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Ryan Murphy

Ryan Murphy (born November 9, 1965) is an American film and television screenwriter, director, and producer.

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'Feud,' the new anthology series from Ryan Murphy, focuses its first first season on the rivalry between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford...
Ryan Murphy will take on Prince Charles and Princess Diana's split in next Feud series
Everything we know about Ryan Murphy's new show about Princess Diana and Prince Charles.
Tony nominee to write 2nd season with Ryan Murphy about Princess Diana & Prince Charles
What a delight it was to talk to re FEUD, Crawford, Davis, and Ryan Murphy's subtle sexism/ageism. https:/…
Ryan Murphy: king of exploiting real people's lives for his own popularity! .
How will be retold?. A Ryan Murphy miniseries of FX. or. A Peter Berg docudrama where Mark Wahlberg tries to…
Daily Cup of Joe for Monday has initial evals for Noah Hanifin, Phil Di Giuseppe, Ryan Murphy & Eddie Lack=>
Ryan Murphy confirmed that we will not be seeing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the new season of American Horror Stor…
Canes took Ryan Murphy when Joel Armia was right there waiting to be picked;
I'm like imagine if Britney worked with someone like Ryan Murphy (People vs OJ) or did a really good cinematic film.
If only this Britney Spears Lifetime movie was a FX miniseries produced by Ryan Murphy 😒
Ryan Murphy reveals American Horror Story season 7 will be about the election we just went through: http…
Patiently waiting for Ryan Murphy to run out of ideas and reboot ‘Popular’. Justice for Mary Cherry.
Ryan Murphy says the next American Horror Story is about the 2016 election
Thanks to a horrendous year of politics, "American Horror Story" producer Ryan Murphy says season 7 will be about t…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Fans of American Horror Story knows Ryan Murphy is a huge troll. Maybe he's joking that the next season will be about the election?
Ryan Murphy reveals season 7 will focus on the 2016 election:
Ryan Murphy reveals next season of 'American Horror Story' will be about the 2016 Presidential Election
support group for *** with no plans to watch Ryan Murphy's 'Feud'
.made an AHS joke about a Mark Boal/Megan Ellison TV show about the election.12 hours later, Ryan Murphy de…
The fact that Ryan Murphy isn't original enough to not make us relieve this horrendous election this past year is pissing me off
Ryan Murphy is going to do a TV show about this election. Maybe he'll cast Susan Sarandon to play herself
When Ryan Murphy said he is talking to Sarah Paulson about playing Linda Tripp, but you wanted her to play Hillary…
Ryan Murphy has revealed the theme of season 7!
Ryan Murphy's new obsession with politics is about to destroy all his shows. Wake me up when the nightmare is over
OMG! Ryan Murphy just revealed the theme for the next season of American Horror Story! 😱
Edgar Ramirez, Darren Criss to Star in Ryan Murphy’s ‘Versace: American Crime Story’ on FX
Ryan Murphy talks Season 7: "Anyone who voted in the election will enjoy it"
Wow Ryan Murphy gave a ton of juicy details tonight on Cant wait for Feud! But an AHS about the Trump Election? Ugh.
“I don’t have a title, but the season we begin shooting in June is going to be about the election.” - Ryan Murphy on the the…
every time I think im free of ryan murphy he drags me back into his mess I signed a contract w/ the devil 8 years a…
Ryan Murphy Says Next American Horror Story Season Will Be Based on the 2016 Election: There may be a…
Ryan Murphy forcing us to relive the 2016 election should be an arrestable offense
Ryan Murphy is doing the 2016 election on American Horror Story next season.
The season 7 theme of has been revealed!
Ryan Murphy just revealed the theme for “American Horror Story” Season 7 and it is a DOOZY:
When you remember the potential Mike Chang had and how Ryan Murphy ruined it
hey Dave I'm a friend of Ryan Murphy. My name is Andrew
Proof that Ryan Murphy hates me: Sarah Paulson's son hugging her after a bad day while Otis Redding plays in the ba…
Bears assistant coach Ryan Murphy is wearing an earpiece on the bench. Not sure if that's new or I've never spotted it before.
On the bright side, Sarah Paulson will be great as Sally Yates in inevitable Ryan Murphy limited series in a few years.
Ryan Murphy has confirmed that Lady Gaga will NOT be playing Donatella Versace in American Crime Story, despite reports…
Ryan Murphy says his upcoming series is "something deeper and more emotional and painful." https…
Grateful to Larry Kramer and Ryan Murphy for letting me be myself in this industry today
CB Donte Deayon, S Ryan Murphy, OL Jon Halapio also will sign futures contracts with the Giants, per sources
he's busy on the Ryan Murphy casting couch.
If only this actually came true. America would be such a better place
because when I've gone they're usually really really nice lol but I usually go whenever I end up in Virginia lmao
"I couldn't have done it without Ryan Murphy" ...yeah how many times have we heard that 😂
I know! she slams the check down, it was only a waffle and a milk, too
As much as I hated season two of Scream Queens, I feel like it's only right for Ryan Murphy to go ahead w season 3 because of the ending
I don't watch Ryan Murphy productions but Made in America is a marvel. I would watch 8 more hours
Originally, 'Popular' was going to be a movie.
Even Ryan Murphy would say, "This sentence is too on the nose for a villain."
Ryan Murphy should let me film glee 2.0. Honestly it would just be a lot of dirty and kinky KLAINE scenes, Santana and Cedes- all hella ***
I'm shipping Meryl Streep and Donald Trump for Ryan Murphy's Feud series. She would play herself. And him.
Sarah Paulson pays beautiful tribute to Ryan Murphy and Marcia Clark in Golden Globe win via
Breaking Bad, Glee, Life Goes On, Secret Life of an American Teenager. Pretty much anything made by Ryan Murphy...
"I couldn't have done it without Ryan Murphy" BYEEE
I wanna thank Ryan Murphy for giving the opportunity to her to make her dreams come true
Ryan Murphy wrote “Glee” and “American Horror Story” and that still freaks me out a bit.
Still waiting on Shonda Rhimes and Ryan Murphy to write a show about my life.
Ryan Murphy me recuerda mucho a Gunther de Friends
Tomi Lahren, ladies and gentlemen, written and directed by Ryan Murphy, starring worst Emma Roberts character
At Waffle House she puts down my food and asks "anything else?" I tell her no, she says "good" and straight up WALKS OUT of the restaurant
Ryan Murphy ruined my life sorry guys I'm bitter
Only after kissing Ryan Murphy on the mouth before her fiance 💀
The SAG retirement plan for actresses is just an envelope containing Ryan Murphy's phone number.
Because Ryan Murphy will make a biopic about all of them.
Sarah Paulson thanks Ryan Murphy at the "You changed my life"
Ryan Murphy, Sarah Paulson and FX chief John Landgraf at the Fox party.
Congratulations Ryan Murphy, a longtime friend of on your win!
Just screened the pilot from Ryan Murphy. What a titanic tussle: Bette Davis vs Joan Crawford. Can't wait to see more!…
I'm excited for March debut of Ryan Murphy's "Feude" with Jessica Lange as Joan Crawford and Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis!
Season 2 is everything I love anything Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan and Brad Falchuk do honestly.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
We had a great time during the Junior Golf Camp this week at Golden Hills. First Assistant Pro, Ryan Murphy and...
Matt Tennyson *** Ryan Murphy *** McKeown, Carrick can't get here soon enough
Tina Fey on Ryan Murphy: A "genius who created so many wonderful opportunities for actresses of a certain age... to play witches"…
how about Ryan Murphy for Ryan Spooner? Canes need to unload Murphy; Bruins ready to unload Spooner
Cory Monteith's tense meeting with creator Ryan Murphy reenacted in a TV special about his passing:…
"R" is for Ryan Murphy if he don't stop killing off all of Lily Rabe's characters
"I got Max Greenfield, Finn Wittrock, Wes Bentley, Matt Bomer, Cheyenne Jackson, you name it." - Ryan Murphy on AHS…
A happy homecoming for 3-time Olympic gold medalist Ryan Murphy, a Bolles product
Ah so Cheyenne Jackson is in Glee also. icu Ryan Murphy
You can do curls with three Olympic gold medals, as Ryan Murphy's Dad demonstrates. At Bolles for Ceremony.
this not Mona Scott's doing this Ryan Murphy show
I liked a video from Ryan Murphy interviews Lea Michele and Emma Roberts about Scream
Ryan Murphy: "Sarah we're killing you this season.". Sarah Paulson: "WAIT! Wh-". Ryan: "You get to play Lana again." .
Ryan Murphy confirming that 'Lana Winters' will be featured in
Ryan Murphy promised us Finn Wintrock & Evan Peters.They are dead already. He promised us Taissa Farmiga who is still not…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Ryan Murphy: Taissa Farmiga will be returning this season . everyone:
I am starting to think Ryan Murphy is the *** Zach Snyder
Ryan Murphy confirmed that there will be a Murder House/Coven crossover season and characters from both seasons will appear!…
In his latest interview, Ryan Murphy confirmed Lady Gaga's character is the "ORIGINAL SUPREME" and the first e…
Ryan Murphy biting the Blair it's overshadowing I tell you !
I think Olivia is very underrated these days, i hope that Ryan Murphy series bring her back to the spolight
So Lady Gaga's character in AHS Roanoke is confirmed by Ryan Murphy to be the original supreme witch I'm actually screaming th…
Ryan Murphy confirmed that Lady Gaga's character is the original 'supreme'
I want to be in 'Funny Girl.' And I want Ryan Murphy to direct it.
Ryan Murphy after episode 6 of AHS: Roanoke aired lmao
How they gonna kill Evan after 2 episodes let me find Ryan Murphy on the street
The biggest news from yesterday's press conference with Ryan Murphy ☠🌲
why did ryan murphy gotta kill him off on the new season of AHS??
Bette Davis and Joan Crawford 1962. Their feud will be explored in the new series of Ry…
i HATE IT bc its like this person got the exact script from ryan murphy
I didn't get to finish because I was meeting 😊😏 but, why Ryan Murphy?
when Kathy Bates' character talks about Mary Tyrone in 'Long Day's Journey' and you know it's Ryan Murphy referencing Jessica Lange...
Ryan Murphy confirmed that Lady Gaga’s character (Scathach) is in fact the Original Supreme.
Lady Gaga's character in American Horror Story: Roanoke is, in fact, the Original Supreme, according to Ryan Murphy! htt…
Catching up on . Sarah Paulson and the cast Unbelievable! Ryan Murphy is my God...wrapped in a lunatic glorious brain.
We're very happy to add Ryan Murphy, creator of American Horror Story & husband David Miller as the first Elf...
If I were Ryan Murphy and had an entertainment empire would be my Sarah Paulson.
Imagine a Ryan Murphy show about this election in like 10-15 years with Sarah Paulson as Hillary.
I want Lily Rabe and Sarah Paulson playing girlfriends why Ryan Murphy can't give me the only thing I ask
Ryan Murphy: I don't need a plot if I put Sarah Paulson in a long wig. Me:
The plot thickens with new revelations from Ryan Murphy.
Ryan Murphy looks back on "It was the best time and the worst time in my life":. ❤️
"It was like losing a child' - Ryan Murphy reflects on the passing of Cory Monteith
Glee became about "darkness and death" after Cory Monteith died, says Ryan Murphy
Glee creator Ryan Murphy reveals Cory Monteith’s touching last words to him three years after his death
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Ryan Murphy on 'Glee' star Cory Monteith's death: 'It was like losing a child'
Cory Monteith's final words to Ryan Murphy are heartbreaking:
Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy on the tragic death of Cory Monteith: "It was like losing a child"
Cory Monteith's final words to Ryan Murphy revealed: "I love you, man, and thank you for helping me get better":
Ryan Murphy shares Cory Monteith's very last words to him before his tragic death:
Lea Michele opens up about Ryan Murphy's support after Cory Monteith's passing
"It was like losing a child." 💔. Ryan Murphy about Cory Monteith death:
co-creator Ryan Murphy opens up about Cory Monteith's death: "It was like losing a child":
creator Ryan Murphy reveals the last words Cory Monteith ever said to him:
Not feeling these new American Horror Story episodes. Where the *** is the title sequence? I don't like change Ryan Murphy.
Ryan Murphy takes us inside his incredible world—& gives exclusive intel on craziest season yet: 😱…
Ryan Murphy: I'm going to make a new TV show. Sarah Paulson:
Courtney B Vance killed it as Johnny Cochrane. He and Angela Bassett are the Ryan Murphy power couple.
Ryan Murphy is promoting perfect Illusion so much
15 minutes into & one thing is clear: Ryan Murphy has never stepped foot in North Carolina. NC is not Alabama.
Ryan Murphy is like our modern day Aaron Spelling like how does this many ideas process in his head
RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) - The United States won the men's 4x100 meters medley relay on Saturday after Ryan Murphy had gi…
Sarah Paulson joins Jessica Lange in Ryan Murphy's new Tv show : FEUD.
Sarah Paulson joins already incredible cast of Ryan Murphy's new series, Feud
S Ryan Murphy, CB Taurean Nixon & OL Robert Myers Jr. are all back in pads today.
... And that's just tonight! Simone Manuel, Ryan Lochte, Ryan Murphy, Allison Schmitt, Missy Franklin... The list goes on and on!
Awesome evening for the USA in the swimming pool as great Michael Phelps, Ryan Murphy & Simone Manuel claimed three more golds to the good.
Ryan Murphy Is a straight guy that digs butts
Ryan Murphy kneels after winning gold in the 200 meter backstroke in
5 GOLD MEDALS TODAY! Watching Ryan Murphy win his 2nd Gold medal with his family cheering him on, Simone...
What an amazing night for the US Olympic team. Great job Ryan Murphy. 🏅🏅🏅🏅
Ryan Murphy Is a farty guy that farts thugs
Thursday night in Rio was all about the two Simones.
wins second backstroke gold in Rio, continuing tradition
Rie Kaneto of won in the Women's 200m Breaststroke while Ryan Murphy (won the Men's 200m Backstroke.
Me @ Ryan Murphy when Jessica Lange said she won't come back to AHS.
she was overshadowed by the other Simone. They didn't show Ryan Murphy's medal ceremony either. It's about the coverage.
Ryan Murphy is 19 and just won a gold medal in swimming. I'm also 19 and I made buffalo chicken dip today. Who's the real win…
Ryan Murphy is officially America’s next backstroke star. He just won gold in the men's 200.
FOR THE . Ryan Murphy has won the 100m and 200m Backstroke!.
OLYMPICS: Ryan Murphy of Team USA wins men's 200-meter backstroke for his 2nd gold.
Exhausted and happy. Family of Olympian Ryan Murphy just watched son win gold
It's not the end, It's just the beginning!.
Ryan Murphy Has a dirty gangsta that programs trucks
JUST IN: Ryan Murphy wins in the 200m Backstroke.
JUST IN: Ryan Murphy of wins second gold of in men’s 200m backstroke final
.continues the legacy of U.S. dominance in the 200m BK!
And gave it's 991st GOLD of summer competition! 🎉
And we are proud of you! Thank you for your dedication and hard work!. .
⚡️ Lightning Fast ⚡️. takes home in the 200m backstroke!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
obviously Ryan Murphy and Lady Gaga's goal all along
Ryan Murphy wins 200m gold in Rio but Missy Franklin has disappointing race: Team USA's Ryan Murphy has won y...
Can we have a real James Guy vs Ryan Murphy swim race in the taff please?
Ryan Murphy won my heart this Olympics. Whoever that swims for USA and swims in backstroke style wins my heart tbh. But Matt still my n1 tho
Ryan Murphy is the Matt Saracen to Phelps' Smash Williams and Lochte's Tim Riggins.
Called it since NCAA's, Ryan Murphy wins 100&200 back at the olympics
USA gold!!! Ryan Murphy takes the win in 1:53.62.
No need for Matt Grevers, Ryan Murphy gets the GOLD !!! Awesome back half, can't believe that last turn ❤️
Does no one else think Ryan Murphy looks like Matt Saracen?
Lilly King, Ryan Murphy lead the way as rookies assert themselves for Team USA swimming
Ryan Murphy, who just won gold in 100m backstroke, wrote this book as a kid (via
Ryan Murphy, Ryan Lochte, Ryan Held... It's good to be a Ryan.
Jacksonville swimmer Ryan Murphy wins GOLD. Proud of our guy! - john
Ryan Murphy wins gold and the Olympic record and David Plummer wins bronze in the Men's 100m Backstroke!! so proud of our guys!
me @ Ryan Murphy if AHS6 doesn't include Evan Peter's ***
"So Chris, do you see yourself working with Ryan Murphy again?"
Ryan Murphy: "Darren may follow Chris where ever he’s going or maybe his heart will be broken."
Chris's face when the interviewers asked him if he was gonna be in another Ryan Murphy production is my favorite 😂👌🏼 https…
Angela Bassett as soon as Ryan Murphy finally gave her a lead role for a season.
It hasn't started shooting yet. It's also made by Ryan Murphy and it's about two old hollywood actresses Joan Crawford & ++
Is that hilarious serie from Ryan Murphy, yes.
no... is that Ryan Murphy's series which has the worst special effects?
Celebrities unite for a powerful video tribute to the victims of the Orlando club shooting:
scream queens is so good omfg the devil, Ryan Murphy, did something right
tell me how Ryan Murphy goes from making glee to American Horror Story and scream queens??
My life is running out of emotion just like any Ryan Murphy´s show
I love this pic of Lea Michele and Ryan Murphy
ryan murphy needs to bring back Popular, okay.
Really think the Mets should trade for Ryan Raburn and David Murphy this deadline. You'll all see why, amirite?
My wish before I sleep is for Ryan Murphy to direct a music video for the LG5 era, amen.
"While Ryan Murphy siphons thousands into the closets of privileged white cis students, kids in Chino can't afford paint."
Who cares we all know it's gonna suck. Ryan Murphy only does this show for the sake of tumblr gifs
Ryan Murphy needs to watch stranger things so he knows what a plot is
it's extra fun since I am too young to remember it live and also I watched the Ryan Murphy series.
Ryan Murphy is so intimidating lol the dude never smiles and he's like 6 something and built like a tank
How does on reach Ryan Murphy's level of swoll like *** man
Gotta hit up Mr. Ryan Murphy for that. Although, it'd be freaking awesome to have you on the show with us!
Why don't we have a Ryan Murphy show about Martha Stewart yet
to bad Ryan Murphy is a flop and we know nothing about the new season coming in September.
when you're just trying to live life but life is ryan Murphy and LITERSLLY throws you into a Quinn fabray story line
Fassbender, has to be Fassbender. Ryan Gosling as Karl Lacey. Buzz lightyear as Michael Murphy.
Bot 1: Delmarva strung together 3 straight singles by Ryan Mountcastle, Yermin Mercedes, and Alex Murphy to plate the game’s first run.
Sue being obsessed with all the same sex couples is making me hate Ryan Murphy even more. He's aware of faberry and likes to mock me.
I think we're all just waiting for the Ryan Murphy treatment
Murphy is not in the same category as Nolan Ryan but he's not far behind! 🙈
this would actually be great. Just as long as Ryan Murphy wouldn't make her be the stereotypical black woman
Reynaldo Lopez silences the Wings bats with a 4-hit shutout as Rochester falls to Syracuse 6-0. John Ryan Murphy finishes 2-for-3.
Twins MiLB Results: Rochester lose 6-0. John Ryan Murphy had 2 of the Red Wings 4 hits.
Weather Presenters,Nuala Carey,Gerry Murphy&Siobhan Ryan talk to Miriam about Ireland’s obsession with the weather!
Proud to join and my friend Ryan Murphy in honoring the Orlando victims and helping WATCH NOW:
He and John Ryan Murphy have struggled away from NYC. They can't handle the smaller spotlight
Players have also been developed and traded away, like Auston Jackson, John Ryan Murphy etc. System now solid.
I'd say it's more likely to be Ryan Murphy, though
AHS:Coven had so much potential. Ryan Murphy never knows how to follow through and finish strong.
The 3 MLB players the Yankees traded this year are not on a Major League Roster right now (Murphy, Warren, Ryan)
14u Pros earn a bye in the 1st Rd down in Myrtle. A 2-0 day yesterday led by complete game 1 run efforts from
Bryan and Norman *** me off soo mad they are worse than Ryan Murphy
Hurricanes agree to terms with Ryan Murphy :: WRA... via
The Carolina Hurricanes have re-signed defenceman Ryan Murphy to a two-year, $1.575 million contract with an AAV...
WATCH: 49 celebrities pay tribute to the Orlando victims in new Ryan Murphy... via
Ryan Murphy wins the 200m backstroke followed by Cal teammate, Jacob Pebley! Both are Rio bound!
NeNe Leakes: Ryan Murphy wouldn't stop calling me about 'Glee' | Larry King Now.
49 celebrities honor the 49 Orlando victims in Ryan Murphy-produced tribute video
I’m proud to join and Ryan Murphy to honor the Orlando victims WATCH NOW: .
*** James Reimer at 6 million with resigning Ryan Murphy and Victor Rask pretty much gets you there on it's own.
Ryan Murphy and Harry O'Connor start up front, Patrick O'Connor starts in midfield.
I hope Ryan Murphy makes Ssn 2 of American Crime Story about this gorilla fiasco. John Travolta as the gorilla.
Two out magic for Nixa. Brett Hammit singles to center and scores from first on a bloop double by Ryan Murphy. Jeff City lead cut to 4-1.
Sauce continue to negotiate with for the services of John Hall, Ben Fowler, Ryan Murphy, Duddy, and Parra.
All I know is Josh Johnson is his cousin. But so is Marcus Peters, Ryan Murphy, Mistah Fab...he has a LOT of cousins.
What if Ryan Murphy and Shonda Rhimes collaborated on a show
Congratulations to the winner Gabrielle Morris, runner up Ryan Murphy and winner of the people's choice award Lachlan Williams
Ryan Murphy said that Lady Gaga will be on tour in 2016, back in last year! Are you excited monsters?? 😻
Based upon a long-lost spec script by Aaron Sorkin, adapted by Ryan Murphy.
'Feud' will star Jessica Lange as Joan Crawford and Susan Saradon as Bette Davis. Created by Ryan Murphy, to air in 2017.
When I refer to Tyler Perry / Ryan Murphy / Lee Daniels as industry "terrorist", I'm looking at their terrorizing imagery of SGL lives.
Ryan Murphy's Joan Crawford/Bette Davis project is so fabulously campy, . it should be allowed to legally marry Mommie Dearest.
OMG, Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon are to star in a Ryan Murphy series about Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.
Harry Shum Jr is such a ray of sunshine & Im so sad his talent was ignored by Ryan Murphy on glee all those years-so glad for Shadowhunters.
Holy cow, Ryan Murphy's next series is Feud, with Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange as Bette Davis and Joan Crawford:
Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange to play Bette Davis and Joan Crawford for Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy's stars Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon as Joan Crawford and Bette Davis
Jessica Lange & Susan Sarandon to play Joan Crawford and Bette Davis for Ryan Murphy via
FX orders the inevitable Ryan Murphy miniseries about Joan Crawford and Bette Davis:
I would be more interested in a Hedda Hopper vs Louella Parsons miniseries, although maybe I don't want Ryan Murphy involved.
AH Ryan Murphy has ANOTHER anthological series debuting next year and it's about celebrity feuds! And Jessica Lange has a lead role!!!
:: TV News :: Ryan Murphy to explore feud between and in new anthology series
The thing about Ryan Murphy is he always hits it out of the park the first season. After that everything goes downhill. Fast.
Ryan Murphy should have made grant gustin and Gerard funk have *** sex
I'm just being the Culé Ryan Murphy with the narrative of Bravo/MatS being our non violent Tanya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan
Remember when Ryan Murphy titled the school shooting episode of Glee "Shooting Star"
Waiting for Ryan Murphy to announce the theme for AHS season 6
He: You masc?. Me: *Currently dressed like Jessica Lange at Ryan Murphy's funeral*
I hate how much they keep showing the kardashians on the people vs oj Simpson. We get it Ryan Murphy.
Waiting for Ryan Murphy to reveal the theme of season 6 like
No mention of the OJ Simpson pogs? Well then I guess Ryan Murphy was never actually interested in the truth.
The People v O.J. Simpson finale bringing me to tears just like the trial still does! Ryan Murphy is brilliant. Trial of the century.
Ryan Murphy, Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson did an amazing job with can't wait for season 2.
Bravo to Ryan Murphy, FX and the entire cast and crew of THE PEOPLE V O J SIMPSON.what a great series!
Kind of astounded at how great The People vs. OJ Simpson was. Adapting true stories perfectly channels Ryan Murphy's flair.
People vs. O.J. Simpson was a phenomenal series. Perfect casting and amazing directing by Ryan Murphy.
My final recap of is up. The jury finds me guilty of enjoying a Ryan Murphy show:
Wow People Vs. OJ Simpson was possibly Ryan Murphy's best it seriously needs to win all the awards
The People vs OJ Simpson might be the best season of television I've ever watched. FX had a real winner. Pinnacle of Ryan Murphy's career
In every form of art Ryan Murphy never seems to disappoint, nothing but praise for The People vs. OJ Simpson.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Well apart from a few moments of over-direction by Ryan Murphy, the PEOPLE VS OJ SIMPSON finale was just about perfect.
A Ryan Murphy-created OJ Simpson show will be the best thing on TV all year. In related news, Leicester City are winning the EPL
Bad enough living through the Simpson case; have no idea why I've given up hours watching a Ryan Murphy retelling of it.
Ryan Murphy understood how to turn this Sidney Lumet Network meets All the President's Men into TV, as Jacobson and Simpson…
Ryan Murphy doesn't want to reveal which of the two stories they're working on will be chosen for next season.
in memory of Taissa Farmiga. she's not dead but Ryan Murphy thinks she is
This OJ show is just amazing. What a performance by in tonight's episode. well done. Well done Ryan Murphy & Todd Brown
Meet team of Baqer Aljabr & Ryan Murphy. Their big idea is called “Mobile Surveillance Robot.”
Ryan Murphy, Ryan Lochte, Shane Ryan-that's a whole lotta Ryans there!
Anyone who responds "yes" when Ryan Murphy asks her to star in an Anne Frank imposter subplot set in an insane asylum is aces in my book
What would you rather watch: A Ryan Murphy show about the WWF/the '80s pro wrestling boom or an Aaron Sorkin show about second-wave feminism
Ryan Murphy's status is questionable for Saturday. Read more on that in today's Notebook:
What if The People vs OJ has a crazy Ryan Murphy ending where like Robert Shapiro just stabs F. Lee Bailey
I still think Ryan Murphy botched Normal Heart but the pop-camp aesthetics here are perfect for the subject. It's grappling with race deeply
pls do not go from a Christopher Nolan ww2 movie with well respected actors to a poorly reviewed campy Ryan Murphy fox show
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Someone please tag Matt Bomer and Ryan Murphy to help them be educated again by Larry Kramer about
This last episode of American Crime Story was really good. Ryan Murphy did a great job directing this week using his wild visual style.
Interesting. Ryan Murphy always spoke as if HE &/or Ian Brennan found it or even conceived Glee.
Quite the state meet for Sam Dumford of Ryan Murphy and Kevin Sullivan of
I ship Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy. But in a platonic way. Not the creepy otp fan art way.
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