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Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Rodney Reynolds (born October 23, 1976) is a Canadian film and television actor.

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A few examples of men who are better looking then Blake Shelton:. Ryan Reynolds. Harry Shum Jr. Matthew Daddario. Isaiah Mu…
We love Scott and Andrea Swift and Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively
I can verify the following actors as Good Tippers: Eric Stoltz, Lucy Liu, Ryan Reynolds, Darryl Hannah. Also: Dange…
One of my goals in life is to have a relationship like Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have.
Nothing makes me happier than knowing that & Ryan Reynolds daughter is the kid voice in Gorgo…
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds already have everything and now their baby has a feature on a Taylor Swift smash. I'm co…
Yes, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' daughter James is in Taylor Swift's 'Gorgeous'! ht…
CONFIRMED: The baby voice in Gorgeous is Blake and Ryan's daughter!. "Baby intro voice by James Reynolds"
I can't tell where Deadpool ends and Ryan Reynolds begins, but both are awesome (as is Bob Ross).
I added a video to a playlist Ryan Reynolds and Catherine Zeta-Jones Have Some Weird Dating Advice -
Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are actual relationship goals. 😍😩
whatever happened to Ryan Reynolds & Alanis Morrissette?
For the longest time I thought Dane Cook and Ryan Reynolds were the same guy
When people comment on celeb pics on insta like really cathy183 I highly doubt Ryan Reynolds is gonna give a monkeys a…
The hottest man on earth may be a toss up between Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson, Tyler Posey, Chris Evans and James and Dave Franco. @ me.
Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds is soo badd
Chris Taylor looks like a cross between Joe Flacco and Ryan Reynolds
My mother is a happily married woman but she still gushes over Ryan Reynolds and Chris Evans. This “theory” is utte…
Remember when Ryan Reynolds was upset over Zayn not attending the Graham Norton show? aksjsks I love this bromance! htt…
I purposely left Hal off that list as it's my hope that Ryan Reynolds can get a redo once his Deadpool obligations wrap up.
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds spotted out in NYC together. Blake is wearing Max Mara, Chanel…
can you believe Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively invented relationship goals?
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds is how I'm tryna be lmao
Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively out here once again showing they're the sweetest couple around 💖
Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are honestly goals 😂😂
So, Explodables II cast - they go in and rescue the original cast. 1. Ryan Reynolds. 2. S…
Blake Lively's birthday message to Ryan Reynolds is sweet revenge
Blake Lively just shared the most savage picture of Ryan Reynolds for his birthday
Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are the amount of goofy I aspire to be in my next relationship
Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are cancelled ❌❌❌❌❌
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are actual relationship goals
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Blake Lively continues to the be GOAT and her and Ryan Reynolds are all time couple…
I’m not asking for much, just a relationship like Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively
Actress Blake Lively is opening up about her marriage to Ryan Reynolds.
Blake Lively delivered the most epic burn to Ryan Reynolds for his birthday .
lmao i genuinely love Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively
Happy birthday Ryan Reynolds! (If you don't get it, you may need to be pop-cultured.
📈 "Ryan Reynolds" is trending today on Google Canada (5000+ searches)
It supposed to be sci fi/horror, got 6.6/10 unless that was bc Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gylenhall , haven’t seen it
too late! It’s got enough Ryan Reynolds in it to keep me occupied. Usually trust IMDB for ratings and it’s pretty high
Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal grab coffee in New York. See the pic:
In class today, we wrote a rom com when th Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds, Paul Rudd, and Harrison Ford, and i have never wanted anything more.
Saw it last night. All the memes are true:. Harrison Ford is a deadbeat dad. Ryan Reynolds is a millenn…
There are only 2 people I would definitely go hella *** for: Chris Motionless and Ryan Reynolds.
Petition for Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds to play Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip in a Sleeping Beauty live actio…
tbh, I wouldn’t mind being lost in the woods with Chris Pratt or Ryan Reynolds like a reckless white girl on Criminal M…
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Wondering if Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively ever take a bad photo.
For some, the proverbial dad bod is an inevitable rite of fatherhood. Not so for Ryan Reynolds.
Sex so good I stop picturing Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling... wait... what were we talking abou…
Olicity is the Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern of television...
this is the closet I will ever get to Ryan Reynolds in my life time
“I want my kids to experience the same kind of childhood I had, which was you could run around in fresh air and...
If Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds ever get a divorce it’ll mean the end of the world
Need protecting on Friday the 13th? Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson are here to help!
I had a dream I was getting jumped by Ryan Reynolds and Frankie Muniz while they were both yelling “ITS DOLPH”
Casey Affleck, Scott Avett, Michael Fassbender, Ryan Reynolds and Conor Oberst auditioned for the role of Llewyn. . Interesting.
Starts off a bit iffy but then in true Sam J fashion he makes it great, Ryan Reynolds has some quality parts too
Ryan Reynolds and Ben Kingsley star in the riveting sci-fi action-thriller Own it on Blu-ray & DVD 11/10. http…
It is one of the best. Ryan Reynolds, Sandra Bullock, and Betty White. It's got all the best act(or/tresse)s in it!
I plan on binge watching a bunch of Ryan Reynolds movies, but Netflix has like only four of them. This is tragic.
But nothing can keep me away from a Ryan Reynolds movie, so I rented it off Google Play for $3.99
I just looked up Ryan Reynolds to follow him to see that I already follow him. Past me saved me time and effort, but future me is stupid.
- She’s Canadian and Canadians are the best (e.g Ryan Reynolds, Hayden Christensen, Osric Chau, Cobie Smulders etc)
Finally saw this 🎬 & am now questioning my life choices. So to speak.👎. IMDb: Life | Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds.
Candid photos of Renee Zellweger with Bradley Cooper and Ryan Reynolds in Vancouver have been uploaded!
If The Shining were to get a new film adaptation, I'd be open to Ryan Reynolds, Matt Smith or David Tennant as Jack Torrence.
Could you imagine Ryan Reynolds in this movie.
Ryan Reynolds, James Blunt, Jim Jeffries. There's more but my brain is being addled with JD cocktails courtesy of
How is Ryan Reynolds still so sexy even as a psychotic serial killer named Jerry? ❤💋
Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds are the best duo since to hit the big screen since Danny Glover and Mel Gibson!
WWYD: Vincent Gallo with no eyelash OR Ryan Reynolds with cheek's for jaw's
Last film I watched was Woman in Gold, biographical drama, Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds. Very good film.
It was actually surprisingly fun! It's totally carried by Ryan Reynolds and Sam Jackson.
Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L Jackson in this movie >>>
Wait - you mean Ryan Reynolds (not Gosling), right? Agree it had some funny moments. Reynolds and Jackson have good chemistry.
Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson are a funny *** duo 😂
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
The movie used Sam Jackson and Ryan Reynolds excellently, it was measured, not too complex and didn't take itself too seriously.
Get triggered with Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson. - Now:…
Samuel L Jackson and Ryan Reynolds work well together
If there's a movie you should watch, it's The hitman's bodyguard. Samuel Jackson and Ryan Reynolds did a fantastic job acting! Loved it!
is glorious fun. It's 2hrs of Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L Jackson swearing at each other 😂
Samuel L Jackson and Ryan Reynolds chemistry in unbelievable, that was class
I need Ryan Reynolds & Samuel Jackson to make more movies 😂
Just got home from watching The Hitman's Bodyguard and I need more Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson movies rn
Save him now. Kill him later. Samuel L. Jackson is The Hitman 🎯. Ryan Reynolds is The Bodyguard 🕶 Get your...
not sure who's luckier Ryan Reynolds being married to Blake Lively or Blake Lively being married to Ryan Reynolds htt…
Definitely Blake Lively being married to Ryan Reynolds because what a queen he is
The Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds film Life is a completely *** poor Alien rip off. It plays more like The Faculty in…
They only know American born Actors like Ryan Reynolds, Rachel McAdams, Jim Carrey, Keanu Reeves, Ellen Pag…
...Also Brian Cooper, Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling are the same person. Go at your grandmothers grandchild who at…
I don't if I would rather get stranded on a island with Ryan Reynolds or Kevin Heart they both are freaking funny so I just don't know🤔
Ryan Reynolds's aesthetic is the color kelly green, zig-zags, and texting
White privelage is the fact that Matthew Mcconaughey, Ryan Reynolds, Nicholas Cage and Steven Segal being able to substain acting careers
Looks like a Ryan Reynolds lookalike driving Capoue.
talking Man crushes today and they nailed Ryan Reynolds but they missed my guys Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tom Hardy.
James Van Der Beek was Ryan Reynolds before being Ryan Reynolds was fashionable.
Jamie's trainer for Darker and Freed trained Ryan Reynolds for Deadpool omg 😍
Did Patrick Hughes take the Directors job for The Hitman's Bodyguard because Samuel L Jackson and Ryan Reynolds...
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds expecting second child
hmm. to bang Dave Coulier and Ryan Reynolds in the same lifetime... but two completely different lifetimes...
Well, we signed Mark Reynolds to a minor league deal, and he's been lights out. Let's see how Ryan Howard can do...
Blake Lively visiting Ryan Reynolds on the set of Deadpool 2.
Okay, Ethan Embry is super fit in this movie. Getting some Ryan Reynolds in Amityville remake vibes. 💪
Ryan Reynolds just shared another photo of Josh Brolin from the set but it’s not what you’d expect!
More photos of Ryan Reynolds driving a scooter on the Vancouver set of 'Deadpool 2' | Daily Hive Vancouver
Is there any question that Ryan Reynolds would play in a movie?
If Ryan Reynolds was a fabric, he'd be fleece.
The way Ryan Reynolds gushes about Blake Lively will melt you:
Yea he wanted to be in a Scorsese film das why. Btw have you watched Buried? Brilliant B movie casting…
Last night someone told me that I remind them of Ryan Reynolds. RYAN REYNOLDS! I'm gonna ride this high for the rest of the…
remember when Ryan Reynolds posted a picture of himself hugging a picture of Hyuna we love a powerful queen
Can Ryan Reynolds be the new blade runner?
Yeah but did Ryan Reynolds learn how to play the piano in six months for la la land?
Ryan Reynolds got a body like a Greek god.
Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson Are Dying to Work with….Maggie Smith? More on
Salma Hayek is the house guest (babysitter and chef) of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's dreams: https:/…
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are seriously lucky to have as a babysitter:
Ryan Reynolds invites Salma Hayek round, makes her cook dinner and babysit...
Salma Hayek cooks dinner for Ryan Reynolds and his family
Salma Hayek posted a TBT to that time she cooked Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively dinner
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds invited Salma Hayek over to cook dinner and babysit:
Ryan Reynolds invited Salma Hayek over for dinner, and somehow she got stuck doing all the work via mashable
🎥 | Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan and now Ryan Reynolds ... good luck 😂
takes photo with while filming 'Deadpool 2'
Ryan Reynolds is one of the funniest people out there
It is sooo ryan reynolds Green Lantern
Ryan Reynolds thanks police, Vancouver residents for putting up with delays due to 'Deadpool' shoot
I hope that guy with Ryan Reynolds name tattooed on his *** is having a good day
Ryan Reynolds made me touch his wiener once (before he was famous):
Ryan Reynolds Drops the First Look at a Scarred and Scary Josh Brolin as Cable in ...
High cinema it ain't, but it's a fun mindless popcorn flick with decently hilarious banter. And Ryan Rey…
Win passes to a special screening of starring Ryan Reynolds & Samuel L Jackson! Enter to win:…
Ryan Reynolds takes time from ‘Deadpool 2’ shoot to take photos with Vancouver police officers.
Ryan Reynolds’ latest 2 set photo knows just how to troll Spider-Man!.
We must protect Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds at all costs
Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland who?? The only one Spider-Man i know is Ryan Reynolds
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Listen, guys. I'm sad about Chris Pratt & Anna Faris also, but at least we still have Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. https…
What about Orlando bloom? If he bulk up a bit. Nothing crazy like jackman for wolverine. More like…
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have the sweetest love story:
I think I have missed the timing to see Ryan Reynolds 😓😔
I swear to god if Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively ever split up I'm refusing to believe that love is real anymore.
With Chris Pratt and Anna Faris splitting up we need to protect Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively at all costs
Can not get over how Brolin just looks like Ryan Reynolds aged about fifteen more years here. It's ridiculous. https:/…
Ryan Reynolds releases first images of Josh Brolin as Cable
Ryan Reynolds shares the first look of Josh Brolin as Cable from Deadpool 2
Is it just me or does Josh Brolin as Cable look like Ryan Reynolds in old man makeup?
Hi it's me, Josh Brolin, aka Ryan Reynolds in old age makeup
I liked a video Family Guy - Ryan Reynolds is Peter's neighbour
Ryan Reynolds shares the first image of Zazie Beetz as the mercenary Domino in
This is as close I'm going to get to meeting Ryan Reynolds.
Deadpool has become one of my fave movies. Also Ryan Reynolds is so funny and a great actor.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I need to go downtown and "accidentally" run into Ryan Reynolds while he's filming
Ryan Reynolds is back in his home city to film !!! 😊
One simple and brilliant tweak to how Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds talk to their kids.
하지마셈 Ryan Reynolds says no. but, it's like $5/month which is the cost of a coffee or two so.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
OMG seen a huge Ryan Reynolds look a like in measteg today ::: )unbelievable :) snt lol !!!
Ryan Reynolds in Burnaby Heights today. . filming on Boundary Road today & tomorrow.
If they want accuracy then Ryan Reynolds should look about 40x worse than he really does without the…
Sometimes I forget Ryan Reynolds is Canadian, then he spits out Saskatchewan & I fall in love again
if you weren't Ryan Reynolds who would you be
Also how are Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling two different people
I'm not being that guy. Just pointed out something. I have learned ne…
"It’s nonsense" - Blake Lively on the facade of a perfect life:
Lyndall Ryan, Henry Reynolds and Patrick Wolfe have been 'hugely influential' - Q&A with Professor Lynette Russell htt…
Ryan Reynolds can protect me any day of the week.
We're live with Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson and Salma Hayek answering your questions!
Being friends with Ryan Reynolds means he might paint your entire office puce:
Blake Lively is madly in love with Ryan Reynolds... "most of the time."
Ryan Reynolds says Josh Brolin will be an "epic" Cable
Taylor Swift takes boyfriend on double-date with Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
Blake Lively admits that marriage to Ryan Reynolds is anything but perfect. We break it down at 7 & 11 on
Ryan Reynolds Offers Up a Sultry First Look at Domino in 'Deadpool 2' via
Ryan Reynolds as that heel boyfriend!
.teases Zazie Beetz as Domino in 'Deadpool 2' with a new photo
See how 'Atlanta' star Zazie Beetz can “work a red carpet” as Domino in new 'Deadpool 2' promo pic htt…
Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson are your new favorite buddy comedy duo:
Aug 1, AB 2: Yoenis Cespedes grounds out softly, catcher Ryan Hanigan to first baseman Mark Reynolds.
Ryan Reynolds shares first look at Domino in Deadpool 2
but why has morgan been questioning me about how attractive I find Ryan Reynolds for the past 45 minutes ??
I hate famous people (Blake Lively talking about ryan reynolds)
The only thing keeping me from deleting this account is chrissy teigen and ryan reynolds
Hamilton Collection
HANGING OUT! Ryan Reynolds hangs out on the set of in Vancouver.
Ryan Reynolds reveals first look at Zazie Beetz as Domino in DEADPOOL 2 .
Ryan Reynolds shares first image of Domino from Deadpool 2
ICYMI: Ever the showman, Ryan Reynolds debuted the first image of Zazie Beetz as Domino today!
Ryan Reynolds introduces new Deadpool 2 star in typical fashion...
"Wonder Woman" Beat "Deadpool" in the box office and Ryan Reynolds's reaction is priceless
Awkward selfies at 5am. 6am flight to LA to talk to Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson, Salma Hayek & Wood…
Which actor has more fans, Ryan Reynolds or Tom Hardy?
Ryan Reynolds got married on a plantation. Do you s... — JESUDUSSBDHD CHRISTS
According to Taylor and Joe Alwyn recently visited Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds in Rhode Island!
Taylor and Joe Alwyn have spent time in Rhode Island recently with Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds according to E! News https:…
Zoro is played by Mark Wahlburg, and Sanji by Ryan Reynolds. And Franky is played by John Cena
I wanna be on magazines surrounded by John C. Reilly, Ryan Reynolds, Matt Damon, Franky Muniz, and Petey Pablo .
Stories on Quentin Tarantino,Sarah Jessica Parker,Ryan Reynolds, Lily James and Steven Spielberg on Picture Show, Newstalk 6pm.
Wonder Woman passed Deadpool's box office today. Ryan Reynolds posted this photo.
Also really want to meet Chris Pratt/Evans and Ryan Reynolds. Pls can I meet atleast SOMEONE one day
Well it wouldn't matter by then, they have done this with others actors. Ryan Reynolds, Chris Evans.
I just want to say that Ryan Reynolds is my favourite guy ... after Chris Evans of course
Ryan Reynolds movie Definitely Maybe is one of my favorites I love Isla Fischer too
My friend is becoming American today! 🇺🇸Sad that you won't share a nationality with Drake or Ryan Reynolds though.
Just watched the movie Life, with Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal. The ending really isn't what you expect like they said.
If you pretend that this is Tom Holland and Ryan Reynolds nothing else matters 😂😂😂
Happy 4th of July to Tom Hiddleston and Ryan Reynolds
19). All of them idk personally Ryan Reynolds and Crystal Reed idk
Ryan Reynolds is celebrating by making a funny "Twilight" joke!
Do you mean Ryan Reynolds, or Michael J Fox, or Bill Shatner, or Dan Ackroyd or Celine Dion or…
Ryan Reynolds could read me any bedtime story
Dear Canada, thank you for Ryan Reynolds, Nathan Fillion, Matthew Perry, Jim Carrey, and Rachel McAdams. You rock.
Find by yourself. Its not me Coz im not Ryan Reynolds. Im Kim Taehyung
Stephen: "Tons of great actors and comedians are Canadian: Jim Carrey, Ryan Reynolds, that guy from Bruce Almighty..."
Little Giant Ladders
in order the chris list is. . evans. pratt. hemsworth. pine. Ryan Reynolds
JULIAN DENNISON IS JOINING DEADPOOL, THIS IS GREAT (after Taika Waititi was with Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern...)
Hmmm so many to chose from...Jim Carrey, Ryan Reynolds, Shania Twain, Mike Myers
Ryan Reynolds reveals how he once saved his nephew's life:
Husband: what's Deadpool's real name?. Me: Ryan Reynolds?. Husband: that's not what i meant...
Ryan Reynolds starts filming Deadpool 2 in Vancouver this week
Ryan Reynolds gives us a peek at 'Deadpool 2' .
New Post: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds take CPR class together! 'I can't recommend this enough.'
Our hero up for another award! Marvel Men at Saturn Awards: Chris Evans vs. Benedict Cumberbatch - Goldderby
Have you spotted Ryan Reynolds in Vancouver?. I want to hear from you after 9pm!. Listen:
Ryan Reynolds I like his bio. So does he? I know some people are jelly there.
my dad asked who my favourite actress was and because i dont have one i said "Ryan Reynolds with a ***
Ryan Reynolds shared an Instagram post nailing why everyone should know CPR.
Ryan Reynolds is back in Vancouver filming Deadpool2. What can we do to get & in a phot…
A superhero on screen and in real life!
Does Ryan Reynolds just play himself in every single role?
'It's good to be back': Ryan Reynolds returns to Vancouver for 'Deadpool 2'
The people have spoken: Ryan Reynolds is daddy supreme.
Marvel men do battle for Best Actor at Saturn Awards: Chris Evans vs. Benedict Cumberbatch vs. Ryan Reynolds –
Lichaa on 300k, Kas on 700 - that's Foran paid for. Reynolds gone plus they'll push o…
Ryan Reynolds was spotted filming a gun battle scene on the set yesterday - new photos!
"Ryan Reynolds starts filming 'Deadpool' sequel, holds off on sarcastic comment" via Mashable!
This Vancouver alley is being transformed for a Deadpool 2 shoot later this week. No sign of Ryan Reynolds yet!
I just found out Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllanhal r not the same person and am confused
Keep your eyes peeled for Ryan Reynolds: 'Deadpool 2' shooting in downtown Vancouver until Saturday.
Blake and Ryan think that everyone should take a baby class
Ryan Reynolds is back in Vancouver for Deadpool 2
Here are the first photos of Ryan Reynolds filming a scene for the upcoming
tried to watch Life but Ryan Reynolds's character died so I shut it off
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds had a date at a CPR class and think you should go to one too
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The movie with Ryan Reynolds and jake gylenhall was a very surprising end. I loved it.
DC See why Ryan Reynolds is a superhero outside of Deadpool at 4 am on
Deadpool 2 filming tonight with Ryan Reynolds, across from 1095 West Pender.
is directed by Martin Campbell. Same person who directed GoldenEye. Also directed Ryan Reynolds "Green Lantern"
// Hope they do GL show justice, because Ryan Reynolds was funny and all. But, he ai…
I seriously don't know whether to be more jealous of Blake Lively or ryan reynolds
Scrolling through my timeline. This through me for a loop. Till I remembered it's Ryan Reynolds.
Can you believe Ryan Reynolds was in a movie with Rob Benedict?
Lemme get uhhh, boneless ryan Reynolds
can you BELIEVE that ryan reynolds' birthday happens to be the day i met michael 👀👀
"I've been compared to Ryan Reynolds before. Granted, it was by me, but I believed it was true"
Ryan Reynolds reveals how Blake Lively helps him overcome his anxiety:
Life really killed off Ryan Reynolds in the first 30 minutes. If Jake Gyllenhaal goes...
Ryan Reynolds is hard at work on See the pic:
Ryan Reynolds looks like he'd be such a good kisser I Want To Die
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
i wish i had the humor of Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds shares first DEADPOOL 2 on set image featuring the man himself relaxing in front of the X Mansion. .
This is why Ryan Reynolds is the goat
Thanks, Inez, for choosing the Ryan Reynolds Team to sell your Muirfield home!
Atfarag 3ala criminal le ryan reynolds wala true crimes le Jim Carrey wala catch me if you can
Good luck to Ryan Reynolds and four summer! htt…
Ryan Reynolds poses for a photo in front of the X-Mansion to tease
The day Reynolds has a neck tattoo that says Hemp is the day we can start actually debating this.
Ryan Reynolds brings film to Vancouver Island, confirms Deadpool 2 shoot at Hatley Castle .
Mike Connolly, Conner Menez, Aramis Garcia, Ryan Howard & Bryan Reynolds are going to the All Star Game! 🎟
I hope my future husband is as funny and hot as Ryan Reynolds
Apart from John Terry and Ryan Reynolds there's no-one I'd like to go for a beer with more than Butch, unlimited wisdom 🏌🏽
Video: Ryan Reynolds on motorcycles, motorcycling and his new Triumph Thruxton special
Ryan Reynolds says he’d love to replace Ser Davos Seaworth or Petyr Baelish on Game Of Thrones; what do……
MoreBikes Video: Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds on motorcycling and getting his new Triumph Thruxton…
I'm so blind I thought this was Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds till I zoomed
Mark Strong was wasted on Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern train wreck. Hope they get him again as Sinestro for the new GL Corps films.
But people like Ryan Reynolds too; they aren't *really* blaming the movie on him, are they? It's not…
Will smith, Jamie foxx, don cheadle, Denzel, Chris Evans, Bradley cooper, scarlet jo, and Ryan Reynolds are some of my fav actors.
Tv to myself and watching Ryan Reynolds 😌 @ County Wicklow
theatre kids: have you seen La La Land?!?. me: does my black *** look like I want watch jazz get white wash by Ryan Reynolds and Emma Watson?
Trubisky is Alex Moran without the Ryan Reynolds acting technique
I mistake Emma Watson and Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling for Ryan Reynolds. Relate
My top three favorite actors: . 1: Will Smith . 2:Micheal B Jordan. 3:Ryan Reynolds . Don't @ me.
Ryan Reynolds' love for his daughter is everything 💀
Do you look like Ryan Reynolds or just my poor memory/active imagination? Ever see "Mississippi Grind"? Watched it w/you as lead. 😂
Ryan Reynolds, but of the names listed Paul Rudd.
you look like a cross between nathan filian, Paul Rudd, and Ryan Reynolds.
.did a special tour of the SNL set, and there was a llama (and Ryan Reynolds!)…
I'm Peter in the episode of family guy with Ryan Reynolds
So Ben Affleck and Ryan Reynolds are... different people... Hm.
Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are actual goals 😍
How can be Kylie jenner be unhappy about sitting next to Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively at the met gala 😳
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