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Ryan White

Ryan Wayne White (December 6, 1971 – April 8, 1990) was an American teenager from Kokomo, Indiana, who became a national poster child for HIV/AIDS in the United States, after being expelled from middle school because of his infection.

Michael Jackson Zach Cunningham Antoine Roussel Andrew MacDonald Greg Louganis Gone Too Soon

Dame Elizabeth Taylor and Dame Angela Lansbury at the event honouring Ryan White, who became a national poster child f…
"Ryan White" is trending in Boston, but not the awesome Memphis kicker from 16 years ago so what's the point. Gostkowski & Elliott bless
❤️ This is a dear friend of mine. Love him to the moon & back. Please donate if you can. Ryan White's Cancer Fight
Elton John did WAY, WAY, more for Ryan White than that pos pedophile. He gave Rya…
Trey shot Ryan White outside of southeast Christian church @ 205. Bubba as a witness & Brent said he doesn't clock in until…
To think that Chuck Fletcher went all in with the Martin Hanzel and Ryan White trade and yet the Wild are in a 0-2 hole in the playoffs.
Jordan Schroeder looks in, Ryan White and Tyler Graovac out
Ryan White takes the first penalty of the game. 2 minutes for tripping, 15:56 left in the 1st.
Kim Johnson > Ryan White when it comes to stupidity. :)
The Shinning, the Ryan White story(Sad movie), August:Osage County(it's about family secrets, really good, starts slow, may...
he's really not.. trust me Shaw was my second favorite player on those Hawks cup teams and Ryan White is the same player
Martin Hanzal and Ryan White from ARI to MIN for picks as specified here:
Ryan White's dad is definitely someone I'd want on my side in a bar fight
Yeah, Ryan White's dad being exactly what you think Ryan White's dad would be like.
Ryan White's dad sends message to Shark HECKLERS after his son scores GOAL in San Jose
Today after practice Luke Schenn & Ryan White stopped by to give their new friends blankets.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
On this day In 1993, Michael Jackson sang “Gone. Too Soon” in honor of Ryan White and AIDS.
1st he reckons "I'm in Ryan's car uce idk where the went" and I go "u sure it's Ryan's car? The white Beamer???"
Also promised to fill Rob Ryan's spot with Larry King and replace current head cheerleader with Betty White.
Probably because I'm tall and white
Holland's police are mostly white. City Manager Ryan Cotton says the city would like to see more diverse populations re…
Trump stands ready to hand the White House over to Putin while Paul Ryan is consumed with the true threat of poor folks hav…
Not only is Mike Pence serious about conversion therapy he wants to take money from Ryan White (HIV/AIDS) programs to fund i…
had four players in for tryout: C Bryan Stork and DBs Daniel Davie, Rashaad Reynolds and Ryan White.
SCUMBAG EVERYDAY WE SEE HIS ABUSE Trump never paid for Ryan White's HIV treatment, his mom says # via…
Michael Jackson and Donald Trump in a private jet on their way to visit to young HIV patient Ryan White, 1990.
Lost in Cunningham's performance was the great day Ryan White had. 12 TKLS. Disappeared on a TFL that came on a bli…
Ryan White praised Ja'karri Thomas in presser for 4th-down tackle. Zach Cunningham smiling & standing beside him, "Actually, that was me."
Zach Cunningham and Ryan White were so huge today.
with all due respect to Zach Cunningham, Ryan White may well be the best player James Franklin recruited to
Great live performances from The Blueprint & Ryan White showcase this eve!
Congrats to for the Ryan White for Overcoming Adversity Award.
We're speaking to "Serena" director, Ryan White about this new documentary on the worlds greatest athlete.
any idea what the Flyer's final offer was to Ryan White?
What's in your google search history?. Today: Greg Louganis, Ryan White, how does HIV become AIDS? You know, normal Friday morning stuff.
A number of options I can see the Isles targeting to replace Martin: Darren Helm, Dom Moore, Ryan White, Dale Weise, Jason Chimera
'90 & MJ arrive in Indianapolis to see Ryan White, who contracted HIV/AIDS from blood transfusion https…
Matt Martin reminds me of a giant version of Ryan White.
"Ryan White is the bane of my existence...I don't hate him I only despise him with every molecule in my body.". -
Who is Claude Giroux? Interview the guy that scores goals, Ryan White
Ryan White will also get a big time penalty to square the game. But watch this call.Matt Reid scores sub-6mins to lock a Flyers win
GOAL! Ryan White opens scoring with 12:08 to play in the 2nd!
Guess Jeff did it himself. That was low-class though. Ryan White's a ***
Seriously! Ryan White, after that dirty hit get's praised by Pierre McGuire?
In the words of the immortal Big Poppa Pump, send Ryan White back to the bush leagues where he belongs
I haven't been this vengeful for blood since Rene Bourque's cheap shot on Nick Backstrom. I want Ryan White gone.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Despite being dealt two bad hands — hemophilia & HIV — Ryan White made a lasting and noble difference in the world
Ryan White looks like someone crossed Andrew Shaw with Ed Sheeran
1990 Elton John dedicated “Candle in the Wind” to AIDS patient Ryan White during his performance at Farm Aid IV.
This week we celebrate Ryan and Ashley Week to honor the memories of Ryan White and Ashley…
adidas stealing some Air Max Day shine by dropping two NMDs on 3/26
Heck yes! This week's Gin and Topics is filled with a crazy cool POTUS, Betty White and Ryan Reynolds via
Ducks are flying in white and apple green tonight to match those new kicks.
In his newest and most difficult stunt, David Blaine must escape from Ryan Gosling riding in on a white horse.
Who's your favorite white knight for GOP to cram down party gullet in a brokered convention? Ryan? Romney? Schwarzenegger? Caitlyn Jenner?
And 2) just because your white, upper class *** can afford bottled water, it doesn't mean that big corporations can poison the working class
yes they do, I am nit one of them, bout most racist think olive skin is not white
I guess and didn't get the memo of the whole "white t-shirt contest" idea😂 good times
My sex tape is just 13 minutes of me wondering if the camera really will add 20 pounds to my pasty white ***
I hate to sound racist but I don't like white rice
we live in a country were the White House can and try to demand to tell you who to vote for Paul Ryan house speaker did
Paul Ryan found out white people can be poor. Vaguely disappointed but no need to make changes.
So he was born in between Saudi, Egypt, Iraq and Turkey but is somehow European white. Fantastic logic.
When white people get proven racists they're quick to Refer to anyone Black they know smh
"Used to Be Cold (feat. Thomas White)" from Elle by Ryan Playground on Apple Music. Click this, you are welcome.
Walked in to a McDonalds in the city and ain't one white mf in here 😂😂😂💀
This is what racism looks like. Generalise the guilt of brown men, excuse the guilt of white men.
My guest on Saturday is Ryan Harb, a Certified Permaculture Designer and winner of the White House Champions of...
should start by calling the White House & putting Obama on blast. Ryan's a globalist punk. We need to fire this POS
Trump to campaign in Paul Ryan's backyard | AP photo
They call him the 'next White Chocolate', but baller is so much more.
I'm actually starting to here Black XC and White XC in panda and not legacies
Boehner, Ryan, Cruz are allowing Obama to juice wall street with endless debt. We don't need another loser in the white house.
Ryan's a sore Irish Roman Catholic who doesn't like the fact the USA was founded as a White Protestant county.
Unfortunately, I don't look as Latin as I am. I get called a white guy a lo...
Romney and Ryan to Cruz : will keep the heat on Trump. We know when you get the white house you'll do what your told.
Ryan to Romney : nobody likes our wall street puppet boy Cruz. Let's destroy Trump and get our puppet boy the white house.
This afternoon in last 16 Welshman White v Ding then Trump v Carter and keep updated on Welshman Ryan Day sorted 🎱
Met this cool *** white dude named Ryan, I told him that was one of my best friends' name, now he's my friend too
Black women between ages 49-55 are 7.5 years biologically “older” than white women because of extreme stress.
slams 'ugliness' in politics amid Trump-driven chaos. Obomber white
We sought out a White Castle in Vegas and Ryan bought a tank top
GOAL! Ryan White makes it happen, as the take the 2-0 lead!
Olympic champion Greg Louganis to give inaugural Ryan White and William Y
What Nancy Reagan did was to encourage America to worry about AIDS when it looked like photogenic teens like Ryan White might…
The IHS Press has two finalists in the 2015 INDIEFAB Awards; Ryan White youth bio & "Indiana's 200"
Ever heard of Ryan White you stupid bigot? Viruses don't care... Meet zika you *** SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED.
you're gonna have to make an X-men picture with Ryan White face on magneto. Looks like Michael Fassbender
Got to meet Steve Mason and Ryan White today at the house reveal
Ryan White and Andrew MacDonald on the PP. Oh my god
Very happy our PP2 features players like Andrew MacDonald and Ryan White.
FREDDIE SAYS NO! Andersen makes a big-time save on Ryan White with under eight minutes remaining to keep this a 3-0 game.…
GOAL! That one was DEFINITELY Ryan White! lead 2-1!
Ryan White & work to make health care affordable for people with Maria & Valentine share their story:
Top two lines rip off two great shifts and you know the coaching staff is thinking of Ryan White the whole time
Please DO NOT SIGN THIS PETITION! Is this not Ryan White all over again!?!? Rosa Parks!?!? Your children are...
Ryan White gets tossed for launching himself into the jaw of Tomas Jurco! VIDEO:
Someone is giving Simmonds rabbit ears (Ryan White?); meanwhile, Mark Streit rethinks his life choices
Moorhead's Chris VandeVelde w/ great toe-drag & scoring chance, but poked away by Dubnyk. It ends up a goal for Ryan White, Vandy w/ assist.
Philadelphia Flyers goal scored by Ryan White. Assisted by Chris VandeVelde and Pierre-Edouard Bellemare
READERS OF EVANSTON. “I read ‘Ryan White: My Own Story’ [written by Ann Marie Cunningham and Ryan White] back in...
reviving Ophelia , inside the Boston bombings , amber alert, the Ryan White story , twist of faith , Jodi Arias 😘
I not only watched Medvedev get the GWG but I also spotted a Ryan White and Dan Carcillo jersey on the way out
can someone tell me what Ryan White's nickname is cause I think "The Yapper" would be a good one
In loving memory of Ryan White (December 6, 1971 – April 8, 1990) an American teenager from Kokomo, Indiana.!
On this date in 2005, traded Matt Ellison and a 2006 3rd round pick (Ryan White) to for Patrick Sharp and Eric Meloche
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Today in 1993 Michael Jackson drops Gone Too Soon, dedicated to Ryan White, a teen expelled from school for HIV/AIDS http…
Anthony Peluso & Ryan White are called for Unsportsmanlike Conduct at 2:36 in the 1st. & 4-on-4 is on TSN 1290
Anthony Peluso and F Ryan White take coincidental minors for unsportsmanlike conduct. 4-on-4 time, early in 1st
Hearing the story of 's Ryan White and student council president Jill Stewart-unexpected health advocate.
Dr.Murthy talks about the poignant story of Ryan White and Jill Stewart
On Wed., Jake Voracek, Ryan White, and their girlfriends Nicole and Sarah donned costumes for a good cause →
Ryan White and Chris Vandevelde giggle on the bench after Vandevelde's goal
Hear what Ryan White said to Antoine Roussel in the penalty box
Standard penalty box chatter between Ryan White and Antoine Roussel from Tuesday nights game...
shouts out to Ryan White mom she said give AIDS to Fred Upton too.
Anyone that sees clip of Phil Donahue show when he talks to Ryan White & doesn't have tears well-up is not human IMHO. That goes 4 top Drs.
"Gone Too Soon" for his friend, Ryan White -followed by Heal the World 1992 Clinton Inaugaral
Wish there were many more out here like Ryan White. I'm with Linda L. Sidle the ASO's should have to have 95%...
Whenever Ryan and I see a creepy white van with children we assume it's Simmons
First look at The Flash Season 2 image of the suit and white emblem
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Doing homework with white parents vs. African parents
I look like Ryan gosling except : disclaimer I don't have muscles or have good looks and im not white.
Rangers OF Ryan Rua activated from 60-day DL, in lineup vs. White ...
nice Ryan. Rape only. Give white stains
I'm listening to White Walls by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis on
listening to Ryan White Mahoney in Vegas tonight
I turn in to Betty White when I'm hungry.
Dyson batting against a left-handed sinkerballer means Ned has raised the white flag. Orlando isn't Trout but a PH made sense there.
When somebody says you talk like a white person
Happy birthday to white trash in a brown bag 😘 hope you've had a great day!
I ordered the white team canada Olympic jersey, I was too embarrassed to wear it. It was awful.
I wonder if would agree with this...
Shaun white and Ryan dungey!!! Target must be doin' something right 😍
Yoh, REALLY tough class with Ryan Taylor White and Douglas Rathbone Randburg!
If anyone has one of the original white Ryan Started the Fire T-shirts in a medium or a large please hook me up
Asians vs. = white guys vs. KU in the tournament. Money in the bank.
Getting ready to watch the ryan white story. Prepared to shed a tear or two.
The guy in the white is beating every ones ***
Why you sending pics of our officer?
I dropped my gopro in the waterfall at White Oak but then Ryan found it and now I have a cool video of fish
I used to think the world of Terry Ryan, then we hit THE DARK TIMES. He's done a nice job with the rebuild though.
women aren't capable of making decisions. You have to tell them specifically: ham with cheddar on white.
my mums white I have fizzy pop galore ☺️
Miracle take a 2-0 lead in the 3rd with a pair of sac flies from Ryan Walker and T.J. White! Listen
When people say white girl cant twerk
Ryan sliced his hand open and now I have blood all over my white bed sheets 🎉😅
to purchase my E-Book about a friendship few see in a lifetime. AIDS victim, Ryan White and I.
We're Click to apply: Medical Case Manager, Ryan White (24 hours,Days) - MA
Some man doubt Eminem just because he's a white. He's one of the GOAT. Fake rap fans.
Tell us about your successes/challenges helping Ryan White clients enroll, use & keep health coverage
CSN Philly - Flyers: Flyers bring back forward Ryan White on 1-year contract
The have signed forward Ryan White to a one-year contract extension →
Imagine if Colin White drops to the Flyers.Colin White AND Ryan White?! They'll have to put first initials on their jerseys. LOL!
lebron has never won a playoff game after flashing his *** on national TV
.RHP Ryan Milton was chosen by the in the 23rd round of the
Ryan Braun has new white batting gloves on tonight.. 🙊☺️
FGL look like a bunch of *** and that's me being nice. White skinny jeans Tyler Hubbard? You're like 30 dude 😷😷
Ryan. Short white guy with glasses. You finna make that appointment?
Going out and gettin white girl wasted tonight 💃🏼
Police kill unarmed white people also! This is about police brutality, not always race!
The TPA process is a secretive, crony-capitalist coup of Congress. I'm pushing for the WH to release the text: htt…
My new book about Ryan White and I comes out in a few days. Please help spread the word.
.Jeb Bush & Paul Ryan- acolytes of White Superiorty author Chas Murray - not far from Coulter.
Too many websites not following this.
Can you buy a Matt Ryan or Roddy White jersey, then?
Ryan should team up with Barry Gibb to reform the Beegees. .those teeth are so white ,blinding molars !! Lol
'White, male bishops with degrees from Oxford or Cambridge are only one sort. They cannot image the fullness of God'. htt…
Dont forget to get all the latest updates for Broward County Ryan White and See if your interested in getting Involved,
Ryan's added a new dwarf to Snow White's posse named "Chubby" and played, of course, by her brother David.
Each time my Tito sees a white person here he goes,. "Look Ryan it's your kababayan!" . 😂😂😂
It's time to abandon the 'acting white' theory once and for all...
Weekend is just around the corner, have a good one & thanks for engaging with us.
Ryan's white friends make me laugh so much
JaDine white outfit game is strong. -A
“An interview with a Google Street View driver” by
White people just really don't care anymore
youre gonna need white rum for it to work. Rest takka
After the climb, the breakaway of Pat Lane, Trevor Spencer, Ed White, Ryan Thomas & Matt Leonard have 50 seconds on the pelo
I am a typical white girl Ryan😂 I got chipotle &Starbucks yesterday &put it on snapchat. You should expect this by now😅
baking white chocolate matcha almond brownies for Ryan's sister's birthday tomorrow ^ w ^ !!
When I was 14 Ryan Phillippe was THE finest white man I ever laid my eyes upon
I was just told I'm the white female M.O.P. & it's the highest compliment I've ever received. Thank you ❤️
After the final white man perishes, the Jews' rocket shoes activate and they all stream off into the sky, returning to th…
We’d be the most confusing cover band ever. We’d play Old 97s and Ryan Adams covers followed by Soundgarden and White Stripes deep cuts.
I can't stand white liberal do Gooders tht speak 4 Minorities! Thy don't speak / facts, knowledge,truth thy spout Fairytale ancestor guilt!
White people need to control their kids 🙈😭
OMG!!! I can't breathe 😹😹 I just called and told Ryan I hit an old white lady in my car and she wasn't breathing so I drove off!! 😹
White dude bout to end racism with these dance moves.
*** yeah..that's white amerikkka for you.IN the movie saving private ryan they OMITTED the Black soliders too! *** devils.
Duo jailed for drug dealing in Medway: Charles Patrick and Ryan White were sentenced for more than...
Medway drug dealers Charles Patrick and Ryan White jailed for a total of 11 ...
.I am reminded of the late 80's/early 90's: Ryan White, Chad Lowe's character on Life Goes On...educating people on basics
Ryan White, Carlo Colaiacovo, Jay Rosehill and Ray Emery are probably going to be UFAs this summer.
philadelphia phillies Ryan Howard white size 56 3XL Jerseys
Jon Jones is suspended indefinitely & stripped of his title. president explains the decision htt…
How White and black boyfriends are different when it comes to defending their girlfriend!
The world is too focused on black and white when we really need to be focused on good and bad.
who is 'we'? White people don't get to set the timetable for Black people's rebellion against a racist state.
Yes! The Setup is a great and underrated movie. Stark, gritty. Black and white suits it well. Robert Ryan excellent.
How do you place faith in a system when that system means you are six times more likely to be incarcerated than a white …
dress him up as a white police officer and drop him in Baltimore last night
I bet I could find an article that says the same thing about white people it's not hard
White Sox will play Orioles at Camden Yards tomorrow with no fans allowed. First time in Major League history. FIRST TI…
White girls that think they black. And I ain't ever seen em fight 💀💀
"when ppl ask if i know how to whip White people take ANOTHER L, y'all ain't…
Tomorrow in Baltimore, the Orioles and White Sox will play the first game in MLB history at which the public's attendance is…
If he's a black QB he will be a bust like Jamarcus Russell, if he's a white QB he will be a bust like Ryan Leaf. Enough of the stereotypes
Criticize Mitt Romney for being too white and too rich . Support Hillary Clinton who is white and rich (maybe richer?)
“Paparazzo in Ryan Reynolds hit-and-run case tries to elude media outside court
Tomorrow’s game between the Orioles and the Chicago White Sox will begin at 2:05 p.m. ET and will be closed to the public.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Ryan reminds me of all the white boys at OP lol
too bad I'm not an inactive white girl 💁
Ryan Brusick is the white version of me
All this baltimore stuff got white parents on edge
What anyone who hits a home run in tomorrow's Orioles-White Sox game should do...
Whether you're watching or not, everyone get ready to vote to save Corey Kent White on the voice! He needs Oklahoma's sup…
What was in the little white bottle that quickly picked up?
White people want all the other races to forget about the past so bad lmaooo
Ryan mentioned her friend-zoning him :-/ but I got over it white people don't know better!!!
Orioles will play Wednesday's game vs White Sox with NO audience in the stands.
GM Terry Ryan on the Baltimore riots' impact on the Orioles/White Sox series: "It's way bigger than baseball."
Wade White...the truth we share. I love you hon. . I love and miss you Ryan White...with every fiber of my...
When you see a white person with the Baltimore protesters
as a straight white male, I feel hesitant to voice my opinions on issues concerning race/gender/sexuality 😐
Black or White. Cop or Civilian. We're all Americans. Can't we all just get along? . Merica.
Police in America have a history of protecting white people while ignoring black-on-black violence http:/…
Today went w/ on what to expect from the White House & more frm -
“Obama is the realest president of all time
"humanized AIDS patients..because he came across on national TV as a typical Midwestern teenager." More:
No disrespect to the Caucasian community ... But "most" of the the older white men his age come from a racist era! And they s…
““Because of the lack of education on AIDS, discrimination, fear, panic, and lies surrounded me.”” - Ryan White
Saw is making me want to pull white
Jack White performs final concert before taking indefinite hiatus:
if only you'd restock the long-sleeved Ryan tees in navy and white, I would throw so much money at you so quickly...
Marc Bergevin must be thinking watching the Flyers game today. Jeez, I could had a Ryan White.
You tellin' me Torrey Mitchell is an upgrade over Ryan White?
Ryan White has taken Simmonds' spot on first PP.
Ryan White signs autographs for Army members.
April Ryan, author of The Presidency in Black and White, joins us to reflect on race in America.
Gaya kamar cowok keren - Sitting area in the boys bedroom stands out thanks
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
If you don't wake up I'm changing my profile to a basic white guys
Ryan Cooper is my new fav white boy rn.
FINAL: 6, White Sox 2. A big 7th inning gives the home team the W.
Last time I sold my house I painted the living room white so it looked bigger and more inviting. Trying the same trick…
If by white you mean land the Mars rover on mars and immediately draw a giant *** and balls with it's tracks white, then yes…
I spilled White Out all over the front of my pants, and now I've got a massive correction. I'll let myself out...
Dana White: No punishment for Ryan Benoit's kick to the butt after the bell at 185 -
Ryan Good pronto para passar pelo white carpet do
Eating microwaveable White Castle burgers with ... I've reached a new low when it comes to late night snacks
Thinking of going white? Take inspiration from these celebs who are loving platinum locks - http…
Me Ryan and white boy was riding heavy when the real is back came out
Aperently I'm not good enough for Ryan while I'm white
I don't, of course. But I've learned there's always a herd of people, usually white, waiting to misinterpret things.
Peep the faces on those White Folks as I get fake-beat during
Always thought Ryan Leslie was white, just found out he isn't, so there's that
“March Madness = The battle of the white guys who won't be in the NBA.
Kevin White tearing up the track tonight. Mike showing off his eyelids!! Picture courtesy of Ryan Suchon...
Fewer people are signing up. That’s why costs are down. But that’s not how this thing was sold. Why is the White House cele…
'To pimp a butterfly' makes me want to play dominoes in a velvet bath rope w no shirt on, and flip flops w white socks, whi…
So far Mr William "Wilsie" White, Mr William Ryan and Mrs Mary Cooper have received their medals at the National Awards.
"This might be a radical opinion but honestly why do any white women play Elphaba?" --Ryan Ivey
I'm a great admirer of the dedication of Bo Ryan's Wisconsin program to recruiting dorky-looking unathletic white post players.
yeah, I know. But, those white people that make racist insults are just dumb, ignorant people.
Bo Ryan getting it done with 5 white dudes 1st time in big10 history since the 60's
😂😂😂😂 he's bare jokes uno.. Proper white ***
thanks man and how do I make something black and white and slowly turn it back to collor
Remember Ryan White? Wasn't he like, the first white rapper?
Allie why you tryna make ryan white
No way it's white/Cooper if they go top 5. It's a defender.
White, Cooper, or one of the edge guys. Doesn't fit the slick Ricky MO though.
C'mon, there has to be some Eggshell or Bavarian Cream or Alpine White in there.
Today in misrepresenting the face of Canadians the Power Panel, White, White, White, White and White!!!
Are we going to wait for a modern Ryan White or Rock Hudson before we get vaccination levels back to acceptable?
Ryan White is doing a 3-game conditioning stint with the according to GM Ron Hextall
Ryan White might be sent to Phantoms next week. That according to after receiving update from Ron Hextall.
Most recently my battle has been against AIDS and the discrimination surrounding it. -Ryan White
He might make a little more, but wouldn't Ryan Carter be much more of an effective use at 4c or 4w than Ryan White?
Jeanne White-Ginder wipes a tear as she talks of her son, Ryan White, an inductee into the Howard Co. Hall of Legends h…
TribTown - Ryan White inducted into hall of legends in hometown that his family fled as he battled AIDS
Old white people are the ones to complain about the food when it comes out lmfao 😩😂😂 waiters be hating to take care of them...
I got that off-black Cadillac, midnight drive. Got that gas pedal, lean… ♫ White Walls by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis —
oh yeah? well you look like a white male in mid fist bumping to a Phsong.
"nobody knows who you are Ryan, you say Betty white they know Betty white, you say Sandra bullock they know Sandra bulloc…
Damian Follett starting now, drop in for a cold one! On our stage tonight 11pm: Dave White, Carl Peters & Chris Ryan.
Tennessee mountain girl . I think u will like this one Ryan White
She said she wanted to lay under the streetlight. So we got our notebook on. Sorry I'm not white and Ryan gosling. 😒😔
New Hampshires Ryan Pitts will be awarded the Medal of Honor at the White House next month
SPOILERS! Falcons were bad. Now they think they're good. They're not. Matt Ryan says something awkward. Roddy White says something stupid.
Ryan told me last night that i look more white.
Atlanta Falcons had a rocky 2013 season, but with Julio Jones and Roddy White returning healthy, Matt Ryan will emerge again as a top 5 QB.
I'm a white bigot, and I want my country back.
5 Days to Shark Week!!! Read this article by shark scientist Ryan Johnson to get you in the mood for all the...
I no. All I get now is white, black or grey shoes cause they go wit errything
Oh I just noticed that ha those are sweet. I'm either getting white ones or grey ones. Idk yet
Tom Savage asked for permission to call Ryan Fitzpatrick "Uncle Fitz." Sounds like he got the OK.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for offering this fantastic perk to existing members!! The bootcamp is going to be a wonderful addition to my workout routine, although I may not feel that way tmrrw, lol! Thanks Again Kierstin Henrickson , AmyJo Teatro, Alli Ross Fitness and Ryan White.
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