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Ryan Mallet

Ryan Mallett (born June 5, 1988), nicknamed Big Tex , is an American football quarterback for the New England Patriots of the National Football League (NFL), taken in the third round of the 2011 NFL Draft.

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I just want Hakeem back. Andre catching touchdowns and Ryan mallet to have a Harden beard
Planning 2 fight 2 the death against . Me: what's your weapon of choice?. Andie: a chisel and mallet, yours?. Me: Nuclear missile
i wouldn't mind i think we need trae Waynes more then we can sign ryan mallet at qb
Ryan Mallet missed out on a super bowl ring this year when the Pats won. Doubt they will send him 1 lk Red Sox did in 04 to frmr players
How sweet is Vince Wilfork gonna look catching TDs from Ryan Mallet next year?
I think they should resign Ryan Mallet and there's not a qb where they are picking to take, maybe in the 2016 draft.
he put up 900 receiving with Ryan Mallet and Fitzpatrick as his QB. Could easily do better with Brady/manning
Now that Cassel is gone who do you wanna see as the backup QB? My first choice's would be Brian Hoyer or Ryan Mallet.
I agree but still there's a little bit to worry for. He just doesn't run for 1000 yards RYAN Mallet might be are guy
Wow! I just won this for free, 2011 Ryan Mallet New England Patriots rookie card diecut topps
If I were the Buffalo Bills Id sign Jake Locker or Ryan Mallet next week. Team will be crazy good just needs a QB
Right now, best option at QB MIGHT be Ryan Mallet & D-Hop is the stud WR. need a Morey-like moment in acquisition
Marrone and Hackett didn't like EJ I think he'll be our starter. Tbh I wouldn't mind bringing in Sanchez or maybe Ryan Mallet
Ryan Mallet Hoyer or Jake Locker are who I want
This *** in class said Ryan mallet is the next Aaron Rodgers.i had to turn around. Conversation done.
if either teams were smart they would sign Ryan mallet
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lmfao sure prez. Who are u trolling now? Yeah and tell him ryan mallet is a way better QB than Tom Brady smh
and Tom Savage and ryan mallet. All bums. And they told andre he won't start next year ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Ryan Mallet is the future for the Houston Texans
he got one . Ryan Mallet Is the future , mock my words , And if not we still got Savage .. we gone be alright lil bro .
aye!!! Ryan Mallet Finna be dotting up Deandre all season. Cobb/avant too we jus might
bro it don't matter that *** snags everything. Now he the number one receiver. Ryan Mallet could have him balling
10' had a solid o and WR's. give geno that and he can play. But for backups Matt Moore or ryan mallet, in the draft hundley or
I bet they also bring in a younger veteran with some possible upside, possibly Jake Locker or Ryan Mallet.
David Carr? Fitzpatrick? schaub? Case Keenum? TJ Yates? Ryan Mallet? Sage Rosenfelds? All these guys should be first ballots
right now they're thinking of keeping fitz and Ryan mallet but I want them to trade off fitz and get another QB
his QBs were also Ryan Fitzpatrick, Case Keenum, Ryan Mallet, and Tom Savage...
oh did I say Ryan mallet I meant the legend he learned from Tom Brady
Ryan mallet is better than Peyton manning
oh yes, you're a HUGE Patriots fan when you had no idea who Ryan Mallet was commenting on a preseason game vid..really.
think of all those wide outs just praying they can catch balls from Ryan Mallet.
Our main focus is resigning Ryan Mallet & Kareem Jackson. Stop thinking of Andre Johnson 4 or 5 yrs ago and think of what he's worth 2DAY!
Ryan Mallet my dude , and Fitzweenie improved
Just think of all the money the Texans will be able to give Ryan Mallet now!
We should've held on to Ryan Mallet one more year and traded him and a late draft pick for Andre Johnson.
Ryan Mallet gonna be a PROBLEM this season
So the Houston Texans are looking to re-sign Ryan Mallet rather than go after Brian Hoyer. Lolz.
Well they did draft Tom Savage and traded for Ryan Mallet.
Is it just me or was Ryan Fitzpatrick playing much better than Mallet is now?
sounds alot like Belichick with Ryan Mallet in August
Yeah JJ I think we need mallet cause if want to make playoffs we need Ryan mallet
any chance the Browns pursue Ryan Mallet? At worst he's an upgrade over Connor Shaw, at best he could be QB of future.
just pick up ryan mallet and Mark Sanchez !!! Release manuel problem solved
Is Ryan mallet resigning with taxens ? Would love too see him on jets on bills
Going back and watching film of QB Ryan Mallet and impressed by tape. Quick release. Can throw on run. Poised in pocket.
Ok...You went too far when you said Ryan Mallet.
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there's just no one avail.Ryan Mallet?
Ryan mallet heck no he's a bust lol we don't need Cassel McCown or Hoyer I'd be okay with at least Ryan Mallet sick of the garbage talk
Why would Josh McCown interest the Browns more than Mark Sanchez, Ryan Mallet, Jake Locker, or even Brian Hoyer?
If the Texans don't resign Ryan Mallet, Rick Smith should instantly be fired
The should pursue Ryan Mallet and leave this Josh McCown business alone.
.Texans here so I'm forced to be biased but a healthy Ryan Mallet? Probably not. But the rest, *** yes.
Ryan Fitzpatrick, Ryan Mallet, or Case Keenum. But if Savage was the QB, it would be in Vince Wilfork's hands.
Nick Foles and Ryan Mallet on the Texans roster next year. Battling for starting qb. With Case 3rd string. I like it.
What does Bobby P has to do with this? He had Ryan Mallet and Tyler Wilson and Chaney has Brandon Allen
He may not be a Tyler Wilson, or a Matt Jones, or a Ryan Mallet, but Brandon Allen doesn't get enough credit in my opinion.
Some team would bite. Teams did for Josh Freeman, Jason Campbell, Ryan Mallet, etc.
You can't tell me that Ryan Mallet dosent look like Jesse Pinkman from breaking bad
Tom Brady perfectly trolls Ryan Mallet before his first start, posts photo of him carrying pads for Brian Hoyer htโ€ฆ
These things I learned yesterday. 1. Tom Brady will always own Peyton Manning 2. Emmanuel Sanders is a beast! 3. Big Ben is playing the best football of any QB right now outside of Tom Brady 4. Mark Sanchez will lead the Eagles deep into the playoffs 5. Tony Romo is more important to the Cowboys than any other player. 6. Antonio Brown should get some MVP votes 7. Tre Mason is the best RB in STL 8. Colin Kaepernick continues to prove how overrated he really is 9. Frank Gore is done! Get Carlos Hyde in there already. 10. Teams will eventually learn to stack the box against Seattle and teams will realize they have no weapons on the outside. 11. RG3 will be out of the league within 5 years. 12. Whoever sill thinks DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart belong as starters in this league should be boycotted from football for life. 13. Lovie Smith is a terrible football coach. 14. The Texans need to bench Ryan Fitzpatrick now and see what they got in Ryan Mallet.
Ryan Mallet can't even unseat Fitzpatrick. Mike Mayock tried to sell us on that bill of goods
If Houston struggles I give it 2 weeks before Ryan Mallet is under center. Why not let the kid prove he can play?
dont sleep on Ryan Mallet either. He played under Tom Brady for years... Brady can make anyone a Hall of Famer
Ryan Mallet trade for a 6th, 7th rounder?! Better than nothing.
Ryan Mallet was Johnny Football before Johnny Football was shoplifting at the Kerrville Walmart.
Does O'Brien call Mark Sanchez or Ryan Mallet to replace Case Keenum as the QB after he's cut??
Wonder if St. Louis is looking at Ryan Mallet? Pats will start Garoppolo in preseason finale via
We gonna do that same thing the Patriots doing with Ryan Mallet with Ryan Griffin
Ryan Mallet ain't no Matt Cassell. That's for sure.
So, the Patriots first preseason game tonight. They will play the Washington Redskins. What to watch for: 1. What Darrelle Revis looks like in game speed. 2. Defense as a whole. See if they can get pressure on the QB and keep him contained from scrambling. 3.Rookie RB 4th round pick out of Wisconsin, James White. Reporters say he is knocking on the door for the starting job, and is a great all-around back. 4. Look to see if the WR's (Amendola, Dobson, Thompkins, Lafell.) Have gotten any better. 5. Focus on the Offensive line, look to see if they can protect Ryan Mallet. 6. Look to see what Ryan Mallet looks like. How fast are his reads? Can he make the right adjustments coming to the line preplay? Does he hit his receivers in stride or over/under throw them? ALOT of questions, but that is why there is preseason. New England should look pretty good though.
What if Ryan Mallet do the same thing to Brady that Brady did to drew Bledsoe that would cool asf
I'm getting insider news that the Patriots are aiming at trading a 3rd rounder, Ryan Mallet, and Josh Boyce for Andre Johnson
Calling it now, Pats trade Ryan Mallet and some pick(s) to Houston for Andre Johnson. O' Brien still loves Mallet I feel.
Still sum value going on so I'll wrap up my analysis within the coming week. But 3 teams stand out so far as complete draft day winners; Jacksonville,Oakland and The Rams. There are more teams like the Texans(pending they trade for Ryan Mallet) but these 3 have a serious chance to compete from the bottom. The AFC North isn't dominant. With former Seahawks Defensive coordinator Gus Bradley the D will play. You draft Bortles and give him 2 pro ready wrs. That could be a division to keep an eye on. The Oakland Raiders as I've said arguably has had thee best overal draft in history. Getting Derick Carr was the deal sealer. The Raiders have been competitive for the past few years in their division and now they have their 2 best QBs Since Rich Gannon. You add in free agency with MJD and the vets on D? Raiders Nation will compete!! The Rams.. Hats off to Jeff Fischer. With the RG3 trade he has created a new defense that will resemble his counterparts. Whenever the Sam Bradford project is over and they find a QB? ...
So no surprise we took Clowney... bleacher report says we're in serious trade negotiations for Ryan Mallet... if that's for real, considering Fitzgerald, Keenum and Yates... why draft a QB? Not saying I'm happy with that, but if the Texans are thinking Mallet is the guy long term... Fitzgerald for now... is this where we're going?
lol I played against Ryan Mallet in HS. The same year I played Matthew Stafford in the playoffs
Ryan Mallet to the Texans? Sounds nice but I'd rather have Johnny Football.
Week 1, 1st offensive snap of the game and your starting QB is injured and will be out for the entire season. Which backup QB (currently in the league) would you want to take the reigns? (Here are a few, feel free to pick your own) Matt Moore, Matt Hasselbeck, Kyle Orton, Geno Smith, Jason Campbell, Ryan Mallet, Kirk Cousins, Ryan Fitzpatrick, T.J. Yates, Chad Henne I'm going with Hasselbeck!
what are you doing with Brock Osweiler and Ryan Mallet then?
what does history tell us about guys like Ryan Mallet, Kirk Cousins, Brock Osweiler? Usually they're backups for a reason.
Ran some Mettenberger comps. Ryan Mallet, Jason Campbell, and Chris Weinke were included
.you deadass got faith in RYAN MALLET? FOH. STOP SLEEPING ON TANNEY
Rather have Ryan Mallet then the majority of the QB's coming out this yr in the draft
Seems if that's the route and they're serious about moving up for a WR, Ryan Mallet is gone
Ryan Mallet. Who else carries Tom Bradys shoulder pads & luggage. No Pats fan want him to play, b/c that means Brady is hurt
Ryan Mallet could definitely have success in this league, but stays buried behind Brady lol.
I saw the Cowboys are there watching, I like him,Jonny G and really wished Ryan Mallet would up Romo's successor
I have a pretty large crush on Ryan Roberts...those tats ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™Š
It's 3-1 to the Mallet, more good work from Ryan Mitchell
2-1 to the Mallet, a wonderful mazy dribble and finish from Ryan Mitchell
If New England does trade Ryan Mallet, don't be surprise if Belichick & company draft Zach Mettenberger.
belicheck no need to draft any Qbacks Ryan Mallet out of Arkansasdepth chart will be the next great leader for the patriots.
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I feel that Ryan Mallet is gone before the draft
Just tired hearing y'all talk about B.A. like he Ryan mallet and just got hurt and needs some more weapons.
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what's the Texan's stance on Ryan Mallet? Is Andre Johnson still an unhappy Texan? Any chance of draft day trade? Any gossip?
Sorry but that was a terrible argument comparing Ryan Mallet and Brandon Allen. Experience is important but coaching is more.
Ryan Mallet is totally getting traded huh ?
Watch Houston take clowney and trade a mid round pick to ne for Ryan mallet.
Jus shot a qicc video wit Ryan Mallet
No ryan mallet can throw and they been teaching him for 3 years now he is ready now
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Does anyone remember when Ryan Mallet was *** and played for Michigan?
I would've traded Damarcus Ware to the Patriots for Ryan Mallet. But Jerry Jones don't think like me.
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Let's see... McFadden, Felix Jones, Peyton Hillis, George Wilson, Tyler Wilson, Ryan Mallet, etc. I'm pretty sure we do to.
y not just draft the future after to Eli instead of playing with these clowns or trade for Ryan Mallet?
That's why Ryan Mallet has been sitting behind him
Ryan Mallet funny as *** man I hope he aint get into a fight tonight cuz I want the pats to trade em to a team I like.
Wouldn't surprise me if the New England Patriots trade Ryan Mallet before or during the
while we're playing GM, what if we trade JJ and AJ to the Patriots for Ryan Mallet and a 7th rd pick
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ideal situation... but im hearing in possible intrest in New England's back up Ryan Mallet
maybe one day I'll hit enough traffic to get on the air. Also, I thought the Ryan Mallet rumors were dead...
Who is ready to breakdown Ryan Mallet vs. Colt McCoy? Pats vs. Skins the journey begins in August.
what about Ryan mallet sitting behind Brady tho๐Ÿ˜ณ
CORRECTION: Injured Tom Brady AND Ryan Mallet in the same game in Nice.
spectacular ole Southwest Conference matchup Ryan Mallet faces Colt McCoy. Frank Broyles and Fred Akers will love it!
he won't have to e will be like Ryan mallet in NE! He will be ready after his rookie contract else wheres
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NFL Preseason Watch: Is Ryan Mallet's 0 career TD's and 1 INT enough to put him as the fav to win the Patriots QB battle?
false . Ryan mallet will come in and be a brand new Brady he's been learning from him for years . Or we draft jonny football
Dude Ryan Mallet is no joke! he is good! unless he has gotten into some bad habits no one knows about
I'm still a firm believer that Ryan mallet will be the best quarterback of his draft class
The Patriots may end up trading Ryan Mallet and could be looking for a potential Brady successor in this draft. Can get McCarron in rds 2-4
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The Patriots have worked out every QB in this draft...something tells me Tom Brady's time is running short and Ryan Mallet isn't the future.
Ryan Mallet, I told him that you were possibly going to the camp this summer...-- go to the hill for camp sir lol
Rumor: might be in trade talks with about acquiring Ryan Mallet.
Since the Harvin trade.What ever Rick Spielman says should be taken with a grain of salt lol "Percy here to stay!!" Then boom traded. But happy he gone!! I'm very happy with CP84 but you guys can see what I'm saying lol -So I'm predicting Vikings having 2 first rd picks, Vikings will bring in a QB FA/trade like Ryan Mallet, & Vikings will take some big leaps in FA.
Houston should trade it's pick to the Pats for Ryan Mallet. Pats use that pick to grab Sammy Watkins or even Mike Evans
I think this off season it's time to rearrange the patriot way, and stop being cheap and drop some money on a big time wide receiver and a big time defensive tackle. The bigger the better at either position is preferred. We should of traded Ryan Mallet and a third round pick for Josh Gordon while we had the shot. Now it's too late they will be drafting Manziel, and we still need a true big time number 1 reciever, Dobson is tall but too skinny we need a big boy who is fast and can get jump balls. If we had that tonight we would of at least made more of a run at it. Demarious Thomas did just that. 6'2 or taller, that runs under a 4.5 and weighs at least 220. Hakeem Nicks may fit the bill but I worry about his injuries he's a lot like Talib, can change the game for you, when he's in it
Just remember Brock Osweiler and Ryan Mallet are the future
My 3 favorite backup QB's in "action" this weekend. Brock Osweiler, Ryan Mallet, and Charlie Whitehurst. Best case scenario, Tom Gaydy goes down, Gayton Manning goes down, and Russell Wilson gets the flu.
Just a few hits away from Tavares Jackson, Brock Osweiler, Ryan Mallet, and Colt McCoy affecting the outcome of the season.
Who will be better when it's their time to shine Ryan Mallet or Brock Osweiler?? Both sitting and learning from all time greats...
Watch out for Brock Osweiler and Ryan Mallet in 2yrs. . . .
Potential (viable) options for a much needed Andy Dalton replacement: Trade for Brock Osweiler (2nd rounder) who has a cannon and ha been learning from Peyton Manning. Trade for Ryan Mallet (2nd rounder) who has been learning from Tom Brady and also has a cannon. Draft Zach Mettenberger or Blake Bortles with the 24th pick.
mike bill Obrien mat try to trade Draft pick for a QB he's familiar with already... Ryan Mallet.
Check it, I've had a lot of people ask me my opinions on what the Houston Texans should do next, and I'm obviously NOT their GM, and never will be, but because of the interest and the spirited debate it will create, here's your quick solutions, that will make the team drastically better. 1) If you SOMEHOW can find a trade partner, trade back to the 5th pick, I'm going to use the Oakland Raiders as my example here. Trade with Oak. (In this situation the Raiders, or Bucs would have to fall in love with Teddy Bridgewater) Oakland receives: overall pick Texans receive: overall, overall, and Oakland's 5th. 2) Draft LB/DE -Anthony Barr (UCLA) or OTs -Jake Matthews/ Greg Robinson (A&M/AU) with the overall pick. This immediately shores up the right side of your offensive line 3) See if the Patriots will take a 3rd and 5th for Ryan Mallet. I'm not saying this is your starter, but he has a history with Bill O'Brien and O'Brien is a well known QB Guru. 4) With your two second round picks: overall: Tahj Boyd, Brett . ...
What if we get Ryan Mallet from the Pats, draft Matthews & luck up on Clowney...
You guys should trade for Ryan Mallet next year, he could be the next Aaron Rodgers. He is learning from a great. Or Osweiler
I wouldn't doubt if it got egged tonight. Allen is decent at times but, we need another Ryan Mallet or Tyler Wilson caliber QB.
Remember when we had Ryan Mallet and Tyler Wilson?
too bad we can't get people like Tyler Wilson or Ryan Mallet back
Can we have Tyler Wilson, Ryan Mallet, or even Matt Jones back, please? This dude has been slaw all season.
I Neva really liked Tyler Wilson give me Ryan Mallet any day
Here is the way this works. We gotta keep Locker healthy. If Jake Locker can stay healthy, we can win some games. He is a very good QB. Fitz is a worthy backup QB who has proven in his career that he is very inconsistent but when he gets going, then he is on fire. However there is already tlk of getting another QB to compete with Locker or possibly take his spot. Lets consider the options. Tim Tebow. A guy who no one seems to want but no one realizes the kid is a winner. I mean he beat the Chiefs a few yrs back only completing 4 passes. Ryan Mallet. A sure 1st round QB out of Arkansas until he got a DUI and his character was seriously questioned. Besides that he has been backing up Tom Brady for the last few yrs. Not a bad guy to learn from. Now look at the draft option. There are several QB's in the draft to POSSIBLY consider. A.J. McCaron from Bama who is on track to win his 3rd straight BCS title. Derek Carr from fresno state. Younger brother of draft bust david carr but is significantly better. (Not t ...
If you don't try getting Kirk Cousins or Ryan Mallet, then you're more close minded and moronic upstairs than already thought.
On September 17th, I posted this (among other things) about the Vikes: "The QB situation. This is it. We now know what kind of QB that Ponder is. People who say "patience, patience" just aren't thinking straight. He's had enough time. You know who he is as a player, now evaluate him and decide if he really is the answer. Of course people raise the question: "Well you can't just find an elite QB out there." That's the wrong point of view. We don't need to find an elite QB (right now), we need to find one that is better than Ponder. Potential available QBs are Josh Freeman, Matt Cassel, Ryan Mallet, T.J. Yates, Vince Young, Tim Tebow. Yes, nothing too exciting, so I'm not sure we can improve on Ponder, but I'd like to see them try. Maybe see what Mallet or Yates has. Of course any QB would have Musgrave to deal with. Which is a huge handicap." With the signing of Josh Freeman, it appears the Vikes actually did something right. Will Freeman be a long term answer? Probably not. But at this point we don't need ...
Dont be surprised if Brian Hoyer tanks this week. And if that happens dont be shocked if the Browns make a Carson Palmer to the Raiders esque trade for one Ryan Mallet.
Brock Osweiler and Ryan Mallet will be the next QB rivalry this coming decade
Patriots have Ryan Mallet 2nd on the depth chart to Tom Brady โ€ฆ Steven Ridley and Shane Vereen running ball. No room for Tebow
If your an NFL team in need of a starting QB, go and get Kirk Cousins or Ryan Mallet. Or even Tyrod Taylor/Dennis Dixon.
Ryan Mallet gets hurt in first preseason game. Tom Brady got hurt in practice today. God wants Tebow to play.
Tom Brady injures knee in practice just days after Ryan Mallet injury. Patriots sign Austin Dillon to face Bucs
Im stayin updated everyday on New England progression! And i see Ryan Mallet improving, we'll love to see you step up man ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ
Don't worry girl, he ain't beating out Ryan Mallet for the backup QB job when he can't beat Mark Sanchez & Greg McElroy in NY.
Sports News Tim Tebow signs with the New England Patriots Despite the fact he has had limited success, few football players attract more attention than Tim Tebow, and the former University of Florida star is about to enter the spotlight once again. Tebow signed a two-year contract with the New England Patriots on Monday, several weeks after being released by the New York Jets, according to ESPN. It's unclear exactly how Tebow will be used by the Patriots. For now, he's listed as a quarterback, meaning he'll be backing up Tom Brady and Ryan Mallet. However, given the former Heisman Trophy winner's size, speed and limited throwing ability, some have speculated he could be used in a number of other positions such as tight end or running back. While that remains to be seen, Tebow had nothing but kind words for the organization. "I'm very thankful. It's such an honor to be a Patriot and play for coach [Bill] Belichick and coach [Josh] McDaniels, and learn under Tom [Brady] and be a part of this great franchise ...
alert** 1. Ryan Mallet gets traded to the Bears, Jags, Browns, or Bucs for a 2nd round pick by the middle of the preseason ...making Tebow the QB in New England. 2. Miami vs New England. Brady gets blinded by Cameron Wake or Dion Jordan and Timothy comes and takes over for a few weeks and goes undefeated. 3.Brady comes back and the Patriots lose in the first round and the Tebow Media circus runs wild with "What if Tebow started" predictions.
Heres why Tebow going to the Patriots works. First off Bill Bellichek loves Tim. He knows how hard of a worker he is and he knows Tim can improve. When Tim was drafted, Bill wanted to draft him but the Broncos got word of that and moved up in the first round to snag him. The coach of the Broncos then...Josh Mcdaniels who is now the Offensive coordinator for the Patriots. The Tim signing has no setbacks at all. There is no guaranteed money, he can be cut whenever without and issue and Foxborough is a very quiet place when it comes to media. From Tim's point of view its perfect. He gets to learn from the best in the game in Tom Brady, the best coach in the game in Bill Bellichek as well as his former coach in Denver where he succeeded in Josh McDaniels. Its a win win situation for both sides. If Tebow does develop into a good QB then Ryan Mallet or Tim can be traded for awesome value and the other waits to take the Throne from Tom. Great Move Patriots and All the best to Tim Tebow!!!
funny how when the Pats played Denver everyone called in and said how they couldn't lose because Tebow sucked as a qb... now he signed here and he is the heir apparent to Brady... Ryan Mallet must feel bad and Rex Ryan must feel good since Tebow must have gotten dramatically better under his watch... just saying...
Poor Tom Brady.. and Ryan Mallet for that matter.. you have millions of people praying for you to get hurt so they can see Tebow.. lol
he wont even be second string. Ryan Mallet is too nice. Hes gonna be an Aaron Rogers when Brody retires
I was wondering what number he was gonna wear, cuz of Ryan Mallet lol
Ok here is the first and last Tebow post you will get from me. I do not hate nor like the guy. He is an average NFL player playing out of position. He is NOT a NFL worthy QB. He was average at the position in college. He is more suited for a H-Back or TE. He will not be a QB at New England as they have Brady and Ryan Mallet. He is not even assured a roster spot. If he doesnt accept a position change he will not last in the NFL. Why so much attention for an average player? Ok rant over -The Franchise
I have a theory about Tim, Tom, and Bill. First off, let's all take a minute and realize that Bill will never take Tom off the field on a critical play; it just won't happen so don't even entertain it. Also, they already have an excellent backup that knows the scheme and plays much like Tom in Ryan Mallet. So...why make this move? With so much read option in the NFL these days (RGIII, Kaepernick, Cam, Wilson, Vick, and potentially Geno Smith who they would play twice a year) Bill wants to prepare his team to face these kinds of teams. Did Tim Tebow go to New England to play on the practice squad and give the defense some legitimate read option looks?
Cleveland Browns have no interest in QB Ryan Mallet..
Ryan Mallet, Jerrod Mayo, Stevan Ridley, Brandon Bolden and Alfonzo Dennard all at for fundraiser.
And I don't love EJ. I would rather have Ryan Mallet than Freeman
don't worry. Brady will be gone soon- then it's all about Ryan Mallet!
True but I wouldn't say that Ryan Mallet is well spoken
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Ryan playing his 4 mallet solo dope good job boy
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I think the pats should trade both the 1st round pick & Ryan Mallet in separate deals & stock pile on the 2nds & 3rd rounders
2 tests after ROW is just a losing cause. Go get a scantron for Ryan mallet
owning Ryan Mallet instead of Alex Smith was a perfect example of that.
help me understand why NOBODY is trading for Ryan Mallet?
: where would Ryan Mallet rank in this years QB class? Jfoley45
Football player in my class stands up and asks "anyone have an extra scantron?" Person behind him adds, "...for Ryan Mallet!"
If teams need a QB they should trade for Ryan Mallet he is better than any QB in the draft
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Who's got a scantron for Ryan Mallet?
I definitely wouldnt pay to watch Ryan Mallet those last games
That tall *** ryan mallet lookin *** foo on the squad.has a dumb cannon
My biggest fear is being Ryan mallet forever
Would you rather draft Matt Barkley or give the Pats a 2nd round pick for Ryan Mallet who has a better arm
ya right. can't wait til all you have left from this this team is Ryan mallet
thanks for the invite mallet me and Ryan would of came up lol x
plain wrong. Strms woes are in poor execution of same g'plan. Also WPRU has dismantled Mallet's player pipeline to the S15 side.
Petrino getting fired hurt Tyler Wilson's season. the 2011-2012 season he was looking better then Ryan Mallet
Tyler Wilson goin show Ryan mallet how to play in tha NFL sry I live in Texarkana and sick of hearing about Ryan mallet... He ***
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its cute some1 would devote that much time 2 hating em...but Ryan mallet 2 Mark Sanchez really?? U smart stop!
last time NE won was in 05 smh . & lol nah in 3 years Ryan Mallet gonna run the show. Id trust him over Tannehil anyday
Ryan Mallet needs his chance to Shine! Tom Brady will never lose his spot.
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PFF- New England QB Ryan Mallet is entering the final year of his contract. Any ideas on where he will end up? Best answers RT'd.
i gotta say, you nailed that one. But including Ryan Mallet, you're only 1 for 2 so far...
the last thing I remember is taking a shot with Ryan mallet
umm 2011 has five current NFL starters and Ryan Mallet. Are you serious?
Theory: Marshall Henderson is somehow the love child of Tyrann Matheiu & Ryan Mallet... but with actual talent.
Ryan Mallet traded to Cleveland!? ๐Ÿ˜ฑ Michael Lombardi is not confirming it, but it would DEFINITELY be an awesome fit!
go get Ryan Mallet to be Romo's backup. Arkansas boy!
Ryan Tannehill, Ryan Lindley, or Ryan Mallet...Which QB would you go with?
News around the league!: 1) The Cleveland Browns are interested in Patriots QB Ryan Mallet. 2) The Patriots are interested in signing WR Mike Wallace. 3) The Steelers release LB James Harrison 4) Ravens WR Anquan Boldin rejects the offer to take a pay cut. He is likely to be release and hit the free agent market! 5) The Cardinals release Safety Adrian Wilson! 6) The Jaguars release CB Aaron Ross. Leaving them with only 2 Corners under a contract. 7) Reggie Bush is unlikely to sign back with the Dolphins. The Lions, Chargers and Cardinals are interested in him. 8) Former Falcons CB Dunta Robinson agrees to a three year contract with the Chiefs! 9) The Falcons have agreed to a 5 year contract with safety William Moore! 10) The Bills sign Return Man Leodis McKelvin to a four year deal worth 20 million. -Owen
Okay Raider Nation...Reports from New England are suggesting that The Patriots would be willing to trade Ryan Mallet. What are your thoughts? I say we should take a shot at getting him, so we can groom him with Pryor and let the two of them fight for the starting job in 2014.
The Dolphins have just re-signed Matt Moore. He was set to be a free agent on Tuesday and I was pretty sure the Browns would grab him. I think this opens the door to Cleveland attempting to trade for Ryan Mallet. I wonder what the asking price will be? Maybe a 3rd this year and a 3rd next year?
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
I think that Drew Stanton or Ryan Mallet (if the Pats decide to trade him) would be better fits in Arizona.
Ryan Mallet might be goin to the browns ???
Im down for the jags to trade for matt flynn or ryan mallet
In need of draft picks, the Alex Smith trade puts Patriots Ryan Mallet in play: Tom Bradyโ€™s...
Are you freaking serious Cleveland. Talk is out that the Brownies are interested in Matt Cassel. Really. He was 1-7 last year. They had 6 pro bowl players and are still picking first in the draft. Not because of their kicker, probably cause he *** Also Matt Moore is done, so just stay away from him also. There is no QB in the first round to even think about and the time its comes to the third there still is no one. Might be but you aren't good enough to draft that gem quarterback. Just trade McCoy or Weeden, couldn't care less and trade and our 3rd pick to New England for Ryan Mallet. A lot of people are not big on him but he put up sick numbers in the NCAA and in the SEC. First round talent that fell to the 3rd because of personal issues. He has sit behind Brady. Weeden is clearly not the Guy, he possibly could be good, but the time that happens its time for him to retire. If I'm giving any QB a chance it would be Mallet in not think twice about it. Worst case senario, you suck again and get a top 5 p .. ...
Shout the Pats trade Ryan Mallet or keep him just incase?
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49ers trading for Revis?!? Lol that just wouldn't be fair... Just sayin lol
Weeden will get some competition. Someone like Matt Moore or Ryan Mallet will be brought in
All creds go to David A. This is my goat edition of his track "skrillehammer."
Im surprised nobody has traded for Ryan Mallet nobody even talks bout him cuz of Brady
get ready, Ryan Mallet coming to town
Ryan Mallet needs to go to a team where he can be a starter because he has too much talent to just play back up...
of course all teams hate the Pats now.we just win...not the 70's and 80's Pats anymore
that's so wrong!! They don't call me Ryan Mallet for nothing. I can throw a football at least a quarter mile.
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Chill day with the one and only mallet head is badly needed !! Can't wait to see her ! x
he's better than Ryan mallet I know that. And I know I want my $10 from that NC game.
Ryan Mallett to Dallas for a third rounder. But remember, give all credit to Jerry
Trade Miles Austin for Ryan Mallet and trade Romo for picks (1st, 2nd and 4th)?
Hmm, saying Ryan Mallet to Cleveland. Not sure how I would feel about that. Depends on the price I guess.
But just to be clear, u didn't hear that from Ray Horton, right? RTDon't expect the Cards to pursue QB Ryan Mallet.
Ravens LB Terrell Suggs says that ALL 31 other NFL teams "Hate" the Patriots, and question their organization. What's your honest opinion on Pats?
At this very moment while you're doing nothing productive, Tom Brady is teaching Ryan Mallet all of his wizard magic.
: Ryan Mallet-QB : The Cardinals are not expected to pursue Pats QB Ryan Mallet.
Don't expect the Cardinals to pursue QB Ryan Mallet.
Ryan Mallet? Seriously? Browns should just let Weeden keep the job for a year and then evaluate their options.
how about no qb till like the4 th but hearing Ryan mallet trade rumors
Just had to guard 2 NFL players in basketball. Ryan Mallet (Patriots) and DJ Williams (Packers). Needless to say my team got skunked lol
So reports are that the Chiefs are going to pick up Alex Smith for 2 - 2nd round picks (2013, 2014). With Andy Reid running his west coast-style offense, I doubt Alex Smith can handle the load. I guess this means the Chiefs aren't interested in Gino...but I wasn't either...he's got a great arm, but throws too many picks...a lot of them forced. Sigh. Why couldn't we have the pick LAST year. RG3 or Andrew Luck would've been nice. Here we go with Cassel part II. Also, the 49'ers are going to be stacked with so many picks this year, they have like 5 now through the first 97 and like 12 total. Look for them to WIN the Superbowl this year.
So if I'm the Patriots GM, am I looking to cash in on Ryan Mallet and bring back Matt Cassel?
Just met Ryan Mallet and DJ Williams in the same *** day...I love my *** school
would u rather have A. Smith or Ryan Mallet from the pats if same deal was available?...
would you have rather traded for Ryan mallet ?
since when does Ryan Mallet have talent, he hasn't even played
trade cassel for Ryan mallet or draft Tyler Wilson. Trade down from 1 to get a 2nd round pick back
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So Judy S Quintero mad cuz Smith got traded and thinks he's the better qb over CK7 some1 please explain to her that CK7 expands our play book to make plays and that when the play falls apart he keeps it alive by running or throwing it to the fb or RB smith can't do that
Ryan mallet has the easiest job in the world. Million dollar paycheck to play behind... Tom Brady
Ryan Mallet can be the next Andrew Walter if only the NFL would give him a chance!
I secretly wish Ryan mallet does what Tom Brady did to drew Bledsoe this year.
I'm the biggest Ryan mallet and pats fan wish he can start over brady
speaking of QBs sinking into oblivion behind Brady, what's up with Ryan Mallet?! Brady just signed an extension. Dun
Thinking my chiefs should have went after ryan mallet!
what other team can protect a 6'7 unmobile QB which Glennon and Bay both are and have them be good at it? look at Ryan Mallet
I was hoping for nick foles or Ryan Mallet
Take your pick, Matt Cassel or Ryan Mallet to challenge Weeden as QB? Chiefs trading for Alex Smith will set wheels in motion.
Ryan mallet would be good in Jacksonville
He and Rodgers were in the '05 draft I think? Let's just hope Tony Romo or Ryan Mallet beats them at Arrowhead!
Matt Cassel cut by the Chiefs, guarantee you pats sign him and trade Ryan Mallet for pics. Heard it here first. Just saying
So if Matt Cassel gets cut. Does he got back to New England and where does that leave Ryan Mallet?
i think you all will end with Ryan Mallet under center next year. Your new GM likes him and has draft capital to get him
I wonder how much the Patriots would give up Ryan Mallet for? hmmm..
Chiefs trading for Alex Smith. He's a stopgap, not capable of winning a Superbowl. Nice guy, but this is a move by Reid to become average and not worst team in the NFL,reviving his career/reputation after Philly failure. And I'm hearing for a 2nd and third next year?? My GM decision has been for a long time: trade the 2nd for Ryan Mallet, who if he was in the draft this year how would he not be considered the top QB?? He could be had for that second!! He's not playing anytime soon behind Tom Brady, this deal could have been made.
First, it my opinion. Second. Cassel has been horrible the last 2 season. Third, Pat have Ryan Mallet learning under Brady
Alex Smith is heading to Kansas City...thoughts!?
The 49ers have traded Alex Smith to the Chiefs. Cardinals will now do one of 3 things: Trade for a QB (Ryan Mallet?), draft one (Geno Smith? Bray? Barkley?) or roll with Kolb.
Ok bills. Smith is in kc. Make the trade for nick foles.
Why aren't any NFL teams w/ QB needs talking to the Pats about Ryan Mallet? He's likely matured now and is 3-4 yrs from starting in NE.
He's now asking what Ryan Mallet would fetch in a trade, since the A. Smith trade shows how weak this QB class is.
So with Alex Smith going to the The Kansas City Chiefs where will Matt Cassel end up?
Chiefs are expected to release Matt Cassels! Will there be any interest in him. Ely
Chiefs could've gotten Ryan Mallet for that price
SF trades Smith to Chiefts, thoughts on Cardinals giving up a 4 or 3rd for Ryan Mallet. Then Pats resigning Cassel if he is let go
Wow dumb move by the probably could have gotten Ryan Mallet instead
Wonder what Ryan Mallet would fetch in a trade. He's never going to start in NE barring injury. Only 2 years left on a cheap contract.
If Alex Smith is worth two 2nd rounders, Ryan Mallet is worth a 1st and 3rd
Goes without saying but Chiefs now expected to release QB Matt Cassel, who will have a market for his services.
unless you believe that Ryan Mallet is the answer
Ryan Mallet isnt getting traded for at least another year or 2, why waste time on Matt Cassel when you can get younger talent for a few yrs
Still wouldn't be surprised to see go after Ryan Mallet tho..
i can think of 10 NFL teams Ryan Mallet can start for right now...they need to make a move and get him...
Alex Smith to the Chiefs. Ryan Mallet to the Cardinals next.
I would go after Ryan Mallet or Brandon Weeden at QB. Both better then whats here. Keep Kolb and we'll have a nice battle
The latest batch of NFL rumors has the Dallas Cowboys shopping for New England Patriots quarterback Ryan Mallett
What is Ryan Mallet actually worth, and should the Browns be interested?
How about u make Romo/Revis trade then trade a 2nd round for Ryan Mallet or for Alex Smith. Your thoughts?
What do you think about Ryan Mallet? trade potential? or better to keep him training under Brady?
If the Patriots trade Brandon Lloyd and Ryan Mallet and 2 first round draft picks to the Cards for Larry Fitzgerald, they get to the AFC Championship every year til Brady retires. Just with that one move.
It appears the New York Jets are content with the idea that they won't be able to compete in 2013. The Jets were actively shopping Darrelle Revis at the NFL Scouting Combine, according to the New Y...
Gimme romo to miles over mallet to Beasley . No thxโ€œwhat do you think of the rumor of trading miles austin for ryan mallett?!โ€
Ryan Mallet trade to the Cowboys bout to happen..
I talked to ryan mallet today, so there's that..
Patriots have been grooming Ryan Mallet for after brady retires.. He'll be 30 by the time brady's latest extension expires
Going for a short haircut. Good morning!
he's Ryan mallet no one will touch him til the 3rd. He's got a million $ arm nothing else. Jeff George 2.0 lol
Anyone else want to see Cleveland pair up joe Haden and dee Milner
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