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Ryan Sweeney

Ryan Joseph Sweeney (born February 20, 1985) is an American professional baseball outfielder with the Boston Red Sox of Major League Baseball.

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Why does any of that matter, this is so *** frustrating. Who the *** wants to see Ryan Sweeney?
84 - Ryan Sweeney rises the highest to head clear a long-ball into the Rovers area, 0-0. Live match centre ➡️
60 - Tom Lockyer makes an important challenge on the floor to stop the run of Sessi A'Meida, after Ryan Sweeney was…
34 - An important interception by Ryan Sweeney inside the Rovers penalty area deflects threatening cross out of the…
A bit of pre-match reading, have a read of what Ryan Sweeney had to say this week. He faces former flatmate Joe Lum…
Interesting chat ahead of today's game
Most random former Cub at the convention?. Koyie Hill, Ryan Sweeney?
wow too bad I didn’t pay $108 to go see Koyie Hill and Ryan Sweeney
Ryan Sweeney lol this is a joke John Baker...I’m seriously disgusted.
ICYMI: Defender Ryan Sweeney previews tomorrow's contest with
Have a read of this Ryan Sweeney interview to start your weekend off right .
Sweeney talks about missing Bodin on and off the pitch, Lockyer's brilliance and playing against his old Rovers fla…
How do ryan Sweeney and Matt murton get invited to cubs con but not ?
Tune in tomorrow morning at 9:05am PT as Ryan and Sisanie talk with (aka Lady Bird) about her
For Cedar Rapids area Cubs fans heading to Chicago this weekend for the Cubs Convention, former Xavier standout Rya…
"Reach on will continue to decrease and Snapchat is going to struggle to bring in advertising dollars." -…
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The Sweeney what a film not my best idea on a Sunday night Monday has hit me in full force 😩
Thanks! For this one our guests were Yann Sweeney (Alex Cayco-Gajic, & Ryan Tombacco!
One of these days Danny is gonna break and punch me square in the face
Mason, his collector cup, and our new friend from Long Island Bob Sweeney.
So good to see some of the HHS alumni at events this week..Joe Swenson, Ryan Gunderson, Deyon Campbell, Malik Lofto…
15' - try - Ryan Sweeney scores as the Accie pack drive over from the resultant penalty - Stew Gray converts - Accies 12-0
talked to Sweeney. You're good to go for the thing we talked about
So, The Sweeney on ITV 4/Hub. Can you spot the deliberate error?
Darrell Clarke talks about the Ryan Sweeney sending off - definitely one to watch on the highlights .
Darrell Clarke has his say on Ryan Sweeney red card .
former White Sox great, Ryan Sweeney playing all outfield spots.
Full time: Rovers 1 Stoke City 1. Connor Mahoney's 1st half strike is cancelled out by Ryan Sweeney's header with 20 mins to go.
Ryan Sweeney heads home from a corner in the 70th minute. Now gone on and win it
70: 1-1 Stoke score from the resulting corner as Ryan Sweeney gets in front of his man to head home.
Yes, The Sweeney. And maybe the makers realised that as its run was short (four years).
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and The Sweeney. So totally 70s. And Jeux Sans Frontieres. Belongs to initial phase of 70s Euro enthusiasm of joining EEC.
I Liked Ryan Sweeney. He can hit. Didn't he win a ring with the Royals or somebody?
Sweeney is already talking with Chiarelli for 2 third rounders next year.
Disclaimer: To everyone who thinks I made the fake ryan huppe account on insta, you are all sadly mistaken
Ryan Sweeney is the owner of Localize, a hydroponic vertical farm that grows high quality herbs…
It's always fun talking and learning from Ryan Sweeney at Localize. He's crushing it!
Hey now! Sweeney was 2-1 during the 1987 scab games. And one of those wins was vs Buddy Ryan.
Lovely words from on the captain. .
Stoke City FC News: Brilliant Ryan Shawcross the role model to follow, says Ryan...
How much would everyone love a second Ryan S as good as the first one...
Ryan - if you were Don Sweeney at the 2016 draft board, and you had to pick b/w McAvoy and Fabbro - who do YOU take? Why?
Not that it's a surprise but hearing Don Sweeney actually name Ryan Spooner during this pregame re: trades is interesting.
Can't wait to make you down a dirty pint when you come back to the second hand pool
Think you need to study a new degree x
were not in the bookies Hollie, I think you need to see a professional
Which would be rounded to 7/1, don't argue about odds with a gambling addict
Can't believe my birthday is on a Monday, what're the odds
Matt Joyce is an A's outfielder if ever there was one. Just give him Matt Murton, Mark Kotsay or Ryan Sweeney's old uni.
Saving Private Ryan, Sweeney Todd, Jaws and a new season of Narcos all added to Netflix today.. I may never leave my room
Lots of good movies was added to Netflix yesterday including all four Jaws, Saving Private Ryan, and one of my favorites, Sweeney Todd.
ICYMI: my look at Willow Sweeney's recent visit to OHS to talk with
Willow Sweeney tells parents how to be "Top 20" people, not "Bottom 80" people my story.
Saving private Ryan and Sweeney Todd finally on Netflix 👏🏽😭
"There's plenty of time for life, man"- the hippie Dutch cyclist
Is worth £250,000? Every penny. If not more. You heard it here first.
So far the jaws movies, sweeney todd, saving private Ryan. Luke cage the 30th
Is his witness protection name, by chance, Ryan Sweeney or Jack Cust?
I fell in love with the queen of clubs
I wonder what Ryan Sweeney is up to these days.
Sad to be flying home today, it's been very wavy and very chill in Amsterdam
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
All Stoked Up's newest member, has a look into the defensive future of Ryan Sweeney
9: Josh Ruffels plays a cross towards the near post, but Sweeney and Olejnik manage to get the ball clear as Ryan Taylor came in (0-0).
Ryan Sweeney to the first team I guess? You'd have to hope we'll bring in another CB in addition to Martins Indi now. But probably not.
Imagine your geriatric iPad, been through thick and thin, dies peacefully in its sleep.. Just to be revived by a screenshot
Great show big yin! Paul loved hearing you at the fireworks last night! 🎉🎉🎉
Ed Fringe 2016 - done. . 27 shows - sold out. . And I said I'd never do it. . Thank you Andy, Ryan, Karen & Claire. ❤️🎙 htt…
This lineup is a Ryan Sweeney and Marwin Gonzales away from Rangers Kryptonite.
Nah, no way have we arrived in Amsterdam during their freshers week😕😕😕
Macy's pullback not good for Sears spinoff REIT. explains.
Sal Perez & Kendrys Morales are the first pair of teammates to hit 20 HRs in back-to-back seasons since Beltran…
This is the time of the morning where a brew is extra appreciated
can confirm the Club has reached an agreement with AFC Wimbledon over the transfer of Ryan Sweeney...
Jim Montgomery is not happy with Ryan Sweeney and Chris Ciamaga after that penalty call on the Pios and then not calling a pick by Bulldogs.
Both Darin Mastroianni and Ryan Sweeney have had nice springs for while Joe Benson has failed to impress.
It is Opening Day, 2014. These are the Cubs' big-league outfielders:. Ryan Sweeney. Nate Schierholtz. Justin Ruggiano. Junior La…
domain names
"It's a boys name" 😒. & he's going on about how Reynolds said their daughter calls Ryan & Blake "mama" & he goes "well w/ a name like James..
lol @ this middle aged white guy at the hair salon I'm at complaining about Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively naming their daughter James cuz 1/2
On this days in 2011, A's acquired Josh Reddick, Miles Head, and Raul Alcantara for Ryan Sweeney and Andrew Bailey.
Finally tonight from 11pm you can join The Iron Lung List with Ryan Sweeney. Details>
2/3 . Offered card-declined. Asked to speak to manager. Ryan Sweeney said it was him. Explained read a tripadviser review about
Sweeney says Bruins will make Pastrnak available for WJC after roster freeze.
Possibly the most boring Christmas Eve I've ever had
I wrote this Xmas poem last year. It references Ryan Sweeney.
Lorenzo was the best Royal this season. By a fair margin. Sweeney/Beltran>Gordo
I want my drake sign back where'd you put it
Today I watched Corey Chaff try to defend Ryan Sweeney. This is essentially Zdeno Chara trying to defend any player in the NHL
After being off the field in 2015, Ryan Sweeney signs minor league deal with the Twins including an invitation to …
On Tonight's Office: Andy can't stop singing Hamilton, Dwight decides to moonlight as an Uber driver and Kelly discovers Ryan's Tindr
Probably the worst night I've ever had
Planning next season with our CA distb, Ryan Sweeney of Agrobactor and Manager Rafael at Madera Persimmon Growers!
Hate getting up and it's nearly dark
Former Iowa signings...Ryan Sweeney with Twins, Ryan Buchter to Padres, Blake Parker, Mike Baxter, and Casey Coleman to Mariners
Is Ryan Sweeney low key in love with Bailee Walton
Ryan turbidy would want to be making a lot of money
Pete had to evacuate the classroom today so I took the necessary steps to become a companion
Where I'll be this weekend with Dylan Charles Fredric Sweeney Scott Anthony Ryan Alexander Ricardo Charmon...
Freshman-Senior year.We may not be as close as we used to be, but Ryan will always be my best friend.HAPPY BIRTHDAY🎉
My first Sweeney fam dinner since house arrest. Ryan asked for a car. Dink asked for a puppy. Paige asked to be emancipated.
If you're Don Sweeney, do you offer package for Ryan Johansen? I would! Not sure who yet though
Tom Brady yelling REX RYAN at the line is a top-10 troll job in history
Join Team LMR, with owner Ryan Staub, drivers Ron Lockton, Matt Sweeney and Daytona winner Ross Bentley, as they...
Chicago's tries on something new: apparel. Story from
Ryan Sweeney is on my flight to cancun 👌🏽⚾️
EN SOLIDARITÉ: Flowers have been laid at the Alder Sweeney Memorial Garden at St. James' Park.
acquire OF Josh Reddick, 1B Miles Head and RHP Raul Alcantara from for RHP Andrew Bailey and OF Ryan Swee…
Less than 2% of terror attacks are carried out in the name of Islam
Groupcast from this week w We talk comedy, isis, and hooking up.
There is a man is the press box here who is wearing a Mariners jackets formerly owned by Ryan Sweeney. Yes, that Ryan Sweeney.
Ryan texted me saying he's home but I'm in his house and he ain't here -_-
WOW! We've found Ryan Kent's incredible skill... and some live reaction!
Hi Lesley Ryan Sweeney to invite you to this private event at the surly goat for launch of Otra Vez, can I get your email
Hi Daniel -- Ryan Sweeney wanted me to to invite you to an Otra Vez launch on Dec 9th... can I get your email?
What is your email? Ryan Sweeney asked me to invite you to a private event on Dec 9th for Otra Vez launch.
I can't see us moving any outfielders, weeks later Ryan Sweeney is traded.
Tesla's interest in Michigan Ave. shows street's evolution from traditional to experiential retail, via
it's taken me so long I've just realised you were in the sweeney I've seen it loads, recognised your voice from your snapchats 😂
Ryan Sweeney has joined the board at Invoice2go
what about cooper or giving Sweeney a go , all the u21s seem to breaking through and from watching he looks good.
I dropped a cat treat in my tobacco now I think my cat is addicted to cigarettes
TechCrunch is pleased to announce our second monthly Include Office Hours! On November 17th, Ryan Sweeney a...
Imagine getting kicked out of a house party for being "too loud"... Shoulda just gone out with my dad
Broke my thumb on ryans face, canny believe we had a brawl
Just think: 2 years ago the Cubs starting OF in season finale was Nate Schierholtz, Ryan Sweeney, & Brian Bogusevic. Catcher was JC Boscan
Sure can! I have had great support with running injuries/hip woes from Sarah Roberts & Ryan Sweeney
Ryan Sweeney wrote the book on how to avoid being traded. Fists, Doors, and How I Extended My Tenure In Boston by Ryan Sweeney.
Psh, Ryan Sweeney was 2012, Jared. (Though man that could've helped the 2011 narrative.)
Happiest of birthday's to my nephew, Ryan Sweeney!
I look like a Puerto Rican drug smuggler in denial
I can't feel my face when I'm with you.. But not because of you, because of the hard drugs
It's either nobody's brave enough for house parties anymore or I have no friends
Ryan Sweeney is aiming to be in first-team contention after his return:
Ryan Sweeney spoke to Dons Player after he returned with a commanding display v Bournemouth:
No. 2010 Ryan Sweeney. I found it at Savers for $8!
I just picked up a Ryan Sweeney A's jersey in green for $8. Looks identical to this one on E-bay
Read "The Woman Who Stole My Life" yesterday, Marian - loved it, and wanted to punch Ryan Sweeney throughout xXx
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Darnell Sweeney is the next Ryan Howard. Dude always strikes out
Ryan Sweeney is a nice guy. Still don't want him anywhere near this team.
Ryan Howard returns to the lineup, while Darnell Sweeney plays LF and hits No. 5. Lineup:
RHP Carl Edwards, Jr. (will wear number 6, last worn by OF Ryan Sweeney in 2014.
Back for a third year at college and on my first day back I finished at 11 ye
Niall Sweeney 'see that photo put on Instagram, that is unreal'
Niall Sweeney 'might just find some wee young one to follow to get a scope'
Ajax fans are absolutely mental. And we love it .
Big "thank you" goes out to Ryan Sweeney for the shining Google+ review! Check it out!
Ryan persuaded me not to buy anything from victoria secrets pink because of how much dance clothes I already have😞 massive regret💔
Nice introduction to the Moorefield & Sarsfields rivalry for minor Shea Ryan, just Ronan Sweeney to look after
Ryan Hanigan singles on a sharp ground ball to left fielder Darnell Sweeney.
I woke up with a mingos stamp but I got so spandangled that I don't remember going to mingos
I just Googled Ryan Sweeney and I don't know why.
they should have had a ceremony where Casey Kotchman and Ryan Sweeney passed the mantle to him
yeah. He was the 2013 Cody Ransom and the 2014 Ryan Sweeney basically.
it's almost like our OF wasnt Jason Repko, Ryan Sweeney, Cody Ross on 4/22/12. Because injuries happen. Fast.
Seniors Chris Myers & Ryan Sweeney connect for two assists and a hat trick as the Ice Stags roll 5-1 over St. John's
U18 Academy player Ryan Sweeney signing his first professional contract today. Clean shaven and all!!! http:…
What: Sweeney's Ale House is the second Valley venture for Los Angeles’ craft beer leader Ryan Sweeney and partners, who opened The Woodman in Sherman Oaks this past September. It’s pretty much a landmark opening because this is the first time Encino is home to a gastropub. Ryan is known for bringin…
Good lucks guys Cam i remember you on AMC with James Scott liked Ryan alot.
Who else's crush on Ryan Sheckler never died? 😍
I said I'd give the people what they wanted . Model: photo: promoter: Ryan Sweeney 😂😂✊💦
does ur class and mrs Sweeney or sum ever combine
I’ve always felt that Cam wants Don Sweeney to be his GM and Adam Oates to be his head coach.
For those asking im not rooting for either the Flyers or Sens tonight. Im rooting for my best friend Bobby Ryan.
Happy Birthday Liam Sweeney gone but never forgotten would've been 29 today
Friends- stop throwing Ryan under the school bus. The one who makes the decisions has been discovered
Akinfenwa celebrating his goal tonight v Liverpool.. .
Got Ryan to tell me he loves me and saw the sunrise on Sweeney ln. It's a good day. ❤️
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Ryan Callahan sent the game to OT with an alley-oop from Kuity Slanger. Check out the highlight here:
Having to bury your child and parents on the same day,That is utterly heartbreaking. My heart goes out to the sweeney family 💙
Bruins prospect Ryan Fitzgerald assists on both BC power play goals in 3rd to go with earlier goal. Good game w/ Don Sweeney in stands.
What Am I Even Doing with my life by Ryan Sweeney 26 on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds
Maikel Franco is in with Nick Castellanos, Ryan Sweeney, Brandon Phillips, Luis Rivas, Vernon Wells and Alex Gonzalez (Marlins)
Chris Davis really wanted to score, but Ryan Sweeney had other ideas. Watch:
Ryan Sweeney unloads a cannon to the plate to nail Chris Davis and end the top of the 5th. still lead, 2-0.
turned Andrew Bailey and Ryan Sweeney into Josh Reddick in 2011
Matt Szczur makes his MLB debut by PRing for Ryan Sweeney, who led off 8th w/a 1B. Szczur played football at Villanova. No pub!
Ryan Sweeney appears to be a religious fellow following that strike out
In nine games in the majors, Javy Baez has a higher fWAR than Ryan Sweeney, Ryan Kalish, Mike Olt, John Baker, Junior Lake, Nate Schierholtz
6 hours ago Ryan Reilly introduced himself to me in a McDonalds. Then we ended up in jail. Wonder what he's got planned f…
Ryan Sweeney is pinch hitting for Justin Grimm.
Murder on Black Friday - Book 4 in the Nell Sweeney historical mystery series by P.B. Ryan.
Sweeney is gonna die if he doesn't wake up in the next 5 minutes
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Let the Ryan Moore show commence at Salisbury. Fergus Sweeney very smart to go up the rail in the opener, Hughes could have but declined.
Appears Ryan Sweeney (.391 in Aug, well over .300 since July 1) being squeezed by Baez callup, creating more time for Alcantara in OF.
Sweeney just threw his keys away instead of a paper towel
I'm still confused as to why ryan Sweeney is on this team.. Bring up Jackson or vitters
I would def start that old dude who caught that Reynolds home run in the outfield over Ryan Sweeney any day.
Hate myslef 'cause ping through the roof
i am BIG FAN of cheesecake. like, ryan sweeney/blake parker-level big fan
Cubs win 3-2 in 12 innings. While Rizzo is the getting swarmed, Cubs Ryan Sweeney went 2 for 3 and scored 2 runs.
I wish Ryan Sweeney was hitting as well as he is now at the beginning of the season
Rizzo singles to deep RF, Ryan Sweeney scores from 3rd 3-2 in 12 innings
Patrick Sweeney, is now trending in
Chris Coghlan Triples to deep RF, Ryan Sweeney scores from 2nd & are tied @ 2 in the Bottom of the 7th
Chris Coghlan ties the game, driving in Ryan Sweeney with an RBI triple. It;s 2-2, B7.
Chris Coghlan triple to right scored Ryan Sweeney with two out. Runner on third and Javier Baez due up.
Ryan Sweeney is a career .277 hitter with a .330 OB, and a very low K-rate. What's the problem?
Ryan Sweeney doubled to left. Runner on second with two outs and Chris Coghlan due up.
Welington Castillo, Chris Valaika & Ryan Sweeney are due up for the in the Bottom of the 7th trailing the 2-1
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JOIN THE FUN!! RT20 more mins on this chat. Me, and
Might want to check the timeline on this chat...Delmon Young, we saw it coming.
Sweeney Todd is on, but I'm far too tired to stay up to watch it. That film is nice too. Boo (not a ghoul).
Ryan Sweeney sends a bloop single to right, and the take a 5-4 lead in the 11th!
Bday gift from the bf of my fav player ryan sweeney
Supporters, family, and Frieda enjoying a day at the Logan County Fair with Write In Candidates Ryan Sweeney For...
Jillian never saw Sweeney Todd so I dragged her over to watch the original show with Angela Lansbury.
Ryan Sweeney. They need to add Baez to the 40 man so Sweeney is the more logical candidate for a DFA.
Mendy too, *** for him to have a big star like Ryan Sweeney blocking his move to CF
in juniors defense Ryan Sweeney hasn't been much better.
Top 9th . Anthony Rizzo flies out to center. 1 out. . Luis Valbuena hits a solo home run to center. . Ryan Sweeney...
Ryan Sweeney style. Could see it happening!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Top 6th . Ryan Sweeney strikes out. 1 out. . Chris Valaika grounds out to the mound. 2 out. . Nate Schierholtz...
Can we bring up Ryan Kalish and send Sweeney down
Ryan Sweeney doing his best Junior Lake impression today.
Ryan Sweeney is one strikeout away from a
Coghlan is good, but please tell me why ryan Sweeney is still on this team?
Josh Reddick reminds me that the A's got him and Raul Alcantara for Andrew Bailey and Ryan Sweeney. Billy is a jedi master.
Ryan Sweeney 5 lob, at least one disappointed fan in the stands (me).
Ryan Sweeney strikes out with the Bases Loaded, & head to the Bottom of the 3rd, still tied @ 1
Remember when Ryan Sweeney was good? Yeah, me neither.
Ryan Sweeney strikes out swinging, stranding Rizzo @ 2nd 1 0 headed to the Bottom of the 1st
Can I just say Ryan Sweeney is cute :)
Write In Candidates Ryan Sweeney For IL Governor and Lt. Governor Aaron Merreighn have arrived in Lincoln for the...
Write in Candidates Ryan Sweeney for Illinois Governor and Aaron Merreighn for Lt. Governor will be meeting...
felt the same about Ryan Sweeney and Roger Bernadina too
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Congratulations to Ryan Sweeney, Ben Harrison and Egli Kaja who all made their first team debuts over this weekend
Tomorrow night 9 pm come see Shane Sweeney from and Ryan Parker. Plenty of room, so come on out!
A solo HR by Luis Valbuena and RBIs by Ryan Sweeney, Wellington Castillo, Nate Schierholtz, and Valbuena as well...
If you love "sparkling chemistry and conversation," check out Still Life w/Murder for free!
Dodgers' Dan Haren hit hard in 8-2 loss to Cubs: Chicago Cubs' Ryan Sweeney, left, scores on a wild pitch as L...
This is a claim I'll stand by: From 8/1/14, Ryan Sweeney will be more productive for the Cubs than Allen Craig for the Red Sox.
Whoever just played noise at Ryan's I love you
Ryan Sweeney has gotten his hitting back where it was last year.
A proud night for our Academy as U18s Egli Kaja & Ryan Sweeney make their 1st team debut. Well done boys!
Just noticed that yesterday compared Joe Kelly and Allen Craig to Carlos Villanueva and Ryan Sweeney.
grab the lead here in the third on a two-run single by Ryan Sweeney, and he then comes across on a wild pitch. The score is…
“Kyle Hendricks gets in on the action and singles home Ryan Sweeney to give the a 7-1 lead here in the fifth.”
Recommendation by :Ryan It only took the Cubs outfield...
News Alarm: Ryan Sweeney (CF - ChC) Ryan Sweeney went 2-for-4 with a home run, four RBI, and a run scored in Frid...
Ryan Sweeney-RF: Ryan Sweeney finally hit his 2nd home run of the year Friday
According to sabermetrics, Travis Wood has hit better this season than Junior Lake, Nate Schierholtz, and Ryan Sweeney.
Easy there, Theo. Who knew Ryan Sweeney was good for 4 RBIs?
HRs by Ryan Sweeney (3-run) and Travis Wood (solo) helped the Cubs come back from an early deficit and gave them...
Ryan Sweeney hit a 3-run homer & had an RBI single as Cubs beat Cardinals 7-6
Valbuena, Sweeney power Cubs with clutch homers: Ryan Sweeney drove in four runs, including three on his ...
Sweeney, Cubs edge Cards: Chicago, IL (- Ryan Sweeney went 2-for-4 with a three-run ...
Ryan Sweeney obviously gets player of the game td😘💁⚾
Ryan Sweeney's voice is eerily similar to Dean Ambrose's.
HEY HEY!! CUBS WIN!! 7-6 over the Cardinals in a slugfest at Wrigley on Jack Brickhouse Bobblehead Day. Ryan Sweeney w/ 4 RBIs.
It's like getting beaten by Ryan Sweeney!
Cardinals pitchers allow Ryan Sweeney and Luis Valbuena to kill them today.
Ryan Sweeney sends one over the ivy in left-center for a 3-run home run! It's now a tie ballgame at Wrigley Field. 3,
Ryan Sweeney tied the game with a three-run blast in the second. Watch:
Ryan Sweeney just said 'that is so fricken weird man' after facing Randy Choate
Ryan Sweeney picks up his fourth RBI on the day with an RBI single to left, scoring Luis Valbuena. now lead 4-3 here in the…
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Ryan Sweeney has successfully chased Joe Kelly. Kelly will now presumably retire to the hotel for warm milk and bedtime stories.
Ryan Sweeney has all four Chicago RBI with a two-out knock to left field scoring Luis Valbuena. take a ...
Coco, Mark Ellis, Connor Jackson, Barton, Ryan Sweeney, some weird coach guy whose not even wearing the right hat
So proud of my grand kids Kristin Deana and Ryan Sweeney, both report cards ! Honors! Yay! Great job.
Despite RBIs by Nate Schierholtz and Ryan Sweeney, the Cubs couldn't overcome an early deficit. HRs by Jay Bruce and Zach Cozart (2-run), along with RBIs by Ryan Ludwick, Todd Frazier, Devin Mesoraco and today's starter Homer Bailey as the Reds beat the Cubs 8-2. Cubs are 5-12.
Cubs lose the series finale 8-2 to the reds. Homer Bailey gets 8 K's over 6 shutout innings. Ryan Sweeney went 2-4 with an RBI. Cubs now face the diamondbacks at 8:05 ET tomorrow night at wrigley. Arizona has the worst record in the MLB. Arroyo vs Travis Wood
The Cubs lose to the Reds 8-2. Ryan Sweeney and Nate Schierholtz got an RBI. Carlos Villanueva got the loss. (5-12)
I can find a reason to watch just about every guy on this roster. John Baker & Ryan Sweeney are the only ones who don't pique my interest
Ryan Sweeney now has a higher batting average than Ryan Kalish in your update for total meaningless stats at this point of the season
Travis Wood pitched three scoreless innings, Ryan Sweeney homered and the Chicago Cubs beat the Chicago White Sox 4-3 Thursday.
In December of 2011, the Oakland Athletics acquired Josh Reddick (Raul Alcantara and Miles Head) from Boston for Andrew Bailey and Ryan Sweeney. In the 2012 season there was no doubt that GM Billy Beane was the clear winner … Continue reading → [ 335 more words. ]
no Bran is literally the worst character in any book ever
alright alright I'll never do that again
I really don't know want of you but you're cool
can't wait to see the famous Sweeney bash it again;)
Courtney ryan, emily sliazas a d Kelly Sweeney are the most chill people in the world
an a hot catcher will help, and Ryan Sweeney. And beer. And Xanax.
"I wish Ryan Sweeney actually took me back to his room this weekend!
US Bank teller, with my drivers license that says "Ryan P. Sweeney" actually asked me who "Kandie K Sweeney" was.
Cubs fans need to stop complaining about lack of moves. We resigned Ryan Sweeney and hired Renteria, who could ask for more?!
Wait. David Freese went to the Angels?! *** it. Now who will my eye candy be when the Cubs play the Cards?! Ryan Sweeney will work!
The locked up Ryan Sweeney, buying out one free agent year.
"Ryan Sweeney hope your still not with lexi because *** your sexy ;)"
“Yo, Tuukka, don't hurt yourself smashing your stick against the post.”. - Ryan Sweeney
If you didn't notice this morning, we have a new podcast episode out. MLB Playoffs, Joe Girardi's kids, Ryan Sweeney, nude Jeff Samardzija, muscle flexes and Kevin Gregg as a theatre actor - this episode has it all.
September 23 - With the Pirates guarantee of a winning season behind them, their focus was at the very least grabbing one of the two wild card spots. The Pirates faced the Chicago Cubs in the first of three at Wrigley Field. With the game tied up at 1-1 going to the top of the ninth, Starling Marte was called on to pinch-hit. Marte drilled a fastball from Kevin Gregg to deep left field for a home run to put the Pirates up 2-1. After Tony Watson got the first out of the bottom of the ninth, Jason Grilli was asked to get the final two. Grilli got a fielder's choice for the second out. With one out to go, and Nate Schierholtz on first, Ryan Sweeney singled to right off Grilli. With a slight bobble from Marlon Byrd, Andrew McCutchen picked up the ball to get it into Justin Morneau, who then fired it home to Russell Martin to throw out Schierholtz at the plate for the final out of the game and a spot in the wildcard game. After the play, Martin was embraced by Grilli, while Martin held up the baseball, and see ...
Cubs re-sign Ryan Sweeney: The Cubs signed someone today! No, it wasn’t Joe Girardi, but he was a...
The Pittsburgh Pirates defeated the Chicago Cubs 2-1 at Chicago last night. Pittsburgh clinched their first playoff birth since 1992 and they did it in very dramatic fashion. Sterling Marte hit a tiebreaking solo home run in the top of the 9th inning. The game ended with Chicago's Nate Schierholtz getting thrown out at the plate by Justin Morneau from the pitcher's mound. It was a wild play. Ryan Sweeney hit a single to right center and Marlon Brando misplayed the ball and Andrew McCutcheon picked up the ball. McCutcheon threw the ball towards home plate with Morneau waiting for the ball. Pittsburgh remains tied with the Cincinnati Reds for the 2 wild card spots at 90-67. They both trail the St.Louis Cardinals by 2 games for the NL Central lead. Chicago is now 65-92.
9/23/13: On a Ryan Sweeney single, a relay of Andrew McCutchen and Justin Morneau combine to cut down Nate Schierholtz at home plate
Baseball players I would have brunch with: Giancarlo, Trout, Ryan Sweeney, David Price, CC, Edwin Jackson, Shin Soo Choo, and Prince Fielder
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
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