uranus.
The fact that Sacha Baron Cohen voices King Julian makes him 100X funnier
"Daniel Craig? He walks like he has a sausage stuck in the bottom. This is James Bond, not Brüno!" Sacha Baron Cohen.
I'll never be able to un-see Sacha Baron Cohen & Mark Strong hiding in an elephant's fanny whilst bring pummelled by another elephant's ***
Men are 2.5x more likely to vote for Sacha Baron Cohen on The Funniest Comedians on the Howard Stern Show
VIDEO: Ricky Tommo stars in panto opening on Thursday and he's not happy he's not Prince Charming... htt…
Just listened to Sacha Baron Cohen on and I have a new dream job - being the lawyer for his movies would be epic.
Just found out DJ Khaled is a Sacha Baron-Cohen character. Should've guessed mate
Is it just me or ashish nehra looks like sacha baron Cohen from the dictator
the Disney character, right? Well, there's General Aladdin played by Sacha Baron Cohen 😜
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its an art actually that goes back 100s of years. Sacha Baron Cohen took a class about it and clown with prestigious teacher
Waiting for Donald Trump to pull off his prosthetic makeup and reveal that it's actually just been Sacha Baron Cohen playing a joke on us.
Sacha Baron Cohen - I think if you come from a history of persecution...: via
apparently the new Sacha Baron-Cohen film is cringingly bad taste, things are now more 'gross out' than innuendo
Sacha Baron Cohen is looking sexy in that dye job
Sacha Baron Cohen explains the real reason he dropped out ... via
I can confirm Grimsby was worth it. Hella funny and very much a Sacha Baron Cohen movie. GREEN EARTH!
💡went off- sacha baron cohen aka movie Borat as in kazakh/kazarh so call jews synagogue of sa…
Sacha Baron Cohen's new movie shows how little has changed for black women in Hollywood.
I've never really done any interviews as myself.
*** who knew Borat IRL was this stylish?
Kanye West's Uber driver 'messed up' and he nearly missed Sacha Baron Cohen's Grimsby...
If Donald Trump didnt exist, Sacha Baron Cohen would have had to invent him
What kind of drugs was Sacha Baron Cohen on when he thought of Ali G and Borat ***
Sacha Baron Cohen on out of control Bruno Ending -
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Sacha Baron Cohen channels Steve Jobs in keynote parody:
New(ish) Sacha Baron Cohen film. It's been out for a while, so I couldn't find any showings today.
Why does Khedira look like a Sacha Baron Cohen character
lol no it's not it has Sacha Baron Cohen and Mark Strong as the leads.
A character seems to have gotten loose from the Sacha Baron Cohen Corral.
Sacha Baron Cohen: “Sex can lead to nasty things like herpes, gonorrhea, and something called relationships.”
Are we 100% certain Donald Trump isn't an elaborate Sacha Baron Cohen character
Sacha Baron Cohen, eat your heart out!
Sacha Baron Cohen's character Ali G is probably the funniest character of all time😂
Listening to the Sacha Baron Cohen interview on Howard Stern while running. I can't stop laughing.
Not sure about the film, but latest Sacha Baron Cohen film trailer is a brilliant take off of an Apple launch.
Anyone else think that Marvin from JLS is starting to look like Sacha Baron Cohen?
Dutton acting as a Sacha Baron Cohen ! Scary image
Yeah. I heard a pretty interesting interview with Sacha Baron Cohen and his new movie was pretty fun
Sacha Baron Cohen and Mark Strong are THE BROTHERS GRIMSBY. Cinema Knife Fight review up now.
The image of Mark Strong & Sacha Baron Cohen escaping an elephants *** covered in elephant semen will stay with me forever
Just watched with Sacha Baron Cohen and Mark Strong! 😂 Oh and extra incentive 😍
Why does Mark the ideal apprentice look like a Sacha Baron Cohen character?
Sacha Baron Cohen does Jony Ive & Apple style launch of his new movie!
I love this. Sacha Baron Cohen as Jony Ive. via
Sacha Baron Cohen mimics Jony Ive to promote his new movie - Om Malik
Sacha Baron Cohen has done a Jony Ive and Apple parody via
It was *ages* ago. I dip in and out nowadays - Sacha Baron Cohen was the last good one, and I've got Scott Ian ready to go.
Sacha Baron Cohen | English actor. His parents are Jewish and of German and Eastern European descent.
Sacha Baron Cohen claims Liam Gallagher once threatened to 'stab him in the eye'
Former Grimsby Labour MP: 'Sacha Baron Cohen should go back to Kazakhstan and die'
Sacha Baron Cohen: 'Liam Gallagher once threatened to stab me in the eye'
Also it helped that Rebel Wilson, Penelope Cruz, and Sacha Baron Cohen were on it.
Sacha Baron Cohen hits the balcony of our NYC office with a megaphone to answer questions about
I love Sacha Baron Cohen, so I'm super excited for it.
Apple product events mocked by Sacha Baron Cohen
No roles in Hollywood for people of color; plenty of opportunities for Adam Sandler and Sacha Baron Cohen wack ***
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