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Ryan Pace

Ryan Pace (b. circa 1977) is the general manager for the Chicago Bears. He previously worked in the New Orleans Saints' front office for 14 years.

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c Ryan Pace must go bold with No. 3 pick: Deshaun Watson
Ryan Pace must go bold with Bears' No. 3 pick: Deshaun Watson
Ryan Pace and the Bears will be on alert as John Lynch takes offers for the second slot.
At Myles Garrett's pro day: GM Ryan Pace. The two were supposed to meet privately too. Clear favorite to go 1 ove…
Listening to how Ryan Pace talks about Mike Glennon, I don't see the going QB at 3.
GM Ryan Pace: are investigating Deiondre Hall. Football-wise, they'll try him at safety in OTAs
No sign locked into drafting a QB in 2017 as Ryan Pace underscores 'best available' tack:…
I am quickly losing any hope and confidence in Ryan Pace
Ryan Pace says Mark Sanchez's experience makes him a 'really good' backup QB
Ok fans, here’s everything you need to know from Ryan Pace’s chat with us today at the NFL owners meetings:
So fans believe nothing Ryan Pace says during the season but everything he says weeks before the draft. Makes no sense.
Ryan Pace also said Kyle Fuller could be an option at safety, but it sounds like he'll still get a shot to compete at corner…
[The Journal Times] - Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Pace walks around the field before an NFL football presea…
Ryan Pace sees the NFL unlike anybody else
Add Notre Dame sophomore Matt Ryan to the transfer list. This thing is at a rapid pace today.
Listen to Ryan Pace's full press conference at today's NFL owners meetings in Arizona. 👂🏼:
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Hub Arkush: Chicago Bears GM Ryan Pace discusses Mark Sanchez, draft strategy and more from NFL meetings
Per GM Ryan Pace, have been talking to Deiondre' Hall about playing safety. He played some safety in college.
Ryan Pace to reporters in Arizona: Mark Sanchez is No. 2 quarterback behind Mike Glennon.…
2.25 star prospect Ryan Lange commits to Small, speedy forward who plays w/ great pace and energy. Crafty,…
America cannot move at the pace of Speaker Ryan's donors.
From Phoenix, column on Ryan Pace and what the GM had to say about the Bears:
"We're going to draft the best players available, wherever that may be." . - GM Ryan Pace
Ryan Pace- "We will go BPA, whatever that may be." This doesn't mean no QB, this means we have no idea what their board is.
Ryan Pace is sitting on his hands like we were 13-3 not 3-13. As the top FAs continue to fall elsewhere. Almost speechless.
Ryan Pace says Bears plan to have conversations in Indy with Alshon Jeffery reps.
GM Ryan Pace still not publicly ruling out Jay Cutler and Alshon Jeffery coming back to the
GM Ryan Pace makes it clear on Alshon Jeffery: "Tagging him two years in a row wasn't really an option for us."
Ryan Pace said the Bears plan to have conversations in Indy this week with Alshon Jeffery's rep, Tory Dandy.
Ryan Pace: Bears wait for Alshon Jeffery to test free agency; Jay Cutler situation 'fluid'
I hope you are right but Ryan Pace is gonna make a run at 1 of the 2 Eastern Illinois QB's: Romo or JG. He only has…
If the Bears even think about signing Tony Romo I'm drop kicking Ryan Pace.
Me and Ryan Pace gon come to blows if Romo get transferred here.
I'd love to be Ryan Pace. There are only 32 of those jobs.
I'd hate to be Ryan Pace right now. There's simply no 'right' answer in the QB debate.
He's just gonna gloss over the fact that he had them on pace for more wins than any other year this season?
Ryan Lewis: Major League Baseball must be careful in its obsession with pace-of-play
If Ryan Pace finds a QB who he believes can be the answer, he should not be afraid to draft him at regardless of "pundits" opinions.
Ryan Pace has vowed to upgrade the secondary by adding more playmakers. 📰:
Ryan Dungey situation is puzzling. Marv ran a good pace to catch up. Ryan got in trouble with Lappers. Dungey needs to win next week period
I've watched Ethan Ryan since he was 15. He's added genuine pace to his game and he's streaking away with 21 tries in 17…
I still say Ryan Pace should pave the way to Taylor's door w/ money if he shakes loose in Buffalo.
Going by Ryan Pace's timeline of the past 2 years. I'd expect to see some cuts this week. Likely names like Royal and/o…
From GM Ryan Pace to team president Ted Phillips, the Bears are on record in their commitment to free agency in addition to the draft.
Jimmy Garoppolo to the Bears? The price better be right, and Ryan Pace must be careful. column:…
Let the Browns get finessed, do not help them Ryan Pace
Ok I have one thing to say about Bennett: he should be kissing Ryan Pace's *** for trading him to the Pats instead of trashing the Bears
I think this needs to be said. Ryan Pace isn't getting enough credit. Let Matt Forte walk. Instantly replaced him with Jo…
Ryan Pace said they need playmakers, Sean Taylor was a big play maker. I say him or Allen for bears at 3, trade for QB
"I'd consider drafting David Rundblad if I were Ryan Pace. Future HOF'er. I definitely know more than him."
Seems like some Bears fans don't like Ryan Pace but I think he's great. Having 2 of the top 10 rookies according to is impressive.
I do trust Ryan Pace. I trust the defense (when healthy) will take another step forward under Vic Fangio
Bears GM Ryan Pace: 'This is just talk and we’ve got to show actions' via
Everything you hear in this interview from Ryan Pace is what you want to hear your GM say
moral of the story, Ryan Pace should hire me
Bears GM Ryan Pace spoke about Jay Cutlers future in Chicago...
Are you implying that Ryan Pace couldn't get a hickey if he wanted to?
.& discuss 3takeaways from Ryan Pace's press conference in their Halas Hall Pass video…
GM Ryan Pace: 'Big decision' ahead for on Alshon Jeffery via
Takeaways from today's press conference with Ryan Pace and John Fox
Halas Hall Pass: Three takeaways from Ryan Pace's press conference
That's it for the 2nd - with three points in the period, but the keep pace. 3-3 game going into the 3rd
Ryan Pace actually sounds like a man with a plan. Sometimes, that's all you can ask for, and hope it works out.
George McCaskey's patient but he needs to see his win, we'll hear from McCaskey, Ryan Pace & John Fox 9:38pm
George McCaskey wants his Bears to become a winner again. He has put those hopes firmly with John Fox and Ryan Pace.
So, how did that Ryan Pace thing work out for you? Yea, suked for me too.
Ryan Pace tells us Jay Cutler does want to play next year and is way ahead of schedule with rehab. Will not say what tea…
GM Ryan Pace says this is not the time to get into individual player contracts now. So don't expect details on QB Jay…
CSN goes 1-on-1 with Bears general manager Ryan Pace - Yardbarker
Why couldn't Ryan Pace demand the Bears make the playoffs next season, asks
Finally got to watch the Bears presser today. Ryan Pace is very comforting.. I fee like my beloved Bears are in good hands.
CSN goes 1-on-1 with Bears GM Ryan Pace: 'I'm as frustrated as anybody. I get it.' -
.went 1-on-1 with Ryan Pace today. Here's the interview:
.ran the table & put up crazy numbers. Fellow MVP candidate kept pace: (Via
Ryan Pace: 'Everything's on the table' for Bears' futu..
Ryan Pace: 'Everything's on the table' for Bears' futur..
"We've done enough where you can tell there is genuine excitement" - Ryan Pace
Enough said ! "GM Ryan Pace had a simple message for fans today.
The Carry Out 1-4-17: “Bears chairman George McCaskey said he was pleased with Ryan Pace and John Fox’s performanc…
On "Top 25 Rookies of 2016" list, three of the players are Bears. That's awesome. I think Ryan Pace is good.
Official scorecard from today's Halas Hall festivities: Ryan Pace and John Fox used word "injuries" 19 times. "Injury" came…
Bears GM Ryan Pace: "We are never going to be in this position again."
I had questions for John Fox and Ryan Pace today. Some were answered. Others? Not so much. My column:
With patience running out, Ryan Pace needs to think big this offseason
GM Ryan Pace promises that success is coming for the organization, via
GM Ryan Pace says are in top 5 in salary cap space: "With that comes major responsibility."
SportsTalk Live Podcast: Ryan Pace, John Fox meet the media for season-ending press conference
At a less-than-wild day at Halas Hall, you could read plenty into Ryan Pace's words, (
Why couldn't Ryan Pace demand the make the playoffs next season? RosenBlog:
John Fox praised young Ryan Pace for his opening, and then Fox commented on the cap space, the draft position, etc. Wa…
Bold trade for QB is Bears GM Ryan Pace's best path in defining -
GM Ryan Pace's biggest offseason chore: Get the QB right. Brian Hoyer, Matt Barkley hoping for a shot:
I wonder why Ryan Pace has not confirmed the report that John Fox is safe. 3 days of waiting is just going to let people stew.
Ryan Pace. He should have fired John Fox after last season
Bears GM Ryan Pace to "I promise it's coming. We're going to be successful."
I hope Ryan Pace and John Fox get coal for Christmas this year. The Bears suck. Making me miss Lovie and Jerry Angelo (weird sentence).
Ryan Pace is GM. Maybe SP could finally acquire Romo (he tried in NOLA in '06)
Good Morning! Got to Halas Hall early w/ Ryan Pace trying to decide how to cut WRs today, because they are likely dropping their pink slips
Auston Matthews now on pace for 33 goals this season
Auston Matthews now on pace for 29 goals this season
After a quarter Kevin Love is on pace for 136 points.
Matt Moulson is on a 30 goal pace. Okposo 27 and Ryan O'Reilly 25
About to tape new pod. Last ICYMI, on Pace’s biggest mistake — bare QB room — & what to glean from NFC East:…
Is it a good sign that GM Ryan Pace really liked Marcus Mariota? I would say, yes. My column:
suntimes​.com >> It’s a good sign that Ryan Pace and Bears liked Marcus Mariota
they play different though we miss Bellerin and his pace on the cover I think, see how he goes
Trust John Fox to develop young QB? Absolutely Not. Fox has 2 Yrs left contract. Real question? Does Ryan Pace want Fox back.
The Bears are struggling, but Danny Trevathan is playing well. on Ryan Pace’s top free-agent pick-up…
Huge mistake to play McGregor imo. Roberts or Forrest give you pace and an outball other than Sinclair.
New podcast, on bare QB cupboard -- Pace's biggest misstep -- & using NFC East as a lesson on fixing it:…
Ryan McDonagh still has not scored a goal this season but yet is on pace to have a career high in points. That's astounding.
The Pitt Panthers offense is producing at a record pace. 🏈🔥
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we shared some things we are thankful for, but it all circled back to Ryan Pace.
No but Asensio doesn't offer depth with the ball. He's very complicated to defend when driving the ball with pace.
We like Ryan Pace so far, have to give his regime time -
When will we hear from Ryan Pace? It's like he's been hiding in all this mess
Did we just fight our *** off for 18 months to put Priebus, Ryan, and Romney in power?. FCK THAT. I didn't.
what is it with Trevor Whelan not being able to control the pace of horses today?
These are the ten best QB ratings ever recorded. Matt Ryan currently on pace for 5th best season ever.
Ryan Pace has done great job convincing free agents to come to Chicago. Not sure how he does that this offseason w/Fox as…
Final from Alaska Airlines Arena. Crisp drops 26 and Dickerson goes for 23 / 7 to pace the Dawgs to a 94-88 win over Long Beach…
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I dug it man. Nice pace, good location and idea to push the moment along.
I don't see Ryan pace being conservative like that. Could put his job on the line with another year like this
Should we have any faith that Ryan Pace and/or John Fox can fix what's wrong with this franchise?
Have you ever 💭. What if Ryan Pace is the 2nd coming of Jerry Angelo? His D picks 👀 ok. 2 of 6 Offensive picks can play. 🤔🤔
Matt Ryan playing at an MVP level this season too and Julio still only on pace for 8 TD's lol
Bears should be transparent & GM Ryan Pace hold presser, per of WSCR today. But hypocrites mum on missing Terry Boers.
New podcast, powered by QB future, Ryan Pace’s biggest misstep & how to fix it:…
someone call up Ryan Pace - we need to get some of that 2010 magic back
Ryan Pace was hired 8 seasons too late, he got a broken down after almost a decade of playing behind horrible O-Lines! Great job Angelo.
James Harden is on pace (5.1 per game) to record 422 assists on 3-pointers. . We have those since '96-97 & record is 2…
announces 2017/18 football PSDs and season tix are increasing. Says revenue is not growing at same pace o…
The assertion that "all I need is a QB" from Fox - a man whose never developed a young QB - is laughable. Make the right move, Ryan Pace.
Ryan Pace loves Kaaya. That should tell you something.
Here's how Ryan Pace found out Jay Cutler was done for the season .
Ryan Pace picking up right where Phil Emery left off... Inept from the top down
the morning after the loss to Philly is when Ryan Pace should've cut Pernell McPhee & placed John Fox
to Ryan Pace... Hopefully he will fire John Fox & find a way to bring in Sean Payton this off season. But George & Ted must go
Bryce Callahan, Deiondre Hall, Jacoby Glenn, all Ryan Pace's young studs.. I don't see Kyle Fuller with the Bears next season
In this photo, alum Ryan Pace attempts telepathy, telling you to apply to EIU right now. We think. ht…
But GM Ryan Pace didn't want Brandon Marshall, Matt Forte or Martellus Bennett. Now, by the time youth develops Cutler will be old too. Smh.
BREAKING: John Fox is out as Bears head coach citing differences with GM Ryan Pace.
Ryan Pace has let huge offensive weapons like Matt Forte, Brandon Marshall and Martellus Bennett go. Some of this has to be on him.
i think the bears missed on Ryan Pace. The hire should of been Chris Ballard. Pass on John Fox and hired Todd Bowles.
Don't see Ryan Pace so clearly irrelevant
when is Ryan pace officially on the "hot seat"?
GM Ryan Pace on Bears signing kicker Connor Barth, addition of Josh Sitton, by
hilites & Kyle Hendricks, Ryan Pace & John Fox on why they cut Nascar truck drivers get into a fight 9:46pm
GM Ryan Pace and Kyle Long chatting it up after today's practice.
After a busy weekend of roster shakeups, what did we learn about the Bears? weighs in.
let's say the Bears finish with the worst record and you're Ryan Pace. Who are you drafting?
Late moves give deeper roster but not without cost to reputation for team that's not good at goodbyes. Column
If Ryan Pace could just read me a bedtime story every night this week...I could somehow make it to Sunday 🐻🏈😴
Late moves give Bears deeper roster - but not without cost to reputation
Ryan Pace about to meet media at Halas Hall after flurry of weekend moves that will be spun as part of the plan..Yes, there…
Evidently, Ryan Pace has not forgotten that all you need is the happy thoughts.
GM Ryan Pace to "I feel confident going into this season."
GM Ryan Pace thought Josh Sitton's availability was too good to be true, by
"There's traits of his that remind me of Olin Kreutz," GM Ryan Pace tells of Josh Sitton. "And I like that."
Swung on, belted: Ryan Pace takes home-run swing with Josh Sitton - Chicago Sun-Times
Ryan Pace states that the Bears' preparation for Josh Sitton allowed them to get him signed quickly. They didn't hesitate.
GM Ryan Pace to "I think we're getting healthy at the right time."
Bears' 11th-hour roster moves make it harder to believe in team's plan, by
GM Ryan Pace tells Josh Sitton liked Chicago, the way will use him and the chance to play the twice a year.
After hearing Ryan Pace's & John Fox's explanations I'm even less clear how they think Connor Barth can be an upgrade over…
No doubt, the are headed in the right direction with a passionate and young Ryan Pace. I am VERY excited about this team's future.
GM Ryan Pace on WR Alshon Jeffery: 'Ultra-competitive,' at times misunderstood
GM Ryan Pace joined our All Access radio show this week. Here's what he had to say: https…
Bears Q&A w/ Why wouldn't Ryan Pace block Joe Douglas from going to the Eagles?
Ryan Pace would need to be punched in the balls if he signed Foster who can't stay healthy when he had a good reliable RB in Matt Forte.
Ryan Pace at it again, cutting Matt Slauson is stupid. Pro Bowl guards don't grow on trees you know!
Pretty happy with Ryan Pace's second draft as the Bears GM. This defense will look very, very different in 2016.
Everyone seems to be out for Ryan Pace's job tonight. Get back to Madden you strokes.
Ryan Pace: "We have a lot of needs. I have a lot of confidence in our scouts. Having nine picks in the draft, it's just more…
Ryan Pace says it's important to remember that while play 3-4 base defense, they're in nickel 60% of the time, mean…
board wasn't thrown off by big trades for top QBs at 1 and 2. GM Ryan Pace said they expected top QBs to be off the…
The have pressing needs, but Ryan Pace must stick to his plan and select the best player available.
Ryan Pace is excited about the Bears' assets with nine picks. "You have more ammunition to move around."
well lets hope Ryan Pace and John Fox are smarter than those clowns
need to stick to their draft plan. With 9 picks at his disposal GM Ryan Pace should be able to do some damage. Big…
I have insider info that Kyle Long has already blown up his DM & Ryan Pace has offered him an incentive heavy contract
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Ryan Pace: I expect Bears to compete in 2016 - Yardbarker
GM Ryan Pace: “I expect us to compete next year. I look at how we competed last year & the close games we were…
Note the way that GM Ryan Pace & Head Coach John Fox are building the Moves are being made for the long-haul, not for quick payoffs.
Ryan Pace likes drafting guys with good 40 times, that means William Jackson (DB), Darren Lee (LB) and Kamalei Correa might be on his radar
Ernie Accorsi was instrumental in hiring Ryan Pace. Said he was cutting edge.
coach John Fox reiterated what Ryan Pace said: DL Ego Ferguson (knee) has aggressively taken to rehab work. They like his progress.
Ryan Pace on Kevin White: "He's got the biggest smile on his face because I think he's eager to show everybody what he can d…
Bears GM Ryan Pace says WR Kevin White is 100% healthy. I'm so excited to see him play. I had him winning ROY before his injury.
Kevin White is 100% and Ego Ferguson is on track to be ready for training camp, per GM Ryan Pace.
In the last 13 months, Ryan Pace has gotten rid of Martellus Bennett, Brandon Marshall, and Matt Forte.
Stan Bowman and Theo Epstein better watch out...Ryan Pace is making moves
The signing of Housler makes it easier for Ryan Pace to deal Martellus Bennett:
GM Ryan Pace is working tirelessly to put Chicago back on the map.
DT Akiem Hicks is now a Bear. Ryan Pace, I see you. He hasn't broke the bank in FA but got some good talent.
Ryan Pace is like the football version of Theo Epstein, go Bears!
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Ryan Pace outchea. Now I'm not going to be shocked when Zeke Elliot is a Bear next year.
Ryan Pace and Ted Thompson are different souls.
Gotta give credit to Ryan Pace using the sleep deprivation method on Hicks.
The Bears have been pushing for Akiem Hicks for several days. Ryan Pace really values the 26-year-old disruptive defensive en…
Ryan Pace don't be like Gar Forman. Make some moves please. Go Bears!
George McCaskey closes out on by expressing his faith in Ryan Pace and John Fox, then signs off true to form: "Go, Bears!"
For Vic Fangio to succeed, Ryan Pace has got to make inroads with the draft.
AND: on Bears GM Ryan Pace's quest to find playmakers for the defense and on Alshon Jefferey ...
Any chance Ryan Pace lures Richard Dent and Danimal Hampton out of retirement for a Bears SB run?
DE Akiem Hicks is a name to keep an eye on in free agency for the Bears. Familiarity with Ryan Pace as Saints drafted him in 2012.
Just a reminder, GM Ryan Pace will speak w/ media tomorrow at 9am & HC John Fox at 10am from the combine.
Ryan Pace so far is Grasu. Phil Emery though: Brandon Hardin and Will Sutton.
Decision on Matt Forte not the right one, but Ryan Pace, John Fox get benefit of doubt — for now - Chicago Sun
I'm gonna try to be patient with Ryan Pace. At least he wasn't a snake like Phil Emery when dealing with Urlacher.
GM Ryan Pace on difficult decision not to resign Matt Forte:
Bears GM Ryan Pace's statement thanking Matt Forte for his service:
Big thumbs up to GM Ryan Pace on benign upfront with Matt Forte. Much different that the Phil Emery/Brian Urlacher situation.
2 1st round picks for Ryan Pace who wouldn't play Week 1 wouldn't look good to fanbase. I don't think he'd do it
Not sure why Andy is taking it light on Ryan where are the rapid fire questons like usual.come on...pick up the pace
Maybe John Fox can get Ryan Pace to build the kinda defense the Broncos have bc that's the only way Jay "Punky Brewster" C…
Bears fam I have a question and be very honest when you answer. Do you really 100% trust Ryan Pace?
Ryan Hellier was straight on the pace at his return this weekend at the NZ Grand Prix at Manfeild! He topped this...
Three dozen more scientists and clinicians sign open letter to Lancet urging independent review of PACE:
Pace has Bears going in the right direction
New post: Ryan Pace has Chicago Bears in line to contend soon
Chicago Bears: 6 Possible Big Free Agency Bargains: Ryan Pace could very well open up the coffers so that the ...
You could be right, but Y1 content pace seemed unsustainable and Bungie adapted, so Ryan for Parsons remains a mystery.
I always pace when I'm on the phone idk why
The and are on pace to have the best two PPG differentials in a season in NBA history
Ryan Pace: The Franchise Tag humilates all parties involved in its farcical application. We shant be using it. Ta-ta, Alshon!
The are allowing an NBA-high 109 PPG this season, on pace to be the 6th-highest per-game average in the…
Been saying since summer that a guy like Ryan Anderson is 100X better fit for pace & space than the Wiz current bigs
Fair to say they're not retaining both he and Von. Ryan pace get in line and open up the checkbook
Series A:. 1. Still going up aggressively. 2. Pace is down slightly . 3. Competition at top of the funnel.
the thought of that makes me so happy. So much pace, perfect footwork, goals!
This Mourinho thing is picking pace
I recall the report "Such was the pace it was possible all 5 (title chasers) would fail to finish!!"
He smirks at her before kissing her back at a bruising pace. Pulling away to Pepper kisses along her jaw. "Oh Ryan, I -
he was on that pace but he would've slumped along the way. He usually slumps in July.
by my math he was on pace for 59 last season and that was with a slow start. It's not impossible, just tough to do
Tagged by is Lee Pace of course. is Richard Armitage. is Ryan Gage. 😎😍
not even joking, I think he hits 60 if healthy. If you look at his pace after the first month and a half or so last
Thanks Ryan😤😈 can never fall short of 47😅 can't wait to see where you end up!
Will be interesting to see how GM Ryan Pace overhauls this Chicago Bears roster over the next few months.
While I do like McPhee, Houston, & Young, Noah Spence is explosive like Vic Beasley. Not sure Ryan Pace would take him and all his red flags
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Rounding the 150 page mark of 's Definitely a much faster pace than
Ibe reminds me of Ryan Babel, pace and power to burn but just runs into trouble everytime
nail on the head mate. All well and good having that much pace but if you don't use it right it's wasted
Wouldn't expect GM Ryan Pace to trade back. Rather the opposite, may move up for player. Comes from a Mickey Loomis way of thinking.
Can you give up being nice for lent? If I get stuck behind one more slow-moving potato person I am going to lose my sh!t! London pace people
We're excited to see be a tackling machine!
So far, 2016 has been a phenomenal year for NBA gossip. Maybe the best ever. We're on an incredible pace.
No spin. What do you think of Ryan Pace and his scouting department, where would you rank them league-wise?
Ryan Pace needs to beat the odds for the Chicago and find some late round gems
Not a good sign. The more liberal congressional Republicans get, the more money flows through their coffers.
"Thanks to technology and the internet, the tools, rules, and pace of work have forever changed"
PM saying Medicare hasn't kept pace with fact people use smart phones to transact but this app goes okay
Bears have over $50M cap room and can get even more with some easy cuts. Ryan Pace has said he will "spread out resources"…
John Fox & Ryan Pace will be building the same defense, can't wai…
Paul Ryan on record-breaking fundraising pace, big 2016 boost to House GOP via DCExaminer
Paul Ryan is on a record-breaking fundraising pace, good news for House GOP
If Bears want a stopgap at guard, would they look at Jahri Evans? (released, per No GM should know Evans better…
A theme of today’s presser: Ryan Pace knows the Bears’ defense needs more playmakers
With a full staff in place, a second offseason with should reveal the real Ryan Pace http…
Bears' offseason No. 2 should reveal the real Ryan Pace - Chicago Sun
Updated story on Matt Forte and the decision with him with quotes from Ryan Pace:
Updated story on Alshon Jeffery and his future with the Bears w/ quotes from Ryan Pace
Bears' Ryan Pace: We have 'extreme' confidence in Jay Cutler
GM Ryan Pace: We have “extreme confidence” in Jay Cutler. Will build offense around him.
GM Ryan Pace says he was frustrated with season: "We've got to finish close games and play with consistency."
"We didn't really talk about the future," said Matt Forte of talk w/Ryan Pace. "The time will come when we need to have th…
Hopefully GM Ryan Pace keeps Matt Forte since he's been consistent and reliable.
GM Ryan Pace discusses free agency, the draft, Cutler, Bennett and more. Story:
Ryan Pace mentioned the “healthy salary cap” as a vehicle to a add more talent. Here are the details:
Ryan Pace called LT Charles Leno a "pleasant surprise" and "we have positive vibes about him" coming out of the seaso…
GM Ryan Pace on Kyle Fuller: "I think he's an ascending player and we have a lot of confidence in him."
Recapping final press conference from GM Ryan Pace for
Ryan Pace noted he was pleased with Cutler's performance this season. Talked about his decreased turnovers and his athletic…
And that's it. Interesting stuff from Ryan Pace. He's always pleasant and informative.
GM Ryan Pace jokes that one of benefit of John Fox being 100 years old is that he can find capable replacements for…
GM Ryan Pace on QB Jay Cutler: "I think Jay knows that we have extreme confidence in him."
GM Ryan Pace on Martellus Bennett: "He's a versatile player...Unfortunately, he got hurt."
Bears GM Ryan Pace: Bears have 'extreme confidence' in Jay Cutler.
GM Ryan Pace on WR Kevin White: "We treated him like player 54 this year...I think he's going to hit things full sp…
Ryan Pace runs the Bears now , not them *** before . He knows talent
Ryan Pace I love ya and love what you are doing with this Bears roster but if you take a QB in round 1 I will find a new squad to root for
Ryan Pace: "We just need to keep adding more playmakers."
"It’s a big offseason. We’re fortunate to have a healthy cap and extra picks." - GM Ryan Pace
Of course Ryan Pace will say the relationship between him & Martellus Bennett isn't tainted, it'll hurt the trade value! ✌🏼️
I'm a big fan of Ryan Pace. I look forward to seeing what does in this years draft. They have some holes to fill.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
GM Ryan Pace speaking very highly of RB Matt Forte. Says he the type of player the want.
Ryan pace has said that the Bears will pick the best player available. Which is great no need to reach when building like we are
GM Ryan Pace: "We need to add talent to our roster, We need to add playmakers. We have an exciting offseason ahead…
Good thing you aren't around Ryan Pace because he is excited about EVERYTHING! He would likely annoy you!
GM Ryan Pace says he plans to build the offense around QB Jay Cutler.
Coach John Fox and GM Ryan Pace smile after their season-ending press conference. https:…
Ryan pace went from smart to moron in a matter of one comment
GM Ryan Pace: "We're going to continue to build the offense around Jay Cutler."
"We just have to keep on adding more playmakers, man." -- GM Ryan Pace.
You guys will love hearing this: Ryan Pace on Shea: “I thought he did well in that adjustment.” Settled down in natural position.
GM Ryan Pace on Matt Forte: "We like the idea of a rotational group of running backs."
Ryan Pace on his first year as GM: "It's been a learning experience. There's no manual for this."
Ryan Pace - re Alshon Jeffery, thorough discussions coming up
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