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Ryan Leaf

Ryan David Leaf (born May 15, 1976) is a former American football player who was a quarterback in the National Football League (NFL) for four seasons.

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really enjoyed the E:60 piece about Ryan Leaf
Can't escape great storytelling of Tom Rinaldi. Ryan Leaf story on and Lauren Hill update on Featured. Tom is amazing!
Absolutely remarkable conversation with Ryan Leaf this morning. Endless respect for his honesty…
I happened to catch E:60 piece.. I am now a huge fan of Ryan Leaf! U are a truly exceptional example of Perseverance & Courage
"All you have is moments, some are great some are bad, but they are still moments" -Ryan Leaf
Just watched the Ryan Leaf documentary. Learned a lot, yoy can never be quick to judge especially when it comes to athletes
That was a great E:60 feature on Ryan Leaf.
The E60 on Ryan Leaf is one of the best ones I've seen
Ryan Leaf E: 60 episode is hilarious. So many layers to that.
I highly recommend watching the Ryan Leaf documentary. So powerful.
The Ryan Leaf profile is nothing short of amazing.
Ryan Leaf was a hot mess. Holy smokes
This Ryan Leaf E:60 is making me crave vicodin
This E60 on Ryan Leaf is fascinating though lol
I feel so bad for Ryan Leaf. This E:60 is so good
ICYMI the episode featuring Ryan Leaf will air again today at 10a ET and 5p ET on ESPN2
This man Ryan leaf said what's the difference between God and Ryan leaf? God doesn't think he's Ryan leaf. Lmao too cocky
Ryan Leaf is not in the league anymore because he diffused and because Phillip Rivers and Brian Cushing.
"I was miserable making $5M/yr. Then I was sober making $15/hour and it was the happiest time in my life" -Ryan Leaf on addict…
The Ryan Leaf story, today on an all-new E:60 9a ET ESPN
What will you remember most about Ryan Leaf's story?
If Ryan Leaf was in NFL now, I don't think it would have been as big of a flameout because coaches would be more aware of what he did well.
E:60 on espn2 - great story about Ryan Leaf- Colts draft classic story go with Payton manning or Ryan Leaf! Think they chose right guy!
Ryan Leaf and Phil Rivers could pass for brothers
Sure, I'll torture myself and watch this Ryan Leaf documentary. Ugh Chargers.
Great show on Ryan Leaf - being shown again right now on ESPN2 if missed it! Wow!
As much as I disliked covering Ryan Leaf w equally admire how he's turned his life around. Genuinely contri…
On April 18, 1998 was on top of the world. This is how it all unraveled.
I don't understand why Ryan Leaf sticks out as the Sam Bowie of the NFL. He was picked after Manning not before.
The on Ryan Leaf this morning was superb! It brought me back to the lead up to that draft, but the fallout and rebirth made the story!
The Ryan Leaf story is so powerful. It gets to you as a sports fan but more over it gets to you as a person. Great E:60 story.
Ryan Leaf opens up to about his 1998 NFL Draft experience when he was chosen 2nd overall.
the Ryan Leaf curse is starting bro
You are to much. Love your show !!! You and Burns are fantastic. I vote why. Maybe give Ryan Leaf or Art Schlicter a shot !
He's got a lot of Ryan Leaf to him. Both the good and bad. How cool would it be if he could realize that potential?
Ryan Leaf is on "Outside the Lines"... Biggest bust in NFL history, the QB drafted right behind GOAT Peyton Manning
What did the analytics say about Tim Couch, Ryan Leaf, Akili Smith, Jamarcus Russell, Rick Mirer, Heat…
Ryan Leaf has found his calling. It's not football
Former QB Ryan Leaf has found his calling, and it's definitely not football via
Ryan Leaf details his journey: From WSU to NFL to prison to recovery -
Both of them have their success directly tied to Jim Harbaugh. pick means nothing.(Jamarcus Russel, Ryan Leaf).D…
I'm embarrassed to say this, but I thought the Colts should have taken Ryan Leaf over Peyton Manning with the pick. 🙀
Wow, Ryan Leaf was on the Ellen show today! Hard to believe he and Peyton Manning were 1&2 in draft picks. Happy he's turned it around. 🙌🏼😎😊
he would've drafted Ryan Leaf over Peyton Manning and won more Superbowls than Tom Brady
I talked to Ryan Leaf at the Super Bowl. He told me got him through prison. They saw that and he'll be on t…
Thank you for simply telling my story in the hopes that we may help someone in need!!
Great Sam Farmer piece in LA Times on self-destruction and rebuilding of onetime pick Ryan Leaf. Wonderfully forthright.
Ryan Leaf Taught Fellow Prisoners to Read This is fantastic! We wish Ryan all the best in all his future endeavors.
So was Johnny Football in college. Both mega-losers now. Somewhere between Ryan Leaf and Todd "Moron"ovich
Ryan Leaf was within one play of beating Michigan in the Rose Bowl. He made Pullman, WA must see football.
yeah, there seemed to be a real sincerity to Ryan Leaf in that story, I wish him well...
Read a guy story in the LA Times on Ryan Leaf, who has really turned his life around. Would be a great feature on 'A Football Life'...
This story about Ryan Leaf is really worth reading, even if you don't remember who he is.
Ryan Leaf transfixes with his cautionary tale
honestly, depending on what happens, that may very well be the case. His attitude reminds me a bit of Ryan Leaf.
[Scout: - Ryan Leaf transfixes with his cautionary tale
Former NFL QB Ryan Leaf says infamous interview is when he knew his career was over
His NFL-to-prison cautionary tale leaves students transfixed. Here is Ryan Leaf's story, in his own words…
Good article on Ryan Leaf in today's Times. A cautionary tale about narcissism and ego.…
In context of the news on NFL and painkillers: Ryan Leaf shares harsh assessment on his journey NFL>prison>recovery
A tiny mention in today's print section on the a front page story on Ryan Leaf. How relevant.
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Congrats on winding up a very hard earned success story. Really amazing read.
Story on Ryan Leaf! "It was the first time in my life that I had ever been of service to anybody but myself. Ever".
Ryan Leaf was someone I have always disliked passionately (to put it mildly!). I hope he figures it out.
Didn't think I'd say this but I wish the best for Ryan Leaf
An absolutely incredible story from on the fall of former NFL QB Ryan Leaf and his road to recovery.
Repentance: Ryan Leaf shares his harsh assessment on his journey from the NFL to prison to recovery
.Teaching fellow prisoners how to read changed my life
From the NFL to prison to recovery: Ryan Leaf shares his story with those who need to hear it most htt…
The rise, fall and rise again of Ryan Leaf -- in his words
Brock Osweiler is the Ryan Leaf of free agency
Goin on record & sayin Browns take Garrett at 1 and Webb at 12. Or they'll trade two years worth of picks for the rights to Ryan Leaf
Different than college. Look at Vince Young, Ryan Leaf, Tim Tebow, Jemarcus Russell, Matt Leinart, Brady Quinn and so many other QB's who
Who was the biggest draft bust of all time? Ryan Leaf or Jamarcus Russell?
Top ten-Ryan Leaf, Akili Smith, Tim Couch, Blaine Gabbert, Jamarcus Russell...I could do this all day.
Ryan Leaf,Jamarcus Russel, Akili Smith all had the tools. Need one more year.
what really got me hooked was Ryan Leaf and Quincy Carter and the 3 straight 5-11 seasons at beginning of 21st century! 😂😂😂
Glennon. I'd root for them in the AFC. We don't make good QBs in Montana...Ryan Leaf ruined that.
Ryan Leaf and Dante Culpepper comparisons. My goodness. M-V-P. He will get back to a playing at a high level. ***
Some Barkley has deficiencies are same guys who stated can't misses like Tim Couch, Akili Smith, Jamarcus Russell, Kyle Bowler, Ryan Leaf...
Usually busts come from good teams before the draft. Vince Young, Jamarcus Russel, Ryan Leaf. Goff got hyped for no reason, then no chance
Klay Thompson is WSU's way of apologizing for Ryan Leaf
good thing we had QBs like Ryan Leaf, Chad Hutchinson & Vinny Testaverde to make up for having someone like Romo
If you didn't suffer through the Quincy Carter era and Ryan Leaf's 2 don't get to enjoy this.
Man I survived Chad Hutchinson, Quincy Carter, & Ryan Leaf for this moment.
Amazing seeing difference of opinion on Tony Romo speech. Somewhere between Willis Reed limping onto court and Ryan Leaf prepared "apology."
Ryan Leaf is doing great now. If he progresses the way he is now, we'...
V excited to see the Peyton Manning of college basketball start the season tonight.. Beats being the Ryan Leaf & Jamarcus Russell tho iwbch
Choosing between Trump and Clinton is like choosing between Ryan Leaf and Jamarcus Russell to save your franchise.
Sad thing is, there’s no Manning and Leaf here. It’s like a Jamarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf draft
No! No more garbage We are wasting a good RB, and wasted ton of picks on Ryan Leaf jr. No More! 5 years is enough
Josh Brown will be in the longest Yard 3 co-starring Ryan Leaf and Aaron Hernandez
uhh hey Nate, Ryan Leaf is actually a flag football hall of famer, he thrives in those conditions
Picking Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to run for president, is like picking Jamarcus Russel and Ryan Leaf to play in the superbowl.
I strongly debated leaving the cowboys nation after Quincy Carter, Ryan Leaf and Drew Henson.. I just couldn't do it..
I think he'd consider starting Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russel, and Johnny Manziel before Kap
Matt Leinhart, Carson Palmer, Tim Couch, Colt McCoy, Ryan Leaf, Tim Tebow, just a few of top college QB's who fizzled in NFL
Joe Buck giving a tribute to Vin Scully is like Ryan Leaf giving a tribute to Dan Marino
Was Washington right on Robert Griffin III? Was San Diego right on Ryan Leaf?
on a related note Joey Harrington, Akili Smith and Ryan Leaf also announced they won't be coming back either, same reason
As good as Ryan Leaf did for the Chargers and Heath Shuler did for Washington.
Brent Musburger and Jesse Palmer not a good pairing ESPN. It's like putting Ryan Leaf at QB and Charles Rogers at WR, just doesn't work
Ryan Leaf is laughing and pointing at. Raiders QB Todd Marinovich found naked. via App
picking Cyclops is NEVER the right decision. Tyronn Lue as a Laker > Cyclops. Boobie Gibson > Cyclops. Ryan Leaf > Cyclops
O.J Simpson, Aaron Hernandez, Johnny Manziel, Aldon Smith, Ryan Leaf, Tony Mandarich, Jamarcus Russell; guys that had it all but blew it...
I guess Ryan Leaf, Rick Mirer, PJ Carlisimo, and Wayne Fontes had too much on their plate to make it.
For a Tebow helmet? Trump could have at least busted IRS rules by going after a Matt Leinart, Ryan Leaf, or a Ja...
Must be on the J Russell, Ryan Leaf plan!!
Is Trent Richardson the Jamarcus Russell or the Ryan Leaf of running backs?
When you come back and the whole leaf village destroyed
Let's not forget that time Skip Bayless said he would have drafted Ryan Leaf over Peyton
I think Ryan Leaf has a better chance of that happening. 😂😂😂
The First 48's season in Rochester is the Ryan Leaf's of The First 48
water boy is the safe pick. Shane is Ryan Leaf
Yea come on bud Carson Wentz could be Ryan Leaf. Lets relax in crownin him. Its a silly article
Hey .great work! I've got the worst QB group. '98 Chargers...Ryan Leaf backed up by Craig Whelihan!
Ryan Leaf also looked good in 7 on 7's
ch. 5: never go Full blown Ryan Leaf. Ch. 6: don't look to Manziel as a role model either.
I bet Ryan Leaf is feeling nostalgic.
Ryan's had two days of school bcos he's sun burnt, might have to take a leaf out of his book
Trump is the Ryan Leaf of the GOP. The XFL of American politics.
"Worst draft pick ever" would be Ryan Leaf. Or Donald Trump. Take your pick - the parallels are uncanny.
06/04/16 show with Ryan Leaf, hits me in the feels every time.
I've done that before too! Just make sure you don't burn the ear leaf!
Ryan Leaf will finally live in peace
the clowns were only team in the league to not see this joker for what he was And they traded UP for him lol Ryan Leaf thanks you
Hernandez didn't get off, Ryan Leaf has either. Pete Rose got into a ton of trouble..all none africa/american
The world needs Bielema to show up at a camp in a Eric Zeier Ravens or Ryan Leaf Chargers jersey
poor Ryan Leaf, just hanging out there
That must make and I Brady Quinn and Ryan Leaf ?
Gotta be Ryan Leaf, that dude was all over the place
I'm playing animal crossing new leaf for the first time in a few months and I'm scared TBH
This election is gonna be like picking between Ryan Leaf and Jamarcus Russell as our nation's Quarterback!
Aside from maybe Jamarcus Russell or Ryan Leaf has there ever been an athlete who got paid so much for so little?
In NFL history? Afraid not, my friend. Not with Ryan Leaf and his ilk
Ryan Leaf is the worst NFL player ever.
Ryan leaf he was suppose to be the next John elway
It's like expecting Ryan Leaf and Jamarcus Russell to become Pro Bowl Quarterbacks in a few seasons. Just not gonna happen.
had the world handed to him on a platter and he blew it. What a *** U think he would learn by now. Live well Ryan leaf
Troy Ave is like the Ryan Leaf of hip hop
you've had more than 1. He's just the biggest other than maybe Ryan Leaf in HISTORY
After LOTS of looking I finally found Ryan a four leaf clover! 🍀
Number 1 is Ryan leaf, Thank me later
celebrates Canada's Joe Ryan-look at this collection! He’s laid them out in the shape of the Maple Leaf! ht…
Ryan Leaf he was compared to Peyton
Yeah and he can get his advice from Ryan Leaf and Johnny Football.
Hey Jim,. Bryce Harper did nothing wrong. Knock it off!. Signed, Ryan Leaf
Ryan Leaf says prison helped him turn his life around via
Ryan Leaf says watching Johnny Manziel off the field is “sometimes like holding up a mirror" ht…
Ryan Leaf comes in at on ESPN's Top 25 of unfulfilled potential, Maurice Clarett at
If an antibiotic could be a prospect would be Payton Manning...or Ryan Leaf. The media loves it!
Josh Rosen is either gonna be the next Peyton Manning or the next Ryan Leaf. I sure AF don't want him kn Patriots.
tell that to Matt Linart, Brady Quinn, Ryan Leaf, Troy Smith and every Alabama QB for the past Ten years
safe to say he's this generation's Vince Young/Ryan Leaf?
This is the same league that dropped Randy Moss, Dan Marino, and Warren Sapp and elevated Ryan Leaf, Mike Mamula, and Rick Mirer.
I honestly think Goff & Wentz are going to be flameouts. Goff might be Ryan Leaf, Wentz might be Tim Couch or another Tim Tebow...
.had a huge decision to make in 1998: Take Peyton Manning or Ryan Leaf? They chose wisely. ht…
Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russell or Vince Young for sure... Nah gimme Vernon Butler or Corey Coleman
I agree with your opinion. doesn't equal just ask Ryan Leaf, Tim Couch, or my favorite Jeff George.
Big surprise. NOT! He's his generations Ryan Leaf. Waste of talent. He needs to change people, places and things.
sorry, trying to avoid the Ryan Leaf's and the Akili Smith's out there ☺️
NFL Busts Jamrcus Russel,David Carr,Ryan Leaf , Manziel,Mallett if they were at a party here's what would happen lol.
.list of QBs acquired via trades into the top-5 since 1990: RG3, Sanchize, Mike Vick, Ryan Leaf, Kerry C…
heard Gordon, manziel, and dion Jordan were all rooming together in LA with their landlord Ryan Leaf
Jeff Hostetler is available.Ryan Leaf? How about Jim Drunkenmiller or maybe even Rae Caruth's alter ego...
I would have more faith in Ryan Leaf saving my life than the Dodgers bullpen
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if you're going to go with Jake Locker why don't you use Jamarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf.
For every Peyton, there's a Ryan Leaf or Jamarcus Russell GOD FORBID
Derek Engelland and Ryan Leaf think Brock Osweiller's contract is ridiculous...
Ryan Leaf is to Peyton Manning what Greg Selinger is to Gary Doer.
New manly support coming next stop the Ryan Leaf of animals? RIP Paul George you had an *** to speak! —
In the last 5 top 5 draft picks by the bolts we picked up Junior Seau, Ryan Leaf, Rivers(after trade), Quentin Jammer, and LT.
Why speculating about how football players will turn out is pointless: Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russell, Johnny Manziel.
Manziel *** near bout to be outta the league quicker than Jamarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf
Which ever one they pick will be the next Ryan Leaf, Tim Couch, Johnny Football, Brady Quinn, Brandon Weeden, etc
Ryan Leaf left such a mess here, that is why i have not won a superbowl. /s/ Tony Romo
I'd say Ryan Leaf, Trent Richardson, and Mike Williams were my safest.
Ryan Leaf says he's worried about Johnny Manziel. When a former meth head & burglar worries about you, then you know you h…
Lion physique... Every season turns over a new Ryan Leaf. But I'm still here; Peyton Manning. Known around as the one with the golden crown.
Welp looks like Johnny Manziel is on the fast track to his place in the Former Glory Hall Of Fame somewhere between Matt Leinart & Ryan Leaf
Ryan Leaf, Johnny Manziel, and Aaron Hernandez will make the before and Steve Atwater.
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Ryan Leaf to Johnny Manziel's agent: 'It's like a mirror' inevitable comparison
Ryan Leaf reached out to Johnny Manziel's agent: 'It's like a mirror' via
Incredible interview with Ryan Leaf on the it's a must see. Great get
I have lived long enough to see Ryan Leaf go from cautionary tale to sage advisor. Yep. Bizarro World.
Ryan Leaf interview by was riveting. Glad to see Leaf getting his life back. *** of a cautionary tale.
GREAT segment with Ryan Leaf. An important and cautionary tale. Wishing him the best.
Ryan Leaf never showed up for his interview with the Colts. Peyton Manning showed up early with a legal pad.
Ryan Leaf, Matt Leinart, Trent Richardson as well! Wait we're not talking the same thing are we
I've had Vince compared to Kwame Brown, Trent Richardson, Ryan Leaf, and Jamarcus Russell on my timeline tonight.
Here's hoping Paxton Lynch doesn't turn out to be another Ryan Leaf
would much rather be Ryan Leaf wonder how long till Johnny Football is Johnny Jail?
Ryan Leaf ring a bell with anyone out there?
So we're about to re enter the dark ages of Quincy Carter, Ryan Leaf, Drew Hutchinson, Clint Stoerner
He are career starts: Ryan Leaf: 21, Jamarcus Russell: 25, Josh Freeman: 60, Christian Ponder: 36, EJ Manuel 16 and still more possible.
The last four 1st RD QB's that were not on their team after 2 years? . Tim Tebow, Brandon Weeden, Cade McNown, Ryan Leaf. Is Johnny next?
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"Ryan Leaf is a franchise quarterback"..."Jamarcus Russell has all the tools you need to be a great in this league"
I'd pick Jamarcus Russell over Ryan Leaf anyway Jamarcus shouldn't have been a bust
This is like asking who's a better quarterback between Jamarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf.
He's a professional QB so throw him to the wolves? Jamarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf were professional!
where do I sign up for team Jamarcus Russell/Ryan Leaf
The new Hunger Games movie was a bigger disappointment then Ryan Leaf, Vince Young and Todd Marinovich combined!
Finally, at long last, Peyton, Eli, and Archie Manning have all had games with 0.0 passer ratings. (Ryan Leaf too) http…
it was Drew Henson..Do not forget Ryan Leaf lol lol
Erin Andrews is the Ryan Leaf of sports chick. TOTAL BUST
man Ryan Leaf, Gale Gilbert, Brian Sipe, There have been some good ones
Ryan Leaf and Jawalrus Russell were the biggest overrated and BUST in the history of the NFL
Ryan Leaf looked like a quarterback right?
Before I go to bed, here is the Wikipedia page for Ryan Leaf. So bizarre:
when I went to google "Ryan Leaf" to understand the reference, I realized I didn't need to google it anymore :|
What if Connor McDavid is the Ryan Leaf of the NHL?
I have a Ryan Leaf Beanie . Not for sale though fellas , sorry !
Son really said Cam Newton Tebow Ryan leaf all better than Vince Young in college lol
as a Chargers fan I have lived through Ryan Leaf. I wouldn't wish that upon my worst enemy.
for Lambert to be Ryan Leaf he would have to have hype/be drafted. Neither of which is happening 😂😂
I agree you can't go back. We just disagree on BO. I think he's going to be very good, you think he's Ryan Leaf.
Ryan Leaf looked good in college too, as did Jamarcus Russell and Jeff George.
so you already have your Ryan Leaf 16?
with no pass rush in the 4thq maybe even Ryan leaf could shred the Giants.
Remember, Jerry Jones has thought starting Drew Henson and Ryan Leaf were also good ideas at different times
That's like benching Ryan leaf for Jamarcus Russell
I'm having flashbacks to the QB revolving door of 1999 to 2006. Remember the four games of Ryan Leaf?
all I'm sayin is ej suhhh bad he's actually the worst ever besides Ryan leaf
After my 12 years of education I still don't know how mortgage or taxes work but hey at least I know about the cells inside …
😂😂😂😂 Be honest, there's no way you actually believe that. Did Ryan leaf even finish a season??
"Work ethic is the difference between Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf"
Hey Sark, welcome to the party pal! Regards, CC Sodrunkia, Johnny IdiotFace, and Rehab Ryan Leaf
we would have gotten Ryan Leaf in that draft - It's Cleveland.
we would've drafted Ryan Leaf because he had the hire ceiling 😂
Don't kid yourselves, we would have Taken Ryan Leaf in 1998
If Dwight Clark had the pick in 1998 he would have taken Ryan Leaf
Ryan Leaf has more arrests than TD passes
I don't think Doug has ever heard of Ryan Leaf. Whereas Vick turned around ATL
To 'work' with this administration is akin to a leaf discussing weather with a tornado. via
Charles Woodson, Ryan Leaf & Peyton Manning hang out while shooting a commercial weeks before the 1998 draft:
no he wasn't its a nice try tho. Ryan leaf threw 51% just to show how bad it is
Ryan leaf was a NFL QB man get out my mentions with the nonsense lol
mine is when the Chargers took Ryan Leaf 1st overall
well he could start for a lot of teams in the nfl, and Ryan leaf was a bust,
JeMarcus Russell or Ryan Leaf...depending on what "our generation" covers.
So we just gonna forget Ryan Leaf ever existed?
People never heard of Tim Couch or Ryan Leaf huh
Jamarcus Russel, Ryan Leaf, RGIII, Sam Bradford etc etc?! Come on man...not even close. U get paid for this?!
Lol and you probably think Ryan Leaf is amazing huh?!
Ryan Leaf? Akili Smith? I'd even go as far as to say Stafford. Vick was real good in Atlanta, not so much now
in 6 seasons he had 3 HC's & missed most of '03 with a broken leg. Took team within 1 game of SB in '04. How'd Ryan Leaf do?
I mean, Ryan leaf might still have that title but ok
lolol I think Ryan leaf is available
Really now? Tebow. Jamarcus Russell, Ryan leaf to name a few. Come now!!
I wonder what Ryan Leaf is doing these days?
If you don't stop acting like Ryan Leaf never existed...
As big of a bust as Brian Jozwiak and Tony Mandarich...He is the Ryan Leaf of Tackles
lol, Ryan Leaf played at Wassu 18 years ago (1997). They were good 00-02 (played OU in 03 Rose Bowl) under Mike Price
remember when coach Riley went to the store and got that filet mignon Ryan Leaf and turned him into summer sausage?
Ask Akili Smith or Todd Marinovich or Gino Toretta or Ryan Leaf.1st rd picks who couldn't play at NFL Level.
Kirk Cousins has an INT % rate worse than Ryan Leaf, Geno Smith, John Skelton, or Trent Dilfer. Think about that.
Changing out Tebow for Ponder is akin to changing out Akili Smith for Ryan Leaf
I think Tim Tebow, Michael Sam, Ryan Leaf, Bryan Bosworth, and Peyton Hillis should start a breakfast club.
another highly drafted QB who didn't make it in the NFL (like: Rick Mirer, Eric Crouch, Akili Smith, Ryan Leaf, Tim Tebow)
no. Russell's money makes his pick worse.I think you forgot about Ryan Leaf and Akili Smith
you should then be upset about Jamarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, Matt Leinart, Tim Couch, Akili Smith, Vince Young, Joey Harrington
You must have never heard of Heath Shuler (franchise), Ryan Leaf or Jamarcus Russell (history)???
.hires Mike Tate. In other news, Abele picks Ryan Leaf overall in fantasy league.
You not a real Cowboy fan if you wasn't with us when Quincy Carter, Ryan Leaf, Drew Henson, Vinny Testaverde, drew Bledsoe was the QB
Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russell, Matt Leinart, Brady Quinn those are bust .. Came into the league and didn't show a lick of talent
Well, good news Bucs fans, Ronde Barber admits Jameis is better than Ryan Leaf.
Since 2000 the only two QB's with worse passer ratings than Smith to start their careers were Ryan Leaf and Jimmy Clausen.
When the Cowboys gave Emmitt Smith 261 carries at age 32 they also started Quincy Carter, Ryan Leaf, Anthony Wright, and Clint Stoerner
Wasn't Matt Leinart, Ryan Leaf, Johnny Manziel, Brady Quinn, Vince Young, and many more good-great in college too?
Ryan Leaf : Most overhyped athletes in history via
Michael Vick + Mike Tyson + Ryan Leaf, combined. But that's just me.
Oakland Raiders Regan Upshaw destroys Ryan Leaf in 1st game as a Raider. (Vine by
take it easy homie Ryan Leaf was Terry Bradshaw before his first game as a pro...
Ryan Leaf was also a first round prospect. So was Akili Smith. Sometimes evaluators get it wrong.
I wonder if anyone asks Polian how Ryan Leaf would have been in Indianapolis? I think Tony Dungy could have turned him around
What do Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor and Ryan Leaf have in common? Think No.2 pick.
If he's a black QB he will be a bust like Jamarcus Russell, if he's a white QB he will be a bust like Ryan Leaf. Enough of the stereotypes
Scouts also said Manziel was better than David Carr and Teddy Bridgewater. Some said Ryan Leaf was better than Manning...
Bill Parcells just listed Tim Couch in a list of busts like Akili Smith, Jamarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf? Criminal. Couch could play.
Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russell, Akili Smith, Rick Mirer, all among guys I'd want less than Tebow.
Breaking: Chip Kelly to trade for Johnny Manziel, Jamarcus Russell, Eric Crouch, Ryan Leaf, and Jake Plummer, field entire team of QB busts.
Bold prediction time. 2015 draft will be a carbon copy of '96. Top two QB's, one will be a Ryan Leaf bust. The other will be great.
The Longest Yard 2 seems to be in the works. Sources tell me Aaron Hernandez, Ryan Leaf, Darren Sharper and Lawrence Phi…
Jamarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf will always trump JFF and Shady Brady Quinn.
Can we please go back 20 years because I would love to say Akili Smith, Tim Couch, Courtney Brown, Ryan Leaf lmao
Bill Polian found through a PI that Ryan Leaf was kicked off Little League team due to attitude..took Peyton Manning instead.
"With the first pick, the Bucs pick the next Johnny Manziel, Ryan Leaf, Vince Young - Jameis Winston!" I hope I eat my words
Feliz Dia do Ryan Leaf, do Matt Leinart, do Jamarcus Russell, do Trent Richardson...
They're Vince Young and Matt Leinert, except to add to it, Winston has the discipline of Ryan Leaf.
The choices in this yr's draft are Ryan Leaf v2.0 (Winston) or Alex Smith v2.0 (Mariotta) and you want to trade up to take on…
nah because there have been flops picked higher. Jamarcus Russell, Akili Smith, Ryan Leaf etc.
for every Peyton Manning and Colts theres a Ryan Leaf and Chargers
Jeff Tedford, Sean Salisbury, Jason Garrett, Ryan Leaf, Jim Harbaugh, Doug Flutie. Tell me what those guys all have in common.
Rams crush on the trade Foles is a big upgrade Sam is Ryan Leaf 2.0
Ryan leaf also threw 36 ints and 14 tds in his 25 career games
JT is comparing Bradford's injuries to Jamarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf? Are you serious?
toss up between Ryan Leaf and Jamarcus Russell
Jake Locker retires. No tears. It's for the best. Next stop? Reality TV with Ryan Leaf.
what stat would show that Bradford is a better QB then Foles?Because he was a high draft pick? Where is Ryan Leaf?
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