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Ryan Vogelsong

Ryan Andrew Vogelsong (born July 22, 1977 in Charlotte, North Carolina) is a Major League Baseball pitcher for the San Francisco Giants.

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Who would you rather have pitching for you in a World Series game? . Ryan Vogelsong or Clayton Kershaw?
Ryan Vogelsong gave up zero home runs while pitching for the this season.
No cards of players never on your team's roster. See Topps Ryan Vogelsong TWINS! Never on roster, c…
Ryan Vogelsong is the only pitcher to face Ichiro more than 10 times and hold him hitless. He faced him 18 times.
I wish the World Series lasted 30 games...if it did I would be able to save more money for the off-season so we could resign Ryan Vogelsong
Boy you know the Giants had a rough season when they're honoring Ryan Vogelsong and searching for a guy who was in…
Giants honor Vogelsong in pregame ceremony
Congratulations to Ryan Vogelsong for a great run as a Giant and a fine pitcher in the game of Baseball..…
Since the SFGiants brought Ryan Vogelsong back to retire a Giant, they have actually looked like a pretty decent baseball team. Coincidence?
SF Giants on two-game win streak since they brought back Ryan Vogelsong to retire. Time to sign him as bullpen coach?
Winning pitcher last time Sandoval homered right-handed: in 2014, Ryan Vogelsong.
Today, Ryan Vogelsong will take the mound one last time to retire as a Giant. recipe to prepare for Vogey's re…
I added a video to a playlist Ryan Vogelsong Retires as a San Francisco Giant
I liked a video Ryan Vogelsong Retires a Giant
.features thoughts on Ryan Vogelsong's retirement from Bruce Bochy and Vogey…
Chris Stratton shares what worked well for him today and what Ryan Vogelsong told him after the game ⤵️
Powerful and classy display from the Giants and Ryan Vogelsong on Sunday.
it was really cool to see the love this city and team have for Ryan Vogelsong. I wish him the best retirement!
One final time, retirement your way Ryan Vogelsong. true class and grace ⚾️
Giants salute Ryan Vogelsong: a oeThis is truly a blessing for mea
This is dumb, can't believe you took the time to write it. Also don't use my photo to lessen what Ryan Vogelsong did for th…
The Giants having a day to honor Ryan Vogelsong is like if the Rockies decided to have a Josh Fogg Day and actually that…
busterposes: Madison Bumgarner boops Ryan Vogelsong and hugs...
WATCH: Ryan Vogelsong takes the mound one last time, retires as a Giant
One of baseball's most uplifting comeback stories came to a conclusion in San Francisco on Sunday:
A special pregame tribute for a very special . READ: |
Shoutout to the for bringing back Ryan Vogelsong to retire him as a Giant. Congrats buddy
Ryan Vogelsong retiring as a Giant. This is awesome:
The Giants allowed Ryan Vogelsong to officially retire on the mound where his career was reborn:
Ryan Vogelsong will officially retire as a Giant. Guess the two rings outweigh six years with the Pittsburgh Pirates.
id like to see the Mets pick up Henderson Alvarez or Ryan Vogelsong or Doug Fister but I guess no one wants to be a 2 starter in Vegas
Yeah... But that is NOT Alefantis - Images is joshua ryan vogelsong who bartenders at Comet. Lot of people get this wrong
No one even has anything against Ryan Vogelsong, at all, and yet...
Ryan Vogelsong is the only current player. Most recent good player is Mike Sweeney.
Just a correction. Image is of joshua ryan vogelsong a muscian/freak who works at comet & enjoys similar images
Ashamed to admit how dead on this is...
Here's the good news - Ryan Vogelsong and Vance Worley not in line for 5th starter
One more: Perhaps Matt Cain should stop trying to find old Matt Cain -- and start trying to copy Ryan Vogelsong.
Octorara grad Ryan Vogelsong released by Minnesota Twins in his comeback bid to return to pitching in Major League Baseba…
MLB's top news: Vogelsong requests, gets release
excellent and timely insights, and reference to Ryan Vogelsong as role model and spirit animal. Saturn…
Matt Cain embarks on Year 4 trying to find himself, but maybe he should be looking for another P: Ryan Vogelsong.
Good luck and god speed, Ryan Vogelsong.
because that lineup's Kryptonite was Barry Zito and Ryan Vogelsong
I don't understand why Ryan Vogelsong asked for his release. Why quit on yourself, but then again i don't know the situation like that
| | Vogelsong requests, gets release: Veteran right-hander Ryan Vogelsong, who was…
Ryan Vogelsong asks for, granted release by Twins/He's done better but he's not done. Some team will pick him up.
Ryan Vogelsong asks for, granted release by Twins
Vogelsong requests, gets release. Sent with At Bat
Javier Lopez says he and Ryan Vogelsong kept their arms strong by playing catch together. Vogey told him his arm was still good.
news: former 1B Brett Pill back in US w/ Tigers (Ryan Vogelsong signs w/ Twins (
Former Kutztown University star pitcher Ryan Vogelsong has agreed to a deal with the Twins.
I didn't seen Ryan Vogelsong or Lobstein on The Cleveland roster
The only pitcher with as many innings and a worse ERA+ since 2013 than Ryan Vogelsong is Kyle Kendrick, who got fired by the Braves
On the hill for the visiting tonight: Ryan Vogelsong. Welcome back, Vogey!
Two months after horrific beaning, Ryan Vogelsong eyes a new start | FOX Sports.
Jordan Lyles left a voicemail this week. Ryan Vogelsong is pretty heated over how Lyles handled the whole ordeal.
Will have double header live coverage in Altoona tonight for -. Game 1: Ryan Vogelsong on rehab. Game 2: Clay Holmes
Gregory Polanco, Ryan Vogelsong and Kevin Newman all seeing doctors this afternoon. Lineups and full injury report:
Pregame notes on Pagan, the decision to recall Jarrett Parker and a Ryan Vogelsong update
Pirates pitcher Ryan Vogelsong hit in face by pitch.
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Update: Ryan Vogelsong has been admitted to AGH and is being evaluated. We will have more details tomorrow.
Say a prayer for Ryan Vogelsong today.
Ryan Vogelsong is being carted off the field, a towel covering his face, after he was hit in the head by a pitch.
Ryan Vogelsong was hit in the head w/ a pitch and carted off the field in the 2nd. We'll have updates as we get them
pitcher Ryan Vogelsong is hit in the face by a pitch during the 2nd inning against the Rockies today.
You don't want Ben supporting our team. We were talking about me pickign Ryan Vogelsong out of a lineup
like Ryan Vogelsong has been substantially better
Some *** behind me is clamoring how Jeff Locke and Ryan Vogelsong are better than Cole.
At least we got to see Ryan Vogelsong and Ross Ohlendorf take the mound at PNC Park, for what could be the final time.
The only good thing about Ryan Vogelsong is his hot wife. He's garbage.
It's a 1-2-3 10th for Vogelsong. . Can the Bucs walk it off?? Tune in now to watch J-Hay get it started!! -RI
Congrats to everyone who had Ryan Vogelsong in the 10th in the first scoreless relief inning pitched pool.
Ryan Vogelsong with a 1-2-3 10th inning. It's time to walk it off!
Ryan Vogelsong took the ball and did work! Let's finish it!
RHP Vin Mazzaro (will wear number 32. Last worn by RHP Ryan Vogelsong in 2015.
I'd rather see Ryan Vogelsong in the rotation, and I really don't want to see Vogelsong pitch ever.
Vogey!! I don't think I pictured him in this kind of home.. Thought he was more the cowboy type. ☺...
Former star Ryan Vogelsong threw 1 hitless inning of relief for the Pirates last night in a 9-8 12inning win over Colorado.
In 12-inning game, sixth is crucial frame
Excellent work from Ryan Vogelsong to only allow one run in that situation.
Ryan Vogelsong has had such a weird career.
Oh my lord. Ryan Vogelsong is on to pitch. This could get ugly especially at Coors Fiekd where every hitter is Hank Aaron.
Home 4 sale:. Sell a home in TXHillCountry? This is the time!. more:
pitcher Ryan Vogelsong is selling his custom-built PA home with the rad bathtub
Ryan Vogelsong will pitch out of the bullpen to begin the season. -RI
go in order against Ryan Vogelsong in top3, Roberto (Fausto Carmona) Hernandez on for who lead 4-1.
Ryan Vogelsong is highly motivated his second time around with the Pirates, writes columnist Mike Bauman:
Vogelsong hopes second time is a charm: Ryan Vogelsong was most recently with the Giants, where he was an inte...
Gallardo signing for 3/$35M. Meanwhile, the Pirates are using an ancient artifact named Ryan Vogelsong to fill the rotation 😑
Im hearing buzz that Pirates free agent signing Ryan Vogelsong was asked to coach college baseball at Kuntztown University but opted for PIT
Take a look at what we sent Ryan Vogelsong to start with today.
Can't wait to see how good Ryan Vogelsong looks in these!!
The two pieces of Pirates sound being Ryan Vogelsong and Jon Niese was...a good reminder the offseason happened.
Video: Pirates Spring Training: Ryan Vogelsong is back, and here's what he looks like now
Vogelsong: ‘There’s a lot of motivation’ - BRADENTON, Fla. — Ryan Vogelsong was asked about what has changed si...
newcomers Ryan Vogelsong, *** Knudson and Jon Niese on the hill. Full video:
...and Ryan Vogelsong immediately improves 33% merely by being the object of Ray Searage's magical gaze.
AUDIO: ICYMI from yesterday. Interview with new starter Ryan Vogelsong.
Ray Searage stops by to watch Ryan Vogelsong throw in the bullpen
Ryan Vogelsong working his bullpen this morning. Pitchers and catchers reporting today.
My interview with starter Ryan Vogelsong as he talks return to Bucs can be heard here:
Pitcher Ryan Vogelsong rejoins the See the full video from Bradenton here:
Ryan Vogelsong says he's surprised to end up back with
Ryan Vogelsong surprised to end up back with but says he's "come to realize you don't close doors":
. manager Clint Hurdle greets pitcher Ryan Vogelsong upon his arrival at Pirate City today.
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In regards to the 2006 Pirates, only 4 are on active big league rosters currently (Jose Bautista, Oliver Perez, Ryan Vogelsong & Zach Duke)
I just want better players than Ryan Vogelsong.
everyone else improving the team. Pirates sign Ryan Vogelsong. Better order WS tix now
First Pitch: Breaking Down the Situation That is Ryan Vogelsong in the Rotation -
Doug Fister went for 1 year/$7 mil but we got Ryan Vogelsong for $2 mil. Great job buccos
ask why the Pirates couldn't afford 7mill for Doug Fister! Let's just be content with Ryan Vogelsong, Yuck!
In my wildest dreams, I would have never thought people would be arguing over Ryan Vogelsong in 2016.
I wish I could forget about Vogelsong too
. Cole. Liriano. Niese. Vogelsong/Nicasio. Locke. Glasnow and Taillon more than likely up in June
when your team signs Ryan Vogelsong as its Big pitching addition
This storm reminds me of the Pirates off season. You expect Chris Davis and Scott Kazmir and get John Jaso and Ryan Vogelsong.
Ryan Vogelsong during Gm 4 of the 2014 World Series at AT&T Park
Ryan Vogelsong a few years back, I believe.
They signed Ryan Vogelsong for a rotation spot this winter, for chrissake
This is a project inspired by Ryan Vogelsong,…
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Interested to see what to expect from pitcher Ryan Vogelsong? Check out his 2016 projection below.
don't worry we have Ryan Vogelsong.
Thank you Ryan Vogelsong for years of epic World Series baseball 4 a city that has only love for TheMan TheMyth TheLegend
missed this during the gingerbread house sugar rush... Good luck Ryan Vogelsong forever!
The last SP to pitch his team to a Game 6 LCS victory to force a Game 7:. Ryan Vogelsong in 2012.
Ryan Vogelsong's emotional speech was likely his last big moment with the
Ryan Vogelsong “All men are created equal, but some of us are lucky to become GIANTS” . MUST WATCH:
"I will always, always be a Giant". Ryan Vogelsong's emotional speech likely caps his tenure with the
“I don’t know where I will be next year, and what the front of my jersey will say, but i will ALWAYS be a Giant” - Ryan Vogel…
Extra Baggs: For once, Sabean won't be accosted by "Get a bat!" Plus Posey on catching, Cain/Vogelsong on the future:http:/…
This was posted by San Francisco Giants' pitcher Ryan Vogelsong 's brother (a great guy) and shows the human side...
Mark Gardner in age 34-39 seasons with 3.2 WAR. Ryan Vogelsong in age 33-37 seasons with 3.7 WAR
Every fan loves and respects Mark Gardner. . Ryan Vogelsong has been a better pitcher during his Giants tenure.
Ryan Vogelsong, Tim Hudson and Jake Peavy all had the same number of home runs as Angel Pagan this year. Lol
JA Happ is Ryan Vogelsong is Bud Norris is Barry Zito is AJ Burnett is Homer Bailey is Jeff Locke
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The unlikeliest of pitchers' duels is going on in Saint Louis. Lance Lynn vs. Ryan Vogelsong
If you like meeting players especially Sonny Gray, Stephen Vogt, Ryan Vogelsong or Chris Heston, you should probably follow us.
on the move: OTD in '01, PIT traded soon-to-be-ace Jason Schmidt and to SF for Armando Rios and rookie Ryan Vogelsong.
Ryan Vogelsong gets the nod for San Francisco Thursday and is 4-5 with a 4.81 earned run average in 13 games (11 starts).
I can wait for Ryan Vogelsong and Tim Hudson to look like Cy Yong candidates vs Mariners
No. Madison Bumgarner, Tim Hudson, and Ryan Vogelsong haven't thrown no-hitters.
coming off 3-game sweep of Milwaukee and recorded a 3-1 win Wednesday behind Ryan Vogelsong's 6 innings of 1-run ball and 5 K's.
Ryan Vogelsong and Phil Anselmo look like they could be brothers.
Once said, "Moshi Moshi" to Nori Aoki and Nori needed to be consoled by Ryan Vogelsong(also a Japanese man)
I have a personal account I never use, but when I did, Joe Don Rooney and Ryan Vogelsong and his wife all followed me
Bochy is very happy to have not one but TWO long men in Yusmeiro Petit/Ryan Vogelsong, especially w/the rotation running up in age
Ryan Vogelsong's day is complete. Javier Lopez is now pitching. enjoy an 8-4 advantage versus in Top 7 on
Hunter Pence communicated to Ryan Vogelsong not to play in Houston and comeback to the Giants with just one look.
About a 40% chance now that Ryan Vogelsong is back. Always a chance for an injury opening a spot in the spring, though.
James Shields & Carlos Villanueva: with Casey Janssen & Ryan Vogelsong recently signed, last notable free-agent SPs.
Whoa Ryan Vogelsong's beard game is strong.
pitcher Ryan Vogelsong joins with and right now!
CWS OF SF P Ryan Vogelsong and former scout Rob Sidwell join and me tnite on 7-10ET
In case you guys didn't catch that, Ryan Vogelsong just talked about KNBR callers messing up his last name, on KNBR.
Ryan Vogelsong to Ray Woodson: "I hear people calling you Rod. My name gets messed up a lot too especially after the Vogel part."
Ryan Vogelsong sticking with his family, signs a 1-year deal.
have a battle on their hands, Ryan Vogelsong or Tim Lincecum?.
fifth starter battle: the mystery of Tim Lincecum or the bulldog mentality of Ryan Vogelsong.
New Post: The MSR looks at the recent signings of Ryan Vogelsong and Brandon Crawford.
If they ban shifts, Jeff Luhnow will invent an invisible cyborg to play in the hole. But it might make Ryan Vogelsong unc…
"I'm back where I wanted to be," Ryan Vogelsong says after signing one-year deal - Giants Extra
Ryan Vogelsong sings odd tune about Astros after signing with Giants -
Ryan Vogelsong deal with Giants finalized, pending physical -
Veteran right-hander Ryan Vogelsong was reportedly near an agreement with the Houston Astros at a couple (cont)
Ryan Vogelsong says he wasnt comfortable durin visit
Astros rumors :Ryan Vogelsong not going to sign with Houston -
I really hope Ryan Vogelsong ended his last meeting with the Astros with a hardy "Vogey out!"
Ryan Vogelsong reunites with his Giants family for one more year
ICYMI: courtship of veteran starter Ryan Vogelsong is over.
More MLB-Daily Roundup-The Houston Astros remain busy as they trade outfielder Dexter Fowler to the Chicago Cubs for two minor leaguers, then sign two free agents, outfielder Colby Rasmus and starting pitcher Ryan Vogelsong. The Texas Rangers acquired starting pitcher Yovanni Gallardo from the Milwaukee Brewers for two minor leaguers. The Brewers signed pitcher Dontrelle Willis, who has not pitched in the Major Leagues since 2011, to a minor league contract. The San Francisco Giants designated second baseman Marco Scutaro for assignment after Scutaro had spinal fusion surgery on his back. The Giants still hope that Scutaro, who will turn 40 later this year, will be able to play again and say they would weclome him back if he can resume his playing career.
and Ryan Vogelsong are hopeful for a deal and working through some final steps, says a BB source.
ICYMI: FA Ryan Vogelsong arrived N Houston last night.He said he wasn't ready to comment on his situation w/ Astros. h…
Astros sign Ryan Vogelsong. Just heard luhnow at dinner next to me. I overheard it's a 3yr
FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal reports that the Astros are in "serious discussions" with Ryan Vogelsong.
in "serious discussions" with Ryan Vogelsong, sources tell reports a deal isn't "wrapped up" yet.
reports the are in serious discussions with Ryan Vogelsong.
. reports in "serious discussions" with free agent SP Ryan Vogelsong. Details:
Well reporting are in serious talks with Ryan Vogelsong
The Rockies signing Ryan Vogelsong and trading for Dan Haren would be a great intro to a movie about a baseball team t…
Article coming shortly for about the Astros interest in Ryan Vogelsong and Kyle Kendrick. First reported by
fans, how would you feel about Ryan Vogelsong returning? Click link & let us know:.
In appreciation of Vogelsong's run with Giants via Nice piece on "Vogie".
. Who would you rather have pitching in post season game. James Shields. Or.ryan Vogelsong . Vogey is a grinder. > shields
Ryan Vogelsong would provide the rotation with the depth it needs:
Anyone with Sabean's mobile number, go and text him demanding to know why Ryan Beauregard Aloysius Vogelsong is still a free agent.
Ryan Vogelsong need to sign him for 2015.
Fact I didn't realize till I began writing this current book: The Giants are 6-0 when Ryan Vogelsong starts for them in the postseason.
Ryan Vogelsong will be more productive than Tim Lincecum so why not do it in the first place
Here is to hoping that my bring back Ryan Vogelsong for 2015. I admire his awesome story.
Could Ryan Vogelsong be an option for the Yankees? They still need starters.
I'd feel better if would sign Ryan Vogelsong and either Kevin Correia or Chad Billingsley+ a hitter
It's a disgrace the haven't signed Ryan Vogelsong yet - the guy ate 197 innings (incl. playoffs) last season, 2nd most in career
Ryan Vogelsong and Brandon Belt could be twins!
So when do the Giants give Ryan Vogelsong a 1-year, $3M deal?
Paging Ryan Vogelsong. MT say Tim Hudson had bone spurs removed from right ankle. Expected recovery time 8 weeks.
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should sign Ryan vogelsong, get back their rivals the
look im just happy it's not Ryan Vogelsong
In appreciation of Vogelsong's run with Giants... Great article about a hard working pro. Thanks Ryan!. via
'Ryan Vogelsong is more than a pitcher. He is a through and through.'. Pls don't leave us Vogie!!! .
Giants Win: Hasta la vista, Vogey: Ryan Vogelsong pitched twice in the 2014 World Series. He got knocked out o...
In appreciation of Vogelsong's run with Giants via
In appreciation of Vogelsong's run with Giants
The 2015 season has started! Our first trade of the year: trades Everth Cabrera to for Ryan Vogelsong.
In appreciation of Vogelsong's run with
In appreciation of Vogelsong's run with the via
In case you missed it, here's a tribute to Ryan Vogelsong:
The did not give offers to Jake Peavy, Ryan Vogelsong, Michael Morse, Sergio Romo & only a qualifier to Sandoval.
didn't extend a qualifying offers to three other free agents: Ryan Vogelsong, Sergio Romo and Michael Morse
Giants: Decline to make qualifying offers to Jake Peavy, Ryan Vogelsong, Sergio Romo, OF Mike Morse -via SportsCenter
Pitching a World Series mop-up inning in a 10-0 game does not seem like the right way to potentially end Ryan Vogelsong's ten…
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World Series talk now okay so here are my thoughts the Kansas City Royals have been worthy opponent for my San Francisco Giants they have played us very tough they know exactly what we are capable of and they brought their best to compete against us Game one I was very pleased the Giants and Royals both played very hard and the Giants came on top very good then game 2 was a very tough loss for the Giants part however I was extremely pleased with the fight that I seen from the Giants then game 3 very tough loss and I was extremely disappointed from the relief pitchers on behalf of the Giants because their attitude was extremely on acceptable and needs to be addressed also I believe that Ryan Vogelsong owes Giants fans a huge apology Game four I was extremely pleased and Game five as well both teams played extremely hard and the Giants are now ahead now the Giants and Royals head back to Kansas City for Game six and seven hopefully the Giants play their best I believe they will and I believe Ryan Vogelsong ...
The Giants overcame a 4-1 deficit, by scoring 10 unanswered runs in their 11-4 win over the Royals last night. Ryan Vogelsong allowed all of the 4 runs scored by the Royals, then the Giants bullpen went into shutdown mode, by pitching 6 1/3 innings of scoreless baseball. Meanwhile, the Royals bullpen allowed 8 runs, 10 hits and 4 walks in 5 innings. The Giants exposed a shaky Royals bullpen and showed that keeping Kelvin Herrera, Wade Davis and Greg Holland off the mound is the key to defeating the Royals. Joe Panik, Buster Posey, Hunter Pence and Pablo Sandoval rebounded from a combined 0-15 night on Friday, with a 8-17 game on Saturday night. 11 different Giants collected hits in the game and 6 Giants drove in runs in the contest. Hunter Pence is hitting .467 to lead all batters in the 2014 World Series. Pablo Sandoval hitting .333 is the only other Giant hitting over .300. Salvador Perez is hitting .357 and Alcides Escobar has hit .353 and are only Royals hitting over .300. Pence also leads all players ...
Ryan Vogelsong-P: Ryan Vogelson lasts just 2.2 innings on Saturday
Ryan Vogelsong to start again tonight. Will be going in-play on the Giants, once KC get a lead and he is pulled out the game
In seven playoff starts for Ryan Vogelsong, the Giants have never lost! That is an unusual GODLY record!
Starters run out of Game 4 early: Neither Jason Vargas or Ryan Vogelsong pitched especially strong for their t...
Just met Ryan Vogelsong a few hours after he was pitching in the World Series
Not to be forgotten...Game 4 starter Ryan Vogelsong has been a great pitcher.
Ryan Vogelsong, the SF Giants's pitcher, recorded that he has never won straight seven games after division series on post season
Giants are 7-0 in the postseason in Ryan Vogelsong starts. Dodgers are 3-5 in Kershaw starts. via
Ryan Vogelsong on getting the evened with Madison Bumarner set for game 5.…
have won all 7 of Ryan Vogelsong's 7 playoff starts, which sets an NL record to start a career
Today was the first time in MLB history that Ryan Vogelsong pitched on Saturday, October 25, 2014 in SF in the World Series.
The irony of the being 6-0 in games started by Ryan Vogelsong despite him not pitching well in most.
Giants Rally and Get Even in a Hurry 11-4 World Series 2014: San Francisco Even Series With Kansas City... In the quiet aftermath of a loss in Game 3 of the World Series, Giants Manager Bruce Bochy made the decision not to alter his pitching rotation by asking his ace, Madison Bumgarner, to pitch Game 4 on short rest instead of Ryan Vogelsong. It was not necessarily a bold decision, but it was a clear signal that it was too early for the Giants to panic about their situation, down by 2-1 in the Series. Perhaps if they lost Game 4, as well, then they could entertain such thinking. But then they would have Bumgarner on the mound on full rest, anyway, for Game 5. It was a sound strategy, and if Vogelsong pitched well and the Giants won Game 4, then they would gain the advantage in the Series with their best pitcher in place in a pivotal Game 5. The Royals’ Brandon Finnegan entered Game 3 of the World Series in the seventh and registered two outs to protect a one-run lead against the Giants on Friday. The G ...
I love Ryan Vogelsong. I wish tonight had been his night. I'm still convinced that we had Good Vogey but that wonky play got in his head
Royals take the lead! 3 different Royals drive in runs to give Kansas City lead over San Francisco, 4-1, and end Ryan Vog…
Q: This could be called a "gritty comeback;" what does "grit" mean to you? . Ryan Vogelsong: Everybody's life puts grit in their path. . Dude👍
Actual postgame question for Vogelsong: "Ryan, what does grit mean to you?"
Ryan Vogelsong can't make it out of the 3rd inning!
now 7-0 in postseason when Ryan Vogelsong starts.
Ryan Vogelsong (SKV '98) started game tonight and again showed class, grace and calm during some tough situations. RV - thank you!!
Stats Bible Sportsnet Ticker have won all 7 of Ryan Vogelsong'...
Ryan Vogelsong's team is undefeated in the postseason when he starts a game. Clayton Kershaw's team has lost EIGHT GAMES.
Bruce Bochy on Ryan Vogelsong "He had buzzard luck" I'm going too start using that quote.. "He had buzzard luck"..
Giants battle back, break open Game 4 - USA TODAY
After all of that, the are now an NL record 7-0 in postseason games started by Ryan Vogelsong.
Entering this game, the Giants were 6-0 in the postseason when Ryan Vogelsong started and he had a postseason ERA of 2.1…
I wish Ryan Vogelsong's dad pulled out
Ryan Vogelsong is 1st pitcher in Giants history to have 7 straight postseason starts without a loss.
Breast Cancer Awareness
This one wasn't pretty for Ryan Vogelsong, but won. The Giants have still never lost a postseason game he started.
Giants stick with Ryan Vogelsong | ESPN and Peter Gammons need to explain themselves
Yes men: Giants find playoff groove again: Hunter Pence and Ryan Vogelsong keyed the San Francisco Giants' lat...
For sale is a truly unique collectable for Clayton Kershaw and/or Ryan Vogelsong fans- what you are seeing is a game-used baseball which was used in the July 26, 2014 LA Dodgers at SF Giants game.
OMG - I opened an email from the SF Giants announcing the 2015 spring training vacation packages. While browsing through some fan photos I see me, yes me having Ryan Vogelsong autograph my jersey after a 2012 fan BBQ/meet the giants event in Scottsdale. Next is a picture last night to prove it's me and my Giants jersey with Voge's signature. Happiness shows up at the most unexpected times!! Glad I went browsing. who knew. Thanks Ryan for great memories, beat LA tonight and I'll like ya even better!! :)
Matt Morris, Russ Ortiz, Randy Johnson, Ryan Vogelsong, Tim Hudson etc. I'm excited to see what Jake Peavy has left.
After a six-game losing streak, the Giants roared back tonight with a 6-4 triumph over the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field. The G-Men took charge in the opening frame when back-to-back-to-back singles by Hunter Pence, Buster Posey and Pablo Sandavol off Diamondback starter Brandon McCarthy sent Pence across the plate, and Tyler Colvin's ensuing single drove in Posey and Sandavol, giving the Giants a 3-0 lead. The Giants added a run in the second inning on Posey's double and Sandavol's single (thankfully, the team had its mojo working - no more bad juju)... The D'backs bounced back with two runs in the bottom of the inning, but Brandon Crawford led off the fifth with a triple, and scored on Colvin's groundout. The D'backs countered with two runs, when Aaron Hill's single to right field drove in Jordan Pacheco and Julius Gregorius. Then in the sixth inning Pence put the game on ice with a towering, tape-measure 440ft. drive into the second deck... Ryan Vogelsong earned the win with five solid innings y ...
Ryan Vogelsong has afforded San Francisco one of the league's strongest rotations, while Marcus Stroman needed just 2 starts to cement his status as Toronto's most entertaining starter.
Juan Perez, in a rare start, hits a go-ahead two-run homer in the sixth to give Ryan Vogelsong and the San Francisco Giants a 3-2 win over the Cincinnati Reds.
Ryan Vogelsong is on the hill as the Giants battle the Cardinals at Busch Stadium. Watch on CSN Bay Area and follow along with In-Game Live.
SF GIANTS MOST WINNING TEAM IN ALL OF BASEBALL (click pics) As of last night, my Giants are the winningest team in all of the majors with a 31-18 record. Led by pitcher Ryan Vogelsong and the Panda, Pablo Sandoval, our boys beat the Minnesota Twins 2-1 to make it to the top. They go for a sweep of the series today with Madison Bumgarner on the hill. GO GIANTS!! There is something magic about this team--stay tuned!
Toe the Rubber: Jacob Turner vs Ryan Vogelsong *VIDEO* - Watch Pregame Live on CSN Bay Area for
Good Morning & Happy Tuesday everybody. Nigeria has received additional support China & 2 other countries. Tornadoes have hit the Nebraska with weather getting worse in Missouri while snow has fallen in Wyoming & Colorado. A hot air balloon crashed in Virginia leaves 3 dead. Hillshire Farm is buying Pinnacle Foods for today's 1st # of $4.2 Billion. Arkansas has began to refuse same-sex marriage licenses. Sunshine & warmer temperatures in the forecast with highs reaching the 80s around the Bay & Coast, low to upper 90s Inland. There is a spare the air day in effect. The San Francisco Giants send Ryan Vogelsong against the Braves, 1st pitch at 715pm while the Oakland Athletics host the Chicago White Sox, 1st pitch at 705pm. On Wall St. the Dow gained today's final # of 112 points
My "big" pickups in leagues this week - $31/1000 for Ryan Vogelsong in the Main, Yasmani Grandal ($41/1000) in Online (12tm).
One of few highlights from last night - Puig smokes a single past Brandon Crawford to end Ryan Vogelsong's no-hitter.
***KINGS OF THE HILL ALERT*** Pitchers set a new MLB record on Sunday, as 10 pitchers completed at least seven innings while allowing three hits or less. Garrett Richards, Ryan Vogelsong, Adam Wainwright, Julio Teheran, Dillon Gee, Johnny Cueto, Ian Kennedy, Jason Hammel, Collin McHugh and James Shields all held opposing hitters in check. Despite the stellar performances, only six of the 10 actually notched a win, while the other four were stuck with no-decisions. -MJ
Game San Francisco Giants 4, Cleveland Indians 1: G-Men get the sweep and improve to 15-10, now holding a 1.5 game lead in the NL West. Sergio Romo (Volcanoes '05) improved to 2-0; Ryan Vogelsong (Volcanoes '98) pitched seven innings of two-hit ball; doubles by Pablo Sandoval (Volcanoes '05) and Brandon Crawford (Volcanoes '08).
Joaquin Arias singles to Andre Ethier, Brandon Belt goes to 3rd. Runners on the corners. 2 on 2 out. Ryan Vogelsong is now up.
Andre Ethier grounds out to Ryan Vogelsong. 3 outs 0-0.
Ryan Vogelsong snares that comebacker from Andre Ethier. Giants coming up in the 2nd. We have no score.
Volcanoes Nation, only in Spring Training: the Giants and Rangers finished tied 4-4 today; Ryan Vogelsong (Volcanoes '98) went five strong
Best swing from today's 49ers vs Giants charity tournament at Pebble: 1. Matt Cain (the guy's a scratch golfer) 2. Alex Smith (once he gets it's goin) 3. Ryan Vogelsong (a little too much weight on back foot) 4. Dwight Clark (keeps his driver in the bag) 5. JT Snow (He saved a little girl from being hit by a tee shot)
Check out what Ryan Vogelsong, Sergio Romo, Javier Lopez, Brandon Crawford, Hunter Pence and Michael Morse had to say at SF Giants Media day!
Why not sink you teeth into 7 of our interviews on this YouTube playlist, including Matt Cain, Sergio Romo, Ryan Vogelsong, Javier Lopez, Michael Morse, George Kontos, and Nick Noonan!
We're a month away from our first INSIDE CHINA BASIN podcast of 2014 on March 3! Featured guests you will hear in March from media day prior to fanfest: Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, Bruce Bochy, Brian Sabean, Dave Righetti, Brandon Crawford, Ryan Vogelsong, Mike Morse, Mike Kickham and George Kontos. We will also talk to more Giants players later this month just after they report to spring training in Scottsdale, AZ. During the season Jeremy Affeldt will join us each homestand again. Plus, John Shea from the San Francisco Chronicle will be our regular guest. It's going to be a great season of podcasting on Can't wait!
Prediction '14: Tim Hudson will pitch more games than Tim Lincecum or Ryan Vogelsong
MVP Candidate Matt Kemp hits a 3-run home run off Ryan Vogelsong of the Giants 9-21-11. sorry about the Ginger ruining part of the video.
Just got off a conference call with Brian Sabean and Ryan Vogelsong, whose one-year, $5 million contract became final after he passed his physical. Sabean stayed on course, saying the acquisition o...
Woohoo!! 😀⚾💕 “BREAKING: Report: Ryan Vogelsong agree to one-year deal
The Giants need to clear a 40-man spot for Ryan Vogelsong, whose contract should be finalized on Wednesday.
Speaking of parties, I'm late to this one but ..: so glad Ryan Vogelsong is back with the A personal all-time fave.
Trying to put the Ryan Vogelsong contract in context hurts my brain
T Ryan, a shrewd GM, just paid $73m for 7 seasons of Hughes, Nolasco. paid $63m for 5 seasons of Lincecum, Hudson, Vogelsong.
ICYMI MLB: resign pitcher Ryan Vogelsong to a 1-year, $5MM contract with incentives.
The San Francisco Giants have signed SP Ryan Vogelsong to a 1 year deal.
My Monday post is now up: Fastball Velocity Dip, Location Concerning For Ryan Vogelsong
Ryan Vogelsong Re-Signing is the Least Inspiring Move of the Winter for Giants
According to multiple sources, the San Francisco Giants are in agreement with free-agent starter Ryan Vogelsong on a one-year contract, pending a physical. Re-signing Vogelsong is the least inspiring move the Giants have made this winter. The club… [ 832 more words. ]
Can't wait for next season Giants, Vogelsong reach one-year agreement
With Vogie reportedly agreeing to terms on a one-year contract, it looks like the Giants may have their rotation set.
With Ryan Vogelsong's return, the priority should now lie in the outfield. Thoughts @
Vogey's return leaves LF as priority: With Ryan Vogelsong and the Giants agreeing on a one-year deal Friday, y...
Raising Matt Cain: Vogie's Back: The Giants reached a deal with Ryan Vogelsong for 2014 and he seems to be th...
Like the resigning Ryan Vogelsong for 1 yr. injuries riddled 2013 campaign, he's a quality pitcher and expect bette…
i had ENTIRELY too much fun at † *** BASH † last night. Thank you to everyone who came out! Miles DeNiro Rumor Millz Lezzil Joshua Ryan Vogelsong Dean Douglas Sullivan Mark Bliss Olivia Femia cTangy photography Black Cat DC
Vogelsong staying with Giants on one-year deal via
Can't wait for next season Giants, Vogelsong nearing one-year agreement
Ryan Vogelsong gets a new deal with San Francisco Giants
Ryan Vogelsong agreed to a 1 year contract with the SF Giants
Vogelsong agrees to one-year contract with Giants: SAN FRANCISCO — Right-hander Ryan Vogelsong is staying with...
Volcanoes Nation: Ryan Vogelsong ('98) returns; Johnny Monell ('08) acquired by Baltimore -- both wonderful ambassadors of the Volcanoes!
announce deal with Vogelsong, plus how much he will earn:
Vogelsong re-signs: what it says about the market for pitchers and the Giants’ stubborn commitment to continuity
A little post on the official Vogelsong signing.
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