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Ryan Mallet

Ryan Mallett (born June 5, 1988), nicknamed Big Tex , is an American football quarterback for the New England Patriots of the National Football League (NFL), taken in the third round of the 2011 NFL Draft.

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I like how I'm threatening to beat Ryan with my mallet 😂
Ryan mallet only has about 4 career TDs lmaoo what is this 😭
Lmao he put Ryan Mallet and Matt Barkley on there lmao
Kaepernick doesn't play in the pocket, Ryan Mallet does so he's better is the argumen…
Come on.Ryan Mallet??? Chase Daniel??? Colin Kaepernick was the starting QB of a team that went to a SB.
Ryan Mallet is not better than Kap. That's a fact.
Chase Daniel, Ryan Mallet, Matt Barkley. on 15 backup QBs who are better than Colin Kaepernick:
Somehow Ryan Mallet still has a job.
How does 's SLP% factor in this? ie. if Ryan Mallet wears American flag und…
Ryan Mallet isn't even the worst QB on that list, and that's saying something! Did we not see Matt Bar…
Dude I forgot Ryan Mallet was even a thing lol
Have you actually watched Ryan Mallet play he's terrible
People would actually rather have Ryan Mallet or Geno Smith running their offense because Kap exercised his right to protest lol
How can anyone type, speak or even think that Ryan Mallet is better than any other Qb pe…
Maybe he was hacked today.. Only explanation for thinking that Ryan Mallet of all people is even wo…
dude really said Derek Anderson and Ryan Mallet, I didn't even know them 2 were still in the league featured in NBC s Science of Love
Yo The people on who want 2 push the narrative that Colin Kaepernick is bad are hillaroius 😂😂. Now there saying…
Ryan Mallet, Colt McCoy, Ryan Anderson, Matt Barkley better than Kaptain America? LMFAO foh, your caucasity is show…
Remember that time Ryan Mallet went AWOL after he got benched?
Matt Barkley, Case Keenum, Ryan Mallet, Chase Daniel, Matt Cassel, Josh McCown & Geno Smith are all better QB's than ?
If you think Drew Stanton and Ryan Mallet are better than Kaepernick, I don't even know if you can be saved anymore.
Either way, had to unfollow after the "backups better than Kaep" list. Landry Jones? Ryan Mallet? Come tf on, man
The closet racists gotta be telling him to chill because it’s getting too obvious. Ryan Mallet? Cmon now
Ryan mallet is better than lap lmao? who oversleeps and misses practices/flights? Yeah ok buddy 😂
Lmao u really gotta hate someone to think Ryan mallet is better than them
U not out here telling ppl Chad Henne and Ryan Mallet better than Kap. Just come out and say u hate Kap for helping blacks in the community
Ryan mallet would like to have a word
People should be going after whatever teams signed Mark Sanchez, Ryan Mallet and Matt Cassell
I know Kap is being blackballed. But we just gave Ryan Mallet like 3 million a year to be o…
The NFL does as well. Prob not all, but a large %. Being "qualified" means absolutely nothing…
The Essex couple is a SET UP so they try and stay in until the end
Ryan Mallet: fell in draft for character problems, kicked off Houston for character problems. He's an "oddity."
The Ravens, where Jim Harabaugh predicted Kaep is a starter, have Ryan Mallet as their backup. No drama there.
You mean different like the Seahawks current backup QB who was arrested twice this offseason or like Ryan…
Didn't you say Ryan Mallet was their backup when Brady got hurt? 😂😂😂
what success besides getting drafted THIRD ROUND has ryan mallet achieved that you could even COMPARE him to jackson?
ryan mallet was dippin when he missed the target but I think that ball 5 feet behind the receiver.
Insulting a Scorsese movie that won the Oscar for best picture. What's next? You're probably gonna tell u…
Hearing people try to explain why Colin Kaepernick doesn't have a job, while a guy like Ryan Mallet does is so annoying.
Chiefs GM: "Alex Smith knew before draft we might select a QB": So what we're saying is Mahomes is either Ryan Mallet or Aaron Rodgers.
Why? If Garropollo is so great, why is he languishing on the bench. I bet he is just like Ryan Mallet.. p…
Not true mate, he has always only had good things to say about t…
So I met former quarterback Ryan Mallet today!! Bucketlist✅
do not forget about 2011 sugar bowl Arkansas vs Ohio State 31-26 when ryan mallet tried to be hero by passin…
The game were the defense was shredded by Ryan freaking Mallet.
Trade flaccid flacco and free up cap space. Start Ryan Mallet and make it the playoffs
"Anybody got a pencil for Ryan mallet"
Remember when the Patriots were geniuses for selecting the "next Tom Brady" in Ryan Mallet
offically agree to contracts with S Tony Jefferson, RB Danny Woodhead. Re-signed QB Ryan Mallet. Picked up option on WR Mike Wallace
BOB has gone 9-7 three years in a row with the following:. -Ryan Fitzpatrick. -Brian Hoyer. -Ryan Mallet. -Tom Savage. -Brock Osweiler
Did you *** not watch Matt Schaub Jimmy Clausen or Ryan Mallet play last year?
Brock Osweiler has accomplished something that neither Ryan Mallet not Brian Hoyer could do: he's ruined Deandre Hopkins.
Look at Brian Hoyer, Matt Cassel, Ryan Mallet. All left NE for another team and became trash. Cassel had 2 decent seasons with KC. That's it
what if it's not? I'm just saying look at Matt Cassel, Brian Hoyer, Ryan Mallet. All left the team, became hot garbage.
Ryan mallet had a Hail Mary stop acting like it was so great
ok. He lost his job to Ryan Mallet in 14, and had a nice 5 game stretch against mostly terrible teams last year.
yeah but prior to the Texans Ryan mallet never played a series in the NFL but Brock played 7 games
where's the black Jeff George or Ryan Mallet, guys who a-hole their way from team to team but keep getting chances bc talent?
The funniest thing I've heard is when called Brock "Ryan Mallet with a alarm clock"
Even Ryan Mallet did better than him 👀
so you think Ryan Mallet was drafted to be the replacement for Brady?? Or Garapalo?
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After Ryan Mallet I won't believe the hype until I see it.
just saw Ryan Mallet in the Dallas airport but he was rude and wouldn't take a picture with me.
look at players like Brandon Spikes, Benjarvis Green-Ellis, Bryan Hoyer, Ryan Mallet. really good short team, long term trash.
Could've been Peyton, Brock, Ryan Mallet, Johnny Football, Matt Leinart, Vince Young, me you or your dad under center and Broncs stills win
This is a team that lost to Ryan Mallet and Marc Trestman. And it wasnt even close.
Blair, do you really think Ryan Mallet has 600 followers...
Great job to Ryan Mallet and Shareece Wright there😐
Johnny Manzel, Matthew Statford, Cam Newton, and Eli Manning. Actually it's 5, Ryan Mallet start for Baltimore.
The one good point Nick Stephens has made ALL YEAR on Patriots Post Game coverage: "Don't fear Pitt, the Steelers just lost to Ryan Mallet!"
turnovers cost you the game? Wake up! Ryan Mallet looked like Bret Favre against you. Open your eyes!
That's behind Ryan Mallet (cut), Colin Kaepernick, Geno Smith (benched) and hilariously of all, Robert Griffin I (deceased).
Ryan Mallet, Matt Schaub, Jimmy Clausen, I hope The Ravens get relegated to the Canadian Football League.
Ryan Mallet is all about that snooze button.
Ryan Mallet and Matt Harvey can split my gift card between them to buy a GPS for their cars so that doesn't happen again.
Texans cut Ryan Mallet like he was the one that allowed 41 first half points lmao.. We need to Fire Romeo Crennel and Rick Smith
Romeo Crennel, Rick Smith and Ryan Mallet all need to be relieved of their duties.
Ryan Mallet should get the Dave Mustaine treatment and be sent home on a Greyhound bus
Shane Lechler more likely to play QB today than Ryan Mallet
Just read about Ryan Mallet's missed flight to Miami. That's twice this season he's overslept/not been on time. No shot as starter now, IMO.
Ryan mallet. Bryan hoyer. All products of bill. How did they turn out huh?
I'm happy he showed up. If you saw hard knocks this year you'd know ryan mallet would sleep through …
Um is it an Ebola Clinic you are putting on there Ryan Mallet?. /s/ Texans Fans.
Tom Savage, Ryan mallet better throwers than Vick? Fitzpatrick? Hoyer? Lol
They're also drafting Ryan Mallet as the second to last QB off the board, that'll leave just 9 bots to beat.
There's one QB worse than Peyton Manning this season. Ryan Mallet. 3rd worst? Andrew Luck.
look at that schedule , barely beat Luke mccown and Ryan mallet at home
IDK. Red flags coming out, and hasn't shown much in NFL. Ryan Mallet II?
only QB with a lower completion % this season is Ryan Mallet. WRs suck but those stats aren't skewed, those are personal stats.
yup that and only difference is Julio got Matt Ryan & DeAndre got Mallet/Hoyer. If he had Manziel 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Michigan was goin from a pro style Ryan Mallet O to a Spread which was destined to fail there. He's our best option IMO.
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must have borrowed Ryan Mallet's alarm clock!
Matthew Stafford, Jamarcus Russel, Matt Flynn, Jay Cutler, Ryan Mallet, are all better SEC QB than AJ
I'd pick up Ryan mallet, guys a hammer
could have played with a top 5 QB if all time but now he's playing with Brian Hoyer and Ryan mallet lol
you mean JT Barrett didn't act like Ryan Mallet when he was named backup!
we got to get this win by running the ball and sacking brain hoyer or Ryan mallet
Peyton Manning's 72.5 quarterback rating is the second lowest among all qualified passers, only Ryan Mallet at 63.6 is worse
Peyton Manning has the 2nd worst QBR in the league... Behind only Ryan Mallet. Wow.
Blake Bortles. Luke McCown. Ryan Mallet. Jameis Winston. I gave y'all Sunday but outside of that chillout lol
. I'll trade Ryan Mallet and a 6th rounder; nothing more
Since Ryan Mallet no longer is a starting QB in the NFL - Over 6 weeks, the worst QB in the NFL is Payton Manning.
deandre hopkins is keeping pace with megatons season where broke the receiving yardage record with Ryan mallet and Brian Hoyer as his qb 👀
Dont be to proud of that technological insult youve constructed, you still have play 3 mallet parts.
Ryan mallet might sabotage hoyer. That's about it.
the last touchdown was important, but Hobbs was left one on one, Buress. Ryan Mallet makes that throw 99/100 times.
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Hopkins has been doing it with Tom Savage, Ryan Mallet, and Brian Hoyer. *crickets*
Pretty sure Ryan Mallet would get benched for the pick eli just gave up.
Here we see say Ryan Mallet > Cam Newton. Less than 1 yr later he loves Newton (he's still no Dalton)
you seem to have forgotten Ryan Mallet?
*** said u give him Rodgers he'll give you josh Gordon and Ryan mallet
Plus, theoretically Ryan Mallet was a highly recruited/ranked QB who if Carr had stayed, would have started 2 years
Peyton Manning has a lower QBR than Kirk Cousins, Ryan Mallet, and Cam Newton
"Hopkins has Ryan mallet". same *** saying how Beckham makes Eli look decent
Wow.. in passer rating is Andrew Luck, is Peyton Manning, dead last is ryan mallet.some pats fans actually saw him as heir apparent
Not according to others" Ryan Mallet gives us the best chance to win".
Every time they show Ryan Mallet on the sidelines
You mean Ryan Mallet ranks just behind Luck and Manning in passer rating? He's making strides.
So, Ryan Mallet, Colin Kaepernick and Cooper Manning walk into a bar.. they all die of alcohol poisoning and the world is a better place
Who would u rather have at qb, Ryan Mallet or my *** just slinging the ball at ur feet?
Who would you rather have as ur QB Ryan Mallet or Cooper Manning?
I agree with that...Like said he had two bad games to start, but they are talking like he is Ryan Mallet..
This Cam for MVP thing needs to stop. Only quarterback in the NFL with a lower completion percentage than Newton is Ryan Mallet this season
Exactly. Osweiller could just be another Ryan mallet waiting to happen
VIDEO: Ryan Mallet can’t help but hate on Brian Hoyer after he replaces him… ~via
you probably think Nick Foles is good or that Ryan Mallet should be starting
Ryan Mallet is a solid example for young kids on how NOT to be a good teammate.
he alternates between looking like his old self and looking like Ryan Mallet...Broncos need to move on after this season.
Ryan Mallet can't be thrilled...granted it's the Jags
*** was playing with Ryan mallet he's ***
High key his quarterbacks have been Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallet so what's your *** point? .
I take back any doubts I had in Landry Jones, he's better than Ryan Mallet
Hillary got the bye week. Bernie gettin’ the wild card. O’Malley in the hunt. Chaffee and Webb are Ryan Mallet and Brandon Weeden.
Ryan Mallet has that crazy look that makes me think he's ready to drive to Derek Fisher's house to beat him up
Ryan Mallet is the Clay Buchholz of the NFL. .
Ryan Mallet is a real life version of Uncle Rico
Ryan Mallet and the word upside don't belong together.
I dont always drink Dos Equis, but when I do - I dont start Ryan Mallet
[Reddit] - Ryan Mallet's QBR (73.9) for WK 3 was better than 19 other QBs, including Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck, …
Ryan Mallet has the mobility of a young Blaine Gabbert
Ryan Mallet still thinks Jamie Kennedy is a comedic genius
Disappointed in my boy Ryan Mallet. He decided he wanted to pull and Andre Johnson and not show up because things...
Ross you would have though Ryan Mallet would have learned better being he was around Tom Brady for awhile.
.Please trade Ridley or Zach Stacy and a 6th rounder to the for Ryan Mallet.
rookie DE Arik Armstead got plenty of criticism, but he did get a hit on Ryan Mallet with a bulldozing rush.
Kniles Davis, Ryan Mallet, Tyler Wilson, DJ Williams... I could go on but I won't.
I just want Hakeem back. Andre catching touchdowns and Ryan mallet to have a Harden beard
Planning 2 fight 2 the death against . Me: what's your weapon of choice?. Andie: a chisel and mallet, yours?. Me: Nuclear missile
i wouldn't mind i think we need trae Waynes more then we can sign ryan mallet at qb
Ryan Mallet missed out on a super bowl ring this year when the Pats won. Doubt they will send him 1 lk Red Sox did in 04 to frmr players
How sweet is Vince Wilfork gonna look catching TDs from Ryan Mallet next year?
I think they should resign Ryan Mallet and there's not a qb where they are picking to take, maybe in the 2016 draft.
he put up 900 receiving with Ryan Mallet and Fitzpatrick as his QB. Could easily do better with Brady/manning
Now that Cassel is gone who do you wanna see as the backup QB? My first choice's would be Brian Hoyer or Ryan Mallet.
I agree but still there's a little bit to worry for. He just doesn't run for 1000 yards RYAN Mallet might be are guy
Wow! I just won this for free, 2011 Ryan Mallet New England Patriots rookie card diecut topps
If I were the Buffalo Bills Id sign Jake Locker or Ryan Mallet next week. Team will be crazy good just needs a QB
Right now, best option at QB MIGHT be Ryan Mallet & D-Hop is the stud WR. need a Morey-like moment in acquisition
Marrone and Hackett didn't like EJ I think he'll be our starter. Tbh I wouldn't mind bringing in Sanchez or maybe Ryan Mallet
Ryan Mallet Hoyer or Jake Locker are who I want
This *** in class said Ryan mallet is the next Aaron Rodgers.i had to turn around. Conversation done.
if either teams were smart they would sign Ryan mallet
lmfao sure prez. Who are u trolling now? Yeah and tell him ryan mallet is a way better QB than Tom Brady smh
and Tom Savage and ryan mallet. All bums. And they told andre he won't start next year 😂😂
Ryan Mallet is the future for the Houston Texans
he got one . Ryan Mallet Is the future , mock my words , And if not we still got Savage .. we gone be alright lil bro .
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aye!!! Ryan Mallet Finna be dotting up Deandre all season. Cobb/avant too we jus might
bro it don't matter that *** snags everything. Now he the number one receiver. Ryan Mallet could have him balling
10' had a solid o and WR's. give geno that and he can play. But for backups matt moore or ryan mallet, in the draft hundley or
I bet they also bring in a younger veteran with some possible upside, possibly Jake Locker or Ryan Mallet.
David Carr? Fitzpatrick? schaub? Case Keenum? TJ Yates? Ryan Mallet? Sage Rosenfelds? All these guys should be first ballots
right now they're thinking of keeping fitz and Ryan mallet but I want them to trade off fitz and get another QB
his QBs were also Ryan Fitzpatrick, Case Keenum, Ryan Mallet, and Tom Savage...
oh did I say Ryan mallet I meant the legend he learned from Tom Brady
Ryan mallet is better than Peyton Manning
oh yes, you're a HUGE Patriots fan when you had no idea who Ryan Mallet was commenting on a preseason game vid..really.
think of all those wide outs just praying they can catch balls from Ryan Mallet.
Our main focus is resigning Ryan Mallet & Kareem Jackson. Stop thinking of Andre Johnson 4 or 5 yrs ago and think of what he's worth 2DAY!
Ryan Mallet my dude , and Fitzweenie improved
Just think of all the money the Texans will be able to give Ryan Mallet now!
We should've held on to Ryan Mallet one more year and traded him and a late draft pick for Andre Johnson.
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Ryan Mallet gonna be a PROBLEM this season
So the Houston Texans are looking to re-sign Ryan Mallet rather than go after Brian Hoyer. Lolz.
Well they did draft Tom Savage and traded for Ryan Mallet.
Is it just me or was Ryan Fitzpatrick playing much better than Mallet is now?
sounds alot like Belichick with Ryan Mallet in August
Yeah JJ I think we need mallet cause if want to make playoffs we need Ryan mallet
any chance the Browns pursue Ryan Mallet? At worst he's an upgrade over Connor Shaw, at best he could be QB of future.
just pick up ryan mallet and Mark Sanchez !!! Release manuel problem solved
Is Ryan mallet resigning with taxens ? Would love too see him on jets on bills
Going back and watching film of QB Ryan Mallet and impressed by tape. Quick release. Can throw on run. Poised in pocket.
Ok...You went too far when you said Ryan Mallet.
there's just no one avail.Ryan Mallet?
Ryan mallet heck no he's a bust lol we don't need Cassel McCown or Hoyer I'd be okay with at least Ryan Mallet sick of the garbage talk
Why would Josh McCown interest the Browns more than Mark Sanchez, Ryan Mallet, Jake Locker, or even Brian Hoyer?
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If the Texans don't resign Ryan Mallet, Rick Smith should instantly be fired
The should pursue Ryan Mallet and leave this Josh McCown business alone.
.Texans here so I'm forced to be biased but a healthy Ryan Mallet? Probably not. But the rest, *** yes.
Ryan Fitzpatrick, Ryan Mallet, or Case Keenum. But if Savage was the QB, it would be in Vince Wilfork's hands.
Nick Foles and Ryan Mallet on the Texans roster next year. Battling for starting qb. With Case 3rd string. I like it.
What does Bobby P has to do with this? He had Ryan Mallet and Tyler Wilson and Chaney has Brandon Allen
He may not be a Tyler Wilson, or a Matt Jones, or a Ryan Mallet, but Brandon Allen doesn't get enough credit in my opinion.
Some team would bite. Teams did for Josh Freeman, Jason Campbell, Ryan Mallet, etc.
You can't tell me that Ryan Mallet dosent look like Jesse Pinkman from breaking bad
Tom Brady perfectly trolls Ryan Mallet before his first start, posts photo of him carrying pads for Brian Hoyer ht…
These things I learned yesterday. 1. Tom Brady will always own Peyton Manning 2. Emmanuel Sanders is a beast! 3. Big Ben is playing the best football of any QB right now outside of Tom Brady 4. Mark Sanchez will lead the Eagles deep into the playoffs 5. Tony Romo is more important to the Cowboys than any other player. 6. Antonio Brown should get some MVP votes 7. Tre Mason is the best RB in STL 8. Colin Kaepernick continues to prove how overrated he really is 9. Frank Gore is done! Get Carlos Hyde in there already. 10. Teams will eventually learn to stack the box against Seattle and teams will realize they have no weapons on the outside. 11. RG3 will be out of the league within 5 years. 12. Whoever sill thinks DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart belong as starters in this league should be boycotted from football for life. 13. Lovie Smith is a terrible football coach. 14. The Texans need to bench Ryan Fitzpatrick now and see what they got in Ryan Mallet.
Ryan Mallet can't even unseat Fitzpatrick. Mike Mayock tried to sell us on that bill of goods
If Houston struggles I give it 2 weeks before Ryan Mallet is under center. Why not let the kid prove he can play?
dont sleep on Ryan Mallet either. He played under Tom Brady for years... Brady can make anyone a Hall of Famer
Ryan Mallet trade for a 6th, 7th rounder?! Better than nothing.
Ryan Mallet was Johnny Football before Johnny Football was shoplifting at the Kerrville Walmart.
Does O'Brien call Mark Sanchez or Ryan Mallet to replace Case Keenum as the QB after he's cut??
Wonder if St. Louis is looking at Ryan Mallet? Pats will start Garoppolo in preseason finale via
We gonna do that same thing the Patriots doing with Ryan Mallet with Ryan Griffin
Ryan Mallet ain't no Matt Cassell. That's for sure.
So, the Patriots first preseason game tonight. They will play the Washington Redskins. What to watch for: 1. What Darrelle Revis looks like in game speed. 2. Defense as a whole. See if they can get pressure on the QB and keep him contained from scrambling. 3.Rookie RB 4th round pick out of Wisconsin, James White. Reporters say he is knocking on the door for the starting job, and is a great all-around back. 4. Look to see if the WR's (Amendola, Dobson, Thompkins, Lafell.) Have gotten any better. 5. Focus on the Offensive line, look to see if they can protect Ryan Mallet. 6. Look to see what Ryan Mallet looks like. How fast are his reads? Can he make the right adjustments coming to the line preplay? Does he hit his receivers in stride or over/under throw them? ALOT of questions, but that is why there is preseason. New England should look pretty good though.
What if Ryan Mallet do the same thing to Brady that Brady did to drew Bledsoe that would cool asf
I'm getting insider news that the Patriots are aiming at trading a 3rd rounder, Ryan Mallet, and Josh Boyce for Andre Johnson
Calling it now, Pats trade Ryan Mallet and some pick(s) to Houston for Andre Johnson. O' Brien still loves Mallet I feel.
Still sum value going on so I'll wrap up my analysis within the coming week. But 3 teams stand out so far as complete draft day winners; Jacksonville,Oakland and The Rams. There are more teams like the Texans(pending they trade for Ryan Mallet) but these 3 have a serious chance to compete from the bottom. The AFC North isn't dominant. With former Seahawks Defensive coordinator Gus Bradley the D will play. You draft Bortles and give him 2 pro ready wrs. That could be a division to keep an eye on. The Oakland Raiders as I've said arguably has had thee best overal draft in history. Getting Derick Carr was the deal sealer. The Raiders have been competitive for the past few years in their division and now they have their 2 best QBs Since Rich Gannon. You add in free agency with MJD and the vets on D? Raiders Nation will compete!! The Rams.. Hats off to Jeff Fischer. With the RG3 trade he has created a new defense that will resemble his counterparts. Whenever the Sam Bradford project is over and they find a QB? ...
So no surprise we took Clowney... bleacher report says we're in serious trade negotiations for Ryan Mallet... if that's for real, considering Fitzgerald, Keenum and Yates... why draft a QB? Not saying I'm happy with that, but if the Texans are thinking Mallet is the guy long term... Fitzgerald for now... is this where we're going?
lol I played against Ryan Mallet in HS. The same year I played Matthew Stafford in the playoffs
Ryan Mallet to the Texans? Sounds nice but I'd rather have Johnny Football.
Week 1, 1st offensive snap of the game and your starting QB is injured and will be out for the entire season. Which backup QB (currently in the league) would you want to take the reigns? (Here are a few, feel free to pick your own) Matt Moore, Matt Hasselbeck, Kyle Orton, Geno Smith, Jason Campbell, Ryan Mallet, Kirk Cousins, Ryan Fitzpatrick, T.J. Yates, Chad Henne I'm going with Hasselbeck!
what are you doing with Brock Osweiler and Ryan Mallet then?
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what does history tell us about guys like Ryan Mallet, Kirk Cousins, Brock Osweiler? Usually they're backups for a reason.
Ran some Mettenberger comps. Ryan Mallet, Jason Campbell, and Chris Weinke were included
.you deadass got faith in RYAN MALLET? FOH. STOP SLEEPING ON TANNEY
Rather have Ryan Mallet then the majority of the QB's coming out this yr in the draft
Seems if that's the route and they're serious about moving up for a WR, Ryan Mallet is gone
Ryan Mallet. Who else carries Tom Bradys shoulder pads & luggage. No Pats fan want him to play, b/c that means Brady is hurt
Ryan Mallet could definitely have success in this league, but stays buried behind Brady lol.
I saw the Cowboys are there watching, I like him,Jonny G and really wished Ryan Mallet would up Romo's successor
I have a pretty large crush on Ryan Roberts...those tats 😍🙊
It's 3-1 to the Mallet, more good work from Ryan Mitchell
2-1 to the Mallet, a wonderful mazy dribble and finish from Ryan Mitchell
If New England does trade Ryan Mallet, don't be surprise if Belichick & company draft Zach Mettenberger.
belicheck no need to draft any Qbacks Ryan Mallet out of Arkansasdepth chart will be the next great leader for the patriots.
If you don't have any plans this evening you do now. Get down to Tremorfa park to watch our Development take on UWIC in the…
I feel that Ryan Mallet is gone before the draft
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Just tired hearing y'all talk about B.A. like he Ryan mallet and just got hurt and needs some more weapons.
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what's the Texan's stance on Ryan Mallet? Is Andre Johnson still an unhappy Texan? Any chance of draft day trade? Any gossip?
Sorry but that was a terrible argument comparing Ryan Mallet and Brandon Allen. Experience is important but coaching is more.
Ryan Mallet is totally getting traded huh ?
Watch Houston take clowney and trade a mid round pick to ne for Ryan mallet.
Jus shot a qicc video wit Ryan Mallet
No ryan mallet can throw and they been teaching him for 3 years now he is ready now
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Does anyone remember when Ryan Mallet was *** and played for Michigan?
I would've traded Damarcus Ware to the Patriots for Ryan Mallet. But Jerry Jones don't think like me.
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Let's see... McFadden, Felix Jones, Peyton Hillis, George Wilson, Tyler Wilson, Ryan Mallet, etc. I'm pretty sure we do to.
y not just draft the future after to Eli instead of playing with these clowns or trade for Ryan Mallet?
That's why Ryan Mallet has been sitting behind him
Ryan Mallet funny as *** man I hope he aint get into a fight tonight cuz I want the pats to trade em to a team I like.
Wouldn't surprise me if the New England Patriots trade Ryan Mallet before or during the
while we're playing GM, what if we trade JJ and AJ to the Patriots for Ryan Mallet and a 7th rd pick
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ideal situation... but im hearing in possible intrest in New England's back up Ryan Mallet
maybe one day I'll hit enough traffic to get on the air. Also, I thought the Ryan Mallet rumors were dead...
Who is ready to breakdown Ryan Mallet vs. Colt McCoy? Pats vs. Skins the journey begins in August.
what about Ryan mallet sitting behind Brady tho😳
CORRECTION: Injured Tom Brady AND Ryan Mallet in the same game in Nice.
spectacular ole Southwest Conference matchup Ryan Mallet faces Colt McCoy. Frank Broyles and Fred Akers will love it!
he won't have to e will be like Ryan mallet in NE! He will be ready after his rookie contract else wheres
NFL Preseason Watch: Is Ryan Mallet's 0 career TD's and 1 INT enough to put him as the fav to win the Patriots QB battle?
false . Ryan mallet will come in and be a brand new Brady he's been learning from him for years . Or we draft jonny football
Dude Ryan Mallet is no joke! he is good! unless he has gotten into some bad habits no one knows about
I'm still a firm believer that Ryan mallet will be the best quarterback of his draft class
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The Patriots may end up trading Ryan Mallet and could be looking for a potential Brady successor in this draft. Can get McCarron in rds 2-4
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The Patriots have worked out every QB in this draft...something tells me Tom Brady's time is running short and Ryan Mallet isn't the future.
Ryan Mallet, I told him that you were possibly going to the camp this summer...-- go to the hill for camp sir lol
Rumor: might be in trade talks with about acquiring Ryan Mallet.
Since the Harvin trade.What ever Rick Spielman says should be taken with a grain of salt lol "Percy here to stay!!" Then boom traded. But happy he gone!! I'm very happy with CP84 but you guys can see what I'm saying lol -So I'm predicting Vikings having 2 first rd picks, Vikings will bring in a QB FA/trade like Ryan Mallet, & Vikings will take some big leaps in FA.
Houston should trade it's pick to the Pats for Ryan Mallet. Pats use that pick to grab Sammy Watkins or even Mike Evans
I think this off season it's time to rearrange the patriot way, and stop being cheap and drop some money on a big time wide receiver and a big time defensive tackle. The bigger the better at either position is preferred. We should of traded Ryan Mallet and a third round pick for Josh Gordon while we had the shot. Now it's too late they will be drafting Manziel, and we still need a true big time number 1 reciever, Dobson is tall but too skinny we need a big boy who is fast and can get jump balls. If we had that tonight we would of at least made more of a run at it. Demarious Thomas did just that. 6'2 or taller, that runs under a 4.5 and weighs at least 220. Hakeem Nicks may fit the bill but I worry about his injuries he's a lot like Talib, can change the game for you, when he's in it
Just remember Brock Osweiler and Ryan Mallet are the future
My 3 favorite backup QB's in "action" this weekend. Brock Osweiler, Ryan Mallet, and Charlie Whitehurst. Best case scenario, Tom Gaydy goes down, Gayton Manning goes down, and Russell Wilson gets the flu.
Just a few hits away from Tavares Jackson, Brock Osweiler, Ryan Mallet, and Colt McCoy affecting the outcome of the season.
Who will be better when it's their time to shine Ryan Mallet or Brock Osweiler?? Both sitting and learning from all time greats...
Watch out for Brock Osweiler and Ryan Mallet in 2yrs. . . .
Potential (viable) options for a much needed Andy Dalton replacement: Trade for Brock Osweiler (2nd rounder) who has a cannon and ha been learning from Peyton Manning. Trade for Ryan Mallet (2nd rounder) who has been learning from Tom Brady and also has a cannon. Draft Zach Mettenberger or Blake Bortles with the 24th pick.
mike bill Obrien mat try to trade Draft pick for a QB he's familiar with already... Ryan Mallet.
Check it, I've had a lot of people ask me my opinions on what the Houston Texans should do next, and I'm obviously NOT their GM, and never will be, but because of the interest and the spirited debate it will create, here's your quick solutions, that will make the team drastically better. 1) If you SOMEHOW can find a trade partner, trade back to the 5th pick, I'm going to use the Oakland Raiders as my example here. Trade with Oak. (In this situation the Raiders, or Bucs would have to fall in love with Teddy Bridgewater) Oakland receives: overall pick Texans receive: overall, overall, and Oakland's 5th. 2) Draft LB/DE -Anthony Barr (UCLA) or OTs -Jake Matthews/ Greg Robinson (A&M/AU) with the overall pick. This immediately shores up the right side of your offensive line 3) See if the Patriots will take a 3rd and 5th for Ryan Mallet. I'm not saying this is your starter, but he has a history with Bill O'Brien and O'Brien is a well known QB Guru. 4) With your two second round picks: overall: Tahj Boyd, Brett . ...
What if we get Ryan Mallet from the Pats, draft Matthews & luck up on Clowney...
You guys should trade for Ryan Mallet next year, he could be the next Aaron Rodgers. He is learning from a great. Or Osweiler
I wouldn't doubt if it got egged tonight. Allen is decent at times but, we need another Ryan Mallet or Tyler Wilson caliber QB.
Remember when we had Ryan Mallet and Tyler Wilson?
too bad we can't get people like Tyler Wilson or Ryan Mallet back
Can we have Tyler Wilson, Ryan Mallet, or even Matt Jones back, please? This dude has been slaw all season.
I Neva really liked Tyler Wilson give me Ryan Mallet any day
Here is the way this works. We gotta keep Locker healthy. If Jake Locker can stay healthy, we can win some games. He is a very good QB. Fitz is a worthy backup QB who has proven in his career that he is very inconsistent but when he gets going, then he is on fire. However there is already tlk of getting another QB to compete with Locker or possibly take his spot. Lets consider the options. Tim Tebow. A guy who no one seems to want but no one realizes the kid is a winner. I mean he beat the Chiefs a few yrs back only completing 4 passes. Ryan Mallet. A sure 1st round QB out of Arkansas until he got a DUI and his character was seriously questioned. Besides that he has been backing up Tom Brady for the last few yrs. Not a bad guy to learn from. Now look at the draft option. There are several QB's in the draft to POSSIBLY consider. A.J. McCaron from Bama who is on track to win his 3rd straight BCS title. Derek Carr from fresno state. Younger brother of draft bust david carr but is significantly better. (Not t ...
If you don't try getting Kirk Cousins or Ryan Mallet, then you're more close minded and moronic upstairs than already thought.
On September 17th, I posted this (among other things) about the Vikes: "The QB situation. This is it. We now know what kind of QB that Ponder is. People who say "patience, patience" just aren't thinking straight. He's had enough time. You know who he is as a player, now evaluate him and decide if he really is the answer. Of course people raise the question: "Well you can't just find an elite QB out there." That's the wrong point of view. We don't need to find an elite QB (right now), we need to find one that is better than Ponder. Potential available QBs are Josh Freeman, Matt Cassel, Ryan Mallet, T.J. Yates, Vince Young, Tim Tebow. Yes, nothing too exciting, so I'm not sure we can improve on Ponder, but I'd like to see them try. Maybe see what Mallet or Yates has. Of course any QB would have Musgrave to deal with. Which is a huge handicap." With the signing of Josh Freeman, it appears the Vikes actually did something right. Will Freeman be a long term answer? Probably not. But at this point we don't need ...
Dont be surprised if Brian Hoyer tanks this week. And if that happens dont be shocked if the Browns make a Carson Palmer to the Raiders esque trade for one Ryan Mallet.
Brock Osweiler and Ryan Mallet will be the next QB rivalry this coming decade
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