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Ryan Lochte

Ryan Steven Lochte (born August 3, 1984) is an American swimmer and a six-time Olympic medalist (three gold, two silver, one bronze).

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So they kept Country Ryan Lochte over flat singing piano boy, huh? Country Ryan is *** lucky there was someone worse.
Swimmer Ryan Lochte is ready to compete in the but is the public on his side?
Of course Country Ryan Lochte is an MMA *** No wonder he looks like he was hit by a pan.
Oh, this is the group with Country Ryan Lochte in it. He looks like he was hit in the face with a pan.
Ryan Lochte should be ineligible to join any future US Olympic team. His behavior in Rio was disgraceful.
I really miss the days when Ryan Lochte was America's biggest embarrassment.
"Ryan Lochte ends 10-month suspension, gears up for 2020 Olympics" Ryan Lochte is ready to get back in the water. The 32-year-old competiti…
Let's not forget Ryan Lochte lied about getting robbed in Rio to make himself look like a hero and disparage brown people
Ryan Lochte says he's become a 'better man' after suspension
Now that his suspension is over, Ryan Lochte is looking towards 2020 to make his son proud:
Ryan Lochte celebrated the end of his swimming suspension by dedicating the 2020 Olympics to his newborn son:
Wow, what a bunch of not particularly attractive guys. I stopped reading after Johnny Depp and Ryan Lochte. Scumbag ain't sexy
[inside the games]Phelps had already retired once at this point. After the London 2012 …
Ryan Lochte says he's become a "better man" after suspension for incident at 2016 Olympic games:
Congrats! US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte welcomes first child with fiancée
The return of Ryan Lochte – and a short history of sporting comebacks
I literally wanna go back to the time when the only scandal was Ryan Lochte's grill.
Ryan Lochte says he is develop into a 'higher man' after suspension .For More->>…
I have a lot of opinions about Ryan Lochte all of the time. Totes obsessed. I hope the woman he marri…
The celebrity sites go nuts over photos of Lochtes newborn!
Ryan Lochte shares first pictures of adorable son Caiden Zane.
Why didn't Ryan Lochte name his baby Jeah?
Ryan Lochte shares the first pics of his son 👼🏻
If you thought humanity was worth saving: Ryan Lochte just became a father with a blonde bombshell proving the worst people get everything.
“Caiden Zane” is the most Ryan Lochte baby name imaginable
Follow up question: why were you ever following Ryan Lochte? 😂
"Ryan Lochte Shares First Photos of Son Caiden Zane". well that sounds about right
Ryan Lochte and his fiancee Kayla Rae Reid have revealed the first pictures of their newborn son…
I see Ryan lochte is trying to clean up his image by becoming a dad
.adorable new family deserves an Olympic gold. Meet his newborn son, Caiden!
Ryan Lochte's newborn son has made his public debut
.shared the first photos of his newborn son. . “Words can’t describe how happy I am.”
Celebssion: Ryan Lochte and Kayla Rae Reid share first photos of newborn son
.shares 1st photo of baby boy with fiancee Kayla Rae Reid
Creative Wayne ad lib at 4:07: "If Cash Money try to rob me, imma let em rob me, yeah right, like Ryan Lochte.".
Coach Michael with Katie Hoff Olympic medalist, and former world record-holder, and Ryan Lochte 12-time Olympic...
Ryan Lochte named his kid Caiden, jeez i never saw that one coming
Ryan Lochte posts first photos of son Caiden Zane
Skate Team USA is going to make Ryan Lochte look like a Rhodes scholar. the human-interest segments are going to be INCREDIBLE.
Olympic swimmer and Ontario County native Ryan Lochte is a dad!.
Ryan Lochte has fathered a child. . On purpose, this time!
Ryan Lochte had a baby and I am not the mom. Goodnight
Being up for Clegg is not a Portillo moment. It's like Ryan Lochte being a *** at Rio. 4 years late.
Congratulations to Ryan Lochte! Not for having a kid but for not naming him after Lil Wayne or Kanye like we all thought he would've
Ryan Lochte is going to be a father and I'm going to be a single woman in her mid to late 20s with a cactus.
How many babies born today will be named Comey? 😏 Not Ryan Lochte's newborn son ☹️
I don't care ⚡️ “Ryan Lochte welcomes his first child 🍼”.
This is like when Ryan Lochte was in Brazil, lied/acted a fool, then Rio Olympics spokesman Mario Andrade said: "give these k…
Ryan Lochte is my final answer on this one
Of course Ryan Lochte named his kid Caiden LMAO white trash *** name
Jeah, there's a mini Ryan Lochte in the world now:
Another celebrity has a baby with a normal name! Congratulations to Ryan Lochte and Kayla Rae Reid! -Abby
Ryan Lochte and his fiancée, model Kayla Rae Reid, welcomed a baby boy on Thursday.
Ryan Lochte should've named his kid Rob
y'all remember when Ryan Lochte got "robbed" and his homebois were like nah lol
I share a birthday with Ryan Lochte's baby
Prepare yourself for a mini Ryan Lochte, world: He's officially a dad.
Congrats We are super excited for you and
Ryan Lochte and fiancee Kayla Rae Reid have revealed the name of their baby boy
Ryan Lochte is a dad! His fiancee Kayla Rae Reid gave birth to a baby boy early this morning:
Remember when the biggest liar we had to worry about was Ryan Lochte?
Job interviewer: What would you say is your best asset?. Ryan Lochte: Marco Polo.
Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has welcomed a baby boy with a very rockstar name.
EXCLUSIVE: and fiancee Kayla Rae Reid have welcomed their first child! Get the details: h…
Ryan Lochte was still a "kid" at 32. I think white ppl are too young to know better up until…
They were still calling Ryan Lochte young and he's in his 30s.
Jonah didn't know who Ryan Lochte or Jennie Finch was
Ryan Lochte with pregnant fiancée Kayla Rae at TAO group opening bash in LA | Daily Mail Online
Ryan Lochte packs on the PDA with his pregnant fiancée Kayla Rae Reid
BREAKING : Trump replaces Sean Spicer as "guy who lies unnecessarily to cause international incidents" with Ryan Lochte.
how did andrew not include entertain me clowns but there's 2 Ryan lochte drops
I'm pretty sure they gave Ryan Lochte's punishment to Solo
Sooo what happened to Ryan Lochte and friends?
I liked it better when Ryan Lochte was the most embarrassing thing about America.
Ryan, we have to ask you about the broken door at the gas station. Ryan Lochte: What? Broken door?
he witnessed Ryan Lochte getting robbed.
If I lied to my momma like Ryan Lochte did, she would have flown me to Brazil personally and drove me to the Rio PD's front…
He also draws inspiration from Ryan Lochte in his profile.
At this point Pence is negotiating to be replaced by Ryan Lochte.
These Brazilian politicians should blame their woes on Ryan Lochte. Liberal Americans will help them.
It's Ryan Lochte. When USA boy shot Christians in Church ⛪, U,Dear USA representative on international arena now, did nothing
What Was Yelled at Ryan Lochte During Week 4 of Dancing with the Stars? - SEE MORE:
[NBC Sports]“Kosuke Hagino wants to be the Japanese ‘Michael Phelps’ in Tokyo 2020.” Hag…
Ryan Lochte was that kid in high school that said he lost his virginity & when you ask him to who he says"she goes to Ma…
thanks Ryan Lochte, I somehow believe you even though you're a liar
Gronk ✔️. Ryan Lochte ✔️. NOT D'Angelo Russell ✔️. The BEST athletes to go on Spring Break with this year!! 🌴☀️🍻.
you should consider every interview Ryan Lochte has done. Notably after his made up scandal in Rio.
Four sponsors drop lochte after rio incident - citynews Less than 24 hours after the close of the Rio Olympics, Ryan Lochte took a ...
This looks like Ryan Lochte's Olympics hair migrated south and ended up on Beltran's face.
YouTube ad: Do you wanna erase the past??. Me: no. Ad: Ryan Lochte does!. Me: ok. Ad: Our energy bars--. Me: I'm just trying to watch cat vids
That's why Allen signed w/ the most rigorous institution of higher learning in the US: Ryan Lochte's Alma Mater
He knows this was an actor and no one actually aimed a gun at HIM, right? Our president, having a Ryan Lochte momen…
And if Cash Money try to stop me imma let em rob me yea right like Ryan Lochte
Ryan Lochte, Milo Yiannopoulos, Billy Bush - all are extended the innocence of childhood into their adult lives.
I liked a video Ryan Lochte demonstrates stroke drills
it's a whole power bar commercial starring Ryan lochte asking everyone to forgive and forget essentially 🙄
There's very little in this world that makes me more mad than that *** Ryan Lochte Power Bar commercial
From the same network that gave us Billy Bush's insight into Ryan Lochte.
If we are trying to anger Brazil then can they find a place for Ryan Lochte, too?
“Brain, sources tell me an Olympic gold medalist is at “I know”. “You do?!”. “Of course! Ryan Lochte and I are going out later!”
Remember when Ryan Lochte was so dumb a real life professional news lady cried
Power Bar is really sponsoring Ryan Lochte's dumb racist *** 🙄
Remember when Ryan Lochte was a national embarrassment at the Olympics? Yeah...good times.
Ryan Lochte has signed with TYR. That's like when your gf breaks up with you and you date her uglier friend cause it's abo…
"A body like Ryan Lochte and a voice like rainbows" 😂🤣😂
That Milo *** is 33 years old! Why are disgusting White men like Ryan Lochte seen as "young" when they are not!
you're a moron..please change your name to Ryan Lochte
The SEC record in the Men's 100-meter Backstroke, held by Ryan Lochte, was broken by Alabama's Connor Oslin at the…
couldn't make Ryan Lochte palatable, but by god they did try.
Ryan Lochte would pee in the pool what would that look like from below
Maybe Ryan Lochte is looking more likely after all
"I'm naming my balls Michael Phelps and Ryan lochte"
Lmao remember when Ryan Lochte made up a story about being robbed
Another 100 back (M): Connor Oslin–44.73 (breaks Ryan Lochte record of 45.19 in 2005)
if Ryan Lochte can go back, so can you 😂
Just bring Ryan Lochte with you. When the masses go to yell at Lochte, slip through and you will be fine
Ryan Lochte lied on the police and endorsed him less than a yr later. That white privilege is something else
RACE VIDEO: Connor Oslin of Alabama drops 44.73 100 back, breaking Ryan Lochte's SEC Record from 2005.
SPORTS ANNOUNCER: "Well, I see Ryan Lochte overexaggerated the size"
Ryan Lochte and I after our swimming careers went downhill
Any chance Ryan Lochte was there that night?
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Connor Oslin of Alabama scared Ryan Lochte's SEC Record this morning with a 45.29. Can the Senior do it tonight?.
i just saw an ad of ryan lochte trying to erase his past. didn't he try to blame his drunk escapades on Brazilians? we forgive him?!
After watching that trainwreck of a press conference yesterday, I'm entirely convinced Ryan Lochte would make a better president.
Aaron Rogers and Ryan Lochte mixed in one
American competitive swimmer and an eleven-time Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte is 11881 days old today. Full House
If you mean the story about the US swimmer Ryan Lochte or so, I know that the story was fake and I despise him for that.
Swimmer and public urinator Ryan Lochte becomes the spokesman of a debt relief company, because they both understand that "life happens" …
Ryan Lochte is the 2nd most decorated olympic male swimmer and don't you forget it.
Michael Phelps is lying. Subway ain't good. Ryan Lochte is the only swimmer we can trust.
PRINCEADEDIMEJI : When you are so sure you can compete with Michael Phelps, Ian Thorpe and Ryan Lochte just to… …
Ryan Lochte, that group in the car shootout mannequin challenge, Brock Turner (can't forget abt him).
Ryan Lochte is the male version of Amelia Bedelia.
Ryan Lochte will be vindicated when it emerges that Manti Te'o's girlfriend robbed him in Brazil.
Baby on the way! 👶 Ryan Lochte and his fiancee Kayla Rae Reid are expecting.
Ryan Lochte and Fiance Kayla Rae Reid expecting first child
Ryan Lochte expecting child with Kayla Rae Reid (Bang Showbiz) :Auto pickup by wikyou
Ryan Lochte and fiancee Kayla Rae Reid are having a baby! See their announcement:
Ryan Lochte and fiancée Kayla Rae Reid are expecting their first baby:
Jeah! Ryan Lochte and Kayla Reid are expecting their first child together:
Ryan Lochte as the father. A Playmate as the mother. Moment of silence for this kid's poor teachers. Amen.
IT'S OFFICIAL: Ryan Lochte is going to be a dad and he broke the news with the SWEETEST photo htt…
[New York Daily News]The 32-year-old said she had been one of his biggest suppo…
What a surprise, eh? Knock over a gas station, then knock up a gal. Should be Ryan Knockee, not Lochte. lol 😜…
Ryan Lochte is going to be a father. He's already making home preparations by building an indoor pool & ...wait, a self-serve gas station?
omfg Ryan lochte has procreated guys stop 2016
[Mashable] Ryan Lochte reveals he's having a baby in the most Ryan Lochte way
They were engaged in October and now the announcement the couple is expecting their first child.
Rick Perry is the first contestant from "Dancing with the Stars" picked for a cabinet, which gives me a lot of hope for Rya…
Ryan Lochte is gonna be a dad?!?! How is he gonna raise a child when he is one
The Biggest Scandals of 2016: Kim Kardashian's Clapback, Ryan Lochte in Rio and Brangelina Drama https…
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Ryan Lochte expecting child with fiancee Kayla Rae Reid
It puzzles me to think how Ryan Lochte hasn't gotten anybody pregnant until now...
Ryan Lochte either had a kid or became trump's hot new admiral
Ryan Lochte is going to be a father 😡😡😡 but it's day today so I'll worry about that tomorrow.
Ryan Lochte is gonna be a dad and there’s like an 85% chance his kid gets potty trained before he does
Ryan Lochte is going to be a father...And just like that the world added one more stupid person.
Infamous Olympian Ryan Lochte is going to be a father!
When I saw that Ryan Lochte was trending, I assumed that Trump had made him Ambassador to Brazil.
Ryan Lochte fiancée is expecting a Brazilian love baby via
Ryan Lochte announces he's going to be a father.
Photos: Ryan Lochte announces he is expecting his first child with his fiance with a beautiful photo
Ryan Lochte has announced his fiance is pregnant. In a few days, we'll learn that she never existed and he really just we…
Crazy how Ryan Lochte's unborn child is already smarter than him
idk which pregnancy has the greater ick factor, Cheryl Cole & Liam Payne or Ryan Lochte & that model?
Does that make St. Patrick's Day the Ryan Lochte of acting like a privileged white ***
Patrick, since you gave it to Kerri Strug in 1996, I expect you to award the very deserving: Ryan Lochte
Cheryl Burke on being at the bottom of the leaderboard with Ryan Lochte: 'I think we were a bit underscored'
Dancing with the Stars: Social Media Reacts to Ryan Lochte and Partner Cheryl Burke’s Elimination
I'm still joked at Ashley calling Gronk the Ryan Lochte of the NFL
Dancing with the Stars: Ryan Lochte and Cheryl Burke Win Final Dance-Off Against Marilu Henner and Derek Hough
I just rode the elevator with Ryan Lochte so apparently he lives in my apartment building . I'm gonna ask him if he wants…
Did you know Craig Bohnert has firsthand experience with the Ryan Lochte scandal? Come out to SFHB 357 on 11/11 to…
Top Five(11/1/2016): Ryan Lochte says goodbye, the Donald on the trail, and more…...
Ryan Lochte eliminated from 'DWTS' while Laurie Hernandez continues to shine: Ryan Lochte gave his final bow ...
.went shopping with Ryan Lochte, who was recently unsure about Yom Kippur:
Our long national nightmare is over: Ryan Lochte is off Dancing With the Stars.
Ryan Lochte was voted off of Dancing with the Stars. We are finally free of his dumb face and pedestrian footwork.
Ryan Lochte finally gone from dancing with the stars. Went about as far as he could. Eight weeks.
Tragedy has struck the Lieb family. Ryan Lochte was voted off of Dancing With The Stars.
Nina Dobrev and her friend Lane Cheek dressed up as Olympic doofuses Ryan Lochte and Jimmy Feigen on Saturday,... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Costume ideas for swimmers:. -Katie Ledecky. -Ryan Lochte. -Michael Phelps. -I dont have time for costumes, Kyle. -Swimmer. -Di…
Ryan Lochte has no clue how old his dog is
Ryan Lochte doesn't deserve to be in any movie, let alone a movie with Tony Goldwyn.
First knowledge of him was interaction w/ angry Al Roker about Ryan Lochte. Worth watch to understand his frat-boy personality.
Here's everything you need to know about Ryan Lochte's gorgeous fiance
Ryan Lochte and Playboy model Kayla Rae Reid have gotten engaged.
By Colleen Kratofil Source Instagram He may be a summer Olympian, but it appears Ryan Lochte is no stranger to...
US swimmer and contestant Ryan Lochte got engaged over the weekend to Playboy model Kayla Rae Reid h…
Ryan Lochte engaged to former Playboy model: Congrats to Ryan Lochte and his new fiancee, Kayla Rae Reid
Ryan Lochte is engaged! See his fiancee's ring and sweet proposal photo:
Ryan Lochte is engaged: Ryan Lochte will definitely be ready for that first dance at his wedding recepti...
Ryan Lochte just got engaged to a very understanding Kayla Rae Reid
Al Roker v. Billy Bush on Ryan Lochte interview, Natalie Morales didn't come off any better than Bush:
Lochte announces engagement to Playboy model
Ryan Lochte gets engaged to Playmate Kayla Rae Reid after nine months of ... - Daily Ma...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
As he should be! Between Ryan Lochte and the Donald, he needs to pick his interviews more carefully.
Ryan Lochte deleted his Tinder right before he proposed
Ryan Lochte popped the question... no lie!
Ryan Lochte engaged to Playboy model girlfriend -
Ryan Lochte Engaged: Olympic Swimmer…: He told USA Today that he realized he wanted to marry her after she st...
Lochte announces engagement to Playboy model -
'I'm speechless': Ryan Lochte is engaged to model girlfriend, Kayla Rae Reid
Congrats! Ryan Lochte is ENGAGED to model girlfriend, Kayla Rae Reid
"Lochte announces engagement to Playboy model - USA TODAY"
In other news, Ryan Lochte reportedly got engaged tonight.or so he says.
Check this out Ryan Lochte Is Engaged to Girlfriend Kayla Rae Reid - Entertainment Tonight: En...
Billy is a worm who showed his true colors when fighting with Al Roker about Ryan Lochte.the man is a punk and coward
Sorry ladies, Ryan Lochte is officially off the market!
no one cares.Ryan Lochte is a disgrace to this one care!
I don't think anyone is really concerned abut Mr. Bush. He blew his credibility on the Ryan Lochte story.
Congrats to the happy couple! Ryan Lochte and girlfriend Kayla Rae Reid are engaged:
If you thought tonight's debate was confusing, apparently Ryan Lochte is engaged 🏊🏼
Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte proposes to Playboy girlfriend (pics)
Hot take: Ryan Lochte is the ugly version of Nathan Scott in an alternate universe where he stayed a *** f…
suspended... he should be FIRED.. he messed up about Ryan Lochte..
Ryan Lochte is engaged to girlfriend Kayla Rae Reid. Congrats!.
US Swimmer Ryan Lochte is engaged: US Swimmer Ryan Lochte who made news recently at…
Well, Ryan Lochte is officially off the market... Welp.
Lochte announces engagement to Playboy model - USA TODAY
Remember when Billy Bush excused Ryan Lochte's Rio lie? "Boys will be boys." It's all making sense now...
50 bucks Kim Kardashian was held up at gunpoint by the same people that robbed Ryan Lochte
Kim Kardashian West held at gun point in her Paris hotel room by 2 masked men dressed as cops. Ryan Lochte & Brian Williams were also there
Kim Kardashian held up at gunpoint while hanging out with Ryan Lochte and Brian Williams.
Four years ago, we were advocating for Ryan Lochte to be the next Oh, what could have been, ht…
Ryan Lochte interview with laughing Sheinelle Jones gets a second life
"Imma letem rob me... Yeah right like Ryan Lochte" never been more proud of Weezy than for this line😂💯
Big surprises tonight. Would have guessed wither Rick Perry or Ryan Lochte would have gone home, but both...
The risk of celebrity sponsorship: 'this kind of endorsement very much relies on the integrity of both parts' ->
Ryan Lochte on 'Dancing with the Stars' incident: "I wanted to quit because it hurt so bad."
Olympian Ryan Lochte, 'Dancing with the Stars' embrace the controversy
Ryan Lochte – Just wrapped up the shoot on shelves in Jul…
"Ryan Lochte recently signed an endorsement deal with debt for com, because as of now, that's all he's swimming in.". GOT *** SETH MEYERS.
While playing Pokemon Go, Lochte on 'DWTS' incident: 'I wanted to quit' |
Cheryl Burke and Ryan Lochte had a bit of a rough start to the new season of Dancing With the Stars...but it wasn't their da…
Ryan Lochte has moved in with his girlfriend, Playboy model Kayla Rae Reid.
I swear if a black person did what Ryan Lochte did, they wouldn't be on Dancing with the Stars, let alone be seen as credi…
Oh I was. I was in Rio w some RTE folks when Hickey got busted. Lucky for him Ryan Lochte exists
Ryan Lochte breaks down while discussing his mom watching protestors rush the stage: 
Considered not watching the show when Ryan Lochte was invited on.😡But since Maks, Derek,& Cheryl are back, I have to watch! 😍😍
Ryan Lochte Breaks Down in Tears on 'DWTS' as He Recounts Protesters Storming Stage via
Ryan Lochte moves in with Playboy model
So glad Maks, Detek & Cheryl are back! Sorry Ryan Lochte is on the show and that he wasn't sent home. He's an embarrassment to USA!
rescripted his "No Problem" verse on Ellen to throw shade at Cash Money & Ryan Lochte. 👀🐐 🔥
Ryan Lochte wanted to quit 'Dancing with the Stars' after protest incident
Ryan Lochte in Danger of DWTS' First Elimination - Did the Controversial Olympian Go Home?: Dancing with the ...
For goodness sakes Ryan Lochte did a small bad thing and you flip! Katlyn Jenner killed a lady and a car Accident and got nothing for it
Laurie Hernandez was great again, but gave her a run for her money on --
Ryan Lochte moves in with Playboy model girlfriend via
The people saying "got what he deserved" are the same ones saying that Ryan Lochte was just a "kid" just having so…
So Ryan Lochte is crying because someone came on stage and protested against him on Dancing with the Stars. . WHITE PRIVILE…
Looks like Ryan Lochte has been here.
Rio Olympics 2016: Ryan Lochte moves in with Playboy model: Ryan Lochte has a new place to dry his tears at n...
This is so🔥🔥 Chance the Rapper ft Lil Wayne & Chainz on Ellen...Weezy: "Imma let them Rob me like Ryan Lochte"
he's a kid like Ryan Lochte is a kid lol
"And if That Label try and stop me, Ima let em rob me... Yea right, Ryan Lochte MULABABY" - TBRA Lil Wayne to me on
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Ryan Lochte is busy getting his story straight for when he's eliminated accusing Marcia Brady of untying his dance shoes.
Ryan Lochte embarrasses US in front of the world and gets Dancing w/ the Stars while Colin Kaeoernick and Brandon Marshall…
so Ryan Lochte still got his spot on Dancing with the Stars huh.I'm not gonna say anything but I know yall know what I'm…
Here's Ryan Lochte getting rushed by protestors on 'Dancing With The Stars'
ABC releases new video of security tackling Ryan Lochte's protesters on
You could search the seven seas and not find a combo I care less about than Ryan Lochte and Dancing With the Stars. Just…
Ryan Lochte's debut interrupted by protesters who rushed the stage
Two men were arrested after rushing Ryan Lochte on stage during the season premiere of "Dancing with the Stars."
Watch News exclusive video of security takedown of Ryan Lochte protest on ht…
Protestors disrupt Ryan Lochte's 'Dancing with the Stars' debut
Anti-Ryan Lochte protesters storm the stage during 'Dancing With the Stars':
During the season premiere of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars," swimmer Ryan Lochte's time on the d... - via App
The one season I'm gonna watch because Muva, Vanilla Ice & Babyface are on. Not too happy about Ryan Lochte though.
Don't you just love the thought of Vanilla Ice competing against Ryan Lochte?
Ryan Lochte defended by Vanilla Ice to E! News, in rhyme: this might be the most trivial paragraph ever.
Idk why people make such a big deal out of the Ryan Lochte situation. If I was drunk af in a foreign country & some1 d…
Sidenote: Ryan Lochte totally embarrassed our entire country on the BIG stage and he gets a TV show contract. Lol.
Audience members crash Ryan Lochte's debut on 'Dancing with the Stars'
Updated coverage of tonight's disruption on 'DWTS'
Update: The two Ryan Lochte protestors who rushed the dance floor were both arrested on trespassing charges.
Watch the Unaired Footage of Ryan Lochte Protester Being Tackled by Security at Dancing with the Stars via
I can't believe those *** who charged Ryan Lochte during DWTS. You don't beat someone up because they lied about the det…
Ryan Lochte speaks out on that ambush: It felt like someone ripped my heart out.
AIR7 HD captures anti-Ryan Lochte protesters being placed into cruiser after crashing
"It broke my heart" Lochte expresses concern over protesters who crashed premiere of
I think Ryan Lochte might have just been attacked by someone on Dancing With The Stars. I'm not kidding. They went to c…
2 men were arrested after Ryan Lochte was attacked during the live premiere:
Ryan Lochte didn't want to disappoint people on Dancing With the Stars...didn't he realize it was too late for that?
DWTS should NEVER had Ryan Lochte on the show. I'm a big fan of DWTS... Never missed one episode but this decision disappoints me. 😐
Ryan Lochte attacked during 'Dancing with the Stars' live premiere via
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Olympian Ryan Lochte rushed on stage during "Dancing with the Stars" last night on LIVE television!
This is the 1432nd day since the Ryan Lochte of Clint Bowyer, last won a race.
Here’s video of whatever just happened to Ryan Lochte on
Dancing With The Stars never should've had Ryan Lochte on the show in the first place. I don't watch the show, but what happened was cringe.
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