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Ryan Lewis

Ryan Lewis (born March 25, 1988) is an American music producer, musician, video director, photographer, graphic designer and DJ currently based in Seattle.

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Ryan Giggs on Romelu Lukaku: "He's still got to work on his first touch and he can't get away with the odd mediocre performance"…
The last of Ryan Giggs' 168 goals for Manchester United, as he netted the final goal in a 0-2 win over QPR in 2013. https:…
Shannon: is Colin Kaepernick better than Ryan Mallett?. Ray Lewis: . Skip Bayless: is Ryan mallet better than Kaep…
If you want Kelly to lose his job, write think pieces about how he's running the show now and decides whether Trump is…
This is what launching a US Navy combat ship looks like
Remember: A solid core of Trump's voters are getting the show they want. They think this is "changing DC" and "making thi…
Very interesting to read about Lewis Ryan of ManKnit and his efforts to get more people knitting…
Keith Burden returns to continue the report. He points out that staff member Ryan Lewis has been moved to th…
"Make the money, don't let the money make you,. Change the game, don't let the game change you". Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Dowtown from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Always cheers me up and make me smile. Just so much fun
acklemore & Ryan Lewis dropped their new video for "Kevin", ft. Leon Bridges, who performed for us last year.
Macklemore, Ryan Lewis feat. Mary Lambert - Same Love: at -
Same Love (Clean) by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis ft Mary Lambert on
Day 19 (a song that makes me think about life) . Macklemore/Ryan Lewis - Same love . "No freedom till we're equal *** rig…
Ryan Lewis is so underrated. it's good Ben didn't let them omit his name from the album n stuff
A Youtube vid you might be interested in Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Mary Lambert - Same Love (LIVE)
Meet Black Singles 300x250
When she helped marry 34 couples, *** and straight, with Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Mary Lambert, and Queen Latifah at the…
done right! From Macklemore & Ryan Lewis to Bob Marley to Crooked Bangs. Log on to…
Brad Pitt's Cousin by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis is one of the greatest songs I've heard.
Ryan Lewis: Major League Baseball must be careful in its obsession with pace-of-play
Hmm! I wonder seff bro! Maybe dem no submit the album for the award, just like Frank Ocean & Ryan Lewis dems!
Frank Ocean didn't submit his album to the Grammy's. .but neither did Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. ..does it all bal…
R5, Shawn, Jack & Jack, mic lowry, Macklemore, Ryan Lewis and more
100-90: Songs from artists such as Green Day, Shinedown, Kent Jones and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Dive into the future of next Tuesday with our President, Ryan Lewis and Reserve your spot now:
Seattle PSA: Hilary, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis will be at the Paramount theater from 1-3. Look for street closures!
Tonight is the night, we'll fight till it's over ♫ Can't Hold Us (feat. Ray Dalton) by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis —
Press play on your and let's of Macklemore - Ray Dalton - Ryan Lewis - Can't Hold Us on
if it makes you feel more justified Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are going to be with her??
I feel like Macklemore & Ryan Lewis don't get enough credit
He's more conservative but still a huge ***
I liked a video Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - Wings (Music Video with lyrics)
If you're a Republican, this debate should make you livid that your party nominated the one guy that could lose this el…
Blue Jays fan just threw a bottle of water at Kim while he was trying to make a catch. He still caught it. Jones and Showalter are livid.
CAN'T HOLD US by MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS FT. RA is playing on Power 100.1 soon!
Downtown by macklemore and ryan lewis
Ryan Tedder wants to work with Leona Lewis, Gary Barlow & Robbie Williams.
"find something that you love and do it everyday . do that for the rest… ♫ Growing Up by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis —
Lewis Black said all the candy corn that was ever made was made in 1911.
It was when Macklemore & Ryan Lewis beat him at the Grammys
"St. Ides" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis in Favourite song of the year 🇺🇸
Cory Gearrin is the only pitcher in baseball with a sinker that goes over 92 mph and has more sink than Marcus Stroman’s.
Ryan Tedder fancies a Gary and Robbie collab
pupper update: Dave survived the hanger incident 🙌🏼
We are kind of required to root for the Blue Jays so we get another Toronto/Texas series, right?
Kalis on Newsome injury: called it "kind of a cheap shot. When a defensive guy is supposed to chop, common courtesy is to go…
I like Gurley/Lewis side weeks 13 on and into the future
Jim Harbaugh got the train formation from some high school film:
'Macklemore ft Ryan Lewis- Same love' is such a beautiful song. ❤
.Ryan would like to work with these artists.
I ate bread I found in a dumpster and it was soaked with some dumpster juices and I loved it but now my belly hurts but…
OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder would love to work with Leona Lewis, Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams
Macklemore's song with Ryan Lewis "Same Love" that features Mary Lambert is ICONIC
Hard hitting stuff this morning on "Kevin" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. A song about drug abuse
Did not see Macklemore and Ryan Lewis reference coming. David Brooks's The Great Affluence Fallacy
Bailey is about to go see Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
Brad Pitts Cousin by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis is catchy and such a dancing song omg. me rn:
Ryan Lewis winner of Men's B event after 3-0 win over Kev Morgan
*** 016 : Macklemore & Ryan Lewis,Mark Ronson,The 1975,Breakbot,CL of 2ne1, George Maple, and many more
How hard do you think it was for Dusty to take Starsburg out today?
I need it and ryan lewis listen, feed me can smell the week.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Gomorrah is compelling tv on Sky. Just can't watch tv on a phone / tablet though.
I liked a video Catchphrase with Elle Fanning and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis were so freakin' amazeballs!
The Indians’ Trevor Bauer has been keeping it simple, working with Chris Gimenez, as Ryan Lewis writes.
Stewards: Car 6 [Rosberg] did not allow Car 44 [Hamilton] “racing room”...and was responsible for the collision"
I added a video to a playlist Can't Hold Us Lyrics- Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
Today showed again Nico can't race wheel-to-wheel 🏁✋🏻 Lucky with nothing pen 🙄 He should've taken P2 as Lewis pass inevi…
If Mercedes are upset, then tough - their strategy CAUSED that last lap crash. It's not Lewis Hamilton's job to follow…
Don't miss the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis at Rod Laver Arena on Aug 5!
"Every white dude in America went to the barber shop 'Give me the Macklemore haircut' " Brad Pitt's cousin, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis 👏🏻🎶😎
my fab of yours has got to be "Brad Pitts Cousin (feat XP)". By:Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft Idris Elba, Anderson Paak hmmm I don't know what to think of it
Tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Dax Shepard, Katie Nolan and music from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis!
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis will be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight.
God *** Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were sick AF. One of the best concerts I've ever been to by far.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Wow, fantastic! Ryan Lewis of junior runner up in the chef comp
I was supposed to see Macklemore and Ryan Lewis tonight but my ex kept the tickets
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are coming to Singapore
Idris Elba: Actor Appears in 'Dance Off' Music Video With Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Elba is featured in the music...
All this week in the afternoons (2-7p) you get Macklemore & Ryan Lewis concert tix!! 4:10 today, be ready to win a fun night! ~Laurie
75. Listened to Same Love by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Mary Lambert
Listened to Same Love by Macklemore, Ryan Lewis and Mary Lambert...mood
Cups: Anna Kendrick- Cover by Freya - Banjo By Mike Kidd - All other instruments and photography by Ryan Lewis of...
Only 3 months left! Macklemore & Ryan Lewis in Sydney Olympic Park on Aug 6. Grab the tix! 👉
Going to see Macklemore and Ryan Lewis at Metro Radio Arena? Plan your journey with us:
Don't discredit Ryan Lewis. He stood next to the rap games most prodigious talent last year a few times
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis hit over the fence again w/ Brad Pitt's Cousin.
The Heist by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Recommended by a friend not me
Win tickets to see Macklemore & Ryan Lewis @ the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester on June 20th! for details!
As you were: the correct nameology is - the USS Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. the honorary White Privilege Chow Hall & Counsel… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Win tickets for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis at Agganis Arena, June 17, 2016 with Do617
Hip-hop stars Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have Nottingham date on world tour...
Ryan Lewis is the cutest drum major I've ever seen
I added a video to a playlist Macklemore ft Ryan Lewis - Castle Lyrics
Need to know ft. Chance the rapper // Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Theme music for the day: St Ides by Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis
We could be just like Macklemore and Ryan Lewis!
📷 album1989: “Light Tunnels” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis off their new album contains a Taylor...
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are determined to speak out on race & stop being silent out of fear
I actually love Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' new album. My music taste is getting so much more diverse.
Chris Christie is the Ryan Lewis of this group
Been a big fan of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis since Ivan Bee got me into their music years ago and I tell you what,...
Because I'm a contrarian *** I'm not sure I wouldn't take Macklemore & Ryan Lewis over Allen Stone. Man, I cannot get with the latter.
All a buzz tonight over Troy Boy and Brass Monkeys, & Ryan Lewis take the stage tomorrow at 9pm!
See Macklemore and Leon Bridges face their demons in "Kevin" video co-directed by Ryan Lewis http…
Come meet Macklemore and Ryan Lewis in person! . This weekend, February 26 the hip-hop duo will be at Easy Street...
Stephen Colbert welcomes Macklemore, Ryan Lewis + friends to The Late Show + disrupts my sleep.
". Photo by Jason Koenig. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis will release their new album This Unruly Mess..." …
Watch Macklemore and Ryan Lewis perform “White Privilege II” with Jamila Woods and other poets on
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis just gave a powerful performance on Late Show w/Steven Colbert. Can't find an online video clip yet . . . but wow.
Saya suka video Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - White Walls Ft. ScHoolboy Q & Hollis
It can't be coincidence that invited & Ryan Lewis to sing "White Privilege" after interviewing Bill O'Reilly
Tonight on see Bill O’Reilly, Eddie George, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. @ 10:35pm!
Macklemore had a better live performance at the MTV Video Music Awards with "Downtown". Yeah, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis!
JJ Watt & Mayor Annise Parker introducing Macklemore and Ryan Lewis at 2014
Now playing on WGMU: Can't Hold Us (Feat. Ray Dalton) by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis from
This is my jam: Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis on Jake Miller Radio ♫ lol love this
Atlanta Concerts: Art Garfunkel, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: “The live show allows me to be the se...
You speak about equality, but do you really mean it? Are you marching for freedom, or when it's convenient? -Macklemore ft Ryan Lewis
Thrift Shop is great because of Ryan Lewis. Macklemore is trash.
What are your thoughts about the new WHITE PRIVILEDGE record by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ?
Song Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (f. Eric Nally)-Downtown . Cillian, the selection of this barn-burner of a...
in the Treehouse : Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Downtown (Feat.Eric Nally, Melle Mel, ... Tune In at
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis to release new album 'This Unruly Mess I've Made' in.. htt…
We recently finished animated work on Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's New album release video! Check it out!
I'm so excited! Feb. 26 indeed! Thank youuu Macklemore, Ryan Lewis and the gang!!! I'm sooo happy! :)
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Announce New Album - Unruly. The boys are back in town—literally. After retreating to a...
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis announce new album, 'This Unruly Mess I've Made'
.& have announced a new album set to drop by the end of February:
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis to self-release new LP 'This Unruly Mess I've Made' in February
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Reveal the Title, Cover Art, and Release Date for Their Upcoming...
Macklemore is trash. Ryan Lewis is trash. Iggy is beyond trash. . Don't @ me.
yeah I saw him & Ryan Lewis they were a couple of rows away from me lol
How is this even a question? Like, I get it. Ryan Lewis is really talented and Same Love talked about marriage...
Don't miss Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on January 20th at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in Orlando!
Listen to Macklemore X Ryan Lewis - Same Love feat. Mary Lambert by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis on
get for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis in on wednesday, jan 20
Jason Derulo, Ellie Goulding, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and t in the park next year 😆! 🔊🍻
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis in Concert at Grand Ole Opry House - Jan 30. ► Find Tickets:
🎤 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis concert tixs for Jan 19 at Fillmore Miami Beach at Jackie Gleas... https:…
Playing the hits: Can't Hold Us by Mackelmore - Ray Dalton - Ryan Lewis right now.
Still can't believe how good Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' song Kevin is !
Macklemore/Ryan Lewis debut song about prescription drug abuse & addiction. Check it out.
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis debuted a new song, "Kevin," at the American Music Awards Sunday night.
I just showed all of my friends macklemore and Ryan Lewis new song Kevin. They really liked it
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis debut new song about prescription drug addiction
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis took my breath away.
Coldplay, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Gwen Stefani have been added to the lineup
Idk how people hate . Downtown - Macklemore ft. Ryan Lewis. Like i bump to that song soo, hard sorry not sorry 😅
song request: Fight Song by Rachel Platten and Downtown by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
Starting Over - feat. Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis from The Heist ♫
SAME LOVE by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis ft. Mary Lambert
2ND SHOW ADDED! Macklemore and Ryan Lewis at DAR Constitution Hall... tickets on sale tomorrow at 10a!
Someone did a flashy dance to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis in your morning but didn't look into the crowd.
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis at DAR Constitution Hall on Wednesday, January 27 is now sold out.
By Ariston Anderson The legendary Italian tenor joins the likes of Pharrell Williams and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.
Macklemore (and Ryan Lewis but who really cares? You don't) will be performing right across the street from my house soon...
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis head to Orlando's Dr. Phillips Center on Jan. 20.
Lorde beat Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Pink, Mackemore & Ryan Lewis to win the 'Song of the Year' Grammy award in 2014. ht…
The moment I realized Eric Nally of Foxy Shazam was the one singing in Macklemore / Ryan Lewis' Downtown I freaked. I like it 10x more now
Ryan Lewis is the reason people hate the Wirral
"Whatever God you believe in, we come from the same one." -Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Mary Lambert
what about Justin, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Rihanna and Kanye ? PLEAASE BRING THEM
Ryan Lewis can be a famous singer, but I can't?
Listen to sensational cover of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Ed Sheeran - Growing Up
FB: Thomson can't avoid the sack from RMU's Ryan Lewis as the Seahawks fall to Robert Morris, 9-6, in the opener
Watch Jim nail this shot by shot remake of a scene from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' video "And We Danced".
Dare I say, Drake and future might be a better team than Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
No lie smh...I'm so over this right now. Didn't know Macklemore & Ryan Lewis was doing a concert tonight lol
Lollapalooza Berlin debuts with headliners Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Muse and Sam Smith
a Macklemore & Ryan Lewis poster and some Dan and Phil Merch.
So Todd, have you heard the new song from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis? Are you in Team Downtown or Team Uptown?
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, you have once again, made a legendary song 😭😍
THE Reggie Bannister was Ryan Lewis this whole time!??!?!
Ryan Lewis is to Macklemore as Money Maker Mike is to Krispy Kreme
Love this new video by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Ft. a buddy of mine Eric Nally from Foxy Shazam, still think he...
Justin Bieber or Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: Whose new song do you like more?
Justin, Taylor, Imagine Dragons, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis... Drag Me Down will be out of the Top 20 in U.S. soon!
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis for the win - again - with Downtown. Loved Thrift Shop, now we're off to find a moped in 70's styles? Love it!
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis go old school in "Downtown" video:
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis tap hip-hop pioneers for the outlandish, charmingly ridiculous "Downtown" video
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis premiere a video for their new single “Downtown”
Oh no, Steven R. McQueen, Ryan Lewis and Gregg Sulkin aren't looking so hot today! Are you a fan?
The U.S. has Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. NL has Mitchelmore and Bill Jeffery.
Congratulations junior Ryan Lewis for success on the court!
S/O to Ryan Lewis (for winning Junior Grand Prix at Stanford, a school of interest.
Tyler's gonna break his neck one day stop the new Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
Ryan Lewis: Indians' trade of Nick Swisher, Michael Bourn shows the team wasn ...
Just did a quick cover for you guys. A Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Ed Sheeran sorta thing (-;
New song reviews: One Direction, Drake, and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Ed Sheerans new song w Macklemore n Ryan Lewis is actually beautiful
Macklemore, Ryan Lewis and Ed Sheerans new song is so good❤️
Listen to Macklemore's "Growing Up (Sloane's Song)," with collaborator Ryan Lewis and guest vocalist Ed Sheeran
This is the type of music I want my daughters listening too. Love this stuff!. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Growing Up
I'm listening to White Walls by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis on
Electronic Device Insurance
Ticket It or Skip It: Jem and the Holograms Official Trailer 2015- Juliette Lewis & Ryan Guzman
I've seen it but haven't tried it. It's way across town for me. Pretty tasty?
If you like and share Ryan Lewis's videos, you're part of the problem
Lewis hamilton's dogs have an Instagram page with 41.5k followers how sad can life get
quite unfair that lewis and ryan don't sound that upset without me, I want tears and declarations of love
10 years ago today| Terrorist bombings in the London Underground kill 52 victims:
This Sunday il be running the streets of London!, please donate to an amazing charity that's very close to me ! 🏃🏼🇬🇧
Hi Ryan Lewis. :) Just checking, did you already see our new music video? Tell me what you think!
just waiting for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis to drop a new album
I have a friend who is so creeped out by the King that he has to turn away from the commercials.
How did we arrive in a world where the King is no longer the shadiest fast-food spokesman?
Cornish grad Mary Lambert with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Madonna at the Grammys
on the cool make my beats we could be mackelmore and Ryan Lewis
“Jimmy Iovine” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis is the Insanely Relevant Song of the Week:
We're gonna be the next Macklamore and Ryan Lewis except trill and not *** Asp!
"Same Love". (with Ryan Lewis). (feat. Mary Lambert). When I was in the third grade I thought that I was *** . 'Cause I could draw, my uncle w
'Same Love' by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (Ft. Mary Lambert). Everyone deserves a chance to be happy in
I wrote about this song. Check it out.: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (feat. Ray Dalton) - "Can't Hold Us"
* Macklemore and Ryan Lewis featuring Ray Dalton - Can't Hold Us * was top of the Hot 100 this week in 2013
she keeps me warm... Same Love - feat. Mary Lambert by Mary Lambert, Ryan Lewis, Macklemore, Macklemore …
White Walls x Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
These guys got no love! Daniel Radcliffe, Connor Paolo and Ryan Lewis are Are you a fan? Play now!
Ouch! Daniel Radcliffe, Connor Paolo and Ryan Lewis need some fan love! Are you a fan?
[The Modesto Bee]Ryan Lewis has pin-pointed the exact moment his game went from “good” to “great.…
Ouch! Ryan Lewis, Jamie Bell and Reggie Bush need some fan love! Are you a fan?
Nu on air: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - Can't Hold Us
Best touring Dragon - Kasim Kazim (accepted by Will Cox, presented by Ryan Lewis)
John Richards interviews Ryan Lewis and Zach Quillen at City of Music Career Day.
Can someone check on Ryan Lewis and see if he's doing okay? Haven't heard about that guy since Macklemore dropped off
Ouch! Ryan Lewis, Steven Strait and Daniel Radcliffe need some fan love! Are you a fan?
Give me a star to reach for tell me what it takes ⭐ ♫ Wing$ by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis —
BOH golf charity and auction teaser - Ryan Lewis and Macklemore concert backstage and MLB all star game
Never forget Taehyun actually played this song on his beat . Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - SAME LOVE (OFFICIAL VER…:
I liked a video Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - Crew Cuts
Day 06 - A song that reminds you of somewhere ♫ Thrift Shop - feat. Wanz – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
I think having "Same Love" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis stuck in my head all day was a sign that there was gonna be some ignorance tonight
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis won Grammys for Best New Rap Album, and Best New Artist. Matthew McConaughey won the Oscar for Best Actor in DBC
today's fav song: Starting Over ft. Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis announced their NYE show at with a funny "inspection" video: http:/…
Camille, Xavier, Marie, Daniel, Muhammad and Ryan Lewis! The Devil Makes Three concert that the pasta
"Animals" by Maroon 5, "Can't Hold Us" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Ray Dalton, & "Blurred Lines" by Ryan Thicke ft. Pharrell are out now!
YESSS. So excited to have some Macklemore & Ryan Lewis!
he should direct some more mackling toward his buddy Ryan Lewis
Fences present the official music video for "Arrows" feat. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Download "Arrows" (feat. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis) here:
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat Wanz- Thrift Shop (Mike Candys Bootleg Remix) HD HQ NOTE to owners or copyright holders: I do NOT intend to 'steal' but to promo...
Update your maps at Navteq
Lol what if I was Macklemore nd Ryan Lewis and Eminem and Mike Trout all at the same time bro!
Ryan Lewis u13 final of plate / Lewis just about to play semi final of u15 plate with WSRB coach Greg Tippings
WHAT a day! Stood 5 feet away from Selena Gomez, Macklemore, and Ryan Lewis, and watched JLo perform.…
DE-News : When Mary Lambert sang the hook for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' 2012 hit "Same Love," her career…
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis won 4 of the 7 Grammy awards for which they were nominated in 2014:
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Kanye West also make the cut for this year's Cash Kings list. Forbes has released this year’s Hip Hop Cash Kings list, which features Dr. Dre at the top. Dre, who earns the spot with pretax earnings of $620 million, has reached two feats with this amount, according to Forbes’ Zack O’Malley Greenburg. "Not only is that the highest annual total of any entertainer ever evaluated by Forbes, it’s more than the combined earnings of all 24 of his companions on the 2014 Hip Hop Cash Kings list,” Greenburg writes. Jay Z and Puff Daddy are tied for on the list with $60 million. This is the most Jay Z has made since 2010, Forbes reports. Last year, Puff Daddy earned the spot on this list. He was followed by Jay Z at and Dr. Dre at Drake lands in the spot this year with $33 million in earnings. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis arrive at with a combined $32 million. Kanye West rounds out the Top 4 with $30 million. The Cash Kings list is made after assessing of an artist’s income, but ...
You could replace Ryan Lewis with 1998 Joseph Fiennes and no one would even notice
I got that off black Cadillac midnight drive, got that gas pedal… ♫ White Walls by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis —
My GF: "I'd say there's no greater rock n roll duo than Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks." Me: "what about Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis"
7. Fences - Arrows (ft. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis) // Macklemore is back from his post grammy hide out
Same love - Ryan Lewis ft. Macklemore ft. Mary Lambert
I'm listening to Thrift Shop ft. Wanz by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
MackleMore & Ryan Lewis ft. Mary Lambert. "I might not be the same, but that's not important/No freedom till we're...
Maple Bacon is the key to my heart and so is Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Please send me to
Ryan Lewis and Macklemore can just stop.
Christopher Mansfield and Ryan Lewis in It's nice to see you again,
the Hiest - Maclemore and Ryan Lewis... Kings Of Leon - Medicine Ball.. Damien Rice - 9.. blink 182 - enama of the state ;-)
I got to photograph the beautiful Ellie Goulding last night for the 4th time while she was supporting Macklemore & Ryan Lewis in Dublin's Marlay Park. Always a treat to photograph Ellie.
Miss out on getting tickets to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis tonight? Wanna see Ellie Goulding rock Marlay Park? Win here:
The and Ryan Lewis and Ellie Goulding concert in Marlay Park tonight is now SOLD OUT
Chune! Looking forward to next week for lots of reasons!! ♫ Irish Celebration – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
So Nick Minaj has been added to the line-up. Nicki Minaj, J.Cole, Kid Ink & Macklemore & Ryan Lewis!
I'm losing a lot of respect for this NESN broadcast. Their reporter just advocated Macklemore and Ryan Lewis over Heart for Seattle bands
Ryan Lewis asks New Yorkers what they think about Ryan Lewis:
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are the Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan of rap
Can't Hold Us - ft. Ray Dalton by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis on old but good finisher
Never met anyone else who's birthday is March 25th except Elton John, Ryan Lewis (not ft. Macklemore), and Katherine McPhee or w/e
Jimmy Fallon Proves No One Knows Who Ryan Lewis is in Hilarious Video! - Macklemore and Ryan Lewis'...
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