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Ryan Murphy

Ryan Murphy (born November 9, 1965) is an American film and television screenwriter, director, and producer.

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Wild’s Ryan Murphy making most of his opportunity on back end
I’m still offended that Ryan Murphy thought Naya Rivera could do what Lea Michelle did on Dont rain on my Parade. D…
I’m really glad to have two poems inside issue 4 of this great magazine called Hardly Doughnuts. Thanks to the Edit…
Not only did Clark get to race against my favorite athlete, Nathan Adrian, but he invited him and Ryan Murphy to hi…
Alabama fans trying to figure out if Ohio State blowing out Wisconsin is good for them or not
If Clemson and Ohio State win, it’s Clemson, Oklahoma, Alabama and Georgia in the College Football Playoff. The Committee can…
Fans of Ohio State TOO quick to say conference championships matter for getting into the CFP 🙄
you should have told that Ryan Sawyers that John McCain is NO hero. Just because you serve in the M…
My biggest goal of Nationals was to meet Ryan Murphy. Glad to say I accomplished that goal tonight 💯
the only reason why I'm reading faberry fics again is because ryan murphy CURSED ME
Lol no that didn't bother me. I hated that the catty dialogue just felt like a cheap teeny drama show l…
Perks of working as a lifeguard at OSU:. 3. Guarding for more than a dozen Olympic swimmers including Nathan Adrian and Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy wins the 200 back at 1:38.32, Jacob Pebley 2nd in 1:38.66
I can't wait to see & compete in the 200 back final in just a little bit GO BEARS!!!
is it REALLY a ryan murphy show if Sarah Paulson hasn't cried
Seeing some handwringing over Democrats' supposedly failed strategy on the tax bill, but not sure that it's warranted.…
GOAL🚨🚨. At 28:40, Darcy Murphy fires home his second of the game👌 Assists to Ryan Martinelli and Spiro Goulakos. L…
DM: AHS:. Ryan Murphy hints the next season in the painting behind them. Notice how 9 candles are placed on the dining table…
I seem to be the only person who is begging for Season 8 not to be the Murder House/Coven crossover. I like origina…
Well played Bart! Such a shame you looked like bambi on ice with that FK but it was a sweet ping! Glad m…
Emmy-Winning Composer Mac Quayle on the Music of Mr. Robot and Ryan Murphy's Many TV Universes via
I spoke to composer about his work on "Mr. Robot"—which has been especially strong this season—and working in a…
...and then Paul Ryan will revel in the ashes of our nation, swimming like Scrooge McDuck through a pile of fool's…
Ryan Zimmerman has to be secretary of defens…
I am just learning that Ryan Murphy is on the Wild and is also on $700k 1yr deal and I just don’t understand why no…
Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck need to sit in the corner and think about why the last two seasons sucked.
When you've been welding non stop and your Murphy has had enough of your s
Prosser back, but Boudreau's liking play of defenseman Murphy, Reilly
Coutinho has been top class today and that's brilliant from him. The wall all jump and he just rolls the FK under them…
television creative force Ryan Murphy will receive the Norman Lear Award by the Producers Guild of America in 2018…
Ryan Murphy is this year's recipient of the Norman Lear Achievement Award in Television. Murphy has won 4 Emmys, tw…
Ryan Murphy has been selected by The Producers Guild of America to be the recipient of its 2018 Norman Lear Achieve…
Congrats to Ryan Murphy who will receive Norman Lear Achievement Award in Television 2018 at the 29th Annual Produc…
Ryan Murphy selected for Norman Lear Award by Producers Guild of America
Murder of fashion icon Gianni Versace subject of new Ryan Murphy series via
Thank you for all that have served, Mikie Escamilla, Mario Castellanos, Andrew Bedo, Ryan Murphy, Thomas Rogers,...
It's kind of like Moore's Law but applied to Ryan Murphy. Nip/Tuck, Glee, AHS, Scream Queens: how many se…
Kate Mara, Evan Peters, Tatiana Maslany and James Van Der Beek have joined Ryan Murphy's new series, Pose.
.and are joining Ryan Murphy's new '80s drama, 'Pose':
ICYMI joins the cast of Ryan Murphy's 'Pose'!...
GLEE, created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan, which ran from 6/19/09 to 3/20/15, was, bar none, THE…
Pretty sure that FINN WITTROCK & DARREN CRISS having sex together is the Ryan Murphy equivalent of "crossing the streams" https…
.notes an upcoming revival of Boys in the Band by Ryan Murphy, with Zachary Quinto and Matt Bomer.
Jim Parsons, Zachary Quinto, Matt Bomer, Andrew Rannells head to Broadway in Ryan Murphy-produced 'Boys in the Band'
this show is too real it's not even a show it's real life this stuff actually happens no wonder Ryan Murphy made it this way
Yes, Ryan Murphy along w/ Stephen King have done unbelievable harm to our community.
Their job is to rescue. From creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, premieres in 2018 on FOX.
ryan murphy casts Sarah Paulson in almost every tv show he creates so why wouldn't he do the same on this one, with mrs. TAT…
Ryan Murphy makes history with largest cast of actors for FX's 'Pose' via http…
Ryan Murphy made TV history by casting a record number of trans actors in his new series,
Ryan Murphy’s new series Pose set to have largest trans cast in TV history.
Ryan Murphy has asked tatianamaslany, vanderjames, Evan_Peters, and katemara to for him too
Rude, Ryan Murphy hasn't cast Sarah Paulson in Pose, it's the dream to see her & Tatiana in a show/or a movie together.…
Ryan Murphy has asked and to for him too
'Pose,' Co-Created by Ryan Murphy, Has Largest Cast of Transgender Actors Ever -
Ryan Murphy’s “Pose” will feature record number of trans actors | 🚀 by…
Ryan Murphy's 'Pose' casts record number of transgender cast members as series regulars for a scripted series
Ryan Murphy’s "Pose" will have the largest transgender cast ever on a scripted series
BEYOND inspired listening to JJ Abrams, Ryan Murphy and David Kelley tonight. Thank you ❤️
Big thanks to Ryan Murphy & American Horror Story for including me in this amazing season! Xo Rick…
Ballroom Scene Goes Primetime with Ryan Murphy’s “Pose” on FX via
Ryan Murphy's new project will feature an unprecedented level of trans talent
Ryan Murphy should do an I love Lucy season of Feud (they all hated each other at some point) and finally cast as Lucy.
More reasons to love Ryan Murphy :')
Thank you Ryan Murphy for bringing trans stories into homes around the world, making history in the process. 💗💙
Ryan Murphy’s Upcoming Scripted Series ‘Pose’ to Make TV History for its Big Tr...
The phenomenal Tatiana Maslany has been announced as another star in the new FX Ryan Murphy…
Ryan Murphy's 'Pose' TV series to feature largest cast of transgender actors
Excited to work with Ryan Murphy for the third time🤗 .
Evan Peters, Tatiana Maslany, James Van Der Beek and Kate Mara will be starring in Ryan Murphy's "Pose". Set in the 1980's.…
Ryan Murphy’s new show ‘Pose’ will feature the largest transgender cast in TV history
Ryan Murphy needs make a spinoff to Scream Queens, but only with Denise Hempfield and Zayday Williams tbh.
Convinced that James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim named Dot/Marie in Sunday in the Park after Ryan Murphy repertoire…
Ratched: Sarah will star as the lead, Nurse Ratched in a new Ryan Murphy show on Netflix. It has been ordered for 2 seas…
All I want in life is to star in a Ryan Murphy production.
It pains me that Ryan Murphy gives big roles to Billy Eichner & Colton Haynes but underutilizes Mare Winningham & F…
Congratulations to my good friend Kenny Choi on joining Ryan Murphy's new FOX show "9-1-1". Way to go Kenny!
Why is Ryan Murphy always letting Sarah Paulson play a character that is doing too much wrong decisions???
Is shrieking like Sarah Paulson an accurate response to seeing Ryan Murphy at the New Yorker festival in less than an hour?
Sarah Paulson will only work with Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy to Sarah Paulson in every season of AHS
In a new interview, Sarah Paulson explains why she loves working for Ryan Murphy
I don't know what 9-1-1 will entail but it stars Connie Britton and will be produced by Ryan Murphy so I'm down
Reminder that I will be asking Ryan Murphy what kind of tree he'd be & how DARE he! & so on at TNYFest on Sat 4 pm:
Previous guest Connie Britton is the latest lead in the Ryan Murphy's upcoming FOX drama 9-1-1.…
Connie Britton is set for a lead role alongside Angela Bassett and Peter Krause in 9-1-1, Ryan Murphy and Brad...
Connie Britton cast as lead in Ryan Murphy's '911'
9-1-1? Yes, I’d like to report that is returning to the Ryan Murphy-verse
WATCH: Connie Britton, Ryan Murphy to reunite for new show ‘911’
Connie Britton cast as lead in new Ryan Murphy drama via
.reunites with Ryan Murphy for Fox's Fox's 9-1-1
Connie Britton Cast in 9-1-1, from Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk
Apologies for promotional stuff on a hard day, but... Please watch me pepper Ryan Murphy w nosy questions, Sat 4 pm:
Ryan Murphy please get on American Horror Story I think he will be amazing!
Ok but at least Ryan Murphy is obvious trash. Bryan Fuller still enjoys a veneer of Haute Couture somehow
I'm so ready for Meadow. I miss Leslie on Ryan Murphy shows man Mary Cherry forever
Ryan Murphy: Evan Peters is playing 6 different cult leaders, from Manson to Koresh to Jim Jones.
Matthew Broderick is going to be in ACS Katrina? Ryan Murphy continues to treat us
Joe Girardi, Larry Rothschild, Gary Tuck, Rob Thomson and trainer Steve Donahue all watching session. JOhn Ryan Murphy be…
Ryan Murphy from our Trading Services Team, enjoyed spending time w Brad Hunt & Igor Pakatnik from
I wish Ryan Murphy would write something with Kate Beckinsale in mind. She's more than capable. Cc:
Ryan Murphy said Ricky Martin spoke with Antonio D'Amico today about this reaction. .
When is Ryan Murphy going to get Scream Queen legends such as Neve Campbell, Heather Langenkamp, Shawnee Smith & Ja…
Angela Basset and Peter Krause starring in Ryan Murphy's new midseason drama "9-11."
Remember when Ryan Murphy made a television series for Madison Montgomery
Scream Queens was much better than American Horror Story they cancelled the wrong Ryan Murphy show
Ryan Murphy led off US Mixed Medley Relay in 52.34 - faster than the 100m back final winning time
FEUD has Jessica Lange. FEUD has Susan Sarandon. FEUD has Stanley Tucci. FEUD has Ryan Murphy. FEUD will have all the Emmys…
I haven't seen the official but Ryan Murphy confirmed it
Dear Ryan Murphy, . You have 2 options... A) on . B) Bring back on You choose.
You Katherine Ryan, Morgan Murphy. The Queens of Comedy Tour, or Not for the faint of heart tour.
Watching my DVR coverage of . Holy cow, has amazing reaction time!
AU where Kenny Ortega created glee and not Ryan Murphy
My essay on American Horror Story:Ryan Murphy's pretentiousness and how the show is an insult to LGBT. Other parts…
"IT" and "AHS: Cult" both premiere in early September. Can't wait for fall! - Ryan Murphy via Instagram http…
Ryan Murphy know he's releasing the promos to
"Ally and Kai in CULT...a love story for the ages" - Ryan Murphy via Instagram
Ryan Murphy just revealed Evan Peters' love interest in season 7:
When you remember that season 8 of AHS is 'Return to Coven' but then remember Ryan Murphy killed Queenie off in Hotel FOR NO…
Frances Conroy joins — more season 7 details drop from Ryan Murphy
How the world see's Ryan Murphy vs how AHS fans see him
Queen of talent. The only reason to watch a Ryan Murphy production
The relationship will be "a love story for the ages," Ryan Murphy said of the first look photo
I'll never forgive Ryan Murphy for how mistreated the character Mercedes Jones. She was the greatest singer on the *** sho…
I hope we get a full-on Ryan Murphy miniseries about this election that really exposes the seediness of the alt…
The 20th Ryan Murphy is releasing season 7 title for AHS.. The 21st Tyler the Creator is releasing a new album... i'm overly excited.
CAL's relay was a new American record. Ryan Murphy, Chuck Katis, Tony Cox, and Tyler Messerschmidt
I love that Ryan Murphy casts so many older actresses. I love seeing Jamie Lee Curtis, Kirstie Alley & Brooke Shields again
Congratulations to West Lawn Owls outfielder/pitcher Ryan Murphy for earning the 2017 Berks County Legion MVP award.
Bunch of Wild two-way contract signings include Landon Ferraro, Ryan Murphy, ex-Gophers star Kyle Rau as they...
Did you guys see that Olivia is suing Ryan Murphy?
Ryan Murphy wraps up his career tied for 146th in points by a defenceman, even with the likes of David Schlemko and Corey Potter.
Filming of "The Curse of The Crabman" will begin this summer. Directed by Ryan Murphy and Ben Lewis
Ryan Murphy. It's another fascinating episode as your host, .
Feud is definitely Ryan Murphy's best show since AHS: Asylum. Shows he's best with smaller series. Give him more than 7 eps he goes mental
Ryan Murphy on the phone with his lawyer after watching the trailer for "Rise"
Mercedes Jones didnt die but she was replaced anyway by this look alike wannabe: a conspiracy thread by Ryan Murphy.
In 2 years TV will just be Ryan Murphy and Shonda Rhimes shows, with occasional breaking news updates from the fron…
if you search horror, Ryan Murphy will appear with a full crew to make a spooky-campy…
Angela Bassett will star in a new FOX show about 911 operators, from Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk
Patti LuPone burns Madonna: She’s ‘a movie killer’: Listen up, Ryan Murphy - Patti LuPone may have just ignited a……
Ryan Murphy should get rights to this story. Sadly, it will end up with the guy who made Mary Kom.
Ryan Murphy posted this as an American Horror Story Season 7 tease!
Zach Holbrook & Ryan Murphy were 2nd in their flight, Josh Giambattista & Brandon Valley were 3rd in their flight. Solid 2 days for the Elk!
To all the people now saying how Ryan Murphy should make a Kate Hepburn spinoff:
"Ms. Davis responds to news that Ryan Murphy will be making a miniseries called FEUD."
Ryan Murphy wants Jessica Lange to return for Murder House-Coven crossover.
Ryan Murphy would totally bribe Jessica Lange to bring her back for another season of ‘American Horror Story’:…
Ryan Murphy wants and is planning on Jessica Lange returning for the Murder House/Coven Season!
Jessica Lange & Sarah Paulson walking into Ryan Murphy's office at the end of every TV season
Website Builder 728x90
Ryan Murray (clb), Ryan Murphy (car), Calvin De Haahn (NYI), Karl alzner (Washington) I want one of these guys on our roster
Who was in the Mass Rivals gym today? George Smith, Ryan Murphy, Uriel Cirineo, Cristian Ovalles, Shemar Dennis, Jhamyl Fricas, Drew Brown
Ryan Murphy spends most days debating whether he'll make Madonna play Myra Breckinridge era Mae West or Bacharach era Marl…
Speaking at Matthew Gardner, chief economist for & Ryan Murphy, director of behavioral science at
Anna Torv did a Ryan Murphy pilot for HBO that didn't go. Hopefully it's a hit in the redverse.
We want to congratulate Ryan Murphy from on her Leadership Development Consultant position with
Feud exclusive: Ryan Murphy talks the latest episode and casting Princess Diana for season 2 -……
also love Popular, an early Ryan Murphy set in high school. Crazy in the right ways.
Let's recap for a bit:. FX has Noah Hawley & Ryan Murphy,. Netflix has Jenji Kohan,. and Amazon has Jill Soloway.
Crossing my fingers that Ryan Murphy does Steve Wiebe vs Billy Mitchell for season 3.
Okay really though. Will Ryan Murphy pull off an OJ-style miracle and make Feud good?
Ryan Murphy just revealed how “American Story” Season 7 starts, and we are not ready
How.recasts the fight between and from the point of view
How recasts the fight between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford from the women's point of view…
When your grandma innocently asks for a pic with her cal crush not knowing who he actually is 😂👵🏼
Update your maps at Navteq
Glee! Without Ryan Murphy's hoeish hands on it my baby could've stayed so pure 😫
ICYMI: Listen to the first episode new podcast, I Think You're Interesting, featuring producer Ryan Murphy…
B/c they're the Canes and have Ryan Murphy playing.
Ryan Murphy blasts a 44.76 to become your 100 backstroke champion!!
Ryan Murphy needs a another hockey team
That Ryan Murphy breakaway was the epitome of the Hurricanes franchise. Wide open shot but ends up face-first in the boards
That was a metaphor for Ryan Murphy's career
Outside of the last Arizona goal this has been Ryan Murphy's best game in a very long time
That was the most Ryan Murphy play you will ever see.
Get to know the players in Ryan Murphy's latest with our Bette and Joan character guide.
My review of FX's "Feud: Bette and Joan," the latest product from the Ryan Murphy anthology factory
Star of & Kiernan Shipka, answers 5 key questions
OH LOOK! A Ryan Murphy turnover to an open goal in the slot! WOW LETS GIVE HIM ANOTHER CHANCE!
Ok, that's the Ryan Murphy we're all used to.
He can’t stop this one. Canes turn it over and Martinook was all alone in the slot. Ryan Murphy turnover started it.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
A FEUD of biblical proportions. Let the dirt fly when Ryan Murphy’s new FX series starring Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange pre…
Ryan Murphy cant bury it... surprise surprise.
Ryan Murphy has had a good game here.
There’s a touch of poetry and meta madness in Jessica Lange, 67, and Susan Sarandon, 70, taking on “Feud”
Ryan Murphy's FEUD is getting Critics Consensus. 89% on rotten tomatoes & 79/100 on metacritic.
Ryan Murphy says one of his agents was fired for being *** — in the '90s.
'Feud,' the new anthology series from Ryan Murphy, focuses its first first season on the rivalry between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford...
Ryan Murphy will take on Prince Charles and Princess Diana's split in next Feud series
Everything we know about Ryan Murphy's new show about Princess Diana and Prince Charles.
Tony nominee to write 2nd season with Ryan Murphy about Princess Diana & Prince Charles
What a delight it was to talk to re FEUD, Crawford, Davis, and Ryan Murphy's subtle sexism/ageism. https:/…
Right now, Dianna Agron is swallowing 6 years of pride and begging Ryan Murphy to play Lady Di.
Ryan Murphy: king of exploiting real people's lives for his own popularity! .
How will be retold?. A Ryan Murphy miniseries of FX. or. A Peter Berg docudrama where Mark Wahlberg tries to…
Daily Cup of Joe for Monday has initial evals for Noah Hanifin, Phil Di Giuseppe, Ryan Murphy & Eddie Lack=>
Order Miche Bag Online!
Ryan Murphy confirmed that we will not be seeing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the new season of American Horror Stor…
Canes took Ryan Murphy when Joel Armia was right there waiting to be picked;
I'm like imagine if Britney worked with someone like Ryan Murphy (People vs OJ) or did a really good cinematic film.
If only this Britney Spears Lifetime movie was a FX miniseries produced by Ryan Murphy 😒
Ryan Murphy reveals American Horror Story season 7 will be about the election we just went through: http…
Patiently waiting for Ryan Murphy to run out of ideas and reboot ‘Popular’. Justice for Mary Cherry.
Ryan Murphy says the next American Horror Story is about the 2016 election
Thanks to a horrendous year of politics, "American Horror Story" producer Ryan Murphy says season 7 will be about t…
Fans of American Horror Story knows Ryan Murphy is a huge troll. Maybe he's joking that the next season will be about the election?
Ryan Murphy reveals season 7 will focus on the 2016 election:
Ryan Murphy reveals next season of 'American Horror Story' will be about the 2016 Presidential Election
support group for *** with no plans to watch Ryan Murphy's 'Feud'
.made an AHS joke about a Mark Boal/Megan Ellison TV show about the election.12 hours later, Ryan Murphy de…
The fact that Ryan Murphy isn't original enough to not make us relieve this horrendous election this past year is pissing me off
Ryan Murphy is going to do a TV show about this election. Maybe he'll cast Susan Sarandon to play herself   10% Off
When Ryan Murphy said he is talking to Sarah Paulson about playing Linda Tripp, but you wanted her to play Hillary…
Ryan Murphy has revealed the theme of season 7!
Ryan Murphy's new obsession with politics is about to destroy all his shows. Wake me up when the nightmare is over
OMG! Ryan Murphy just revealed the theme for the next season of American Horror Story! 😱
Edgar Ramirez, Darren Criss to Star in Ryan Murphy’s ‘Versace: American Crime Story’ on FX
Ryan Murphy talks Season 7: "Anyone who voted in the election will enjoy it"
Wow Ryan Murphy gave a ton of juicy details tonight on Cant wait for Feud! But an AHS about the Trump Election? Ugh.
“I don’t have a title, but the season we begin shooting in June is going to be about the election.” - Ryan Murphy on the the…
every time I think im free of ryan murphy he drags me back into his mess I signed a contract w/ the devil 8 years a…
Ryan Murphy Says Next American Horror Story Season Will Be Based on the 2016 Election: There may be a…
Ryan Murphy forcing us to relive the 2016 election should be an arrestable offense
Ryan Murphy is doing the 2016 election on American Horror Story next season.
The season 7 theme of has been revealed!
When you remember the potential Mike Chang had and how Ryan Murphy ruined it
hey Dave I'm a friend of Ryan Murphy. My name is Andrew
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Proof that Ryan Murphy hates me: Sarah Paulson's son hugging her after a bad day while Otis Redding plays in the ba…
Bears assistant coach Ryan Murphy is wearing an earpiece on the bench. Not sure if that's new or I've never spotted it before.
On the bright side, Sarah Paulson will be great as Sally Yates in inevitable Ryan Murphy limited series in a few years.
Ryan Murphy has confirmed that Lady Gaga will NOT be playing Donatella Versace in American Crime Story, despite reports…
Ryan Murphy says his upcoming series is "something deeper and more emotional and painful." https…
Grateful to Larry Kramer and Ryan Murphy for letting me be myself in this industry today
CB Donte Deayon, S Ryan Murphy, OL Jon Halapio also will sign futures contracts with the Giants, per sources
he's busy on the Ryan Murphy casting couch.
If only this actually came true. America would be such a better place
because when I've gone they're usually really really nice lol but I usually go whenever I end up in Virginia lmao
"I couldn't have done it without Ryan Murphy" ...yeah how many times have we heard that 😂
I know! she slams the check down, it was only a waffle and a milk, too
As much as I hated season two of Scream Queens, I feel like it's only right for Ryan Murphy to go ahead w season 3 because of the ending
I don't watch Ryan Murphy productions but Made in America is a marvel. I would watch 8 more hours
Originally, 'Popular' was going to be a movie.
Even Ryan Murphy would say, "This sentence is too on the nose for a villain."
Ryan Murphy should let me film glee 2.0. Honestly it would just be a lot of dirty and kinky KLAINE scenes, Santana and Cedes- all hella ***
I'm shipping Meryl Streep and Donald Trump for Ryan Murphy's Feud series. She would play herself. And him.
Sarah Paulson pays beautiful tribute to Ryan Murphy and Marcia Clark in Golden Globe win via
Breaking Bad, Glee, Life Goes On, Secret Life of an American Teenager. Pretty much anything made by Ryan Murphy...
"I couldn't have done it without Ryan Murphy" BYEEE
I wanna thank Ryan Murphy for giving the opportunity to her to make her dreams come true
Ryan Murphy wrote “Glee” and “American Horror Story” and that still freaks me out a bit.
Still waiting on Shonda Rhimes and Ryan Murphy to write a show about my life.
Ryan Murphy me recuerda mucho a Gunther de Friends
Tomi Lahren, ladies and gentlemen, written and directed by Ryan Murphy, starring worst Emma Roberts character
At Waffle House she puts down my food and asks "anything else?" I tell her no, she says "good" and straight up WALKS OUT of the restaurant
Ryan Murphy ruined my life sorry guys I'm bitter
Only after kissing Ryan Murphy on the mouth before her fiance 💀
The SAG retirement plan for actresses is just an envelope containing Ryan Murphy's phone number.
Because Ryan Murphy will make a biopic about all of them.
Sarah Paulson thanks Ryan Murphy at the "You changed my life"
Ryan Murphy, Sarah Paulson and FX chief John Landgraf at the Fox party.
Congratulations Ryan Murphy, a longtime friend of on your win!
Just screened the pilot from Ryan Murphy. What a titanic tussle: Bette Davis vs Joan Crawford. Can't wait to see more!…
I'm excited for March debut of Ryan Murphy's "Feude" with Jessica Lange as Joan Crawford and Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis!
Season 2 is everything I love anything Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan and Brad Falchuk do honestly.
We had a great time during the Junior Golf Camp this week at Golden Hills. First Assistant Pro, Ryan Murphy and...
Matt Tennyson *** Ryan Murphy *** McKeown, Carrick can't get here soon enough
Tina Fey on Ryan Murphy: A "genius who created so many wonderful opportunities for actresses of a certain age... to play witches"…
how about Ryan Murphy for Ryan Spooner? Canes need to unload Murphy; Bruins ready to unload Spooner
Cory Monteith's tense meeting with creator Ryan Murphy reenacted in a TV special about his passing:…
"R" is for Ryan Murphy if he don't stop killing off all of Lily Rabe's characters
"I got Max Greenfield, Finn Wittrock, Wes Bentley, Matt Bomer, Cheyenne Jackson, you name it." - Ryan Murphy on AHS…
A happy homecoming for 3-time Olympic gold medalist Ryan Murphy, a Bolles product
Ah so Cheyenne Jackson is in Glee also. icu Ryan Murphy
You can do curls with three Olympic gold medals, as Ryan Murphy's Dad demonstrates. At Bolles for Ceremony.
this not Mona Scott's doing this Ryan Murphy show
I liked a video from Ryan Murphy interviews Lea Michele and Emma Roberts about Scream
Ryan Murphy: "Sarah we're killing you this season.". Sarah Paulson: "WAIT! Wh-". Ryan: "You get to play Lana again." .
Ryan Murphy confirming that 'Lana Winters' will be featured in
Ryan Murphy promised us Finn Wintrock & Evan Peters.They are dead already. He promised us Taissa Farmiga who is still not…
Ryan Murphy: Taissa Farmiga will be returning this season . everyone:
I am starting to think Ryan Murphy is the *** Zach Snyder
Ryan Murphy confirmed that there will be a Murder House/Coven crossover season and characters from both seasons will appear!…
In his latest interview, Ryan Murphy confirmed Lady Gaga's character is the "ORIGINAL SUPREME" and the first e…
Ryan Murphy biting the Blair it's overshadowing I tell you !
I think Olivia is very underrated these days, i hope that Ryan Murphy series bring her back to the spolight
So Lady Gaga's character in AHS Roanoke is confirmed by Ryan Murphy to be the original supreme witch I'm actually screaming th…
Ryan Murphy confirmed that Lady Gaga's character is the original 'supreme'
Little Giant Ladders
I want to be in 'Funny Girl.' And I want Ryan Murphy to direct it.
Ryan Murphy after episode 6 of AHS: Roanoke aired lmao
How they gonna kill Evan after 2 episodes let me find Ryan Murphy on the street
The biggest news from yesterday's press conference with Ryan Murphy ☠🌲
why did ryan murphy gotta kill him off on the new season of AHS??
Bette Davis and Joan Crawford 1962. Their feud will be explored in the new series of Ry…
i HATE IT bc its like this person got the exact script from ryan murphy
I didn't get to finish because I was meeting 😊😏 but, why Ryan Murphy?
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