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Ryan Tannehill

Ryan Timothy Tannehill (born July 27, 1988 in Big Spring, Texas) is an American football quarterback, formerly with the Texas A&M Aggies football team.

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Live look-in at a Dolphins fan preparing for a full season of Jay Cutler with Ryan Tannehill going on IR:
I like the Dolphins' chances more with Jay Cutler than Ryan Tannehill. Good smooth fit with Gaze. My network's loss is…
Initial thoughts is this is bad news for quarterback Ryan Tannehill (knee). Dolphins coach Adam Gase said...
If you missed tonight's Periscope watch it here. We discussed Ryan Tannehill, Jay Cutler, MLB and Kansas hoops. Live Pe…
Jay Cutler is Dolphins' top choice to replace Ryan Tannehill, per
The can move on from Ryan Tannehill in early March for just $4.6M dead cap, putting his future in question
Among the doctors Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill will consult is Cowboys team physician Dr. Dan Cooper,...
Adam Gase leaves options open with Ryan Tannehill, Matt Moore & free agent QBs:
If Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill needs knee surgery or is out for any length of time, does Miami call former Bears QB Jay Cutler..
Dolphins fear Ryan Tannehill will need season-ending knee surgery, but no decision on it has been made, sources tell
Report: Cutler open to playing for Dolphins.
So Ryan Tannehill tore his ACL, I all for trading Brock Osweiler to the Dolphins for Tannehill's wife.
Dolphins mull next move with Ryan Tannehill; sources say Jay Cutler has interest - ESPN
No idea if accurate or credible, but:. Ryan Tannehill suffers no structural damage to knee
Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill leaves practice with left leg injury
Colin Kap is a better version of ryan tannehill. i dint get how phins haven't made move yet
With Ryan Tannehill's status in doubt, Dolphins coach Adam Gase's phone has been blowing up with potential replacement…
QB Ryan Tannehill has those in Miami holding their breaths. They do not know his fate, yet. So we wait.
My latest column in wake of today's injury to QB Ryan Tannehill:
Dolphins mull next move with Ryan Tannehill after QB reinjures knee in practice – ESPN…
Ryan Tannehill MRI results: Dolphins QB not out of the woods | Miami Herald
And for further clarity, Ryan Tannehill will eventually need to have ACL surgery because his tear will never heal on its own.
Ryan Tannehill not out of the woods just yet
2nd opin key for Ryan Tannehill. Member of org says even tho no new damage to ACL, today's scare may prompt surgery on existing partial tear
Even with a knee injury, can Ryan Tannehill take the next step in 2017-2018?
Ryan Tannehill suffered what appeared to be a left leg injury during training camp and was taken off practice field. http…
Dolphins still waiting for second opinion on QB Ryan Tannehill's knee injury
Is Jay Cutler's wife (left) a downgrade from Ryan Tannehill's (right)?. Yes, no or same.
Ryan Tannehill’s status still up in the air after MRI reportedly shows ‘setback’
Happy to hear QB Ryan Tannehill had no ligament damage. Team is getting better & needs him
The Dolphins are still in the process of evaluating Ryan Tannehill's injury. 📺 |
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Worried about Ryan Tannehill fans? Have no fear, you have one of the best backups in the NFL.
I can't be the only one that thinks Ryan Tannehill is one of the worst QB's in the NFL.
Source: Colin Kaepernick's name was raised w/i front office as potential insurance at QB posn after Ryan Tan…
Sigh of relief for Member of org says no structural damage for Ryan Tannehill, knee same now as in am.
Latest on Ryan Tannehill injury and the real concerns that still accompany it:.
"Ryan Tannehill leaves practice after left knee appears to...". *speakers blast*. "BAH GAWD! That's Colin Kaepernick's music…
Only two QBs were more accurate deep passers than Ryan Tannehill last year. That and more on the QB in news today
Could Jay Cutler be option for Dolphins if Ryan Tannehill needs surgery?
Ryan Tannehill suffers no structural damage to knee: (via
A Ryan Tannehill season ending injury would affect my MFFL Draft preparation:
While more opinions will help diagnose Tannehill’s knee, the final decision on how to proceed won’t get much easier: ht…
Update: An MRI revealed that Ryan Tannehill does not have a tear in his left knee after falling in practice.
5 possible replacements for Ryan Tannehill as Miami Dolphins quarterback
Cutler maybe journeyman to Miami...please no - Sources: No tear for Tannehill; options mulled - via App
Here is the link from with the details:
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Knee surgery is a possibility for quarterback Ryan Tannehill
Matt Moore leading a Gase led Dolphins offense isn't the end of the world. .
ESPN's Josina Anderson reports free agent Colin Kaepernick's "name was raised" in the Dolphins' front office as a potential Ryan Tannehill …
Dolphins awaiting word from Ryan Tannehill's MRI according to a league source
Source tells me Ryan Tannehill injury is indeed the left knee. Still trying to get certainty as to extent of the probl…
Ryan Tannehill got Miami to the playoffs research before hand so you don't show your low IQ for football son.
DT Jordan Phillips had a sack on Ryan Tannehill today in practice.
Jordan Phillips with the sack of Ryan Tannehill.
QBs ranked 15 - 20. QBs will get paid. . Ryan Tannehill 19M. Brock Oswe…
Miami Dolphins want to unleash Ryan Tannehill. 'Let it rip! Make it happen!'
[Pro Football Weekly] Miami Dolphins' Ryan Tannehill says he has healed from knee injury | Pro Foot
Just think, there's fans who will think:. Ryan Tannehill > Sam Darnold > Josh Allen > Josh Rosen > Deshau…
Sam Bradford & Ryan Tannehill are better QB's than Derek Carr? 😂 . Carr at ? How do you type this up & believe it? E…
Very cool of Dolphins teammates surprising Jarvis Landry for charity event. Ryan Tannehill says knee feels great.
Only three players remain from Ireland's time in Miami. . Mike Pouncey. Reshad Jones. Ryan Tannehill featured in NBC s Science of Love
Confession: I truly hope Ryan Tannehill improves & makes a Pro Bowl, so I can say this. Although, the PB isn't in H…
If Kap was as good as say Derrick Carr or Jamis Winston or even Ryan Tannehill he'd still be in the league
AMEN! You know who takes less to help his team? Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. . Ryan Tannehill should be a team p…
so Ryan Tannehill is taking the Dolphins to the SB? What about Tony Romo?
If the Browns offered the Dolphins their first pick and you could pick up Clemson QB Deshaun Watson and you give them Ryan Tannehill
I agree with that Tony Romo IS better than Ryan Tannehill. But can Romo stay healthy? He hasn't for past 2 seasons.
a few years ago, sure. I'd take present day Ryan Tannehill, over present day Tony Romo, any day of the week.
You guys are not beating the Patriots with Ryan Tannehill. Romo is the 4th highest passer all time . Fins have the OL and
Ryan Tannehill is not in Romos league , Fins have the Ol and running game to protect Romo .
Obviously, Tony Romo has never played WR in college. Did you know Ryan Tannehill played WR in college?
Ryan Tannehill not believed to need full ACL reconstruction: (via
or Jake Locker or Ryan Tannehill or Tim Tebow or Jimmy Clausen or Geno Smith or Robert Gr
Do you feel any differently about Matt Moore now than you did before Ryan Tannehill got injured...
Ryan Tannehill had -12 yards above replacement (defense-adjusted), per . Matt Moore had 259. Rodgers had 1,251. 🤔
I appreciate Moore & what he did/does for the team BUT Ryan Tannehill is my quarterback, no question!
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When people say Matt Moore is better than Ryan Tannehill
take away the narratives and Carr is really Ryan Tannehill with a better offensive line.
Miami QB Ryan Tannehill ruled out against Steelers; Matt Moore to start
Not a surprise, but QB Ryan Tannehill will not play this week. So QB Matt Moore gets the start vs
QB Ryan Tannehill is featured in the Summer Showcase. Report via
Collin Klein(heisman finalist that year) vs Ryan Tannehill. What a game that was.
Man, the Pats are so lucky. The other QBs in the AFC playoffs:. 1) Big Ben. 2) Matt McGloin. 3) Tom Savage. 4) Alex Smith. 5) Ryan Tannehill
But Brock Osweiler, Derek Carr and Ryan Tannehill don't have any post season starts?
I do to! Especially with the "unlucky" injury to Derek Carr and Ryan Tannehill
Me: Ryan Tannehill *** Daniel: Not even him it's Matt Moore. Bc he *** D: But he's hurt. Bc he *** D: Career year Derek. But he ***
Disappointed doesn't begin to describe it. An Andrew Luck/Gerald McCoy/Ndamukong Suh level prospect and now it's a Ryan Tannehill caliber
Sooo Matt Moore is about to replace Ryan Tannehill...similar Dallas Cowboys situation...but one thing is true Tannehill & Romo will leave!🤔
Matt Moore and Ryan Tannehill about to be like Dak and Tony Romo position swap if he continues.
Romo may be interested in the Dolphins depending on the health of Ryan Tannehill?
Dolphins S Michael Thomas said this will be a "unique" situation playing without QB Ryan Tannehill. The...
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And with the Ryan Tannehill injury, Matt Moore once again receives the Chad Henne "He still plays for them?!" Award.
This is Ryan Tannehill. He's a starting quarterback in the National Football League.
Why isn't Ryan Tannehill in the elite QB convo?
This Ryan Tannehill pass did not go as planned...
Great knuckle-curve from Ryan Tannehill. Pitchers and catchers report in 70 days!
COLUMN: Ryan Tannehill was the Miami Dolphins’ most underappreciated, important player
Ryan Tannehill was very emotional on the sideline when he was told about his ACL injury. 😰
OFFICIAL: Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill has suffered a Torn ACL. He is out for the season. Praying for a speedy recovery…
Congratulations to Ryan Tannehill on the worst pass in NFL history
Ryan Tannehill throwing absolute dimes on his way to a Dolphins victory.
Video of Ryan Tannehill getting ovation as he limps to locker room
Ryan Tannehill submits his ballot for worst throw in the history of football...
The worst pass attempt in the history of the NFL featuring Ryan Tannehill
Ryan Tannehill hugging his teammates after injuring his knee with get you in the feels.
I apologize for losing track of who actually took this photo, but here's a close-up of the impact on Ryan Tannehill's knee…
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Congratulations on the worst pass attempt in NFL history Ryan Tannehill
Ryan Tannehill with Mike Pouncey, Branden Albert, and Jarvis Landry after leaving the field with a knee injury.
Miami Dolphins coach Adam Gase said the team is concerned QB Ryan Tannehill has an ACL injury.
Ryan Tannehill is wiping tears from his eyes and taking hugs from his teammates on the sideline. Emotional scene.
Ryan Tannehill needs breakout month to get Miami to playoffs
Adam Gase, quarterback whisperer: Ryan Tannehill rises for
Ryan Tannehill is finally starting to shine -
head coach Adam Gase is keeping Ryan Tannehill on his toes.
Adam Gase, quarterback whisperer. A look at what he's been working on with Ryan Tannehill this year:…
I was an Adam Gase skeptic but he's won me over. Film Room on Ryan Tannehill
Ryan Tannehill on his back again, this time celebrating his TD pass to Kenny Stills
Dolphins fine with Ryan Tannehill the 'game manager'
Ryan Tannehill is the anti Shane Falco. He thrives when throwing on the run believe it or not.
Kevin Hogan, the Browns BACKUP QB, has scored more fantasy points than Ryan Tannehill, Blake Bortles, Derek Carr and E…
I'm glad picked on Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins this week. Never do that when your team is playing them.
secondary giving Ryan Tannehill the Tyler Palko treatment.
I pray to God that is true. Miami will go nowhere as long as Ryan Tannehill is the QB
Eli Mannining has jumped the shark. At this point I'd rather have Ryan Tannehill or Jay Cutler.
Ryan Tannehill or Jay Cutler? They asked me. Tough question nonetheless.
Ryan Tannehill sacked by Jurrell Casey for 5-yard loss - Official Site
Manziel was a waste & Ryan Tannehill is hot garbage the only A&M Qbs recently in the NFL .
i'm 0 for 6 with the ladies thus far, but like Ryan Tannehill i believe i can take the next step and be a winner and a leader
Ryan Tannehill's wife is his best contribution to the National Football League.
32 days until the election and Ryan Tannehill is still the starting quarterback for the Miami Dolphins.
if you answer this, I'll roll with what you say.Ryan Tannehill or Brian Hoyer?
has blocked me. Apparently intellect is intimidating. His latest post that Ryan Tannehill is average means Andrew Luck is as well
Paul Ryan, saying he was sickened by Trump audiotape, pulls out of event with Trump in Wisconsin Saturday.
Hurricane Mathew is a bigger disappointment to south Florida than ryan tannehill.
Beyond disappointed to have to start really focusing on 2017 QB crop, starting to really doubt Ryan Tannehill is the Miami QB in 2017
Ryan Tannehill has become a real dolphin.
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Ryan Tannehill struggling with that pocket presence in
Fantasy Fish: has chance to shine versus Titans
It's weird that Ryan Tannehill is the spokesman for play 60, when he can barley play 60 minutes himself.
I am starting Ryan Tannehill this week in Fantasy against . This could be week I fall back in love with Tanny.or
- Have Brees on bye. would you roll with Ryan or pick up Flacco or Tannehill?
Kaepernick has better stats than Joe Flacco and Ryan Tannehill. Those other guys not even close to him.
w/ L. Murray ruled out need a RB. I was offered R. Tannehill & C. Artis-Payne for M. Ryan. I have J. Flacco. 14 team stand. Deal?
Rename Hurricane Matthew to Hurricane Ryan Tannehill, that way it will for sure miss everything
Gase & Tannehill blamed everyone EXCEPT Ryan Tannehill for their short-comings, and ur wondering why nobody wants to do the…
but it's Ryan Tannehill.RYAN TANNEHILL! You've seen this movie, you know how it ends!!!
MY COLUMN: third-down issues are a team problem, NOT just a Ryan Tannehill problem
Because Ryan Tannehill with his 37th coach QB savior talk isn't filler at this stage?
Let's not talk about Ryan Tannehill anymore. I mean, what more can we say at the point? Easy right?
Omar with Ryan Tannehill at the helm the Dolphins are vulnerable to plenty more embarrassment.
I'm waving my church fan at Clyde Christensen for this where does Ryan Tannehill need to improve questions.
Christensen on 4 games of Ryan Tannehill: "not as well as he would hope or we would hope." said applies to whole offense, too.
Fantasy Fish: Ryan Tannehill has chance to shine versus Titans
Video: Ryan Tannehill talks about team's offensive struggles
He along with Carson Palmer, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Cam Newton and Ryan Tannehill have stunk up the joint this season th…
ICYMI: says the Cowboys absolutely can't play Dez Bryant on Sunday & talks Andy Dalton vs Ryan Tannehill
Adam Gase said Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill has gotten the offense out of some bad plays.
Adam Gase says Ryan Tannehill is doing one thing better than ever.
Jets D picks of Ryan Tannehill 5x, which leads to a win. Rookie WR Robby Anderson is back from injury 5 rec 149 yrd…
Ryan Tannehill and Blake Bortles got a lot in common
help me out here who would you start Ryan Tannehill or Russel Wilson ?
Is anyone watching Ryan Tannehill right now???
As much as I like him...I'm pretty comfortable in saying Ryan Tannehill will NEVER be able to make the play Ben Rothlisberger just made.
In the first 5 weeks of the season, defense gets Ryan Tannehill, Case Keenum, Blaine Gabbert, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Matt Ryan.
In the first three preseason games, Ryan Tannehill was sacked only once in 53 attempts.
Miami Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill attempted 29 passes and was not sacked. The pass pro is much improved.
Ryan Tannehill and Matt Ryan are supposedly better than Jay Cutler 😳😳😳 just saying
I remember when people said Ryan Tannehill was better than Jay Cutler. Still waiting to see that.
Dolphins: After slow start to preseason, QB Ryan Tannehill says "it's time to go" Friday vs. Cowboys - James...
Miami trends now: Ryan Tannehill, Gulf Coast, Matt Moore, Frank Ocean, Hallandale and satchat.
QB Ryan Tannehill throws a pick to LB Kiko Alonso after pass bounces off WR Kenny Stills in 7-on-7 drills.
Dallas Thomas. - Doesn't care. - Blocks worse than 90% of TE's. - Responsible for future death of Ryan Tannehill
His career Pass INT % is WORSE than Alex Smith, Ryan Tannehill, Joe Flacco, Matt Ryan, and Sam Bradford.
Still trying to decide who to start, the G.O.A.T Connor Cook or Ryan Tannehill 🤔
Ryan Tannehill has a better career passer rating than Andrew Luck. Let that sink in.
In 142 MORE passing attempts, Ryan Tannehill has one FEWER interception than Andrew Luck.
Ryan wants a 1st for Tannehill, lol.
QB Ryan Tannehill sells his Fort Lauderdale starter home
remember this time last year when Ryan Tannehill was the breakout high upside sleeper ???
the guy i drafted with the pick i got for trading Ryan Tannehill
First-round pick in 2015?. Ryan Tannehill is expecting teams to "fear" his sophomore WR:
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In 3 years I've never heard Ryan Tannehill make one excuse, or throw one player or coach under the bus publicly. That's comm…
ICYMI: 2016 player projections on this wk's He's not good, but Ryan Tannehill is the LRQB to own
Ryan Tannehill is enjoying the freedom of Adam Gase's offense with the
You guys have spoken and say that Ryan Tannehill will be the most improved player for the 2016-2017 season
Ryan Tannehill: ‘Sky is the limit’ for Devante Parker: Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill is expecting...
Apparently Peyton Manning showed up in Miami to tutor Ryan Tannehill. . Future News: Dolphins name Peyton Manning start…
today: Peyton Manning, Ryan Tannehill, Cameron Wake, Omar Kelly, becoming famous. Life comes at you fast.
Peyton Manning turns up in Miami to help Ryan Tannehill: As Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehil...
better yet Ryan Tannehill switches back to WR, sign Tim Tebow and then go 18-0 with Tebow NFL MVP
Ryan Tannehill just connected on a deep ball TD to Devante Parker, who beat Tony Lippett.
Ryan Tannehill to Devante Parker may become a thing.
Ryan Tannehill and key receivers trying to get lo... |
>> Ryan Tannehill and key receivers trying to get locked in on Adam Gase's coming playbook
I'd take Ryan Tannehill, Sam Bradford, or Vince Young over that bum Eli Manning any day
Miko Grimes claims Dolphins receivers asked for Ryan Tannehill to be benched
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Miko Grimes: Dolphins WRs asked for Ryan Tannehill to be benched - Sporting News
Ton of stuff today. Start with QB Ryan Tannehill feeling like Adam Gase has his back:.
ICYMI ... QB Ryan Tannehill is thrilled to have a coach who 'has my back." My column:.
Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill finally has coach who 'has my back'
My column. Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill finally has coach who ‘has my back’
Ryan Tannehill one solid game away from passing legend Scott Mitchell in career yards via …
Contract guarantees kick in for Ryan Tannehill, Mike Pouncey, Branden Albert:
I'll see your Bobby McCain and raise you a Ryan Tannehill.
Jeff Ireland's time had run it's course. Ireland KEY MISTAKE is committing to two - Chad Henne and Ryan Tannehill - mediocre QBs.
No.Ryan Tannehill is forced on EVERYONE. I'm sure he's been forced on Adam Gase too.
You laughin to hold back the tears, Alex Smith, Ryan Tannehill, Matt Ryan 😭😭 you shivered when I said that didnt you
Is Lawson "very good", though? Comparing him to Tony Parker is sort of like comparing Ryan Tannehill to Tom Brady.
Will drop to the 2nd round at least. He is the clear "Jake Locker", "Ryan Tannehill" prospect..
What do you think Matt Ryan's trade value is? Matt Stafford's? Drew Brees'? Ryan Tannehill's?
Greg Jennings with some honest thoughts on his former QB Ryan Tannehill.
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ur owner needs to keep his nose out of everything. U guys should have Ryan Tannehill as QB with Mike Shanahan still as HC
and U will change your opinion after Adam Gase turns Ryan Tannehill into a SB champion! YES? Ummm that Cool Aid tasted great!
Many in media are criticizing Joe Philbin & Bill Lazor for handcuffing Ryan Tannehill w/o stopping to think WHY they did this!
Not Vince Young, Colt McCoy, Ryan Tannehill, RGIII, or Johnny Manziel. Andy Dalton has been best QB from a TX university in last decade.
Ryan Tannehill wanted it all. He got it. Kenny Stills --> 47-yard TD.
Dolphins offseason to-do list, starting with making Ryan Tannehill better
Ryan Tannehill throws it to Rolando McClain for a touchdown. Rolando McClain plays for Dallas. PICK SIX!
Sports with Perk: ESPN's James Walker and Phinsider's Greg Likens on Ryan Tannehill's future
Absolutely. Dan Campbell instructed Ryan Tannehill be be aggressive and pulled big boy passes out of him. Props
Ryan Tannehill and Colin Kaepernick are competing for who can possibly be worse at playing quarterback
There Texans-Chiefs games is why Ryan Tannehill got that contract last year
Joe Philbin was reportedly ready to give up on Ryan Tannehill in 2014
Report: Joe Philbin wanted to replace Ryan Tannehill with De.. https:…
Joe Philbin wanted to replace Ryan Tannehill with Derek Carr in 2014, via
Ryan Tannehill is better than Derek Carr. That's not even a discussion.
Hamilton Collection
Joe Philbin reportedly wanted to dump Ryan Tannehill and draft Derek Carr in 2014
When he was leaving locker room, Ryan Tannehill and Devante Parker had a moment, fist-bumped. More coming from those t…
One thing I will say - be happy that the two players who basically won this game for Miami was Ryan Tannehill and DeVante …
Ryan Tannehill is super talented. I'm sorry he can't throw for 5000 yards and 50TDS while looking up at the sky all game...
Ryan Tannehill has thrown for over 300 yards and completed around 65 percent of his passes.
2 guys off the street can win a must win game for the Colts, but Ryan Tannehill is 5-10. Yeah ok. Stephen Ross is a tanker. Plain and simple
Making Ryan Tannehill look like Dan Marino when they should be making him look like Cleo Lemon, or even Ryan Tannehill.
Miko Grimes really, really doesn't like Ryan Tannehill
Cousins has more passing yards than Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, Aaron Rodgers, and Ben Roethlisberger. Right behind Cousins? Ryan Tannehill.
Somewhere Dallas Thomas just let someone walk by him that led to that someone tackling Ryan Tannehill
Dolphins should sit Ryan Tannehill and start Logan Thomas Sunday. I'd rather Ryan not get hurt behind that o-line in a meaningless game.
Ryan Tannehill keeps the ball, lowers his shoulder, & runs in for a 1-yard touchdown run
Hugh Jackson or Sean Payton working with Ryan Tannehill see I must
Ok fantasy players I can't make up my mind. Should I start Ryan Tannehill or Kurt Cousins this weekend?
Ryan Tannehill, Frank Gore and Marvin Jones are among the players offering contrarian value in DFS.
Ryan Tannehill to have more input in Dolphins' offense - via App
Jets Insider: Pryor not backing off Ryan Tannehill remarks...
What do Mark Sanchez and Ryan Tannehill each have in common? Dolphins GM Mike Tannenbaum signed each of them to huge contract extensions..
"He had input before. But he has a little more freedom," Dan Campbell said on Ryan Tannehill.
Dan Campbell says Ryan Tannehill will have "a little more" latitude on audibles now.
Dan Campbell said he had Ryan Tannehill come in on Monday and give his input on the gameplan...
Ryan Tannehill did not like Bill Lazor. Kenny Stills and Jordan Cameron as well. Tannehill may be the happiest man in the building today.
I remember seeing numerous QB rankings this offseason that had Ryan Tannehill, Colin Kaepernick, Sam Bradford, Nick Fo…
If I lose any key game because of Ryan Tannehill garbage time, I will wander into traffic.
Even Mark Sanchez has better stats than Ryan Tannehill ,surely they are Ross and staff looking to get Manziel Jajajaja
Ryan Tannehill's out route to Kenny Stills was intercepted by Marcus Williams. Red zone opportunity wasted.
Ryan Tannehill, Dolphins finally living up to potential under Dan ...
I don't agree with that I'm saying if anything Ryan Tannehill is Trent Edwards but can run
if anything Ryan Tannehill is Trent Edwards with feet.
Ryan Tannehill is Dallas' MVP for the day. Please get rid of him.
Should I keep the faith in Andy Dalton or start either Tyrod Taylor or Ryan Tannehill?
Only 7 QBs have thrown more 20 yd passes than Ryan Tannehill this season.He's got 33 on the season. One less than Tom Brady
Fun fact about TJ Yates:. He has more playoff wins than Ryan Tannehill, Matt Moore, Chad Henne, Cleo Lemon et al combined. …
Had a dream Woody Harrelson and Ryan Tannehill were having lunch at the same restaurant I was, woody gave me the "don't come up to us" look
But Hue Jackson and ESPECIALLY Kyle Shanahan would want to come here FOR Ryan Tannehill.
Ryan Tannehill now 0-4 at the Ralph. Avg. pts scored: 11. QBs he's lost to: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Thad Lewis, EJ Manuel, Tyrod Taylor. Honest.
Ryan Tannehill goes after Leodis McKelvin, in for hurting Ronald Darby at CB, for a 46-yard completions.
Why does Ryan Tannehill look like he uses the words "bro" and "dude" both 3-4 times in every sentence.
Well I mean i did drop him, but now I have Derek Carr, Andy Dalton, and Ryan Tannehill
All the offseason talk- who was going to be better Andrew Luck or Ryan Tannehill. Clearly it's Tannehill
Last night, 15 minutes prior to kickoff, I benched Derek Carr for Ryan Tannehill. Fantasy sports are trash.
The last true "big game" QB the had was Chad Pennington. It's Year 4, still waiting to see Ryan Tannehill take this step...
Ryan Tannehill: another NFL quarterback that is not better than Tim Tebow.
Ryan Tannehill's release is slower than Vince Wilfork.
Kenny Stills catches and holds on to the pass from Ryan Tannehill this time. Big gain for
Three things to watch for the Miami Dolphins tonight: . Jordan Cameron. Kenny Stills. Ryan Tannehill (running game)
. Texans played so bad, Ryan Tannehill actually looked better than Dan Marino for 60 mins!
Ryan Tannehill threw 4 TDs in the first half today. The last Dolphins QB with 4 first half TDs was Dan Marino vs. the …
I'd like to say Thank You to Ryan Tannehill, TY Hilton, and Ladarius Green for their efforts today for my fantasy team.
Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill sets NFL record with 25 consecutive completions. FOX analyst Terry Bradshaw is not impressed. Details at 11.
I would like to thank Ryan Tannehill for his play today. You got me 59 fantasy points. I’ll send some fine wine and a bottle of bankers club
San Diego looks like crap today. So glad I played Philip Rivers instead of Ryan Tannehill this week.
Ryan Tannehill set an NFL record with 25 consecutive completions. Ryan Tannehill!
Ryan Tannehill has a monster game as Dolphins breeze by Texans, 44-26. Miami earns its first ever win vs Houston. https:…
funny how Ryan Tannehill (former aggie) set record for most completions for a game & Kyle Allen almost set record for most incompletions
Ryan Tannehill sets new NFL record with 25 consecutive completions. He passes Donovan McNabb's record of 24.
Ryan Tannehill is having a historic afternoon. He just set the NFL record for most consecutive completions (25).
Ryan Tannehill has completed 25 consecutive passes including last week's game. That is the most in NFL history.
Going back to last week, Ryan Tannehill set an NFL record with 25 straight completions. Donovan McNabb had the previous rec…
Ryan Tannehill just broke the record for consecutive completions. He now has 25 completions in a row, dating back …
Ryan Tannehill has completed his last 19 passes, 6 of which were touchdowns.
Wish I had Ryan Tannehill on my fantasy team 😂
Ryan Tannehill is 11-11 with 4 TD passes for Dolphins, laying the smackdown on Texans.
Hope you started Ryan Tannehill in fantasy this week. Tannehill: 9-9, 201 Yds, 4 TD!
Just going to check out Ryan Tannehill's numbers so far and OH MY
Ryan Tannehill: 9-for-9, 201 passing yards, 4 TD. There's 14:10 left in the 2nd quarter!
Ryan Tannehill: 67 POINTS on my fantasy team!
Lamar Miller scores a 54-yard touchdown on perfectly set up screen pass. Ryan Tannehill has thrown 4 touchdowns in 16 minute…
Ryan Tannehill joins Johnny Manziel as only players with 2 50-yard touchdown passes in a game this season.
can you evaluate a DeAndre Hopkins for Ryan Tannehill and John Brown trade for me?
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