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Ryan Murray

Ryan Murray (born September 27, 1993) is a Canadian ice hockey defenceman who is currently playing for the Everett Silvertips in the WHL.

Seth Jones Boone Jenner Blue Jackets Adam Larsson Scott Howson Dougie Hamilton Morgan Reilly

David Murray slams bank levy, warns costs likely to be passed onto borrowers
At least Ryan is intelligent, and has some history of some collaboration (previous budget deal with Sen Murray)
ABC's Peter Ryan Bank levy could hit borrows and encourage more risk, David Murray warns on
Moody strikes out the next batter and with a left-handed Chase Murray coming up to bat he is replaced by lefty Ryan Avidano. UGA leads 7-5
Still surreal but I can officially say I am an Aerospace Engineering graduate from The Ohio State University
Morton should be relegated for letting Simon Murray score into them IMO
TODAY IS ELECTION DAY!! Make sure you VOTE!! Do it for shirtless Ryan Gosling and his voting sticker! - Katie Murray
GOAL for Stunning finish by Simon Murray into the top corner from just outside the box!. Morton 1-1 Dun…
‘It tears me to pieces to step away’: Seattle Mayor Ed Murray drops bid for second term
So what did Ryan's mom do with the unused Mustang? Maybe Wacko asked for it back.…
Ryan Murray's job with the is probably safe with Vladislav Gavrikov signing a 2-year deal to stay in Russia
Interesting Looks like the only two bummers have been Ryan Murray and JVR. JVR has had an OK career,…
Practice for Game Seven is underway at The only missing players are Trevor Daley and Matt Murray.
"I saw Ryan Seacrest at the top of a ski slope once." - Matthew T Murray
ahh so Mark Allen hadnt owned it at this point, and it was Ryan not Murray. i'll just shut up 😳
home. Unlike Jackson Elton John was right IN the hospital visiting Ryan when he h…
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Elton John did WAY, WAY, more for Ryan White than that pos pedophile. He gave Rya…
If you are seeking a different kind of exercise please check out laid back fitness!! Ryan McGowan has an...
I want it read aloud in a coffee house with Ryan Murray playing guitar gently in the background.
There's a *** page for it and the second story is about Ryan Murray?!?! Who has time to…
Two ICON employees killed in plane crash IDed as Jon Murray Karkow and passenger Cagri Sever.
Advice from on editing and cutting extra words. From podcast Home Row.
Tough one,no backups and he was(4a while)keeping jacko away from the kicking tee. massive loss but…
Just like Munster supporters dont understand the Donnacha Ryan decision, disgraceful , only one pr…
All organizations have an innate innovation capability say and Ryan Murray via
Think Murray regrets not making a deal for Ryan Miller at the deadline?
John wall playing like his hs hoop mixtape 😱
Buzzing for Prague now, not long to go now at all
Not great game today, but got the win!! 3-0 👍🏻
Can't wait for my wee man to be home, missed him today
Dude takes a pic with Paul Ryan, promptly enters the trolling hall of fame via
FT: Albion finish second, as Grealish's late 89th-minute strike cancels out Murray's opener from the penalty spot.
I dunno who is more unpersonable and boring in interviews Ryan Moore or Andy Murray .
Suspect this is also good news for messrs Defoe, Muntari, Benjani, Krancjar, Crouch...
How's that looking, fans?. Glenn Murray's goal sends the Seagulls back to the top. 🏆
Tony Romo, Jason Witten and DeMarco Murray are partying like it's 2014 at the [Photo via demarcomurray/IG…
Remember to crank this song up Ryan Follese when heading out on Lake Murray. And be sure to spot Lake Murray...
Region tennis is going on at Murray High. Ryan Boddington took 1st place in 2nd Singles. Ways to go Ryan.
Watching the Oilers reminds of the fact that nobody would care if they gained or lost Yakupov or Ryan Murray
NBA line lost tonight thanks to none other than ryan Anderson and d. Murray
Honestly next offseason Spurs should restart with Murray-Simmons-Leonard. Try to trade Aldridge for a pick to get a younger big man
.also I'd bet anything that paul ryan's had at least one wet dream involving murray rothbard
Dejounte Murray and Patty Mills thought process right now:
The weather is getting warmer. Crank up this music video by Ryan Follese and spot Lake Murray while you listen.
Good sign for Cook. Sounds like an open competition, not a handoff to Murray. Rookie should win this battle.
All I want in life is a tattoo by Ryan Murray
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American Healthcare Act passes House. Senate will take more time. Plan 4 & expect more Medicaid recoveries. 10/1 Murray/Ryan
Thanks Rob, no surprise from Ryan Crotty on running line - one of the most intelligent centres in the game.
If 2017 ends with somebody wearing Paul Ryan's face as a mask, I'll be happy.
Really excited for riots to happen and watch news coverage of Paul Ryan being pulled from his mansion and lit on fire in the streets.
I have no moral issue wishing that Paul Ryan gets horribly beaten and maimed since he doesn't care if poor people die.
This might be a strong opinion, but I hope Paul Ryan gets beaten with pipes outside a bar in Milwaukee.
No mention of Kent State's Najee Murray, which was widely reported...interesting
It's tempting to say Ryan is the cruelest Republican Speaker in modern history, but his competition literally includes a c…
Eagles plan to sign both Ryan Mathews and DeMarco Murray:
Punning on the word 'force' is up there with buying The Sun and voting UKIP as an indication that you're a total bell-end.
"All organizations have an innate innovation capability" - / Ryan Murray
Yes I hope Ryan Murray and Matt Murray will be back this series for two different reasons lol
Ryan Murray (clb), Ryan Murphy (car), Calvin De Haahn (NYI), Karl alzner (Washington) I want one of these guys on our roster
42' Matt Solway off, Sam Taylor on with an immediate impact winning the penalty. Ryan Murray successful from the tee (8-12)
What happened to Ryan Murray's game? He is just not good.
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pre-game rushes show Scott Harrington on the left side of the third pair with Ryan Murray.
5:30 1st Period Columbus Goal scored by William Karlsson assisted by Ryan Murray and Josh Anderson. 0 1
My heart plunged when I saw Ryan Murray do this but he got right up.
Saad followed it up shortly after. Ryan Murray with great vision to feed Saad for the one timer. 2-0 at the time.…
Also, no guarantees on a return, but Tortorella said D Ryan Murray (head) was making progress. Call him questionable for Tuesday.
Jack Johnson was relegated to the third pairing all preseason and opening night. Injury to Ryan Murray has him moving up.
Video: Widely respected Ryan Kullar is the winner of our Murray Dykeman Mentorship Award!
Thanks to Ryan Murray who is our 500th investor! We hope to have over 1000 so we are past half way in all areas now!
Happy birthday Jamie, hope you have a nice day 🤗xo
Bill Murray will be there and wear Ryan Clements' child as a hat
Matt Murray (moved to 12-4 this postseason, tied for 2nd-most wins by a rookie goalie in a playoff year:
Murray and Jones are just ridiculously good goalies.
Murray and Jones. Jones and Murray. If we close our eyes, can we imagine it's Ryan and Seth? 😕
Ehh idk I just wish the defense would wake up. They're making Murray do everything. Offense needs to finish a chance
Literally no defensive help for Murray there. Letang is getting hella lazy.
Murray's biggest strength is how sound he is with fundamentals. Reminds me of Ryan Miller.
So who had Martin Jones (as a starter) or Matt Murray winning a Cup before Lundqvist, Luongo, Rask, Bishop, Holtby, and Ryan Miller?
theyll have to move him or Ryan Murray before Xpansion draft either way
4. Ryan Murray says you can fly to anything you see in the sky & land on it. So land on one of those big freighters.
Wow the Sensory Zone installed and supplied by Murray's Medical at Buttercrane Shopping Centre in Newry is the... https:/…
Not to get all Charles Murray, but I wonder how much military service and church attendance served as cultural/political glue…
If you guys think Ryan Murray was lit, you haven't seen me when I'm shtupid
Murray says he has good reason 2 question Trump's presidency due to "character & policy". What of Paul Ryan giving O everything!
I wish I was as litt as Ryan Murray
Brett Murray bloops an RBI single into LF, then Ryan Fitzgerald singles to RF. Tying run on base with one out. XU 8, CU 6, T-9.
RBI single for Brett Murray brings the tying run to the plate in the form of Ryan Fitzgerald!!. 6. 8
Had an absolutely cracking day with my boy!! 😍
Thanks so much to Queensland Senate Candidate Murray Watt for joining me and fifty Ryan locals to talk human...
Thanks so much to Labor Senate candidate Murray Watt and Andrew Giles MP for supporting the Ryan campaign and for...
Company Murray Ryan H just submited new SEC filing
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
To convince Paul Ryan & the Tea Party to let the government function, Patty Murray had to bribe them with TSA money
Ryan Murray in return? That'd be interesting. Former pick, still young, LHD.
Germans, Italians & French have all won more football trophies than England. Murray the Pub Landlord mentality here.
also you and Ryan are the hottest couple at Murray... Except for Ryan. He ugg 💙😂
Ryan ewing the point is we've both had players who support the other side, "PM WHAT". watp
He seems to be loving the game! He has hosted gameplays with Sean Murray numerous of times!
FROM THE ARTICLE: "More recently, in 2013 Ryan worked with Democratic Sen. Patty Murray to eliminate federal...
Ryan Murray hits the board for his second. 2.6.18 leads 2.1.13.
And the games first comes through Ryan Murray! Beautiful set shot for the opener. 1.1.7 plays 0.2.2
First blood to as Ryan Murray converts, leading 1.1 to 0.2
Happy birthday Murray! Thanks for showing me a good time my freshman year, Mexico wouldn't have been the same without you😏
Why is no one talking about Dougie Hamilton? Better than Ryan Murray by a wide variety of measures.
To handful of DMs threatening to unfollow me for calling Ryan Murray "sucky". A. please take sarcasm comprehension class. B. Like I care
First big save by Keith Kinkaid, Mark Stone to Ryan Murray!
trading 1st, 3rd and 4th this year 1st and 2nd next year, for the draft class of 2012, the 2 top D Ryan Murray and Griffin Reinhart
For those hating on BOB in 1st period, he's reason this game in going to OT.. guess Ryan Murray was right, shouldn't give up on after 1
Well, it's fairly evident Ryan Murray wants to play with Matthews next season.
Ryan Murray on Tue:“It was looking pretty grim. So, to the people who stuck around until the end, I thank them for having faith in us.”
Hoffman, Stone and Ryan. There's that production Cameron and Murray were looking for from their top players
Im going to miss the shotgun draw :(
except Murray prolly would miss that
Last time I check Demarco Murray and Ryan Matthews aren't LT 😂
I wish Scott Howson was still Columbus GM because we'd not only get Hartnell, but also Ryan Murray, Alex Wennberg, and a 1st.
Congratulations to Ryan Murray today for reciting by heart, with heart, our Code of Values! We keep a $100.00...
fans that like idea of floating Matt Murray out there in a trade need to be removed from the city.
Murray also flung out there that he's not much interested in moving his first or Theodore, Larsson or Ritchie, particular…
Ryan, tell Matt the Cats are ranked 9th in the SI power rankings, they put Tyler Ulis in 2nd tier for POY and Murray in Top 15.
Attn (and of course rugby savants = only ones to call JVF for Twickers
*inhales a Marlboro red* doug's not wrong. *exhales*. chip's probably not as smart as we thought re: X's and O's.
Doug Pederson took some thinly-veiled shots at Chip Kelly's use of running backs.
Update your maps at Navteq
"You can’t take 3 running backs & try to make them 1 running back.” Pederson plans to use RBs differently than Chip:
Hi. If you have a staff concern that'd you wish to raise, please send details to gwrfeedbackfor investigation. Grant
What training methods do you use to ensure your staff at Taunton are consistently unhelpful and ignorant?
Despres-Vatanen is becoming a good pairing. Trying to figure out who Murray will ship out on Monday is getting harder and harder.
Ryan Murray hasn't been amazing either. Weak draft.
So after this Rex Ryan thing we know that this:was from Murray for sure, right?
Ryan Murray: “Now, the SPR will ultimately end all longwall mining in the United States.”
Ryan Murray: “Now, with the proposed SPR, our industry will be eliminated for no environmental benefit whatsoever.”
Ryan Murray: SPR is the single greatest threat to the jobs and family livelihoods of our employees and suppliers that we have ever witnessed
Mr. Ryan Murray: “I am here today to discuss the devastating impacts from the SPR proposed by the OSM…”
Murray has been known to make trades straight out of left field (i.e. Ryan & Phaneuf). are selling high now. Never know!!
Hey drop by and say hello to Kellie and I at the Career Fair today from 1-4! See you then!
Looking forward to meeting talented Mules today @ the CF! So thrilled to be back at my Alma mater!
Looking forward to visiting with students today at the Career Fair! Don't forget these helpful tips!
Thanx Ryan O'Donnell for filming game last nite!! Any jv or frosh wanna volunteer to film friday, c me or murray. U'll get in game for free
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
can you believe I won money in a league where I drafted Lacy, D Murray, and Luck?
Ryan Murray's had injuries. But he's a heckuva lot better than Yakupov. Owner overruled the scouts.
I'd sacrafice my first born before I ate one of these
Ryan Murray, Morgan Reilly, Hampus Lindholm, Matt Dumba, Jacob Trouba. All there when the Oilers took Yakupov.
I've been happy to see that Morgan Reilly has been pretty durable to start his career. Glad he's not like Ryan Murray
Ryan Murray had 17 and Matthew Riker added 15 for Bethlehem. The Garnet Raiders advance to face No. 4 seed CBA Saturday at…
Ryan Murray has signed a two-year extension with the Blue Jackets. DETAILS –>
Seth Jones paired with Ryan 3-4 years the Columbus Blue Jackets might have the best defensive pair in the entire NHL
Ryan Murray and Seth Jones are the future so far the trade has favored the jackets 😊
We can safely assume that Ryan Murray is ecstatic to be playing with Seth Jones..based on the 15 times it's been mentioned in this broadcast
This is a 'sweaty' / 'jew' goal for the people that didn't know
Andy Murray says he'd miss the Australian Open final to attend the birth of his first child.
For the first time since my 8th birthday, I'm the proud owner of Crash Bandicoot. If you need to contact me over the next 3 months, don't.
cuz they're actually named Ryan Murray
at with ryan.murray.9083 . We'll be in the gym every morning and…
I understand what you're saying. But it isn't a landslide.
the cardinals were a really good team all around. Their Oline is arguably the best in the league too
take cam off the Panthers and what do they do..? He was missing his best WR the year he goes 15-1 with 45 TDs...I mean cmon
I mean you could say that. But Carson Palmer over the last two season lost 3 games. Without him they are no where. Lol
it's not a matter of opinion. It's a matter of statistical analysis. Cam Newton was better and more valuable than anyone.
lol okay. Guess people can't voice opinions nowadays
dude. It's not even remotely close. Cam is on another level.
Help Ryan in the beat his Multiple Sclerosis through : -
hello Brendan Murray how was your walk today with Ryan? 💜
lmao, Murray?! You telling me you would take Murray over Ryan? UGA fans y'all see this?
And the last AFC playoff spot goes to... The
Lancaster knows what it's like to lose so much to a tornado
Nah don't let a guy walk all over you 😁
Let's but Tommy boy out with a huge win
Every time Murray gets hit in the backfield, 1 or both of the Eagles OG's are standing there watching it happen because they got beat
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Surprised Ryan Matthews hasn't been in much this Half. Barner has played more. Duce must want to see Murray play for when he's coach.
Demarco Murray wouldn't have dropped that 😂
bro I'm getting raped rn. Ryan Mathews is shooting heroin on the sidelines while Murray and sproles put in work
DeMarco Murray, Dareen Sproles, Ryan Matthews, Zach Ertz, and they'll probably look for a QB unless they like Bradford
Only DeMarco Murray can go into halftime with 49 yards rushing after a 54-yard run...
Chip Kelly got fired and DeMarco Murray immediately became good at football again.
Eagles will resign Bradford and become a pro style offense and Murray is gonna have a great year next year.
if oil had drafted for need - Hall, Adam Larsson, Ryan Murray, Nurse, Draisaitl, McDavid along with Klefbom & Rienhart
BIG congrats to Ryan Murray, & Phil Davis on earning Innovation in Teaching Awards!!
Think it's possible to pluck an Adam Larsson or Ryan Murray to help us out?
Big second leads Blue Jackets to 5-2 win over Sharks: Boone Jenner and Ryan Murray scored within 30 seconds of each…
I think Ryan Murray should talk to Steve mason about booing.
Just hearing about Ryan Murray addressing the booing at home games. He wasn't around to hear Steve Mason booed during starting lineups.
PHOTO: Boone Jenner celebrates his 3rd period goal with Ryan Murray during the win Tuesday night.
Justin Falk in Ryan Murray's spot in projected lineup for tonight. Waiting on an update.
PM repost: Crashing the Net has a healthy Ryan Murray, building a identity and more...
New "Crashing the Net": have a healthy Ryan Murray, building identity & more
Ryan Murray interview after 2nd period @ Nationwide Arena
My post on how Ryan Murray could play his way into a Dougie Hamilton-like payday.
Remember when Garth Snow offered the entire NYI draft for 2nd overall so he could take Ryan Murray and Scott Howson said no?
BREAKING:Novak Djokovic is through to the Final of the after a 6-3 6-3 5-7 5-7 6-1 win over Andy Murray. ht…
Djokovic just too good in the end, brilliant fightback from
has done brilliant to fight back at but I think has taken it up another notch in this final set.
See now i love Djokovic but Murray is my boi
Hoping Murray can take this in the 5th set 😩
Literally crying rn. Man it's all over.
Great article by on the Eagles and their dynamic backfield in 2015:
Khalil Mack bulked up?. Malcom Floyd to retire?. 13 takeaways from Wednesday's OTAs:
Lol. Well that killed everything. I'm not even hype anymore tbh.
Trying to finish out the school year like
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ctfu then Ryan said I should apply, then I was like ard yo
Looks like these celebs just joined Ryan Gosling in support of feminism...
All this talk bout how dallas gon do without murray! The offense still gon be great! Joseph Randall, ryan Williams, Dmac, dunbar are studs
that's selling pretty low IMO. If Murray goes down he is a fantasy RB1 If not he is a solid RB3 Has a good floor & high ceiling
.are going to oppose funding bills, inching Congress closer toward a budget deal, reports:
If we’re going to have another budget deal, who’ll replace Ryan and Murray? reports:
Also from Murray Kuntz: look for Ryan Spooner to sign short-term deal (vs. bridge deal) with Bruins - still wants to pr…
What's more likely: Demarco Murray gets over 1700 yards or Ryan Mathews stays healthy 16 games
With Murray and Mathews, the Eagles could have the best RB duo ever, writes
DeMarco Murray, Ryan Mathews built to give Eagles best RB duo ever via
With DeMarco Murray & Ryan Mathews, set up to have most prolific RB duo (combined rushing yardage) ever
.Jim Dyer says a budget deal will fall to leadership, reports:
In a potential Ryan-Murray 2.0, who play the leading roles? My post:
This is what I love about you Powell, always got time for your fans.
The Eagles have Murray, Sproles, & Ryan Mathews. Are they even going to use a wide receiver/need a QB? *insert Tebow*
Oop Finlad Jack Ryan Brocklehurst Murray-Fuller but nevermind. You do love the Crab!!
Joseph Randle with the quote of the day saying the 1845-yard DeMarco Murray left "a lot of meat on the bone" in the run…
Will lawmakers reach another agreement like the Ryan-Murray deal?
Ya, people really underestimating how big of a loss Murray is. Went from having top 5 RB to arguably worst in NFL.
Ryan Matthews will have more rushing yards than Demarco Murray. True or false?
If Dylan Hartley gets banned from the World Cup, after missing the Lions tour, there's a strong possibility I'll *** myself laughing.
.Jeb Bush & Paul Ryan are acolytes of Chas Murray White Superiority books.
Big blow seeing Jonathan Davies ruled out of the World Cup. Thankfully he has two good understudies - Scott Williams and Brian O'Driscoll.
Madalyn Murray O'Hair was from a good Catholic family. All of the freedom of religion lawsuits in the US
If you don't watch hockey and think I was talking about the great Ryan Murray from south, I was taking about
Make sure you follow brilliant parody account of your typical deluded LOLerpool fans.
Happy birthday to the slayer of those unable to be slain
Like the other great men that ran this country, Ryan Murray is a true patriot! 🇺🇸
So cute Jack cuddling into when I was giving him his bedtime feed :) sleeping now love him so much
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You just quoted the great Kyler Murray
Ryan Kesler's acquisition in Anaheim has to be going better than even Bob Murray and Co. could've dreamed
In that article, Bryan Murray says that five or six teams have already called the about their goalies.
Just found out Chad Michael Murray turned down the role of Ryan in the O.C. for Lucas in OTH 😐 could you imagine
fair I'm out next sat you have to be me wing woman
"Most children have only a limited grasp of English when they start." Surely that's applicable to all schoolchildren?
I miss you too, still forgot my birthday though
love it when my friends forget I'm 18
How you think you sound vs how you REALLY sound
When your homie using the same moves
Seeing your mom cry is probably one of the worst things you could witness..
also: Aykroyd and Murray in the first and same bout? Insanity.
"Everything *** till it’s good. Keep showing up until that happens." Paul Murray on drafting
Good Morning Vietnam, Saving Private Ryan, Big Chunk Of Forrest Gump, the one Bill Murray was in, there's a few actually
and he offered Murray a 2nd round pick and Ryan Jones...
85' - Another superb stop from De Gea! He blocks Murray's effort with his feet.
David De Gea with that save from Murray earlier
Pretty sure I just lost this kid his golf tournament by snatching his ball on the edge of my yard so I wouldn't mow over it 😁 lol
Murray should be playing Sunday league
Murray is dreadful, bring on Sanogo asap.
Best "baseball" press box in D1. radio anncr Ryan Young calling game from football press box
I think would do a better job. She helped Ian Murray to defy the odds.
Game didn't go to plan today but happy to get on scoresheet again with a free kick now time to watch sat night football :)
4Ryan caley strikers instinct after Murray strike after 80 yard run
Ryan, D Thomas, Megatron, Gronk, McCoy, Murray and J Hill would be my keepers. Better than Luck and Matthews as keepers?
interesting ryan. Not a fan of letting Murray go?
Waiting for Sam Bradford, Demarco Murray, Ryan Matthews and Kiko Alonso to tear their ACLs all in one freak accident in practice
Jake Keenan, Ryan Murray & Anthony Marsilio hit home runs as beat Narragansett 12-1 in
BSB: Stonehill 14, Adelphi 3 (End 7th) Freshman Ryan Murray on to work the eighth for the Skyhawks.
Out to West Chester for the weekend. It's lit
Lots of signaling from Carter this week about fixes. Who will help him?
DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews that's all I have to say
I gave up on Paul Ryan when he swooned over Patty Murray's budget proposals.
Al Murray's reaction to Nigel Farage losing his seat is absolutely priceless...
We replaced McCoy with Murray and Ryan Matthews so just remember the racism thought literally makes no sense whatsoever
I've said before that Chuka Umunna would make a fantastic leader, his time to step up to the plate may have come a lot sooner than expected.
Al Murray's face when he found out Nigel Farage had lost.
Bloody *** Al Murray is just there for a laugh😂😂
Absolutely mortified that my home constituency now has a Conservative MP. Has anyone got a spare black armband?
SNP take over Edinburgh as only Ian Murray holds on
but where's her face? There was supposed to be a picture printed on top
I heard that it's another blue and white day. You can wear jeans.
Singing for at least 20 minutes a day can strengthen your immune system and add years to your life
yes, and that was the key for Murray as well. Not as bad as Ryan, but he had injury issues too
I've been having a blast working with Mallory Murray at Missouri Western State University making new…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I hope Al Murray gives a good speech.
don't have to be equal to Murray. And you're forgetting about Ryan Williams.
Ryan-Murray 2.0: The 2016 budget by the numbers, from
The type of girl you'd pull once in a nightclub and she'd want to move in and buy a dog.
Murray should have started day one and got 99.999% of their carries.
Student leaders Brendan Graham, Ryan Murray, and Joseph Franks pose with Auxiliary Bishop Fitzgerald during the...
When I'm in a relationship I'm the most loyal person ever
"Ryan Mathews is so good. He's better than DeMarco Murray - (cc:
You got me lifted shifted higher than a ceiling. And ooh wee it’s the ultimate feeling
Wish I was cuddling with you tonight...
Report: Oiler scouts are still pushing hard for Ryan Murray
*** now Murray got me thinking about that one person shiiieeet
There's always that one person you feel you will never get over. lmao
I can help people through problems all day every day. But when i have one i can't help myself and hate getting help So frustrating. bad mood
Maguire was 100% certain that Edmonton was taking Ryan Murray in 2012
Ryan Murray, 8th overall, And some other things for McDavid... do it now!
who knows timmy murray could scoop up an Edmonton guy like hall or nuge bc theres no way they can keep all those guys with the $
Ryan Murray, 8th overall and maybe some more picks or prospects for 1st overall
they should've taken Ryan Murray over Yakupov in 2012
that's because they screwed up a few picks. Should of traded down to number 2 in Yakupov draft to get Ryan Murray.
Congrats to Gettys Brannon and Patrick Walters of USC - College Fishing National Champions!
Tenn. Tech's Ryan Flick (Sullivan East) today in G1 of twinbill vs. Murray State: 3-for-3, Home Run, 2 Walks, 4 RBIs.
1st, Ryan Murray. Interesting commentary on shots against quandary this year with his injuries.
Ryan Stiles, Greg Proops, Jeff Davis & Joel Murray will be inventing witty scenes right before your eyes
How are they going downhill if the core is still intact? Only big loss was Murray, explain.
Ryan you are so arrogant you're like the pretty boys I dated in high school college though girls would drop their panties
Stephen curry is the mvp enough said
Someone give me an update on the game?
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